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Dynasty Warriors 3 / Guan Yu Character FAQ v.1.0
By RanryuL
Written 7/22/2002

1.0 Table of Contents
1.1 Introduction
1.2 About Guan Yu and his Background
1.3 Acquiring Guan Yu
1.4 Evaluation of Guan Yu
1.5 Guan Yu's Move
1.6 Guan Yu's Fourth Weapon
1.7 Strategies for and against Guan Yu
1.8 Guan Yu's Musou Mode Walkthrough
1.9 Frequently Asked Questions
2.0 Conclusions

1.1 Introduction
 It seems that a few people asked me to make a FAQ on Guan Yu. I feel I should 
write a FAQ for Guan Yu then. After replaying DW3, it just motivated me to give 
it a try. Besides Guan Yu is the second best in the game. I'm not kidding.

1.2 About Guan Yu and his Background (DW3's Data Base)
 [A Shu officer. Sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, he is leader of the 
Five Tigers and helped rebuild the foundation of the Shu Kingdom. With his 
strong sense of duty and bravery, he has been labeled as a "match for 10,000 
men." Guan Yu is also known for his beautiful, long beard.]

 Well, Guan Yu may not have been as powerful as Lu Bu in this game, but in 
history, he was very famous. He has is like 10,000 men and is the leader of the 
Fiver Tigers. Guan Yu is kind of like Lu Bu in a way, because he defects sides 
to Cao once and then goes back to Shu. Still, Guan Yu might be the most famous 
of all warriors during that time. I have heard that some people even worship 
him. I don't know, but I'm Asian and I got a statue of him on Red Hare in my 
living room. So who knows? 

1.3 Acquiring Guan Yu
 He's an Initial Character. He is in the Shu Kingdom. If you have trouble 
finding him, well then you need some help.

1.4 Evaluation of Guan Yu
 Guan Yu, like Lu Bu, is very powerful. Actually to myself, in a way he can be 
even deadlier than Lu Bu. With his final weapon and the right items, and all of 
his stats almost completely max out, except for Musou. This can be a good thing, 
because Guan Yu has good Musou Charge on his weapon and a short Musou bar. This 
means he can charge his Musou up very fast, thus bringing him to an invincible 
state. Guan Yu has very good range and good combos. His only down fall is his 
speed, but that can be made up with his Musou Charge.

1.5 Guan Yu's Moves
 S  = Square or regular attack
 T  = Triangle or hard attack
(T) = Extra Triangle attack

Regular attacks: His attacks are powerful and have great range. His attacking 
speed is just a bit slow.

Jump Attack: He leaps into the air and slashes across 180 degrees.

Dash Attack: He cocks back and slashes 240 degrees.

1st S: Guan Yu swings horizontally right.

2nd S: Guan Yu swings back to the left.

3rd S: Guan Yu thrust forward.

4th S: Guan Yu swings to the left again. 

5th S: Guan Yu pulls back and brings his Halberd down.

6th S: Guan Yu swings clockwise in 360.

T: This Hard attack has pretty good range. Guan Yu charges and swings a complete 
360. This is a very good crowd clearer.

ST: This is the launcher hit. Guan Yu pulls back and knocks the enemy into the 

SST: Guan Yu pulls back over his head and brings the Halberd down onto his 
enemies directly in front of him. Stuns the enemies.

SSST: Guan Yu charges up and swings a 360 clockwise. This is a crowd clearer. 
Seems like he loves doing 360s.

SSSST (T): Guan Yu pulls back and slashes his opponent into the air. He leaps up 
into the air and cuts them down. Lightning will be applied on the last hit if 
you have his last weapon.

SSSSST: Guan Yu charges and swings his Halberd around him. A shockwave circles 
him and expands knocking his foes away.

Musou: Guan Yu holds out his Halberd and spins around. When his bar drains he 
will do one last spin which will hurt more and knock the crowd back.

