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Craig Marduk Beginner's Faq v.1.3

by Sheng Wan (

Version History

v.1.3 - Updated movelists, descriptions and corrected vale tudo section. Added
new juggles too.

v.1.2 - Corrected some move descriptions and added new moves including ss2,
vale tudo 2+4, sidestep uses, and new strings.

v.1.1 - First version 


This document is Copyright (c) Sheng Wan 2001, all rights reserved. This document 
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Some move names were taken from Catlord's Tekken 4 movelist while others were taken
from If any information is taken from this faq for another faq 
then credit should be given to both Catlord's faq, tekkenzaibatsu and me.

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While everyone flocked to Steve when Tekken 4 first came out hardly
anyone noticed the big convict we now know as Craig Marduk. People
think this guy is too slow and too big to be of any threat and 
interest. I thought so too before I focused on him and found out
that he has good speed inside as well as great range and power. After
pouring a ton of money in the arcade and spending almost 20 hours
playing him I have gained what I hope is a fundamental awareness
of his power and potential. Now I want to share what I've learned
with all you big character fans out there.

Craig's style is hard to define, while he has a lot of power and range
he also has good juggle starters and very good throws. You can play
a throw and mount Craig or you can play a distance and juggle game with
him, overall he's very versatile contrary to first impressions of this
monster. He even has a good sidetsep game from his Vale Tudo stance. 

Before I start with the moves I want to make it clear that this faq's 
sole purpose is to provide a beginning guide to Craig Marduk for people 
who are already familiar with tekken 3 systems and gameplay.will I don't 
claim to have found everything, that is to be completed by everyone in the 
Tekken  community. As you will see I haven't found the counterhit properties 
for a lot of moves, that's up to you. Nor do I claim that all my findings are
set in stone but I have personally tested everything in my faq. I did all
my testing on Tekken 4 machines in Hong Kong, so I am not sure if they 
are version A or B or if are any differences in Craig for each version. Finally
I make a lot of references to bodylengths when describing distances, a
bodylength is the body length duh of a regular sized character ie steve
or law. Ok on with the faq, this is the format.

I.	Systems Guide
II. 	Movelist
III.  	Descriptions
IV.	Vale Tudo Stance
V.	Juggles

I. System Guide

Button Mapping - In Tekken related faqs there is a code system which assigns each 
of the four buttons a number. For those of you who are new to Tekken the system is 
like this:

left punch 	= 1
right punch 	= 2
left kick 	= 3
right kick 	= 4

Also joystick movements are abbreviated as follows:

forward		= f
back		= b
down		= d
up		= u
whilestanding	= ws (this is motion from full crouch to standing by letting go 
of joystick)
sidestep	= ss (dd or uu)

You can combine these abbreviations for diagonals such as db which means diagonally 
down and backwards and etc.

So for instance a move is listed as f,f+2, that means the move is performed as 
forward, forward plus right punch.

For each move I've listed their properties such as hit level l/m/h which is self
explanatory. If you see L then that means the move hits low and also on grounded
opponents, M means the move hits mid and also on grounded opponents.

This is a very simple overview of the connotations used in tekken faqs, if you want 
to learn the more complicated movements like crouch dash, techroll, and other technical
Tekken stuff then we suggest you go take a look at Catlord's excellent overview in his 
Tekken 4 movelist at

II. Movelist

F+2+4 		front 		Rolling Splash {2}   
2+4 		front 		Knee Crusher {2}  
f,f+1+2 	front 		Atomic Buster {1+2} 	(Juggles) 
qcf+1 		front 		Northern Lights {1}  
 = 1+2    			Vale Tudo Mount  
qcf+2 		front 		Power Slam {2}   
 = 1+2    			Vale Tudo Mount 
qcb+1+2 	front 		Back Freaker {1+2}   
d/b,d/b+1+2 	front 		Jack Hammer {1+2}   
d+2+4 		duck 		Power Bomb {1+2}   
(u_d_b_f)+1+3 	any 		Position Change {1}   
(F+2+4_2+4) 	left 		Reverse Head Crusher {1}   
(F+2+4_2+4) 	right 		Lift Drop {2}   
F+2+4 		back 		Back Drop  
2+4 		back 		Reverse Air Splash   

