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FAQ/Walkthrough by Aaron Baker
Version 1.0 of document
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|                    CHAPTER 1: ALL THE BASICS                        |


[ Section 1: Introduction ]
  A. Table of Contents
  B. Intro Paragraph
  C. Copyright
  D. Version History
  E. Author's Notes

[ Section 2: Controls ]
  A. My Preffered Setup
  B. Default Setup
  C. Actions Descriptions
  D. Options
  E. Mapmaker Controls
  F. Menu Commands
  G. Features

[ Section 3: Heads Up Display ]
  A. Bullets
  B. Total Ammo
  C. Health
  D. Armour
  E. Radar

[ Section 4: Game Modes/Menu ]
  A. Story Mode
  B. Arcade League
  C. Arcade Custom
  D. Challenge
  E. Map maker
  F. Options

[ Section 5: Characters ]
  A. Abilities
  B. Characters List
  C. Unlocking Characters
  D. Character Descriptions

[ Section 1: Frequently Asked Questions ]
  A. Game Questions
  B. Guide Questions
  C. Arcade Mode FAQs
  D. Story Mode FAQs
  E. Weapons Questions
  F. Miscellanoues

[ Section 2: Weapons ]
  A. Weapons Lists
  B. Handguns
  C. Sniper Rifles
  D. Shotguns 
  E. Machineguns
  F. Mines
  G. Launchers
  H. Miscellaneous
  I. My Ratings
  J. Time Categories
  K. Information

[ Section 3: Arcade Mode Game Tips ]
  A. Deathmatch (Nrml, Tm, Mnky)
  B. BagTag/Capture the Bag
  C. Elimination
  D. Shrink
  E. Regenration/Leech
  F. Assault
  G. Flame Tag/Virus
  H. Vampire
  I. Gladiator
  F. Theif
  G. Zones

[ Section 4: Basic game Tips ]
  A. Reloading Tips
  B. Weapon Tips
  C. Enemy Tips
  D. Movement Tips

[ Section 5: Scoring System ]
  A. Introduction
  B. Bronze Trophy
  C. Silver Trophy
  D. Gold Ttrophy
  E. Platinum
  F. Scoring
  G. Medals


[ Section 1: Quick Walkthrough ]
  A. Siberia
  B. Chicago 
  C. Notre Dame 
  D. Return to Planet X
  E. Neo Tokyo
  F. Wild West
  G. Atomsmasher
  H. Aztec Ruins
  I. Robot Factory
  J. Space Station

[ Section 2: Easy mode Walkthrough ]
  A. Siberia - Oblask dam
  B. Chicago Streets
  C. Notre Dame Cathedral
  D. Return to Planet X
  E. Neo Tokyo
  F. Wild West
  G. Atomsmahser - Khallos Island
  H. Aztec Ruins
  I. Robot Factory

[ Section 3: Normal mode Walkthrough ]

[ Section 4: Boss FAQ ]
  A. Gunship 
  B. Big Tony 
  C. Portal Dameon 
  D. Jacque De La Morte
  E. The Colnel
  F. Khallos
  G. The Machinist


[ Section 1: Acrade Custom Guide ]
  A. Setting up
  B. Variables
  C. Weapon Selection
  D. Bot Sets
  E. game Type Descriptions
  F. Level Differences

[ Section 2: Custom Scenarios ]
  A. Laser Skirmish
  B. Knockout Punchout
  C. Ice Cold Capture
  D. Payback Attack
  E. Domination
  F. Big Bangs

[ Section 3: GF Users Plat Tips ]
  A. Amatuer League
  B. Honrary League
  C. Elite League
  D. Challenges

[ Section 4: Arcade Awards ]
  A. List of Awards
  B. Statistic Awards
  C. Health and Armour 
  D. Most Awards
  E. Endurance Awards
  F. Movement Awards
  G. Based on Luck Awards
  H. CTB Only
  I. Miscellaneous Awards

[ Section 5: Challenge Mode ]
  A. Glass Smash
  B. behead the Undead
  C. Infiltration (1 of 3)
  D. Banana Chomp (1 of 3)

[ Section 6: Amatuer League ]
  A. Beginners Series
  B. Mode Madness
  C. It's a Blast
  D. Too hot to Handle
  E. Team Series A

[ Section 9: Rankings + Briefs ]
  A. Challenge Mode Ranking
  B. Amatuer League Ranking
  C. Honorary League Ranking
  D. Elite League Ranking
  E. Challenge Mode Brefings
  F. Arcade Mode Breifing


[ Section 1: Unlockables ]
  A. Unlockable Levels
  B. Character Unlockables
  C. Unlockable Cheats
  D. Minigames
  E. Unlockable Game Modes

[ Section 2: Glitches ]
  A. Game Crash
  B. MapMaker Freezing
  C. Chasm Glitch
  D. Be on no Team

[ Section 3: Secrets ]
  A. Minigames
  B. Crossbows Alight
  C. Playing Pool

[ Section 4: GameShark codes ]
  A. Health Codes
  B. Armour Codes
  C. Ammo Codes
  D. Unlock Cheat Codes


[ Section 1: The Basics ]
  A. MapMaker Controls
  B. About the Mapmaker
  C. About Objectives

[ Section 2: Tiles Descriptions ]
  A. General 
  B. Victorian
  C. Industrial
  D. Alien
  E. Virtual
  F. Other Stuff


[ Section 1: TS3 Wishlist/Info ] 
  A. Levels
  B. Game Modes
  C. Examples
  D. Suggestions
  E. MapMaker
  F. Cvg Article
  G. Dreamstation Article

[ Section 2: World Records ]
  A. Challenge Records
  B. Amatuer League
  C. Honorary League
  D. Elite League
  E. Minigames

[ Section 3: TS Simlarities ]
  A. Story Levels
  B. Basic levels
  C. Weapons
  D. Characters


Only having acquired my Playstation 2 in November of 2002, I would soon 
find one of the best games that I would own. It was the original 
TimeSplitters (I am aware that number 2 was out then, but couldn't find 
it and probably didn't have enough money, as games are a lot more 
expensive in Australia that they are in say America.) I'm not really 
into games with zombies and stuff (yeah, I can get spooked real easy) so 
I didn't think too much of the game. But as I played through the game, i 
started to absolutely loved it. it was great zooming in with the sniper 
rifle and shooting guards heads off. It was so fun! Although I did think 
it was a tad easy (As I finished easy mode within a day, as most other 
people I'm sure would of) but I hadn't played normal mode, which I 
thought would just be easy mode with more enemies. Little did I know 
that some of the levels would be bigger.

I later ran through the levels completing it on Normal, and then hard 
mode, conquering everything that there is to do with the game. I got 
timed secrets, normal mode complete, hard mode complete, most of the 
challenges complete and everything. TimeSplitters was starting to get 
boring (Wow, I never thought I would say that) although a good game of 
BagTag could settle all of that. After about 1 year and 1 month after 
TimeSplitters 2 was released, I picked it up off the shelf, and bought 
it. I like it, and I am going to share my knoledge of what I know with 
the rest of the people, even though I am not really a real "Elite" at 
this game, I still now how to get through the levels and all, so here 

I'll only start with writing the easy levels, I might get around to 
doing the normal and hard levels a bit later on, when I have a lot more 
time. On with the guide.

I don't wanna make this too long, so...

This is mine! I must give you permission before you can post this 
anywhere (apart from gamefaqs) once I have given you FULL permission, 
you can post this, but remember I must be given full credit, and you 
must leave it unaltered. You are allowed to download this onto your comp 
and print it out (of course.)


V 1.0 - Started working on document


- Press Ctrl + F to search for something in this document.


The year is 2401. A futuristic space station loiters on the fringe of 
time and space, inhabited by an evil race known as the TimeSplitters. 
Growing in strength and numbers, they have only one purpose in life to 
destroy all human existence! 

An elite troop of space marines has been sent to overpower these evil 
creatures but they are fighting a losing battle. The last two remaining 
marines fight their way to the heart of the station, where the 
TimeSplitters keep their secret weapon the time portal. Powered by nine 
rare crystal shards it enables the TimeSplitters to leap from one 
generation to another, changing the course of history for the good of 
their own. The marines arrive as the last two crystals disappear through 
the portal in the hands of the enemy. 

The only way to stop the TimeSplitters evil reign continuing is to 
follow them into the portal and recover the nine crystals before they 
are lost forever. The marines take a leap into the unknown, without any 
idea as to which time period they will end up in and without any idea as 
to what the future - or past - will hold! 


What this document contains:

• All the basics to the game, including the controls, Heads up Display, 
  and all the game modes.

• A list of all the characters, and how to unlock them as well as their 

• 3 Different walkthroughs, a Quick Walkthrough, Easy mode walkthrough 
  and Normal mode walkthrough. 

• Heaps of tips for Story mode, and all of the game Mode tips for 

• Detailed startegies for challenge and racade mode, every level 
  covered, your bound to find the start you need!

• Rankings and level briefings for Arcade and Challenge mode, as well 
  as Custom Scenarios.

• Secrets section, including all the glitches in the game, all the 
  secrets, cheats and how to unlock characters/levels, etc.

• A look at the games Mapmaker, which includes descriptions of the 
  tiles, how to use the logic and how to create good maps.

• Other things include TimeSplitters 3 information, World Records, 
  Weapons info, and a Boss FAQ.

CHAPTER 1 -              SECTION 2: CONTROLS


These are my preferred setup, not the default controls.

R2       - Alternative fire

R1       - Normal fire

L2       - Aim

L1       - Crou

Triangle - Reload

X        - Activate

Square   - Previous weapon

Circle   - Next weapon

L Analog - Walk

R Analog - Look

Left     - Nothing

Right    - Nothing

Up       - Zoom in

Down     - Zoom out

Start    - Pause

L3       - Nothing

R3       - Nothing

For me, those controls are the best, I like using R1 to fire instead of 
R2, so i changed primary fire to R1. If you don't like my setup, make 
your own by going to controls.


L Analog - Move
R Analog - Look
X        - Action
Square   - Nothing
Circle   - Nothing
Triangle - Reload
R1       - Alt. Fire
R2       - Fire
L1       - Crouch
L2       - Aim

Rest is the same.


Press this for normal fire, it will fire a normal round from the gun 
(Each gun is different, of course.) Hold down the R1 button, or rapidly 
press it for quick fire

Press this for Alternative fire. This will shoot a bullet (once again, 
what bullet comes out, or what happens depends on the weapon itself.) 
Some weapons fire greandes as an alt, some do the same as primary, as 
some don't even shoot out bullets.

Aim. This gives you precision in your shots, meaning that you can get 
better accuracy and hit people better (although auto aim does it for 
you, really.) You can change between toggle and hold on the menu.

Crawl/Duck/Crouch, whatever you want to call it. This puts your player 
lower to the ground, in a crouching position. Good for stealth, or for 
hiding behind things.


Setup - Choose which setup you want
Auto look ahead - Automatically puts your view back to centre
Toggle Coruch - Toggle means press the crouch button once and it will 
put you crouching. The alternative you have to hold the courch button.
Toggle aim - Same as above, just with aim


X        - Place object/Pickup object/Paste Object/Select
Square   - Copy object
Circle   - Rotate Object
Trianlge - Delete object/Exit menu
L1       - Next floor
L2       - Previous floor
L Analog - Move
R Analog - Pan
Select   - Menu
Start    - Menu
R1       - Zoom
R2       - Zoom


X        - Select
Start    - Select/Back to game
Triangle - Cancel



Only available on weapons, not things like mines, fire extinguisher, 
etc. It shows how many bullets are left in the clip.


Shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, shows how many 
total bullets are left, not in the clip.


Only shows when hit. Colour wil signify how much you have left. The 
more, the better.


Same as above, although the armour is on the right side of the pasue 
screen. The more colour, the better.


Only appears in Arcade mode, and sometimes in challenge and even then, 
you can turn it on and off when you want to. Shows enemies that are near 
you. You can also use your temoral uplink. 



Story mode, play with different characters in different levels, each 
with their own graphical style, and each at their own place. Each level 
has it's own story as well. 


Play in preset arcade macthes. All these are just preset arcade matches, 
given times and their story. For example, "hanger hats off" is just an 
arcade custom match, with X henchmen, X Military bots, and a weapon 

Setup your own custom game. First choose a pace. Pace is how fast you 
and the bots move, and has something to do with flinching as well. Then 
choose a mode, like Capture the bag. Then select a level. Note that some 
levels are not available in some modes, like there is no Capture the bag 
at Robot factory, etc. Now choose from different varibales such as bots, 
weapons, kill limit, time limit, etc.


Challenges mostly require a lot of skill, not luck like a fair amount of 
the arcade league matches are. There is a total of 7 series in challenge 
mode, with 3 levels in each series. Some challenges are "Behead the 
Undead," "TimeSplitters 'story' Classics," and "Infiltration." 


Here, you can make your own story and arcade mode maps, but for arcade 
mode, you cannot make arcade mode league macthes, unfortunately. You can 
choose from different sets of tiles, and place them along with doors, 
windows, turrets,, zones, spawn locations, story enemy placements and 
can make your own triggers and actions, for example, 
"Destroy the crate" as the objective, the trigger would be Destroy 
crate, and the action would be Objective A (Destroy the crate) complete.


Choose from different varibales such as invert aim on, switch weapon, 
etc. You can also look at how far you are through the game, what 
percentage you are complete, how many bronze silver and gold trophies 
you have been awarded, and look at all of your statistics, like bullets 
fired, etc. Finally there are some other goodies in here, like Trailers 
and Cheats.



Charcater abilities on means that the characters will have different 
attributes. For example, lets take Big Tony. He is really big, meaning 
he can't run fast, so his Agility will be low, but his Stamina is high.

Accuracy = How accurate their shots are
Stamina  = How much health
Agility  = How fast they are


Jake Fenton       Candi Skyler        Hank Nova
Sgt Cortex        Corp. Hart          Ample Sally         
Aztec Warrior     Baby Drone          Barby Gimp          
Beetleman         Big Tony            Braces           
Calamari          Changeling          ChassisBot          
Crispin           Crypt Zombie        Cyberfairy        
Dark Henchman     Dr. Peabody         Drone Splitter     
Duckman Drake     Feeder Zombie       Female Trooper    
Gargoyle          Hatchet Sal         Hector Baboso         
Henchman          High Priest         Jebediah Crump    
Jimmy Needles     Jinki               Jo-Beth Casey       
Krayola           Kypriss             Lean Molly           
Lola Varuska      Louie Bignose       Monkey
Maiden            Male Trooper        Ramona Salsa
Marco the Snitch  Meezor Mox          Ghost
Mikey Two-Guns    Milkbaby            Jo Beth Casey
Mister Giggles    Nikki               Captain Ash
Lawyer            Accountant          R One-Oh-Seven      
Ringmistress      Riot Officer        Scourge Splitter    
SentryBot         Sewer Zombie        Gingerbread man 
Slick Tommy       Snowman             Strumpy             
The Cropolite     The Hunchback       Robofish
The Master        Undead Priest       Lt. Shade
Venus Starr       Wood Golem          Sgt. Pane


To unlock characters, you must complete certain challenges/arcade league 
matches with a certain medal. Or, beating Story mode on Easy and Normal 
will give you characters.

Ample Sally         Defeat Elite Challenge / Cut-out Shoot-out / Take 
                    'Em Down with a Silver medal or better.  

Aztec Warrior       Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golden Thighs 
                    with a Silver medal or higher.  

Baby Drone          Defeat Elite League / Team Series C / They're Not 
                    Pets! with a Silver medal or better. 

Barby Gimp          Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered But Never 
                    Outpunned / Time to Split with a Silver medal or 

Beetleman           Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Double 
                    Bill with a Silver medal or higher.  

Big Tony            Beat the Mafia Mission on normal to unlock the 

Braces              Defeat Honorary League / Elimination Series / Men 
                    In Grey with a Gold medal or better.  

Calamari            Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Chinese 
                    Burns with a Silver medal or better.  

Changeling          Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Can't Please 
                    Everyone... with a Silver medal or higher.  

ChassisBot          Defeat Arcade League / Mode Madness / Scrap Metal 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Crispin             Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Monkey
                    Immolation with a Gold medal or better. 

Crypt Zombie        Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Casualty 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Cyberfairy          Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    On! with a Silver medal or better.  

Dark Henchman       Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    Off with a Gold medal or higher.  

Dr. Peabody         Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Casualty 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Drone Splitter      Defeat Elite League / Sincerest Form of Flattery / 
                    Half Death with a Silver medal or better.  

Duckman Drake       Defeat Challenge / Outnumbered But Never Outpunned 
                    / Someone Has Got to Pay... with a Silver medal or 

Feeder Zombie       Defeat Challenge / Behead the Undead / Day of the 
                    Damned with a Silver medal or better.  

Female Trooper      Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Demolition 
                    Derby with a Gold medal or better.  

Gargoyle            Defeat Honorary League / Maximus / Cold Corpse 
                    Caprer with a Silver medal or higher. 

Hatchet Sal         Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered but Never 
                    Outpunned / Can't Handle This with a Silver medal
                    or higher.  

Hector Baboso       Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Adios 
                    Amigos with a Silver medal or better.  

Henchman            Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    On! with a Silver medal or better.  

High Priest         Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golden Thighs 
                    with a Gold medal or higher.  

Jebediah Crump      Defeat Elite League / Sincerest Form of Flattery / 
                    Dead Fraction with a Silver medal or better. 

Jimmy Needles       Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A / Club Soda 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Jinki               Defeat Elite  League / One Shot Thrills / Nikki 
                    Jinki Bricky with a Gold medal or better.  

Jo-Beth Casey       Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Babes in 
                    the Wood with a Silver medal or better.  

Krayola             Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Hack A 
                    Hacker with a Gold medal or higher.  

Kypriss             Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golem Goru 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Lean Molly          Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Adios 
                    Amigos with a Gold medal or better. 

Lola Varuska        Defeat Challenge / Monkeying Around / Monkey Mayhem 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Louie Bignose       Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Disco 
                    Inferno with a Silver medal or better. 

Maiden              Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Can't Please 
                    Everyone with a Silver medal or better.  

Male Trooper        Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Demolition 
                    Derby with a Silver medal or higher.  

Marco the Snitch    Defeat Challenge / Cut-out Shoot-out / Fall Out 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Meezor Mox          Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Spoils of 
                    War with a Gold medal or better.  

Mikey Two-Guns      (and Jared Slim) Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning 
                     / If I'm Ugly - You Smell with a Silver medal or 

Milkbaby            Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Hack a 
                    Hacker with a Silver medal or higher  

Mister Giggles      Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Big Top 
                    Blowout with a Silver medal or better.  

Nikki               Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Nikki 
                    Jinki Bricky with a Silver medal or better. 

Accountant          (Lawyer also) Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A 
                    / Men In Grey with a Gold medal or better.  

R One-Oh-Seven      Defeat Challenge / TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic / 
                    But Where Do the Batteries Go? with a Silver medal 
                    or better.  

Ringmistress        Defeat Elite League / Teams Series C / Bags of Fun 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Riot Officer        Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Rice 
                    Cracker Rush with a Silver medal or better.  

Scourge Splitter    Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered But Never 
                    Outpunned / Time to Split with a Gold medal or 

SentryBot           Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Night Shift 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Sewer Zombie        Defeat Challenge / Behead the Undead / Fight Off 
                    the Living Dead with a Silver medal or higher.  

Slick Tommy         Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A / Club Soda 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Snowman             Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Snow 
                    Business with a Silver Medal or Higher.  

Strumpy             Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Big Top 
                    Blowout with a Gold medal or better.  

The Cropolite       Defeat Challenge / TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic / 
                    Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time with a Silver medal or 

The Hunchback       Defeat Challenge / Glass Smash / Stain Removal with 
                    a Silver medal or higher.  

The Master          Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Rice 
                    Cracker Rush with a Gold medal or higher.  

Undead Priest       Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Burns 
                    Deparetment with a Gold medal or better.  

Venus Starr         Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Rocket 
                    Man with a Silver medal or better.  

Wood Golem          Defeat Challenge / Banana Chomp / Playing with Fire 
                    with a Silver medal or higher.  



Claims to know the difference between a double tap entry wound and 
double entry bookkeeping- but we're not so sure. 


Always on the lookout for a quick buck, Sally latched onto the Colonel's 
gang for the chance of fortune and power. They latched onto her for 
great cooking and special cuddles. 


Modeling the latest in heavy gold jewelry, nose piercing, pudding bowl 
haircut and high performance athletic support, this guy cuts a mean dash 
through any tropical rainforest. He's not so keen on prickly thickets 


The TimeSplitters evil knows no limits- even juvenile drones are forced 
into labor at a young age. 


He's the leanest, the meanest and the badass machine-est! 


Once a high fashion model, Barby Gimp turned her back forever on the 
world of glamour when she decided to have surgical steel fighting claw 
implants. She still likes to watch the HoloSoaps on her Neural Visor. 


Rescued from a animal trap by Lola Varuska, Bear is fanatically loyal 
and will fight to the death to protect the circus. He's had his fez ever 
since he was a cub. 


A hideous alien grafting experiment gone wrong, Beetleman fights out of 
rockabilly rage at what was done to his once beautiful body... 


After buying out the Falucci Brothers olive oil import business, Big 
Tony turned his now slippery hands to more criminal activities. But 
liquor, loose women and the numbers racket weren't enough- lately it 
seems he's been taking shipments from some dodgy out of town characters. 


Despite the fact that he always gets the blame when things go wrong, 
Braces remains a loyal foot soldier in Big Tony's mob. Whatever he lacks 
in intelligence he more than makes up for in brute strength. 


A political refugee from a distant ocean planet, Calamari hid in a 
cupboard when the TimeSplitters attacked the space station. 


Candy graduated from cadet training just two weeks ago. Although there's 
been cheap talk around the academy that she failed Astronavigation but 
got a dispensation because she has a cute butt. 


Capt. Forest is the well respected chief of the Regular Force. 


Capt. Night is the daring leader of the Special Forces. He likes to 
deploy his troops at the slightest sign of trouble. Some of the senior 
staff officers think that perhaps there's a little too much deploying 
going on... 


Capt. Pain could have gone all the way to the top. Unfortunately he 
volunteered for an experiment in the labs and now he wanders the earth 
as a soulless monster. 


Capt. Sand is the bold commander of the Desert Force. 


Capt. Snow is the leader of the Arctic Force. Sometimes the cold climate 
makes his earpiece malfunction.


Adventurer extraordinaire, Capt. Ash's exploits have carried him to the 
four corners of the earth. He's always accompanied by the most glamorous 
assistants and never averse to stopping for a spot of afternoon tiffin. 
Just to keep the pecker up, you understand- Tally ho! 


The Changelings are shapeshifting spirits drawn to Notre Dame by the 
foul rituals of Jacque de la Morte. 


Built from scrap and spare parts scavenged from the sprawling Machine 
Wars Scrapyards, the lightweight ChassisBots are designed for speed and 


Before becoming a highly decorated officer in the LAPD, Chastity ran 
with the gangs in the back streets of Neo Tokyo. She has vowed to help 
Ghost clear his name and regain his honor. 


Still the best in the business. They say his recipe for slow braised 
TimeSplitter in black bean sauce is out of this world! 


After deserting from the Confederate army, the Colonel went deep into 
South America searching for Inca gold. He returned a changed man, evil 
and in possession of strange allies... 


Not just an excellent soldier, Corporal Hart is also an expert with all 
kinds of mechanical and computer technology. She has found her servo-
enhanced Tritium Exo-Arm to be a very useful aid in battle situations. 


Crispin's had one too many brushes with the flamethrower- even he can't 
remember what he used to look like... 


A demon from another dimension, the Cropolite has been drawn to our 
world by the spacetime rift opened by the TimeSplitters. 


The mortal remains of the cathedral monks had been at rest for 
generations in the catacombs of Notre Dame, but the evil magic of Jacque 
de la Morte has raised their mummified corpses as flesh-eating zombies, 
ready to carry out his every demand. 

A space-age pixie, the Cyberfairy fits across time zones, drawn to 
machine technology like a moth to a flame. 


When Khallos bought a cheap lot of sidekick costumes some dudes were 
lucky enough to get first pick- guess what? They chose black instead of 


He breathes fire and has vestigial forelimbs. 


Since the age of ten, when he blew up his parents' garden shed, Dr. 
Thadeus Peabody knew that he was destined to be an explosives scientist. 
He relishes the chance to further dispel academic stereotypes by running 
amok with an automatic weapon. 


Once a peaceful amphibian race, the Drones were enslaved when the 
Splitters invaded their planet. Spinal implants ensure they will never 
escape the Splitters control. 


He's quack and he's back! 


Elijah is Peekaboo Jones' great great grandpappy. His life as a bounty 
hunter began at the age of sixteen, when he saw his parents gunned down 
in cold blood by cattle rustlers. Since that day his mission has been to 
confront injustice wherever he finds it. 


The Feeder Zombie's thought process is quite simple: eat brains...eat 
brains... eat brains... Although, to be fair, the stains on their T-
shirts are mostly melon juice. 


The Marine Troopers have borne the brunt of the TimeSplitters onslaught 
against humanity. 


Infused with stolen life by the TimeSplitters evil aura, the Gargoyles 
will destroy anything foolish enough to stand in their path. They 
especially don't like pigeons. 


The coolest CyberJock in the Tek Quarter, Ghost can hack an AI CORE in 
milliseconds. When he declined Sadako's offer to join her gang she 
planned a bitter revenge. Now he is framed for a crime he did not commit 
and the Neo Tokyo police are on his trail. 


Flour, brown sugar, shortening, molasses, baking soda, ginger, cinnamon 
and some well beaten eggs. Mix well, pop in the oven and let the 
nightmares begin... 


Gregor Lenko 'The Russian Bear' is one half of a crack military team, 
working for a covert international consortium. Along with Ilsa Nadir he 
is sent on assignments that would cause lesser men to quake with fear. 


Gretel II is a second generation precision killing machine, programmed 
with stealth and martial arts techniques from around the galaxy. 
Together with R-109 she has been sent to destroy the Machinist's robot 


This guy is straight out of Hatchet Sal's nightmares. Just goes to show, 
crime doesn't pay- or maybe Sal should have just laid off the cheese. 


Some guys just have it and Hank's one of them. He's seen things you 
people wouldn't believe, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of... 
well, whatever. A leaner, meaner, more square jawed hero never graced 
the operatic stage. 


The crimebusting skills of ex-New York vice cop Harry Tipper are now 
employed in the fight against international supervillains. This time 
he's got a license to chill- Nice tux, Harry! 


Hatchet Sal got his nickname from his habit of chopping off his 
unfortunate victims right hands. He used to keep his trophies in a shoe 
box under his bed, but one night, after too much cheese, he had the 
mother of all nightmares and his box of gruesome buddies just had to go. 
He's cleaned up his act now, but the hatchet moniker stayed with him. 


The son of a saloon girl, Hector was raised in a house of ill repute. 
After a series of botched hold-ups, he met fellow outlaw Mikey Two-guns 
in prison and the pair became firm friends. 


The Henchmen are foot soldiers in Khallos' terror organization. 
Outfitted with the latest in army surplus night vision goggles and 
flattering figure hugging suits (plus baseball caps!), they cut a dash 
in any kind of 'secret base under attack' chaos. 


Yeah? Well this dude thinks you look pretty strange too! 


The Hunchback knows all the hidden doorways and secret tunnels of Notre 
Dame. Horrified by the evil that Jacque de la Morte has unleashed in his 
beloved cathedral, he battles to thwart the lunatic's plans. 


The TimeSplitters evil aura had a devastating effect on some of the more 
susceptible Siberian troopers, causing massive genetic mutation. 
Military scientists tried to turn them into super-soldiers, but after a 
series of horrific incidents the mutants were deemed uncontrollable and 
placed under maximum security. 


The daughter of Dr. Katje Nadir, Ilsa knows no fear and will gladly 
undertake the most dangerous search and destroy missions. Few men can 
come close to matching her superb fighting and infiltration skills. 


The King returns after a sell out tour of holiday camps and working 
men's clubs. 


Frank was always telling folks about UFOs in the skies over his garage 
but nobody believed his tales of alien abductions. Look at him now- what 
do you think? 


A psychopathic murderer, Jacque de la Morte's mind has been twisted by 
visions of 'angels'. Now he teeters on the brink of complete insanity. 


Jake has been battling bribery and corruption in Chicago ever since Big 
Tony came to town. Tony lost him his badge and had him run out of town, 
but now he's back, working for Lady Jane's agency, and looking to settle 
the score. 


A callous murderer and card sharp, Jared was rescued from the gallows by 
the Colonel and has been his right hand man ever since. 


Jebediah is the only original inhabitant of Little Prospect left. While 
the town was being taken over by the Colonel and his gang, the crazy old 
prospector was at the bottom of a mineshaft drinking moonshine. When he 
surfaced two days later he couldn't quite work out what had changed. 


Jimmy Needles is a ruthless assassin brought in from Miami to handle 
Tony's more tricky hits. This guy's a fruit nut, every morning he has to 
have half a cantaloupe melon, two fresh grapefruit and a glass of 
chilled cranberry juice or else he's just plain ornery all day. 


Twins from a tiny Oriental village, Nikki and Jinki were sold to the 
Ringmistress when they were both babes in arms. Strangely, each claims 
to be the elder sister. 


Mary-Beth Casey's younger sister. Jo-Beth likes to sneak out of her 
parents' house at weekends to fight crime and kill monsters. Her high 
school show and tell sessions are really something quite special. 


Raised in the jungle by wolves, the Jungle Queen's sharp intellect is 
only hampered by her tight thong and lack of language. Captain Ash has 
promised to make her a duchess if she comes back to Blighty with him. 


It's not easy holding the world to ransom but Mr. Khallos seems well 
qualified for the job. He's got secret bases, doomsday devices, scores 
of henchmen and a penchant for over elaborate death scenes. He poo-poos 
his detractors who claim that he got his eye patch from a novelty store 
and that his first name is Archibald. 


Sometimes things get a little too hot under the collar for Harry and he 
needs some manual assistance from his slinky sidekick, Miss Celeste. Go 
get 'em tiger! Grrrrrrrr! 


A high school dropout with a genius level IQ, Krayola shunned the 
academic world to become the brains behind Sadako's sick experiments. 


Found in a burlap sack at the bottom of a well, no one knows if Kypriss 
is a supernatural goddess or just a lady with a fancy costume. Despite 
many offers of money and power she has never raised all of her arms on a 
public stage. 


This hot-blooded socialite skipped Swiss finishing school to set up her 
own Private Investigation Agency in Chicago. A stickler for fashion 
you'll never catch her with anything but the latest in haute couture and 
semi automatic weapons. 


Should you, the player, choose freely to play as this character, it is 
under the express understanding that absolutely no warranty, stated or 
implied, is given for his performance, or lack thereof, in a deathmatch, 
or any other arcade scenario, whether in existence or yet to be devised. 


Sally's slender sister. She's not big on special cuddles. 


Leo was once the circus lion tamer. But over the years he adopted more 
and more of his lions characteristics until one morning he was found 
alone in the lions' cage, roaring and dribbling. He has lived as a lion 
ever since. 


A Ukranian trapeze artist. Despite the strictures of her corset Lola 
still manages a dazzling smile. All the gentlemen love her and she has 
never missed a catch. 


Louie's been slipping and sliming his way in and out of Big Tony's good 
book for years. Every time Tony promotes him he somehow manages to goof 
up. Lately he's hit upon the trick of getting Braces to break any bad 
news to Tony. 


Lt. Bush used to get into trouble with her superiors because of her 
unruly hair. Now she follows their advice and keeps it neatly trimmed. 


Lt. Chill has the distinction of being the only undead woman in the 


Lt. Frost is an accomplished curling champion. She practices on the 
frozen lake behind the Dam. 


Lt. Shade is the femme fatale of the Special Forces. Her peroxide blonde 
hair often surprises the men during undercover operations. 


Lt. Wild is a striking officer in the Desert Force. She's always had 
fast track promotion and many say that one day she's destined to make a 


An ageless scavenger, the Dark Machinist Child utilizes any components 
available for his mismatched body, mechanical and biological alike. He 
is unaware of how twisted and obscene his modifications have become. 


So innocent and so pure, the Maiden is the perfect sacrifice... 


The Marine Troopers have borne the brunt of the TimeSplitters onslaught 
against humanity. 


Marco's turned coat and switched sides far too many times in his short 
career of crime. Even he can't remember who he's told what to! Sick with 
worry, he lives his life in constant fear of mob retaliation. 


A wandering Chinese monk, the Master's life is shrouded in mystery. 
Ladies can't resist stroking his beard. 


The Meezor hate everyone and everything, especially their close cousins 
the Ozor. 


Mikey was a two-bit horse thief and cattle rustler until the Colonel 
lured him into his gang with the promise of easy gold and loose women. 
The women were never easy but some of them had loose gold teeth so I 
guess The Colonel isn't all empty talk. 


Bullied as a child, Milkbaby honed her fighting skills in the dark 
streets of the Tek Quarter. Now she serves as a vicious foot soldier in 
Sadako's gang. 


Mischief's happy smile and childlike manner hide her true nature, a 
psychotic killer with a love of death. The last person who twanged her 
braces ended up chopped to pieces in the taffy-pulling machine. 


Mister Giggles stumbled into a small English village when he was just a 
boy. Although he was adopted by a loving family, he was never truly 
happy until he ate them and joined the circus. 


It's a monkey. 


Mr. Underwood has debunked table-rappers and fake mystics all over 
England. Reports of true supernatural phenomena have brought him to 
Paris. He has joined forces with the lady Viola to share intelligence in 
the battle against Jacque de la Morte. 


Twins from a tiny Oriental village, Jinki and Nikki were sold to the 
Ringmistress when they were both babes in arms. Strangely, each claims 
to be the elder sister. 


Nikolai is a little too curious for his own good. He's always telling 
Sgt. Shivers that he knows best and that he can sort out whatever is 
going on in the secret base under the Dam. 


The Ozor hate everyone and everything, especially their close cousins 
the Meezor. 


Private Coal is a promising recruit to the Special Forces Unit. He has a 
crush on Lt. Shade but hasn't yet dared to ask her out. 


Private Grass is a hardworking grunt in the regular force. 


Private Poorly is feeling a little undead after his unpleasant encounter 
in the caverns below Oblask Dam. 


Private Sand is a reliable foot soldier in the Desert Force. 


An upgrade of the now outdated R-108, the R-109 is a war robot, built 
for heavy duty combat. His reasons for destroying the Machinist are more 
personal than his partner Gretel II, R-109 wants revenge for all his 
fallen comrades killed in Machine Wars. 


A few deranged zealots were drawn to the Machine Wars. Poor Robert One-
Oh-Seven is under the delusion that he is a carefully constructed robot 
sent to save the world from evil. 


Ramona came over the border hoping for a peaceful life, but with her 
fiery temper and quick reflexes she quickly fell into work as a law 
enforcer. When things began turning sour in Little Prospect she sent a 
wire out to her old friend Elijah Jones for backup... 


Selectively bred for strength and ferocity. Reapers are the main 
combatants of the TimeSplitter army. 


The mysterious matriarch of the circus family, the Ringmistress is 
fiercely protective of her eldritch troupe. 


The Neo Tokyo Riot Squad are rigorously trained, acting in all 
situations to control disturbances with an iron fist. 


The pesky pop-eyed piscine returns! 


Horrifically burnt in a tenement blaze when she was ten, Sadako's outer 
scars are nothing compared to the rage and hatred she harbors within. A 
self-taught hacker, she and her gang have stumbled across technology 
that could change the course of history... 


Nothing is known about these fearsome leaders of the TimeSplitters. 
Although, their bondage trousers are admired across the galaxy. 


Adapted from old security robots by the Machinist, the SentryBots are 
programmed to kill anything that moves. 


The circus strongman, Sergio's incredible strength is tempered with a 
compassionate personality and love of life. He likes to tend his herb 
garden and collect first editions. 


The fetid depths of the Parisian sewers are the final resting place of 
many unfortunate murder victims and diseased beggars. The dark magic 
suffusing Notre Dame has reanimated their half-rotted bodies.


An elite squad of space marines are spearheading the counterforce 
against the TimeSplitters. Sergeant Cortez is a battle-hardened veteran 
who is proficient with all weapon types and can adapt to any combat 


Sgt. Rock is a bit of a matchmaker in the Desert Forces. He's always 
helping his colleagues to get the girl they want. 


Sgt. Shivers really doesn't like working at Oblask Dam. It's all a bit 
spooky and he's fed up with Nikolai calling him a scaredy cat. 


Sgt. Shock likes to impress the ladies with his Special Forces uniform. 
He keeps the helmet shiny and well polished. 


Sgt. Slate should have stayed away from the biological samples under the 


Sgt. Wood is an upstanding officer in the Regular Force. 


Slick Tommy fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man, as quick with a 
knife as he is with the saucy one line come-on. Jimmy hasn't told him 
that you shouldn't wear a blue tie with a brown suit. 


Brought to life by a child's wish, the Flying Snowman traverses time in 
search of death or glory. 


The ancient powers of the Temple of T'hochek have imbued the very rocks 
with life. These mighty creatures possess the strength of a hundred men. 
No one has ever dared to ask what they keep in their little sacks. 


Stumpy is the adopted son of Sergio the Magnificent. The strongman 
despairs of Stumpy's errant nature and malicious pranks but hopes in his 
heart that one day Stumpy will grow up to be a little taller. 


Trooper Black takes great delight in his work and is always first in 
line when Special Forces are deployed- as they frequently are. 


Trooper Brown often gets hot and bothered inside his gasmask on Desert 


Trooper Green's gasmask is a great help with his hay fever on summer 


Trooper Grey's foul zombie breath fills the inside of his gasmask and 
makes even his eyes water. 


Trooper White is a promising soldier in the Arctic Force. 


The undead priests are all that remains of Jacque's cult followers. 
Under his influence they sacrificed their souls for immortality, 
providing Jacque with an elite army of dark followers. 


Venus left her hometown at a young age in search of fame as a showgirl. 
Despite her obvious charms and snazzy homemade costume, her career has 
yet to take off. Perhaps she should have gone somewhere more 
cosmopolitan than Little Prospect. 


The child of a reclusive aristocratic Countessa, Viola assumes the guise 
of a traveling troubadour as a cover for her true mission- to destroy 
evil wherever it bares its ugliness. 


Around the Temple, the thirsty roots of trees have sucked up the blood 
from a thousand human sacrifices. The souls of these ancient victims now 
prowl the earth bound within gnarled skins of wood. 

|                    CHAPTER 2: LISTS + TIPS                          |


Q: When was this game released?

A: In america, around about August 2002


Q: How do I unlock X level?

A: Play through story mode. You need to beat each level to progress.


Q: How can I contact you? 
A: Email me at: ns_java_games(at)yahoo.com.au


Q: Why did you change your email?

A: Because of too much spam! Please, don't send any.


Q: I can't email you, is there some other way to contact you?

A: Sorry, I have no AIM, MSN or any chat. Try the TS board.


Q: Will this guide cover normal and hard mode?

A: Yes, when all of these are met:
   A) I have enough time
   B) I Fully master it


Q: Where can i find the crossbow?

A: You can get it in the Aztec ruins level.


Q: I don't wanna wait that long, where else?

A: Make a mapmaker level and put it in for story mode, or put it in in 


Q: Is there a way to set people on fire?
A: Yes, use the flamethrower


Q: I am on fire, is there any way to put myself out?

A: Grab a fire extinguisher, and aim at the ground.


Q: Are there any secret weapons?

A: Yes, the brick.


Q: How do I unlock the brick?

A: Do challenge 1B and complete it with a good time.


Q: Hwo do I make the soviets fire grenades?

A: Press alternative fire.


Q: What is surf time?
A: It is the amount of time spent riding on the crane in the hangar?


Q: Where is the crane in the hangar, how do I get on it?

A: Go to the top floor, and you will see the crane. Wait for it to drop 
down the hole and hop on it.


