FAQ/Walkthrough by CJayC

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Kingdom Hearts

PlayStation 2, Japanese and US Releases

Version 0.80
September 30, 2002

by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey


This guide is copyright 2002 Jeff Veasey.  It was written _exclusively_ for
GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com.  No other non-private use is permitted.
The contents of this guide have been registered with the United States 
Copyright Office.


Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
II.  Walkthrough
  A. Awakening
  B. Destiny Islands
  C. Traverse Town
  D. Wonderland
  E. Deep Jungle
  F. Traverse Town
  G. Olympus Coliseum: Preliminaries
  H. Olympus Coliseum: Phil Cup
  I. Agrabah
  J. Monstro
  K. Olympus Coliseum: Pegasus Cup
  L. Atlantica
  M. Halloween Town
  N. Neverland
  O. Olympus Coliseum: Hercules Cup
  P. Traverse Town
  Q. Hollow Bastion
  R. Traverse Town
  S. Hollow Bastion
  T. End of the World
III. Side Quests
IV.  Game Lists
V.   Administrivia


I. Introduction

Before anyone starts sending e-mail, I'd like to point out that this guide
was originally written for the JAPANESE verion of Kingdom Hearts, which was 
released several months before the US one.  As such, there are going to be
translation errors and some slight changes between versions.  The US version 
has new secrets and sidequests that this guide obviously doesn't cover yet.  
I will be working to update this guide with the new information and proper
translations, so please be patient.

If you are playing the Japanese version of the game, this guide assumes either 
1) a basic working knowledge of Katakana (which makes it possible to work with 
the menus) or 2) a translation guide for the game.  I am not providing 
any deep translations here; just a walkthrough.

Version History:
  0.80 (07/30/02): Main walkthrough updated for US version.  Now, it's on
                   to finish up the secrets, and I'm done.
  0.75 (07/30/02): US Version changes, two areas left for the main guide.
  0.70 (07/29/02): US Version changes, almost done through Neverland.
  0.65 (07/22/02): US Version changes, done through Atlantica.
  0.63 (07/19/02): US Version changes, done through Monstro.
  0.62 (07/18/02): US Version changes, done through Phil Cup.
  0.61 (07/18/02): Began US Version changes, done through Wonderland.
  0.60 (07/14/02): Threw in a couple of reminders.
  0.55 (04/18/02): Fleshed out lists a little more, added bonus movie info.
                   This guide is now technically as complete as I plan on
                   getting it myself, after 40-50 hours of play and writing.
                   Additions and corrections are welcome, see bottom of
                   guide for e-mail.
  0.51 (04/17/02): Found the missing 4 Ansem Reports.  Doh.
  0.50 (04/17/02): Hades Cup Complete, 100 Acre Wood Complete, all Trinity
                   Marks and Dalmatians accounted for.
  Versions 0.02 (04/10/02) - 0.25 (04/17/02): Basic walkthrough completed,
                   based on Japanese release


II. Walkthrough

A few notes: This walkthrough is based on Normal difficulty, and still hasn't
been completely updated for the US release.  Some place names and item names
may be hold-overs from the Japanese version.

=A. Awakening=

Snow White Platform
Once you gain control of the character, move forward, and three platforms will
appear in a quick cutscene, revealing three items: A sword, a shield, and a the
Dream Rod.  Jump onto one of the three platforms to select an item to select
your two starting strongest attribute: Sword for attack, Shield for Defense,
and the Dream Rod for Magic.  After that, you must select an attribute from the
remaining two to weaken. 

Selecting the sword first increases your attack by two, the shield increases
your defense by two, and the rod increases your MP by one.  Selecting the
sword second decreases your attack by one, the shield decreases your defense
by one, and the rod decreases your AP by one.

After confirming your two selections, the platform will disappear, dropping 
you onto...

Cinderella Platform
Hit the proper button to attack when prompted, cycle through the instructions,
then kill a Shadow to proceed.  Continue through the prompts, then take out
the next four shadows to move on...

Three Hearts Platform
Approach the door, then select the bottom option (Shiraberu, or "Examine") to
examine it.  Approach the chest that then appears, and select the new bottom
option (Akeru, or "Open") to open it.  Attack the box that appears to break
it and pick up a Potion, activating your Item menu.  Next, go to the barrel
that shows up and select the bottom option (Kichi Ageru, or "Lift") to grab
it.  Doing so will make the door solid, so examine it again, and it will open.

Destiny Island
You'll see Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie here, so speak to each.  You'll notice 
that the Attack command changes to Talk when you approach a friendly character.
Speak with all three until they've all asked you a question, confirm your 
choice, then move on.  Each of the choices alters your character in some way,
but I'm not sure of the exact nature.  I believe it determines how fast you 

Selphie asks: What's most important to you?
  Being number one.
  My prize posessions.

Tidus asks: What are you so afraid of?
  Getting old.
  Being different.
  Being indecisive.

Wakka asks: What do you want outta life?
  To see rare sights.
  To broaden my horizons.
  To be strong.

Sleeping Beauty Platform
Move to the center of the platform, scroll through the instructions, then take
out the group of Shadows that attack.  From there, move to the save point, 
save if you wish, then take the new passage to...

Belle Platform
Move forward, and Darkside will appear.  He'll shoot the occasional energy
ball at you and spawn Shadows, but all you have to do is hack at his hands to
defeat him... for now...

=B. Destiny Islands=

First, talk to Kairi, and choose the first answer to her question.  She'll
send you on a task to collect:
  2 Logs
  1 Cloth
  1 Rope

The first piece of wood is lying on the beach just a little ways away, the
second is on the small island where Riku is.  The rope is on the wooden 
platform where Tidus is, and the cloth can be found inside the high shelter
(left of the waterfall when looking at the beach from the sea).  When you
have all four items, return to Kairi, who will give you a High Potion in
return.  Select the top option to move on, but some battle practice isn't a 
bad idea.  Dueling with Wakka gives you practice against projectiles, Selphie
teaches just plain old parrying, and Tidus is just a plain old bash fest.  
Riku, on the other hand, is a bit tough.

Next is one extra-long cutscene, in which you get to hear Donald Duck in 
Japanese for the first time (if you're playing the import).  Donald yelling 
out "Ohaiyogozaimasu" is a treat that must be experienced to be fully 

After it's all over, go through the door that Kairi was blocking to go to the

Kairi will be on the opposite end of the cove, waiting by your new raft.  Talk
to her, then go talk to Riku, and you can name your boat.  You and Riku will
fight over it, then you'll have to race him to the star and back.  

Losing the race doesn't affect anything and you can do it time and time again,
but he's simple to beat, so long as you remember one thing: You stop after 
each jump.  The path he'll take is full of jumps, so ignore it.  Instead, when
the race starts, just go immediately right and run along the beach, up the 
stairs, up the path and over the three jumps to the star, then drop back and 
head back, jumping up onto the platform separating halves of the beach, down 
the stairs, down the beach and back up onto the platform.  It may take you 
several tries to beat him, but doing so will net you a Pretty Stone.

After the race, go back and talk to Kairi, and she'll ask for:
  1 Seagull Egg
  3 Mushrooms
  2 Coconuts
  3 Fish
  Drinking Water

She'll also give you a container for the water.  Turn around and push the rock 
in front of the cave out of the way to get the first mushroom.  On the other
side of the cove is a tiny waterfall from a hole; approach it to get the water.
A second mushroom can be found just left of the tower with the rope pulley.
Nothing more here, so head back to the seashore.

On the small island where Tidus is practicing and directly across from it are 
some coconut trees.  Bash them until they produce two light nuts and grab them.
Across from the island where the walkway meets the beach, climb the skinny 
tree all the way up then jump back onto the fruit tree to grab an egg.  On
Selphie's side of the shore are three fish swimming around, ready to grab.
Finally, go talk to Wakka and he'll point out the Secret Place.  Enter it, and
head on through to grab the final Mushroom and watch the cutscene contained
within.  Once you're all done, head back to Kairi.

You're basically done here, but you cannot come back, so you might want to
make sure you've done everything here that you want to do.  

Before you go, grab the Protect Chain in the hole in the middle portion
of the cove (move the box provided to climb up in there).

Talk to Kairi, then talk to her a second time.  Confirming here will end your
stay, so be sure you've done all you want to do (such as practicing your
combat with everybody).  

Another ultra-long cutscene later...

After the cutscene, there will be many shadows popping up; you can't hurt 
them, so don't try.  Just make it for the island in the center to find Riku.
You'll then receive the KeyBlade, enabling you to take out Shadows, even 
though it's unnecessary.  Head for where the Secret Place was (now a door),
then prepare to battle Darkside again.  Same strategy as before, although
you may want to have at least one potion handy before the battle.  Once 
it's over, you'll end up in...

=C. Traverse Town=

First District
First, head into the Accessories shop and take advantage of the Save Point
there should you feel the need.  While you're there, you can jump on top of
the cabinet to open the chest and pick up a Mythril Shard.  There's also an 
Item Shop here, but as you have no Munnies, there's little point in visiting 
yet, so head up the stairs and along the path to the door to the Second 

Second District
Right after you enter, take out the group of Shadows that attack, then turn
around and head back to First District.

First District
This area has now been overrun by Shadows, but you should be able to make 
quick work of them.  Go into the Accessories Shop, then leave through the front
door, and you'll meet "Leon" in a cutscene.  You'll battle him, and he'll 
likely win, and from there, watch the next long cutscene...

Second District
Waking up in a Hotel room with Yuffie and "Leon", talk to Leon after opening 
the chest, and you'll be attacked.  He'll run off and leave you to deal with a
good-sized group of Soldiers, who are quite deadly at your level right now.  
Dispatch them with care (or just run), get the potion in the chest at the end 
of the alley, then use the doors to get back to the main district.  From 
there, head to District 3, which can be found by taking the long alley a 
little in front of the large white building.

Third District
Move forward for another cutscene in which you'll finally meet up with your
two companions, then together take out the Soldiers that attack.  Immediately
afterwards, you'll face your first boss, Guard Armor.  Pick him apart, 
concentrating your attacks on one piece at a time.  The arms are the deadliest
and easy to take down, so get them first.  From there, the feet, and then the
body should be a piece of cake.  Winning will net you a Brave Warrior.

After a good long but interesting cutscene, you'll be ready to go anywhere you
want, and you'll have Fire Magic and the Dodge Roll as well.

First District
Close to the door, there's a blue Trinity Jump mark for you to grab.  From
there, head through the Second District, and back to Third District.

