Boss FAQ by Majin Cloud

Version: 7.5 | Updated: 10/30/02 | Printable Version

|------------------Kingdom Hearts - [Boss FAQ]------------------|
|------By Majin Cloud/Marc Piniol []------|
|-----------------Version 7.5 - October 30, 2002----------------|

This FAQ will be spoiler free from the story, other than the names of
the bosses given. So if you don't like tiny spoilers - then don't look
anymore beyond the point of where you are at in the game....

|----------Table of Contents---------|
1.) Introduction
2.) Boss FAQ Explanation
3.) Dream Awakening
      A. Darkside Heartless I
4.)  Destiny Islands
      A. Wakka
      B. Selphie
      C. Tidus
      D. Riku
      E. Tidus, Wakka, Selphie
      F. Darkside Heartless II
5.) Traverse Town
      A. Leon (Squall)
      B. Guard Armor
6.) Wonderland
      A. Army of Cards
      B. Trickmaster
7.) Olympus Coliseum
      A. Preliminaries
      B. Cloud
      C. Cerberus
8.) Deep Jungle
      A. Jaguar Encounters
      B. Clayton and Stealth Sneak
9.) Traverse Town
      B. Opposite Armor
10.) Olympus Coliseum - Phil Cup
      A. Phil Cup
11.) Agrabah
      A. Pot Centipede
      B. Cave of Wonders' Tiger Head
      C. Jafar
      D. Jafar in Genie Form
12.) Monstro
      A. Parasite Cage I
      B. Parasite Cage II
13.) Olympus Coliseum - Pegasus Cup
      A. Pegasus Cup
      B. Leon and Yuffie
14.) Atlantica
      A. Shark Encounters
      B. Ursula with her Electric Eels
      C. Gigantic Ursula
15.) Halloween Town
      A. Lock, Shock, Barrel
      B. Oogie Boogie
      C. Giant Oogie Boogie
16.) Neverland
      A. Anti-Sora
      B. Captain Hook
17.) Olympus Coliseum - Hercules Cup
      A. Hercules Cup
      B. Hercules
18.) Hollow Bastion
      A. Riku
      B. Maleficent
      C. Dragon Maleficent
      D. Riku II
19.) Hallow Bastion Revisited
      A. Behemoth
20.) Olympus Coliseum - Hades Cup
      A. Hades Cup
      B. Rock Titan
      C. Hades
      D. Cloud and Leon
      E. Cerberus
      F. Behemoth
      G. Yuffie
21.) End of the World
      A. Chernabog
      B. Ansem
      C. Darkside Heartless III
      D. Ansem II
      E. World of Chaos
      F. Artillery: Small and Large
      G. Face
      H. Main Core
      I. Final Ansem
22.) Optional Bosses
      A. Phantom
      B. Kurt Zisa
      C. Ice Titan
      D. Sephiroth
23.) Boss Information
24.) My Kingdom Hearts Stats
25.) Version Update History
26.) Closing/Copyrights
27.) Credits and Thanks
28.) Kingdom Hearts Links


        1.)	Introduction
 Kingdom Hearts is just one awesome game that I have ever had the
pleasure of playing. That's why I want to take some time, to pay some
homage to Kingdom Hearts and contribute my part to help out other
Kingdom Heart gamers/lovers (or just people who need some damn help) on
some of the harder parts of the game, with that being said - I'll help
give tips and FAQs on some boss strategies so it'd be easier to defeat
those pesky, yet creative bosses. Also, I've stated this earlier but
just to reinforce what I've said, this FAQ will be absolutely spoiler
free from the story and still give you help on the bosses, granted some
of the boss names might be a spoiler but hey if you want
want help! Also I want to let everyone know that the boss strategies
given are on Normal mode, all the bosses on Expert mode have the same
strategies, and it is just of course a little bit harder since it is on
Expert (duh!).

I also want to add that these strategies are from my own perception on
how I fought these bosses my first time through. The difficulties are
of how I thought to be, although the difficulties will vary from person
to person seeing that someone may be more leveled up then another. So
these are just set at the level I faced them, in terms of difficulty.
So without further ado, here is the Kingdom Hearts Boss FAQ!


        2.)	Boss FAQ Explanation
    Before we get to the nitty gritty I must first explain a few things
that'd help out when facing bosses. So I'll give a list of steps that
would be most helpful when facing hard to beat bosses:

.	Level Up: This is always a must in every RPG game, and same goes
for KH. Leveling up is easy to do while you run around most of the
worlds, instead of avoiding confrontations simply go all out and fight
- it gets easier as you level up and become even stronger. Also taking
trips back to Traverse Town after completing a world and fighting some
more Heartless, is a nice easy way to level up and gain more munny.

.	HP Balls: Some bosses drop these wonderful things after you
"stun" them a bit with multiple whacks to them. You'll see stars around
its head and the HP balls will come flying out. You have a choice to
either run around and collect all you can to help fill up your health
gauge or continue the attack on the boss. If you have the ability
"Treasure Magnet" equipped to anyone in your party then you don't have
to run or move around far.

.     Tech Hits: These are performed when you and the enemy strike at
the same time, hopefully luck will be on your side and the attack will
both reflect and make the enemy stunned for a bit leaving them open for
attacks. This move is also good for blocking certain attacks as well.
You do get points though that add up to your stats and in the
experience points as well, to make you level up.

.	Stock Up: My strategy before going into any boss battle is to
make sure your characters item list is full with potions, ether,
elixirs, megapotions, megaelixers, etc. Never go into a battle not
knowing if the boss is easy or not, without stocking up on all of these.
I for one, make sure I have a lot of potions with Sora, Donald with
half and half (ether and potions), and Goofy with potions (regular
potions, megapotions, ether, etc.). Also, after every world it's nice
to go back to Traverse Town and pay a visit to the Item Shop in the
First District to make sure your potion supply (or anything else) isn't

.	Equipment Check: Make sure you always a step ahead in the
equipment department with either buying, synthesizing items, or
obtaining new keyblades from each world. It is also nice to level off
different characters with defensive equipment as well.

.     Save Points: This is must just in case you don't win the first
time. If you feel a boss battle is coming, and they give you ample
opportunity to do so in Kingdom Hearts, go a save....SAVE! Not only
does it replenish your MP and HP, but it saves your game just in case
you need to continue. Also, if you can't hack the enemies in the area
or having trouble with a boss, then you can use the save point to
teleport to the Gummi Ship to go elsewhere to level up a bit.

.	Summons: If you have a summon....use it! You might want to use
your summons early in the battle seeing that once you summon its only
Sora and the summon in battle for awhile till the summons time runs out.
Reason I say this is because its hard to pull off a good summon when
your HP is low and you have no one but yourself to heal and it makes it
a little bit hard to toggle through the menu and dismiss the summon if
you must. Either way if you are in trouble, in the beginning or near
the end of the fight (or you are low on health), summons come in handy.

.	Keep Moving: Abilities equipped to different characters in your
party are a must to keep the upper hand. You can pull off more
offensive moves while attacking or even blocking. But while fighting
you must keep on moving if you aren't attacking. Sora's "Dodge Roll"
ability comes in handy a lot of times - so use it while you fight.

.	Targeting: I really don't use this option too often but when you
have multiple enemies in a boss fight it comes in handy, even if it
gets tricky now and then. Targeting can of course be triggered by
pressing the R1 button and then switching targets with the R2 and L2
buttons. This mode also comes in handy while casting magic spells.

.     HP Scan: You can obtain this ability fairly early in the game. It
only cost 1 AP, and it is very useful to know when you are how well you
are doing or how long it'll take to defeat a boss. It also works on sub
monsters as well, nice ability to have anytime.

   With all that being said - boss fights should be a little bit easier.
But that is easier said than done right? Well all you have to do is
remember these important things to be successful in boss battles. #1
always stock up in potions and other magic/health items in your item
list with each character before a boss battle, make sure the list is
full. #2 keep moving, the more you move, it gets harder for the boss to
attack you, but remember to attack as well. Those are the main rules of
Kingdom Hearts boss battles so always keep that in mind. Now onto the
boss strategies!

         3.)   Dream Awakening
A.) After you select your "paths" and a small crash course in fighting,
you'll encounter a huge shadow along the stain glass
tiles till you reach a platform - your battle begins.....

|-------A.) Darkside Heartless I | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 240------|
Why make a hard boss right at the beginning of the game? Well this boss
is not hard at all. At the beginning of the fight lock onto either one
of this huge monsters hand and keep attacking the hand by doing Sora's
jumping and slashing combo until the huge showdown figure lowers its
head. Then you move to its head and begin attacking that. You might
want to fight this thing on it's side seeing that you need to dodge
it's hand slams into the ground which releasing Shadow Heartless
figures. You can ignore them and just keeping attacking it's hand then
head till the fight it over.


         4.)  Destiny Islands
A.) You get a chance to see some Final Fantasy cameos, plus duke it out
in battle of skill. Basically gives you a chance to level up a bit and
get a feel for the fighting system in KH. It's not necessary to fight
them so it is optional, but it at least gives you a feel for the game.
Each one has their own little strategy so the first person you might
run into is Wakka....

|------------A.) Wakka | Difficulty: Easy | HP: No HP---------------|
Just like in FFX, Wakka uses blitzballs for a weapon. This small bout
is fairly easy if you have a knack for timing. When he throws a ball at
you, simply hit it back at him. Unless you just want to run in and
start swinging at him. But you will lose the opportunity to get tech
points early in the game, so I advise you to hit the balls back at him.
When he gets dizzy after you hit him once, then wait till he tosses one
ball into the air and jump hit it to hit him again. Sooner or later,
he'll do one of his special moves which is like super blitzball toss.
To counter this, just simply press the attack button right when he
launches the ball. Pretty soon you'll win this match.

B.) A little ways to the side on the dock is Selphie, make your way to
her and talk a bit, then ask to fight a little....

|------------B.) Selphie | Difficulty: Easy | HP: No HP-------------|
She may be a cutie, but looks can be deceiving. She uses a jump rope as
a weapon almost like her weapon in FFVIII, but not quite. Anyways, the
technique here is to dodge her attacks by either jumping over her or
running off to the side when she charges with her rope. After that, you
can attack her all you want. It'd be easier if you can trap her in a
corner and just keep attacking her there - cheap but resourceful. After
awhile of that, you win.

C.) You need to do some climbing to reach Tidus, if you remember during
the choosing your paths at the beginning of the game, then Tidus will
be in that area where it was shown. Run up and talk to him and ask for
a duel....

|------------C.) Tidus | Difficulty: Easy | HP: No HP---------------|
Tidus is a little bit harder than the other 2, but the match can be
easy. Just like Sora, Tidus fights with a wooden sword. Best way to
defeat him is by dodging his strong attacks and try jumping behind him
and while still in the air attack him so you are doing your air
attacking combo. Also, to get some more tech points, try attacking him
at the same time he attacks you and it will sorta reflect each others
moves but hopefully stuns Tidus, then go and attack him some more.
After awhile you'll win.

D.) If you back track a little bit you can find Riku on a small
island/hill type thing across a small wooden bridge - close to where
you first started out helping Kairi find some things - go up to him and
talk and ask for a duel....

|------------D.) Riku | Difficulty: Medium | HP: No HP--------------|
Riku is pretty tough if you don't know how to face him. You need to
keep 2 things in mind with this battle: One, don't fall off the side -
and Two, you need to watch out for his spring kicks after you knock him
down. You basically need to dodge his attacks and when he jumps that's
a good time to hit him as well. Also when he taunts you. So watch out
for his blocks, if he blocks you once, forget about it, try to go
behind him and attack him then. But keep attacking him while being
cautious of his
moves and you can get the win.

E.) You get the option to fight all 3 of Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie
after you finish the chores for Kairi the first time. You need to find
Tidus where Riku was at before on the small island/hill type thing and
ask him to fight all 3, get ready for a toughie....

|------E.) Tidus, Wakka, Selphie | Difficulty: Hard | HP: No HP-----|
Again this is optional, but can be fun and helpful in the long run,
you have to just basically be resourceful and attack whoever you
thought to be the easiest first, unless you want to work backwards and
go from tough to easiest first - either way works fine. Hopefully you
have enough potions; at least 1 or 2 up to this point so if you ever
get low, use one (and be sure to run out of their way while selecting
the potion). For me, I went for Wakka first, since he tosses blitzballs.
You want to try to get all 3 in separate areas and not all surrounding
you, so keep running around till you get Wakka and yourself secluded.
You can just run up and thwack him this time, instead of playing
baseball with him. Repeat that process till he is dazed. For Selphie,
same thing goes as you first fought her, make sure you chose just one
person to work on the whole time and then after they are finished chose
one more - what makes this easier is that you can knock someone down to
give you enough time to go and attack the other person so you can trade
of like that as well. As soon as Selphie is dazed, it'll be easy just
taking care of Tidus. Same goes as before, dodge and attack - after
awhile you should come out the winner.

