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TEKKEN 4: Character Guide to Jin Kazama Ver 0.2
For the Arcades and PlayStation 2
By Ingus a.k.a. Michael Wang <Isamu__dyson@hotmail.com>

Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Michael Wang


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Version 0.1 --------------------------------------------------------[9-14-2001]
     FAQ Created
Version 0.2 --------------------------------------------------------[10-3-2001]
     Additions in Move Analyst
     Cleaned up the Format in the Move List
     New Introduction Added
     Character Background info added


This FAQ assumes you, the reader know the basics about the game play mechanics 
of the Tekken series in general (strings, side steps, etc), and some knowledge 
on the various 'improvements' Tekken 4 has (crouching being d/b instead of d 
now, air juggles causing a lot less damage, etc).  If you have questions on how
to play the game, please search GameFAQs' Tekken 4 section, many excellent 
general FAQ's are already there.  This FAQ is aimed at those players that have
already played Tekken 4 for a while and is looking for someone interesting to
learn. Well, enough chitchat... on with the show!


Why would you want to play Jin? Because his outfits are so cool! ^_^ Actually,
Jin's a pretty powerful character. He has an above average defensive game, and
a solid offense game. Speed wise Jin is good, but not great.  Basically Jin
won't be the 'most powerful' character in T4, but he's so different from his
father Kazuya that it would be interesting to learn him.


In Tekken4 (T4) Jin plays very differently from his Tekken3 counter part.
While still keeping his Needle Shrine Cannon (b,f+2,1,2), Torso Thrust (f,f+2),
and the Demon Lift Kick (d+3+4), Jin's other techniques have changed.

The T4 Jin is a close range fighter.  He's gotten faster, with more variations
on the high / low game, and have a better set of attacks for attacking grounded
opponents.  However, Jin has lost a lot of his launchers, such as the Tooth 
Fairy (SS+2), and gained a few weird stings like the Kazama Fury (1,3,2,1,4).
So the T4 Jin can't rely on air juggles as much as before. (Than again, most
characters in T4 lost some juggling ability.) Also the T4 Jin has to be more
aggressive, since his reversal has been downgraded to a parry.

One unique advantage Jin gained in T4 is the ability to 'charge up'.  Back in
T3 everyone was able to 'charge up' by pressing all 4 buttons to make his/her
hands glow and make the next hit a counter hit.  In T4, so far Jin is the only
one with that ability, with a few modifications.  First of all, it's called a
Lingering Soul (b+1+2) now, and it could be canceled into from a few moves
(d+1+2 after Vertical Kick, Demon Hell Thrusts, Side Swipe, Kazama Fury, etc.
see move list below for details).  Second and more importantly, while the first
hit in Lingering Soul will be a counter hit, Jin cannot block while his fists
are glowing.  The glow last for about 5 seconds, but charging up takes almost
a second, so never do this with your opponent close to you, and don't go into
this move too often.


Name: Jin Kazama
Father: Kazuya Mishima
Mother: Jun Kazama
Country of Origin : Japan 
Fighting Style : Traditional and Kazama Style Karate 
Age : 21


Brisbane, Australia... a city crowded with buildings, new and old.  Nestled
amongst the towering buildings of this city was a small dojo.  A young man
trained there, his face covered by the hood of his jacket.  This young man
trained there quietly...

... The young man was Jin.

Day after day, Jin trained in the traditional art of karate.  Ever since
Heihachi's betrayal, Jin loathed everything about himself - his Mishima
bloodline, his fighting style, the Devil gene in his blood, everything.  He
unlearned the Mishima-ryu fighting style thanks to the dojo master's training
and mastered traditional karate.

Jin's thoughts burned with the desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline-
the bloodline of his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and his father, Kazuya.

One day, Jin heard rumors that The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 was

A once in a lifetime opportunity to exterminate the Mishima clan... Without
hesitation, Jin hardened his resolve to enter the tournament.

Jin hit a sandbag with his sharply honed kick. The bag burst open violently,
and sand poured out of the bag...

