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              *     Kingdom Hearts (PS2) FAQ/Strategy Guide v1.2     *
               *             Created by: morpheusjedi77             *
                *            E-mail: frag@wrstudios.net            *
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                  *   Created: 10.02.02 | Last Update: 11.23.05  *
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| NOTE |
| This FAQ uses a keyword system. Hit |
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                         --TABLE  OF  CONTENTS--
I.    Introduction and Important Information------------------[kh_intro]
       1.1 Version Information------------------------------[kh_version]
       1.2 Disclaimer------------------------------------[kh_disclaimer]
       1.3 Game Controls-----------------------------------[kh_controls]
       1.4 FAQ--------------------------------------------------[kh_faq]
       1.5 Storyline------------------------------------------[kh_story]
II.   Walkthrough---------------------------------------[kh_walkthrough]
       2.1 Awakening--------------------------------------[kh_walk_awak]
       2.2 Destiny's Island-------------------------------[kh_walk_dest]
       2.3 Traverse Town----------------------------------[kh_walk_trav]
       2.4 Wonderland-------------------------------------[kh_walk_wond]
       2.5 Deep Jungle------------------------------------[kh_walk_jung]
       2.6 Coliseum---------------------------------------[kh_walk_coli]
       2.7 Traverse Town II------------------------------[kh_walk_trav2]
       2.8 Agrabah----------------------------------------[kh_walk_agra]
       2.9 Monstro----------------------------------------[kh_walk_mons]
      2.10 Atlantica--------------------------------------[kh_walk_atla]
      2.11 Halloween Town---------------------------------[kh_walk_hall]
      2.12 Neverland--------------------------------------[kh_walk_neve]
      2.13 Hollow Bastion---------------------------------[kh_walk_holl]
      2.14 Traverse Town III-----------------------------[kh_walk_trav3]
      2.15 Hollow Bastion II-----------------------------[kh_walk_holl3]
      2.16 End of the World--------------------------------[kh_walk_end]
III.  Equipment/Items-------------------------------------[kh_equipment]
       3.1 Sora's Keychains------------------------------[kh_equip_sora]
       3.2 Donald's Staves-----------------------------[kh_equip_donald]
       3.3 Goofy's Shields------------------------------[kh_equip_goofy]
       3.4 Accessories----------------------------------[kh_equip_acces]
       3.5 Items----------------------------------------[kh_equip_items]
       3.6 Synthesis Shop Guide-------------------------[kh_equip_synth]
IV.  Abilities--------------------------------------------[kh_abilities]
       4.1 Shared Abilities-----------------------------[kh_abil_shared]
       4.2 Magic-----------------------------------------[kh_abil_magic]
       4.3 Level-up Abilites-----------------------------[kh_abil_level]
       4.4 Special Abilites----------------------------[kh_abil_special]
V.    Sidequests-----------------------------------------[kh_sidequests]
       5.1 Traverse Town Postcards------------------------[kh_side_post]
       5.2 99 Dalmatians----------------------------------[kh_side_dalm]
       5.3 Trinities--------------------------------------[kh_side_trin]
       5.4 Hundred Acre Wood------------------------------[kh_side_100a]
VI.   Coliseum Championships-------------------------------[kh_coliseum]
       6.1 Phil Cup---------------------------------------[kh_coli_phil]
       6.2 Pegasus Cup------------------------------------[kh_coli_pega]
       6.3 Hercules Cup-----------------------------------[kh_coli_herc]
       6.4 Hades Cup--------------------------------------[kh_coli_hade]
       6.5 Gold Match-------------------------------------[kh_coli_gold]
       6.6 Platinum Match---------------------------------[kh_coli_plat]
VII.  Gummi Ships---------------------------------------------[kh_gummi]
       7.1 Blueprints------------------------------------[kh_gummi_blue]
VIII. Enemies-----------------------------------------------[kh_enemies]
IX.   Ansem's Reports-----------------------------------------[kh_ansem]
       9.1 Locations--------------------------------------[kh_ansem_loc]
       9.2 Reports----------------------------------------[kh_ansem_rep]
X.    Name Origins---------------------------------------------[kh_name]
XI.   Song Lyrics to "Simple and Clean"----------------------[kh_lyrics]
XII.  Credits and Closing-----------------------------------[kh_credits]

                 --==I. Introduction and Important Information==--
                                [Keyword: kh_intro]

1.1 Version Information                                   [Keyword: kh_version]
11.23.05 [v1.2] - Wow, the first update in over three years... how scary. This
is mostly an update to clean up what was more amatuer work at the time, as well
as filling out sections previously missed.

10.27.02 [v1.1] - Thanks to several contributors, many errors have been fixed
and several things added.

10.22.02 [v1.0] - The walkthrough is done, along with most of the information.
I hope to expand for later versions, but all of the sections have quite a bit
of information.

10.13.02 [v0.8] - Just kept working on the various sections. Not much more of
the walkthrough done, but I got tons of the other sectiosn done.

10.06.02 [v0.7] - More of the walkthrough done. I am finishing a lot of the
other sections that were incomplete before.

10.02.02 [v0.5] - Not much is done, but I have the basis for it laid out. I
have quite a bit of the walkthough done, and am starting to work on filling in
the other stuff as I go.

1.2 Disclaimer                                         [Keyword: kh_disclaimer]
This guide is (c)2002-2005 Thorne N. Melcher and may not be republished in any
part or whole without prior consent, except by GameFAQs, Whispering Realms
Studios, or their affiliated companies.

1.3 Game Controls                                        [Keyword: kh_controls]
X Button - Attack, Confirm
O Button - Jump, Cancel, Swim
Triangle Button - Command party members to attack locked target
Square Button - Use special ability
Start - Pause (during battle/cutscenes), Open menu
Select - First-person view
D-Pad - Move cursor over control menu
Left Joystick - Move character, Move cursor in menu screen
Right Joystick - Move cursor in menu screen
L1 - Magic shortcut menu
L2 - Rotate camera, cycle through targets
R1 - Target Lock engage/disengage
R2 - Rotate camera, cycle through targets

1.4 FAQ                                                       [Keyword: kh_faq]
Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Kingdom Hearts. If you
email me to ask any of these questions, your email will most likely be ignored.

-- What Final Fantasy characters made it into the game?
   Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, Cid (FFVII), Aeris, Squall(Leon), Yuffie, Cloud,
   Sephiroth, and several moogles.

-- Where do I find Sephiroth?
   You must beat all of the challege cups, as well as the Gold Math in the
   Coliseum, at which point you unlock the "Platinum Match," a one-on-one
   faceoff with the Final Fantasy VII villian himself.

-- Is there anything 'original' about this game?
   Yes, of course. Not only does it feature an innovative battle system, but it
   includes a slew of new characters (Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ansem), new worlds
   (Destiny Islands and Traverse Town), as well as many original monsters and

-- What are the "gummi ships?"
   The gummi ships are a type of ship developed to travel between the worlds in
   the area. You can collect blueprints, and build several types of gummi 
   ships. For more information, refer to that section.

-- How do I learn magic?
   After completing various events or sidequests in the game, it will notify
   you that you have "gained the power" of an element. If you haven't gained
   that element before, you will learn the weakest level of that spell. If you
   have, it is automatically upgraded to the next level of the spell (i.e. Fire
   to Fira to Firaga.)

-- Where is the Hundred Acre Wood?
   You must return the Old Book to Merlin during your second visit to Traverse
   Town, after which point you may enter it. Refer to the walkthrough section
   "Traverse Town II" or the Hundred Acre Wood section of the sidequests for
   more details.

-- How can I get to the Clocktower in Neverland after leaving and returning?
   Change your party at a svae point to include Peter Pan, then go to the ship
   cabin to find Tinkerbell hovering next to the bed. Speak to her, and she
   will give you the option of flying back to the Clocktower.

1.5 Storyline                                      [Keyword: kh_walk_storyline]
From the Kingdom Hearts manual:

"The Destiny Islands are a beautiful paradise where children's laughter abounds.
Day after day, Sora Riku, and Kairi talk and dream of new places, new worlds
beyond their islands. They ponder the usual question that adolescents do-about
the the world outside, about their own existance. Little do they know a great
destiny awaits them. One stormy night, a terrible darkness invades the Destiny
Islands. Thus does a journey begin..."

                             --==II. Walkthrough==--
			       [Keyword: kh_walk]

2.1 Awakening                                           [Keyword: kh_walk_awak]
The game begins with a surreal, dream-like movie, in which the main character
Sora is on the beach and sees his friends Riku and Kairi. He is then rushed by
a huge wave and begins falling down...

Snow White Platform
Sora ends up landing on a platform below with images of Snow White and the
Seven Dwarves on it. Here you will choose your beginning stats and some of the
abilities you will learn (check the ability charts for more info.) Three
objects will appear on pedastals around the platform: a staff, a sword, and a
shield. The staff represents Magic Attack, the sword Physical Attack, and the
shield Defense. You must choose two of these, the strongest one you want, and
the weakest one you want... choose wisely, as this will affect the rest of the
game. Then you fall down onto another platform.

Cinderella Platform
On this platform you will be introduced to the basics of the battle system of
Kingdom Hearts. You will gain the item command, and several shadow enemies will
appear. Hit X to perform your current command, and kill them for some easy exp.
(Use the d-pad to select the command you want.) Also, be sure to note the HP/MP
bar, as it is important later when the battles get tougher. After you kill the
enemies, the game introduces you to the targeting system and more enemies will
appear. Defeat them, and you plummet to the next platform.

3rd Platform
Walk up to the door and use the examine command when the "?" bubble appears
over your head. You will be unable to open the door, but a chest will appear
behind you. Go to it, and use the open command. Then a crate will appear.
Destroy the crate and you will get an item (potion), and you unlock the item
command. Finally a barrel drops down. Pick it up and throw it, and again
examine the door. You will be transported to a platform on an island with
Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie standing on it. Talk to them, and they will give you
several choices on what to say. Depending on what you choose for each of them,
the speed of which you level up will be determined. You can tell the speed by
when "the voice" says you will set out...

Dawn - Fastest at the beginning, slowest at the end.
Dusk - Slowest at the beginning, fastest at the end.
Noon - The balance between the two.

After speaking to all of them, you are transported to another platform.

Sleeping Beauty Platform
Here you will be introduced to the menu, which can be accessed with the Start
button. Sever enemies will appear and attack, kill them all and a small glowing
light will appear. Step onto it to learn it is your first save point. A path of
multi-colored stones will appear as a path to the next platform. Here you will
encounter your first boss...

| BOSS #1: DARKSIDE               \
| Location      | Awakening                    |
| HP/EXP        | 240/18                       |
| The very first boss fight is fairly straightforward. He sometimes will   |
| shove his fist into the ground, creating a dark pool from which Shadow   |
| Heartless will spring. Don't worry about them--instead focus on slicing  |
| and dicing his hand. His other attack is one where he generates a giant, |
| shadowy ball of energy, which he shoots at Sora. Be careful to dodge     |
| these--they're the only real threat in this battle.                      |

2.2 Destiny's Island                                    [Keyword: kh_walk_dest]
You reawaken on the shores of Destiny's Island. A short FMV occurs in which you
meet Sora's friends, Kairi and Riku. The weapon you had in the dream is no
longer existant, and you now have a wooden sword. You and Riku will have a
race, and then you will regain control of Sora.

Materials for the Raft
You, Riku, and Kairi have been building a raft, and Kairi asks you to go gather
some supplies, and you can do some other things, such as battle the characters
on the island (Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, and Riku.)

	Supplies Needed:
	*2 Logs - As you walk along the beach away from Riku, you see the first
	one right off of the bat. To get the second one, you must enter the
	Seaside Shack, and go up the stairs, and the second log is across the
	bridge on the other island.

	*1 Cloth - Follow the stairs and ladders to the top treehouse. There is
	a cloth hanging from the wall there.

	*1 Rope - Go to the platform on the left side of the island where you
	talked to Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie during the Dream Sequence at the
	beginning of the game.

After you give the stuff to her, she gives you a Hi-Potion and some thanks.
Then you have the choice if you want to call it a day or not. If you haven't
taken the time to battle the characters on the island, it is a good idea to do
that first.

Wakka attacks with his blitzball. He tends to try to keep the distance, so he
can avoid attack. Wakka will not attack nearly as much when you close the
distance, so just approach him and pound away.

Selphie is rather quick. Her attacks are weaker, but she hops around so much,
it is hard to hit her. She doesn't have that much HP, so just chase her around
and hit her when you can.

The basic strategy for this battle is to jump behind him, and try to hit him
with a string of combo attacks, and then run back and prepare to do it again.
If you are paying attention, his attacks shouldn't be that hard to dodge.

The first thing to note about this battle, is you lose if you fall of the
platform and Riku cannot be knocked off. Try to hit him the most when he taunts
you, and run away when he falls down, or he will kick you when he gets back up.

The Trio
After you have defeated Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie alone, you can challenge them
to a group battle. Talk to one of them to begin. Basically Tidus and Selphie
will attack you, and protect Wakka, who just sits back and throws his blitzball
a lot. Try to take out Tidus first, as he causes the most damage. If you can
get hits on Selphie, do that too. After Tidus is down, go for Selphie, and
finally approach Wakka and kill him how you did in the 1 on 1 battle with him.

After you are done for the day, talk to Kairi to finish this part. You will
then see a brief scene between the three before you head for home. Riku gives
you a Paopu Fruit, a legendary fruit that supposedly if two people eat, their
destinies will be shared.

Before the next part begins, you are shown a brief cutscene. It shows Donald
walking down a red carpet in a huge castle. When he gets to the throne room,
Mickey is gone! All he sees is Pluto with a letter, which he grabs and reads.
Then he runs and finds Goofy who is sleeping in the Courtyard.

Day 2 on the Island
The door that Kairi was standing in front of is now open. You can go back into
a small cove back there. Climb up the tower and slide across the zip line. Jump
down, and talk to Kairi. She wants to know where Riku is. Go back to the start
of the cove to find Riku. Talk to him, and he will ask you what the raft should
be named. Kairi appears, and you and Riku decide to race. The odds are high, as
the person who wins gets to be the captain of the raft, and share a Paopu Fruit
with Kairi. It doesn't matter who wins, however, as it doesn't effect the
outcome of the game.

Go back to the raft and talk to Kairi again. She now needs some food for the
journey. You can also battle the characters again, or race Riku once more...

During your exploration on this day, you have to go back into a hidden cave. Go
talk to Wakka by the waterfalls, and climb into the cave under the base of the
tree. Go back to find a door that cannot be opened and a mushroom. After
getting those, Sora sees drawings that he and Kairi made when they are kids and
gets nostalgic. Suddenly a mysterious shrouded figure appears, and a short
conversation occurs between them.

	Food Needed:
	*1 Seagull Egg - Go back to the Seaside Shack and go up the stairs. On
	at the platform before the bridge are a few trees. Climb up the middle
	one, and jump over to the top of the right one to get the egg.

	*3 Mushrooms - One is back in the hidden cave at the base of the tree;
	one is in a little cave behind a boulder near the raft; one is in the
	bushes at the base of the tower.

	*2 Coconuts - Attack the palm trees with your sword. You can only pick
	up ones that are ripe.

	*3 Fish - Go and explore the beaches... the fish are swimming around in
	the water. Just walk over them, and you automatically catch them.

	*Fill the jug - Go to the waterfalls by where Wakka is standing. Walk
	under them, and the jug is automatically filled.

Go back and take the stuff to Kairi. You can call it a day then, but make sure
you have tried everything you want to do. After you are done, Kairi and you go
and sit on the pier on the small island. She complains about how Riku has
changed lately. After a short conversation, you both head off to bed.

The Adventure Begins
We then see another cutscene. Apparently, Mickey has left the castle in order
to try to figure out what is going wrong. Stars are starting to burn out, which
means worlds are dying. In the letter he instructed Donald and Goofy to go to
Traverse Town and find the one with the "Key." Jiminy Cricket joins them, and
they set out.

Apparently, Jiminy's world recently died out, and he is the only one that made
it to the castle. They head down the stairs to a huge machine room, where they
enter a machine operated by the Chipmunks in order to go to another world.

