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                             Tekken 4                                  
                  Hwoarang Strategies and Movelist 
                             Ver 1.4                    
                      Created by: Chris Ilang                          
                       Tuesday, June 11 2002

This Guide is Copyright Law by: Chris Ilang 2002

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Now has a Basic techniques
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Table of contents xx  Introduction
                  1.1 Hwoarangs Profile
                  1.2 Hwoarangs Movelist 
                  1.3 Basic Techniques
                  1.4 Types of Attacks
                  1.5 Dash Attacks
                  1.6 Throws 
                  1.7 Advance techniques 
                  1.8 Special techniques 
                  1.9 More to come
                  2.0 Thanks


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Hwoarangs Profile 1.1

Name:              Hwoarang 
Country of Origin: Korea
Fighting style:    Tae Kwon Do 
Age:               19 
Height/Weight:     181CM/68KG 
Blood type:        O 

Hwoarangs Move List 1.2

Both Right Foot Forward-(RFF) and Left Foot Forward-(LFF)
1+2                         Switch BK / Face Forward
3+4                         Switch (RFF) / (LFF)
f,N,d,d/f                   Crouch Dash
  2                           Psuedo-Wind Godfist  *Juggles on CH*
  3                           (LFL)
  3~3                         Thrust Sidekick
  4                           Wing Blade  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+4                 ELECTRIC WING BLADE  *Juggles*
d/f+1+2                     Body Blow
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
u+3                         Flamingo Kick, (LFL)
WS+3                        Windmill Kick
d/f+3>4                     Twin Midkicks
d+3,4                       Kneekick, Highkick, (RFL)
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
WS+4,[~4]                   Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)]
d+4,4                       Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                       Leaping Highkick
b,b~u/b                     TWISTING JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE  *Against Wall*

Left Foot Forward-(LFF) Only
1,1,3>3                     Twin Jabs, Lowkick, Highkick
2,f+(3_4)                   RIGHT PUNCH, (SIDEKICK_JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE)
[1,]2,3                     HIGH PUNCH[ES], (LFL)
[1,]2,4                     HIGH PUNCH[ES], (RFL)
f+1+2                       SHORT AXE HANDLE  *Stuns on CH*
b+2                         BOLT CUTTER
f+2                         Backfist, (RFF)
  ~F                          (LFF)
u/f+2                       LEAPING HEADSHOT
3,3,[d+3]                   High, Mid, [Low] Kicks
  4                           Highkick, (RFL)
    ~F                          (LFF)
    4                           Midkick, (RFF)
3,3,3                       Machine Gun Kicks
  >3                          Liftkick  *Juggles*
  >4                          Highkick, (RFL)
    ~F                          (LFF)
    4                           Midkick, (RFF)
3~4                         Flying Eagle
f+3                         (LFL)
f+3~3                       Thrust Sidekick
f,f+3                       Spiral Kick, (RFF)
b+3                         LIFTING LEG KICK  *Juggles*
4,3                         Axe Murderer, (RFF)
  ~F                          (LFF)
4,4                         Hot Feet
  4                           Toe Jam (RFL)
    3                           Blizzard Kick
    4                           Hot Feet, (RFF)
BK 4                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
d/b+4,4                     FOOT SWEEP, HIGH CRESCENT KICK
u/b+4                       CHICKEN KICK
f+4                         Face Kick, (RFL)
  >4                          Sidekick, (RFF)
f,N+4                       Right Flamingo Feint
f,f+4                       Running Sidekick  *Turns Opponent BK When Hit*
b+4                         High Facekick  *Turns Side on CH*, (RFF)

