Arcade League FAQ by Skyrax

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TimeSplitters 2 Arcade League FAQ
By Skyrax (

-Why write an Arcade League FAQ?
This is my second time writing a FAQ. I am writing this one because 
people have lots of questions when they get stuck in an objective, so I 
hope to at least solve some of those problems.

-What is Arcade League?

Arcade League is a set of challenges split into several sections. There 
are three leagues: Amateur, Honorary, and Elite. As you complete one 
league, you are granted access to the next.
Each league is divided into a minimum of 5 sections, which contain 
three challenges. These challenges range from a simple deathmatch to an 
all-out assault on a heavily guarded enemy base with rockets and killer 
robots. Most challenges are timed in some manner. 
To obtain all rewards for a level, you must get a GOLD in the match. If 
you get a Silver you will only get some of the rewards, or in a few 
cases, nothing at all. Bronze gives you nothing, except in a few 
instances extra Arcade Modes and unlocks the next challenge in a set. 
Hence to unlock characters and levels you must get a Silver (but a Gold 
gives all).

-Why play Arcade League?
Because it is the only way to unlock quite a few characters, stages and 
cheats for the multiplayer modes, not to mention training you for the 
story modes, which are quite well done by the way.

-What are Platinums?
Although not officially mentioned, Platinum awards are awards given to 
those who surpass the gold medal requirements by a fairly large margin. 
These margins vary, especially in the Challenge mode of the game (not 
covered in this FAQ). As we have not obtained EVERY Platinum medal, a 
few of these Platinums are approximate calculations based on ones 
received and the basic difference between medal times. 

-Cool, so I got a Platinum. What do I get?
As of now, you unlock nothing that we know of. You will get everything 
that you would get if you got a gold, but nothing else we know of. 
Other than a feeling of acknowledgement of your skills.

*Update: you do get NOTHING for collecting all Platinums. Just that 
sense of self-accomplishment. 


The format I will use is as follows:

-Challenge Name
Character to be used
Strategy for playing the match
Rewards for completion.

************AMATEUR LEAGUE************
The first league available to you when you start, Amateur League 
contains missions that are relatively simple but designed to prepare 
you for the harder leagues. Some missions are slightly hard, but only 
because of the somewhat vague nature of the objectives...

There are 15 challenges divided into five sections. 
-Beginners Series
-Mode Madness
-It's a Blast
-Too Hot to Handle
-Team Series A
Three challenges that are essentially deathmatches with a time limit. 
Meant for you to cut your teeth on.

-Adios Amigos- 
	Everyone was enjoying a siesta at the mission until that dirty 
dog Hector Baboso decided to liven things up. Now everyone's at each 
other's throats! Make 10 kills within 10 minutes for a trophy!
Location: Mexican Mission
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 10 kills 
       Silver: 10 kills in 5 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 10 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 10 kills in 1 min 0.0 sec
Character: Elijah Jones
Strategy: This is a simple deathmatch set in the Mexican Mission. 
Elijah's greatest strength is in his accuracy, so most of your shots 
will hit if you're a good mid-range sniper. The bots' AI is sadly 
lacking, and you have a wide variety of weapons. The Plasma Rifle is a 
good choice. You have the option of running about the level, but it can 
be easy to get lost, so keep your patrol to the large courtyard and the 
adjoining rooms. Most of your enemies will come there looking for a 
kill, so take 'em out.
Rewards: Hector Baboso and lean Molly as playable characters.


	Dr. Peabody left the morgue door open and now zombies are running 
loose all over the Hospital. Visiting time starts in 10 minutes -try to 
kill 15 of the living dead before then.
Location: Hospital
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 15 kills
       Silver: 15 kills in 5 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 15 kills in 3 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 15 kills in 1 min 0.0 sec
Character: Dr. Peabody

Strategy: The Hospital, while having a few large areas (the chapel, and 
some operating rooms), it is mostly a lot of corridors. Grab what 
weapons are available and shoot to kill. The bots shouldn't post too 
much trouble. There are a few health packs scattered about the 
operating rooms, and one in a toilet.
Rewards: Dr. Peabody character, Crypt Zombie character unlocked for 

-Top Shot:
	Prove your authority to the young cadets during combat training! 
Everyone has 6 lives each, but lose them all, and you'll be out of the 
military for good!
Location: Hangar
Mode Type: Elimination
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 1st in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 1st in 1 min 10.0 sec

Character: Sergeant Shock

Strategy: The other bots will attack each other, but you take top 
priority over any one else in their minds. Use the flamethrower at the 
beginning to set everyone ablaze. As they set each other ablaze, they 
will die off, thinning out the pack. Grab the Soviet and some grenades 
if you can, and head to the airplane itself. It's a wide open room, and 
there is some armor between the airplane's tires. Stay here and 
eliminate all who enter. Their aim is lousy at distances, so if they 
approach from a blind angle their shots usually miss and give you a 
warning. This is the hardest mission of all the levels in Arcade League 
to obtain a Platinum on. I kid you not.

Rewards: Sergeant Shock character, Hangar level, and Elimination Arcade 
Mode unlocked for play.

Three more challenges covering a variety of gameplay modes.

-Chastity Chased:
Chastity is honing her combat skills in a simulated shootout against 
Sadako at the compound. Virtual health regenerates so you should hold 
back if you're wounded. The same applies to Sadako, so persevere to 
score kills.

Location: Compound
Mode Type: Regeneration
       Bronze: 10 kills
       Silver: 10 kills in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 10 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 10 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Chastity

Strategy: This is a one-on-one match. Sadako is a wimp, and tends to 
run until she finds a decent weapon. From the start, pick up either the 
Lasergun or the Plasma rifle. The Sci-fi Handgun is too weak to deal 
any real damage. When you get Sadako in your sights, use the Plasma 
rifle to deal out a few shots, and then a grenade. If your aim is dead-
on, the grenade will stick to her, killing her outright if she escapes 
you. If you use, Laser gun, activate alternate fire (the shield) and 
just lay into her until she drops, but it takes longer and if she is 
sent behind a wall she will run. Lather, rinse and repeat. If you find 
yourself turned around, use the radar to seek her out. If you press 
your advantage and never let up, she will die without so much as 
touching you.
Rewards: Regeneration Arcade mode unlocked for play.

-Shrinking from the Cold:
       The Time Portal has caused spacetime anomalies around the Dam. 
People have been shrinking! Lt. Frost, Nikolai and Sgt. Shivers have 
spiced up guard duty by making a game out of it. Remember, you won't 
win if there's anyone bigger than you!
Location: Siberian Dam
Mode Type: Shrink
       Bronze: 10 kills
       Silver: 10 kills in 4 min 30 sec
       Gold: 10 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 10 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Lt.Frost

Strategy: If you have it set to "On" in Preferences, go an switch it 
off now: Auto-Lookahead (when you start moving the camera automatically 
centers your view) is not your friend. At the start of the round, 
everyone is the same, but as you start to kill them, they will get 
REALLY small and will be impossible to hit unless you look down at 
them. As you will be spending a lot of time looking down, having your 
view shift up when you move is not a healthy option. Use the Soviets 
and grenades liberally: the Shotgun is good if they are at close range
Rewards: Shrink Arcade Mode unlocked for play. Nikolai and Shivers tend 
to get really wrapped up when fighting each other, so toss a grenade or 
shoot them both to get easy kills.

