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                 Kingdom Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough
                   by Terran and Mastermind2k
                          Version 1.9


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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
 1.1 Versions
 1.2 Permission List
 1.3 Frequently Asked Questions
 1.4 Interesting Facts
2. Characters
 2.1 Primary Characters
 2.2 Secondary Characters
3. Abilities
  2.1 What are they?
  2.2 Shared Abilities
  2.3 Level-Up Abilities
  2.4 Other Abilities
4. Weapons
5. Items
 5.1 Healing Items
 5.2 Synthesis Items
 5.3 Stats-Up Items
 5.4 Summon Items
6. Controls
7. Walkthrough
 7.1 Getting Started and Sora's Dream
 7.2 Destiny Islands
 7.3 Traverse Town
 7.4 Alice in Wonderland
 7.5 Coliseum
 7.6 Deep Jungle
 7.7 Traverse Town 2
 7.8 Agrabah
 7.9 Monstro
 7.10 Atlantica
 7.11 Halloween Town
 7.12 Neverland
 7.13 Hallow Bastion
 7.14 Traverse Town 3
8. Side Quests
 8.1 Phil Cup
 8.2 Pegasus Cup
 8.3 Hercules Cup
 8.4 Hades Cup
 8.5 Sephiroth
 8.6 Hidden Bosses
 8.7 Dalmatian List
 8.8 Other
9. Coliseum Strategies (by ShadowNess)
10. Bestiary
11. Theme Song Lyrics
12. Thanks and Credits

                         1. Introduction

  This is the first guide we've ever written together or apart, so I
hope you like it.  It's not complete but we'll be working hard during
the coming weeks to change that.  Our main priority right now is
getting a complete walkthrough (by the way this is based solely on
the North American version, so this may not always be useful if your
playing any other version of this game) but we will also be
completing other sections and adding new ones.

  In order to try and give you a better response time for when you send
us e-mails, we have decided to divide up where to send what e-mails.
Please send all your game questions to Mastermind2k at
Mastermind2K@unitedstates.com and all contributes to Terran at
Terran82@hotmail.com or if you have an e-mail that doesn’t fall into
either of these categories (ie- if your asking permission to put this
FAQ on your website) then please send it to both mastermind2k and
Terran.  Thank you.

  Sorry about the lack of updates over the weekend, we have been very
busy :/  Anyways I spent much of today catching up with contributions
which includes the very helpful new Coliseum Strategies section made by
ShadowNess.  I may have lost some e-mails.  Sorry >_< If you never got
a response to your e-mail please send it to me again.  And I also
started the Hades Cup, this is a very long series of matches so I
couldn’t finish it all today but it’ll be completed soon!

  Also you should be aware that there may be a delay when you e-mail
me.  It’s not that I don’t want to give everyone an immediate response,
or won’t try to, it’s just that I’ve been getting a lot of e-mail
lately and try as I might, I can’t seem to keep up.  Please feel free
to e-mail us, just don’t take it the wrong way if we take a little time
to respond.

1.1 Versions

Version 1.9 (Finished: October 7, 2002)
  Contributes added including (but not limited to) a Coliseum Strategy
  Updated Bestiary
  Hades Cup Started

Version 1.8 (Finished: October 3, 2002) (171kb)
  Contributes added for various section
  Traverse Town 3 added to the Walkthrough

Version 1.7 (Finished: October 1, 2002)
  Contributes added (including a lot of Dalmatian locations)
  Bestiary Continued
  Abilities Section Updated
  Weapon Section Updated

Version 1.6 (Finished: September 30, 2002)
  Contributes added for virtually every section
  Bestiary Started

Version 1.5 (Finished: September 29, 2002)
  Contributes added (including ones in the Weapons Section, Interesting
Facts, and throughout the Walkthrough)
  Added some FAQs
  Started the Dalmatian List

Version 1.4b (Finished: September 28, 2002)
  Contributes added
  Errors in the Q&A and the Interesting Facts fixed

Version 1.4 (Finished: September 27, 2002)
  Walkthrough improved all around, again lead by contributors
  Neverland section of the Walkthrough added
  Secondary Characters 69-72 added
  Primary Characters 7 and 8 added
  Abilities Section Updated
  Weapons Section Updated
  Frequently Asked Question Section started
  Interesting Facts Section started

Version 1.3 (Finished: September 26, 2002)
  Walkthrough improved, mainly lead on by contributors
  Sidequests Pegasus Cup and Hercules Cup completed.
  Spelling/Grammar errors corrected throughout the FAQ
  Abilities Section Updated
  Weapons Section Updated
  Summon Items List Made.

Version 1.2 (Finished: September 25, 2002)
  Walkthrough from the beginning of the game to Agrabah was edited and
added too, most of the change was lead by contributors.
  Walkthrough completed from Monstro to Hallow Bastion
  Secondary Characters 63-68 added
  Credits section revised and a Permission List has been made

Version 1.1 (Finished: September 24, 2002)
  Secondary Characters 44-62 added
  Walkthrough completed from the Deep Jungle to Agrabah
  Side Quest Phil Cup completed

Version 1.0 (Finished: September 23, 2002)
  Primary Characters 1-6 added, Secondary Characters 1-43 added
  Abilities Section Started
  Weapons Section Started
  Items Section Started
  Added the Controls Section
  Walkthrough completed from the Beginning to the Coliseum
  Theme Song Lyrics Added
  Credits Section Added

1.2 Permission List

The following sites have our permission to put this FAQ in it’s
entirety onto their Websites:


1.3 Frequantly Asked Questions

This section is designed to give easy access to the questions people
may want answers to.

Q:  I'm stuck at (insert place here) can you help?
A:  Look in the faq first.  If you can't find your way, email us, and
we will try to help

Q:  Is Sephiroth in the game?
A: Yes he is, in the coliseum after beating Hallow bastion.  But only
in the US version

Q:  I'm low on health! What do I do?
A:  Use a potion, or defeat some enemies, green bubbles come out,
collect them for more health

Q:  Where is Cloud?  I can't seem to find him anywhere
A:  Cloud is in the Coliseum, you fight him in the preliminaries and
a few times later

Q:  I know something that isn't in your faq, what should I do?
A:  Email it to us at the addresses listed above

Q: How do I get Munny?
A: defeat enemies, little white crystals come out, get them for munny

Q: I beat Hallow bastion, why can't I find Sephiroth?
A: Either, you have a non American version, or, you didn't click
the ??? below the Hades cup

Q: What square characters are in this game?
A: Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Leon (squall), Yuffie, Cloud, Moogles,
Sephiroth, Aerith, and Cid. (edited by Stevo Smith)

Q; What Disney characters are in the game
A: too many to list, see the character section for more details

Q: My characters aren't helping, Help
A; Configure them in the customization menu

Q: What is a Gummi ship?
A: It is the ship that you travel around in to go from world to world

Q: Why is Squall called Leon
A: He wasn't powerful enough to defeat the heartless, therefore he
changed his name to hide his weak identity

Q: can I control Donald and goofy?
A: no you cannot

Q: Does it matter what weapon I pick at the beginning of the game?
A: Yes, it will determine your base statistics.  See section 7.1 for
more details.

Q: How many original characters are in this game?
A: As best as we can tell at the moment, 4, Riku, Kairi, Sora and

Q: Can I re-enter Monstro after I leave?
A: Yes.  But he may not always be there when you come back.  If he’s
not there, then continue with your Gummi Ship until you reach another
world, then head back to where Monstro should be.  Eventually you’ll
find him and he’ll swallow you again.

Interesting facts-

1. Leon has the wings on his jacket that were on Rinoa's back in FF8.
(Wulffman edited this one)
2. Mickey Mouse symbol appears many times in the game, it is even on
the keyblade
3. The platforms in the beginning have Disney characters on them
4. How did Pluto get out of Traverse Town? (Wulffman edited this one)
5. Events occur during the movies in: Wonderland, Deep Jungle,
Monstro, Atlanticia, Neverland
6. Events occur after the movies in: Collesium, halloween town, hundred
acre wood
7. Traverse town, Hallow bastion, Destiny Island and End of the World
are the only places not based off of Disney
8. Kingdom hearts has been on the top 10 faqs (mostly first) since it's
9. Having the voice actor for Homer Simpson playing the Genie instead
of Robin Williams (the original Genie)
*Spoiler* 10. Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, Leon, Cloud, AND Sephiroth all come
from the same world, Hollow Bastion. (Wulffman edited this one)
*spoiler* 11. “From what I have heard and watched from the game there
plans to be a sequel to kingdom hearts with Riku as the main character
and set a few years in the future and the premises of the game seems to
lack all of the disney charecters and is much darker” – Added by GD

                           2. Characters

2.1 Primary Characters

1. Sora
Sora is a 14-year-old boy, who has a strong sense of justice.  He has
his share of problems of course.  He is the main character of the

2. Riku
Riku is a 15-year-old boy, who is looked up to by many others.  He is
an adventuresome person, who wishes to adventure out into the unknown.

3. Kairi
She is a bright 14-year-old girl who has a very strong will.  She is
Friends with Sora and Riku, and other people on the island seem to
like her too.4

4. Donald Duck
Donald Duck is the wizard for the king.  He searches for the King's
mysterious key, and it's owner.  As in the cartoons, Donald is
feisty, and a bit impatient.

5. Goofy
Goofy is the captain of the royal knights.  Ironically, he despises
weapons.  He is on a quest with Donald to find the mysterious key.
As in his shows, he is a bit clumsy, and very easy going.

6. Heartless
The heartless are mysterious beings that are hunting Sora for his
Keyblade.  Many types of these creatures exist.

7. Mickey Mouse
The king of the Disney kingdom.  He is a good hearted mouse who is
trying to save his land.  He send Goofy and Donald to find the keyblade
master, and set off on his own. (thanks Mr. Bernz for finding an error
in this one)

8. Ansem
A mysterious man who has studied the heartless.  He was the ruler of
where Squall, Aerith, Cid, and Yuffie came from.

2.2 Secondary Characters

1. Selphie
Selphie is the energetic girl from Final fantasy 8.  She lives on the
same island as Sora and enjoys friendly fights now and then.  She's a
close range fighter.

2. Wakka
Wakka is the blitzball player from Final Fantasy 10.  Also living on
the same island as Sora, he may challenge you to some friendly matches.
He is a long distance fighter, who will use a blitzball.

3. Tidus
Tidus was the main character of Final Fantasy 10, and appears in this
game on the same island as Sora.  He is a close combat fighter who
enjoys having a friendly match with Sora every now and then.

4. Cid
Cid is the cursing pilot from Final Fantasy 7.  In Kingdom Hearts, he
is the owner of an Accessory store.  He is willing to help Sora along
the way. He escaped his home world on a Gummi ship which he built
himself.  He is an expert on those ships.

5. Leon
Leon is the main character of Final Fantasy 8.  Though, in Final
Fantasy 8, he is referred to as squall, in this game he is Leon.  He
changed his name in order to part with his old self, the man who
couldn't stop the Heartless.  He seeks the truth behind the key.

6. Yuffie
Yuffie is the Materia hunting ninja from final fantasy 7.  She and
Squall are working together in this game.  She is strong and cheerful
in every situation.  She too wants to find the secret of the key.

7. Aerith
Aerith was the heroine of Final fantasy 7.  She has a strong will and
a firm sense of duty behind her gentle disposition.  Many are
naturally drawn to her.  She too wishes to learn more about the
Heartless, and the key.

8. Minnie Mouse
Queen of the Disney castle in the absence of the King.  She is
extremely worried about his disappearance.

9. Daisy Duck
She is Donald's sweetheart, and she is helping Queen Minnie while the
King is out.  She keeps Donald in line most of the

10.  Pluto
Mickey's faithful dog.  He and Mickey are more than master and pet,
but good friends.  Pluto sets out to help Donald and Goofy find the

11. Chip
One of the kingdoms mechanical specialists.  He helps maintain the
Gummi ship.  Chip is a very serious chipmunk, when compared with his

12. Dale
Another mechanical specialist.  He also helps maintain the Gummi
ship.  Dale is a happy go lucky chipmunk.

13. Huey
One of Donald’s three nephews.  Huey is the leader, and keep the
other two in line.  he can be recognized by his red outfit.

14.  Dewey
Another of Donald's nephews.  He always wears blue clothing.  He i
easy going, and works in the shop in traverse town.

15. Louie
Yet another of Donald’s nephew.  He works with his brothers in
traverse town, and he is gentle and carefree.  He notices things that
others cannot.  He can be seen wearing green.

16. Alice
The girl who fell down a rabbit hole into Wonderland.  She often
daydreams and is very curious.  She is accused of trying to steal
the Queen of Hearts Heart.

17. Queen of Hearts
The queen of Wonderland, she lives in the castle with decks of many
card soldiers.  She is selfish, and short tempered.  She will behead
anyone who double crosses her.  She thinks that Alice is the one who
tried to steal her heart.

18. White Rabbit
Loyal servant to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.  He lead Sora to
where her majesty was trying Alice.

19. Cheshire Cat
A mysterious, purple stripped cat that is always smiling.  He can
appear and disappear at will.  He is one who loves to mislead and

20. Hercules
The legendary son of Zeus and Hera.  Though he is not a god, he is a
hero.  He also has god like strength.

21. Philoctetes
A veteran at training heroes, and he was Hercules (see 20) trainer.
Now he runs the Coliseum, and decides who is a worthy competitor for
the game or not.

22. Jimminy Cricket
he cricket who helped Pinocchio.  He is the royal chronicler on the
journey.  He writes all the entries for the journal.

23. Tarzan
A man raised by gorillas.  His mother, is Kala,.  Tarzan only spoke in
the language of the apes, until he met Jane, then he started learning
the English language.

24. Jane Porter
A naturalist who is in the jungle, with her guide Clayton.  She is
there to study gorillas.  She is also teaching Tarzan about human
ways and the language.  She is very courageous in getting research.

25. Clayton
A veteran hunter who acts as Jane's guide.  He only thinks of animals
as prey, and wants to make money by selling gorillas to zoos back home.

26.  Terk
She is a young gorilla, and Tarzan's closest friend.  She is
protective of other gorillas, and acts as their leader.  She has a
great curiosity about humans.

27.  Sabor
A leopard feared by those living in the jungles.  He is n enemy of
Tarzan, and the gorillas.  He is a hunter who targets only the weak
and helpless.

28. Merlin
A great sorcerer who lives in the outskirts of Traverse town.  His
magic power and wisdom is greater than any others.  he teaches Sora
about magic.  He also has a bag so mysterious, that it is capable of
holding anything, no matter it's size.

29. Fairy Godmother
A powerful, generous, kind hearted fairy.  She too is a magic
expert.  She'll give lessons about summoning, and other magic while
Sora is on his journey.

A fighter hired by Hades, god of the underworld, to compete in the
Coliseum.  Despite his association with Hades, his heart is
untouched.  He keeps to himself a lot.  What is it that he is
seeking.  He first appeared in final fantasy 7, as an ex soldier

31.  Kerchak
He is the boss of the gorillas.  He worries that Tarzan contacting
with people, will bring danger to his community.

32. Kala
She has always helped and defended Tarzan when he is scorned by
others.  She may not be happy about Tarzan being with other people,
however she knows it is important to him.

33.  Aladdin
A young man who lives in Agrabah.  He fell in love with the princess,
Jasmine, but he is afraid to tell her about his background.  he
released the genie from the legendary lamp.

34. Genie
A comical spirit, who resides in the lamp.  He has been in the lamp
for centuries, that is until Aladdin found him.  H e must grant 3
wishes to whoever controls the lamp, be they good or evil.

35. Jasmine
The princess of Agrabah, who longs for freedom.  She is in love with
Aladdin, but doesn't know about his identity.  She left the palace to
get Aladdin to help Jafar.

36. Jafar
The royal vizer of Agrabah.  he is unprincipled and ruthless.  He is
using the heartless to take over the city of Agrabah.

37. Abu
Aladdin's faithful friend.  Don't let his size and ability fool you,
he is great in tight spots.  He has a weakness for jewels and
treasures.  When he is around them, nothing can make him think of
anything else.

38. Iago
Jafars, annoying, yet cunning parrot.  He is his masters eyes, as he
spies on the enemies of Jafar.

39.  Carpet
A magical flying carpet, loyal to Aladdin.  He can carry passengers
over the vastness of the desert at great speed.  The heartless pinned
him the floor under a chest.

40. Winnie the Pooh
A little bear living in the 100 acre woods.  His favorite food is
Honey.  He is very absent minded, and forgets what he was trying to
remember most of the time.

41. Owl
The wises resident of the Hundred acre wood (though that wouldn't be
saying much).  Whenever anyone has a question, they don't know the
answer to, they ask Owl.  Owl isn't always right, and he loves to
take.  Sometimes he talks so much, he puts his listeners to sleep.

42. Hades
God of the underworld.  He seeks to destroy Hercules.  He rules in
the underworld, and is very evil.

43. Pinocchio
Crafted by Geppetto, and brought to life by the blue fairy, as an
answer to Gettpetto prayer for a son.  He must learn kindness and
honesty in order to prove that he is worthy of being a real boy.

44. Geppetto
The kind, and gentle clock maker.  Every bit of his skill went to
make Pinocchio.  When the puppet disappeared, Geppetto set out to
find him, but was swallowed by Monstro the Whale.

45. Ariel
The youngest daughter of King Triton, the princess of Atlantica.  She
is outgoing, and full of curiosity.  She hates toe be cooped up in
the palace.  She wants to go and see land one day.

46.  King Triton
The King of Atlanitca, who is backed by the power of his trident.  He
forbid Ariel to have contact with any outsiders.

47.  Ursula
An evil sea witch who lives in a cave far from the palace.  She may
grant wishes, but she requires a hefty price.  She wishes to
overthrow Triton, and take Atlantica over.

48.  Sebastian
Triton's concert master, a musical genius.  The little crab is also
responsible for keeping an eye on Ariel to ensure her safety.  When
she leaves the palace, he is always nervous.

49.  Flounder
Ariel's trusted friend.  Flounder will do anything for here.  Though
he is small, and cowardly, he will never leave Ariels side, even if
he must face danger.

50.  Jetsam
Ursulas lackey.  He is an evil moray eel.  He is a smooth talker who
enjoys deceiving.  His specialty is using empty promises to lure
unsuspecting mermen and mermaids into Ursula's clutches.

51. Floatsam
Another of Ursalas lackeys.  He is just like Jetsam, making empty
promises, and deceiving others.

52. Maleficent (Thanks James C for find out that this was accidentally
in the FAQ twice)
A sorceress of awesome power.  She leads the villains who seek to
harness the power of the heartless.  She will use anyone as a part of
her evil plan. She has destroyed many worlds, nobody knows what her
intentions are, not even those who work for her.

53. Jack Skellington
The Pumpkin king who loves to scare people.  He is very confident.
He want the greatest Halloween ever to occur this year.

54. Sally
Dr. finkelsteins creation.  She is patched together from parts that
sometimes move on their own.  She is in love with Jack, and wants him
to go the right path, though it doesn't always work.

55. Oogie Boogie
The evil bag of bugs wants Jack out of town, so that he can take
over.  He seeks the experiment Dr. Finkelstein created.

56. Dr Finkelstein
The mad scientist who helps Jack out.  He created Sally who helps him
around the lab a bit.

57.  Zero
Jacks ghost dog.  He comes out of his grave when called by Jack.  He
is extremely loyal to his master, and enjoys playing wiht him.

58. Lock
The ringleader of the trio of Lock, Shcok and Barrel.  Their
walking bathtub helps them get around while they commit many kinds of
mischief.  They help Oogie sometimes, but they don't like him much.
He is the one wearing the Red Devil costume.

59. Shock
She works with the other two to help Oogie Boogie take over Halloween
town.  She is the most cunning of the three.  She keeps her cool in
all situations.  She is the one wearing the witch outfit.

60. Barrel
A member of the trio.  He is slow, and ends up as the one who gets
pranked upon.  He too helps Oogie boogie.  He is the Skeleton looking

61. The Mayor
The two faced mayor of Halloween town.  He literally has two faces.
His happy face, which is when he is happy.  His sad face, when he is
sad.  He is working with Jack to make this year the best Halloween
festival ever.

62. Peter Pan
The fling boy from Neverland where nobody grows up.  He can be stubborn
(and quite obnoxious), but he is also fearless.  He snuck on board
Captain Hooks Ship in order to rescue Wendy.

