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|	                        =By: Chocokudos=	               |
|                =With help of: Michael(mushu11@coolgoose.com )=       |
|   		          >December 14, 2002 5:51 PM<		       |

[This FAQ does not contain any spoilers of the story line. So if you like
spoilers, you're in the wrong place. Sorry!]

[updated: Dec. 24, 02- At the last minute, while working on my next FAQ, I 
had to add something to the rewards section!!]

[updated: Dec. 28, 02- Thanks you Dan Rai(missingyesterday@hotmail.com) for 
some tips on for the Hades Cup for this FAQ. Also for letting me know about 
how to get Stopga! Oh, also, I DON'T PEOPLE TO TELL ME ABOUT STOPGA NOW!! 
Thank you everyone!! I feel stupid, it was Ansem Report 8 from Hades! Also,
I need a little help. My original FAQ that was on a disk died somehow and
now I need those two people who told me how to get Stopga first to tell
me their names again! GAH! I'M SOO SORRY!!! But if you see this, please

[updated: January 1, 03- Thank you Ashely(ladydiamond@socal.rr.com) for 
tellling me about Stopga... NO MORE PLEASE!!!!!!]

[updated: January 2, 03- Sorry this update is late people because I've been 
sick and I've had a lot to think about lately. Okay, well, I'm going to add 
more to the "Rewards" section thanks to Kevin Gillette 
(genji_warrior75@hotmail.com) and to Cerebus thanks to Buffalo Bill
(agentmaximusprimus@hotmail.com). THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU!!]

[updated: January 18, 03- Thanks to Adam Smiley(larp_master@yahoo.com) for 
giving me a good strategy to add to defeat Hades! Thank you!! Also, I've 
gotten frequent e-mails about how to get the Hades Cup, so I have added 
that as well. Continue to enjoy this FAQ!!]

[updated: February 2, 2003- Geez... I haven't updated for quite a while... 
lol. Well, lucky for me I got lots of stuff in my inbox and now I'm not 
feeling so lazy and I'll update!! First, from Avery(Averykelly@aol.com) 
happened to give me how to get Stopga again! Seriously people, NO MORE 
STOPGA E-MAILS!!!! Second, from Raven1223(NMaster1223@aol.com) a strategy on 
beating Leon. Last,but of course not least, is Scott Given(sleigh@wtrt.net) 
for a strategy on Sora alone and Cereberus. That's it for today and enjoy!! 

[updated: May 8, 2003- Long time no see everyone!! Geez... my disk deleted
this once again!! Luckily I'm able to take it and copy and paste it from the
webpage... *phew* Anyway, I have a lot of updating to do. First of all, I've
gotten rid of my Yahoo! e-mail address because I barely use it... hehe... 
and I have a suggestion given by someone that I would have posted EARLIER, 
if it weren't for my stupid disk.... Also I added that you HAVE to SEAL the 
keyhole in Hollow Bastion to get the Hades Cup... I've gotten many e-mails 
about that, so I've clarified. I've also added more to contacts... more 
places to find me!!]

[updated: August 15, 2003- Today's my best friend(also my cousin's) birthday! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE! Anyway, FINALLY a new update! I got one new thing 
for you guys! (Yipee!!) You're probably not AS excited as I am, but hey, 
that's just me. I get excited over the tiniest things. Anywho, this strategy 
covers Hades and some little helpful hints about the Hades Cup in general. 
So, this excellent strategy is given full credit to:  Twilightangel360@aol.
com. THANK YOU!!] 

[updated: January 19, 2004- Hapy New Year everyone! VERY late, but hey, 
betterlate then never, right? So, here's a new update!! FINALLY! (Am I right?) 
Moving on, this piece of information was contributed by Dun 
(tyranitar_68_duncan@msn.com).  It's another tip on Hades, I haven't 
personally tried it out, but I should sometime! Thanks a bunch, Dunc!! 
(hehe...it rhymes!)]