-Scrap Metal:
	UltraNet headquarters want this ChassisBot disposed of as quickly 
as possible. Although not heavily armored, it is very agile, so be 
careful! Power drained from the ChassisBot will refresh your EnviroSuit 
batteries -don't let them run down!

Location: Scrapyard
Mode Type: Vampire
       Bronze: 10 kills
       Silver: 10 kills in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 10 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 10 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Female Trooper

Strategy: It's a standard one-on-one deathmatch, but you have an extra 
energy meter at the top of the screen. If the meter drains completely 
at any point in time you will instantly die, so keep killing that bot. 
ChassisBot is fast, but since it wants to kill you, it will come to you 
once in a while. Use whatever weapons you wish to extract your kills 
and come out on top!
Rewards: ChassisBot character and Scrapyard level unlocked for play.

These challenges are highlighted by their explosive weapons.

-Night Shift:
	It's night shift at the factory, and the Machinist is having a 
nap. Time to play! Inject some enthusiasm into the other workers before 
he wakes up. Your health is replenished by damage inflicted so keep up 
a good hit rate to stay alive!

Location: Robot Factory
Mode Type: Leech
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 15 kills
       Gold: 1st and 25 kills 
       Platinum: 1st and 50 kills

Character: R-109

Strategy: A deathmatch, but instead of that red bar on top of the 
screen you have no health powerups in the level: to gain health you 
will have to kill everyone else. R-109's stamina is excellent, so it 
can take a blast or two and still come out on top. Find a good spot 
where you can see a wide area and plug away. Remember to ALWAYS watch 
your back: the last thing you want is to be killed by a SentryBot with 
a rocket launcher while you were engrossed with another one.
Rewards: SentryBot character and Leech Arcade Mode unlocked for play.

-Spoils of War:
	Kills count for nothing in this game, only rewards left behind by 
the dead contenders are worth collecting. Be the first to collect 25 

Location: Ice Station
Mode Type: Thief
       Bronze: 25 points
       Silver: 25 points in 6 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 25 points in 4 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 25 points in 3 min 0.0 sec

Character: Sgt. Cortez

Strategy: As the description says, you can kill a hundred people in 
this level, but if you don't collect the coins they drop, it's all for 
naught. Remember to always look for the coin a dead person drops, even 
yours (if you respawn close enough). The bots also pick up coins but 
sometimes they get distracted and leave whole piles of coins (I once 
saw a whopping 14 coins lying next to each other!) alone. Pick them up! 
It could mean the difference between a gold and a silver...
Rewards: Meezor Mox character and Thief Arcade Mode unlocked for play.

-Demolition Derby:
	There's nothing like high explosives for reducing ChassisBots to 
chassis bits. The game lasts 4 minutes... make sure you come out on top!

Location: Scrapyard
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 15 kills
       Gold: 1st and 25 kills 
       Platinum: 1st and 45 kills

Character: R-109

Strategy: Another deathmatch, same rules apply. You only get explosive 
weapons, so you can't take too much damage before dying. However, they 
can't hit you if you're moving, so stay mobile.  The match will be over 
before you know it.
Rewards: Male Trooper, Female Trooper characters, Robot Factory level, 
and Vampire Arcade Mode unlocked for play.
Three challenges based off of one gameplay mode: Virus.

-Monkey Immolation:
	Those pesky pyromaniac primates have been juggling torches with 
disastrous results! The game ends when everyone is set on avoid 
those frantic furry flamers!

Location: Mexican Mission
Mode Type: Virus
       Bronze: Survive for 0 min 30.0 sec
       Silver: Survive for 1 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: Survive for 2 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: Survive for 3 min 0.0 sec

Character: Venus Starr

Strategy: This level is a little creepy, with the flaming monkeys 
running at you screaming and everything. From the start, head to the 
large courtyard. This is the only place where you will be able to see 
the monkeys easily. If you stay in the corridors, you could turn a 
corner and BAM! Game Over. In the courtyard, go to the building with 
the ladder and climb to the roof, and stand facing the main building. 
If  you see a flaming monkey come out, wait for it to climb the ladder 
(you will see the flames coming up), then take off at full speed (NEVER 
EVER stop) until you reach the fountain and pick up the speed power up. 
From there, run in a large circle round the courtyard (hug the walls as 
you run between the buildings, and go up the ladder, and back to the 
fountain. Pick up the speed powerup as it appears, and use the radar so 
you always know the monkeys' relative positions. Keep running in this 
large circle, and you will survive till the limit. You only get one 
chance, so make it last.
Rewards: Crispin character, Flame Tag Arcade Mode unlocked for play.

-Disco Inferno:
	Lady Jane is busy strutting her stuff in the nightclub, and the 
dance floor is heating up...literally! Avoid the night fever for as long 
as possible!

Location: Nightclub
Mode Type: Virus
       Bronze: Survive for 0 min 30.0 sec
       Silver: Survive for 1 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: Survive for 2 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: Survive for 3 min 0.0 sec

Character: Lady Jane

Strategy: There is no area as large as the Mexican Mission courtyard 
here, so you have to know the layout of this level (play a few times so 
you know it). Your chances are directly linked to how far apart your 
and the flamer spawn (if he spawns next to you, restart). Just stay the 
heck away from everybody and go to places like the stairs outside the 
buildings. This is a good place to keep the flamers busy. Let them 
follow, and then jump down as far as you can go. Go up and repeat until 
victory is yours.
Rewards: Louie Bignose character, Lt. Wild character unlocked for play.

-Burns Department:
	You might want to keep away from the other patients in the 
hospital. There's a nasty hot fever going around... you wouldn't want to 
catch it!

Location: Hospital
Mode Type: Virus
       Bronze: Survive for 1 min 0.0 sec
       Silver: Survive for 1 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: Survive for 2 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: Survive for 3 min 0.0 sec

Character: Viola

Strategy: The previous characters you controlled weren't the fastest 
characters on the block, but now you have Viola, a speedy little 
sprite. The Hospital has so many ways around that it is hard to pick 
any one route. The flamers know this too, so You have to thin on your 
toes. If you can get to a spot where no-one has got to yet and wait 
(like the room overlooking the chapel) you can wait a few valuable 
seconds before they find you. This level has a longer time limit than 
the previous ones, but it is also thankfully the last one like this you 
will have to tackle in the League. Persevere!
Rewards: Undead Priest character, Nightclub level, Virus Arcade Mode 
unlocked for play.