Now we shift to Sora in bed. A bad storm is brewing, so he runs outside in
order to save the raft. A huge vortex is gathering in the air, and Shadow
enemies start to appear and attack. You cannot kill them with your wooden
sword, so just run towards the Seaside Shack. Save there, can go up the stairs
and cross the bridge. Talk to Riku There.

You now get the Key Blade, so you can kill the shadows. Go toward the base of
the tree where the cave was, and there is now a door. Go through it, and find
Kairi at the end. The door blasts open, and sucks you in. You will then face
Darkside again.

|Boss #2 - Darkside             |
Pretty much follow the same tactics as the first battle with him. He has more
hits, and a couple of new attacks, but he pretty much does the same stuff. Just
dodge the attacks, and head for his wrists, and you'll take him out.

After killing Darkside, you are sucked into another vortex...

2.3 Awakening                                           [Keyword: kh_walk_trav]
Traverse town opens with Goofy and Donald seeing a star going out, the signal
of yet another world dying. They go off in search of the person named "Leon."
Pluto, on the other hand, goes and finds you in a back alley.

First District
Basically, Traverse Town is divided into five districts. You begin in the first
district, the location of an Item Shop and an Accessory Shop, but not much
else. You need the currency "munny" to buy stuff, which you will have only
gotten unless you beat Riku in the races a few times, as monsters haven't
started dropping them yet.

There is also a synthesis shop, but for now it is closed. There are also a few
easy items to pick up, including a Mythril Shard in a chest in the Accessory

After exploring the First District well enough, go up the stairs towards the
back and find the door to the Second District

The Events at Traverse
Upon entering the second district, you see a guy pass out, and his heart being
sucked up by a monster. Shadow monsters begin to attack, and they now start
dropping munny. Spend a little while getting some money and return to the First
District. Buy some extra potions, as a hard battle is coming up, and then go
into the Accessory Shop and save. When you leave, you will be attacked by a
person who should look oddly familiar for Final Fantasy VIII players...

|Boss #3 - Leon         |
This is a much harder boss fight. Leon is powerful both in long range and short
range attacks. Basically, you need to attempt to get a few hits on him after he
uses his fireball attack, and run back. Do not hesitate to use a Potion if you
health is low. It is a slow battle, but just continue pounding on him until he
falls, and you gain your 30 exp and a Elixir.

After the battle, Sora passes out, and awakens in the Hotel. He confuses Yuffie
for Kairi at first, but then wakes up, and Leon commences to give him an
explaination. Also, Donald and Goofy are walking along and are scared to death
by Aeris. Now your view switches back and forth between these two groups where
you can hear conversations about what is really going on. Sora has been being
attacked by the "Heartless," a group of souless beings.

As Sora, Leon, and Yuffie are about to leave, a Heartless Soldier jumps in the
door. Sora and Leon chase it out the window, while Yuffie goes and meets up
with Aeris, Donald, and Goofy. Swarms of this new type of Heartless will attack
you now. Your basic goal is to make your way back into the alleys to find the
door to the third district. If you need to heal or rest, run back to the first,
as Leon has everything secured back there.

When you run into the third district a short scene happens, where Donald and
Goofy bump into Sora and realize who he is. Pillars rise all around them, and
you are attacked by several of the new Soldier Heartlesses. Donald and Goofy
will make easy work of them, but then the boss will appear...

|Boss #4 - Guard Armor          |
This battle would be hard, but with Goofy and Donald's help, it shouldn't be
too bad. You should try to target his parts when they separate from the main
body to attack solo. The feet are probably the best targets. Potions aren't too
much of a worry, as Donald and Goofy will heal you quite a bit, but still use a
Potion if needed. After time, parts of the body will explode, eventually
leaving just the torso. Kill that, and the battle is over. For winning, you get
the "Brave Warrior" item and over 100 exp.

After the battle, Donald and Goofy join your party. Leon, Aeris, and Yuffie
will give you 100 munny to go spend, and you now have access to the "Gummi
Ship," the ship that can move you between worlds. You also get to see a quick
scene with several famous Disney badguys plotting against Sora.

Before you leave, try playing around with the trinitys and finding the
postcards. For more information, see the sidequests section.

Whenever you are ready to leave, go to the save point in the Accessory Shop,
and you can board the Gummi Ship from there. Basically, it is your transport
between the other worlds. To get between them, you get to play a little
mini-game where you must stop the enemies from destroying you, and make it to
your destination. You can collect Gummi Pieces this way and build more ships.

Once you have gotten everything figured out, head towards the dot to the left
with one star. This is Wonderland.

2.4 Wonderland                                          [Keyword: kh_walk_wond]
Follow the White Rabbit. And no, this isn't The Matrix. Just go down the hall,
and through the door...

Bizzare Room
This room is actually very easy. To get through the door, you must shrink using
the shrinking potion. There are two bottles behind you, the shrinking and
enlarging. The game only lets you drink the shrinking potion if you are large,
and vice versa. But, before you shrink yourself, push the bed away to reveal a
passage. Now, drink the potion to shrink down to size. You will encounter a new
enemy from now on, the Red Nocturne.

The Court
On the other side of the door we find the Queen of Hearts holding Alice on
trial. Sora stands in the back and watches, until the queen orders Alice's head
chopped off, at which point he runs forward and stops them. He claims he can
prove Alice's innocence. Your job, now, is to go into the forest and collect

Lotus Forest
On entering the forest you are confronted by the Cheshire Cat. He says there
are four pieces of evidence in the forest, three of which are easy to find. He
claims he will reward you if you can collect all four. To complete the task,
you only need one piece of evidence, but if you don't get all four, you can't
get the spell Blizzard. The pieces of evidence are in small, pink boxes. There
is also another blue trinity here, back by the area with two mushrooms next to
each other. Up on the plaforms around the area with three mushrooms is also a
chest with puppies 16-18 for the Dalmatian sidequest.

Footprints - The footprints are very easy to get. They are just lying on the
ground near one of the yellow flower buds.

Antenna - Go to the back of the forest where there is a set of three mushrooms.
Jump on the one in the center, and jump over to the platform toward the right
to find the box with the Antenna.

Stench - Go to the area of the forest with the two mushrooms side-by-side. Use
them to get up on the platform, and follow the platforms up to the top. There
is an entrance to the Bizarre Room there. When you go through the door, you
land by the Stench's pink box.

Claw Marks - Go back into the forest, and examine the yellow flower bud closest
to the entrance. It will make you larger in exchange for a potion. Use a potion
on it and grow. Now find the tree with the nut on it. Knock the nut off of the
tree, and swing your sword at the tree to rotate it. Now, eat the nut and
you'll return to your regular size. Now, go up to where the door for the Stench
used to be (it will be gone now since the tree has rotated), and follow the
platforms to the left over to another door. You'll land on a faucet. Use local
view (Select) to look to your left. There you can see the last pink box. Slowly
creep along to the very tip of the faucet, and jump for the platform. It may
take a few tries.

If you got all four pieces of evidence the Cheshire Cat will appear and teach
you Blizzard. Now, go back into the Court and SAVE YOUR GAME.

The Evidence
Walk up to the Queen's stand and talk to one of the card's. Give him the
evidence, and court will rebegin session. The queen, being as unfair as she is,
will decide the verdict based on one piece of evidence. You must randomly
select one of five boxes which contain evidence. Depending on how many pieces
of evidence you brought in, the queen will bring the total number of pieces up
to five with her own evidence. Therefore, if you brought all four pieces, your
chances are 4/5, and if you only got one, your chances are 1/5. If Alice is
found innocent, you get Goofy and Donald in the upcoming battle, otherwise you
are on your own.

|Boss #5 - Cards and the Tower  |
The queen, mad at you for defying her, has gotten all of the cards to attack
you. Your goal is to take out the tower that came out of the ground. If you
have Goofy and Donald's help, this isn't too hard. Let them worry about the
cards, as the cards cannot be killed, only knocked out. Go for the wheels
first, as they fall quickly. Then just hack and slash at the top of the tower,
and it should fall fast.

After the battle, the queen lowers Alice's cage, but she has gone missing. She
sends out everyone, including you, to go look for her. Head into the Lotus
Fores where you see the Cheshire Cat again with another cryptic hint.

You may encounter a new Heartless, the White Mushroom, but they aren't
agressive, so don't worry about them. One of the boulders was moved, so head
back to the area with three mushrooms again. Behind the boulder that moved is a
door to the mad tea party. Go through, and read the note next to the painting
twice. It says "Sit down for your present." the second time.

Thanks to Wayne S. for pointing this out:
Sit down at one of the chairs, depending on where you sit down, different
events may happen, where you may get munny, face enemies, or get items. (I will
try to see if these are predetermined in the future, and add them to the FAQ if
they are.)

Go through the door, which leads back into the newly-morphed Bizarre Room. The
Cheshire Cat appears again, and suggests you light the candles. Here you will
encounter several enemies, including the new "Large Body." Large Body's are
pretty resistant to physical attacks, so try your newly-learned Blizzard on it.
Use the ramps to jump up onto one of the tables, and touch the candle to light
it. Then jump over to the other table and do the same. Now, go and unlatch the
door down at one end, which leads back into the Queen's Castle, but up above
it, so you can get the chest with puppies 13-15 in it.

Jump down back into the normal part of the area, and save at the save point.
Equip everyone with plenty of healing things, and then go back into the Bizarre
Room normally. The Cheshire Cat will be up on the table. Go up on top of there
with him, and he will warn you about the shadows. A huge monster will descend
from the celing and attack.

|Boss #6 - Trickmaster          |
This battle can be tricky. The Trickmaster is extremely tall, and you'll find 
to hit him normally, you must jump and slash, and even then it doesn't hit all
of the time. It might be best to stand back and make sure that Goofy and Donald
are healed, and come in and attack when he is leaning down. Watch out when he
starts using Fire attacks, and keep your HP up, and you should be fine. Your
prize for defeating the extremely tall beast is an Ifrit Horn and a Navi-G

Sora then uses his key to open the small door, and the Cheshire Cat
congratuates you. He says that Alice was taken by the Shadows, and that it is
best to be off. The team decides to keep an eye out for her, and leaves. It is
a good idea to go back to Traverse Town a bit to get refreshed and to get more
healing items.

2.5 Deep Jungle                                         [Keyword: kh_walk_jung]
Though quite a few people reccommend going to the Coliseum first, I find it
better to go to the deep jungle so you can get the spell Cure. That helps a lot
with the Cloud and Cerberus battles at the Coliseum.

When you arrive at the world, a brief argument between Donald and Sora erupts.
Donald doesn't see any reason to land, but Sora is convinced that Kairi or Riku
might be down there. After the argument, they lose control of the ship...

Sora falls and lands in a wooden house up in the trees. Out of the shadows, a
Jaguar leaps out at you.

|Boss #7 - Jaguar               |
The only thing bad about this boss is you don't have Goofy or Donald with you.
His attacks aren't incredibly powerful, but he is very fast. Spend most of your
time worrying about dodging his attacks, and when you have the chance hack at
him a few times. Also, it isn't a bad idea to try using Fire on him a few times
with that extra MP. Once the Jaguar's HP gets low, Tarzan will swoop in and
finish him off.

After the battle, a brief cutscene shows Sora and Tarzan talking. Tarzan claims
to have seen Riku and Kairi. So, follow him outside onto the net. Jump down,
and you should land near a save point. Save, and then leap down into the hollow
log. You will slide down and begin a short little minigame.

The basic premise is just to avoid being hit by the branches, and you can use
the O button to jump over them. It isn't too hard, and the game isn't that
long. Afterwards, you will land at a camp. Go inside the tent there to find

After a short conversation with Jane, Clayton comes in with Donald and Goofy.
Sora and Donald are still mad at each other about the incident, but decide to
join back up. You will now have a chance to replace Tarzan with another member
of the party if wanted. I kept it with Donald and Goofy, but the choice is up
to you.

The Slides
Talk to Jane, and she suggests using the projector to try to figure out where
Tarzan thinks Riku and Kairi are. However, it seems her slides are missing.
They are scattered about the camp and are fairly easy to find...

Silde #1 - This is on top of the tent. Simply walk around the tent to the left
after leading, and there are some conviently placed boxes leading up to the

Slide #2 - This slide is ontop of a small box to the right as you are leaving
the tent.

Slide #3 - Check by the chalkboard with the picture of Tarzan drawn on it to
get this slide.

Slide #4 - The next slide is on top of the huge stack of boxes that are just
outside of the tent. Just climb up to get it.

Slide #5 - From the top of the tent, hop across the row of small awnings to
reach another slide.

Slide #6 - You probably already got this one on the way to #1. It is on the
boxes leading up to the top of the tent.

Back inside the tent, examine the projector, and you will automatically put the
slides in. Tarzan doesn't say anything about the slides, so Jane thinks they
are with the Gorillas. Clayton will accompany you, as Tarzan leads the way. Now
is a good time to save.

Now, go out of the Camp at the Hippo's Lagoon exit. Work your way across the
hippos backs to reach the end of the lagoon. If you fall off, you can go wait
for the one in the middle to submerge, and climb on its back. It then will take
you back up. At the end is a chest containing puppies 25-27.

Make your way back to the beginning of the lagoon. You should see a bright
green vine that you should be able to jump on and climb up. This leads to a
huge area full of swinging vines.

Make your way across the vines by using the "Jump Next" command. You should be
able to do this without much difficulty, and pick up a Mythril in a chest along
the way. At the end of this area is a passage into another area full of vines.
Get the chest with puppies 28-30 in it, and make your way over to the other

There a cutscene will be shown. The gorillas are mad with Tarzan for taking you
here. After it is over, continue up the vine on the tree there to the Climbing

The first thing you should notice here is the Blue Trinity. It summons the
chest with puppies 31-33 in it. Now, find the path leading to the "Tree House"
area. Up at the top, you will see a cutscene of Clayton about to shoot a baby
Gorilla. Sora runs and stops him.

Make your way back down to camp, and you will see an argument between Jane and
Clayton. Clayton leaves the camp, and seems to be up to no good. Now, you will
be attacked constantly by a new creature called the "Powerwild." These blue
monkeys use a combination of fast moves and some powerful magic and physical
attacks to be quite tricky. They don't have much HP, however, so they shouldn't
be too much of a problem.

Help the Gorillas
It seems as though the Powerwilds are bothering the gorillas, so you need to
help them in several areas of the Jungle. Go to each of the areas listed, and
defeat the Powerwilds there, and you recieve a prize:

Camp - Protect-G
Bamboo Thicket - Fire-G
Cliff - Aeroga-G
Climbing Trees - Aeroaga-G
Treehouse - Shell-G

Now, having rescued the Gorillas, return to camp. Save, and when you leave the
tent you hear a roar. Proceed to the thicket to encounter the Jaguar again.
Basically, use the same strategy as before. He has gotten a little faster, and
has some more health, but shouldn't be too much of a problem.

After you defeat him, you will see a cutscene with a gorilla running to Jane
for saftey. Return to the tent and she is missing. Work your way back to the
Climbing Trees to find her. There is a mysterious black fruit hanging from one
of the trees, and there are Powerwilds all around. Let Goofy and Donald take
care of the Powerwilds, and concentrate on the fruit. Just hit it repeatedly,
and it busts.

When this is done, return to the tent and save. Jane is worried about what
Clayton is up to, so go toward the Cliffs looking for him. Fill everyone's item
boxes up with potions, as you will need it.

|Boss #8 - Clayton/Stealth Sneak|
When you arrive, you see Clayton about to kill a group of gorillas. You
distract him, and the gorillas run off. He then proceeds to attack you with a
group of Powerwilds. Take out the Powerwilds first, as they just tend to be
annoying later. Once you have them out, concentrate on Clayton until his health
gets down to about 3/4ths. Then a cutscene occurs, and he is suddenly riding in
midair. He harnessed the power of the Stealth Sneak, a giant chameleon living
in the Jungle. The Chameleon is your first order of business. I found the best
way to kill him was to attack him from afar with magic, and then run in and
attack a few times to recharge your gauge. After he is down, group up on
Clayton, and he should fall pretty fast. The big thing to worry about in this
battle is HEALING YOURSELF. Stay with a high amount of HP all of the time, just
to be sure. If you have too much trouble, level up some and try again.

After defeating Clayton, you are given the spell Cure. This helps an
unbelievable amount in battles. Kerchack then allows the group to enter the
Sacred Grounds, and throws you up a cliff. You land in a beautiful area
surrounded by waterfalls.

