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North American Release
PlayStation 2

By S. L. Richardson (a.k.a. Falconesque)
Guide Version: 1.2
Last Revised: Thursday, September 8, 2011

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.:| CONTENTS :..........................................................:.:

+ Introduction
  - Spoilers
  - What's Included
  + Conventions Used
    - Definitions
+ General Tips
+ Walkthrough
+ Bonus!
  + Missable Texts
+ About This Guide

.:| INTRODUCTION :......................................................:.:

Missable (mi-sab'l) a. That can be or is likely to be missed.
[A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary: Volume II (H-N); 1976]

Let's cut to the chase.

NO UNIQUE INVENTORY ITEM in the game is missable, not if you're thorough
and complete each world.

That said, there are plenty of things in KINGDOM HEARTS (KH) with a single
or a very limited chance of obtaining as the game progresses. This guide
endeavors to catalogue those things and address this very frequently asked
question. Welcome.

IMPORTANT. Information in this guide is based on the game's North American
release. Other releases may not conform exactly and you may need to make
adjustments. For the Final Mix (KH-FM) release in particular, consult the
KH-FM guides found at GameFAQs.com to learn about its numerous changes.

:.: SPOILERS :.:

WARNING! If you are new to KH, STOP HERE. The game is best when discovered
on your own the first time through. None of the opening questions make or
break the experience, so answer from your heart. Anything important can be
picked up later. Many players revisit KH regularly, even annually, so odds
are you'll be back. Enjoy the adventure.

Impossible to compile a missables guide without at least referring to
milestones in a game's progress. The aim is to convey those milestones
without giving away the farm on anything else.

One such milestone is referenced time and again, however, so let's
establish a bit of shorthand for that now to forestall its repetition.

"Auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion" refers to a point in one world's events
where Sora and company are automatically returned to Traverse Town. When
this actually happens (rather than when such a move is simply suggested),
you'll know it.


If you can backtrack at ANY point in the game and get the thing, it's not

Scenes are listed, but random bits of dialogue usually are not unless the
exchange yields a significant clue.

Boss reactions aren't listed either. Some are worth looking for, but while
technically missable, so is everything concerning these one-time-only
confrontations. Also not included from these encounters is when obscure
targets might earn you additional EXP or items. A good walkthrough or boss
guide already details all such things.

However, a few easily missed opportunities are included. Also, a few things
commonly (but incorrectly) considered missable are detailed. Anyone who may
believe they'll find an answer in this guide likely will find an answer.
(Contact the author if you don't. Glad to explain or fix.)

Lastly, missable things unique to other KH releases are not listed.


When something becomes missable is included, where significant. Collect the
item before the milestone or the opportunity is lost.

Phrases like "return to [someplace]" are purposely vague and leave the
method to your own discretion when "how" is of no importance. If a gummi
ship landing point is nearer to "someplace" than traversing across several
rooms, by all means, feel free to take the shortcut.

Proper names are capitalized, such as Accessory Shop. Generic terms are
not, including heartless species, except in the case of Journal articles,
like Shadow, found in the Characters section under Heartless.

Names appear as displayed in the game, in context as needed. For example,
walking around Traverse Town one area is named First District. But from the
gummi ship, the landing point is named 1st District. Helpful for searching
this guide.

Magic elements are named if the precise strength makes no difference.
Elements upgrade at various events, which can occur in other than the
"obvious" order. When a strength is named, such as Blizzara instead of
Blizzard, it's probably significant.

Gummi block names conform with terms used in JungleJim's Gummi Ship FAQ for
easy cross-referencing.


FARM. To do something solely to acquire something, usually an inventory
item, as in farming a garden for its vegetables. Synonymous with "harvest."

GRIND. To do something methodically and repeatedly, as in grinding wheat
berries into flour. Fighting random heartless for the EXP needed to
level-up. A set course over which heartless are fought. Often coupled with
item farming.

RESET. The PS2 console includes a reset button to reload the game from
disc, often called a "hard reset". KH includes a controller command that
quickly returns you to the title screen, called a "soft reset". On your
controller, hold down all four shoulder buttons, then tap both Select and
Start at the same time (L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start; game manual, page 3).

WARNING! With any sort of reset, your game is NOT saved.

SCENE. A full-motion video (FMV; high-quality rendering). A voiced cutscene
(gameplay quality). An unvoiced dialogue exchange (gameplay quality). A
voiced, camera-tracked, or multiple-participant exchange.

SPAWN. The appearance of something or causing something to appear, usually
a random heartless.

TRIGGER. A milestone at which something occurs. Crossing that milestone.

ZONE. A "room" or other singular area. Moving from one area to another.

ZONELINE. The border between zones, crossing two of which is generally
required to respawn heartless, except "next door" to a save point.

.:| GENERAL TIPS :......................................................:.:

Lots of folks run into issues and wonder whether they've uncovered a glitch
or something missable. Neither is usually the case, so let's clear those
issues out of the way.

:.: ABILITIES: Donald & Goofy :.:

Donald Duck or Goofy must be in the active party to learn abilities at
level-up. If swapped out, the ability is deferred until the next time they
level-up AND are included in the active party.

For example, if Goofy is LV 29 and you replace him with Ariel, when Goofy
reaches LV 30 he won't learn MP Gift. If he's swapped in again at the time,
he learns the ability at LV 31 instead.

No level-up notice is displayed for party members not in the active party.

:.: TREASURE CHESTS: Revealed :.:

Some methods for revealing treasure chests are missable, but once revealed
the chests (and their contents) remain until opened and are not missable.
In locations where multiple chests are eventually revealed, the chests are
staggered around the space and don't overlay each other. A special case in
Halloween Town can move chests to another location, if needed.

A technicality, but worth mentioning.

:.: JOURNAL: Mini Games :.:

New articles appear in the Journal's Mini Games section when the mini game
has been attempted, cleared, or completed. If a mini game is not listed,
successfully complete the missing mini game.


With several bosses, winning is not required. The scene following the fight
varies depending on whether you win or lose. Experience and some goodies
may be missed as well, of course. Completists may wish to lose, see one
scene, then soft reset to see the other scene (and collect the rewards).


No world in the game is missable. One widespread issue, however, involves
traveling to a new world for the first time, which may lead someone here.

A new world can only be targeted on the Select World screen from an already
visited world right next door. No exceptions, and having a Warp gummi
installed does not change this restriction.

If you can't target a new world:
1. On the Select World screen, with the green cursor highlight a known
   world "right next door" to the new world.
2. Select Warp Drive.
3. Upon arrival, choose Select World (instead of a landing point).
4. With the green cursor, highlight the "dot" for the new world.
5. Select Normal Drive.

Shazam, you're on your way.

Warp Drive is never an option for traveling to a new world, not on the
first trip. (And from farther away, even Normal Drive won't appear.) You
must fly to the new world via Normal Drive before Warp Drive becomes
available, whether you Disembark or not.


If you're concerned with missables, skipping worlds is probably not an
issue. But to be thorough, several worlds are optional and skipping any
optional world means you skip some or all of it goodies, too, and some of
those items are indeed unique. Optional worlds can always be visited later,
however, so none are missable.

HUNDRED ACRE WOOD. Nothing requires you to enter the world. The world has a
keyhole, however (on its hasp), which must be locked to view the "Special
Secret" at game end.

MONSTRO. One event requires landing in Monstro's Mouth, but once the entry
scenes play out, you can leave by way of the save point and never return if
you like. Monstro has no keyhole, but completion has a direct bearing on
end-game extras. The world is marked "complete" when Sora and company are
automatically returned to the gummi ship following the world's last event.

