Neo Tokyo (Hard) Walkthrough by acidslayer57

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Timesplitters 2 Neo Tokyo Hard Guide
for Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox
Written by acidslayer57
Version 1.01

Table of Contents
2.0...The Walkthrough
 2.1...The Beginning
 2.2...The Mid-Game
 2.3...The Finish
3.0...Neo Tokyo Weapons
4.0...Neo Tokyo Extras

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I know that Neo Tokyo us not typically a hard level that people get
stuck on in Timesplitters 2, but I have heard of some complaining about
this level on the boards earlier. Also, this level can be quite hard,
and in most cases is due to the small amount of ammunition, stealth,
and shooting combination of this level.

This guide will help you overcome all of that. It took me quite awhile
to overcome Neo Tokyo in hard mode and lots of practice. Fortunately, I
tell you it is possible and with constant effort, you will beat it. For
those of you that resort to this guide for help, I will assume that you
have skills in Timesplitters 2 to beat Easy Mode and Normal Mode fully.
Also, I assume you have beat all of the previous levels on hard before
this one, so you know what to expect in Hard Mode. Lastly, I will expect
you to have a good idea of the map due to previous encounters with this

Now I present to you the....

2.0...The Walkthrough

Okay, This is it, the moment you will beat Neo Tokyo on hard. This guide
might not be enough though. The level requires practice and knowledge
for what kind of things to expect. First I will tell you the objectives
for the level.

Note that normal objectives are the objectives that you will receive in
the beginning of the mission and new objectives are objectives that you
will receive in the middle of gameplay.

Objective 1. Follow the hacker to the research facility.
New objective 1. Gain the hacker's password.
Objective 2. Gather evidence of Timesplitter Machine.
New objective 3. Upload evidence to police server.
New objective 2. Deactivate the Timesplitter Machine.
Objective 4. Retrieve the time crystal.
New objective 3. Kill Sadako.
New objective 4. Escape through the time portal.

Here it goes:

2.1...The Beginning

Let's get this straight. You're on a platform next to the train with
no gun and a cloaked hacker is the person you need to concentrate on.
The beginning involves anything that has to do with the stealth at the
beginning of the game up to when you breech he base. This is the easiest

Immediately when you start the level, fall off the side of the platform.
You may be seen by the camera(s) for a split second, but not enough to
make the alarm go off if you go under the platform you were just on. Now
from under there, you need to go straight to the place where the four
silenced pistols and two sniper rifles reside. That is the area near the
stairs. Be cautious though, if you go to fast (and you will once you get
the hang of it) the hacker can see you below floors and she will shoot
at you. Punch out the glass and collect all of your new weapons.

When you have the new weapons in your arsenal, go up the stairs and
make sure the hacker has already passed by looking at your uplink.
The red dot is her, be sure not to get in her way. When you are at the
top street, go across the bridge and to the right where you started.
Next you the train, you should see a camera below it. Take out that
camera, now go back downstairs to the weapons area.

Quickly exit the weapons area via the bottom road and go right under
that camera you just destroyed. Hug the wall and duck. Now with the
sniper rifle take down every camera on this road ASAP. If the hacker
saw you, you were too slow and have to restart. If you see her as you
are going down the stairs follow her and then take out the cameras.

Now wait for her to go ahead of you and follow her down the road with
all the cameras shot out. You will find that this road is quite
difficult due to the police truck that will also sound the alarms if
it sees you. Not good. So as you follow the hacker take out your uplink.
If there is any sign of the police car, then hide behind a pillar and
wait for it to pass. There is also body armor on the first road
(where you sniped the cameras) behind some glass.

This part can be tricky. As you follow the hacker watch out for the
police car and take any cameras that might get in your way while
following her. It seems easy now, but it is challenging. When you see
her take a turn, you know that she is heading towards the sewer where
her base is. This is good and it means there are only two more cameras
to worry about. If you take out your uplink as she makes the turn, you
see one camera near the corner you will have to shoot, and one camera
down the small alley that is also good for shooting.

Then when you do it, follow her slowly down the sewer be cautious not
to alert her now after all that work. Wairt until she turns the corner
and then follow her. Go down through the obnoxiously long corridor and
when she turns the corner, follow her and watch her turn off the laser
fence and go through to the base. Now is your chance! Run thorugh the
laser fence and you're in the base. Great the stealth part is over.
(Objective 1 Completed.)


Now that you made it this far, you will want to keep it as quiet as
possible, because the last thing you want to do is initiate in a huge
fire fight as you will get plenty of that later. The Mid-Game consists
of killing everyone in the base and getting back out to the surface.
(That sounds familiar...)

Right when you enter the base, turn left in that little hut there, and
go on all of the cameras to see the hacker and the guard go through
three rooms in the base. When you get to the final camera, you will see
a laptop on the table and the hacker will use the password to get into
the base. (NEW OBJECTIVE 1 complete) Great now you can get in as you got
a nice look at that password when she typed it in.

Turn off all of the cameras and exit the little room. Go down the hall
and score a nice clean headshot on that one guard standing there. You
have all the time in the world to aim so I suggest you take advantage
of that. When you get to the computer room a message will pop up telling
you that a checkpoint has been reached. This is good.

Use the action button to use the laptop and the password will be a match,
so you can get inside the base. When the door opens, don't be hasty and
run in there because that will get you killed. Instead stay in the
doorframe before the turn and check the uplink to the position of that
one annoying guard, when you see the red dot coming towards the door, get
your pistol out and aim for the head to take her down with one shot as to
not trigger the other guards to come in this hallway. Be aware that this
guard is a bit short so aim down a little.