Go into the cavern and make your way up to the top, opening chests along the
way claiming a Mythril Shard, Shell-G, Orichalcum, and Mythril. Near the top of
the cave is an entrance to an area marked '???.'

When you enter, you are in a small room. Tarzan says this is his home. Jane
comes in with the baby Gorilla, and they all listen to the waterfalls echo
throughout the cave. It turns out that Tarzan's unintelligible word was Love.
Clayton had lost his heart, and that had been what was attracting the

Sora locks the Deep Jungle, and a Gummi Piece falls out. The party is confused
about what type it is, and decides to go ask Leon. But before going back to
Traverse Town, go to the Coliseum to finish up the battles there.

The screen flashes to another scene with the villans. They are getting
discouraged because Sora is locking another world. But however, it seems they
have a plan to capture the Princesses back on the Castle world.

Back at the tent, Tarzan gives you the Jungle King keychain, and the ability to
use Red Trinities.

2.5 Coliseum                                            [Keyword: kh_walk_coli]
When you arrive at the Coliseum, head forward into the lobby and talk to Phil.
He asks you to move a pedistal over on one side of the room for him. You soon
find out it is too heavy, and Phil apologizes, because he thought you were
someone else.

Sora wants to enter the games, but Phil only lets in Heros. First, in order to
prove you are a hero, you need to do the two trials. These aren't too hard,
just hit the barrels a few times, and they break. On the second one, it is a
good idea to walk around the base and get all of the barrels there, before
moving up to the higher platforms.

After the trials, talk to him again. He still doesn't consider you a hero, but
for the effort, he teaches you Thunder. Now, leave the lobby, but on the way
out you will be confronted by Hades. He will give you an Entry Pass into the
games, and now you can compete!

At the moment, all you can do is enter the preliminaries. Before undertaking in
this, go and buy lots of Potions, and fill up Sora's, Goofy's, and Donald's
item inventory. Keep a plenty stock, because you will have a chance to refill
your items before the big battle with Cerberus, and you will need it.

The first few battles are pretty easy, and can be won fairly quickly. Try to
use Cure instead of Potions (if you have gotten it), to save your stock for
later. A tip to remember, is use Blizzard on the Red Nocturnes, and never Fire,
and vice versa with the Blue Rhapsodies.

Battle #1 :: Shadow Scout :: 2 Blue Rhapsodies, 4 Soldiers
Battle #2 :: Sinisters :: 10 Shadows, 2 Blue Rhapsodies
Battle #3 :: Heat & Freeze :: 5 Red Nocturnes, 5 Blue Rhapsodies
Battle #4 :: Shadow Platoon :: 3 Red Noct., 3 Bl. Rhaps., 2 Shadows, 2 Soldiers
Battle #5 :: Blue Revenge :: 9 Blue Rhapsodies

A cutscene shows Cloud and Hades talking. Hades is trying to lighten Cloud up a
bit. Cloud is eager to face Hercules, but doesn't want to have to face Sora.

Battle #6 :: Big One :: 4 Red Nocturnes, 4 Blue Rhapsodies, 1 Large Body
This battle can be a little bit more tricky, although it is still fairly easy.
Let Donald and Goofy take care of the other enemies while you focus on the
Large Body. Try to hit it from the back with physical attacks, and use magic
when you can.

|Battle#7/Boss #9 - Cloud       |
For the 7th battle, you must face a boss, Cloud. He isn't too difficult, but
watch out for his charge attack. Cure is the most useful thing in this battle
to remember. Whack on him when he isn't charging, and dodge and heal while he
is. Also, keep Goofy and Donald alive, as they will provide a little
distraction for him during the charging.

Hades, in a fit of rage, releases Cerberus. Hercules leaps out, and Sora runs
away back into the lobby. Take this time to save and restock items, and then go
towards the door. Phil will try to convince you otherwise, but go for it, and
attack Cerberus

|Battle#8/Boss #10 - Cerberus    |
Keep your HP's up, that is the single most important thing in this battle. The
only places you can really hit him or on the heads. Pick one, and go for it.
Don't waste your MP on casting spells, because you will need Cure a lot. Use
Potions if need be, especially on Goofy and Donald. After hacking away at his
head for awhile, he finally falls. For winning you recieve an Inderno Band.

Hades is frustrated about Hercules, and leaves. Meanwhile, Phil and Hercules
give you a Hero's Liscence for winning the battle. You are invited to come to
the games, but the games have been delayed due to the damage of Cerberus'
attack. On the way out, you see Cloud, who is dissapointed in himself for
falling into Hades' plans. He is trying to find someone, and Hades promised to
help him. He teaches you Sonic Blade, and tells you never to give up.

2.7 Traverse Town II                                   [Keyword: kh_walk_trav2]
During this visit to Traverse Town, you will encounter two new enemies that go
along with the Red Nocturne and the Blue Rhapsody. First, the Yellow Opera,
which is the Thunder equivalent of the two. The other is the Green Requiem,
which can heal itself or other Heartless. Also, Large Bodies will occur a whole
lot more often.

Make your way to the Hotel, and go through the back way into the Alley. Use the
red trinity at the base of the grate going into the sewer system. It opens the
gate, allowing you access. Back there, you find Aeris and Leon. Before talking
to them, go open the chest in the room behind them to get puppies 10-12.

When you talk to Leon, he explains what is happening with the Heartless. They
manage to pass through these "Keyholes" that you have been locking in each
world, and they slowly make the planet fade out, due to a weird reaction with
the planet's core. On your way out, Leon gives you the item "Earthshine."

Talk to him again, and you will mention the Gummi Piece. He says he had never
seen anything about it before, and to go ask Cid about it. After returning to
the Item Shop, and talking to Cid, he says it is a Navigation Gummi. It allows
you to gain paths to new worlds. He offers to install it for you, if you
deliver an Old Book to a man in the 3rd District who lives behind the "fire

The Old Book
Proceed to the third district and find the door. Use Fire on it to open it, and
it leads back into a cavern. Cross the stones carefully to make your way across
to the house. Inside is an empty house, but Merlin storms in and quickly fills
it up. He thanks you for the book, and says it holds some sort of mystical
power. You can examine it later to get to the 100 Acre Wood. He then introduces
you to the Fairy Godmother, and says to ask her about the gem that Leon gave
you. When you show it to her, she uses it to teach you the summon "Simba."

Strange happenings
On leaving the house, you meet up with Riku, who is searching for Kairi. He is
interested in the keyblade, and they get into an argument. Riku leaves
suddenly, and Sora continues on. Head for the house just inside the Second
District from the First, and find the FF characters inside. While you are
talking, a cutscene appears showing Maleficent and Riku talking, with her
trying to convince him to help her. Afterwards, Cid suggests that you go to the
Gizmo Shop and ring the bell. Before moving on, SAVE.

The Gizmo Shop Bell
Head toward the Gizmo Shop, and climb the ladder to the roof. There you should
find a Red Trinity which you can use to open a hole that leads to the rope to
ring the bell. Ring it three times to make the keyhole appear. Run up to the
keyhole and a boss battle begins.

|Boss #11 - Opposite Armor       |
If you go at this battle with a similar approach to that of the battle with the
Guard Armor, things should go smoothly. Try to target individual body parts,
rather than just attacking. Narrowing it down to just the body makes things
easier. After he loses several body parts, he starts to fire orbs of energy.
These are the only attacks that are crucial to avoid. Be sure to use those
extra MP points to cast cure, and you should manage to beat him.

After beating him, he drops a gummi piece. Sora uses the Keyblade to lock
Traverse Town, and returns to the First District. There Cid says he has
installed the Navigation gummi, and threw in a Warp gummi for the hell of it.
He says that the gummi that Opposite Armor dropped is a half-piece, and he
needs the other half.

Stock up on supplies, and get ready to go to more areas of the game. The next
area is Agrabah, the location of Aladdin. You might want to take this time to
complete more of the Postcard sidequest, or do the recently unlocked Phil Cup
at the Coliseum.

The new warp feature on your ships allows them to Warp to any world that you
have already been to. When you are ready, take the blue warp and arrive in

2.8 Agrabah                                             [Keyword: kh_walk_agra]
When you get to Agrabah, you see a short cutscene with Jafar and Maleficent. He
sends the Heartless to find Jasmine, and in the mean time he is looking for the
keyhole to the world.

After the cutscene is over, Heartless attack. Go forward onto Main Street, and
take a left into the alleyway. There you will find Jasmine. After the cutscene
with Jafar, jump up to where he was, and open the chests there. Examine the
window carefully. It is a keyhole! Use it to open a door into another part of
the area.

Now, return to the Main Street area, and go to the right area, where there is a
pole leading up to Aladdin's House. Push some boxes in the house to free the
Magic Carpet, who speeds off towards the desert.

Head back out and towards the Bazaar, and out into the desert. The Magic Carpet
will take you out into the desert where Aladdin is being attacked by the
Heartless. Defeat them all, and Aladdin will come along with you to help save

Return to Agrabah by means of the Magic Carpet to find all of the passages have
been blocked off. To get around, you must take a right and climb up onto the
stack of boxes, and then you can gain access to the upper parts of Agrabah. You
can then make your way over back into Main Street. Climb to pole into Aladdin's
House for a short cutscene. Save there, and move on. You must continue making
your way across the tops of the buildings, and come through into the Palace
Gates. There you see Jafar and Jasmine. He disappears with her, and sends a
powerful Heartless, the Pot Centipede to attack you.

Return to Aladdin's House and save, and make your way back to the exit to the
desert. Take the Magic Carpet back to the place where you first rescued Aladdin
to find a huge tiger head has appeared. This is the Cave of Wonders, which is
being controlled by the Heartless.

|Boss #12 - Cave of Wonders     |
The mouth will spit out Heartless and fireballs, so it is a good idea to avoid
that altogether. Instead, try to climb up on top of the head, and then target
an eye and the hack away at it. Eventually, it will go out, and you will have
to attack the other. The head will try to shake you off, so you may have to
climb up a few times. Use Cure on Donald and Goofy when their HP's are low, and
they should take care of things down below.

The Cave of Wonders
After defeating the head, you can then enter the Cave of Wonders. Overall, it
is pretty straight forward. Slowly make your way through the various passages,
one by one, until you come to the Treasure Room. Open the chests in there, and
use the Red Trinity, but unfortunately you are being blocked by a large pillar.

Go back into the previous room, and jump down into a hole. You end up in a huge
dark passage. There should be a huge pillar in one of the rooms, which you can
jump and slash at to make it crumble. Take any of the stairs back up to the
main passage, and return to the Treasure Room and save. Fill up with items and
get prepared for two very hard boss fights. Walk forward through the newly
opened passage to find Jafar.

|Boss #13 - Jafar               |
Jafar starts out by having Iago steal the Genie's lamp, and orders him to
attack the party. He will intentionally try to miss, however, so your real
target should be Jafar. Stay out of the center, as he tends to attack with
several powerful spells, in this area. Instead, stay on one of the platforms,
and jump out and attack at him when you have the chance. The other party
members seem to not stay out of the center, so you may have to heal them with
Cure occasionally. If he turns into a dark ball, chase it around, and he should
turn back to his real state.

When you defeat him, he asks the Genie to make him into an all-powerful Genie.
A huge explosion occurs, and the floor opens up below. Save your game, refill
your items, and jump down.

|Boss #14 - Genie-Jafar         |
This battle is surprisingly easy. Jafar will blast you with several
easy-to-dodge attacks, but you can not damage him directly. Instead, go over
and attack Iago, who is flying around with the lamp. Just follow Iago around
and hack away at the lamp, and Jafar should fall once again. Remember to Cure
and try to stay away from the Jafar's attacks, and this battle should be a
piece of cake.

Jasmine is missing and the Cave of Wonders will then start trying to close you
in. You then have to do a short mini-game with the magic carpet. It isn't too
hard to do, just dodge any obstacles in your way. When you arrive back at
Agrabah, a short scene will occur at Aladdin's House. He frees the Genie, who
decides to come with you, you learn the Green Trinity, and you get Ansem's
Report 1 and the Three Wishes keychain. Aladdin thanks you, and asks you to
find Jasmine, and you are off again!

Before going to Monstro, you can return to Traverse Town and use the Green
Trinity in the Accessory Shop to open up the path to the Synthesis Shop. You
can get another Postcard by examining the board behind the furnace, and get
some more Puppies.

2.9 Monstro                                            [Keyword: kh_walk_monst]
When you arrive at Monstro, the giant whale swallows you up. A short cutscene
will occur, and then you can swim over to Geppetto's boat on the other side of
the mouth. You will then see Riku with Pinnochio, and they run off deeper into
the whale. Geppetto begs you to go save his little puppet boy, so go into the
passage where Riku went into Chamber 1.

The Chambers
Basically this area consists of 6 chambers, numbered respectively. This area is
quite confusing, but basically the order is like this. Take the upper passage
into Chamber 2, and open the chest to get a Cottage. Then, take the other door
nearby to go into Chamber 3, and then take the adjacent door back into another
part of Chamber 2. From there, you can head into Chamber 6.

There, move a barrel and jump up onto it to get to some of the higher
platforms. Open the chests to get a Torn Page and some other useful items.
Then, jump down and take the door to the other area of Chamber 5. Open the
chests in there to get a Dispel-G and an Ether. While fighting the Heartless in
this room, try to protect a barrel. You can then place it near the platform by
the entrance to Chamber 4 to get up to the chest containing Dalmations 79-81.
Then, jump down and go through the door into Chamber 4.

Inside you will see another cutscene, and find the opening into the Bowels.
Save your game and proceed through. Inside is the giant boss, the Parasite Cage
who has Pinnochio trapped.

|Boss #15 - Parasite Cage       |
You can't do much damage to the lower half of this beast, so the basic strategy
is to jump up and try to pull off a long sequence of aerial keyblade slashes.
He doesn't move much, except for his arms, which you should pay careful
attention to. Be sure to run away and cure if needed, and it is a good idea to
keep Goofy and Donald's HP up also. You can also consider stepping back and
casting some magic on him if you have some extra MP.

A huge hole opens up below you, and you fall through and land on Gepetto's
ship. A lot of the water in the mouth drains out, and reveals many more
platforms. Geppetto lets you open a chest, which teaches you the Shared Ability
High Jump. Equip it, and you shoudl be high enough to jump up and grab the
various chests on top of the tall platforms of old wood. The most major thing
to look out for is the chest containing the Watergleam, which will teach you
the summon Dumbo if you take it back to the Fairy Godmother.

From the pile of wood closest to the back of the mouth, you can use High Jump
to jump over to the higher of the two exits. This leads into the throat. Use
the platforms around the room to make your way up into the stomach. Here, you
will meet the Parasite Cage again.

|Boss #16 - Parasite Cage II    |
The strategy for this battle is pretty much the same. He has a new annoying
attack where he breathes Poison gas, and quite a bit more health, but that is
about it. You should avoid the small pits of stomach acid around the room, as
they drain your health pretty quickly. You can make use of the various
platforms to do jumping aerial attacks at the beast, but overall it isn't much
different from the previous battle. For winning you get the nice Stop magic.

After winning Geppetto leaves with Pinnochio and you are done with Monstro. You
can leave back to the Gummi Ship now. The only new thing of interest is that
you can go visit Pinnochio and Geppetto in their house in Traverse Town.
Geppetto will be kind enough to give you various ship blueprints, and you can
get the final postcard by examining the stuff on the shelf in the back corner.

2.10 Atlantica                                          [Keyword: kh_walk_atla]
You arrive on Atlantica and a short FMV will occur, and Donald uses his magic
to turn Goofy into a turtle, Sora into a merman, and himself into an octopus.
Sebastian the crab teaches you how to swim. You use the analog stick to move
forward or turn, the circle button to ascend, and the square button to dive.
Then, to prove you can swim, you must go to the spot where Flounder is 5 times.

Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder suddenly hide as several heartless appear. Take
them out, and hit the clam where Sebastian hid to find a save point. Ariel then
asks you to come to her father's palace.

Finding the Palace
You can add Ariel to your team now as needed. This next part isn't too hard.
Just follow the yellow tridents carefully, and you should wind up at Triton's
Palace. In the Calm Depths, let the current take you the first time, and the
second time swim over into the hole marked by the tridents. Along the way, hit
any clams that you might find to get some extra items.