Three challenges designed to test how well you work in a team. My 
favorite type of challenge.

-Club Soda:
	Slick Tommy and Jimmy Needles just knocked over your drink, and 
they're refusing to buy another! Teach them some manners and score 20 
kills before they do. Braces and Marco will back you up.

Location: Nightclub
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 20 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Louie Bignose

Strategy: A team deathmatch, but this time you actually have people 
fighting with you! Let Braces and Marco do their stuff, and you just go 
rack up the kills. Jimmy and Slick don't fare too well in any category, 
so you shouldn't have too much to worry about. The kills are cumulative 
i.e the whole team contributes to the totals. 
Rewards: Slick Tommy character, Jimmy Needles character unlocked for 

-Station Stand:
	A squad of SentryBots are attempting to take over the Ice Station 
asteroid. Team up with the Space Troopers to secure critical locations 
and repel the attack.

Location: Ice Station
Mode Type: Zones
       Bronze: 1000 points
       Silver: 1000 points in 5 min 30 sec
       Gold: 1000 points in 4 min 30 sec 
       Platinum: 1000 points in 3 min 30.0 sec

Character: Female Trooper

Strategy: There are four zones in the area. They are marked by glowing 
circles on the ground. If you run over it, you mark the territory as 
your won. However, the enemy can do the same thing. The meter at the 
top of the screen shows how many zones you control (you are red). There 
is also another meter that indicates time till the next tally. When the 
meter is completely one color, it will add a score to that color's side 
based on how m any zones you control. So, if you control all four zones 
when the meter fills, you get substantially more points than if you had 
only one. Kill the SentryBots and make sure you tag every zone you 
find. Don't spend your time guarding just one zone: your friends also 
tag zones but SentryBots have superior stamina and will overpower them 
without your help.
Rewards: Lt. Shade character, Zones Arcade Mode unlocked for play.

-Men in Grey:
	A bunch of suits have been seen near the Training Grounds 
blockhouse. They've put in some computers and it looks like they might 
be starting a dotcom consultancy business. Hit them hard before they 
try to float the company and pocket the cash!

Location: Training Grounds
Mode Type: Assault
       Bronze: 10 min 0.0 sec
       Silver: 6 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 3 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 1 min 15.0 sec

Character: Private Grass

Strategy: You have to infiltrate the enemy base and destroy their 
computers. Along the way you must complete two objectives: reach the 
waterfall AND destroy the enemy fuel supplies. Don't rely on your 
partner for help: she may destroy an auto-gun or two at the start, but 
she is mainly there to draw fire from you. She will not destroy 
computers or barrels- only you can. Do not waste time killing the bots, 
unless they are in your way. You have to kill them at the start to move 
on, but once you reach the waterfall, you should rarely be killing the 
From the start, pick up the homing launcher under the ramp, then head 
to the next room. Turn right and climb up the brown ramp, picking up 
the extra homing launcher on the way. On the roof, go out to the right 
and destroy the auto-gun in the distance. Once that is done, head down 
and destroy the remaining two auto-guns and then make your way to the 
waterfall. After you make the checkpoint, go up the hill, strafing to 
avoid auto-gun fire. Stick to the left as you pass the auto gun, then 
turn and destroy it from the back (auto-guns face only one way). Now 
you must destroy the fuel supplies. There are two in the main yard, one 
at the far wall (near an entrance to the enemy base), one on the inside 
of a building on the left, one upstairs the demolished building on the 
right. Grab the armor on that floor and then drop off to find the last 
barrel. After you destroy it, you can now go and destroy the enemy 
computer. If you can find one, take a Plasma rifle and enter the enemy 
base. Shoot grenades at EVERY computer, including the monitors. 
Everything must be wrecked before the level will end. If you run out of 
grenades, use the Minigun with alternate fire on (auto-spin), and 
failing that, the Soviet. The Assault Is only useful for killing suits 
at close range.
To get a gold, you MUST have reached the waterfall by 1 min 30 sec 
tops. You MUST have destroyed all barrels by 2 min 30 sec tops. If you 
take longer than that to reach any point, restart. It will take you a 
while to get into the enemy base if you are killed so you need as much 
time as possible.
Rewards: Honorary League, Accountant character, Lawyer character, 
Assault Arcade Mode, and Training Grounds level unlocked for play.

************HONORARY LEAGUE************
More missions to test your gunning skills. The missions here are 
overall a lot tougher than Amateur League (what did you expect?) but if 
you've practiced the Amateur League and got all golds (or better yet, 
platinums!) then you're well equipped to participate.


In case you didn't know, this is a test of your skill sunder the 
Gladiator mode of play. 

-Cold Corpse Caper:
	After dark, the freaks crawl off their slabs and prowl the 
Hospital morgue. Cyberfairy has dropped in to sprinkle some hot lead 
pixie dust and send them back to sleep!
Location: Hospital
Mode Type: Gladiator
       Bronze: 1st overall
       Silver: 1st with 10 kills
       Gold: 1st with 15 kills 
       Platinum: 1st with 35 kills

Character: Cyberfairy
Strategy: Essentially, ONLY the Gladiator's kills count. You can kill 
other people and stuff, but your score will not go up. For that, you 
must find and kill the Gladiator. Then you become the Gladiator. The 
Gladiator is marked on the map by a blue dot, and visually he/she/it 
looks like they are covered in a gold mist (it can be a little 
unsettling to see it at first). Cyberfairy can't take that much damage, 
but she is fast. Find the Gladiator and kill him, then find a good 
weapon and head to a room where you can see every exit with ease. Kill 
everyone who comes for you (and they will, since they want to score 
too). This mission shouldn't be too hard if you're adept at gunning.

Rewards: Cyberfairy character and Gargoyle character unlocked for play.

-Killer Queen:
       "...the monkey wasn't too happy but the lion said he was glad he 
ate her!"
Ha ha ha! The Jungle Queen is sick of what passes for humor round these 
parts. Crack some heads and wipe those silly smiles off their faces.
Location: Aztec Jungle: Exterior
Mode Type: Gladiator
       Bronze: 15 kills
       Silver: 15 kills in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 15 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 15 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Jungle Queen
Strategy: Gladiator, but you have to kill a certain amount of people 
before time runs out! There is some armor at the end of an alcove 
across the rope bridge. Get it. Most of the bots run around in the area 
with all the poles and the tunnels thereabout. Patrol that area for the 
most kill opportunities...

Rewards: Leo Krupps character unlocked for play.

-R-109 Beta:
	The latest run of R-109 prototypes is being combat tested. The 
most lethal unit will receive a command firmware upgrade. Demonstrate 
that you are the best.

