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Asked: 6 years ago

finding the Four emblems to the door?

I need help with collecting these emblems, the ones before you fight the black dragon lady. ive found the the first three but cant find the last one?

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From: _angelofdeath_ 6 years ago

This info. is in the guide from winnie the poop 2 and MTincher

1) There's a statue of a monster with two vases on each side. Break both
vases to make the statue sink. The Emblem Piece will be spitted out from
the fountain below.

2) There's another statue here, but no vases. Just push it to the left to
reveal a chest. Open it for an Emblem Piece.

3) Use the Red Trinity Mark by a statue. Easy.

4) Light up ALL eight candles on the top floor to extinguish the flame in
the cradle, which has the Piece. Cast Thundara on the stone with a bolt
engraved on it to access the cradle.

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Just follow the guides and you'll get there, really it works :)

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