In the Palace, cast Thunder on the yellow clamshell to get a Mythril Shard.
Then, proceed into Triton's Throne Room to find him infuriated. He is mad at
Ariel for leaving the Palace. After the cutscene, leave the Palace, and go
through behind the rock that Ariel points to go to into Ariel's Grotto.

Here a short cutscene will occur, and you can open the various chests in the
room. The only noteworthy one is the chest towards the top of the room with the
Torn Page in it. Once you are done, you can leave.

The Sunken Ship and the Trident
Make your way back towards the beginning, and grab onto the dolphin there. He
will take you to a huge sunken ship. Go into it through the top, and approach
the chest. When you do a huge shark will appear. He cannot make it in the ship,
however, and leaves you alone for now. Open the chest to find a Crystal

Leave the ship and return to Ariel's Grotto. Examine the trident symbol on the
wall, and Sora trys placing the Crystal Trident on it. King Triton storms in
and destroys the Crystal Trident and gets mad at Sora. Ariel leaves the party
to go after her dad.

Return to the palace to find that King Triton's trident is missing. He asks you
to go with Ariel to help find it. You can open the clam behind the throne to
find another save point. Save, and move on.

Ursula and King Triton's Trident
Return once again to the beginning of the area. Grab onto the dolphin again,
and you will be taken back to the Sunken Ship. The giant shark attacks again,
but he should be a piece of cake. Just run up to him, and slash away, and step
back to heal every now and then. Examine the boulder on the side of the wall,
and Sebastian will move it, revealing Ursula's Lair.

Swim through the lair and you can find several small rooms. One has a save
point, and you should take the opportunity to save there. Now, when you are
prepared, go through the huge cave shaped like a sea monster to find Ursula.

|Boss #17 - Ursula              |
Basically, you must attack the huge cauldron in the center of the room to do
damage to Ursula. Hit it with fire when it is red, ice when it is blue, and
thunder when it is yellow. Pretty simple. When you need MP you can whack on
Ursula's eels to get your charge gauge up. When she is stunned, take the time
to get some free whacking on her. As long as you remember to cure, this battle
isn't too tough.

Finding Ursula Again
Ursula leaves by mean of a small hole, which gets sealed up behind her. You
must now find where she is hiding. To do so, return to the Calm Depths (the
area where the strong current blows you back. Use Mermaid Kick to swim your way
up the the very front, and go through the very back passage to the right. A
short cutscene occurs before Ursula grows to an enormus size and attacks.

|Boss #18 - Giant Ursula        |
This boss battle is actually amazingly easy. I found the best way to tackle
her, is to swim behind her head and whack on it for awhile. She tends to spin
around a bit, but as long as you follow her, she won't ever be able to attack
you. Use Cure on yourself if you manage to get hurt, and it isn't a bad idea to
do the same on your party members.

After that, you return to Ariel's Grotto. King Triton uses his newly-recovered
trident to reveal the keyhole, which Sora proceeds to lock. Ariel gives you the
Crabclaw keychain, and you are on your way once again.

2.11 Halloween Town                                     [Keyword: kh_walk_hall]
On arriving to Halloween Town, Sora and company are dressed up in appropriate
attire for the setting. A short cutscene occurs, and you are left on your own.
Go along the path into Guillotine Square. Then, find the entrance to the
Doctor's Labratory. Go inside to gind Jack and the Doctor. They are trying to
create a heart. Jack offers to join your party, and the Doctor asks you to go
find Sally, who has the "memory" needed to create a heart. Before you leave,
check the bookshelf to get a Torn Page.

Before going any further, you should go to Jack's House (the one with the
spider doorbell) and check under the stairs to find a chest with puppies

The Memory
Leave the Labratory and go back into Guillotine Square. Here, the mayor runs up
and is worried because the Heartless have gone wild and started attacking. You
will then be attacked by various forms of new heartless. You should now proceed
into the Graveyard to find Sally and Jack's dog Zero. Sally gives you the
Forget-me-not, the memory that was needed, and the group leaves. You then see
Shock, Lock, and Barrel were hiding in the coffin behind you all along.

The Surprise
Take the Forget-me-not back to the Doctor, and he asks you to go look for the
Mayor, who has the "surprise." Go back to the graveyard to find the Mayor, who
gives you a Jack-in-the box in exchange for completing a small minigame. All
you must do it examine the tombstones in the order that the ghosts fly out.

Take it back to the doctor and they try to make a heart. Shock, Lock, and
Barrel bust in, however and steal the heart and take it to Oogie Boogie. You
must go back to the manor and reclaim it.

Tracking down the Kids
Return to the graveyard once more, and light the platform with Fira, and it
will start moving. Hop on top of it, and it takes you over onto Moonlit Hill.
Here you see the kids going into Oogie's Manor on their possessed bathtub.

Kill all of the Heartless in the area, and examine the tombstone at the base of
the hill. This makes it extend, allowing you to cross over to the entrance to
Oogie's Manor. Open the chests in the area, especially the one to the right of
the bridge containing puppies #40-42. When you are done, cross over the bridge
into Oogie's Manor.

Head right into the front door, and you should see another platform that can be
lit with a fire spell. It turns into an elevator, which you can ride up to
another door. Outside, you basically need to slowly work your way up to the
top, which is pretty straightforward, and go through the door to find the trio
of mischeif-makers.

A short battle will occur in which you must defeat them all, which isn't a task
too hard. For beating them, you get the 7th Ansem Report. Once your are done,
hit the lever on one side of the wall, and head back down to the bottom.

Oogie Boogie
Take the small green door at the bottom into Oogie's Torture Chamer, which is
not a fun place by all means.

|Boss #19 - Oogie Boogie        |
Not a easy battle at all, but I found it very fun. Oogie is very hard to hit in
this battle. You stay in the center part down below for most of the battle.
When the tiles on each little section of the floor start glowing, you can step
on one, to raise the platform up to the top, and a cage comes up trapping
whoever is up there in. Basically, you must pay attention to where Oogie is,
and then ride the platforms up to attack him. The spinning blades are your main
worry in this battle. They aren't too hard to avoid, but your teammates have
trouble. Don't worry too much about them, and just keep your HP's up, and take
the few chances you have at Oogie. For winning, you get the Holy Circlet

After the battle, you have a small little task to destroy Oogie's Manor.
Destroy the seven orbs scattered across the manor and it falls. Not much to it,
as the only things that attack you are a few hidden traps and some Heartless.
Once you are done with that, you lock Halloween Town, get the new Pumpkin Head
keychain, and get a Gravity spell upgrade.

2.12 Neverland                                          [Keyword: kh_walk_neve]
On arrival to Neverland you see a long series of cutscenes where Riku reveals a
whole lot more information. Riku uses his new evil powers to create a new
species of Heartless, the Shadow Sora. He then has you thrown in a room at the
bottom of the ship.

When you get thrown into the room, you find Peter Pan hiding behind some
barrels. He is looking for Wendy, and he decides to team up with you because
you are both looking for someone. Save, and go out the door Tinkerbell

Here, the Heartless start attacking. You will see several new types of enemies,
such as Shadow Sora and Pirates. Go up the ladder there and take the door on
the right. In this next room, kill all of the Heartless, and jump down into the
hole in the corner of the room. This leads down into the very bottom of the

Once again, take care of all of the Heartless, and climb up the ladder in the
middle of the room. Up there, a short FMV will occur. Then, use the table to
jump up into the hole in the celing. Leave the room through to door, and open
the door across the hall on the right. This leads to a small room with a Green
Trinity. If you have Peter in your party, you must switch him out, as you need
all three regular team members to use Trinities. Before heading up, save your
game, and prepare for a boss fight. Then, head up the stairs

|Boss #20 - Shadow Sora         |
This is the last Shadow Sora you face, but he is much harder than any of the
others you may have faced. His basic movement patterns will be somewhat similar
to a regular Shadow at first, as he will melt in the floor and move around. If
he does that, take the opportunity to get healed and prepare to attack again.
The best idea here is to run up and pull off a quick combo and retreat back.
You don't want to stay near Shadow Sora for too long, as he has a very high
attack power. Towards the end of the battle, he may split into three Shadow
Soras. Don't worry about the two doppelgangers, but concentrate on the real
one. The fakes may do some damage to you, but by this time, it is better to
just keep focused on the real one. If you ever fall below about half-health at
any time in the battle, retreat and Cure. This battle isn't too tough, but be
careful, as he is one of the harder bosses you have faced thusfar. You are
rewarded with the Raven's Claw accessory for winning this battle.

Open the chest to get puppies #88-90, and then examine the hatch on the bottom
of the floor. This will make you fall down and find Wendy. Peter Pan leaves
your party now, so return back to the Captain's Cabin where you fought Shadow
Sora. Save, and prepare for yet another boss fight. When you are ready, go out
the door in the back of the room.

This leads you out onto the deck of the ship. Here you see Hook and Riku again.
Riku runs off with Kairi, and Hook attempts to finish you off. Peter uses
Tinkerbell's Pixie Dust to give you the ability to fly, and you learn the next
level of Cure, before the epic fight with Captain Hook!

|Boss #21 - Captain Hook        |
Captain Hook is pretty similar to Shadow Sora in the aspect that he has a very
strong set of attacks, but lacks good defense. He will summon Heartless again
and again throughout the battle, but they are better left ignored. Constantly
stay flying, and follow the same tactics as you did with Shadow Sora. Fly up to
him, take a few whacks, and fly back to recover. You can even cast magic while
you are flying, so use your new Cura spell wisely in this battle. Keep at it,
and Hook should fall. For winning, you learn his Ars Arcanum ability, and get
the Ansem Report 9.

The Keyhole
You then will be taken to the huge clocktower, Big Ben, in London. Open the
chest here to get some more puppies, and talk to Wendy a few times. She will
say that the clocktower has stopped working. Fly up to the face of the clock,
and hit the minute hand a few times to reveal the keyhole, which Sora proceeds
to lock. In a short cutscene, Peter thanks you and teaches you the ability
Gilde. Tinkerbell also comes along as a summon, and she gives you the Fairy
Harp keychain.

Use the save point up on the top part of the clock to return to the Gummi Ship.
Head back to Cid at Traverse Town, and he will install the Navigation Gummi
that will unlock the path to Hollow Bastion

2.13 Hollow Bastion                                     [Keyword: kh_walk_holl]
When you arrive at Hollow Bastion, a short cutscene occurs. Riku steals the
keyblade and you are left with your old wooden sword. Donald and Goofy run off
after him, but the Beast from Beauty and the Beast decides to come along and
help you.

Getting into the castle
Climb up the white platforms up to the Castle Gates. Take a right and you come
to an elevator. Take it down into a cavern below the castle. You will start to
encounter loads of Heartless, but it is better just to let the Beast worry
about them. Go into the bubble towards the right and you should be taken into
the waterway.

Work your way through the waterway, just taking the next bubble that you come
to. You will pass a Blue Trinity, which you have to ignore for now, and wait
until you come back with Donald and Goofy. Eventually you will come to a
switch, which you hit, and it says the castle gates have opened. Go back
through the waterway, and take the elevator back up. You can now proceed into
the castle.

Inside you will have a short reunion with Donald and Goofy, and Sora takes the
keyblade back from Riku. Riku then commences to battle.

|Boss #22 - Riku                |
This battle isn't nearly has hard as it may sound. Riku is fast and has a lot
of health, but he doesn't damage you much. Just follow him around the room and
take any whacks on him you can get. Use Cura to keep your HP's up as high as
possible, and keep your teammembers alive. They seem to actually do a lot of
damage to Riku in this battle, so it is crucial. As long as you watch your
health, this battle isn't too bad.

After the battle, you are given the chance to put the Beast into your party
again. Step forward to the door marked with the Heartless symbol. To get in,
you need the four pieces of an emblem

The Library and the Emblem
To start, head into the library on the left. Here you encounter a incredibly
simple puzzle. You will find sets of books scattered throughout the area,
missing one book a piece. Take the extra books from their misplaced locations,
and replace them in the proper slots. The only book that is hard to find is the
one above one of the shelves, which you can only get with the Green Trinity
below it.

Bookshelves will move for each book you replace, and eventually you will move
one revealing a red button. Press it, and you unlock the door to the upper part
of the main hall. Here is where you get the four emblem pieces. Before doing
anything, cast Thunder on the thing in the middle, and you will get two moving
platforms that will take you back up. Now, to get all of the emblem pieces.

--Light all of the candles with Fira to get one.

--Use the Red Trinity at the base of the statue near the edge to push it off,
revealing the second piece.

--Break all of the pots next to the statues gives you another.

--Finally, push the last statue to one direction, which will reveal a chest.
Open it to get the final piece.

Take all of the pieces to the door to unlock the door to the Lift Station.

Going up?
This next area is pretty straightforward. First, take the other door out back
outside. Here, examine the various orbs to unlock various things, but the major
one to notice is the one going up the the next level. From here, it isn't hard
to figure out.

You work your way up, first at the Castle Gates, then the Great Crest, and
finally the High Tower. Just keep following the path up, and hit the two red
orbs near the top. These make two parts of a block fall at the very top, which
reveals the path to the final area. From there, you go into the Great Chapel
where Maleficent appears.

|Boss #23 - Maleficent          |
This battle is as hard as you want to make it. Overall, it is pretty simple.
Her platform is just high enough that you can't attack her. So, her platform
has HP (odd concept... huh.) Just hack away at the platform, and it will lower
every now and then, allowing you to whack Maleficent a few times. She summons
lots of heartless, but they don't do enough to matter. Use Cura a lot, and
watch out for Maleficent's big attack. She has a lot of HP, but the battle goes
surprisingly fast.

Save at the conviently placed Save Point at the right side of the room, and go
through the warp that Maleficent left. Here you find Riku with a new "Dark
Keyblade." He uses its power to transform Maleficent into a giant Dragon.

|Boss #24 - Maleficent Dragon   |
This boss is probably the hardest you have faced thusfar. She has a LOT of
health. The best idea is to keep a very close range and go for her head. When
she uses her big Green Fire technique, use glide to fly away, and use Cura on
yourself a few times. Keep healing, and hacking away and she should fall
eventually. For winning, you get the Fireglow summon gem, which teaches you the
summon Mushu from Mulan.

The Dark Keyhole
Go back through the warp and talk with the Princesses there to get various
items. Save at the save point, stock up your items slots with various items,
and then head through the newly-opened door. Here you find Riku again, standing
outside the keyhole. This brings on a very long cutscene, where you find out a
whole lot more about what happened, and I will keep these out of the FAQs for
the sake of spoiling the game.

|Boss #25 - Riku (Ansem)        |
If you thought Maleficent Dragon was hard, Riku makes that battle look like a
Piece of Cake. When he starts his big attack where he glows and does the
charging around the platform, Glide to avoid the bront of it. Use Guard whever
he trys to attack you, and then take a few attacks off on him. Don't cast any
magic on him, and instead devote every single last MP point to casting Cura.
Whenever he gets a few hits on you, retreat and heal. Keep smashing away, and
he will eventually fall.

Another long cutscene occurs, and Sora gives up his heart to save Kairi. He is
then turned into a Shadow Heartless. Donald, Goofy, and Kairi ran away to avoid
the huge numbers of Heartless pouring out from the Keyhole. Make your way back
to the first area of the castle, where Kairi realizes that Sora is a Heartless.
She protects him, and turns him back into his regular self. The party then
escapes on the Gummi Ship, and you are automatically taken to Traverse Town.

2.14 Traverse Town III                                 [Keyword: kh_walk_trav3]
The scene shifts to the house in the 3rd District, where Sora is talking with
the whole gang, including the Final Fantasy characters. The Heartless are
multiplying by the millions, and are considerably stronger. Leon tells you more
about the Heartless, and suggests going to talk to Cid about going back to
Hollow Bastion.

The Last NaviGummi
Cid says he had a NaviGummi that led into the back way of Hollow Bastion, and
he left it in the secret waterway. Go down there, and you find Kairi, looking
at a strange mural on the wall. Swim out and examine it, and the sun turns into
a moon and you get the Gummi. Then, there is a long cutscene between Kairi and
Sora, and ahe gives Sora the Oathkeeper keychain. Take the gummi back to Cid
and he installs it.