Q: Is there an award for getting a lot of surf time?

A: No


Q: How do i check my surf time?

A: Go into options > player options > statistics > scroll down


Q: How do I unlock Honorary and Elite Arcade

A: Finish Amatuer league to open Honorary, complete Honorary to unlock 


Q: When is TS3 coming out?

A: Don't know apparently FRD is looking for a producer.


Q: Who are FRD?

A: Free Radical Design, the makers of the game.


Q: Is this an offical startegy guide for the game? 
A: No, not as far as I know, there could be, though.


Q: Can I use this on my website?

A: If you ask politely via email, and give me credit and make it 
unaltered, then yes.


Q: is this document free? 
A: Of course, this guide is free everywhere.


Q: Where can I find the latest update to this guide? 
A: Always at www.gamefaqs.com


Q: How do i create my own story map? 
A: Easy, go to mapmaker, make a map, and then put in logic and enemies.


Q: It only has "Tiles" "Items" and "Light"?

A: Go to Advanced mode, and then try it.


Q: What platforms is TS2 on?

A: PS2, gamecube, and the xbox


Q: What Platform is this guide written for?

A: PS2, andthough it can be used for other versions, I guess.


Q: How come I had full Sniper Rifle ammo, but after shooting out my 
vintage rifle ammo, all my sniper ammo went, why?

A: Because they use the same ammo.


Q: Is there a way to kill someone really quickly? 
A: Try headshots, or explosions.


Q: Are all the weapons listed in the multiplayer list in Story mode? 
A: I think all, apart from the brick, but of course you can't get some 
duel weapons in story modes.


Q: How many guides have you written? 

A: 35


Q: I am having trouble with X level, how do I complete it? 
A: Look at the relative section in the guide.


Q: Is it possible to light crossbow bolts on fire? 
A: Yes, walk up to a flaming torch.


Q: How do I zoom in, in wont let me?

A: You are probably on a weapon that it wont allow you to zoom in. Press 
up and down on the following weapons to zoom in/out.
   - Lasergun
   - Sniper Rifle/Vintage Rifle
   - SBP90 Machinegun
   - Soviets


Q: Where is my health?

A: On the side when you get hit, pause the game, or pick up 


Q: Is this game story co-op?

A: Yes


Q: Do enemy bots ever use the turrets?

A: No, but they do go next to them, and shoot out.


Q: How many arcade game modes are there? 
A: 16 all up.


Q: What are they all?

A: Deathmacth
   Team Deathmatch
   Capture the bag
   Monkey Assistant
   Flame Tag


Q: Are there any cheats that you can unlock? 
A: Yes, stuff like "Silly hats" to "Umilimted Ammo"


CHAPTER 2 -               SECTION 2: WEAPONS


Silenced Pistol
Luger Pistol
Garret Revolver
Sci-fi Handgun

Sniper Rifle
Vintage Rifle

Tactical 12 Guage

Tommy gun
Soviet S47
SBP90 Machinegun
Plasma Autorifle

Remote Mines
Timed Mines
Proximity mines

Rocket Launcher
Homing Launcher
Grenade Launcher

Fire Extinguisher


Silenced Pistol   5
Luger Pistol      5
Garret Revolver   6
Sci-fi Handgun    6
Sniper Rifle      3
Vintage Rifle     4
Tactical 12 Guage 6
Shotgun           7
Tommy gun         8
Minigun           9
Soviet S47        6
SBP90 Machinegun  9
Plasma Autorifle  6
Remote Mines      6
Timed Mines       6
TNT               1
Proximity mines   4
Rocket Launcher   9
Homing Launcher   9
Grenade Launcher  7
Flametrhower      6
Brick             3
Crossbow          6
Fire Extinguisher 2
Fists             3

In order:

Homing Launcher   9
Rocket Launcher   9
Minigun           9
SBP90 Machinegun  9
Tommy gun         8
Shotgun           7
Grenade Launcher  7
Crossbow          6
Flamethrower      6
Timed Mines       6
Remore Mines      6
Plasma Autorifle  6
Tactical 12 Guage 6
Sci-fi Handgun    6
Garett Revolver   6
Silenced Pistol   5
Luger Pistol      5
Vintage Rifle     4
Proximity Mines   4
Brick             3
Fist              3
Sniper Rifle      3
Electrotool       2
TNT               1

Mapmaker goods


NOTE: If weapon isn't used in story mode, it will be left out


Tommy gun
Luger Pistol
Garett Revolver
Grenade Launcher
Vintage Rifle


Silenced Pistol
Timed Mines
Remote Mines
Soviet S47
Sniper Rifle
Tactical 12-Guage


SBP90 Machineguns
Plasma Autorfile
Sci-fi Handgun
Homing Launcher


Note that the damage may not really be accurate, because lets say the 
soviet S47 takes 20 bullets to kill someone, and the luger pistol takes 
10 for example, the Soviet is more powerful because it will kill them in 
half the time.

Damage meter:

VERY HIGH:      One hit kill
HIGH:           2 or 3 shots to kill
MEDIUM TO HIGH: 4 Shots to kill
MEDIUM:         5, 6, 7 Shots to kill
LOW TO MEDIUM:  8, 9, 10, 11 Shots to kill
LOW:            More than 11


Name:   Name of weapon (Tommy gun, Luger Pistol)
Type:   Type of weapon (Machinegun, Rilfe, Pistol)
Age:    How old it is (Old, Present, Future)
Zoom:   Can it zoom in, how powerful 
Damage: How much damage it does (low, medium, high)
Duel:   Can you get two of the weapon


NAME:   Crossbow
CLIP:   5 Bullets
TYPE:   Miscellanous
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   Yes, Medium zoom
DAMAGE: Medium
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Electrotool
CLIP:   Meter
TYPE:   Miscellaneous
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Very low
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Luger Pistol
CLIP:   6 Bullets
TYPE:   Pistol
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Low to Medium
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Silenced Pistol
CLIP:   6 Bullets
TYPE:   Pistol
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Low to Medium
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Sniper Rifle
CLIP:   5 Bullets
TYPE:   Rifle
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   Yes, very powerful
DAMAGE: Medium
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Vintage Rifle
CLIP:   5 Bullets
TYPE:   Rifle
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   Yes, Very powerful
DAMAGE: Medium
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Time Mine
CLIP:   20
TYPE:   Projectile, Epxlosive, Mine
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: High if put in the right place
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Plasma Autorifle
CLIP:   200
TYPE:   Rifle
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Low to medium
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Homing Launcher
CLIP:   30
TYPE:   Heavy Weapon
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Very High
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Brick
CLIP:   20
TYPE:   Projetile
AGE:    N/A
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Fire Extinguisher
CLIP:   Meter
TYPE:   Miscellanous
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Garett Revolver
CLIP:   5
TYPE:   Pistol (reovler actually)
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Medium
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Sci-fi Handgun
CLIP:   30
TYPE:   Pistol, Futuristic
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Low to Medium
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Tactical 12 Guage
CLIP:   8
TYPE:   Shotgun
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Rocket Launcher
CLIP:   3
TYPE:   Heavy Weapon
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Very High
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Tommy Gun
CLIP:   30
TYPE:   Machinegun
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Low to Medium
DUEL:   Yes


CLIP:   1
TYPE:   Proectile, Explosive
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Remote mines
CLIP:   20
TYPE:   Projectile, Explosive
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   SBP90 Machinegun
CLIP:   62
TYPE:   Machinegun
AGE:    Present, Maybe Futuristic
ZOOM:   Yes, fair powerful
DAMAGE: Medium to high
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Lasergun
CLIP:   Meter
TYPE:   Futuristic
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   Yes, Very powerful
DAMAGE: High when charged
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Shotgun
CLIP:   2
TYPE:   Shotgun
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Medium to High
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Soviet S47
CLIP:   30
TYPE:   Machinegun
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   Yes, not very powerful
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Flamethrower
CLIP:   Meter
TYPE:   Heavy Weapon
AGE:    Present
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Proximity Mine
CLIP:   Not sure
TYPE:   Mine, Projectile
AGE:    N/A
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Minigun
CLIP:   400
TYPE:   Machinegun, Heavy
AGE:    Futuristic
ZOOM:   No
DUEL:   No


NAME:   Fist
CLIP:   Unlimited
TYPE:   Miscellaneous
AGE:    Forever
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Medium
DUEL:   Yes


NAME:   Grnade Launcher
CLIP:   8
TYPE:   Heavy Weapon, Explosive
AGE:    Old
ZOOM:   No
DAMAGE: Very High
DUEL:   No


Probably the possible categories are:

Handguns    - Silenced, Luger, Sci-fi, Garett
Machineguns - Soviet, Tommy, Minigun, SBP90
Shotguns    - Tactical, Shotgun
Rifles      - Sniper, Vintage, Plasma
Heavy       - Rocket, Homing, Flame, Grenade
Mines       - Prox, Timed, Remote, Tnt
Meters      - Laser, Flame, Electro
Misc        - Crossbow, Birck, Extinguisher


Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch:

Just kill anyone that you can see (that is on your team.) You can camp, 
put it isn't wise as everyone else will get the kills. If you just have 
it on kills, then always attack, cos it doesn't matter if you die. Try 
to find the 5th weapon, and use that to blast everybody.


Defenetly camp. If other people want the bag, well then they can come to 
you for it. By camping, they will come to you, and as the come in, you 
can kill them. Very good idea IMO. Try to never be out in the open, cos 
you will be shot to pieces in no time.

Capture the bag:

If you bag has been stolen, then you can't score with their bag until 
yours has been put back. if you are playing two player, send your mate 
in to get it, because if he dies trying to get it, it wont matter, but 
if you go in and die, you will drop their bag, they will return it, and 
score. Don't go back into severe danger with the bag.


Once again, camp. The rest of the bots will kill each other, but becuase 
you have the most lives, they will come for you and attempt to kill you. 
In every level there are a lot of camping spots, so go to one of them, 
and let the enemies come to you. When they do, you can just kill them. 
Simple enough.


Trun off Auto look ahead. The reason for this is that you wont to be 
looking down near the ground a lot of the time, so you don't want your 
view to be put back to centre. Last place will be extra small. If you 
are having trouble killing the small people, then just go for the big 
people and kill them, becuase it is a lot easier. If you need to kill 
someone smaller, you can duck and try to kill them.


If playing with heavy weapon such as Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, 
Mines and the Homing launcher, then don't be afraid to shoot people who 
are directly in front of you. In deathmatch, that would kill you too. 
But if you do that in leech, you health will be refilled. Just keep on 
doing that. Well, if you are injured, then just hold back for a while 
and you will then be cured, and have full health. There is no point 
putting one shot kill on in this mode, cos if you are shot once, you are 
dead, and there is no need for your health to regenerate. I really don't 
bother about the regenerating part, I just go out there and blast away.


Make sure that you put some explosives in when playing, such as on the 
training ground, put a rocket or homing launcher in as weapons slot 3 or 
4. Don't put it in on weapon slot 5, cos you can only get that on one 
place, and where you don't need it. grab the rocket launcher and take 
out the turrets with it, it is a lot easier.

Flame tag:

This mode is really easy to win on. You can camp, and when the person 
who is on fire comes into where you are, blast them to kill them, simple 
enough. If you are having problems with that, just run around the place. 
If you are new, play it in an open area (like the hangar, ice station or 
the training ground) so that it is hard to catch on fire. Just remember 
that you can kill the person on fire.


Virus is harder than the one above. If you want a real challenge, then 
play it in a close quarters space, like Chinese for example. Once a 
person gets tagged, the person who tagged them is still on fire, and the 
person who got tagged is now on fire as well, it's like a game of team 
tag. If possible, try to get a whole group of them coming towards you at 
once, then run around in a big circle. Look behind on occasion to see if 
you haven't lost them.


When playing with lives, then you can still camp and shoot people as 
they come in. If you put bloodlust on high, then you can't camp, because 
the enemies will take too long to get to you, and you will die as a 
result. When playing on low, then camp and let the bots come to you. 
When playing in deathmatch style, then just go out and blast everyone.


If you are the galdiator, then camp. The bots will all come to you to 
try and kill you so they can become gladiator, but you get points for 
killing them, so camp and let them all come to you, and then you can 
kill them. Pretty simple. 

Try to kill every enemy that you see up close. There is nothing worse 
than shooting someone from far away, run up to try to take his coin 
thing, and see that someone else has taken credit for your kill. Some 
enemies are stupid enough to do long shots, so you can get the coin 
before they do. Just about each coin drops next to the gun of the 
enemy,so go for the gun to get the coin.



* Never reload in the middle of a battle. The reason for this is that it 
is bad. You will probably get shot to pieces while reloading, so don't 
do it, do it before hand.

* Reload when you can. If you are not in a gunfight and you have one 
bullet left in your clip, then reload. There is no point going into a 
gun battle with one bullet, then ahving to reload in the middle of the 

* For weapons that take a while to reload (Tactical 12 guage for 
example) you can press previous weapon then next weapon really quickly, 
the tatical 12 guage will come pack with a full clip.


* Don't use all your good weapons up straight away. Lets say that you 
find a tommy gun right at the beginning of Chicago on Normal or hard 
mode. Don't use it straight away, that ammo and the weapon could be 
needed later on in the game, so don't use your good weapon straight 

* Use your good weapons on bosses. Like say, don't usea s ilenced pistol 
to attempt to kill big tony (it would work after a while though), so use 
your best weapon because you are going to lose it at the end of the 
level anyway.

* Use the right weapon for the right situation. For example, use a 
rocket launcher when there is a pack of group members far away, use the 
sniper rifle if there is someone far away that you need to kill and 
stuff like that.


* Take out the enemy that poses the most threat to you first. lets say 
this for example: There is one zombie, one person with a rocket 
launcher, and one person with a silenced pistol. You should take out the 
guy with the Rocket Launcher first, then the guy with a pistol, and then 
the zombie.


* Instead of turning around corners, strafe around them. Lok at this 

|     |
|     |_________ 
|   ^^^^^^^^^^^<  Move your view to the wall before the corner. 

Instead of:

|     | 
|  ^  |_________ 
|  <<<<<<<<<<<<< Enemies can easily get in a shot from around corner. 

* Learn to strafe left and right. This is very handy for dodging 
bullets, although only really the bullets from the plasma autorifle, 
rocket launcher ammo and maybe the sci-fi handgun, cos if you dodge left 
and right, the bullets will miss you, this is what I done on 'Bags of 

* Now learn to circle strafe. It's kinda like strafing, except you move 
your view so that you are strafing, but going around the enemy so that 
the enemy is always in the middle of your view.



During Arcade and challenge, different scores will be set for different 


Getting a bronze is just like completing the level. It is the bare 
minimum, and like a grade of about a C. very easy to get, of course.


The next one up from bronze. This is kinda like a grade of about a B. 
Silver is mediocore, and is just under gold.


A great achievement. Gold means that you finished a level really 
quickly, or with a lot of kills/bag catpures/lives left, etc. Like an A 


The game does not have this in it, but if you beat gold by a big amount, 
you will recieve a platinum. Platinum is like an A+ grade, and is the 
highest you can get. Be warned, a lot are hard to obtain.


For Deathmatch, Leech, Regenration, Shrink, Vampire, Team Deathmatch, 
Gladiator and Monkey Asisstant, it is how many kills you get which 
counts for you score.

For Capture the bag, your score is how many times you have gotten the 
bag back to your base.

For Assault, it is how long you took to defeat the assult level.

For BagTag, it is how long you have held the bag for.

For zones, it's how much score you have got for securing the zones (10 
points for each zone that is yours every 3-5 seconds.)

For Elimination and Vampire, it is how many lives you have left.

For Flame tag it is how long you have been on fire for (Lower = better)

For Virus it is what position you got on fire. (Lower = better)


It may seem simple to some people, but..

Lets just say that this is the times for a levels:

Platinum:   30.0
Gold:     1.10.0
Silver:   1.50.0
Bronze:   3.00.0

If you get 2.00.0 for example, you will get a bronze, because it is in 
between the Silver and Bronze time.

Lets just say that your trophies in your stats look like this:

20 Platinum
20 Gold
20 Silver
6  Bronze

Lets say you get a silver that your previous best is a bronze. This is 
how your new stats will look:

10 Platinum
20 Gold
21 Silver
5  Bronze

You lose a bronze, and gain a silver.

Same with Easy/Normal/hard. Lets say that you have...

Easy:   2 (Robot Factory, Space Station)
Normal: 7 (Chicago, Notre, Planet X, Tokyo, Atomsmahser, Aztec, West)
Hard:   1 (Siberia)

Lets say that you complete Chicago on hard. Your new stats would look 

Easy:   2
Normal: 6
Hard:   2

Note that it had to be chicago that you complete next.

The reason is that you have to complete levels in order

After you do everything, your stats should look like this:

Platinum: 66
Gold:     0
Silver:   0
Bronze:   0

Even if you have got golds, but you have then gotten better (a plat)

Also, story:

Hard:   10
Normal: 0
Easy:   0

Those are the best possible stats that you can get

|                    CHAPTER 3: STORY MODE                            |



- Take out camera and guards in first area
- open door to dam in room
- Go through hole in roof to get mines
- Throw mine on dish and cabinets
- Go through dam door, go to top
- Turn vents to get pressure to %0
- Get to other side of dam
- Enter building
- throw mines at the next 3 cabinet, and run to checkpoint
- Open door in comm place
- Defeat zombies
- Throw mines on biohazard container
- Grab Crystal and run to portal


- Kill enemies and jump down to boat
- Run up the stairs, kill guards
- Run back down stair, go outside
- Use phone
- Grab tommy gun from guard on the right
- Shoot Big Tony's brother until car smokes
- Grab ammo and go to Marco
- Protect Marco to sfaehous
- Grab nightpass
- Open door to nightclub
- Enter nightclub
- Kill big tony, grab the crystal
- Go through portal


- Defeat zombies
- Pull lever on left
- Go to sewer
- Pull next level to pull up gate
- Go up stairs
- Enter next area
- Shoot flaming zombies (or avoid)
- Rescue the maidens
- Go through door to enter next area
- Shoot Undead Priests and grab Crystal
- Run up stairs and pull on ropes
- Run back down and protect Hunchback and Maiden
- Shoot zombies in the head
- Shoot the portal demon with shotgun
- Run outside and kill Boss
- Go through portal


- Grab weapon and run down hole
- Defeat enemies, run to the right
- Exit out by the bees, keep running to avoid being stung
- Go to one of the turrets
- Fight off beach attack
- Go to the downed UFO
- Help fight off raid
- Enter UFO
- Grab cystal through large window
- Go to Portal


- Follow hacker to centre
- Avoid cameras
- Let guard open door
- Use camera to view hacker password
- Enter door hacker went through
- Grab SBP90 Machinegun
- Turn off TimeSplitter machine at switch
- Kill the fleeing hacker
- Retrieve the time crystal
- Get to portal


- Kill first lot of enemies
- Get to the jail, grab gunpower
- Use trail of gunpowder from crate to cart
- Destroy crate
- Rescue Ramona
- Protect Ramona
- Get to checkpoint
- Press on cart to send it along the rails
- Kill the colnel
- Retrieve Time Crystal from mine
- Jump down into Portal


- Wait for laser to unlock door
- Turn security cameras off, and open next door
- Hit guard to get weapon, kill other enemies around him
- Get scientist to diffuse bomb
- Kill enemies around crates
- Grab double pistols
- Let scientist diffuse next bomb
- Shoot enemies by stairs
- Turn off the vent
- Grab the timed mines and fire extinguisher
- Put out fire
- Enter door
- Get Soviet S47
- Turn off steam in bomb room
- Enter bomb room
- Use magnet to drop bomb into hole
- Shoot down snipers 
- Enter room with crates
- Kill guards
- Get scientist in crate to disable bomb
- Grab armour, and enter reactor area
- Throw all mines near entrence to area
- Set off when Khallos comes in
- Grab time crystal
- Strafe to switches and turn them on
- Enter Portal


- Kill first lot of enemies
- Go to your left
- Go around guards and set laser to defensive
- Kill rest of guards
- Use railbot to shoot thing on the side of lasers
- Extend the bridge
- Go back and cross over the bridge
- Grab the Electrotool, use it to overflow the node
- Open up next door laser
- Enter through
- Shoot railbots
- Shoot spawning gurds
- Disbale the next energy node
- Reach Chekpoint
- Use crane to move node
- Overflow it
- Shoot enemies in big room
- Deactivate lasers
- Collect armour, ammo, disbale node
- Get to factory core
- Defeat mechanist using homing launchers at machine
- Go upstairs
- Grab Time Crystal
- Go through Portal


- Grab crystal
- Open door
- Put on the Self Destruct system
- Run down and enter Hangar door
- Grab the Environment suit from the left
- Run back and go through airlock (straight ahead)
- Defeat TimeSplitters ships
- Go back and to the first path on left
- Get armour and minigun
- Press button and wait for elevator
- Take elevator down
- Run to Ship
                       1990 - SIBERIA

- Deactivate the communications dish
- Investigate the secret digging site
- Retrieve the time crystal

Watch the opening cut-scene that just shows nikoli with a guard, and 
they are looking around the secret digging site, then a monster comes 
and attacks them. You'll see what happens to them near the end of the 
level. You start off with just your temoral uplink, which is just like a 
radar, except you can shoot while looking at your radar. Run forward and 
collect the sniper rifle, and also the silenced pistol.

Before running out, look up slightly, and press the L2 button (assuming 
that you are using the defualt, or my controller setup.) This will bring 
the Sniper Rifle into scope mode. Now use the right analog stick to aim 
at the enemies head, and then fire. He will die instantly from the 
headshot, but if you get him in the neck or anywhere below, he wont die 

If he doesn't die, shoot him again quickly, or let him run down the 
stairs, and come to you, and then you can just easily shoot him with 
your silenced pistol when you come face to face. Near where the guard 
was, there is a security camera. AIm the sniper rifle at the camera. To 
destroy it quickly, shoot at the lens of the camera when it is in your 

Doing that will make sparks come from it, and the camera will be 
destroyed, so that means it wont be able to see you. if you can't shoot 
the camera from here, don't worry. Now, walk on out by the crates and 
look to your right. You will see one guard patrolling there. Now aim the 
sniper rifle at his head, and shoot him. Try not to be seen while 
killing him.

Now run up to the fence. If you destroyed the camera, then you can just 
walk through the fence normally. If you didn't, crawl and go to the 
right, and take out the camera from here, since you probably have a way 
better shot. Once you have the camera taken out, head to the left of the 
fence, and you will see stairs. Just next to the big pole, hug the wall 
of the building on your right. Peep around the conrner a tiny bit.

You will see one guard here, pop him, then don't run to where he was, 
because there is a camera there. Instead, run to the left, and shoot the 
guard by the stairs. Now, run up the stairs and into the room. Run to 
the far end of the room (by the window) and now press the button on the 
control panel. This will open the door so that you can get upstairs.

But, there still is an objective to be done before you can go into the 
inside area. Run back outside and to the wooden planks. Make sure that 
the camera has been taken out here. Run across the planks. Get to the 
room with a hole in the roof, and jump down into it. Grab the timed 
mines on the shef, and unlock the door. Head to the right, and then to 
the right again.

Run back to the stairs, and once again go up them ignore the room, and 
go around by the planks again, just near the camera. Look up the top of 
the building and you will see a communications dish. Pull out your timed 
mines. Look up, and throw them at the communications dish. Just one is 
needed, and if it sticks to it, thats good. Run back down the stairs and 
hear it blow up.

Also, there is a filing cabinet that you might want to destroy. if you 
don't want to destroy it, then head down the stairs, then go down the 
stairs to the left and into the inside area. If you want to destroy it, 
then head down the stairs, and take the path to the very end, near where 
you killed a guard. Run to the right, and keep going. If you look into a 
window on your right, there is a guard.

Kill him by standing back a bit so he can't see you. if he does see you, 
it doesn't matter, because he usually stays inside the building and 
shoots at you. Now, run into the room. Press X to open the door (once 
again assuming you have the defualt, or my control setup.) Now look to 
your left. You will see a filing cabinet. Open it, and throw a mine on 
the files.

Press X to open the door, and run out. Stand back, and you will hear an 
explosion. That's the filing cabinet at files being blown up. Thats 1/5 
cabinets destroyed. Run to the stairs, go down them and head to the 
right, and run inside. Straight ahead of you will be an elevator, but 
there is no power, so you can't use it.

Looks like we'll have to take the stairs. Run up the stairs. Here I will 
give you a list of what to expect while climbing up the stairs. NOTE: 2 
sets of stairs = 1 floor

1st floor: Some steam. You can go straight through it if you want, but 
           you will lose some health. If you don't want to loose any 
           health, then press the duck button, and go through the part 
           where there is no steam.

           Just a crate. You can destroy the crate if you want to, but 
           there is no point. if you do decide to chop it up, stand 
           back so the explosion doesn't hurt you.

2nd floor: There is a guard, usually he is not facing you, unless you 
           destroy the crate. if you do destroy it, he will come down. 
           have fun with this guard, like go right up to him and shoot 
           him in the back of the head.

           Some barrels. If you like having some fun, then but afew 
           bullets into them to destroy them. But, it would just be a 
           waste of ammo, it would alert the guards and you can easily 
           get hurt by the explosion.

3rd floor: Once again, another guard, looking the opposite direction 
           (unless you destroyed the barrels, if you did destroy them,
           he will come down.) Try to sneak up to this guy and shoot 
           him in the head. Funny stuff.

4th floor: Nothing on the first part, but the next part will be top of 
           the building. Well, not really the top, but as as far as the 
           stairs will take you.

Open the door, and you will find one guard. He doesn't even know you are 
here yet, so take this opportunity to line up a decent headshot, and 
shoot a bullet. Now run into the room on your left, and on the shelves 
will be a Soviet S47. Grab it, and the armour, and look back. Run to the 
steam controls and press the action button.

Steam pressure is at 66 percent. Run out the room, and to the left. Kill 
any enemy that you can see in your way. BTW, I suggest using the soviet 
now, especially if you are just starting out in TS2. Now, run to the 
next two rooms and do the same. Once you get to the last one, it will 
say that the steam pressure is off. Now run to where the steam was, and 
go through the door. 

Now run down the stairs. There isn't anything much down here, apart from 
some armour, sniper ammo and a few guards. Run to the ground,a nd go 
outside. Press the switch to open the door. Run out, and go up the 
little steps. Now look to your left, and shoot the guy walk in the back 
of the head to kill him. Now run around the building to the right.

Look left at the end to see another guard, do the same and then run up 
to near the door. Run to the right, and you will see a camera, if you 
look back near the door. Shoot the lens when it's near you. Now run and 
grab the ammo from the dead guys, and run back to the door and open it. 
Run inside, and it will say "Time crystal located." You will see a guard 
walking around, not facing you.

Throw a timed mine on this guy, and then watch histerically and he runs 
around with a mine attached to him. Watch it detonate and kill him. Fun 
stuff this is. By the shelf with the crtae is the anaconda cart, grab 
it. Yeah, a minigame you can play by either going to the inventory and 
going to anaconda cart, or by pressing reload on your temporal uplink.

But where not here to play minigames, we are here to kill people and 
complete the objectives we are given. Start by going down the stairs. To 
your left will be a room. Ignore this room; there is absolutely nothing 
useful inside, well at least not on easy mode, so just leave it and keep 
on heading forward. It's just a shower room.

Turn the corner, ands snipe the guard off at the end of the room. get a 
headshot so that you can kill him in one shot. before moving on, open 
the door on your right. Press the action button to open the filing 
cabinet and then select your timed mines. Throw a timed mine next to or 
in the filing cabinet, and then quickly go back out the door. Watch it 

Another filing cabinet destroyed. Run up, and look to your left just 
before the stairs. here you will find some more filing cabinets. Throw a 
timed mine in between them, and let it explode. 2 more filing cabinets 
gotten rid of. now run down the stairs. Once you have gone down the 
first set, you now reach a checkpoint. if you die from any time after 
here, you wont be put back at the beggining.

You will get to start from that checkpoint. Continue down the next set, 
and past the dividers. Look near the other end of the room and kill the 
guard. A shot to the head will do. Now walk to the right. Watch out for 
the guard on the balcony above, and the one to the right. Kill them both 
with whatever weapon you fancy. Now head to the right and up the stairs 
to the top comm room.

Press the button, and run back down stairs and you will notice that a 
new door is open for you to go through. Go through it, and you will not 
be underground in a digging site. Walk near the first zombie to get him 
up, then shoot him in the head to kill him. Walk into the room on your 
right and grab the grenades and some armour. Go back out.

The next zombie is fun to play around with. I like throwing a mine on 
him, and then watch it explode, killing him. Ah, it's funny stuff. You 
wont need your mines again, so you don't need to bother about saving 
them. Run down more, and kill the next two zombie guards, then pick up 
the time crystal that was next to them. Now run to the left, and throw 
about 3 mines on the container, just about anywhere will do.

Stay back from them when they go off, now once it is destroyed and the 
mission objective is complete, run back and you will see the time 
portal. Go through it and the mission is complete.


- Rendezvous with your informant
- Locate Time Crystal
- Gain a nightclub pass
- Eliminate Big Tony

This guy is fed up all of this corruption and Big Tony in chicago. This 
guy is coming after him, to kill him because big tony has cost him just 
about everything, well thats what he says. This level actually gives you 
a silenced Luger! This is about the only place that you can get it, I 
think, apart from "Trouble at the docks" which is based in this level 

Now, lets just start the level, shall we. You start off with your 
temporal uplink, the silenced luger that I talked about before and also 
the vintage rifle. The vintage rifle is pretty much the same as the 
sniper rifle from the last level (same ammo, can zoom in, same power) 
the only difference is the scope and the look of it.

Run out onto the little balcony. Look to your upper right to fund a 
guard walking about (sometimes he is stationary.) Zoom in on your 
Vintage rifle and shoot him till death. Jump down from the balcony onto 
the big shipping container which contains some sniper rifle ammo. You 
really ddidn't need it, because you only fired one or two shots.

Ah well, more ammo can help. Now run off the ship (or so it looks like) 
by using the plank. Grab the dead guys ammo if you need to. Run up the 
stairs and look to the left. Shoot the guard going backwards and 
forwards, and look to your right to find a barrel. This is a whiskey 
barrel, and is part of your secondary objectives. Shoot it about 4 

This wil cause whisky to come out of it.Once all of it is drained, that 
is one out of three whiskey barrels that have been drained. Two more to 
go, if you wanna do them. Run up the steps to your left and take them to 
the top. When you areat the window, look down and sniper the guard off 
below. It will break the window and kill the guard.

Move along the walkway to the end, then go down the stairs. In the 
corner near where you killed that guard through the window will be a 
whisky barrel. Shoot it about 4 times and it will spurt out whisky, and 
thats 2 out of 3 whisky barrels that have been drained. Now head to the 
place nearly under the stairs, and go around the corner.

You will now be outside. Shoot the guard in the back of the head here, 
and move outside to the right. Approach the phone in the corner, and 
press the action button. Thats your Snitch teling him where to meet you. 
He is by the newstand, whcih is near the hotel/pub building or whatever. 
Run up, and on the right will be a guard, shoot him in the head before 
he sees you, now run up and grab his Tommy Gun.

Walk around the corner, and a new objective wil flash up on screen, it 
is "Prevent Tony's brother from escaping." The way to do this is to 
first get your tommy gun out. When he comes towards you, shoot the car 
afew times. When it gets smoke on it, just leave it, and it will crash 
itself around the last turn. On easy mode, you can't catch fire form it.

I'm not actually sure about Normal or hard, but there are a few fire 
hydrants that have been shot, so you go under them to put yourself off 
of fire. Run back to where you were when you first seen Tony's Borthers 
car, and walk forward to see O'Learys. Run up and look to your right. 
Shoot the whiskey barrels 4 times once again.

It will drain, and a secondary objective is complete (thats 2 secondary 
objectives done, but no primary ones.) Walk around O'Learys, and go to 
the guy by the newsstand. This is your informant. He will start walking, 
you need to protect this guy so that he doesn't die, cos you need 
information from him. THe first time I played this level, I accidnetly 
shot him.

I though he was a bad guy. Anyway, if you spot an enemy with a gun, then 
shoot him. Watch out behind him also, as some guards do approach from 
behind. When you turn the corner, there is a sniper in the building by 
the Y type intersection. Shoot him before he gets good shots in on you. 
Most of the guards will aim for you, not him.

Your informant will cross the road, and then go into the safehouse. 
Follow him in there, and on the table is the club pass. Grab it, and let 
Marco go. Two mission objectives have now been complete (two primary 
ones that is.) Now that you have got the pass, you can get acess to the 

Walk out of the room, and then head to your right. Get your luger pistol 
back out if you haven't alreayd. Now you will be back on the street. 
Head left when you can see two ways to go (if you go to the right, it is 
a dead end, which you could probably see.) Follow the path along. When 
you have another way to go, head left.

You will see a guard by a gate. Shoot the guard, and the sniper in the 
window and run up to the gate. Press the action button and it will opent 
he gate. This is why you needed the pass, so you could unlock the gate. 
Stick to the right wall and pull out your Vintage Rifle. Aim at the 
heads of the two guards by the door, before they see you.

Fire at them both. Most likely when one of them gets shot in the head, 
the other one will become suspicious and notice you, so you wont be able 
to get a headshot in. Ah well, who cares, you shoot him afew times in 
the body with your luger pistol, and he will easily die. Now run up to 
where you killed them both and steal their weapons.

As you get into the kitchen area, a message will come up saying that the 
Time Crystal has been located. This just means that your Temporal Uplink 
now has the loocation of the TIme Crystal. Now, head left. You can go 
into the tables section, but thtere isn't anything in there, so why 

Follow the path around and downt he stairs and you will be outside 
again, and in front of a big door. Go to the door and press the action 
button to open it. On the right, by the wall will be one guard who will 
notice you as soon as you open the door. Kill him as soon as possible, 
then take the stairs (or jump) down.

Open the fancy looking doors to the nightclub. When you get to the 
entrence part, a guard will come around the corner. Be ready to kill 
him. Now move on. You will get to a part with two glass window on the 
side. A guard will pop his gun around the corner and shoot at you. Be 
ready for him, and shoot first. This guy can be a pain on normal/hard.

Turn the next two corners, and you will come to a place with a 
stairscase leading up, and then two stairscases coming off that that go 
to the upper right and the upper left. This is where you have to kill 
Big Tony. He will yell out "Fenton" and come down the stairs. Pull out 
your Tommy guns.

This is why you had to save some of your ammo. Using the tommy gun to 
kill Big Tony is defenetly better than using the luger pistol. Just aim 
at Big Tony,  and usually the auto aim will lock onto him, so just shoot 
and shoot and shoot, and you will see his health bar going down and down 
at the top right of the screen.

Because of you firing and hitting him, he will be stunned, meaning that 
he cannot shoot you while he is being shot, which is good. Just keep 
shooting, and when he is dead, run up to his body and collect the Time 
Crystal. TimeSplitters will now spawn. I say don't bother about fighting 
them, just run to the Portal.

If you want to fight them, then go ahead, just shoot the one 
TimeSplitter that spawns in usually the same place all of the time. They 
have Tommy guns as well, so they can shoot you and hurt you also. One 
you go into the TIme Portal, you complete the level. Onto the next 

                             NOTRE DAME

- Rescue the Maidens
- Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame
- Retrieve the Time Crystal
- Eliminate Jacque De La Morte

If you like boss battls, scary music and lots of Zombies, then this 
level is really for you! There are two bosses that you have to fight in 
this level, but don't worry, on easy mode, they are bothof course really 
easy. It's just when you get to Hard mode that you will have some 

The only enemies in this level are Zombies, and Undead preists, as well 
as the bosses, of course. Your main objective in this level is to rescue 
the maidens that are being held Captive by Jacque de la Morte, some evil 
guy, and if you watch the opening movie, you will hear all about it.

Also, if you watch the opening movie, take a look at the person that you 
play as, how wierd is she? She has like a circus hat with those Jester 
bells on it. I don't remember who the second player plays as, but that 
doesn't really matter.

Okay, now finally on with the walkthrough. You only start off witht he 
Shotgun, and this will be your only weapon for about 60% or something of 
the level. You don't even get a machinegun on this level. Anyway, walk 
around the first few corners, and you will see a zombie. Sometimes he is 
up, and sometimes he is lying down.

If he is lying down, walk up near the zombie, and he will get up. Then 
just walk backwards, put the crosshairs on (Default is L2, I think) and 
then the crosshairs will be aiming at his head, if you and the zombie 
are on the same level. If not, you can aim down abit, or wait until the 
zombie comes towards you.

If the zombie is already up, well then just stay back and shoot him. 
Headshots will kill instantly, but remember you only get two shotgun 
bullets before you have to reload, so take cover and avoid the zombies 
while you are reloading, so that you don't get hit by the zombie. Walk 

Some zombies may look as if they are already dead, but thewy arn't. They 
are just lying on the ground, and when you get near them, thats the 
trigger to get up. They probably made it like this so that you can't get 
cheap shots from far away when you first see the zombie. Ah well.

Turn left when you can, and wait for the next zombie to get up. Shoot 
him in the head, and then run to the end of this path. Now, if you look 
on your right, you will be able to see a lever. Press the action button 
once, and it will activate the lever. This will open a door. Press it 
again, and it will close the door.

Run back, and head to your left, out through the broken bircks section, 
and into the sewer, not before killing the zombie. Go down into the 
sewere, and to the door that you just opened using the lever. When you 
get to the end of the path, there will be another door closed. Look on 
your left, and there will be another lever.

Press action to use it, like you did with the other lever, and the door 
will open. Run up the stairs, and in the upper left corner will be some 
armour. It will give you a full amount of armour. Now run through the 
doorway on the left, and shoot the sewer zombie who is just under the 
stairs. Lead him back into the last room if you need to, where there is 
much more space.

Run up the stairs. At the first platform, another zombie will spawn. Run 
back down the stairs and wait until you and the zombie are on the same 
level, and then shoot him in the head, and he will die. Two shots to the 
chest will also kill him, if you prefer to do that. Now run up the 

Take the stairs all the way to the top, and you will see a Shotgun right 
in front of you. Grab the shotgun, and move into the next room. Here 
will be some wine barrels. Move around the wine barrels, and as you do 
that, the door behind you will close. It will come open again in a 
minute or two, but you really don't need to go back down there anyway, 
so it can stay closed.

Move around the rest of the wine barrels, and you will see planks of 
wood blocking where you need to go. Just walk near the planks of wood, 
and they will explode, and zombies will come out, and they are on fire. 
Run backwards to where the door closesd, and by the time the zombies are 
near you, they will die due to the fire.

You can shoot them in the head as well if you want to, but there head is 
quite hard to see through all of that fire. Make sure that the zombies 
don't make contact with you, otherwise you will be put on fire, and 
start losing health. If you do get put on fire accidently (or purpously 
for that matter) there is a way you can put yourself out.

Shoot the wine barrels, and water will come out. Stand underneath the 
water, and it will hopefully put you out, without too much loss of 
health. Run to where the planks of wood were. Follow the path along into 
the next room. Up ahead you will see a maiden. Run to her, but do not 
press the action butto to release her just yet. 

Kill the zombies that are around her. Once they are dead, press the 
action button to release her. Don't worry, you don't need to protect her 
anymore, she will defend for herself and run backwards. Continue on. 
Thats one maiden out of three rescued. Two more to go. Run around the 
corner on your right.

Up ahead you will see another maiden. Ignore her for now, and look to 
your right. Shoot the lock on the door using your shotgun, and run 
inside the room and collect the armour if you need it. If you don't then 
you can come back to it if you want to. Now shoot the zombie that spawns 

Run to the Maiden. When you are next to the Maiden, look to your right 
and you will see two zombies. Shoot them, and once they are dead, press 
the action button to release the Maiden, she will thank you, and then 
run off. Once again, you don't need to protect her anynore, unless there 
are zombies around. She will run away.

