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                          _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/    _/   
                         _/    _/  _/        _/        _/    _/    
                        _/_/_/      _/_/_/    _/_/_/  _/_/_/       
                      _/_/_/    _/                       
                     _/    _/      _/      _/    _/_/    
                    _/    _/  _/  _/      _/  _/_/_/_/   
                   _/    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/          
                  _/_/_/    _/      _/        _/_/_/     

                  _/_/      _/_/_/    _/_/      _/_/_/   
               _/    _/  _/        _/    _/  _/          
              _/_/_/_/    _/_/    _/_/_/_/    _/_/       
             _/    _/        _/  _/    _/        _/      
            _/    _/  _/_/_/    _/    _/  _/_/_/         

     |    Name of Guide: Deep Dive/Another Side, Another Story Script    |
     |       Name of Game: Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix      |
     |                     Platform: Playstation 2                       |
     |            Version: 1.01 released on 22 October, 2006             |
     |                 Author: Anthony Dique(holybishop15)               |
     |             Email: <government.organisation@gmail.com>            |
     |              Copyrighted to: (c) 2006 Anthony Dique               |
     |     Made In: MS Word, Courier New, Font Size 10, Chrs/Line 79     |
1) Legal Information - KHLEGINFO

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3) Contents

           |     SECTION #/Name            |      SECTION CODE     |
           | 1) Legal Info                 |       KHLEGINFO       |
           | 2) Contact Info               |       KHCONINFO       |
           | 3) Updates                    |       KHUPDATES       |
           | 4) Introduction               |       KHINTRODU       |
           | 5) Another Side Another Story |       KHANOSTOR       |
           | 6) Deep Dive                  |       KHDEEDIVE       |
           | 7) Credit                     |       KHCREDITS       |

3) Updates - KHUPDATES

2 November 2006
Version - 1.01
- Changed Email Address

22 October 2006
Version - 1.01
- EXTREMELY MINOR CHANGES! Doesn't really affect the content of the guide. Just 
changing the layout a bit, was bugging me lately. 

24th June 2006
Version - 1.0
-Finished the guide. 

4) Introduction - KHINTRODU

Hello, I'm Anthony Dique (aka holybishop15) and this is my very first FAQ. This 
FAQ will cover a full analysis on 'Another Side, Another Story' (ASAS) and 
'Deep Dive' (DD). These are the secret movies shown at the end of Kingdom 
Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. These movies relates to the upcoming 
Kingdom Hearts 2, which will be released late 2005/early 2006. The analysis 
will cover what is shown in the secret movies, the unknowns presented and 
theories about the movies. Hope you enjoy reading this FAQ and pray that KH2 
would be an absolute blast. 

5) Another Side, Another Story - KHANOSTOR

---1) What is 'Another Side, Another Story' - ASASWHIS
---2) Script of ASAS                        - ASASHAPP

What is 'Another Side, Another Story' - ASASWHIS 

What is 'Another Side, Another Story'? It's a secret movie that is shown at the 
end of Kingdom Hearts. You can unlock this by completing the Hades Cup at 
Coliseum, releasing all 99 Dalmations and sealing every keyhole, including the 
Olympus Coliseum and 100 Acre Wood. The secret ending is hard to unlock but it 
is worth it. It's a full movie (1.24 minutes) showing a place we've never been 
to, characters we've never met and heartless we've never fought. Some people 
think this is the first place we'll see in Kingdom Hearts 2.

The Script of ASAS - ASASHAPP 

NOTE: Any words with "..." around it are dialogue that appears in movie. The 
whole movie appears at night and its raining. The only exception is at the end 
with the girl on the beach, where it's full daylight.  

                            "-Special Secret-
                      Another Side, Another Story..."

The first scene in ASAS is this dark town in night time with rain falling, tall 
buildings and neon lights. Then walking out of a shadow comes this hooded 
figure in a black rain coat covering his eyes and most of his face. Only a 
fringe of blonde hair and his nose and mouth is visible. 

These new types of heartless we haven't fought yet, which has now been revealed 
as 'Neo-Shadows,' pop up from the ground around the hooded unknown. 

Then the camera moves and travels up a building. We see a brief glimpse of 
Kairi on the big TV screens on the building. On top of the building is another 
person is the same black rain coat but the hood is down. He has silver hair and 
looks very similar to Riku's but has a black blindfold covering his eyes. He 
will now be called BFU. 