F.) After you get the things Kairi needs yet again, another cutscene
will ensue after you run around the island looking for your friends
you'll find yourself, somewhere else and a boss battle comes....

|-------F.) Darkside Heartless II | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 300-----|
Same strategy as when you met this guy the first time, attack the hands
straight up, dodging his hand slams/energy blasts and if you feel like
it you can fend off the Shadow Heartless creatures if you need more HP
balls. Just keep going at one of his hands and when he lowers his head
regaining energy, go for his head. Repeat this process till you win,
and a cutscene follows.

Off to Traverse Town you will go....

5.)	Traverse Town
A.) After you do some exploring around Traverse Town and you exit the
Accessories Shop once you go in, you'll be confronted by a guy named
Leon, who really is Squall - and so another battle begins....

|--------A.) Leon (Squall) | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 120------------|
Squall errr, Leon isn't to difficult. Infect, it's not really an actual
boss fight, he just wants to size you up a bit. I'm not sure if he'll
stop fighting you if you run out of HP but I didn't chance it, so if
you are low on health use a potion and not any more, should be good
enough by now to only use 1 potion for fighting Leon the first time.
What you want to do I strike him after he does a few attacks in a combo,
after he is done attack him with your own combos. You can time your
hits just right to get some tech hits if you want to. I find jumping
onto him attacking is a nicer way to beat him as well. As soon as Leon
has had enough a cutscene will begin and Sora will pass out.

B.) After a discussing explaining your role in this adventure, you and
Leon pursue a Heartless on the chase. I also want to advise you that
you should've saved your game in the hotel room before you left, just
in case. You want to make your way to the 3rd district and make your way
to the center of the district. Just then Donald and Goofy will join you
and a Heartless with armor will appear....

|---------B.) Guard Armor | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 700-------------|
This boss has multiple target zones. Its feet, its hands, and its
torso/head. You could if you want take on its feet and hands and take
them out of the action which will save you from damage most of the time.
Once the feet are gone, go for the hands, and after the hands go for
broke on what is remaining. After awhile of attacking it up and down
it'll drop HP balls which you can use to stock up on your health and
then go back to hitting it which will currently be dazed, and then it
will come to and commence attacking again. The strategy I used was that
I went ahead and attacked it head on, I'd jump towards its head and
keep attacking it with combos while in the air. You have to watch out
for its spin though, that does the most damage. Make sure you have
enough potions to distribute among the party or just yourself, if you
need any Donald or Goofy will give you a helping hand. Repeat the
process and eventually you'll beat this guy.

After a talk with Leon, Yuffie, Arieth, Donald, and Goofy, you'll be
ready to disembark into other worlds - next stop is Wonderland....

6.	Wonderland

A.) After collecting enough evidence to help Alice out, the Queen tells
you to pick the right one since there is too many. If you happen to
collect all the evidence, which is around 5 boxes - then you shouldn't
have a problem deciding which box to show the Queen, the odds will be 4
out of 5. If you collected less then guess what, your odds decrease.
When you choose a box and it was correct (if incorrect don't worry,
you'll move on just not with Donald or Goofy's help with this mini-
battle) then the Queen will tell you something to the fact that she'll
hang onto Alice and then say you were the culprit. Another mini-boss
battle begins....

|------A.) Army of Cards | Difficulty: Easy | HP: Varies ???-------|
Your main objective isn't the cards themselves but the tower that
popped up that holds Alice's cage. You can either leave the cards to
Goofy and Donald or you can fight off a few to give you more room. But
you need to attack all 4 sides of the tower with the wheels, as soon as
one breaks, move to another side, repeat till all 4 are broke and then
work on the top of the tower....a few swipes and the tower crumbles and
a cutscene begins.

B.) After lighting the candle lights in the Bizarre Room (should just
be the ceiling and one of the walls) go back to the entrance of the
Bizarre Room through the Queen's Castle, (be sure to save off to the
right before entering the Bizarre Room) as soon as you go through the
door a small cutscene begins and you prepare for a battle....

|-------B.) Trickmaster | Difficulty: Semi-Easy | HP: 600----------|
Wow another huge boss, but easy to beat. All you have to watch out for
is its ground swipes with its long arms, try to have Donald and Goofy
distract him while you jump and attack from the side. Yeah, you must
just to attack this boss since its pretty much high off the ground. You
can also use the table to jump off of to jump in and attack from there
if you are having trouble reaching this guy. If you are attacking from
the ground, the best time to jump and hit it, is when it leans down to
do its swipes, air combo works the best. If you want to do some magic
feel free to, just remember to lock on to the enemy for a more
effective hit. If you get low on health usually Goofy or Donald will
help you out, if the run out then you must reply on yourself. Repeat
the process and eventually you'll win.

 After you are done in Wonderland it's time to move on yet again, and
this time it is towards Olympus Coliseum....

7.)	Olympus Coliseum

A.) After taking the trials test to compete in the preliminaries, you
are faced with a string of semi-boss battles. Actually these are just
subordinate Heartless fiends just in bigger numbers. Before you go into
the preliminaries it'd be wise to stock up in potions so that you can
maintain an adequate health through the long fights - you'll need it to
face Cloud after 6 matches with the Heartless....

Preliminaries | Difficulty: Easy
The preliminaries consist of rounds again random Heartless minions,
these guys are fairly easily, just beat them all and use a potion if
needed. In other words, sorry I couldn't get a list of all the
Heartless and their Seed Ranks with totals.

B.) Right after the matches you face the boss, and that would be Cloud.
I hope that you have enough potion and health left over because you are
going to need them to win this battle. Just to let you know, you don't
have to win the battle but it'd be nice if you did....

|------------B.) Cloud | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 300--------------|
Cloud can be easy if you know what you are doing and if you have some
potions left over on you. You start the battle by first dodging Cloud's
attacks, when he yells, get out of the way or jump to the side. After
he attacks there, that's when you go into for your attack combo, also
magic works well here, you should've learned thunder earlier so use it.
Another way to attack and defend at the same time is when he yells
attack at the same time to deflect both your attacks, he'll be stunned
for a bit so you rush in and attack him some more. Watch out for his
rolling attack to just jump or move to the side and attacks. It's also
nice to keep some distance away from the each other, Donald and Goofy
may have him distracted while you can run in and attack from the side
or back. The ability "Dodge Roll" is a nice function to be used as well.
Use it to get out of Cloud's slashes. Repeat, use potions if needed and
eventually you'll beat him....if not the game resumes.

C.) After the fight between you and Cloud is over, Cerberus literally
steps in on the actions, you'll guys will run back into the entrance
while Hercules saves Cloud and tried to fend off the monster. You then
have the opportunity to save and refill your characters item lists with
potions and ether, and whatever else you find useful. When you feel
ready go on outside to face Cerberus....

|------------C.) Cerberus | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 600-------------|
This thing is huge and very tough. You might just want to focus on one
head so auto target and keep it locked and work on one head, preferably
one of its outside heads. To attack it, just make sure you are on the
side of Cerberus so that when it chomps you won't be in the way, simply
jump and do you air attack combo, and repeat that for awhile. Watch out
for its violent stomping as well. When it spews dark liquid from its
mouth don't be near like hell and keep dodging with those
dark orbs come close to you, trust me if you are rolling you won't get
hit, after that he'll start spewing fireballs at you, continue to keep
rolling, after he is done with that. You can go back to you smacking
the head thing again, this time be careful cause Cerberus is faster is
biting now. Heal when you can as well, Donald and Goofy should help you
in that department, if they run out then its up to yourself to help you
out. Also, if you are having trouble of dodging its magical attacks and
attacking Cerberus' heads as well, then I suggest you jump onto its
back by hoping on its leg that is extended and then onto its back close
to its heads. Repeat the process with jumping and attacking its head,
and dodging its dark orbs and fireballs and you'll win hopefully.

Phil will tell you to come back later once everything is cleaned up and
you can resume in the tournaments/cups when you please, as for now - we
move on to Deep Jungle....

8.)	Deep Jungle

A.) When you first start out in this world you'll be faced with a mini-
boss battle, a face off with the Jaguar. Now this guy is easy, he is
just pretty quick. You face the Jaguar at least 3 times during your
course throughout Deep Jungle and here is the tip to beat him....

A.) Sabor, Jaguar Encounters | Difficulty: Easy
Like I said you face the Jaguar 3 times and all 3 times are basically
the same, except he gets pretty faster. All you have to do is simply
dodge its attacks when it leaps at you by either jumping or use your
dodge roll. Also you partners should help out a bit stunning them and
you move in to attack some more. Also after you attack and send the Jag
flying, don't let up run in on it and attack it while it is down,
repeat this and the fight is fairly short

B.) After you save Jane and Terk from the Heartless, you can make your
way to the camp site via the Jungle Tunnel (where you do some tree
branching surfing), you should end up at the campsite eventually. When
you are there enter the tent and save, divvy up your potions and stuff
between characters and head to the Bamboo Thicket and to the Cliff, a
boss battle awaits....

|---B.) Clayton/Stealth Sneak | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 250/750---|
I find it a lot easier if you had Tarzan in your part with Sora and
Goofy, since this battle deals with more physically. Sorry Donald you
gotta sit this one out. When the battle begins Clayton will appear to
be floating or being held by something invincible. Don't panic it's
only the Sneak Suit, a Chameleon. You want to focus all your attacks on
the Chameleon first, try to have Tarzan and Goofy distract
Clayton/Chameleon while you attack its sides, jump attack combo I've
found works the best. Eventually Clayton will fall off and go on top of
the ledges and try shooting at you, don't mind him - keep working on
the Chameleon. By now the lizard should come out of camo-stealth mode
and show its true self. Repeat the same process of attacking it on its
side and in the air. Soon enough you'll daze the Chameleon and it'll
drop some HP balls. When it is still dazed continue attacking it, I've
found it better if you corner it by one of the ledges and keep
attacking, no room to let it breathe. Off and on the Chameleon will go
in and out of camo-stealth but just keep doing what you have been doing,
soon enough you beat the Chameleon and it will site there with stars
over its head. Now it is time to work on Clayton. Use your auto-lock on
to target him, he is probably leaping on to the ledges trying to shoot
at you, use magic to get him and then jump up to attack him. If he is
on the ground attack him with your combo and he'll fly against a wall
and run up and keep doing this, if you are successful - you, Tarzan,
and Goofy will all be attacking him at once not letting him move
because he is sorta trapped. Repeat this and you'll come away with the

You'll visit Tarzan's home and lock the keyhole for Deep Jungle, it's
time to go back to Traverse Town and talk to Cid about the piece of the
Gummi you found....

9.)	Traverse Town

A.) You'll talk to Cid about the Gummi in the Accessory Shop and he'll
tell you to meet him at the Small House in the 3rd District after you
pay a visit to Merlin and give him the book he wanted fixed. You'll
hear the chimes of the bell tower in the 2nd District and he tells you
to go check it out. You make your way to the 2nd District and through
the Gizmo Shop, climb up the ladder to the roof. Fight off a couple of
Heartless on the way as usual. Using your Red Trinity, you'll smash
thorough the boarded up alcove where the bell is at. You'll notice a
tug rope off to the right of it, pull on it 3 times and at the fountain
at the start of the 2nd District will reveal the keyhole of Traverse
Town. You might want to save and stock up on some potions for this next

|-------A.) Opposite Armor | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 1305---------|
Remember the huge Heartless with the Armor? Well it's back and semi-
improved. The first fight is just like before, after that is done - the
Guard Armor transforms into Opposite Armor, and when you see it you'll
see why they named it this way. This time, it has to be taken down in
sections. You can either start with its feet or hands first. Doesn't
really matter which, but for the sake of confusion - let's start with
its feet. If you want auto lock-on to it's feet and begin hacking away
at them, usually it is better to hit them from the side or behind it.
Watch out for its spinning attack it'll send you flying and takes off a
pretty good amount of HP, when you see him charge up for this attack
just run away till it is done, and go back in for some more. Once one
foot is gone go for the other. After both are done, sometimes the
Opposite Armor will break up into pieces, so it makes it a little bit
easier but just watch out for its hands at that time. Also the Opposite
Armor's attack will change, since it relies on its hands and torso/head
now, it'll switch into cannon mode. This is sorta hard because when you
try to charge it it'll back up a bit, and when it does charge up for
its darkness blast, move the hell out of the way with dodge roll. Your
main target is still the hands, take them out by doing your jump attack
combo, once both are removed go for the body. The body is pretty much
easy from here, hack and smash with your combo moves, and if you get
too bored use the thunder magic on it. During the fight it should drop
HP balls here and there, but keep in check with your HP as well, use
potions if you a 1/4 low. After awhile you eventually win.

After the battle, you'll lock the keyhole to Traverse Town, continue to
Merlin's House if you haven't already, and after that be sure to pay a
visit to Cid in the Vacant/Small House in the 3rd District....

10.)	Olympus Coliseum - Phil Cup

A.) You'll be informed that a new tournament has begun at Olympus
Coliseum, you can either choose to go there and compete first or go to
another world, that being Agrabah. But if you are confident then go
onto Olympus Coliseum to compete in the Phil Cup, to be Seed One....

