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Tekken 4: Ultimate Tackle FAQ
          By: Mike Hamlin e-mail: cmhamlin@mchsi.com 10/4/02

Table of Contents
1.	Copyright Info
   2. Version History
   3. Intro
   4. Button Conventions
   5. About the Ultimate Tackle
   6. Ultimate Tackle Techniques
   7. Ultimate Tackle Defenses
   8. About Craig's mount
   9. Mounting Techniques
   10. Mounting Defenses
   11. Outro
   12. Credits

1.Copyright Info

This document copyright 2002 to Mike Hamlin... me. You know the drill, 
no illegal reproduction or distribution of this FAQ. Period. Please 
notify me if you want to use this FAQ on your website. Also, the FAQ 
should appear with no changes made. For now this FAQ will only be found 
at gamefaqs.com. If you see this FAQ on any other site, please contact 


2.Version History

v1 10/20/02 First version finished.

v2 10/22/02 Fixed some errors. Unless I receive info on Paul's Ultimate 
Punch Reversal, there probably won't be any more updates.

vFINAL 10/26/02 I got an e-mail from David Draeger and he told exactly 
how to do Paul's Ultimate Punch Reversal. I tried it myself and it 
works!!! I'm pretty sure I've got everything down, so this will be the 
final version of this FAQ.



To be perfectly honest, I think that the Ultimate Tackle is a pretty 
good touch in the Tekken community. Some people think that this moves 
simply has "cheap" written all over it. It's speed, power, and 
unpredictability are what make it so useful. Now, if someone were to 
abuse this move (i.e. it's the only move they use or know), then it 
would be "cheap." The aim of this guide is for you, the reader, to get 
a grasp on this surprisingly complicated thing called the Ultimate 


4.Button Conventions

The following is a list of symbols and whatnot that I will use to refer 
to certain button presses and motions:

f- push forward
b- push backward
d- push down
u- push up
/- press in between the buttons
F- hold forward
B- hold back
D- hold down
U- hold up
WC- while crouching
+- press buttons simultaneously
~- press buttons quickly
1- left punch
2- right punch
3- left kick
4- right kick


5.About the Ultimate Tackle

Just what is this? Although it's not the ULTIMATE Tackle, it is a 
tackle nonetheless. Basically, the character throws all of his or her 
weight into the opponent, knocking him or her to the floor. The initial 
fall causes slight damage, but the follow-ups are where the real damage 
comes. After tackling, the character enters the mount position, where 
you take control of a number of different options. The actions you can 
use vary depending on which character uses the tackle. Some can use 
only punches, others can use arm and leg locks. Then there's Craig's 
Mount, which is similar to the Ultimate Tackle, but the mounting 
techniques are completely different.

How to initiate the Ultimate Tackle
First off, all characters can use it, even Craig (although Craig enters 
his own mounting position instead of the regular one). The general way 
used by all characters is to just run into your opponent from a 
distance, but not too far away or you will use the unblockable shoulder 
ram. However, certain other characters can use it without running. In 
fact, they can use very quickly and effortlessly, which obviously makes 
the tackle dangerous when facing these characters. Here's a list of the 
characters that can use it without running and how they do it:

Kazuya: d or d/b or d/f+1+2
Paul: d/b+1+2
King: WC, 1+2

These guys can really turn the tables with the tackle so you must be 
ready to defend against it at all times. The plus side is that it takes 
the character a second to brace himself for it and the actual tackle 
doesn't have tremendous range. One of the best ways to avoid the tackle 
is to just stay out of the way. One other little note: Characters with 
an attack reversal can reverse the tackle like a regular attack.


6.Ultimate Tackle Techniques

Okay, you've tackled your enemy and now you're about to enter the mount 
position. Enter the right commands to attack your opponent during this 
time. The commands can be entered a split second after the enemy has 
hit the ground (the latest) or right after the tackle impact (the 
earliest). The following is a list of all the tackle follow-ups, how do 
to them, and who can do them:

Ultimate Punches
Each punch causes little damage but it really adds up when you've been 
socking your opponent 4 or 5 times. Use them by pressing and 
alternating 1 and 2. The first punch can be either left or right, 
whichever you want. After you start with one punch you alternate to the 
other punch button. The fourth punch can be either left or right, as 
well, again depending on what you want. So the flow of the punches can 
go in one of 4 possibilities: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1; 2, 1, 2, 1, 2; 1, 2, 1, 1, 
2; 2, 1, 2, 2, 1. Why mix up the first or fourth punches? It comes into 
play when escaping them, explained later.

