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Tekken 4: Kazuya FAQ
          By: Mike Hamlin e-mail cmhamlin@mchsi.com 10/29/02

Table of Contents
1. Copyright Info
2. Version History
3. Intro
4. About Kazuya Mishima
5. Conventions
6. Move List
7. Strategy
8. Combos
9. Outro
10. Credits

1. Copyright Info

This document copyright 2002 to Mike Hamlin. This FAQ may, in no way, 
be illegally reproduced and/or distributed by any means. You may NOT 
rip-off my work and make money for it! JUST DON'T DO IT!!


2. Version History

v.01 10/29/02 First version finished.
v.02 10/31/02 Fixed a couple of errors and added to the combo list. 
Happy Halloween!
v.03 1/30/03 Added the JF Spinning Demon to the movelist and 
strategy section.


3. Intro

Kazuya just happens to be my favorite character in Tekken 4. Although I 
actually like Jun better, she is not in Tekken 4 and I'm a bit 
disappointed. I first started playing as Kazuya in Tekken 2 and I found 
him to be fast and powerful. Jin, from Tekken 3, really didn't help 
much because, although he has a lot of Kazuya's moves, he isn't nearly 
as big of a badass as Kazuya. Then came TTT and finally Tekken 4. I 
hope you enjoy this guide and that you find these strategies helpful in 
some way.


4. About Kazuya Mishima

(The following is Kazuya's story written in my own words. None of this 
has been taken from an official Namco site or the instruction manual of 
the game)

Kazuya Mishima, son of Heihachi Mishima, was a powerful fighter, well 
trained in Mishima Fighting Karate. However, Kazuya had never liked his 
father. Heihachi had always shunned and looked down upon Kazuya. 
Heihachi even chose his adopted son, Lee Chaolan, over Kazuya to study 
business in America. Kazuya soon became jealous and hateful. All of 
this eventually led to Heihachi throwing Kazuya over the edge of a 
cliff. Kazuya survived the fall but was horribly scarred for life. 
Determined to seek revenge, Kazuya entered the King of the Iron Fist 
Tournament and was successful in defeating his father, thanks to the 
powerful Devil Gene in his blood. Kazuya then tossed Heihachi off a 
cliff (like father, like son). Kazuya assumed control over his father's 
financial empire, Mishima Zaibatsu, and began corrupting it. However, 
Heihachi survived his fall as well. After hearing of this news, Kazuya 
decided to hold King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2. Kazuya greatly 
underestimated his father and Heihachi won the tournament. Heihachi 
then threw Kazuya into the mouth of a volcano...

20 years later...

Heihachi could not capture Ogre in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 
3. With his scientists working on a Devil/Human integration project, 
Heihachi soon learned that he needed someone who had the powerful Devil 
Gene. Heihachi immediately set out to search for his grandson, Jin 
Kazama, who had become a devil and disappeared after the tournament. 
However, Heihachi never found him. Suddenly, Heihachi came upon the 
news of the G Corporation, a company dedicated to genetics research. 
Heihachi ordered his Tekken Forces to raid a G Corporation facility. 
Unknown to Heihachi, Kazuya's remains had been found by G Corporation, 
and he was revived. Kazuya allowed the scientists to perform 
experiments on him to learn more about the Devil Gene. The Tekken 
Forces reached the bottom of the facility. Suddenly, Heihachi looked at 
his monitor and saw Kazuya standing there. "You're still alive!?" he 
said. The Tekken soldiers attacked Kazuya, but he soundly defeated them 
all. Then, Kazuya pointed a gun at the remaining soldier. He noticed a 
small camera on the soldier's helmet and he knew Heihachi could see 
him. Kazuya growled, "I'll... get everything back!" He punched the 
soldier, knocking out the camera. Afterwards, Kazuya was not surprised 
to see the announcement of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 4. 
Although Kazuya knew this was a trap, he enters the tournament anyway. 
This is chance to defeat Heihachi once and for all.

Kazuya is the main character of Tekken 4. He is pretty good all the way 
around, but he has some very powerful juggles and most of them come 
from heavy stuns, not lifting his opponent in the air. He is a powerful 
close-range fighter because of his various stunning attacks. Take full 
advantage of his super fast Crouch Dash, as one of his most useful 
moves, the Electric Wind God Fist, comes out of the Crouch Dash. 
Beware, though. He has few long-range attacks, and if you come up 
short, you'll be a sitting duck.


5. Conventions

These are the numbers and symbols I will use to refer to button presses 
and joystick/pad movements. Seasoned Tekken players are probably 
familiar with these.