[updated: November 27, 2004] Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It's been a 
while. This isn't a real update on the FAQ but it's an update on my contacts. 
I recently changed my e-mail address to chokari601@yahoo.com and have added 
my MSN name and got rid of my FFWA one since I'm pretty much inactive there 
now.  Keep enjoying my FAQ please and I'm still accepting corrections and 
such *EXCEPT FOR STOPGA*. (I've gotten plenty about that, but thanks anyway!) 
And updated with a bit about Phantom since we have finally have beaten him.]

{|}Table of Contents{|}
I. Intro One
II. Preparation
III. Abilities
IV. Items
V. Rewards
VI. Enemies
VII. Intro Two
VIII. Contacting Me
IX. Copyrights
X. Acknowledgements

<I> Intro One:
Hey everyone! This is Chocokudos here, and I'm a first timer at this FAQ thing,
so bear with me! =) Well, this is an FAQ for beating the Hades Cup.I'm going 
to highlight on the big battles of the Hades Cup only, so if anyone wants to 
know the other enemies, tell me and I'll add it in for you! So, enjoy!

*IMPORTANT* In order have the Hades Cup available to you, you must first finish
Hollow Bastion for the first time. That means: freeing the Princesses of Heart,
defeating Maleficient, beating Riku, AND SEALING THE KEYHOLE!!! That is a must 
to get Hades Cup.*IMPORTANT*

If you're battling the Hades Cup for the first time, make sure Sora has been
leveled up a lot, if he hasn't, take the time to train him so he is. His
strength should be pretty high as well as his defense. There are a lot of
enemies in each round. There are 50 battles in total, hence when they call it
the 50th Seed. Anyway, in the Hades Cup, enemies from all the worlds are in
there. That's why you can only enter after you have gone to Hollow Bastion for
the first time. They're very tedious and kinda annoying, but it's worth all
the struggle for. So, let's begin.

<II> Preparation:
For weapons, if you have finished the Hercules Cup before, you'll have the
Metal Chocobo from Cloud which is pretty powerful, but not quite the best.
After your first visit to Hollow Bastion, you should have freed the Seven
Princesses of Heart and beat up Riku. Well, if you go back to the the Library
at Hollow Bastion, Belle will be there and if you talk to her, she'll give you
the Divine Rose which is pretty good, but not the best. If you go back to where
you fought Riku, there'll be a chest there and if you open it, you'll Sora's
second best weapon: Oblivion. Oblivion is very good and very powerful, the only
problem with it is that it lowers your MP by one. If you don't want it, you
don't have to keep it. But I suggest you do unless you already have Ultima
Weapon. So, the best weapons to have are the Ultima Weapon or Oblivion. If not,
keep the Divine Rose.

Make sure your party members are leveled up, too. They're very important in
helping you beat up the hordes of Heartless ahead of you. Make sure your Magic
is upgraded to its highest. The only Magic that shouldn't be upgraded by that
time is Fire,Gravity and Thunder. Behemoth will give you a Fire upgrade and
Hades will give you a Gravity upgrade. Cerberus will give you a Thunder
upgrade. Depending if you got all the puppies, you'll have a full Aero upgrade
by then. Sometimes people wonder where to get a Cure upgrade. Well, I have 
the answer. After you've gone to Hollow Bastion for the first time, go back 
and you'll find Aerith on the second level of the Library. Talk to her and 
she'll upgrade your Cura to Curaga. You'll definantly need Curaga. Depending 
on your defense, you'll need Aeroga. To be on the honest side, Stop isn't 
very important at all for the Hades Cup. It might work, but not for very long. 
Okay, now that I know how to get Stopga, here I go. You have to beat Phantom 
in Neverland in order to get the final upgrade of Stop magic. You must go 
to Neverland after you have beaten it, take Peterpan into your group and go 
the clock tower. There, you will be followed by a hooded figure. Yep, you 
guessed it, that is the almighty, Phantom. He is hard beyondbelief, believe 
me. He is in the difficulty level of Sephiroth. Hard? Very hard! To beat up 
this sucker, the color on his stomach, indicates which magic to use. You must 
use your Stop magic to stop the hands on the clock from moving, that is the 
Doom Clock. If it hits a certain number, Phantom has the ability to cast Doom
on you. Doom is familiar in most Final Fantasy games, but for those who 
haven't played them, Doom is a spell that counts down and kills a player. So, 
yeah, stop that clock! We have beaten Phantom and it DOES take many attempts, 
but don't give up!  You'll get it!