63. Tinker Bell
The little pixie of Neverland.  She is a loyal partner to Peter Pan,
with a short fuse and a jealous streak.  She can make others able to

64.  Captain Hook
A pirate who is working with the heartless in order to get Peter
Pan.  Pan caused him to lose his left had.  He is as arrogant as a
pirate ma be, but when the crocodile comes close, he gets away.

65. Mr. Smee
First mate to Captain Hook.  He lives to take orders from the captain.
He is very (and I mean VERY) slow-witted.

66. The Crocodile
A seagoing reptilian big enough to swallow any man whole.  he is
always hungry.  He got a taste for Captain Hook, and has never
forgotten.  Hook can tell when he is around b the sound of the clock
ticking away in his stomach.

67. Beast
A prince who was changed into a hideous beast because of his selfish
heart.  belle has helped heal the loneliness he has suffered.  He made
his way to Hollow Bastion alone to save Belle.

68. Snow White
A beautiful princess, that is as gentle and pure as snow.  She is a
princess who is "the fairest of them all".  She and the 7 dwarves
lived together.  One day she was given a poisonous apple, and she
wouldn't wake up until prince charming gave her a kiss.

69.  Cinderella
A hardworking your woman who is often bullied by her step mother, and
two stepsisters.  She became a princess after leaving her glass
slipper on the steps of the castle.

70. Aurora
A young woman with a lovely voice.  She is loved by three good fairies.
She was cursed by the Sorceress Maleficent.  She is also known as
"sleeping beauty"

71. Sephiroth
The enemy from final fantasy 7.  He is known as the "One Winged
Angel".  He is a powerful fighter, and uses a sword known to many as
the Masamune.

                          3. Abilities

3.1 What are they?

If you've played Final Fantasy IX then you should have a good idea of
what abilities are.  If not, they're basically different skills that
your characters receive to help improve your character's chances
during battle.  Kingdom Hearts is full of abilities that your
characters can use, some only certain characters have, some everyone
has.  Some you get simply by leveling up, others require a little more
work.  This guide intends to go into who has what abilities and how
you get them.

3.2 Shared Abilities

Certain abilities that your characters share (as the name implies...)
Here's a list of them:

|Name        |Description                                             |
|High Jump   |Powers up your jump, allowing you to reach higher places|
|Mermaid Kick|Swim faster and more powerfully                         |
|Glide       |While in the air, press the O button to ride the air    |
|            |currents.  Hold down the O button to remain aloft.      |
|Superglide  |While in the air, press the Square button to fly at high|
|            |speed.  Hold down the Square button to remain afloat.   |

3.3 Level-Up Abilities

Some abilities you learn simply by gaining levels.  But what abilities
and when depends on which weapon you choose at the beginning of the
game.  Here's a list of them:

|Lv.|      Sword        |       Staff       |    Shield          |
|9  |Combo Plus [1]     |Scan               |Guard               |
|12 |Vortex             |Treasure Magnet [1]|Scan                |
|15 |Scan               |MP Haste           |Lucky Strike        |
|18 |Blitz              |Counterattack      |Second Chance       |
|21 |Berserk            |Critical Plus [1]  |Counterattack       |
|24 |Counterattack      |Guard              |Jackpot             |
|27 |Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [1] |
|30 |Aerial Sweep       |Treasure Magnet [2]|N/A                 |
|33 |Treasure Magnet [1]|MP Range [1]       |Blitz               |
|36 |Guard              |Berserk            |MP Range [1]        |
|39 |N/A                |Lucky Strike       |Treasure Magnet [2] |
|42 |N/A                |N/A                |Combo Plus [1]      |
|45 |MP Haste           |N/A                |Vortex              |
|48 |Critical Plus [1]  |Second Chance      |Berserk             |
|51 |Second Chance      |MP Rage [2]        |Critical Plus [1]   |
|54 |N/A                |Jackpot            |N/A                 |
|57 |MP Rage [1]        |Vortex             |Air Combo Plus [1]  |
|60 |Treasure Magnet [2]|Air Combo Plus [1] |Aerial Sweep        |
|63 |Jackpot            |Blitz              |MP Haste            |
|66 |MP Rage [2]        |Combo Plus [1]     |MP Rage [2]         |
|69 |Lucky Strike       |Critical Plus [2]  |Critical Plus [2]   |
|72 |Combo Plus [2]     |N/A                |N/A                 |

And for every other person there abilities aren't effected by your
early decision, here they are:

|Donald Duck|
|Lv.|Ability             |
|9  |Berserk             |
|15 |MP Haste            |
|20 |MP Rage [1]         |
|25 |Second Chance       |
|30 |Treasure Magnet [1] |
|35 |Second Wind         |
|40 |MP Range [2]        |
|45 |Treasure Magnet [2] |
|50 |Jackpot             |
|55 |Lucky Strike        |

|Lv.|Ability             |
|9  |Rocket              |
|12 |Jackpot             |
|15 |Charge              |
|18 |Treasure Magnet [1] |
|21 |Tornado             |
|27 |Lucky Strike        |
|30 |MP Gift             |
|33 |Second Wind         |
|36 |Second Chance       |
|39 |MP Range [1]        |
|42 |Treasure Magnet [2] |
|45 |MP Rage [2]         |
|51 |HP Haste            |
|54 |Berserk             |

Note- The tables will be completed as I get the information ^_^

3.4 Other Abilities

Some Abilities require something more of you in order to learn them.
The following list will tell you just what you must do to acquire
these abilities:

|Ability     |How to acquire                              |
|Dodge Roll  |Defeat the Guard Armor in Traverse Town     |
|Sonic Blade |After defeating Cerberus at Olympus Coliseum|
|Strike Raid |Win Pegasus Cup Sidequest                   |
|Arcs Arcanum|Defeat Captain Hook                         |
|Ragnarok    |Defeat Riku at Hollow Bastion               |

|Ability     |How to acquire                              |
|Cheer       |Defeat Parasite Cage the first time         |

Note- The tables will be completed as I get the information ^_^

                             4. Weapons

Every character starts off with a weapon of one form or another and
throughout the game you'll have chances to get better weapons.  You
may get these weapons through exploration, purchase or syntheizing.
The following lists tells you what each weapon does and how you can
get it:

|      Name      |    Effects    |         How to acquire             |
|Kingdom Key     |3 Atk          |Get with Keyblade                   |
|Jungle King     |5 Atk, +2 Str  |Lock the Deep Jungle                |
|Three Wishes    |6 Atk, +3 Str  |Lock Agrabah                        |
|Crabclaw        |6 Atk, +3 Str, |Lock Atlantica                      |
|                |+1 MP          |                                    |
|Pumpkinhead     |7 Atk, +4 Str  |Lock Halloween Town                 |
|Fairy Harp      |8 Atk, +5 Str, |Lock Neverland                      |
|                |+1 MP          |                                    |
|Spell Binder    |4 Atk, +1 Str  |Get from Merlin after acquiring all |
|                |+2 MP          |first level magic                   |
|Wishing Star    |5 Atk, +2 Str  |In Geppetto’s house                 |
|Lady Luck***    |8 Atk, +5 Str  |Use the white trinity in Wonderland |
|                |+2 MP          |                                    |
|Oathkeeper      |9 Atk, +6 Str  |Speak with Kairi at the Secret      |
|                |+1 MP          |Waterway in Traverse Town           |
|Metal Chocobo   |10 Atk, +7 Str |Beat Cloud in the Hercules Cup      |
|Olympia         |9 Atk, +6 Str  |Beat Phil, Pegasus and Hercules Cups|
|Lionheart*      |10 Atk, +7 Str |Beat Leon in Hades Cup              |
|                |+1 MP          |                                    |
|Divine Rose*    |10 Atk, +7 Str |Get from Belle                      |
|Oblivion*       |11 Atk, +8 Str |In a chest on the balcony opposite  |
|                |-1 MP          |the Hollow Bastion keyhole.         |
|Ultima Weapon** |12 Atk, +9 Str |Synthesize other 24 Items before you|
|                |+2 MP          |can Synthesize this one             |

* Contributed by Shayne
** Contributed by Ryan Boyer
*** contributed by Kaoum

|Donald Duck|
|      Name      |    Effects    |         How to acquire             |
|Mage's Staff    |1 Atk          |Get with Donald                     |
|Morning Star    |2 Atk, +1 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 150 Munny |
|Warhammer       |4 Atk, +3 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 250 Munny |
|                |-1 MP          |                                    |
|Three Wishes    |4 Atk, +3 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 750 Munny |
|Magus Staff     |3 Atk, +2 Str, |Purchase at Item Shop for 1000 Munny|
|                |+1 MP          |                                    |
|Silver Mallet   |7 Atk, +6 Str, |Purchase at Item Shop for 1000 Munny|
|                |-1 MP          |                                    |
|Grand Mallet    |9 Atk, +8 Str, |Purchase at Item Shop for 4000 Munny|
|                |-1 MP          |                                    |
|Lord Fortune    |6 Atk, +5 Str  |Get all the summons and then speak  |
|                |+1 MP          |to the Fairy Godmother              |
|Wizard Relic**  |5 Atk, +4 Str  |Rare drop by Wizards                |
|                |+2 MP          |                                    |
|Dream Rod**     |8 Atk, +7 Str  |Locate every spell and talk to      |
|                |+2 MP          |Merlin                              |
|Violetta**      |9 Atk, +8 Str  |White Trinity at Coliseum           |
|                |-1 MP          |                                    |
|Save the Queen *|9 Atk, +8 Str  |Beat Hades Cup Alone (edited by     |
|                |+2 MP          |Chris Austin and Daniel Teo)        |

*contributed by Ryan Boyer
**contributed by Chris Austin

|      Name      |    Effects    |         How to acquire             |
|Knight's Shield |1 Atk          |Get with Goofy                      |
|Scout Shield    |1 Atk          |Purchase at Item Shop for 250 Munny |
|Smasher         |3 Atk, +2 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 250 Munny |
|Mythril Shield  |4 Atk, +3 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 750 Munny |
|Giga Fist       |7 Atk, +6 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 1000 Munny|
|Golem Shield    |3 Atk, +2 Str  |Purchase at Item Shop for 1000 Munny|
|Herc’s Shield   |9 Atk, +8 Str  |Win Hercules Cup                    |
|Genji Shield**  |9 Atr, +7 Str  |Defeat Yuffie in Hades Cup          |
|Dream Shield*** |???            |Have all seven art                  |
|Save the King*  |10 Atk +9 Str  |Beat Hades Cup Time Trial           |
|                |+2 MP          |                                    |

*contributed by Ryan Boyer
**contributed by Chris Austin
***contributed by Kaoum

Note- The tables will be completed as I get the information ^_^

                          5. Items

5.1 Healing Items

These items will heal your HP and/or MP during or after battle.  All
items that can be equipped can help you during a fight where as the
ones which can't be equipped (every item which doesn't say "can be
equipped") must be used from your main menu.

|     Name     |                   Description                      |
|Potion        |Restores 30 HP on 1 character.  Can be equipped.    |
|Hi-Potion     |Restores 60 HP on 1 character.  Can be equipped.    |
|Ether         |Restores 3 MP on 1 character.  Can be equipped.     |
|Elixir        |Fully restores 1 character's HP+MP. Can be equipped.|
|Mega-Potion   |Restores 30 HP on all party characters.             |
|              |equipped.                                           |
|Mega-Ether    |Restores 3 MP on all party characters. Can be       |
|              |equipped.                                           |
|Megalixir     |Fully restores the party's HP+MP.  Can be equipped. |
|Tent          |Fully restores the party's HP.                      |
|Camping Set   |Fully restores the party's HP and 3 MP per character|
|Cottage       |Fully restores the party's HP and MP.               |

5.2 Synthesis Items

These items can be used to synthesis newer and better weapons for you
and your party.

|     Name     |                   Description                      |
|Lucid Shard   |A gem shard containing essence of emptiness         |
|Lucid Gem     |A gem containing essence of emptiness               |
|Lucid Crystal |Crystallized essence of emptiness                   |
|Spirit Shard  |A gem shard containing essence of fighting spirit   |
|Spirit Gem    |A gem containing essence of strength                |
|Power Crystal |Crystallized essence of spirit and strength         |
|Frost Shard   |A gem shard containing the essence of ice           |
|Frost Gem     |A gem containing the essence of ice                 |
|Blaze Shard   |A gem shard containg essence of fire                |
|Blaze Gem     |A gem containing essence of fire                    |
|Thunder Shard |A gem shard containing essence of thunder           |
|Thunder Gem   |A gem containing essence of thunder                 |
|Shiny Crystal |A crystal burning with the essence of the 3 elements|
|Bright Shard  |A gem shard containing essence of vitality          |
|Bright Gem    |A gem containing essence of vitality                |
|Bright Crystal|Crystallized essence of vitality                    |
|Mystery Goo   |Droplet of a crystallized, mysterious substance     |
|Gale          |A howling gale frozen in crystal form               |
|Mythril Shard |A mineral shard containing rare metal               |
|Mythril       |An extreamly rare metal ore                         |
|Orichalcum    |A rare and most valuable ore                        |

mongus12@aol.com has found a way to get lots of Mythrils:

At the End of the World “in the 1st area your walking on this like pond
with invisible walls.  When u reach the end u fight a Behemoth, he
drops 1 Mythril, then to fight him again u have to all the way through
it to Final Rest, board the airship and re-land at the start.”

5.3 Stats-Up Items

These are arguably the best items to have or rather, to use.  These
items will perminately raise your Strength, Defense or AP by 1 point.
All of these must be used in the main menu.

|     Name     |                   Description                      |
|Power Up      |Raises strength by 1 point                          |
|Defense Up    |Raises defense by 1 point                           |
|AP Up         |Raises AP by 1 point                                |

5.4 Summon Items

|     Name     |                   Description                      |
|Earthshine    |Released Simba, get from Leon in the Secret Waterway|
|Watergleam    |Dumbo, In Monstro’s Mouth                           |
|Fireglow      |Mishu, Defeat Dragon at Hollow Bastion              |
|Naturespark*  |Bambi, get at 100 Acre Woods                        |

* Contributed by DaRkK1RbY

                        6. Controls

 |Button          | Symbol          |What the button does           |
 |Left Pad        |  N/A            |moves the character            |
 |Right Pad       |  N/A            |Moves cursor is menu           |
 |X Button        |    X            |Confirm                        |
 |Square button   |    []           |Special ability/Decend         |
 |Circle Button   |    O            |Cancel/jump/ascend             |
 |Triangle Button |    /\           |Has party attack target        |
 |R1              |    R1           |Engage target lock             |
 |R2              |    R2           |Rotate camera clockwise        |
 |R3*             |    R3*          |Confirm selection/attack       |
 |L1              |    L1           |Displays Magic Shortcut menu   |
 |L2              |    L2           |Rotate camera counter clockwise|
 |Start           |    N/A          |Pauses the game/display menu   |
 |Select          |    N/A          |toggle first person view on/off|

*magus12@aol.com contributed what this button does.

                           7. Walkthrough

This will likely be the single biggest part of the guide, as well as
the hardest part to make.  We will try and make this as detailed and
informative as possible without spoilers, but we won't always be
possible to eliminate spoilers, so considered yourself warned.

7.1 Getting Started and Sora's Dream

The first thing you must do when you begin a new game is select a
difficulty level.  I recommend playing the first time around in
Normal mode en less you feel really comfortable with the Action RPG
genre.  Although this walkthrough will try and provide helpful
information for both difficulty levels, for the sake of quickly
getting through the game to give you a complete walkthrough ASAP,
I will select the Normal difficulty level and, for the time being,
the Walkthrough will be based on that decision.  The second choice
is whether you'd like the vibration setting on or off.  Choose based
on your preference, if you change your mind later on you can always
modify this setting in the Config part of your Menu.

After a brief Introductory movie you are asked to do various
perform various simple tasks like walking forward.  This entire
sequence is mainly just to get you familiar with the controls,
however there are some important choices you must choices you
must make.

The first one comes early on when your asked to pick a Weapon and
then sacrifice a weapon.  This will determine your beginning
statistics as well as the level-up abilities you will learn during
the game (see 3.3 Level-Up Abilities for more details).

Here is a list of what each Weapon will give you in terms of base
statistics (all weapons start you off with 18 HP)

|Take  |Discard|MP|AP|STR|DEF|
|Sword |Shield |2 |3 |6  |1  |
|Sword |Staff  |2 |1 |6  |2  |
|Shield|Sword  |2 |3 |4  |4  |
|Shield|Staff  |2 |1 |5  |4  |
|Staff |Sword  |3 |3 |3  |3  |
|Staff |Shield |3 |3 |5  |1  |

Personally I recommend one of these three combinations:

Attacker- Take Sword, Discard Staff.  This combination will allow you
to hack at your enemies from a short range while doing maximum damage.
Though with such a low Def I recommend staying at a distance, getting
in a few clean shots, then moving back of your enemies range again
waiting for your next chance to strike.

Mage- Take Staff, Discard Sword.  Most of the time you'll just attack
at a distance with your magic, but when that fails you still have
enough Defense and Attack power to take and deliver physical blows.
This tactic won't pay off right away though because you'll have to
wait until you actually get magic before it's usable.

Well-Rounded- Take Shield, Discard Sword.  Not sure what the future
will hold?  This mix gives you the best of both worlds with a good
(but not overwhelming) amount of the starts.  You can charge your
enemy and just keep hitting them over and over again plus you'll
have enough defense to be able to sustain blows as you deal them.
And, if you feel it's to your benefit you can use plenty of magic
against your opponents to soften them up from a distance. I think
this is the best set-up for someone new to the genre.

After you've made and confirmed your choices you'll fall down to
another level where you'll be taught how to fight.  The enemies
you'll face aren't very difficult, but be sure to pick up the
green balls if you get injured (they heal you slightly).  Honestly
though I wouldn't be too concerned.  I had to stay in one spot for
at least a minute just to find out if they could even damage me or

On the next level you'll be given further tutorials on things like
opening treasure chests (when they teach you this in FF7 they
actually gave you treasure too, but you only get an empty chest
here :/).  To push a crate you must hold down the left analog
stick and the Triangle button.  After you smash the box be sure to
pick up the Potion that it contains (okay, so maybe they give you
a little treasure...).  After you lift the next crate and throw it
the door will unlock, examine it again to open it (Sora doesn't
look so happy about going in...).

Now here's where you make the other major decision.  Don't be
fooled, Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus's questions are not just
part of the teaching.  Your answers will determine another
form of skill: How quickly you'll level up.  The quicker you
level up, the easier the game will be.  Again, for the purpose of
getting a complete walkthrough to you as quickly as possible, I'm going
to choice the easy route, but the boss strategies should work despite
that (of course in later games I'm going to go the hard route to make
sure of that).

There are many different combinations, But here is one for each speed:

Slow- To Tidus say, "Getting old."  To Wakka say "To be strong" To
Selphie say "My prize possessions."

Medium- To Tidus say "Being different." To Wakka say "To see rare
sights" To Selphie say "Friendship."

Fast- To Tidus say "Being indecisive." To Wakka say "To see rare
sights." To Selphie say "Being number one."

Remember, the faster the level ups, the easier the game.  After you
confirm your choice, Sora will be transported back to the platform.
Walk towards the light for more minor battles.  After those battles
head onto the glowing circle (a Save Point) and save your game.  You
should save as often as possible.  And keep 4 or 5 saves for each game
so you can always go back to any point if you forgot something

Run up the stairs (you can't fall off, I've tried) to the next platform
where a boss battle will ensue.

|Boss 1  |           Darkside            |    HP: 240   |   EXP: 18   |
|Start the battle by targeting his hand and dodging any initial blasts|
|he deals (jumping is a good way to avoid them but you should be able |
|to just run away).  When he brings down either one of his hands, get |
|as many hits on it as you can.  He'll create Shadow enemies too but  |
|ignore them while his hand is down.  Any damage they give you will be|
|restored when Darkside raises his hand, you kill the Shadows and get |
|the HP balls from him.  The only other thing to be watching out for  |
|his energy blasts Darkside may shot at you while your attacking his  |
|hand. Try to avoid them if possible as best you can but continue to  |
|attack his hands.  Continue this and he should fall down shortly.    |

7.2 Destiny Islands

After a brief FMV involving Sora, Kairi, and Riku you'll be asked to
gather supplies for the raft.  Two logs, One Cloth, One Rope.  If your
having a lot of trouble, go to Kairi who will give you little or big
hints depending on how lost you claim to be.

If you want to find them on your own but are lost I recommend using
Kairi’s hints, if not, here are all 4 items locations:

Log #1- Down the ramp, left of where Riku is sitting (and on the other
side of the shore from where Riku's sitting too).