Phil Cup | Difficulty: Easy
Round One - Jungle Vice:
Powerwild x4
Soldier x3
Round Two - Monkey and Magic
Powerwild x1
Green Requiem x2
Red Nocturne x2
Yellow Opera x5
Round Three - Big Feet
Hammerlegs x1
Powerwild x4
Round Four - Magic Alert
Red Nocturne x5
Yellow Opera x5
Round Five - Nightwalkers
Large Body x1
Powerwild x5
Round Six - Hard Hitters
Gauntlets x1
Blue Rhapsody x3
Shadow x4
Round Seven - Indomitable
Large Body x2
Green Requiem x6
Round Eight - Wild Corps
Gauntlet x1
Hammerlegs x1
Powerwild x4
Round Nine - Shadow Battalion
Armored Torso x1
Yellow Opera x4
Blue Rhapsody x4

After winning the Phil Cup here, it's time to move onto Agrabah....

11.)	Agrabah

A.) After meeting up with Aladdin and going through series of doors to
unlock you'll notice that Jafar has Jasmine captured. Jafar tells you
his plan and that you won't be able to get her and same old villain
hoopla and he'll summon your next boss....

|--------A.) Pot Centipede | Difficulty: Semi-Easy | HP: 600-------|
Now this fight can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing,
plus you'll be using a lot of potions in that battle. Although, if you
know what you are doing, then you can beat this boss fairly easily. Now
Jasmine is captured in the middle of the pot centipede, you don't need
to worry about harming her cause you won't. The main strategy here is
to attack either end when its head or tail is NOT glowing. If it is
glowing good luck, it'll deplete a lot of your HP. So patience is a
virtue, when either end is finished glowing go in and attack. If you
have the "Sonic Blade" ability equipped, this move is pretty effective
if you use the combo right after it. You also have to keep in mind that
you have other sub creatures running around, such as the spider pots.
You'll know the battle is half over as soon there is no more spider
pots and the Pot Centipede moves to another pat of the city, more
spider pots will come out, but just keep repeating the steps and watch
of for it's attacks....mainly the charge and when its tail and head
glow, then go in for the attack. Do it correctly, and you'll win.

B.) Shortly after the Pot Centipede encounter, you'll have to track
Jafar down, and Aladdin's instinct tells him they went to the Cave of
Wonders. So you must head towards the Desert and ride the Magic Carpet
to there, but first I suggest you make a pit stop in the Agrabah
Storage room, save and split potions and other restorers - then head
out to the Desert. When you arrive the Tiger's Head, of the Cave of
Wonders, comes up from the ground and is possessed by the Heartless,
time for another boss battle....

|-------B.) Tiger's Head | Difficulty: Semi-Medium | HP: 380-------|
This was probably the most frustrating boss battle I've ever have my
displeasure to be in. Not so much as it was hard, because it's pretty
simple - but the stuff you got to do to beat the boss is annoying.
Anyways, here is what you do. Its only damage spots are in the eyes,
you can't jump straight from the ground and attack, instead you have 2
choices; you can either run behind the head and wait for it to lower so
you can jump on and run over to the eyes OR go along it's side and jump
on it's ledge that is really the excess fur of the Tiger's Head and
move to the eyes. That in itself is a hard task, because normally the
Tiger's Head is spazzing out and you'll fall and have to try it all
over again. Once you are n the head and made its way to the eyes, pick
and eye to start out with. Do your standing attack combos on it and try
to stay on the bridge of its nose, most of the time you would fall off
doing your combos but if you stay in this spot there is a good chance
you won't fall off. If you do fall off, then repeat. I really don't
recommend using the auto-lock on cause the camera gets annoying in this
confined area and you'll probably get confused after awhile like I was.
To add to the frustration the Tiger's Head attacks back with eye laser
shots which do a lot in damage - so if you are hit twice without
healing, make sure you do (unless you are nicely leveled up). Another
attack is that is spits out Heartless as well, the Sword Fighting Ones,
Normal Shadow Heartless, and then the Fat Fir Breathing ones. Just keep
getting on its head, move to the eye of your choice and attack until
the power is gone from that eye, then work on the next. After both eyes
are defeated you can wipe the sweat off your brow and hold a pillow to
your mouth to curse all you want, you win.

C.) You need to smash the pillar underneath the Treasure Room to make
it into the Lamp Room where Afar has Genie and Jasmine. After you do
smash the pillar make your way back to the Treasure Room and make sure
you save before you enter, Afar awaits you....

|-----------C.) Jafar | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 500---------------|
Jafar is pretty easy to beat, but you also have to watch out for Genie
as well since Jafar made the wish to help crush you guys. Just keep
this in mind, if you see the Genie and he says something like, "I am
sorry I am doing thing." Then get out of the way he'll smack ya. Now
back to Jafar, your main target. You first might want to use lock on
targeting so you can keep track of him, he'll be fairly high above the
ground hovering so use those high steps to climb onto and do air attack
combos on him. When he does spells and can't reach him in enough time
to attack/stop him make sure you make your way to the center of the
room cause his spells are like a cyclone, I got trapped in only of
these and I couldn't escape let alone have enough time to heal myself.
So dodge his magic spells and Genies hand smacks and keep doing air
attack combos on him. Also, when Jafar is glowing and moving around,
don't be afraid just go and attack him normally. Pretty soon Jafar will
be pissed and then end the battle.

D.) Jafar is pissed now and orders the Genie his final wish to make him
an all powerful Genie. He grants the wish and Jafar disappears as well
does the ground. Once you regain control of Sora, you'll then notice
there is a huge whole with lava at the bottom. Don't jump in quite yet,
instead make your way back to the Treasure Room and save just in case,
always play it safe. Then head back and jump down the hole....

|---------C.) Jafar (Genie) | Difficulty: Easy | HP: ???-----------|
You might want to switch Aladdin for Donald for this fight if you
haven't already, this is mainly a physical battle. This is a
breeze....just like Aladdin said, go after the parrot with the lamp.
You can attack Jafar if you please but it is much easier to attack
Jafar's parrot. So remember to use jumping attack combos on the bird,
and keep in mid you could fall of the side and into the lava, so beware
of the ground under you. The ground it also moving sorta like a puzzle
going up and down. Makes it so you can jump and reach the parrot easier
or it makes it harder. All you really have to do in terms of defense is
dodge Jafar's fire boulder toss with the dodge roll ability and keep on
attacking the bird. I've only noticed Jafar tosses the boulders only if
you are on the main platform in front of him. So you only have to be
cautious about him on there. Just watch out where you are jumping and
not fall off the platform. Keep attacking the parrot and you'll win an
easy battle.

You'll lock the keyhole in Agrabah and obtain Genie as a summon here,
you now make your way over to the next world. But first if you want
head back to Traverse Town, restock on potions and stuff, and head to
the Accessory Store, there you'll meet Pinocchio and he'll give you the
taste of the next world, Monstro - warp back to Agrabah and then head
on to the next world.

12.)	Monstrous Monstro

A.) After your little maze chase fining Riku and Pinocchio - run into
the room where in the cutscene yells for help. I believe there is a
save point near by, you can save just in cause but the awaiting boss
battle isn't that hard, proceed through that area and fight a boss....

|---------A.)Parasite Cage I | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 450----------|
Oh no! Pinocchio is trap in the belly of this Parasite! You gotta help you had a choice anyways. You don't have to worry about
harming Pinocchio because you won't. When the battle begins just charge
this boss up front by doing jumping air combos, keep repeating that for
awhile, when the boss starts using its tentacles to slap you around you
want to move onto it's side, if you try attacking from the back it
won't be very effective. Keep up the process of attacking he sides of
its head by doing the jumping air combo and the battle will end shortly.

B.) You'll need to make your way to Monstro's stomach by using your
newly attained ability High Jump, which is a shared ability among your
party. Just equip it to everyone and you'll see the difference. You can
now go through out Monstro's mouth collection the Treasure Boxes and
stuff, but near the back of Monstro's Mouth you'll notice a door right
about the opening at the bottom you couldn't reach before. You can
reach it now by jumping from platform to platform, if some seem too
long, then try your best to jump at the far away platform and swing
your keyblade to give you some extra umph! One you go through that door
you can fight some more Heartless and then jump up some more platforms
till you are sucked up, the Parasite Cage is ready for another round....

|-------B.) Parasite Cage II | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 900--------|
This boss is a little bit harder this time but nothing has really
changed in terms of how to go and beat this sucker. Although the
location has changed you must watch out for the stomach acid lying
around and be sure to not stay in one place for awhile. Remember to
start out right in its face doing air jumping combos and it'll do its
slap attack, move to its sides and attack while Donald and Goofy try to
distract it. About halfway through the battle, the Parasite will change
its attacks and grab onto the ceiling and do a modify need
to watch out for this move it is the most damaging. But the strategy of
this boss is basically the same from before, attack up front, avoid
attacks, and use potions when needed. It's a pretty short battle so you
should be done with him in no time - you'll come out the winner.

After the battle Monstro will spit you out and you'll be informed that
there is another tournament starting at Olympus Coliseum. You've got a
choice to go back to Traverse Town, do what you need and/or go straight
to Olympus Coliseum.

13.)	Olympus Coliseum - Pegasus Cup

A.) The next tournament is the Pegasus Cup. I hope you are pretty
levels up and have enough potions to distribute among your party. This
one isn't a to Phil to enter the Pegasus Cup, and the
battles begin....

Pegasus Cup - Difficulty: Medium
Round One - Ghost Bandits
Search Ghost x 2
Bandit x 1
Air Soldier x 3
Round Two - Marauders
Bandit x2
Barrel Spider x3
Shadow x4
Round Three - Sluggers
Fat Bandit x1
Large Body x2
Pot Spider x1
Barrel Spider x1
Round Four - Pots and Bolts
Pot Spider x5
Yellow Opera x3
Green Requiem x2
Round Five - The Big Combo
Fat Bandit x2
Search Ghost x4
Round Six - Toadstool
Black Fungus x3
Round Seven - Pots and Barrels
Pot Spider x5
Barrel Spider x5
Round Eight - Giant Impact
Fat Bandit x3
Large Body x2

B.) After # rounds you get the face the first seed, or first seeds if
you will, need a lot of potions left over to come out successful....

|------B.) Leon and Yuffie | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 600, 300-------|
Man, to think Leon is hard enough - you've got Yuffie to handle?
Especially going through rounds to get to this point. The battle is
actually pretty tough, but easy once you get the hang of it, plus it
may get too frustrating. You want to keep your focus on Yuffie first,
hopefully Donald and Goofy are keeping Leon busy, but there will be
some times in the battle where you'll branch away from Yuffie a bit,
she is a fast one. But go after Yuffie first, why? She is fast, nimble
and tosses ninja stars at you, heat seeking ones almost. You need to
get in close on her, when she is doing back flips she is sorta
invisible, so when she is about done completing one attack her with a
combo, also Sonic Blade works well followed up with a quick combo. You
can deflect her ninja stars with your keyblade by pressing the attack
button at the right time as well, or use your Dodge Roll. Trying doing
air attacks on her as well, they seem more efficient. When you are
almost done with her, she'll bring out her signature weapon and try
slashing you with it, watch out for it when she brings it out. After
you got her out of the game, you need to work on Leon some more. Leon
will be a bit easier since Yuffie is out of the way, but still he is
almost stun resistant most of the times after doing combos. You do want
to get in close and use your Sonic Blade or regular combos on him. His
attack are pretty noticeable, so if you see him charging up for one
move out of the way till he is done and go in and attack again. When
the battle is almost done, his Gunblade grows....really huge. You need
to watch out when he goes for swipes cause the Gunblade covers a large
distances. Try jumping over it or getting the hell out of the way.
After he does the swipes run in and attack him again. Near the end of
the battle when his health is done to 20-30% go all out and be
aggressive. You should hit him enough times for the win. And remember
always use potions during this battle, if you did everything correctly
you should be the winner.

After the tournament here, Phil will tell you to come back later to
enter another tournament, and from here, you go to the world past
Monstro - to Atlantica.

14.)	Atlantica

A.) A dolphin will take you through a strong current from the Calm
Depths and you'll end up at a sunken ship, when you go into the sunken
ship and approach a treasure a Shark will smash through the windows,
don't panic yet, you need to go outside the ship to fight the Shark....

A.) Shark Encounters | Difficulty: Semi-Easy
You face this guy 2 times, and the strategy is basically the same for
both times. I'd prefer if you happen to have Ariel in your party, if
you don't then don't fret, what you need to do is make sure you are out
of the Sharks way when it starts biting at you. This can be dodged by
swimming over to its side and then attack it with a short combo and get
out of the way, and do it again. You can't really stun the shark after
your combos so it comes back for me, also Goofy, Donald, or Ariel will
try to divert the sharks attention away from you to them, this is when
you can attack if from behind and such. I also want to note, I never
tried it but I did some swimming around in that area and I noticed a
sunken anchor with a huge hole you can swim through, that might
possibly get the shark stuck for a bit - well you can't get the Shark
stuck between the hole, it just reacts to the anchor like in other
ordinary obstacle. But use the strategy of dodge, attack combo, dodge -
with a rest period to heal up if needed. You'll knock the shark out and
it'll swim away upwards dropping goodies.