Arm Lock
This is a great move to finish a tackle. It causes a solid amount of 
damage and you can use in an unpredictable fashion. Use it by pressing 
1+2 immediately after the tackle or after 3 Ultimate Punches. This can 
only be used by Paul, Nina, Jin, and King.

Wrist Lock
An add-on to the Arm Lock that causes a little extra damage. Press 1+2 
during an Arm Lock to use it. King only.

Leg Lock
This is pretty much the same as an Arm Lock in terms of damage, but you 
should occasionally switch up an Arm Lock with a Leg Lock to avoid 
repetition. To use this, press 3+4 immediately after the tackle or 
after 3 Ultimate punches. Nina and King only.

Stretch Combo
This wonderful add-on for the Leg Lock causes a LOT of damage. The 
timing is tricky, though. You must press 1+2 at the EXACT moment the 
enemy's leg is broken, otherwise it won't work. King only.

Sword Stab
Usable only by Yoshimitsu, this attack looks extremely painful. Press 
either punch button immediately after the tackle.

Ultimate Punishment
This attack is tricky but pulling it off results in a lot of damage. It 
starts with a right Ultimate Punch. After that, you press D+1, 1, N, 
4~1~1+2. Paul only.


7.Ultimate Tackle Defenses

I know it's nice to pound your opponent helplessly on the ground, but 
what if you get yourself into this situation? The following shows how 
to escape, and sometimes reverse, these techniques.

Ultimate Tackle Escape
Press 1+2 at the exact moment of the tackle impact. The time at which 
you press 1+2 is lengthened slightly if the enemy used the Ultimate 
Tackle without running (i.e. against Kazuya, Paul, and King).

Ultimate Tackle Reversal
Press 1+2 at the exact moment your back hits the ground. It's tricky 
but if you pull it off, you can enter the mount position and start 
attacking your opponent back.

Ultimate Punch Escape
Press a punch button right when the enemy lifts his fist up. Press 
right punch to escape a left punch, and left punch to escape a right 
punch. You can escape only the first or fourth punch.

Ultimate Punch Reversal
This only works for Paul and it only works on the first right punch. 
Press 1, 1, 2 quickly before the punch. If done correctly, Paul will 
turn the tables on the enemy with a little surprise. The timing on this 
move is crucial. It seems that you have to hit 1, 1, 2 at the precise 
moment the back of Paul's head hits the ground. Thanks to David Draeger 
for confirming how to do this one.

Arm Lock Escape
If you can anticipate the Arm Lock, then escaping it is easy. As soon 
as the animation for it starts, press 1+2, and then keep pressing 2 to 
escape. Alternatively, you can keep pressing 1+2.

Leg Lock Escape
Same timing for the Arm Lock. Press 1+2 when the animation begins, and 
then keep pressing 1. Again, pressing 1+2 repeatedly will work here.

Arm Lock Reversal
The commands that need to inputted for this one is exactly the same for 
a regular escape, but you must press 2 (or 1+2 if you are using the 1+2 
method) many more times. Basically, you need to hit the appropriate 
buttons faster. Only for Paul, Jin, King, Nina, and Craig.

Leg Lock Reversal
Same thing for the Arm Lock Reversal. Press the right buttons faster.

-King's Wrist Lock and Stretch Combo are inescapable.
-Yoshimitsu's Sward Stab is inescapable.
-If you fail to escape the first Ultimate Punch in Paul's Ultimate 
Punishment, the rest is inescapable.

Tackling from Behind
Although this is rare, it can happen and there are some differences 
between this and the regular front tackle. First of all, the only 
technique that can be used is Ultimate Punches. Secondly, the tackle 
cannot be escaped or reversed. Thirdly, escaping the punches is 
different. You must press the same punch button as your opponent (i.e. 
1 to escape a left punch, 2 to escape a right punch).