Cloth- Climb up the nearby ramps, turn left when you see a latter and
stairs on either side (up the stairs), then continue to climb up and
enter the large hole in the tree.  The cloth is on the wall.

Rope- go back down to where the stairs and then up the latter.  Tidus
is practicing near the rope.

Log #2- Return to the bottom of the series of ramps, latters, and
stairs.  Enter the seaside shack.  In there you’ll find a save point,
save your game now if you want, but your going to get another
opportunity to do so soon.  Proceed up the stairs and go through the
next door.  Cross the bridge to the piece of land Riku is on and get
the log on the far end next to the latter.

You now have all the materials needed for your raft, congratulations!
Go back threw the shack (you can save now if you want) then across to
where Kairi is, deliver the materials.  She’ll give you a Hi-Potion for
your work.  Now you can either call it a day or you can have some fun
first.  Tidus, Wakka, Selphie and even Riku wouldn’t mind fighting you.
This is a great way to gain levels early on.  So if you want to fight
them say “Not yet” and read on.  Otherwise skip past the tips on
fighting Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, and Riku and press “Yeah, let’s go

|Not the easiest of them, but the closest of them, so let’s start with|
|him.  Wakka will run away from you if you get to close, but that     |
|doesn’t mean he’s helpless when you finally catch up to him.  Charge |
|at him and jump past his ball when he throws it then attack him as   |
|you land (try to land behind him if possible).  Try and get a couple |
|more shots in if you can but once he gets a new ball, move away a bit|
|and repeat the tactic.  Remember to change your camera angles so he’s|
|always in front of you!                                              |

Ivan Homeless was kind enough to provide an additional tactics for

“If you time it right, you can use your wooden sword to bat Wakka's
blitzball back at him. It won't always hit him, but if it does, it will
leave him stunned for a few moments (the symbol that looks like the
‘poisoned’ icon from FFX will appear over his head). You can assail him
freely for a bit after that. It's best to attempt this from medium
distance -- if you try to bat it at him from too close you won't get a
swing in time, and if you do it from too far away he'll dodge the

This tactic also works during the three-on-one fight. In fact, if
you're really clever about it, you can get Selphie or Tidus in the
crossfire on the rebound and stun one of them.”

Sean adds that you will receive 1 tech point for every time you
successfully hit Wakka’s ball, making this a very easy way to collect
tech points early on.

HiP adds that you can also bat back his special attack, when you do
this you will receive 2 Tech points.

|Honestly I think she’s the easiest one of the 4.  Just keep attacking|
|and not giving her time to regroup and she probably won’t even get a |
|single hit on you.                                                   |

|Out of all the matches, this is the most enjoyable for me.  Try and  |
|jump behind him whenever possible.  He’ll move around a lot and try  |
|and attack your side if you keep on hacking at him or do a           |
|summersault sword attack sometimes when your directly in front of    |
|him.  I like just charging him and launching attack after attack     |
|(moving back a bit when he starts to get 2 hits on you in a row then |
|charging again), but that’s not always the most effective way to go. |
|I recommend trying to jump behind him whenever possible and get a few|
|hits that way too.  He doesn’t seem to have a lot of HP so you should|
|be able to finish this match rather painlessly.                      |

|Tidus, Selphie and Wakka|
|This match is very tough.  I recommend picking your favorite of the  |
|three (for me that’s Tidus) and fighting them some more one-on-one to|
|gain some experience before you attempt to take on these 3 at the    |
|same time.  When you feel your ready talk to Tidus and request a 3 on|
|1 battle.  It’s not easy, Selphie and Tidus will charge at you while |
|Wakka keeps throwing his blitzball from a distance.  Although it may |
|seem like a good idea do go after Wakka first, I don’t recommend it. |
|Tidus and Selphie may not be as hard as Wakka but they can do a lot  |
|of damage and all Wakka needs to do is keep his distance.  So instead|
|attack Selphie and Tidus in surges, trying your best to keep Wakka in|
|the camera view as you do this so you can dodge his shots.  If       |
|possible get either Selphie or Tidus away from the other and keep    |
|hitting him/her as many times as possible with the hope you’ll defeat|
|him/her before the other one returns.  Once both Selphie and Tidus   |
|have stars around there heads turn your attention to Wakka using the |
|same tactics you used in the first battle with Wakka.                |

“In the Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka battles, one possible suggestion is
to aim for Wakka first. Use Guard or an attack to reflect that ball
back at either him or a chosen attacker.  You need a bit of perception
to do this...you can target either Tidus or Selphie and hit the balls
towards them rather than back at Wakka, but that takes a bit of skill
on part of the user. Anyway, rid yourself of Wakka first, because he
acts much in the way of a sniper and will eliminate you with that super
blitz attack. Next would be Selphie, because even though she is weak,
her attacks act as a buffer to Tidus' more powerful maneuvers. Lastly,
rid yourself of that troublesome flipping brat.” – Chris Austin

|Two things you should keep in mind during this battle, don’t fall off|
|the edge and don’t bother to try and make Riku fall off the edge.    |
|He’s very fast so it’s not likely that you’ll catch him from behind, |
|but you should get in a few shots when he taunts you.  Make sure your|
|not directly in front of Riku when he falls down because he will kick|
|you as you go up if you are.  The best tactic for this match, besides|
|what I’ve already pointed out, is a simple one.  Dodge his attacks as|
|best you can while trying to get in as many attacks as you are.  Just|
|for clarification you should not fall off the edge, which means that |
|you should stay away from air attacks near the edge (I lost 3 matches|
|because I feel off the edge).                                        |

Alan Mitsugi provides additional tactics for the battle with Riku:

"The best time to hit him is when he attacks, just move to the side and
then attack, but I recommend only attacking TWICE, because every "4"
hits he takes, he falls down and does hit flip kick.  Thus, when you
hit him twice, you are free to move to the side and away from his
damage (which does about 3-5 HP damage, depending on your choices from
the start).  So here was my tactic to beat him EVERY TIME.

Lock on him, he will jump first chance.  Attack as soon as he lands,
twice.  Also, when he taunts you, attack him just once, do this three
times and he will attack, evade and hit him twice.  He will fall and do
his spring kick, move aside and attack as soon as he sprung.  Just keep
attacking him twice, evade and strike, and you will have your easy 5

Chris Austin found a way to get sine tech points from this battle:

“And for the Riku fight, if you have Guard, just do as Alan Mitsugi
says and attack once or twice. When he falls to do his counter attack,
just guard and that’s easy tech points for you.”

After telling Kairi that your calling it a day a movie will occur.
From there you should probably go to the Seaside Shack and save your
game.  After that head to the Cove (the door Kairi was previously
blocking) and enter.  If you talk to Riku he will say that they should
decide a name for the ship.  He already has his mind set on Highwind so
he’ll disagree with whatever you say and challenge you to a race to the
star tree at the end of this side of the island and back.  He’ll take
the bridge but I recommend jumping off from the starting location and
crossing through the water which appears to be a much shorter route.
After that climb up the stairs and run straight, jumping down to the
next elevation of the island, again crossing through a bit of the ocean
to go the shortest distance possible.  Next climb up the ramp and jump
from stump to stump until you get to the one with the star tree, touch
that tree then jump down heading back the way you came (cutting through
the water again).  The first jump upwards is kind of tricky.  Don’t
attempt it when your directly below, instead jump as your running a
second or two before you would have otherwise crashed into it.

Every time you beat Riku you get a Pretty Stone which can be sold later
on for 30 munny, so having a lot of these may come in handy.  Once
you’ve had your fun with Riku racing talk to Kairi, who’s standing on
the raft.  She’ll ask you to gather supplies for the journey.  She
wants a Seagull Egg, 3 Mushrooms, 2 Coconuts, 3 Fish, and Drinking
Water, but not from the ocean.  As before she’ll offer you little or
big clues if you ask for them.

Here’s the location of all the items:

Mushroom #1- Push aside the boulder to the left of the raft and walk
into the small cave.  There’s a Mushroom in there.
Coconuts #1 and #2- To the right of the raft there are several coconut
trees.  Two of them in the back will drop usable coconuts if you hit
them (they’ll be a brighter colour and bigger then the regular
Mushroom #2- Head off to where the tower suspending a string is now
(the larger of the two).  In the vegetation to the side of it will be a
Fish #1, #2, and #3- On the other side of the island you can catch fish
in the water near Selphie.  Simply stand over the fish to catch them.
Drinking Water- Next, head to where Wakka is (you should be able to see
him from the ocean) and walk in the springs to get Drinking Water.
Mushroom #3- Go to the left of the springs and into the Secret Place.
Pick up the Mushroom and watch a brief FMV.
Seagull Egg- Exit the secret place and go on top of the roof near where
Wakka is.  Walk across to where there are three trees.  Climb up the
long gray tree in the center and jump onto the top of the tree with an
egg on it.

“On the island you can get yourself a protect chain. In the Cove
somewhere around the tower with the ladder there is a box if u use
first person view from the tower you should see a large hole in a piece
of stone wall. If you take the box, and throw it near the whole u can
climb up into it and get a Protect Chain.” – thanks to Jonothan Zolodom
for finding the Protect Chain ^_^

After you’ve found all the items I recommend saving the game again
before delivering the items to Kairi, who is still waiting at the raft.
Also, if you want to race Riku more or fight Tidus, Wakka, and/or
Selphie again, now’s the time to do it.  Once you’ve done all that talk
to Kairi who will give you a Hi-Potion for your efforts.  If you’ve
done everything you want to do say “Yeah, let’s go home.”

After another movie you’ll be attacked by shadows.  Don’t bother
fighting them, you can’t do anything with that sword.  Riku’s standing
on the dock, go to him.  After another short FMV you’ll get the
Keyblade.  Now you can combat the Shadows, but there is little point to
it as they don’t seem to give you much experience (HiP says that they
give you 1 exp on a fast paced game).  Head for the Secret
Place which now has a silver door as it’s entrance.  After that you’ll
be transported to a wasteland which most likely use to be your island.
Darkside is there (the first boss you faced) but he’s a little tougher
this time.

|Boss 2  |           Darkside            |    HP: 300   |   EXP: 60   |
|You can mostly use the same tactics as you did in the original       |
|battle.  One new attack he has seems to involve drawing a piece of   |
|heated rock out of the ground, but if you fought Riku, you should be |
|able to defeat Darkside before he even uses it.                      |

7.3 Traverse Town

Traverse town will start out with a short cinematic scene involving
Donald and Goofy looking for Leon.    After the cinematic scene,
Pluto will wake up Sora.  Sora will think that he is dreaming, not sure
of where he is yet.  Eventually Sora will accept this is not a dream
and you’ll gain control of him.  Go in the direction of where Pluto
went, and you'll wind up in the middle of the town.  Right behind Sora
is the accessory shop, where you will meet Cid.  If you have any Pretty
Stones from racing Riku you can sell them now, but I wouldn’t recommend
buying any accessories at the moment.

If you had traveled around before, you would have discovered that a few
doors were not able to be open.  Leave the accessory shop, and head
left.  Take yet another left up the stairs.  Enter the Item Shop near
the accessory shop and purchase some potions with the munny you earned
from the Riku races (remember to equip them if you do).

After you exit the store, go forward and then up the nearby stairs.
Now you turn right and see a door (which was unopenable if you
previously explored this area).  Go through the door, as it will now
open.  As you go through the door, you will see a very short cut scene.
A few heartless will appear out of nowhere.  Dispose of them quickly.
This is your first chance in the game to get munny from a monster.  You
get about 12 munny from the first set of heartless.  From now on,
heartless will appear in town, popping out of nowhere.

Turn left facing away from the door which you came through, and you
should wind up getting to a hotel.  After going into the hotel, a short
scene will usually occur, with Donald and Goofy.  Leave the hotel, and
jump off the high area, and go to the lower area of district 2.  Go
forward, from the hotel, and you will see a blue door.  Go in there.
As you go in, yet another very short scene will occur.  This is the
Dalmatian house.  Not much to do here.  I suggest you go around town
and fight some heartless to get some munny.  When you are ready, go
back to district 1 (the place with the accessory shop).  You may want
to stop at the item shop, and buy an additional potion or two if you
have the munny.

You will need potions later on, so stock up on them, and be sure to
give them to Sora.  Once you are ready, go into the accessory shop.  If
you have enough munny, but some accessories, and it may make it a
little easier.  This is not necessary however.  Save your game before
leaving the shop, because a big battle is coming up.

|Boss 3  |             Leon              |    HP: 120   |   EXP: 30   |
|This is not an easy battle by any means.  Nor is it that you must    |
|win.  Winning is totally up to you, and losing does not effect the   |
|game in any significant way.  Don't try to get too many hits in at   |
|once, or he will slaughter you.  Instead, take a hit now and then,   |
|and then go up an hit him.  The best time I've found to do so, is    |
|when he has just shot a fireball at you.  The fire is relatively easy|
|to dodge, but still watch out.  Keep pounding on him and you'll      |
|eventually win.  If you do win, you shall receive an Elixir          |

After the battle, Sora wakes up in the hotel.  When he eventually
comes to, Leon tells him about the keyblade.  At the same time,
Donald and Goofy are walking around town when Aerith approaches them to
give the same information.  Then begins an explanation of the keystone,
and the heartless by Aerith, Yuffie, and Leon.  It will switch back and
forth between the two (Yuffie, Leon, Sora and Donald, Goofy and

After the explanation heartless attack the town.  Go outside, and
you'll be immediately in the alleyway.  Leon explains that you
shouldn't waste your time defeating all the enemies, but you should
instead look for the boss.  So go back to the 2nd district, by going
forward, and through the nearby door.

Leon has secured the 1st district, so if you ever need to heal or get
supplies, go there (I also recommend you save at the Accessory Shop).
Other wise, you should be ready to go to the third district and tackle
the boss.  Take a right before the alleyway that you were at the
beginning of this sequence.

Turn again, and go in the door.  You will see a very short cut scene,
and then a bunch of Heartless knights will appear.  This is the first
time that Donald and Goofy fight with you.  Once you beat them, the
boss will appear.

|Boss 4 |           Guard Armor         |    HP: 700   |   EXP: 110   |
|This battle can be quite frustrating at times, and easy at others.   |
|Start the battle out attacking his feet.  Let Donald and Goofy take  |
|on one foot, while you focus on the other one.  The enemy will spin  |
|frequently once you have defeated both of his feet.  Be sure to look |
|out for this and dodge.  Make sure you get the green health win but  |
|don't worry too much, as Donald and Goofy will heal you a lot of the |
|time.  Next, focus on his hands, jump to hit him.  Sometimes his     |
|hands will move away from his body.  This is a good chance for you to|
| get a couple easy hits on his body or heal before they come back.   |
|Your almost finished, but if your low on health, I would suggest     |
|running and let Donald and Goofy finish him off (provided that       |
|they’re still alive).  Otherwise, keep fighting, and he will         |
|eventually die.  If you are having a hard time winning, you may want |
|to buy some potions, and level up some more.                         |

After the battle, Donald and Goofy join your party (or is it the other
way around?).  Yuffie, Leon and Aerith will also give you 100 munny to
spend at the shops.  In addition to this Donald will give you your
first Magic spell, Fire, and teach you how to use it and Goofy will
give you Dodge Roll.  Finally Jimminy Cricket will introduce himself to
Sora and say he's going to be making a journal of the events throughout
the game (you can find it in your main menu).

Soon your going to go to a new world on your Gummi Ship, but first you
need to get the appropriate supplies.  These include as many Potions
and Hi-Potions as you want, but save some money for a few Ethers and
accessories as well as new weapons for Donald and Goofy if your
particularly wealthy.

Another thing to do before you leave is going up to any marking with 3
hearts (there’s one to the left side of the Accessory Shop).  It’s a
trinity mark and they do various things throughout the game.  For
example, the blue one near the Café at the center of town will
transport you to the previously inaccessible balcony.  There is a
postcard there.

Postcards like this one can be traded in at the mailbox for prizes.
The 1st postcard will give you a Cottage.  There are a total of 10
Postcards and, with the help of others, all 10 locations are now in
this FAQ.  Here’s the locations of the ones I do know exist (minus the
one I’ve already showed you):

- In the Item shop attack the fan on the ceiling (it’ll make it much
easier if you lock on first.  The 2nd postcard will give you a Mythril
- Up the stairs to the right of the Accessory Shop, then up the stairs
on the left, up past what looks to me like a display casing, and in the
far right corner you should see a blue box.  Examine the box to get a
postcard.  The 3rd postcard will give you a Mega-Potion.
- Go to the Gizmo Shop located in the Second District and walk to the
door on the other side.  To the right they’ll be a latter, walk up it
past the bridge and across the rooftops until you reach a vertical hole
that goes to the third district.  Walk to the corner near the right to
find the hidden postcard.  The 4th postcard will give you a Mega-Ether.

Jonothan Zolodom found these postcard locations:

- “There is one on the roof of the accessory shop.  If you look down
the hall past the stairs to the right of the accessory shop you will
see several boxes, push the biggest of these boxes next to the side of
the accessory shop and you can reach the roof and the treasure chest
next to the chimney for one postcard.”  The 5th Postcard will give you
a Mythril.
- “As soon as u go in to the 2nd district coming from the first if u
look over to your right u will see a treasure chest sitting on a ledge.
Just hop onto the street light on the edge of the street corner and
that will give u enough very to make the jump onto the ledge.” The 6th
Postcard will give you an Elixir”

Once your done (don’t forget to equip your characters with potions and
ethers first!) with that proceed to the Gummi Ship through the World
Exit or a save point.  There will be a brief tutorial on the Gummi Ship
and how to travel from world to world.  Go to the world with a Battle
Level of 1 star which turns out to be Alice in Wonderland.

Getting to the world on the Gummi ship shouldn’t be too hard.  The
easiest way to do it is to keep firing ahead and avoid touching
everything.  It’s not necessary to go inside the rings, but it should
be easier if you do.

7.4 Alice in Wonderland

As you tumble down the rabbit hole (something I’ve always wanted to
say...) you’ll briefly meet the white rabbit who is late to see the
Queen.  Follow the white rabbit into the next room where you’ll see a
very small door who will recommend drinking the blue bottle to get
small, if you want to get big again, drink the red bottle.

Before you bother getting small, push the bed out of the way so that
when you are small, you can exit through the passageway it cleared.  As
soon as your small and jump off the table you’ll be attacked by the
Heartless, but if you really want you can make a run for the door,
avoiding them.  If you do fight them, you’ll notice this is the first
fight you get clear balls out of them, which is to restore your MP.

You may also notice that this is the first time you’ve combated flying
enemies.  The Red Nocturne (the flying ones) will shot fire at you, so
as they fly so stay on guard and hit them with either magic or jumping

After you finish there enter the Queen’s Castle where Alice is on trial
for trying to steal the Queen’s heart.  Sora believes (and with good
cause) that the Heartless are to blame so the Queen demands you to
bring her evidence.

There are four pieces of evidence, but you don’t need to bring her all
four pieces (though it will not only help your odds of saving Alice but
you’ll also receive the Blizzard spell if you can gather all 4 pieces).
Behind where you start off after the FMV is a save point and to the
left is the door you want to go into.  After using the save point, go
through the door (which leads to Lotus Forest).

Once you’ll enter you’ll meet the Cheshire Cat who confirms what I just
told you then leaves and another swarm of Heartless will attack you.
Explore the area to the right of the red flower near your starting
location for your first piece of evidence, footprints and another
trinity mark which gives you lots of MP balls, in addition to a Potion,
Ether and Tent.  At this point you can choose to go back to the Queen,
but if you want to gather all the evidence, here’s what to do:

Stench- Go onto the lower of the two mushrooms in the area where you
found the footprints.  Jump from place to place (being careful not to
full off the edge if the Heartless attack.  Make sure you don’t jump
while your fighting them) until you see a passageway leading to the
Bizarre Room.  Once in the room you’ll land on part of the fireplace,
open the pink box near where you landed.

Antenna- Head to the back of Lotus Forest where you’ll see a group of 3
Mushrooms.  Jump on the middle mushroom, then head right to the
platform which has a pink box on it.

Note- If you want a Thunder-G jump onto the next platform to the right
(much easier said then done, try holding down the O button and only
jumping at the very edge of the platform your standing on.  Hop onto
the nearby green bush and open up the treasure chest.  You can also get
Dalmatians 16-18 by jumping back onto the middle mushroom and this time
go to the left.  On the way you’ll find Dalmatians 16-18 in a treasure
chest (who put them there?).