Note: When Monstro is completed, a new house appears in Traverse Town's
First District, up the steps around the Accessory Shop. Easier to check.

NEVERLAND. No, Neverland itself is NOT optional, but the new dot for
Neverland won't appear until two of the three preceding worlds are
completed. Monstro displays a "complete" icon, while Atlantica and
Halloween Town show the usual locked-keyhole icon. Where Monstro is located
makes no difference.


What one character says varies, all the time, and EVERYTHING is too easily
missed. For instance:

o If you never include Tarzan in your party, you'll never hear him say
  "Goofy!" in battle when his Healing Herb targets Goofy.

o When Cid takes the two Navi-G Pieces in the Accessory Shop and tells you
  to find him in the Third District, if you exit and reenter the shop, the
  new clerk tells you Cid has gone home.

The first is not unique (see the Battle Quote FAQ for more like it) but the
second is, and is never heard again once Cid's move plays out. There are
loads of things like the clerk's hint, too.

Generally speaking, talk to a new non-playing character (NPC) until he,
she, or it repeats the first thing that was said.

Most NPCs have at least two or three things to say. But sometimes a line is
forced to the top -- significant hints of something new to look into -- so
watch out for these one-time additions. Sometimes the opposite is true,
too, and what's important to hear is NOT the first thing uttered.

Usually, however, the texts are randomized. Speak with the NPC three to
five (or more) times to gauge the responses and hear everything.

If something feels like it's changed or a milestone has been turned, or if
you have something you need to pick up or deliver (as with Cid, above),
talking to NPCs may yield new dialogue. If an NPC moves, for instance.

The game often rewards caution as well as exploration. If a boss fight is
looming, backtrack to a save point. Watch for differences along the way for
hints. Likewise, save before talking with a group of NPCs. One may trigger
the next scene, rendering what everyone else might have said as missable.


Save points must be used in some manner, or they don't appear as landing
points. Standing atop a save point and filling your gauges is usually all
that's needed. Except with the final world and one special case, Disembark
doesn't drop off Sora atop an active save point.


This seems critical in Neverland, but all permanent landing points CAN be
activated later.

Neverland's pirate ship offers two permanent save points:
  Ship: Hold .... beside the initial starting point
  Ship: Cabin ... below the main cabin's always-shut trap door

Important! A temporary save point in a neighboring room (below the
always-open trap door) is also identified as "Ship: Cabin", good for the
moment it's available but not for returning later.

If neither of the ship's permanent save points is used before exiting to
Deck for the first time, anything left on the ship becomes unobtainable, at
least for the short term.

The third permanent landing point is Clock Tower, which can be reached from
the pirate ship but no exit from Clock Tower leads back to the ship.

Solution? When your party is auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion, Clock Tower
is disabled as a landing point and if neither of the ship's landing points
are active, then Disembark is offered instead. Select Disembark and Sora
lands right on top of the Ship: Hold save point.


When Sora and company are auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion, up to that
point you can have obtained all but one remaining set of puppies. If you
are missing any puppies (other than Dalmatians 61, 62, and 63) this is the
time to hunt them down. Once only those three puppies remain at large (or
at least ninety puppies have been collected), visit Dalmatians' House and
collect any outstanding rewards.

DO NOT visit Dalmatians' House again, not until you've reached the game's
next-to-the-last save point at World Terminus and you've won the Hades Cup
-- or at least advanced far enough to have upgraded your Blizzard spell.

Why? The dalmatians' final gift involves gummi blocks you can't sell. A few
remaining chests can't be opened if you have no room for their contents,
including the Coliseum's last hidden chest (revealed using Blizzaga).


You know something reportedly happens, but won't no matter what you try.
The trouble may reside in a random factor Squaresoft was known to include
in many of its programmed computations, such as rare heartless spawning,
Monstro's appearances, item drop-rate percentages, and so on.

In KH, this random factor is determined when you load a game. So when
things are not swinging your way, save your game if needed, then either use
the soft-reset command (fast) or reset the console (slow) and load your
game fresh. The results may improve.

Tip! Works with most Squaresoft games. For more-recent Square Enix titles,
a hard reset of the console is instead often required.


Another significant factor is involved with item farming in particular.
Equipping the Lucky Strike ability markedly increases item drop-rate
percentages, and the more the merrier. Equipping Lucky Strike on two or all
three active party members compounds the benefit. Friendly characters can
be a big help. (Just keep an eye on Goofy or Donald's level-up boosts.)

To make the best of any item-farming opportunities, equip Lucky Strike to
three characters, but remember to reset and shuffle the odds if needed.
Equip Lucky Strike and Cheer abilities before summoning Bambi, too.

For further help securing synthesis materials in particular, WolfKnight's
Item Synthesis FAQ is a good source of info and a recommended first stop.

ElectroSpecter's walkthrough includes an extensive Synthesis Shop section
(search for: [snth]), full of helpful recommendations for finding missing
materials and the enemies that drop them.

.:| WALKTHROUGH :.......................................................:.:

Taking the worlds in Battle LV order, as auto-advanced in the story, or by
the earliest possible means. Look for repeat visits.

Keep in mind that progressing in another manner, leaving certain worlds
unfinished until later, may reveal or remove nuances from scenes and other
exchanges. Two such are included (Deep Jungle, Monstro) and many more may

:.: GAME MODE :.:

BATTLE RECORD. At the very end of a game, a record of various statistics is
displayed if the game was played in Expert mode. Missable, when Normal mode
is selected and confirmed.

Note: Other KH releases and other games in the series can or may make a
greater distinction between game mode and end-game bonus content. A good
walkthrough addresses those concerns, so be sure to look around.


Wait, there are missables at the very start of playing? Yes, there are.

Two extra item slots ... Choose the shield
One extra item slot .... Choose the sword
Two extra MP ........... Choose the rod

These extras aren't necessarily immediate, but can accrue over the course
of a game. And they are unique -- no other means for obtaining these extras
exists. Every other stat boost resulting from the choices made here may be
compensated for through items either found or synthesized.

DREAM SWORD. Jump up on the pedestal to view the sword in Sora's hand, his
only weapon to resemble a regular old sword rather than a key. Needn't be
chosen to view the sword. Sora's dream weapon isn't retained.

Note: Identical, more powerful Dream Rod and Dream Shield weapons can be
obtained later for Donald and Goofy. Not missable, except in the weak form
briefly used by Sora.


The world is a training ground and won't be revisited later in the game.
Most items found are "quest" items, required to move onward. They aren't
optional, nor do they carry forward, and so they aren't missable.

CONSUMABLES. Kairi can hand over one item at the end of each day, so you
can receive up to two items from her. In each case, it's possible to obtain
a Hi-Potion, a Potion, or no item. 

Which item you obtain is determined by how you interact with her. When she
offers three options, the choice is significant.

Hi-Potion ... Don't talk to her at all.
              Any answer when offered fewer than three choices.
              First choice among three, "It's all under control."
Potion ...... Second choice among three, "I'm a little lost."
Nothing ..... Third choice among three, "I'm totally clueless."

The second choice offers a hint about one item you're seeking. The third
choice explains everything outstanding.

DUELING RIKU. Possible only on the first day. Each win nets you a potion.

Note: The "score" kept between Sora and Riku has no known bearing on
anything in the game.