                              - From the Official T4 Site (www.namcoarcade.com)


Here are some moves that are useful and deserve a closer look. The Usefulness
rating goes from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is useless, and 5 is a move that should
be abused.

1,2,3     Twin Thrusts - Inner Axe     hhm
Simple, easy to do, this combo is fast, but the third hit has a small pause in
front of it.  If the kick is blocked it will stun the opponent for a bit, and
both character will recover around the same time.  This is a safe, short combo
to pull out anytime you want, as long as the first two hits are not dodged. The
pause between the 2nd and 3rd hit is big enough for a parry, but not quite
enough for a reversal. If the 3rd hit lands with a clean hit, your opponent 
will bounce up from the floor a bit. Follow that with either a d+3+4 or a 
d/f+2,1. This combo also works well as an air juggling combo. After the
launcher, go into this immediately, and follow by a d+4 to hit the floored
Usefulness ***

1,2<4     Twin Thrusts - Roundhouse     hhh
Three high attack in a roll is usually bad. But this move shines in an air 
juggle, because Jin actually moves forward slightly while doing the hits. After
the launcher, jab once, and do this move. The kick will push the opponent
flying far away, start a run after him/her.
Usefulness ***

1,3,2,1,4      Kazama Fury     hhmml
Signature move for Jin, this move is actually worse then Kazuya's 4 hit string 
because only the last hit hits low, and with 4 hits ahead of the final low, 
everybody will learn to block this string very fast. An advanced opponent can
and will low parry the last hit, and you can be in real trouble. Try not to 
always complete this combo, a good idea is to go into the move till the 4th
hit, then switch to some kind of mid hitting attack.
Usefulness **

2,1,4 or 2,1,4~4     Lancer - Side Crusher / Shin Kick     hmm or hml
This move is fun to pull off, because it gives Jin a choice to hit either mid 
or low for the last hit.  Beware the last hit has a small lag in the start up 
if you choose to do the Shin Kick (4~4).  Still, great move simply because it 
hits all three level.
Usefulness ****

D/f+1<4 or d/f+1,4~4     Mid Thrust - Side Crusher / Shin Kick     mm or ml
Similar to the Lancer string above, this move gives Jin a chance to confuse 
his opponent.  The first hit of this move is a little slow.
Usefulness ***

d+1     Corpse Thrust     m
Jin takes a step forward, crouches down (so high attack will miss him), and 
hits mid for good damage. Main problem with this attack is that it has lags 
both before and after execution, but because of its damage and juggling 
potential, it's still a good move to call upon. Also use this on people just
getting up from the floor; this will usually overpower most of the wakeup 
attacks. In an air juggle, you can do up to 3 standing 1s until you end it
with this move.
Usefulness ***

1+2     Demon Hell Thrusts     hh
Jin stands straight and hits twice, both time high. This move is very fast, 
and I think if the first hit connects the 2nd cannot be escaped. There is a bit
of lag after this move, but it isn't bad. The 2nd hit of the move knocks the
opponent far away and Jin can either run after them or go into the Lingering
Soul by d+1+2 right after the 2nd hit. 
Usefulness ***

d/f+2     Quick Upper     m
This move only launches if it's a counter hit, and doesn't move Jin forward a 
lot. It does come out pretty fast, but still, not that useful. It's piority
is pretty low, so don't try to 'trade hits' with this move. If you want to
launch somebody into the air, don't bother with this move.
Usefulness **

WS+2     Final Upper Thrust     m
This move is a guaranteed launcher if it connects. Duck a high attack and go
into this because it comes out pretty fast. Still, be aware that the range is
still kind of short.
Usefulness *** 

b+2,3     Backfist - Side Swipe     hm
This is mostly a surprise attack. The first hit comes out slow and hits high,
so most people will try to attack Jin right after, only to find out there's a
fast mid attack waiting for them. But since this move has no other variations,
don't do this too often.  
Usefulness ** 

f,f+2     Torso Thrust     m
This is probably longest reaching move that Jin has. Simple, fast, and pretty
safe after execution, Jin runs forward a step and does a mid section hit. You
can use this move for an air juggle ender by using it after a few jabs.
Usefulness ****