Claw Marks- Now go back to the entrance where a yellow flower will ask
you for a potion, give one to him (by going into the Item Command,
selecting a Potion, and then selecting flower) and he’ll make you big.
Stomp on the tree stomp near the entrance, examine and then take the
seed on the bush and then hit the tree to move the branch across.  Once
you’ve done all that, take the seed to shrink again.  Head back to the
grouping of two mushrooms and this time go to the left entrance to the
Bizarre Room using the new platform to get there.  Inside the room, use
the first person view to spot a nearby pink box, jump to the platform
the box is on to open it up.

If you’ve gathered all the evidence then the Chester Cat will give you
Blizzard.  Jump down from where you are and head back to the Queen’s
Castle.  Be sure to save your game on your way to presenting the
evidence.  Speak to one of the Hearts near the Queen and tell them your
ready to present your evidence.

The Queen won’t bother to look at your evidence, instead she decides to
play a little game with you.  She’ll put in enough extra boxes to total
5 and ask you to pick one of them to present to her as the only
evidence looked at by the Queen of Hearts (after they’re mixed up).  So
if you pick one of yours, then everything works out, if not, restart
the game and try again.  If you collected all the evidence your odds
are 4 in 5 of picking the right one, if you just have 1 piece of
evidence then your odds are 1 in 5 and so on.

Note- you can continue with the game if you pick the wrong evidence
too, but then you’d have to face the next enemy on your own without
Goofy and Donald’s help.

|Cards and the Tower|
|This battle isn’t too hard as you don’t actually have to fight any of|
|the cards.  Simply target the tower and attack it over and over      |
|again.  If Goofy and Donald are in your party (and they will be had  |
|you picked the right evidence) then they’ll keep enough of the cards |
|off your back to finish the job without interruption.  If not then   |
|spend some time knocking nearby cards down so they don’t hurt you    |
|while you hurt their tower.                                          |

After the battle you’ll discover that Alice is missing so you must
venture off to locate her.  Head back into Lotus Forest where the
Chester Cat will say a few words (which, like always, are hard to

Note- To get some extra items- Give the Yellow Flower another potion so
that it’ll make you large again.  While Sora is big, push the boulder
the Chester Cat was on into the pound.  Then Take and Eat another seed
(from the same tree that you took one from last time) to get back down
to normal size.  Climb up the new platforms (careful, it’s easy to over
jump them) and then jump down into the previously inaccessible section
of the forest.  Give a Hi-Potion to the big flower and use the trinity
mark to get a Mega-Potion and Camping Set.  Finally go through the exit
to the Queen’s Castle and take the Aero-G

Go to the group of 3 mushrooms located at then back of Lotus Forest.

“After you got big with the flower in the lotus forest, you hit the
tree to spin it, and when you get small again, you can jump on the tree
leaf and again to an exit to the bizarre room in the back wall.  There
you arrive in the bizarre room but you are on the wall and everything
is turned upside down.  You touch the lamp to get a defense up in a
chest that appears, and the other lamp to get the painting to appear,
and then you get transported back to a hidden area of the lotus forest
when you examine the painting, there is a white trinity there. a flower
will ask for a potion and give mana and a hi potion, and the other
flower will ask for an elixir in exchange for a Mythril shard and munny
(around 126).  You go back to the bizarre room, and to get to the
opposite wall, you have to go to the wooden window next to the ceiling,
there  you are on the fireplace, you can turn the water on, the pot
appears, you can go to the higher placed chest in the queen's castle...
the first is a Dalmatian (58-59-60 if I remember right). Then go back
to the devious bizarre room on the first wall, there, hit the shelf
with the bear, it falls off.  Then go back to the "normal" bizarre room
and drink the potion on the table to get big, move the bear and then
the clock, drink the potion, get in the new passage, open the chest,
get the Aeroga-G in the tea party garden.” – HiP

“Go to the Lotus Forest, jump on the mushrooms that appear after you
toss the boulder into the pond (left of the entrance). In that section
will be a flower that looks like an arch with some buds on it. If you
jump up and hit it with the keyblade it will say something like, "Shock
Me!". Hit it with a thunder spell and it will drop a chest with (if I
remember correctly) a piece of a Gummi ship. (To get the thunder spell,
go to the Coliseum and complete the barrel busting challenge. Phil will
reward you with the spell.)” – Marc Leger

Go to the back of Lotus Forest near the patch of 3 mushrooms and enter
the Tea Party Garden.  Examine the piece of paper beside the picture of
the Mad Hatters twice and then sit down to get some munny and an
elixir, at least you might depending on where you sit:

“In the tea party garden you can sit on all 7 chairs, two of them will
bring monsters, the others will give you potions, ethers, munny [,
etc].” - HiP

Enter the Bizarre Room where the Chester Cat will appear again and
recommend lighting the candles.  After being attacked by a team of
Heartless, climb up one of the ramps and then jump onto the smaller of
the two tables.  Touch the oil candle to light it then jump onto the
bigger table and do the same with that candle.

The Chester Cat will appear and talk some more, after he’s down jump
off the table go to the left where there’s a lock on a door to the
Queen’s Castle.  Release it and hop in.  Now that your in the Queen’s
Castle, walk to the left to pick up Dalmatians 13-15.

Go off the ledge and save your game at the save spot near to the
Bizarre Room entrance to the Queen’s Castle.  After you save the game,
enter the Bizarre Room from there and climb up onto the table as the
Chester Cat advises.  Talk to the Chester Cat who will inform you that
a Boss fight is about to commence (and a bit too late too).

|Boss 5 |          Trickmaster          |    HP: 600   |   EXP: 150   |
|Throughout most of this battle your going to find yourself jumping   |
|trying to reach the target located around the Trickmaster’s stomach. |
|If you have any MP feel free to target his stomach and then shot him |
|from a distance with whatever magic you may have.  While he’s        |
|standing he does some short ranged attacks that are particularly hard|
|to dodge, so if you want to play it safe it might be best to stay    |
|back while he’s standing up and act as a Healer giving potions to    |
|Donald and Goofy.  Then charge and attack Trickmaster when he’s      |
|leaning down.  Eventually, he’ll start using fire magic against you, |
|try and keep an eye on his arm and get ready to dodge as soon as it  |
|looks like he may fire.                                              |

“After defeating the trick master, go back to the bizarre room, drink
the potion, and examine the white flower; you'll get a Mythril shard
and some other things” – HiP

“A trinity mark at center of bazaar its gives 250 munny and a Mega-
Ether.” – Mike Williams

After the battle you will receive an Ifrit’s Horn and a Navi-G Piece.
The Chester Cat will also inform you that Alice has been taken by the
Shadows and is no longer in Wonderland.  The party decides to add Alice
onto their list of people to find.  Head back for the Gummi Ship, you
can head directly to the Coliseum (the one with a Battle Level of 2
stars) but I recommend you first go back to Traverse Town and stock up
on supplies.

7.5 Coliseum

Once you arrive at the coliseum, go through the main door.  Inside, you
will meet Phil who will tell you to go and move a block.  Attempt to do
so and Sora will comment that it must weight a ton.  Go back and talk
to Phil again.  He will explain that he was looking for someone else.

He explains that you aren't a hero, and Donald gets a bit upset.  Phil
tries, and then decides to train you.  You must break all of the boxes
in 2 areas.  This should be relatively easy for you as all you have to
do is hit them 3 times each.  Just make sure you keep an eye on the

“In Coliseum, if you extinguish all the lit firepots with Blizzard,
etc, before they relight, you'll hear a tone, and a chest containing a
Firaga-G block will appear at one end under the windows.” - Michael

Once you complete the tasks, go back outside.  Hades will appear, and
give you a heroes pass.  Now your ready for the preliminaries.  The
preliminaries consist of 6 matches. You may want to go to deep jungle
(see 7.6 Deep Jungle Below), and get cure, before taking these on, but
it is up to you.  The first match is against 4 Knight heartless, and 3
blue Rhaspodies.  These guys are easy, and should pose no real threat
to you.  Just attack them as you would for any other monster.

The next match, is a not much different, it just consists of 10 shadow
heartless, and 3 blue Rhaspodies.  Again, just normally attack, and
you'll do fine.  Round 3 consists of 5 red Nocturnes, and 5 blue
Rhaspodies.  You may want to use magic here, but don't waste it, a few
more matches remain.  Attack these often, and they too will lose.  The
fourth set consists of more soldiers, which you should quickly waste.
The 5th match, consists of 10 blue Rhaspodies, which I suggest you use
thunder on.  If you have cure, that would be helpful too.  The 6th, and
final preliminary match is against a large body, and a few blue
Rhaspodies and red Nocturunes.  Dispose of the blue and red enemies
first, then get rid of the large body.  After that, a tough battle will

|Boss 6 |             Cloud             |    HP: ???   |   EXP: ???   |
|Cloud can be easy, and he can be hard.  Basically, you should try to |
|have already acquired the cure spell from Deep Jungle.  Keep         |
|attacking him head on.  When he plunges into the ground, take your   |
|chance, and strike him.  Keep doing this.  He will eventually use a  |
|repetitive rolling move.  Keep getting out of his way, not taking any|
|damage.  Remember to keep curing.  Soon enough Cloud will lose, but a|
|new enemy will appear.  If you don't have cure yet, go get it and get|
|it now.                                                              |

KarBear notes that it is not necessary to beat Cloud and does not
effect your game in any way outside losing the EXP points.

|Boss 6 |           Cerberus            |    HP: ???   |   EXP: ???   |
|Make sure you have the cure spell, before starting this battle, which|
|will make this battle 10 times easier.  Start out by attacking his   |
|head.  It doesn't matter which one.  Keep doing this, while curing   |
|also, cure your partners to keep them in good health as well.  They  |
|are very useful in this battle.  The boss will generally try to stomp|
|which is easily avoided by staying to the side, while attacking him. |
|You will know the battle is half over, when you see him spitting dark|
|stuff.  When he does this, jump for you life.  Dark spots will appear|
|wherever it is that you are standing.  Dodge his fireballs, keep your|
|health in check, and attack his head.  It may sound natural, but keep|
|in mind that dark spots appear, and you can't cure at those times.   |
|If you continue hitting him, he will eventally lose the battle, but  |
|if you lose, just gain more levels of course.                        |

At the end of the battle you will get a few items, and the ability to
enter the games.  The games aren't ready of course.  You'll get an
item from Cloud as well.

7.6 Deep Jungle

The Deep Jungle is the one with a battle level of 3 stars.  After a
brief argument in the Gummi Ship you’ll land at the Deep Jungle.  Once
you arrive, Sora will immediately notice that Donald and Goofy aren’t
there.  He will also notice (quite violently I might add) that there is
a very large cat attacking him.

|Even though you can only relay on yourself in this battle, it        |
|shouldn’t be too tough.  Sabor is fast, but you can still get plenty |
|of hits on it.  When you knock it a distance, don’t bother coming    |
|after it.  Instead, what for it to get on and dodge it’s initial     |
|pounce before attacking it again.  If you charge it, it will simply  |
|get up just before you reach it and attack you at such a close range |
|that you can’t dodge.  If all goes well, you defeat Sabor quickly.   |

After the fight you meet Tarzan who, in the end is the one that
finishes off Sabor.  After Sora talks with Tarzan he agrees to take him
to Riku and Kairi.  Follow Tarzan down to the netting then off the
netting and into the jungle.  Not to far from your landing is a save
point.  Once you’ve saved the game jump down the hollow tree stump.

You’ll land on a tree branch, which you’ll slide down.  Every branch
you hit will damage Sora so do your best to jump over the low branches
while staying on the tree.

Eventually you’ll land at a nearby campsite head forward to the tent.
Inside the tent you’ll meet Jane.  A little later on Clayton brings
Goofy and Donald to the same tent.  It seems that Sora and Donald
aren’t getting along well but they agree to work together as they both
have reason to believe that the King, Riku and Kairi may all be here.

After that is decided you have to choose a party.  Tarzan is strong but
I recommend a party of Donald, Goofy and Sora simply because your going
to be relying on them more during the game so these are the 3 you want
to get the experience points.

Once you’ve choose your party open the treasure chest located in place
sight for a Mythril Shard.  You can also save your game now too.  Talk
to Jane and Sora will tell her that Tarzan said a word to him earlier
on that he didn’t understand.  Jane agrees to help Sora, but first he
must locate her slides.

Exit the Tent and begin your search...

Slide 1- To top of the tent (how did it get over there?), it’s an easy
jump to the tent from the Slide 6 position.
Slide 2- to the right of the tent, on top of suitcase at the far right.
Slide 3- right beside the chock board with a drawing of Tarzan on it.
The chock board is to the left of the tent and near the table.
Slide 4- in front of the tent simply climb on top of the small hill of
boxes to get at it.
Slide 5- From on top of the Tent, jump onto the white tops and go to
the very end where you’ll find Slide 5.
Slide 6- on the left side of the tent and on top of a suitcase that is
on top of a box.
Trinity- Not part of your slide finding, but there is a Trinity Mark
right beside the table left of the tent.  It contains Dalmatians 34-36.

After you found all 6 slides, examine the slide player to show Tarzan
them.  He will tell you that none of these places are where Riku and
Kairi are.  Eventually, he’ll agree to take you to where the Gorillas
are, also where Riku and Kairi are (a place they didn’t have on the
slides).  Clayton will come along as an “escort”.  You have another
opportunity to save your game if you wish.  When your done, exit the
tent and you’ll be attacked by Sabor again, with Donald and Goofy now
on your side you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with him.

After dealing with Sabor head to the left of the Tent and go to Hippos’
Lagoon.  Jump across the lake by landing first on the Hippo in the
middle of it.  Continue your trek across staying on the right side of
the lake and staying out of the water.  If you do land in the water
though, swim next to the Hippo and wait for it to submerge, when it
does, swim over it and jump when it brings you out of the water again.
At the end of the swamps is a treasure chest containing Dalmatians 25-

After that head back to the beginning of this stage and climb up the
vine near the entrance.  Although there is a feature in your commands
for jumping onto vines I found it simpler just to use the O button, but
if you use the commands then it will do all the maneuvering for you,
making things a lot easier.  If you fall down you can always go back to
the start and try again, you won’t lose life for falling.

If your using the regular jump command keep these things in mind:
-Make sure to wait until you see a target for your destination before
you jump.
- Although this isn’t overly difficult, it is nerve racking, so I
recommend being patient and waiting for the best opportunity to make
your jump so you make it the first time.
- Also, make sure you jump on the vine in the right direction, if you
don’t you’ll fall (The right direction is in the direction you want to
- You may also need to change direction in mid jump to make some of

Continue travelling from vine to vine (you pick up a Mythril on your
way).  Eventually you’ll enter an area called Vines 2 where Tarzan will
speak to Karchak (the Gorilla Leader).  After the brief conversation
Karchak will leave and you’ll have to climb more vines.  After a long
series of vines, go to the other end of the branch (the long way, don’t
try and jump it) and pick up Dalmatians 28-30.

Go back to where you were before and climb the last vine you went on
going left this time.  From there enter Climbing Trees by climbing up
the vine next to the platform you landed on.

There’s a Trinity Mark on the top right corner beside the entrance to
the Tree House, make sure Donald and Goofy are in your party before you
use it.  This Trinity Mark gives you Dalmatians 31-33.  After using the
Trinity Mark, head through the exit to the Tree House.

After another movie go outside, but this time jump off the side of the
tree branch on the far right which will take you to the Cliffs.  You’ll
fight another brief match with Sabor once you do.  After you defeat
him, climb up the nearby vine to get a Mega-Potion and Mythril Shard.
Hop down and head for the Bamboo Thicket, through to the Camp then into
the Tent to take this opportunity to save the game after seeing a short

Exit the tent and defeat the Heartless.  These heartless, called
Powerwilds, are fast and can perform a slide attack but do not seem to
have any more HP then your typical Heartless so defeat them quickly
before they can do any serious damage to you.  Dodge roll seems to be
an effective tool to avoid most of their attacks.  Once you defeat them
you will receive a Protect-G.

Head to Bamboo Thicket where you will fight more Powerwilds and get a
Fire-G.  In the Cliff area you will get a Aeroga-G for performing the
same routine.  Next go back to Climbing Trees for another Aeroga-G.
Finally, go to the Tree House for the last batch of Powerwilds you must
defeat and a Shell-G.

Once you have done this, head back to the campsite and speak to Jane
(still located in the Tent).  Once you leave the Tent you’ll hear gun
fire coming from the Bamboo Thicket, head there and you’ll be ambushed
by Sabor once more.

Sabor isn’t much more difficult then he was before except to say he has
more HP so the fight may take a little longer.  He’ll jump out of your
range and into the trees every now and then, when he does, prepare for
him to come out from the other side charging at you.  Jump or perform
the Dodge Roll to avoid his initial attacks then start hacking at him
again.  After defeating Sabor you’ll get a White Fang.

After a short moving showing Jane in trouble, fight through the
Heartless to get to the campsite.  Once at Camp, head for the Tent
where Tarzan will request that you head for the Tree House.  Save your
game before doing so.

You’ll only make it as far as Climbing Trees before the Heartless block
off your path sending an unlimited supply of Powerwilds to finish you
off.  Let the other party members deal with the Heartless while you
head to a big black fruit at the center of Climbing Trees.  Attack the
black fruit until it is destroyed to rescue Jane and Trek.

Head back to the Camp to save your game and prepare for the upcoming
boss fight.  Make sure your characters are equipped with lots of
Potions and Ethers.  Once you feel your ready head to the Cliffs.

Upon entering the Cliffs you will see a short FMV and then be attacked
by Clayton and a group of Powerwilds.  Focus on Clayton ignoring the
Powerwilds and it won’t take long for the warm-up to end.

|Boss 7 |Clayton, Stealth Sneak|    HP: 250, 750   |   EXP: 240, 30   |
|When you begin the battle Clayton will be mounted on the Stealth     |
|Sneak.  Focus at first on the Stealth Sneak, which Clayton will      |
|eventually fall off of if you are presistant.  The Stealth Sneak will|
|heal Clayton as well as provide him with cover fire so focus on the  |
|eliminating the Stealth Sneak first.  The Stealth Sneak seems to be a|
|mostly a long-range fighter but that doesn’t mean he is without      |
|close-range attacks too, so be careful even when your on the         |
|offensive ready to dodge at any moment.  Once his HP gage is near 0  |
|he will begin shooting magic from his eyes, just stay on him and he  |
|will fall shortly.  With the Stealth Sneak out the picture, beating  |
|Clayton is a synch.  After winning this match you’ll learn Cure.     |

Kerchak will be so grateful for you taking care of the Heartless and
Clayton that he’ll throw you up to Tarzan’s home.  Enter the Waterfall
Cavern and walk down the tunnel until you reach a large section of
several platforms and waterfalls.  Proceed up the platforms picking up
a Mythril Shard and Shell-G on the way.  If you keep climbing right,
left and up (basically going the only available route from one cliff to
another) you will eventually reach “???” which turns out to be Tarzan’s
home.  After Sora locks the Deep Jungle, you’ll receive and Navi-G
Piece.  There will be an FMV involving several different Disney
villians, afterwards Tarzan will give you a Jungle King key chain.  You
can use key chains to upgrade the Keyblade in the Equipment menu.  You
will now also be able to use Red Trinity marks.

Sora will mention that the Gummi they saw before didn’t look like a
regular piece and Donald will recommend going back to Traverse Town to
talk to Leon, so head there!  If you choose to do the Deep Jungle
before completing the Olympus Coliseum then finish up that before
heading to Traverse Town.

7.7 Traverse Town 2

Once you get to Traverse town again, go to the waterway, and you will
see a closed gate.  You will also see a trinity mark, use trinity on it
for the gate will open up, where Leon will be.  Talk to him, and he
will tell you to go see Cid.  Leon also gives you the earthshine, which
comes in handy later in the level.

Head for Cid’s Accessory Shop, and he will tell you about the
Navigational Gumi block.  Cid will also send you on an errand to
deliver a book.  Before you do that though, check out the item shop and
stock up on supplies now that you have the munny to do so again.

Next go to the 3rd district, killing some enemies on your way, and open
the secret path to district one, by putting the key in the key hole. Go
back to the 3rd district, once there, you will see a red door.  Cast
fire on this door, and it will open.  Go through the door, and you will
be in a new area of Traverse town.

Carefully, jump on the moving stones, and enter the funny looking
house.  Once in there, a short cut scene will occur.  After that, and
old man wearing a hat, carrying a bag will appear called Merlin.  Many
things will start coming out of his bag and soon the room will be full.