Okay, update, thank you Dan Rai! After you beat Riku in Hollow Bastion, talk 
to the Princesses of Heart and they'll give you Fire upgrade to Fira.

Training your party is a very important part of the prepartion before the
Hades Cup. Because there are so many Heartless in each round, you'll need a 
lot of HP, strength, and defense. Any world is good to train because all the
Heartless have returned to every world. But the easiest place to train to me 
is Traverse Town because you know where to find a save point. You can heal up 
and go back to training every time. But any where else works fine. For the 
first time we went to fight the Hades Cup, we were about level 60-64. It took 
us a while to win. I mean a WHILE. But we beat it in the end with the Divine 
Rose keyblade.   

Okay, in Dan Rai's e-mail, he said that he beat the Hades Cup 
at level 48 and didn't lose one battle. So, I'm guessing that you'll be good 
at either from levels 50-60.

<III> Abilities:
Abilities that are definantly needed are: Dodge Roll, Glide, High Jump, Guard,
and MP Rage. Strike Raid will be helpfull as well. When the opponent is far
away from you and they're doing dangerous moves (AKA Squall with the huge
gunblade) use Strike Raid to avoid them. Arcanum RS and Ragnarok will help 
with the less moving enemies and more powerful, too. These opponents include 
Hades and Rock Titan. I don't really consider Behemoth a "less moving enemy" 
even if he DOES move freakishly slow, one move and you'll fall off his back. 
You should have the ability Second Chance by now depending which weapon you 
chose in the beginning of the game. Second Chance will prevent from getting 
knocked out, but will keep you with one HP. It might be helpful if you are at 
a lower level. The strategy with this ability is when you have blinking red 
HP, glide away from the enemy and allow Goofy and Donald to continue the 
batlle while you heal up. Equip abilities such as Combo Plus, Critical Plus, 
Air Combo Plus,ect. that will add to your attack so that you're more powerful.

<IV> Items:
The items that are most useful for the Hades Cup are Hi-potions, Mega Potions,
Ethers, and Mega Ethers. Elixirs and Megalixirs are your choice to put into
your list. But I suggest you save those for later. If you have MP Rage, MP
isn't much of a problem (you run out of MP fast). Equip Donald and Goofy with
a lot because if you do, you don't have to worry too much about that at all.
They usually heal each other and you. Also, Donald has Curaga, just like you.
Donald and Goofy should have the Second Wind ability which allows them to
come back to life after being knocked out with full health and MP. For the
Hades Cup, you should save items for emergencies.

<V> Rewards:
Hades Cup comes with a lot of good stuff. As well as Magic upgrades(listed in
section II: Prepartions), you get weapons. From Cloud and Leon, you get the
Lionheart keychain. The Lionheart keyblade is a very good weapon and it's
really good looking, too. It's a lot better than the Oathkeeper that you get
from Kairi. No offense to Kairi, but I still like the Oathkeeper, though. 
From Yuffie you get a new shield for Goofy which is the Genjin Shield. You get
Ansem Report 8 from Hades as well. This isn't exactly a reward, but it maybe 
help out a bit. After you have beaten the Hades Cup, two more cups will open. 
One is the Gold Match and the other is "?????". Gold Match is the Ice Titan 
and "?????" is a deadly battle. Yes, as everyone may know it, it is the famous 
Platinum Match. Platinum Match is the deadly battle against Sephiroth, the 
nasty enemy from Final Fantasy VII. As you can see, the Gold Match and the 
Platinum Match aren't really rewards, but they do give you a load of 
experience. Try them out! If you beat the Hades Cup in the twenty minute time 
limit, you can obtain Goofy's Save the King shield that adds two MP and brings 
up his attack. 