1- left punch
2- right punch
3- left kick
4- right kick
f- tap forward
b- tap backward
d- tap down
u- tap up
F- hold forward
B- hold backward
D- hold down
U- hold up
N- pad in neutral position
/- press in between the arrows (d/b means down and back together)
+- press buttons simultaneously
~- press buttons very quickly
>- the next button press can be delayed
=- Move is an "add-on" to the move above with lesser indent
_- moves are interchangeable
:- Just Frame input (requires precise timing for button presses)
WR- while rising
WC- while crouching
SS- during sidestep
iWS- instant while rising (d, d/b, N)
CD- crouch dash (f, N, d, d/f)
CH- counter hit
CL- clean hit

Stun Types
There are 3 different types of stuns Kazuya can use on an opponent:
Double-over Stun- Opponent clutches his stomach and falls backward to 
the floor.

Crumple Stun- Opponent clutches his stomach, holds out the other hand, 
and falls face first to the floor.

Knockout Stun- Opponent is knocked to one side and falls to the floor.

Hit ranges
There are 5 hit ranges:

h- High range attack. Block by standing. Avoid by ducking.
m- Mid range attack. Block by standing. Will hit crouching opponent.
l- Low range attack. Block by crouching.
sm- Special mid range attack. Hits mid, but can be blocked when 
!- unblockable.


6. Move List

This is a list of all of Kazuya's moves. I've included the name, how to 
do it, damage, and any special properties the move has. An asterisk (*) 
means that move has a special property. Look for that move name in the 
section below the move list for the move's property. All of the 
commands apply to the character facing right. Reverse them if they are 
facing left.


Name                      Command      Damage            Property

Demon Slayer             1,2,2         hhh/5,10,18      *
Twin Fang Stature Smash  1,2>4         hhl/5,10,17      *
Demon Backhand Spin      2,2           hh/12,21         *
Flash Punch Combo        1,1>2         hhm/5,8,18       *
Soul Thrust              f+2           m/30
Right Splits Kick        f+4           m/27             *
Glorious Demon God Fist  f+1+2         m/25             *
Abolishing Fist          d/f+2         m/21             *
Stature Smash            d/b+4         l/17
Heel Drop                d/f+4>4       mm/10,18         *
Entrails Smash           d/f+1         m/15
Rising Sun               u_u/f+4,4,4,4 mllm/25,15,12,25 *
Skull Splitter           b+1           m/18             *
Overhead Strike          b+2           h/25
Roundhouse               b+4           h/18             *
Lightning Uppercut       b+1+4         !/40
Lightning Screw Uppercut B+1+4         !/80
Demon Scissors           4~3           m/25
Front Kick to Jab        3,1           hh/18,5          *
Left Splits Kick         f,f+3         m/23
Mist Step                f,N           N/A              *
Rising Uppercut          f,N,d,d/f,2   h/25             *
Electric Wind God Fist   f~N~d~d/f+2   h/25             *
Dragon Uppercut          f,N,d,d/f+1   m/29             *
 =to Middle Kick         3             m/20
 =to Spinning Demon      4             l/12
Spinning Demon           f,N,d,d/f+4,4 ll/12,12         *
JF Spinning Demon        f,N,d,d/f+4:4 ll/12,12         *
Hell Lancer              f,N,d,d/f+3   h/23
Demon God Fist           WR,2          m/25             *
Twin Pistons             WR,1,2        mm/12,15
Tsunami Kick             WR,4,4        mm/13,18         *
Spinning Backfist        b,b+2         h/25             *
Jaw Breaker              SS,1+2        h/18
Devastator               d/f+1,f+2     mm/15,18         *
Soul Annihilator         f+1+2,f+2     mm/25,18
Demon's Wrath            b+3,1,4,1     hhlm/17,10,12,17 *
Oni Stomp                d+4           l/18             *
Leaping Sidekick         f,f,f+3       m/30



Name               Command       Position   Damage  Escape  Property

Hip Throw          2+4           Front      28      2
Double High Sweep  f+2+4         Front      30      2
Steel Pedal Drop   2+4_1+3       Left       40      1
Skull Smash        2+4_1+3       Right      40      2
Reverse Neck Throw 2+4_1+3       Behind     50      None
Stone Head         f,f+1+2       Front      33      1+2     *
Ultimate Tackle    d_d/b_d/f+1+2 Any        5       1+2     *
 =Ultimate Punches 1,2,1,2,1     N/A        25      1_2     *
Position Change 1  1+3           Any        N/A     1
Position Change 2  f+1+3         Any        N/A     1
Position Change 3  d+1+3         Any        N/A     1
Position Change 4  u+1+3         Any        N/A     1


10-hit Combos

f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1- 93 damage
f,f,N,2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1- 110 damage
f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1- 104 damage

