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         T E K K E N    4   :   T E K K E N   F O R C E   M O D E
                  Walkthrough and Guide by Ronnie Badger
  "Dedicated to all the members of TEKKEN FORCE who were lost in combat"

Platform     - PlayStation2
Game version - PAL (SCES-50878)
Guide Author - RONNIE BADGER (a pseudonym of Paul Wilson)
Email        - ronniebadger@yahoo.co.uk
Version 1.2  - last update: 25th October 2002

1 - Contact details
2 - Important Information
4 - TEKKEN FORCE: Walkthrough and Guide
    a - What is TEKKEN FORCE?
    b - General Tips 
    c - Level 1: Military Installation
    d - Level 2: Temple Ruins
    e - Level 3: Corridor
    f - Level 4: Mishima Fortress
    g - The End
5 - Credits
6 - Version History
7 - Previous FAQs

1 - C O N T A C T  d e t a i l s 
If you have any genuine ENQUIRIES about, SUGGESTIONS for or CONTRIBUTIONS to 
this WALKTHROUGH/GUIDE, please email: ronniebadger@yahoo.co.uk - include the 
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2 - I M P O R T A N T  I N F O R M A T I O N  A B O U T  T H I S  G U I D E 
If you are playing TEKKEN FORCE, then it is highly likely that you have 
played TEKKEN (in one form or another) before. It is more likely that you 
have *at least* played TEKKEN 4.

Therefore, I will assume that you know each character's moves and combos. If 
you don't, then you're in trouble: button-bashing isn't going to get you 
very far! I would like to take a moment to suggest that you either partake 
of the TRAINING or PRACTICE modes OR that you *at least* consult one of the 

This version of the guide is missing some key elements. I have tried to 
complete the GENERAL TIPS section, providing as much detail as possible. The 
sections describing each level are lacking information. I have provided an 
overview of each level and made special note of each end-of-level BOSS.

I will, in time (depending on my other work commitments) break each level 
down in to sub-areas, describing each section. I will (probably) compile 
some tables showing each enemy with his points value and (where applicable) 
bonus value. There SHOULD be a table for each section described within any 
given level. Submissions for inclusion in this guide are welcome.

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3 - L E G A L  N O T I C E
This guide is subject to copyright and any infringement will be acted upon.

Quick Guide Content (c) 2002 Paul Wilson - aka RONNIE BADGER

4 - T E K K E N   F O R C E   :   W a l k t h r o u g h   a n d   G u i d e 

[a] - W h a t  i s  T E K K E N   F O R C E  ?
TEKKEN FORCE is a sub-game found in TEKKEN 4: a 3D beat-em-up adventure 
through a variety of locations. Unlike the version in TEKKEN 3 (which was 
not exactly 3D), TEKKEN FORCE is available from the outset - it is not a 
bonus mode that must be unlocked. The only element of TEKKEN FORCE that must 
be unlocked is the extra characters. These may only be unlocked by playing 
the game in STORY BATTLE mode.

The aim of this game is to reach Heihachi's dojo and beat the living 
daylights out of him. Getting there is not simple - his own private army is 
out in force (geddit?) to stop you.

There are four levels to negotiate, with each level divided into distinct 
sub-areas; and each ending with a BOSS.

You must race against the clock, picking up points, collecting health 
bonuses (which are worth bonus points) and sundry other pickups (described 
further below). 

[b] - G E N E R A L    T I P S

Character selection - Choose a character that you are confident with. It's
                      going to be a long, hard slog and you will need to
                      know your character's moves inside out. Some 
                      characters are more ideally suited than others. For
                      example: Christie's flailing legs can damage multiple
                      bad guys at once, whereas Kuma/Panda is a bit slow
                      and difficult to control.

Direction           - You can only use the D-pad to move your character.
                      RIGHT will always move your character forward in the 
                      direction he, she or it is facing. LEFT will move 
                      your character backwards (and can be used for
                      blocking). UP can be used for a sidestep or a jump.
                      DOWN can also be used for a sidestep and is also
                      used for crouching.
                      The directional buttons are, of course, also used 
                      with other buttons for attacks and other combos.

Don't walk: run     - Remember: you're working against the clock. If the
                      timer hits ZERO, then it's GAME OVER. If you run
                      everywhere then you not only save time, but you 
                      have the added bonus of being able to pile into
                      your enemies and cause some damage - sliding or
                      flying tackles can also cause a lot of damage!

Controller setup    - Any changes to your controller setup made in the
                      main OPTIONS menu are ignored in TEKKEN FORCE.
                      However, you may change the configuration for
                      TEKKEN FORCE by pausing the game and choosing the 
                      appropriate option.
Targetting          - You can select the enemy you would like to attack by
                      using the all-new targetting system. The default
                      buttons are L1 and R1. Using these buttons, you may
                      cycle through your enemies to select the next to be 
                      fought. By pressing RIGHT when an enemy is targetted 
                      you will automatically face in his direction.