Right Foot Forward-(RFF) Only
F_B_(u/b,N)                 (LFF)
(d/f,N)_(d/b,N)             (LFF)  *Recovers Crouching*
1,1                         Face Punches, (LFF)
2,1,1                       Triple Punches, (LFF)
2,3                         Punch-Kick Combo, (LFF)
2,b+4                       Jab, Spinkick, (RFL)
2,4                         Jab, Chainsaw, (LFF)
  F                           (RFL)
  3                           Chainsaw Kick
  >4                          High Hook, (LFF)
3                           Teaser Trip
  3                           Wild Roundhouse, (LFF)
BK 3                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
3~4                         Power Roundhouse
f+3 [~B]                    Hook Kick, (LFL)
  B                           BK Position
  4                           Teaser Trip, (LFF)
f,f+3                       Leaping Left Roundhouse
b+3                         High Kick, (LFF)
4                           Chainsaw Kick
  ~F                          (RFL)
  3                           Overhead Axekick
  >4                          High Hook, (LFF)  
f+4                         (RFL)
  ~4                          Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Piroette Kick, (LFF)
  ~3                          Screw Kick
d/f+4                       Side Kick
b+4                         Right Sidestep Roundhouse

Left Flamingo Stance - (LFL)
N                           (LFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep
1                           Left Jab, (LFF)
1+4                         Power Blast  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
2                           Backfist, (RFF)
3,3                         Machine Gun Kicks (LFF)
  >3                          Machine Gun Lift  *Juggles*, (LFF)
  4 [,F]                      Changeup Combo, (RFL)
    F                           (LFF)
    >4                          Changeup Mid (RFF)
3,3,4>4                     Changeup Combo #2, (RFF)
f+3                         DUAL FLASH KICKS
b+3                         Left Sidestep Roundhouse, (LFF)
(d_d/b)+3,4                 FOOT SWEEP, HIGH CRESCENT KICK, (LFF)
3+4                         (RFL)
4                           Spin Kick, (RFL)
b+4                         Right Heel Lance  *Juggles*, (RFF)
(d_d/b)+4                   Teaser Trip, (LFF)
2.2.3..         Tenstring

Right Flamingo Stance -(RFL)
N                           (RFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep
1                           Backfist, (LFF)
2                           Right Jab, (RFF)
3                           Spin Kick, (LFL)
b+3                         Left Heel Lance  *Juggles*, (LFF)
(d_d/b)+3                   Teaser Trip, (LFF)
3+4                         (LFL)
4                           Side Kick  *Stuns on CH*, (RFF)
f+4                         DUAL FLASH KICKS
b+4                         Right Sidestep Roundhouse, (LFF)
d+4                         Ankle Kick
1.2.3..         Tenstring

(Front) 2+4                 Falcon Dive Kick {2}
        F+2+4               Windmill Neck Kick {2}
        f,f+2               Rolldown Jawbreaker {2}
        f+2+3               Cannonball {1+2}
        QCB+3               Trapped Heel Explosion {1}
        d,d/b+1+3           Hip Toss {1+2}
(Left)  (2+4)_(F+2+4)       5-Kick Massacre {1}
(Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4)       Holding Neck Snap {2}
(Back)  (2+4)_(F+2+4)       Jumping Leg Press

Basic Techniques 1.3
The Following Techniques are common to all Tekken Tag Tournament       
characters. Controls are given for characters facing right. Reverse the 
controls when the character is facing left.

Moving In and Out 

Running Charge

Overwhelm opponents by rushing directly into them: Quickly tap the  
Directional button twice in the direction of the opponent. 

Hop Back 

Dodge a punch or kick. Quickly tap the directional button twice away 
from the opponent. 

Jump Back 

Press the Directional button Up and away from the opponent.


Avoid mid or high attacks or deliver your own attack. Press the  

Crouched Advance/Retreat 

Press the Directional buttons Down and Left/Right. 


Jump to deliver high attacks or avoid low kicks or sweeps. 
Press the Directional button Up. 


Strike to the head or retreat. Press the Directional buttons 
Note: some Characters cannot do backflips 


Position for an attack or avoid a strike. Move around your 
Opponent's side. Repeated sidestepping allows you to circle around 
To your opponent's flank. Tap the Dirctional button Up or Down 

Types of Attacks 1.4

High Range Attacks 

Hits standing enemies. High attacks won't hit a couching opponent, and 
will not cause damage to enemies in standing guard stance. 

Mid body Attacks 

Can both hit standing and crouching enemies. Will not cause damage to
enemies in a standing guard stance. 

Low Range Attacks 

Hits both standing and crouching enemies. Can be blocked by crouching 
guard stance, or avoided by jumping over enemies. 