8.About Craig's Mount

Craig's mount is very different from the mount position in the regular 
Ultimate Tackle. Craig will pretty much take the enemy down and then 
sit there, waiting for your input. You can really control the flow of 
the mount; vary your speed, and whatnot. Craig can get into this mount 
in several different ways:

Double Leg Takedown: Press 3+4 to get into the Ready position then hit 
1+2 for the mount. Craig can use this at close or long range.

Ultimate Tackle: If Craig uses the Ultimate Tackle, he will go into his 
mount position instead of the regular one. Craig will also mount if he 
uses the unblockable shoulder ram.

Ultimate Tackle Reversal: Craig will enter his mount by reversing an 
Ultimate Tackle.

Northern Lights Suplex or Powerslam: Press 1+2 during these throws to 

Trap: Reversing a mid or high attack with Trap will cause Craig to 


9.Mounting Techniques

There is a wide range of stuff Craig can do when he mounts his 
opponent. Remember that you can control the speed of the mount. Take 
two quick punches and then slow down the third, then fake the fourth. 
You get what I mean? The whole idea is to be as unpredictable as 
possible. Here are the mounting techniques:

Mount Punches
Press 2 for a right punch and 1 for a left punch. Craig can do up to 
four punches and you can choose which side to attack on any punch. This 
means there are many different combinations. You can also control how 
fast you throw the punches, but if you sit there for too long, Craig 
will end the mount.

Mount Cancel
Press 3+4 before the first Mount Punch or the last Mount Punch.

Triple Head butt
Make Craig's fourth and final Mount Punch a left one, and he will do 
this move automatically.

Arm Lock
Make Craig's fourth and final Mount Punch a right one, and he will do 
this move automatically. If you are playing against Paul, Nina, King, 
or another Craig, they can reverse this by hitting 1+2 repeatedly. If 
this happens to you, you can reverse it again by pressing 1+2 a bunch 
of times yourself. Likewise, your enemy can reverse it AGAIN. 
Therefore, you can both roll around reversing each other until someone 
messes up and gets his arm broken.

Fake Mount Punch
You can fake the fourth right punch and make it the opposite punch. For 
your fourth punch, press either 1 or 2, then quickly press the other. 
For example: 1~2, send left punch, fake it for a right or 2~1, send 
right punch fake it for a left.


10.Mounting Defenses

Hey, if Craig's sitting on top of you, you'd better do something about 
it. Sadly, many of these techniques can be reversed and because of the 
unpredictability in the mount, escaping it can be hard.

Double Leg Takedown Escape
Press 1+2 right when Craig plows into you. This will not work if he 
used the move from long range. It doesn't work for any other mounting 
attack either (Trap, running at you, etc.).

Mount Punch Block
Nope, there's no escaping, only blocking. So if you block the punch, 
the mount will continue. Press 1 to block a right punch and 2 to block 
a left punch. If you block the fourth punch, you will automatically 
push Craig off of you.

Mount Punch Escape
Oh wait there IS an escape. Press 2+4 to escape a left punch and 1+3 to 
escape a right punch. Be careful, though. The Craig player can reverse 
your escape with a Leg Lock by pressing the same buttons you did. For 
example, Craig throws a right Mount Punch. You press 1+3 to escape it, 
but when you do, the Craig player hits 1+3 also and reverses it. The 
mount will still end, thankfully.

-Craig cannot reverse a Mount Punch escape, if it happens on the fourth 
Mount Punch.

Mounting from behind
This isn't likely to happen, but if it does, everything is all the same 
except that you cannot escape or reverse the mount. Another difference 
is that instead of an Arm Lock, Craig will use a chokehold.



I hope this guide cleared up any questions or misunderstandings. If you 
have any comments, suggestions, or info on something not found in this 
guide, please e-mail me at cmhamlin@mchsi.com.



If you contributed to this FAQ, then your name will be here. Here's a 
list of people I would like to thank:
-Jeff "CJayC" Veasey- for maintaining a great site like gamefaqs.com.
-David Draeger- for telling how to do Paul's Ultimate Punch Reversal.

Until we meet again...