Back down to the hooded unknown as he is facing the heartless. Then he 
surprises everyone by pulling out two keyblades, the Oblivion and the 
Oathkeeper. He will be called DWU from now on. 

Back to the Blindfolded Unknown as he faces the sky. Then the camera zooms out 
and we get a good look of a meteor shower falling. The camera changes again to 
show a bird's eye view of the DWU. A purple Heartless Symbol surrounds him. 

Change back to the Blindfolded Unknown's face and he pulls of his blindfold, 
but before his eyes are revealed we go back the DWU face as he mouths some 
words. The screen goes black as the words that he spoke come up on screen.

                            "Where's Sora?" 

Then heaps of dialogue flashes through the screen both in Japanese and English 
on a black screen. Some of the English dialogue includes: 

"The door to the light" "This time I'll fight" "Your highness... but why?" 
"Behind the Darkness" "This is the world in its true form" "We have come for 
you. My Liege" "You are the source of all heartless" "Maybe our journey meant 
nothing after all" "Who is Nobody you ask? They are the non-existent ones" "His 
voice... I don't hear it any more" "Can we do it? Against That" "Sora... Why?" 
"Is this the answer you've been looking for?" "What is this place?" "What took 
you so long, Kairi?" "It's not over yet" "Sora" etc.

Then the last sentence to appear on screen is: 

                           "We'll go together". 

Then bright light devours the words and then "Kingdom Hearts" appears. After 
that we see this red headed girl on a beach watching a meteor fall. 

End of movie. 

6) Deep Dive - KHDEEDIVE

---1) What is Deep Dive -         DDWHATISIT
---2) Script of DD -              DDWATHAPEN
---4) The 13 points -             DD13POINTS

What is Deep Dive - DDWHATISIT

What is 'Deep Dive'? It's a secret movie only found in Kingdom Hearts: Final 
Mix. It is shown instead of ASAS if you meet the requirements. This movie is 
longer than ASAS (3:05 min) and contains more footage of the two hooded figures 
in ASAS at the dark, strange city shown in ASAS. We see a more actions role of 
these characters as they fight the Heartless. But we also get introduced to two 
more characters on this moonlight beach.

To unlock Deep Dive and ASAS you need to complete these goals in Final Mix:

Final Mix Difficulty:  
Another Side, Another Story- 
- Finish the story on all worlds. 
- Rescue all of the 101 Dalmatians.  
Deep Dive: Another Side, Another Story Extended- 
- All of above. 
- Complete Jiminy's journal, it is complete when a yellow Mickey icon appears 
at each entry. 
Proud Difficulty:  
Another Side, Another Story- 
- Beat the game. 
Deep Dive: Another Side, Another Story Extended- 
- Finish story on all worlds. 
- Win Hades Cup, normal round


NOTE: Any words with "..." around it are dialogue that appears in movie. The 
whole movie appears at night, with the scenes with the original characters from 
ASAS also raining. The only exception is where Sora is floating over water. 
It's dark (Sunset) but not night. All English dialogue is accompanied by 
Japanese dialogue. Whether the Japanese Dialogue is the same as the English 
Dialogue is unknown to me. 

                                "Special Movie
                           Another Side, Another Story
                                  [Deep Dive]"

Sora is at a crossroads. He is looking skywards. Change to a Dark/Black screen 
(all text from here on in will appear on these screens)
                                 "Utter Silence"

We zoom in on a bottle with a note in it on a beach.
                                "A fragmented tale 
                                A world without you 
                                The eyes will close"

New Scene. A tall rock on a beach. The moon is shining on a lake filled with 
water. A man in a black hooded uniform walks through the rock. A heartless 
symbol briefly appears on his chest as he walks through the rock. He stops. You 
briefly see a yellow glowing eye. He continues to walk and the screen changes 
into the dark screen. This character will now be referred to as GEU (Glowing 
Eyed Unknown).

                             "Something so natural"

Screen changes into the ASAS city. An unknown with blonde hair covering his 
eyes walks onto the screen. He is the DWU (Duel Wielding Unknown) from ASAS. 
Change to raindrops falling into a puddle. Then fade to black. Then it changes 
to DWU looking over his shoulder at the 'Neo-Shadows' appearing behind him. We 
see that the DWU is now wielding his Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades. Fades 
back to black. Then back to DWU slashing at Neo-Shadows, destroying each one 
with one slash. 