Run around the corner, and on the right will be a satirscase, Shoot the 
zombie on it, and go up the stairs. Go up the next big lot of stairs, 
and take them to the top. A voice will come up saying "Time Crystal 
Located." Run forward. If you are doing co-op mode, one can go left and 
one can go right.

To the left are a few undead priests who don't know that you are there. 
You can sneak up on one, shoot him in the head, then quickly shoot the 
others that are there. The Time Crytsal is on the little bench; grab it. 
Objective is complete. Now look back, and if you look up, you will be 
able to see the Maiden hanging off of a rope.

The very first time I played this level, I shot the rope that the Maiden 
was hanging from, thinking that that would cause her to go to the 
ground, but if you do shoot the rope, she will die, because she fell 
from a high spot, even though there isn't any falling damage. Run 
towards the oppsoite end that you are at now.

Grab the armour and shoot the Undead priest with the two luger pistols. 
Run up and grab the pistols, and then run up the stairs. take them to 
the very top. Kill the undead priest. Press action next to the ropes, 
and the Maiden will slowly be take to the ground by the rope. Run back 
down the stairs, and to the Maiden.

Once you get to the Maiden, you have a new objective, and the Hunchback 
will come, along with Spawning zombies. Use your luger pistol, and shoot 
the zombies in the head. The Hunckback guy will also help you kill the 
zombies, but if you get in his way, be warned that he will shoot you, 
and you will lose health.

Once all of the zombies are dead, head the opposite way of the Hunchback 
and the Maiden. Grab the armour, and the shotgun and make your way up 
the stairs. Take them to the very top. As soon as you exit the 
staircase, the door behind you will close, and it's time for your first 
boss battle.

Use your shotgun for this. Keep on moving aroud the big portal daemon, 
and keep on shooting him with your shotgun. It doesn't matter where you 
hit him, most of the shots on him will do the same amount of damage. 
Just keep shooting and shooting. Just stay in one spot and shoot as many 
times before his attack.

His attack are like missiles, and they do have a slight homing 
capability, remember slight only, so you will have no trouble avoiding 
them. If you keep on moving, he wont be able to get a lock on you, and 
his missiles will miss. This is a pretty easy boss battle. Just don't 
get hit by those missiles.

When the portal daemon is defeated, he will fall down, causing your 
screen to shake a bit. Objective complete. Run around to the side with 
the supplies, and go through the doorway on your right. Open the next 
door and you will be outside. In this area are some undead priests that 

Each undead priest will take one shotgun bullet in the chest to die, two 
at the most, but one usually does the trick. The Splitters will take 
about 2 or 3 bullets to die. Once you get around the corner, you will 
find Jaqcue de la Morte. Just fire about 5 shotgun shells at him and he 
will easily die.

Run back to the time portal and the mission is complete.

                       RETURN TO PLANET X 

I really liked the Planet X from the original Planet X level from the 
original TimeSplitters. It was so big, and just fun to play. I wondered 
why they didn't put the Planet X level as an Arcade level in this one, 
it was really fun to play with rocket launchers and grenade launchers. 
This level is set in the future.

This level is also quite small. It should only take you approximately 
less than 5 mintues to complete it. If this level had a timer, I bet 
people could complete it in less than about 3 minutes. Yes, that's how 
short it is! Ah well, this is also a fun level to play, because of the 
turrets and the fllods of enemies that come near the end of the level, 
but I will tell you more about that as we go on.

Now, from the start of the mission, all you have is your Temporal 
uplink, because you just jumped out of a plane after defeating a U.F.O 
because you took a lot of damage. You will be fired upong by the U.F.O, 
so run and grab the sci-fi handgun and jump down the hole. You are safe 
from it's fire now.

Take the first right (it doesn't really matter actually) and kill the 
first enemy. Run to the right and shoot the next enemy, and then turn to 
your left. You will see an enemy up top. Use manual aim, and aim and 
shoot at him. If you are having trouble with the manual aim, just use 
auto aim, although it will take more bullets.

Run around and kill the next enemy and jump down into the hole. You have 
completed about 35% of the level, maybe even more. Run up and grab the 
armour, and then head to the right. A new objective will come up, saying 
"Repel the beach attack" as a new objective. Run back and grab one of 
the turrets.

You get about 300 bullets and 10 rockets/missiles. All you need to do is 
to shoot the enemies that come, which is really fun to do with the 
turret. Mostly shoot them with the machinegun bullets, but for 10 of the 
enemies, you can shoot rockets at them. The rockets are slightly homing.

Press action to get back off the turrets, and run up the hill, and to 
the left. Run towards where the lasers were. Run up and grab the ammo 
for the Plasma Autorifle. Grab the Plasma Autorifle ammo, and ignore the 
bees and go to the first path on your right. You are about 70% complete 
of this level.

Run out and you will see a big U.F.O. Enemies will start coming towards 
it. It will shoot at anything that moves, including you, and even it's 
friends. Stay on top of the U.F.O and enemies will start to spawn. Help 
shoot them. After awhile, run unde the U.F.O and there will be a laser 

Go into the laser beam and you will be transported to inside the U.F.O. 
Go through the big window section, and then move to your right. Grab the 
time crystal, and then run to your left and go to the Portal and the 
mission is complete.

                          NEO TOKYO

- Follow the hacker to the research area
- Obtain the hackers Password
- Retrieve the TIme Crystal
- Deactivate the TimeSplitter machine
- Eliminate the gang leader before she escapes
- Escape through the Time Portal

If you watch the opening movie, it looks like a rip-off of matrix moves. 
Ghost and that Hacker girl are like fighting. Ghost loses. Now, this 
level is a stealth level. I seriously hate stealth levels in First 
Person Shooters, because they are not made for stealth. Oh well, this is 
the only stealth level in the game.

Actually, it's not fully stealth. About 60% of the way through the 
level, it wont be stealth, and you can kill at your own pace. Basically 
the story to this level is that the hacker that you have to follow has 
framed ghost for something, I don't know what, so you have to follow the 
hacker to find evidence.

That's why this mission is a stealth one. First things first, if a 
camera spots you, they will alert the roit officers, who will come and 
attempt to kill you, because they think you are a criminal. Cameras can 
be hard to spot, so use your Temporal Uplink and dodge them, instead of 
shooting them.

First of all, put away your silenced pistol, you wont be needing that on 
this mission, because you wont be killing anyone for awhile. Go close 
behind the hacker. Do not go past her, and do not shoot her. IF you 
shoot her, she will turn around and basically the mission is failed, 
same with letting her see you.

Follow her closely. Where she goes; you go. Follow her along the path, 
then she will turn left. Ignore the civilian, he will not give your 
presence away, even if you are holding that silenced pistol in your 
hand. She will cross that little walkway as well, and head towards some 

Stay back as she heads down the stairs, otherwise when she goes down the 
first set, and then turn around to go down the next set of stairs, she 
will spot you. So stay back away from the stairs, and when she has gone 
down both sets, then run down them and you will be behind her again.

Very quitely break the windows on your right. In here will be some 
sniper ammo, and of course a Sniper Rifle. If you shoot the glass, the 
hacker usually turns around and notices you. It even happened when I 
punched out the glass once, so it is better just to run through it, you 
don't lose that much health.

She will stop by the road for a second, and start to look around. Get 
out your Temporal Uplink, and look to the right. You will spot a camera, 
and you will be able to see it's view. The only blind spit the camera 
has is underneath it, so go underneath the camera. Remember to stay away 
from the hacker.

When you cross the road, make sure that you will be out of the cameras 
view when it turns back around to you. Stick to the left side. Because 
she walks, just move the left analog stick up a tiny bit (not all the 
way) and you will start to walk at about her pace. This is defenetly 
better than running faster than her.

Break the window on the left, and grab some armour, and then follow the 
hacker around the corner, which is on your left. All of the camera's are 
out of the way now. After staning there and doing nothing for afew 
seconds, then she will go down into the sewers, follow her into the 

Now that you know where her hiding place is, if you fail the mission and 
have to start again, then just jump off the platform area you start on, 
head left and avoid the cameras, turn the next corner, and then the next 
on the left and you are at the alley where the sewer section is. You can 
hide in a bit farther.

So you don't exactly have to follow her if you already know her hiding 
spot. The Hacker will go down a ramp. If you did what I said above, 
under the ramp is where you should hide, it is a great place, and press 
the duck button to stay crouched. Sometimes she will see you, but if you 
stay in the correct spot, she wont.

It is very hard to do the above trick while doing two player co-
operative mode. Anyway, follow her through the sewers some more, and she 
has led you to her secret hacker research facility thingy. The guard 
will open the laser door for her. That guard will then follow the 

The idiot forgot to put the lasers back on. Head through where the 
lasers were, but do not shoot the guy following the hacker. Instead, 
move into the guard room on the left. Press action to take control of 
the cameras. A new objective will come up on screen, which is to obtain 
the hackers password.

Now, cycle to abput the 3rd or 4th camera, the one where you can see a 
computer in the upper right corner, and looks to be in a cave like 
section. Keep the camera on this, and when the hacker comes in and types 
her password in, you will see it. No more stealth is needed in this 

The obtaining the password from the hacker part is complete. Run out 
this guard room and look to your left. Get out your sniper rifle and 
then shoot the guard at the end of the hall in the head. Run up and 
collect her weapon. Go through the broken wall on the right, and you 
will be in the room where the hacker inputted her password.

Run to the computer on your left, and press action next to it. Ghost 
will automatically put in the password, so you don't have to remember 
it, even though you can't really tell what her password was looking from 
the camera. Oh well. Once you press action next to the computer, then 
the door will open.

A checkpoint will be reached. Run up the stairs, and the door should be 
open. If not, then run back down and input the password again, thenr un 
up the stairs. Pull out your silenced pistol, then turn to your left and 
shoot the guard. The door will open at the end of the hall, and most 
likely a guard will come out. Shoot him too.

Run forward into the room where that last guard was, and grab the 
armour. Before leaving this room, you will notice that there are some 
lockers in here. Press action next to the locker on the left, and it 
will open and inside will be an SBP90 Machinegun. The best machinegun in 
the game, apart from maybe the minigun.

Run out this room, and head to your left. Open the door, and head to 
your right, where another new objective will come up. It is Deactivate 
the TimeSplitter machine. Go through the door on your left. Which will 
lead into a big room, where you will see a TimeSplitter at the end, 
sitting on the machine.

You cannot kill this TimeSplitter. When he throws electricity at you, 
just keep moving and you will dodge it. Stay to the left by the 
TimeSplitters machine, and then make a break for the power switch, which 
is on your right. Run over and press it. The machine will be 

The TimeSplitter, though will still be active. Run back to the wall that 
you were hiding behind, and then shoot the hacker. She will cloak, and 
run out the room. Run and follow her. You have to follow her all the way 
to near where you used the cameras to obtain the hackers password.

You can just see her when she is invisible. Keep shooting her with your 
SBP90 Machinegun, and you will eventually see her die, and leave behind 
the Time Crystal. Grab the Time Crystal, and keep on running. Go back 
outside, and head to your left. Shoot the rest of the uards, and you 
will see the Time Portal.

Run towards the time Portal and go through it and the mission is 

                        WILD WEST

- Rescue Ramona from Jail
- Eliminate the colonel
- Retrieve the Time Crystal

Ahh, A WIld West level, and Free Radical Design have really captured the 
Atmoshpere for this level, the sound are really great, the wind in the 
opening movie sounds realistic, as well as everything else about this 
level. This would be a really fun level if it was done for arcade, so 
many hiding spots.

Anyway, you play as Elijah Jones in this level, and you have to 
basically find someone who was wronfully put in jail, rescue them, and 
then kill the colonel and retrieve the Time Crystal from his dead 
Corpse. Good enough story? This level is no walk in the park as well, it 
can get hard.

You start off with the Vintage Rifle and also a Garett revolver. The 
Vintage rifle is basically an older version of the Sniper Rifle, 
although they look complete different and both have a different scope. 
The revolver is a classic Wild West weapon, as you will see in most 
western movies.

Anyway, lets start the walkthrough. There really isn't many enemies at 
the start of the level, so really there is no threat of dying on easy 
mode. Try it on hard mode then, and enemies basically start from just 
around the corner. Run forward and look left. Aim the Vintage rifle up 
and shoot the guard in the head.

Turn the next corner and run up and you are basically at the jail, next 
to the very first mission objective. A guard will come out of the 
Sherrifs office. Shoot him. On the right to the office will be a 
walkway, run to there and take the path around to the back. Look up high 
on the tower to find a guard.

The guard is on that little tower. This level is where the Mexican 
Village is set on. Anyway, run to the left now, and you will see a TNT 
truck. You will see TNT boxes on the truck, shoot them and it will 
explode the truck, causing a hole to break in the back of the jail, and 
it will let Ramona Salsa out.

As you can see, a new door has been opened, but you first must protect 
Ramona Salsa. Go back the way you came, and in the narrow path will be 
two enemies. Shoot them both they each take about two bullets to kill, 
so 4 bullets total. Now, after you are out of that section, let Ramona 
run back to the start.

You don't need to help her anymore. Now, run to your right, and you will 
see where the new door that you just opened is. Head through the 
doorway, and look to your right. There are enemies hiding here, and will 
pop out and attempt to kil you. There is one hiding behind the wall on 
your upper left, and one on the right.

Some more guards may come. A new mission objective will pop up, which is 
to rescue the girl in the bran, by putting out the fire. You don't get a 
fire extinguisher in this level, so you have to improvise. Run into the 
barn on your right and head up the stairs, where you will see the girl 
and the fire.

What I don't get is why she can't just jump out the window. Anyway, 
above the fire are some water barrels. Put a hole in both of them, and 
water will start coming out, and put out the fire, and you wil have 
rescued the girl. If you happen to get put on fire, you can go under the 
water as well, and it will put you off fire.

Jump out of the window, and look right. Now look to your left, and shoot 
the guard in the window. Now move up abit and look right. Shoot the 
guard in the upper window. Now move forward and run right, and you have 
now reached a checkpoint. Shoot the first guy on the left and take his 
duel Garett Revolvers.

Run forward, and watch out, because a guard will pop out from the 
building on your right, and one guy is in a window on the building on 
your right also. Take there ammo and go into the mine. Just before you 
get to the tracks, look to your right. There will be some armour, so 
grab it.

Now you are all prepared for battle. Push the cart, but don't follow it 
for now. It will go along the tracks, and blow up a hole in the wall on 
the other side. Run up abit, and you will hear the Colonel sayng afew 
things. Let his men come to you, and then kill them all. Wait for the 
Colonel's health meter to come up, then shoot him.

Use your duel Garret Revolvers, and just keep on shooting him. Make sure 
you have a full clip in both, because if you have one bullet in one for 
example, and need to reload, then you can easily be shot. It is better 
if you ignore everything else here, and run along the tracks. Do not be 
shot off the tracks though, because you will die.

If you need to, kill the enemies. Run into the mine that the cart blew 
up. It will look like you come to a dead end, because it is pitch black. 
Keep on going, and you will see the Time Crystal. Grab the crystal, and 
run back. TimeSplitters will spawn and try to kill you (of course.)

Run back along the track, and ignore everything. This is an easy bit. 
Position yourself above the Time Portal, and then jump down, and you 
will hopefully land in the Time Portal. I died and half landed in the 
Time Portal once, and it counted as me completing the mission, so I was 
happy. Thats the end of the level.


BEST. LEVEL. EVAR! This level is so cool! It is my favourite level in 
the whole game! It kicks ass, and it beats all over levels in the game. 
It is so fun. Anyway, this mission is one of only two missions where you 
have a Time Limit. About 80%, maybe even more, of the level is timed, so 
you will need to hurry.

The Time Limit on easy is pretty reasonable, for example, you can get to 
the next bomb in short amount of time, but when you try it on hard mode, 
things get in your way, like better enemies, scientists on fire, and 
other little things that will make you throw your controller out the 

You play as one of the old TimeSpliiters 1 characters in this level. 
That person is Harry Tipper. I think from memory that there are only 10 
originl cast (people from the original TimeSplitters) that are back in 
TimeSplitters 2. One of these people is Harry Tipper. You also see 
Captain Ash in the Aztec Ruins level, he was from TS1.

The opening movie is basically a rip-off of a James Bond movie, and that 
is what makes it so funny. Tipper has been caught by Khallos, the evil 
guy in this level,a dn has been put on one of those table things, been 
tied up, and a laser has been turned out to cut him in half. He then 
escapes because of the laser, and blah blah blah.

As you start the level, you see that the Laser is going Psycho. Stay out 
of it's way until it reaches the door. It will shoot the lock off of the 
door, so that you can escape from the room. If the laser hits you, it 
doesn't really do that much damage, but none the less, try not to let it 
hit you.

Also, you don't get a weapon just yet, but you will get one in a minute. 
First thing is first. Run out the door, and grab the Teporal Uplink. Go 
to where Khallos was standing in the movie screen, and press the action 
button next to the camera contronl. Go to all cameras and turn them off 
by pressing trianlgle, and press action to go to the next camera.

You will see your bomb time in the top right hand corner of the screen. 
When this reaches 0, the bomb will go off, and the mission is failed. 
Just thought I should let you know that. Don't worry, this isn't the 
total time that you have to disable all 4 bombs, it's just the time for 
one bomb. When you disable one bomb, the next bomb timer will come up. 
More time will be given for difficult bombs.

Run towards the door, and press the action button next tot he switch to 
open the door. Run through the doorway, around the corner, and keep on 
heading forward. You will see a Henchman up ahead. He is usually looking 
the opposite way to you. Run up to him, and punch him once in the back, 
or head. He will die. Steal his weapon.

Now look to your right, ans shoot the guard there. Run around and steal 
his weapon. Now run around to the Scientist, who will be ducking. If he 
doesn't say "I'll take care of that bomb for yer," then look back and 
shoot the guard who comes around the corner. When he does say the above, 
he will disarm the bomb, but he wont do it when enemies are around.

You don't have to supervise him disarming the bomb; it will just be a 
waste of time. Run back around, and head the first path on your right, 
where a Henchmen came from. Your bomb time will be increased a lot.  I'm 
not sure if it is the same every time, but while writing this, mine got 
extended to 4:37.

Anyway, run to the next door and press the action button by the switch 
to open the door. Stand back and wait for the door to open. As it is 
sliding open, run through. The sparks will not hurt you. Go around the 
crates, and shoot the guar don the left in the head. Do the same to the 
next guard walking away, although two shots to the chest will kill them.

Run forward and shoot two more guards, and steal their ammo. GRab the 
Deul Silenced Pistols, this will give you greater damage! Open the next 
(Wierd looking) door, and you will see another bomb and a scientist. 
Look to your left. Shoot the two guards here, and go back tot he 
scientist, who will now diffuse the bomb for you.

Run forward, and collect the ammo left by the dead Hencman. Watch out, 
as more enmies can come around the corner. As you ener the section will 
the stairs in, look to your upper right and shoot the sniper before he 
shoots you. Go to the upper left corner and collect the Remote Mines in 
the Darkness.

The remote mines you will probably only use in one section, which is the 
very last boss section, which you can fnd out more about near the end of 
the level. Now, just before the stairs is a vent; press action to stop 
the release of fire. Also grab the Fire Extiniguisher on the wall just 
as you came in. You will need this to put out fire (duh!). Run up the 

At the top will be fire. You need to put out this fire in order for the 
Fire Doors to open. Aim the Fire Extinguisher down at the fire, and 
shoot water out at it. When it is put out, the door will open. Quickly 
pull out your Silenced Pistol, ans wait for the door to fully open. Fire 
at the guard on top of the crate.

The door will open just ahead of you and a Dark Hencman will pop out 
with a Soiet S47, also known as an AK-47. Also in the crate will be some 
Armour. I suggest that you still use your Silenced Pistols (x2) until 
you run out of ammo for them, and then use your Soviet S47. Watch out up 

There will be a lot of enemies, especially thoe Dark henchman with 
Soviet S47's. Try to take them out first, and then worry about the 
Hencman, who don't inflict as much damage. You will get to a section 
with two rooms; one of your left and one on your right. Go in the room 
on your right first.

Press action to open the first door, and then the next door. Grab the 
Fire Extinguisher on the wall to yuor left, and then press action on the 
valve. Run back out this room and into the other room. Make sure all 
enemies in this little area are all killed, otherwise you will be shot 
in the back.

Press action to take control of the crane. Move the crane over the bomb, 
and press the R1 button, and hold it to acitvate the magnet. Let go of 
the R1 button now, and then move the crane over to the right. You will 
notice that the bomb is "sticking" to the crane, that's because of the 

Move the crane over to the hole, and then press R1 again to drop it. 
Another bomb "Diffused." Move out of this room and to your left. Aim 
with your Sniper Rifle and the lens type thing of the Turret. Shoot 
that, and even though it will appear to still be working, it wont be. 
Move past it and kill the enemies.

On top of the crates will be a Dark hencmen, remember to take him out 
first, then kill the other Hencman. Run forward, and two guards will pop 
out when you are in between the crates. Move back and shoot the both 
using your SIlenced Pistols (x2) or your Soviet S47. Keep on moving 

Only one bomb is left to diffuse now. Grab the fire extinguisher on the 
wall to your right if you need it, and then run up to the fire. Get out 
your Fire Extinguisher (if you don't want to cycle throuh all of your 
weapons, then go to your inventory by pressing start, and select your 
fire extinguisher there, instead of wasting time getting it by cycling 
through your weapons.)

Aaim down at the fire and put it out. Wait for the door to open. When it 
does, look left and shoot the sniper before he shoots you. Now run that 
way, and follow the path around until you get to the crates. The 
Henchman here haven't seen you, so shoot them in the head for a quick 
kill. Otherwise you can easily just shoot them afew times in the chest, 
and they will die.

Shoot them all, and then run up to the door. The crate closest to the 
door switch will be open. It will have scientists in it. One of them 
will diffuse the bomb for you, and the timed part of the mission will be 
over. You have nearly completed the level. Now open the next door, and 
shoot the Dark Henchman. 

Move to your right and shoot the guards there. grab the armour over in 
the corner, and just by the wall on your left, throw all of your timed 
mines. All twently of them should be wated just by the entrance to the 
core. Throw them all down, but do not detonate them yet. You will see 
why in a minute. Once they are all down, move into the core area, but 
keep your view on those mines.

Khallos will come around the corner! DETONATE THE MINES NOW! He will be 
sure to die easily. Now grab the Time Crystal, and shoot the incoming 
Scrouge Splitters. Now run to the left, right and forward and press 
action by the switches to activate the reactor. Keep starifng there to 
avoid the Scrouge Splitters' fire.

Once the Reactor has been activated, run to the Time Portal, ignoring 
all of the Scrouge Splitters that come. There is just about an Infinity 
amount that come, so if you are bored, you can sit there killing them 
all. When you are ready go into the Time Portal and the Mission is 

                         AZTEC RUINS

I like this this level now. When I very first played the Aztec level in 
Arcade mode (which is based off of the story level, which is this) I 
hated it. The level just seemed a bit too much of a maze, whichI don't 
really like in levels. But, I have soon growed to like this level very 

I was playing the banana catching level, and was trying to get platinum, 
so I stayed in the level for like 30 minutes getting all of the routes 
down, so now I know the level off by heart, where to go and everything 
like that. Anyway, lets go on with the walkthrough, but not before I 
describe the opening movie.

Captain Ash is running away from the Stone Gollem, and Captain Ash has 
the Time Crystal, but naturally, the bad guy has to end up getting it. 
The Stone Gollem chases Captain ash, and when he tries to jump over the 
edge, then the Stone Gollem grabs the Time Crystal, makes Captain Ash 
let go.

Stone Gollem now has the crystal. There are a lot of cheeky monkeys in 
this leve. Most do not pose a threat to you, but once you get on farther 
into the game, those monkey's will start to kill you, by throwing 
exploding watermelons. If you do shoot a monkey, it will go on your 
Animal Cruelty section, which really doesn't mean much.

You start off with the Luger Pistol, but that isn't the weapon that you 
will using for most of the level. You will get a Crossbow. The crossbow 
is great because you can light your bolts on fire, by going up to a 
flaming torch, the tip will light on fire, and it will set on fire 
whoever touches it.

Also, you can re-grab the crossbow bolts, once they have killed someone, 
or even stuck into a wall. Just approach the crossbow bolt, and you will 
collect it. This means that you will probably nearly have a full supply 
of crossbow bolts all the time, so remember to collect them. Just 
remeber there is a limit to how many you cac carry.

Walk forward. The first monkey will run off. You don't need to worry 
about him, he wont kill you, so you don't need to shoot him. Sometimes 
if a monkey takes two bullets to die, when you shoot them the first 
time, they will come up and punch you. This happened to me once on 
normal mode I think it was.

Anyway, run up the ramp, and follow the path along through the cave. 
When you come out, look to the path on your left. You will see some 
monkeys. If you are cruel, go ahead and kill them all. They will run 
away from you after awhile though, so don't expect to kill all of those 

Now, head to your left, where all of the surviving monkeys will run to. 
Follow them through the cave, and when you come out the other side, a 
warrior will be there. Kill him. Kill the warrior, and take his 
crossbow. Now run back to the flaming torch, and set the tip of your 
crossbow on fire.

Run forward, and then turn right, and run down to the little dip. You 
will see a Wood Golem coming. This is why you needed a lit crossbow bolt 
for. Shoot the Wood Golem with your crossbow, and he will be set alight. 
Move backwards, and watch him fall to the ground and die. Now, move on.

Turn the corner, and shoot the next warrior. Head right, and go up the 
stairs. Reload your crossbow, then light the bolts again (it isn't 
really nessecary) and then continue on. You will hear another Wood Golem 
being set on fire. Stay back and watch him as he dies. Now, continue on.

Ignore the bees. Keep moving forward, then head to your left, and then 
up the stairs. Take the path around, and you will come up into a Pillar 
section. Here, there are a few Warriors, so kill them, and you will also 
notice a minkey throwing those things at you. Run up out of the pillar 

Go up the stairs on your left, and kill the monkey on top of the pillar. 
Now, run through the open door just ahead of you. Look right, shoot the 
monkeys if you want to, and then cross the bridge. Take the path along, 
then press the switch at the end. It will show you that a door has been 
opened. Run back across the bridge.

Now, go to your right. The stakes are not there anymore. Now, follow the 
path along, and shoot the warrior. Head to your right, and follow the 
path back along, and you should be heading back to the start. When you 
get to the next intersection, head to your right, and a new door will 
now be open.

Head through the door. A message will come up, saying "Time Crystal 
Located." Drop down the hole. Move forward through the cave, and when 
you come out the other end, you will reach a checkpoint, and a mission 
objective will be complete. Suddenly, the music will change to the Aztec 
Interior type.

Move forward. Kill the aztec warrior on your right, the move around to 
your right. Run down the stairs, and if you are quick enough, you will 
be bale to see the Time Crystal being lowered down. Go underneath the 
stairs, and you will find a switch at the back; press it and a secret 
door will open.

Run down the stairs, kill the monkey if you want to, and then look on 
your right. Grab the Time Crystal. Mission Objective Complete. This next 
bit can be quite difficult. Your new objective is to defeat the three 
Golems. Only two are in this area. There is an annoying monkey on the 
pillar, kill him if you want to.

You have to press the buttons, which will open a trap door. Yu have go 
to try and make the Golems fall donw the trap door, so that they will 
die. Remember that the Golesm can use the switches as well (as they are 
on the ground) and if you fall down a trap door, you will die also, 
which is of course bad.

Just try to get the Golem in the right place. Remember he will go 
straight to you. For Example: In the diagram below, because you are 
staning on the switch, the door will open, and the Golem will come 
straight for you, and he wil go down the Trap Door, and die. Do this to 
all three Golems.

      |   |

            YOU + SWITCH

Two Golems are in the first area, and then there is one in the second. I 
recon that it is easier to kill them in the second area. Once the Golems 
are defeated, run into the second area, and go all the way to the 
opposite end. Look to your right, and you will see the Time Portal. 
Escape through it, and the mission is complete.

                         ROBOT FACTORY

If you are playing this level on hard, and you have completed it, you 
have the honor of beating the hardest level in the game. I think that is 
is about the same hardness as Atomsmasher, but other people think it is 
harder, or easier, etc. This level on Easy, though it, of course, easy.

The opening moview shows all of these little bots being made by the 
Mechanist, he is the main boss of this level, he is also short, and 
speaks really wierd. He makes Sentry bots, and trains them to help him. 
The alarm will go off, and you, Gretel Mk II, will be entering his Robot 

As you start the level, you will realise that the alarm is going off. 
Stay here for a minute, and some Chassisbots will come. Shoot them with 
your Plasma Autorifle. My suggestion is to use your Sci-fi handgun for 
most of the level, use the Plasma autorifle near the end, but use your 
Plasma Grenades when you need to.

Run up and collect there ammo, and more Chassisbots will spawn. Shoot 
them as well. Run to the left, and open the door on the left. Here you 
will find a laser. There are afew things you can do here. One is to just 
shoot all of the Chassisbots. The second is to run behind the crates, 
let the laser go past, then get to the scanner and set it to defensive 

Setting it to Defensive mode will make it kill some of the Chassisbots. 
Then you can just finish off the rest of the Chassisbots. Now, run 
through the doorway, and head to your right. Go around the corner, and 
get to the controls to control the Sentry bot. Once again, there are 
afew things you can do here.

1) Take control of the Railbot, then hold up on the analog stick. It 
will move the bot through the lasers, destroying it and the lasers. 2) 
Get control of the railbot, move it up, then shoot the thing on the 
right side of the laser. It wil destroy the laser. 3) Just run through 
the lasers.

1 or 2 will do, but if you do number three, be prepared to lose some 
health. Run to the right first and grab some armour. Now run through 
where the lasers where, grab the Plasma Grenades and press the switch to 
extend the bridge. Run back, and a Chassibot will spawn. Kill him. Now 
run back and shoot the laser.

Objective complete, which is to Gain Acess to the Inner Processing area. 
Run back to where ou started the level, keep going forward and go to the 
door on your right. Before you do that, kill all of the spawning 
Chassisbots before they kill you. Now go through the door. You will now 
be faced with a new enemy.

I call these Pillboxes. hen there lid pops up, shoot them in the part 
that you can see because the lid popped up. Afew bullets there and it 
will kill it. You can also use a plasma grenade, but that is really a 
waste of a Plasma Grenade. Now open the door on the left, run up and 
shoot a Plasma Grenade on the back of the Sentry bot.

Move backwards and let it explode. If it stuck to him, he will die. Now, 
shoot the railbot on the rails above you, then move forward. Do the same 
thing that you did to the last pillbos to this pillbox. Go through the 
door on you right, and do the same thing to the next pillbox. 

When you get into the next room, with the stairs, once you walk forward 
about 4 chassisbots will spawn. Shoot them all, and hide if you need to, 
and then fire a Plasma Grenade and watch it explode, killing them all. 
Steal all of their ammo, and now run up the stairs. Turn the corner, and 
run across the bridge.

Once Chassisbot will spawn near the end. Shoot him. If you used your 
Sci-fi handgun, watch out, as bullets can easily fly back and kill you 
also. Another Chassisbot will spawn to the left at the end. Kill him, 
and then head right. Once you get around the corner, some "Things" will 
come at you.

I don't know what they are called, so I will just call the "Exploders." 
Yeah, I know, a very original name. Anyway, keep moving forward, and 
down the stairs. This next part is going to need a bit of stealth to 
make it work properly, without you losing any health. You need to sneak 
up behind a Sentry Bot.

Run up behind him, aim at the Sentry bot, and fire a Plasma Grenade. 
Make sure that it will him him. Once it sticks to him, stay back, and it 
will kill him. If it doesn't kill him, then finish him off using sci-fi 
handgun bullets, or plasma bullets. The other Sentry bot will most 
likely hear the dying noise.

Run to the wall, then strafe out, and shoot a Plasma Grenade at him too. 
It should kill him, if not, do the same thing that you did before. Now, 
collect the laserguns, and run to your left, and open the door on your 
right. Shoot the exploder that comes at you, and continue around. Open 
the door out into the open area.

Shoot the railbot up top, then move forward and shoot the Pillbox and 
the other thing in the midde. Grab the electrotool, and then run back. 
As soon as you get the Electrotool, enemies will spawn. Quickly switch 
to your Sci-fi handgun and shoot them all. Run back to the Electricity  
node, but go upstairs first. 

Now aim down at the node with the Electrotool, and keep on shooting it. 
It will eventaully overflow with energy, and be destroyed. The reason i 
said to stay upsatirs and do it is because enemies will all spanw down 
the bottom, and if you were down the bottom, you will have to face all 
of them at one time. 

Go out of there line of site, and let them come up to you. Then shoot 
them all. If you are uisng the Sci-fi handgun, once again remember to 
avoid the bouncing bullets. Once the enemies are dead, then the lasers 
will be opened, and you can go to te next area. Collect the Chassisbot's 
weapons also.

Run around the corner, and wait for the two railbots to get near you. 
Then shoot them down. Run across and get the ammo. Now move to your 
right. The first enemy you encounter wil be like a Pillbox, but he will 
get up and walk. These things are really freaky. They were a nusicence 

Anyway, fire two Plasma grenades at them (make sure they stick) and then 
let them explode, and it wil die. Alternatively, you can just charge up 
a full laser beam, shoot it, and it will die. Whichever way, continue 
forward, and on your left will be another Energy Node. Keep firing your 
Electrotool into it to disbale it fully.

Grab the armour next to the Energy Node as well, and then shoot all of 
the Spawning Chassisbots. About 3 Sci-fi handgun bullets should kill 
them easily. Move to the left, and turn the next corner. Grab the 
elctrotool ammo, shoot the railbots and also those Exploder things that 
will keep appearing.

Once they are taken care of, then run up, and a checkpoint will be 
reached. Ignore the controls for now, then move forward and you will see 
one of those Pillboxes again. Wake it up, and then move back to the 
controls. Press action to use the Railbot, and then move it to the 
Pillbox and shoot it.

Beats wasting your ammo. Don't worryl the pillbox wont be able to shoot 
you from where it is. Do the same to the next pillbox, and collect the 
Plasma ammo also. Now run forward into the next area and shoot all of 
the spawning Chassisbots. Grab their ammo, and collect the Armour from 
under the stairs.

Run up the stairs now, and press action by the controls. This will move 
the Node out from the lasers. Pull out your Electrotool, and shoot the 
Energy mode to make it overflow with Electricity. Keep holding fire, and 
after awhile, it will overflow and blow up. More Chassisbots will spawn.

Do what you normally do; switch back to your sci-fi handgun, or your 
Plasma Autorifle and shoot the spawning Chassisbots. Now, run to the 
left, and press action by the control pannel. In this room you can hear 
those Sentry bots. Pressing the control pannel will make the Energy Node 
move to the right.

Before firing the Electrotool into the Energy node, use your Sci-fi 
Handgun to take out the enemies you can see. The reason to use your Sci-
fi handgun is because you wont need that weapon again in the game, and 
you can easily get more ammo for it when more Chassisbots spawn. Keep 
shooting the Sentry bots you see.

Auto aim should come into effect. Just keep shooting and shooting. Don't 
be afraid to use up all of your ammo here, but save your Lasergun ammo, 
and also your Plasma Autorifle ammo. You will use them in a minute. It 
can take about 12 Sci-fi handgun bullets to kill one of those Sentry 
bots, and if you have full ammo, then you can kill lots.

Once they are dead, get out your Electrotool, and look to your upper 
right. You will see the Energy Node. Shoot the Energy Node with your 
Electrotool. Once that is done, more enmies will spanw. Use your Plasa 
Autorifle ot Sci-fi handgun to take out the Chassisbots, but use your 
Lasergun or Autorifle to take out the Sentry bots.

You will know if any Sentry bots are alive, because you can hear there 
movement. Just a fun fact here, this area is where you Play in the 
Multiplayer Level. On the bottom floors are armour. If you need some, 
get it, if not, then continue forward and the lasers wil deactivate when 
all enemies are dead. 

You don't really need any more ammo for this level, apart from maybe 50 
Plasma bullets, or some Lasergun ammo. Open the door, and it will say 
that the Time Crystal has been located. You have reached the Factory 
core, and now you have to fight the mechanic, who uses some big machine 
to kill you.

I'm not sure what you exactly have to shoot here, but what I do every 
time is use explosives. All I do is shoot however many plasma grenades 
that I have left at the machine, make them stick, and then let them 
explode. Just fire them all. If you run out of Plasma grenades, use your 
Homing launcher.

Move to the right and open the door and grab the Homing ammp. Now just 
shoot like mad at the machine. Keep firing, and it will soon be 
destroyed. Once that happens, you have completed an objective. Now run 
to either the second door on your left or right, and take the ramp to 
the top.

Run to where the controls to the machine are, and grab the Time Crystal. 
Another mission objective is complete, all you have to do now is to get 
to the Time Portal. Reaper Splitters will appear, so shoot them, or 
ignore them. Run back down the ramp and to the Time Portal and the level 
is complete.



CHAPTER 3 -            SECTION 4: BOSS FAQ

Note difficulty is on Normal mode.


Level:      Siberia
Challenge:  4 (with my technique)
Difficulty: Normal and Hard

A very easy boss battle (on nroaml that is, it can be a real pain on 
hard mode.) Anyway, to trigger the boss, first you need to turn the 
power on to the elevator, so you can reach the top of the dam. Once you 
get to the top of the dam, move forward and kill the Military bots that 
you can see here. Now, when you hear the music starting to change, run 
to the turret, which should just be on your left. Press the action 
button to take control of the turret. Now, look at where the turret is 
facing, and the Military Gunship will come up, and start shooting at 
you. You have a limited supply of missile, but use them first. Press 
alternative fire to fire the missiles, and because they are homing, they 
will home into the enemy gunship, and it will take damage. Use all of 
your missiles first, and fire away. Once you have used up all of your 
missiles, then start shooting the normal bullets. You have plenty of 
these, so just keep firing at the Gunship, and it's health will end up 
going down, and it will be destroyed. While you are firing at the ship, 
enemies will come and shoot you while you are on the turret, so be 
careful and take time to shoot them also.


Level:      Chicago
Challenge:  3 (with my technique)
Difficulty: All

An easy boss. You fight this guy at the end of the Chicago level, and as 
I said before, he is an easy boss to deal with. First of all though, you 
need to grab the Duel Tommy guns in the nightclub area before fighting 
him. I think they can be found on the dead body on the second to last 
guy you kill before fighting big Tony. Once you have the Duel Tommy 
guns, run into the section where Big Tony is, and then pull out abit. 
Tony will say your name, then say other things to you. Stay back, and 
let him come down the stairs and stay in the middle. From here, blast 
him with your Deul Tommy Guns, and keep shooting him. This is better 
than using the One Tommy gun, but if you have explosives, it would make 
the level a lot more easier. Anyway, keep shooting away at him, and 
eventually his health will go down. Sometimes he will get stunned, and 
then you can just keep on shooting him, and remember to take cover if 
you need it. If you happen to run out of ammo (on normal mode) you can 
use the shotgun. If you run out of ammo on Easy mode, then you will have 
to resort to the Luger Pistols, and just finish him off.


Level:      Notre Dame
Challenge:  4 (with my tenchique)
Difficulty: All

Another easy boss (come to think of it, a lot of them are quite easy, 
there ain't too many that are hard to beat.) Anyway, to get this boss, 
you have to be in the upstairs area. The downstairs area to this part is 
where you Grab the Time Crystal, and help the Hunchback and Maiden 
escape. Just run up the stairs from here, and the gate will shut behind 
you, and the music will suddenly change. On Normal mode, and hard mode 
probably too (I haven't gotten this far in hard mode) Undead priests 
will spawn. One one (I think) can spawn at a time. Use your shotgun 
here, and when the Daemon appears, just keep on shooting him witht he 
Shotgun. A lot of people say shoot it in the head, but I really don't 
think it matters where you shoot it, it will take the same amount of 
damage wherever you hit it. When it decides to fire those missiles, you 
can either hide behind a pillar (bad, because they can home in on you 
and go around the pillar, and sometimes even hit the pillar and cause 
some damage to you) or just keep moving and they should avoid you. Keep 
using your shotgun to kill them, as this will work faster, and kill the 
Undead Priests that spawn also. There is ammo around the other side if 
you need it, and when he is dead, your creen will shake, and he will end 
up dissapearing. You can now contine on with the mission.