f,f+3     Axe Kick     m
Almost the same damage as the Torso Thrust, this move is slower, and doesn't
cover as much ground. However the good thing about this movie is that it could
chain into other moves afterwards. Variations are:
     1,3,2,1,4   Kazama Fury                     hhmml
     1,3         Lead Thrust - Jaw Kick          hh
     1,3~3       Lead Thrust - Vertical Kick     hm
Usefulness ***

b,f+2     Demon Godfist     m
This move stuns on counter hits. Simple to do, but it does lack in the range
department. Damage isn't all that great either.  After the stun go for the
Demon Lift Kick d+3+4 to launch and go into air juggles.
Usefulness **

b,f+2<1<2 or b,f+2<1<d+2     Needle Shrine Cannon / Scraper     mmm
These two attacks differ in the last hit. The stun is created on the 2nd hit,
and if that counters, the third hit in the NSS will launch, while the NSC will
hit opponent away.  The speed for the NSC is a little faster then the NSS, and
the NSS has a bigger lag after the last hit. Use these two moves in moderation
because it's hard to get a counter hit on the second punch.
Usefulness ***

b,f+2<1<d+2     Needle Shrine Gates     mm!
This is Jin's ultimate scrub killer move. The NSG looks identical as the NSS
and the NSC for the first two hits, yet the last hit, with a little delay, is
unblockable! Better yet, if the last hit connects, it is a guaranteed juggle.
An alert player can punch Jin out of this, but Jin ducks down a little for the
last hit and most of the high attacks will miss him.  Hold 2 at the end till
Jin's fist is glowing and let go. Sadly the damage isn't so good; so don't
rely on this for damage. Mix this one up with the NSC to confuse your
opponent. Be aware that a seasoned T4 player can and will SS between the 2nd
and the 3rd hit of this move. Don't get repetitive with this.
Usefulness *****

b+3,4     Inner Roundhouse - Shin Kick    hl
First hit high, then low, this isn't a bad move, but it's somewhat slow on the
first hit and the damage isn't good. Good for surprise hits, not much other
use. The first hit also has a large delay before it comes out, so watch it.
Usefulness **

d+3, 3     Devious Kick - Left Blade     lm
The damage of this move is even worse then the one above, but it does hit low
first then move to mid, which will push your opponent away safely and could be
used more often with less fear of retaliation. Sadly, the first hit has a
range that's about as long as a jab's, so don't go into this move unless you
are within punching distance.
Usefulness **

d+3+4     Demon Lift Kick     mm
Ok, this is probably Jin's best launcher; it hits mid and has a fairly good
range. Be aware that only the second hit launches, and a connected first hit
doesn't guarantee a second hit. It's also pretty fast, but it does have a
slight lag after.  Use this if your opponent gives you the chance, or if you
are able to create an opening for yourself by using Jin's parry.
Usefulness *****

d+4     Demon Sweep     l
Fast low kick that has low damage potential, still very useful because of its 
speed. An easy to do move is 1,2,3, and d+4. If you opponent blocked the 1,2,3,
they will be stunned by the 3 and it would be hard to block the d+4 (it could
be blocked). If your opponent got hit by the 1,2,3, unless they tech roll 
as soon as they hit the floor, the d+4 will hit. This move has a decent range
and pretty good speed. Get to know its range and use it often.
Usefulness ****

4~3_WS+4~3     Twisting Demon Scissors     M
Jin flips and hits his opponent with left leg.  Weird animation, long start up,
this move ends with Jin on the floor. The cool thing about this is since Jin
is flipping in mid air, all low attack will miss him. Use this to attack people
who likes to delay their get up from the floor, as this move can hit a grounded
Usefulness ***

d/f+4     Hell Gate Kick     m
Listed because it does the most damage for a single move, which hits mid. In
fact, this is the most powerful move Jin has, not counting his unblockable
Eighth Gate of Hell. Lingering Soul could be tagged on after this.
Usefulness ***