B.) Ursula will steal King Triton's trident and take it back to her
lair. It's your job to go and get it back now. Head back to the sunken
ship area, you may have to fight the Shark a second time if you haven't
already, and Sebastian will give you a hand with the hard to reach
switch, go through the hole that the rock use to cover up and you'll
reach Ursula's Lair....

|-------------B.) Ursula | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 450--------------|
This was one of the hardest boss fights I've had in Kingdom Hearts. It
might be wise to have Donald in your party since most of this fight has
to deal with magic, although if you are up to par with your magic, have
Ariel in with Goofy. Like King Triton said, you need to attack her
caldron with magic to weaken her. When the fight starts she'll have her
pet electric eels with her, Floatsom and Jetsom, to give her support,
they are there to add to the difficulty plus help you out in re-
charging your MP if you don't have time to use ether, or don't have any
at all. The battle is hard because there are a lot of targets to focus
with and you've got the eels and Ursula to deal with, also you have to
watch the caldron to cast magic on it. Here is the plan, every time
Ursula drops in a magic spell you need to counter it. I suggest using
either Fira or Thunder on it. You need to hit the caldron with at least
2 spells semi-back to back to shatter the magic of Ursula's and it'll
make her weak and she'll droop over for a bit. This is your chance to
go in at her and do your attacking combos, over and over again. You
need to this process at least 2 times, 3 tops if you miss a couple of
good hits on Ursula during the combo. If you run out of MP, attack her
eels and it should fill up your MP gauge, get at east 2 bars filled.
Using potions is a must, no matter how good you are with this game,
you're going to need them, Goofy, Donald, or Ariel should help you out
if you get low. After this long process of using magic spells on the
caldron to weaken Ursula and attack her, she'll retreat and go
elsewhere. Bam you won.

C.) It'd be very wise to go back to Triton's Palace and save before you
go any further. Divvy up potions and stuff as well. Once you do, you
should have obtain the shared ability of "Mermaid Kick" that makes it
so you can swim faster and head straight through the currents. Make
your way back to Calm Depths and find the tunnel with the strong
current. Use the Mermaid Splash to go all the way to the back from
where the current is coming from and when you reach the back make a
right, when you get close to the hole the caption should read ???,
which means unknown - that's were you'll be fighting next....

|--------C.) Gigantic Ursula | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 900----------|
Damn, that's a huge....well never mind, but she is huge. This battle
can be hard as well in terms of defense against magic, Ursula uses a
lot of it and they are pretty brutal. Equipping armor that reduces
damage of any kind of magic is a must, if you want to do that. Her main
target area is her head or face, so what you want to do is try to avoid
her mouth when she tries to suck you up or chomp on you, or spit out
magic spells. Also try moving around when she does her Thundera magic,
although I found it hard even while moving you are likely to get hit.
Keep attacking and doing combos on her head when you have openings to
do so. I tend to be very aggressive and I went all out on her face not
avoiding her attacks, but after awhile I'd have to retreat heal up and
go back in. She does take off a lot of health with each of her attacks
so you'll be using your Cure spell or potions a lot. Hope you have
enough. Keep repeating the process trying to avoid her magic and keep
combo attacking her, while you retreat to heal you might want to use
some magic on her as well before you go back into her. After a long
tough battle, you'll hopefully win.

After you are done locking the key hole and get a surprise from Ariel,
you'll move onto Halloween Town.

15.)	Halloween Town

A.) Make your way all the way up through Boogie's Manor, and go into
the playroom, the 3 little kids Lock, Shock, and Barrel are in there....

|--A.) Lock, Shock, Barrel | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 150, 120, 180--|
These little guys aren't very hard at all. They only difficult part
about this fight is that they are pretty small and some of your attacks
plus combos will miss. But don't fret, just keep pounding away on one
of them and when that one is down and out, work on the next one, then
repeat. As soon as you make all 3 give up you win the battle, if you
want to call it a battle.

B.) The kids won't give up Oogie Boogie's whereabouts, but you know
what, they are kids - sometimes the truth slips out without them
knowing. Pull on the lever in the playroom and then go back outside.
You'd need to retrace your steps all the way to the beginning of that
section of Boogie's Manor, where there is a bridge with pumpkins on
there. And if you go to the end, not all the way, and turn around -
move up to the left side looking forward, you'll notice this concrete
area were looks like some kind of skull sitting there. That is where
you want to jump off from the bridge and onto. Don't worry if you miss
and fall, just look for the tub running around on the ground and it'll
take you back where you were. Once you are there look at the green door
and head in to face Oogie Boogie....

|----------B.) Oogie Boogie | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 450-----------|
This battle is somewhat surprisingly easy from all the hard sub
monsters out there in Halloween Town. Really, Oogie Boogie is easy.
You'll notice you are in his torture room so to speak that looks like
Vegas slots. You'll notice a huge roulette table and when the fight
begins, Oogie will toss you guys onto it. Oogie will toss some dice and
conjure some Heartless monsters as his attack. At this point you want
to target Oogie and use your magic attacks on him. Fira and Thundera
work really well on him, even Gravity. Also, the Summon of Genie and
using his Showtime magic on Oogie works reeeally well for long range
attacks. Also if you have the Strike Raid ability equipped, then I
suggest you use it to your advantage on Oogie - just watch your MP
gauge it you want to use any other magic/attacks that use MP, just
replenish your gauge with ether or mega-ether. He'll soon seclude one
part of the roulette table and it'll rise up, if you are lucky it'll
rise up right in front of him and you can jump up and do your air
attack combo on him. After you do that, do a standing attack combo.
Keep doing that till he pushes you off onto the roulette table again
and work your magic on him yet again. Remember there is other Heartless
running around on the table too. Halfway through the fight Oogie will
start using the other contraptions on the table like a saw, just get
out of its way if it comes near and stay in the middle of the roulette
table since the spinner can block it. Also another torture device has
these 3 blades that come chopping down on the roulette table, just time
it right and Dodge Roll under them. After those are out of the way,
more magic until he traps you on part of the table again and it rises
up, you can jump onto the platform and attack him once again, and surly
you'll finish him off then.

C.) Just when you though it was over that easily, it wasn't. Oogie will
transform even bigger and actually be the house that use to be Boogie's
Manor. You'll have to go back and fight yet one more time....

|---C.) Giant Oogie Boogie| Difficulty: Easy | HP: 40 (each orb)---|
To start the battle you'll need to jump a long way down onto the ground
and find a place to run up onto part of Oogie or the house. Remember
what Jack said, attack the dark purple orbs. There are about 6 orbs on
him and they aren't too hard to find. When you find one hack away at it
till it explodes, and just repeat that for every orb. Oogies only
attacks are sending off sub Heartless creatures to fight you and the
cage of fire he is holding, swaying it back and forth. So yeah you need
to dodge the fireballs that come close and when you get close to the
cage he is holding run like hell to the other side, cause you need to
get to the other orbs by running past that cage, if you get hit with it
- it does a lot of damage, so be sure to heal yourself if you get hit
twice. Find all 6 orbs located on Oogie Boogie and destroy them. After
that, sit back and relax a bit cause you beat him.

Lock the keyhole, and move on to your next destination. I also advise
that you go back to Traverse Town if you got any Torn Pages and go to
Merlin's House to read the Book of Pooh, also to re-stock on any
potions or stuff while you are there. After that, it is time to head to

16.)	Neverland

A.) While looking to find Wendy and Kairi, you'll come across a cabin
with a save point and the Green Trinity. Use the Green Trinity to lower
the ladder up the to captains quarters. After you do that I suggest you
save and possibly switch Peter Pan for Donald. But that was just me, go
ahead and use Donald if you want. After you save head on up the ladder
for a fight....

|------------A.) Anti-Sora | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 750------------|
Anti-Sora is the Shadow Sora if you will. What makes the battle hard is
when it goes into the ground and pops up to attack you, when it does go
into the ground Dodge Roll out of the way to miss its strikes. All you
basically have to do it attack him with a lot of combos, Sonic Blade
also works well. Using magic will be nice as well - when Anti-Sora
splits up into a 3 others, using Thundera to make sure you hit all of
them. You would want to find the main Anti-Sora to fight with, to do
that auto-lock and toggle between them to find the biggest HP bar (if
you have the ability Scan equipped), when you do go and attack him. Of
course if you want to play it safe, take out the weaker Anit-Soras
first. This replica of Sora is no pushover, most of its strikes are
really damaging so you'll find yourself healing a lot, it's be wise to
have a lot of potions in your items list going into battle as well.
Repeat the process of attacking Anti-Sora with combos. Also, if you
have the ability Guard, you can use it to block its attacks. But mainly
get Anti-Sora in a position were it can't escape easily and keep
pounding away at him, he'll eventually go into the ground and appear
somewhere else, but keep going after him. After awhile you'll beat him
if you maintain a good attacking rate and stable HP.

B.) You'll make your way out of the captain's cabin eventually and when
you do you'll be surrounded, but like always luck is always on your
side. After a cutscene find off the Heartless for a bit. It might be
wise also to have saved after the last battle as well. After the
heartless are defeated, you'll find another boss battle coming....

|---------B.) Captain Hook | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 900----------|
After a funny cutscene you'll be forced to fight Hook. I suggest you
have Peter Pan in the part since it'll be a physical battle. Now since
you have the ability to fly it'll be a pretty cool battle. You'll first
have to fight off this small flying pirate ship flying around to avoid
its blasts while fighting Hook. So take out that small pirate ship
first, flying up to it and attacking it with combos do the job, after
that nuisance is taken cared of, its time to work on Hook. You can fly
around while fighting him, oddly Hook has a super jump makes him leap
high into the air. Get in close and do your attack combos, and if you
are flying it'll automatically be doing the air combos. You guys and
corner Hook as well, but after a few combos, Hook will pull off some of
his own that you need to stay away of. If you get low use a potion,
just keep following him around everywhere he jumps and attack him with
combos. Using Aero magic on you would be good as well to suppress Hooks
attacks. I've also been told if you lure Hook out near the water he'll
jump in by mistake and then leap up into the airing screaming, "Smee,
it got me other hand!!", while he is falling after the huge leap this
is a good time to attack as well without worrying about losing HP.
Repeat the process and keep attacking him with combos, while being
aware of your HP, and you'll come away with another win.

After that, you'll head over to Big Ben, fix the clock and lock the
keyhole to that world. It is now time to head back to Traverse Town to
give Cid the Navigation Gummi you found plus stock up on supplies and
get ready for another Olympus Coliseum tournament.

17.)	Olympus Coliseum - Hercules Cup

A.) Hopefully you are pretty leveled up with some nicer equipment and
nice keyblades to boot. Also when you start the tournament you'd want
to like always divvy up some more potions, hi-potions, mega-elixirs,
ethers, mega-ethers, and whatever else you can think of. Talk to Phil
and enter the Hercules Cup....

Hercules Cup - Difficulty: Semi-Medium
Round One - Dusk Vanguard
Gargoyle x5
Shadow x3
Round Two - Minions of Horror
Wight Knight x4
Air Pirate x1
Barrel Spider x2
Round Three - Buccaneers
Battleship x1
Pirate x4
Round Four - Stray Phantom
Gargoyle x4
Wight Knight x3
Round Five - Mad Truffle
Rare Truffle x1
*This guy doesn't attack, it is mostly a preparation round so heal up
if needed*
Round Six - Cloud
*You are fighting Cloud yet again, same strategy as before, dodge his
moves and attack him. Also attack at the same time he does to deflect
his attacks and stun him - fairly easy*
Round Seven - Dark Squadron
Wight Knight x1
Gargoyle x2
Pirate x2
Air Pirate x2
Round Eight - Flying Pirates
Battleship x2
Pirate x2
Air Pirate x1

|-----------B.) Hercules | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 450------------|
You'll be fighting Hercules alone now since this is Sora's request. The
fight is really easy once you get his attack patterns down. First rule;
don't attack him when he is glowing gold. Instead pick up a barrel,
target him and toss it, making it hit him. You'll get stunned for a bit
and lose his glow - then go in for your attack combos, you can get at
least 2 attack combos in before he glows again. Another one of his
attack is like a super blast, you'll notice him charging up and the
area around him will glow just get out of the area. Repeat this for
awhile dodging his super punch, you know he'll do this when he starts
talking and winding up. After awhile of repeating this attack pattern
his attacks will change and do super dashes. If you have the "Glide"
ability equipped use that till he finishes the dash. His other attack
will consist of a spin using his sword keep using the Dodge Roll to get
out of his way. When he stops, he'll be dizzy and this is a good
opportunity to attack him. He'll glow gold again eventually and repeat
the barrel throw then attack pattern, pretty soon you'll win this

After your fight you'll be awarded with a lot of things and finally be
able to use the Yellow Trinity. Push that huge block out of the way
with it and lock the keyhole that is under it. You'll also get the
Olympia Keyblade from that treasure chest you couldn't open before. Now
it is time to move on to either Traverse Town to stock up on things or
onto the Unknown World opposite of Neverland - Hallow Bastion....