2.15 Hollow Bastion II                                 [Keyword: kh_walk_holl2]
Take the new warp hole back to Hollow Bastion. This time, you must start over
and disembark from the Rising Falls. You meet up with the Beast again here, and
he will offer to come along in your party again.

Make your way back up to the Great Chapel, and talk with all of the Princesses.
Then save at the Save Point, and then go back to the keyhole. Sora then will
walk inside, where the dark Behemoth sleeps.

|Boss #26 - Behemoth            |
This guy has a LOT of health, the most of any boss faced thusfar. You will have
to fight this guy a lot in the coming battles, but he is the hardest here.
However, the strategy is very basic. Jump up on his back from behind, and then
keep slashing at his horn. He will try to throw you off, but it isn't too hard
to stay on, and you can always hop back up if needed. Most of the attacks are
directed in front of him, so you won't recieve much damage at all. Just heal if
you need to, and this battle is a piece of cake.

After the battle, Sora leaves and locks the keyhole behind him. Leon and the
others appear, and tell you that this is their home world. Apparently, Ansem
has traveled to the End of the World, where the Heartless are spawned from, and
you must follow him there.

Leave back into the Great Chapel, where the Princesses of Hearts teach you the
final Fire upgrade. Then, head to the Library, where the Beast is reunited with
Belle. Talk to her to get the Divine Rose keychain. Then, talk to Aeris a few
times to get the rest of the Ansem Reports and the final Cure upgrade. Use the
save point there to return to the Gummi Ship, and head to the final place, the
End of the World.

2.16 End of the Word                                     [Keyword: kh_walk_end]
This is it. The final area of the game. There is a short cutscene with Sora and
Donald, and then you must head towards the huge glowing light at the end of the
area. There are several "invisible walls" spread out along the area, but there
is a path between most of the chests. Therefore, just follow the platforms with
the chests on them to the center. Open them as you go to get many high-level
items, and get forced into fighting the most powerful breeds of Heartless faced
thusfar, and possibly the Behemoth again.

Returning to Previous Worlds
You are then taken to a huge crystal valley. Just jump down the platforms
opening the treasure chests as you go, until you reach the bottom. You will
then come out into a huge area where you will return to previous worlds for
short battles. All you must do, is hit the purple light in the center to get
transported to the world, and beat the enemies there. Open the chest, and head
back into the door which you came from. Then, examine the blue orb to move to
the next platform.

Eventually, you will arrive in the 100 Acre Woods. Here you can save and get
healed, before leaving and heading on. Go on to the next platform, and get
transported into the final world. This is one you haven't seen before. Go
inside the room and examine the computer panel, and read the information it
displays. Beat all of the Heartless that appear, and go back through.

Fantasia anyone?
You will then come to an area that looks familiar to anyone that has seen
Fantasia. A huge black heartless appears and attacks the party.

|Boss #27 - Fantasia            |
This battle is actually not too hard. You can fly again, so just go and target
his head and slash away. Fly back and use Curaga when needed. He has a lot of
health, but he won't damage you much, so this battle is pretty straightforward.

Jump down into the volcano into a huge area filled with Heartless. There is a
Heartless symbol on the wall at the back, and you must break it down. To do
this, just keep fighting the endless chains of Heartless that appear. Slowly,
but surely, the door breaks down.

The Final Rest
This is it. Here is the final Save Point of the game. It has Gummi Ship access,
so you can go and do other things, stock up on supplies, whatever. When you are
ready, step through the door.

This is it...
You then arrive at a very changed Destiny Islands... Head into the cave where
Kairi and Sora did the drawings as a child, and you will encounter Ansem. You
will then face a long string of battles against Ansem, but if you made it
thusfar, they should be a piece of cake. You finally will come to the battle
with True Ansem. Just follow the cues, and he should fall fast. Enjoy the
incredible ending...

If you did the following:
	Found all 99 Dalmatians
	Beat all four Coliseum Cups
	Completed the 100 Acre Woods
You unlock a secret ending, which is a teaser for the events that will unfold
in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

                       --==III. Equipment/Items==--
                          [Keyword: kh_equipment]

3.1 Sora's Keyblades                                   [Keyword: kh_equip_sora]
Sora can collect a wide variety of keychains throughout the game in order to
strengthen the power of the Keyblade.

|Name          |Location                             |
|Kingdom Key   |Initially Equipped                   |
|Jungle King   |Lock the Deep Jungle                 |
|Three Wishes  |Lock Agrabah                         |
|Crabclaw      |Lock Atlantica                       |
|Pumpkinhead   |Lock Halloween Town                  |
|Fairy Harp    |Lock Neverland                       |
|Spellbinder   |Talk to Merlin after learning first  |
|              |level of all of the spells           |
|Wishing Star  |In Geppetto's House after Monstro    |
|Metal Chocobo |Defeat Cloud in Hercules Cup         |
|Olympia       |Beat the Hercules Cup                |
|Lady Luck     |White Trinity in Wonderland          |
|Divine Rose   |Talk to Belle in Hollow Bastion's    |
|              |library on your 2nd trip there       |
|Lionheart     |Defeat Cloud and Squall in Hades Cup |
|Oathkeeper    |Get from Kairi in Secret Waterway    |
|              |after returning from Hollow Bastion  |
|Oblivion*     |After beating Behemoth for the first |
|              |time, this keychain is on a high     |
|              |platform facing away from the keyhole|
|Ultima Weapon |Master all 24 items in the Synth Shop|
   * - Thanks to Parrot40k for pointing out the location of
	this keychain.

3.2 Donald's Staves                                    [Keyword: kh_equip_dona]
Donald can use a wide variety of staves to help him in battle.

|Name          |Location                             |
|Mage's Staff  |Initially Equipped                   |
|Morning Star  |Buy at Item Shop (150 Munny)         |
|Warhammer     |Buy at Item Shop (250 Munny)         |
|Shooting Star |Buy at Item Shop (750 Munny)         |
|Magus Staff   |Buy at Item Shop (1000 Munny)        |
|Warhammer     |Buy at Item Shop (1000 Munny)        |
|Grand Mallet  |Buy at Item Shop (4000 Munny)        |
|Wisdom Staff  |Buy at Item Shop (4000 Munny)        |
|Wizard Relic  |Rare drop by Wizards in Hollow Bast. |
|Violetta      |White Trinity in Coliseum            |
|Lord Fortune  |Talk to Fairy Godmother after you    |
|              |learn all of the summons             |
|Dream Rod     |Talk to Merlin after acquiring every |
|              |spell.
|Save the Queen|Beat Hades Cup on Solo.              |

3.2 Goofy's Shields                                    [Keyword: kh_equip_goof]
Goofy uses a shield for a means of attack as well as defense.

|Name           |Location                             |
|Knight's Shield|Initially Equipped                   |
|Scout Shield   |Buy at Item Shop (250 Munny)         |
|Smasher        |Buy at Item Shop (250 Munny)         |
|Mythril Shield |Buy at Item Shop (750 Munny)         |
|Gigas Fist     |Buy at Item Shop (1000 Munny)        |
|Golem Shield   |Buy at Item Shop (1000 Munny)        |
|Onyx Shield    |Buy at Item Shop (2800 Munny)        |
|Adamant Sheild |Buy at Item Shop (4000 Munny)        |
|Herc's Shield  |Beat the Hercules Cup                |
|Genji Shield   |Beat Yuffie in Hades Cup             |
|Dream Shield   |Get all 7 arts from the W. Mushrooms |
|               | and take them to Merlin.            |
|Save the King  |Beat Hades Cup on Time Trial         |

3.4 Accessories                                        [Keyword: kh_equip_acce]
Accessories are special items that you may equip to your characters to give
them special stat and ability bonuses. These effects last until the accessory
is removed.

This list is in "pseudo-alphabetic" order, in that groups of related items, e.g.

| Accesories |
| *This list is in "pseudo-alphabetic order, in that groups of   |
| related items are sorted among the group by power, not by name.|
| NAME              | EFFECT                                 |
| Ability Stud      | AP+2                                   |
| Angel Bangle      | DEF+2; HP+6                            |
| Atlas Armlet      | DEF+2; MP+2; Extra magic strength.     |
| Blizzard Ring     | Reduces ice damage by 20%; DEF+1       |
| Blizzara Ring     | Reduces ice damage by 20%; DEF+2       |
| Blizzaga Ring     | Reduces ice damage by 20%; DEF+3       |
| Brave Warrior     | HP+3; STR+1                            |
| Chaos Ring        | DEF+1; +20% Dark resistance            |
| Crystal Crown     | AP+3; DEF+2; HP+6; MP+1; STR+2         |
| Fire Ring         | Reduces fire damage by 20%; DEF+1      |
| Fira Ring         | Reduces fire damage by 20%; DEF+2      |
| Firaga Ring       | Reduces fire damage by 20%; DEF+3      |
| Gaia Bangle       | DEF+3; HP+10                           |
| Master Earring    | AP+1; DEF+2                            |
| Power Chain       | STR+2                                  |
| Powera Chain      | STR+2                                  |
| Poweraga Chain    | STR+2                                  |
| Protect Chain     | DEF+1                                  |
| Protera Chain     | DEF+2                                  |
| Protega Chain     | DEF+2                                  |
| Thunder Ring      | Reduces lightning damage by 20%; DEF+1 |
| Thundara Ring     | Reduces lightning damage by 20%; DEF+2 |
| Thundaaga Ring    | Reduces lightning damage by 20%; DEF+3 |

3.5 Items                                              [Keyword: kh_equip_item]
Items are one-time use pieces of equipment which can be found in shops, in
chests, and other places scattered throughout the game. Finding these is key
to your completion of the game.

--Curative Items--
These items help you recover from battle wounds.

| Curative Items |
| Potion      | Restores 30 HP of one character.                          |
| Hi-Potion   | Restores 60 HP of one character.                          |
| Mega-Potion | Restores 30 HP of all characters.                         |
| Ether       | Restores 3 MP of one character.                           |
| Mega-Ether  | Restores 3 MP of all characters.                          |
| Elixir      | Fully restores one player's HP and MP.                    |
| Megalixir   | Fully restores the party's HP and MP.                     |
| Tent        | Fully restores the party's HP outside of battle.          |
| Camping Set | Fully restores the party's HP and 3 MP outside of battle. |
| Cottage     | Fully restores the party's HP and MP outside of battle.   |

--Summon Items--
These items can be used to teach Sora the various summons in hte game.

| Summon Items |
|Item         |Summon   |Location                              |
| Earthshine  | Simba   |From Leon in Secret Waterway          |
| Watergleam  | Dumbo   |Monstro's Mouth in a chest            |
| Naturespark | Bambi   |After completing "Pooh's Hunny Tree"  |
| Fireglow    | Mushu   |Hollow Bastion after defeating Dragon |
(Genie will join you automatically after locking Agrabah, and Tinkerbell after
locking Neverland.)

--Stats Items--
These are rare items which are found only in a few places in the game. They
provide a character with permanent stat increases.

| Stats Items |
| Power Up   | Raises strength by 1 point.   |
| Defense Up | Raises Defense by 1 point.    |
| AP Up      | Raises maximum AP by 1 point. |

--Event Items--
These are items which have no effect on your characters stats or abilities, but
are needed to advance the storyline or progress forward in sidequests.

| Event Items |
| Log             | Needed to build the raft in Destiny Islands.             |
| Cloth           | Needed to build the raft in Destiny Islands.             |
| Rope            | Needed to build the raft in Destiny Islands.             |
| Antenna         | Helps prove Alice's innocence in Wonderland.             |
| Claw Marks      | Helps prove Alice's innocence in Wonderland.             |
| Footprints      | Helps prove Alice's innocence in Wonderland.             |
| Stench          | Helps prove Alice's innocence in Wonderland.             |
| Slide (#1-6)    | Recover these for Jane in the Deep Jungle.               |
| Hero's Pass     | Allows entrace to the games at Olympus Coliseum.         |
| Forget-me-not   | The memory needed to create a heart in Halloween Town.   |
| Jack-in-the-Box | The surprise needed to create a heart in Halloween Town. |
| Crystal Trident | Found in the sunken ship in Atlantica.                   |
| Postcard        | Mail these for the Traverse Town Postcard Sidequest.     |
| Torn Page       | Take these to Merlin to rebuild the 100 Acre Wood.       |

3.6 Synthesis Shop                                    [Keyword: kh_equip_synth]
The moogles in the synthesis shop are training to create the ultimate weapon.
Therefore, they have opened a synthesis shop to have items synthed. As they
master their current inventory, they can then unlock a set of higher-level
items. Items with a "mix" icon by them have been mastered.

To access the Synthesis Shop, you must have the "Green Trinity" ability, and
use the green trinity in the Accessory Shop. This lowers the ladder, allowing
you access to the shop above.

NOTE: There is a convient postcard tacked to the sign on the wall to the left
of the furnace.

First Set
These are the items that can be synthed when you first unlock the sythesis
shop. You must have them synth one of each item to master this set to unlock
the next one.

#1 - Cottage
-Bright Shard x2
-Blaze Shard x3

#2 - Elixir
-Blaze Shard x2
-Frost Shard x2
-Thunder Shard x2
-Mythril Shard x4

#3 - Energy Bangle
-Power Shard x2
-Frost Shard x1

#4 - Power Chain
-Spirit Shard x2
-Power Shard x2

#5 - Guard Earring
-Spirit Shard x2
-Thunder Shard x1

#6 - Dark Ring
-Lucid Shard x2
-Bright Shard x1
-Mythril Shard x2

Second Set
After synthing the first set, you gain these items, allowing a total of 12
synthable items. Complete these to unlock the next set.

#1 - Mega-Potion
-Blaze Gem x1
-Frost Gem x1
-Thunder Gem x1
-Mythril Shard x2

#2 - AP Up
-Spirit Shard x3
-Spirit Gem x2
-Mythril x3

#3 - Angel Bangle
-Spirit Shard x3
-Power Shard x3
-Bright Gem x3

#4 - Magic Armlet
-Blaze Shard x3
-Frost Shard x3
-Thunder Shard x3
-Mythril x2

#5 - Golem Chain
-Power Shard x3
-Power Gem x1
-Lucid Gem x1

#6 - Master Earring
-Lucid Shard x3
-Lucid Gem x2
-Spirit Gem x2

Third Set
After completing the first 12, you now have these six for a total of 18.

#1 - Mega-Ether
-Blaze Gem x3
-Frost Gem x3
-Thunder Gem x3
-Bright Shard x5
-Bright Crystal x1

#2 - Defense Up
-Lucid Shard x5
-Lucid Gem x3
-Lucid Crystal x1

#3 - Gaia Bangle
-Power Shard x5
-Power Gem x3
-Bright Crystal x1

#4 - Rune Armlet
-Blaze Gem x2
-Frost Gem x2
-Thunder Gem x2
-Mythril x3

#5 - Heart Guard
-Spirit Shard x3
-Power Shard x3
-Power Crystal x1

#6 - Three Stars
-Blaze Shard x3
-Frost Shard x3
-Thunder Shard x3
-Orichalcum x1
-Shiny Crystal x1

Fourth Set
Just one more set to go...

#1 - Megalixir
-Bright Shard x5
-Bright Gem x3
-Bright Cyrstal x1
-Shiny Crystal x1
-Gale x2

#2 - Power Up
-Power Shard x5
-Power Gem x3
-Power Crystal x1
-Myster Goo x1
-Orichalcum x2

#3 - Titan Chain
-Spirit Shard x5
-Spirit Gem x3
-Lucid Crystal x1

#4 - Atlas Armlet
-Shiny Crystal x2
-Myster Goo x1
-Orichalcum x3
-Gale x1

#5 - Crystal Crown
-Lucid Crystal x3
-Power Crystal x3
-Shiny Crystal x3
-Bright Crystal x3

#6 - Ribbon
-Blaze Gem x5
-Frost Gem x5
-Thunder Gem x5
-Bright Gem x5
-Gale x3

Final Prize
Your work has paid off... your reward for helping the Moogles with their

Ultima Weapon
-Lucid Gem x5
-Power Gem x5
-Thunder Gem x5
-Myster Goo x3
-Gale x3

And that does it. Now you have a full repitoire of 25 synthable items.