ISLAND FRIENDS. Interacting with Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus is only possible
here and now, and the duels are optional, so dueling with each is missable.

SCENES. On the first day, talking to each of these other three kids has a
very brief scene with a single line of dialogue.

Note: Even though you can duel them, they're still NPCs with cycling
dialogue, and there's a tidbit about inventing blitzball.

SCENES. On the second day, talk to each of them for slightly longer scenes
that convey hints and add a little "color."

THREE ON ONE. Dueling all three at once is possible only after each of the
three participants has been individually defeated at least once. Beating
all three in one fight earns you a potion.

PRETTY STONE. Race and defeat Riku on the second day. Good for selling
(nine stones buy any one of the accessories next offered).

Tip! Don't follow Riku. Fall down to your right and take the beach straight
to the stairs. You hear Riku trip the loose board. Fall down to the next
beach, too. Avoid jumping whenever possible, and the palms when you return.

Often considered missable, but two Pretty Stone items are found in chests
in the next world.

RAFT NAME. And if you win the race and name the raft, talk to Kairi until
you can choose "It's all under control" (you still get the Hi-Potion). She
then comments on the name.
  Excalibur... That's a cool name. Sounds good to me!
  Excalibur... That sounds familiar. Where have I heard it before?
  Since you named the raft, are you the captain?
    Then from now on, I'll say, "Aye, aye, Captain Sora!"

If Riku wins, she says, "Highwind... That's a cool name." And "Since Riku
named the raft, is he the captain?" No "sounds good" and nothing about her
calling Riku captain.

Note: The winning name may be changed later, so only the bragging rights
are missable.

PROTECT CHAIN. Accessory found on the second day. On the Cove side,
approach the marked crate and choose Lift. Carry the box over toward the
hole in the cliffside. While facing the hole, choose Throw. Climb atop the
crate and jump, grab hold, and pull yourself up to reach the chest.

Tip! The right side is a pixel or two lower, easier to grab ahold.

LV 100. Yes, it's possible to reach Level 100 without ever leaving the
islands. This falls into the realm of "impossible" challenges, but a
documented case may be observed via the following link:

Flash format, http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=WalkThruWalls

Note: The Windows Media format (20 MB) file has expired on ZShare. Oops.

EARLY LEVELING. In a more reasonable vein, you can use the same technique
to gain a few levels or until Sora learns an ability or two.

Note: A little leveling gives you a nice buffer at the start but doesn't
make Sora invincible by any means. In fact, for repeat players doing so or
not makes almost no difference over the course of an entire game.

If you're interested, Tidus offers a very predictable pattern and yields
the best Tech points for the least effort, uninterrupted over the longest
duration. If Sora is a few steps away, Tidus runs straight at Sora. When he
does, turn and run towards him. When he grunts, swing for the parry, then
immediately move a few steps away again.

Every time you parry Tidus's attack you earn 2p without inflicting any
damage, so you can continue doing the same thing for as long as you like.
(In some cases you may be earning 4p; see the LV 100 video above.) The
first three abilities are learned at LV 9, 12, and 15, making those good
targets. Reaching LV 15 is easily accomplished within an hour and a half or

Tip! If you'll spend time leveling with Tidus, skip dueling with either
Selphie or Wakka so the three-on-one duel isn't activated. Saves needing to
scroll over that option time and again.

CHOCOBO. In Secret Place, a drawing shows a chocobo, one of the few found
in KH. (Another ornaments a key chain.) The drawing appears crossed out,
which may indicate the lack of choco-kind was a conscious decision.


SCENES. When heartless appear after first entering Second District, taking
the various exits from Second District -- the entrances to Gizmo Shop,
Alleyway, Hotel (south end), Dalmatians' House -- show scenes with Donald
and Goofy. Missable, on next entering First District's Accessory Shop.

Note: If any scenes are viewed, then two of the scenes (Gizmo Shop,
Alleyway) are needed before Cid's response changes, as is entering Third

ELIXIR. Defeat Leon and this item is handed over a little later. The scene
immediately after the fight is also (very) slightly different.

MEGA-POTION. After events in Green Room, return to First District and talk
to Aerith. Missable, once events in Third District unfold.

SCENE. After the events in Third District, by the cafe talk to Yuffie and
Aerith, then Leon, which triggers a brief scene regarding the dalmatians.
Missable; once a shop is entered or another exit is taken, the group
vanishes. (Working the nearby blue trinity marks won't scare them off.)

ARTS. Not missable, but an excellent opportunity for obtaining Fire Arts
items, which are a great source of munny this early.

When you first board the gummi ship, immediately target Traverse Town and
land. In Second District, white mushrooms are found in the Hotel's Red Room
with remarkable frequency. As the game progresses, however, mushrooms spawn
less frequently and eventually vacate this location.

One quick method for encountering white mushrooms and few others is
retreading a course from Red Room, across Green Room, onto the balcony in
Alleyway, and then back across Green Room to enter Red Room again. Once
Green Room is cleared, it remains so, back and forth. Skip or defeat the
shadow heartless at either end, as you wish.

Tip! Only five Mystery Goo items are required to synthesize one of
everything in the moogles' repertoire. Lucky Strike abilities greatly
increase the odds of obtaining gems and goo.


Tip! First visit Olympus Coliseum, just to complete Phil's training with
the barrels, after which Sora learns Thunder magic. (Obtain the Entry Pass,
but leave for now.) Thunder is enjoyed by a few of Wonderland's flowers.

EVIDENCE. Only a single piece of "evidence" is required before moving the
story forward. The remaining three are missable, once you present your

BLIZZARD. Not missable. When the Claw Marks evidence is obtained (whether
found first, fourth, or inbetween), Cheshire Cat appears and Sora learns
Blizzard magic early. Finding this evidence is not required and if it's
skipped, Blizzard is instead learned after sealing Wonderland's keyhole.

CAMPING SET. Return to Rabbit Hole and defeat the heartless. A chime sounds
and a chest appears. Missable, once your evidence is presented.

Note: Landing in Rabbit Hole via the gummi ship, move forward nearly to the
Bizarre Room door, then return to initiate the battle.

MEGA-POTION. After presenting your evidence and the encounter that follows,
return to Rabbit Hole and again defeat all enemies to reveal another chest.
Missable, once Sora and company are auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion.

CHESTS. Not missable, but several chests are unreachable the first visit,
one in Lotus Forest and three in Tea Party Garden. Returning later, other
skills help reach those out of the way chests.

Note: The fourth chest in Tea Party Garden, on the balcony, can be obtained
from the start. Consult a good walkthrough, such as ElectroSpecter's guide.

ALICE. Not missable, but a frequently asked question. The Journal's entries
update only after significant milestones, so the edict to "find Alice" is
just a general nudge. Talk to NPCs for clues on where to go and what to do
next, or consult a good walkthrough.


Coliseum events become available over the course of a game. For milestone
purposes, only "enter together" is ever required. Look for a full breakdown
of which event is required for what later in this guide.

PHIL'S TRAINING. After the preliminaries, you can redo Phil's training
against your choice of the two barrel courses and improve your times. (The
times are seen nowhere except during each training run.) Missable, once the
Phil Cup opens for competition.

LEADER BOARD. The sign in Coliseum Gates, just outside of Lobby, changes as
you go, touting select upcoming events and Sora's prowess. Missable, once
the next message appears.

CUP PREVIEWS. Over on Gates' other side, "coming soon" notice boards appear
before where the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cups seedings will be listed.
Visit after completing the preliminaries or the last competition's main
format. Missable, once each cup opens for competition.