He will explain that he was asked to train you in the art of magic.
Soon, yet another character will appear, she should look familiar to
those who've watched Cinderella, it's the Fairy Godmother.

Talk to Merlin again to return the book.  This book contains another
world, which will be described later on in the walkthrough.  When you
talk to the fairy godmother, she tells you about what the stone is.
Now you will get your first summoning.

This is the Simba summoning.  In order to use it, 2 other characters
must be active in battle.  After that, you can try your luck at magic
practice if you like.

Jonothan Zolodom adds that if your currently low on MP: “Just go
practice magic with Merlin and cancel and your MP will be restored”

There are two treasure chests behind Merlin’s house.  One on a rock,
which as far as I know you need the High Jump and Glide ability for.
You don’t have those yet so come back for it later.  Just incase your
wondering it contains Dalmatians 1-3.  I have yet to be able to get the
other one.

Head for the vacant house, right near the entrance back to district 2.
Before you reach it, another cut scene will appear.  You will get more
information on the heartless, and an important plot element will be
revealed.  Cid will now suggest you go to the Gizmo Shop in district 2.

Follow his advice, and go there, and exit through the other ladder.
Now you will be on top of a building.  Destroy the heartless there, and
use trinity on the near by symbol, to reveal a bell.  Ring the bell
three times as Cid said.

Make sure you are prepared for battle before moving towards the newly
appeared Keyhole.  When you feel read, go towards.  A new enemy will
appear which is, at first, only a Guard Armor, and seeing as you’re at
a higher level then you were when you first fought it, this should be a
simple match.  After doing away with the Guard Armor, the real boss
fight begins.

|Boss 8|Opposite Armor|HP:900(body),135(arms),270(legs)|EXP:390 (Body)|
|This can be a relatively easy battle if you take the right approach. |
|Start by attacking on his body, and his feet.  The main difference   |
|with him is that he is floating, so you must jump to hit him with    |
|your keyblade.  In doing so you also hit his arms.  After destroying |
|some of his parts, he will start shooting out balls of darkness.     |
|They aren't hard to dodge, but if you get hit it will do significant |
|damage to you.  Jump to dodge them.  Keep your Characters HP in      |
|check.  Since you have the cure spell by now, it will be easier to   |
|heal them now.  Just use Sora as a healer though, you’ll need to have|
|him play an active offensive role in this battle if you are to win.  |

After you win the battle, Sora locks the door to Traverse town.  Go
back to district one, and talk to Cid.  He has installed the Gummi part
that you needed and even give you another Gummi block.  Cid then
explains about the block you found after beating Opposite Armor.  If
you didn’t find the postcards earlier, you may want to find them now
(refer to 7.3 Traverse Town for their locations).

Before you leave, you may want to use some more Trinity Marks and
Treasure Chests:

Jonothan Zolodom has found one Right next to the world exit that will
give you about 100 munny.

Jonothan Zolodom also found one inside Merlin’s house: “somewhere on
the floor inside the house I didn’t actually see it though so u will
have to move around and watch for the word TRINITY to appear on your
menu. This one also gives u about 100 money and I think a Mythril Shard
too or some item.”

Mike Williams says that it’s right next to the save point.

Jonothan Zolodom also was kind enough to explain how to reach various
Treasure Chests throughout Traverse Town. “If you go up on the roof of
the gizmo shop and run over to the roof of the house and jump, as if
you were going for that hole that leads to the 3rd district. Along one
of the roofs of the 2 houses that are connected, to your left is a
treasure chest.  There is a treasure chest on the first floor at the
end of the alleyway. There is also one on a ledge on the outside of the
gizmo shop. Get up on the roof of the gizmo shop and carefully hang and
drop down to the ledges under the roof. At the end of one of the ledges
is a treasure chest and there is a secret one inside the hotel. Inspect
the painting at the far end of the hall away from the front desk, then
inspect the one closest to it. A voice will come from the front desk
saying something about art or something. Walk up to the front desk and
hit the small bell 3 times with your keyblade and the voice will tell u
that if u ever stay in the hotel to hit the clock. Go to the green room
and just over the door will be a clock. You have to hit it on the right
side at the correct angle, but if you hit it about a dozen times or so
a secret chest will appear behind you. You know u did it correctly when
u hear 3 special tones, the 3rd one being a little different from the
first 2. u MAY have to inspect the 3 paintings in the green room. I
don’t know if it’s required for the clock trick to work. I think all
these chests give synthesis items, I’m not sure I can’t remember.”

Richard Gingras found two Postcards in the Gizmo Shop’s Clock.  These
7th and 8th Postcards give you a Megalixir and Orichalcum respectively.

Macey adds that you need to acquire Thunder first because you need to
be able to activate the factory with it before you can examine the

Once you feel you are ready to leave head back for the Gummi ship!
Chip and Dale inform you that there is a tournament going on right now
at the Coliseum. You can skip it if you want or do it later but it’s a
good opportunity to gain experience as well as the Gravity Spell.  If
you choose to try your luck in Phil’s Cup, then go to 8.1 Phil Cup, if
not, enter the portal to the left, and you’re off to Agrabah!

7.8 Agrabah

When you arrive in Agrabah, a cut scene involving Jafar occurs.  Jafar
sends heartless to find princess Jasmine.  Fight off the heartless and
go forward into Main Street.  You will their encounter more heartless
to dispose of.

Once you’re done, go left into the alley.  Here Sora will meet princess
Jasmine of Agrabah.  After you defeat of the heartless again, jump up
on the near by box to go to where Jafar was.  Open the treasure, and
the keyhole.  It will open the door on the other building in this area,
your destination.

Lift the box on the lower level if necessary, and move the it toward
the other wall.  Jump up on it, then jump up to the next set of boxes,
jumping once more when you reach there.

Some Shadows will try and stop you go through the door once they’ve
failed.  Jump to the yellow cloth across the screen, and then to the
multi colored one.  Next go up the pole to enter Aladdin’s House.

In his house you will see a rug, move the chest off of it.  After that
Donald will suggest that you go to the desert.  Before you move towards
the desert, open the treasure chest to get Dalmatians 37-39.  Also take
this opportunity to save your game.  The desert is just outside of Main
Street, go through the plaza and the desert will be just beyond that.

Go up and talk to the carpet.  Agree to let it come along, and you will
see a short cut scene and, after another Heartless attack, you will see
Aladdin for the first time.  Aladdin and the Genie will defeat the
Heartless.  Genie will explain a couple things to Sora, and eventually,
Aladdin will learn that Jasmine is in trouble.  Aladdin decides join
your party for now.

Note- if you don’t plan on using Aladdin you may as well take his
equipment.  He comes with 4 potions and 2 ethers on normal mode and,
although you can’t add them to your stock, you can move them into
Donald, Goofy, and/or Sora’s equipped items list.

You will now go back to Agrabah via the magic carpet. You should go to
the right, and get on the box, and head up.  Get the treasure chest,
and jump across to the other side.  If you need to save, go in the
storage area back near the entrance.  You can also go back to your
Gummi ship this way.

Defeat the heartless in the alley, and the push the box like you did
before.  Go back up to the top again to get back to the Main Street.
Head back to Aladdin's house.

Once there Aladdin will talk about Jafar a little bit.  Destroy the
Heartless on the bottom part of main street, before you use the box to
get back up to the upper part.  Jump to the red platform, and you will
be able enter the Bazaar area.

Again kill the enemies on the bottom level then climb back up.  Go
across, using the boards.  Move to the left, then back to the right
(moving up all this time). Jump across to get the treasure, and release
the key lock.

“You can buy items at Aladdin’s House after you defeat the Pots Boss.”
– Mike Williams

Go back to where you were, and go through the now open door.  Another
cut scene will occur.  Jasmine has been taken, and now, a battle that
seems like a boss battle, but is not will occur (but still somewhat
challenging).  After you beat them, prepare for a boss battle then head
towards the desert. Once back in the desert, you will be in the place
where you first found Aladdin.  Go forward, and a short FMV will
appear.  Go and attack the Tiger Head.

|Boss 9  |           Tiger Head          |    HP: 380  |   EXP: 400   |
|This battle wasn't easy to figure out.  First of all you must climb  |
|up the Tiger head to attack the eyes of the tiger.  While doing so,  |
|he will shoot at you with his eyes, as well as shake to knock you off|
|of him.  If this happens, you must climb back on top of him again.   |
|Focus only on one eye, as when you beat either eye it will no longer |
|shoot at you.  Watch the HP of your teammates as they will be most   |
|likely killing the Heartless on the ground.  Cure them and yourself  |
|when needed.  Tiger Head will also spit things out of his mouth,     |
|which means that you should avoid getting directly in front of him.  |
|Stay on his head while he is shaking around, and that should help out|
|a bit.                                                               |

“When fighting the Tiger's Head @ Cave of Wonders, you can reflect the
eyebeams back at him.  Lock on to the eye and block or swing at the
blast.  I had better luck using Sora's block skill than with attacking
the beams.” - Nargy

After the boss battle, head into the tiger’s mouth.  This is the Cave
of Wonders.  If you fall in a hole, don't worry, you'll not die, but
come into a new area, which is, pretty much safe.  Go back into the
hole if you do fall.

At the entrance, go down the stairs, and go into a dark room.  Use
call, to get Apu to touch the crystal, to go to the other side.  Once
you’ve reached the other side, go through the near by door.  Make sure
that you are well prepared, because a series of boss fights are coming
up shortly.

Note- Make sure to visit the Treasure room, in addition to a few
treasure chests there is also a Red Trinity Mark which will give you
almost 400 munny!  A Blue Trinity Mark in the Silent Chamber will give
you a Thunder-G.

Use call whenever you can because this place is fairly hard to
navigate.  If you get to the silent chamber, go into the hidden room,
and cast fire on the pillar there, which will lead to another movie.
Now go to the treasure room from the hallway and jump into the lamp
chamber.  Use a party of Donald and Aladdin, as they will help more
than Goofy could.

|Boss 10  |           Jafar              |    HP: 500  |   EXP: 600   |
|The real threat in this battle isn’t the Genie.  He will attempt to  |
|hurt you, the key word being attempt.  He will also be shouting for  |
|you to get out of the way.  In other words, ignore him, and go for   |
|Jafar, the real threat.  He castz powerful magic against you, and    |
|will float.  Jump to attack him, but beware.  He has VERY powerful   |
|spells, that will do away with you quite quickly.  This is one of the|
|tougher battles in the game thus far.  Blizzard is particularly      |
|deadly, and almost impossible to dodge.  Of course, you should stay  |
|out of the way when he starts to use it.  That is the only way to    |
|dodge it.  So stay out of the middle.  Go around and attack his sides|
|so that blizzard will stop.  Of course your team isn't smart enough  |
|to figure it out, so you may need to cure them.  Once he loses about |
|half his HP, he will actually get easier, but don't let your guard   |
|down.  He will eventually start turning into a shadowy ball.  Follow,|
|it and he will reappear.  Keep pounding him once he does and he'll   |
|eventually die                                                       |

This would be a very very good time to save your game.  Once you
proceed with the game Jafar will come back and this time he will be
harder (and the last battle wasn’t exactly easy either...)

|Boss 11  |          Genie Jafar           |    HP: N/A  |   EXP: 0   |
|After this battle, you'll hate parrots, Disney movies, and Gilbert   |
|Gottfired (maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you will defiantly hate   |
|this boss).  Hit the parrot is all you have to do, sounds easy enough|
|right?  Well, also dodge fire and lighting, as well as not going     |
|into the lava at the same time.  The parrot moves around too much.   |
|This is much easier however.  The target is not what is targeting    |
|you.  You thus have a better chance.                                 |

The carpet ride afterwards, though hard to control, is quite simple.
You now will see some cut scenes.  Eventually you will receive the
three wishes key, the Genie summon, part of Ansem’s report and both
Fire and Blizzard will be upgraded to Fira and Blizzara from defeating
the two bosses.

7.9 Monstro

Before you head to Monstro, you may be interested to head back to
Traverse Town.  You can now use the green Trinity mark in the Accessory
Shop to take down the latter.  This will reveal the synthesis shop.
Synthesizing is basically when you take a bunch of existing items that
you found and give them over to the shop to turn into an item,
accessory or weapon.  Dalmatians 7-9 and a Mythril Shard are also
located in the new Synthesis Shop.  To get another Postcard in the
synthesis shop, examine the green tube on top of the fireplace.  The
9th postcard will give you a Defense Up.

In the second and third Districts you may face Heartless in combat.
This is a nice way to level up your party.

After your done there, or if you choose not to go at all, head to
Monstro, the Battle Level 5 world (you will first need to Warp back to

Monstro will swallow you, which will lead to a short cut scene.  From
the starting location, swim to the other side of the area where
Geppetto’s ship is located.  Doing this will lead to a FMV.  There is a
save point on the ship you can use, after your done head after
Pinocchio into Chamber 1.

There are quite a few chambers in this whale head to Chamber 3, viewing
another movie on the way.  There is a treasure chest at the back of the
room, pick it up (it has a Mega-Potion inside) then head back to
Chamber 1 (you have to defeat the enemies first before you can open
it).  Next climb up the ledge and head to Chamber 2 where you can
collect a Cottage from a near by treasure chest before you use the
Chamber 2 entrance into Chamber 3.  From there enter the near by door
to Chamber 2 and finally enter another near by door to get into Chamber
5 (very confusing Chambers in my opinion...).  Head straight from there
into Chamber 6.

“Torn page in Monstro chamber six use a barrel to get on platform and
grab take it” – Mike Williams

From the lowest door of Chamber 6 you can enter a secret area of
Chamber 5.  Next to the entrance is a treasure chest containing a
Dispel-G.  Inside you can get another Dispel-G as well as a Mega-Ether.
After you pick up these items use the barrel near the high platform to
get on top of it.  While being attacked by a swarm of Heartless, if you
can keep one of the barrels safe and throw it near the Chamber 4
entrance, then you can jump onto the platforms which hold a Mythril and
Dalmatians 79-81.

Enter Chamber 4 for another cut scene.  A boss fight is coming up so be
sure to save your game and prepare heading to the Bowels.

|Boss 12  |        Parasite Cage         |    HP: 450  |   EXP: 500   |
|Hitting his lower half won’t do you much good so target Parasite Cage|
|then hit him with several Airal attacks.  Beware of his arms during  |
|this battle as they are long and quick.  Dodge them if you can but it|
|may just be best to keep hacking at him.  If you have Second Chance  |
|as one of your abilities you can just risk trying to back away when  |
|you have only a small amount of life lift to cure yourself.  If not, |
|take breaks each time your down to about half your HP to heal up.    |
|Parasite Cage doesn’t last very long so don’t worry about using up   |
|all your MP before the fight is over.  Another tactic that you may   |
|want to try out is staying at a distance and letting Sora act as a   |
|Mage.  Parasite Cage isn’t very mobile, and with 1 more teammate then|
|usual this may be the safest and easiest way to finish this fight.   |

Jump down the hole into Gepetto’s Ship.  After another cut scene you
can pick up the High Jump ability and save your ship.  Swim back to
near your starting position and get on the wooden platform with the
blue Trinity Mark.  Use it to get 2 Potions and a Cottage as well as a
bit of munny.  Use the High Jump ability to get to the higgest of the
platforms which gives you a Watergleam.  The opposite way will lead you
to a Tornado-G and then into the Throat.

Inside the Throat use high jump to climb up the platforms.  Once you
see the word stomach at the bottom of your screen, jump up to get
inside.  You’ll see another cut scene and then Parasite Cage will come
down for another fight.

|Boss 13  |       Parasite Cage II       |   HP: 900  |   EXP: 1000   |
|Aside from double the HP, the Parasite Cage now has a new attack,    |
|Poison Breath.  Don’t fall into the lava, it will kill you quickly.  |
|If you have a lot of Ethers on you, you can take to one of the       |
|platforms and use magic to attack him from there.  Another           |
|possibility is if you are almost down for the count, jump onto one of|
|the platforms and stay there, jumping onto a new one only when       |
|dodging is necessary and hope that your friends bail you out.  Even  |
|if they faint eventually they’ll regain consciousness again and you  |
|will continue the assault on there own.  Winning this battle will    |
|give you the Stop Magic.                                             |

If you care to go back to Traverse Town now, you can get the last
postcard, which Macey found, “There is a postcard in Geppetto's house
(green door next to Accessory shop) on the shelf, which becomes
available after Monstro.” Postcard number 10 gives you a Power Up.

After more FMVs head to Atlantica.

7.10 Atlantica

This place opens with another cut scene.  The three are turned into
different things, Goofy a turtle, Donald an octopus, and Sora a merman.
The crab will teach you how to swim around.  You must use
the left analog stick, and use O to rise, an d[] to dive.  Touch
flounder 5 times to move on.  Then heartless will appear.

Ariel will run away, and the other 2 will hide. Dispose of them quickly
then hit the seashell to show a save place.  Follow the trident markers
to get to the palace.  Ariel will be on your team for this right now.
Continue following the arrows.  Keep fighting the heartless, and
following the arrows.  If you have Donald in your team, it will be
easier.  If you come to a place with 2 arrows, you know you are close.

“Right as you enter Tritans Palace go straight down eamine the clam for
a Cottage!  Also to your middle right tritans place there a yellow clam
use lighting magic and grab the Mythril Shard from it!” – Mike Williams

You will soon wind up at King Tritons throne room. A cut scene will
appear.  Leave the palace, and go to Ariels Grotto.  There will be many
items in there (including one of the torn pages from Merlin’s book).  A
cut scene will appear, and you will need to leave.  Yet another cut
scene will occur when you do.

Go back to near the beginning, and there will be a dolphin.  Defeat the
enemies in the area and then grab onto the dolphin, and when you get
off, go to the sunken ship area right in front of you.  Enter the
sunken ship by using the stairs and you will se a glimpse of Usala in

Now go toward the treasure chest, and a large Shark will appear.  You
will get the crystal trident inside of the treasure chest.  Exit the
ship and go back to Ariels grotto.  This place can be very confusing
and hard to navigate.  Just watch the arrows, and follow them like you
did the first time.  A cut scene will occur again.  King Triton
destroys what you have done.  The King gets mad at Sora.  Ariel leaves
the party.  Go search for Ariel now by going back to Triton castle.
Once you do another cut scene will appear.

Go to the throne room for another movie.  The trident has been stolen
and Ariel will rejoin your party.  I suggest a party of Donald, Sora,
and Ariel.  But you can try whatever is good for you.  If you need to
save, hit the shell in the throne room to reveal a save spot.

Go back to where you rode the dolphin, to get back to the sunken ship
area.  Fight the Shark, which isn't too tough just cast spells and
mostly attack and you should do fine.  Keep an eye on your HP as well
though.  Sebastian will then move the boulder after you examine it.
After carefully navigating the cavern, you will come to Ursulas lair.
Donald and Sebastian will comment, then cower.  This is the boss

|Boss 14  |           Ursala             |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|This battle isn't as hard as it may seem.  Ursalas two pets are      |
|no more of a threat, and more of a magic regeneration system.  As you|
|remember, when you attack, you regain mp.  Basically, hit the pot    |
|with magic that it represents.  If it is red fire, blue, ice.  Easy? |
|Not exactly, but it isn't so hard either.  Attack her while she is   |
|stunned, and she will give way. The color of the bottle represents   |
|the magic to attack with by the way.                                 |

Equip the mermaid kick to the group shared abilities, and head for an
unknown area, represented by question marks.  (to clarify this, in Neo
Cyborg’s words: “swim up the strong current area with your mermaid kick
and go to last place on right denoted by question marks”) Ursala will
be here with her powerful trident.  A short cut scene will occur before
the boss battle.

|Boss 15  |           Ursala             |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|The toughest part about this battle is, seeing how easy it is when it|
|is compared with the previous one.  Her magic, easy to dodge.  She   |
|will even warn you of incoming attacks by shouting out something. How|
|ironic it is, that she tells you, to "get ready for this", because   |
|you actually have time.  But not too much.  Keep ariel alive, and you|
|will be fine health wise.  Keep attacking her face (as if you would  |
|hate to do that).  Soon she will fall.                               |

After that, go back to Ariels Grotto.  Ariel will use the trident to
reveal the keyhole.  Lock yet another keyhole, and she will give you
the crabclaw key.  Now your adventure here is over.