18.)	Hallow Bastion

A.) I do suggest before you come here you stock up in a lot of potions,
at least 40 added onto your total - you'll thank me. After making your
way though Hallow Bastion and opening the gates, you'll meet up with
Riku yet again. After a confrontation, a heart felt one at that, you
get your keyblade back and also your friends, Donald and Goofy - Riku
seems a bit upset and it is time to fight....

|--------------A.) Riku | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 500---------------|
He is still a little bit hard if you aren't leveled up nicely, but he
is still pretty much easily beatable. Hopefully you got the Metal
Chocobo from beating Cloud in the Hercules Cup. It's a pretty strong
keyblade and deals a lot of damage. Start out by dodging Riku's slashes
and jumps after he performs these go in for the attack. Also deflecting
his attacks with attacking at the same time as him makes it easier to
hit him and set him up for a string of combos. Using Sonic Blade will
work well if followed up with a change combo. If you work him into a
corner you and your friends will have a hay day hitting him, soon as
Sora finishes a combo, Goofy or Donald will continue as you get ready
for another one. The fight is fairly easy though, after a while of
repeating this process you'll come out as a winner.

B.) The elevator things can be a pain huh? Well after awhile of going
through here and there, you'll come into a room where Maleficent comes
to meet you. She'll say her piece on the matter at hand and you'll be
forced into another boss battle....

|-----------B.) Maleficent | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 900------------|
Well you might really want to beat her since your last save point was a
long ways back. But fret not, she isn't too hard - you'll hardly break
a sweat, trust me she looks menacing but it's really an easy battle.
She'll summon out Heartless creatures to help out fighting on the
ground and she'll be on a round stone structure that floats around. You
could take out the sub minions if you want or go straight for the main
boss. When she is glowing green she is pretty much invincible. So to
counter that start whacking away at the bottom of the round stone thing
she is on. You'll notice the stone glowing so keep hitting it till it
goes out. Once it loses power so does Maleficent, jump up onto the
stone with Maleficent and start combo attacking her. Her attacks are
magical ones that seem pretty huge but just get out of the way, she
calls forth a Meteor Shower that comes from behind her, and all you
have to do is stand out of the way or move to under the stone to attack
it so that she'll be vulnerable to attacks. Summons work well, using
Dumbo is a nice call or the Genie. After awhile of repeating the
process and keeping the: attack stone, then Maleficent - concept you'll
win this easy battle.

C.) Shortly after this battle Maleficent, she'll step back into the
darkness portal and leave it open. Thankfully now, when you regain
control of Sora, to your left is a save point, so go use it! I suggest
if you haven't already switch out Donald for the Beast and customize
your Magic quick-use menu that has Aero in it. Also re-stock potions in
everyone's item list. After that is done, save and head through the
portal to face another Maleficent yet again....

|--------C.) Dragon Maleficent | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 1200-------|
Holy snikies! Well if you remember Sleeping Beauty, then I guess this
wouldn't be such a surprise....her attacks might be a surprise though
cause they are very powerful. First off, always have Aero casted on you
at all times, seeing that it reduces a lot of damage. So before you
fight run the opposite side and cast Aero on you. When that is done,
lock-onto Maleficent and go in to attack her. The best place to attack
is at the side of her head, but she is always moving and swinging her
head side to side, I am just suggesting at the side of her head so you
can avoid her flame breathing. Her attacks consists of: flame breathing,
which will remain on the ground for awhile, ground stomping, and tail
swipes mixed with head swipes/biting. So once you have Aeroa casted go
in for air attack combos on her head keep repeating that when you can.
When she does the ground stomping I suggest you jump once you see the
tremor lines and use the Glide ability to miss any follow up tremors.
After that is done go in at her again with air attack combos. If you
run out of Aero run away from her so you can miss her attacks and cast
Aeroa again. Also when your health is low, don't always rely on Goofy,
Donald, or Beast to heal you, although they will when the can, if you
are low and they seem like they aren't tossing you any potions run off
and heal yourself. Another thing that would help out greatly is if all
else fails, use a Summon! I would recommend using Tinkerbell since she
heals you often, so use the combination of Tink and Aeroa. If you still
are having a hard time, then I guess you can be a wimp about it and let
Donald, Goofy, or the Beast fight off the Dragon while you search for a
vine and climb to a higher place and use magic when you want, it'd be
longer and you won't get as much experience points, but eventually
Dragon will be beaten. So, the 3 keys to this battle are: always have
Aeroa casted on you, heal yourself when you are low on HP, and attack!
After a pretty long battle, hard one too - you can relax for a bit when
you finish her off.

D.) After the grueling battle with Maleficent's evil form, you'll need
the exit that area, when you do the portal will close behind you and a
wall will reveal in front of the save point you used earlier. Save of
course and switch back to Donald if you want, or however you use (only
if you want) and head through that tunnel. Keep following what looks
like the right path to take and you'll come to a room with the six
princesses on both sides. Continue forward and a cutscene goes into
play, after that it is one on one with the next boss....

|------------D.) Riku II | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 900--------------|
Like I said, it'll only be you and Riku going at it since Donald and
Goofy got locked out said the barrier. So onto Riku, he is a bit harder,
infact a lot harder since the last time you fought him. Before going
into this battle remember to re-stock your item list with potions since
you don't have the aid of Donald or Goofy. And hopefully you still have
the Aero magic in you quick magic menu. Cast Aero first to reduce
damage of course and go in to attack him. I suggest you go straight at
him and attack, maybe you'll time it right with his attack to deflect
his and use a follow up combo attack, so if you have Sora's
"Counterattack" ability equipped then this will be very effective. Keep
dodging his moves till it looks like a good time to attack. Re-cast
Aero if it runs out on you. Almost halfway through the battle Riku's
attacks will change, he'll talk and spear his arms out and this is when
you want to take the time and jump in the air using Glide to escape
this attack. He goes back and forth using a powerful speed dash and at
the end of it, stay clear of the middle of the battle zone, cause he'll
unleash a strong move the covers about 60% of the area, just stay out
of its way. After that attack is done it leaves him open for a good
combo attack. If you do have the "Arc Arcanum" ability equipped, use it!
It delivers a nice string of combos that right after using it you can
attack for another string of manual combos that are very effective.
Repeat the process, avoid his attacks, replenish your Aero magic when
needed and if your health is low keep good distance away from him to
heal yourself. Repeat this strategy and you'll eventually win.

After that fight, enjoy a nice long cutscene and you'll be changed for
a bit. You want to make your way back to the place where you first went
into the Library (first fight with Riku), and by getting there you have
to jump of the sides of the castle, since you can't use the elevators.
If you go too far down there is an elevator that works automatically to
help you up a level you missed, get to the Entrance past the big gates
to meet up with your friends again. After that, we head back to
Traverse Town.

You now have the time to go back and do some sidequests if you please.
Also if you feel like you are good enough seek out the Optional Bosses
and take them on. If you don't want to or you felt you've done enough
sidequests, you need to talk to Cid back in Traverse Town and he'll
modify your Gummi Ship so it can go back to Hallow Bastion.

19.)	Hallow Bastion Revisited

A.) When you arrive at Hallow Bastion, you literally need to make your
way back to the last time you fought Riku. So the place with the
control panel and the large heart shaped portal. I suggest when you
arrive in this area you look around all over to get some good items,
one good item is Sora's second best weapon in the game, "Oblivion".
When you reach the area, proceed through the keyhole and a boss battle

|------------A.) Behemoth | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 1350------------|
Really, this battle couldn't be any easier. You just need to watch out
for this huge guy's attacks. He is pretty slow moving so you can almost
see all of the attacks coming. There are 4 main attacks Behemoth does.
Keep in mind when Behemoth walks around you'll see waves where the foot
lands, you need to move away from the foot that is moving or jump away
at the right time or you'll be damaged. His other attack is very easy
to dodge, in fact you don't have to dodge it at all almost - you'll see
Behemoth crouch down a bit and it looks like its going into a pounce
formation, simply stay behind it and it'll leap to the other side.
Another attack comes from its horn, it deals more with magic and it's
easy to escape if you know what you are doing. You have 2 choices,
either run underneath it so the magic balls won't reach you, or counter
its magic spell by whacking on its horn. Its final attack you must
watch out for is after it becomes unconscious it'll get up and release
some kind of magic spell like Thundera. Really there is no escaping
this when you are attacking it a lot while it is unconscious, so if you
feel like you've hit him enough times run away to the back of him,
hopefully you'll dodge this. Now onto the strategy part, Behemoth's
weak point is the horn on top of its head. Lock-onto it, and run behind
Behemoth, one of its legs should be slight bent to where you can jump
on its calve and then on to the back. Once on the back get close to the
horn and start doing your combo attacks. If its head is bent down a bit,
wait awhile till it rise and attack it - help prevents from falling off
most of the time. Keep attacking this and eventually you'll stun this
beast, then you want to jump off and start attacking its head from the
ground. If you have the "Raganork" ability use it, either while the
beat is stun or on top of its head. Also, if you feel you are having
problems or want to measure up the boss while starting the battle, then
cast Aero spell on you. Keep repeating the strategy of attack horn till
it is stunned, then attack it some more while it is down and avoid it's
attacks you'll pull off an easy win.

After the battle you'll talk with a couple of your pals and you'll go
back into the portal to lock the keyhole to Hallow Bastion. After that,
you'll end up with the Princesses and if you haven't already talked to
them to gain an upgraded magic spell. Also, it'd be wise to head to the
Library and talk to Belle for something. You'll also find Yuffie, Leon,
and Arieth there as well. Talk to them all but be sure to talk to
Arieth since she'll give you a lot of good things....after you talk to
her, go talk to Leon or something, then head back to Arieth and she'll
upgrade your Cura to Curaga. After you feel things are wrapped up in
Hallow Bastion then you have another choice, another tournament is
being held at Olympus Coliseum so you could head there, or go back to
Traverse Town, or to the next world that has opened up next to Hallow

20.)	Olympus Coliseum - Hades Cup

A.) Upon entering this cup it'd be wise if you were nicely leveled up
say around Level 50 on up, or if you have a lot of strength and defense
built up as well. This cup will be the most grueling and longest ones
you'll face around 50 rounds total in a row. So I hope you have Cura or
Curaga in your quick magic list as well as Aero. The upside to this cup
is that you only have to go through 9-10 rounds till you reach the what
I like to call the sub-boss of those rounds, in other words you start
from the 49th seed and you make it too the 40th seed round, beat that
person then from there on if you lose you get to restart at the 40th
seed, and so on. So no you don't always have to start over from 50th
seed. But the Hades Cup has almost all the Heartless creatures or
probably the toughest so be prepared.

*Note: Heartless with "x?" after their names means an unknown number of
Heartless to appear in the match. At the most it means 10 or more.