Dash Attacks 1.5

Running Tackle 

Double-tap the Directional button toward your opponent. 
You must take three or more steps before hitting the opponent, so 
execute this attack from a distance. You will knock the enemy over 
and sit on the character. You can then deliver additional attacks 
from this position. 

Running Cross Arm 

Double-tap the Directional button toward your opponent, then 1+2 

Run at the opponent, making sure you take three or more steps. Fly into 
Your enemy as while executing a mid range cross chop. 

Sliding Dash 

Double-tap the Directional button toward your opponent, the 4 

Run at the opponent take three or more steps. Slide into your enemy as 
low range attack. This command performs different moves for King and 

Unblockable Tackle 

Double-Tap the Directional button toward your opponent. 
Run into the enemy after four or more steps to execute a shoulder 
tackle that cannot be blocked or counter-attcked. 

Throws 1.6

2+4 or 1+3 

Grabbing the enemy carries out throws. Throws have a weak point: You 
have to get close to the enemy and are vulnerable until you grab the 
opponent. However, a throw inflicts major damage on a opponent. 

Advance Techniques 1.7

Advance Techniques is usually use by the average players since the 
beginning of Tekken 3 and add some very special effect on the game it 
has a special properties in some of the characters in Tekken 

Ukemi [Quick Roll] 

Into the foreground, 3 or 4 
Into the Background, 1 or 2 
Use this technique when you are knocked down to recover and get back on 
your feet quickly. Perfect timing is important to the execution of this 


Basic Avoidance Throw 

1 or 2 
Exeecute the move at the movement you are being grabbed during an 
opponents throw attack to avoid being thrown.

*to avoid a front throw 1+3, press the 1 button

*to avoid a front throw 2+4, press the 2 button

*to avoid right/left throws, use the punch command 1+2 for the 
direction from wich you are being grabbed. 

*you cannot escape from a back throw 

High and Mid Parry
B+1+2 or B+3+4 

Use this move to synchronize with an opponent's attack, Only certain 
characters can use this technique. If you care successful, you can 
quickly attack your enemy by taking advantage of his or her 

Low Parry 

d/b+1+3 or d/b+2+4 

Use this to avoid low range attacks. As the high and middle range 
avoidance moves, only certain characters can perform this move. 
If you successful, you can take advantage of an enemy's vulnerability.

Low Parry with Directional Buttons 

d/f button while matching an enemy's attack 

This move is available to all characters. When you press the 
Directional buttons with the right timing, even characters who cannot 
execute the regular low parry moves can avoid a low range attack. 

Counter Throw Attack 

b+1+3 or b+2+4 

while matching an enemy's attack some characters can avoid an enemy's 
attack and deliver a counter throw attack at the same time. Only high 
and mid range attacks can be avoided success of this move depends on 
precise timing. 

Special Technique 1.8

Hwoarang is very good in countering opponents move. Hwoarang can deal 
more damge than baek or any other character in a second. Hwoarang has 
more confusing combos than Lei, Ling and Julia 


The CRStechnique means (Crouching Rush Stance) Hwoarang can dash right 
trough the opponent and pull out different moves 

ex: F,n,d,d/f,4 

Here are some other moves of CRStechnique 





F,n,d,d/f,f+3 ends with in Left flamingo stance 



In Tea kwon do Change Stance is very use full to confuse opponent. In 
Tekken Changing stance is very use full too not only to confuse 
opponent but to pull other move quickly and back dash quickly. 

Ex: f,f,3+4 b,b,3+4 SS,3+4 F,n,d,d/f,3+4

Here are some other moves of Changestance 







Triple Side Step

This technique is very useful and very abusing you can do this every 
time you want just do it on a right timing, timing is very important 

ex: SS,F+3,SS 

Back Fighter 

This technique is very use full when tagging or when you want to 
make your opponent to move closer or to show off 

ex: 1+2 

you can tag quickly when your in back turnes position and you can 
confuse your opponent.


More to come 1.9
General Techniques
Special techniques 
Chicken Hwoarang
Thanks 2.0

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