Third District
Make your way to the flame-marked door, and shoot a Fire at it.  It will open,
revealing a pond with a house in the middle of it.  Make your way across the
stones and into the hole in the side of the house to meet Merlin and the
Fairy Godmother.  Talking to Merlin will allow you take a Magic Lesson (i.e.
practice using Magic, a good idea).  You can also now use the door back to
First District that was locked before.

First District
Before you go, you can buy new weapons for Donald and Goofy or stock up on
any other supplies you want.  Once you're ready, either use the Save Point
or head through the main doors to leave.

From the Gummi Ship, there are initially two areas available for you to visit,
and a total of four in the first "ring" available to you:  

               /          \
  Traverse Town            Deep Jungle
               \          /
             Olympus Coliseum

The best starting point is Wonderland, as it has the easiest battles.
=D. Wonderland=

Rabbit Hole
Follow the White Rabbit.

Sorry, I've always wanted to say that.  But, seriously, follow him to the 
next room.

Bizarre Room
Approach the Doorknob, and a table will appear behind you.  One drink makes
you smaller, and one drink makes you grow.  Guess which one you have to take?
First, push (bottom option) the bed out of the way, then Drink (bottom option) 
the blue potion to shrink, and go through the open passageway.

Queen's Castle
In Yet Another Cutscene, Alice is on trial, but Sora will interrupt them.
Once you regain control, you'll notice the save point, as well as a new exit
from the area.

Lotus Forest
In the forest, you'll meet the Chesire Cat.  After he leaves (and leaves you
with some Knights and Shadows), there's four pieces of evidence you need to
find.  The first, Footprints, can be found near the two toadstools.  Jump up
the toadstools, across the leaves, and into the tree trunk.  You'll drop back
into the Bizarre Room on top of the fireplace, where you will find a Stench.

Back to the castle, back into the forest, and this time head to the group of
three toadstools.  The third piece of evidence, the Antenna, is visible on a 
leaf as soon as you hop on the short one in the middle.  The cat promised the
fourth would be hard to find, but it's not that bad.  Use a Potion (Item menu) 
on the Yellow Flower there (bottom option) to grow large.  Jump on top of the 
tree stump the Chesire Cat was on, then turn around and smack the spinning 
tree a couple of times until the fruit becomes available, grab it (bottom 
option) then eat it (bottom option) to shrink again.  From there, jump up on 
top of the two brown mushrooms close to one another, and from there jump 
across the leaves to the one you just raised, then to the one in the corner 
with the exit.

Bizarre Room
You'll end up on top of the water faucet, and to your left is a platform with
a the final piece of evidence, Claw Marks.  You need to jump to it and open 
that box, so if you miss, just head back to the forest and repeat.  Once you 
get it, the Chesire Cat will reappear, giving you the Blizzard magic.  From 
there, just head back to the castle.

Queen's Castle
Talk to the Ace of Hearts, select the first option, then pick a box to open.
There's a 1/5 chance that the box will contain Goofy and Donald.  If that
happens, you'll be fighting this battle alone, so be careful.  The slowest-
falling box seems to be the wrong one to pick, although I didn't go through
enough times to be sure.  Either way, the cards will then attack. Ignore them 
for the most part.  Instead, whack away at the wheels of the tower that just 
popped up, then once they're gone, bash the tower until it crumbles.  This
can be a tough battle at lower levels, so you might want to make sure that
you have a healing item or two on hand.

From there, head back to the forest.

Grow big by giving the first Yellow Flower you see another potion, knocking
the fruit down, then hitting the tree again (so you can't see the branch),
then kick the rock into the to make some new platforms before shrinking again.
You can go through to the area next to the pond for some goodies, but your
real goal is to jump up where the three brown mushrooms are, going across
to the newly located branch with the fruit, and to the wall where an opening 
to the Bizarre Room is...

Bizarre Room
Things look...different here.  Select the bottom option to light either
lantern.  One activates the picture to go to a hidden area (which you can't do
too much in except use some flowers for items), and the other releases a 
Defense Up.  Hit the latch on the shelf containing the teddy bear to drop it.
Nothing else to do, so just go through the doors near the ceiling to end up 
on the other wall.  On one side, you must defeat all the Heartless to make a 
path back, and on the other, just turn on the faucet to create an exit out of 
the pot to grab some Dalmatians.  From there, go back to the Bizarre Room 
again via the Castle.

Drink the Red bottle to grow large, read the book for a Mythril Shard,
then move the Teddy Bear to make the clock pop out, then move the clock to 
reveal a new exit, shrink again, and take the new exit to the Mad Hatter's Tea 
Party, and from there, take the door on the house back to... the Bizarre Room.

Now you're on the ceiling.  After a nice battle, light the two ceiling lamps,
and flip the latch on the wall open your exit out for a few extra dalmatians.

Queen's Castle
Now would be a good time to save, and then head to the Bizarre Room again for
a boss battle.

Bizarre Room
Hop on top of the table, talk to the cat, and then fight.  This boss, Trick
Master, is really a piece of cake.  Just get underneath him, and jump until 
you get a couple of good whacks in.  This will bring him down, and from there 
you can do some nice leap combos.  Following this pattern, after a couple of
minutes and a fraction of your health from lucky hits, he'll be gone.  You'll
obtain Ifrit's Horn, then unlock the world, obtaining a Navi-G Piece.

You'll end up back at the Rabbit Hole, and your work here is done for now,
so it's time to head back to the ship.  From here, you can back to Traverse
Town to stock up on items if you need them (and don't forget to grab the 
Defense Up from the chest in the Cafe, just Blizzard the candles out), and
then move on to Deep Jungle, as Olympus Coliseum, despite having a lower
battle level, is actually quite a bit tougher.

=E. Deep Jungle=

Tree House
Upon arriving, you'll be separated from your friends, and in a strange 
building.  Take out the mean old kitty that attacks, then once you're joined
by your new companion, follow him out.  Take advantage of the save point
in the Tunnel, then jump on down the hole, enjoy the random surfing level,
then move on.

Go inside the tent to meet back up with Donald and Goofy, then form your 
party from a group of three.  You can re-form your party at this or any other
Save Point, so you're not stuck with someone you don't want.  You can also
return to the Gummi Ship from there, so you're no longer stuck.  Grab the
Mythril Shard in the tent, them head out.

Now that you're here, your first task is to find the six slides around the
camp.  Three are in plain sight, one is on top of the tent, one stacked 
behind the tent, and one along the side tents (which can be accessed from the
top of the tent).  Take them to Jane and use the projector to further the plot,
and from there, head out and to the Hippo's Lagoon.

Hippo's Lagoon
As you enter, just climb the vine on the tree to your left.

Jungle: Vines
Make your way along the vines until you reach the next area, stopping for
the Mythril along the way.

Jungle: Vines 2
If you're on the right track, you'll get a cutscene here (you must have gotten
all six slides and used them).  After the cutscene, just climb up the vine
to the next area.

Climbing Trees
Keep moving up, take the exit out to the Tree House.

Tree House
Weren't you here earlier?  Again, watch the cutscene, then make your way back
to camp, as you should know the way by now.

Enter the tent for another confrontational cutscene.  As you leave, you'll
have your first batch of Powerwilds.  From there, head opposite the Lagoon
exit for some more action.

Bamboo Thicket
Again, take out the Powerwilds, get your part, then move on to the next area.

Again, take out the Powerwilds, get your Gummi, grab the potion and Mythril
Shard in the chests, then double back past the camp to the Lagoon, because 
you're at a dead end here.  On your way back, take note of the Bouncywild,
another Heartless to deal with.

From the Lagoon, take the vine up, swing across, and make your way back to the
Climbing Trees.

Climbing Trees
Another group of Powerwilds, another Gummi.  From there, to the Tree House.

Tree House
Wilds, Gummi, Move On.  Head to Camp.

Enter the tent, save, and prepare.  From there, head to the Thicket.

Bamboo Thicket
Bad kitty.  This one's a bit tougher than what you're used to, so be careful.
After this fight, you'll get a White Fang, then face an onslaught of monkey 
Heartless, so take it easy there as well.  From there, back to camp, tent, 
save, lagoon, vines, trees.

Climbing Trees
Cutscene, monkeys, kill.  Actually, just go for the cocoon attached to the
trunk in the center.  After the battle, make your way to the Cliff.
Save at the camp along the way, and make any preparations you think you'll 
need for the boss battle here.  The camp area is great for leveling up, and
if you don't have Sora at level 15 yet (where he learns Scan), the going
could be very tough.  Subbing out Tarzan for one of your guys will also help
in the upcoming boss battle.

After the cutscene, go smash Clayton around until the next cutscene, and
then it's the real thing.  Clayton will be riding a Stealth Sneak, and they're
both equal targets.  Stay close and bash away until you knock Clayton off,
then leave your two partners to finish off the lizard while you track down
the mean old hunter.  Stay close and finish him off quick, because he uses 
potions himself to keep healed.

Once the battle ends, you'll get Cure Magic, and be in a new area...

Waterfall Cavern
Enter the cave, and make your way up, up, up (Don't miss the Mythril Shard,
Mythril, Orichalcum, and Gummi Piece), Once you've jumped as high as you can, 
just climb the vines on the wall and make it the rest of the way as you can.  
You'll finally find another cave, and another cutscene, and another lock to 
close, the Trinity Smash (red), and the Jungle King chain.

At the end of it all, you'll be back on the Gummi Ship, so head straight to 
Traverse Town to upgrade the Gummi.

=F. Traverse Town=

First District
Now that you have the Trinity Smash, use it.  First, behind the Item shop to
find some Dalmatians, then head to the Second District.

Second District
In the alley behind the hotel is another Trinity Smash mark.  So, smash it.

So, that's where Aeris and Squa...Leon went.  Talk to Leon twice for some plot
advancement, and the Earthshine. Now, who in this world knows about ships?

First District
Go talk to Cid, who else, in the Accessory Shop.  He'll give you a book (and
note that the bell on the Gizmo Shop has run), so from there, go talk to 
Merlin in the Mystical House.

Mystical House
Talk to Merlin, and take note of the book he points out.  You'll also get
your first Summon magic, Simba, from the Fairy Godmother, once you show her
the Earthshine.  You can examine the book (see 100 Acre Wood in the sidequest
section), although there's not much to do there.  Exit back to the main part
of the Third District.

Third District
Another cutscene, this time with Riku.  From there, go to the formerly empty
house near the entrance to Second District, and talk with Cid, and watch 
another cutscene.