1,2 		One Two Punch 			hh   
 = f+1  	Elbow Sting  			h 
 = 3,1+2  	Stomach Kick Tudo Noogie 	mh
 = 3+4  	Vale Tudo Style  
1,d+2 		Straight - Gut Punch		hm 
b+1 		Knuckle Dunk 			M	(hits grounded)  
d/f+1 		Swing Upper 			m 	(Juggles)
WS+1 		Health Tap 			m   
1+2 		Power Hammer 			m 
f+1+2 		Cyclone Knuckles 		h  
d+1+2 		Shoulder Impact 		m 
2, d+1+2	Hook, Shoulder Impact		hm 	(Juggles)
d/f+1+2 	Tudo Noogie 			h 
d/b+1+2 	Sway Power Hammer 		m	(Juggles) 
FC+1+2 		Craig Horn 			m   			
b+2 		Rolling Back Chop 		m 
d+2,4 		Alligator 			mm
d/f+2 		Gut Punch 			m
f,f+2 		Elbow Sting 			h 
f+2,1,2,1 	Palm Fury 			hhhh  
WS+2 		Tornado Chop 			h   
SS+2 		Backhand Spin Knuckle 		Sm 	(blocked high or low)
d/f+3,1+2 	Stomach Kick - Tudo Noogie 	mh 
WS+3 		Cyclone Kick 			h
(d_d/b)+3 	Step In Shin Kick 		l 
f,f+3 		Bicycle Kick 			M   	(hits grounded)
d/b+3+4 	Leg Scissors 			l
d/b+3+4 	Leg Trip Takedown 		l 	(on counterhit)
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4 Gator Stomp 			M	(hits grounded)   
b+4 		Bazooka Heel 			h  
u/f+4 		Jump Gut Kick   		m   
(d_d/b)+4 	Knee Slicer 			L	(hits grounded)   
d/f+4 		Side Kick 			m 
WS+4 		Kick Out 			m 
(FC,d/f_D/F)+4 	Gator Sweep 			L	(hits grounded) 
f+3+4 		Alligator Tackle 		m
b+1+2 		High Attack Reversal - Vale Tudo Mount 
b+3+4 		Mid Attack Reversal - Vale Tudo Mount 
3+4 		Vale Tudo Style   

Vale Tudo Stance - 3+4
u_d                         Sidestep
1                           Hand Chop		m
1+2                         Ultimate Tackle
2                           Tornado Chop	h
3                           Rising High Kick	h
4                           Rising Mid Kick	m
2+4			    Body Slam {2}	
3+4			    Cancel Vale Tudo Stance

Mount Position
1			    Mounted Left Punch
  2			    Mounted Right Punch
    1			    Mounted Left Punch
      2			    Mounted Right Punch, Armbar
      1			    Mounted Left Punch, Triple Headbutt

Note the order of the punches can be any combination of 1s and 2s, not
necessarily just 1,2,1,2.

III. Descriptions

Special Arts

1,2 - Basic one two jabs, decent speed, not as fast as Steve's or Law's 
but it does have enough priority to counter poke. 

1,2,3+4 - jabs linked into Vale Tudo Stance, this can be a deceptive way
to get into the stance. Afterwards immediately sidestep to avoid any attempts
by your opponent to hit you out of Vale Tudo and then retaliate.

1,2,f+1 - jabs followed by a high hitting elbow strike, doesn't connect if
1,2 counterhits. It's a good juggle filler though.

ss+2 - Craig does an advancing windmill strike with his hands, good range and
good damage. Hits mid and very fast. However Craig's normal sidestep is way
too slow and short to take full advantage of this move. His Vale Tudo sidestep
is much much better so you should depend on that as your sidestep game.

f+2,1,2,1 - I named this the Berserker because it looks like Craig's going
nuts. He does 4 rapid high chops, if the first hit connects and the opponent
is close enough then all four will hit for about 10-15% damage. The f+2
startup chop is very fast making this move a better choice than 1,2 for
stuffing incoming poking attempts. I almost named this the Child Molester but
then realized if I did that this faq would never be posted anywhere! haha

b+1 - Craig leans back and then does a lunging punch that hits the ground
in front of him. Easily hits grounded opponents and can be a good juggle
follow up if the opponent is foolish enough not to techroll. Overall average
speed and will cause block stun, causes knockdown with opponent in face down
heads towards if it connects.

b+2 - He turns around and does a spin punch that hits mid, very similiar to
2nd part of King's 1+2, 1 move. This move when it connects on regular hit will
cause a slight stun and off center shift but it's not long enough to capitalize
upon. Good range and decent speed.

1,d+2 - better option than 1,2 because this ends in a mid hit gut punch. If 1
counterhits then 2 is not guaranteed, it's too slow. Use this if your opponent
ducks a lot.