Location: Ice Station
Mode Type: Gladiator
       Bronze: 15 kills and 1st overall
       Silver: 25 kills
       Gold: 40 kills 
       Platinum: 45 kills

Character: R-109
Strategy: The last of the Gladiator missions. It is also one of the 
hardest to get a decent score on. The only weapons you have are 
explosive rockets and homing launchers! So one good hit and you have to 
find the Gladiator again. To get a good score, head into the tunnels. 
There is a three-way "T" intersection that has a spawn point for a 
Homing Launcher, grab it and stay there. Monitor all three paths using 
your radar so that you get the first shot on approaching enemies, and 
just take 'em out. They'll flock to you, so don't get excited and leave 
the area, you need to keep getting those Homing Launchers so you can 
nail enemies around the corners of the tunnel. 
If the enemies don't spawn close enough, or take their time meandering 
around the level before coming to you, there's really nothing you can 
do about it except for leaving your position... but that affects the 
strategy at hand. Keep at it and you'll get platinum with minimal 
effort, and a lot less stress than running across the whole level 
trying to make your kill count in time.

Rewards: Ufopia Arcade Level, Gladiator Arcade Mode unlocked for play.


Two missions based on Elimination. You know the drill. The last is 
Monkey Assistant.

-Baking for the Taking:
	Chef's baked up nine delicious gingerbread fortune cookies. Looks 
like he used too much raising agent - they're running away!

Location: Chinese Restaraunt 
Mode Type: Elimination
       Bronze: 1st overall
       Silver: 1st in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 1st in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 1st in 2 min 0.0 sec

Character: Chinese Chef
Strategy: You get Miniguns for this level. There are lots of 
Gingerbread Men, and their combined firepower will put you down for 
good fairly fast. The key here is to camp and let them come to you. 
Good places are in the basement (the large room with the health 
powerup) and in the kitchen (farthest corner from all the doors). The 
basement is better because it has a handy Minigun spawn point close by, 
and the health powerup. The Gingerbreads also only spawn from the 
direction of the stairs, meaning they only come in that way. Sit there 
and mow down any of them that come in.

Rewards: Chinese Chef character, Gingerbread Man character unlocked for 

-Brace Yourself:
	It had to happen. Braces just caught Louis Bignose and Jimmy 
Needles badmouthing him in front of Big Tony. Doity rats! Now they're 
gonna pay, see?

Location: Nightclub
Mode Type: Elimination
       Bronze: 1st overall
       Silver: 1st in 2 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 1st in 1 min 45.0 sec 
       Platinum: 1st in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Braces
Strategy: Like the Chinese Restaurant, the easiest way to win this is 
to camp and let them come to you. Several places allow for this. There 
is an area with a lot of walls with glass windows and weird hallways 
(the entrance to the club if you play Chicago in Story mode). There is 
a weapon spawn there. Shoot them as they come. 

Rewards: Braces character unlocked for play.

-Starship Whoopers:
	Hank, R-109, and Gretel II are helping Candi learn advanced 
combat techniques. During the lesson, prototype space monkeys will be 
beamed in to help the weakest player. Never a dull day in the Academy!

Location: Scrapyard
Mode Type: Monkey Assistant
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 15 kills
       Gold: 1st and 25 kills 
       Platinum: 1st and 30 kills

Character: Candi Skyler
Strategy: Starts out as a basic deathmatch, but after a certain point, 
the player with the lowest score gets a number of monkeys packing the 
strongest heat in the level will beam in and help to even the score. 
Once they kill the leading player or are killed themselves they will 
leave the match for a short while. And every kill they make goes to the 
lowest player's score.

This battle is not in your favor (when are they ever meant to be?) so 
make sure you are skilled at using rockets to kill. Basic Rockets work 
best with splash damage, so aim them down at the ground for best 
results. Grab Homing Launchers when you can find them and kill as many 
as you can, since they home in, splash isn't as critical. You want to 
be the 1st overall, so you don't want monkeys helping you. And don't 
count on killing monkeys to help boost your score: they don't count. 
Focus on the real bots for kills.

Rewards: Monkey Assistant Arcade Mode unlocked for play.

Liberal use of Flamethrowers (Burns) and Rockets (Bangs) mark these 

-Chinese Burns:
	The Chinese Chef insists on only the freshest ingredients. Looks 
like he got more than he bargained for with the latest air freighted 
shipment of Calamari - they leapt straight out of the pan and are now 
trying to flambe him!

Location: Chinese Restaurant
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 20 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Chinese Chef
Strategy: You get Flamethrowers and no way to put yourself out (except 
if you run into the pond), so try not to get burnt. Their range seems 
to be a little shorter than yours, so try to run and fry at the same 
time. Camping can help but it doesn't always work. And if you ARE set 
ablaze, set as many Calamari as you can ablaze before you put it out. 
That way, they die too, and you get the kills.

Alternate strategy: Stick to the pond and kill there. However, you may 
or may not get a Platinum that way, depending on how long the Calamari 
take getting there.
Rewards: Calamari character unlocked for play.

-Snow Business:
	All the children love a Snowman...well, nearly all the children. 
The Machinist and his twisted siblings like nothing better than 
torching their chilly chums. Frosty's nose isn't just shiny - it's 
dripping with gasoline! Anyone got a match?

Location: Ice Station
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 3 min 15.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 20 kills in 1 min 45.0 sec

Character: Machinist
Strategy: More Flamethrower fun. This is tougher than the Chinese one 
because Machinist, despite the fact that he is a machine (and they 
shouldn't catch fire - then again, he was human) can catch fire, and he 
burns FAST. I cannot stress how fast your character will die if he 
catches on fire. Your flamethrower range is a little bit longer than 
theirs, but try to stick them from the sides, so they don't get you. 
And if you catch on fire, set another Snowman on fire before you die. 
Friendly fire is on, so don't set your teammate on fire!

Rewards: Snowman character unlocked for play.

-Rocket Man:
	Sergio loves to visit the Streets at night! He relishes the feel 
of the cold snowy air gusting through his loincloth as he scampers up 
and down. But most of all he loves to show off with his rocket launcher 
in front of the lovely ladies...

Location: Streets
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 40 kills
       Silver: 40 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 40 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 40 kills in 1 min 5.0 sec

Character: Sergio
Strategy: This mission can be delightfully easy or a complete nightmare 
depending on how the bots approach you. You only have rockets for this 
one too. If you can get a Homing Launcher, then take the battle to the 
Streets. If not, grab a Rocket launcher and camp in one of the lit 
stairwells (which are narrower than the dark ones). Aim at the door and 
shoot all who try to get in. If one or two get on the stairs, shot them 
but focus on the door. You will get the kills in time, but getting a 
Platinum seems to be more luck than skill.

Rewards: Venus Starr character unlocked for play.


Pffft. You're always outnumbered in these Leagues. But these bots are a 
little tougher than those you've faced thus far...