Anyway, from there, go back to First District.  Cid is waiting for you near the
Second District entrance, and he's now selling Gummi Blocks.  He'll also give 
your ship the ability to move to other areas.  But, before you do that, maybe
you should check out that bell you've been hearing about.  But before that,

Second District
Go through the Gizmo Shop, climb the ladder on the outside, and Trinity Smash 
your way to the bell.  Ring it three times, and jump down to the keyhole.  The 
Guard Armor has returned, but should be a snap...until he transforms.  Then, 
well, he's still a snap.  The new arms (nee legs) are weak, and after the 
battle, you'll get Aero and another Navi Gummi piece after you lock another 
keyhole.  Nothing more to do here, so head on out.

Once you're back in the Gummi Ship, you'll notice two Warp Holes that both
lead to a new destination.  However, instead, may I recommend...

=G. Olympus Coliseum: Preliminaries=

Minimum Recommended Level: 15.  If you're not there yet, go build yourself up

Coliseum Gates
Trinity Marks and a chest, but not much else, so move on.

Talk to Phil, then go to the stone block and push it until you get a quick
message pop-up, then go back and talk to Phil again.  One cutscene later,
talk to him again, then select the first option.

Break the Barrels.  The first level just requires some wild flailing, no
strategy there.  On the second level, try to line up barrels so your final
combo hit will send some flying into others.  Fire the last barrel on the
high platform to save time.  Once you complete both levels, you'll get the 
Thunder Magic.

From the Lobby, head to the Gates again.

Coliseum Gates
In a short cutscene, Hades will give you a ticket for entry into the Coliseum, 
so head back to the Lobby and talk to Phil again and pick the first choice,
but before you do, I strongly recommend saving, and preparing at least two
Ethers (or even MegaEthers) for use, as you'll want them for the final

1: 4 Soldiers, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
2: 10 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
3: 5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Blue Rhapsodies
4: 2 Shadows, 2 Soldiers, 3 Red Nocturnes, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
5: 10 Blue Rhapsodies
6: 1 Large Body, 4 Red Nocturnes, 4 Blue Rhapsodies
7: Cloud

Battling time.  Your first battle will no doubt be a very short one against
several Heartless, while your second may take a little longer, followed by
a slightly difficult third.  The fourth is simple, the fifth is just annoying,
as it's nothing but Blue Rhapsodies.  The sixth includes a Large Body, but you 
should be used to these by now.  Finally, the seventh battle is against a 
strange, spiky-haired fellow who looks awfully familiar, although I can't 
quite place him.  Your best bet here is just to flame him until you run out of 
juice, Ether, flame, repeat, and smack him around a bit if you run out of 

Save, you fool!  You might also want to stock up on potions.  Once you're 
ready, head back out and prepare to take on Cerberus.

Pick one of the side heads and start mangling it.  Try to stay to the side to 
avoid any of his bite and flame attacks.  When he rears back and unleashes
his little darkness wave, just start running, as you'll be followed by pillars
of darkness for a short while.  It shouldn't take too long, just be patient.
Winning gets you the Inferno Band.

Coliseum Gates
You'll talk to the spiky-headed soldier on your way out.  He's still as moody
as ever, but you do learn Sonic Blade from him.  As you exit, there's yet 
another cutscene.  Even though you haven't unlocked the lock here, there's 
nothing more to do this instant, so move on.  As you progress through worlds, 
you'll learn of new cups opening up.  The Phil Cup is unlocked when you
complete Traverse Town, so you can turn around and go right back in.

=H. Olympus Coliseum: Phil Cup=

The Phil cup opens up when you lock the Traverse Town keyhole.  Talk to Phil,
and head on in.

Battle 1: 4 Powerwilds, 3 Soldiers
Battle 2: 1 Powerwild, 2 Green Requiems, 2 Red Nocturnes, 5 Yellow Operas
Battle 3: 4 Powerwilds, Guard Armor Legs
Battle 4: 5 Red Nocturnes, 5, Yellow Operas
Battle 5: 1 Large Body, 5 Powerwilds
Battle 6: Guard Armor Gauntlets, 4 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodies
Battle 7: 6 Green Requiems, 2 Large Bodies
Battle 8: 4 Powerwilds, Guard Armor Gauntlets, Guard Armor Legs
Battle 9: 4 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Yellow Operas, Guard Armor Torso

Yes, that's really all there is to it.  You may be able to make it through
without using a single power-up item.  Winning will get you Gravity magic.

From there, there's nothing left to try, so go on and head to the Warp Hole,
which will take you to...

=I. Agrabah=

You'll immediately be thrust into battle with several Bandits.  You can find
a save point in the desert behind you, or move onwards into the city.  There's
also a storeroom here, with a few things inside.

Main Street
Here you'll find more baddies, along with Aladdin's home (just climb either
of the two poles going up).  Head up there, and move the furniture on top
of the Magic Carpet to free it.  There's also a hidden keyhole behind another
set of drawers, which unlocks a high exit to the Plaza.  When you get the time, 
head to the next area.

Cutscene.  After a quick battle, jump up to where Jafar was and use your key
there to unlock a new area in on the other side.  It's nowhere you can't
get to on your own, but a shortcut.  After this, there's literally nothing
else to do in the city, so you may as well leave.  Well, not completely.

Talk to the Carpet.  He'll take you to...

Defeat all the bandits, and you'll rescue Aladdin, and find the Genie as well.
The Japanese Genie is a real treat as well. :)  Afterwards, you can add
Aladdin to your party if you want (but remember, no Trinity Marks can be used
while you've got him).

Back in the city, lots of bad guys.  Normal entrances are blocked, so you'll
have to take the high road through the doors you unlocked earlier.  Make your
way to the Alley, then to the Main St.  Go to Aladdin's house to save and plot
advance, take the high exit, then look above and to the right of the blocked 
door to the unexplored area: there's another exit open.  Jump down there and 
take it.

Make your way across the shutters, up the boxes, and over to the third keyhole.
Use it, and your way will be clear from Main Street to the Palace Gates (near 
the yellow awnings).  So, head there.

Palace Gates
Drop down to activate yet another cutscene...and a boss battle.  This one is
actually very tough, if you don't know what you're doing.  In the initial run,
don't bother with the head and tail of the Pot Centipede, just hit the Pot 
Spiders.  Once they're gone, let your comrades take the head, and you go after
the tail.  Bash it good, and it'll be over quickly, leaving you with the
Ray of Light.

Once the battle is over, go back to Aladdin's for a salesman and a save point.
You could probably use both about now.  From there, head on out of the city to
the Cave.  

Walk a bit forward, and the Tiger Mouth will awaken.  A tough battle, it'll
throw both Bandits and Fat Bandits at you, all the while shooting lasers out
of its eyes.  Not good.  To do any damage, you'll have to get on it, and
there's two ways to do this.  Initially, the Tiger will chomp down into the
ground occasionally, at which point you can jump on it and ride it back up,
attacking its eyes all the time.  Alternately, you can climb its collar and
jump from the back of its head, although this can be very hard to do, 
especially when it's moving around a lot.  It's good to make sure your 
companions are stocked with potions before this battle, as you'll be taking
quite a few hits as you concentrate on fighting rather than defense.

Once it's all over, go through the now open mouth.

Cave of Wonders
The upper level of the cave consists of three rooms which then lead to the
Treasure Room.  Fall down any of the many pits in the cave, and you'll drop
into the lower levels, which you have to do anyway at one point.  However,
before you go, jump over to the upper staircase exit out of the Hall to the 
Bottomless Hall and push the block you see there off the edge, which will give 
you access to a chest below.  From the hall, take the stairs down to the
elevator to reach the...

Silent Chamber
Facing the Trinity Jump, hang a left to the Hidden Room.  

Hidden Room
Jump to the Pillar there and swat it, which will start up a cutscene as well 
as opening the way from the Bottomless Hall.  But, before you go up there, 
double back through the Silent Chamber to the Dark Chamber.

Dark Chamber
Ahh, a Save Point.  You can head up from here, but I recommend going item
collecting down here first.  If you don't have him, swap out with Aladdin, 
then double back.

Silent Chamber
Take the waterfall down, touch the statue to open a passage, then go through 
the cave there.

Relic Chamber
If you pushed the block from the Bottomless Hall, you can jump to a chest of
Mythril.  While standing on the ground, Call to the statue to open up a new
passage to the Dark Chamber.  

Dark Chamber
Get your Gummi part, then swim up the waterfall, use Call on the statue to 
drop down a chest with a Protega Chain and open up the rest of the Chamber,
which includes a Torn Page from the 100 Acre Wood.  That's just about all you
can do here, so head on up and make your way through to the Treasure Room.

Treasure Room
Save.  Prepare.  Move on.

Lamp Chamber
Time to do battle against Jafar.  He's actually a piece of cake, just jump
and smack him when he drops low or is on a pedestal, and make sure your 
companions have tons of potions for you.  Watch out for the Genie; when you 
hear him warn you, get out of his way.

After the battle, Blizzard will be upgraded to Blizzara.  It might also be a 
good idea to head back to the Treasure Room and save/stock up, as he's not 
completely dead.  Approach Jasmine to unleash a cutscene, then jump on down 
the hole when you're ready.

Your target here is not Jafar, but the lamp itself.  Iago will fly it back and
forth, but wait until it comes to you for the simplest way to defeat it.
Eventually, Jafar may absorb the lamp, at which point Fire is a very simple
way to finish him off.

A cutscene and a carpet ride and another cutscene later, you're free to go, 
so do so.  You'll have Fira, Trinity Tower, Ansem's Report 1, the Genie 
summon, the Three Wishes chain, and tons of cash.

Now would be a good time to stop in at Traverse Town.  Use the Trinity Tower
on the green mark in the Accessories Shop to open up the Item Workshop. You
can also visit the Mystical House and drop off a page of the book, but that's
not necessary.  The Item Shop should also have some new weapons for Donald
and Goofy now, which are essential to continued survival.

The second ring of worlds looks like this:
                          Halloween Town
                         /              \
                  Agrabah                |
                         \              /

Once you're back in the Gummi Ship, take the southern route from Agrabah,
don't take the warp, and prepare to be swallowed whole...

=J. Monstro=

In the mouth of the beast, just move forward until you reach the cutscene with
Gipetto.  There's a save point there, so you can leave if you want as well.
From there, head through the exit you saw Pinocchio go through.