--==IV. Abilities==--

4.1 Shared Abilities
These abilites are various skills learned throughout the game to make
navigation easier. You can select them to be equipped through the start menu.

High Jump - Allows you to Jump higher and reach new places.
This is in a chest on Geppetto's boat in Monstro after defeating the Parasite
Cage for the first time.

Mermaid Kick - Allows you to swim faster and harder.
You can get this after defeating Ursula for the first time in Atlantica.

Glide - Allows you to ride air currents, allowing you to stay aloft longer.
You get this after beating Neverland.

Superglide - A better version of Glide. You get this after defeating the huge
monster in the Evil Grounds of the End of the World.

4.2 Magic
The magic system of Kingdom Hearts is interesting. After certain events you
will "gain the power" of an element. If you have never gained that element
before, you will learn the lowest level of that spell. If not, your spell will
be upgraded to the next level (normal to -a, -a to -aga).

-After Donald and Goofy join you in Traverse Town (defeat Guard Armor.)
-Defeat "Jafar-Genie" in Agrabah.
-After locking Hollow Bastion, the Princesses teach you this.

-Get all four pieces of evidence in Wonderland
-Defeat "Jafar" in Agrabah.
-Defeat the Behemoth in the Hades Cup at the Coliseum.

-Complete the Hero Trials at Olympus Coliseum.
-Defeat Ursula and lock Atlantica.
-Defeat Cerberus in the Hades Cup.

-Beat Clayton in Deep Jungle
-Obtain in Neverland after defeating Hook.
-After locking Hollow Bastion, talk to Aeris in the library three times.

-Defeat Parasite Cage in Monstro
-Complete Eeyore's Tail in the 100 Acre Woods.
-Defeat Phantom in Neverland's Clock Tower.

-Win Phil's Cup at Olympus Coliseum
-Beat Hades at Olympus Coliseum
-After completing Oogie's Manor in Halloween Town

-Defeat Opposite Armor in Traverse Town
-Rescue all 99 Dalmatians
-Yellow Trinity on the ship in Neverland

4.4 Level-up Abilities
There are several abilities that you learn throughout the game as you level up.
For Sora, the order you learn them in is determined by which weapon you
selected at the beginning.

|Sora (Chose Sword)    |
|Lvl |Skill            |
| 9  |Combo Plus       |
| 12 |Vortex           |
| 15 |Scan             |
| 18 |Blitz            |
| 21 |Berserk          |
| 24 |Counterattack    |
| 27 |Air Combo Plus   |
| 30 |Aerial Sweep     |
| 33 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 36 |Guard            |
| 45 |MP Haste         |
| 48 |Critical Plus    |
| 51 |Second Chance    |
| 57 |MP Rage          |
| 60 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 63 |Jackpot          |
| 66 |MP Rage          |
| 69 |Lucky Strike     |
| 72 |Combo Plus       |

|Sora (Chose Shield)   |
|Lvl |Skill            |
| 9  |Guard            |
| 12 |Scan             |
| 15 |Lucky Strike     |
| 18 |Second Chance    |
| 21 |Counterattack    |
| 24 |Jackpot          |
| 27 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 33 |Blitz            |
| 36 |MP Rage          |
| 39 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 42 |Combo Plus       |
| 45 |Vortex           |
| 48 |Berserk          |
| 51 |Critical Plus    |
| 57 |Air Combo Plus   |
| 60 |Aerial Sweep     |
| 63 |MP Haste         |
| 66 |MP Rage          |
| 69 |Critical Plus    |

|Sora (Chose Staff)    |
|Lvl |Skill            |
| 9  |Scan             |
| 12 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 15 |MP Haste         |
| 18 |Counterattack    |
| 21 |Critical Plus    |
| 24 |Guard            |
| 27 |Aerial Sweep     |
| 30 |Treasure Magnet  |
| 33 |MP Rage          |
| 36 |Berserk          |
| 39 |Lucky Strike     |
| 48 |Second Chance    |
| 51 |MP Rage          |
| 54 |Jackpot          |
| 57 |Vortex           |
| 60 |Air Combo Plus   |
| 63 |Blitz            |
| 66 |Combo Plus       |
| 69 |Critical Plus    |

|Donald Duck              |
|Lvl |Ability             |
| 9  |Berserk             |
| 15 |MP Haste            |
| 20 |MP Rage             |
| 25 |Second Chance       |
| 30 |Treasure Magnet     |
| 35 |Second Wind         |
| 40 |MP Rage             |
| 45 |Treasure Magnet     |
| 50 |Jackpot             |
| 55 |Lucky Strike        |

|Goofy                    |
|Lv. |Ability             |
| 9  |Rocket              |
| 12 |Jackpot             |
| 15 |Charge              |
| 18 |Treasure Magnet     |
| 21 |Tornado             |
| 27 |Lucky Strike        |
| 30 |MP Gift             |
| 33 |Second Wind         |
| 36 |Second Chance       |
| 39 |MP Rage             |
| 42 |Treasure Magnet     |
| 45 |MP Rage             |
| 51 |HP Haste            |
| 54 |Berserk             |

4.4 Special Abilities
There are some abilites that you learn by completing certain tasks throughout
the game.

Dodge Roll - Defeat Guard Armor in Traverse Town.
Sonic Blade - Learn from Cloud after winning Preliminaries.
Ars Arcanum - Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland.
Strike Rade - Win the Pegasus Cup.
Ragnarok - Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion.
Trinity Limit - Win the Hades Cup.

Cheer - Defeat Parasite Cage in Monstro.

Cheer - Defeat Maleficent.

--==V. Sidequests==--

5.1 Traverse Town
Scattered about Traverse Town are 10 strategically placed postcards. You can
collect these postcards and mail them in the mailbox towards the entrance to

	#1 - There is a blue trinity outside of the cafe in the First District.
             Use it to teleport up onto a balcony, where there is a postcard in
	     a chest.

	#2 - Up by the sythesis shop is a big blue safe. After defeating Leon,
	     you can open this to get a postcard.

	#3 - In the Item Shop, stand on the counter, and jump up and slash the
             fan, and you will be rewarded with another postcard.	

	#4 - On the awning for "Boots and Shoes" just inside the Second
             District, if you are coming from the first.

	#5 - On top of the Accessory Shop. You can either get this with High
             Jump, or push a crate up to the side and jump.

   #6 & #7 - Once you have Thunder, go to the Third District and use it on the
             broken wires to activate the Gizmo Shop. At the Gizmo Shop, step
	     on the three buttons to activate the clock. Examine it to get
	     these postcards.

	#8 - Examine the sign tacked onto the wall to the left of the furnace
	     in the Synthesis Shop.

	#9 - After completing Monstro, go to Gepetto's House in the first
	     district. Examine the pot in the back left corner to get it.

       #10 - Defeat Guard Armor, and go to the Gizmo Shop. Go up the ladder on
	     the other side of the shop, and hop across the houses until you
             reach a hole leading into the third district. Jump into it, and
	     search the platform for the final postcard.

	-Mythril Shard
	-Defense Up
	-Power Up

5.2 99 Dalmatians
The 99 Dalmatian puppies have gone missing. You have to find them all scattered
throughout the worlds of Kingdom Hearts.

#01-03 :: Use Glide (learned in Neverland) at the Mystic House to reach to
chest in the back.

#04-06 :: Use the Red Trinity to the left of the Accessory Shop in Traverse
Town to open up a path. They are in a chest behind there.

#07-09 :: Chest in the Synthesis Shop (need Green Trinity to unlock Synthesis

#10-12 :: In the Secret Waterway passage in the sewer in the Second District of
Traverse town is a chest inside a small room, with the puppies in it. You need
to be able to use a red trinity to unlock the grate leading back there.

#13-15 :: In the upside-down version of the Bizzare Room of Wonderland, unlock
the latch into the Queen's castle. It opens up to the top part overhanging the
actual court, so you can get the cleverly placed treasure chest with the
puppies in it.

#16-18 :: In the Lotus Forest of Wonderland, go back into the area with the
three mushrooms together. Hop up on the middle one, and jump over to the left
one, and work your way up the platforms. You should be able to see a chest on
one of the platforms.

#19-21 :: In the top of the Tea Party area of Wonderland. It is from an exit at
the top of the forest, and you need Glide to reach it.

#22-24 :: Take a left after entering the Coliseum to find a Blue Trinity. Use
it to make the chest with these puppies appear.

#25-27 :: Cross the Hippo's Lagoon in the Deep Jungle by hopping across on the
backs of the Hippos. At the end is a chest with the puppies in it.

#28-30 :: In a chest on a platform over to the side in Vines II during your
visit to the Deep Jungle.

#31-33 :: Use the Blue Trinity mark in the Climbing Trees area of the Deep
Jungle to summon a chest. Inside are puppies #31-33.

#34-36 :: Use the Blue Trinity in the Camp at the Deep Jungle to summon a chest
with these puppies in it.

#37-39 :: In Aladdin's House in Agrabah. Climb up the pole to the right at Main

#40-42 :: These puppies are on a small platform to the right of the bridge
outside of Oogie Boogie's Manor.

#43-45 :: In a chest on the Clocktower at Neverland.

#46-48 :: In a chest above the Palace Gates in Agrabah. You need High Jump and
Gilde to get to it.

#49-51 :: This puppies are in a chest on a platform in the Entrance of the Cave
of Wonders.

#52-54 :: These pupies are in one of the many chests in the Treasure Room of
the Cave of Wonders.

#55-57 :: In Chamber 3 of Monstro, hop on the barrels and jump up to the
platform above with High Jump.

#58-60 :: In the Queen's Castle area of Wonderland, there is a chest on the
platforms above. You need High Jump and Glide to reach it.

#61-63 :: These puppies are in a chest of the Grand Hall of Hollow Bastion,
accessible on your second visit.

#64-66 :: One of the tomb doors at Moonlight Hill leads to an area with the
chest containing these puppies.

#67-69 :: At Jack's House (the one with the spider doorbell), check under the
stairs to find these puppies.

#70-72 :: In Guillotine Square, use High Jump to jump up to a high area, and
then glide over to the huge stone jack-o-lantern. The chest with these puppies
is in its mouth.

#73-75 :: In Monstro's mouth on one of the chests on the big piles of old wood.
Only available after learning High Jump.

#76-78 :: Coming from Chamber 1 in Monstro, use High Jump in the 3rd Chamber to
jump onto a platform from the barrels. There is a chest with these puppies in

#79-81 :: Using High Jump or a barrel, make your way to the upper platforms of
Chamber 5. These puppies are in one of the chests up there.

#82-84 :: In the Hold of the Ship in Neverland, there is a board across the
top. There is a chest with these puppies in it.

#85-87 :: Use the Yellow Trinity in the Hold of the Ship in Neverland. It lets
you gain access to a new room, where a chest with these puppies is.

#88-90 :: These puppies are in Hook's Cabin on the boat of Neverland, which can
be opened after beating Shadow Sora.

#91-93 :: Down between the rocks in the Rising Falls in Hollow Bastion in a

#94-96 :: Take the Heartless Door into the Lift Stop in Hollow Bastion, and go
out the other entrance on the same floor. Use Glide to jump over to the orange
platform, and then cast Gravity on the chest above you.

#97-99 :: Cast Gravity on the chest outside on the High Tower in Hollow Bastion
to get the last three puppies.


Return periodically to Traverse Town and talk to the puppies' parents to
recieve prizes based off of how many puppies you've rescued.

| Dalmatian Rescue Rewards |
| 12 Puppies | Curaga-G                              |
| 21 Puppies | Firaga-G                              |
| 30 Puppies | Thundara-G                            |
| 42 Puppies | Mythril Shard                         |
| 51 Puppies | Torn Page; Mythril                    |
| 60 Puppies | Megalixir                             |
| 72 Puppies | Orichalum                             |
| 81 Puppies | Ultima-G                              |
| 90 Puppies | Ribbon                                |
| 99 Puppies | 1 of every Gummi; Aero spell upgrade  |

5.4. Trinities                                          [Keyword: kh_side_trin]
Trinities are small, colored icons that are hidden on the ground in the various
worlds of the game. You must stand on them and call Donald and Goofy to utilize
their power.

--Trinity Unlocking--
In order to unlock each type of trinity, you must first gain the ability to
unlock it.

| Blue Trinity   | Defeat the Guard Armor in Traverse Town.      |
| Red Trinity    | Lock Deep Jungle.                             |
| Green Trinity  | Lock Agrabah.                                 |
| Yellow Trinity | Complete the Phil, Pegasus and Hercules Cups. |
| White Trinity  | Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion                 |

--Blue 'Jump' Trinities--

Traverse Town
[] Outside the Cafe in the First District is a Blue Trinity. You can use it to
   teleport up to the balcony.
     Reward :: Postcard

[] Just to the left of the World Exit in the First District.
     Reward :: Munny

[] In the Third District, use Fire on the firey door to gain access to the
   Mystical House. Inside is a blue trinity.
     Reward :: Mega-Ether and Munny

[] On the ramp behind the Lady and the Tramp statue in the third district.
     Reward :: Camping Set and Munny

[] In the back of the Lotus Forest in the area with two mushrooms.
     Reward :: Mega-Potion, Camping Set, and MP orbs.

[] While in big form, push the rock into the lake, which creates a path of
   mushrooms up into a hidden alcove.
     Reward :: Camping Set and MP orbs.

Deep Jungle
[] In the "Climbing Trees" area.
    Reward :: Dalmatians #31-33

[] At the camp, just outside the tent.
    Reward :: Dalmatians #34-36

[] Underneath the large gladiator statue on the left in the Entry Hall.
    Reward :: Mythril Shard

[] Underneath the large gladiator statue on the right in the Entry Hall.
    Reward :: Dalmatians #22-24

[] In the "Bazaar" area.
    Reward :: Munny and a Megalixir

[] In the waterways underneath the Cave of Wonders.
    Reward :: Thunder-G

[] In Monstro's Throat.
    Reward :: Munny

[] In the lowest area of Chamber 6.
    Reward :: Munny and a Cottage

--Red 'Charge' Trinities--

Traverse Town
[] Above the Gizmo Shop in the Second District.
    Reward :: Access to the rope to ring the bell

[] In front of the grate that leads into the sewer in the Alleyway.
    Reward :: Access to the room behind the grate

[] To the left of the Accessory Shop.
    Reward :: Dalmatians #4-6

[] In the treasure room.
    Reward :: Mythril Shard

--Green 'Ladder' Trinities--

Traverse Town
--There is a Green Trinity in the Synthesis Shop that when used unlocks the
Synthesis Shop.

--In the Rabbit Hole there is a Green Trinity that lets you reach a chest with
an Elixir.

--In the Bizzare Room, use the Shrinking Potion, and go into the Fireplace.
There is a Green Trinity that reveals a chest with a Mythril Shard.

Deep Jungle
--Up at the Climbing Trees, take one of the exits to the Treetop. Carefully
search the ground there for a Green Trinity with a Mythril Shard and HP orbs.

--In the Storage Room off of the Bazzar, there is a Green Trinity that lets you
reach the chest in the room with the Power Up.

--On top of Gepetto's Boat is a Green Trinity that lets you knock down a chest
containing a Mythril Shard.

--In the Cabin, there is a Green Trinity that lowers the ladder into the
Captain's Cabin.

Hollow Bastion
--There is a Green Trinity on the upper floor of the library which knocks down
one of the books needed to solve the puzzle.

--Yellow 'Push' Trinities--

Traverse Town
--Outside of the Mystical House towards the back is a Yellow Trinity which you
use to push the stack of boxes leading to a chest with a Power Up.

--There is a Yellow Trinity in the Lobby that allows you to push the block out
of the way, revealing the world's keyhole.

--In the Cave of Wonder there is a Yellow Trinity in the passageway which
allows you to push one of the platforms off.

--In the Hold of the Ship there is a Yellow Trinity that lets you gain access
to a new room. In the room there are 4 chests with an Oricalcum, a Dispel-G,
Puppies 85-87, and the Aero upgrade.

--White 'Detect' Trinities--

Traverse Town
--Go back into the Secret Waterway, and search where Leon was standing to find
a White Trinity with a Orichalcum.

--Take one of the high exits out of the Lotus Forest into the Bizarre Room.
Examine the picture on the wall and it will transport you to a hidden area of
the Lotus Forest with the White Trinity for Wonderland.