<VI> Enemies:
Time for the biggest part of this FAQ. I'm only going to cover the big enemies
that are the hardest and then a little about the other rounds. Here I go!

45th Seed: Yuffie
If you remember the Pegasus Cup, you'll remember Yuffie was partnered up with
Leon. This time she isn't, she's totally alone. The ability needed for this
the most is Guard. Yuffie is just about the same as before. Her HP is yellow
guage and beyond. In total that is two guages, yellow and green. Yuffie's 
moves are exactly the same as before. Throwing star blades that glide close 
to the ground and then throwing a huge shuriken at her while jumping in the 
air. Her moves are very easy to dogde. Just simply run around or Dodge Roll. 
But Guard is important because what you can do is Guard her star blades and 
they'll hit her back. Or just hitting them works, too, but Guard is easier. 
With a good and powerful weapon, her HP should go down pretty quickly since 
you're probably used to more powerful enemies. ^.~ But the downside to having 
low HP, is that Yuffie is very fast. She moves around like a maniac! When you 
catch up to her, take up the opprotunity to hit her... A LOT! This is very 
important in the process of defeating Yuffie. During your battle with Yuffie, 
you'll use Cure occassionally and use Aero a lot because of her attacks. It
might be difficult to dodge at times. Magic for this battle isn't going to 
help too much with this battle, so save your MP for Cure and Aero. All in all,
Yuffie is very easy compared to what is coming up

41st Seed: Behemoth
This is the first time you go against the almighty Behemoth. But really folks,
it isn't that bad. Behemoth has HP from the purple guage and beyond. In total,
five guages and the highest HP of any boss. So don't worry, none of the boss's
will have HP guages past the purple if it makes you feel better. The ability
needed for Behemoth is High Jump. This is very important because the strategy
that I STRONGLY, STRONGLY suggest is using High Jump to get yourself onto
Behemoth's back. When you get onto Behemoth's back, you'll be dodging a
majority of his attacks except maybe his thunder move, but other than that,
you'll be protected from some damage. Stay on his back and attack his horn on
head. With a good weapon, the guages will go down pretty fast. Definantly use
Aero and Cure because there are no guarentees that you'll stay on his back.
Also, at one point, he'll charge up his horn and that might hit you. So be
prepared for that. Magic is an optional choice for the battle, but it isn't
all that helpful. Keep healing, casting Aero, and smashing at it and you'll be
as good as gold. Behemoth is probably one of the easiest big guys in Hades Cup.

31st Seed: Cerberus
Everyone remembers Cerberus, remember? From Olympia the first time you go
there. Now you remember, well, it's time to beat up this over-sized, three
headed dog once more. He's gotten a bit stronger from the last time you beat
the stuffing out of him. He has PINK guage now! In total, four guages to bring
down. Don't be too worried though, his moves are exactly the same as the first
time you beat him up. The snapping bites, fireballs, and those black holes that
follow you everywhere. Yep, his moves are all the same. The abilites you'll
need are: High Jump and Dodge Roll. To avoid the black pits, use Dodge Roll.
It's faster than running and a lot more easier and efficient than Glide. You'll
need High Jump if you decide to stay safe from his black pits and fireballs.
With High Jump, you can get onto his back and attack his heads. But the
downside is that you won't be able to avoid his snapping bites that cause a lot
of damamge. Cast Aero a lot on yourself, Aeroga is recommended, as I said in
Section II: Preparation. Curaga is definantly recommended. Cerberus deals a lot
of damage on you this time... (like he wasn't hard the first time!). Jumping on
his back is optional, but it's easier. It's hard to stay on his back because
he moves a lot to get to Donald and Goofy, so it's up to you decide on that.
Keep healing, casting Aero, dodging, and dealing powerful blows to Cerberus
will win your battle. 