Inside Monstro
Luckily, everything here is numbered, so you'll start in Chamber 1.  Move 
forward for a cutscene.  The upper exit goes to Chamber 2, the lower to 
Chamber 3 and a dead end, so take the upper exit.  Battle your way through to 
the exit to Chamber 3, then take the exit to Chamber 2 (upper level), then to 
Chambers 5 and 6.  In Chamber 6, you can drop off the back of the "stairs" 
there to go find some puppies in Chamber 3, otherwise, head on up to the upper 
Chamber 5 exit.  On that platform, you can go to Chamber 4 (and another 
cutscene) and a Save Point.  From there, it's time to get nasty.

The boss battle against the Parasite Cage is quite simple, just bash for
a bit, then step back and blast away with magic.  Fire is quite effective.
Once it's over, Goofy will learn Cheer, then jump on down the hole.  

The water levels have changed here, so it's time to get some goodies.  The
chest on the boat gives you your first group ability, High Jump.  Activate it,
grab all of the treasure chests you want, then finally head to the upper
exit futher into Monstro.  Just make sure to save before you go, and stock
up on potions and ethers.  You'll need them.

Just jump up to the top, no problems there.

Return of the Cage, and he's much harder this time.  The yellow stuff will
sap your health fast, so stay off of it.  The basic strategy here is simple:
Blast him with fire until you're out of magic, then go up for a little bit
of close combat.  Once he falls back, attack the belly and clean up on magic,
then go back to the long-range attacks.  Easy.  Sort of.

Monstro will sneeze you out, returning you to Agrabah.  You'll have learned
Stop as well.

About this time, Chip (or is it Dale?) will pop in on the World Select screen
and let you know there's a tournament at Olympus Coliseum.  This is as good a
time as any to drop in there, but before you do, you might just want to head 
back to Traverse Town and stock up on items and visit Merlin as well for
the Spellbinder chain.  Gipetto's shop is now open as well, and he's got some 
ship plans for you, as well as a new weapon for Sora, the Wishing Star, in
the chest there.

=K. Olympus Coliseum: Pegasus Cup=

Recommended Level: 25.

Before going to battle, make sure everybody's set up to go.  You with 
MegaEthers, everybody else with Potions and High Potions.

Talk to Phil, and enter the Pegasus Cup.  The first battle is a bit tough,
the second is almost instant.  The third has some big guys in it, but still
isn't too bad.  The fourth is all Pot Spiders and Orkos.  The fifth has Fat
Bandits, the sixth is Black Fungi (stay away when they change color),
seven is pots and barrels, almost too easy.  Getting closer...  Eight has
three Fat Bandits and two Large Bodies.  Nasty. 

The ninth battle is the three of you versus Leon and Yuffie.  You can get
killed amazingly quickly here, especially after draining your life and
magic on the way here.  My strategy here: Have a whole pile of MegaEthers 
handy.  First of all, concentrate on Yuffie exclusively.  She's the easier
of the two to handle, and you can do quite a bit of damage to her in the
early going.  Try to save up your magic for the finishing shot, as she'll
power up as her health nears zero, and you won't want to be around for that.
Once she's done for, concentrate on Leon.  Staying back and using Fire works
wonders, just be sure to dodge his jump attacks.  As you run out of magic, go
in for some close-range battle, taking a dodge-counterattack style against
him.  Save up your MegaEthers for when Donald's out, as his magic can give
you a huge advantage here.  Keeping Aero on full-time is also quite a good 
idea, as that extra shielding is good for staying alive.

Once it's all over, you'll open up the Sora-only option for the Pegasus Cup,
learn Strike Raid, 

From here, let's head to Atlantica.

=L. Atlantica=

Tranquil Grotto
Okay, I am seriously weirded out here.  Bleah.  But, anyway, square goes down,
X goes up, at least in Japan, for the US it's circle up and square down.  
Initially, just chase Flounder around again and again until the cutscene 
arrives.  Take out the baddies that arrive, then thwack the clam to reveal a 
save point and move along the plot.  Ariel can now join your team as well.  
From there, head through the small cave to enter Atlantica proper.

Remember through this level, to open a colored clam, just hit it with the 
"proper" spell for that color.  You can figure it out.  

Undersea Valley
Practice your underwater combat as you will, then follow the tridents to the
not-so-Calm Depths.

Calm Depths
In the tunnel, make sure you get swept to the right to go to a new room with
a few Heartless.  Hit the mine to create a new doorway back to the Undersea
Valley, but don't take it.  Instead, continue on following the tridents to the
Undersea Cave.

Undersea Cave

Undersea Gorge
Again, just follow the tridents.

Triton's Palace
Move along, you can't miss it now...head to Triton's Throne for a cutscene,
then go back.

Undersea Gorge
Quick cutscene,  then go to the Ariel's Grotto (where Ariel points).  Don't
miss the Torn Page.  From there, exit out, and watch another cutscene...
Finally, make your way back to the Undersea Valley, clearing out all the 
Heartless along the way.

Undersea Valley
First, clear out all the nearby Heartless (and there are a lot of them), then
grab the dolphin swimming around, and he'll bring you to...

Sunken Ship
Go around to the side of the ship to enter.  Mind the shark.  Get the Trident
from the clearly visible chest, then ransack the ship before leaving.  As you
leave Mr. Shark returns, but he should be a piece of cake for you.  Make sure
you grab all the chests in the area, and then you should be able to guess 
where to go from here: Ariel's Grotto.  Follow the Tridents if you get lost.

Ariel's Grotto
Once in Ariel's room, approach the symbol on the wall, cutscene... Then,
you guessed it, Follow The Tridents, then go to Triton's Throne.  After the
next cutscene, head all the way back to the Undersea Valley again, save
if you will, grab the Dolphin again, and go back to the Sunken Ship.

Sunken Ship
Shark.  Behind one piece of the ship against the wall is something that should 
catch your eye.  Sebastian will push it for you, revealing a new cave.

Den of Tides
There's a small room, the Cavern Nook, with another save point (inside the 
larger clam), and another way leads to the Tidal Abyss, and...

Ursula's Lair
Time for a boss battle.  Ursula is tough...until you get the secret.  Watch
the color of the potion she throws into the cauldron, and match it with the
appropriate magic.  This will both damage and stun her, giving you ample 
opportunity to smack her around.  

If the cauldron is glowing blue, hit it with Blizzard Magic, if it's red,
go for Fire.  If you hit it twice right before she's about to finish the 
spell, the cauldron will glow white and she'll be knocked dizzy.  Be careful 
of her spinning spell, smack the eels to regain your health, and generally be 
patient rather than aggressive in this one.

You'll get the Merman Kick as a new party ability, so be sure to activate
it (double-hit X/Circle or square and hold).  From there, make your way back 
to the main Calm Depths, and then use the kick to propel yourself towards the 
light at the end of the cave with the flowing water.  At the end of the cave 
on the right is a tunnel labeled "???". Take it.  Of course, you might want to 
save first.

Open Ocean
Ursula bad.  Sora smash Ursula.

It's almost that straightforward.  Dodge her attacks, get to the side (or 
even the back), and smash away.  Loads of fun.  Having a Thundara Ring or two
equipped can save you from the constant lighting she throws at you, and Aero
can help withstand some of her attacks as well.  Watch out for "That's for 
being pretty", which precedes her huge lightning attack.  Nasty.

After the battle, you'll end up in Triton's Castle with Ansem's Report 3 and
a Thunder upgrade to Thundara.  From there, head back to Ariel's room to 
complete this world with your key and get a new Sora weapon, the Crabclaw.  
Finally, you can get out of those Goofy-looking (pun intended) getups.

On the other side of Agrabah is Halloween Town.  Let's visit.

=M. Halloween Town=

Guillotine Gate
Love the character designs here.  Anyway, take advantage of the save point, 
then move onward.  This is a combat-intensive world, a great place to 
accidentally get yourself killed if you're not paying attention.

Guillotine Plaza
Don't worry, those aren't your normal Heartless.  They don't get you, you
don't get them.  Move on, climb up the stairs, then watch the cutscene.  
There's really only one place to go; take the door to the Lab Entryway, them 
climb up into the Research Lab.  After the cutscene, you can include Jack in 
your team.  From there, leave and take on the now active Heartless, then make 
your way to the stairs going up to the small gate.

Clear it out, then Zero will appear for you, and Sally will show up as well.
From there, turn around and head back.  Head back and talk to the doctor,
then watch another cutscene, and from there, back to the Graveyard, clear it
out again, then use the coffin to move on.

Talk to the Mayor, then turn around and take a look at the pillars all in a
row.  Use one, and it'll explode, then three ghosts will rise out.  Repeat
the pattern by examining the three in that order to blow up the pumpkin,
grab the chest for the Jack-in-the-Box, then use the door revealed 
behind it.

Moonlight Hill
Use a fire spell on the table to make it rise, and ride it to the Graveyard.
From there, head back to the Lab, talk to the doctor, cutscene, yadda yadda,
and back to the Plaza, back to the Graveyard, back to the Hill.

Use the gravestone at the base of the little twirly-thing to move to the 

Lots of enemies here to battle with.  Once you're done clearing them out,
don't forget the three chests here (puppies, Gummi, and Defense Up), then
move on.  Getting the Defense Up chest can be tough without Glide, but it
is possible; there's an area right below the ledge the chest is on that you
can stand on.

Oogie's Manor
There are so many ways in and around this place, I won't go into them all.
Once you're in the front door, use Fire on the platform to head up, then
quickly make your way all the way to the tip-top of the house.  Long walk.
Should you fall (and there's a good chance of that), just use the bathtub
walking around to get back up to the top.

One imporant note: Just inside the front door is a red trinity mark; if you
don't smash it now, you won't have a chance to do so later.

Evil Playroom
Once you're in, it's a quick battle with the three kids (SORA SMASH!) and
a Save Point once you're done with it all.  Hit the lever, then head back

Oogie's Manor
Head all the way down to the green Boogie-faced doors along the base of the
tower (jump left from where the front door is), and go on through.

Torture Chamber
Oh, yeah.  It's a real boss fight.  Here's the trick; just dodge and weave
until symbols near the center of the roulette wheel glow, then hit the symbol 
across from where he is.  You'll be lifted up to his level, and if you got it 
right, you can just smack him around a bit.  Repeat a couple of times, and 
it's all over for the Boogie Man.

Or is it?

Um, no.

Start at the bottom, making your way slowly up, smashing the glowing purple
orbs along the way, including the one on the platform behind his head.  You
can make this battle as long as you want, and there seems to be a steady
supply of Gargoyles spawning should you want the extra experience.  Taking
out the lanterns could also help, as those are Oogie's best weapon against

Ansem's Report 7 and the Holy Circlet are yours, along with a Gravity 
upgrade and the Pumpkinhead.