Level:      Notre Dame
Challenge:  6
Difficulty: All

This boss battle in itself isn't really too hard, but what makes the 
part hard is that there are two bosses in the Norte Dame level, one 
being this guy, and the other being the daemon. Most likely you may have 
lost some health/armour from the Daemon, meaning you are low on it when 
you try to fight this guy. Before you get outside, in the rain, collect 
the ammo and stuff by the door. When you get outside, equiup your 
shotgun, and kill the Undead Pirests that spawn. They will be spawning 
all the time around here, so just run up, and try to ignore them unless 
they are in your way. Just keep shooting Jacque De La Morte with the 
Shotgun, and the force will blow him back, and stun him, so you can keep 
on shooting him. If you run out of ammo, use the Luger, and finish him. 
Remember to watch out for all of the Undead Priests that spawn around 
him, and when you are taking him out, strafe a lot to avoid some of the 
damage from the undead Pirests.


Level:      Wild West
Challenge:  5
Difficulty: All

*Yawn* Another easy boss battle. This time, it is the Colonel in the 
Wild West level. You wont find this boss to the very end of the level. 
He put Ramona Salsa in jail, so you have to kill him before he kills 
you. When you get to the mine part, with the railroad tracks, first 
(line up the tracks on normal) and then push the cart. Let it go along 
the track and don't follow it. Grab the armour on the right, and you are 
preapred for the battle. As you wlk forward, shoot the enemies you see, 
and you will more than likely hear The Colonel syaing stuff to you, like 
"This is my Town law man" and "You will never take me alive." Walk up, 
and it can be hard to see which one is actually the Colonel. Just keep 
shooting them, and use your Garret Revolvers by 2 to take out the 
colonel. You have 12 bullets in a clip (6 in one gun, 6 in the other.) 
Try to have a full clip in both guns before fighting him, because, if 
you have 3 bullets in each gun, then you will most likely need to 
reload, and he will shoot you. Just keep shooting him with the Duel 
Garrett Revolvers, and he will eventually die.


Level:      Atomsmasher
Challenge:  2
Difficulty: All

If you use my Tenchique to defeat this boss, it is really easy! If you 
don't use my way, well, of course it will be a lot harder. There is a 
really easy way to get rid of Khallos. The boss is just after the last 
bomb. Open the door, grab the armour and then head into the reactor 
section, or whatever it is called. Now. just as you turn the left corner 
into the reactor section, place all of your Remote mines. Make sure you 
have rmeote mines. You can get remote mines at the very first 
checkpoint, under the stairs in the black area. Anyway, place all fo the 
twenty (or however many left you have) down on the gorund here, and 
spread them out a bit. Once you have used up all of your twenty mines 
(don't detonate them yet) walk into the reactor section, but still be 
looking back at the mines you placed. Khallos will come. When he walks 
on your mines, detonate them by pressing the Alternative fire button, 
and the mines will explode, along with Khallos, and the boss will be 
defeated. How easy is that! You don't have to fight him, he is dead. If 
you don't have any mines left for some reason, and can't do the above 
trick, then you can just use your Soviets to kill him, but this takes 
longer than the mines trick.


Level:      Robot Factory
Challenge:  6
Difficulty: All

I, Spurisingly found this battle easy on Easy and Normal. A lot of 
people say that this is the hardest boss in the game, you know, stuff 
like that, but I defeated it with ease. Anyway, This boss is right near 
the end of the level also. As soon as you complete the obejctive that is 
something like "Find the Factories Core" you will be put in an airlock 
room. You will hear machine nosies. As soon as the door opens, you will 
be put in the room with the Mechanist. He has control of a big machine. 
Defeating this is easy, but watch out, as he has arms with Gadgets on 
the end that can hurt you. Sometimes you can get hurt from it, but not 
lose any health. What you have to do is just keep shooting it with 
explosives. Firstly, if you have any Plasma Grenades left, then shoot 
them all over the machine. On normal mode, I don't think you will have 
that many Plasma grenades left, if any, because you need them a lot 
throughout the level. On easy mode though, you should have a few, so 
just shoot them all over the machine. Now, use your Homing Launcher. Run 
to the right door to get more ammo for this, and don't worry, it will 
respanw. So keep on firing at it with explosives, and it will end up 
being destroyed.
|                    CHAPTER 4: ARCADE MODE                           |



1. Choose "Arcade" from the menu

2. Choose "Arcade Custom" from the Arcade type menu

3. Choose the Arcade Pace (eg, Frantic)

4. Choose the game mode you want to play (eg, Deathmatch)

5. Choose the level you want to play (eg, Hangar)

6. Choose the variables listed below 

7. Choose a weapon set (eg, Neon)

8. Select a Bot set (eg, Sidekicks)

9. Press go

10. Choose a character, handicap and team


variables are things that you can change.

SCORE LIMIT    Select what the limit will be, when it is up, the macth
               will end.

TIME LIMIT     Select the time limit for the match, when the time is 
               up, the match wil end.

ONE SHOT KILL  Select yes if you want enemies to die in one hit. You do 
               also, so be careful.

BLOODLUST      Select how fast your blood will go down. High means it 
               goes down faster.

HANDICAPS      If yes, you can choose from different handicaps. The 
               higher, the more health.

CHARACTER BTY  If on, characters have different speed/health/accuracy. 
               If off, only dif will be size and look.

DISPLAY RADAR  If yes, you can see where other enemies/friends are on a 

FRIEDNLY FIRE  If on, and you shoot a person on your team, he/she/it 
               will die. If off, they don't.

START W/ GUN   If on, when you spawn, you will always start with a gun. 
               If off, you don't and have to find one.

MUSIC          Choose what music you want for the level. Rec. is always 
               the default music for the level.


You can select your weapons before play. SOme of the setups are as 

Fire Starters

With custom you can select your own weapons. Press square to lose a 
weapon, and X to add.



Badass Cyborg
Chinese Chef
Duckman Drake
Gingerbread man
Insect Mutant
Harry Tipper
Captain Ash
Gretel Mk II


Ilsa Nadir
Jake Fenton
Hank Nova
Elijah Jones
Harry Tipper
Captain Ash
Gretel MK II
Sgt Cortez


Gregor Lenko
Lady Jane
Mr Underwood
Candi Skyler
Ramona Sosa
Kitten Celeste
Jungle Queen
Corp. Hart


Harry Tipper
Gregor Lenko
Hatchet Sal
The Master
Mr Underwood
Hector Babaso
The Colnel
Jebidiah Crump
Leo Krupps


Lt Frost
Trooper Brown
Capt. Night
Sgt. Wood
Lt. Shade
Sgt Rock
Private Grass
Lt. Bush
Trooper White
Lt. Shade


Aztec Warrior
Ample Sally
Mister Giggles
Riot Officer
Drone Splitter
R one oh 7
The Cropolite


Feeder Zombie
Hybrid Mutant
Sewer Zombie
Crypt Zombie
Sgt. Slate


Deathmatch - Players fight against each other. Whoever gets the most 
kills wins.

Team Deathmatch - You, and some people on yuor team fight against other 
teams to see who can get the most kills.

Capture the bag - Try to capture the other teams bag and bring it back 
to your base while defending your bag at the same time.

BagTag - Try to hold the bag for longer than the other competitors. Run 
over bag to pick it up.

Regeneration - Health regenrates after a certain amount of time after 
being hit.

Leech - Damage you inflict on other enemies increases your health. Don't 
be afraid to use explsives.

Flame Tag - Don't get caught on fire. If you do, run into someone to 
give them the fire.

Virus - Like Flame Tag, but once you are on fire, you stay on fire 
forever. Be the last person not on fire.

Gladiator - Be the gladiator and kill for points. Kill the gladiator to 
become the gladiator.

Theif - Only coins left behind by dead enemies count. Collect them, and 
try to steal other people's kills.

Shrink - The higher the rank you are, the taller you are. The lower, the 

Monkey Assisstant - Monkeys will be beamed in now and again to help the 
losing player.

Zones - Secure the 4 zones, and wait and they will give you points. Try 
to stop other team scoring points and getting zones.

Assault - Lead an attack on the enemy base to do different objectives 
and capture the enemy base.


Turrets means does the level have any guns, any time of guns, like 
Minigun cameras, turrets, etc.

Water means can you put yourself out if you catch on fire.

Capture the bag means does the level have CTB mode.

Assault means does the level have assult mode.

LEVEL             TURRETS     WATER    GLASS    CTB      ASSAULT
Mexican Village       -         X       -        X         -
Ice Station           X         -       X        X         -
Hospital              -         X       -        -         -
Training Ground       X         -       -        X         X
Aztec                 -         -       -        -         -
Scrapyard             -         -       -        -         X
Nightclub             -         X       X        -         -
Hangar                -         -       -        X         X
Robot Factory         -         -       -        -         -
Ufopia                -         -       X        -         -
Chinese               -         -       X        -         -
Chasm                 -         -       -        -         -
Streets               -         -       X        X         -
Compound              -         X       X        -         -
Circus                -         -       -        -         -


Bored? Try these custom scenarios out, that I made myself.


Name: Laser skirmish
Speed: Frantic
Mode: Deathmatch
Level: Scrapyard
Score Limit: None
Time Limit: 10 minutes
One hit kill: No
Character abilitys: Yes
Display radar: Yes
Handicaps: Yes
Start w/ gun: Yes
Weapon set: Custom
     1. Lasergun
     2. Lasergun
     3. Lasergun
     4. Lasergun
     5. lasergun
Bot set: Sidekickis


Name: Knockout Punchout
Speed: Frantic
Mode: Elimination
Level: Training Ground
Lives: 1
Time Limit: None
One hit kill: Yes
Character Abilities: Yes
Display Radar: No
Handicaps: No (Doesn't make a difference)
Start w/ gun: No (Doesn't make a difference)
Weapon set: Custom
       <No weapons>
Bot set: Living Dead


Name: Ice Cold Capture
Speed: Normal
Mode: Capture the bag
Level: Ice Station
Time Limit: 5 minutes
One hit kill: No
Character Abilities: Yes
Diaply Radar: No
Handicaps: Yes (+5)
Start w/ gun: Yes
Weapon set: Custom
     1. Sci-fi Handgun
     2. Plasma Autorifle
     3. SBP90 Machinegun
     4. Minigun
     5. Lasergun
Bot set: Custom
     All snowmen
     8 Active
     5 on team red
     3 on team blue
You: Snowman, Team blue


Name: Payback Attack
Speed: Normal
Mode: Team Deathmatch
Level: Hospital
Time Limit: 5 Minutes
One hit kill: No
Character Abilities: No
Display Radar: No
Handicaps: No
Start w/ gun: No
Weapon set: Custom
     1. Plasma Autorifle
     2. Luger Pistol
     3. Shotgun 
     4. Tommy gun (x2)
     5. Shotgun (x2)
Bot set: Custom
     1. Big Tony, 5 star, team red
     2. Jacque De La morte, 5 star, team red
     3. Sadako, 5 star, team red
     4. The Colnel, 5 star, team red
     5. Machinist, 5 star, team red
     6. Reaper Splitter, 4 star team blue
     7. Scrouge Splitter, 4 star team blue
     8. Drone Splitter, 4 star team blue
     9. Riot Officer, 3 star, team yellow
    10. Corp. Hart, 3 star, team yellow


Name: Domination
Speed: Normal
Mode: Zones
Level: Streets
Time limit: 5 Minutes
One hit kill: No
Character Abilities: Yes
Display Radar: Yes
Handicaps: Yes (+1)
Start w/ gun: No
Weapon set: Custom
     1. Silenced Pistol (x2)
     2. Shotgun (x2)
     3. Soviet S47 (x2)
     4. Remote Mines
     5. Rocket Launcher
Bot set: Custom
     4 Riot Officers
     2 Reaper Splitter
     2 Drone Splitter
     2 Scrouge Splitter
     4 officers on red
     6 splitters on blue
     You: Riot officer (team red)


Name: Big Bangs
Speed: Frantic
Mode: Regeneration
Level: Hangar
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: None
Teamplay: No
Character Abilities: Yes
Display Radar: No
Handicaps: No
Start w/ gun: Yes
Weapon set: Custom
        All rocket launchers
Bot set: Hairy Faces 


Thanks to all GameFAQs authors for submitting information to this 
section. Without them, this section wouldn't exist. These are all posted 
on the GF message boards, and been put into this FAQ. 

Silent but Deadly - 
By Psycold
You must be dead-on with your sniping skills because this platinum 
depends on you being able to take out the targets in the first portion 
of this Challenge with extreme accuracy and speed. With that said..... 
Shoot the guard on top of the stairs, hit the camera, kill the male 
soldier between the two buildings, followed by the female soldier to the 
left. Now you have to take out the white guard who patrols on the ground 
by the bottom of the stairs. You'll have to snipe him in between the 
steps of the staircase, and you'll have to hit him last because he won't 
show up until about the time that you should be done sniping the female 
soldier. Once you snipe that last guard, check the timer. If it's still 
on 1:46, you should be good to go. This puts you in perfect timing with 
that last camera, so that when you throw your mine and come around that 
corner on the wall you won't get spotted. Go up the stairs, hit the 
switch, get the mines, go left out the door and back towards the camera. 
This is the hardest part for me, you have to have your aim ready and as 
soon as that plywood plank is out of your way, toss the mine. The first 
toss has to be good, otherwise the dish won't be destroyed in time. As 
you throw that mine, hug the wall underneath the camera, then run around 
the right side of the small shack, down the stairs and you're there. 
Now for the alternate, by Majic2002: 
As soon as the mission starts, I ran forward and got only the sniper 
rifle and immediately switched to it. I first took out the guard on the 
2nd floor of the Comm. building, and then the camera to the right of 
him. Then I ran out of the alcove, took out the guard walking towards 
you between the two buildings, and strafed left until I was lined up 
with the female guard. I took her out, and then headed for the fence. I 
hugged the fence until I could see the 2nd camera and took that out as 
well, then continued strafing left. Usually, when I reached the back of 
the stairs, the guard had his back to me and was at a distance that I 
could just hit aim real quick and pop one in his head. I always shot him 
though. Then the rest is the easy part. Head up the stairs, open the 
door (you can actually do this from about 2/3 into the room, it's really 
easy to hit) then drop into the mine room. Part of the trick here is to 
hit the activate button in mid-fall to open the door, and quickly back 
into the shelves w/ the mines and then run out. Get the mine on the dish 
from mid-run, and I was out. I think my overall time remaining would be 
something like 1:14 to finish, and it was near 1:27 when I was at the 
top of the stairs to the comm. building. Getting the sniping down is key 
though, being able to do it quickly and accurately while taking almost 
no time to aim. 

Alternative, by Katzztak
for infiltration, i never had a problem with it. (do this all with a 
sniper rifle) first take out the guard on the upper level by the door, 
and then the camera to the right of him. snipe the guys walking between 
the two buildings and then strafe left over to the fence to snipe the 
girl guard. the run to where the stairs go up, and snipe the guard 
patrolling there before he sees you. then open the door and head for 
victory! you MUST get all head-shots for the guards. the whole level 
should cost you only 5 bullets for the sniper rifle.
Men in Gray
By majic
Alright, here's a strat. for Men in Gray. This stage gives people 
problems on SILVER, so this could come in handy to anyone... 
- The first thing to make sure of is that you start either on the top of 
the ramp closer to the exit, or on bottom in front of the exit. Restart 
until you start here. You need to be lined up for an immediate run. 
- Forget weapons, just leave the building. As soon as you reach the 
front of your shelter, turn right and head up the ramp that you probably 
never noticed. Pick up the Homing Launcher (a must for later), the 
minigun, and the armor and drop down off the ledge. You now have all the 
weapons and armor you will need until the very end, so don't bother 
picking up anything else.  
- From the side of the building you dropped off of, head slightly left 
and forward in between the sloped rock slab and the boulder/rock 
formation to the far right. If you pick up another homing launcher, 
you've gone too far right. If you're getting shot by an autoturret, 
you're too far left. You should be perfectly lined up with the leftmost 
autoturret in the canyon. If you can run and shoot the minigun 
accurately, take it down. If not, don't overheat your gun or you're 
- Once you enter the mouth of the canyon, take down as many Lawyers as 
possible without slowing or aiming. Just aim into the cloud of them and 
fire. They should all be in one cluster if you're on time, so you should 
be clear from here on up. Take down the one or two who reappear around 
the waterfall without breaking stride, and turn and head up. Objective A 
complete - Middle ground taken. You should have about 65-100% health 
left, and maybe no armor. You won't need much health after here.  
- Again, if your aim w/ minigun is good, hit the autogun on top of the 
rock. If not, don't worry about him. 
- Now you'll enter the clearing. Aim towards the lawyers shack and hit 
the barrel just outside the front of it (the one kind of to the right 
and way back) then turn left and hit the other one straight ahead of 
you. Hug the left wall and strafe with your back to it, and nail the 
barrel inside the crumbling structure. Then turn left and hit the one 
against the back wall. Now, turn right again and enter their outermost 
- Head up the ramp and nail the barrel on the roof, then turn left and 
grab the armor before dropping down and nailing the barrel that's in the 
alcove. Objective B complete - all barrels destroyed. Your time should 
now be about 47, 48 seconds. If so, you're almost there! 
- Now, go around the front of their shelter and turn right, entering it. 
Head to the hall to the right that leads to their computers and arm your 
homing launcher that you still have. Once you can see the computers, 
launch the Tri-Volley (Alt. Fire, L1) right into the center of it. If 
accurate, this destroys all of them to the back. Immediately after 
launching the volley, turn left and fire one rocket into the mainframe 
under the ramp. If your rockets were all on target, congratulations, 
you've gotten platinum on Men in Gray! If not, and your time was around 
1 min - 1:05, you just need to work on it once or twice more and you'll 
get it. 
The key to this mission is getting it on only one run, not overheating 
your minigun at any time, and being fast and accurate with the minigun 
while running. If you can do that, it won't be too difficult. Once 
you're passed the waterfall, the hardest part is over. Your allies 
aren't totally useless, so they should help free things up for you a bit 
in the entrance to the alcove. If you need any further tips, let me 
know. This one isn't that bad once you get this run down. GOOD LUCK!!! 

Alternative, by Decain Swain
Oh, and here's a few tips on Men In Gray or other Assault Missions: 
- Never go straight through the middle (the canyon in Training Grounds, 
field in Scrap yard) and always stay to the sides. 
- Don't stop to aim at turrets. Run and shoot, but watch out for bots. 
- Always grab armour and plot a route that takes you to the biggest gun 
you can find. 
- Avoid large clusters of enemies wielding large weapons, unless you 
have no choice. 

On the melon Monkey one....
By Rooster349 
There is a sweet spot in which all monkeys will intersect. It is a tad 
to the left of the middle of the arena. When you find the spot, zoom in 
when a monkey comes, and shoot when he's in the vicinity. If you find 
the spot, no moving should be needed. Get 3000 points to get a shiny 
what you do is DON'T shoot the watermelon from the left entrance as soon 
as it comes out... you have to wait for it to go all the way to the 
right, then turn, and then head back to the left again. 

Alternative, by ryanzb
what you're trying to do is get as many monkeys as possible in the 
middle ground, because the more watermelons you shoot within a short 
period of time, the higher the bonuses you get (50 for the first 
watermelon, then 150 for the second, then 250, etc...) 
this is the key to getting platinum (just got mine a while ago).
the first time i tried the challenge, i immediately shot the watermelon 
carried by the monkey from the left entrance. this is completely wrong. 
as with the other monkey challenges, you have to earn combos to 
eventually get that plat. so you have to wait a while and let the 
monkeys clump in the center before attempting to shoot any watermelons. 
that way, you can chain your shots into combos, and not shoot them one-
hope this helps. 

"Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time"
By Leviathon 
- 59.6s -  
Run past the two guys on the floor of the corridor, and the two coming 
around the corner. Shoot at the ones coming out the doorway opposite to 
knock them back, and run past. Run straight through the next two rooms, 
and turn right then left into the large room with the beds. You should 
reach here at about 26 seconds; before the fire guys appear. Go straight 
through and up the stairs and avoid the flaming guy, or shoot him down, 
but do not slow down.  
Go around the bend and straight ahead. Shoot the two in the doorway once 
or twice to get them out the way, and get the guy around the corner with 
the shotgun. Then for the next set of flaming guys. Start off on the 
left of the room, then strafe over to the right in the middle, behind 
the first flaming guy. Shoot the second flaming guy and strafe back to 
the left around him as he approaches. You should be able to get past 
them both without slowing at all. Go around the bend and grab the skull, 
then quickly turn back and left 180 degrees to drop off the ledge. You 
can save a good second of time just by getting that turn and drop 
correct. The passageway back to the portal should be directly in 
front/front left of you. Run through it as quick as, blowing away 
anything directly in front of you. Take out the shotgun guy if he comes 
around the corner at you. 
Bear in mind that all of this basically has to be done at full tilt, no 
slowing at all. It'll take a few tries to get it down to under 1 minute.
Alternative, by psycold:
I was having trouble getting the platinum in Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time 
by falling off the ledge that the skull was on and heading back to the 
portal, and I found a route which ended up working for me. Here's an 
alternate strat for the last section of that level: 
As soon as you grab the skull, go back through the doorway you came in 
to get it. Turn left, go left around the corner, and then take the right 
back into the large room with all the beds (where the two flaming 
zombies were), head to the far end of the room and take a left, followed 
by a right around the corner. Take the immediate right into the doorway 
which leads out onto the large pad that you can jump off (this large pad 
is the one with the shotgun in the Burns Department Virus level). Head 
straight off that ledge and the portal is directly in front of you. 

Im Ugly But you smell. 
*iis that what its called??* 
Run and crab the nearest dual pistols. and then run up and out side past 
the fountain to the building with the ladder. 
Climb up the ladder and go to the LEFT side of it and crouch aimed at 
the ladder. if you stay the computer will keep trying to run up the 
ladder at an angel and keep falling off.he wont have time to get a 
decent shot off at you. just find the spot he falls off at and shoot him 
everytime he tries to get up. 
i did this and he didnt even hit me once.  

R109 Beta
I got my platinum on the R109 Beta level using a strat that's very 
simple, but can take a few tries to pull off. 
As soon as you become Gladiator, get down in the underground tunnels. 
There is a three-way "T" intersection that has a spawn point for a 
Homing Launcher, grab it and stay there. Monitor all three paths using 
your radar so that you get the first shot on approaching enemies, and 
just take 'em out. They'll flock to you, so don't get excited and leave 
the area, you need to keep getting those Homing Launchers so you can 
nail enemies around the corners of the tunnel. 
I'll state again something I've said before, many of these levels have a 
factor of luck involved with being able to get platinum. If the enemies 
don't spawn close enough, or take their time meandering around the level 
before coming to you, there's really nothing you can do about it except 
for leaving your position..... but that screws up the strategy at hand. 
Keep at it and you'll get platinum with minimal effort, and a lot less 
stress than running across that whole level trying to make your kill 
count in time. 

Top Shot
By Majic 2002
Top Shot...oh my God, no other platinum has given me so much trouble! I 
STILL can't get this one, even after spending HOURS on it! My best time 
is 1:13. I'm maybe hoping that 1:05 will do it, but I doubt it. How the 
heck are you supposed to do this one in under a minute? It wouldn't be 
so bad if the bots would kill some people too, but it seems like it's 
all on me! UGH!!!  
Now Scrap Metal... I can't exactly remember very well, but is that the 
one where it's just you and the Chassis Bot in the Scrap Yard? If so, 
that one is pure luck. If he appears even ONCE in any of the inside 
points, restart, you're screwed. You really need to get the timing of 
him down on this one, because he runs a lot of the same routes. This is 
important because he's so damn hard to see! So, for me anyways, it was 
more of a game of chance... seeing where he was on the radar, and 
pointing and shooting off a charged laser shot. 9/10 times I connected 
somehow. You'll know you have a good run if you can get about 7 kills by 
45-48 seconds. I think a time under 1:05 is good for plat. Rely only on 
the laser and the electrotool though, they will drop him quickly. It's 
nice if you both start near the door on the far side, you kill him, then 
grab the damage powerup for some quick hits. But, like I said, this one 
depends really mostly on where he spawns. It frustrated me more times 
than I'd like to remember...

Playing with fire
By snooozer
bleh, be careful when trying for the Playing With Fire Platinum. there's 
a nasty nasty glitch which can result in you getting a Platinum, but the 
game not saving it, and then being impossible to ever get the Plat on 
that level. so you might want to make a backup of your file if possible, 
or even 2 backups, before you attempt Platinum on that level. 
as for the best route to take, well I've been meaning to write a 
walkthrough for Playing With Fire so here goes. 
grab the banana right in front of you and bear left around the corner. 
grab the 2nd banana and take your first immediate left. grab the banana 
in the middle of this area and take an immediate right turn, into the 
area with all the columns. you'll walk over another banana at the 
entrance of the area with the columns. walk straight ahead and grab the 
banana right in front of you, then strafe right to get another banana, 
then strafe back left to get another banana. that takes care of the 3 
bananas in the middle of the columns. keep walking forward and strafe 
right to get a banana in front of the next column, then walk straight 
ahead to get the last banana in this area, and turn left out of the 
area. turn right to follow the path. at this point you should have 9 
bananas. like I said, follow the path, 4 bananas on your way. when you 
get to the bottom of the stairs right before where that 4th banana is 
(your 13th banana overall), make a left turn. walk straight ahead and 
grab the banana there, then turn or strafe right to go up the mini-set 
of stairs and grab another banana, then you'll fall down on top of a 
banana thats in the middle of the path, and keep going straight to 
follow the path. you should have 16 bananas at this point. stay on the 
path until you reach a clearing. at this clearing, you'll see a bunch of 
bananas. the best route to take here is to grab the banana thats 
directly in front of the large stone column, and keep going straight to 
grab a banana that is in the far corner straight ahead of you. as you 
grab the banana in that corner, you should already be turning right and 
strafing left. grab the banana that's there, and walk straight while 
kinda strafing right to get another banana right in front of you, then 
another banana on the other side of the small tree. now walk straight 
and grab 2 more bananas directly in front of you, take a right turn then 
a left turn right after that to grab the final banana, which is directly 
in front of a little barracade.  
that's definitely the best route to take. I've been able to get 24 
bananas with 5.0 seconds remaining using that route. just remember to 
make sure you check out the Playing With Fire Platinum Glitch topic 
before you even attempt a Platinum on this level, otherwise you may have 
to make a whole new user profile and start over. hope that helps.

Elite League Capture The Bag - Bags Of Fun 

By Psycold
Looking out from your base towards the bridge to the TimeSplitters' 
base, there are a bunch of pickups. They're arranged as follows: 
To the far left, in the little fort, there is a full armor (blue) and a 
Homing Launcher pickup. Then (from left to right, starting outside of 
the small fort) there's a speed icon, a half armor (red), another speed 
icon, a shrink icon, and then a third speed icon. Further to the right 
of the third speed icon is another small fort, this will bring you back 
behind your base if you were facing out towards the bridge. This second 
fort has another full armor and a regular rocket launcher in it. 
The routine goes like this: 
Run out to the left fort and grab the full armor and the Homing Launcher 
(important!), then grab the speed icon outside the fort and make your 
way to grab the Splitters' bag. On the way back, your bag will probably 
have been stolen, so make sure you take out the carrier with a well-
placed Homing Rocket and secure your bag. Get up to your bag and score. 
The second time out, run to the right of the bridge and grab the speed 
icon there. You can also grab the shrink if you feel like it. Head 
across the bridge, grab their bag and make your way back to your base 
the same way as the first run. 
You'll want to repeat this cycle until the end of the match. If your 
armor/health is getting low, you can always take the right route with a 
slight modification. Grab the speed icon closest to the fort behind your 
base, run in there and grab the armor and Rocket Launcher, make your way 
back and grab the shrink icon and speed icon on the right side of the 
bridge and then continue the cycle as before. 
There are a couple of important things in this run to keep in mind that 
help make this level a hell of a lot easier: 
Make sure you're grabbing the Homing Launcher, you'll need to make sure 
to kill any Splitters that have your bag and secure it, otherwise you 
cannot score. The Homing Launcher makes it much simpler because if it's 
on target, it's a guaranteed one hit kill. You don't want to waste time 
trying to take them out with the Plasma Autorifle. 
Don't be afraid to hit that fort behind your base if needed. The two 
speed icons on the right side of the bridge are put there for a reason, 
if you grab the one closest to the fort and then the other on the way to 
grab the Splitters' bag, you really don't lose much in the way of time, 
and it keeps your speed boost going. Plus it keeps your armor up, which 
you'll need to make sure you get back to your base alive so you can 
Keep the red half armor in mind also, on the way back you'll be getting 
slammed more often or not, and going off to the right of the bridge to 
grab it on the way back to score kept me from getting killed many times. 
Lastly, familiarize yourself with the layout of the level so that you 
can just jump out of one of the top windows on the third floor of your 
base after you score. If you know which way you need to head out, and 
know which window to jump out of to put you in that direction, it cuts 
down on both time and confrontation. 

Elite League Assault - Nice Threads 
First of all, full credit goes out from me to Darbura, who first told me 
about using the Laser Gun's secondary shield function to keep from 
getting harmed by the thread laser turrets. This is the key to getting 
through this level with a smoking time. 
At the beginning of the level, run to the far left corner of the level 
(you might start out here) and grab the Laser Gun. It is directly behind 
one of the big, metal, cylindrical pieces of scrap that are sunken into 
the ground all over the place here. This is the only weapon you will 
need to pick up for the entire run. 
Immediately make your way to the right side of the map, and proceed 
towards the laser turret that's in the upper right corner. You'll want 
to conserve as much laser charge as possible, since you'll need to use 
it in a couple of spots. If the turret is not targeting Leo (you'll be 
able to see it firing off to the left), use the large metal frame made 
of steel beams that is sticking up out of the ground as cover to keep it 
from damaging you. At the last second, put your shield up and make your 
way towards that turret. With your shield still on, aim and fire at the 
turret, destroying it as fast as possible so you can conserve your laser 
charge. This is the only thing you will need to destroy in this level. 
As soon as it's gone, turn your shield off, and hug the wall in front of 
you as you make your way to the doors leading into the airlock. As soon 
as you get close enough to trigger the doors to open, turn your shield 
on again and run straight past the two laser turrets. Once through the 
second door, immediately turn left and down the hall to trigger the 
first objective's completion. 
Haul ass down the hall, and strafe past the first laser turret with your 
shield up to avoid taking damage. When you get to the large square room 
with all the laser turrets, strafe past (with your shield up) each of 
the open sections that expose you to a shot from the turrets. Getting 
this part down may take a few tries, you'll have to learn the sweet spot 
for positioning your shield so that it sbsorbs the thread lasers. You 
may get hit a few times, but not enough to warrant any hesitation on 
your part, keep moving down and around this room. When you come to the 
corner that leads into the cooling tank area, strafe in and out of the 
doorway once to trigger the rocket turret directly in front of you to 
fire..... and miss. As soon as it misses, run around that corner, stick 
to the far right side of the walkway so that the other rockets it fires 
miss too, and take the second left. Run forward and up the stairs, down 
the hall, grab the shield and proceed forward to trigger the second 
objective's completion. 
***** If you die before triggering the second checkpoint, or if you 
encounter any Sentry Bots which have respawned in front of you, restart. 
If you make it up to this point without any bot confrontations, and 
without losing a life, you will be free to die a few times while trying 
to get the last leg of this level completed. 

When you enter the room with the two rocket turrets (one in front of you 
and one behind you), dodge right and then left to get through without 
getting blasted. Continue through, when you get to the part with the 
long grate walkway that "T's" off at the end, go to the right. The 
turret to the left (which will be behind you when you turn right into 
the hallway) will begin firing at you, either strafe left and right as 
you're running forward, or let it hit you in the back to push you along 
faster if you still have a lot of health. 
The next room has two turrets, one up and to the right, and one up and 
to the left. As soon as you get into this room, run forward and strafe 
right top to avoid getting hit, get around the middle section and enter 
the door straight ahead of you (on the same wall that the turrets are 
mounted on). 
When you see a branch of the hallway that turns dark blue in color (same 
as the cooling tank room) and see stairs on the right, going up, take 
them and then take the left immediately after. There will be another 
small set of stairs to the right with a laser turret mounted up above 
them, take those stairs while strafing left to avoid dying from the 
thread laser and head left down the little dead-end to the control room 
to trigger the level's completion. 
This level can be done in less than 1:30.0, I died 4 or 5 times after 
completing the second objective, so there's definitely room to improve 
upon my time. 
Have fun. 

Alternative, by crate333
Two things I do differently, that may help: I grab the Plasma Autorifle 
next to the Lasergun at the beginning, and fire grenades at the leftmost 
turret, instead of Lasergunning the right turret. Also, right after the 
cooling towers are two nasty rocket turrets that always kill me. I 
Plasma Grenaded those, too. A time of under 1:30 is possible with a 
death, as that's what I got. 
Another note: while the Lasergun method is definitely the easiest, it is 
possible to destroy all the turrets with the Plasma Autorifle and still 
get at least Gold. I might be able to get a Platinum that way, so if you 
want to try that, go ahead. Remember to fire grenades at the grate 
flooring in the open area. 

Rice Cracker Rush
By Crate333
Here, I'll give one for Rice Cracker Rush. 
At the start, head for the Cloak powerup that's in the first alcove on 
the left as you go down the street. Grab it, then go back to the street, 
and turn into the next entrance on the left for some armor and a useful 
shortcut (as all the Riot Officers take the street). Turn left as you 
leave, and enter the small gap in the wall straight ahead. Take the 
Speed powerup that's in there. Go back out to the street the way you 
came in, and continue toward the enemy bag. Right before the bag, there 
is an alcove on the left with a Minigun in it. Take the Minigun, equip 
it, and grab the bag. It helps to not kil anyone until you take the bag. 
Now, run back to your base, sticking to the street the whole way, in 
case an opponent has your bag. There are two armors and a health powerup 
right after the first turn as you head back to your base. Take them if 
you need them. Minigun down any opponent that's in your way, but only go 
out of your way if a Riot Officer has your bag. Score, and then use the 
same route, without the powerups this time. 
The powerups spawn every second time you go to score, and it may be 
possible without them, but I doubt you could do it. 
The key to Platinum here is to not die much, and to take the powerups. 
Don't kill any enemy as you head to the opponents' bag, and kill them 
all on the way back. The cut through the armor area helps, as I always 
seem to pass the Riot Officers there when I'm not cloaked. 

Superfly Lady
By Psycold
Okay, I tried experimenting to find out which guns you need to take out 
to finish the first objective in this level, but every time I left one 
out it wouldn't complete for me. I still think there's a possibility 
that one gun is optional, but I didn't find out which one it was if 
there is. One other thing to note in case you haven't tried it yet, you 
cannot open the door before the first objective's complete (I tried 
thinking I could get in and destroy the fuel tanks while the henchmen 
were fighting my teammates in the first section of the level. With that 
said, here's my run: 
I ran out and turned right, grabbed the machine gun, lobbed a grenade at 
the gun sitting in the middle of the floor, and went behind the crates 
to take out both of the guns mounted on the side walls so they couldn't 
target me. Then I took out the two guns positioned on either side of the 
door with a grenade, and lobbed a couple up onto the upper deck area 
primarily to take out the gun that's guarding the door switch. Ran 
through the door, went around behind the gun on top of the crate to take 
it out, turned and lobbed another grenade at the gun on the floor, 
grabbed the body armor between the wall and the crate and ran past the 
two guns on the ceiling. As I was running past those two guns, I took 
out the gun on the floor to the right with a grenade, took aim, and 
destroyed both of the guns on the ceiling from behind so they couldn't 
shoot me either. After getting up the stairs, I ran around the corner 
while strafing left and right to avoid getting shot by the gun on that 
ceiling and a henchman in the corner, and hit the switch with no problem 
because I had already taken out the gun in front of it from below. 
From there it was simple, just grabbed another machine gun so I had more 
grenades and lobbed a few at the two back wheels to take out those 
barrels, and kept tossing grenades at the single barrel until the level 
*** Done *** 
Man, I tell you, these last levels are an extreme exercise in patience. 
I'll never play Nikki Jinky Bricky or Scrap Metal again..... come to 
think of it, it'll be a while before I ever play with bricks again. As 
soon as I'm done with Rocket Man and Top Shot, those are going the way 
of the dodo as well. I have one level in each Arcade League division, 
and one in Challenge mode to convert to platinum: 
-The first Behead the Undead in Challenge mode 
-Top Shot in Amateur League 
-Rocket Man in Honorary League 
-Can't Please Everyone in Elite League 
You know what really pissed me off? I could have sworn I read your time 
for Rocket Man as 1:09, so after playing the damn level for over an hour 
today trying to get it down below 1:10.1, I finally got 1:06 and was 
sure I had it..... I think that was the closest I've gotten to throwing 
my controller yet when I saw gold. Needless to say I double-checked your 
time and saw it was 1:04, not 1:09. 

Rocket Man
By Majic 2002
The strat. I figured out for rocket man is relatively simple. There are 
2 garages/alcoves inside of the walls at each end of the street. They're 
small, square rooms, right on the main road, I'm sure you can find them 
with no problem. The simplest way to do this stage is get into the one 
that faces a flat wall (as opposed to the other one that faces the wall 
with the ledge) You're now backed into a tiny room with one way in and 
out, and they can only approach your position from 2 directions: left 
and right. Aim your rocket launcher staight down where the road ends and 
your garage begins and fire at anything that moves. Usually, they move 
in clusters, so each firing will get 2-5 of them. It might take a few 
tries getting used to where to fire so you don't kill yourself, but this 
strat. helped me get it no problem.  

Can't Please Everyone
By Psycold 
There are two grenade launchers that I know of in this level. One is 
underneath the set of stairs that go up and to the right like an "L", 
and the other is at the dead-end outside of the large upstairs room with 
all the beds. Looking from the center of that room, one doorway has some 
kind of trays or shelves laying down outside of it with two small sets 
of stairs going down on either side; the other doorway has a set of 
stairs going down to the left, and a small alcove dead-end to the right 
with a huge locked door..... this is the dead-end with the other grenade 
If you've played this level for any length of time, you've noticed that 
the maidens tend to die very quickly when in a gunfight with one of the 
Undead Priests. You've probably also noticed that you can sit there and 
plug away at one with a double tommy gun and it barely hurts them half 
the time. Well, this stamina difference sets up the perfect strategy to 
get the level finished in record time. 
When you start this level, go for the closest grenade launcher, and 
start setting those priests on fire with it's secondary. This keeps them 
from firing on you and your teammates, and causes them to wander around 
somewhat aimlessly while making their way to the downstairs showers. The 
more you set on fire, the better. You'll notice that all of a sudden 
you're racking up 40 points a cycle because your teammates and yourself 
are keeping the zones red while the priests are cooking away. The 
stamina difference is great because the priests take a while to die this 
way, therefore they can't respawn without the fire and start changing 
zones to their color again. Likewise, if you get set on fire, you'll die 
relatively quickly and be ready to go in no time. 
There's one more attribute that heavily contributes to the strategy of 
this level, and it's agility. I noticed that the maidens run slightly 
faster than the priests, so many times when I got the grenade launcher 
I'd just toss a fireball on the ground and set myself ablaze and just 
run around the level looking for the blue dots, run into them, and let 
my teammates take care of cleaning up the zones. It only took me a 
couple tries after discovering this trick until I had the platinum and 
I'm confident that it's one of the best (if not the best) strat for a 
consistent platinum time. 

