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The Ice Titan of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, the Final Mix: Ice Titan FAQ
System: Sony Playstation
Written By: TheOnionKnight
Copyright 2010 by TheOnionKnight

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Spoiler Notice

Although I've tried to word things carefully, there are spoilers in this
FAQ, so don't read it unless you've completed most of the game!

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The Table of Contents

I.  Introduction
a.  Unlocking the Gold Match
II. The Ice Titan
a.  Attacks
b.  Strategy
c.  Other Tactics
III.  Conclusion


This FAQ is for people who are simply sick of the secret bosses, people
who are in dire need of assistance, and people who like to poke their
noses into random links.  I personally don't know much official Kingdom
Hearts terminology, and have therefore coined many of the attack names
listed below in the FAQ. Again, the names of the attacks below are not
all official. Oh, and last but not least, this FAQ was designed for
people playing Normal Mode. If you are playing on Expert Mode the
strategies should still work fine, but you will have to be at a higher
level than those suggested here.

A.  Unlocking the Gold Match--------------------------------------------

First of all, the secret bosses are only accessible after the level
Hollow Bastion is locked.  There are, in the game, two trips to Hollow
Bastion. It will be locked on the second trip there. Afterwards, certain
options will be available that will eventually lead to unlocking all
four secret bosses. To unlock the Ice Titan, you have to unlock the Gold
Match at the Coliseum.

Return to the Coliseum World after Hollow Bastion has been locked. The
Hades Cup will be available. You must complete its 50 seeds and
successfully defeat the Rock Titan. After you are victorious at the
Hades Cup, a "???" will appear on Phil's menu of Cups. This will be the
Gold Match in which you fight the Ice Titan.

00000000000000  The Ice Titan  00000000000000000

A.  Attacks-------------------------------------------------------------

First of all, we need to get down the basics of what the Ice Titan will
actually do to you. He is, unlike his brother the Rock Titan, a
formidable opponent. His hit point system works as follows:

The Ice Titan has five health bars: a purple, a pink, an orange, a light
green, and a dark green. They are each layered one on top of another so
that only the purple is visible until you begin to hurt it. I have based
the Ice Titan's stages off of how many times he is stunned. Basically,
each time you knock a certain number of icicles back at the Ice Titan
his current health bar will drop three-fourths and he will become
stunned. (All this will be explained later in more depth.) When he
recovers from his stun he enters his next stage.

===Stage 1===

The Ice Titan will use all of these attacks throughout Stage 1. Icicle
Blast will be used the most.

+Hand Swipe+

The Titan will, while casting its attacks, swing its hands. Should you
come in contact with its hands Sora will be injured. The easiest way to
avoid this attack is not to jump directly towards the Titan.

+Icicle Blast+

The Ice Titan sweeps his hand through the air to unleash a barrage of
icicle arrows. Obviously, he normally aims for Sora. The Ice Titan will
use this attack for the entire battle, but it will grow more lethal as
he progresses through his stages. The attack comes in many forms, which
are below.

The Fan - the icicles move away from the Titan's hands in a fan-like
manner, meaning that only 1 or 2 will wind up near Sora and the others
will fly on either side of Sora's flanks. If 1 or 2 icicles should hit
Sora, he will receive minimal damage. However, if Sora attempts to run
left or right he will pass through the rest of the fan and be exposed to
4 if not 5 icicles instead of the mere 2 he would have had to deal with
by standing still. This attack can be dodged most easily by simply

The Straight Shot - the icicles are shot in a straight line at Sora. If
one hits him he is hit by them all. This attack can be dodged very
easily by running left, right, or by jumping. Because of the fact that
if it is successful in hitting more icicles will contact Sora, it deals
more damage than the Fan.

+Great Icicle Blast+

All versions of Icicle Blast come in this form. Great Icicle Blast can
never be blocked or deflected and deals at least twice as much damage as
Icicle Blast. However, the Titan will never use this attack if you do
not cast a form of Aero on Sora during the battle.