-Someone Has Got To Pay:
	Big Tony's been having some discrete hair transplant work done 
down at the Hospital. But in an anesthetic-induced daze he thinks that 
some giant ducks are after his new thatch to feather their nests! Help 
him out by whacking dem malicious mallards.
Location: Hospital
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 40 kills
       Silver: 50 kills
       Gold: 60 kills 
       Platinum: 70 kills

Character: Big Tony
Strategy: Just you and a whole lotta ducks. To survive this freakish 
acid trip, head to the balcony overlooking the chapel. There is a 
Shotgun x2 spawn there. Only one way in. Sit facing the door and blast 
anything that comes in. Pick up ammo as needed. If they kill you, go 
back there. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Do NOT go around chasing ducks. 
Shotguns will rip out large chunks of your health very fast, and they 
love to surround you.

Rewards: Duckman Drake character unlocked for play.

-Time to Split:
	Krayola thought her tattoos and piercings were pretty freaky 
until the Scourge Splitters turned up at the compound. Show them that 
there's more to it than just looking hard...

Location: Compound
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 15 kills
       Silver: 15 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 15 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec 
       Platinum: 15 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec

Character: Krayola
Strategy: You versus two Scourge Splitters. These guys have very high 
stamina, and their weapons do way more damage than yours. Lots of 
containers for them to hide behind, and they always attack from two 
directions. What to do, what to do...

Head into one of the buildings with a SBP90 x2 spawn point and one door 
going out. Sit there and wait for the Splitters to cram the doorway. 
Then mow them down. They will spawn and come back. Repeat until the 
medal is yours.

Rewards: Barby Gimp character, Scourge Splitter character unlocked for 

-Can't Handle This:
	Welcome to Hatchet Sal's cheese-induced nightmare. Well, at least 
we know what Big Tony's left-hand man looks like. Just goes to show, if 
you mutilate people for a living you've got to expect to lose some 

Location: Nightclub
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 40 kills
       Silver: 40 kills in 3 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 40 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 40 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec

Character: Hatchet Sal
Strategy: It would have been more of a nightmare if the wall were 
psychedelic and the guns were ducks that sounded like kazoos when you 
shot them, but hey, I didn't make the game. ^_^ The Handymen possess 
superior weapons right from the spawn (their weapons fire faster and 
later they all seem to have Tommyguns) and they almost always attack in 
a pack. You will NOT win if you go up against any of them with a 
pistol. Never. While you plug away at one, another comes behind and 
caps you. Head to the Tommygun x2 point discussed earlier in the Brace 
Yourself Scenario (Elimination Series, Honorary League). Sit there and 
shoot all that enter.
This mission is hard if you run around trying to chase them down. It 
very rarely ever works. Remember that.

Rewards: Chasm Arcade Level, Handyman character, Hatchet Sal character 
unlocked for play.


More team-based mayhem, including another Assault level for your 
storming pleasure.

-Hack a Hacker:
	Sadako's gang have been selling warez down at the Compound. It's 
time for the anti-piracy riot squad to instigate a crackdown. They made 
20 illegal copies - so kill them 20 times!

Location: Compound
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 1 min 40.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 1 min 20.0 sec 
       Platinum: 20 kills in 1 min 0.0 sec

Character: Riot Officer
Strategy: You get some Riot Officers in your group to help you out. As 
usual, let your teammates do their stuff and you work on racking up the 
kills. Move around for this one. As there are more targets overall, if 
you camp you will not get the required kills in time.

Rewards: Krayola character, Milkbaby character unlocked for play.

-Rice Cracker Rush:
	Ghost and a crack team of pacifist Monks are taking on the Riot 
Squad in a running Streets battle for some bags of munchies. The Monks 
are riding a heady sugar rush after a rice cracker binge and are pretty 
wired. So much for non-violent protest!

Location: Streets
Mode Type: Capture the Bag
       Bronze: 5
       Silver: 5 in 5 m in 0.0 sec
       Gold: 5 in 4 min 0.0 sec 

Character: Ghost
Strategy: Your teammates will not capture the bag. Ever. They will 
guard their side and secure their bag if they can, but they will never 
venture into the enemy base and grab the bag. EVER. So you and you 
alone must get their bag and return to score.

From the start, grab the cloak powerup and and head through the 
building to the left. Grab the armor and find your way to the enemy 
side at maximum speed (if you follow the street you'll get there). Grab 
the bag and return to the base post haste. Do NOT fire at anyone or 
anything until you score the bag (exception below). Once you score, go 
back and repeat (the cloak powerup takes a while to respawn so just go 
normally and get it). Use lots of sidesteps to avoid gunfire.

However, if the enemy gets your bag, you must kill him and return the 
bag. You CANNOT score if the enemy has your bag, and he can't either. 
If he returns to base you are in a whole lot of trouble. He will NOT 
come back to kill you, but he will remain directly on the score spot, 
idly sitting there. You must venture BACK, carrying the enemy bag and 
kill the guy to claim your bag. More often than not, this results in 
your getting killed first, leaving your bag free for a quick score. To 
avoid this, remember that the enemy team never carries the bag through 
the streets, but through the buildings. Find their route and stop them 

*slight correction: It does seem that your teammates do occasionally 
get the bag, but they usually get shot before they get back to base 
with it. 

Rewards: Riot Officer character, The Master character unlocked for 

-Superfly Lady:
	Khallos is hoping to escape in his evil leer jet - but typically 
he has forgotten to fuel it up. If Kitten can just manage to beat off 
the henchmen and blow their barrels then his evil flight plans will be 
foiled once again...
Mode Type: 
       Bronze: 6 min 0.0 sec
       Silver: 3 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 2 min 0.0 sec 
       Platinum: 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Kitten Celeste
Strategy: You must destroy all the sentry guns on the main floor, then 
activate the hangar door, then destroy all the fuel barrels in the main 

From the start, destroy the two hanging guns with your double pistols, 
and then grab the Soviet guns where the hanging guns were. Toss a 
grenade or two at the ground gun straight ahead, then grenade the two 
ground guns guarding the door. 
Once you pass through the door, get around the gun on the crate and 
destroy it from the back (it can't turn that far round). Then destroy 
the ground guns with grenades. Get behind the two hanging guns and 
shoot them from the back. Once you destroy those, you should have 
completed that objective. Your new objective will flash on screen: 
"Open Hangar Door."

To open the door, from where you destroyed the last guns, head up the 
stairs on the right. Grab the Lasergun and head to the balcony. On the 
right wall, you will see a switch. Activate it and the objective is 
complete. Drop through the hole in the floor and head back to the 
stairs. Enter the new door on the right.

Now you must destroy 3 fuel barrels. They are all located between the 
tires of the plane. If you can't see them, then go behind the tires to 
see them. Shoot them all to end the mission.

Rewards: Elite League, Hangar Assault Level unlocked for play.

The final run of challenges in Arcade League. They are annoying, tough, 
hard, and designed to have you pulling your hair out if you can't solve 
'em. You ready? 