b+2+4     Parry     --
Ok, Jin lost his reversal and instead got this. The good things here are:
  1.) This move comes out and recovers extremely fast (The animation has Jin 
      open both of his fists, palms forward. That's it.) 
  2.) It shoves the opponent's attack away and Jin could start his string right
      the way. This means a move that would be normally safe to do (like Paul's
      qcf+2) because of the long stun after a block would be completely
      punishable now. Typically a d+3+4 would be used right after a successful
However there are always some bads that come with the goods.
  1.) While this move does shove the opponent away it doesn't interrupt their 
      strings. (i.e., Yoshi is doing his back hand spin and Jin parries the 
      first hit, if he doesn't continue parrying/blocking, the rest of the spin
      will still get Jin.) So Jin's parry is useless against say a jab combo.
  2.) Visually it's not easy to see if a hit has been parried, and sometimes
      you would miss the chance simply because you didn't think you've parried
      a hit. Of course, this cuts both ways since your opponent might not
      notice that you have parried a hit and continue on with their combo,
      instead of blocking, which is what they should do.
Use this move on big damage, big delay moves seems to be the best, but if you 
screws up the timing you'll end up giving a counter hit chance to your 
opponent. Try to parry the last hit of strings, so you won't have to worry
about getting hit by the remaining hits. This move takes a LOT of time to 
master. But if you get it down it's well worth the effort.
Usefulness ****

u/b+1+2     Eighth Gate of Hell     !
The aforementioned unblockable for Jin, this move is very slow, and has a very
short range. It does to huge damage, but I doubt this will hit anyone. Jin
stands straight while charging up with red lightning, and does a single punch
with his right fist. Utterly useless move. Maybe do this and cancel (b,b) to
fool opponents into doing something dumb?
Usefulness *


This list is taken from website Tekken Zaibatsu (www.tekkenzaibatsu.com).
Originally this is in a chart format, since I had to convert it into a txt file
this could be a little messy to read.  Still, I decided to include this because
this list contains every single one of Jin's moves.