Monkeying Around
By bleh
the trick there is to head up to the church bell and shoot from there. 
You get up there by heading straight forward, past the fountain and into 
the small courtyard just inside the mission, past that, ignoring the 
stairs down, until you arrive at two staircases leading up. Head up one, 
then go back the way you came until you're under the bell. Now, doing 
this creates a problem in that you have to memorize the monkeys' 
launching patterns, but at least you'll be able to hit something.  

Simian Shootout
By Psycold
From the beginning of the level, start running forward as soon as you 
spawn, and make your way up to the top of the building where the bell 
is. Looking towards the bell, there are four doorways (including the 
bell archway), from left to right. You want to take the one next to the 
bell archway on the right hand side, not the one on the far right in the 
corner. This will bring you out onto a large, flat pad. 
Step out onto the pad and turn left 90 degrees so that the bell is on 
your left hand side and the fountain is on your right hand side on the 
ground below. You will then have the monkeys coming out from in front of 
you, from the left of you (by the bell), and up and over your head from 
behind. You want to line yourself up as straight as possible with the 
monkeys coming in front of you, what this does is drastically reduce the 
amount of left and right aim adjustment and instead lets you focus 
almost exclusively on your up and down aim, because the monkeys coming 
from in front of you and behind you will fall very close to the center 
of your screen. 
Now just concentrate on your aim, and learn the pattern that the monkeys 
come out and you should be fine with a couple of small combos throughout 
the match, and as big combo you can nail with that last large batch of 
monkeys. You don't want to move your crosshairs when the monkeys by the 
bell shoot out from the left to your right, but you don't have to worry 
about those to get your platinum and sometimes it can be a pain to get 
centered back into the flight path of the other two monkeys (which can 
end up losing you more points than you got by moving out of position). 
In fact, you'll notice that while centered, your auto-aim will target 
them from time to time. You can nail a couple real quick like this, and 
your crosshairs will return to the position you had them because of the 
auto-aim. That way you won't need to get back into the sweet spot 
That's about all I got for that one, you'll notice that even though 
you're right next to the monkeys up there, you'll still miss because of 
that damn spread. This level is the one that really turned me off to the 
tactical shotgun. Give us back the assault shotgun, please. 

Amateur Arcade League - Top Shot 
By psycold
Restart until I'm either near the minigun by the plane wheels, or next 
to the maximum damage icon. If I start by the damage icon, I immediately 
run out to the hangar taking out as many guys as possible with the 
Soviet as I make my way to the aforementioned mingun. Starting by the 
maximum damage gives you the advantage of killing enemies quicker, and 
with less bullets (therefore cutting down on the time it takes to grab 
another minigun). All of these things end up saving you time, which is 
all this level comes down to. 
Rule #1: Stay in the hangar! 
The hangar's wide-open design, combined with the minigun's pinpoint 
accuracy, is the perfect match. I stay in the hangar and hope for 
favorable respawns. If the enemies cluster across the map, I've noticed 
that nine times out of ten they take each other out right about the time 
I arrive..... so I just ran all the way across the map to kill one or 
two guys as their victims are respawning where? Oh, that's right, the 
hangar I just left! Yeah, you see my point. This takes a little 
discipline, I know I always want to start booking it across the map when 
I see a some enemies. The only time I'll run towards a cluster is near 
the end of the match. Press start and you can see how many lives the 
enemy has, if all they've got are ones, then you don't have to worry 
about respawning. Go make 'em dead. 
Rule #2: Be quick on the draw. 
If you do get a good enemy respawn session going, you must be able to 
turn and shoot very quickly. Using the radar constantly to monitor 
positions, and the minigun to shoot, you can take out an enemy on the 
other side of the hangar with no problem. 
The key here is to kill the enemies as soon as they can register hits so 
you can get them respawning ASAP. I believe that by using pretty much 
the same strategy as Scrap Metal, where you have to be able to locate 
and destroy your opponent in the blink of an eye, you can get your time 
down to where it needs to be (under 1:10.0, I believe). 

After getting the minigun behind the wheels, you shouldn't stay there. 
Instead, get back out into the open area and position yourself backed up 
quite a ways from the front of one of the two doors. I usually went to 
the left door (if you were at the back of the hangar facing the 
minigun). There's two reasons for this: 
1. The game logic sometimes makes the enemies wander around the inner 
areas if you stay in that alcove with the minigun. It's like they detect 
you off to the left or right, but don't take the walls into account, so 
they stay in an area you can't shoot them from. Staying backed up in the 
open hangar, they tend to come straight for your position if they aren't 
currently in a firefight. 
2. You want to be able to shoot the enemies as soon as you see them. If 
you're going to be in an area where they can funnel in to you, then you 
want to be at the chokepoint (i.e., the doors into the hangar). I took 
the left door because I could shoot guys coming in from the far end of 
the hallway past the door, and with the way the two doors are 
positioned, I could still nail guys as soon as they popped out of the 
right door. If you stand at the right door, enemies coming in from the 
left door have to walk a little further before you can hit them, which 
equals more time wasted, which equals less chance of getting platinum. 
That's about as good as it gets for explaining how I strategized this 
level. Even if you do everything right, you'll still need luck. Bummer. 

Monkey Immolation
By Snoozer 
No matter where you start, get inside the building. the standard 2x 
Lugers are fine but you can grab a shotgun on the way if you want to. 
You can also grab a speed powerup if there is one near you (like near 
the fountain outside). You want to be heading towards the back of the 
building on the ground-level floor, until you get to the small hallway 
with 2 staircases on each side, going up. go up the stairs to the top 
floor, grab another speed powerup (you should see it when you go up 
there) if necessary, or save it for later. Go out and stand by the bell. 
face back towards the entrance you came from, and stand there, waiting. 
when you see the monkeys coming through, shoot them if you want, but 
once they get close, walk backwards and drop down off the ledge.  
Once you drop off, turn around and run straight for the back of the 
outside area, behind that little building straight ahead of you. go left 
around the center building, and back around the other side to peek out 
from the other side, so that you're now facing the monkeys that are 
chasing you from behind. and that small center building will be on your 
right. as soon as the monkeys start to get near the front of that center 
building, run forward and to the left, and go to the left side of the 
building in front of you (and stay along the wall). By the time that you 
are on the left side of the building, the monkeys will either be on the 
right side of the building, or circling around behind you and about to 
be chasing you again. head back towards the fountain and the main 
building. if you didn't get this speed powerup before, grab it now. go 
inside the building and repeat the above strategy. ie: go back up to the 
top,, grab a speed powerup if its there, and wait underneath the bell 
while facing towards the entrance to the roof. then drop back down when 
necessary. and no, you don't need to get any speed powerups, but it does 
make it easier.  
This is the easiest of the 3 virus ones, but they all have strategies 
you can use to survive easily. in this one, you're basically leading 
them on a goose chase until time runs out. they can never catch you. if 
they do, then just try again. hope that helps. 

Fall Out
For Fall Out, make sure you're checking both sides of the large boxes 
and cars that you walk around, sometimes enemy cards won't pop up unless 
you trigger them by walking through a certain spot. The last car on the 
level is a good spot to check out, walk by both sides of the car.  
Also, from what I've seen, you don't get less/more points for hitting 
different areas of the targets. You will lose points off your score, 
though, if you leave a target to stand for more than a split second 
without shooting it. So if you see your score going down rapidly, you 
need to either look around or backtrack to find the target you missed 
and note it for your next run through. 
Girl targets are fair game, I was coming up short my first couple of 
runs through that level because I wasn't shooting some of the female 
targets. If I remember correctly (correct me if I'm wrong), the grandma 
is the only female target that you shouldn't shoot on this level. 
That's pretty much it, if you still have problems I can go through and 
play it again and give you a step-by-step, but that should help you 
figure out how to get at least a gold. 

Sergio's last stand
Alright, just today I got a platinum on Sergio's Last Stand, and used a 
pretty definite strategy:  
First round, they don't spawn behind/beside you, so stand still and 
blast at their heads as they arrive, making sure none touch you. Second 
round, start moving after a few seconds, and begin circle-strafing, 
picking up a Fire Extinguisher from behind one of the pillars- don't 
worry about 3 second rule, just pick it up and get back near the center. 
Always circle strafe, and make sure to fire every time you have any type 
of shot at one. A floating 25 means a limb down, a 75 means you 
connected with a head, and a zombie's down. The beginning of each round 
is the hardest part, because they spawn behind you, but you'll soon get 
into a pattern of drawing the mob to the center, then blasting the 
horde. Be careful of ammo, and whenever you need some, draw the mob to 
one side gradually, then swoop in- their punch reaction time is terrible 
if you strafe and run, and some will most likely end up killing others 
while trying to hit you. Remember to continue to run if you catch on 
fire, and while running switch to the Fire Extinguisher and shoot it 
straight down. The way you get points is by keeping up your health, not 
by blasting their heads, and if you can go through rounds losing health 
only a tiny bit at a time, you can do fine. By just circle-strafing 
round a mob I gathered in the center, I managed a time of roughly 42000 
first try, so getting gold shouldn't be too difficult. Just remember- 
watch your back, circle strafe, and be careful about your ammo/health! 
Hope this helps! 

Station Stand
Always pick up a Rocket Launcher if available, but don't go out of your 
way to get one. Kill enemies when you see them near a zone, otherwise 
ignore them. And, continuously circle the map, turning any zones you 
pass to your color. And, always go for enemy color zones closer to you- 
most of the time, an ally will go to take care of any outliers after a 
few seconds. When you see an ally being attacked, help them fight- this 
means your ally will continue lighting bases without searching for 
ammunition, and the enemy will go scrambling around to restock all of 
it's weapons.  
First time I tried this map I got a gold, today I did it once again and 
got a plat. In fact, just today I got a platinum on all three Team 
Series A levels, including Men in Gray. Yes! 

Bircking it
For the Bricking It challenge, it's much easier, I thought, than the 
first one. Anywho, here goes. From the start, run and put your 
crosshairs on ASAP and aim up and towards the high set of windows on the 
COMSAT station. 1,2,3 using secondary fire, then aim slightly down from 
where you aimed to hit the top windows and break the lower set, 4,5,6. 
Run to the right and throw bricks to break the three windows by the 
stairs, 7,8,9. Go up the stairs, break the door window as you're running 
by, 10. Drop down to the right of the catwalk and break those three 
windows, 11,12,13, then strafe to the left and break the door window 
doing so, 14. Rotate and break the door window on the left while still 
strafing 15. Turn the corner and break those three windows 16,17,18. Run 
like mad down to the fence and here's where you have the option: you can 
break two of the windows and hope the third brick will break both the 
window and the door glass, or you can break the three windows and then 
run and break the door. I happened to choose the second option and still 
made plat. The key to this level is to only throw one brick per pane and 
for the most part, throw and be on the way to the next target. Good luck
Night Shift
Night Shift was really ticking me off, and I just got a platinum with 53 
kills yesterday (only need 50). So: 
The first thing you have to know is the whole layout of this level. This 
level centers around the large area with bridges above and laser 
barriers below. On one side (A), (this is the side you'll be wanting to 
spend most of your time on), on the lower level there is a bridge (#1) 
leading over to the bottom of the other side, and a door in the wall. 
This door will often come in handy, so remember it! On the upper level, 
there is only a platform sticking out from the wall, which can be 
accessed from inside, or across the highest bridge (#2) to the other 
side. The key to this level is that platform. The other side of the 
level (B) has the far end of the bridge #1, and a ramp leading up to the 
#2 bridge. On the top of the #2 bridge, there is a T junction- one path 
goes down to the bottom of (B) side, one path goes to that ever-so-
important platform, and one path goes to a far off dead end with a 
homing launcher spawn.  
Tip #1: NEVER CHASE THAT HOMING LAUNCHER! It takes much too much time to 
reach and get back.  
Tip #2: ALWAYS TAKE THE OPEN SHOT! Enemies are eager to kill each other, 
so if you see an easy target, so will someone else! Be the first to take 
the kill, and kill whoever he was fighting as well! 
Tip #3: NEVER BACK OUT OF COMBAT! Always take someone with you when you 
die, and don't be afraid to die, either. This is regeneration mode, so 
each kill regenerates a great deal of your health. 
With these three rules in mind, make your way either to the A side 
platform, or the A side doorway, and go through. This leads you into a 
room with a shrink spawn, and a ramp leading up to a platform with a 
homing launcher spawn. This is the key to the level- always grabbing 
that homing launcher! After you grab it, go out onto the upper A side 
platform (which is accessible from the opposite side as the ramp up 
above) and begin firing whenever you have a target. And now, more tips 
to live by. 
Tip #4: THE HOMING LAUNCHER IS YOUR LIFELINE! No matter how accurate you 
are, the homing launcher is better. When you run out of ammo, kill 
badguys beneath you until you think it has respawned, then go claim it 
from the next room. 
Tip #5: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RADAR! No, this isn't to find targets in the 
room, unless you run out of homing ammo for a short time. Always check 
the room BEHIND you, because there are 2-3 spawn points in there, and 
many times the enemies will cluster there waiting for a homing missile 
to put them out of their misery. 
Tip #6: STAY NEAR THE PLATFORM! There are 3-4 spawn points on that 
platform alone, so keep up your vigilance! Also, there are many more 
spawn points beneath you (another 3-4), so if you see something close by 
on your radar... 
Tip #7: LOOK OUT BELOW! The level beneath you is the enemies favorite 
gathering place, so remember to keep dropping homing rockets down on 
their all-nighters. 
Oh, and... 
Tip #8: FORGET THE SHRINK! The shrink does not help with rockets, and it 
makes it impossible to fire over the red laser fields on the bottom 
level, and the fence around the plaform on the top level. Basically, 
you're incapacitated for its duration. 
Tip #9: KNOW THY ENEMIES! The big bots take two rockets, the little bots 
take one grazing hit. Simple as that. 
This challenge is all about knowing the level, the enemies, and the 
weapons, and being persistent. Hope this helps! 

Dam bursters: 
Now the dirst thing you need to do is switch the minigun so that the 
barrel keeps rolling. Now you can only get platinum if you combo with 
monkey's. In the beginning it can be quite easy, but later it get's 
hard(loads of monkey's) 
Now as for the monkeys you've got one that jumps medium, on that jumps 
very high and one that rolls. 
Concentrate on taking the out roller and the mediumjumpers as most dam 
damage will come from them(meaning 30 poitns loss). Get in line of a 
group of jumping monkeys and fire away. Preferably from down to up. Now 
strafe on the dam to where the most monkeys currently are and keep 
firing. If you hit one immediatly look right to the next while still 
firing. If you're fast enough(which means practice a lot), you can get 
combo's that make monkeys worth 500 points. Just be careful that you 
don't fire too much as you're gun firing rate will get slow, which means 
that you can't really combo that great. It's not much about accuracy but 
more about thinking and speed. I've gotten mine already and have the 
game 3 weeks, so you'll probably get it soon. Just practice and hope 
that the monkeys will spawn in lots of groups(which makes this a bit 
Hope this hepls you, good luck 

Someone has got to pay...
Someone has got to pay? The duck one? Go to the bathroom get the shotgun 
X2 and camp there... try not to die... and blast away.. don't forget to 
watch your ammo... have to collect before you run out. 

Can't Handle This... 
Well,this mission was hard until I realized there were double Tommy Guns 
in the club.If you don't know where they are,remember in the story 
mission the big room where you fight the boss?Well,from there go back 
into the path that led you into that room and follow it to the end.In 
story mode,these doors will be open but in Arcade they are 
shut.Anyway,right in front of these doors you will find the Tommy 
Guns.To save time and health,I suggest contiuously restarting until you 
end up near the 2X Tommy's.After collecting them,walk to the exit of 
this room.You should too your left and right see two long panes of glass 
that line two short corridors.Position yourself in the doorway and look 
forward.The handymen will come like mad,so level your Tommy's to their 
heads and fire as many rounds at them as possible.Only cease fire when 
none of them are visible,if you shoot when there not there you'll just 
be wasting ammo.When you need to reload,strafe to either side and get 
some cover,then strafe back out and continue fighting.If you find 
yourself in a hail of bullets,strafe away or you'll find yourself dead 
real fast.If you move to the side,be warned they may turn up right in 
front of you when you move back.Also,they can spawn in the corridors 
next to you,so watch these areas too.And,they sometimes will roll and 
they can't shoot you in that position,just keep your guns level and wait 
for them to pop back up then shoot.If you need more ammo,go back to the 
doors and the guns should have respawned.Your guaranteed to die at least 
once trying this,but if so just walk hurry back to the area.And, if you 
start in the rain it's easier to just let them kill you and with any 
luck you'll spawn near the guns.After a couple of tries,you should 
master the strategy and with any luck get a Platinum as I did.I belive 
for a platinum you hafta beat 2 minutes,but i'm not really sure.  

Golden Things
Sorry if someone already posted a strat about "Golden Thighs", I didn't 
have time to read all 100 something posts. Anyway, to beat this with a 
Platinum, simply get a Soviet S47 and stand in the bottom floor room of 
the satelite building and wait for the Queen to come in. When she does, 
start lobbing as many grenades as you can at her. Don't worry to much if 
you die, 'cause you're probably low on grenades anyway. Just repeat the 
process until you've won. On my first try, I got exactly 1.30.0 (the 
platinum requirement).

But where do the batteries go?
By PDplum
The key to this is to realise that chances of survival are actually 
greater if you run through it like a headless chicken the Chasis bots 
don't hurt you for crap but the minigun toting gits are the killers. 
Start out by running directly forward to the airlock and you won't get 
shot. As you enter start firing your plasma gun to stop any Chasis bots 
blocking your path, run down the ramp. Start shooting before you run 
round the corner to stun the sentry bot before it starts firing you. 
Kill the two Chasis bots that appear before you, ignore the large bot. 
Run down ramps only despatching any of the Chasis bots that get in your 
way and ignoring the large bot is a necessity just run past it. When you 
get to the drone gun ignore it and start firing before you turn right to 
kill sentry bot with minigun. Put it on second function and turn left. 
Here is a body armour PICK IT UP. Once you have it (TT=40s) it's just a 
run to the end with minigun blaring. Again ignoring the big bots just 
try to run past them. Pick up the boot disk (your target) (TT1m03ish) 
turn round and squeeze past the big bot... A helpful tip here is to 
squeeze past the side you originally went past. They move away on 
proximity. The return is quite random. Shoot everything in your way 
except for the first big bot, there should be a second one roughly where 
you picked up the body armour. You must shoot that one it almost always 
blocks your path. Now its just a mad shootout to the end. NB. There is a 
second body armour behind a spawned sentry bot on the left. Only pick it 
up if you need it. You probably shouldn't. When you reach the outside 
sometimes a sentry guard appears in front of you. Minigun in to death 
and run to portal.. Paul Plumridge

R109 BETA 
i got 48 kills on r109 beta. What i did is i went to the top of the 
main, center building, crouched and shot the people as they came up the 
ramp. You need to crouch though, because if you stand normally, then 
they will be able to shoot you from outside(yes, for some reason they 
have the ability to perfectly shoot through the window, and still kill 
you). Also, the normal rocket launcher(not the homing launcher) is 
better. You want to aim at the ground near their feet, not at them 
directly. The homing launcher will not let you shoot the ground because 
it is too "smart" and it will curve up and aim at the bots. But they are 
too thin to hit, and they can dodge well. 

Burns Department  
Yesterday i was going for a gold on "The burns department" under the 
amateur league and i was having a hard time. in at leats 5 different 
occasions i got to within 5 seconds of the gold time. Eventually i got 
gold and kept going and got the easiest plat ever. what i did was ran 
around and everytime i got to a place with more than one opening i 
camped there till id see an infectee then id run the other way. after 
about 1:30 everyone was infected. so i went to the main room(the one 
where the portal appears in "hit me baby one morgue time") once i got 
there i camped there till i saw the big green glob of 5 or 6 guys, at 
this time i already had a gold and i thought it would be funny to see 
how long i could keep running around those pillars w/o them getting me. 
what i found out is that this was the easiest thing i ever did and wound 
up going for another minute with them just a few feet behind me, all i 
did was take lap after lap around the pillars in that main room. and to 
be safe when there is 10-20 seconds left u can break from that routine 
and run down the long hallway. i was having lots of trouble with this 
one but when i did this it became so easy. i tried it a few times after 
and 4 outta 5 times i could repeat it and get plats, so good luck. 

Alternative, by Soul Edge
Dont meen to brag or anything but i found R109 Beta fairly easy, got 56 
Kills on it and a Easy Platinium. This is what i did. 
Immedietally Kill the Gladiator and head Straight for the Tunnel ASAP, 
Although DONT go into the tunnel sit on top of its entrance instead, 
where a Rocket Launcher spawns. From there you'll probably get charged 
by R109 Bots non stop although you should rarely be hit. Strafe left and 
right constantly to dodge incoming missles and look around too see where 
they're coming from, and shoot single rockets at their feet to destroy 
them. Sometimes a single rockets not enough, however, so just launch a 
second and continue moving left and right. Whenever one manages to crawl 
ontop of the Tunnel Jump back and Rocket him down! When homing missles 
come at you just continue strafing and ignore them, and hope they'll go 
away =). 
With this method I died once (Damn Stupid Homing Missle!), but quickly 
became Gladiator and ran straight for the Roof of the Tunnel Entrance 
again. It seems from the top of the tunnel they have trouble shooting 
directly at the ground beneath you and normally miss. 

Fight off the living dead
For Fight Off the living dead (first challenge in "behead the undead") 
its best to use the manual aim rather than autoaim because for some 
reason your crosshair seems to line up perfectly with the area the 
zombie's head is in. You might have noticed already the set pattern that 
zombies come in (2 from the far right then 1 from the far left) so 
definitely keep it in mind. The worst thing that can happen is having 
the zombies form into a large group of 5 or more. When this happens, 
don't panic and just shoot in the group using manual aim and wear it 
down. As you're running away from an overwhelming group, from wave 10 
and beyond you might find another zombie waiting for you on the other 
side. You'll definitely have to headshot him, or else you will suffer a 
hit. If you miss or your shot wasn't a headshot, suffer the hit from the 
lone zombie and don't try anything fancy. If you try to avoid the hit 
from the lone zombie, you may simply end up taking a beating by about 5 
or so.  
Also, keep in mind you can kill zombies while they're spawning (unlike 
sergio's last stand) so kill them quickly while you h have the chance. 
To reach that score of 170 000, you'll need alot of patience. Using this 
technique got me a score of 182 475, and i'm certainly not the best 
person at this game (I only have 26 plats) so its actually quite easy to 

Starship Whoopers
Getting plat on starship whoopers is actually quite easy, as it was on 
of my first plats when I was a newb. The most important thing to do is 
not to waste time and ammo with the monkeys that spawn and just keep 
concentrating on the other contendors.  

Big top blowout
For Big Top Blowout I heard it is easy to stay in the place where you do 
segios last stand. But other people say it is easy to go out side. Luck 
is probally involed here. :-/ 

Playing with fire
For the three Burn Department levels heres 3 quick strategies. 
1. For the Money Level just camp on top of the building near the Water 
Fountain and wait. Eventually those Virus Monkeys will charge for the 
ladder so just make a run off the roof and through the building and head 
for the cloak Powerup. Once all monkeys are tug just continually make 
laps around the entire map. Simplest Level Ever. Also dont bother 
shooting monkeys as its a waste of time. 
2. For the Night Club level head outside and up the metalic ramps. Once 
at the top where the Tommy Gun spawns camp there and wait for enemies to 
start coming at you. Once they go up the Metalic Stairs aim at neck 
height and give them a Potent dose of Tommy Gun Lead. If they get really 
close just run backwards off the edge and head backup killing all those 
Infected Gangsters in your way. 
3. I find camping useless after about 1 minute in Hospital. Although 
camping where the shotgun spawns on the edge works wonders early on. 
Afterwards ive found running around the Poles in the room below to work. 
If all the enemies are tug and chasing you, you can just make laps of 
the complex.  

Honorary League------ Team Series B------ Superfly Lady 
As soon as you spawn, run out and to the left. Grab the soviet by the 
turret on the wall and fire a grenade at the far turret. Run over to the 
now disabled turret and fire a grenade at the turret where you just got 
the soviet. Fire a grenade at the turret on the ground. Fire 2-3 
grenades at the turrets by the door. If you die, it is no big deal, just 
grab another soviet and continue on the path. (If you haven't died) Run 
through the door and go behind the turret on the crate and shoot it 
until it explodes. Fire a grenade at the turret that is visible. Grab 
the body armor and fire a grenade at the last turret on the ground. Go 
behind/beneath the turrets on the ceiling and shoot them (with bullets). 
Once those ate disables you should get the next objective. The objective 
is to open the Hanger door. Run up the steps and shoot the first visible 
guard. Run behind the turret facing the hole in the floor and press the 
button mounted on the wall. Kill yourself. Spawn as quickly as possible. 
Grab the soviet by the stairs and run to the plane. Fire a few grenades 
between the back tires and that should take care of two of the barrels. 
Fire the rest of your grenades at the last barrel. It is located by the 
front tires.  
With this strategy I got a time of 55.6 second. Good luck! 

Night Shift 
This one isn't really all that hard, but I am sure that there is 
somebody out there that is having trouble on it so here it goes: 
GET THE HOMING LAUNCHER! Once you have the homing launcher, camp at the 
highest point in the level. From here you can shoot anybody very 
quickly. All you have to do is shoot the people on the ground from your 
camping point. A lot of the time, people will spawn at the bottom of the 
ramp you should be standing on. This is good, shoot them before anybody 
else because they will kill you very fast.  
The Homing Launcher spawns in two places. One is in the small room, at 
the top of the ramp. The other is in the far room away from all the 

Dam bursters
for dambursters- 
dont stand in one spot. u have to strafe along the left third of the dam 
back and forth. u shouldn't have to use the right analog stick a whole 
lot cuz u should be able to use auto aim and just strafing to shoot the 
monkeys. just line urself up and only go in bursts. and also dont go for 
the monkeys that go flying off to the sides that just waste time. just 
stay within a group u should rack up tons of combos. it took me prolly 5 
times to get gold on this by doing this strat. platinum is jsut not 

I found the easiest place to be in is outside and in the tent that's 
surrounded by outside. If you find yourself in the area where sergio's 
last stand is, then wait until someone kills you (if you kill yourself 
you loose 1 point). Small but I hope someone finds that useful

The easiest way to do this is turn auto lookahead on (this way it'll be 
easier to hit their head) and right when you punch, pull back. After 
about 8-9 waves, try to herd them right in the center and knock off 
about 3 heads at the same time. 

At the very beginning go to the outsides of the poles and get a fire 
extinguisher. Just run away from them while shooting their heads off and 
use the radar so you won't back up into a zombie. At the later waves, 
herd them in the middle to get 300+ points for 1 shot. Whenever you get 
on fire, even if you're in the middle of a fight, put yourself out. 
Superfly Lady
Start out by exiting the room you're in, and walking left of the crates. 
Whilst running to the soviet, shoot the camera's lens with your Silenced 
Pistols. The reason we are going left is because the drone gun on the 
right will already be facing you. Once you have the Soviet, shoot a 
grenade at the drone gun that we skipped, then shoot a grenade at the 
drone gun on the left, that is by itself. After that, face to the right 
where the door is, and make 2 fluke grenade shots over the crates. That 
should take care of those 2 drone guns. Grab the soviet near the health, 
then grab the health, run through the door ahead, and aim and shoot the 
drone gun's camera lens on top of the crate. This is hard to do, but 
it's better than getting behind the actual crate and wasting precious 
seconds. After that, we are going to chuck a grenade at the drone gun 
bear the conveyor belts. We do this by strafing right towards the 
armour. Do that, then with the armour, chuck a grenade at the drone gun 
at the back of room. This is where my strat really heats up. (DO NOT GET 
THE SOVIET THAT IS BY THE STAIRS). Instead of getting behind the 2 
ceiling guns and shoot them manually, we are going to use grenades. 
Let's say we are behind them, and we are facing at their direction. For 
the left drone cieling gun, aim to the left wall, and position yourself 
over the black patch, aim STRAIGHT and RIGHT down, and fire a grenade. 
This will bounce on the wall, then back on the ground and up, and will 
destroy that gun. For the one on the right, position yourself over the 
yellow patch (it has the word 'clearing' on it), and aim straight and 
right down, and fire a grenade. That should destroy that drone gun. Make 
yourself up the stairs, and once you are near the switch, fire a grenade 
just at the floor. Quickly press the switch, and kill yourself with the 
grenade you previously threw. You'll spawn in the room with the hangar 
door. Quickly grab the Soviet's near the stairs, and make your way to 
the actual hangar. Shoot 2 grenade at the plane's wheels (in between), 
then manually shoot the last one. With this strat, I achieved a time of 
33.1 seconds. 

Nikki, Jinki, Bricky 
I had trouble with this one for a while (I am apparently not all that 
good at aiming the bricks), but I found a great 'camping spot' that 
makes getting the plat a breeze. 
-Start or keep restarting 'til you begin in the kitchen or at the bottom 
of the stairs leading from the kitchen to the basement. Now go just 
inside the door leading down to the basement (at the top of the 
aforementioned staircase) and stand in the corner where a box of bricks 
is and face the door opening (at about a 45 degree angle) and simply 
wait for the bad guys to come and nail them as they do (in this 
location, they have to turn before throwing a brick at you--giving you 
time to nail them first). On occasion, a bad guy will come up the stairs 
and get you--if so restart. It will only take [up to] a few tries to get 
enough enemies to come within the plat time limit. 
This one really works good folks--if I can get a plat on this one using 
this technique...pretty much anyone can...hehe! ;) 

Double Bill 
i cant say much for this one... erm, spawn near the invisibility and 
gets loads of cheap shots. if you can, then get the shrink, this will 
make you temporarily invincible as the AI bots arent programmed to hit 
you when small. if you kill someone, then make sure nobody else is in 
the vacinity. 
i found that if i killed someone in an open area, then all the bots will 
flock towards the spot. find a good camping spot and pick the people 
off. this especially works if there are few entrances and people have to 
come a certain way. try kill the person when they are right beside the 
coin. that way you can get about 5 coins after about 10seconds. this 
works even better with invisibility/shrink. 
night shift-DONT use the homing launcher that is silly. leave the homing 
launcher exactly where it is and pick people off that are flocking 
towards it. if you stay on the big ramp, just at the base of that, you 
can see almost everyone and have quick acess to anyone trying to get the 
homing launcher. try to not manual aim, try to be a good shot, that way 
you can turn around and shoot straight away and go for your next victim. 
follow these guide lines and you can get as high as my 73 kills or C.P's 
77...damn you C.P, i WILL beat you someday! i did on Big Top blowout :D 
on that note...big top blowout, turn auto aim ON, this will help more 
than you think. and try not go in to the biggest tent, this area is very 
enclosed and the bots only stay in there if they spawn there, staying 
there will get you about 40 kills. if you stay everywhere else, 
especially outside, you can access the inner tent and the merry-go-round 
area easily. only go to the merry-go-round area if nobody else is 
outside/inside the smaller tent. 
when coming to a group of people, i.e 5 or more, shoot a dozen or so 
single rockets, trying to aim at everyone possible. just be fast about 
it, and run off. if there is only one person, AIM one rocket to kill 
them so it hits them bang on. the only time you will need to fire 3 
rockets is if you are unlucky enough to encounter someone with armour 
and/or jinki. you may even beat my 62 kills :-P 

Too hot to handle
The Virus one in the nightclub 
i hope it works for other people 
run outside(the area where it rains) 
and go up some stairs 
if youre in a corner 
right place 
now wait for person with virus to come 
then run across 
then when the come up those stairs 
run across(you'll fall down) 
then repeat 
i got 3 mins.0 on it 
so i just made it 
i think its a bug the way you run across 

Alternative, by Eye Lid
Again, on the virus one in the nightclub, this is how I got my plat: 
- Make sure you spawn inside and pick up a Tommy Gun. 
- Run outside and pick up a fast walk (There are two outside). 
- Run up the fire-escape-ish stairs near the fast walk in the little 
tunnel and run right to the top. 
- Look down and wait for burning people to appear. 
- At the first sight of anyone, pick up the mega damage and look back 
- Make sure you have auto-aim on and shoot them before they get near 
you. With mega damage, you can kill them easily. 
- When mega damage runs out, use the above strat until the mega damage 

Easiest way to beat Handymen Level and get platinum... 
Go to the entrance of the club you will find armor and tommy guns in 
that area. 
once all of that is equiped, crouch by the corner where you are facing 
down a small hall with glass on both sides of you like you are entering 
the club. 
from here, just wait for all of the handymen to come and shoot them. 
If this message was already in this topic i didn't see it. 
I just found this strat real simple and easy. 

Simian Shootout
Got plat on Simian Shootout last night... (if it's already here, it's a 
little different) 
Switch sides when the monkeys get launched from that side. Play the 
level often or find out somehow else the launch pattern, so you'll know 
when and where they're coming from. When you see one, wait a short 
moment until the auto-aim get a lock. Open season for munkeys! Remember 
to wait, and you'll have more chances of getting monkey combos, the key 
to get plat on any of these



There is a great FAQ made by TS2Master and other people already on 
GameFAQs, so if you want extreme detail, go to that FAQ.

Here is the list of the current awards that I have got:


Most Lethal

Most Losses

Lemming Award

Most Professional

Multi kill

Longest Spree

Most Effective

Pathetic Shot


Brain Surgeon

Fists of Fury




AC -10 Award

Where's the health?

Where's the armour?



Most frantic



Most Sneaky

Most Cowardly


Most Outgunned

Best Equipped

Weapons Expert

Bag Man

Richoet King



Most Peaceful

Most Dishonourable

Most Maniac

Shortest Innings

Longest Innings



Most Flammable

Persistance Award

Traveller Award

Beheader Award

Smasher Award

Golden Oldie Award

That should come to about 45. There are a total of about 56(?) awards. 
here are the nones left that I have not got that I know off the top of 
my head.

Burtallity Award

Shooter Award (or something like it, the one you get for shooting 500k)

Unlcuky To lose


I know that there is a lot more.



Persistance Award

Traveller Award

Beheader Award

Smasher Award

Golden Oldie Award

Brutallity Award

Golden Oldie



Where's the health?

AC -10 Award

Where's the armour?


Most Lethal

Most Losses

Most Sneaky

Most Cowardly

Most Outgunned

Most Peaceful

Most Dishonourable

Most Maniac

Most Flammable

Most Professional



Longest Innings

Shortest Innings




Most Frantic

Most Maniac





Unlucky to lose



Most Flammable


Richoet King


Bag man






Character: Lt Frost

Gold    18.0
Silver  30.0
Bronze  1min 0.0

Quite an easy level that you get to start off with here. What you have 
to do is break the windows with the grenades. The grenade explosions 
will usually break the windows for you. A really easy level to complete 
if you know where all of the windows and glass panes are. From the 
start, aim up at the windows where you opened the dam door in the very 
first level. Shoot a grenade through the top window, and then fire one 
through the bottom window. The grenade should make the bottom and the 
top glass panes all break. Now, run up the set of stairs, and head to 
your left. Shoot a grenade through the window on the right, stay back, 
and let the grenade explode. Do the same to the next room on your right. 
Now, run back over to the room next to the dam, and there will be glass 
there also. Fire a grenade into that room, and when it explodes, all 
pieces of glass should be broken. If not, you probably missed one. The 
most likely one you miss is the door of the upsatirs room of the dam. 
Sometimes it will break when the grenade is fired up there, but other 
times it wont. It is usually to do with where the grenade is placed. If 
you don't get it, run up the stairs, and shoot the grenade through the 
door pane, and the level is complete.

1. You don't have unlimited ammo. So just don't go around holding down 
   the fire button. You do get 40 grenades to use, but that is 
   defenetly more than enough, seeing that there are 22 glass panes to 
   smash, and sone grenade can take out about 6 of those panes. Do not 
   run out of ammo, otherwise you will have to go around and punch out 
   the windows, which will defenetly hurt your time. If you do run out 
   of ammo, then restart. because it takes a second to fire a grenade, 
   and if you run out of ammo, then you don't have long left to you 
   fail the mission anyway.

2. Watch where you are firing grenades. If you bounce them off of 
   walls, be careful, they can easily come back and explode at you. If 
   you fire a grenade at a window, but you miss, and it bounces back, 
   run. Don't get caught in the explosion ring, otherwise you will die, 
   and the mission is failed. The grenades will kill you instantly.

3. Grenades will explode all windows in an area if you get it exactly 
   right. Like, when you start the level off, when you fire a grenade 
   into the second story window of the dam, it will explode the windows 
   all around it if it is in the right place. If the grenade is away 
   from a window, then it probably wont destroy it, so you will have to 
   go to that window, and shoot another grenade through it.

4. Keep on moving. This can be good for afew things. The first thing it 
   is good for is that you wont get hit by a grenade as often if you 
   keep on mvoing. Standing still will waste time.Lets say for example 
   you fire a grenade into a room with 4 glass panes in it. After you 
   fire the grenade, move away to another section. This will save time, 
   and is a life saver if you are attempting to reach Platinum. So once 
   you fire a grenade, don't wait for it to explode. Keep on moving and 
   get to the next section to save time. If it is in a bigger section 
   though, you might want to stop and check that the grenade you fired 
   actually destroyed all of the glass windows.


Character: Lt Frost

Gold    35.0 
Silver  45.0
Bronze  1min 30.0 

This level is kind of the same as the last level, the same tpye of level 
(siberia) the same amount of glass panels to break (22) and the glass 
Panels are in the same spots. The only different part about this level 
is that you use a brick. The brick was also in the Original 
TimeSplitters, and you used it for a challenge like this one, in the 
Chinese Resteraunt. Anyway, move forward, and line yourself up with the 
bottom windows of the Siberan dam. Strafe along and use alt fire to 
throw the brick higher, and it will go through the window. Once those 
are taken care of, look up and do the same to the top windows. Move 
around the dam to the right, and throw bricks through those windows. Run 
up the stairs and throw a brick through the door dinwo. Jump down to the 
building on your left. Throw a brick through the door, and then the 
other glass panels. Now run over to the opposite side of the level, near 
the fence and throw bricks through the windows and door panel of the two 
rooms over there, and the level is complete. Scatter the level again if 
you are missing one, and remember it next time when you restart the 

1. Line yourself up with each window. Lets just say that you have about 
   3 windows in a row, like the first three windows on the bottom story 
   of the main dam room. Run up to them, and then aim at the window 
   with your view, and then fire a brick at it. Now, all you should 
   have to do is strafe left a bit, fire a brick through the next 
   window, and then do the same thing to the next window on the left. 
   So, all you do is strafe and not move your view. This is great, and 
   will work a charm, even on the higher up windows. So, don't move 
   your view to the window, just strafe and throw.

2. Always use the Secondary fire function on the brick. It case you are 
   not familliar with the attack methods of the brick, primary fire 
   throws the brick a short amount of distance, where as the Secondary 
   fire throws it farther up into the air. So if you can't get those 
   windows that are up high, it's probably because you are not using 
   secondary fire. Secondary fire is actually good to use overall, not 
   just for the high ones. The Primary fire is weak, so you can stand 
   back from a door and fire using secondary attack, where as the 
   primary attack  you need to go right up to the door panel, and then 
   you could just punch it out instead of using the brick, so by all 
   means, use Secondary attack.

3. The brick can hurt you. Yes, thats right it can. The only time it 
   can hurt you is when it rebouns off of walls, even then it sometimes 
   doesn't do any damage. So when you are linig up with windows and are 
   close to them, don't fire a brick at the wall, because it will most 
   likely bounce back, and cause damage to you. The brick does way less 
   damage than the grenade did in the last challenge, so you can afford 
   to be hit afew times, and it will hardly do much damage. It depends 
   where it hits you how much damage it does, but most of the time, it 
   is minimal, so you don't have much to worry about. Remember if you 
   do die, you have to start the level again.