+Freezing Shockwave+

The Ice Titan will occasionally pick up his feet and stomp the ground,
creating a shockwave of ice that hurts badly. The easiest way to avoid
this is to jump or simply stand on the stadium seats where the shockwave
cannot reach you.

+Glacial Spikes+

The Ice Titan will punch the ground in order to trigger this attack.
During it spikes of ice will shoot up from the ground around where Sora
is standing. It is, however, very inaccurate, and though around 10
spikes will shoot up throughout the attack Sora is normally only hit by
2 or 3 if he remains standing still. This attack will effect all areas
of the arena including the stadium seats. The easiest way to avoid it is
by stepping short distances left, right, forwards, or backwards. Also,
if Sora is equipped with High Jump and Glide he can glide above the
ground until the attack is over. However, he does stand the chance of
running into an occasional icicle as he glides.  That said, this attack
does not inflict heavy damage, so taking a few hits by it will not
really matter.

===Between Stage 1 and 2===

Once the Ice Titan is damaged enough from its deflected icicles (which
will be explained later), it will kneel to the ground stunned. You can
glide to its head and smack it with the Keyblade, but will find that
doing so won't effect the health bars much. Still, a few extra hits are
ideal in such a battle so don't feel discouraged. Once the Titan stands
up again be prepared for the most hectic wave of assaults in the game.

===Stage 2===

The Ice Titan will instantly unleash this attack when it stands:

+The Icicle Barrage+

A portal will open between the Titan's legs, and it will shoot endless
icicles for nearly ten seconds. They are shot randomly, though, with no
pattern, and that makes them harder to dodge than normal Icicle Blasts.
Each icicle causes little damage, but impact with many could result in
instant death. Eventually the portal will disappear. You won't see it
again until the Titan enters Stage 3.

Afterwards, the Titan will revert to its normal Stage 2 attacks. They

+Hand Swipe+ - explained above.

+Icicle Blast+

The Fan - explained above.
The Straight Shot - explained above.

Random - the icicles are shot off randomly like they are during the
Icicle Barrage. There is no clear way to dodge them. Jumping, running,
anything goes. Fortunately this attack does not last long at all.

The Homing Fan - the icicles begin to move away from the Titan in a
fan-like manner. But do not be deceived! They will, in mid- course, turn
and head straight towards Sora. Each and every one homes in on its
target. Basically, this is the Straight Shot disguised as the Fan. It
does as much damage as the straight shot and can be dodged by jumping or
running left or right.

+Great Icicle Blast+ - explained above.

+Glacial Spikes+ - explained above.

+Freezing Shockwave+ - explained above.

+Ice Breath+

The Titan apparently isn't content with its arsenal of moves, so adds
one on. This attack can be devastating, but is easily avoided. The Titan
bends over and sprays a mist of ice across the arena from its mouth. If
this mist hits Sora, he will be frozen for around 2 or 3 seconds. The
Ice Breath only inflicts a small amount of damage by itself, but
normally the Titan follows it with an attack of Glacial Spikes or an
Icicle Blast. Sora will be defenseless against any attack made towards
him when he is frozen. However, if Sora is standing at the top of the
stadium seats the Ice Breath attack will not even reach him. The easiest
way to avoid it is to run to the top of the stadium seats. But wait!
It's not over yet. Even if the attack is dodged and the Titan stops
breathing ice, the area of the floor and seats that the attack did hit
will be coated in frost for around 5 seconds. If Sora should touch this
frost coating he will be injured and become immobile for an instant.

+Ice Drop+

With this attack the Ice Titan will cause balls of ice to drop from the
sky onto Sora. They are not easily avoided, but do not deal much damage.
Normally they come in sets of three, but sometimes a solitary ice ball
will be dropped. Running away dodges them best.

+Turning Attack+
(Note: This attack description was provided by LoZfan03.)