Move Properties
Demon Slayer- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, the 
rest will follow.
Twin Fang Stature Smash- This move has no guard point. If the first hit 
connects, the rest will follow.
Demons Backhand Spin- This move has no guard point. If the first hit 
connects, the rest will follow.
Flash Punch Combo- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, 
the rest will follow.
Right Splits Kick- Floors an opponent on CH.
Glorious Demon God Fist- Always causes a crumple stun.
Abolishing Fist- 31 damage on CL. Causes a crumple stun on CH.
Heel Drop- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, the rest 
will follow.
Rising Sun- Not all of the kicks will connect.
Skull Splitter- Floors an opponent on CH.
Roundhouse- Causes a knockout stun on CH.
Front Kick to Jab- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, 
the rest will follow.
Mist Step- d/f to cancel into Crouch Dash. See Mist Step in the strategy 
section for more details.
Rising Uppercut- Juggle on CH.
Electric Wind God Fist- Juggle on CH. See EWGF in the strategy section for 
more details.
Dragon Uppercut- Launches an opponent and causes 43 damage on CL.
Spinning Demon- Floors opponent and causes 18 damage on CL only when the 
second sweep is NOT executed. If both sweeps are used, the first trips the 
enemy and causes 15 damage.
JF Spinning Demon- See strategy section fro more details.
Demon God Fist- Causes a double over stun if executed at close range. On CH, 
causes a double over stun where the enemy falls forwards instead of 
Tsunami Kick- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, the 
rest will follow.
Spinning Backfist- Causes a knockout stun on CH.
Devastator- This move has no guard point. If the first hit connects, the rest 
will follow.
Demon's Wrath- Last hit causes a crumple stun and exposes the enemy's left 
Oni Stomp- Only works on grounded opponents.
Stone Head- Tech roll possible by hitting an attack button when your legs 
touch the ground.
Ultimate Tackle- Reversal possible by hitting 1+2 when your back hits the 
Ultimate Punches- Punches can flow in any of these possibilities: 


7. Strategy

First, let's go over Kazuya's strengths and weaknesses.

-Kazuya is very powerful. His close range moves are very damaging and often 
result in major stuns on CH. Some moves don't require CH and will always 
stun, making him all the more lethal.
-Kazuya is a powerful juggler. Although, it takes a while to get used to his 
best juggling moves, you'll find that he can do some pretty impressive stuff. 
Familiarize yourself with moves like the EWGF and you'll be well on your way 
to juggling.
-Kazuya doesn't have many moves that lift his opponents in the air, so it's 
not surprising to see that many of his powerful combos come from stunning. He 
is an excellent close range fighter.

-Kazuya is a little slow. His powerful stunning moves are slow compared to 
his uppercuts. It takes patience and timing to land that Glorious Demon God 
Fist that puts you into a high damage combo.
-Kazuya has few long-range attacks. The only one that has some real range on 
it is the Hell Lancer, and that one hits high, meaning your opponent will be 
waiting to duck it.
-Kazuya has few low attacks. The Spinning Demon is the only attack that is a 
useful low one. However, you'll soon find that it is very useful because of 
its speed.

Stunning Strategy
First off, Kazuya's stunning moves require him to be close to his opponents. 
The best time to try a stun is when you duck a high attack or a throw. When 
this happens, come back up with the Demon God Fist, then knock them in the 
air with the Rising Uppercut or EWGF. That's right; once the guy's stunned, 
you can send him straight up in the air, which results in a very powerful 
combo. A simple juggle like this one (WR,2 EWGF f+2) causes 74 damage, a 
little less than half the opponent's life bar. You can also try using the 
Abolishing Fist on your stunned opponent to knock him into ANOTHER stun. 
Experiment. Play around. Also notice that on CH, you can use a simple jab 
or d/f+4 and follow up with u/f,N+4 for another way to juggle.
The Abolishing Fist is also a nice stunning move. It's fast and it causes 
great damage. Also, it pushes your opponent back on a CL, so they can't 
retaliate so easily. Another tactic is to use the move and immediately use it 
again after they block it. I can't tell you how many times I've done this. 
The guy blocks the first one and tries to retaliate only to be caught in a CH 
by the next Abolishing Fist. It sounds crazy, I know, but everyone falls for 
it at least once.
Kazuya's last good stunning move is the Glorious Demon God Fist. You'll 
notice right away that this move is quite slow, both in execution and 
recovery. Kazuya takes a big step forward, though, giving it a nice long 
range. Try it on an enemy who sidesteps a lot because it has nice tracking 
ability, as well. If the enemy blocks it, however, you're in for some damage. 
If you add the f+2 to it, you can push the enemy back and hopefully prevent 
them from attacking you, but it's no guarantee.