Hades Cup - Difficulty: Hard
1st Seed - Rock Titan
|----B.) Rock Titan | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 2100----|
Why this guy is the first seed of the Hades Cup is beyond me, you are
more likely to have more trouble with Hades or someone else than this
guy. Despite this bosses huge demeanor, he is fairly easily to get rid
of. You want to focus your attack on its legs in the beginning. It'd be
wise to attack one of its legs from the side, because once you land
enough combo attack blows the boss will fall down backwards and you
don't want to be caught up behind it. You would want to avoid Rock
Titans attacks as well, few that they are they are pretty powerful but
very easy to parry. When he walks and he stomps on the ground making
visible waves simple jump out of the way. Also you'll notice Rock
Titans powerful move where he somewhat jumps onto the ground sending a
whole shockwave across the ground just jump and Glide if necessary.
With those out of the way, keep attacking Rock Titans legs, when it
falls find a way to climb on to Rock Titans body and work your way to
one of its heads. Select a head and attack away at it, it deals more
damage. After awhile Rock Titan will slowly begin to rise. I've found
that you can somehow stay on top of Rock Titans shoulders or chest
during this time and continue attacking one of its heads. So if you can
manage to find a place to stand on and attack his head when he is fully
up, then use this at your advantage, if you fall - then repeat the
process with attacking the legs and then a head after it falls down. If
you must, use Aero if you feel you are being hit a lot and use Curaga
or a healing item to revitalize your HP bar. Easy....too simple! After
awhile of this you'll win, the whole Hades Cup.
2nd Seed - Final Battalion
Darkball x?
Angel Star x?
Invisible x?
3rd Seed - Shadow Troopers
Wyvern x?
Wizard x?
Defender x?
4th Seed - Twin Mirage
Stealth Sneak x2
5th Seed - Black Storm
Shadow x?
Darkball x?
6th Seed - Mad Mushroom
White Mushroom x3
7th Seed - Invisible Fear
Stealth Sneak x1
Invisible x 3
8th Seed - The Requiem
Red Nocturne x2
Blue Rhapsody x2
Yellow Opera x2
Wizard x2
Angel Star x1
9th Seed - Night Rave
Shadow x5
Darkball x3
Invisible x1
10th Seed - Hades
|--------C. Hades | Difficulty: Semi-Medium | HP: 800--------|
Believe it or not Hades isn't too hard to handle. His attack you really
must watch out for is his flame punch, fireball throw, and flame
rotation. Flame rotation is when he goes into the center of the arena,
says something like "It's time to heat things up!", then has flames
coming out of his palms extending across the whole area, he'll then
rotate. There is a simple way to counter this attack, just get in close
behind him and you can either walk or run your way while he rotates or
use the dodge roll, I've tried jumping and gliding over it and it won't
work. Plus this move does a lot of damage. To start the battle cast
Aero on your self to reduce some damage, if it is used up, cast it on
yourself again. Now it is time to attack, surprisingly Donald and Goofy
will attack Hades well, I've noticed this more than any other boss,
they attack Hades and even make him stagger a bit, and that is where
you can come in and do some more damage. But basically you just run in
and start combo attacking him. When Hades hands get on fire to do a
flame punch you might want to back up and use "Strike Raid" on him if
you have it equipped. Basically when he is not attacking you should be
attacking, jump in air combos are the best for any occasion. When he
does his flame rotation attack he is invincible for awhile till it ends.
Like I said go behind his back and follow the rotation so the flames
won't hit you. After he is done he is really vulnerable to attack so
let it rip! Continue this process and you'll win the battle eventually.
11th Seed - Elder Force
Invisible x3
Angel Star x2
12th Seed - Interceptors
Defender x3
13th Seed - Heavy Warriors
Fat Bandit x2
Defender x1
Large Body x2
14th Seed - Violent Bunch
Fat Bandit x2
Invisible x1
Wizard x2
15th Seed - Air Brigade
Wyvern x1
Air Pirate x1
Air Soldier x1
Gargoyle x1
Search Ghost x1
16th Seed - Darkstorm
Darkball x?
17th Seed - False Angels
Angel Star x2
Wyvern x2
Large Body x2
18th Seed - Blaze Bandits
Fat Bandit x3
Red Nocturne x4
19th Seed - The Large Trio
Large Body x3
Wight Knight x2
20th Seed - Cloud and Leon
|-------D.) Cloud and Leon | Difficulty: Hard | HP: ???,???-------|
Well this battle is pretty difficult, I suggest you would want to focus
your attack more on Cloud first since he is always running around
causing havoc. Cast Aero in the beginning and lock onto Cloud and
trying dishing out your combo attacks. If Leon starts getting close
it'd be wise to draw Cloud away from the area Leon is at, hopefully
Donald and Goofy will be working on whoever you aren't fighting. With
Cloud his basic attacks are easy to deflect and then go into a combo
attack. When he yells and rushes on the ground try jumping or gliding
at that time till he is finish and go in for the attack. When Cloud
flies....then it'll really hit the fan, it is sorta hard to attack him
while flying so he is some what invincible, until he lands that's when
I suggest you attack some more. You'll get use to these attacks from
facing Cloud before and after he is done with one, attack him. Magic
attacks will work well against Cloud such as Gravitiga and Tunderga.
But you don't want to waste too much MP for Aero and Curaga if you need
to defend and heal yourself. After Cloud is done with, face Leon. Leon
is basically the same as when you fought him and Yuffie at once. So
have the same attitude you had when facing him that time. This time
Leon's gunblade will be long for the duration of this match so you'll
have to watch out for his gunblade attacks. I'd have to say Leon is the
easiest out of the two, dodge his rising slash attack and of course
watch out for when he comes down and go in and attack him. I suggest
trapping him up against the transparent wall and keep attacking him
with never lasting combos, but eventually he'll jump out of it and
attack you. Strike Raid works very well if you don't want to get into
to close. Also, against the both of them, use Raganork or Arcanum
attacks to damage them greatly. Repeat this, heal when needed and
you'll eventually win.
21st Seed - Air Corsairs
Battleship x1
Wyvern x2
Darkball x4
22nd Seed - Night Soarers
Wyvern x3
Search Ghost x2
Wight Night x2
23rd Seed - Black Flap
Gargoyle x2
Air Soldier x3
Air Pirate x2
24th Seed - Dark Knights
Opposite Armor x1
Darkball x6
25th Seed - Avengers
Bandit x1
Wight Knight x1
Pirate x1
Soldier x1
Powerwild x1
26th Seed - Shadow Storm
Shadow x?
27th Seed - Terrible Fists
Gauntlets x1
Gargoyle x5
28th Seed - Spookies
Search Ghosts x6
29th Seed - Sky Raiders
Air Soldiers x4
Air Pirate x3
30th Seed - Cerberus
|-------E.) Cerberus | Difficulty: Medium | HP: ???-------|
Basic strategy still applies from the first time you faced Cerberus,
but he is a bit faster now and does a lot more magic attacks. When it
vomits you can either glide or dodge roll to miss the attacks from the
ground. When it spits out fireballs I suggest you do the dodge rolling
since it won't hit you will doing this. Always keep a locked target on
one of its outside heads, after they are done with its magic attack
it'll stand in place and start biting. Select an outside head and after
it bites jump and do a 2-3 hit combo and stop, because it'll follow up
with another quick bite, after that you have enough time to do a longer
air combo on its head. After awhile of that, Cerberus will go back to
its magic attacks. Also when Cerberus gets on its hind legs jump and
glide to counter its earthquake attack. After the magic attacks are
done go in for more hits on its head and repeat the process of 2-3 hits,
wait, and then an all out air combo attack. You could also jump on its
back and get close to its shoulder blades so you won't be hit with any
of Cerberus' magic spells. Repeat all this, heal when needed and use
Aero if you must and you'll win after you attack this beast enough.
31st Seed - Mystic Mages
Angel Star x1
Wizard x4
32nd Seed - Shadow Summoners
Wizard x3
Shadow x3
33rd Seed - Magic Force
Wizard x1
Red Nocturne x2
Yellow Opera x4
Blue Rhapsody x2
34th Seed - Optical Trick
Stealth Sneak x1
Blue Rhapsody x2
Green Requiem x 4
35th Seed - Spiders and Pots
Red Nocturne x3
Yellow Opera x3
Pot Spider x2
36th Seed - Mad Fungus
Black Fungus x1
Green Requiem x4
37th Seed - Sorcerous Armor
Guard Armor x1
Blue Rhapsody x2
Red Nocturne x2
38th Seed - Blue Legion
Blue Rhapsody x7
Gargoyle x2
39th Seed - Red Legion
Search Ghost x1
Red Nocturnes x8
40th Seed - Behemoth
|---------F.) Behemoth | Difficulty: Easy | HP:???----------|
Same beast from within the portal at Hallow Bastion, and the same
strategy applies, attack its horn on its head. It is a pretty easy
match since it's basically the same. If you need more help then please
go back to the Hallow Bastion Behemoth boss strategy, really if you are
having trouble with this beast, then maybe you should go back and level
up a bit before heading deeper into the Hades Cup. After attacking its
horn enough and dodging its attacks you'll win.
41st Seed - Bad Union
Bandit x1
Powerwild x2
Large Body x1
Fat Bandit x1
Soldier x1
42nd Seed - Dark Garrison
Defender x1
Wight Knight x3
Soldier x2
43rd Seed - Outlaws
Bandit x3
Pirate x4
44th Seed - Yuffie
|-------G.) Yuffie | Difficulty: Semi-Easy | HP: ???------|
This battle is a bit easier against her since she is alone. But she is
much quicker this time around. I suggest you use the Strike Raid attack
against her when she is far away since she flips away a lot. When you
do get in close, let her having it by dishing our on assault on her.
Use Raganork or Arcanum on her when you are close and want to deal a
lot of damage. Dodge your way out of her ninja star throws and use Aero
if needed. Heal up if you are some what low as well, but make sure you
get her trapped with a wall behind her and keep attacking her up
straight with combos. Y0u'll win eventually.
45th Seed - Mad Truffle
Rare Truffle x1
46th Seed - Dirty Claws
Powerwild x1
Pot Spider x8
47th Seed - Terrible Feet
Hammerlegs x1
Pirate x4
Shadow x2
48th Seed - Wild Dance
Wight Knight x3
Powerwild x4
49th Seed - Shadow Brothers
Soldier x3
Shadow x7

Like I said if you lose during this whole cup, you can just go back to
the last seed after you beat a sub-boss, so it won't be too hard. But
after you win this all you'll come out with the Hades Cup trophy,
Lionheart keyblade, and Ansem Report 8. You can then either try out the
other matches in Olympus Coliseum by talking to Phil, and you'll notice
some with the ???? on it, one of them is the Gold Match against Ice
Titan and one is Platinum Match against Sephiroth, and in both you
fight alone. Refer to the Optional Bosses section of this FAQ for more

After this you can either do more sidequests, level up, or head
straight onto the other world opposite of Hallow Bastion, End of the

21.)	End of the World

A.) Upon arriving here, things may see a bit overwhelming....and they
are. Just make sure you are leveled nicely and having a lot of strength
to keep you alive through here. Pretty much those under Level 55 will
have a harder time going through here and facing the bosses, as opposed
Level 60 and up. I was at Level 54 coming in and I didn't have too much
trouble but it was challenging. Anyways, make your way through this
world and you'll come to glowing pillars of light that'll take your
through previous worlds you've been in, each one contains a Heartless
battle and then you'll find a treasure chest containing useful items.
You'll go through all of these, unless you want to skip them keep by
passing the pillars of light and go onto the next area. Remember green
advances you and blue makes you go back. You'll come to a hall with a
huge Heartless sign at the end, you'll head down that way and to your
left will be a door, go through it and examine the text on this machine,
after you do so Heartless will attack you. Finish them and then head
out of the room; you can't get past the Heartless sign, instead head
back to where you came. After you are back you'll notice that the
glowing pillar is gone and there is just a hole. Go down that hole and
a boss battle waits....

|----------A.) Chernabog | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 1500-----------|
This boss you may recognize from the end of Fantasia, from "The Night
on Bald Mountain" - nice surprise huh? Now it is time to fight him!
Throughout this battle you'll be flying the whole time, this monsters
weak point of course is its head. I suggest you equip Aero at the start
of the fight and target Chernabogs head. The easiest way to beat this
boss is if you go right behind its head to avoid most of its attacks,
when you are behind its head attack it till there is no end. Eventually
after awhile Chernabog will push you guys away with a powerful gust of
wind and he'll start attacking you with magic spells. If your Aeroga
runs out, cast it again and heal if necessary. Go back in to attack its
head, and keep repeating this process and try avoiding its magic
attacks and you'll win this battle easily.

B.) After the fight with Chernabog you'll go through the hole it use to
be in and then you have to fight in a gauntlet of Heartless that come
in waves. Each wave you defeat a piece of the heart shape door falls
off. The first Heartless you'll face is Behemoth again, just like the
first time use that strategy to beat him, the horn is his weakness.
After that fight a string of more Heartless will come out, so make sure
you have plenty of potions, mega elixirs, mega potions, etc. stocked up
or just use Curaga to heal yourself. As soon as all the pieces of the
heart shaped door have fallen off you won't have to fight anymore
Heartless. The reason why they had so many fights it to make sure you
are leveled up properly for what is in store next. Go through the heart
shaped door and ahead of you will be another door leading somewhere
else. I suggest that you MUST save right here at this exact place
called, "Final Rest", because that is the last save point from here.
Also if you decide to head out of this world, and come back you can
teleport straight here instead of going through all that you went
through, so if you have trouble with the next (last) fights you may
want to head out and level up elsewhere. It'll even prompt you to save
and put everything in order before you go through the door. My main
suggestion for customizing your quick magic list is: Curaga, Aero, and
then any other magical element you want to use or that you think would
help you out, I has Thunderga in mine but I really didn't use it, just
make sure Aeroga and Curaga is in there. After you are sure head
through it for the last battles....

|------------B.) Ansem | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 1500-------------|
Finally, you face the man who is behind all that has been happening.
Ansem looks really overwhelming as you see him flying and with some
kind of Shadow Guardian with him, but I must tell you now - you haven't
seen nothing yet. So when the first battle starts out what should you
do? That's right use Aeroga! Also, lock on to him so you can find him
easy. Since Ansem will be in the air the whole time and sometimes out
of reach, it'd be wise to use your Strike Raid ability. When he is
close and reachable jump in and air combo him. Sometimes he'll stagger
and then sometimes he'll take it like a man. Also if you want to deal
more damage, Raganork works very well seeing it is an air combo attack.
But you must also watch your MP level if you want to rely on Aero and
Curaga for defense. When you attack Ansem of course your MP will charge
up, just want to warn you in some cases you might be low. So to start
go up and attack him straight on with air attack combos. He'll fly
around at different parts of the island so some areas he'll be right
above you, that's when Strike Raid is handy. Ansems main attacks deal
with his Shadow Guardian. He'll call forth his Guardian to protect him
and that's where he is invincible, just wait till the Guardian
disappears and then go in for the attack. The Guardian will always
throw elemental orbs at you so you can either get hit with it if you
want to keep attacking him or be cautious and dodge them with the dodge
roll. Really, mostly this battle is all about offense. The defensive
roles come into play if you are low on health and must retreat a bit to
heal up using Curaga or an item, and casting Aero on yourself. Try to
have Aero on all the time at least. Ansem will also attack with energy
surrounding him that deflects your attacks and he'll yell out "Submit!",
he'll do this move and the Guardian will come after you and hold you a
bit causing some damage. To counter this attack, when his energy
barrier runs out jump up and attack him, this will usually call back
the Guardian instead of it holding onto you. He'll keep on doing this
for awhile plus other attacks, but mainly you just have to get up in
his face and attack him till no end. After his HP is depleted, he'll
retreat back into another area.