Now enter the hallway to find that there is a door to your front and a
little ways down to the right. What I suggest you do is look through
the window in the front door and kill the guard with the pistol to the
head. When the other guard tries to examine the body shoot her in the
head as well. If you don't do this correctly, run down the hall ASAP
to the entrance of the base. You have just alerted everyone in the while
building who will attempt to take you down. Shoot them all from a
distance. If you succeed to a similar thing to the hallway to the right.
This will prove easier then the one to the front.

After you have successfully cleared out the base there are a bunch of
things you must do that are mainly objectively important. First go into
the room where there is a dead end, some lockers, and another laptop.
That laptop is the police server that you will not access until you
gain enough evidence that the hackers are in fact studding the

How do you come up with that evidence? Take a picture of the plans
beneath you in that room and get out of that room and take a picture
of the real thing through the window! (Objective 2 complete)

Before we upload this evidence to the police server we need to take
care of a few things. First search the lockers for more SPG ammo,
and then detroy the drone gun parallel to the Timesplitter Machine
door and the one near the base entrance. The one with the police
server in it is not important. (Objective 3 complete)

Now, by hitting action on the computer we will upload the evidence
on the police server. As the game is doing that, run to the
Timesplitter machine room and go to the machine. Look around and
hit a lever to the right of it to deactivate it (NEW OBJECTIVE 2
complete). This is about when you're going to want to switch to your
SPG. Kill the two guards that run in now and wait for a third. After
that, Head for the hallway to the base entrance.

Be sure to hug the left wall in order to not open the door to the
police server room. If you do the drone gun will shoot you hard.
With the SPG peak around the wall and kill anyone neat the entrance.
When you go to the door, look down the stairs to kill one last goon
trying to stop you.

You're now back in the sewer area. Go slowly and kill the guy on the
left. After that you should have to kill one or two more guards before
taking the turn. When you go up the ramp quickly cap the guards
downfield because she has good aim. Well, after you go up the stairs,
you will be at the surface, and a new section in the guide.

2.3...The Finish

The problem with this part is the fact of the rapid gunfire constantly
being shot at you.

What you should do is use your SPG to run and gun everyone you can see
without stopping. Backtrack to the road under where you started the
level. This is where Sadako, the gang leader will be. Shoot her As fast
and as accurately as possible. When you do, she will drop the time
crystal. Grab it (Objective 4 complete and NEW OBJECTIVE 3 complete)

The last thing you have to do is escape through the time portal. Go
back to the intersection where you have to option to go the base or
straight where you have never been if you followed this guide correctly.
hat is where you need to go.

There will be a measly two policemen that are guarding their station
and the time portal. Take them out and go through ASAP. (NEW OBJECTIVE
4 complete)

Mission Complete!

3.0...Neo Tokyo Weapons

Silenced Pistol

To get this, you need to go under the bridge and break the glass in
order to obtain these guns. They come in handy at the beginning because
of the stealth involved, but I do not recommend them in the later
stages of the level.

Sniper Rifle

Get this in a similar manner as the Silenced Pistols, under the bridge
and break the glass. Only use this to destroy a few camera at the
beginning of the level and to shoot drone guns in the base in order to
conserve ammo for other guns.

SPG 90

The rifle of this level is one of the best guns in the game. You get it
by killing off a few guns in the base because they use it and drop it
when killed. Also find some spare ammo in the room with the police

Sci-Fi Pistol
The only way to get this gun is to kill a cop and rob them of their
gun. You can only obtain it by the end when the cops are called out
by you from the police server. If you have this at the beginning,
then you probably already failed. Use this at the end if you run out
of SPG ammo.

Luckily you will not have to use your fists much in this mission unless you run
out of precious ammo.

4.0...Neo Tokyo Extras


In Timesplitters 2, as you may know, there are various mini-games placed in
levels to put some nostalgica and just some cool old games mixed in with TS2.
There is one of these games located in Neo Tokyo. Before you upload the
evidence at the police sever, check every locker in the same room.

You will find the cart in one of the lockers. When you pick it up, you can play
it by going to the uplink weapon and pressing the action button. It is a fun

There are additional carts in Siberia on Easy and in Robot Factory on Hard, but
this isn't an FAQ for those levels is it?

Alternate Part One

Some people like one of my friends claims that it is easier to beat Neo Tokyo
by running to the base before the hacker even gets there. All you have to do is
wait for her to come. I've tested this out and cannot do it very well because
of all of the camera that are not shot mixed in with the police car. It is very
easy to be caught, but seems like a legit strategy if you can do it without
getting caught.


This guide is for non-commercial use only. It is also copyright 2003
acidslayer57 and therefore you are not allowed to distribute any of it without
my permission, although you can print it out and read it whenever you want.
Basically, just ask if you want to use any part of this guide I will most
likely say yes, but if you want to print it out for personal use go right

That is my guide for Neo Tokyo on Hard mode. This is the way I beat it, and if
it worked for me it will work for you too. Thanks for reading this guide.

Thanks to Nintendo for making a system for me to play on.

Thanks to Free Radical for making quality games like Timesplitters 2

Thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQS and posting FAQs.

Thanks to Neo Seeker for also posting this FAQ.

Thanks to you for taking the time to read this FAQ.

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