                      Targetting can be useful for other things....

Enemy health        - Every enemy has a health bar that can be seen (along 
                      with his name) when targetted. The points received   
                      for each kill reflect the size of the health bar. 

                      Each level features a number of special baddies. They
                      are more like sub-boss enemies. They are big on 
                      health and aggression and killing them earns a
                      potentially large bonus. When targetted, you will see
                      not only his health bar and name, but also a 
                      number counting down. This number represents the 
                      bonus to be earned when that enemy meets with a
                      sticky end.

                      Once that enemy appears, the countdown begins. The 
                      sooner the enemy is destroyed, the bigger the bonus
                      awarded. L1 and R1 can be used to cycle through your
                      assailants to find the sub-boss. Once located, 
                      pressing RIGHT (i.e. forward) will point you in the 
                      direction of the enemy. Quickly dispose for a large
                      points bonus bonanza.

Significant others  - Some sub-bosses have a special friend. The special
                      friend can be taken down as normal. However, if you
                      choose to dispose of the sub-boss first, his demise
                      will be closely followed by that of his special 
                      friend whose health instantly drops to ZERO.

Pick it up!         - Some of the evil forces that conspire against you
                      have the decency to drop some useful items for you 
                      when they have been beaten.

                      Whatever else you do, don't forget to pick them up.
                      Each item has an effect on your character and will
                      result in BONUS POINTS being awarded at the end of
                      the level. The items are:

                      EGG (small health boost)     ->  10 points
                      CHICK (medium health boost)  ->  30 points 
                      CHICKEN (large health boost) ->  50 points
                      BOTTLE (potion to boost your 
                              character's attacks) -> 100 points
                      SPECIAL BONUS ITEM           -> 200 points

                      (I have only seen the last item, which looks like a 
                      small flag, in the final level)

                      ** UPDATE** See the end of this section for some
                      reader contributions to this particular subject.
                      NOTE: these items won't stay on-screen forever. After
                      a short time, they will disappear - so go get 'em!

Extra time          - Each level begins with sixty seconds on the clock, 
                      and time is running out! Killing some of your enemies 
                      will add time bonuses to your ticking clock. The 
                      maximum time that you can have at your disposal at
                      any given moment is ninety-nine seconds. So, if a
                      five-second time bonus is awarded and your timer 
                      displays ninety-six seconds, two seconds of your 
                      bonus will have been wasted.

                      That said, it's quite difficult to run out of time.
                      Such a scenario is only likely to arise in the final
                      level OR during a poorly executed BOSS fight.

Bonus points        - At the end of each level, you will be awarded bonus
                      points. In addition to getting a score for each item 
                      you have picked up (see above), you will awarded 
                      points that are proportional to your remaining HEALTH 
                      and TIME.

Game over?          - If your health drops to nothing OR you run out of
                      time, then it is effectively GAME OVER. However, 
                      you do have a choice. You can let the CONTINUE
                      countdown reach the end and you will be able to
                      enter your final score into the HI-SCORE table (if
                      the score was good enough!). Alternatively, you 
                      could CONTINUE with the game, although your score
                      thus far will be reset to ZERO and you will have to
                      restart the game on the current level.

Walls (part one)    - Pin your enemy against a wall and administer a
                      sound thrashing. If you hit a guy, he's going to
                      hurt; but if you smash him into a wall, he's
                      going to hurt even more.

Walls (part two)    - Try not to get trapped against a wall or in a
                      corner. If you find yourself trapped, there is
                      a special switch move that will get you out of 

                      SQUARE and CROSS together will see your character
                      grab an opponent and switch places with him. 
                      Combine that move with a directional button to
                      perform variations on the switch move.

Walls (part three)  - When the camera moves to certain points of view,
                      a wall or other barrier (including an enemy) will
                      become transparent allowing you to see what is 
                      going on. The downfall of this is that you can
                      sometimes be fooled into thinking you have more
                      space to move around than is actually the case.

Multiple hits       - It is possible to take down (or at least damage) 
                      several of your assailants at the same time. You
                      sometimes encounter your enemies lining up one 
                      behind the other. Are these guys stupid? A sliding 
                      tackle will take a decent chunk of their health bars
                      away from them, leaving you with less work to do.
                      There will also be times when a powerful strike 
                      against a single enemy will do damage to others in 
                      the immediate vicinity. Use this to your advantage.

                      Walls can also assist with multiple hits....

Dead bodies         - You've beaten some guy to a bloody pulp and he's now
                      on the floor in a small heap. Is he really dead? 
                      Well, I don't know; but what I *do* know is that 
                      if you strike the body, you'll be awarded TEN whole 
                      points. Sure, it's not much, but (to borrow the
                      slogan of a popular UK supermarket chain) "every
                      little helps." 