Whenever the Titan needs to turn to face you, the Icicle Barrage portal
between its legs will reopen and fire at you again. These darts are not
random, though: they come one at a time in a spread of five, firing left
to right, with the middle one aimed at Sora.  If you're not moving, this
should be easy to note, but if you're moving around it will appear more

===Between Stage 2 and 3===

The Ice Titan will again be stunned. Hit it in the head then retreat.

===Stage 3===

The Ice Titan will instantly cast these two spells when it stands up:

+The Icicle Barrage+ - explained above.

+Ice Drop+ - explained above.

Basically, everything gets more hectic than it was before. The Titan
will cast Ice Drop over and over again until the Icicle Barrage is
complete. Fun, huh?

After this initial assault, the Titan will move to its normal Stage 3
attacks. They are:

+Hand Swipe+ - explained above.

+Icicle Blast+

The Fan - explained above.
The Straight Shot - explained above.
Random - explained above.
The Homing Fan - explained above.

Homing - the icicles will directly home in on Sora from the second they
leave the Titan's hand. This pattern is easy to spot and should be dealt
with in the same manner as the Homing Fan.

+Great Icicle Blast+ - explained above.

+Glacial Spikes+ - explained above.

+Freezing Shockwave+ - explained above.

+Ice Breath+ - explained above.

+Ice Drop+ - explained above.

+Turning Attack+ - explained above.

+Ice Spread+

This is the Ice Titan's most deadly attack. The Titan will extend its
hands and blast the arena with an icy mist filled with floating hunks of
ice. If Sora contacts the mist he will be frozen for 2 or 3 seconds.
However, if while frozen he is hit by the floating ice inside of the
mist he will be damaged badly. The Ice Spread attack deals light damage
just like the Ice Breath, and the Titan enjoys casting Glacial Spikes,
Icicle Blasts, and Ice Drops while Sora is frozen and being bombarded
with floating ice chunks. There is no way to avoid this other than by
running away. Again, this attack cannot reach the very top of the
stadium's seats. Go there when you see the Titan spread its palms.

===Between Stage 3 and 4===

The Titan will be stunned and lower its head. Attack it and retreat.

===Stage 4===

The Titan will, once more, begin its attack as follows:

The Icicle Barrage - explained above.

Ice Drop - explained above.

Once the Icicle Barrage ends, the Titan will move on to its normal Stage
4 attacks. They are:

+Hand Swipe+ - explained above.

+Icicle Blast+

The Fan - explained above.
The Straight Shot - explained above.
Random - explained above.
The Homing Fan - explained above.
Homing - explained above.

+Glacial Spikes+ - explained above.

+Freezing Shockwave+ - explained above.

+Ice Breath+ - explained above.

+Turning Attack+ - explained above.

+Ice Spread+ - explained above.

+Ice Drop+ - during Stage 4 the Ice Titan seems to only drop 1 ball of
ice for each attack rather than the usual 3. The Titan will occasionally
drop 3 at a time but this is rare, and this attack is much less
dangerous because of its lowered amount.

===The Rest of the Battle===

The rest of the battle with the Ice Titan is like a repeat of Stage 4.
When the Titan is stunned, hit it. When it wakes up it will cast its
beginning Stage 4 assault. It will use Stage 4 attacks until it is
killed. It will use the Stage 4 beginning assault each time it wakes up
from being stunned. For its Turning Attack, however, it will begin
sending out ice drops instead of icicle darts.

B.  Strategy------------------------------------------------------------

==What You Want To Enter The Battle With==


For an easy victory - level 60 and above
For a challenge - around level 50
For a suicide attempt - level 40 and below

+Abilities to Equip+

Second Chance
MP Rage
MP Haste

+Accessories to Equip+

Blizzaga Rings and Ribbons. The more you equip, the less damage the Ice
Titan's attacks can do to you.


Any of these will work fine.