CLUE. When you attempt to put out any of the flaming pots with Blizzard
magic, examining a pot clues you that Blizzard isn't strong enough.
Missable, once Blizzard upgrades to Blizzara.


No item is missable. Returning later, other skills help reach out of the
way chests here, as well.

Winning the opening encounter is optional.

INCIDENTAL. Leave the tent before viewing the slides to exchange random
dialogue with Clayton outside. Missable, once all six slides are viewed.

SABOR. Not missable, but Sabor's random appearances are opportunities some
may not want to miss since Sabor is the only source of EXP before heartless
arrive. Sabor can appear in Camp, Bamboo Thicket, or Cliff, as well as Tree
House. In the thicket, Sabor may not jump from the bamboo right away, but
the kitty's appearance is audible.

Note: More than the usual two zonelines may need crossing, so include
Hippo's Lagoon or Tent if Camp-to-Cliff is your preference.

SHORTCUTS. Sabor can also break up Tree House, punching a hole in one wall
and another through the floor, leaving shortcuts not necessarily seen in
every game. Missable, once the White Fang accessory is obtained.

THUNDER GEMS. Not missable, but a convenient way of obtaining Thunder Gem
synthesis materials presents itself -- great if you dislike swimming. When
white mushrooms appear in Camp, especially, they are spaced well apart and
Thunder is more likely to strike only the targeted spore. Do so three times
for the gem.

Tip! With the save point inside Tent, Camp is in fact an excellent location
for farming a variety of items dropped by white mushrooms. Save first. Peek
outside and if you don't see a mushroom walking around right in front of
you, duck back inside and then check again. Repeat until one appears. If
none appear after ten look-sees, soft reset and load your game fresh. Good
spacing with a nearby save point is available in Wonderland's Lotus Forest,
too, and mushrooms there stick to the three basic spells.

SCENE. After locking the keyhole, Snow White appears in place of Alice if
Wonderland is incomplete.

INCIDENTAL. After obtaining Jungle King key chain, striking an object
produces a subtly different effect than with Kingdom Key equipped. Differs
with every key chain.


SCOUTING PARTY. Yuffie and Aerith are scouting out Vacant House, with the
lights still off, until Old Book is delivered.

Note: Delivering Old Book triggers several small changes and the following
may vary if delivery is delayed.

POSTCARD. Not missable, but the large crate useful for reaching the chest
on Accessory Shop's roof has vanished. The jump is still possible, if more
difficult. A little later, other skills render the jump easy as pie.

SCENE. After speaking with Cid outside in First District, inside the
Accessory Shop find Pinocchio lying on the floor by the counter. (The
Tidus-lookalike drops a hint, too.) Missable, once you land in Monstro the
first time.

Note: The clerk and the moogle won't return until Pinocchio leaves. If you
need to make a purchase, talk with Pinocchio and view the scene, then leave
the shop and enter again. Pinocchio will have gone and the others returned.

CLUE. In Second District, examining the bells before the mosaic displays a
clue. Missable, once the puzzle is solved.

ART. The mosaic in Second District changes each time the Gizmo Shop bell is
rung. Before ringing the bell is the last chance to see the first mosaic,
then you have only one chance for an up-close view of the second and third
mosaics. Missable, once the fourth and final mosaic is displayed.

SCENE. Talk with Cid after obtaining the third navigation gummi in Second
District for a brief scene. Missable, once a fourth navigation gummi is


Since completing the world can be accomplished in stages or all at once,
everything is lumped together here.

SPECIAL SECRET. The world is entirely skippable, but it has a keyhole (on
the book's hasp) and must be locked to obtain the bonus at end-game.

POOH BEAR'S HOUSE. After clearing each mini game, return to Pooh's house
before leaving the book. Pooh may do something new for you.

o After the Hunny Tree, Pooh is found in bed.
o After Block Tigger, Pooh is inside doing his stoutness exercises.
o After Pooh's Swing, Pooh is outside sitting before the campfire.
  Note: He remains there until Sora casts Fire magic on the campfire.
o After Tigger's Giant Pot, Pooh is inside examining the curtains.
  Open the window, and go outside to find Pooh looking out the window.
o The same, after Muddy Path.

Missable, once the next mini game is activated. Pooh may have gone if Sora
leaves the book and then returns, too.

OWL. Also at Pooh's house, Owl's litany reflects the scores qualifying Sora
for Cheer. If an open mini game isn't mentioned, a higher score is needed.

Consult the 100 Acre Wood FAQ for help with qualifying for Cheer.

LETTER. Outside Rabbit's House, striking the mailbox reveals a letter. What
the letter says changes after each mini game is completed, replacing what
was said previously. For the final message, Sora must qualify for Cheer.

:.: AGRABAH :.:

SHOP. A peddler appears in Aladdin's House at two key points.

o After freeing Carpet, before scene in Alley
o After events in Palace Gates, before returning "to the desert!"

He sells a few items (Potion, Hi-Potion, Ether, Tent, and Camping Set) and
buys any of the usual stuff, a la the Item Shop. At the usual prices, too.

INCIDENTAL. After locking the keyhole three NPCs, lookalikes to Wakka and
two Traverse Town regulars, appear in Palace Gates, Alley, and Plaza.
Missable, once the gummi ship is boarded and heartless return to Agrabah.


GREEN TRINITY. Not missable, but certainly hard to spot. From Tunnel or
Climbing Trees, take the exit to Treetop. The green trinity mark is found
at the convergence of Treetop's two exits, about dead center. Watching for
"Trinity" on the menu is helpful.


FIRAGA-G. Put out all of the flaming pots with Blizzara magic to make the
chest appear. Missable, once Blizzara upgrades to Blizzaga.


ONE-WAY DOOR. In First District, the door to Item Workshop remains locked
until it's opened from within. In Accessory Shop, climb the ladder and then
exit the moogle's shop by the ordinary door.

:.: MONSTRO :.:

LANDING POINT. Not missable, but sometimes a pain. You can land at the
Monstro world in any of three ways.

1. From anywhere, target Monstro and choose Warp Drive.
2. From a neighboring world -- Agrabah or either Atlantica or Halloween
   Town -- target Monstro and choose Normal Drive.
3. From a neighboring world, target the world beyond Monstro and choose
   Normal Drive.

All three methods will get you there, but since Square is notorious for its
random factors (set at load time), some days one way may work better than
others. If Monstro is proving elusive, land (anywhere) and save if needed,
reset and reload, then try again. Things might improve.

WORLD EXIT. Nonexistent, rather than missable, but a frequent question. To
leave Monstro, use the save point in Mouth. Or if you follow events through
to their conclusion, your crew is automatically returned to the gummi ship.

Trivia! Only two worlds offer a World Exit.

CHEST. In Chamber 5, one chest sits atop a barrel. Not missable, but if
you're concerned target the barrel and cast Fire to destroy it, settling
the chest to the, er, "ground." Otherwise stand back and let the heartless
come to you, using triangle to keep Donald and Goofy away from the barrel
and prevent it getting pushed over the edge.

HIGH JUMP. Not missable, but this shared ability is needed in reaching
chests elsewhere. After Bowels' movement, talk to Geppetto.

Note: While Glide or Superglide is similarly needed, learning those shared
abilities is not optional.

SCENE. At the beginning of the battle in Stomach, the scene may vary. Taken
as soon as possible, the scene unfolds as usual (a la the Script FAQ at
GameFAQs.com). But if you delay until after you're auto-ejected from Hollow
Bastion, the scene is different, shorter, but Riku is still voiced normal,
not overlayered. And in Mouth, Geppetto will have moved slightly, too.