C.) You'll have some time to gather yourself and stock up on potions to
re-heal yourself and any other things that need tending to. Head over
to the area that Ansem went and prepare for another battle by your

|------C.) Darkside Heartless III | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 900-----|
You've faced this huge shadow figure twice before, and he is basically
the same in attacking and how to beat this thing. First target its hand
that is on the ground and attack that up and down, make sure you are
behind or at the side of its hand as well to miss the attacks from the
front. After awhile its hands will rise up and gather energy and then
slam it into the ground again making an opening for Shadow Heartless to
come out. While its hand is in the ground keep attacking it and
hopefully you'll be attacking the Shadow Heartless as well, if not
don't worry too much about them just keep your focus on Darkside.
Repeat hitting his hand and this battle will be over.

D.) Nope it's no over yet. Come on what would you expect out of a
Square game? Let alone Kingdom Hearts. Directly after the fight with
the Darkside Heartless you go into battle again. Hopefully you healed
yourself after you beat Darkside quickly if not then be sure to do so
for in the beginning of the next fight....

|------------D.) Ansem II | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 1200------------|
First thing is first if you are low on health, cure yourself with
Curaga or Hi-Potion. Then use Aeroga for defense. Ansem is basically
the same as before, but you don't have your buddies to help, you out so
it is a bit harder. Same strategy as before, except Ansem has 2 new
attacks. One of his new attacks is a rush attack similar to Rikus from
the 2nd fight in Hallow Bastion. To counter it just jump in the air and
glide till he passes you and let your self fall and jump and glide
again. You can't remain in the air cause you do gradually drop and you
need the climax of the jump to make the attack miss you, if he comes
for another rush you might get hit, better safe than sorry right? His
other attack is also simple to avoid. He'll move to the center of the
fighting area and then the ground around you will have small Heartless
reach out and try to attack you, all you have to do is dodge roll out
of the way, so head in one direction circling around Ansem while
pounding the Square button, after the ground attack has stopped dodge
roll out of the farthest away from Ansem to avoid a huge magical attack.
After that is done Ansem is vulnerable to attacks so go up and attack
him. Other than those 2 new additional moves Ansem is basically the
same as before. Use Aero all the time and heal when you need to, after
his HP is gone - get ready for a cutscene.

E.) You'll be sucked into this vast empty space that I don't even know
where is, and you'll see Ansem and his World of Chaos. Now
overwhelming. And to think you still got a bit more ways to fight as
well. Ansem will talk and stuff during this cutscene and then you'll be
forced into another fight without your comrades....

|-------E.) World of Chaos | Difficulty: Medium | HP: 1500---------|
Actually most of the fights beyond this point are fairly easy, just
like I said it depends if on how you are leveled. Hmmmm this sorta
looks familiar, a la FFX I believe but still looks awesome. Your main
focus will be on Ansem again and if you want cast Aeroga on yourself,
or you can just wait till you are low on health and use Curaga on you.
So target on to Ansem for easy flying and maneuvering, and head towards
him. You want to position yourself right behind him to escape from his
weapon blows, when you are behind him let it out with attack combos.
You won't be able to use your attack abilities seeing that you are
flying the whole time. Keep attacking Ansem up right and Ansem with
retaliate with orbs that shoot out what seems to be laser that'll hit
you from time to time. They don't do too much damage but you will
probably get hit a lot while attacking Ansem. Whenever you need to heal
or re-cast Aero, head out of the way of Ansem and the lasers and do
your business. After that go back in and repeat the process. After
Ansems HP runs out, he'll take a breather.

F.) After your fight with him a part of the World of Chaos will open
and you'll go inside. In there it is completely dark but you'll see
eyes of Heartless coming at you. They are on Shadow Heartless so they
are pretty easy to handle, they also drop HP balls which will help
replenish your health. Clean them out and this orb like thing will drop.
Air combo attack it and then you'll get out of that area and on to your
next objective (heal if necessary)....

|----F.) Artillery: Small/Large | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 120/550---|
This part is pretty easy, you'll need to move in close to the World of
Chaos and pressing the auto lock on button to find your next enemy.
You'll see small tentacle things shooting stuff at you and that is
where you want to attack next. There are 2 rows of small tentacles and
the 2 bigger ones, take out the bigger ones first with a breeze, they
drop some HP balls to so it'll help heal you up. Then take out the
smaller ones on each side. After they are gone you are going to want to
find a gaseous cloud in front of the top of the World of Chaos, that
didn't sound to confusing right? Locate it and go through it.

G.) Sweet! Goofy rejoins you finally and you'll be fighting some more
Heartless monsters sorta like you did before, except that are Darkballs.
Not to difficult just attack them and make sure they are all gone,
they'll drop huge HP balls which should help you out greatly. After
they are gone another orb like thing will drop, attack that and then
you'll be outside of the World of Chaos yet again for another battle....

|--------------G.) Face | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 1200--------------|
Remember that ugly head on the World of Chaos? Well it is time to tell
it that it is ugly and whip some since into it. Since you have Goofy
accompanying you, things will be a bit easier. Attack it up front right
in its face, use the target lock on for it to be a bit easier. The face
will attack but don't mind it until your HP is really low, retreat back
and heal yourself and then go back in for another bashing. Keep using
your attack combos to its advantage, move slightly over on the side of
the face so you won't get hit all the time. After awhile you'll beat
the face and you'll go inside its mouth.

H.) Before you head into its mouth you can fight off some more small
artillery things that are spitting out stuff at you, lock on and attack
them, they'll drop HP balls for you, but if you don't want to do that,
go ahead into the mouth. Awesome now Donald is back! Everyone is here
and now it is time to kick some more ass. Just like the 2 times before
you'll be fighting more Heartless in a dark area, this time these are
one of the toughest Heartless around called Invisible, those flying
ones with swords. Just make sure to target one and jump in to do a air
combo attack, keep repeating that till they are all gone and cure
yourself if needed. Another orb will drop and attack that to come out
of that things mouth....

|------------H.) Main Core | Difficulty: Easy | HP: 300------------|
The barrier thing that was blocking the World of Chaos' belly has now
disappeared and you can go into it. If you feel like it, fight off the
tiny tentacles surrounding the main core, or you can just go ahead and
attack the main core. The main core is pretty easy to recognize has a
small face like thing on it and it wiggles around when you hit it. It
won't attack so it'd be wise to cure up for what is ahead while you are
attacking it. Hit it enough times and the core will deteriorate and
you'll fly out of the belly.

I.) Man will this ever end?! Don't worry after getting out of the belly
Ansem will awake for another go at it. But this time you have your
friends helping you out, this is going to be a piece of cake....

|--------I.) Final Ansem | Difficulty: Semi-Easy | HP: 1200--------|
Same strategy goes for this time as you did the first time you fought
him in this form. Target on to him, cast Aeroga, and then head behind
him to attack him. At this point, let it all out with attacks and such,
Donald and Goofy will be helping out a lot as well in terms of
attacking. If you get hit with a laser shots a lot then retreat to heal
up some more, then head back to attack Ansem again. Really this part is
a breeze, you just need to be aware of your HP status and keep
attacking him from behind soon enough you'll win.

What there is more?! No no, but I know that was a lot for a final boss,
but great wasn't it? You can set your controller down and rest your
hands. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ending(s). Congratulations! You
just beat Kingdom Hearts =)

Just remember to watch the entire ending, plus after the credits for it
to enjoy it more. Plus if you got enough stuff required to see the
bonus 'Secret Ending' then enjoy that as well, it was worth it.

|-----THE END-----|

22.)	Optional Bosses
There are a lot of extras and sidequests in Kingdom Hearts and part of
the sidequests are extra bosses. Below is a list of bosses and where
you can face them. I'll try to have their own boss strategies for next
update, but for now here is their location and who they are:

A. Phantom | Difficulty: Extremely Hard | HP: 1200
To get to this boss you have to have finished Hallow Bastion area the
first time, after that - head back to Neverland in the Cabin on the
ship. Put Peter Pan in your party and then go over and talk to
Tinkerbell who is in the same room. She'll ask you to go to the Clock
Tower so agree, when you arrive there, Phantom awaits to fight you.

This is a tough battle, in terms you might have to do 3-4 things at
once. You also can't have both Donald and Goofy in your party at the
same time so you must choose which one you think would benefit more in
this battle, it's more magical than physical so you might want Donald.
You want to make sure you have plenty of elixirs or mega elixirs in
your item list. As for your quick magic menu, has Stopra and Aeroga
equipped, and then any other magic spell you want. When you go into
battle you need to have these key things in mind:

- When Phantom casts a countdown spell, you must find the clock face
that you can target lock on with, and then cast it with your magic
spell Stopra. I suggest you don't leave that side of the clock face
since you need to go back to it often, if the Stopra spell hasn't run
out yet, you can go ahead and cast Stopra on the clock whenever you
feel seeing that it'll just lengthen the time yet again. When the Stop
spell runs out re-cast it as quickly as possible on that clock face,
cause when the clock reaches 0 or 12 O'clock you or your buddies time
is out.

- How to attack the Phantom. You'll notice the glowing orb at the
bottom of the Phantoms get up. The colors are in terms of elemental
usage. Here is an example:

-	Glowing Red: Use Fire Magic
-	Glowing Blue: Use Ice Magic
-	Glowing Yellow: Use Thunder Magic
-	Glowing White: You physical attacks with your keyblade

The physical attacks are a must since it does more damage to the
Phantom and helps replenish your MP gauge if you can't do it using an

- The Phantom first casts Countdown or Doom spells on your other
characters in your part first. After they are gone, he does it on you,
so it is critical to work fast.

With those key things in mind you are ready to fight the Phantom. I
also think it'd be wise to face the Phantom after you've reached level
60 or higher, seeing it might be a lot more difficult at a lower level.
Also the abilities that would make this fight easier is MP Haste and MP
Rage, they work really work since both double your MP if you get hit
and if you use some MP only part will be depleted. The Phantoms attacks
are a hand slash, heat seeking fireball, and of course the Doom
Countdown. You need to avoid most of his attack but the Doom Countdown
is the most critical, always cast Stopra on the clock face when it runs
out during the Doom Countdown. During the time Stopra is on the clock
you work your magic so to say on the Phantom, using the magic that
corresponds to the color on his orb. Use mega elixirs or elixirs from
your item list if you ever get low on MP, chances are you'll be low on
HP as well, but if you are low on HP then use Curaga, and Aeroga for
defense. When you do use magic on the Phantom it is quite hard if the
Phantom is moving around so the best way is to get somewhat close and
when it stops moving around, hit it with your magic. Repeat all this
using the magic and keeping the clocked stopped when Doom Countdown is
casted on you or another character, and if you are lucky enough you'll
come out with a win over this toughie.

B. Kurt Zisa | Difficulty: Hard | HP: 1500
First off I want to congratulate Kurt Zisa for winning the Name-In Game
contest that was held for Kingdom Hearts; he won and got his name in
for an optional boss. Like above, you must have finished Hallow Bastion
the first time. Head back to Aladdin's House in Agrabah, and talk to
the Magic Carpet which is spazzing out. It'll take you to the location
of Kurt Zisa.

For now check out BCollins in depth strategy to beat Kurt Zisa on till I at actually beat him and give my strategy.

C. Ice Titan - HP: 1600
Ice Titan is available to fight when the Gold Match in Olympus Coliseum
is ready. This match becomes available after you beat Hades Cup.

This battle can be hard, easy, or fun - just by the way you are leveled
up and how your perceive things. Before you start the Gold Match I
recommend greatly that you have the Guard ability equipped, if not then
it'll be a little bit harder. Before we get into the Ice Titan FAQ,
lets go over some of its attacks.