Okay, here's an alternate plan to defeating Cerebus. I got this from Buffalo 
Bill(mentioned in my update above). He says if you should have Strike Raid, MP
Gift, Glide, and High Jump. You should get onto Cerberus's back and start using
Strike Raid. You might fall off, but just get back on and you're okay. Equip MP 
Gift to one of you allies. When you run out of MP, your ally will give back
MP to you. He equipped it to Goofy and got 3 MP back each time. That's a real
deal! This is really a great strategy, so try it out!!

All right, something new to use!! Yay! Anyway, thanks to Scott Given
(sleigh@wtrt.net), I have found out that when Cerberus is ready to take a bite
outta you, you can use Guard to protect yourself and receive tech points.

21st Seed: Cloud and Leon
If you thought Yuffie and Leon were hard, think again. Cloud and Leon are the
death duo. They're very hard, but with enough preparation you'll win this
fight! The abilities I recommend are: MP Rage, Strike Raid, Glide, and Dodge
Roll. Get Cloud out of the picture because he's weaker and easier to defeat
than Leon. Cloud only has two guages of HP, yellow and green. He's just the
same as when you fought him the first time. He has that move that he takes
his sword and dashes at you, flies in the air and plants his sword in you, and
when he gets weak: flies around. Avoid his attacks with Dodge Roll and this is
optional: use Glide when he starts flying around. Dodge Roll is better, but if
you want to try this strategy, go ahead. Just keep dodging his moves and take
a lot of hits at him. Eventually you'll knock him out. Constantly keep healing
and using Aero on yourself because while you try to knock out Cloud, Cloud and
Leon are trying to knock out YOU. So keep healing and avoid Leon as well as
Cloud. When Cloud's out of the battle, you have Leon to fight. As always, he is
very hard. Leon has all the same moves: fireballs, running and slashing, and
making his gunblade huge and white. Be VERY careful of his glowing gunblade.
Leon does this move randomly in this battle instead of when he's weak like in
the Pegasus Cup. If you want more description, it's like Cloud's Ultima Weapon
in Final Fantasy VII, but less powerful. To you though, it's VERY, VERY
powerful. Keep your distance during periods when Leon has his new gunblade
because it's lethal. Use Strike Raid to hit him. Leon isn't too hard to hit
with Strike Raid because he walks around very slowly. If you run out of MP for
Strike Raid and your HP is full, let Leon hit you and if you equipped MP Rage,
you'll recover two MP. That's how powerful it is. If not, use an Ether or two
to restore your MP, by then, you should have a lot of MP. Two MP is enough for
Strike Raid. You can block Leon's fireballs by using Guard, isn't that
convienent? Leon's huge gunblade will eventually go away, take that time to
beat him up and when it returns, keep your distance once more. But if you feel
you can do it, try this strategy, since he walks very slow, use Dodge Roll or
Glide to get to him and start hitting him crazily and then keep your distance
once more. You should try this deadly stunt when Leon has low HP. Just dodge,
heal, cast Aero, Strike Raid, and smash at them and you'll win. Just be very
careful around them. The big blue sword is Squall's Lionheart, but made bigger.

Okie dokie, new strategy for Leon from Raven1223(NMaster1223@aol.com). When 
Leon has the Lionheart, use Guard to block it and it'll disappear. As well as 
getting that big fat thing outta the way, you'll receive tech points and Leon 
will stagger back and you'll have the opprotunity to hit him. 