                              "The memory beyond"

DWU still killing Heartless. He does the ability Strike Raid using the 

He jumps and lands on the steps of a tall building light by Neon Lights. The 
Heartless appear everywhere, even on the statues in front of the building. The 
camera zooms up on the DWU then zooms out so we can see the huge amount of 

He looks up the building. Then the Dark Screen

                             "Something So Simple" 

Change to the top of the building where we see the BFU (Blindfolded Unknown) 
from ASAS. Zoom in on his face as he smiles a little. 

Change back to the DWU, who is still looking up the building. He jumps and he 
runs up the wall of the building, slashing at heartless as even more heartless 
appears from the building.

Change to BFU. He looks over the edge of building.

Dark screen. Then Roman numerals XIII appear

                               "Where's Sora
                              We must find Him"
Back to running DWU, then BFU. DWU throws Oblivion up building. BFU jumps off 

Dark Screen. The number '12' appears. A line points from dialogue

            [Ansem's other report] "A creation born of ignorance."

BFU catches Oblivion.

Black screen, number 11 comes on screen The previous numerals move up as the 
line is followed down to this numeral. Lines head to the left, right, and down.

                   "Behind the darkness=/=Door to the Light"

The DWU and BFU pass each other in front of the big screen TV. They glance at 
each other. The DWU is now wielding a Kingdom Keyblade along with his 

Roman Numeral X appears on black screen.

                             "The Secret Place
                           His voice, it left me
                           This Time... I'll fight"

DWU looks down as BFU passes him. Number 9 appears on screen

                     "A world between = A forgotten World
                               The Gathering"

Camera shows a Meteor Shower over the city. Then BFU on the building with his 
arms stretched out. Then we see DWU on the ground with a heartless symbol 
around him and Neo-Shadows outside of the symbol (this seems to be a scene from 
ASAS, this may of happened earlier).

BFU continues to fall while DWU continues to run upwards.

Black Screen. Moves downwards from 9 to numeral VIII. There are two lines going 
downwards from the dialogue.

   "The Third Enemy = Nobody Who is Nobody, you ask? They are the Non-Existent 

A fuzzy screen, then a flash of DWU running upward. Then Black & White image of 
Sora's face. Then to a weird red screen, then back to Sora. 

Black Screen. Follow the right arrow from VIII down, then right to VII. VII has 
a line coming from the right.

                          What took you so long Kairi?
                          Can we do it? Against That?"

Fuzzy Screen, then to the Oblivion Keyblade while two unknowns continue to pass 
each other. Black & White Sora falling while meteors fall around him. Then 
black & white Riku with hand held out. Then black & white Kairi. Then DWU. Then 
fuzzy screen.

Change back to the moonlight beach with the rock. GEU walks toward an unknown 
sitting on a rock (RSU, Rock Sitting Unknown). The large Rock has disappeared 
from behind the GEU.

Fuzzy screen. Black & white Sora. Then weird Red Screen again. Then BFU 
falling. Then text with no Number. This seems to be from the line from the VII.

                       We have come for you my liege
                     You are the source of all Heartless"

Fuzzy screen. Then DWU, then black & white Sora running. Over this we see that 
the left line from VIII leads to a Number 6 with Text. A line leads from this 
to the Right. 

                           "[The Thirteenth Order]
                                'Sora... Why?' 
                         'Your Highness! But why?'"

Shots of black & white Sora then colour Kairi. Raindrops on puddle. DWU on 
steps of building. Then older Kairi on beach. Then DWU and BFU passing each 
other. We see the line from 6 leads to Number 5. No line comes of Number 5 

                              The Third Key"

BFU is shown still falling. Number 4 appears. Line comes of 4 text.

                            "End of the world 
                           'What is this place?' 
                'Is this the answer you've been looking for?' 
                    'This is the world in its true form.' 
                 'Maybe our journey meant nothing after all.'"

Black & white heartless symbol, then Kairi. Number 3 appears to come off the 
line from 4. A line comes from the right of 3 text.