The Divine Rose
The Oathkeeper
The Lionheart
The Oblivion
The Ultima Weapon


All High-Potions

+Shortcut Spells+

Any level of the Cure spell is all you need.
A Fire shortcut may prove useful, but is not by any means needed.

==How To Carry Out The Battle==

As soon as you can, take Sora and run to the very top of the stadium
seats. You will be staying here most of the time in order to render
Freezing Shockwave, Ice Breath, and Ice Spread harmless. None of those
three attacks can reach the top corners of the stadium seats, but if you
stray just a little from the highest point in the seats Ice Breath and
Ice Spread can and will hit you if the Titan uses them. So therefore, no
matter how convenient it may seem, DO NOT run down from the top of the
stadium seats! The only exception to this rule is when the Titan is
stunned. Then, after all attacks cease, it is safe to walk down into the
arena and whack the Titan's head a few times. However, when the Titan
shows the slightest hint of waking up you should run back to the top of
the stadium seats.

When you arrive at the top of the stadium seats you will be ready to
confront the Ice Titan. The key to this battle is deflecting the Titan's
own attacks back at it, and that is why the Guard ability is vital. To
use the Guard ability, press the square button. This will cause Sora to
lift his keyblade into the air and block or deflect oncoming attacks.
Now, the attacks that you want to deflect are the Icicle Blasts, or the
small arrows of ice that the Titan will constantly shoot. In order to do
so, simply wait until a cluster of ice arrows is close to Sora and then
press the square button. Sora will raise his keyblade and deflect the
icicles. They will then fly backwards and hit the Ice Titan, damaging
it. Icicle Blasts when in the Straight or Homing forms are easiest to
deflect. You need to hit square only once to deflect them all. Icicle
Blasts in a Fan or Random form are nearly impossible to deflect because
of their wide range. Avoid deflecting these types of attack. You will
need to use this one maneuver of deflecting Straight and Homing Ice
Blasts through the entire battle, as deflecting icicles is three-fourths
of beating the Ice Titan.

For healing during this battle you should rely highly on your Cure
spell.  Because the Ice Titan never stops throwing attacks at you it is
impossible to avoid them all. If you have MP Rage equipped these
frequent attacks will keep your MP filled for the entire battle. In this
way you should allow yourself to be hit every so often and continuously
cast Cure on Sora with the shortcut command. Do not use High-Potions
unless necessary; you will need to heal yourself much more often than
the small amount of High-Potions Sora can carry would allow. Also, MP
Haste allows your MP to refill very quickly when you finally go down to
the arena and hit the Ice Titan's head. It is always good to have extra
MP from MP Haste when the Titan unleashes its Icicle Barrage upon
awakening. High-Potions should only be used in dire emergencies, and are
really not of use if you deploy the Cure spell correctly.

Okay, back to the battle. When you deflect enough icicles back at the
Ice Titan it will become stunned. Normally this happens after
three-fourths of one health bar are taken away. When the Ice Titan is
stunned it kneels to the ground and lowers its head to the arena floor.
This is your chance to run down and slash at it. Superglide and Glide
are most effective, but normal running will suffice. Whack away at it
until it begins to wake up, then instantly retreat back to the top of
the stadium seats. Do not expect your attacks on the Titan's head with
your keyblade to do a lot of damage, because they won't. In fact, you
can avoid the entire process of hitting the Titan on the head
altogether. If you prefer staying at the top of the stadium seats then
simply wait there until the Titan wakes up and then continue deflecting
its icicles. As has been said before, the Titan's icicles deflected back
at it are the main source of damage it will take.

Defense in this battle is not very important. All versions of the Icicle
Blast should be deflected or jumped over. The Ice Breath, Freezing
Shockwave, and Ice Spread will not need to be defended against if you
keep Sora at the top of the stadium seats. Ice Drop can be avoided by
running, but if it hits Sora it will quickly fill his MP, allowing you
to heal him directly afterwards. Glacial Spike will do the same.