If you want to go back for another item…

“After killing all opponents in under sea geroge examine clam on sea
bottom for Mega-Ether.” – Mike Williams

7.11 Halloween Town

A cut scene will occur as you enter Halloween Town.  You'll notice
Goofy, Donald, and Sora are dressed up.  Don't attack the heartless, as
they aren't truly heartless.  Go into the laboratory, and you will see
a cut scene with Jack Skellington.  The doctor will send you to find
sally.  Jack will join you to do this.  Examine the bookshelf in the
doctor’s laboratory for a Torn Page of Merlin’s book.  A cut scene will
occur, the mayor will talk to Jack, saying they are out of control.
Donald doesn't trust Jack too much, but Sora seems to go along with it
Now the heartless will attack you, and you need to dispose of them.
Go to the graveyard, and you will get another cut scene.  Sally and
Zero appear in the graveyard.

Take the forget me not back to the doctor.  Get the torn page from the
bookcase, then go talk to the mayor to get the surprise.  Go into the
coffin in the graveyard in which, lock, shock, and barrel came out of.
This little mini game is quite easy, just check the graves that ghosts
come out of in the correct order.  Get the Jack in the box, and take it
back to the doctor.  Lock, Shock and Barrel will steal the heart away
from the doctor.  Go and find them.  Zero will help you find them
though.  Go back to the graveyard, and you will see a short cut scene,
with the three.  Destroy the heartless here, and go through the coffin

Go to another coffin, and go through to where the three trouble makers
were at.  Be careful fighting the black mushrooms in here.  They are
very dangerous.  Examine the spot on the hat in order to get to yet
another area.  Then go into Oogies Manor.  A cut scene will quickly
occur.  Light the little pad with fira magic.  Jump up on top of the
bridge.  Keep moving upward, until you come to a door.  Enter the door
for a cut scene to occur.  Kill the trio of mischief makers.  These
aren't really a boss, but a good strategy for them is attack them head
on.  They are quite easy.  They apologize for doing bad.  They of
course blame barrel.  Hit the lever with the keyblade, and leave the
room.  Fall of the ledge and try to land on this black platform.  Once
there, you will see a green door.  Go through the door.  A boss Fight
will occur

|Boss 16  |          Oogie Boogie        |   HP: 450  |   EXP: 2500   |
|This is not an easy battle.  It is time consuming, and annoying.     |
|You must dispose of all the heartless before you can begin to fight  |
|the boogie man.  Watch out for the blades, they are easily dodged,   |
|but your partners can't dodge them.  Keep them alive, though it isn't|
|neccessary, they may be of some help.  This can be extremely hard.   |
|make sure that you keep in mind where Oogie is.  This will make the  |
|match much easier.  The frustrating thing about this battle is, if   |
|you don't have magic, you won't be hurting him much, or very often.  |
|Hit the switches while they are glowing, and while Oogie is near you |
|in order to get up to hit him.  When you can actually reach him, he  |
|won't be able to do too much.  This is the only real chance of having|
|a chance of hitting him.  He tends to throw pumpkins at you before   |
|the switches start glowing.  The only upside is that he has very low |
|hp.  This is the only thing that makes the battle even standable. His|
|shockwaves automatically send you off, so don't worry about falling, |
|because it is inevitable.                                            |

After the battle you get Ansem report 7, and a holy circlet.  The
boogie man isn't done yet though.

|Boss 17  |          Giant OOgie       |    HP: 90each|   EXP: 2500   |
|This is actually not so hard.  All you need to do is attack those    |
|dark orbs.  There are 7 orbs to destroy.  They are fairly easy to    |
|find.  Only the heartless, and fire from the lanterns will be able to|
|damage you                                                           |

After the battle, you lock the door once again, and you get an upgrade
for gravity.  You also get the Pumpkin head keychain.

7.12 Neverland

Board your Gummi Ship and go to the battle level 7 world.  You’ll
arrive on Captain Hook’s Ship and view a large cut scene involving
tinker bell and Peter Pan.  After Peter Pan joins your party (you can
include him in the party or not depending on your preference) use the
save space directly ahead of you.

Go threw the only available door and you will be attacked by a number
of Heartless, including Shadow Sora.  Shadow Sora isn’t all that hard
and even with the other Heartless siding with him he should be easy to

Climb up the first latter and enter the door on the right where Shadow
Sora will grace you with his presence again.  After he leaves be
careful of the barrels as they are actually Barrel Spiders who will
likely explode before you can kill them.  Once your done, jump down the
hole in the floor to the next level.

It looks like you’ve made a new friend, Shadow Sora pays you a visit
here too!  He kicked me and knocked about 40 munny out of me to (which
I got back quickly).  Climb up the latter which is not attached to a
wall and a FMV will take place.

The treasure chest in the forward left-hand side holds a Dispel-G.  You
can now go back to the hold and save if you’d like.  If not then jump
onto the table, then onto the near by shelf then up the hole in the
roof.  Open the door on the right (only one of the two doors will
actually open) and use the green trinity mark in front of the door to
bring down a latter.  You must have Goofy, Donald and Sora in your
party to do this, if you don’t there is a save point in the room where
you can fix this problem.  Even if you have the right party, be sure to
save your game because a boss fight is coming up.  Climb up the latter
for a movie and a boss fight.

|Boss 18  |        Shadow Sora         |    HP: 750   |   EXP: 2000   |
|Like a shadow, he will move around the floor untouchable, most likely|
|early on in the battle too, jump up onto the table when he does that.|
|It’s not a safe haven, but it’s not a bad spot either.  The one      |
|advantage of this move is that he can’t attack you either, giving you|
|a nice chance to heal.  And you’ll need to take that chance because  |
|his attack power is high, even if his defense isn’t.  I recommend    |
|attack him in spurs, get in a few shots on him then move back on the |
|defensive.  Always make sure that you have more then 1/2 your life   |
|available, if you don’t then go on the defensive to give yourself a  |
|chance to heal. If he vanishes it probably means that he’ll re appear|
|in a second and attack you from the front or side, so move away from |
|where he vanished and get ready to jump or dodge.  When Shadow Sora  |
|gets low on HP he will split into 3 beings, one will be his true self|
|and the others will disappear (but not for good) when you hit them.  |
|When this happens it’s important that you try and find the real one  |
|(the one that you can hit more then a couple times) and stick with   |
|him, if you lose him then you may have to waste your time on the     |
|other two fakes.  Remember to keep on the move during this part as   |
|the two fakes can still cause some damage to you and will if they get|
|a chance.  This boss isn’t the toughest one you’ve faced, but he’s   |
|certainly right up there so be careful, if you do win you get a      |
|Raven’s Claw.                                                        |

After the battle, look on the side of the bed to find a Treasure Chest
containing Dalmatians 88-90.  Examine the wall near the door to open
the hatch, go down the hatch were you will find Wendy and Peter Pan
will leave your party.  You have another opportunity to save your game
here and if you open the Treasure Chest you will receive a Protega

Exit through the near by door and return to the room where you fought
Shadow Sora.  You can now go through the door and watch a small cut
scene (in addition to gaining a higher level of healing).  Choose a
party and get ready to fight Captain Hook.  You can also fly now, the
game will give you the basics on it but it’s basically like swimming.

Finish off the enemies around the ship, this will be your warm-up for
the battle against Captain Hook.

|Boss 19  |        Captain Hook        |    HP: 900   |   EXP: 3400   |
|First off, ignore the Heartless.  For every one you kill a new one   |
|will take it’s place making attacking them pretty futile.  Captain   |
|Hook, like Shadow Sora, is pretty good offensively without a solid   |
|defense.  Just keep hacking at him, backing off every now and then to|
|heal (make sure you always have at least half your HP intact).  Don’t|
|bother flying too him too, because he seems to dodge you more when   |
|you attack him from the air.  Eventually the Heartless Pirate Ship   |
|above will start firing at you from below.  Like I said, don’t bother|
|attacking it, it will be replaced.  Keep an eye on it all the same   |
|though, you don’t want to get hit by it’s attacks.  Also keep in mind|
|that Captain Hook can’t fly, but you can use magic in the air, there |
|still is a chance that you’ll get attacked of course, but it’s a much|
|safer place to go to and heal if your in trouble.  If you keep at    |
|Captain Hook eventually he will fall.  You will get the Ars Arcanum  |
|ability and Ansem’s Report 9.                                        |

After a cut scene tinker bell will tip you to the location of the
keyhole and you will land in a city.  Run around the platform your
currently on to find a Treasure Chest containing Dalmatians 43-45.
After that fly off the platform and you will see that you were actually
on the clock tower.  Hit the edge of the long hand three times to seal
up Neverland.

After another FMV you’ll learn the Tinker Bell Summon, obtain Fairy
Harp and the Glide ability.  On the level directly above Wendy is a
save spot where you may save your game and board the Gummi Ship.  You
can now go to the Hercules Tournament if you so choice (See Sidequests
8.3).  If you don’t want to then head to Traverse Town to speak with
Cid.  After an FMV, Cid will give you a Transformer-G and you can head
to Hallow Bastion.  Good luck!

7.13 Hallow Bastion

Welcome to a very hard level.  I suggest you level up before coming
here if you need to.  It starts with a bit of dialogue.  A short
cut scene will occur after you move a little bit into the level.  Here
you lose the keyblade >_<.  Goofy and Donald follow Riku here, as
Sora is left with the wood sword.  Beast will start to fall, and
Sora will try and help him.  Sora will now be joined by the Beast.
Your weapon is weaker now, but our partner is a lot better, having a
whole lot of HP to boot.  Go to the castle gates (don't worry ou won't
fall off.  Go to the right a little bit, and you will come to
an elevator.  Hit the switches if you want, and go down into the ice
cavern.  Remember, let beast battle, and you use magic when you can
(If you didn't leave the wand behind, you'll be better off here).
Once in the cave, go in the bubble to the right.  Hit the switches, and
you'll eventually wind up in a new area.  This level can get pretty
confusing, so stay alert.  With only the wooden sword, it can be hard
too.  After hitting the last switch, go to the castle gate and enter.
A cut scene occurs, and now beast leaves you.  You will now encounter a
boss battle

|Boss 17  |           Riku               |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|With the keyblade back in hand, you should be ready to let her rip.  |
|Though beast is gone, Donald and Goofy are back with you.  Let them  |
|be bait if necessary.  He is really powerful.  Keep your HP as high  |
|as you possibly can.  Riku will jump around a lot, so keep chasing   |
|him.  This battle isn't as hard as many claim it to be.  Make sure   |
|that you just keep your HP high, and your partners alive.            |

After the battle, Beast will rejoin you, and with the keyblade, the
three of you (your other partner whoever he may be).  Go into the
library to the left, pick up Kharma 8 (the red book) and place it in
the shelf.  A new area will become available.    You must get all the
books and put them back in their rightful places.  This isn't too hard.
The first three emblem pieces are rather easy.  1st, move the 2
statues, and you will get one.  2nd, light all the candles to get
another.  One of the statues are moved regularly, while the other is
moved by breaking the vases next to them.  Casting thunder on the
thunder stone gets yet another one.  Now there is only one left.  The
last one, you basically have, just go get the treasure chest down on
the 2nd floor (considering your comming from the 3rd floor).  Now I
suggest you save it.  Go through the Heart Door on floor 2 whenever you
are ready.  A cut scene will occur.  Now for another at of a puzzle.
Go through to the top of the castle, and hit switches to get to new
places.  You will arrive on a large thing, there is a switch that will
lower a block.  Use it, and continue on.  Remember you must defeat
enemies in order to hit switches. Hit the switch just beond that, and
you will climb to a new place on top of those blocks.  You will
eventually come to a new place.  You will see a short cut scene.  Be
sure you are prepared.  A boss fight will occur.

|Boss 18  |           Malifecent         |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|Start the battle out, by attacking her pedestal.  Let your partners  |
|take care of the heartless.  You can attack her at any time, and do  |
|so.  Watch for her powerful magic attacks.  She isn't so hard if you |
|keep yourself healed after she uses them.  Its useful to have Donald |
|for his magic.   You want to have a good ammount of health for her   |
|lightning and meteor attacks.  This batle isn't as hard as you might |
|think it to be.  It is actually quite easy, just slash and cure!     |

After the battle, Maleficent will turn to the darkness again.  You will
get a new ability, and Ansems report 5.  Save it, and when you are
ready, go up to the dark orb.  A very short cut scene will appear
again.  The darkness in Malificent will be brought out.  Malificent
doesn't seem to mind of course.  A new boss battle will begin.

|Boss 19  |           Malifecent Dragon  |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|This boss has a lot of HP.  Too much if you ask me.  The shock wave  |
|attack, though easily dodged, needs to be avoided.  Another evil     |
|attack it has, is the green fire breath.  This is tough, and not so  |
|easy to dodge.  Keep yourself cured after being hit.  It will also   |
|do a twisting attack, and slash at you.  Also, it will bite at you   |
|which is very fast, and particularly dangerous.  Make sure you stay  |
|out of the way then.  Always stay out of the fire, and keep cured.   |
|One of the toughest parts of the battle, is when it starts spitting  |
|fire in every direction.  You have to run to dodge, and you can't    |
|cast the cure spell easily.  This makes it too easy to die.  If you  |
|have one of your characters set to cure hp often, you will do better.|
|You may need to gain levels if you can't seem to win after a while.  |
|If your not at least 40, you should gain levels now.  Also, you need |
|to make sure you have a good amount of MP.  This will make the       |
|battle a little easier.  If you can get it down to the last green bar|
|your doing alright, but if not, gain some levels.  It will help you  |
|in the long run as well.  A good tip is to let your partners do all  |
|of the work.  All you need is a lot of potions, and cures, and cure  |
|them.  They'll even eventually revive on their own.  This will help  |
|tremendously if you are having problems. Use glide to dodge, and cure|
|them when they are hurt.  Having them do all the work is helpful     |

Huan Nguyen aka DB offers additional tactics for Malifecent Dragon:

“Before entering her lair, equip Sora with all the summon enhance
items.  After Malifecent turn into a dragon, run and hide behind the
tree stump where she is facing, all her or most her attack wont get you
there then summon up Simba and charge attack her.  It should bring her
down quickly, next get genie and for the finale use Dumbo to Watergun
her.  If you did it right you shouldn't have to use any of the

After the VERY tough battle, go to the main hall.  There a cut scene
will occur. A new battle will occur!

|Boss 20  |           Riku (Anesm)       |    HP:unknown|   EXP: ??   |
|This boss is a lot easier than the last one, but that doesn't mean   |
|you can slack off.  Use Arcanum if you can.  This will help a lot.   |
|You have no partners, so keep in mind to heal yourself, as no one can|
|help you.  This battle can be tough if you forget to cure.  When he  |
|starts moving around real fast, glide, and you should be safe.  He   |
|will start doing this when his HP is about to the green bar.  He also|
|has a lightning attack you need to dodge.                            |

Now a strange thing happens.  A cut scene occurs, and Sora comes out
looking different.  Very different.  Get to the entrance, fall off if
you must.  Go up to Donald and the rest.  Talk to them.  A strange
event will occur.  The heartless are after everyone.  Soon things
will be back to normal.  Beast will help everyone, and he will tell
everyone to leave.  You should do so.  Hallow Bastion is complete!
for now....

7.14 Traverse Town 3

There are now two hidden bosses that you can fight.  More details are
available in the Side Quests section of this FAQ below.  You can use to
fight them now or move on with the game...

You will automatically go to Traverse Town again where you speak with
Leon.  Speak to him again and you’ll find out that the Princesses are
probably back at Hallow Baston.  Talk to Yuffie who will comment that
the Heartless are getting stronger.  And she’s right, every Heartless
you face from here on will be much stronger then they were before.

Now, head back to the first district and speak to Cid.  He’ll explain
that to get back to Hallow Baston you’ll need a new Navigation Gummi.
After Cid’s done talking head to the secret waterway where you will see
Kairi and a white trinity mark.  The Trinity Marker gives you an

If you talk to Kairi she will hint that you should approach the mural,
do so and you will obtain Navi-Gummi.  Head back towards Kairi for
another cut scene.  She will give you the Oathkeeper.  Go up the
Platform to Merlin’s house and speak to the Fairy Godmother for the
Mushu Summon.  Finally, head back to the first distract and speak to

Before you leave, stock up on supplies, find postcards, train, do
whatever you’d like to prepare yourself.  This would also be an ideal
time to do any Side Quests you have yet to complete.

Once you feel ready exit to the world map and enter the new wormhole
which will take you back to Hallow Baston.

Senseigurl offers some things to do in your second trip to Hallow
Baston that will make the rest of the game easier:

“To get all the even numbered reports, go to Hollow Battalion after
you've defeated it the 2nd time and talk to Aeris on the first floor of
the library.

 On the 2nd trip to Hollow Battalion, take the same route you did the
first time to get to the top of the tower. You may also want to go talk
to Belle on the 2nd floor of the library. She will hand Sora a weapon.
IT is a good weapon to equip.

After keyhole has been sealed, go to the library that if you talk to
Aerith some more, she'll upgrade your cure magic.”

                          8. Side Quests

8.1 Phil Cup

When can you do this? After sealing the lock to Traverse Town
What do you get? Gravity Spell
Where is it? Olympia Coliseum

Speak to Phil inside the Coliseum and request to enter the Phil Cup.
In order to win the Phil Cup you must face 9 groups of opponents and
beat them all.

Here are the matches:

#1 – Seed 9 – Powerwild (x4), Soldier (x3)
#2 – Seed 8 – Powerwild, Green Requiem (x2), Red Nocturne (x2), Yellow
Opera (x5)
#3 – Seed 7 – Hammerlegs, Powerwild (x4)
Tip- Be careful of the Hammerlegs’ short ranged attacks.  It might be
best to eliminate the Powerwilds before moving onto Hammerlegs.
#4 – Seed 6 – Red Nocturne (x5), Yellow Opera (x5)
Tip- Keep moving, if you stay still for any given amount of time the
Nocturne’s will hit you with their magic.
#5 – Seed 5 – Large Body, Powerwild (x5)
Tip- Take out the Powerwilds first and then try to attack Large Body
from behind whenever possible.
#6 – Seed 4 – Gauntlets, Blue Rhapsody (x3), Shadow (x4)
Tip- Quickly defeat the Shadows and then the Blue Rhapsodies.  Watch
out for the Gauntlets spin attack.
#7 – Seed 3 – Large Body (x2), Green Rhapsody (x6)
Tip- Take out the Green Rhapsodies first, if you’ve gone this far
without healing your in good shape, if not, don’t worry but save some
Cure for the last 2 matches.
#8 – Seed 2 – Gauntlets, Hammerlegs, Powerwilds (x4)
Tip- After destroying the Powerwilds I recommend taking on the part
that gave you the most trouble first, for me that’s the Gauntlets.
#9 – Seed 1 – Armored Torso, Yellow Opera (x4), Blue Rhapsody (x4)
Tip- quickly take out the Blue Rhapsodies and Yellow Operas, don’t stay
still until you do.  The Armored Torso isn’t overly hard to defeat, but
it can cause some damage if your not careful.

8.2 Pegasus Cup

When can you do this? After finishing the Monstro level
What do you get? Strike Raid
Where is it? Olympia Coliseum

Speak to Phil inside the Coliseum and request to enter the Phil Cup.
In order to win the Pegasus Cup you must face 9 groups of opponents and
beat them all.  Make sure to equip yourself with Dodge Roll and Second
Chance before beginning these battles.