Deep Jungle
--Back at the "Cave of Hearts" where the Keyhole was, there is a White Trinity
with an Orichalcum.

--Right next to the exit of the Cave of Wonders is a White Trinity which
summons a chest with a Comet-G.

--At the Palace, the White Trinity is located in the shell along the path at
the bottom. It contains a chest with the Orichalcum.

Halloween Town
--There is a White Trinity on the side of the Moonlit Hill that contains a

Hollow Bastion
--There is White Trinity here in the Rising Falls that gives you a chest with a

5.5 100 Acre Woods
To get to the 100 Acre Woods, you must have returned the Old Book to Merlin in
the 3rd District. Examine the book on the side of room on the pedistal, and you
shrink and are pulled down into the book.

In order to unlock all of the areas of the 100 Acre Woods, you must recover all
of the missing pages and return them to the Old Book.

| Old Book Page Locations |
| Monstro        | In Chamber 6 on top of one of the higher platforms.   |
| Agrabah        | In a chest in the Cave of Wonders in the Silent Room. |
| Atlantica      | In Ariel's Grotto in a chest towards the top.         |
| Halloween Town | Search the bookcase in the Doctor's Lab.              |
| Traverse Town  | Recieve for rescuing 51 dalmatians.                   |

Empty Meadow
Approach Pooh, who is sitting on the log, and he will be worried because all of
his friends are disappearing. A short cutscene will occur, and then you can
leave back to the book by walking away in any direction.

Pooh's Home
Go inside the house to find Pooh, who is worried because he is out of hunny,
and leaves for the Hunny Tree. Leave, and Owl will tell you about the Torn
Pages outside. From now on, you need a torn page to unlock the next area. Each
Torn Page also will give you a rare item when it rejoins the book.

Pooh's Hunny Tree
When you come to this area, Piglet will see you and run away into the bushes.
Go around the tree and sneak up on Piglet from behind and talk to him. Now,
Pooh will arrive, and you will get to play your first minigame. The basic
strategy is to jump up the branches following Pooh, and wait until the bees
come to you to attack them, so you don't risk falling off.

Rabbit's House
When you enter this area, you see Pooh entering Rabbit's House. Follow him in,
and examine the pot at the roof to show Rabbit's hunny to Pooh. He will then
start eating, and then you can leave. When you get outside, Rabbit pulls you
back in, because Pooh has gotten stuck in the back door. Walk around back to
the other door and talk to Pooh. Rabbit suggests making Pooh some carrot juice,
but then Tigger bounces in and starts to mess up Rabbit's garden with his
bouncing. You now get to play another minigame, where you must run under Tigger
to stop him from bouncing onto the vegetables. Then, go back to Rabbit's House
and you will free Pooh.

The Swing and the Bridge
You will see a short cutscene where Pooh and Piglet are standing on the bridge
see Eeyore floating downstream. Jump into the water and go up to Eeyore to save
him. Now, Eeyore has lost his tail, and it is your job to help find it for him.
You need to lead Pooh up to the swing up on the hill by locking on him with R1,
and walking slowly. Once you get up to the swing, follow Owl's lead on how to
push Pooh, and if you do it right, he will land on Eeyore's house and find his
tail. You then gain the Stop upgrade, and get to move on to the next area.

Tigger's Bouncing Spot
When you arrive, Tigger and Roo want to teach you how to bounce. Basically, all
you have to do is copy what logs Tigger jumps to for three rounds, and they
will consider you a good bouncer. Then, you get to do another minigame with the
Giant Pot. Tigger jumps in the pot, and starts throwing out nuts which you must
jump up and hit. Make sure not to fall off the log, or you will have to start
over. Getting the timing right is hard, but all you have to do is jump up and
attack a few seconds before it would hit the ground. After hitting 20 nuts, the
pot breaks, and you can get into the stump it was on for a chest with an AP Up.
You can now leave and do the next area, or help Owl get the rare nuts. Tigger
and Roo are now playing on the seesaw, and they will bounce you up into the
trees. There are rare nuts scattered about the trees which you can get and take
back to Owl for rare items.

Muddy Path
Pooh is worried because he can't find any of his friends. You have to lead him
around with the R1 trick and find all of his friends.

Eeyore :: You _must_ find Eeyore first. Search inside the tree that Pooh was
walking around to find him. This is where all of Pooh's other friends will come
back to.

Roo :: Roo is easy. He is bouncing above on the tree to the left of the Muddy
Path. Bring Pooh over, and talk to him a few times, and he will go back to the
place with Eeyore.

Rabbit :: Now, lead Pooh over to the place with the well that is blowing air
up. Behind it are a few holes where Rabbit is hiding. Talk to Rabbit and he
will go back with Eeyore.

Tigger :: Lead Pooh over to the flowers off to the left, and they will carry
him up. Use the air well to blow yourself up by the log, and then you can talk
to Tigger, and he will go back.

Owl :: Lead Pooh across the log, and over to the other set of flowers. This
will take him up to the top platform. Owl is flying around up here, and you can
talk to him to send him back.

Piglet :: Piglet is hiding in the tree where Owl was flying around. Talk to
him, and he will start to go back, but get scared and hide in one of the holes
Rabbit was playing in. Lead Pooh back down, and talk to Piglet again, and he
will go back.

There is then a long cutscene at night with Sora talking with Pooh and his
friends. Sora says he has to go to find his own friends, and they make him
promise to come back to the 100 Acre Wood soon.

--==VI. Coliseum Championships==--
Over the course of the game, several championships are unlocked at the Coliseum
which you can compete in for special prizes.

6.1 Phil Cup
Available: After locking Traverse Town
Prize: Spell upgrade for "Gravity"
Solo Prize: Mythril Shard
Time Trial Prize: AP Up

Just walk into the lobby and talk to Phil to begin. Remember to fill your item
inventories up before going at it...

#1 - 9th Seed - Jungle Vice
Powerwild x3, Soldier x4

#2 - 8th Seed - Monkey & Magic
Powerwild x1, Green Requiem x2, Red Nocturne x2, Yellow Opera x5

#3 - 7th Seed - Big Feet
Hammer Legs x1, Powerwild x4

#4 - 6th Seed - Magic Alert
Yellow Opera x5, Red Nocturne x5

#5 - 5th Seed - Nightwalkers
Large Body x1, Powerwild x5

#6 - 4th Seed - Hard Hitters
Gauntlets x1, Blue Rhapsody x3, Shadow x4

#7 - 3rd Seed - Indomitable
Large Body x2, Green Requiem x6

#8 - 2nd Seed - Wild Corps
Gauntlets x1, Hammerlegs x1, Powerwild x4

#9 - 1st Seed - Shadow Batallion
Armored Torso x1, Yellow Opera x4, Blue Rhapsodyx4
For this battle, I would reccommend starting off by targeting the mages and
using Fira on them. It seems to make more sense to attack the Armored Torso,
but do nothing until the mages are taken out. The concentrate everything on the
Armored Torso and you should be fine.

6.2 Pegasus Cup
Available: After completing "Monstro"
Prize: Sora's ability "Strike Raid"
Solo Prize: Mythril
Time Trial Prize: Defense Up

As before, just talk to Phil, and he will let you enter after you have
completed Monstro. It is a good idea to take lots of Potions, and maybe a few
Ethers. Be sure to save quite a few for the last battle, however.

#1 - 9th Seed - Ghost Bandits
Search Ghost x2, Bandit x1, Air Soldier x3

#2 - 8th Seed - Marauders
Bandit x2, Barrel Spider x3, Shadow x4

#3 - 7th Seed - Sluggers
Fat Bandit x1, Large Body x2, Pot Spider x1, Barrel Spider x1

#4 - 6th Seed - Pots & Bolts
Pot Spider x5, Yellow Opera x3, Green Requiem x2

#5 - 5th Seed - The Big Combo
Fat Bandit x2, Search Ghost x4

#6 - 4th Seed - Toadstool
Black Fungus x3

#7 - 3rd Seed - Pots & Barrels
Pot Spider x5, Barrel Spider x5

#8 - 2nd Seed - Giant Impact
Fat Bandit x2, Large Body x2

#9 - 1st Seed - Yuffie and Leon
This battle is tough, and you should use Cure whenever your health falls below
1/2. Your first goal should be to take out Yuffie, as she will heal Leon, and
become annoying if you are focusing on him, too. Try to keep in close with
Yuffie, as she tends to use her powerful long-ranged attack if you get too far
away. Basically, hack away, while trying to avoid Leon. Once she is down,
carefully avoid Leon, until he slows down for a bit, and unleash everything you
have got on him. Summons might prove useful, as the occasional magic spell.

6.3 Hercules Cup
Available: After locking "Halloween Town" and "Neverland"
Prize: Sora's keychain "Olympia", Goofy's Shield "Herc's Shield"
       Yellow Trinity
Solo Prize: Orichalcum
Time Trial Prize: Strength Up

#1 - 9th Seed - Dusk Vanguard
Gargoyle x5, Shadow x3

#2 - 8th Seed - Minions of Horror
Wight Knight x4, Air Pirate x1, Barrel Spider x2

#3 - 7th Seed - Buccaneers
Battleship x1, Pirate x4

#4 - 6th Seed - Stray Phantom
Gargoyle x4, Wight Knight x3

#5 - 5th Seed - Mad Truffle
Rare Truffle x1

#6 - 4th Seed - Cloud
Bonus Prize - Metal Chocobo
Cloud got somewhat stronger than he was in the previous battle. As again, watch
out for his charge attacks. Use Cura/Curaga (whatever you currently have) to
keep your HP up. Generally, try to stay away from Cloud until he slows down,
and then rush in and launch a combo attack.

#7 - 3rd Seed - Dark Squadron
Wight Knight x1, Gargoyle x2, Pirate x2, Air Pirate x2

#8 - 2nd Seed - Flying Pirates
Battleship x2, Pirate x2, Air Pirate x1

#9 - 1st Seed - Hercules
Hercules cannot be hit while he is glowing, as that means his shield is up and
he is invincible. Throw a barrel at him, to lower his shields, and then do
whatever damage you can hit, and then run. Rinse and repeat. Keep your HP's up
with Cura/Curaga, and you should be fine.

6.5 Hades Cup                                           [Keyword: kh_coli_hade]
Available: After locking "Hollow Bastion."
Prize: Sora's ability "Trinity Limit."
Solo Prize: Staff "Save the Queen"
Time Trial Prize: Shield "Save the King"

Before attempting this tournament, I would recommend having Curaga. To get the
final upgrade, talk to Aeris in the Library at Hollow Bastion. Also, set Goofy
and Donald's Item usage to "Only in Emergency," otherwise they won't conserve
the items you give them long enough.

#1 - 49th Seed - Shadow Brothers
Soldier x3, Shadow x7

#2 - 48th Seed - Wild Dance
Wight Knight x3, Powerwild x4

#3 - 47th Seed - Terrible Feet
Hammerlegs x1, Pirate x4, Shadow x2

#4 - 46th Seed - Dirty Claws
Powerwild x1, Pot Spider x8

#5 - 45th Seed - Mad Truffle
Rare Truffle x1

#6 - 44th Seed - Yuffie
Bonus Prize - Genji Shield
Yuffie isn't nearly as hard as she was with Leon. Regular attacks work fine
here, and this battle shouldn't be hard if your remember to cure when your
health is low.

#7 - 43rd Seed - Outlaws
Bandit x3, Pirate x4

#8 - 42nd Seed - Dark Garrison
Defender x1, Wight Knight x3, Soldier x2

#9 - 41st Seed - Bad Union
Bandit x1, Powerwild x2, Large Body x1, Fat Bandit x1, Soldier x1

#10 - 40th Seed - Behemoth
Bonus Prize - Blizzard Upgrade
This battle isn't nearly as hard as it was in Hollow Bastion. The basic trick
is to go behind him, and climb up on his back. Then, do whatever is necessary
to damage the horn without falling off.

#11 - 39th Seed - Red Legion
Search Ghost x1, Red Nocturne x8

#12 - 38th Seed - Blue Legion
Blue Rhapsody x7, Gargoyle x2

#13 - 37th Seed - Sorcerous Armor
Guard Armor x1, Blue Rhapsody x2, Red Nocturne x2

#14 - 36th Seed - Mad Fungus
Black Fungus x1, Green Requiem x4

#15 - 35th Seed - Spiders and Magic
Red Nocturne x3, Yellow Opera x3, Pot Spider x2

#16 - 34th Seed - Optical Trick
Stealth Sneak x1, Blue Rhapsody x2, Green Requiem x4
Yes, the Stealth Sneak, the same guy that you had to face with Clayton. He
isn't nearly as tough this time around though. Target the Green Requiems first,
as they will heal everyone, then you can worry about the Stealth Sneak. Try to
take it out as fast as possible after it becomes visible, that way it won't use
its annoying eye attack on you much.

#17 - 33rd Seed - Magic Force
Wizard x1, Red Nocturne x2, Yellow Opera x4, Blue Rphasody x2

#18 - 32nd Seed - Shadow Summoners
Wizard x3, Shadow x6

#19 - 31st Seed - Mystic Mages
Angel Star x1, Wizard x4

#20 - 30th Seed - Cerberus
Bonus Prize - Thunder Upgrade
Cerberus has a bit more health than he did last time you faced him. Your focus
here again should just be to pick a head and whack on it as much as possible.
Casting Aerora/aga might help deflect some of his attacks. Cast Curaga whenever
your health falls below 1/2, and just keep on attacking, and you should be

#21 - 29th Seed - Sky Raiders
Air Soldier x4, Air Pirate x3

#22 - 28th Seed - Spookies
Search Ghost x6

#23 - 27th Seed - Terrible Fists
Gauntlets x1, Gargoyle x5

#24 - 26th Seed - Shadow Storm
Shadow x?
This is the first of several battles in this tournament that have this unknown
number of monsters. Basically, they come in waves. You kill all of one wave,
the next one comes. None of them are too difficult.

#25 - 25th Seed - Avengers
Bandit x1, Wight Knight x1, Pirate x1, Soldier x1, Powerwild x1

#26 - 24th Seed - Dark Knights
Opposite Armor x1, Darkball x6

#27 - 23rd Seed - Black Flap
Gargoyle x2, Air Soldier x3, Air Pirate x2

#28 - 22nd Seed - Night Soarers
Wyvern x3, Searh Ghost x2, Wight Knight x2

#29 - 21st Seed - Air Corsairs
Battleship x1, Wyvern x2, Darkball x4

#30 - 20th Seed - Cloud & Leon
Bonus Prize - Lionheart
This is the first really tough battle. Use Curaga whenever your health is lower
than 1/2 immediately, and try to keep an Aero shield up. You should first
concentrate on Cloud, as his attacks are much more annoying. Try to get a combo
off after he finishes a charge attack. After you are done with him, take out
Leon with close up attacks. When his Gunblade starts glowing, stay away from
him until it goes back down, as he will use really strong attacks during that

#31 - 19th Seed - The Large Trio
Large Body x3, Wight Knight x2

#32 - 18th Seed - Blaze Bandits
Fat Bandit x3, Red Nocturne x4

#33 - 17th Seed - False Angels
Angel Star x2, Wyvern x2, Large Body x2

#34 - 16th Seed - Dark Storm
Darkball x?

#35 - 15th Seed - Air Brigade
Wyvern x1, Air Pirate x1, Air Soldier x1, Gargoyle x1, Search Ghost x1

#36 - 14th Seed - Violet Bunch
Fat Bandit x2, Invisible x1, Wizard x1

#37 - 13th Seed - Heavy Warriors
Fat Bandit x2, Defender x1, Large Body x2

#38 - 12th Seed - Interceptor
Defender x3

#39 - 11th Seed - Elder Force
Invisible x2, Angel Star x2

#40 - 10th Seed - Hades
Bonus Prizes - Gravity Upgrde, Ansem Report 8
This battle is tough. Hades basically goes in a cycle. He starts out in his
normal blue form and hits with some weak physical attacks and blow the
occasional blasts of fire. Then, he will start to glow red, and create almost
unavoidable blasts of fire for a few seconds. Lastly, he will stay glowing red
for awhile and attack normally, before cooling down to blue and repeating the
cycle. Use Curaga a lot in the battle. Before he starts to blow the huge blasts
of fire, make sure your health is full. Anytime else, attack him with normal
physical attacks. Don't use anything special like Ragnarok or Ars Arcanum,
because you will need the MP. At first, you will be unable to cause damage
against him, but keep at it, and eventually he will start taking damage. Use
Curaga a lot, and keep slashing, and Hades should fall.