SPECIAL SECRET. While Monstro has no keyhole, completing the world is
required to unlock the Pegasus Cup. Unlocking the Pegasus Cup is required
to open the Hades Cup, which is itself required to unlock the bonus content
at game end. Whew.

Note: You can complete the Hades Cup without ever fighting in the Pegasus
Cup. Look for a full Coliseum breakdown later in the guide.

How to tell without actually landing? On the Select World screen, a special
icon is displayed in place of the usual locked-keyhole icon when Monstro is
complete. And in Traverse Town, a new house appears in First District.


PEGASUS CUP. Not missable but a common question, so in case you just missed
that, the Pegasus Cup opens for competition once Monstro is complete.


SHARK! Multiple encounters with the shark, only two are required. Look for
the fish in Sunken Ship, Undersea Gorge, and Undersea Valley. The item
rewards from those battles are missable, drops to pick up like any other.

DOLPHIN. The porpoise is not missable. If Flounder's "big fish" isn't
appearing in Undersea Valley when you need it, return to Undersea Gorge and
use its "Grab On" command there first. Swim back to the valley and the
dolphin will then appear. "Grab On" appears dimmed as long as heartless are
swimming around, so clear the immediate vicinity if needed.

Tip! The dolphin swims along a set course. Pick a spot you know it'll pass,
clear the area, then wait until it swims back to your location.


TUB RIDE. Far below Oogie's Manor, find the bathtub circling the structure.
Choose "Get In" and the tub carries Sora and company up to the front door.
Missable, once the green door is entered.

Tip! Helpful for finding the green door, in fact. Jump off the manor, get
in the tub, and just before it drops you off, the door is visible in the
video, below and a little to the left. The narrow shack is an elevator down
to the green door. And a careful jump can skip the elevator ride.

RED TRINITY. Found behind the front door into Oogie's Manor. Missable, also
upon entering the green door.

Notoriously, this is the one missable you may read about time and again.
What's interesting, however, is that only the trinity mark itself is
missable, which only affects the Journal's completion. The chest the
trinity reveals is NOT missable.

Note: In KH, Journal completion is NOT required to unlock any end-game
bonus. (This changed with the Final Mix release reportedly, however.)

None of the six chests found around the manor is missable, in fact. During
the manor fight, under one "foot" any of the chests remaining unopened can
be seen. And afterward, visit Manor Ruins*, jump down, and look for a
buried guillotine -- found about dead center, in front of a turret's broken
cap. Any leftover chests lay at the base of the ramp, like so:

 AB     A, Dispel-G cone (lower cage)    B, Mega-Ether (upper cage)
 CD     C, Dispel-G round corner (tree)  D, Mythril Shard (red trinity)
E  F    E, Ether (entry)                 F, Ether (entry)

A through D are red treasure chests. Chests from the two cages and inside a
tree's closed trunk become easy to reach when the lever is struck. E and F
are flat green chests found just outside and inside the manor's entrance.

* Tip! Do so before returning to the gummi ship. The entire world is free
of heartless at that moment, making for a quick trip. However....

CHRISTMAS CRYPT. Not missable, but after locking the world, you must board
the gummi ship and land before entry is allowed. The crypt is found at
Moonlight Hill with its curly cliff.

CHESTS. Also not missable, but the puppies raise concern. Once Glide is
learned, return to open the out of reach chests in Guillotine Square, and
the last of the world's puppies. (The jump is also possible with a
meticulous High Jump, if you're feeling masochistic.)


Nothing in Neverland is actually missable, but a pair of issues can arise
that may make a player believe otherwise.

MEGA-POTIONS. The Sora-silhouette enemies wink out if they're not defeated
quickly, but do so and each one drops a Mega-Potion. Missable, once the
green trinity's ladder is climbed up to the main cabin.

SAVE POINTS. Neverland's two sections are separated by a one-way path. If
the save points on the pirate ship -- Ship: Hold and Ship: Cabin -- are not
used, then landing on the pirate ship can become impossible for a time.
When this happens, Clock Tower is the only landing point offered.

Problem is, two save points display as Ship: Cabin and one is a temporary
save point that doesn't count as a landing point later. In Captain Hook's
cabin are two trapdoors, one of which is always closed and must be Examined
to access the permanent Ship: Cabin save point. (The always-open trap door
led to the temporary save point, and holds the green trinity's ladder.)

If you run into this situation, after your party is auto-ejected from
Hollow Bastion, fly back to Neverland. Disembark is again offered and Sora
lands on top of the Ship: Hold save point, activating the landing point.
You're back, and the problem's solved.

ONE-WAY DOORS. The pirate ship has several doors that remain locked to
force you in the desired direction. All open up as you go.

Of note is the compartment with three doors. The lone door at one END leads
to the room with the Ship: Cabin save point -- the permanent one -- and
must first be exited from within. The lone door on one SIDE must first be
entered from outside by using the lowest of Deck's two exits.

SCENE. When the lone door to the permanent save point is first approached,
Peter pounds on the door. Missable, once the green trinity's ladder is
climbed up to the main cabin.

INCIDENTAL. From Deck, fly down close to the open ocean. A wake forms
behind Sora and crew as they zoom along.

BAMBI. Once Sora can fly around Neverland, Bambi requires him to land and
stay on his own two feet. If Sora takes wing, Bambi vanishes in short
order, even if you stay close to the deck. As true below decks as topside,
and with any flightless summons. See Varie's Magic/Summons FAQ for details.

Note: In two subsequent locations where Sora can fly as in Neverland, the
same limitation holds true.

CLOCK TOWER. When you're auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion, Clock Tower is
disabled as a landing point. Defeating Neverland's optional boss restores
this landing point, but in the meantime the clock's hourly gifts are

Consult Wirewyrm's excellent Phantom FAQ for help, if needed.

PUPPIES. If not yet collected, Dalmatians 43, 44, and 45 also require
defeating Neverland's optional boss. Best to find the chest as soon as you
arrive at the Clock Tower.

HOURLY GIFTS. Not missable, but if the timing is a little off a twelve-hour
delay is required.

Some jumbled info is floating around, too, so to be plain the doors are
tied to the hours elapsed in the current game, and only the hours. For
example, the six o'clock door can be opened when "time" (below "munny" on
menu screens) falls anywhere between 30:00:00 and 30:59:59, so the hour is
truncated to 30:-- in the following table.

-- DOOR --   -- HOURS -----------------------------------------------------
12 o'clock   12:--   24:--   36:--   48:--   60:--   72:--   84:--    96:--
 1 o'clock   13:--   25:--   37:--   49:--   61:--   73:--   85:--    97:--
 2 o'clock   14:--   26:--   38:--   50:--   62:--   74:--   86:--    98:--
 3 o'clock   15:--   27:--   39:--   51:--   63:--   75:--   87:--    99:--
 4 o'clock   16:--   28:--   40:--   52:--   64:--   76:--   88:--
 5 o'clock   17:--   29:--   41:--   53:--   65:--   77:--   89:--
 6 o'clock   18:--   30:--   42:--   54:--   66:--   78:--   90:--
 7 o'clock   19:--   31:--   43:--   55:--   67:--   79:--   91:--
 8 o'clock   20:--   32:--   44:--   56:--   68:--   80:--   92:--
 9 o'clock   21:--   33:--   45:--   57:--   69:--   81:--   93:--
10 o'clock   22:--   34:--   46:--   58:--   70:--   82:--   94:--
11 o'clock   23:--   35:--   47:--   59:--   71:--   83:--   95:--

Note: These are typical and usual. Anything altering the recorded time may
require you to make adjustments accordingly.