#1 – Seed 9 – Search Ghost (x2), Bandit, Air Soldier (x3)
The Search Ghosts keep teleporting away, so it might be best to take
out the Bandits and Air Soldiers first so they aren’t bothering you
while you case around the 2 Search Ghosts.
#2 – Seed 8 – Bandit (x2), Barrel Spider (x3), Shadow (x4)
Don’t get too close to the Barrel Spiders because they will Self-
#3 – Seed 7 – Fat Bandit, Large Body (x2), Pot Spider, Barrel Spider
Attack the Fat Bandit and the Large Body from behind to do the most
damage, stay away from the Barrel Spider.
#4 – Seed 6 – Pot Spider (x5), Yellow Opera (x3), Green Requiem (x2)
Kill the Yellow Opera and Green Requiem first as they seem to pose to
bigger threat with their long ranged magic.
#5 – Seed 5 – Fat Bandit (x2), Search Ghost (x4)
They’ll be fire magic flying everywhere in this match, so keep moving.
It’s probably easiest to kill off the Fat Bandits first.
#6 – Seed 4 – Black Fungus (x3)
They do a short-ranged poison attack so keep your distance and wait for
them to finish it before going in for the kill.  Don’t bother wasting
Magic in this match, as you will need it for curing yourself.  Also do
not attack them while they’re silver as you will not inflict any
damage, just stay back and wait for them to return to their normal
#7 – Seed 3 – Barrel Spider (x5), Pot Spider (x5)
Keep your distance and let the Barrel Spiders and Pot Spiders blow
themselves up.
#8 – Seed 2 – Fat Bandit (x3), Large Body (x2)
If at all possible stay behind them at all times.  The bulk of their
offensive power is only useful when you’re in front of them.  Stay on
the move during this fight and don’t bother trying to take any one of
them out in one blow.
#9 – Seed 1 – Leon and Yuffie
Go after Yuffie first as she will act as a healer in this battle.  But
that’s not to say she doesn’t have any good attacks of her own, when
she jumps into the air she will probably launch a long ranged attack at
you, so use the dodge roll to keep up with her when she jumps away.
Also avoid Leon like the plague at the beginning of this fight, he’s
very tough and there is no way you can win this battle if Leon keeps
hacking at you when you’re trying to finish off Yuffie.  If you manage
to hit Yuffie’s attack at the last second, it’ll give you 4 Tech
Points, still this battle is too tough to focus on just getting Tech
Points.  They’re both very fast, so you have to be somewhat patient,
attack Yuffie at the chances you get but give yourself plenty of time
to dodge away from Leon.  It may help if you cast stop on Leon while
you try and quickly finish off Yuffie and I mean quickly because Stop
won’t last very long.  After that the fight becomes a lot easier for a
little while.  Hack away at Leon until he falls far back, he will most
likely jump up in the air and come down with a powerful ground attack.
Dodge it any way you can then resume your attack.  He’s quick, but not
so quick that he can avoid all 3 of you at once.  Eventually he’ll
power up his Gunblade and the battle will get tricky again.  Chances
are at this point if you charge at him he will get in a power hit or
two on you but not if he’s recovering from launching one of his
attacks.  Wait until he attacks, dodge it, then you’ll probably be able
to get in 3 of your own before he has a chance to get in another one.
If you can successfully continue this routine then you’ll eventually
win this match.

8.3 Hercules Cup

When can you do this? After sealing Neverland and Halloween Town
What do you get? Herc’s Shield, ability to use Yellow Trinity Marks
Where is it? Olympia Coliseum

#1 - Seed 9- Gargoyle (x5), Shadow (x3)
This is a fairly easy battle.  Go after one of the gargoyles, and
foucs solely on that one.  Use Glide if you have it to reach them
better.  Do not focus on the shadows, as donald and goofy will easily
dispose of them.  Keep focusing on a single Gargoyle, and let goofy
and donald do most of the work.  Keep yourself cured as best as

#2 - Seed 8- Wight Knight (x4), Air Pirate, Barrel Spider (x2)
Start by attacking the Wight Knights.  Make sure that you get them
together, and you can damage them together.  Let Donald and Goofy
attack the Barrel Spiders, as they can do damage to you when they
die.  Keep yourself cured, and if you aren't at full health at the
beginning of the battle, get it that way.  After you defeat the 4
wight knights, focus on the Air Pirate.  The battle will soon be over.

#3 - Seed 7- Battleship, Pirate (x4)
This can be tough, as the battleship has a lot of HP.  Keep your
focus on it while you can reach it.  When you can't reach it, hit the
pirates.  Try keeping your focus on the battleship, as it can do the
most damage.  Donald and Goofy will probably work on the pirates
while you try and take down the battleship.  If the battleship is out
of reach, try using magic on it.  The pirates aren't even a real
threat in this battle.  After defeating the battleship, quickly
dispose of the pirates, and get ready to move on to Seed 6.

#4 - Seed 6- Gargoyle (x4), Wight Knight (x3)
Take out the Wight knights first if you can.  Make sure to try and
keep the Gargoyles from comming near you by attacking them.  If you
have any specials, use them, as they will be of great help to you.
After getting rid of the 3 Wight Knights, defeat the Gargoyles, one
by one.  Once you have it down to one, use the time to cure up, and
get ready for the last battle.  let your partners do the work if you

#5 - Seed 5- Rare Truffle
This is just a warm up for the next battle.  Cure up if neccesary,
and attack the single truffle.  Once it is disposed, prepare yourself

#6 - Seed 4- Cloud
Cloud has gotten better sine the last time you fought him.  Remember,
he will use the dashing move very often, you need to dodge it as much
as possible.  Keep yourself in good health.  This battle may be a
long one.  Glide is useful to dogge his moves, and can be used many
times to get yourself out of his reach.  Wait until he plunges his
sword into the ground, and whack away at him.  Keep this up for a
while, and continue to cure yourself.  If you follow these steps, you
should do fine. Rememeber, attacking him from the back, while hard as
it may be, is much more effective.  Once he gets into low HP, he will
use magic moves, which aren't easy to dodge.  Cure everytime you need
to during this crucial stage.  Use your special as often as possible,
but remember to watch your HP guage.  When you beat him, you get the
Metal Chocobo Keychain!

#7 - Seed 3 – Wight Knight, Gargoyle (x2), Pirate (x2), Air Pirate (x2)
Take care of the enemies in air first.  Leave thje ground enemies to
oyur partners.  Also remember to heal as often as you can.  It is
helpful to get them into a corner once in a while.  That way, they
can't dodge as easy.  But neither can you.  Take out the Land enemies
only as neccesary, if they do some damage, take them out.

#8 - Seed 2 – Battleship (x2), Pirate (x2), Air Pirate
This battle is hard, because of the 2 battleships.  Try taking the 2
regular pirates out quickly, then going for the air guy.  Then take
the battleships on one at a time.  Using magic may be helpful, but
remember, save your spells for healing, which will be needed.  If you
have potions use them too.  Gravity spells seem to be quite helpful
in this battle too though.

#9 - Seed 1 - Hercules
You didn't equip all your potions and ethers to goofy and/or Donald....
did you?  If so, this battle can prove to be much harder.  You go at it
alone in this one.  Do not bother fighting Hercules while he is
glowing, because he is invincible.   In order to stop this, throw a
barrel at him.  Doing so makes him Temporarily vulnerable.  While he is
vulnerable, attack him full strength.  Keep curing however, as you
don't want to lose your life, and lose the battle.  He will usually
come off with a strong punch, not to worry, they aren't too hard to
dodge. He will pose once in a while (show off), this is your chance to
hit him with the barrel. Keep watching how he moves, and you should do
good.  Once you finish the battle, you get Herc's shield for Goofy!

8.4 Hades Cup

When can you do this? After sealing Hallow Baston
What do you get? Genji Shield, Lionheart, Ansem’s Report 8, Trinity
Where is it? Olympia Coliseum

#1 – Seed 49 – Soldier (x3), Shadow (x7)
This very long series of matches starts of simple.  Just pound the
Soldier’s.  Donald and Goofy will probably take out the Shadows quickly
then come and help you finish them off.

#2 – Seed 48 – Wright Knight (x3), Powerwild (x4)
Focus on taking out the Powerwild’s quickly then move onto the Wright
Knights.  The Wright Knights are pretty quick but their attacks don’t
seem to do as much damage.

#3 – Seed 47 – Hammerlegs, Pirate (x4), Shadow (x2)
Ignore the shadows because eventually your friends will kill them.  The
feet will keep jumping on you if you deal with the Pirate’s first so
run up to the feet and take them out from a short range.  If they go
into the air then move back so you aren’t hit when they land back at
the ground.  Best to avoid them with a Dodge Roll or simply running
because they will attack you if you jump into the air.

#4 – Seed 46 – Powerwild, Pot Spider (x8)
This match isn’t to difficult if you remember that Pot Spider’s self-
destruct.  Let them blow themselves up (stay away from the blast) and
then pick off the lone Powerwild.

#5 – Seed 45 - Rare Truffle
There may be reasons why you’d want to fight the Rare Truffle.  But
seeing as it runs away without attacking you, for the purposes of
winning the Hades Cup this is a simple and quick match.

#6 – Seed 44 – Yuffie
Yuffie is very quick.  If she jumps up in the air be prepared to dodge
to the left or right as she will attack directly in front of her and
directly below her.  If you can get her in a corner you can inflict a
good deal of damage to her quickly, especially if you use an attack
like Arcanum.  If you get her down to green (which shouldn’t take long)
her jump attacks will go from random directions (and sometimes at
multiples of 3 too) making it hard to advance on her.  To make things
harder, sometimes when you finally do get close enough to attack she’ll
engulf herself in fire damaging any nearby allies or yourself.  Luckily
she doesn’t have a lot of HP so if you just keep trying to get short
range attacks on her, eventually you’ll win.  Just make sure to be
quick about it because she can heal herself a bit if you wait too long.
You’ll get a Genji Shield for beating her.

#7 – Seed 43 – Bandit (x3), Pirate (x4)
After Yuffie, this is a breeze.  Take down the Pirates first if you can
as you’ll need breathing room to block and dodge the Bandit’s sword
attacks and dodge them when they fall down because they do a jump kick
on their way back up.

#8 – Seed 42 - Defender (x1), Wight Knight (x3), Soldier (x2)
Take out the Wight Knights and the Soldiers first.  The Defender is the
toughest of this matches opponents but he doesn’t have any good long-
range attacks, so if you don’t bother him, he has little choose but to
not bother you.  After that focus on staying behind the Defender and
hacking at him as much as possible.  I don’t recommend using attacks
like Arcanum for this match, save your MP for later.

#9 – Seed 41 – Bandit, Powerwild (x2), Large Body, Fat Bandit, Soldier
Focus on the Bandit, Powerwilds, and Soldier first.  With any luck you
should bring those four to their knees quickly.  Avoid being directly
in front of the Large Body and especially the Fat Bandit until this
task is complete.  Afterwards it’s just a simple matter of getting
behind the Large Body and Fat Bandit and depleting their respective HP.
Just be careful of one attacking you while your fighting the other one
from behind.  If possible finish off the Fat Bandit, who does the most
long-range damage before the Large Body.

#10 – Seed 40 – Behemoth
This battle isn’t as hard as it may seem.  Go behind the Behemoth and
climb onto it’s back.  Once on it’s back run over to it’s horn and
attack it with Arcanum and regular combos.  Eventually he’ll shake you
off and you must go around him and climb back on again.  Don’t bother
trying to attack him head on because he can inflict to much damage to
you that way.  After raising his horn from a rest he’ll attack you with
Thundara, which shouldn’t be too big a problem if you have about half
your HP still and especially if you have Second Chance.  Also he’ll
move around a bit during the match.  If your on top of him this isn’t a
big concern, but if you aren’t give Behemoth some space so he doesn’t
hit you while he’s changing positions.  Eventually he’ll also start to
shot energy balls at you.  At this point it is important to keep your
HP at about 3/4th full at all times.  Winning this battle upgrades your
Ice Magic.

#11 – Seed 39 – Search Ghost, Red Nocturne (x8)
Keep moving so as not to get hit by the constant stream of magic and
take out all of the Red Nocturnes.  Once that’s done focus your
attention on the Search Ghost, if your teammates haven’t already killed
him that is.  If they haven’t just attack Search Ghost as you normally
would until it falls.

#12 – Seed 38 – Gargoyle (x2), Blue Rhapsody (x7)
Again, start off with the small flying magic-users, but this time you
have to watch out for the Gargoyle’s attacks.  Although they don’t have
any good long range attacks, if you allow them to get too close they
will hurt you.  The Gargoyle’s attacks aren’t very quick though, so
when their turn comes you shouldn’t have too much trouble destroying
them before they lay a hand on you. (note- just after I won this match
Donald casted Aero on me.  What a waste...)

#13 – Seed 37 – Guard Armor, Blue Rhapsody (x2), Red Nocturne (x2)
Guard Armor is stronger then he was before, but he’s still not too
strong.  Focus on the Blue Rhapsody and Red Nocturne first just to get
them out of the way then move on to Guard Armor.  Because Guard Armor
keeps detaching himself and hitting you with various parts, it really
doesn’t matter which part of it you want to destroy first, just as long
as you destroy it all in the end.

8.4 Sephiroth

I plan to have lots of info available on Sephiroth.  However, for the
moment, tips/advice/strategies on Sephiroth from other people who are
nice enough to offer them to me for the purpose of putting it in this
FAQ will go here.

Sephiroth_ZeRØ offers this strategy for Sephiroth:

“This is a strategy that will allow you to, reasonably easily, defeat
Sephiroth at a level of only 50 or higher and not have to use one

Make sure yoou have Aero/a/ga and Cure/a/ga on the quick cast menu.
Also, have the abilities Second Chance, Dodge Roll, MP rage
(preferably x2) and Glide. (I may have missed a few essential
abilities, but you can add those if you want) You can then spend the
rest of your AP on whatever you want.

When the battle starts, cast Aero/a/ga and then jump and glide (Not
Super Glide) at him. As soon as he swings his sword, get in position
to attack him and do so. If you have a four hit combo, as soon as he
disappears, manually lock (R1) on to him. This will tell you where
he is before he reappears. Dodge appropriately. Cast Aero/a/ga and
Cure/a/ga as needed. Also, if you jump and then cast a spell, he
won't be able to hit you. Continue this until his health gets to the
point where you can see his orange bar of health. Once you can see
this, he will back off and run  at you. Once he gets close to you,
he will disappear. AS SOON AS HE DISAPPEARS, manually lock onto him.
This will tell you where he is. Immediately dodge roll at him and
hit him to stop him from casting Sin Harvest. Now, you must keep the
battle near the center. If you keep it on the center two tiles that
are length-wise, you will be able to dodge roll, to ANY point in the
arena faster than he can cast Sin Harvest, so when he disappears,
lock onto him and roll there. After a little while, he will use an
attack where the screen turns purple. As soon as the screen turns
purple, cast Aero/a/ga whether you need it or not. Not just stand
there and quick cast Cure/a/ga. For some reason, he will only hit
you every second pass and you will not die. Once he is done, he will
cast a lightning spell on you. AS SOON AS HE CASTS THIS SPELL, GET A
LOCK ON HIM! He will immediately disappear and reappear somewhere
else and cast Sin Harvest, so even if you have 1hp left, make sure
you stop him from casting this before you heal. Once his HP bar
turns green, he will start to glow and cast some new spells. Just
continue to use Aero/a/ga and Cure/a/ga as needed. This way, you
will have defeated him without even using ONCE elixir! Now you can
level that much easier!

NOTE! If he does hit you with Sin Harvest, use a Hi-Potion. This
will allow you to take one hit. This will recharge your MP bar
enough to heal and then keep casting it until you have enough for
Aero/a/ga. Can't get much easier than that? It still takes some
skill, but it is much easier than some of the strategies I have read.

This strategy was developed and tested by me, Sephiroth_ZeRØ”

From Gustavo Gil:

“Sephiroth: Platinum match at the Coliseum.

Sephiroth is practically a melee fight all the time. Cast Aero magic
fast to lessen his damage. Keep hitting him all the time, back away to
heal and recast Aero when needed.

His attacks: Swing: Hard damage.
            Fire collums: Does it when near him. Hard damage as well.
            Halo attack: Instantly drains your MP and leaves you with 1
HP. Hit him before he casts it to stop him or have an Elixir on hand
and be far away from him.
            Flying attack: He becomes invincible while doing this.
Flies around hitting you. Finishes with bolts from the ground.
            Darkballs: Does this when low on HP.

Ice Titan: Gold Match at Coliseum.

This fight you need to fight with strategy. His attacks are:

Small Icicle projectiles: Sends these a lot, you can hit them and and
they home in back to his head hitting him. This is the most important
part of the fight.

Large Icicle projectiles: Sends these after getting hit a lot. Just
dodge them.

Ice balls: They appear above you. Decent damage. Easily dodged.

Freeze breath: Freezes a part of the stands. Standing on a frozen part
makes you slip and fall for a few secs. If he hits you directly, it
freezes you and does pretty hard damage.

Area Freeze: When he’s standing and moving his arms, he’s gonna freeze
half the area he’s looking at. If he freezes you, hard damage.

Floor punch: Ice columns appear below you. Decent damage.

After a few hits from his own crystals, he’ll fall down. Cast Aero
magic and swing at his head. After he stands up, each time he moves
around, a different attack of his will appear when he’s moving. 1)
Icicle projectiles. 2) Icicle projectiles + Ice balls.”

8.5 Hidden Bosses

I plan to have lots of info available on the Hidden Bosses.  However,
for the moment, tips/advice/strategies on Hidden Bosses from other
people who are nice enough to offer them to me for the purpose of
putting it in this FAQ will go here.

From Ron Williams:

“After you get kicked out of Hollow Bastion the first time and all the
worlds difficulties get increased, both Agrabah and Neverland get
hidden bosses.  In Agrabah go back to Aladdin’s hide out and talk to
Carpet.  He'll take you to the first one.  This boss is HARD.  Fist
thing he did to me was seal away all magic.  You have to destroy the
orbs in his hands.  Once that is done, he falls down for a little bit
and you can hit him in the head to cause real damage.  And after you
destroy the orbs you get your magic back.  Then after it gets back up,
you have to hit it with magic until its shield drops and it falls again
and the cycle starts over.  In the no magic form, it has a very deadly
attack were it spins into the air and comes after you.  I don’t know if
it has any others because this killed me.

The boss in Neverland you have to pick up Peter Pan from the save point
and find Tinkerbell on the ship.  I have not done this yet, so I have
no help for that one.”

From Gustavo Gil:

“Kurt Zisa: Talk to Carpet in Aladdin's house.

I suggest using Aero/Aerora/Aeroga at the begining fast before he
cancels out your magic. Then slash away at the orbs. Quickly, heal and
slash away at the head.After a few hits, he'll stand up. He'll make a
barrier. I think Thunder magic works best since magic is the only thing
that hurts it. Repeat after he falls down. Now when hacking at him,
make sure to summon Tinkerbell. She'll be a lifesaver from here on.
Again, use Aero magic before he cancels it out. Now, Aero and
Tinkerbell should keep you alive but when he comes in for the swipe,
Dodgeroll away just before he hits you. Repeat the same process for the
rest of the fight. When he's in Yellow/Green Life, he'll start using
more attacks when surrounded by the barrier.

Phantom: At Neverland, talk to Tinkerbell with Peter Pan.

This was the hardest one, no doubt about it.
He has a few attacks to worry about.

1) Normal hit: Hits hard. To evade go down.
2) Ball: The ball follows you and if it catches you, it'll drain your
life unless you heal yourself fast. To evade: Go around the Clock Tower
so it gets stuck on a wall. It should disappear after a while.
3) Marks a character with a number above his head. Clock starts to
work. If it reaches 12, the character dies and can't be revived. Target
the handles and cast Stop magic on them to stop the process. You'll
have to do it again after it wears off.

To damage him, hit the ball below him:
Red ball: Fire magic.
Blue ball: Blizzard magic.
Yellow ball: Thunder magic.
Light blue/White ball: Physical attack.”