#41 - 9th Seed - Night Rave
Shadow x5, Darkball x3, Invisible x1

#42 - 8th Seed - The Requiem
Red Nocturne x2, Blue Rhapsody x2, Yellow Opera x2, Wizard x2, Angel Star x1

#43 - 7th Seed - Invisible Fear
Stealth Sneak x1, Invisible x3

#44 - 6th Seed - Mad Mushroom
White Mushroom x3

#45 - 5th Seed - Black Storm
Shadow x?, Darkball x?

#46 - 4th Seed - Twin Mirage
Stealth Sneak x2
Oh boy, two Stealth Sneaks at once. This battle isn't too hard if you take out
one before starting the other. They don't do too much damage until they become
visible when their health bar is around 1/2.

#47 - 3rd Seed - Shadow Troopers
Wyvern x?, Wizard x?, Defender x?

#48 - 2nd Seed - Final Batallion
Darkball x?, Angel Star x?, Invisible x?

#49 - 1st Seed - Rock Titan
This battle is actually surprisingly easy. The Rock Titan hits hard, but he is
very slow and doesn't hit often. Therefore, you have plenty of time to heal
inbetween hits. Basically, just target a foot and slash until he falls back.
Then climb up on his chest and attack a head. When he gets back up, return to
attack the feet. He has a lot of health, but it falls surprisingly fast.

6.6 Gold Match                                          [Keyword: kh_coli_gold]
For the Gold Match, Sora must go head to head with the mighty Ice Giant. I
found the strategy for this battle quite simple. I equipped the ability guard,
which lets you do a quick block by pressing the Square button. You can also do
this with a normal attack, but I found it to be easier with the Guard ability

When the match starts, go up into the stands of the Coliseum, and avoid any
attacks he might make. When he starts shooting little icicles at you, use Guard
to bounce them back at them to do damage. Every once in awhile, he droops down,
allowing you to attack him head on. Just be ready to get away when he gets back
up again.

He will start dropping huge ice boulders, and that is when you need to start
worrying. Whenever you health goes below around 1/2, it is probably a good idea
to use Curaga. This battle isn't too tough if you are at least around level 50,
but can be quite long, as the Ice Titan has a lot of health.

6.7 Platinum Match                                      [Keyword: kh_coli_plat]
I haven't beaten it yet, but I will have a strategy up soon.

                        --==VII. Gummi Ships==--
                          [Keyword: kh_gummi]

Gummi Ships are the means of transportation between worlds. You gather gummi
pieces throughout the game by opening chests, defeating other Gummi Ships, or
buying them from Cid after beating Opposite Armor in Traverse Town.

There are several types of gummi pieces, and you can put them together to form
new ships from blueprints. You get blueprints either by defeating the ship in
combat, or from Geppetto later in the game.

7.1 Blueprints                                          [Keyword: kh_gumm_blue]
There are a series of 'extra' blueprints for ships that you do not see while
travelling between worlds that can only be obtained from Gepetto by completing
various goals. After you have completed the task, talk to him to recieve your

| Gepetto  | Lock Monstro                               |
| Cid      | Defeat 500 Heartless                       |
| Cactuar  | Defeat 1000 Heartless                      |
| Yuffie   | Defeat 1500 Heartless                      |
| Aerith   | Defeat 3000 Heartless                      |
| Leon     | Defeat 4000 Heartless                      |
| Hyperion | Defeat 5000 Heatless and learn all summons |

                          --==VIII. Enemies==--
                          [Keyword: kh_enemies]
Below is a listing of the enemies of Kingdom Hearts in alphabetical order.

(Aft.) - After locking Hollow Bastion.
(Bef.) - Before locking Hollow bastion.

| AIR PIRATE                      \
| Location      | Neverland                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 120/50                       |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 135/120                      |

| AIR SOLDIER                     \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Agrabah, Monstro |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 33/5                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| ANGEL STAR                          \
| Location      | End of the World             |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 220/150                      |

| AQUATANK                        \
| Location      | Atlantica                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 120/20                       |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 300/240                      |

| BANDIT                          \
| Location      | Agrabah                      |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 39/7                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| BARREL SPIDER                   \
| Location      | Agrabah, Monstro, Neverland  |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/3                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/30                        |

| BATTLESHIP                      \
| Location      | Neverland                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 300/100                      |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 450/240                      |

| BLACK FUNGUS                    \
| Location      | Agrabah, Halloween Town      |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 9/96                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 9/96                         |

| BLUE RHAPSODY                   \
| Location      | Traverse Town                |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/1                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/60                        |

| BOUNCYWILD                      \
| Location      | Deep Jungle                  |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 18/2                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 90/60                        |

| BOSS: CAPTAIN HOOK              \
| Location      | Neverland                    |
| HP/EXP        | 900/3,400                    |
| Items Dropped | Ars Arcanum, Ansem's Report 9|

| CARD SOLDIER (HEART)            \
| Location      | Wonderland                   |
| HP/EXP        | 20%/0                        |

| CARD SOLDIER (SPADE)            \
| Location      | Wonderland                   |
| HP/EXP        | 20%/0                        |

| DARKBALL                        \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Holl. Bas., EotW |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 60/32                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/60                        |

| BOSS: DARKSIDE                  \
| Location      | Awakening                    |
| HP/EXP        | 240/18                       |
| The very first boss fight is fairly straightforward. He sometimes will   |
| shove his fist into the ground, creating a dark pool from which Shadow   |
| Heartless will spring. Don't worry about them--instead focus on slicing  |
| and dicing his hand. His other attack is one where he generates a giant, |
| shadowy ball of energy, which he shoots at Sora. Be careful to dodge     |
| these--they're the only real threat in this battle.                      |

| DEFENDER                        \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Hollow Bastion   |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 240/120                      |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 300/240                      |

| FAT BANDIT                      \
| Location      | Agrabah                      |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 240/20                       |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 300/240                      |

| GARGOYLE                        \
| Location      | Halloween                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 79/20                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 135/120                      |

| GREEN REQUIEM                   \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Agrabah, Monstro |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 15/4                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 45/90                        |

| INVISIBLE                       \
| Location      | End of the World             |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 300/120                      |

| LARGE BODY                      \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Wonder., Monstro |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 160/7                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 300/240                      |

| PIRATE                          \
| Location      | Neverland                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 105/120                      |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| POWERWILD                       \
| Location      | Deep Jungle                  |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 30/120                       |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| RARE TRUFFLE                    \
| Location      | Monstro, Neverland           |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/0                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 24/0                         |

| RED NOCTURNE                    \
| Location      | Traverse Town, Wonderland    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/1                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/60                        |

| SCREWDRIVER                    \
| Location      | Atlantica                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 48/15                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| SEA NEON                        \
| Location      | Atlantica                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 30/8                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/60                        |

| SEARCH GHOST                    \
| Location      | Monstro, Atlan., Hallo. Town |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 45/10                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/120                      |

| SHADOW                          \
| Location      | Everywhere                   |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | Varies, depending on world.  |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/30                        |

| SHARK                           \
| Location      | Atlantica                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 200/100                      |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 300/500                      |

| SHELTERING ZONE                 \
| Location      | Atlantica                    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 90/20                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 240/150                      |
| Splits into three Sea Neons upon defeat.     |

| SOLDIER                         \
| Location      | Traverse Town, Wonderland    |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/3                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| WHITE MUSHROOMS                 \
| Location      | Everywhere (rare)            |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 30/0                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 30/0                         |

| WIGHT KNIGHT                    \
| Location      | Halloween Town               |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 60/16                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 120/90                       |

| WIZARD                          \
| Location      | Hollow Bastion               |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 75/90                        |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 90/150                       |

| WYVERN                          \
| Location      | Hollow Bastion               |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 135/65                       |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 150/120                      |

| YELLOW OPERA                    \
| Location      | Trav. Town, Agrabah, Monstro |
| HP/EXP (Bef.) | 24/3                         |
| HP/EXP (Aft.) | 60/60                        |

                       --==IX. Ansem's Reports==--
                           [Keyword: kh_ansem]
Ansem's reports are texts scattered across the game that detail Ansem's
experiments on the Heartless. Though there is no reward for finding all of
these, doing so may help shed light on the nature of the Heartless and the
worlds that they have infected.

9.1 Locations                                           [Keyword: kh_ansem_loc]
Below is a list of all of the locations of the Ansem's Reports. You do *NOT*
need to collect all of these to unlock the secret ending.

| Report 1  | Lock Agrabah.                                   |
| Report 2  | Lock Hollow Bastion; talk to Aerith in library. |
| Report 3  | Defeat Ursula in Atlantica.                     |
| Report 4  | Lock Hollow Bastion; talk to Aerith in library. |
| Report 5  | Defeat Maleficent Dragon.                       |
| Report 6  | Lock Hollow Bastion; talk to Aerith in library. |
| Report 7  | Defeat the three kids in Oogie's Manor.         |
| Report 8  | Defeat Hades in hte Hades Cup at the Coliseum.  |
| Report 9  | Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland.               |
| Report 10 | Lock Hollow Bastion; talk to Aerith in library. |

9.2 Reports                                             [Keyword: kh_ansem_rep]

                         /  SPOILER WARNING  \
           | The Ansem's Reports contain many spoilers about the |
	   | plot of the game. Read on at your own risk.         |
                         \  SPOILER WARNING  /

--Ansem's Report 1--
Much of my life has been dedicated to pursuit of knowledge. That knowledge has
guarded this world well. Not a soul doubts that. I am blessed with people's
smiles and respect.

But though I am called a sage, there are things I do not understand. I believe
darkness sleeps in every heart, no matter how pure. Given the chance, the
smallest drop can spread and swallow the heart. I have witnessed it many times.

Darkness of the heart.

How is it born? How does it come to affect us so? As ruler of this world, I
must find the answers. I must find them before the world is lost to those taken
by the darkness.

--Ansem's Report 2--
It is my duty to expose what this darkness really is. I shall conduct the
following experiments:

Extract the darkness from a person's heart. Cultivate darkness in a pure heart.
Both suppress and amplify the darkness within.

The experiments caused the test subject's heart to collapse, including those of
the most stalwart*. How fragile our hearts are! My treatment produced no signs
of recovery.

I confined those who had completely lost their hearts beneath the castle. Some
time later, I went below and was greeted by the strangest sight.

Creatures that seemed born of darkness... What are they? Are they truly
sentient beings? Could they be the shadows of those who lost their hearts in my

*stalwart (adj.) Brave, strong, or valiant.

--Ansem's Report 3--
The shadows that crawl beneath the castle... Are they the people who lost their
hearts, or incarnations of darkness? Or something entirely beyond my

All my knowledge has provided no answer. One thing I am sure of is that they
are entirely devoid of emotion. Perhaps further study will unlock the mysteries
of the heart. Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples.

They are multiplying underground even as I write this report. They still need a
name. Those who lack hearts... I will call them the Heartless.

--Ansem's Report 4--
The Heartless appear in groups, and are multiplying rapidly. I've provided them
both living and nonliving samples. They've responded only to the living. They
seem to multiply after absorbing something from the living creatures. Their
prey vanishes without a trace.

I believe the Heartless are taking hearts. They are born from those who've lost
their hearts, and thrive on hearts seized from others. The hearts taken by the
heartless become Heartless themselves. Though I lack proof, I am confident in
this hypothesis. I must also study their behavioral principles.

Though they lack emotions, they do seem to have some intelligence. How to
communicate with them? It's just occurred to me: Could they be the darkness in
people's hearts?

--Ansem's Report 5--
To study the Heartless behavior, I picked one out for observation. It wiggled
its antennae and, as if sensing a target, headed deep into the castle.

In the deepest part of the castle, its antennae began vibrating, as if
searching for something. Suddenly, a strange door appeared. I'd never known of
its existence.

I had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. So, I opened the door.
What I saw on the other side mystified me. What was that powerful mass of

That night I observed a great meteor shower in the sky. Could it be related to
the door that I have opened?

--Ansem's Report 6--
A massive core of energy lay beyond the door sought by the Heartless. It may be
the ultimate goal of the Heartless. But what is that energy? I have devised a
hypothesis, based upon my observations of the Heartless.

The Heartless feed on other's hearts, and they yearn for that energy core. That
thing beyond the door must be a heart, too--the heart of this world. There is
no proof, but, having felt that immense energy, I am certain. That was the
heart of the world.

The Heartless are trying to take hearts not only from all living creatures, but
from the planet itself. But what do they mean to do with the heart of the

--Ansem's Report 7--
I am studying material from the meteors that rained down that fateful night.
What a find! The material is foreign to our world. It is elastic to the touch,
and when two pieces are combined, they bond easily.

None of the records even mention such a substance. Was it introduced to this
world when I opened the door? I wonder how many other such materials drift
through the atmosphere of this tiny world... I wish I could soar off and find

Could there be uncharted worlds up there? My curiosity never ceases to grow.
But I should stop speaking of such unrealistic dreams. For now, there is no way
to venture outside this world. My people and I are all but prisoners of this
tiny place.

--Ansem's Report 8--
There is no doubt that the Heartless are deeply connected to the people's
hearts. Further study may unravel both their motivations and the mysteries
shrouding the heart. As a start, I have built a device that artificially
creates Heartless.

By recreating the conditions that spawn the Heartless naturally, I should be
able to produce them artificially. This device is the culmination of all my
research thus far. The machine's test run successfully created a Heartless.
This may be a step toward creating a heart from nothing.

The artificially and naturally created Heartless showed nearly identical
traits. But the two types remain distinct for the purpose of the experiment.
So, I will mark the ones that are created artificially.

--Ansem's Report 9--
Simply astonishing! Today I had a guest from another world. He is a king, and
his vessel is built of the material that composed the meteors. He called the
pieces "gummi blocks." It seemed that my opening the door has opened a path to
interworld travel.

We talked for countless hours, but one story in particular caught my interest:
that of a key called the "Keyblade." The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal
power. One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he
wrought chaos and ruin upon it.

I must know what this Keyblade is. A key opens doors. It must be connected to
the door I have opened.

--Ansem's Report 10--
Just as people have hearts, so do worlds. The same can be said of stars in the
night sky. And deep within each world lies a door to its heart. The Heartless
desire those hearts. Born out of darkness in people's hearts, they seek to
return to a greater heart. Yes that's it. The Heartless come from people's
hearts, as does the darkness.

Is the core of the world's heart the world of the Heartless? I will pursue the
answer there and become all knowing. My path is set. I shall seek out the
wielder of the Keyblade, and the princesses.

My body is too frail for such a journey, but I most do this. I will cast it off
and plunge into the depths of darkness.

                             --==IX. Name Origins==--
                                [Keyword: kh_name]
Sora - "Sora" is the Japanese word for "sky." This would fit in with Cloud and
Squall nicely...

Riku* - This is Japanese for "agony of separation," "land," and "breeze"

Kairi* - Also Japanese, meaning "separation," "land and sea," and

* - Credit goes to Katie M. for providing these.

                              --==XI. Song Lyrics==--
                               [Keyword: kh_lyrics]
"Simple and Clean"
written by Utada Hikaru

You're giving me too many things
Lately you're all I need
You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet your father?
When we are older you'll understand
What I meant when I said "No,
I don't think life is that simple"

When you walk away
You don't hear me say please
Oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us all busy
Are confusing me
That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you
But does that mean I have to walk on water?
When we are older you'll understand
It's enough when I say so
And maybe some things are that simple

When you walk away
You don't hear me say please
Oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

When you walk away
You don't hear me say please
Oh baby, don't go
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight
It's hard to let it go

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all
Nothing's like before

                      --==XII. Credits and Closing==--
                             [Keyword: kh_credits]
Special thanks to:
CJayC and the GameFAQs team for hosting this FAQ. (www.gamefaqs.com)
SquareEnix and Disney for crafting a fine game.

Also, thanks to the contributors to the FAQ:
Wayne S. for informing me about the chairs at the Tea Party in Wonderland.
Parrot40k for the location of Oblivion.
Katie M. for a few of the Name Origins.