All the rest is epilogue.  Don't forget to return to the Manor Ruins once
stood and pick up some goodies.

Once you're back on the Gummi Ship, you'll notice a new area between Halloween
Town and Atlantica.  What could it be?

=N. Neverland=

After a lengthy cutscene, you'll have the option of Peter Pan joining you.
Either way, there's a save point nearby.  Head out the door.

Head up to the platform and enter the door opposite the yellow Trinity Mark.
From there, drop down into the hole, and battle your way back up to the ladder
in the middle of the Freezer.  Cutscene...

From the Galley, jump up on the shelf, and head up into the room 
above you.  Either room is fine, because they connect.  When you get to the
room with the save point and the Trinity Tower mark, save/prepare for a 
mini-boss fight, and head on up using the Tower to pave your way.

Captain's Cabin
Now, you do have Scan activated, right?  Of course you do.  Your Shadow self 
will be a pain in the rear once he's low on health, and he'll split into 
three bits; only one of them is the real one, which you can spot by the tiny 
health bars on the impostors.  Ignore the fakes, and concentrate on hitting 
the real one the best you know how.  After the battle, you'll get the Raven's

Once you're done, use the closed trapdoor you see, and drop down.  Peter will 
split, so head back upstairs to the Captain's Cabin and out the 
now-unlocked door there.

On Deck
After the cutscene, Cure is upgraded.  And then...

You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!  Double-jump to start flying, square 
and jump to move vertically, just like swimming.  After taking out the
group of pirates that are swarming about, it's time to tackle Captain Hook.
He's got a serious vulnerability to Fire; when you hit him, he runs around
wildly for a few seconds (and can seriously damage if he hits you in the
meantime), but afterwards, he's very vulnerable and can be damaged quite a 
bit.  Taking him head-on isn't a good idea; he's got some combo attacks that
will knock you out in a heartbeat.  Be on the watch for his support ship, and 
don't be afraid to give him a good smacking around when his attacks are 
focused elsewhere.  After the battle, you'll learn Ars Arcanum, get Ansem's
Report 9, and end up on...

Clock Tower
You can still fly, and there's a Save Point just above you.  Fix the clock
that's not at Midnight by thwacking it, and that will complete this world.
You'll get the Glide party ability, which will get you many more places than
before, and from there, you can move to a new area with the Navi Gummi you 
received.  You'll also get the Fairy Harp and the Tinker Bell summon.

But, before you go, let's stop in at...

=O. Olympus Coliseum: Hercules Cup=

Recommended Level: 38

The Hercules Cup  should now be available from Phil.  This one's actually
easier than the Pegasus Cup, but I still recommend stocking your friends up 
on High Potions, and keep a couple for yourself along with a MegaEther or 

So, good luck!

Battle 1: 5 Gargoyles, 3 Shadows
Battle 2: 1 Air Pirate, 2 Barrel Spiders, 4 White Knights
Battle 3: 4 Pirates, 1 Battleship
Battle 4: 4 Gargoyles, 3 Wight Knights
Battle 5: 1 Truffle
  This one's a joke battle; basically, use it to prepare for the next.
Battle 6: Cloud
  This one's worth mentioning.  He's a bit tougher than the last time you
fought, to say the least.  Once he's down to about half of his initial health,
he'll power-up and start flying around.  This would be a good time to dodge,
or perhaps glide yourself.  Stay airborne during his thrust attacks, and
Dodge Roll from his jump attacks.  Winning will net you the Metal Chocobo
Battle 7: 2 Pirates, 1 White Knight, 2 Air Pirates, 2 Gargoyles
Battle 8: 2 Pirates, 1 Air Pirate, 2 Battleships
Battle 9: One-on-One vs. Hercules
  Chunk barrels at him until he's dizzy, then thwack away.  Dodge his charges,
keep airborne for his ground-slamming attacks.  When he goes invincible again
(yellow glow), go back to barrels.  Piece of cake, especially compared to the
Square character battles.  Winning nets you Herc's Shield, one of Goofy's
best weapons, and the Olympia keychain.

After the last battle, you'll receive the Trinity Shove, which allows you to
go after yellow Trinity Marks.  So, use it on the Trinity Mark right there
in the Lobby to reveal the keyhole, which officially completes this level.

There's literally nothing else to do, so head on back to...

=P. Traverse Town=

First District
There's only one man for the Gummi Ship upgrade...Cid.  Go see him.  One
mighty long cutscene later...and a new area will appear on the World Select
map for your Gummi Ship.

As a word of warning; this is your last chance to visit all of the worlds
out there at the current difficultly level.  Things are going to get a LOT
harder shortly, so you may want to fly around and do some item collecting.
Or not.  It's up to you.

Either way, when you're ready, warp to Neverland, then journey to the new map 

=Q. Hollow Bastion=

Rising Falls
Got Glide?  You'll dearly need it here.  Make your way forward until you hit
the cutscene.  From there, go up to the two pillars above, and an elevator 
will come for you.

Without giving any of the next bits away, remember to be careful until things
are back to "normal".  You should stay out of the way and let your companion
take care of melee combat, assisting with magic as you see fit.  Remember,
the triangle button assigns foes to your friend.

Castle Gates
You can't get in through the front door, so go ahead and go through the gates
and either jump, or take the elevator down.  Hit the red switch before you do,
though; you'll want that elevator moving for later.

Base Level
If you want hit the higher-up bubble to move to a new area,  activate the two 
small spiky statues, then make your way across the blocks inside to the
Waterway.  Have Beast smash the wall and grab an Esuna-G, if you're into
the Gummi thing.

If not, take the lower bubble into the Waterway.

Save point.  Beast smash gate.  Bubble.  Activate the first wall switch to
rotate the walls, the second further in to move them, the third to move them
again, then the one on the floor to clear the way to the bubble.

In this room, hit the switch on the wall for an elevator, then the next switch
on that upper level to turn some mystery gears.

Make your way back, hit the switches in the opposite order to get out, and
have Beast smash through the wall past the first switch on your way out.

Make your way all the way back up to the front doors, and head on in.

Entrance Hall
This boss shouldn't take up too much of your time.  At least, not as long as
you have Aero on.  He's fairly strong (immune?) against Magic, so just smash
him up.

After the battle, all will be back to normal, and you'll have the white mark
Trinity Detect to boot.

Head into the door to the left of the main one...

Grab the red book off the floor, use it on the red books on the shelf.  This
will open up the Library, and there's a nice handy Save Point upstairs.

Trinity Tower to get the Yellow book next to the Save Point, then return it
to its spot on the shelf on the first floor.  Grab the blue book behind you, 
and use it on to fill the blue volume.  Before going upstairs, grab the
orange book.

Back upstairs, put the orange book where it belongs, then get the green one
out of the purple ones behind it.  Grab the second green one from the shelf
to the right.  Go downstairs and return the two green books.  From there,
grab the missing purple book and return it.  Finally, grab the brown book off
the table behind you and return it to its rightful spot.  Press the button
behind it to unlock the doors to the entrance to your right.

You can head through the dark corridor to the lift stop to grab a Tornado-G
and an Ultima-G (use Gravity to get them), then head through the upper door
you opened in the Library.

Entrance Hall
Run around and light all of the candles here, Trinity Smash the statue, then
grab the two emblems you revealed.  You can use Thunder on the small plaque
up there to create some moving platforms from the top to the bottom as well.

Smash the two pots on either side of the bust on the pillar to reveal a third
emblem, and for the other bust on the other side, just push it (the chest 
revealed is below it on the bottom level).

Use the emblems one at a time on the Heartless-emblemed door on the lower
level to open it, then move through after the cutscene (battling isn't

Lift Stop
The blue elevator leads back down into the Waterway for a few items, a
Trinity Jump, and some Mythril in a passage going back up.  The red switch 
changes destinations (the blue elevator goes up, where you can Gravity down 
a floating chest for a Orichalcum), so when you're done, head on outside.

Castle Gates
First, hit the red switch, and jump on the passing elevator for some puppies
if you want them.  Jump to the other moving elevator (you did hit that red
switch earlier, didn't you?) or just Glide for some Orichalcum and Holy-G.  
Finally, hit the blue switch to move up.

Only one place to go from here, so hit the red switch.  After the mini-ambush,
hit the switch that appears to move on.  Head down the stairs and into the
castle again.  Don't miss the Trinity Jump.

Lift Stop
Take the elevator up, then climb the stairs out.

Great Crest
Grab the Orichalcum, then take the next elevator up.  Hit the red switch, 
mind the floating chest for a Thundaga Ring, then go back in.

Lift Stop
No elevator here, just move along.

High Tower
Another floating chest (Puppies), another red switch (hit it).  Go up, hit
the next switch, go up again, and hit the next switch for later.  Go back 
inside the castle from there, go through the Lift Stop one last time, and 
watch the plot thicken.

Castle Chapel
Sora smash Maleficient.  Mind the boulders.  Shouldn't be much of a challenge,
let your pals handle her pals.  Smash her platform to bring it down if it
goes too high for you to jump on.  Donald learns Cheer, you'll get Ansem's
Report 5, and a save point.  Use it, then follow her through. 

Woah.  She got ugly fast.  Keep Aero on at all times, stay close (her most 
damaging attack, the flames, will be circled around her), glide when you need
a break.  Smash away.  You'll get the Fireglow after the battle.

After the fight, take the portal back and save.  Then, before moving on, 
battle prep.  Make sure you're stocked, don't worry about your friends here.

Lift Stop
Go on through the doorway on your level.

Grand Hall
Head past the princesses, and go on up the stairs.  This is a one-on-one 
battle.  Just smash away, Dodge Roll a whole lot, Glide when you need a break,
but just generally smash away.

It shouldn't take long for you to win out, this battle isn't nearly as tough
as the others.  Sora will learn Ragnarok from it, anyway...

Once it's all over, you'll look a little different.  

Make your way out.  You can't use elevators, so just jump off the side of the
castle when you're stuck.  If you make it to the Base Level, you've gone too
far; that elevator is still working automatically, luckily.  Make your way 
back to the Entrance.  Approach the gang, and things will get back to normal.

=R. Traverse Town=

WARNING:  Heartless have returned to all of the worlds, and now they're
at least twice as strong.  Luckily, the amount of experience they grant has
also increased.  For some quick leveling up, try the Gizmo Shop; multiple
waves of fairly Heartless will spawn there, but it's nothing you can't
handle right now.