-	Icicle Throw: This is where the Guard technique comes into play.
Once you see Ice Titan bring his arm back and then forward you'll
see some icicles being hurled in your direction, time it right to
deflect the icicles with Guard and most if not all should hit Ice
Titan doing a great deal of damage.
-	Cold Breathe: Ice Titan will turn to your left and being blowing
cold air at your direction simply jump over and glide over it a
bit, while avoiding the icicles being tossed to avoid slipping
and falling on your bum.
-	Ice Stomp: He only uses this if you are really close to him, say
near his legs. You got 2 options, never do it again or roll of
the friggin way.
-	Ground Ice Spikes: Reminiscent of FFX at the end of the game
where you ran into one you'd go into a battle, well if you run
into one you'll get hurt, easy way to avoid this is to keep
moving and use the roll ability to your advantage.
-	Ice Boulders: These things are pretty easy to avoid, they'll
appear over your head and you'll just have to move out of the way,
rolling if possible, Ice Titan usually uses the Ground Ice Spikes
and the Ice Boulders simultaneously followed by the icicle throw.
-	Ice Rage: I like to call it Ice Rage cause usually after you
knock out Ice Titan a couple of times, he'll start doing this.
Ice Titan gets frustrated and clenches its fist and then releases
this ice gas that freezes you and does a great deal of damage, if
you are lucky you'll only get hit twice and have some HP left
over, quickly heal yourself with Cura or Curaga. If you want to
avoid this, get Ice Titans attacking patterns down and when he is
about to do this you want to get behind him a bit to the side,
that way you can avoid it, but be careful of his Ice Stomp
afterwards if you are too close, plus you might miss a good time
to swat icicles back at him.

Now onto the fight, usually the Ice Titan starts by throwing icicles at
you, swat them back with your guard ability to do a lot of damage on
this guy. After dodging most of its attacks and pelting him with his
own icicles, it'll stun the Ice Titan brining him down on a knee. This
is your time to run in and attack his head as much as you can with your
keyblade, using Arc Arcanum or Raganork works pretty well but you might
miss if not timed or placed right. Once he gets back up its time to
fight and do the same strategy again. As the battle progresses and you
are winning, Ice Titan will be getting faster with attacks and more
powerful, especially with the Ice Rage, that's the attack you must
watch for the most in terms of defense and healing. If you are low on
health run to a spot where you can use Cura or Curaga quickly and then
go back to the fight, try as much as you can eventually you'll be
healed if you are being hit a lot at the same time. Also, I wouldn't
recommend using Aeroa/Aeroga since it will hinder your Guard ability in
pelting the icicles back at Ice Titan. Repeat the process and watch for
his attacks, and going all out on its head and you shall win eventually.

D. Sephiroth | Difficulty: Extremely Hard | HP: 1800
Sephiroth is now available to fight after going through Hallow Bastion
the first time. When you go to Olympus Coliseum, the title will be
marked with ????. Sora will also head into this battle alone, one tough
battle. Platinum Match is where he is located.

Check out CyberEarth's in depth strategy on beating Sephiroth on till I actually beat him and give my piece on him.

23.)	Boss Information
This is just nice tid bit of information on the bosses in Kingdom
Hearts. You can access the info of bosses and other things through your
Journal and even look in closer are the bosses by pressing the Triangle
button and view them. Also I want to note that you can't view bosses
you haven't faced before, so it's only the bosses you've faced you can
see the info and full scale model. Anyways - here is the boss
information section.

- Enormous Heartless that appeared in Destiny islands with Shadows. It
led the battle against Sora when he first received the Keyblade.
Although Soda defeated it, the island was swallowed by the darkness.

Guard Armor
- Leader of the Heartless in Traverse Town. It falls apart when it
receives damage, but each part attacks individually. Sora meets Donald
and Goofy for the first time just before fighting this Heartless.

Opposite Armor
- Heartless that guards the Keyhole in Traverse town. It is a modified
form of Guard Armor, but is more powerful.

- Heartless that Sora and company encounter while they searched for
Alice. It's herky-jerky attacks and juggling act flustered Sora and the

Stealth Sneak
- Heartless that attuned to the darkness in Clayton's heart. It somehow
manipulated the light to turn invincible and fought alongside Clayton.

Pot Centipede
- Heartless called by Jafar to stop Aladdin. It's long body is composed
of a number of Pot Spiders linked together. Even if its body comes
apart, it can regenerate itself by gathering other pots.

Parasite Cage
- Heartless that appeared inside Monstro. It's known to swallow enemies.
Sora and the others rescue Pinocchio, who was trapped inside it.

- Ghostlike Heartless that haunted the clock tower standing far away
from Neverland. Fluttering its eerie cloak, it casts a spell to take
Sora's heart. Having no physical body, regular attacks were useless,
but in the end Sora and company discovered its weakness and prevailed.

- Immensely powerful Heartless. First seen while battling between the
doorways at Hallow Bastion. With their large frame, they trample
enemies, and repel most attacks. Damaging their weak point make them
lose consciousness. Strike them with potent attacks while they are down.

- Lord of the Underworld. He's using the Heartless to try and take over
the world. Hades wants Hercules and Sora out of the way, but all his
schemes against Sora and the others seem to end in failure.
("Hercules" 1997)

- Guardian of the entrance of the Underworld and Hades loyal servant.
Hercules defeated him once, but Hades has brought him back to fight
Sora and friends.
("Hercules" 1997)

Rock Titan
- Immortal Giant in the form of a stone crag. He has two heads, but can
only think with one at a time. Defeated once by Hercules, he's now on
the loose again, courtesy of Hades.
("Hercules" 1997)

Ice Titan
- Defeated once by Hercules, he received new powers from Hades and
resurfaced. His body is made of large blocks on seemingly impregnable
ice. But the ice shaping his face is quite fragile. Naturally, he is
weak against fire.
("Hercules" 1997)

- A veteran hunter, Jane's guide on her expedition to the jungle. He
thinks of animals only as prey. His lust for power and the darkness in
his heart attracted the Heartless, and they used him for their own evil
("Tarzan" 1999)

- A leopard feared by all who live in the jungle, and an enemy of
Tarzan and the gorillas. Sabor is a cunning hunter who targets the weak
and helpless.
("Tarzan" 1999)

- The vizier or Agrabah. He joined forces with Maleficent and tried to
control the Heartless. He gained control of the lamp and became a
powerful genie, but was defeated by Sora and friends.
("Aladdin" 1992)

Jafar - Genie
- With his last wish he became an all-powerful Genie himself, but he
forgot that all genies share the same fate: To serve whoever controls
their lamp. In the end, his lamp became his prison.
("Aladdin" 1992)

- She deceived Ariel and stole the trident to take over Atlantica.
Using its power, she became an enormous monster and battled Sora, Goofy,
and Donald.
("Little Mermaid" 1989)

Oogie Boogie
- The villain who tried to take over Halloween Town. The heart he stole
from Dr. Finkelstein attracted the Heartless, and the result was his
("The Nightmare Before Christmas" 1993)

Captain Hook
- The pirate with a grudge against Peter Pan, who caused him to lose
his hand to the crocodile. He threw in his lot with Maleficent and the
Heartless, but ended up being chased over the horizon by the crocodile.
("Peter Pan" 1953)

- A sorceress of awesome power. She tried to use the Heartless for her
own evil ends, but the Heartless were actually using her. She turned
into a huge dragon when cornered by Sora and friends.
("Sleeping Beauty" 1959)

Dragon Maleficent
- Maleficent became a huge dragon when the Keyblade released the
darkness in her heart. The dragon wielded both Maleficent's power and
the terrible forces of darkness.
("Sleeping Beauty" 1959)

- When Kairi lost her heart, Riku allied himself with Maleficent to
save her. Riku was actually the rightful master of the Keyblade, but
once he chose darkness over light, the weapon chose Sora instead. Ansem
exploited Riku's weakness of heart and possessed him.

- As a researcher and ruler of his world, he studied the Heartless and
delved into many secrets of the worlds. While studying the heart and
the darkness within it, he was possessed by darkness and ultimately
destroyed his own world. He sacrificed his body to attain great power,
and later possessed Riku's to regain a physical presence. Failure to
stop him means the end of all worlds.

24.)	My Kingdom Hearts Stats

I thought I'd add this in for fun, see where everyone else measures up
to me and stuff. I am sure a lot of you are well leveled up than me
plus have more things, but I am just adding this for fun. I'll update
every time I update this FAQ as well, so here are my Kingdom Hearts

Sora: Level 76
HP: 102
Strength: 52
Defense: 42
MP: 10
Max AP: 41
Exp: 521616
Keyblade Using: Oblivion
Accessories: Gaia Bangle, Heartguard, Crystal Crown
Hours: 43 hours 21 minutes
Worlds Locked: All of them
100 Acre Woods Locked: Yes
All 10 Ansem Reports: Yes
All 99 Dalmatians Found: Yes
Obtained the Ultima Keyblade: No
Optional Bosses Defeated: Phantom and Ice Titan
Obtained All Summons: Yes
Olympus Coliseum Tourneys Won: Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, Hercules Cup,
Hades Cup, Gold Match
Munny: 55,483
Beat The Game: Yes twice so far

Goofy: Level 76
HP: 81
Strength: 51
Defense: 51
MP: 6
Max AP: 27
Exp: 521616
Weapon Currently Using: Defender
Accessories: Three Stars, Omega Arts, Blizzaga Ring, Raven's Claw

Donald: Level 73
HP: 54
Strength: 52
Defense: 45
MP: 8
Max AP: 21
Exp: 521616
Weapon Currently Using: Violetta
Accessories: Protega Chain, Titan Chain

25.)	Version Update History

.      Version 7.5 - October 30, 2002: Fixed errors, added additional
boss tips, added boss information, added Ice Titan strategy, added more
to my KH stats, credits to people, added a links section.

.      Version 5.0 - October 7, 20002: Completed basic game boss
strategies, made spelling corrections, fixed names, added HP, added
info and strategies for the Hades Cup.

.      Version 4.0 - September 30, 2002: Extended Boss list and
strategies, made corrections, added (secret) Optional Bosses.

.      Version 3.0 - September 28, 2002: Added to the boss FAQ with
more bosses, fixed boss names, fixed HP totals, added a notation about
the game being on Normal Mode versus Expert Mode, added Heartless
totals on for the Cup Tournaments held in Olympus Coliseum.

.      Version 2.5 - September 27, 2002: Boss FAQ partially finished
with HP totals and boss tips.

26.)	Closing/Copyrights
Well I hope this FAQ was pretty useful in helping people out with tough
parts or perhaps understand the boss strategies a bit more. Took me
awhile to do and remember most of these things. I also would like the
thank for the numerous people who've e-mailed me commenting this FAQ
and give help with tips of their own, I also don't mind helping out
anyone with the game so if you need help, just e-mail me!

Now onto the copyright stuff. This FAQ was made for -
if you want to display this FAQ on another site then please e-mail me: to ask permission. If it is on another site,
then I may have given them permission to use it as well. I'll most
likely say yes, it's just the matter of asking for permission is all I
ask. Also if you have any questions or comments, then please feel free
to e-mail me as well. Also if you feel that I made a mistake in
describing some boss strategies or given a wrong name to an area, or
just to add some more strategy then also e-mail me as well. If I feel
it is something to be added or fixed, I'll give ample credit.


Copyrights: Legal Stuff pertaining to the Kingdom Hearts game
(c) 2002 Disney, Tarzan TM Owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Inc. and Used
by permission.
Copyright (c) 2002 Edgar Rice Burroughs. Inc. and Disney Enterprises. Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
Developed by Squaresoft.
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27.)	Credits and Thanks
Really the credits and thanks go hand in hand. First off you have to
give credit to Square and Disney for putting this remarkable game
together. All the voice talent in the game, the artists, programmers
and who ever else made this game possible. I full appreciate your hard
work and talent you've all put into Kingdom Hearts.

- I want to give thanks to CJayC for GameFaqs and its wonderful
plethora of FAQs.

- Also I want to give huge thanks to LadyElly who helped me give the
exact names to the bosses and their HP totals. So thanks a lot LadyElly
even if I was a pain in the butt asking for your help. You can catch
LadyElly's Kingdom Hearts website at:
must see for any Kingdom Hearts fan.

- Thanks to the folks at IGN PS2 that will be hosting my Kingdom Hearts
FAQ as well.

- Thanks to David Forrest, with the additional help with the Captain
Hook strategy, with Hook leaping out of the water and stuff.

- Credit goes towards Skyrax for telling me an in depth strategy on how
to beat the Phantom boss, in the Optional Bosses section - thanks for
the clarification on things.

- Thanks for the numerous lists of people that helped me place
Chernabog from Fantasia....thanks to:
Jeezrel Leung
Nicole Lenard
....whoever else I forgot, please no more e-mails on Chernabog's origin!

- BlueDragonus for the clarification on the Phantom/Stopra/Clock timing

- Beverly Lang for bringing the Oogie battle to my attention and making
it more in depth for it to be easier magically.

- Also thanks to anyone else who've e-mailed me saying that this FAQ is
very well made and helping me out with additional boss strategies.
Means a lot to me people are actually using my FAQs!

28.)	Kingdom Hearts Links
Here are some Kingdom Hearts links to look at if you are ever
interested in looking up some more on Kingdom Hearts, or visit some fan
-	official webpage:
-	developers webpage:
-	hosting and fan sites:
-	ladyelly's fan site:
-	basiik's fan site:
-	kat's fan site:
-	kh love fan site:
-	rpgfan website (pictures):
If anyone has a fan site or know of any other Kingdom Hearts webpages,
feel free to e-mail [] me with the link and I'll
give it a look and possibly put it on this FAQ.


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