11th Seed: Hades
Here's your main man: Hades. Hades is one tough fella so be prepared and ready.
Even if Hades uses a lot of fire attacks, ice isn't very effective against him.
The abilities I recommend are: Strike Raid and Ragnarok. His HP is purple
guage and beyond. Five guages in total. He'll turn two colors: blue and red.
He isn't quite that deadly when he's blue so take that opprotunity to hit at
him and when he's red, he's VERY DEADLY. Be careful around him while he's red.
Even though when you hit him, it seems like your not, you really are. You're
just knocking down his temporary defense. It WILL take you a long time to get
his purple guage moving, but after you do, the guage will go down like a noraml
guage. The only move he has while he's blue is lighting up his hands with fire
and chasing you around. That's just about it. Take that advantage to hit him.
But when you hit him enough, he'll start to turn red. At that point, take cover
and keep your distance. The moves he has when he's red is flaming up his arms
and spinning around. It's like the flaming jump rope in Mario Party, but a lot
worse. You can't jump the flames, but you can avoid them by following his
circular movements. Just make sure you don't bump into his other arm or you'll
get a lot of damage done to you. When he stops, he'll get rather angry at you
and start throwing fireballs at you. Dodge those any way you wish. They're
rather big so beware. Use Strike Raid a lot while he's blue and red. Use
Ragnarok when he's either color, it'll do quite some damage to him. Aero and
Cure will help tremendously. As I said before, Blizzard isn't too effective so
you might want to try it. Heal, cast Aero, and dodge his attacks and you'll
conquer over Hades.

Alrighty, new strategy thanks to Adam Smiley, in Jan. 18 update. Okay, a good 
way to get the battle to go fast is to use the Guard ability to block his 
fireballs. It not only does damage to him, but it also makes him dizzy so 
that if gives Sora time to put in a combo or two to bring down his HP.

New tip from Miguel Rizo(gardack@yahoo.com), a new way to avoid being hit by
Hades flaming arms is by going into a corner and most likely his arms will not
reach you. 

[08.15.03]Okay, this might get confusing so if you have any questions just ask.
First you basically just need to bait him into attacking to find his 
weak spot. When he starts to throw fire, run straight at him (he is only 
vulnerable when attempting to attack you) and hit him with a few combos while 
he's busy. But if he turns and you can't avoid the flames then Blizzard magic 
will quickly stop his attack. His extended flame thrower attack (where the
fire comes out of his arms) is a little harder, but all you have to do is watch
were he is throwing his weight and run in the opposite direction, because 
that's the way he will start spinning. Dodge Roll comes in handy here too, to 
make sure you stay ahead of the flames. You can't attack him while he spins, 
but as soon as he stops you can attack him even when he's red. Well, that's 
about it, I beat him at a level 58 and it was really easy. So if your 
somewhere around that it shouldn't be to hard. I was also using the Lionheart
keychain, if that makes any difference. And really you don't need to worry 
about the heartless enemies because their really not that hard to defeat. 
And during the battle with Hades don't really worry about Donald and Goofy, 
because they pretty much take care of themselves.
*this was directly quoted from the e-mail I received*

[01.19.04] Dunc's tip was to dodge roll in the opposite direction of Hades 
flaming arms when spins in a circle and Sora should roll under the flames. 
Again,I haven't tried this yet, but he said that it works with enough 

1st Seed: Rock Titan
The name may seem very intimidating and he may look deadly, but in truth, he is
very easy. Rock Titan's HP is purple guage and beyong. In total, five guages.
You'll have to hit at him a lot, just like Hades, for the guage to get moving.
The abilities I recommend are: High Jump. You'll have to hit this thing a lot,
and I mean A LOT for it to actually know it's getting hit. Rock Titan is huge
and the only place you can hit it is its feet and head. Using either High Jump
or Glide to get to his head is easy, but staying on isn't. Rock Titan doesn't
have many moves, but one of them is his head smashing on you. Even though it
doesn't have many moves, if you get hit, it takes a lot of damage. Make sure
when you DO get hit, heal and cast Aero. Save your MP for Arcanum RS and Strike
Raid. Arcanum RS will help you a whole lot to bring down his guages and Strike
Raid just a little when he moves around. Just keep hitting at him and you'll
finish off this humungous Rock Titan and TAH-DAH! You have officially beaten
the Hades Cup. Congratulations!!