Three missions, all exercises in hit and run tactics.

-Babes in the Woods:
		Harry Tipper, alone in the Aztec Jungle, with a bunch of 
gorgeous young ladies... with his reputation? Has no one thought of the 
consequences? Just keep your bow in hand Tipper, and don't be getting 
shrunk just so you can look up their skirts!

Location: Aztec Ruins Exterior
Mode Type: Shrink
       Bronze: Place 1st 
       Silver: 15 kills and 1st
       Gold: 20 kills and 1st
       Platinum: 25 kills and 1st

Character: Harry Tipper

Strategy: You versus a whole lotta Jo-Beth Caseys (the younger sister 
of Mary-Beth Casey, the cheerleader from that infernal Mansion level in 
TS1). One hit will kill any character in this level, including you. 
Getting armor means nothing, if you get hit anywhere Tipper's dead. 
Make sure your shots are always the first off and you'll survive. The 
Aztec level is very confusing with its narrow corridors, and if you're 
surrounded it can be annoying. More often than not, luck plays a high 
factor in surviving, as you may spawn near an unarmed enemy, or you may 
spawn right in the middle of a firefight. If you see two or three of 
them fighting each other, kill them quickly! And as you kill a lot of 
them, they begin to shrink, making them harder to hit, so Auto-
Lookahead is a bad idea here.

Rewards: Jo-Beth character unlocked for play.

-Double Bill:
		Big Tony thought he was on to a winner when he booked the 
King and the Beetles to play a gig at the famous Chasm club. Imagine 
his surprise when these jokers showed up! And paid in advance! Needless 
to say, Tony wants his money back.

Location: Chasm
Mode Type: Thief
       Bronze: 20
       Silver: 20 in 4 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 20 in 3 min 30.0 sec
       Platinum: 20 in 2 min 30.0 sec
Character: Big Tony

Strategy: Thief rules apply: Pick up all the tokens dropped by dead 
guys, yours included if you find 'em. You get shotguns as the main 
weapon here, so spread damage is good. Remember, one shot kills. Try 
keeping to the bridges. The bots tend to run across them a lot, so you 
should be able to pick several in a short while. The bots also tend to 
leave coins lying around, so keep an eye open for those.

Rewards: Beetleman character and The Impersonator character unlocked 
for play.

- Nikki Jinki Bricky:
		Nikki and Jinki have taken over the Chinese restaurant. But 
it is haunted by the restless spirits who hit themselves on the head 
with bricks while trying to master the Brick Flung High challenge from 
the original TimeSplitters! Help your sister lay their souls to rest!

Location: Chinese Restaurant
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 20 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Character: Nikki

Strategy: Your sister can be an ace assassin or an absolute idiot 
depending on how the computer plays her, but rest assured that she will 
handle her own problems. You, on the other hand, have a lot of Crypt 
Zombies to handle. Your success depends a lot on your ability to use 
the bricks dual modes of fire. Do not stand in one spot: the zombies 
have spent eons mastering bricks and know how to ricochet them at you. 
Strafe and use the primary to deal with close range zombies. Secondary 
tackles those further zombies. Luck also plays a critical role. 
Sometimes you will barley find a zombie to kill, other times there will 
be so many that they will overwhelm you. A very good spot to fight 
zombies is in the kitchen basement: there is a brick refresh spot there 
and the zombies will only approach from the stairs. Unless they were 
running around down there for some reason.

Rewards: Nikki character, Jinki character unlocked for play.

 A series of one-on-one bouts with enemies who have notoriously greater 
stamina than usual.

-If I'm Ugly - You Smell!
	Mikey told Jared that his center parting made him look like a 
water buffalo so then Jared told Mikey that he looked like one. There's 
only one way to settle a difference of opinion out West- a good ol' 
shootout! Yeehaw! Get yer guns!

Location: Mexican Mission
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 3 lives
       Gold: 1st and 4 lives
       Platinum: 1st and 5 lives

Character: Jared Slim

Strategy: You start out in the courtyard. Mikey takes on average about 
4-5 shots to go down, and you only take about 3, so he has a 
significant advantage. He tends to go after the double pistols, so if 
you can find some before he does, then kill him. If not, then you must 
kill him and obtain his weapons. If you can do it, then he will die a 
lot faster. This mission isn't too tough, but getting through it 
without dying once can be annoying. Mikey must be killed a total of 5 
times before the mission ends.

Rewards: Mikey Two-guns character, Jared Slim character unlocked for 

-Golem Guru
	Two years have passed down at the Site and the building still 
isn't finished! The reason? A mass of discarded hardcore ahs come to 
life and chased all of the builders away. Only the lightning reflexes 
and guile of the Master can finally lay the Golem to rest.
Location: The Site
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 3 lives
       Gold: 1st and 4 lives
       Platinum: 1st and 5 lives

Character: The Master

Strategy: You get an assortment of weapons from Shotguns to Grenade 
Launchers to both normal and homing Rockets. To put it simply: you WILL 
NOT win if you attempt to go head to head with the Golem. He has 
stamina that puts even the dreaded Splitters to shame. The Master has 
next to nothing in terms of health, and three shotgun shots will do him 
in. If you get set on fire, there is no way to put it out, so it serves 
you to pick up the Grenade launchers so the Golem can't use them. The 
Golem can't be set on fire. Don't try to fight him in the open, he can 
easily dodge your shots if he wants to. He does, however, tend to stand 
in front of you when he reloads, leaving him open.

To tackle this stony customer, obtain the homing launcher on the 
scaffolding on the second floor (take the stairs up the second floor 
and go the scaffolding on the left. You will see the launcher there. 
Maneuver there and get it). On your way down, grab the normal rocket 
launcher under the stairs and by the sewer entrance. Enter the sewers 
and go to an intersection. When the Golem tries to approach, let him 
have two bursts of secondary rocket fire (either homing or normal). If 
all rockets are dead on, the Golem should drop instantly. If you need 
it, grab some more ammo or health and then return to the sewers. If you 
master this technique, you should get a Platinum in no time.

Rewards: Fat Characters cheat, Kypriss character unlocked for play.

-Golden Thighs
	Kitten Celeste is pretty miffed 'cause Harry Tipper has been 
spending rather too much time in the company of the Jungle Queen. 
Kitten says too many muscles look bad on a lady and her tan's fake 
anyway. So it looks like it's a catfight at the Dam!

Location: Siberia
Mode Type: Deathmatch 
       Bronze: 5 kills
       Silver: 5 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 5 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 5 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec
Character: Kitten Celeste

Strategy: You don't get the benefit of rockets or sewers or anything 
like that here. Grab the Soviets w/ grenades and lure her into entering 
a building while you're outside. When she does enter, shoot grenades 
through the windows to kill her. She has more health than you, so 
straight up fighting will not win.

