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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best level to be at when battling Ansem?

I believe i am between level 60 and 70. should i be higher than that level?

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From: _angelofdeath_ 6 years ago

You should be fine in the 60's.

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.I was in that range, too, when I beat him for the first time. So you should be fine.

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I beat him at lvl 65 so you should be fine

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Wow i beat him in the 40s wen i did this (i always ran from fights :()

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I recommend being at least lvl 80 on expert mode, or lvl 50 on normal mode.

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The first time i did it i was at 100 but, the second time i was 55ish and i did pretty good, so you should be o.k.

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I beleive i was in the 40s but it's varies. If you are good at Kingdom Hearts then you should fine in the 40s.
Not so greats 60s.

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I played on normal mode and I beat him my first time at level 43. I depends on how skilled you are, i guess.

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To be sure you'll be doing just fine dealing with ansem, try winning the hades cup first.
if you can manage to win it, then i think it will be no problem with ansem.
to win hades cup, you can start with lv.55.

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I would recommend at levels between 70-80, it will be alot easier at these levels. I beat him at level 63 with extra tries and struggles.

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