Command	        Place	Name	        Damage	Escape	Properties
(2+4_F+2+4)	front	Thunder Reverse	30	2	 
qcb+1+3	        front	Oar Crush	35	1+2	 
u/f+1+2	        front	Throat Smash	30	1+2	 
1+3+(u_d_b_f)	any	Position Change	--	1	 
(F+2+4_2+4)	left	Scales Flip	43	1	 
(F+2+4_2+4)	right	Shoulder Helix	40	2	 
(F+2+4_2+4)	back	Hip Dislocator	50	--	 
Command	Name	                        Damage  Range   Properties
1,2,3	Twin Thrusts - Inner Axe	7,12,25	hhm	GB JG
1,2<4	Twin Thrusts - Roundhouse	7,12,22	hhh	GB
1,3,2,1,4	Kazama Fury	7,10,10,10,10	hhmml	HS
 = ~d+1+2	 = Lingering Soul	--	--	#2
1,3	Lead Thrust - Jaw Kick	7,13	hh	 
1,3~3	Lead Thrust - Vertical Kick	7,22	hm	GB
 = 3	 = Blade Kick	13	m	CFSc GS
   = ~d+1+2	   = Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
d/f+1<4	Mid Thrust - Side Crusher	12,15	mm	 
d/f+1,4~4	Mid Thrust - Shin Kick	12,13	ml	 
WS+1<2 	Rising Lancer	10,16	mm	 
f,N,d,d/f+1	Thunder Hook Fist	22	m	 
d+1	Corpse Thrust	24	m	 
b+1	Left Elbow	14	h	 
1+2	Demon Hell Thrusts	10,21	hh	GB
 = ~d+1+2	= Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
2,1,4	Lancer - Side Crusher	10,10,15	hmm	 
2,1,4~4	Lancer - Shin Kick	10,10,13	hml	 
2,4	Rear Thrust - Roundhouse	10,14	hh	 
WS+2	Final Upper Thrust	15	m	JG
d/f+2	Quick Upper	15	m	JGc
f,N,d,d/f+2	Wind Hook Fist	25	h	 
f~N,d~d/f+2	Electric Wind Hook Fist	25	h	GB
b+2,3	Backfist - Side Swipe	 	hm	 
 = ~d+1+2	 = Lingering Soul	--	--	#2
f,f+2	Torso Thrust	24	m	 
f+2	Right Elbow	22	h	SHc
b,f+2	Demon Godfist	18	m	DSc
b,f+2<1<2	Needle Shrine Cannon	18,14,10	mmm	FSc #3
b,f+2<1<d+2 	Needle Shrine Scraper	18,14,15	mmm	JG FSc #3
f,f+3	Axe Kick	25	m	GB JG
 = 1,3,2,1,4	Kazama Fury	7,10,10,10,10	hhmml	HS
   = ~d+1+2	   = Lingering Soul	--	--	#2
 = 1,3	 = Lead Thrust - Jaw Kick	7,13	hh	 
 = 1,3~3	 = Lead Thrust - Vertical Kick	7,22	hm	GB
   = 3	   = Blade Kick	13	m	CFSc GS
     = ~d+1+2	     = Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
b+3,4	Inner Roundhouse - Shin Kick	15,15	hl	KNDc
f+3	Mid Kick	16	m	 
f+3~3	Vertical Kick	22	m	GB
 = 3	 = Blade Kick	13	m	CFSc GS
   = ~d+1+2	   = Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
d+3,3	Devious Kick - Left Blade	7,10	lm	GS
(WS_f,N,d,d/f)+3	Demon Roundhouse	28	h	 
d+3+4	Demon Lift Kick	5,15	mm	JG
f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3	Crouch Dash Slash Kick	30	m	GB
(u/b_u/f)+3	Spinning Roundhouse	30	h	 
(WR_f,f,f)+3	Leaping Slash Kick	30	m	GB
f+4	Battle Kick	21	M	HS CFSc
 = ~d+1+2	 = Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
b+4	Spin Heel Kick	18	m	GB
d/f+4	Hell Gate Kick	33	m	 
 = ~d+1+2	 = Lingering Soul	--	--	#1 #2
f,f+4	Outer Axe Kick	19	M	GB KS
(f,N,d,d/f,f+4_WS+4)	Tsunami Kick	13	m	 
d+4	Demon Sweep	15	L	 
d/b+4	Shin Kick	15	L	 
f,N,d,D/F+4	Stature Sweep	18	l	 
 = ~d+1+2	 = Lingering Soul	--	--	#2
 = (~3_3+4)	 = Twisting Demon Scissors	21	M	GB
(u_u/f)+4	Snap Lift Kick	25	h	 
u/f,N+4	Spin Demon	25	h	 
(4~3_WS+4~3)	Twisting Demon Scissors	28	M	GB
1+3+4	Lingering Soul Taunt	--	--	 
b+1+2	Lingering Soul	--	--	#2
 = ~f,f,b+2+4	 = Soul Step Reversal (High & Mid)	varies	--	 
b+2+4	Parry	--	--	 

#1 The move must hit in order to do Lingering Soul.
#2 Jin does guard damage during Lingering Soul, if he hits or gets hit it
   will be a CH and Jin cannot block.
#3 The stun occurs on the 2nd hit.
Command	Name	Damage	Range	Properties
b,f+2<1<d+2	Needle Shrine Gates	18,14,22	mm!	#1 #2 JG
u/b+1+2	Eighth Gate of Hell	100	!	 
 = b,b	 = Cancel	 	 	 

#1 Hold 2 at the end till Jin's fist is glowing.
#2 You can also "Just Frame" release the d+2 for an instant hit without
   hardly any glow animation.
Jin Kazama has no known String Hit Arts


- Tekken Zaibatsu (www.tekkenzaibatsu.com)
  This website is an awesome source of Tekken information. The move list 
  section of this FAQ is taken from there.

- Namco Corporation
  For this game, and their many cool character designs. 

Guide v0.2                        Unpublished work, Copyright 2001 Michael Wang

All rights reserved. Tekken 4, Jin Kazama, etc. are all trademarks of Namco 
Corporation, Copyright 2001