READER SUBMISSIONS  - I have included some contributions on the subject of
                      pickups below. I have NOT verified any of the details

1. "OLD MAN"

Hey, just wanting to email you saying that i found out what the little s-
flag thing does (the icon that appears in the last stage of tekken force, 
right before the rude interruption of 5 flying kicks to the head). i was 
busy pluging my way through tekken force on level one, and i'm not sure how 
or why this happened, but when combot dropped in at the end of the level, 
there were two charge drinks and one s-flag icon beside him. i thought "YES! 
now that i have the s-flag-thing i will be INVINCIBLE! entire galaxies will 
fall before my uh... s-flaginess!" well, i throw combot and while he's down, 
go over and pick up the ALMIGHTY S-FLAG... and all it does is just make the 
word "BOUNUS!" in big fruity pink and yellow caps letters pop up on the 
screen. oh well. there goes my plans for conquering the universe... oh yeah, 
and after finishing off combot it gave me 7600 points. whee... i dunno what 
it does other than the points though... maybe it gives you... an... EXTRA 
CONTINUE! WOOT! now i have infinite continues... +1!! yeah baby! It's no 
replacement for omnipotent power and ruling the universe...but i'll take 
what i can get. :)


The "Special Item" does appear on other levels, but you have to meet certain 
conditions. What those conditions are I don't know, but I do know I got it 
on the first level twice and it stayed on screen as long as the other power 
ups do, unlike the item on the last level. 

Further more, I do not know how many points I got for it when I picked it 
up, but at the end of the level, it was worth 7600 points. It was the US 
version if that matters any. 


Hey, I just wanted to say that you can find the 200 bonus point icon thingie 
in all of the other levels. I have only seen them sitting next to the boss, 
but they are in the other levels. Just wanted to point that out. 

[c] - L E V E L   O N E   :   M I L I T A R Y    I N S T A L L A T I O N
The opening level offers little more than a chance to become acquainted with 
the controls, the targetting system and the feeling of being surrounded by 
many assailants.

The path comprises a number of enclosed corridors. There will be a lot of 
running up and down as new assailants appear at different ends of each 


This encounter takes place in a very confined space, and it is all too easy 
to get trapped. Start with a sliding tackle (or flying leap) as soon as you 
enter the room. Combot is the TEKKEN 4 equivelant of Mokujin (and Tetsujin 
and TEKKEN TAG's Unknown): the sooner you can identify whose moves are being 
pulled off, the sooner you will be able to provide a more effective 
attacking strategy. Remember: if you get pinned against a wall, use the 
switch command to swap places.

[d] - L E V E L   T W O   :   T E M P L E   R U I N S
Again, a mostly straightfowrard level and set on the edge of a forest. The 
path is barred at intervals by fallen masonry which must be attacked (and 
smashed) in order to proceed. However, the rubble cannot be cleared until 
all of your attackers have been done away with.

Arrival at the temple offers a branching path. You may (having rid the area 
of bad guys first) continue past the temple, into a sub-area on the same 
path and on to the end-of-level BOSS; or you may break through the rubble to 
the left and enter the ruined temple to fight some extra baddies before 
reaching the BOSS. 

The final enemies encountered at the junction are used to determine which 
way you will be allowed to proceed: killing a specific one of the two allows 
you to take the shorter path past the Temple; killing the other takes you on 
a longer into the ruined Temple itself.

Whichever way you go, a sub-area will be missed and cannot be visited during 
that particular game.

Watch out for the pathway next to the temple: it is very narrow. Remember 
that some attacks can damage or destroy multiple enemies.


In this area, you will find other enemies in addition to the BOSS. Ignore 
them unless you need a health boost. Kuma/Panda will unleash devastating 
attacks and needs to be taken down quickly. You'll need to anticipate every 
move because they're going to hurt. There is more room to move around, but 
the troops at the back can get in the way.

[e] - L E V E L   T H R E E   :   C O R R I D O R
The most straightforward (literally) of all the levels is the most 
frustrating. You find yourself in a wide corridor - there are two rows of 
pillars running the entire length of the corridor, effectively dividing the 
arena into three parts across the width of the corridor.

Upon completion of a sub-area, you must move on to the next (remembering to 
run) where you are likely to be ambushed. Be VERY wary!

The enemies encountered here are not just Heihachi Mishima's punchbags: they 
have tactics and some nasty attacks. Upon arrival at a sub-area, you will be 
met by five or so enemies who will each perform a rolling or flying attack 
in turn - that hurts! Fortunately, they will drop large amounts of health 
which you will NEED to collect.

Much of the action takes place between the columns in the centre of the 
corridor, but a couple of sub-areas begin to the sides, by the walls. Again, 
an ambush is likely.