8.6 Dalmatian List

Pretty much what the title says it is.  This list is now completed to
the best of my knowledge.  Thanks to all those who helped out ^_^

| #   |                Where to find them...                          |
|01-03|On the rock behind Merlin’s house, Traverse Town               |
|04-06|Is behind the red trinity mark to the left of Cid's accessory  |
|     |shop, Traverse Town*                                           |
|07-09|In the Synthesis Shop, Traverse Town                           |
|10-12|Is in the sewers, go up the steps behind Leon, Traverse Town*  |
|13-15|Ontop of a ledge in the Queen’s Castle, Alice in Wonderland    |
|16-18|In the back of Lotus Forest on a platform, Alice in Wonderland |
|19-21|Using the high exit in the forest it's in the treasure chest   |
|     |either left or right of the door, Wonderland*                  |
|22-24|Use the trinity left of the entrance in the Coliseum, Olympus* |
|25-27|End of the Swamps in Hippos’ Lagoon, Deep Jungle               |
|28-30|On a platform in Vines 2, Deep Jungle                          |
|31-33|Use the Trinity Mark at the Tree House, Deep Jungle            |
|34-36|Use the Trinity Mark in the Camp Site, Deep Jungle             |
|37-39|In Aladdin’s house, Agrabah                                    |
|40-42|Is hidden in the pumpkin patch, Halloween town*                |
|43-45|On the clock tower, Neverland                                  |
|46-48|In the market where the pot centipede fight starts, it is to   |
|     |the left and across (easier to get with glide), Agrabah*       |
|49-51|Use glide to reach the pedestal in the first room of the Cave  |
|     |of wonders, Agrabah*                                           |
|52-54|Use Aladdin in the treasure room to activate the crystals, Cave|
|     |of Wonders, Agrabah*                                           |
|55-57|In monstro's 3rd section near the exit to the 6th section*     |
|58-60|When you enter the queen's room from the rabbit house go       |
|     |through the heart and turn right, use high jump to get it,     |
|     |Wonderland*                                                    |
|61-63|In Hollow Bastion, Talk to the 5 princesses in the Castle      |
|     |Chapel, Then enter the grand hall, the Dalmatians will be on   |
|     |the ledge of machinery, tucked in to the corner on the         |
|     |left-hand side. Hollow Bastion, Grand hall, 2nd trip**         |
|64-66|Go through the doors in the pumpkin patch next to the floating |
|     |platform it is behind a coffin, Halloween Town*                |
|67-69|Underneath the steps to the house with the spider doorbell,    |
|     |Halloween Town*                                                |
|70-72|Use high jump and glide to get into the giant pumpkin statue,  |
|     |Halloween Town*                                                |
|73-75|In Monstro's mouth look for a red chest when the water level   |
|     |changes*                                                       |
|76-78|In the 3rd chamber in monstro climb to the top of the platforms|
|     |then glide to the chest*                                       |
|79-81|On a Platform in Camber 5, Monstro                             |
|82-84|Fly to the top of the first room past the brig, Neverland*     |
|85-87|Use the yellow trinity inside the ship, Neverland*             |
|88-90|At the side of the bed after you fight Shadow Sora, Neverland  |
|91-93|Hop down from the starting platform, move forward, and locate  |
|     |the chest behind the rocks, they are in there. Hollow Bastion, |
|     |Rising Falls**                                                 |
|94-96| Enter the castle gates area(from the lift stop), defeat       |
|     |everyone, but do not fall from the platform, Head around the   |
|     |corner and activate the red crystal, this causes a platform to |
|     |move overhead. Get on to it and go to the orange pipe platform,|
|     |there should be a chest floating above, use Gravira on it to   |
|     |lower the chest, the Dalmatians are in there.  Hollow Bastion, |
|     |Castle Gates**                                                 |
|97-99|Use gravira to lower the chest here as well. Hollow Bastion,   |
|     |High tower**                                                   |

*contributed by Baldar Darkmoon
**contributed by Rayne(Jtest_02@yahoo.com)

8.7 Other

“That one time, when you first enter the camp at Deep Jungle, you slide
through the branches, having fun getting hit by them and stuff. And it
had no importance whatsoever. I came back to Deep Jungle after
defeating the Maleficent Dragon. I went to the Treehouse and jumped off
the netting part under it and landed back at the very first time you
find a save point in the Deep Jungle, by the "tunnel". It had a
treasure chest and immediately after you landed, you would get this
pop-up thing that was directions to a mini-game.  You had to collect
about 10 pieces of pear-looking fruits on your way down the branch,
then you get some item as a reward. I went back down the tunnel and
went through the branch-sliding thing again. It still made me collect
the fruits but what's this? I find another under-cliff path separating
the main branch right before you go up the branch and end the sliding.
The main thing is collecting the fruit. I'm not sure but I think you
have to go through each new path one by one until you collect the given
number of fruit--then it'll reveal another pathway until you've gotten
all four.  But where the branch deposits you after the mini-game in
each pathway is still a mystery to me. The under-cliff one left me at
hippo's lagoon, where you could walk out of the water in the second
lake. I could've figured out where the others left me but i quit after
delightfully getting smashed by the cluster of rocks in my way every
second.” - MCrowelehurst

                       9. Coliseum Strategies

This entire section was written by ShadowNess!  Thank you very very


Made specifically for Terran and Mastermind2K's Kingdom Hearts

Created by ShadowNess (XShadowNessX@aol.com)

1.Version History
2.What this guide is for
3.How do you get these matches?
4.Advanced Tips
6.Phil Cup*
7.Pegasus Cup*
8.Hercules Cup*
9.Hades Cup*

*=Not started/done yet.

Hello, my name is *static crackle*, but I go by ShadowNess. This is
actually my first attempt at a good, detailed, not funny, faq. So, it
might not be the best FAQ ever written, but it gives some good
strategies for the Coliseum matches. Send me strategies, because I need
them for this to become a good guide. AND (not nitpicking, don't
worry), this is really the only guide with strategies for the
Preliminaries. If not, I don't look ahead in FAQs, or behind, so I
wouldn't know.

1.Version History
0.1-Started the guide. Done through Cerberus. Send me strats. I need
0.2-Added the introduction. Started on the Phil Cup.

2.What this guide is for
Ever wanted to gain great skills and abilities, while gaining levels?
Well, this guide is for you! Disney and Squaresoft implemented a nice
feature to an already nice game, and this guide will help you through
it. What is this feature? Coliseum matches.

3.How do you get these matches?
Preliminaries:Unlock the Olympus Coliseum, and complete Phil's
training, then go outside, and Hades will give you a pass. You can now
fight in the preliminaries.
Phil Cup:You will unlock this while playing through the game.
Specifically, after locking the Traverse Town keyhole.
Pegasus Cup:Complete Monstro.
Hercules Cup:Finish Neverland and Halloween Town.
Hades Cup:???

4.Advances Tips
Level Up:Yes, level up! A LOT! You really shouldn't be fighting in the
Pegasus Cup at level 17! That's only good for the PRELIMINARIES!

Dodge Roll:Use this during fights with the mages, or any fight with
projectile hurlers.

Guard:You may not have this yet, but if you do, USE IT!

Keychains:Before fighting in any match, find the Keychain that's right
for you.

Cure:GET THIS ASAP! You should visit Deep Jungle and complete it before
going to the preliminaries. This also means you have a good Keychain.


Before the Matches:You should be level 15+, and you also should equip
Sora and Goofy with a lot of potions and hi-potions. Sora should have
Cure on the magic shortcuts menu, along with Thunder and Fire. Maybe
Blizzard, but there will be a lot of Blue Rhapsodies.
1st Match:4 Knights, 3 Blue Rhapsodies.
Simple, simple, simple. Attack the knights first, then go for the
Rhapsodies. OR, if you hate projectiles, leave Donald and Goofy to take
on the knights, and have Sora attack the Rhapsodies.

2nd Match:10 Shadows, 3 Blue Rhapsodies.
Another simple match. Attack the shadows, or use Thunder once. Keep
killing Shadows, and maybe the Blue Rhapsodies (I say leave D&G to go
for the Rhapsodies), and you'll (quite easily) win.

3rd Match:5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Blue Rhapsodies.
Real different. You have to watch out if you're a magic freak,
otherwise you'll kill one enemy, and heal another. Just do some quick
attacking, and have D&G help out. Goofy'll help you when you get low on
health, and you should help yourself, too.

4th Match:2 Shadows, 2 Knights, 3 Red Nocturnes, 3 Blue Rhapsodies.
Quite tough. Take out the Shadows first, then move on to the Nocturnes.
D&G should attack the Knights or the Rhapsodies, unless they're helping
you. Donald will die. Often. So, after the Nocturnes, finish up any
remaining Knights, and finally the Rhapsodies, and you'll move on to a
blizzardy treat...

5th Match:10 Blue Rhapsodies.
Ouch, a lot of Blizzards to be coming at you here. I say start out by
having the Rhapsodies crowd around you and then use Thunder. Use it
again if you have to. Clean up with your Jungle King (or Kingdom Key)
and you'll move on to a hard match...

6th Match:Cloud Strife.
Yes, Cloud. You knew you would have to face him eventually. But he's
really quite simple. Donald and Goofy should attack him full force,
while you stay back, casting either Fire or Thunder. When Cloud comes
after you, dodge roll out of the way, and attack him a few times. He
should retaliate with Sonic Blade, which hurts. When your health gets
low, use potions (if you still have some), or Cure. After a few dodge
rolling/attacking strats, he'll use Sonic Blade like there's no
tomorrow. Dodge Roll even more, and attack when he stops. Eventually,
he'll go down. It may take you a few tries (It took me around... no
tries, because I didn't die), but you'll defeat him eventually. Now, it
seems you won the matches, but there's one more... SAVE HERE, and equip
more potions, if there's any in your inventory.

Final Match:Cerberus.
Uh-oh. This match is hard, and dang cheap, too. You'll find yourself
dodge rolling every 2 seconds. Since Donald will die (lousy @$%#), you
should leave Goofy for closeup attacks.

Cerberus's attacks:
Bite:Minor Damage:Just a bite with all 3 heads. Not too much damage.
Liquid Spit:No damage-Fatal:Cerberus will spit out a liquid that will
follow you wherever you go. Dodge Roll to escape this.
Fireball:Major Damage:Cerberus will spit a large fireball. Very
Liquid Spit+Fireball:No damage-FATAL!:!@#$%!# CHEAP!! Cerberus will
spit out the liquid, which follows you, but he immediately spits out
multiple fireballs to annoy you even more. DODGE ROLL LIKE CRAZY!

After the hell stops, run close to Cerberus' side head (one of them)
and attack TWICE. Move out of the way, because Cerberus will do his
bite attack. After attacking a bunch of times, Cerberus will spit his
liquid, so dodge roll a bunch. After a million attacks, Cerberus will
fall, and you will have completed the Preliminaries! Now, progressing
through the game, more tourneys will open up. Compete in them, and get
good prizes.

6.Phil Cup

Before the Matches:This is an easy cup, with a pretty good prize, so
you should be around Level 23, maybe 25, or higher.
Spells:Well, have the spells you have at this point. Don't worry about
the Shortcuts menu.

Tidbits:Abbreviations are king!
Red Nocturnes:Nocturnes
Blue Rhapsodies:Rhapsodies
Yellow Operas:Operas
Green Requiems:Requiems

If that's confusing, just tell me.

1st Match: 4 Powerwilds, 3 Knights.
Easy, easy, easy. Focus on the Powerwilds, and ONLY the Powerwilds.
They're the only real threats in this match. D&G will take on the other
Powerwilds, and sometimes the Knights, so focus on the Powerwilds, and
the match will end.

2nd Match: 1 Powerwild, 5 Operas, 2 Nocturnes, 2 Requiems.
Monkeys and bolts and flames, oh my! First, go for the Requiems. Then,
focus on the Powerwild. Finally, GO FOR THE OPERAS! Who really cares
about the Nocturnes? THERE'S 5 OPERAS! So, take care of them with
airborne combos. Then do the same for the Nocturnes. Another easy

3rd Match: 4 Powerwilds, 1 Hammerlegs.
Beware the Hammerlegs, they're the Guard Armor's legs, except in a
different color. Go for the Powerwilds first. After them (should be
easy, you ARE level 23, right?), the Hammerlegs shouldn't be any
problem. Attack those legs a lot. It'll give you some EXP (20), so you
might level up.

4th Match: 5 Nocturnes,  5 Operas.
AIR COMBOS. That's only two words, but it's the best strategy I can
give! Just use a lot of air combos, and you'll be successful. BUT, the
Guard skill could be useful, along with the Dodge Roll, so use them
along with your Air Combos, and you'll win.

5th Match: 1 Large Body, 4 Powerwilds.
The Powerwild Invasion continues, but this time, they come with a Large
Body. Take care of the Powerwilds, or else the Large Body will be hell
on earth. Air Combos STILL work good here, so use them on the
Powerwilds. And remember that the Large Body can only be hurt from the
back. Keep that in mind, and you might not even take damage.

6th Match: 4 Shadows, 3 Rhapsodies, 1 Gauntlets.
The Guard Armor's Arms are here, along with some Shadows and
Rhapsodies. I say take out ONE of the gauntlets, or else you can really
get hurt. After that one Gauntlet (AIR COMBOS AIR COMBOS AIR COMBOS),
kill the Shadows. Then, 2 of the Rhapsodies. D&G will take care of the
last one, while you kill the other Gauntlet. Another somewhat easy

7th Match: 2 Large Bodies, 6 Requiems.
Kill the Requiems with (you guessed it) air combos, and you'll have to
use a lot of them.

7, 8 ,9:COMING SOON!


Well, other than people (and body parts) that are in my house or
nearby, I have to thank these people.

CJayC:For running the best gaming site ever. And his guide for Kingdom
Hearts got me far in the game.
Terran/Mastermind2K:For another great KH FAQ, and the people I'm
writing this guide for.
Other GameFAQs users:For more KH guides, and other guides. I love (not
in the real term...) you all!

This guide copyright ShadowNess 2002. Do not steal this guide, or use
it for birdcage lining. Send me stuff at (XShadowNessX@aol.com). I will
give you credit, even if the submission was sent in already.

                           10. Bestiary

This section will attempt to give information and tips on how to defeat
almost every enemy in the game.  Still incomplete

|Barrel Spider|
| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP: 24/3  |  After Hollow Bastion: 60/30  |
|Drops: Unknown                                                       |
|These things will tend to self-destruct when you’re near them, and if|
|they do you won’t get EXP or items for the fight.  Try and kill them |
|off quickly, but if they start to visibly shake, move away As quickly|
|as you can.                                                          |

| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:300/100| After Hollow Bastion: 450/240 |
|Drops: Power Gem, Element Ring                                       |
|Lock onto the main body of the ship then jump up and give it a       |
|beating at close range.  This is a lot easier to do in Neverland     |
|where you can fly of course.  If the battleship flies up in the air  |
|then prepare the fire balls it shots from high above, out of range.  |

| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP: 60/24  |  After Hollow Bastion: 90/32 |
|Drops: Mega-Ether, Hi-Potion,(Lucid Crystals found by Magus Illusion)|
|This heartless has a low HP and relatively weak attack.  The only    |
|advantage it has is it’s ability to float.  I recommend simply       |
|locking onto this creature and hacking away at it with your keyblade.|

| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:240/120| After Hollow Bastion: 300/240 |
|Drops: Bright Crystal, Defender                                      |
|The big shield it carries makes it almost impossible for you to do   |
|serious damage to him head on.  However if you choose to do just that|
|eventually he’ll hop back a couple of steps and, during that time,   |
|hold his shield above his head leaving him defensively.  Attacking   |
|him from behind is the easiest course of action in this battle.      |

|Fat Bandit|
| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP: 240/20| After Hollow Bastion: 300/240 |
|Drops: Blaze Gem, Hi-Potion                                          |
|Attacking Fat Bandit from the front is not only ineffective, with all|
|the powerful frontal attacks he can do, it’s also dangerous.  Use    |
|jump or another method to get behind him and attack the Fat Bandit   |
|that way.  When he finally turns around, move out of the way and try |
|and get behind him again as soon as the opportunity presents it’s    |
|self.                                                                |

| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:70/20 | After Hollow Bastion: 135/120  |
|Drops: Mega-Ether, Ether, Lucid Gem                                  |
|In Halloween Town these creatures sometimes will start off as being  |
|statues and then come to life and attack you, so be on your guard.   |
|Attack wise these monsters are pretty good so you may want to attack |
|it in spurs.  Wait for your opportunity, get a couple attacks in, and|
|then retreat before Gargoyle has a chance to retaliate.  If you’re at|
|a high enough level though, you can just bring him down quickly with |
|a couple good attacks.                                               |

|Green Requiem|
| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:15/4  |  After Hollow Bastion: 45/90   |
|Drops: Ether, Bright Shard, Protera Chain                            |
|If your attacked by a horde of these, and you usually will be, keep  |
|on the move during the fight otherwise they’ll get a good shot on    |
|you.  Also don’t use Fire, Blizzard or Thunder.  They absorb these.  |
|Eventually, once you get close enough hit them with your keyblade.  A|
|good combo should be enough to kill one of them.  Then get back on   |
|the move until your close enough to another one to kill it.          |

|Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:300/120 |After Hollow Bastion: 300/120  |
|Drops: Elixir, Hi-Potion, Orichalcum                                 |
|These things are tricky.  For one they can throw their sword to the  |
|ground (attempting to hurt you while doing that), disappear and      |
|reappear elsewhere.  Secondly they can sometimes block your attacks  |
|with their swords.  Finally they seem to cause more damage when they |
|do hit you then some bosses.  To complicate things further they      |
|attack in-groups when you go to the End of the World.  You can avoid |
|there throw sword and disappear trick verily easily, just simply     |
|dodge the sword by jumping or rolling away and keep on your guard for|
|their reappearance.  To block their sword attacks the best thing to  |
|do is attack with your own sword and intercept the blow.  It doesn’t |
|pay off too much to hit and run seeing as they keep disappearing, so |
|focus on attacking and keep Donald alive.  With any luck he’ll heal  |
|you if you get low on HP (until he does though, focus on blocking    |
|Invisible’s sword attacks).  Keep the pressure on Invisible and      |
|eventually it will fall.                                             |

|Large Body|
| Before Hollow Bastion HP/EXP:160/7 | After Hollow Bastion: 300/240  |
|Drops: Hi-Potion, Spirit Shard                                       |
|I consider Large Body the lesser version of Fat Bandit.  Even after  |
|Hallow Baston when they have the same amount of HP, Fat Bandit still |
|doesn’t have the same good attacks that Fat Bandit does.  Still,     |
|Large Body is a force to be reckoned with if you plan to attack it   |
|head on.  Get behind Large Body any way you can and then pound at it |
|until it falls for good.                                             |

                        11. Theme Song Lyrics

Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

You’re giving me too many things
Lately you’re all I need
You smiled at me and said,

Don’t get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet your father?
When we are older you’ll understand
What I meant when I said, “No,
I don’t think life is quite that simple”

When you walk away
You don’t hear me say please
Oh baby, don’t go
Simple and clean is the way that you’re making me feel tonight
It’s hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us all busy
Are confusing me
That’s when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you
But does that mean I have to walk on water?
When we are older you’ll understand
It’s enough when I say so
And maybe some things are that simple

When you walk away
Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warning the future doesn’t scare me at all
Nothing’s like before

When you walk away
Hold me (x2)

                       12. Thanks and Credits

A special thanks goes out to Jeff “CJayC” Veasey for creating and
maintaining www.GameFAQs.com and Jonothan Zolodom for his ongoing
contributions to this FAQ and ShadowNess for a very helpful Coliseum
Strategies Guide.

Thanks go to:

Sean for how to get Tech points in the Wakka battle on Destiny Island,
a very easy way to get lots of Tech points early on.
Ivan Homeless for additional strategies in the Wakka battle and how to
use it in the Wakka battle and how to convert those strategies in the
3-on-1 fight.
Alan Mitsugi for some very useful tactics when fighting Riku.
Richard Gingras for the location of 2 postcards in the Gizmo Shop.
Nargy for providing tips on defeating Tiger Head.
HiP for his tactics against Wakka and his helpful information for Alice
in Wonderland
Mike Williams for giving additional information on a Trinity Mark
location, another trinity mark, the location of a shop in Agrabah, the
location of a torn page in Monstro, and for the location of various
locations in Atlantica
Wulffman for helping fix the Interesting Facts
GD for adding Interesting Facts #12
Shayne for giving information on the Lionheart, Divine Rose and
Oblivion keyblades.
Ryan Boyer for information on Sora’s, Donald’s and Goofy’s Ultimate
Mr. Bernz for pointing out an error in our Primary Character list
Huan Nguyen aka DB for offering additional tactics on Malifecent Dragon
Macey for finding the last postcard
Ron Williams for information and tips on the Hidden Bosses
Marc Leger for information on how to get items in Alice and Wonderland
Macey for help in getting 2 postcards and the location of a 3rd
Mongus12@aol.com for information on how to get lots of Mythrils
DaRkK1RbY for the Bambi Summon item information
Baldar Darkmoon for contributing the location of many many Dalmatians
Magus Illusion for contributions to the Bestiary Section
Rayne(Jtest_02@yahoo.com) for detailed explanations about how to get
more Dalmatians
Chris Austin for contributing Weapons as well as clarifying information
Kaoum for contributing additional weapon locations and statistics
KarBear for information regarding the first Cloud fight
Neo Cyborg for helping us clarify a point in Atlantica and finding an
Michael Crisefi for information on the first visit to the Coliseum
Sephiroth_ZeRØ for a detailed strategy on how to combat Sephiroth
MCrowelehurst@aol.com for information on a Deep Jungle SideQuest
Senseigurl for information on the second trip to Hallow Bastion
Gustavo Gil for information on the Hidden Bosses and Sephiroth

All content from this FAQs comes from the game, manual, Mastermind2k’s
and/or Terran’s experiences with the game unless otherwise noted.

Note anything in quotations was not written by Terran and/or
Mastermind2k and the owners of the information are given credit for it.
The content inside the quotes has not been changed but some spelling
errors may have been corrected.