The clockface below the save point is the best gauge, accurate with the
hour's door and time's minutes both, as well as showing which doors have
been opened.


GLITCH. Not missable, but an opportunity many won't want to miss. In the
Hercules Cup (timed), the instant the final match begins press Start to
pause. Choose Restart and the final match begins fresh, but the timer is
halted. Only works in this timed cup, and only with the last opponent.

OLYMPIA. Not missable, but opening the chest in Lobby requires completing
the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cup competitions.

:.: AGRABAH :.:

YELLOW TRINITY. Not missable. The yellow trinity gives easy access to an
area where an idol is touched to reveal a pair of chests. The idol can be
reached with High Jump much earlier, however, so the chests may have been
long since acquired.


GUMMI ROUTE. The route's first section varies slightly at its beginning,
near Neverland. Missable, after you're auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion.

Note: Could also be chalked up to all gummi routes changing after that
milestone. The story is specific about the route change, however.

FLARE-G. Not missable, but a tricky chest seen down around Waterway. To
reach the chest, cast Blizzard on the lowest of the two water bubbles by
the Waterway save point. Quickly jump atop the frozen bubble and up into
the girders. Swing the camera around until you find the chest.

Note: Lots of things glimpsed through grillwork panels look like they may
do something, but they don't or are accessed by another path.

IMAGE. After first entering Entrance Hall, Riku's image in the Journal's
Characters section changes into his dark "heartless" attire. Missable, once
Sora and company are auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion.

INCIDENTAL. The Library's early configuration includes a boxed-in area that
can be entered by jumping in from the upper level and opened from within.
Missable, when the A volume is returned to its self.

THUNDAGA-G. Not missable, but confounds many players. In the castle's
uppermost reaches is a Lift Stop with a platform out in the middle. One or
two chests appear, each sitting on a small floating platform (all four of
which may be targeted, by the way). These two chests are reached by way of
the Library's Lift Stop, but the one holding the Thundaga-G requires
solving a puzzle with the crystal switches around High Tower and changing
the lift's course.

Note: The chest(s) and platform(s) may be targeted from the Lift Stop on
either side of Castle Chapel, in fact, with or without railings.

CATCH-UP OPPORTUNITY. The Castle Chapel save point is the last-chance
jumping-off point for catching up on any outstanding challenges or
sidequests before "everything changes" -- especially anything left to do at
Neverland's Clock Tower. All Coliseum tournaments are about to get much
tougher, too, so "make hay while the sun shines." Move past the Lift Stop
and cross the room beyond, and there's no going back.


SCENE. In Secret Waterway, first speak to Kairi for a brief scene. The
opportunity is gone once you approach the mural, partway to the sun.


SPECIAL SECRET. Complete the Hades Cup to unlock the special secret at the
end. The keyhole must be locked as well.

HADES CUP. Not missable. The Hades Cup opens for competition once the Phil
Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup have opened. Pegasus Cup opens for
competition once Monstro is marked "complete."

GOLD MATCH. Not missable. The question marks for the Gold Match do not
appear until all four cups have been won.


GALES. The last room of World Terminus, reached through a flaming pillar,
is usually a one-time visit. A very brief opportunity to revisit exists,
however. When you arrive, clear the hallway but DO NOT enter the inner
chamber when its door opens. Instead, jump out the rift. (The flaming
pillar still rages.) Backtrack through the terminus several platforms and
return. The first wave of invisible heartless do indeed respawn if you go
far enough. Missable; enter the inner chamber, the door closes behind you,
and that's that.

Tip! Nine Gale materials is the minimum number needed to synthesize one of
everything the moogle shop offers.

MEGALIXIR. And in World Terminus's last room, inside the inner chamber is a
chest. Open the chest before leaving or it's lost.

SAVE OPPORTUNITY. After opening the volcano's maw, rather than descending
instead fly straight up -- a very long way up -- and return to World
Terminus. Walk into the spot glowing green, then into the green pillar to
return to Hundred Acre Wood, where you can save.

BAMBI'S THIRD TIER. Prior to reaching the final save point and after
defeating another behemoth heartless, a protracted battle provides the
world's ONLY opportunity where summoning Bambi may reach his third tier of
item drops. Once the emblem is cleared, the opportunity is gone for good.
To try repeatedly, while at least one heartless remains leave the area by
jumping up into the white opening and returning to the preceding room.

Tip! There are far more than eighteen heartless, so ensure your MP is as
high as possible -- 12 MP or more, strongly recommended -- to fill the
gauge three times well before time runs out.

Consult Varie's Magic/Summons FAQ for the item and drop-rate particulars.

EXTRA HEARTLESS. During the final confrontation, the portion of the battle
where Sora can fly as in Neverland, fly up as high as possible to encounter
a bat-like heartless found nowhere else.

Note: Unverified. May not appear unless Sora's health is critical, but
that's a guess. Proven steps to reproduce gladly welcomed.

SPECIAL SECRET. Meet a few simple requirements:

o Collect all 99 dalmatian puppies and the prizes for doing so
o Lock every keyhole, including Hundred Acre Wood and Olympus Coliseum
o Win the Hades Cup in Olympus Coliseum

All cups must be opened before the Hades Cup opens for competition, so
Monstro must be completed (even though that world has no keyhole) to open
the Pegasus Cup. Winning the Phil or Pegasus Cups is not needed.

Note: "Special Secret" is an extra movie that plays at game end. After the
closing scene, credits roll (with some extra epilogue clips), then a scene
in a green field takes place -- that's the usual ending sequence. After all
that finishes is when the extra content plays if it was unlocked. Then....

THE END. Not missable, but a top question. When "The End" is displayed,
reset your game or console. There is no more.

Tip! If you play on Expert mode, jot down the Battle Record displayed and
share it with fellow players on KH's Board or Answers page at GameFAQs.com
(search for: Battle Record). Here's a template to copy, if you like.

- - - - - - - - CLIP! - - - - - - - -
-Battle Record-
Heartless defeated: nnnn
Times defeated: nnn
Attacks deflected: nnnn
Times hit by an enemy: nnnn
Total item usage: nnn
Party member knockouts: nnn
Curative spells cast on friend: nnn

-Final Rest-
Sora: LV nnn
Donald: LV nnn
Goofy: LV nnn
Munny: nnnnn
Time: nn:nn

-Starting Choices-
Mode: Expert
Chose: Sword/Rod/Shield
Gave up: Sword/Rod/Shield
Began at: Dawn/Midday/Night
- - - - - - - - CLIP! - - - - - - - -

Note: "Times defeated" tallies the number of times Continue was selected
after losing a battle over the course of the game. Continue must be both
offered AND selected to increase the count.

Someone is always asking how long the game takes, what to choose at the
start, and what level they should reach before the final fight. Posting
your actual results can help! On Normal, the latter two segments are still
informative to someone curious about those decisions.

ARTWORK. Alongside "The End" one of three pieces of artwork is displayed.

o For a game played on Normal, the game's cover art is displayed.
o For a game played on Expert, the artwork displayed is a somber collage of
  the five main characters.
o For an Expert game where special secret's requirements were also met, a 
  humorous piece of "outtake" artwork is instead shown.