In one sub-area, attacking your enemy will cause him to run away! Your 
attack will fail. The only way to stop these guys so you can fight them is 
to run into them and knock them over: only then do they start fighting back. 
TIP: an enemy will NOT attack you unless you have run into him and forced a 
fight - this can save your ass getting overpowered.

Kazuya Mishima

There is a LOT of space to play with here: almost too much! The encounter 
begins with Kazuya alone, but he is soon joined by some reinforcements. 
Unlike at the Temple Ruins, they are not just hanging around, joining in the 
fray when it is absolutely necessary: these guys are actively trying to hurt 
you! Try and remain focussed on Kazuya and defend against his blistering 
attacks. Eventually you will wear him down and enter Heihachi's domain.

[f] - L E V E L   F O U R   :   M I S H I M A   F O R T R E S S
The final level is fairly straightforward with a few bonus areas. You could 
take a moment to observe the nicely-designed Japanese decor; or you could 
get down to the dirty business of breaking faces. 

The ultimate goal is to infiltrate Hon-Maru, a room of some significance in 
the STORY mode of TEKKEN 4. 

The enemies that populate this level are particularly ruthless and numerous. 
A great many will drop a lot of healing items along the way and there are 
big time bonuses to be had. They will, however, conspire against you in an 
attempt to eat away at your health and whittle down the time available to 
you. If you are going to fail miserably, this will be the level where it 
will happen.

BOSS: Heihachi Mishima

Much like the previous BOSS encounter, Heihachi has his minions out in force 
to protect him and divert your attacks. Make sure that Heihachi is targetted 
at all times - this will help maintain your focus. Unleash your deadliest 
combos to dispense with the old man with the silly hairdo.

** UPDATE ** 
The following strategy for beating HEIHACHI was submitted by Bruce Pollock.

I happened to be bored one day and decided to check to see what faqs where 
up for Tekken 4 when I saw your Force Mode faq, so I checked it out. Not 
bad. Well, the reason I'm mailing you is to let you know about a trick I use 
that you could include in your faq. 

During the final battle with Heihachi I like to thin out the herd before 
fighting him. I do this by entering the room just enough to activate the 
"intro" sequence where Heihachi speaks to you. Then I side step to one side 
(usually the left) while focusing on the far left "grunt". Side stepping far 
enough and approaching slowly will cause one or two of the henchmen to break 
formation and attack while the rest of the enemies stand and watch. This can 
be done for both sides and I'm usually able to take out 4 of the 6 guards 
with Heichachi before he even moves. 

While not a "cake walk", it certainly makes the battle easier. Anyway, hope 
you find this a useful trick. Happy Hunting.

[g] - T H E   E N D
Upon completion of the game, you will be shown a list of all the enemies in 
the game (including the BOSSes). The enemies you encountered and killed are 
listed with the combo responsible for their deaths. Also listed are the 
enemies you did not encounter - the ones to be found in areas you did not 
manage to visit and those found with BOSS characters who didn't need to be 

While all of this is taking place, Heihachi is holding a seminar for some of 
his military underlings. Once he's finished speaking, he takes them all on 
in a never-ending fight.

5 - C R E D I T S
Thanks to NAMCO for producing as fine a fighting game as anybody could ask 
for. It's a shame the buttons aren't analogue; and it's it's a pity they 
felt the need to do away with the hidden sub-games (but how do you possibly 

Thanks to THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL whose CD "(music from the unrealized 
film script) DUSK AT CUBIST CASTLE" was the soundtrack to this guide.

Thanks to GameFAQs for giving and receiving.


Thanks to TYLER, my cat, who is curled up on my bed (actually, she has just 
woken up and appears to be looking at the monitor: probably just making sure 
that she gets a mention!)

Thanks to YOU for reading, wherever you may be and and whoever you are. 

6 - V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y

1.0 - Got the core of the Guide written - a few key elements are missing,
      but that will be fixed in time. So, aside from the usual everyday
      stuff, I wrote GENERAL TIPS and the LEVEL overviews.
      (20th September 2002)

1.1 - A few minor alterations and tweaks to the main text in lieu of the
      main update (hopefully done by Sunday.... fingers crossed)
      (23rd September 2002)

1.2 - The big update was not forthcoming owing to work commitments. Oh 
      well. This update includes some READER CONTRIBUTIONS and I have
      added their names to the CREDITS section. (25th October 2002)


7 - Previous FAQs, Walkthroughs and miscellaneous guides 
    (posted at http://www.gamefaqs.com unless stated otherwise):

Gran Turismo Concept    (PAL)    -> FAQ          -> July 2002
Onimusha Warlords       (PAL)    -> In-depth FAQ -> August 2002

Walkthrough/Guide Content (C) 2002 Paul Wilson - aka RONNIE BADGER