Rewards: High Priest character, Aztec Warrior character unlocked for 


Three matches played at the "Frantic" setting of Arcade mode. That 
means they are really fast!

-Hangar Hat's Off!:
	The Henchmen think they're hard enough to beat a Special Forces'
Team in a shootout down at the old Hangar. They need to be taught a 
lesson. Professional soldiers don't prance around dressed like bananas 
- and baseball caps and IR goggles are so 90's...

Location: Hangar
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 30 kills
       Silver: 30 kills in 2 m in 0.0 sec
       Gold: 30 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec
       Platinum: 30 kills in 1 min 15.0 sec
Character: Sgt. Shock

Strategy: This is similar to Top Shot, but you have more people to help 
you. Simply put, you can't expect to get a platinum without your 
teammates' help. You can go around and hunt the Henchmen down. But you 
will waste needless time as they tend to spawn mainly around the main 
hangar itself. Stick to that area and th adjoining rooms to score as 
many kills as possible. The Lasergun is one of the best weapons for 
this scenario, as the thread lasers can sometimes kill in one shot and 
it has the handy shield secondary function. If luck is on your side, 
you will see lots of henchmen in time to score that gold (or plat).

Rewards: Henchman character, Dark Henchman character unlocked for play.

-Can't Please Everyone:
	The Hospital needs redecorating. The Maidens like the idea of a 
cheerful red but the Priests are dead set on blue. Test out your color 
schemes in key rooms to see what would be best.

Location: Hospital
Mode Type: Zones
       Bronze: 800 
       Silver: 800 in 4 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 800 in 3 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 800 in 2 min 30.0 sec
Character: Maiden

Strategy: Zone rules apply here. Secure as many zones as long as 
possible to maximize points. The maiden isn't designed to take damage, 
and if you get in a firefight with a Priest she will more than likely 
die first. However, her speed advantage over the Priests will help you 
score more zones on average. Tempting though it may be, unless you know 
this level by heart and can get from zone to zone with no problem, 
guard two or three zones rather than try to secure every one. Your 
fellow Maidens will secure zones and fight as well, but their behaviour 
can be annoying erratic.

Rewards: Maiden character, Changeling character unlocked for play.

-Big Top Blowout:
	There's been unrest at the Circus since Stumpy hammered a tent 
peg up Mr. Giggles' nose as part of last night's show. Mischief has 
cracked open a case of Homing Rocket Launchers and now it's every freak 
for themselves!

Location: Circus
Mode Type: Deathmatch
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 25 kills
       Gold: 1st and 35 kills
       Platinum: 1st and 45 kills
Character: Ringmistress

Strategy: You and a whole lot of clowns in a circus. With Homing 
Launchers. The Circus level is divided into three big tents, which is 
where most of the action will be. The outside areas and the stables do 
get some play, but not nearly as much as the tents. Always check the 
tents for fighting clowns and take them out first. Try not to stay in 
the open, and if you see a missile coming for you, hug the walls so the 
missile detonates on it. You may take damage but it beats dying 
instantly. These guys are fast, much faster than you have previously 
seen in any deathmatches (but what do you expect from a Frantic 

Rewards: Mister Giggles character, Stumpy character unlocked for play.


More team-based goodness, with one that will especially drive you nuts.

-Bags of Fun:
	When Cortez and Hart aren't knocking seven bells out of the 
TimeSplitters they like to invite them over to the Ice Station for a 
friendly game of capture the bag. The TimeSplitters are inclined to 
take it a bit too seriously...
Location: Ice Station
Mode Type: Capture the Bag
       Bronze: 3 bags better
       Silver: 5 bags better
       Gold: 7 bags better
       Platinum: 10 bags better
Character: Corporal Hart

Strategy: This level is hard. Very hard. And it also has a glitch that 
may infuriate you beyond belief. So be very careful when attempting 
this one. Cortez will defend the base and capture the bag every so 
often, but the Splitters are so many and so well armed that it will be 
rare he gets the chance to do anything but defend. So you're the 
designated attacker. Fro eth start, go out the right side of the tower 
and grab the rocket launcher and speed power-up. Make your way to their 
base (the platform with no ice at the edge of the level) and grab their 
bag. Once you make it to your base (the cap point is at the top of your 
base, so go up the stairs), head left and grab the speed power-up and 
half-armor on the outside as you head to their bag. Once you cap the 
bag, go and get the rocket launcher, and repeat. If you see anyone with 
your bag, kill them with rockets and return your bag. Pronto. If they 
should get back to base you'll have to do it again with the bag in 
hand. Waste of time and could lead to you losing a point. Your score 
must be at least 3 bags better than theirs to move on. And on a final 
note, to avoid getting any glitches, avoid scoring when time expires.

Rewards: Big Hands Cheat, Slow Deaths Cheat, Ringmistress character 
unlocked for play.

-They're Not Pets!:
	Mr. Giggles and Stumpy ordered a bunch of Baby Drones 'Splitters 
off the Internet. When they arrived they bit the Bear's nose and ripped 
off Lola's costume. The Ringmistress is not pleased - she wants rid of 
them! Watch out for the Bear though, he's pretty mad.
Location: Circus
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 1st
       Silver: 1st and 30 kills
       Gold: 1st and 40 kills
       Platinum: 1st and 55 kills

Character: Mister Giggles

Strategy: Stumpy and Giggles versus a bunch of Baby Drone Splitters and 
one really ticked off Bear. You have to score 40 kills before anyone 
else does, and Stumpy won't be doing that well at first. Grab whatever 
weapons you can and do what comes naturally. The bear is a tad stronger 
than the Baby Drones, so be careful when fighting him. He's a wild 
card: he may fight you, or he may fight the Baby Drones. But his kills 
are his own. 

Rewards: Bear character, Baby Drone character unlocked for play.

-Nice Threads:
	United only by a passion for dressing up in silly costumes, R-107 
and Leo Krupps join forces to storm the Scrapyard Control Room. It's a 
death-defying assault against the SentryBots - but watch out for those 
thread lasers Leo! Oops, too late...

Location: Scrapyard
Mode Type: Assault
       Bronze: 15 min 0.0 sec
       Silver: 10 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 5 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 2 min 13.0 sec

Character: R-107

Strategy: This is going to be the most frustrating level in the game if 
you try to do it the obvious way: destroy everything. Unlike Men In 
Gray and Superfly Lady, Nice Threads does not require that you destroy 
objects to move on: you must simply get to a different point every 
time. However, that is easier said than done. In my experience, you are 
on your own: Leo may be your partner, but all he does is draw fire. He 
seems more content back flipping and chasing SentryBots than actually 
doing any real assaulting. 