4. Once again, you don't have unlimited ammo in this challenge. They do 
   give you 40 bircks, which is certainly more than enough, but there 
   are 22 panes, which means you can waste 18 bricks. Be careful if you 
   really have a bad aim, so that means about 1 out of every 2 bricks 
   has to hit a glass panel. As far as I know there is no way to obtain 
   more bricks in the level, you will just have to start the level 
   again, and knock out the glass panels again.


Character: Undead Priest

Gold:   32 Panes
Silver: 28 Panes
Bronze: 23 Panes

Looking at the above, you have to get 23 panes just to pass this level. 
When I first played it, I was always failing, because I missed some 
really easy panes, like the ones behind me, and the big ones. Anyway, 
for this level, you get a grenade launcher. Use the secondary function 
always. When you start the level, turn back around, and then shoot the 
windows that are behind you. When you have done that, look behind and 
shoot the windows on your right. Aim the Grenade launcher over and shoot 
all of them. Get the big one just on the left, and the move back and 
shoot the ones at the top just in front of you. Once they are all 
destroyed, now run across the other side. From here, you can now shoot 
the windows out on the other side, which are the windows that you 
couldn't see from where you started. So, aim the grenade launcher over, 
and shoot the windows there. There is also a big one to the right which 
most people miss. Once time runs out, then you will be judged on how 
many panels you destroyed. Just hope that it is over 23.

1. Always use the Secondary function on your Grenade Launcher. The 
   first function of the grenade launcher is that it fires a grenade, 
   which turns into three grenades. The grneades are very bad because 
   they go down very easily. You may think that using first function is 
   good, because you can hit three windows at once, but really, it 
   isn't because the grenades don't make it over to the panels. 
   Sometimes they do, but you have to aim really high up. When using 
   the Flaming grenade, they fire faster, and they also travel a lot 
   farther, which is why you should defenetly use the secondary 
   function. If you are a vet or something, then have a go and see if 
   you can beat the level using the primary function, or better yet, 
   get a Platinum.

2. Line yourself up with the Panels, just like what you did on the last 
   brick mission. Lets say you are looking at one window with your 
   view. Fire a flaming grenade to destroy the window, and then strafe 
   to the left/right (whicever way the next window is) and then fire a 
   grenade at it. This is better then aiming your view, firing, then 
   kvoing your view again and again to try and shoot out the windows.

3. If you are having trouble shooting out the windows, then change to 
   Flaming Grenade, which is Alternative fire. The Primary fire sucks 
   on this challenge. If you are still having trouble when you are 
   using the flaming grenade, then you are probably not aiming high 
   enough. The grenade wont exactly hit where the aimer is, it will 
   actually hit down a bit from it. Now that you know this, if you fire 
   up high, it will hit the window near the top.

4. The two big windows are the ones that people really miss. I will 
   give you the locations to them. From the start, head right, and hug 
   the wall. Now, you will be able to see a big window just between the 
   wall on the other side and where you are standing now. You can 
   probably only see a very little bit of it. Aim with your grenade 
   launcher and fire a Flaming grenade at it. Now move around to the 
   other side, and run all the way to the wall, where the path ends. 
   You should be able to see the big window from here on the other 
   side. Shoot it using a Flaming Grenade to destroy it.



Character: Henchman

Gold   20,000
Silver 15,000
Bronze 10,000

This is a skill based level, not a luck based level like some others. 
All you do in this level is shoot zombies, and it is actually quite 
easy, until they start to gang up on you, and trap you in corners. Okay, 
if your new to the TimeSlitters serie, this type of challenge was in the 
original TimeSplitters, you had to fight off the living dead. It is kind 
of the same here. You are at the compound, and you are a Hencman, and 
you need to stay alive for as long as possible. First of all, grab the 
shotgun, and when the zombies start coming towards you, put the 
crosshairs on, and aim at the Zombies heads. One shot to the head will 
kill these zombies. A head shot is quick, and efficent. Just keep on 
moving around and shooting off the zombies heads. In the few first 
waves, you can punch the zombies heads off to get better scores, but you 
can easily lose health this way, so if you don't want to lose much 
health to start off with, or you are crap at using your fists, then just 
shoot them. When all of the zombies in a wave are dead, you will get a 
bonus. This will go onto your score. Each wave will consist of more and 
more zombies, and they will start to get more aggressive. Each zombie 
that you shoot in the head gives you 75 points, for one limb it gives 
you 25 points (note that you can only get the 25 points once for each 
zombie) and each time you punch a zombies head off, you get 100. Keep 
battling throughout the waves, and the level ends when you finally die.

1. Punch if you want a better score. Punching is worth 100 punch if you 
   knock one of their heads off, and you, of course want higher scores. 
   If you thinkt hat you are pretty good at punching, then do it, but 
   if you suck, then just use your gun to shoot off their heads. If you 
   just hold down the fire button when you have your fists equipped, 
   the Henchman will just keep on punching. This can kill the zombies 
   easy, put if you want it precise, run up to an enemy and press 
   punch. If you run up to an enemy and you are holding down punch, you 
   can get to the enemy while you are inbetween the two punches, which 
   can be bad.

2. When overwhelmed, let the zombies kill each other. If you find that 
   there are too many zombies, you can make them kill each other. All 
   you have to do is approach the pack of zombies, and then move back. 
   The zombies will attempt to strike at you, but usually fail 
   miserably, but will hit there friends instead, casuing them to die. 
   You can also do this if you happen to run out of ammo, which I don't 
   think will happen, and even then you can just use your fists. One 
   more thing, you don't get any points for the zombies killing each 
   other, but it can just help you complete a wave.

3. Use those two bullets wisely. In case you don't know what I'm 
   talking about, the Shotgun can only hold two bullets in a clip 
   before it has to reload. use these two bullets wisely, and also 
   shoot the enemies that are closest to you. If you don't, and you 
   shoot some enemy who is far away from you, while you are trying to 
   reload your gun, you will most likley get hit by those Zombies just 
   near you. Shoot the ones near you first, then tackle the ones that 
   are farther away.

4. Always keep moving. There is a good reason for this, so the enemies   
   don't keep on hitting you, and so that you don't get trapped into a 
   corner. Also, enemies can easily sneak up behidn you without you 
   even knowing that they are there. This can be a real pain, so if you 
   keep on moving, they can't just punch you from behind. Never get 
   trapped in a corner. If you find yourself trapped in a corner, punch 
   your way out. Shooting them all with your shotgun is bad in this 
   situation, because after those two bullets you fire, you need to 
   reload and can't attack them, where as they can. Using your fists, 
   you can attack without having to reload. If your lucky enough many 
   enemies will kill their own mates, but of course you don't get 
   points for that.

5. If your going for a Platinum, make sure that you have lots of health 
   left. What I mean is, say that getting Platinum you have to get up 
   to Wave 50, for example. Of coruse, you will complete the level once 
   you run out of health. Lets say that you have less than a quarter of 
   your health left when you are on wave 20 for example, then it will 
   just be best to restart the level, and try it all over again. Also, 
   just a reminder, there is no health powerups that you can collect in 
   this level, or armour, so there is no way to restore your health. 
   Just through I should say that.


Liked the last level? This one is harder, a lot harder. First of all, 
there is less space that you can move around it. You can't actually see 
your bounderies in this level, so you will just have to be careful. 
Okay, in this level, you still have to shoot the heads off Zombies, but 
there is a big difference; you are facing flaming zombies. No, they 
don't have flamethrowers; they, themselves are on fire, and they wont 
die by the flames. Wait until one spanws, then check your radar, and 
then shoot the Zombie in the head. Sometimes it can be hard to actually 
see there head through the fire, so just use your aim button to get up 
your crosshairs, and shoot in the middle of the fire (at the head.) it's 
most importent to check your radar here, keep looking at it, and watch 
as the enemies spawn. Because there will be lots of enemies, try to keep 
moving. If you happen to get on fire, then run around the post and grab 
the Fire Extinguisher. Run to where no zombies are and aim at the ground 
and shoot the Fire Extinguisher at the ground, and it will put you out. 
Now, the zombies should be lined up behind you, so stay back and shoot 
them using the tactical tweleve guage shotgun. Do this for every wave, 
and keep watching your radar.

1. Make good use of the Tactical 12 Guages shooting while reloading.    
   lets say that you used up all your bullets in the clip by shooting 
   the zombies, the tactical 12 guage will automatically reload. When 
   it is reloading, it will load the bullets in one by one. If you 
   happen to get attacked while reloading, you can shoot the tactical 
   12 Guage. Reloading will stop, and however many bullets you loaded 
   will count. To continue reloading in bullet, just press the reload 
   button again to load the rest in. If you are having trouble doing 
   this method, then you can use the next method...

2. Here is a great trick for Reloading the tactical 12 Guage shotgun. 
   As you probably know, attempting to reload the tactical 12 Guage 
   shotgun can be very time costing, and since you have millions of 
   zombies trying to attack you at one time, reloading isnt really 
   good. So, here is a way that you can quickly reload your Tactical 12
   Guage Shotgun, and be ready for action straight away. The tactical 
   12 Guage takes about 5 seconds to reload all of it's bullets back 
   in, maybe even more. Using this method, it will take about 1 second. 
   Yes, it does save a lot of time. Anyway, here is how you do it: 
   First, equip your Tactical 12 Guage, have it in your hand. Now, 
   press the next weapon, and then the previous weapon buttons (next 
   weapon first, followed by the previous wepon really quickly.) It 
   will go to your tactical 12 guage, and all bullets will be reloaded.

3. Make sure that you collect the ammo for your Tactical 12 Guage 
   shotgun a lot. The tactical 12 Guage Shotgun can fire two bullets if 
   you press the Secondary fire button. Unfortunately, this really has 
   no use fighting the Zombies, unless, they are all piled up together, 
   and in a line, if you shoot two, the first bullet will kill the 
   first zombie, and the second will kill the second zombie. Anyway, 
   this seems to drain your ammo, so remember to always grab the ammo 
   from in the middle of the Circus area when it re-appears.

4. Don't be afraid to stary away from the area, but don't get counted 
   out. You have 3 seconds of out time, and once that is used up, then 
   you fail the level, or the level ends. The out time will refill once 
   you are back in the arena, so once you get back in the arena, you 
   will have 3 more seconds of out time when you next go out. The main 
   times that you will need to stray out of the area are when you are 
   being chased by a lot of Zombies, or you need to get around some of 
   those flaming zombies that are in front of you. Just remember, don't 
   get counted out. The next one is if you need to use the fire 

This one, to me, is easier than the previous level. Once again, this 
level involves zombies. This time, luckily, they are not on fire. Phew, 
that is defenetly a relief. But, in this level, you have no weapon. How 
are you going to fight them off, you ask? Your fists of course. What 
else? In the first phase, zombies will come from the big main hall 
towards you. They will sometimes be stupid enough to go through the 
glass. When they come towards you, press the punch button to use your 
fists to hit them in the head. There is no need to move your view up and 
down, just for turning. After a few phases, zombies will start spawning 
behind you, and to the left and right. Make sure that you check behind, 
left and right occasionally to see if there are any zombies there 
threatening your health. If there are, then kill them. You seem to have 
a lot of health in this level, so use that to your advantage. In this 
level, every person that you kill, they will give you 100 points. Just 
battle through the waves, and when you die, the level is complete.

1. Your main attack will be to run up and press punch by the enemys' 
   heads. You can hold down the attack button, and just run into 
   enemies like this, but you could get to them in between punches, 
   which means that they can easily hit you before you can hit them. If 
   you run up to the zombie, and press fire to use your fists, it wil 
   kill him straight away, thats presuming you get the timing right, if 
   you don't, then you could still get hit. Be careful, and remember to 
   dodge backwards to avoid being hit. Some of the enemies attacks will 
   hit you, but some wont do damage. Only the real diret hits will make 
   you lose health.

2. There is no way that you can regain health in this level, at least I 
   don't think so. If you are going for a platinum ranking, and lets 
   say that is Phase 20, and you have practically no health left by  
   phase 15, then restart the level, and then try again. It is better 
   than wasting more time, when you know that you are not going to get 
   a Platinum ranking. Also, there is no way that you can get Armour in 
   the level, so it is pretty much like Endurance; no way to heal, and 
   it's just a battle to the death. Once you die, the level is 

3. You can let zombies kill themselevs in this. This is great because 
   you don't have to fight as many of those stupid zombies. The zombies 
   are complete idiots, so if you get them to attempt to hit you, but 
   if you move back in time, they will still punch, but usually hit 
   there own friends. This really only will work when the zombies are 
   in a pack, because if there isn't any zombies next to him, he wont 
   be able to kill him.



Ohh, a stealth level. I am really not a fan of stealth in First Person 
Shooters, but this makes it really fun, and exciting. Anyway, this level 
uses a unique scoring system. Each second you have been spotted you lose 
some points. The only way you can stop your points being deducted is to 
kill all enemies that have spotted you, or take out the camera that has 
spotted you. Alterantively, you can just complete the level, and however 
many points you are on when you finished the level will be your total 
score. Lets start the walkthrough. There are so many ways to do this 
challenge, but, for example, the platinum route, there is a lot of 
chance of being seen, so lets just go the normal route. From the 
starting point, walk forward, and grab the Sniper Rifle and Silenced 
Pistol. Now, from here, look up, and then press (or hold) down the aim 
button. Now, look for the guard up top. Aim at his head with the sniper 
rifle. When his head is in your aiming crosshair, then shoot. If you hit 
him anywhere else but the head, he wont die straight away and you will 
more than likely lose stealth points. Once he is dead, move your aimer 
to the right abit, and you will see a camera. Wait until the camera lens 
gets around to you, and then shoot the lens. This will put the camera 
out of action. Now, walk out of the tunnel. Look to your right when you 
get out of the tunnel. There should be a guard walking away from you or 
coming towards the fence. If there isn't, just wait for about 5 seconds, 
and he should come back into view. Aim your sniper rifle at this guy, 
and shoot him in the head. It may be difficult to see him through the 
fence, but do your best. Now, run up and go past the fence. The camera 
wont spot you, because you put it out of action. Now, head to the right. 
Keep going up, and on the last room on the left will be a guard. You 
don't need to open the door to kill this guy. Aim through the glass 
section of the door, and aim at the guys head as well. Shoot, and the 
bullet will go through the glass, smash it, and kill the guy as well. 
Now move around past the fnece to the left. Walk up, and the first 
chance you get, look left. You will see a guard, under a camera. Shoot 
the guard in the head. Don't worry; the camera wont see the guy dying 
and raise the alarm. Now, walk up, and shoot the camera in it's lens. 
After it has been taken out, now look to the right. Stay here, and a 
guard will walk past. When he walks past, shoot him in the head. 
Alternatively, you can go into the building on the upper right, and then 
shoot the guard when you can see him through the window. now head to the 
left, where the guard comes from. Head up the stairs, and into the room 
on the left. Go all the way to the other end of the room, and press the 
action button to activate the door to the dam. Run back out, and head to 
the left. Walk across the platform, and you will see a hole in the roof. 
Drop down this hole, and grab the timed mines off the shelf behind you. 
Grab the mines, and then run back upstairs. Throw a mine on the 
communications dish. As soon as you get one on, run back down stairs, 
and keep going forward. Go left when you can, and run forward into the 
inside area of the dam to complete the challenge.

1. Always use headshots. You need to in this challenge. If you don't 
   use headshots, then the enemy wont be killed straight away, and will 
   know that you are there, and that will mean that you will lose 
   stealth points. If you are looking for a platinum medal, then 
   restart the challenge if you don't get a headshot. You still might 
   need to resart the challenge if you do this on easy mode as well, 
   because the enemy you don't kill in a headshot will alert a lot of 
   enemies in the level, and it might be hard to kill all enemies in 
   the level that have been alerted before your stealth points go to 0. 
   Headshots are quite easy to get, but just remember that the enemies 
   tend to sway left and right, so make sure you get them exactly on 
   the crosshair before you shoot. Any mistakes and you miss, well, 

2. There is an alterantive way to get around the cameras, but the way I 
   listed in the walkthrough is probably the easiest way to do it. This 
   here is just an alertanive way, and has it's positives also. This 
   method involves not shooting any cameras (well, maybe one.) Shoot 
   the first guard, run out, and shoot the guard by the fence. Take out 
   your Uplink, and look at the camera's distance. Avoid it, and head 
   to the right. Now, do as you would usually do, by looking at the 
   walkthrough. When you get to the next camera, you can either wait 
   until it's range is away from you by looking at the Uplink, or you 
   can just shoot the camera from here. Now, run into the downstairs 
   building, and go to the camera controls. Now you can press action, 
   and then turn the off also. Do this to all cameras, and you will   
   disable the cameras.



A fun level to do, although it wont seem fun if you don't know the level 
design properly. Seriously, when I first got the game, I didn't know the 
level design of this level, so it was really frustrating, and I couldn't 
beat the level! Later on, after playing it, I have now got a gold, and 
I'm not too far off of a Platinum level. The main tip in this level is 
to practise. Keep playing the level until you know the design of the 
level, or, of course, alternatively, just read my walkthrougth that I'm 
about to give you. Take note that there are several ways that you can go 
to complete this challenge, but some will require going out of the way 
to get certain bananas that veer off of the main course. The path that 
I'm gonna take you through is the Easiest way to go, and going this way, 
I have got a Gold Medal, as I said before. In this challenge, what you 
have to do is go around, being a Monkey (who is incredibley fast) you 
have to collect bananas that are scattered around the level, although in 
one big path. Okay, so now here is the walkthrough:

You will start off in a cave like section. Run forward, and keep taking 
the path around collecting the bananas as you go over them. When you 
enter the room with the Pillars, first go to the left, and collect the 
banaans. Now head straight up through the middle of the pillars, and 
grab the banas on the left and the right. Now head forward, through the 
tunnel, and grab the banana on the right, then run up and grab the 
banana by the door. Now, turn around, and run up the stairs. Up here are 
a few more bananas, so get them, and then jump down and head through the 
next tunnel on the left. Now head left, and collect the next banana, but 
don't head out. Instead, head back to the right, and take the path 
around. Collect the banas on the path, and head right and grab the one 
in the dead end, then head out into the open section. Run around the 
barrier, then head into the first room on your right. Grab the bana up 
the set of stairs, go back down and run up and collect the banas up 
here, and also the one on the right at the dead end. Turn back, and run 
left. Collect the one on the little hill, and you will now be in the 
area, near where you start story mode. Run through the path, ignore the 
path on the right for now, and collect the banas on the ground. Now, run 
forward and go across the pipe and collect all of the banas in this 
area. The path is blocked from this way, so once you have grabbed all of 
the banans from the area, run back and go across the path, and then run 
to your right, and grab the next banana. Your on the home strech. Run 
down the dip, run left and keep running forward and get the last banana 
right by the last door. Once you get it, cahllenge complete. Sorry if I 
confused you, but that is the best I can do without drawing a map.

1. Know the level layout. Seriously, this helps a lot. When you very 
   first play this challenge level, you will have no idea where to go, 
   and what banas to collect, because you don't know the layout, and 
   where the bananas are hidden, which will make the challenge hard to 
   complete in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. So, know the level 
   layout, which means you can go through the level at ease, and you 
   will never get lost doing it. If you want to know the level layout 
   better, just continue to do this challenge a lot, or you can also 
   play the story mode level called Aztec Ruins, which this level is 
   based off of. Play that to learn more of the layout. Alternatively, 
   play an Arcade Custom match, and set all of the bots to off, and 
   then just cruise around the Aztec level, exploriong the level. This, 
   in my opinion, should help you a lot and help you. It comes down to 
   the old saying Practise makes Perfectr.

2. Speed is the key. No, no the drug silly. This really only applies if 
   you are really trying to get a good medal, like a Gold, or maybe 
   even a Platinum medal. You have got to keep on moving and grabbing 
   those bananas quickly. If you spend even one second too long trying 
   to grab one banana, you can kiss that Platinum medal goodbye. Try to 
   keep on monving all the time. Try to never ever stop unless you 
   really have to, but I think that there is no place in the level 
   where you really have to stop.


This challenge here is really similar to the above challenge. The only 
really big difference is that there are zombies that are going after 
you, and are trying to kill you. You have to try and avoid these 
zombies, while getting the bananas as well. You cannot punch off the 
zombies heads either, so this makes it even harder to do. Here is the 
walkthrough that I wrote for the last challenge, which is of course 
applicables here. You will just have to watch the locations of where the 
zombies are and avoid them as nessecary. 

You will start off in a cave like section. Run forward, and keep taking 
the path around collecting the bananas as you go over them. When you 
enter the room with the Pillars, first go to the left, and collect the 
banaans. Now head straight up through the middle of the pillars, and 
grab the banas on the left and the right. Now head forward, through the 
tunnel, and grab the banana on the right, then run up and grab the 
banana by the door. Now, turn around, and run up the stairs. Up here are 
a few more bananas, so get them, and then jump down and head through the 
next tunnel on the left. Now head left, and collect the next banana, but 
don't head out. Instead, head back to the right, and take the path 
around. Collect the banas on the path, and head right and grab the one 
in the dead end, then head out into the open section. Run around the 
barrier, then head into the first room on your right. Grab the bana up 
the set of stairs, go back down and run up and collect the banas up 
here, and also the one on the right at the dead end. Turn back, and run 
left. Collect the one on the little hill, and you will now be in the 
area, near where you start story mode. Run through the path, ignore the 
path on the right for now, and collect the banas on the ground. Now, run 
forward and go across the pipe and collect all of the banas in this 
area. The path is blocked from this way, so once you have grabbed all of 
the banans from the area, run back and go across the path, and then run 
to your right, and grab the next banana. Your on the home strech. Run 
down the dip, run left and keep running forward and get the last banana 
right by the last door. Once you get it, cahllenge complete. Sorry if I 
confused you, but that is the best I can do without drawing a map.

1. Know the level layout. Seriously, this helps a lot. When you very 
   first play this challenge level, you will have no idea where to go, 
   and what banas to collect, because you don't know the layout, and 
   where the bananas are hidden, which will make the challenge hard to 
   complete in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. So, know the level 
   layout, which means you can go through the level at ease, and you 
   will never get lost doing it. If you want to know the level layout 
   better, just continue to do this challenge a lot, or you can also 
   play the story mode level called Aztec Ruins, which this level is 
   based off of. Play that to learn more of the layout. Alternatively, 
   play an Arcade Custom match, and set all of the bots to off, and 
   then just cruise around the Aztec level, exploriong the level. This, 
   in my opinion, should help you a lot and help you. It comes down to 
   the old saying Practise makes Perfectr.

2. Speed is the key. No, no the drug silly. This really only applies if 
   you are really trying to get a good medal, like a Gold, or maybe 
   even a Platinum medal. You have got to keep on moving and grabbing 
   those bananas quickly. If you spend even one second too long trying 
   to grab one banana, you can kiss that Platinum medal goodbye. Try to 
   keep on monving all the time. Try to never ever stop unless you 
   really have to, but I think that there is no place in the level 
   where you really have to stop, unless some stupid zombies deicde to 
   get in your way.

3. Avoid those zombies! The zombies are so annoying in thsi challenge, 
   and the fact that you, yourself can't kill them can also be 
   annoying. If you happen to get stuck in a pack of zombies, let them 
   hit themselves. That is really the only thing you can do, and 
   hopefully, they will all kill themselves, leaving you a clear path, 
   but be carefull, as they will repsoawn near you. Try to avoid the 
   zombies as best as possible, and remember that you have got the 
   speed advantage, so outrun them when you can, although most can 
   appear in front of you.




Your very first Arcade League macth (probably.) This is very easy also. 
I'm assuming you have played story mode before this, so you know the 
controls to the game, and all the basics. The match you have to play 
here is acalled a deathmatch. It isn't a hard mode to understand at all. 
Basically, you, and a bunch of over bots are put in a arena, and you 
have to fight each other. Whoever gets the most kills wins. In this 
match, the last part isn't exactly true though, you have to get to the 
certain kills in a time limit, and the medal that you get at the end of 
the level is decided by what time you got. Anyway, lets get on to the 
guide. Firstly, grab some ammo from whereever you start. If it is 
outside by the buildings; good. Grab the Plasma Autorifle, and whatever 
weaponary you can find. Now, follow your radar to where you can find an 
enemy. Now, track them down, and just keep on shooting them with the 
Plasma Autorifle, or whatever other weapon you have got in your hand. If 
you find a pack of people, fire one of those Plasma Grenades into the 
pack, and hopefully they will stick around in the area long enough for 
it to explode, and you will get kills. If you want to, you can grab a 
Homing Launcher, but I don't know where it is, and can take too long to 
go and grab, and ammo for it is probably fairly limited, but none the 
less, it can home in on people, and kill them instantly.


Another easy deathmatch level. Everyone should have no problems beating 
this challenge. I suppose this is beginners series, but it is still very 
very easy to complete this challenge scoring a Gold medal. What you have 
to do is kill 15 people, and when you do that, the challenge is 
completed. Look at the weapons you have though, they are all Futuristic 
weapons, and the thing that is wrong about it all is that you are in a 
Hospital, that is very old, and in the levels you play in, have zombies 
in it, meaning it is very old. So, you have a choice of the futuristic 
weapons in this place. My advice is to use the Scif-i handgun, or any 
weapon better. Just find someone, and then shoot them 3 times (9 
bullets) and they will easily die. Sometimes you will knock their heads 
off, but they are not dead then. Easily do this to kill 15 people, and 
you complete the challenge. You have no team members, so you don't have 
to worry about friendly fire. If you happen to run out of ammo for the 
Handgun, go searching for the Lasergun, and charge it up and shoot all 
enemies. Also, you can use the Plasma autorifle, and just lob grenades 
on people, or by the walls near people and when it explodes, it will 
kill the people, making it great for large packs of enemies, there is a 
great way to rack up your kills. Also, don't use the electrotool, it is 
a totally crap weapon, and takes ages to kill. Only use it as a last 
resort, and try not to get caught in the enemy fire of this. There are 
camping spots all round the hospital.


Elimination is one of the best game modes in my opinion. Basically, what 
you have to do is try to kill everyone esle and make their lives go down 
to zero. Each player starts out with a certain number of lives (6 in 
this case.) What you have to do is start killing people, and make them 
lose all of their lives, while you have to avoid being shot and losing 
lives yourself. Because there are other bots around, they will kill each 
other also. But, a lot of people will gang up on you, and always go for 
you, whether you have 6 lives or 1, it can be so annoying. What you have 
to do in this level is try to find a good camping spot. A camping spot 
is a place where you stay there with a good weapon, in a place with only 
one entrance, and just shoot anyone that comes near you. This is a good 
strategy only if you want to get a Bronze or a Silver. If thats all you 
want, then use the above strategy and just kill anyone who approaches 
you. For a gold or a Platinum, you might have to stay in the hangar 
area, and just blast any person you see in the Hangar area. When someone 
spawns; wait for a second and shoot them. Try to get the minigun also, 
it can be found at the back of the hangar. Put it in secondary fire, and 
just kill everyone. It has 400 bullets, use them wisely. Once everyone 
is dead (watch out for captain snow, he is better than the rest) the 
challenge is complete.



Chasity is homing in on her combat skills down at the compound against 
Sadako. Here is a new game mode, called regenration. It is not at all a 
hard mode to understand. If you have been hit, just move back and take 
cover and your health will start to regenarte. So, stay back if you are 
hit by bullets, but remember that the same thing will apply for Sadako, 
so chase after her when you have full health and you think that she 
might have not much health left. If you decide to go back when she has 
hardly any health left, then her health will regain, meaning you have to 
do all that work again. Now, you have some interesting weapons here in 
the compound, because they are all futuristic, because this is ment to 
be one of those virtual things. The weapon you should use to fight 
Sadako if you are just trying to get a Bronze or Silver will be the 
Lasergun. Press secondary fire to get the shield up, then powerup shots 
and make sure that they hit her. Powered up shots can do a lot of damage 
to her, so use that a lot until you have no ammo left for the Lasergun. 
You can also use a rocket launcher. The Rocket Launcher can be found at 
the opposite side of the house section. It is found by some crates near 
a shed section. Grab this, and shoot bullets at the ground by her, and 
this will usually kill her instantly. Go back and grab ammo from the 
same spot (as ammo should be repsawned by then) and keep on repeating 
the same process. Remember to shoot at the ground, as if you go for a 
direct hit, it can easily miss her, and thats a waste of a bullet. If 
you aim at the ground on the other hand, it can incur massive splash 
damage and kill her.



This is, by far, one of my favourite levels in the Amatuer League level. 
For some reason, it is great to destroy robots with big, Hi tech Rocket 
Launchers, and also Homing Launchers. You are in a fight with other bots 
at the Robot Facotry, playing in a game of Leech. If you don't know what 
Leech is, then it means this: Kill the other players to regain health. 
This means you can blow someone up with a Rocket Launcher who is right 
in your face and you wont die, yoru health will be regained to full. 
There is a good tip for you. Anyway, just grab yourself a Rocket 
launcher, or if possible, a Homing Launcher. Stay in the outside 
section, and try to stay on the top sections, so that you can look down 
at the ground, and start shooting down at them with your rokcet 
launchers and also your Homing Launchers. Just aim down, shoot, and 
sometimes the robots may take a few shots with a rocket launcher before 
they decide to go down to the ground and die. Just keep shooting, and 
remember to keep on moving to avoid being hit by the rockets. Those bots 
have a lot of health. If you kill a lot, you will probably never die 
through this level. When aiming for the Robots, be sure to aim at their 
feet. This will ensure an instant kill. If you aim for their body, it 
will most likely miss, and go straight past causing no damage. If you 
shoot it at the ground, splash damage will incur and hopefully kill the 


I always thought a mode like theif would be great for TimeSplitters 2. 
Wondering what theif mode is? Well, I'll tell you. I think we all know 
what the word Thief means, it means a person who was stolen something. 
In TimeSplitters 2, when someone kills someone, the dead person will 
leave behind coin. Pick up the coin to get a point. Keep on collecting 
points to win. It is called thief because you are stealing the coins, 
and stealing a kill, because you don't have to be the person that kills 
the guy to grab the coin. This level is at the ice station. This 
challenge can be based a lot on luck, because sometimes coins can just 
be lying around the ground, where people have died, and sometimes 
enemies don't go straight for the coins. Just generally try to steal 
other peoples coins/kills. Do not kill people from far awat. Like, don't 
use the turrets on the above floors in the central building to kill 
people. The reason for this is that you wont have enough time to run 
down and grab the coin. Try to do up close kills, so you can quickly 
grab the coins, but if you do it from far away, an enemy will most 
likely grab the coin from the guy that you killed. Just keep on 
collecting those coins, and be the first to 20 coins to beat the 


In case you don't know what virus is, this is what the game mode is: 
There is one player at the start of the challenge that set on fire. He 
has to attmept to put other contenders on fire also. Once a player i 
caught on fire, he cannot be put off fire, and must spread the falem, 
like a Virus. You have to stay off fire for a certain amount of time. As 
soon as you get put on fire, the challenge ends, and however long you 
evaded the virus for is your score. The best strat for this level is to 
stay in the outside courtyard area. There is a building in this section 
that has a ladder on it, so use the ladder and go to the roof of the 
building. Stay up here with a weapon, and then look down off of the roof 
to the ground. Don't jump down. If you see a virus comping towards you 
(as they always do, as they seem to always pick on you first) then shoot 
it. Stay up here shooting them. Watch out behind you, as they can spawn 
there. When all players are on fire (apart from you) when they come up 
the ladder, jump down, and lead them through the middle section, up the 
stairs at the end, and then go to the bell and jump down and repeat the 
process, and they will just follow you around wherever you go. Just keep 
on avoiding them, and let you follow them. Don't turn around and kill 
any of the monkeys, because this will upset the chain, causing a virus 
to spawn in front of you, or somewhere else which is not good, as you 
need everyone behind you. Just keep doing this, until something goes 
wrong, or you last for the Platinum time. I have also heard some stuff 
of the Monkey getting stuck under the ladder that you use to get up top 
of the building. If he is the only one infected, then there is an easy 


This is quite a hard level, but it also really depends on what spanw 
point you get first up. If you start inside the nightclub, it is 
probably better if you restart the game. If you don't want to retart, 
then try to make your way outside of the nightclub. Also, inside the 
Nightclub are some Tommy guns on a stage. Stay here, and blast the 
person with the virus as they come through the door. By the time the 
next virus comes to you, the ammo will have respawned, and you can grab 
it and start shooting the next lot of viruses that come through the 
doorway. This can be hard when all the people are infected and you need 
to last for three minutes. What I just listed above isn't the best 
strategy. The best strategy is to play cat and mouse with the viruses. 
First, get outside of the nightclub, where it is raining. Now, find the 
steps, and get to the very top of the fire esacpe. Now, just wait up 
here, with whatever weapons you have collected, and shoot it a virus 
comes up. If two decide to come up and get you, then jump down, and lead 
them across the catwalk, across the gap, drop down and get the speed 
icon to race up the stairs, and go across the gap again. They will most 
likely follow you, but lose your trail due to you getting the speed 


Not a really big start here, but this level is based on luck. Sometimes 
the other people will get set on fire really quick, and sometimes they 
wont. Camp on the big balcony area, where the fifth weapon will spawn. 
Stay here, and it one or two viruses decide to come through the door, 
kill them. You only have to last 30 seconds to get a Bronze, and thats 
easy if you use the above start. If you want platinum, when everyone 
(except you) are on fire, get them all behind you, and let them cahse 
after you. Don't kill them, and they will follow you, but wont be able 
to catch up. Because they are all behind you, keep going around in 
circles and they shouldn't be a problem. I got a Platinum uisng this 
method, so it should work for other people as well. If you are still 
having trouble with that start, then just stay on the balcony section, 
shoot the viruses when they come in, but when they overpower you, jump 
down. Now run back up to the baclcony, kill the ones chasing you, and 
hope that the enemies get to you in small groups, like 2 in a group so 
that you can easily kill them, but if they are in a group of 5 for 
example, it will be harder to kill them before you die. Hope that helped 
you out there.



The last level in the Amatuer league, but also the hardest level. This 
one is a real pain to complete, and may take you afew times to just get 
the hang of the level. What you have to try to do is to practise this 
level, and find a good strategy of how to do everything. For example, if 
the first time you get shot down by a gun camera thing, work a way 
around it. Anyway, here is my strategy. Firstly, your team members wont 
really do the objectives for you. You have to do them yourselfs, so they 
wont destroy the barrels for you, you have to do that yourself, so keep 
that in mind. Before you run out in the open, get equipped. There is a 
Soviet downstairs, and some more ammo lying around the place. The Soviet 
is the best weapon for this. The grenades will come in very handy for 
destroying things. Now, run out, and keep on running down the middle. 
The gun camera will hit you afew times, but that wont matter. If you 
want to, take it out by hitting the screen on the top left of the 
turret. If only you have a Sniper Rifle. Anyway, grab the armour in the 
middle, and make sure you have the soviets. Look left, and launch a 
grenade at the turret on the left. When the grenade explodes, it will 
take out the turret. Do the same to the next gun turret on the right 
side. By now, all the enemies will have came down and will be attacking 
you. Shoot a grenade into the pack, followed by just shooting the ones 
that survive. Now, make a mad dash up the hill to the waterfall section. 
Just ignore everything on your way to the waterful, and once you get 
there, you get a checkpoint. Grab some supplies, like the homing 
launcher, and then run up the hill. Take out the camera on the hill in 
you want to, but it isn't needed, so if you don't feel like wasting 
ammo, then don't worry about it. Now, you need to destroy all of the 
barrels in their base. Here are the locations to the hard ones:
1) Near the alternative entrance to their base (the ground path.) To 
   the left of that is a barrel.
2) To the right of their base. When looking at the actual two story 
   building of their base, go right, and behind their base will be a 
3) At the top of their base. Get into the two story building of their 
   base, and then use the stairs to get to the top. Shoot the barrel up 
Finally, run into their base, and lob grenades at all of the various 
machines that you find in here. Just lok grenades, and that shall 
destroy them all.




In my opinion, this is one of the best levels in the game. Playing 
Gladiator in this level is so fun, because it is in the hospital, and 
the weapons make it seem really real. Also, there is no time limit, it 
is just how many kills you can get. By the way, you have a new game mode 
here, which is gladiator. The rules can be harsh. The only points you 
can get are kills from you being gladiator. To become gladiator, you 
must kill the gladiator. As the gladiator, kill other people to become 
the gladiator. Good fun, at times. Now, firstly, find the Grenade 
Launcher, and also the Tommy Guns x2. Once you have them, find, and hunt 
down the gladiator. Kill the gladiator. Now that you have the Tommy Gun 
x2, just shoot everyone you can see. Wait in a camping area, like near 
the toilers or the shower room. Just stay in a room with the Tommy Guns, 
and they should respawn each time just before you have wasted all your 
ammo for the Tommy Guns. Just keep on shooting everyone that appears 
near you, and try not to die. Hunt everyone down, and kill them all. For 
big packs of enemies, press start, and select grenade launcher (this is 
quicker than selecting them by pressing previous or next weapon.) Now, 
fire the grenade launcher into the pack of everyone to get some easy 


I absolutely hate this challenge. It can be so annoying, and generally, 
so is gladiator mode, although it can be fun sometimes. There are not 
many different startegies for this. First of all, you have to find the 
gladiator. If you are going for a Platinum medal, it may be better if 
you just keep restarting if the Gladiator is near you, otherwise it will 
be a waste of time. If, however you are just starting the challenge, 
then don't worry about that, just find the gladiator. Once you find the 
gladiator, kill them. For some reason, the gladiator has more health 
than you. Once you have killed the gladiator, find a good weapon, 
automatic or an explosive, and find a good camping spot. A camping spot 
is somehwere where you just stay in the one spot, where there is only 
one entrance/exit to. While camping, just shoot anyone who tries to come 
towards you, while you are the gladiator, of course. Just stay there and 
camp, and because everyone wants to kill you to become gladiator, they 
will come looking for you, which is why you can kill them easily. Be 
aware of the Stupid Stone Golem also. Use all of your automatic and 
explosive weapons on this guy. He has a lot of Health, more than the 
other people in this battle, which is why you should try to avoid him if 
possible, or kill him really quickly. He will be the most threat that is 
posed on you in this challenge.


This, in my opinion is a very hard level to get a platinum on. It 
requires a lot of luck to complete. A lot of R109's a battling each 
other down at the Ice Station. What you have to do is to become 
gladiator, and start killing everyone so that you get points. That is 
basically what galdiator is about. I'm not sure how the galdiator is 
first chosen, but I know that it is never you. When you first start, 
grab some ammo. The only weapons you will have here is a Rocket 
Launcher, and if you can find one, a Homing Launcher. There are a lot of 
starts you can use here. The main thing to do is to NOT stay outside in 
the open. You will be a prime target. Firstly, locate the gladiator, and 
kill him. Once you are gladiator, run to the underground tunnels. Stay 
in the T section of the tunnels, and when you spot an enemy on your 
radar, shoot them with the Rocket Launcher, or the Homing Launcher, 
which will spawn down here in the tunnels. Another way that people do 
it, is to go up to the top of the big tower in the middle of the ice 
station, and stay at the top, meaning people outisde can't hit them, 
unless they are near the window. If you go up the top, you can easily 
shoot down at enemies as they come up the paths.



When I first tried this challenge, I thought that it was very, very 
hard. The Riot Officers who you fo up against have escellent strength, 
and seem to take a lot of damage before they die, meaning that they can 
kill you before you can kill them, most of the time. Even if I did kill 
them, I would be low on ammo, and also be low on health, so firstly, try 
to avoid confrontations with the Riot officers, let all of your 
teammates take the bullets, as they are not good at getting the bag 
anyway. This is a capture the bag level, where you have to stealth their 
bag, and bring it back to your base, but in order to score, you must 
have your bag in your base. The key to this challenge all lies in the 
powerups. First, move around the corner, and in the building area on the 
left is the Cloack powerup. Grab the powerup, and this will make you go 
invisible. They wont be able to see you, until you grab the bag. Make 
your trip quick, don't go slow, otherwise you can be seen before you get 
to the bag, and you will probably get shot and killed. Once you do reach 
the bag however, and when you grab it, the inviciblity will not longer 
work. grab the bag, and take the streets back, and kill any people that 
get in your way. Bring the bag back to your base, shoot whoever has your 
bag, and repeat 5 times. Try to find the minigun also, and put it on 
secondary fire to easily mow down the enemy. Also, use the grenades from 
the Soviets to easily take down the enemy.