Third District
You'll end up back here, in the Square Characters' house.  Go talk to Cid
in the First District, and from there, head to the Mystical House and trade 
in any Summon gems you may have lying around.  From there, go to the sewers 
and use the Trinity Detect on the white mark, then approach the sun painting 
at the end of the cavern to get a new NaviGummi. Only one person to take 
this to...

(It's Cid.  Don't tell me you haven't got this pattern down yet.)

Before you go, you'll get a cutscene, and a new weapon for Sora.  Cid will
upgrade the Gummi Ship for you once you talk to him, and you're ready to
hit the road.

Back on the Gummi Ship, there's a new Warp Hole, so go ahead and take it,
and it will get you back to...

=S. Hollow Bastion=

You should know the way here; just make your way back to the Chapel. Check 
the second story of the Library for a cutscene and a save point, which
you'll likely need.  Save before you continue, and feel free to chat up the 
princesses.  From there, you know the way...

Grand Hall
Fight your way (or just run) to the dark keyhole at the end for another boss
battle against the Behemoth in the Dark Depths.

Stay back until he lowers his head, then smash.  When he crouches down to 
power up, climb up his backside and smack him from up top.  Piece of cake.

After the cutscenes, you'll end up back in the Castle Chapel where you can 
Save again, as well as go back the Gummi Ship, along with the Omega Arts
and a Fire upgrade.  The Hades Cup will also be open at the Coliseum, if
you dare...

Before you go, talk to Belle in the Library for the Divine Rose, and to
Aeris for four more Ansem Reports, then twice more for a Cure upgrade.

When you're ready, take the mystery path leading away from the Hollow Bastion 
in your Gummi Ship.

=T. End of the World=

Gate to the Dark
A save point is here, if you want it.  Just move on for a cutscene into...

Final Dimension
As you approach or sometimes use each item box here, you'll be attacked.
The items are very valuable (Power Ups and the like), but there's a new enemy,
Envy Devils, who are very strong and very damaging.  Take care.  The first
red box contains a toned-down Behemoth, and you'll encounter another one as
your approach the vortex.

Giant Crevasse
Make your way down, down, down until you reach the Save point, then jump on in
to the hole.

World Terminus
White goes forward, green goes back, pink teleports you to various worlds.
In each world, battle, grab the item, and exit through any normal door to move
on.  The worlds, as you probably guessed, go:
  Traverse Town - Brave Warrior
  Wonderland - Ifrit's Horn
  Olympus Coliseum - Inferno Band
  Deep Jungle - White Fang
  Agrabah - Ray of Light (in the Palace Gates area, up top)
  Atlantica - AP Up
  Halloween Town - Holy Circlet
  Neverland (Exit is into the Brig) - Raven's Claw
Next, hit the Green portal to go to 100 Acre Wood, and a Gummi-Available
Save Point, and the yellow portal for Hollow Bastion.

There, head through the blue doors, examine the machine, and head back out
through the portal in the hallway.  Finally, jump down the hole there to
face a boss, but before going in, I strongly recommend getting fireproofed.

Evil Grounds
Ahh, Fantasia.  

Initially, even though it doesn't look like you're causing any damage, you
are, so don't panic.  Just keep smacking him.  Try to watch for when he 
raises his arms and summons the volcano at you, which is very damaging. 
Other than that, keep Aero on, and keep thwacking his face.  Towards the end,
it's likely you'll lose both Goofy and Donald, so when that happens, get back,
way back, and try to bring them back into the battle unless it looks like
you can finish it off yourself. After the battle, you'll learn SuperGlide.

After the battle, head down into the volcano.  The portal at the top leads
down into an ice cave, which has a portal to a Halloween Town-ish area and
several other short areas until you finally bump into a Behemoth.  After that,
you'll face wave after wave of the toughest Heartless.  It's easy to get 
killed here, so keep Aero on at all times and make sure you're constantly
healed up.  Once it's all over, approach the new portal.

Final Rest
You'll end up on the FINAL Save Point, this one also with Gummi access.  

--This would be a great time to finish any sidequests you may have forgotten--
--about.  You can return to this point immediately from the Gummi Ship when --
--you're done.  Don't worry, it'll still be here when you get back.         --

Approach the door, examine it twice.

You probably know where to go.  Approach the Spooky Cave.  After the cutscene,
approach Riku.  Oops.

Ansem is a pain.  After beating him down for what seems like an eternity, 
that purple health bar of his will eventually start to move.  No real 
strategy or tactics here, just a continual beatdown.  It also helps to scream 
out, "Stop Blocking You Pansy!" every couple of seconds.

After he's fallen, prepare yourself (not your buddies as much) for the final 
battle, and then head to the crack in the island.  I recommend having Aero and 
Cure in your quick menu, and nothing but Elixirs in your item bucket.

The Final Battle
Hey, you know this battle!  Maintain the same strategy with Darkside you used 
before; this is nothing new.  Okay, so he's taller than you remember.

Once he's fallen again, Ansem will attack for one last go around.  Same
basic strategy as before, except this time you're friendless.  Watch out
for his charge attacks (Dodge Roll), and don't be afraid to use one or more
of your special attacks on him.  Keep those Elixirs handy.

In his third form, treat it like any other air battle; stay close, whack away,
keep Aero on all the time.  After the last battle, this one should be a piece
of cake (no Elixirs used here, only Cured 2-3 times).

After that battle, you're in the darkness.  Whack away at the beasties that
come at you (lots of Health and Magic), then once they're gone, smack the 
little nodule that forms.

In the next area, beat down all the little wisps on the creature, grabbing
items and powerups as you need them.  Once that's done, head into the portal.
Here, you'll find Goofy, and a ton of those large ball Heartless.  Stay
alive, kill the Heartless, and smack the node to get out.

Here, beat the giant demon head down (ignore Goofy; he'll get knocked out 
constantly at this point) and before entering the portal once it's dead, head
low and have a wisp smackdown.  

You know the routine here; it's just a couple of Envy Devils in pitch
blackness,  no worries.  Donald joins up, so smack them down and hit the node
to leave.

Back out, go beat up the little sad face, and prepare for the final, final,
final battle.  Ansem has healed up from the last time, so just go do it 
again.  It's a little harder than last time, as he's got a new attack or two,
but for the most part, just keep the same strategy (Aero, Cure, Smash).  At
around level 45, it's a long but doable battle, I needed 3-4 Elixirs.  At 
level 65, I used no Elixirs and rarely even had to cure.

And with that, it's all over but the credits, which are worth sticking around
for (even the staff roll and beyond it, it's not over until you see "The 

The bonus movie is clearly marked, "Special Secret".  You can't miss it if
you got it.


III.  Side Quests

=A. 100 Acre Wood=

Traverse Town, Mystic House
In the Mystic House, examine the book that Cid repaired, and you'll shrink 
down into its pages.  Move over to the small stick house to enter the 100 
Acre Wood.

Approach to chat with Kuma no Pooh-San, and once that's over, you can leave
to the storybook in any direction.  From there, only one other location is 

Pooh's Home
Inside the home, Pooh, as usual is out of hunny, so leave as he does.  As you
do, Owl will speak with you, and you'll go back to the Storybook.  From there,
you can go back to the compass to exit, but as you find pages, more will open
up, such as...

Pooh's Hunny Tree
As you approach Piglet here, you'll scare him.  Go behind the tree, and wait
a minute, and Piglet will reappear.  Sneak up on him from behind, and you can
finally talk to him.  After that, talk to Pooh, select the first option, and
play the Hunny minigame.  Do you like frustration?  Sure you do!  Just bash
the bees, and if you score well enough, you'll get an item for your trouble.
Another page is now open, so move on.

Rabbit's Howse
Head behind the tree for a cutscene, then go through the front door.  Once 
inside,examine the pot near the roof to find Rabbit's Hunny.  Once that's done
go ahead and leave...but you'll be stopped for an emergency.  If you've ever
read the books or seen the movies, you know what's happened here.  Talk to
Rabbit, then go around back and talk to Pooh.  From there, you get to play
a game of Tigger Block.  Select the bottom option while Tigger is airborne to
block him.  After that, head back into Rabbit's house, then go to Pooh to
free him and open the next area.

Pooh's Swing
After the cutscene, go and save Eeyore by swimming up to him.  From there, 
lead Pooh to the swing by targeting him to have him follow you.  Lead him to
all three Hunny pots, then to the swing.  Once he's up there, use R1 when Owl 
drops his wings each time to increase Pooh's speed, then launch him into the 
forest.  He should land on Rabbit's branches, revealing Eeyore's tail.  This
will also upgrade Stop, and reveal use page for you.

Giant Pot
Another mini-game as you approach Tigger and Roo, then talk to them.  After
a couple of rounds, talk to Roo, and you'll get another game of catch the
apples.  Another timing game, just smack them as they fall.  There's an AP Up
inside the chest when you're done.  From there, talk to Tigger, then go to
the lever and have both Tigger and Roo bounce you into the trees for more
items.  At this point, you can go ahead and leave, and the final page will
be opened up.

Muddy Glen
Approach Pooh for the first cutscene, then lock on and have him follow you
out of his little path.  Look inside the tree in the middle to find Eeyore, 
then lead Pooh to Roo (on the tree branch), then talk to Roo, go talk to 
Rabbit, ride the current upwards to see Piglet, Fire the beehive down into the 
trunk, talk to Owl, talk to Tigger, clear the spiderwebs, lead Pooh to the 
flowers, through the log, and to the next set of flowers to Piglet.  From 
there, talk to Piglet, and you're done.

=B. Olympus Coliseum: Hades Cup=

Talk to Phil, and select the Hades cup, the fourth choice out of five.  There
are 49 battles to fight.  Not only that, but the difficulty of all the 
enemies has been ramped way up, so it's a nightmare.  I went in at Level 56,
able to take out any non-Fat enemy with one hit.

Battles of Note:
44th Place Battle: Yuffie - New Shield
40th Place Battle: Behemoth (full, just like the boss) - Fire Upgrade
37th Place Battle: Guard Armor
34th Place Battle: Stealth Sneak
30th Place Battle: Cerebus - Thunder Upgrade
24th Place Battle: Guard Armor (upgraded)
20th Place Battle: Cloud and Leon - New Keychain
10th Place Battle: Hades - Gravity Upgrade, Ansem Report 7
  Finally, something new.  He's amazingly tough to beat, and it will take an 
eternity of strikes before you even get the purple health bar to move a bit.
Just keep healing yourself and, attack from the rear when possible.  When
he starts shaking his hands and moving towards the center of the ring, he's
invincible, and about to start a rotating fire attack, so stay close and to
his front or back, then circle as he does.
7th Place Battle: Stealth Sneak and 3 Envy Devils
4th Place Battle: 2 Stealth Sneaks
1st Place Battle: Rock Giant
  Wow.  He's big.  He's bad.  He's ugly.  He's a piece of cake.  Pick a foot,
start thwacking.  When he raises a foot or rears back for his ground-smashing
attack, jump and glide until it's over.  