True Musou: Guan Yu holds out his Halberd and spins around. He slices you with 
inferno until his bars drains. And then unleashes a few more, very fast spins 
which hurt more and knock the crowd away. Doesn't he ever get dizzy?

1.6 Guan Yu's Fourth Weapon
 Guan Yu has Lightning Elemental. You should know that this elemental is for 
Crowd clearing and it would be appropriate for him to have it. It also looks 
very cool.

|Blue Moon Dragon  |
|Element: Lightning|
|Basic Attack +49  |
|Life +87          |
|Attack +28        |
|Defense +59       |
|Musou Charge +25  |

Stage: Guan Yu's Escape
Side: Guan Yu
Type: Supply Team
Method: All you have to is pass the forth gate. The Supply Team will appear 
north of that gate and head towards you, south. Defeat them and you shall have 

 This is a very easy task, but if you have trouble use the 2P trick. Play 2 
players and have Guan Yu first as weak, not maxed out. Then have a second player 
with his fourth weapon and maxed out as possible. Let the maxed out character do 
all of the killing and help, but let Guan Yu do what he needs to do though. 
Also, don't forget to play on Hard and on Guan Yu's side.

1.7 Strategies for and against Guan Yu.

As Guan Yu:
 Guan Yu is comparable to Lu Bu. Their only differences are the speed and combo 
basically. When playing as him, with his fourth weapon and all, he is amazing. 
So just have fun. And since his Musou charges fast, hitting a crowd will 
probably cause his Musou bar to explode.

Recommended Equipment:

|+60 Peacock Urn    |
|+16 Speed Scroll   |
|+20 Tiger Amulet   |
|+40 Tortoise Amulet|
|Way of the Musou   |

 With these items and his final weapon, Guan Yu's bars will completely max out 
except for his Musou if you max out Guan Yu's stats first. The Way of the Musou 
is best choice unless you want to put in a Red Hare Saddle, Guan Yu's horse. 
(Which he stole from Lu Bu, that thief!!!)

Against Guan Yu:
 Guan Yu can be very deadly, but he can be very weak at times. On Hard, and on 
certain stages, like Fan Castle, Guan Yu is quite hard to defeat. My suggestion 
against him is to confront him and block. As soon as he finishes his combo 
attack, then block again. When you your Musou bar fills up, wait until he attack 
you than use your Musou. Make sure that his bodyguards aren't behind you when 
you do this. 
 If you are near death and your Musou bar fills up automatically, this could be 
good. You can then just block until it fills up again and then use Musou. Also 
another strategy is to let your allies fight him while you stand away from him. 
Have Musou charge on so you can charge up your Musou by holding Circle. Then run 
into him and release the Musou. Now run away and repeat. These Strategies can 
also work for everyone.
1.8 Guan Yu's Musou Mode Walkthrough
 I will have this up soon, very soon.

1.9 Frequently Asked Questions
Q) How do I get (Whoever)'s fourth weapon?

A) I have told you how to get this person's weapon. You should check other FAQS 
for another person's weapon.

Q) How do I get (Whoever)'s second or third weapon?

A) Second weapons and Third weapons can be found in later stages. If you play on 
hard and play on later stages like You Ting, you will increase your chances of 
getting higher ranked weapons.

Q) How do I get a +60 Peacock Urn or other maxed Items?

A) You should play on hard and on late Stages. My suggestion would be You Ting 
or Jie Ting. Items are random so you should just have patiences.

Q) Why don't you write a FAQS for (Whomever)?

A) I will if there is enough demand and if I like the character.

Q) Could you make an ASCII art of (Whomever) for me?

A) I might, but I won't make any promises.

2.0 Conclusion
 Thank you for reading this FAQ. I know you had enough of me comparing Guan Yu 
to Lu Bu. Of course, Lu Bu is still better though, in his own way. ;o)

Thanks to:
1. Koei
2. Muni Shinobu
3. Raymond
4. Yan
5. You
 You can mail me at

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                     -=+GUAN YU+=-

Ascii art by Jave - Ascii painter.

Copyrighted (c) 2002