1,2,3,1+2 - 4 hit string that hits h,h,m,h with two high punches followed by a 
slow mid toe kick then a headbutt. Overall not very good but 1,2,3 by itself is 
a good poke tool. So far I haven't been able to connect this into a juggle because 
the 3 is slow to come out but try it yourselves. 

df+3, 1+2 - Just the last 2 hits of the previous string, there is a slight delay
between the kick and the headbutt so it can trick some people. The headbutt causes
stun whether blocked or not. This chain is a lot easier to use in juggles than its
longer variation.

df+1 - One of Craig's fastest moves and his best launcher in my opinion. He does 
a really fast windmill uppercut that lifts the opponent. Launches opponent slightly
above Craig's head which is pretty high. It has good range but if the opponent is
about half a body length away the move will only hit and won't launch. So use this
up close and as retaliatory strike against blocked moves that have slow recovery,
for example kaz's 112. The uppercut hits mid and will launch on regular hit, just
make sure you're close enough.

d+1 and d+2 - Craig's two low punches are very different from each other. d+1 is 
a fast elbow strike to the knee with almost no range, think ling's jab. d+2 is
slower, similiar to paul's d+2 but it has tremendous range, comparative to Gunjack's
d+2. Overall I think d+1 is good up close while d+2 can be used as a mid range
poke that sets the distance up nicely for either ws+1 or the slower ws+2.

ws+1 - rising chop, Craig does an upward chop while kneeling. This move has decent
speed, it is faster than his ws4 and ws2 moves and it has considerable range. Best 
used after a d+2.

ws+2 - slow but powerful high hitting chop, it's very similiar to aking's chop and
is best used after ducking your opponent's high move.

1+2 - Craig leans back, puts his fists together and swings down in a hammer motion.
Very similiar in movement to Gunjack's 1+2. Will not hit grounded opponents, if it
connects it will leave opponent stunned in crouch for a bit, not long enough for 
continuation into another move however. Will cause slight block stun too.

db+1+2 - very powerful two fisted lift similiar to Gunjack's d+1+2. Craig sidesteps
backwards turns around then lifts with his two fists together. Has a slight dodge
element to its startup and lifts very high.

d+1+2 - Craig crouches then immediately does a rising shoulder tackle that lifts
opponents on regular hit, good launcher with initial crouch dodge, also a good
juggle ender. He advances slightly during the move, about a third a body length.

2,d+1+2 - High jab into lifting tackle, very useful move because of the crouch dodge
from the d+1+2 lift tackle. It's also a good damage juggle ender.

FC+1+2 - done from full crouch, Craig rises up with a big headbutt, hits mid and has
good speed and priority. Does not launch though but is a good follow up after d+2. If
you hold back while it connects then he will throw the opponent.

d+2, 4 - downward elbow strike followed by a slight pause then a mid hitting stomp.
Elbow is fast and if it counterhits then 4 hits also. Good standalone move as well
as a good juggle filler. 

df+2 - nothing special, just a mid gut punch similiar to Paul's df+1 but a little

f,f+2 - VERY fast high hitting elbow strike. Great juggle ender and can be used
by itself as a deathfist type move. Fast startup, knocks down, and quick advance,
only weakness is that it hits high.

f,f+3 - mid hitting drop kick, very similiar in movement to Bryan's b,b+4. It hits
mid and will hit grounded opponents. He lands on his back after the move. Good
speed and great damage.

df+3 and df+4 - just mid hitting versions of their stand alone counterparts, 3 and
4 high kicks. Good range, horrible startup and speed.

u_uf+3+4 - If you've played Lau in virtual fighter then you'll recognize this move,
Craig hops up then lands with a stomp, can hit grounded opponents and I think it
will be useful on crouching opponents. Slow startup though but interesting to 
watch, Craig is all about fighting dirty.

b+4 - Craig's ultimate power move. 1.5 times the range of the deathfist, fast and
very powerful. He basically spins around with a giant kick. Will send the opponent 
flying all the way to the other side of the screen. Great juggle ender, however it 
does hit high which is its biggest weakness. 

d+4 - single ali kick, similiar to King's but with more range and more damage. Pretty
effective and cheap way to end a match, decent recovery time and very fast execution.

d, df+4 - long extended version of his d+4, will trip on counterhit and also if opponent is
close enough, about half a body length away, overall two body lengths of range. 

db+3+4 - very strange move, Craig falls on his back while doing a low kick to. If it
counterhits then Craig will trip with one leg then use the other leg to kick the 
opponent to the other side. I have yet to find a purpose for this move's unique
properties, if you find out more please let me know. Otherwise this is a cheap way
to get a low hit in, pretty good damage too, I'd say 15 points at least.