=C. Cleaning Up, Prepping Up=

Looking for those odd-numbered Ansem Reports?  1, 3, 5, and 9 are in the
posession of Aeris, who's in the Hollow Bastion library.  Head up the stairs
there for a quick cutscene as well, and talk to Belle for a new weapon.  
Number 7 is found in the middle of the Hades Cup, covered above.

Trying to get items for the Item Workshop.?  Try the Portals section of End of 
the World (covered below).  Specific creatures are waiting in each portal, 
just hit the ones you need.  Readily spawning Envy Devils and Angel Stars are 
right behind the FINAL save, detailed below.  Mushrooms?  Spawning randomly 
outside the tent in Deep Jungle (save, check, reset, repeat).

IV.  Game Lists

=A. Trinity Marks=

Trinity Jump (Blue) - 17
Traverse Town, First District, near main entrance - Munny
Traverse Town, First District, in front of cafe - Postcard
Traverse Town, Third District, upper hallway - Camping Set
Traverse Town, Third District, inside Mystical House - Mega-Ether
Wonderland, Lotus Forest, Near Mushrooms - Potion, Ether, Tent
Wonderland, Lotus Forest, Next to Pond after pushing the rock - Camping Set
Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates - Dalmatians 22-23-24
Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates - Mythril Shard
Deep Jungle, Camp - Dalmatians 34-35-36
Deep Jungle, Climbing Trees - Dalmatians 31-32-33
Agrabah, Bazaar - Mega Ether, Munny
Agrabah, Silent Chamber - Thunder G
Monstro, Mouth (after water level changes) - Cottage, 2 Potions
Monstro, Throat
Monstro, Chamber 5, lowest area
Hollow Bastion, Dungeon - Mega-Ether, Mega-Potion, Cottage
Hollow Bastion, Castle Gates, just after elevator ride - 2 Cottage, Megalixir

Trinity Smash (Red) - 6
Traverse Town, First District, behind Item Shop - Dalmatains 4-5-6
Traverse Town, Second District, alley behind Hotel in water - Passage
Traverse Town, Second District, above Gizmo Shop - Passage
Agrabah, Treasure Room - Mythril Shard
Halloween Town, Oogie's Manor, just inside the front door - Mythril Shard
Hollow Bastion, Castle Entrance, Upper Level

Trinity Tower (Green) - 9
Traverse Town, First District, Accessories Shop - Passage
Wonderland, Rabbit Hole
Wonderland, Bizarre Room, Fireplace
Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates
Deep Jungle, Treetop (hard to see!)
Agrabah, Plaza, Storeroom - Power Up
Monstro, Mouth, On top of ship (need Glide or High Jump) - Mythril Shard
Neverland, Hold, room above shelf
Hollow Bastion, Library

Trinity Shove (Yellow) - 4
Traverse Town, Third District, behind Mystical House
Olympus Coliseum, Lobby
Agrabah, Cave of Wonders
Neverland, Hold, room near brig

Trinity Detect (White) - 10
Traverse Town, Sewers - Orichalcum
Wonderland, Forest, Hidden Area (through the painting)
Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Gates
Deep Jungle, Cave Beyond Waterfall (where the lock was)
Agrabah, Cave of Wonders
Monstro, Chamber 6, behind "stairs" at bottom
Atlantica, Triton's Palace
Halloween Town, Moonlight Hill
Neverland, Deck
Hollow Bastion, Rising Falls - Firaga-G

=B. 99 Missing Dalmatians=

1-2-3: Traverse Town, Third District
       Behind Mystical House (need Glide)
4-5-6: Traverse Town, Second District
       Trinity Smash behind Item Shop
7-8-9: Traverse Town, First District
       Item Workshop., in a chest
10-11-12: Traverse Town, Sewers
          Near the stairs going up
13-14-15: Wonderland, Queen's Castle
          Red Chest, through the ceiling exit
16-17-18: Wonderland, Forest
          Blue Chest, in the trees
19-20-21: Wonderland, Mad Hatter's Tea Party
          High area, can only get there from high exit in Forest (need Glide)
22-23-24: Olympus Coliseum, Coliseum Entrance
          Trinity Jump Mark
25-26-27: Deep Jungle, River
          Near a climbing vine
28-29-30: Deep Jungle, High Jungle
          Along the tree branches
31-32-33: Deep Jungle, Climbing Trees
	  Trinity Jump, Near the exit
34-35-36: Deep Jungle, Camp
          Trinity Jump, Near camp entrance
37-38-39: Agrabah, Main Street
          In Aladdin's Home
40-41-42: Halloween Town, Bridge
          Above the moat, left side
43-44-45: Neverland, Clock Tower
          Behind your starting location
46-47-48: Agrabah
          Palace Gates, up high, need High Jump
49-50-51: Agrabah, Cave of Wonders
          First area, on pedestal, need Glide
52-53-54: Agrabah, Treasure Room
          Activate crystal (must have Aladdin)
55-56-57: Monstro, Chamber 3
          Near upper exit to Area 6
58-59-60: Wonderland, Queen's Castle
          Chest, through the pot in the Bizarre Room
61-62-63: Hollow Bastion, Laboratory
          Come back after everything is clear
64-65-66: Halloween Town
          Crypt Yard, use the doors next to the platform in the Moonlight Hill
67-68-69: Halloween Town, Guillotine Plaza
          Underneath the stairs of the house w/doorbell
70-71-72: Halloween Town, Guillotine Plaza
          In large pumpkin statue, jump & Glide X 3 to reach
73-74-75: Monstro, Mouth
          Red chest, after water level changes
76-77-78: Monstro, Chamber 3
          Uppermost platforms, High Jump/Glide make it easy
79-80-81: Monstro, Chamber 5
          Chest on barrel in high area, just off of high exit to Area 3
82-83-84: Neverland, Hold
          In the middle of the large room next to brig, need Fly
85-86-87: Neverland, Hold
          Behind Trinity Shove door
88-89-90: Neverland, Captain's Cabin
          On the bed
91-92-93: Hollow Bastion, Rising Falls
          Along low water
94-95-96: Hollow Bastion, Castle Gates
          After emblem door opened, jump on red-switch moving elevator
97-98-99: Hollow Bastion, High Tower
          Floating chest, Gravija to get it down

?? - ?
?? - ?
?? - Thundara-G
?? - Mythrol Shartd
?? - Torn Page
?? - Mythril
?? - Megalixir

=C. 100 Acre Wood Pages=

Agrabah, Cave of Wonders, in a chest
Atlantica, Ariel's Grotto
Halloween Town, Research Lab, on bookshelf
Monstro, Chamber 6, high platforms, take high exit from 3/6, Glide
One of the Missing Dalmatian triplets (claim in the Dalmaitain House in TT)

=D. Heartless List=

  These are your standard, tiny, easy-to-kill Heartless.  They're everywhere.
  Drop: Lucid Shard (Suki to Oru Kakera)
  Your second standard Heartless, they wear helmets and are a bit harder to
  Drop: Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera)
Large Body:
  The standard "fat" Heartless.  Impenetrable from the front, but weak from
  the back, jump and smack them up top for easy hits from the front as well.
  Drop: Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera)
Red Nocture:
  The red, Orko-looking flying Heartless with a Fire affinity.  Blizzard is
  quite lethal.
  Drop: Blaze Shard (Moe Agaru Kakera), Fira Ring
Blue Rhapsody:
  The blue, Orko-looking flying Heartless with an Ice affinity.  Fire them.
  Drop: Frost Shard (Toutetsuku Kakeru)
Yellow Opera:
  The yellow, Orko-looking flying Heartless with a Thunder affinity.  Smack
  Drop: Thunder Shard (Todoroku Kakera)
Green Requiem:
  The green, Orko-looking flying Heartless with a Cure affinity.  Do not use
  magic on them, just beat them down.
  Drop: Bright Shard (Uruoi no Kakera)
  Grey Monkey Heartless.  No tips here.
  Drop: Power Shard (Riki no Kakera), Protera Chain
  Yellow-brown monkey Heartless.  Avoid the bananas, you'll slip and drop cash
  if you hit them.
  Drop: Power Shard (Riki no Kakera)
Air Soldier:
  Flying, makeshift-wing Soldiers.  Have a brown hat with a propeller.
  Drop: Spirit Gem (Touki no Maishi)
  Turban-wrapped, sword-wielding Heartless.
  Drop: Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi)
Fat Bandit:
  A fire-breathing, flame-retardant Large Body.  Hit them from the back or top.
  Drop: Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi)
Pot Spider:
  Spider legs sticking out of a pot.  Simple enough.
  Drop: Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera)
Barrel Spider:
  See "Pot Spider", replace "Pot" with "Barrel"
  Drop: Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera)
Search Ghost:
  Flying, half-put-together ghosts with one eye dangling out.
  Drop: Bright Gem (Uruoi no Maishi)
Sea Neon:
  Small, jellyfish-like water Heartless.
  Drop: Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi)
Sheltering Zone:
  Giant Sea Neon, releases Sea Neons when killed.
  Drop: Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi)
Screw Diver:
  Green, merman Heartless.
  Drop: Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi)
Aqua Tank:
  Big, blue fish Heartless.  Often seen carrying Screw Divers.
  Drop: Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi)
Wight Knight:
  Mummy heartless with long arms and legs.
  Drop: Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi)
  Purple, flying, Gargoyles.
  Drop: Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi)
  Standard class bane of good-hearted sea merchants everywhere.
  Drop: Power Gem (Riki no Maishi)
Air Pirate:
  Purple-winged, blue flying buccaneers.
  Drop: Power Gem (Riki no Maishi)
  A flying miniature battleship, with a pirate Heartless at the helm.  Fires
  salvos of missiles regularly, best to take out early in any battle.
  Drop: Power Gem (Riki no Maishi)
Dark Ball:
  Dark, round balloon-shaped evil things.  Disappear and reappear with a 
  spell attack on top of you.
  Drop: Suki to Oru Kesshou (Chance Crystal)
  Large, armored Heartless carrying a mean-looking shield that shoots at
  you.  Attack only from the side or rear, away from the shield.
  Drop: Bright Crystal (Uruoi no Kesshou)
  Purple-orange beasts that swoop on you from up high.
  Drop: Power Crystal (Minagiru Crystal)
  Floating, wizard-hat wearers.  Cast and absorb elemental spells, best to
  fight with physical attacks.
  Drop: Shiny Crystal (Kirameku Crystal)
  A, well, a behemoth.  A mini-boss that shows up regularly, attack his horn
  by either waiting until he bends over or climb up his backside.
  Drop: Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera), Mythril
Envy Devil:
  The toughest regular Heartless in the game, uses both physical and dark
  magic attacks.  Handle with care.
  Drop: Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze)
Angel Star:
  A white, flowing, floating wizard that will cast all manner of spells at
  you and guard very frequently.
  Drop: Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze)
White Mushroom:
  A white mushroom with a red cap, drops special items when attacked with
  certain magics, disappears after losing some damage.  Watch its actions
  to determine what to do. 
  Drop: Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku)
    Shivering: Fire
    "Bring it on": Blizzard
    Light Overhead: Thunder
Black Fungus:
  A tough black mushroom with a purple cap, tough but possible to kill.  Turns
  black-and-white on occasion, becoming invincible to all attacks.
  Drop: Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku)
Real Truffle:
  A blue mushroom with a yellow cap, can be supposedly killed with a jump
  attack for special items.
  Drop: Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku)