I have just found out that if you cast Aero/Aeroa/Aeroga on yourself and
are close enough to the Rock Titan, you'll damage him as well and receive lots
of tech points.

Other enemies include all the enemies from all worlds, except maybe Alantica.
All the enemies are easy if you level up and use a good weapon. You'll
encounter the Guard Armor again (remember in Traverse Town?). The Guard Armor
is harder than before with more HP, but its moves are the same. Don't worry 
too much about it. The enemies such as the Fat Bandits shoot fireballs at you,
don't sweat it. Just stay in one spot and wait for it to shoot fireballs at
you. Use the Guard ability to play a little bit of baseball with it. You'll
cause damage AND make him dizzy. Plus, it's fun. Another enemy such as the
Pirate Ships will shoot torpedoes at you, use Guard to avoid those, too. The
others are a piece of cake. There will be a lot of Envy Devils, so watch out
for them. All in all, the Hades Cup will be in the bag if you train a whole lot
and prepare. GOOD LUCK!!

<VII> Intro Two:
If you have already finished the Hades Cup and decide try it again, you're in
for a treat. If you enter the Hades Cup alone and finish it successfully,
you'll receive Donald's weapon, Save the Queen. Save the Queen is a very
powerful and pretty weapon. You'll see how nice it looks when you get it. I
said it kinda looked like a fancy coat hanger, but anyway, Save the Queen has
both awesome physical and magical power. It raises Donald's strength and max
MP by two. Isn't that wonderful? When you enter alone with Sora, make sure
you're prepared and ready. Train more than you had when you first entered and
go for it! Make sure Sora has full power Magic and MP Rage. With him alone,
you'll lose MP fast since all the Heartless are centered on you only. For the
second time, we entered at around level 73 and it was a piece of cake. It
was no challenge, just tedious. We didn't get Ultima Weapon, but if we did, I
believe it wouldn've gone very fast.

I have been confirmed that if you DO get Ultima Weapon, you conquer the Hades
Cup. This is thanks to Scott Given(sleigh@wtrt.net). 

<VIII> Contacting Me:
If you want to get a hold of me, you can do this through e-mail, AIM, or MSN. 
My e-mail address is: chokari601@yahoo.com.  When you e-mail me something, 
please subject it Hades Cup FAQ so I know what it's about or else I'll end up 
deleting it. So that I don't mix it up, delete it, and then make you feel bad, 
please fill in the subject as, "Hades Cup FAQ". I'll know what you're talking 
about. My s/n for AIM is: rabidpanda601 and my MSN contact is 
chokari601@hotmail.com. My brother's s/n for  AIM is: auron728. I appreciate 
any corrections/ input, comments, and even insults! 
*note* I do not use my MSN contact address as an e-mail address. *note*

<IX> Copyrights:
Kingdom Hearts is copyrighted to Squaresoft and Disney Interactive. This FAQ 
itself is copyrighted to me, the writer. This FAQ cannot be duplicated IF YOU 
DO NOT GET PERSMIION FROM ME FIRST! Get permission from me and I'll consider
it.If I let you, please tell me where you are re-posting it so that I can 
check it myself and see if I was credited for it! THANK YOU!!

<IX> Acknowledgements:
Finally, this FAQ is over and done with. A lot of hard work was put into this
and I never did this alone, thank goodness. I have to thank my mommy for
buying this game for us, if she didn't, I'd die! The most thanks has to go to
my little brother, Michael, for actually playing the game for me. He did the
entire Hades Cup for me to write this up and also to how to get Save the Queen.
I have to thank him for being patient with me and adding his input and
suggestions for me to add and consider. I have to thank him for playing his
file and not making me play mine. Also, for his hard work at Kindgom Hearts. I
applaud him. Thank you Squaresoft and Disney Interactive for making this
wonderful game!!!!!!!! That's about it! Enjoy the rest of the game and good

Look forward to other things by me!
Peace out.
Finished: December 14, 2002 10:31 PM