(d, d/b)+3 - Regular low left kick, not as fast nor useful as d+4 so stick to that.

ws+4 - while rising mid kick, very slow startup and will not beat anyone's ws4 thus
far, not very useful.

ws+3 - while rising turnaround high kick, use only after ducking a missed move. Stuns
on counterhit ala Hei's standing 4.

b+1+2/b+3+4 - high/mid reversal that catches the opponent and sends them down with
Craig going into automatic mount position from which he can proceed with 1,2,1,2 then
armbar or headbutts. The active frame time of the reversal is very short, b+1+2 is for
high attacks and b+3+4 is for mid attacks. 


f,f+1+2 - best throw so far, he hooks his arm around the opponent's neck, lifts
then slams them hard on the ground and bounces them. You can follow this up with some
simple juggles too. That'll be covered later. Overall very powerful throw with options 
for followup and a 1+2 escape! His best throw so far. For instance a simple ff+1+2, d+1+2
does close to 60 points damage! That's not considering in followups that are not guaranteed
like d4, d,df+4, db+3+4 etc after the d+1+2. 

F+2+4 - regular power bomb with a nice rolling startup. Looks very cool and can be 
followed up with d4 or db+3+4

2+4 - Craig picks opponent up and slams his/her crotch on his knee, very dirty hehe.
Again follow up with d4 or db+3+4 for a bit more damage.

qcb+1+2 - standard backbreaker throw, d4 or db+3+4 followup, 1+2 escape, I think overall
f,f+1+2 is the better option if you want to throw.

qcf+1/qcf+2, 1+2 - alternative way to get into mount position from a regular throw, but
they are easily escapable.

IV. Vale Tudo Stance

3+4 - Craig crouches down into the Vale Tudo position from which he can sidestep and
do one of these moves:

1 - regular ws+1
2 - regular ws+2
3 - regular ws+3
4 - regular ws+4
1+2 - running tackle into mount, this is the central move of the stance. The 1/2/3/4
from Vale Tudo serve mainly as counter moves if the opponent tries to run in and interrupt
you. The should also be used mainly after the Vale Tudo Sidestep. The running tackle into 
mount has two stages, if you connect with the opponent within about 2 body lengths then 
Craig will catch them, lift then slam them down for a little damage before going into the 
mount position. However if you connect after 2 body lengths then Craig will do a jumping 
tackle and mount the opponent without the slam. If you  don't connect then he will still 
do the jumping tackle which won't hit the opponent. The entire length of the 
running tackle is about 3-4 bodylengths.

The opponent can escape the tackle via 1+2. After Craig successfully mounts he can choose
from using left punch (1) or right punch (2) for the first 3 punches. Afterwards you can either
do a right punch which if connected Craig will do the armlock or you can do a left punch which
if connected Craig will do the triple headbutts. To block the punches you have to press the
punch button that is opposite from what Craig's doing, for instance you see that he's coming
down with his right punch, you then have to block by pressing left punch (1) and visa versa.
If you press (1+3) when Craig comes down with his right punch or (2+4) when he comes down with his
left then you will block the punch and kick Craig off thereby escaping the mount.

u_d - Craig's sidestep from Vale Tudo looks like King's ss+2+4~db, covers a lot of ground and
with a wide arc. He remains in Vale Tudo after the sidestep. His Vale Tudo sidestep is 
equivalent to a double sidestep in terms of distance covered. After the sidestep is where his
normal 1/2/3/4 moves comes into good use. The best moves are 2 and 3 since they cover a lot of
range and are the most damaging. After you successfully sidestep from vale dodging an opponent's
move then you will be facing his side in which a 2 or 3 will really hurt, especially 2. I use
Vale Tudo sidestep, 2 the most as it is the best combination of speed, power and range. 

2+4 - Simple bodyslam throw from Vale Tudo Stance, fast startup and very deceptive. Best used
after 1,2,3+4. Good damage and followup with d4 or db+3+4 possible.

V. Juggles

Since the game is still relatively new I've only found several simple juggles for him but
nevertheless here they are:

(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1, df+3,1+2
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1,2, b+4
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1,2, 1,2,f+1
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1, 2,d+1+2
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1, d+2, 4
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1,2, d+1+2
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1,2, f+1+2
(db+1+2, df+1, d+1+2) 1,2, 1, f,f+2
(f,f+1+2) db+1+2/d+1+2, d+4
(f,f+1+2) 2,d+1+2, d+4