=E. Item Workshop=

1. Cabin (I)          2 Bright Shard (Uruoi no Kakera) - Green Requiem
                      3 Blaze Shard (Moe Agaru Kakera) - Red Nocture
2. Elixir (I)         2 Blaze Shard (Moe Agaru Kakera) - Red Nocture
                      2 Frost Shard (Toutetsuku Kakeru) - Blue Rhapsody
                      2 Thunder Shard (Todoroku Kakera) - Yellow Opera
                      4 Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera) - Chests
3. Energy Bangle (A)  2 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      1 Frost Shard (Toutetsuku Kakeru) - Blue Rhapsody
4. Power Chain (A)    2 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      2 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
5. Engineer Piece (A) 2 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      1 Thunder Shard (Todoroku Kakera) - Yellow Opera
6. Dark Ring (A)      2 Lucid Shard (Suki to Oru Kakera) - Shadow
                      1 Bright Shard (Uruoi no Kakera) - Green Requiem
                      2 Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera) - Chests
7. MegaPotion (I)     1 Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi) - Bandit
                      1 Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi) - Sea Neon
                      1 Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi) - Aqua Tank
                      2 Mythril Shard (Mythril no Kakera) - Chests
8. AP Up (I)          3 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      2 Spirit Gem (Touki no Maishi) - Air Soldier
                      3 Mythril - Chests
9. Angel Bangle (A)   3 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      3 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      3 Bright Gem (Uruoi no Maishi) - Search Ghost
10. Magic Brace (A)   3 Blaze Shard (Moe Agaru Kakera) - Red Nocture
                      3 Frost Shard (Toutetsuku Kakeru) - Blue Rhapsody
                      3 Thunder Shard (Todoroku Kakera) - Yellow Opera
                      2 Mythril - Chests
11. Buster Chain (A)  3 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      1 Power Gem (Riki no Maishi) - Pirate
                      1 Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi) - Wight Knight
12. Master Piece (A)  3 Lucid Shard (Suki to Oru Kakera) - Shadow
                      2 Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi) - Wight Knight
                      2 Spirit Gem (Touki no Maishi) - Air Soldier
13. Mega Ether (I)    3 Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi) - Bandit
                      3 Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi) - Sea Neon
                      3 Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi) - Aqua Tank
                      5 Bright Shard (Uruoi no Kakera) - Green Requiem
                      1 Bright Crystal (Uruoi no Kesshou) - Defender
14. Guard Up (I)      5 Lucid Shard (Suki to Oru Kakera) - Shadow
                      3 Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi) - Wight Knight
                      1 Suki to Oru Kesshou (Chance Crystal) - Dark Ball
                      1 Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku) - Black Fungus
15. Gaia Bangle (A)   5 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      3 Power Gem (Riki no Maishi) - Pirate
                      1 Bright Crystal (Uruoi no Kesshou) - Defender
16. Rune Brace (A)    2 Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi) - Bandit
                      2 Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi) - Sea Neon
                      2 Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi) - Aqua Tank
                      3 Mythril - Chests
17. Service Heart (A) 3 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      3 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      1 Power Crystal (Minagiru Crystal) - Wyvern
18. Three Stars (A)   3 Blaze Shard (Moe Agaru Kakera) - Red Nocture
                      3 Frost Shard (Toutetsuku Kakeru) - Blue Rhapsody
                      3 Thunder Shard (Todoroku Kakera) - Yellow Opera
                      1 Orichalcum - Chests
                      1 Shiny Crystal (Kirameku Crystal) - Wizard
19. Last Elixir (I)   5 Bright Shard (Uruoi no Kakera) - Green Requiem
                      3 Bright Gem (Uruoi no Maishi) - Search Ghost
                      1 Bright Crystal (Uruoi no Kesshou) - Defender
                      1 Shiny Crystal (Kirameku Crystal) - Wizard
                      2 Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze) - Angel Star
20. Power Up (I)      5 Power Shard (Riki no Kakera) - Power Wild
                      3 Power Gem (Riki no Maishi) - Pirate
                      1 Power Crystal (Minagiru Crystal) - Wyvern
                      1 Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku) - Black Fungus
                      2 Orichalcum - Chests
21. Brave Chain (A)   5 Spirit Shard (Touki no Kakera) - Soldier
                      3 Spirit Gem (Touki no Maishi) - Air Soldier
                      1 Suki to Oru Kesshou (Chance Crystal) - Dark Ball
22. Force Brace (A)   2 Shiny Crystal (Kirameku Crystal) - Wizard
                      1 Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku) - Black Fungus
                      3 Orichalcum - Chests
                      1 Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze) - Angel Star
23. Crystal Crown (A) 3 Suki to Oru Kesshou (Chance Crystal) - Dark Ball
                      3 Power Crystal (Minagiru Crystal) - Wyvern
                      3 Shiny Crystal (Kirameku Crystal) - Wizard
                      3 Bright Crystal (Uruoi no Kesshou) - Defender
24. Ribbon (A)        5 Blaze Gem (Moe Agaru Maishi) - Bandit
                      5 Frost Gem (Toutetsuku no Maishi) - Sea Neon
                      5 Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi) - Aqua Tank
                      5 Bright Gem (Uruoi no Maishi) - Search Ghost
                      3 Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze) - Angel Star
25. Ultima Weapon     5 Lucid Gem (Suki to Oru Maishi) - Wight Knight
                      5 Power Gem (Riki no Maishi) - Pirate
                      5 Thunder Gem (Todoroku no Maishi) - Aqua Tank
                      3 Mystery Goo (Mitasareru Hizuku) - Black Fungus
                      3 Gale (Fuki Areru Kaze) - Angel Star

I: Item
A: Accessory

=F. Bonus Movie=

From what I've seen via several sources, the following are required to see the
bonus movie at the end of the game:
  All 99 Dalmatians recovered (and all prizes collected from the house)
  All 10 Ansem Reports
  All 100 Acre Wood pages, world complete (book has cover, no lock)
  All 4 Olympus Coliseum Cups (only team cups required)

I had the above, plus all Trinity Marks, and Sora's Ultimate Weapon.

=G. Weapons=

Kindgdom Key: STR +3 - Default Weapon

Mage's Staff: STR +1 - Default Weapon
Morning Star: ? - Traverse Town Item Shop
Warhammer: ? - - Traverse Town Item Shop

Knight's Shield: STR +1 - Default Weapon
Smasher: STR +3 - Traverse Town Item Shop
Stout Shield: ? - Traverse Town Item Shop

=H. Items=

Usable Items
Potion: Restores 30 HP
Hi-Potion: Restores 60 HP
Elixir: Fully restores HP/MP

Non-Usable Items
Pretty Stone
Mythril Shard

Gummi Parts

=I. Accessories=
Protect Chain:  DEF + 1
Brave Warrior: HP + 3, STR + 1
Fira Ring: DEF + 2, Reduces fire damage 20%

=J. Abilities=

Dodge Roll: AP 1
  Dive and roll to evade attack by pressing Square.
Combo Plus: AP 1
  Adds an extra hit to your standard ground combo.

Rocket: AP 1
  Leap at an airborne enemy and attack with shield.  Cost 1MP.

=K. Traverse Town Postcards= 
- Behind the accessories shop, in the blue safe (can't be unlocked until you
  have Donald and Goofy)
- Use the Trinity Jump in front of the cafe in the First District.
- Examine a poster on the wall of the Item Workshop
- Hit the fan in the Item Shop
- On top of the "Boots and Shoes" shop in 2nd District (need High Jump)
- In the 3rd District, cast Thunder on the exposed wire, then in the Gizmo 
  Shop, step on all three buttons, then examine the clock (2 Postcards)
- In Geppetto's shop, examine the pot on far end of the shelf.

1 - Cottage
2 - Mythril Shard
3 - Mega-Potion
4 - Mega-Ether
5 - Mythril
6 - Elixir
7 - Megalixir
8 - Orichalcum

=L. Deep Jungle Camp Research=
Research Note 1: (Recipe for Ether) Ingedients: Potion
Research Note 2: (Recipe for Ether) Ice the Ingredient
Research Note 3: (Replication Experiment) Replicating Items
Recipe Card 1: Light the Stove.  Be careful.
Recipe Card 2: Put the Potion in the pot quickly.

Once all notes and cards have been found, go to the experiment table, with a 
potion in Sora's item list, then examine it.  Ice the table, and you'll get
two Ethers.  Go to the stove, hit it to open it, then examine the kettle.
Target the stove, Fire it, and you'll get a Hi-Potion.


IV.  Administrivia


All information comes from either the game itself, the manual, or my own head

GameFAQs KH board users windeboi and cat for their posts which helped greatly
through some sticking points.

K-Mouse Game Pages, http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~kobakan/, for filling out
my own lists in Section III, as well as speeding up my final pass through
Traverse Town.

http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~tororonn/king/, for pointing out the now 
blindingly obvious location of the Ansem Reports, and for filling out the
drop list.

Contacting Me:

If you have any corrections to what has already been covered in this guide so
far,  please send a note to faqs@gamefaqs.com for inclusion in the next 

Please do not ask if you can display this guide on your own site.  The answer
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