Heartless Symbol. Then a special scene called 'The Gathering'. This scene 
composes of the four unknowns. From left to right as they are shown, it goes 
GEU, BFU, DWU and RSU. Over this comes the text:

                         "We'll go together"

Fuzzy black screen. The numeral II appears. Then a black hooded figure with 
big, round ears somersaulting through the air. It's difficult to tell but it is 
Mickey. He lands and pulls out a keyblade. You can see Mickey's face in this 

Black Screen then "KINGDOM HEARTS" appears. It fades out. Then a Japanese 
subtitle with no English comes on screen. 

       (This Dialogue appears only in Japanese. No English was with it.)    
                         "I've been to see him"

We go back to the beach with GEU and RSU. The GEU stops next to the RSU. RSU 
turns to look at the GEU and the RSU's lips move. Black screen then what he 
said appears on screen.

                      "He looks just like you"

Change to a scene with Sora floating over some ocean. He seems unconscious. 
Then black screen. 

              "Everything is coming back to me, the true..."

Text Fades away. 

End of Movie.

The 13 Points - DD13POINTS

What are the 13 points? They are the those texts that comes with those numbers. 
These are special as each text all joins up in some special way, not in 
numerical order. The lines seem to form a map. There is lots of speculation on 
these Numbers, and with some help from ansemreport.com I got some theories 
about this. You would be able to find a picture of the 13 points at 

It may be called 13 points but the texts are only numbered from 13 to 2. There 
is no Number 1, but there is an un-numbered text. So there are 13 points. As it 
stops at number 2, this may be a reference to Kingdom Hearts 2.

A theory as to what the 'Graph' means is that it's the plot line of Kingdom 
Hearts 2. Others think It may be a map, or it may have little to no addition to 
Kingdom Hearts 2 at all. 

The dialogue of the 13 points is as follows. 

At point 13 - "Where's Sora?" "We Must Find Him"
12 - 	"(Theorum)" [Ansem's other report] "A creation born of ignorance."
11 - "Behind the Darkness=/=A door to the Light."
10 - "The Secret Place" "His voice, it left me" "This Time... I'll fight"
9 - "A world between = A forgotten world" "The Gathering"
8 - "The Third enemy = Nobody Who is Nobody, you ask? They are the Non-Existent 
7 - "ENDLESS" "What took you so long Kairi?" "Can we do it? Against That?"
6 - "[The Thirteenth Order]" "Metamorphosis" "'Sora?' 'Sora... Why? 'Your 
Highness! But why?'"
5 - "Change" "The Third Key"
4 - "End of the world 'What is this place?' 'Is this the answer you've been 
looking for?' 'This is the world in its true form.' 'Maybe our journey meant 
nothing after all.'"
3 - "Paradise"
2 - "We'll go together"
Un-Numbered Text - "HEARTLESS" "We have come for you, My Liege" "You are the 
source of all Heartless"

The Number 13 is involved in Kingdom Hearts a lot. There were 13 worlds in 
Kingdom Hearts, 13 Ansem Reports, the '13th Order' and now the 13 points.

The point 11 turns into a three-way fork, each line leading to a Number that 
describes a place. They are 'End of the World' 'The In-Between World' and 'The 
Secret Place'. A theory is that the fork t point 11 is shown as Sora at the 
crossroads at the beginning of DD.

Point 12 refers to "Ansem's other Report". We don't know what report this is. 
In Ansem's Report 7, he makes mention of some paradise he is searching for. 
Also Point 4 and 3 makes mention of Paradise. Could the Paradise Ansem was 
searching for be down this path? At the end of this path in Point 2 with "We'll 
go together", a reference to 'The Gathering' scene in DD. 

Point 9 talks about "The World Between". This could be the location in which 
the unknown are gathering in DD, the mysterious beach. Point 10 talks about 
'The Secret Place'. This is a reference to Kairi at Destiny Island, as there is 
a cave in Destiny Island called The Secret Place. 

Point 8 also splits its path into two. Point 8 speaks of Nobodies, the Non-
Existent ones. 

7) Credit - KHCREDITS

This section is for all the people who have helped me create this FAQ.

Square-Enix - For creating such a good game

Disney - For teaming up with Square to create such a good game

DK_Gerbil - For his site http://sorasdomain.net/ which contained a lot of info 
on KH2. His site helped me with the DD section.

www.kingdomhearts2.net - They had a lot of info and pics on KH2 and DD

www.gamefaqs.com - For there message boards where I can ask questions on KH2

www.ansemreport.com - For there info on the 13 points

www.au.playstation.com - For all the info about KH2 release date in Australia

***********************************End of Guide********************************