From the start, you are given your first objective: Breach the Airlock. 
Move left and obtain the Lasergun. From there, move all the way to the 
right of the level and move forward. There are several SentryBots 
(heavily armored and packing Sci-Fi Autorifles with grenades) and 
autoguns (which shoot fully-charged thread lasers all the time) which 
will be aiming to stop you cold. When you are about halfway to the 
door, either run like hell with the secondary fire of the Lasergun 
(shield) or equip the shield and shoot out the autoguns. If you dally 
either way, your guy will die and you have to start al over again. Do 
not bother attacking the SentryBots.

Once you make it into the first door, run into the next room and go to 
the door on the right. You will get a message saying that the Airlock 
Breach is successful. Henceforth, until you complete your next 
objective you will respawn here, not out in the yard (so no more thread 

Go as fast as you can down the hall, and strafe past the first laser 
turret with your shield up to avoid taking damage. When you get to the 
large square room with all the laser turrets, strafe past (with your 
shield up) each of the open sections that expose you to a shot from the 
turrets. Getting this part down may take a few tries, you'll have to 
learn the sweet spot for positioning your shield so that it sbsorbs the 
thread lasers. You may get hit a few times, but not enough to warrant 
any hesitation on your part, keep moving down and around this room. 
When you come to the corner that leads into the cooling tank area, 
strafe in and out of the doorway once to trigger the rocket turret 
directly in front of you to fire..... and miss. As soon as it misses, 
run around that corner, stick to the far right side of the walkway so 
that the other rockets it fires miss too, and take the second right. 
Run forward and up the stairs, down the hall, grab the shield and 
proceed forward to trigger the second objective's completion. 
***** If you die before triggering the second checkpoint, or if you 
encounter any Sentry Bots which have respawned in front of you, 
restart. If you make it up to this point without any bot 
confrontations, and without losing a life, you will be free to die a 
few times while trying to get the last leg of this level completed. 
When you enter the room with the two rocket turrets (one in front of 
you and one behind you), dodge right and then left to get through 
without getting blasted. Continue through, when you get to the part 
with the long grate walkway that "T's" off at the end, go to the right. 
The turret to the left (which will be behind you when you turn right 
into the hallway) will begin firing at you, either strafe left and 
right as you're running forward, or let it hit you in the back to push 
you along faster if you still have a lot of health. 
The next room has two turrets, one up and to the right, and one up and 
to the left. As soon as you get into this room, run forward and strafe 
right top to avoid getting hit, get around the middle section and enter 
the door straight ahead of you (on the same wall that the turrets are 
mounted on). 
When you see a branch of the hallway that turns dark blue in color 
(same as the cooling tank room) and see stairs on the right, going up, 
take them and then take the left immediately after. There will be 
another small set of stairs to the right with a laser turret mounted up 
above them, take those stairs while strafing left to avoid dying from 
the thread laser and head left down the little dead-end to the control 
room to trigger the level's completion. 
This level can be done in less than 1:30.0, as one can die 4 or 5 times 
after completing the second objective, so there's definitely room to 

Rewards: Scrapyard Assault Level unlocked for play


The final set of missions. Can you guess what they're based on?

-Aztec the Dino Hunter:
	Aztec Warrior just loves to hunt dinosaurs! The Aztec Priest has 
tried to convince him otherwise by explaining all of the ethical and 
ecological reasons which make it a morally questionable activity. Aztec 
Warrior ignores him, he says that the Priest's just a cerebral bore...
Mode Type: 
       Bronze: 45 kills
       Silver: 60 kills
       Gold: 70 kills
       Platinum: 90 kills

Character: Aztec Warrior

Strategy: Turok the Dinosaur Hunter, if you didn't get it. You have to 
score a massive amount of kills before time is up, and most annoying of 
all, you don't get the benefit of an on screen score display. To get a 
good score you must consistently kill dinosaurs without a break: if not 
you may finish the level only to find that you are one or two short of 
that elusive medal.  Tha key is not to get lost in the level. Find the 
intersections that are heavily trafficked (like that area with the pond 
and the long bridge) and kill everything that moves. And try not t o 
get your character killed: time lost means kills lost.

Rewards: Dinosaur character unlocked for play.

-Half Death:
	The Scientist have been experimenting with reactor cores and 
anomalous materials with the usual results - a trans-dimensional rift 
with aliens running amok. The marines have been sent in to shoot 
anything that moves. That includes you, Dr. Peabody!

Location: Hangar
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills 
       Silver: 20 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec
       Platinum: 20 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec
Character: Dr. Peabody

Strategy: There is no way you couldn't have guessed this if you even 
looked at an FPS. No way. But for those who don't know, it's Half Life. 
You have the aliens, the marines and you. Well, technically there is 
another scientist on your teams, but he plays like a moron and only 
serves to help raise the other teams' scores. In essence, you alone 
must score 20 kills against greater odds than ever. Use the explosive 
power of the Autorifle and the Soviets to decimate packs of marines, 
and never let any teams get more than 5 kills ahead of you, or it may 
be impossible to gain the lead again.

Rewards: Drone Splitter character unlocked for play.

-Dread Fraction:
	The miners of the Ulcer Corp. are dying of a strange Pox and the 
company executives are running a cynical sweepstakes on the mortarlity 
figures - "Guess the Dread Fraction". The miners with the Pox are 
revolting, none more so than Jebediah Crump!

Location: Chasm
Mode Type: Team Deathmatch
       Bronze: 20 kills
       Silver: 20 kills in 4 min 30.0 sec
       Gold: 20 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec
       Platinum: 20 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec
Character: Jebediah Crump

Strategy: Red Faction. Get it? It's just you and about 8 Space Troopers 
in the Chasm. These guys possess amazing stamina and you do not. The 
only way to get through this level is not to get lost. Find the Flame 
thrower, Rocket launcher and SBP-90 x2 locations as soon as you can: 
these are your best bet to complete the level. You can choose to go the 
safe route by burning the Troops, then shooting them till they die, or 
you can hide in a corner and bombard them with rockets or machinegun 
fire as they blunder into view. Either way, it's not going to be easy. 
It may take you several tries to get it right, but if you can 
consistently get headshots the matches will go faster. Just don't run 
around chasing them or you may get trapped in a corridor on both sides 
getting plugged by rocket fire. 

Rewards: Small Heads cheat, Jebediah Crump character unlocked for play.

Congratulations! You have just completed Arcade League!


Thanks go to these people for their help with this FAQ!

-Psycold, Wulf2k and Majic2002 for a lot of help determining Platinum 
times and Psycold's strategy for completing R-109 Beta and especially 
Nice Threads.

-Ryan Fritsch for his tips on finishing Monkey Immolation and Disco 
Inferno with time to spare.

-Sermad for his detailed tips on the game. 

-The countless people who kept emailing me with tips and ideas, and 
gettingf me to finally complete this FAQ. Sorry about that.

-GameFaqs and SPOnG for being the best hosts they can be.

-All the hundreds of people who emailed me telling me what a dolt I was 
for not putting Platinums in there right away (hey, I needed more info 
before I put them in there!).

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