Note: Thorf's Final Mix Changes FAQ discusses these and other related
artworks, which any KH player may find interesting, even if the criteria do
not apply.


If you didn't find what you were seeking, chances are it's not actually
missable and a how-to for finding the item is already available in one or
more walkthrough or in-depth guides.

A few (very) frequently asked questions have been addressed, hopefully
providing enough added info to help alleviate those oft-repeated posts and

If you believe you've found a real missable, however, by all means write!

.:| BONUS! :............................................................:.:

Yep, just for you, just for getting this far. The value of the following
morsels is entirely up to you.


Early in the game, munny is continually short. So finding ever-filling
stashes of consumable items is far better than spending your cash.

Deep Jungle ...... Camp ............. Potion ...... Barrel
Deep Jungle ...... Tree House ....... Potion ...... Barrel
Atlantica ........ Ariel's Grotto ... Ether ....... Barrels x2
Atlantica ........ Below Deck ....... Ether ....... Barrels x4, crates x3
Hollow Bastion ... Entrance Hall .... Hi-Potion ... Urns x6

But the VERY BEST pillaging lies in Hundred Acre Wood. Visit Rabbit's House
(upper-left corner) and clear the vegetable patch of its 12 pumpkins and 14
cabbages using "Pull Out". Potions are plentiful but very often you obtain
an ELIXIR for your troubles. (Not an ether.) The odds of pulling up an item
are random. From one to six items every pass is commonplace, but more or
none at all is also possible. Enter Rabbit's actual house to reset the
patch for another go.

Deep Jungle's barrels also provide HP orbs. Breakables in Atlantica may
yield MP orbs. In Hollow Bastion the gargoyle heads on the Entrance Hall's
upper floor spout off MP orbs, but only until all the candles are lit.
Breakables elsewhere are not bottomless.


Total number obtainable:
  Power Up ..... 13
  Defense Up ... 14
  AP Up ........  9

The tally includes one of each synthesis item, finding every puppy, nabbing
every fruit in Jungle Slider, completing all variations of each Coliseum
tournament, opening every door of Neverland's Clock Tower, as well as
finding every chest and completing all storyline events.

Trivia! Donald's AP naturally maxes out at 21 (LV 56) and his abilities
need 23 AP total. Goofy's AP tops off at 27 (LV 70) and his abilities need
31 AP. Sora's 31 abilities require 66 AP. For more fun facts like these,
read the author's KH Statistics Guide.


If you do lots of item farming and soft reset often, the direction the
camera is facing at the moment you save can be a help or a hindrance. If
you're always swinging the camera around, face the camera the way you want
it pointing after a reload and save again.


Sora can lose in select boss fights. You miss out on the EXP and rewards,
but you face no Continue screen either.

Awakening ....... Darkside    Olympus Coliseum ... Cloud, Preliminaries
Traverse Town ... Leon        Deep Jungle ........ Sabor, Tree House


The numerous events in Olympus Coliseum can take a bit to figure out.
Tournaments become available at set milestones in a game's progress, but
"sequential" all depends on how you choose to progress and how far afield
you wander from "the usual" course. None are missable, but taken out of
order something can seem like it's missing.

Several magic elements or upgrades can be obtained, too, which are required
to obtain every weapon from Merlin.

PHIL'S TRAINING. Magic Element: Thunder
Two courses with barrels. Both must be completed before Sora learns Thunder
or obtains an Entry Pass. Both may be replayed (to better a time seen only
during the training), up until the Phil Cup opens.

PRELIMINARIES. Magic Element: ---
Entry Pass required. Fought in two stages. Winning the first stage is not
required, but the second stage must be won to obtain the Hero License.

PHIL CUP. Magic Element: Gravity
After obtaining Hero License, lock Traverse Town's keyhole to open. Winning
is required for special secret, Gold Match, Olympia key chain. Winning is
NOT required to lock the Olympus Coliseum keyhole, however.

PEGASUS CUP. Magic Element: ---
Complete Monstro to open. Winning is required for special secret, Gold
Match, and Olympia key chain. Winning is NOT required to lock Olympus
Coliseum's keyhole.

HERCULES CUP. Magic Element: ---
Lock Neverland's keyhole to open.  Winning is required for special secret,
Gold Match, Platinum Match, and Olympia key chain, AND to lock the Olympus
Coliseum keyhole.

HADES CUP. Magic Element: Blizzard, Thunder, Gravity
After unlocking the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cup tournaments, lock
Hollow Bastion's keyhole to open. Winning is required for special secret
and Gold Match.

Note: Locking Olympus Coliseum's keyhole is NOT required to open Hades Cup.

GOLD MATCH. Magic Element: ---
Complete the Phil, Pegasus, Hercules, and Hades Cup tournaments to open.
Displays as question marks until defeated. (With two question-mark entries,
the first one.) Not required for anything except Journal completion.

PLATINUM MATCH. Magic Element: ---
Opens at the same time as the Hades Cup. Displays as question marks until
defeated. (With two question-mark entries, the second one.) Also needed
only for Journal completion.

VARIATIONS. The Phil, Pegasus, Hercules, and Hades Cup tournaments must be
entered "together" before the "Sora alone" variation is offered. The solo
cup then must be defeated to unlock the "timed" variation. And once the
timed run is complete, you can fight individual opponents (or opponent
groups) as often as you like.

KEYHOLE. Requires winning Phil's Training, Preliminaries, and Hercules Cup.
Revealed by using the yellow trinity mark in Lobby.

TREASURE CHEST. Requires winning Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup.

SEPHIROTH. "What, no Sephiroth strategy?" Okay, here's one.
o Pack Items full of elixirs [1].
o Equip Ultima Weapon [2] and accessories for at least 12 MP. Then boost
  Defense, a very close second. Strength is a distant third consideration.
o Customize Curaga x2, plus Thundaga.
o Equip Dodge Roll, MP Haste, MP Rage x2, Second Chance, Strike Raid,
  Superglide, and every Critical Plus available.
  Other "limit" abilities only interfere. The rest is gravy.

[1] Fear of "wasting" an elixir may be the biggest handicap in the fight.
Save once the setup is done and reset if you don't win. Or downgrade to a
split of hi-potions and ethers if you like. A bottomless well of elixirs is
available in Hundred Acre Wood, however.

[2] Ultima Weapon is obtained in the Item Workshop. For details, consult
WolfKnight's Item Synthesis FAQ or a good walkthrough (ElectroSpecter's
Synthesis Shop section is excellent for this, highly recommended).

Sora is invincible during Strike Raid, so use it repeatedly, and even
defensively. Good for interrupting Heartless Angel, too, just keep him
target-locked. Land a full combo whenever you can. Get good with selecting
items via the right analog stick and Supergliding, and the rest is timing
and luck. Thundaga can snuff out that last bit of light for the win.


Three varieties of mushrooms in KH provide tons of synthesis materials and
several quirky unique items. Not missable, but can require a certain degree
of determination.

In all three cases, equipping as many Lucky Strike abilities as possible
increases your chances for obtaining the best stuff. Other party members
can help you there.

Note: The following are the author's personal recommendations, practices,
and tips. These are by no means "the only way" or the best method in every

     Rewards: Arts items; shards; gems; Mystery Goo
        Sell: Arts, 250 munny
Best hunting: Deep Jungle, Camp

Far enough along to have some MP for farming Thunder Arts and Thunder Gems.
Mushrooms are spaced out for fewer accidental hits. And while they throw in
Cure gestures, still easy enough to garner the basic three elements, if you
didn't already stock up in Traverse Town's Red Room.