Mist Step
One Kazuya's most interesting moves is the Mist Step. Kazuya sidesteps 
automatically during this move, but if you press d/f, it cancels into a 
crouch dash. Moves such as the Rising Uppercut, Dragon Uppercut, Hell Lancer, 
and Spinning Demon can be executed with this motion: f,N,d/f. This means that 
he can execute these moves VERY QUICKLY. Try a Spinning Demon. If you're 
close enough, you can floor your opponent in the blink of an eye. Most human 
players are open to low attacks, so as long as you don't abuse this move, 
it's great way to clip the other player. One thing about the Mist Step is 
that you cannot Wave Dash with it. A Wave Dash is a bunch of Crouch Dashes 
strung together. The motion is like this:


This tactic can really trick your opponent. Also notice that when you press f 
during an actual crouch dash, you can follow that with 3 for a Left Splits 
Kick, a useful mid attack to use in conjunction with those low Spinning 

JF Spinning Demon

The advantage to this is that when you connect with the first sweep, it can 
cause a small stagger if it is not CL. If you use both sweeps, the second 
sweep, the first will trip the opponent always. By inputting the second 2 JF
fashion, the first sweep will still cause the stagger and second sweep will 
trip your opponent, giving you juggle opportunities.

The Electric Wind God Fist, or EWGF

What is this EWGF? It's basically a better version of a regular Rising 
Uppercut. The differences are: the EWGF has faster execution and recovery 
time, knocks the enemy over on a hit, and pushes the enemy back on a block. 
This move is difficult to execute because you have to be so fast with the pad           
movements. Practice this move a lot to get it down, because it allows you to 
perform some spectacular juggles. Don't overuse it, though, because it still 
hits high and most human players will learn to duck it, despite its speed.

Long Range Game

Kazuya lacks long range moves and is therefore better suited for close-range 
fighting, especially because of his powerful stuns. The moves he has that do 
have some nice range on them are the Glorious Demon God Fist, Hell Lancer, 
and Demon Scissors. The Hell Lancer is pretty fast and can put a surprise on 
your opponent, but they will duck it if you keep using it over and over. The 
Demon Scissors can be a nice move to close the gap with your enemy and since 
you finish the move on the ground, it will limit the way your opponent might 
retaliate. The Demon Scissors also has a faster version. By pressing u/f+4~3, 
the move goes a little faster and actually makes it possible to hit grounded 

On the attack

With Kazuya, learn to sidestep and be evasive, then strike when your opponent 
messes up. This does NOT mean to turtle and NEVER attack, but sidestepping 
can be useful for fooling your enemy. Stay just outside of sweeping range and 
sidestep back and forth. This sideways movement constantly forces your enemy 
to move back or forth to prevent you from circling. If they move into sweep 
range, stop sidestepping because all they have to do is rush at you during a 
sidestep and hit you because your guard is down while sidestepping. To combat 
this, cancel sidesteps with b. Sidestep, cancel, sidestep, cancel, sidestep, 
cancel. Do this over and over to fool with your enemy while still keeping 
your guard up. Once you block an attack, come back with one of your own. If 
you have the time, a powerful move is nice, but try using moves such as Flash 
Punch Combo and Demon Slayer. These moves cause moderate damage but the real 
beauty of them is that once you start connecting, they can't block the rest. 
And if you duck a high attack or throw, punish them with a Demon God Fist, 
then lift them in the air and juggle them. And if your opponent is a hot 
head, keep him at bay with a quick low right kick. This keeps him out of 
sweeping range, while delivering small amounts of damage. Be sure to mix this 
up with a couple mid attacks to avoid predictability.


8. Combos

The following are some nice juggles for Kazuya. The first five are the sample 
combos available in Practice mode. The rest are my own and some others that 
I've seen. If you have any good combos, especially wall combos, please e-mail 
me and tell me about them.

WR,1,2 f+2
f+1+2 u/f+4,4 d/f+4,4
WR,2 d/f+2 3,1 d/f+1,f+2
WR,2 EWGF f,N,d/f+1,3
WR,2 f,N,d/f+2 f,N,d/f+2 f,N,d/f,2 (Let Kazuya move forward before last hit)
f+1+2 d/f+1,f+2
f+1+2 f,N,d/f+4,4
f,N,d/f+2 (CH) 1 1,2>4 (delay the last hit)
WR,2 f,f 1 f,f,N,2,1,4,4,2,4,3
f+2 (wall) f,N,d/f+1,3
WR,2 f+1+2,f+2
b+3,1,4,1 f,N,d/f+1,3
WR,2 d/f+2 f,N,d/f+2 d/f+4,4
WR,2 d/f+2 d/f+2


9. Outro

Well, that's about all I have to say. Kazuya is such a great character, with 
his powerful stuns, great juggles, and a wicked personality. I hope this guy 
makes it to the next Tekken!


10. Credits

If you contributed anything to this FAQ, such as a combo or if you correct me 
on an error, I will be sure to include your name here:
gamefaqs.com: for being a really good site.

Until we meet again...