In a nutshell: deflect as many icicles as you can and always be ready to
use the Cure spell.

A Note About Aero And Why It Is Lethal: Aero can also deflect attacks,
like Guard can. However, when you cast Aero on Sora the Ice Titan will
stop using normal Icicle Blast and begin using Great Icicle Blast. The
icicles will be twice as large, twice as deadly, and unable to be
deflected or blocked in any way. So don't cast Aero and save yourself a
world of trouble.

C. Other Tactics--------------------------------------------------------

These strategies have been e-mailed or otherwise conveyed to me, so I
figured I'd put them in the FAQ. Depending on how you approach the
battle, you might like them better than the strategy I outlined above.

-> LoZfan03's Strategy

My personal strategy for the ice breath (stages 2 and 3) is just to jump
(and optionally glide if you need to) left until you're past the ground
ice, then land and quickly guard the last 5 darts that should all be
coming straight at you. It's worked every time for me. Unfortunately,
beginning stage 4, he seems to drop drops instead of dart darts.

The entire time the Titan spends turning, you can block the middle shot
of every set and calmly whittle his health down.  In fact, for stages 2
and 3, keeping it turning is probably the fastest way to do so.  I
recommend supergliding around behind the Titan so it has to rotate as
far as possible.

My argument for using dodge roll is that it can help get away from ice
drops or spikes or various attacks right after healing.

-> Loren Jones's Phase 3 Strategy (quoted from e-mail):

When you get to the great ice blast phase (phase 3) stand in the arena
(along the wall in the center) with full health. You'll get frozen twice
then, almost immediately, if you block you'll send 4 ice shards back at
him. At that point just watch the edge of the screen toward the titan
(The camera is zoomed in REALLY tight) and you'll have at least 2 more
shard blasts (usually a line of 4 then 2 fans of 5) if you time it right
you can take down Mr. Freeze's health almost a full bar color in one

-> CyberEarth's Strategy (quoted from e-mail):

Instead of standing up at the top of the stadium, stand at the bottom
back corner, right where the stadium stairs begin. You'll be immune to
all his attacks if you stand there, except his ice boulder drop and his
icicle blasts. Just let the boulders hit you to restore MP (only one
will actually damage you), so you can control your HPs and MPs easily
with Cure.

-> MK's Strategy:

Casting Gravija on the Titan's head will cause substantial damage (about
1+ 1/2 centimeters of a health bar).  It might be preferable to cast
this spell over and over again on the Titan's head instead of attacking
it directly when it falls unconscious.  Gravija can also be used to harm
the Titan in place or deflecting icicles at it.

-> Uri Shomroni's Strategy (quoted from e-mail):

1. Dodge Roll is useful IMO as it allows better evasion of the ice ball
attacks, even though it might encumber the Defend ability.
2. Strike Raid is very useful in this fight, since it allows you to
attack and give a great deal of damage even from halfway down the
stands, which is good for two reasons: it gives you more time to attack
while Ice T is down and it allows you to return more quickly up the
stands once he wakes.
3. I think having Hi-Potions is not really important and one should
rather carry Ethers, to use to fill up for Cure/a/ga and Strike Raid.


The Ice Titan has fallen at your feet! Congratulations! Revisiting the
Titan in the Gold Match is an ideal way to earn experience when needed,
and if you successfully mastered the art of item conservation in favor
of healing spells, as I recommended, it will be cost-free.

At this point in time, the FAQ has been "live" for nearly eight years
and gone through three updates. I doubt any new information will come to
light regarding the Ice Titan, and as such it's unlikely I'll update the
FAQ again.

I hope you've had fun conquering the Gold Match!

A Special Thanks To:

Falconesque, for helping me format the FAQ!
Loren Jones
Fake Alias
Merceiles Nuqui
Uri Shomroni
The Kingdom Hearts message board