I absolutely hate this challenge, and just about all Assault levels, and 
they have Ridiculus difficulty, just like this level. What you have to 
do is perform an assault on the hangar, and do different objectives. 
From the start, run forward, and aim the little screen on the top left 
of the turret on the right wall. This will disbale it without too much 
trouble. Do the same to the next turret on the wall on the left. Move 
forward, and if possible, grab the soviets, sometimes your friends take 
them instead. If this happens, oh well, looks like you will have to rely 
on the Silenced Pistols. Shoot the screen or fire a grenade at the 
turret just ahead, then fire a grenade at the next lot of turrets to the 
right, before they notice you. There are two of them here, so one 
grenade can easily take out both of them with just the one grenade.  
Watch out, as there is a Sniper (actually with a rocket launcher) that 
usually appears above the turrets. Anyway, once they are all taken care 
of, run up and turn the corner on the right. Either fire a grenade at 
the turret, or take your time and shoot the screen above it. Turn the 
next corner, and there will be another Turret. Try to take out this one 
before it finds you. Now, run to where that turret was, and turn right. 
Grab the armour by the crates, and then use the Soviets and aim up and 
just keep on shooting the turrets. You need to destroy these ones. Next, 
move forward, and on the right of the stairs is another turret, so 
destroy it. The first objective should be complete. Now, go up the 
stairs, and only shoot the people that are in your way. Ignore the 
turrets here, as you don't need to take these ones out. Fire grenades to 
kill packs, and just run up, past the hole to the left. Keep running, 
and hit the switch at the end. When going for platinum, it is essential 
that you let the Turret survive, so it will kill you, which means you 
respawn right before the next objective. If it doesn't, run back down 
the stairs, and go to where the last turret was. From here, run forward 
out into the Hngar area. Shoot the 3 fuel barrels, that are in between 
the back wheels of the planes. Shoot all three to make them explode, and 
try to ignore the turrets. Once all of the Fuel Barrels are destroyed, 
challenge complete.

CHAPTER 4 -               SECTION 9: RANKINGS


I have decided to keep this section away from the Startegies of the 
Challenge and Arcade League Startegies, because people looking in the 
"Arcade League" and challenge section will probably only be looking for 
the startegies for those levels. Here are the times/scores you need to 
get the different medals.



BRONZE:   1:00.0
SILVER:   0:30.0
GOLD:     0:18.0
PLATINUM: 0:11.0


BRONZE:   1:30.0
SILVER:   0:45.0
GOLD:     0:35.0
PLATINUM: 0:30.0


BRONZE:   24 Panes
SILVER:   28 Panes
GOLD:     32 Panes
PLATINUM: 32 Panes + 0:48.0


BRONZE:   10,000
SILVER:   15,000
GOLD:     20,000
PLATINUM: 150,000


BRONZE:   5,000
SILVER:   15,000
GOLD:     25,000
PLATINUM: 35,000


BRONZE:   10,000
SILVER:   15,000
GOLD:     20,000
PLATINUM: 25,000


BRONZE:   001
SILVER:   700
GOLD:     1000
PLATINUM: 1000 + 0:40.0


BRONZE:   001
SILVER:   700
GOLD:     1000
PLATINUM: 1000 + 0:25.0


BRONZE:   001
SILVER:   700
GOLD:     1000
PLATINUM: 1000 + 0:20.0


BRONZE:   1:30.0
SILVER:   1:00.0
GOLD:     0:55.0
PLATINUM: 0:45.0


BRONZE:   1:30.0
SILVER:   1:05.0
GOLD:     0:58.0
PLATINUM: 0:49.0


BRONZE:   18
SILVER:   22
GOLD:     24
PLATINUM: 24 + 0:00.9


BRONZE:   1,500
SILVER:   2,500
GOLD:     3,500


BRONZE:   1,200
SILVER:   1,500
GOLD:     1,650


BRONZE:   700
SILVER:   875
GOLD:     1,000


BRONZE:   5:00.0
SILVER:   3:00.0
GOLD:     1:30.0
PLATINUM: 0:45.0


BRONZE:   10:00.0
SILVER:   7:00.0
GOLD:     5:30.0
PLATINUM: 3:55.0


BRONZE:   6:00.0
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:00.0


BRONZE:   600
SILVER:   1,000
GOLD:     1,800


BRONZE:   1,000
SILVER:   1,500
GOLD:     2,500


BRONZE:   4,000
SILVER:   6,000
GOLD:     8,000



BRONZE:   10 Kills
SILVER:   5:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 0:43.0


BRONZE:   15 Kills
SILVER:   5:30.0
GOLD:     3:30.0
PLATINUM: 1:00.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:10.0


BRONZE:   10 Kills
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:10.0


BRONZE:   10 Kills
SILVER:   4:30.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 0:55.0


BRONZE:   10 Kills
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:05.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   15 
GOLD:     25


BRONZE:   25 Coins
SILVER:   6:00.0
GOLD:     4:30.0
PLATINUM: 2:40.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   15 Kills
GOLD:     25 Kills
PLATINUM: 45 Kills


BRONZE:   0:30.0
SILVER:   1:00.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 3:00.0


BRONZE:   0:30.0
SILVER:   1:00.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 3:00.0


BRONZE:   1:00.0
SILVER:   1:30.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 3:00.0


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:30.0


BRONZE:   1,000 Points
SILVER:   5:30.0
GOLD:     4:30.0
PLATINUM: 3:15.0


BRONZE:   10:00.0
SILVER:   6:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:00.0


SILVER:   10
GOLD:     15


BRONZE:   15 Kills
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:30.0

R109 BETA 

BRONZE:   15 Kills
SILVER:   25 Kills
GOLD:     40 Kills
PLATINUM: 45 Kills


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 2:15.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   2:30.0
GOLD:     1:40.0
PLATINUM: 1:20.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   15 Kills
GOLD:     25 Kills
PLATINUM: 35 Kills


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   2:30.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:45.0


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   3:15.0
GOLD:     2:30.0
PLATINUM: 1:50.0


BRONZE:   40 Kills
SILVER:   2:00.0
GOLD:     1:30.0
PLATINUM: 1:10.0


BRONZE:   40
SILVER:   50
GOLD:     60


BRONZE:   15 Kills
SILVER:   3:00.0
GOLD:     2:30.0
PLATINUM: 1:20.0


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   1:40.0
GOLD:     1:20.0
PLATINUM: 1:00.0


BRONZE:   5 Points
SILVER:   5:00.0
GOLD:     4:00.0
PLATINUM: 3:00.0


BRONZE:   6:00.0
SILVER:   3:00.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:30.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   15
GOLD:     20


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   4:30.0
GOLD:     3:30.0
PLATINUM: 2:30.0


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   2:30.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:35.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   3 Lives
GOLD:     4 Lives


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   3 Lives
GOLD:     4 lives


BRONZE:   5 Kills
SILVER:   2:30.0
GOLD:     2:00.0
PLATINUM: 1:30.0


BRONZE:   30 Kills
SILVER:   2:00.0
GOLD:     1:30.0
PLATINUM: 1:15.0


BRONZE:   800 Points
SILVER:   4:00.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 2:30.0


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   25 Kills
GOLD:     35 Kills
PLATINUM: 45 Kills


BRONZE:   3 Bags
SILVER:   5 Bags
GOLD:     7 Bags


BRONZE:   1st
SILVER:   30 Kills
GOLD:     40 Kills
PLATINUM: 50 Kills


BRONZE:   15:00.0
SILVER:   10:00.0
GOLD:     5:00.0
PLATINUM: 2:45.0


BRONZE:   45 Kills
SILVER:   60 Kills
GOLD:     70 Kills
PLATINUM: 90 Kills

BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   3:00.0
GOLD:     2:30.0
PLATINUM: 2:00.0


BRONZE:   20 Kills
SILVER:   4:30.0
GOLD:     3:00.0
PLATINUM: 2:05.0



Those Russian soldiers aren't that bright! Today's military training 
involves breaking all the glass in the Siberian compound. Nikolai 
managed this in one minute flat. Beat his time or you'll be the laughing 
stock of the barracks for weeks! 


After Private Poorly's incident with a grenade yesterday, all ammunition 
has been confiscated until further notice. This is no excuse to miss 
training though, so you'll have to improvise! 


The life of a zombie would be far more pleasant if it weren't for the 
Hunchback spoiling the Wednesday morning sacrifices. Get your own back 
on him, and knock out as many stained glass windows as you can within 
the time limit. 


Another one of Khallos' attempts to take over the world has failed at 
the hands of Harry Tipper. As usual, Khallos has fled the scene, leaving 
a henchman to deal with the consequences (lots of zombies in this case). 
See how long you can keep him alive for... 


The last act performed at the circus tonight, this will star our very 
own Sergio the Strongman. We feel privileged to welcome our guests, a 
time traveling troupe of flaming zombies. Ladies and gentlemen, put your 
hands together for Sergio's Last Stand! 


It looks rather like curiosity got the better of Nikolai. Gunshots or no 
gunshots, he'd have been better off steering clear of the research 
center altogether, and he should definitely have taken his gun. Keep him 
alive for as long as you can, using just his fists! 


Even highly dangerous mercenaries like Gregor Lenko need to use stealth 
when outnumbered. Destroy the radar and enter the dam, without being 
detected by any of the Russian guards. 


It's 3am and a new shipment has just arrived by barge, so there are 
goons crawling all over the docks! If you want to get through the 
Falucci Bros. warehouse alive, particular care will be needed. 


It's late past curfew, and Chastity Detroit has ended up stuck in a 
rough district of Neo Tokyo. If the police find her, she'll spend the 
night in a cell, so get her out without being spotted! The temporal 
uplink should come in handy here. 


Jojo the Monkey has been causing mischief around the village, and the 
villagers have had enough. To teach him a lesson, they've thrown his 
bananas away. Help him get them back! 


Jojo's been up to his old tricks again, and the villagers are really 
riled now. Not only have they taken the bananas, but they've conjured up 
some zombies to stop Jojo forever. Keep that monkey alive! 


Jojo shot The Wood Golem with a flaming crossbow bolt. The Golem's not 
got long left but he's intent on getting his own back by eating as many 
of Jojo's bananas as possible! Go for the burn, Woody! 

Uh-oh! The small town of Little Prospect is under siege by some vicious 
cardboard figures, and it looks like they have no intention of leaving. 
Take 'em down!!


After turning snitch on Big Tony, it seems poor Marco didn't have his 
escape route planned. Tony's not the brightest of guys though, and he's 
sent some cardboard cutouts after Marco. Help Marco through Chicago 
without killing any old ladies...


A lawman needs a gun he can rely on. Elijah's gone down to the Compound 
to test out the performance of some firearms. Shoot as many cutouts as 
you can- but remember, accuracy will also improve your score. 


Badass Cyborg is having one of those days. First of all he loses his bus 
pass and now he's realized that his spare brain is on the other side of 
town. It's not going to be easy going to get it back on foot. Especially 
when Special Forces have been deployed... again! 


R107's therapist won't be pleased. Just when it looked like he was 
finally cured, his will has crumbled. He's slipped on a dark lycra 
bodysuit and donned the crudely crayoned cardboard boxes once again. I- 
am- Robot! 


It's autopsy turvy down at the Hospital, the corpses just won't stay put 
and undead priests are roaming the corridors. Mr. Underwood can't 
believe his luck- he's brushed up his bowler hat and grabbed his trusty 


An unscrupulous merchant is trying to flood the market with imitation 
clay monkeys. Use your trusty shotgun to dust those cheap replicas and 
put him out of business! 


Some evil circus clowns have enslaved the performing monkeys and forced 
them to carry their watermelons! Free the monkeys by shooting the 
watermelons out of their paws, but aim carefully... 


The Russian Mafia object to the building of the Siberian Dam, and are 
trying to destroy it through the tactical use of exploding monkeys. It's 
up to you to save the villages downstream by blowing up the monkeys 
before they reach the dam! 


Everyone was enjoying a siesta at the mission until that dirty dog 
Hector Baboso decided to liven things up. Now everyone's at each others 
throats! Make 10 kills within ten minutes for a trophy! 


Dr. Peabody left the morgue door open and now zombies are running loose 
all over the Hospital. Visiting time starts in ten minutes- try to kill 
15 of the living dead before then! 


Prove your authority to the young cadets during combat training! 
Everyone has 6 lives each, but lose them all, and you'll be out of the 
military for good! 


Chastity is honing her combat skills in a simulated shootout against 
Sadako at the Compound. Virtual health regenerates so you should hold 
back if you are wounded. The same applies to Sadako- so persevere to 
score kills. 


The Time Portal has caused spacetime anomalies around the Dam. People 
have been shrinking! Lt. Frost, Nikolai and Sgt. Shivers have spiced up 
guard duty by making a game out of it. Remember, you won't win if 
there's anyone bigger than you! 


UltraNet headquarters want this ChassisBot disposed of as quickly as 
possible. Although not heavily armored, it is very agile, so be careful! 
Power drained from the ChassisBot will refresh your EnviroSuit 
batteries- don't let them run down! 


It is night shift at the factory, and the Machinist is having a nap. 
Time to play! Inject some enthusiasm into the other workers before he 
wakes up. Your health is replenished by damage inflicted so keep up a 
good hit rate to stay alive! 


Kills count for nothing in this game, only the rewards left behind by 
dead contenders are worth collecting. Be the first to 25 points! 


There's nothing like high explosives for reducing ChassisBots to chassis 
bits. The game lasts 4 minutes. make sure you score top! 


Those pesky pyromaniac primates have been juggling burning torches, with 
disastrous results! The game ends when everyone is set on fire. so avoid 
those frantic furry flamers! 


Lady Jane is busy strutting her stuff in the nightclub, and the 
dancefloor is hotting up. literally! Avoid the night fever for as long 
as possible! 


You might want to keep away from the other patients in the hospital. 
There's a nasty hot fever going around. you wouldn't want to catch it! 


Slick Tommy and Jimmy Needles just knocked over your drink, and they're 
refusing to buy another! Teach them some manners, and score 20 kills 
before they do! Braces and Marco will back you up. 


A squad of SentryBots are attempting to take over the Ice Station 
asteroid. Team up with the Space Troopers to secure critical locations 
and repel the attack. 


A bunch of suits have been seen near the Training Ground blockhouse. 
They've put in some computers and it looks like they might be starting a 
dotcom consultancy business. Hit them hard and fast before they try to 
float the company and pocket the cash! 


After dark, the freaks crawl off their slabs and prowl the Hospital 
morgue. Cyberfairy has dropped in to sprinkle some hot lead pixie dust 
and send them back to sleep! 


".the monkey wasn't too happy but the lion said he was glad he ate her!" 
Ha ha ha! The Jungle Queen is sick and tired of what passes for humor 
round these parts. Crack some heads and wipe those silly smiles off 
their faces. 


The latest production run of R109 prototypes is being combat tested. The 
most lethal unit will be awarded with a command firmware upgrade. 
Demonstrate that you are the best. 


Chef's baked up nine delicious gingerbread fortune cookies. Looks like 
he used too much raising agent- they're running away! 


It had to happen. Braces just caught Louie Bignose and Jimmy Needles 
badmouthing him in front of Big Tony. Doity rats, now they're gonna pay, 


Hank, R109, and Gretel II are helping Candi learn advanced combat 
techniques. During the lesson, prototype space monkeys will be beamed in 
to help the weakest player. Never a dull day in the Academy! 


The Chinese Chef insists on only the freshest ingredients. Look's like 
he's got more than he bargained for with the latest air freighted 
shipment of Calamari- they leapt straight out of the pan and now they're 
trying to flambe‚ him! 


All the children love a Snowman. well, nearly all the children. The 
Machinist and his twisted siblings like nothing better than torching 
their chilly chums. Frosty's nose isn't just shiny- it's dripping with 
gasoline! Anyone got a match? 


Sergio loves to visit the Streets at night! He relishes the feel of the 
cold snowy air gusting through his loincloth as he scampers up and down. 
But most of all, he loves to show off with his rocket launcher in front 
of all the lovely ladies. 


Big Tony's been having some discrete hair transplant work done down at 
the Hospital. But in an anaesthetic induced daze he thinks that some 
giant ducks are after his new thatcth to feather their nests! Help him 
out by whacking dem malicious mallards. 


Krayola thought her tattoos and piercings were pretty freaky until the 
Scourge Splitters turned up down at the Compound. Show them that there's 
more to it than just looking hard. 


Welcome to Hatchet Sal's cheese induced nightmare. Well, at least now we 
know what Big Tony's left hand man looks like. Just goes to show, if you 
mutilate people for a living you've got to expect to lose some sleep. 


Sadako's gang have been selling warez down at the Compound. It's time 
for the anti-piracy riot squad to instigate a crackdown. They made 20 
illegal copies- so kill them 20 times! 


Ghost and a crack team of pacifistic Monks are taking on the Riot Squad 
in a running Streets battle for some bags of munchies. The Monks are 
riding a heady sugar rush after a rice cracker binge and are pretty 
wired. So much for non-violent protest! 


Khallos is hoping to escape in his executive evil leer jet- but 
typically, he has forgotten to fuel it up. If Kitten can just manage to 
beat off the henchmen and blow their barrels then his evil flight plans 
will be foiled once again. 


Harry Tipper alone in the Aztec Jungle, with a bunch of gorgeous young 
ladies. with his reputation? Has no one thought of the consequences? 
Just keep your bow in your hand, Tipper, and don't be getting shrunk 
just so you can look up their skirts! 


Big Tony thought he was on to a winner when he booked the King and the 
Beetles to play a gig at the famous Chasm club. Imagine his suprise when 
these jokers turned up! And he'd paid in advance! Needless to say, Tony 
wants his money back. 


Nikki and Jinki have taken over the Chinese restaurant. But it is 
haunted by the restless spirits who hit themselves on the head with 
bricks while attempting to master the Brick Flung High challenge from 
the TimeSplitters! Help your sister lay their souls to rest! 


Mikey told Jared that his center parting made him look like a water 
buffalo so then Jared told Mikey that he smelt like one. There's only 
one way to settle a difference of opinion out West- a good ol' shootout! 
Yeehaw! Get yer guns! 


Two years have passed down at the Site and the building still isn't 
finished! The reason? A mass of discarded hardcore has come to life and 
chased all of the builders away. Only the lightning reflexes and guile 
of the Master can finally lay the Golem to rest. 


Kitten Celeste is pretty miffed 'cause Harry Tipper has been spending 
rather too much time in the company of the Jungle Queen. Kitten says too 
many muscles look bad on a lady and her tan's fake anyway. So it looks 
like it's a cat fight at the Dam! 


The Henchmen think they're hard enough to beat a Special Forces' Team in 
a shootout down at the old Hangar. They need to be taught a lesson. 
Professional soldiers don't prance around dressed like bananas- and 
baseball caps and IR goggles are so 90's. 


The Hospital needs redecorating. The Maidens like the idea of a cheerful 
red but the Priests are dead set on blue. Test out your colour scheme in 
key rooms to see what would be best. 


There's been unrest at the Circus since Stumpy hammered a tent peg up 
Mr. Giggles' nose as part of last night's show. Mischief has cracked 
open a crate of homing rocket launchers and now it's every freak for 


When Cortez and Hart aren't knocking seven bells out of the 
TimeSplitters they like to invite them over to the Ice Station for a 
friendly game of capture the bag. The TimeSplitters are inclined to take 
it a bit too seriously. 


Mr. Giggles and Stumpy ordered a bunch of Baby Drone 'Splitters off the 
Internet. When they arrived they bit the Bear's nose and ripped off 
Lola's costume. The Ringmistress is not pleased- she wants rid of them! 
Watch out for the Bear, though, he's pretty mad. 


United only by a passion for dressing up in silly costumes, R107 and Leo 
Krupps join forces to storm the Scrapyard Control Room. It's a death 
defying assault against the SentryBots- but watch out for those thread 
lasers, Leo! Oops, too late. 


Aztec Warrior just loves to hunt dinosaurs! The Aztec Priest has tried 
to convince him otherwise by explaining all of the ethical and 
ecological reasons which make it a morally questionable activity. Aztec 
Warrior ignores him, he says the Priest's just a cerebral bore. 


The Scientists have been experimenting with reactor cores and anomalous 
materials with the usual result- a trans dimensional rift and aliens 
running amok. The marines have been sent in to shoot anything that 
moves. That includes you, Dr. Peabody! 


The Miners of the Ulcer Corp are dying of a strange Pox and the company 
executives are running a cynical sweepstake on the mortality figures- 
'Guess the Dead Fraction'. The Miners with the Pox are revolting, none 
more so than Jebediah Crump! 

|                    CHAPTER 5: SECRETS                               |



Aztec            Available by Default  

Chasm            Clear Arcade League - Honorary League - Outnumbered 
                 but Never Outpunned - Can't Handle This with a Bronze 
                 Madal or Higher  

Chinese          Clear Arcade League - Honorary Leauge - Elimination 
                 Series - Starship Whoopers with a Bronze Medal or 

Circus           Clear Challenge - Monkeying Around - Dam Bursters with 
                 a Bronze Medal or higher  

Compund          Clear Spaceship: 2401 on the Normal difficulty setting  

Hangar           Clear Arcade League - Amateur League - Beginner's 
                 Series - Top Shot with a Bronze Medal or higher  

Hospital         Available by Default  

Ice Station      Available by Default  

Mexican Mission  Available by Default 

Nightclub        Clear Arcade League - Amateur League - Too Hot to 
                 Handle - Disco Inferno with a Broze Medal or higher 

Robot Factory    Clear Arcade League - Amateur League - It's a Blast - 
                 Demolition Derby with a Bronze Medal or higher 

Scrapyard        Clear Arcade League - Amateur League - Mode Madness - 
                 Scrap Medal with a Bronze Medal or higher  

Site             Complete Story mode on Hard  

Streets          Clear Spaceship: 2401 on the Easy difficulty setting 

Training Ground  Available by Default  

Ufopia           Clear Arcade League - Honorary League - Maximus - Cold 
                 Corpse  Caper with a Bronze Medal or higher   

Contributed By: bluberry, Ny0Cloud 


Ample Sally         Defeat Elite Challenge / Cut-out Shoot-out / Take 
                    'Em Down with a Silver medal or better.  

Aztec Warrior       Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golden Thighs 
                    with a Silver medal or higher.  

Baby Drone          Defeat Elite League / Team Series C / They're Not 
                    Pets! with a Silver medal or better. 

Barby Gimp          Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered But Never 
                    Outpunned / Time to Split with a Silver medal or 

Beetleman           Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Double 
                    Bill with a Silver medal or higher.  

Big Tony            Beat the Mafia Mission on normal to unlock the 

Braces              Defeat Honorary League / Elimination Series / Men 
                    In Grey with a Gold medal or better.  

Calamari            Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Chinese 
                    Burns with a Silver medal or better.  

Changeling          Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Can't Please 
                    Everyone... with a Silver medal or higher.  

ChassisBot          Defeat Arcade League / Mode Madness / Scrap Metal 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Crispin             Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Monkey
                    Immolation with a Gold medal or better. 

Crypt Zombie        Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Casualty 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Cyberfairy          Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    On! with a Silver medal or better.  

Dark Henchman       Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    Off with a Gold medal or higher.  

Dr. Peabody         Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Casualty 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Drone Splitter      Defeat Elite League / Sincerest Form of Flattery / 
                    Half Death with a Silver medal or better.  

Duckman Drake       Defeat Challenge / Outnumbered But Never Outpunned 
                    / Someone Has Got to Pay... with a Silver medal or 

Feeder Zombie       Defeat Challenge / Behead the Undead / Day of the 
                    Damned with a Silver medal or better.  

Female Trooper      Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Demolition 
                    Derby with a Gold medal or better.  

Gargoyle            Defeat Honorary League / Maximus / Cold Corpse 
                    Caprer with a Silver medal or higher. 

Hatchet Sal         Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered but Never 
                    Outpunned / Can't Handle This with a Silver medal
                    or higher.  

Hector Baboso       Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Adios 
                    Amigos with a Silver medal or better.  

Henchman            Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Hangar Hat's 
                    On! with a Silver medal or better.  

High Priest         Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golden Thighs 
                    with a Gold medal or higher.  

Jebediah Crump      Defeat Elite League / Sincerest Form of Flattery / 
                    Dead Fraction with a Silver medal or better. 

Jimmy Needles       Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A / Club Soda 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Jinki               Defeat Elite  League / One Shot Thrills / Nikki 
                    Jinki Bricky with a Gold medal or better.  

Jo-Beth Casey       Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Babes in 
                    the Wood with a Silver medal or better.  

Krayola             Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Hack A 
                    Hacker with a Gold medal or higher.  

Kypriss             Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning / Golem Goru 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Lean Molly          Defeat Arcade League / Beginners Series / Adios 
                    Amigos with a Gold medal or better. 

Lola Varuska        Defeat Challenge / Monkeying Around / Monkey Mayhem 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Louie Bignose       Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Disco 
                    Inferno with a Silver medal or better. 

Maiden              Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Can't Please 
                    Everyone with a Silver medal or better.  

Male Trooper        Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Demolition 
                    Derby with a Silver medal or higher.  

Marco the Snitch    Defeat Challenge / Cut-out Shoot-out / Fall Out 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Meezor Mox          Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Spoils of 
                    War with a Gold medal or better.  

Mikey Two-Guns      (and Jared Slim) Defeat Elite League / Duel Meaning 
                     / If I'm Ugly - You Smell with a Silver medal or 

Milkbaby            Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Hack a 
                    Hacker with a Silver medal or higher  

Mister Giggles      Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Big Top 
                    Blowout with a Silver medal or better.  

Nikki               Defeat Elite League / One Shot Thrills / Nikki 
                    Jinki Bricky with a Silver medal or better. 

Accountant          (Lawyer also) Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A 
                    / Men In Grey with a Gold medal or better.  

R One-Oh-Seven      Defeat Challenge / TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic / 
                    But Where Do the Batteries Go? with a Silver medal 
                    or better.  

Ringmistress        Defeat Elite League / Teams Series C / Bags of Fun 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Riot Officer        Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Rice 
                    Cracker Rush with a Silver medal or better.  

Scourge Splitter    Defeat Honorary League / Outnumbered But Never 
                    Outpunned / Time to Split with a Gold medal or 

SentryBot           Defeat Amateur League / It's a Blast / Night Shift 
                    with a Gold medal or better.  

Sewer Zombie        Defeat Challenge / Behead the Undead / Fight Off 
                    the Living Dead with a Silver medal or higher.  

Slick Tommy         Defeat Amateur League / Team Series A / Club Soda 
                    with a Silver medal or better.  

Snowman             Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Snow 
                    Business with a Silver Medal or Higher.  

Strumpy             Defeat Elite League / Frantic Series / Big Top 
                    Blowout with a Gold medal or better.  

The Cropolite       Defeat Challenge / TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic / 
                    Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time with a Silver medal or 

The Hunchback       Defeat Challenge / Glass Smash / Stain Removal with 
                    a Silver medal or higher.  

The Master          Defeat Honorary League / Team Series B / Rice 
                    Cracker Rush with a Gold medal or higher.  

Undead Priest       Defeat Amateur League / Too Hot to Handle / Burns 
                    Deparetment with a Gold medal or better.  

Venus Starr         Defeat Honorary League / Burns 'n' Bangs / Rocket 
                    Man with a Silver medal or better.  

Wood Golem          Defeat Challenge / Banana Chomp / Playing with Fire 
                    with a Silver medal or higher.   

Or, alternativley if you want to know what level gets you what 

Beginners Series
            Adios Amigos!: Hector Babosal, Lean Molly (Gold)
            Casualty: Dr. Peabody, Crypt Zombie (Gold)
            Top Shot: Hangar Level, Sgt. Shock, Elimination mode (Gold) 

Mode Madness
            Chastity Chased: Regeneration mode (Gold)
            Shrinking from the Cold: Private Sand, Sgt. Slate, Shrink 
            Scrap Metal: Scrapyard, Chassisbot (Gold) 
It's A Blast
            Night Shift: Sentry bot, Leech mode (Gold)
            Spoils of War: Meezor Mox, Thief mode (Gold)
            Demolition Derby: Male + Femlae Trooper, Robot Factory
            Vampire Mode (Gold) 

Too Hot to Handle
            Monkey Immolation: Crispin, Flame tag (Gold)
            Disco Inferno: Louie Big Nose, Lt. Wild (Gold)
            Burns Department: Undead Priest, Nightclub, Virus 

Team Series A
            Club Soda: Slick Tommy, Jimmy Needles (Gold)
            Station Stand: Lt. Shade, Zones mode (Gold)
            Men in Gray: Accountant, Kawer, Assault mode (Gold) 

            Cold Corpse Caper: Cyber Fairy, Gargoyle (Gold)
            Killer Queen: Leo Krupps (Gold)
            R109 Beta: Ufopia, Gladiator mode (Bronze), Roman Hat, Lt.  

Elimination Series
              Baking For The Taking: Chinese Chef, Gingerbread 
              Brace Yourself: Braces, Trooper Brown (Gold)
              Starship Whoopers: Chinese, Monkey Assistant, Trooper 
              Black (Gold) 

Burns 'n Bangs
              Chinese Burns: Calamari, Chef Hat (Platinum)
              Snow Business: Snowman, Trooper Grey (Gold)
              Rocket Man: Venus Star, Capt. Sand, Duckman Drake (Gold) 

Outnumbered, But Never Outpunned!
              Someone Has Got To Play...: Capt. Night (Gold)
              Time to Split: Barby Gimp, Scourge Splitter (Gold)
              Can't Handle This: Chasm, Hatchet Sal, Handyman (Gold) 

Team Series B
              Hack A Hacker: Krayola, Milkbaby (Gold)
              Rice Cracker Rush: Riot Officer, The Master (Gold)
              Superfly Lady: Capt. Pain (Gold) 
              Arcade League (Elite) bonuses:

One Shot Thrills
              Babes in the Woods: Jo-Beth Casey (Gold)
              Double Bill: Beetleman, The Impersonator (Gold)
              Nikki Jinki Bricky: Nikki, Jinki (Gold) 

Duel Meaning
              If I'm Ugly-You Smell!: Mikey Twoguns, Jared Slim (
              Golem Guru: Fat Characters (Gold), Kypriss (Platinum)
              Golden Thighs: High Priest, Aztec Warrior (Platinum) 

Frantic Series
              Hangar's Hat's Off!: Henchman, Dark Henchman (Gold)
              Can't Please Everyone...: Maiden, Changeling (Gold)
              Big Top Blowout: Mr. Giggles (Silver), Stumpy (Gold) 

Team Series C
              Bags Of Fun: Ringmistress, Big Hands, Slow Motion Deaths  
              They're Not Pets!: Baby Drone, Bear (Gold)
              Nice Threads: Small Heads, Compound level (Bronze), R-
Sincerest Form Of Flattery
              Aztec The Dino Hunter: Dinosaur (Gold)
              Half Death: Drone Splitter (Gold)
              Dead Fraction: Jebediah Crump (Silver) 

Glass Smash
              Pane In The Neck: Rotating Heads (Gold)
              Bricking It: Brick Weapon (Silver)
              Stain Removal: Hunchback (Silver), Nothing (Gold) 

Behead The Undead
              Fight Off The Living Dead: Sewer Zombie (Gold)
              Sergio's Last Stand: Sergio (Gold)
              Day Of The Dammed: Feeder Zombie (Silver/Gold) 

              Silent, But Deadly: Viking Hat (Gold)
              Trouble At The Docks: Pirate Hat (Gold)
              Escape From NeoTokyo: Big Ears Hat (Gold) 

Banana Chomp
              Gone Bananas: Private Coal (Gold)
              Monkey Business: Private Poorly (Silver), None (Gold)
              Playing With Fire: Wood Golem (Silver) 

Cut-Out Shoot-out
              Take 'em Down: Ample Sally (Gold)
              Fall Out: Marco the Snitch (Gold)
              Pick Yer Piece: Sgt. Rock- Gold

Timesplitters "Story" Classic
              Badass Buspass Impasse: Badass Cyborg (Gold)
              But Where Did The Batteries Go?: R One-Oh-Seven 
              Hit me Baby One Morgue Time: Cropolite (Gold) 

Monkeying Around
              Simian Shooter: Insect Mutant (Silver)
              Monkey Mayhem: Lola Varuska, Mischief (Platinum)
              Dam Bursters: Robofish, Circus level (Gold) 


Big Ears              Beat ''Escape from Neotokyo'' with a Gold or 
                      Silver medal  

Big Head Mode         Beat all the Story Mode levels on Normal  

Cardboard Characters  Beat the game on Easy  

Infinite Ammo         Complete Story Mode on the Hard difficulty  

Paintball Mode        Beat all of the Challenges with at least a Bronze 

Pirate Hat            Beat ''Trouble At The Docks'' with a Gold or 
                      Silver medal  

Rotating Heads        Beat Pane in the Neck with a Silver (Challenge 

Viking Hat            Beat ''Silent But Deadly'' with a Gold or Silver 


Anaconda    In the 1990 Siberia level, on a shelf inside the 
            main facility on the west side of the dam, a game cartridge 
            labelled ''Anaconda'' can be found. 

AstroLander When playing on the Normal or Hard difficulty settings, a 
            cartridge can be found on the 2019 NeoTokyo level, inside 
            the locker room in the research facility in the locker on 
            the left. 

RetroRacer  When playing the 2315 Robot Factory level on the Hard 
            difficulty setting only, a cartridge can be found in the 
            huge bunker with armor placed beneath one of the ramps. 
            Underneath the other ramp is the RetroRacer cartridge.


Elimination      Beat Top Shot with a bronze or better

Flame Tag        Beat Monkey Immolation with a bronze or better

Virus            Beat Burns Department with a bronze or better

Vampire          Beat Demolition Derby with a bronze or better

Thief            Beat Spoils of war with a bronze or better

Leech            Beat Night Shift with a bronze or better

Regenration      Beat Chasity Chased with a bronze or better

Shrink           Beat Shrinking from the cold with a Bronze or better

Gladiator        Beat R109 Beta with a bronze or better

Assault          Beat Men in Grey with a bronze or better

Zones            Beat Station Stand with a bronze or better

Monkey Assistant Beat Startship Woopers with a bronze or better

Deathmacth       Available by Default

Team Deathmatch  Available by Default

BagTag           Available by Default

Capture the bag  Available by Default

CHAPTER 5 -              SECTION 2: GLITCHES


This happens on just about every game, sometimes randomly. On my copy, 
if you play the game for too long, (about 2 - 3hours of straight in game 
action) then it will freeze up on me. I was pissed because I wanted all 
the stats (like time played) to save to my memory card.


Sometimes levels in mapmkaer will not work, or will freeze. The most 
common thing is that there is too many doors and windows in your map. 
Delete some windows or doors and it should work. It has never really 
happened to me, but there have been lots of cases where this has 
happened, so I'm not sure what the total amount of doors/windows you can 
put in before it freezes.


I, personally think that this is a rumour, and isn't true, beccause alot 
of people I know don't know of this glitch, but I will still list it 
here, anyway. Apparaently you have to go to the top bridge, run towards 
one of the walls and press yourself against it. Eventually, you should 
land in one of the windows in a normal room, but everything should be 

Once again, I couldn't get this glitch to work either. What you are 
supposed to do is play a game with Teams (Like Capture the Bag) and when 
you are selecting your team (or handicap, whichever one is just before 
when you play.) As one player is pressing X, the other player should 
press triangle at the right time. The game will think that both players 
have pressed X, and start the game.

CHAPTER 5 -                SECTION 3: SECRETS


You can play Old Skool Minigames in TimeSplitters 2. They are: 

Anaconda (Turbo Snake)
Retro Racer

Each of them can be found in different levels in the game, and on 
different difficulties. I have already listed where to find them in the 
Unlockables section, but I will list it again here.

Anaconda    | All/Any    | Siberia    | In opp side of dam from start
            |            |            |
Retro Racer | Hard only  | Robot Fact | Under some stairs
            |            |            |
Astrolander | Nml/Hrd    | NeoTokyo   | Lockers after password section


Not really a big secret, because you need it to complete Easy mode. If 
you apparoach a torch while you have the crossbow out, it will set the 
rest of the bolts in the clip alight. Once you reload, the fire will be 
gone. You can use this to set people on fire.


In the chicago level, you can play pool. Once you get around the corner 
past where Big Tony's brother comes out of, there will be a pub. Go in 
it, kill the guards and find the pool table. Now you can shoot the balls 
in the holes by aiming at them.


(M) Must Be On                       0E3C7DF21853E59E 

Cheats/Characters/Levels/Cutscenes   DE4520F2BBA89A82

Infinite Health                      DE9BFA1A68EA9C1F   

Infinite Armour                      DE8FFFFEF8ADDD03 

Extra Ammo                           DE915592E0EB9B84 

Inf Ammo                             DE9155EEBCA99B83

The following codes will allow 
you to save with the built in cheats on.

Paintball Mode                       DEAE906EBCA99B83

Cardboard Character                  DE9C7DCABCA99B83

Big Head                             DE9C7C9EBCA99B83

Big Hands                            DE9C7CF6BCA99B83

Fat Characters                       DE9C76AEBCA99B83

Rotating Heads                       DE9C754EBCA99B83

Slow Motion Death                    DE929692BCA99B83

Super Massive Hands                  DE9C7CF6BCA99B83 

Small Hands                          DE9C7CF6BCA99B83 

Super Fat Characters                 DE9C76AEBCA99B83 

Monster Big Head                     DE9C7C9EBCA99B83 

No Head                              DE9C7C9EBCA99B83 

Quick Rotating Heads                 DE9C754EBCA99B83 

Skinny Characters                    DE9C76BEF8AADA83 

Quick Death                          DE929692BCA99B83 

L3+UP For Walk Through Walls
(L3+DOWN To Disable)                 0EB4F238BCA99A70 

R3+UP To Freeze Animation
(R3+DOWN To Disable)                 0EB4F238BCA99A3E 

SQUARE+UP Quick Animations
(SQUARE+DOWN To Disable)             0EB4F238BCA91A72 

|                    CHAPTER 7: MAPMAKER                              |


X..................... Place/Grab object
Square................ Copy object
Triangle.............. Delete Piece
Circle................ Mark Piece
L2.................... Lower level
L1.................... Up level
R2.................... Zoom in
R1.................... Zoom out
L Analog.............. Move cursor
R Analog.............. Pan Cursor
Start................. Menu
Select................ Menu


In TimeSplitters 2, you can make your own Multiplayer and Story player 
maps. This was the very first game I played were you can actually make 
objectives (using the triggers and actions) for the player to do. It is 
so fun to make maps, then trade them with other peope (friends, family, 
whoever) and let them play your story map. 

You can make Story and Multiplayer on one map. You can also place in a 
numerous amount of Items, including guns, ammo, health, armour, turrets, 
auto guns, zones, keys, doors, windows and a lot of other things. This 
section will tell you all about how to use the mapmaker to it's fullest.


How you make objectives is hard to start off with, but can get easier. 
This part is just a description of how to make one, look in the Triggers 
and Actions section later on in the guide for more information about 
Triggers and Actions.

Lets say you want to make a Simple level where you have to get to a 
position in a certain amount of time. You will do something like this.

1. Make the map so all areas connect, and it is possible to get to the 

2. Put the starting place in (Start all.) For Story, only place the one 
   in, where you want the player to start the level.