The save point in Tent makes this a great location. You still need to go
elsewhere for the remaining specialty Arts, of course, and for specific
gems or shards. But for the basics and Mystery Goo besides, few places are
better this early.

Good second-choice grind: Wonderland, Lotus Forest. Handy save point. Spawn
rate is not as high, but spacing is excellent. Clear the ground floor, exit
to Tea Party Garden and return, and mushrooms can appear, too.

Trivia! So what's with the "dark" light and thunder? Their heads are bowed,
their arms hang limp, and the light is dimmed over their heads. They are
weary and need energy. Zzzap! Woo-hoo! See how they dance!

     Rewards: Elixir; Megalixir; Mystery Goo; Shiitake Rank; Matsutake Rank
        Sell: Shiitake Rank, 100 munny; Matsutake Rank, 500 munny
Best hunting: Neverland, Deck

Obstructions are bad. Unobstructed invisible walls are GREAT. The
quarterdeck, where there's a desk with a map, has the clearest space
overhead, literally making the sky the limit. (The other areas have more
masts and railings to deal with, a bit trickier.) And flying eliminates
many of the pesky timing issues with jumps and such. Truly one of those
"light bulb things" and you need to succeed only once before everything
clicks into place. After that, the difficulty is reduced to getting the
truffle airborne in good order.

Equip a medium-length key chain or longer (Metal Chocobo is nice). Unequip
all movement abilities (on a shield run, LV 40, the abilities were no
problem; your mileage may vary). Get airborne. Target-lock. Get close
enough for a solid lock reticle, but about level with the truffle. Take
your hand OFF the left analog stick. (Limit your movement. Nudge to aim for
open water when you can, or to avoid railings.) Swing once (and connect),
count "one-thousand", swing, one-thousand, swing, one-thousand, swing....

A steady pace gets you to the goal. Don't lose your cool or blink and
you'll get there. Once you have a rhythm going, you can gradually pick up
the pace. Expect level-ups galore and big item drops popping out at you.
And if you don't like counting, the Tech display is one less than your
actual count.

If the truffle falls, follow it down. If it gets tangled up in the ropes,
you may be able to resume juggling the truffle right where you left off.

Tip! If you've played KH2, its Grandstander mini game follows nearly the
same dynamics as juggling truffles on Deck. Check out the dissertations in
the KH2 Journal-completion guides for another perspective. Could help.

A quick-and-easy grind is to land in Ship: Cabin, exit by the door, cross
diagonally, exit to Deck. Returning from Deck, enter the lower (plain) door
and retrace your steps to Ship: Cabin.

     Rewards: Mystery Goo; Mystery Mold; munny
        Sell: Mystery Mold, 9999 munny
Best hunting: Hollow Bastion, Dungeon

The location is cramped, and that works to your advantage. Goodly spawn
rate, too. Travel by bubble doesn't count as a zoneline, however, so zone
out to Base Level or use the save point to reload.

Note: Before being auto-ejected from Hollow Bastion, this is good grind for
crystals, too. All four crystal droppers with only fungi for distraction.

Customize your party so they stand around and do nothing. Unequip their
attack abilities, too. (So you can back out and recheck Dungeon.) Customize
Sora with Stopra (Stopga, even better; Stop, barely works). Equip Trinity
Limit, every Critical Plus you have, and NO Combo Pluses (the finisher is
what counts). Juggle accessories for the most MP on Sora you can manage.
And ensure Sora's key chain deals critical hits (Olympia, Divine Rose).

If you don't have Trinity Limit yet, Strike Raid is a good second choice.
Aim well and hit all three.

First, target-lock the center one and cast Stopra. Second, Trinity Limit.
Once it's over, if they're still stunned, land a full three-hit combo on as
many fungi as you can before Stopra wears off.

Stop magic keeps the fungi from going statuesque on you, Trinity Limit has
a good degree of critical-hit mojo, and the combos just hedge your bet.
Beast has some nice abilities that might help, but better to have the party
uninvolved outside of stacking on their Lucky Strikes.

Good second-choice grind: Agrabah, Bazaar. And Aladdin knows Lucky Strike.
In Aladdin's House, exit to Main Street via the pole by the save point, and
jump over to Bazaar. If the menu instantly goes red, proceed; otherwise
back out and recheck. Returning to Main Street, jump down and clear the
immediate vicinity, then climb the lower pole up to Aladdin's House. The
cleared area stays cleared, back and forth.

The Mushroom Hunting FAQ by mecasim is a source of excellent information.

For more info on the nuts and bolts of mushroom hunting, also take a look
at ElectroSpecter's walkthrough (search for: [mshr]).


Passing these along in case they were missed.

TRAVERSE TOWN: Hotel, Hallway

Without examining both paintings, strike the desk bell three times.
  No vacancy...
Examine the paintings at both ends of the hallway.
  Paintings are great...
Then strike the desk bell three times.
  Paintings are great...
  If you ever stay the night...
  Try hitting the clock...

Note: Can be seen right to the end, in fact. Leaving these anyway; this is
a Bonus section and they might save a curiosity seeker a few steps.

TRAVERSE TOWN: Second District

Hotel, South
   Goofy: Doesn't look like he's here.
  Donald: Keep looking!
Gizmo Shop
  Donald: Hmph. Where is he?
   Goofy: Leeeooon!
Dalmatians' House
  Donald: Not here, either.
   Goofy: This could take a while...
  Donald: Leeeon! Mister Leon?
   Goofy: Where are you?

OLYMPUS COLISEUM: Coming Attractions!

Return after completing the preliminaries:
  Aspiring heroes, try your strength in the Phil Cup!
After locking Agrabah:
  Spread your wings, future heroes! The Pegasus Cup starts soon!
Before locking Neverland:
  Hercules: Zero or Hero? Find out at the Hercules Cup!


After completing the preliminaries:
  The next event is coming soon! Don't miss it!
When the Phil Cup seedings are listed:
  Calling all heroes! Sign up now for the games!
After winning your first cup:
  A new hero has appeared in the games! Sora!
After winning two or three cups:
  Can anyone defeat Sora? All challengers, to the Coliseum!
Before locking Hollow Bastion:
  Don't miss the Hades Cup! Surprises aplenty!
After winning all four cups:
  Sora dominates the games! A new hero is born!


After Hunny Tree:
  I hope we'll be finding more honey together soon! --Pooh
After Block Tigger:
  Mind if I bounce around in Rabbit's garden again? --Tigger
After Pooh's Swing:
  Swinging is so much fun. I'd like to fly even farther! --Pooh
After Tigger's Giant Pot:
  Let's bounce with Tigger again real soon! --Roo
After Muddy Path:
  Please join our next game of hide-and-seek! --Pooh
After Sora qualifies for Cheer:
  Everyone had a good time with you. Even Owl! --Pooh

MONSTRO: Stomach's Alternative Scene

[Opens the same. Riku stands over Pinocchio on a platform. Cut to Riku,
close-up over-shoulder, centered on Pinocchio.]

Sora (V.O.): Wait. What are you--

[Riku turns toward Sora, Donald, Goofy. Cut to Sora, over-shoulder toward
Riku. Cut to Riku, walks to center.]

Riku (sarcastic): What? You don't remember your best friend?

[Cut to Sora, reverse close-up, keyblade drawn.]

Sora: Liar! You're not Riku!

[Jiminy rushes to Pinocchio. Continues as usual.]

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