3. Now, got to the Game Logic section, by pressing left and right. Make 
   sure you are in Advanced mode.

4. Select Game Started. Make sure it has dots beside it, then go down 
   to okay, or whatever it says.

5. Now you will be on the Actions menu. Go to timer, then make a timer 
   and give it a name.

6. Now, select "Start <Whatever you called it>" and make sure it has 
   the dots around it, then go to okay.

7. The logic will show up. It should say: "Game Started - Start 
   <Whatever you called it>".

8. This will start the timer. Now go back into Game Logic screen, and 
   now go to location.

9. Select the location (position) where the end of the level will be. 
   Then go okay.

10. Now select Objective, and type in whatever objective you want it to 
    be, like "Get to the exit point."

11. "Location 1 reached - Objective A complete" should come up. Thats 

12. One last thing. Now select Timer on the Trigger, then go "Timer 
    <whatever you called it on number 5>.

13. Now select Timer Reaches <Select time amount here>. In the game, 
    when the time reaches this amount, objective will be failed

14. Now go to actions, and press right on Objective A. It should show 
    up as: "Time reaches X - Objective A Failed."

15. Now play the level.

CHAPTER 7 -            SECTION 2: TILES

Pickerel was kind enough to let me use this Tile Guide of his. If you 
have any questions reguarding the tiles, then please email him. Here is 
is: Completely unaltered.

*****TimeSplitters 2 Tile FAQ: Version 1.2***** 
By Pickerel
*****Table of Contents***** 
Part I: Version History 
Part II: General Tile Descriptions 
Part III: Victorian Tileset Descriptions 
Part IV: Industrial Tileset Descriptions 
Part V: Alien Tileset Descriptions 
Part VI: Virtual Tileset Descriptions 
Part VII: Legal Information 
Part VIII: Contact
*****Part I: Version History***** 
Version 1.0: I have the basic information on the tiles. I by saying  
this, I mean the tile numbers, names, sizes, connections, and other  
important things.  
Version 1.1: This is just a quick update. I have added a few of the  
differences in the Victorian, Industrial, and Alien Tilesets. There  
still isn't anything for the Virtual Tileset, though.  
Version 1.2: I added the desctiptions for most of the tiles in victorian 
and industrial tilesets. I also added descriptions on windows and doors 
for those  tilesets. 
*****Part II: General Tile Descriptions***** 
***Warning: Be careful not to use too many doors or windows, unless they 
are needed for a good purpose. Having over twenty combined can cause the 
map to freeze in play.  
***Tile Number 
Tile Name 
Tile Description 
***Tile 1 
Single Corridor 
This tile occupies one square, and has two connections on opposite 
***Tile 2 
Small Open 
This tile occupies one square, and has connections on each side.  
***Tile 3 
This tile occupies one square, and has two adjacent connections.  
***Tile 4 
Small T-Junction 
This tile occupies one space, and has connections on three sides.  
***Tile 5 
Double Corridor 
This tile occupies two spaces, 1x2, and has connections on the shorter 
***Tile 6 
This tile occupies 4 spaces, forming a short T, and has connections on 
each of the three ends.  
***Tile 7 
This tile occupies 4 spaces, 1x2 over two floors. It has one connection 
at one end on the lower floor, and three connections, on the opposite 
half, on the upper floor.  
***Tile 8 
Small Room 
This tile occupies 4 spaces, 2x2, and has one connection on each side. 
The connections are on the right side of each wall, when viewed from the 
***Tile 9 
Stair Room
 This tile occupies 8 spaces, 2x2 on two floors. There are two 
connections on each floor, in the same places as two adjacent 
connections in the small room (Tile 8). A ramp runs along the side of 
the tile between floors.  
***Tile 10 
This tile occupies 16 spaces, 2x2 on four floors. There are four 
connections on each floor, in the same places as the connections on the 
small room (Tile 8). There is flooring only on the bottom floor.  
***Tile 11 
Double Height Room 
This tile occupies 8 spaces, 2x2 on two floors. There are two 
connections on each floor, placed on adjacent walls on opposite sides. 
There is a bunker on the lower floor, and an small, open area above the 
***Tile 12 
Big Room
This tile occupies 12 spaces, 2x3 on two floors. There are four 
connections on each floor, in a style similar to the small room (Tile 
8). There is also a hole in the upper level.  
***Tile 13 
This tile occupies 3 spaces, 1x3, and has one small and one large 
connection across from each other.  
***Tile 14 
Adapter 2 
This tile occupies 3 spaces, 1x3, and has two large connections across 
from each other and two small connections across from each other.  
***Tile 15 
Adapter 3 
This tile occupies 6 spaces, 1x3 on two levels. There are two large  
connections, one above the other, and one small connection, on the 
opposite side of the upper large connection.  
***Tile 16 
Adapter 4 
This tile occupies 3 spaces, 1x3. There is one large connection, and 
five small connections taking up the remaining sides.  
***Tile 17 
Large Open Low 
This tile occupies 9 spaces, 3x3. It has large connections on each side.  
***Tile 18 
Large Open 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two floors. There are large 
connections on each side of both floors.  
***Tile 19 
Large Bridge 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There are large 
connections on each side of both levels, as well as a 1-space wide 
bridge in the middle of the upper level. A ramp can be toggled on or 
***Tile 20 
Large Bridge 2 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a 1-space wide 
bridge in the middle of the upper level. A ramp can be toggled on or 
off. There are large connections on either side of the bridge, and also 
under those. There are small connections on the right sides of the other 
sides, as seen from inside, on both levels.  
***Tile 21 
Large Bridge Cross 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There are intersecting  
1-space wide bridges on the upper lever, and large connections on each 
side of both levels.  
***Tile 22 
Large Bunker 1 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a bunker wall 
that protects one corner space, and which has a doorway. There is a 
balcony above the bunker. There are large connections on each side of 
each level.  
***Tile 23 
Large Bunker 2 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a bunker wall 
that protects four corner spaces, and which has a doorway. There is a 
balcony above the bunker. There are large connections on each side of 
each level.  
***Tile 24 
Large Bunker Wall 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a bunker wall 
that protects six side spaces. There is a balcony above the bunker. 
There are large connections on each side of each level.  
***Tile 25 
Large Trench Ramp 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a ramp leading 
down into a trench. There is one large connection, on the trench side, 
on the lower level, while there are two large connections, facing the 
two trench directions, on the upper level. The trench turns to the 
right, as you are going down.  
***Tile 26 
Large Trench 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a trench that  
turns in the same direction as the one in the Large Trench Ramp (Tile 
25) on the lower level. There are two connections on each level, facing 
the two trench directions.  
***Tile 27 
Large Ramp 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a 1-space wide 
ramp in the middle of the tile. There are large connections on each side 
of both levels. There is space under the ramp.  
***Tile 28 
Large Ramp Wide 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a 3-space wide 
ramp, which has a space behind it only accessible from behind. There are 
large connections on each side of both levels.  
***Tile 29 
Large Pit 
This tile occupies 18 spaces, 3x3 on two levels. There is a single large 
connection on the lower level, with another on the upper level above it. 
There is a small connection across from the large connection on the 
upper level. There is only one open tile on the lower level.  
***Tile 30 
Extra Large 
This tile is by far the largest one in the game, occupying 243 spaces on 
three levels, in a 9x9 area. There are two small connections, across 
from each other, about three spaces up the sides. 
*****Part III: Victorian Tileset Descriptions 
The windows here are large portholes, which have glass inside them.  
The doors are like elevator doors, and slide open to either side.  
***Tile Number 
***Tile 1 
There are two vertical structures on one side. I am not too sure what 
they are, but they can be used for cover. There is a fake window on the 
other side of the hall.  
***Tile 2 
The floor is completely tiled.  
***Tile 3 
There are windows on the two open sides.  
***Tile 4 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 5 
There are twisted metal brackets supporting the ceiling on either side 
in the middle.  
***Tile 6 
There are twisted metal brackets supporting the ceiling on all sides of 
the hall where they meet.  
***Tile 7 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 8 
There are intersecting pipes on two sides of this tile, as well as what  
appears to be a wood-burning stove.  
***Tile 9 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 10 
The hole is round, with all of the corners filled in.  
***Tile 11 
The upper floor has a second small platform, on the opposite side of the 
top of the bunker.  
***Tile 12 
There is a large flywheel in a central hole.  
***Tile 13 
There is a very small bunker, with glassed portholes, on one side. It 
has two doors--one looking out to the adjacent tile, and one looking to 
the middle of the tile.  
***Tile 14 
A safe door will appear on one side if it is not next to another tile.  
***Tile 15 
There is a bunker on the right side, with a wide unglassed window and an 
entrance on the side.  
***Tile 16 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 17 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 18 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 19 
There are two poles on either side of the bridge. One half of the  
bridge has railings. The ramp runs parallel to the bridge.  
***Tile 20 
There is a dominant gear under the bridge. The weapon on the space it's 
at spawns next to it. The ramp runs parallel to the bridge. The side 
ledges are reachable only from other tiles placed nearby.  
***Tile 21 
There is a main bridge, with boards going across for one other bridge. 
One side of the main bridge has a hole in it on one side, and the last 
side is a narrow bridge.  
***Tile 22 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it is simple.  
***Tile 23 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it is simple. 
There is also an inner bunker, like the one in Tile 22.  
***Tile 24 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it spreads out to  
separate parts for the three points.  
***Tile 25 
There is a board over the lower end of the trench.  
***Tile 26 
There is a small room off the side of the trench, taking up the entire 
outside corner. There are boards over either end of the trench.  
***Tile 27 
There is a small room under the bridge, with entrances on either side.  
***Tile 28 
There are four posts coming up through the ramp.  
***Tile 29 
(Coming Soon) 
***Tile 30 
This one is hard to describe. There is a large open back area, with a 
large gear. There is also a tall furnace. There are a couple columns on 
one side, as well as piles of rubble and a couple ramps that lead up 
into the far back corners. There is a single doorway out, which goes 
through a hall into a sort of reception area. Here, a ramp leads up, and 
through some short hallways to two balconies over the back area. There 
is alo a small recess, like a tunnel, with a hole above it to jump down. 
There are the normal two exits, one down a short ramp near the tunnel 
recess thing. 
*****Part IV: Industrial Tileset Descriptions***** 
The windows are large and square, but with no glass.  
The doors slide to both sides.  
***Tile 1 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 2 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 3 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 4 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 5 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 6 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 7 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 8 
There are wall brackets in the middle of each wall, which can provide a 
little cover. There is also a useless pipe across the top of the room.  
***Tile 9 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 10 
The hole is simply squared.  
***Tile 11 
The access to the upper floor space is by pipes on one side, and by a 
fairly wide ledge on the other side.  
***Tile 12 
(Coming Soon!) 
***Tile 13 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 14 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 15 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 16 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 17 
There is a pipe on one side of the room that sticks up, and can provide 
a little cover is needed. There is also a small pool of water in the 
middle of the room, but it does not put out fire.  
***Tile 18 
There is nothing interesting about this tile.  
***Tile 19 
The ramp parallels the bridge.  
***Tile 20 
The ramp parallels the bridge. There are four horizontal posts, two on 
either side, which allow access to the side ledges.  
***Tile 21 
There is a low wall, and a lower floor section, in the middle of the 
bottom floor. It can provide cover if needed. The bridge above is plain.  
***Tile 22 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it is simple.  
***Tile 23 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it is simple.  
***Tile 24 
The bunker wall is fairly high, and the balcony above it is simple.  
***Tile 25 
The cover over the trench exit is a grid of pipes.  
***Tile 26 
The cover over the trench exits are grids of pipes.  
***Tile 27 
There is a small room under the ramp, with an entrance on one side.  
***Tile 28 
There are small recesses on either side of the ramp, which could be good 
spots sniping.  
***Tile 29 
The pit area seems to be a garbage pit.  
***Tile 30 
There is a large pipe on the top floor, which you can walk across. You 
can jump down to the entrances from paths above on the second floor. One 
ramp is present which leads to nothing. Another ramp leads to the 
previously mentioned path. The last ramp leads to the third floor. There 
is a large raised area on the first floor, with a pipe underneath 
catwalks which will kill you if you jump down onto it. The catwalks have 
railings. There is a large vertical pipe which does nothing. There is a 
hole in the third floor which drops to a ledge, only reachable in that 
*****Part V: Alien Tileset Descriptions***** 
The windows are large ovals, with no glass.  
The doors are lasers.  
***Tile 11 
The access ledges to the upper floor are very wide. The bunker's walls 
are very low, but the bunker space is sunken slightly.  
***Tile 19 
The bridge is moving lasers between two rails. The rails can be hit, but 
the lasers can be shot through. The ramp is a constant curve from 
underneath the bridge.  
***Tile 20 
The bridge is moving lasers between two rails. The rails can be hit, but 
the lasers can be shot through. The ramp is a constant curve from 
underneath the bridge.  
***Tile 22 
The bunker wall is slightly short. The balcony has a hole in the middle 
of it.  
***Tile 23 
The bunker wall is slightly short. The balcony has a hole in the middle 
of it.  
***Tile 24 
The bunker wall is slightly short.  
***Tile 27 
There is only an open space below the ramp. 
*****Part VI: Virtual Tileset Descriptions***** 
Coming Soon!  
*****Part VII: Legal Information***** 
This FAQ can only be used at:  
If you find it elsewhere, altered, or would like to use this FAQ, use 
one of the below e-mails. Also note that the only things that I am 
allowing to be changed (in the HTML version) are colors, font styles, 
and font sizes. Please do not change anything else.  
*****Part VIII: Contact***** 
If you wish to post this guide, contribute to it, or inform me of any 
errors, you can reach me at my home e-mail, NJCrappieCatcher@yahoo.com, 
or my school e-mail, Garrett_Fondoules@mast.mcvsd.com. I check both 
every few hours, so you won't have to wait long for a reply. 

                   SECTION 3: TRIGGERS AND ACTIONS


Want to make your level timed? Then go here! First, name the timer. For 
example, timer one. If you want to make the hole level timed, then 
select as your action "Timer [Whatever name you called it here]" and 
your trigger should be "Game Started." 

This will mean that when the player starts the game, the timer will 
start. Meaning they need to hurry. Lets say that there is a bombo in the 
level (make believe, of course, and the bomb has got 2:00 before it 

Before you do the trigger for that, you need to work out which objective 
it is that you do that stops the timer. You have to have one, even if it 
is the only objective in the level. So, now go to Game Logic, and first, 
set what is the trigger for the objective.

Lets say that the objective is going to be "Stop the bomb." First, go to 
"Switch one activated" (the bomb) - "Objective A Complete." Next, head 
back into trigger and actions, and now select the action timer. Select 
the timer name.

The timer name will be the one you selected (look in teh first 
paragraph.) Select "Timer Reaches" and then set the time up to two 
minutes. Select ok, and then go to the action. Select objective A, and 
press right to go Objective A Failed.

Logic should look like this:
"Timer X reaches 2:00" - "Objective A Failed" This means that the bomb 
went off, because you didn't do the objective fast enough. Using this 
logic is great into pressuring people into doing stuff really, really 

You can also make a Timer where you have to survive in a certain area 
for a period of time. Just make it something like: "Location A Reached" 
- "Start Timer Whatever." Then, "Timer Whatever reaches 2:00" - "Spawn 
keycard red" and "Objective A complete"


This one is good because you can make your level like the behead your 
undead series. If you want to do something like that what you do is,

|                    CHAPTER 6: MISCELLANEOUS                         |

1. Levels
2. Game Modes
3. Examples
4. Suggestions
5. MapMaker

TimeSplitters 3 Wishlist:

They should make some of the story levels from TS2 into Multiplayer 
arenas. Here are what levels I think should be in TS3.

Chemical Plant
Planet X


Training Ground

Siberian Dam
Neo Tokyo
Wild West
Atom Smasher

TS2 doesn't have enough weapons, TS1 had more it seems like. Some I 
don't wish to see in TS3.

Mauser Pistol
Assault Shotgun
Sci-fi Autorifle

Tactical 12 Guage (put in assault shotgun)
Proximity mine (never used)
Plasma autorifle (put in Sci-fi autorifle from no1)

Take out Leech, vampire and Regeneration (Make a health option)

Deathmatch -> Put teams on if which
Capture the bag -> Add new options such as own team can grab bag, lose 
point if your bag is scored, etc
BagTag -> Make 4 teams, so teammates can protect you
Elimination -> Make teams lke above
Theif -> Make better enemies worth more coins (eg 5 handicap leaves 
behind 5)
Galdiator -> Temas once again, each team is galdiator
Assault -> Make it so that you can play defence
Monkey Assistant -> Tems, add up to 10 monkeys
Virus -> Teams, so that someone on the red team wont go for their own 
team, to help them win
Flame Tag -> Could easily put teams in, like above
Shrink -> 4 way teams
Zones -> Change nothing, maybe 4 way teams.

Knockout -> Bring it back
Escort -> Make it so you can play defence
Last Stand -> Team members, if you want

Logest Spree -> The person to get most kills in a row (w/o dying) wins
Arena -> Kinda like Elimination, for each round, everyone has 1 life. 
When one person reamins, they win the round. 1st gets points, and so 
does 2nd, and 3rd. First to set score wins
Gauntlet -> Kinda like gladiator. One person is selected, whoever kills 
this person gets a point
Retreive -> Kinda like knockout and theif together. You don't bring the 
stuff back, and you have to find things scattered around, and when you 
die, you lose one of your findings.
Time axe -> After every (set time) whoever is in last place is 
eliminated. If more than 1 person is in last (joint) they are all 
eliminated (all people in last)
Assasination -> One person is the selected one, and you have to try and 
kill them to get points

Longest spree example: 
Chinese Chef kills 8 people in a row, then dies, and then kills 7 people 
in a row, then his longest streak will be 8. So you have to get more 
that 8 kills in a row to increase your score. Say if he gets 10 kills 
next time, then his longest spree will be 10. Person with the highest 
will win. 

Arena example:
Lets say...
You kill Chinese Chef
Gretel kills Duckman Drake
Gretel kills Gingerbread man
Gretel kill Hybrid mutant
Robofish kills Chassisbot
Gretel kills R109
Robofish kills gretel
You kill Robofish
(Kills in order)

It would go like this.
1st - You - 5 points
2nd - Robofish - 3 points
3rd - Gretel - 1pt
(Rest of people can either not pbe listed due to no points are all be in 

Then next round:
You kill Gretel
Duckman Drake kills you
Duckman Drake kills chassisbot
Robofish kills R109
Duckamn Drake kills Gungerbread man
Robofish kills Duckman Drake
Chinese chef kills Hybrid mutant
Robofish kills Chinese chef

The round points:
Robofish - 5
Chinese chef - 3
Hybrid Mutant - 1

The total score:
1st - Robofish - 8 points
2nd - You - 5 points
3rd - Chinese chef - 3 points
4th - Gretel - 1 point
4th - Hybrid mutants - 1 point

I think you get what I mean, but one more example.
Hybrid Mutant kills Duckman Drake
Robofish kills Chinese chef
Robofish kills Gretel
Hybrid Mutant kills R109
Hybrid Mutant kills Robofish
You kill Hybrid Mutant
You kill Ginerbread man
Chassisbot kills you

The round points:
Chassisbot - 5
You - 3
Gingerbread man - 1

The (1st) and (2nd) next to you means you won a round in 1st place, and 
also one in second.

Total score:
1st - You - 8 points (1st, 2nd)
1st - Robofish - 8 points (1st, 2nd)
2nd - Chassisbot - 5 points (1st)
3rd - Chinese Chef - 3 points (2nd)
4th - Hybrid Mutant - 1 point (3rd) 
5th - Gretel - 1 point (3rd)
6th - Gingerbread man - 1 point (3rd) 

You will win 5 points because you are the only one left standing. Points 
could be awarded like this.
1st - 5 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 1 point
First person to set score wins

Time axe emaple -
Score at 20 seconds:
5 Gretel
5 You
4 Robofish
4 Chinese Chef
4 Hybrid Mutant
3 Chassisbot
2 Duckman Drake
1 R109

Then R109 is eliminated.

Score at 40 seconds:
13 Gretel
10 You
7 Robofish
7 Chinese Chef
7 Duckman Drake
6 Hybrid Mutant
4 Chassisbot

Then Chassisbot is eliminated. I think you get it now. Just one moe 

Score at 60 seconds (1 minute)
15 Gretel
15 You
13 Robofish
8 Chinese Chef
8 Hybrid Mutant
7 Duckman Drake

Then Duckman Drake is eliminated

Score at 80 seconds

24 You
20 Gretel
16 Robofish
12 Chinese Chef
10 Hybrid Mutant

Hybrid mutant is eliminated

Score at 100 seconds

30 You
24 gretel
21 Chinese Chef
17 Robofish

Robofish is eliminated

Score at 120 seconds:
37 You
26 Gretel
26 Chinese chef

Since they drawn for last, both are eliminated, and you are the winner. 
See how second to last came back to nearly win? Then there could be a 
score thing, like:

1st - You
2nd - Gretel (120)
3rd - Chinese chef (120)
etc, etc.

Combine game modes, like play a shrink eliminattion, where the person 
with 1 life left is small for exmaple. Or Virus Thief, so that you have 
to kill people but watch out for the virus.

Make a health packs option. For example.

Health:  health and armour - health - armour - regenerates - leech - 
vampire - no packs

Bring score/time up in 1s: Eg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
not like 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100

Make each handicap rating better for the bots for example

1 handicap: Take awhile to aim and shoot, bullets don't do a lot of 
2 handicap: Take afew seconds to aim, bullets still don't do great 
3 handicap: Bullets do normal amount of damage and can roll 
4 handicap: Bullets do better than normal damage, they can roll each 
5 handicap: Bullets do a lot of damage, always use the best gun and can 

Also, you can command them so that if you are playing Capture the bag 
and you have 4 team members (inlcuding you) you can set 1 to use a 
turret by your base, another one to stay right next to the bag, and 
another one to help you attack. This is how you can have the perfect 

Make it so that bots can use the turrets.

Make outdoor settings
Make certasin objectives only come up when you reach a point

For example:

Location A reacherd

Create new objective (objective A) 

And it would come up like in story mode...


Give the makmpaker more memory, the amount you are given in TS2 is not 
enough to build a decent sized map.

How about 2 discs, one for Arcade, one for Story/Challenge.

For the arcade....

- Have up to 20 bots to play at one time. That would be awesome, 
although would cause the game to go slower.

- Have ALL weapons from both TS1 ad TS2...

All weapons:

Colt Pistol
Scifi Handgun
Scifi Autorifle
Raygun Carbine
Tommy Gun
Assualt Rifle
Assault Shotgun
Proximity mine
Remote mine
Timed mine
Rocket Launcher
Grenade Launcher
Silenced Pistol
Luger Pistol
Scifi Handgun (it is different)
Fire Extinguisher
SBP90 Machinegun
Minigun (different again)
Rocket launcher
Homing Launcher
Grenade Launcher (different)

And have arcade league HUGE, like 100 levels.

Each can have 20 levels to it. That would be fun, and also the rank is 
determined by differne things, eg:

Time taken: 4:28       Silver
Kills:      20*        Platinum 
Accuarcy    78%        Gold
Deaths:     16         Bronze

Of course there will be some different things above for different modes, 


Bag held: 1:25        Bronze


Bag Grabbed:      10       Platinum
Bag Scored:        8       Gold
Team bag stolen:   6       Bronze
Carrier killed:    6       Platinum


Coins collected:  20*     Platinum


Gladiator killed:   7     Bronze
Kills:              20*   Platinum


Worst rank:        6/8     Bronze
Total height:      Big +2  Gold

KNOCKOUT (If it's back)

Bag Grabbed:       7       Platinum
Bag Scored:        6       Gold
Carrier killed:    4       Gold


Escort health:    60.4%    Gold
Your Deaths:      7        Bronze


Enemy kills:     1,259      Platinum
FF Damage:       7 bullets  Silver


Average time per round:   53.6    Platinum 
Best time:                38.4    Gold
Worst time:             1.58.2   Bronze


Worst blood limit:      0.0%      Bronze
Replensihed:            20 times  Silver


Monkey killed:     10     Bronze


Tagger killed:     8       Silver
Fire time:         1.13.9  Bronze


Time lasted:    1.58.7     Silver
Position:       2nd        Gold
Virus killed:   10         Silver


Zone activated:  10       Platinum
Score:           2,540    Plaitnum


Position:       2nd        Gold
Time lasted:    1:40.0     Gold


Longest spree:  17        Gold
Position:       1st       Platinum

So lets say an arcade league match is 'longest spree'.
note: spree means kills in a row (w/o dying)

The stats would have:

Time limit:    10 minutes*    
Kills:         157             Gold     3pts
Deaths:        23              Bronze   1pt
Accuracy:      152/200 (76%)   Gold     3pts
Longest Spree: 27              Silver   2pts
Position:      1st             Platinum 4pts

total = 13/5 = 2.75 R^ = 3 = Gold

(13 dividied by 5 = 2.75 (or something like that Rounded up - 3, which = 
a gold.)

You should get rewards for when you get golds:

1 gold =  Mode "bagTag", Level "Tomb"
2 gold =  Nothing
3 gold =  Mode "Capture the bag"
4 gold =  Level "Chinese"
5 gold =  Mode "Knockout"
6 gold =  Nothing
7 gold =  Nothing
8 gold =  Bot set "Living Dead"
9 gold =  Level "Cyberden"
10 gold = Mode "Theif"
11 gold = Level "Village"
12 gold = Bot set "Freaks"
13 gold = Nothing
14 gold = Health "Regeration"
15 gold = New Arcade league "Amatuer"
16 gold = Level "Chemical Plant"
17 gold = Mode "Flame tag"
18 gold = Bot set "Leaders"

...... and so on.

They could have like:

    - Introduction
         Lvl 1: Deathmatch
         Lvl 2: Capture the bag
         Lvl 3: Deathmatch
         Lvl 4: Detahmatch
    - Mode madness
         Lvl 1: Time axe
         Lvl 2: Theif
         Lvl 3: Knockout
         Lvl 4: Arena
    - Death frag
         Lvl 1: Deathmatch
         Lvl 2: Deathmatch
         Lvl 3: Deathmatch
         Lvl 4: Time axe
    - Burning buddies
         Lvl 1: Virus
         Lvl 2: Flame tag
         Lvl 3: Deathmatch
         Lvl 4: Flame tag
    - Team series A
         Lvl 1: Capture the bag
         Lvl 2: Assault
         Lvl 3: Knockout
         Lvl 4: Escort

     - Elimination series
         Lvl 1: Elimination
         Lvl 2: Elimination
         Lvl 3: Time axe
         Lvl 4: Elimination
     - Heavy Havoc
         Lvl 1: Deathmatch
         Lvl 2: Shrink
         Lvl 3: Theif
         Lvl 4: BagTag
     - New Mixture
         Lvl 1: Vampire
         Lvl 2: Zones
         Lvl 3: Zones
         Lvl 4: Monkey Assistant
     - King Killer
         Lvl 1: Elimination
         Lvl 2: Gladiator
         Lvl 3: Gladiator
         Lvl 4: Gladiator
     - Team Series B
         Lvl 1: Capture the bag
         Lvl 2: Deathmatch
         Lvl 3: Assault
         Lvl 4: Zones

etc, etc, etc.

Have rewars like.....

Gd | Game mode  | Level (Arc) | Characters | Cheat       | Misc
1   Capture Bag  Egyptian       Bot Set A     -           Beginners awd
2       -           -           Bot Set B     -               -
3   Knockout     Chinese            =

 Make it so that you can combine game modes, once you unlcock them, 

like for example:

Elimination BagTag
Gladitor Shrink
CTB Detahmatch (Bags and kills count)

Finally, here is a list that I posted on the gameFAQs message board:

My ideas for TS3: 
- Weapons i think should be back from TS1: 
Mauser Pistol 
Assault Shotgun 
- Also make more varied secondary functions for weapons, most of them 
are the same. 
- More than 5 weapons in arcade match (in RF II you can have all 
- More machine-guns 
- Teamplay in arcade mode, improvise if nessecary, for example, whole 
team has joint lives in Elimination, everyone on the team is gladiator, 
etc, etc. 
- 4 teams, like in TS1, so you can play 4 way Capture the bag 
-Make all the story levels that you play in available for arcade version 
(as someone said before, I don't care either if they're abrreviated) 
- Set some commands for the bots, just a simple "Attack" or "Defend" 
base, etc. 
- Ability to jump 
- In mapmaker, you should be able to get more actions and triggers 
- More themese (like you could have an Egyptian setting, or a Dock 
setting and things like that. 
- Maybe make 1 mapmaker section for Multiplayer, and one for story, and 
you can combine them if you want (because sometimes story maps are not 
ment for multiplayer)  
- I really like the idea that the person said above, about different 
perspectives, that would be great. 
- Get rid of Leech, Vampire and Regenration and make a health option, 
where you can tick boxes what you want, kinda like Bots, eg. 
Health low available - yes 
Health high available - yes 
Armour low available - no 
Armour high available - no 
Vampire mode - no 
Leech - yes 
Regeneration - no 
- Hard mode a tiny bit easier, it's way too hard in TS2, or if they are 
gonna make it hard, make it kinda like platinum award, you don't get 
- Get rid of the electrotool 
- More memory in mapmaker, I'm soo sick of running out of memory, 
leaving me with either... 
A) an incomplete map, where I have to delete bigger pieces to shorten 
the size 
B) a very small map where the story mode is too easy to finish 
- More than 10 enemies to put in mapmaker, 10 is not enough, unless you 
use spawn and attack 20 time. 
- Make a series of missions, like once you complete one, you go to the 
next, kinda like your own story game you're making.  
- One way doors. That would be so fun to trap people. 
- Limit the amount of ammo that people drop when they are killed, like 
you could make it the player gets 1 bullet or something for a homing 
launcher that an enemy dropped when they were killed (in mapmaker of 
- How about a kinfe? 
- My top (10) levels that i thinks should be put in TS3: 
Chinese (love this level) 
Chemical Plant (so fun) 
Streets (good hiding spots) 
Planet X (great for bazooka skirmishes) 
Mansion (great when all doors are open) 
Followed by the Mall, Compound and Site. 
Mexican Mission 
- Co-op story mode via link cable (i'm not sure if you can do it on TS2) 

- Bring score and time limit numbers up by 1, not like 
1,2,5,10,20,50,100, etc 
- Bots can use turrets 
- Afew game modes that I thought up, I thought might be interesting to 
put in TS3 
Longest Spree: The person with the most kills without dying wins. 
Arena: Kinda like elimination, although everyone has one life, and when 
there is only one person remaining, they receive a point. The round goes 
again, and the same thing happens until someone gets to the required 
score limit. 
Time axe: After a set time limit, the person in last place is out of the 
competition. This gives a sense of elimination, and 2nd to last can 
still come back. 
Endurance: 1st, you are place in a level with 1 bot. Once you kill him, 
another bot comes in. Once you kill both of them, another one comes in, 
until you have ten bots in. Once they have all been killed, you will 
start from 1 bot again, but this time on 2 handicap, and it could 
continue until you get a possible 10 bots on 5 handicap, all after you. 
Please tell me what you think of those game modes. 
- Online play, like a lot of people have mentioned. 
- Better cheats. 
- Bring back the lost TS1 game modes, Knockout, LastStand and also 
- Stats at the end of game, like who you killed, who killed you, how 
many times you grabbed the bag, etc. 
- Combine game modes, Eg, Elimination BagTag would be so fun! 
- Keep it so you can customize your own controls 
Phew, that was long!


Eidos's financial report reveals that the company will not be publishing 
a third title in Free Radical's FPS series. All eyes on Activision  
16:26 It's surprising revelation time as a recent financial report 
published by Eidos Interactive reveals that the company has decided not 
to pursue the option of publishing a third in the lucrative 
TimeSplitters first-person shooter series. 

In the report, Eidos further revealed that it has also now terminated 
its agreement with developer Free Radical. 

With Free Radical owning the TimeSplitters intellectual property in its 
entirety, Eidos's announcement has naturally sparked speculation 
concerning potential publishers for the as-yet-unannounced TimeSplitters 

Eyes are turning to Activision, which, as we revealed here 
<http://www.computerandvideogames.com/news/news_story.php?id=90564>, is 
to publish Free Radical's third-person action game (rumoured to be a 
survival-horror) Second Sight. Put two and two together and Activision 
seems the obvious choice, although the company has yet to make any 
official statement. 

According to its year-end results published in its financial report, 
Eidos is in profit, thanks mainly to impressive sales of key titles Tomb 
Raider: The Angel of Darkness, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Championship 
Manager 4 and TimeSplitters 2. 

But despite Eidos remaining confident for 2004, the loss of Free Radical 
and the TimeSplitters series and the recently announced split with 
Sports Interactive will not do the publisher any favours. 
-Stuart Bishop


Eidos announced their financial earnings for the year ending June 2003. 
Within the forecast Eidos stated that they will not be working with 
developer Free Radical on the expected upcoming game TimeSplitters 3. 
Free Radical is now in a precarious position, as they have never worked 
with a publisher other than Eidos. Obviously, based on the success of 
TimeSpltters 2 it would seem likely that almost any of the bigger 
publishing houses would pick up the game. Free Radical does own the 
rights to the game, giving them the option to "shop around" for a 
Interestingly enough, Free Radical has begun work on a survival-horror 
game that has been very "hush-hush," but it is known that it will be 
published by Activison. Based on that information it is possible that 
Activison may step in and publish any new TimeSplitters games that Free 
Radical may have in the works.




Pane in the neck
00:05.0 by Darkdavid 

Bricking it
00:16.2 by Thegame 

Stain Removal
32 Panes, 00:28.3 by Josh 


Fight off the living dead
1672525 by C.P 

Sergio's Last Stand
629075 by Failure Warning 

Day of the Dammed
209775 by C.P 


Silent but Deadly
1000 points, 00:27.0 by Thegame 

Trouble at the Docks
1000 points, 00:13.3 by Thegame 

Escape from Neo Tokyo
1000 points, 00:16.0


Gone Bananas
00:40.0 by C.P 

Monkey Business
00:40.6 by C.P 

Playing with Fire
24 points, 00:08.5 by C.P and Snoozer 


Take 'em down
4300 points 

Fall out
1700 points

Pick yer Piece
1700 points


Badass Buspass Impasse
00:39.0 by DarkMaster

But Where do the Batteries go?
01:55.5 by Snoozer

Hit me Baby one Morgue Time
00:51.6 by DarkMaster and Josh


Simian Shootout
8605 by C.P

Monkey Mayhem
17000 by BeachBug1

Dam Bursters
17450 by C.P



Adios Amigos!
00:18.0 by Thegame

00:27.8 by Snoozer

Top Shot
00:56.8, 6 Lives, by Snoozer


Chasity Chased
00:47.7 by Josh

Shrinking from the Cold
00:25.3 by Josh

Scrap Metal
00:54.1 by ShadowZero


Night Shift
101 Points by Josh

Spoils of War
01:11.2 by ShadowZero

Demolition Derby
79 Points by Josh


Monkey Immolation

Disco Inferno

Burns Department


Club Soda
00:53.9 by C.P

Station Stand
02:20.5 by Thegame

Men in Grey
00:36.7 by Snoozer



Cold Corpse Caper
96 points by C.P

Killer Queen
00:41.7 by Snoozer

R109 Beta
89 Points by Snoozer


Baking for the Taking
1:05.4, 2 Lives by Wabs

Brace Yourself
00:49.5, 7 Lives by Snoozer

Starship Whoopers
56 Points by Perfectjoe and C.P


Chinese Burns
00:32.3 by Thegame

Snow Business
00:22.3 Thomasgx1

Rocket man
00:51.1 by Snoozer


Someone has got to pay...
104 Points by ShadowZero

Time to Split
00:52.4 by Josh

Can't Handle This
1:19.5 by Snoozer


Hack a Hacker
00:42.0 by ShadowZero

Rice Cracker Rush
1:57.8 by Josh

Superfly Lady
00:25.2 by TS2 Lenny



Babes in the Woods
59 Points, by Thegame

Double Bill
00:53.9 by ShadowZero

Nikki Jinki Bricky
00:42.7 by Thegame


If I'm Ugly - You smell
5 lives, 00:30.0 by Thegame

Golem Guru
5 lives, 00:50.1 by C.P

Golden Things
00:23.5 by Snoozer


Hangar Hats off
00:49.2 by C.P

Can't please Everyone
1:45.3 by Snoozer


Bags of Fun
14 Points by SnapDragon

They're not pets!
103 Points, by Josh

Nice Threads
00:50.1 by Jugador J3


Aztec the Dino Hunter
123 Points, by Josh

Half Death
00:49.5 by C.P

Dead Fraction



20977 Points, by ShadowZero


Asrto Easy
268821 by YanDark

Astro Normal
240799 by YanDark

Astro Hard
214867 by YanDark


Retro Racer
00:57.85 by Josh


- Only one story level that was in TimeSplitters 1 is now a level in 
  TimeSplitters 2. This level is Return to planet X, although it was 
  called Planet X in TimeSplitters the original, the reason why it is 
  called "Return to" is that you come here again, in TimeSplitters 2. 
  The whole level looks different, also.

- Some levels from TimeSplitters the original are also back in 
  TimeSplitters 2. These levels are: Chinese, Compound, Site and 
  finally, Streets. All of these levels were in TimeSplitters one, and 
  they can be unlocked in TimeSplitters 2 by doing various things, 
  mostly completing story mode. See unlockables for more info.

- Some weapons are back, but not a lot of them. The Tommy gun and the
  Shotgun are the two weapons that are back that look pretty much 
  exactly the same, apart from a graphics overhaul. There are a lot of 
  weapons from TS that have a different look in TS2. These weapons are 
  the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, All the mines and TNT, and I'm 
  sure there are more.

- Some characters make a return from TimeSplitters, like: Captain Ash, 
  Duckman Drake, The Gringerbread man, Robofish, Cpatain Ash, Harry 
  Tipper. Some characters in Ts have upgrades, etc, like Gretel MKII is 
  in TimeSplitters 2, and in TimeSplitters 1, it was just Gretel. This   
  is the same with R109, in TS1, it was R108.



- Version 1.0

This guide has been approximately 5 months in the making. Easy mode 
walkthrough isn't even complete as of yet, but since I haven't updated 
this for awhile, I thought I should go ahead and post it to 
www.gamefaqs.com, because it is better up there than sitting on my 
computer not being updated. Lets just hope putting this up will give me 
the power to update this guide again. 

It is pretty big, nearly 400kb big actually, and has lots of informtaion 
packed into it, like Easy mode walkthrough, lots of startegies for all 
different arcade league and amatuer matches, and lots of things on the 
weapons and all sorts.


You want this guide on your site?
You may post this guide without permission on any site, apart from 

Please do not reproduce this document and claim it as your own.


- CJayC, for posting this guide on his awesome site, which hosts all of 
  my other work. You rock.

- Everyone of the TS Social board. These people include:
  - BothanSpy        - Elite gamer      - Bauzereaus
  - Cayene of Doma   - Hairmeister      - Lna
  - Alfanzo          - Krekko           - TSROCKS

- Everyone who submitted to the GF topic about the Platinum trophy 
  startegies. I know there are more, and I will have to go through the 
  topic and get everyones names. These people inlcude:
  - Psycold          - Majic2002        - Katzztak
  - BothanSpy        - Snoozer          - ATVMike

- All the people on the TimeSPlitters 2 board, most of you are cool, 
  even though I don't post there often. These people include:
  - Monkeyman 2      - BothanSpy        - ATVMike

- Pickerel, for allowing me to use his tiles descriptions in this 

- Cayene of doma, I used his breifings + times for the arcade and 

- GameFAQs code contributors, including GuitarFreak, who supplies the 
  cheats to www.gamefaqs.com, which I used in this guide. Thanks a 

- NGC Elites, for supplying the World Records for the Arcade and 
  Challenge levels.

- Everyone else who I have forgotten

                        THE END