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Tekken 4 Jin FAQ
         By: Mike Hamlin e-mail cmhamlin@mchsi.com 2/24/02

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. Version History
3. Intro
4. About Jin
5. Button Conventions
6. Move List
7. Strategy
8. Combos
9. Outro
10. Credits


1. Copyright Info

This document copyright 2002 by Mike Hamlin. This guide may, in no way, be
illegally reproduced or distributed for profit. For personal use only.
This guide will appear ONLY at gamefaqs.com. Please contact me if you find
this guide at another site.


2. Version History

v.01 12/26/02- First version complete.
v.02 5/25/03- Added a new move.


3. Intro

Jin is quite possibly THE most popular character in the entire Tekken
series. Jin dominates the upper tiers in almost any tournament and there's
no arguing there; Jin is just as powerful, if not, more, than his "old
self." Jin has been almost completely remade with a host of new moves as
well as some returning favorites. You'll have to get used to Jin all over
again, but keep in mind that once you are good with him, you'll be quite a


4. About Jin

After the events of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, Jin settled down
in Brisbane, Australia. Although it was a bustling city, Jin trained every
day at a small dojo. Jin now hated everything about his lineage. He hated
his father and grand-father, his fighting style, and almost himself.
Because of this, Jin distanced himself from the Mishima bloodline by un-
learning his fighting style and mastering a different form of karate. When
Jin heard rumors of the announcement of the King of Iron Fist Tournament
4, Jin decided to enter the tournament in order to destroy his evil
bloodline once and for all.


5. Button Conventions

The following are the numbers and symbols I use to refer to pad motions
and button presses:

1- left punch
2- right punch
3- left kick
4- right kick
f- tap forward
b- tap backward
d- tap down
u- tap up
F- hold forward
B- hold backward
D- hold down
U- hold up
N- pad in neutral position
/- press in between the arrows (d/b means down and back together)
+- press buttons simultaneously
~- press buttons very quickly
>- the next button press can be delayed
=- Move is an "add-on" to the move above with lesser indent
*- Hold down the button before the asterisk
_- moves are interchangeable
QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
WR- while rising
WC- while crouching
SS- during sidestep
SSR- during right sidestep
SSL- during left sidestep
iWS- instant while rising (d,d/b,N)
CD- crouch dash (f,N,d,d/f)
CH- counter hit
CL- clean hit

Hit ranges
There are 5 hit ranges:

h- High range attack. Block by standing. Avoid by ducking.
m- Mid range attack. Block by standing. Will hit crouching opponent.
l- Low range attack. Block by crouching.
sm- Special mid range attack. Hits mid, but can be blocked when
!- unblockable.


6. Move List

This is a list of all of Jin's moves. I've included the name, how to
do it, the damage, and any special properties a move might have. If
there is an asterisk (*), look for the move name in the section below
for the move property.


Name                           Command         Damage              Property

Left Right Combo               1,2             hh/7,12
 =Spinning Hook Kick           >4              h/22
 =Axe Kick                     3               m/25
Left Elbow                     b+1             h/14
Right Elbow                    f+2             h/22
Left Roundhouse                f+3             m/16
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -                   *
Front Thrust Kick              f+4             m/21                *
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Spinning Sidekick              b+4             m/18
Corpse Thrust                  d+1             m/24
Right Sweep                    d+4             l/15
Knee Popper to Sidekick        d+3,3           lm/7,10
Spinning High Kick             u_u/f_u/b+3     h/30
Front Jump Kick                u_u/f+4         h/25
Uppercut                       d/f+2           m/15                *
Left Sidekick                  d/f+3           m/15
 =Spinning Sidekick            4               m/18
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Blade Kick                     d/f+4           h/33
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Right Low Roundhouse           d/b+4           l/15                *
Double Chamber Punch           1+2             hh/10,21            *
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Power Stance                   b+1+2           !/0                 *
 =Attack Reversal              f,f,B,2+4       Varies              *
 =Omen                         d,u,b,f         -                   *
Double Lift Kick               d+3+4           mh/5,15             *
Avenger                        u/b+1+2         !/100               *
Switch Blade                   2,4             hh/10,14            *
Spinning Flare Kick            3~4             m/28                *
Right Backfist Left Roundhouse b+2,3           hm/12,21
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Thrust to Roundhouse           d/f+1,4         mm/12,15
Thrust to Low Trick Kick       d/f+1,4,4       ml/12,13
Double Thrust Roundhouse       2,1,4           hmm/10,10,15
Double Thrust Low Trick Kick   2,1,4,4         hml/10,10,13
Stinger                        f+3~3           m/22
Heat Seeker                    f+3~3>3         mm/22,13
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Feint Kick Combo               1,3~3>3         hmm/7,22,13
Crouching Uppercut             WR+2            m/15
Left Spinning Back Kick        WR+3            h/28                *
Twin Lancer                    WR+1,2          mm/10,16
Laser Cannon                   b,f+2>1>2       mmm/18,14,24        *
Laser Scraper                  b,f+2>1>d+2     mmm/18,14,15
Laser Annihilator              b,f+2>1>d+2*    mm!/18,14,22
JF Laser Scraper               b,f+2>1>d+2*    mm!/18,14,22        *
Left Roundhouse Punch          f,N,d,D/F,1     m/22
Right Roundhouse Punch         f,N,d,D/F,2     h/25
Electric Wind Hook Fist        f,N~d~d/f+2     h/27
L.L.R.K.                       f,N,d,D/F,4     l/18
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
 =Spinning Flare Kick          3+4             m/21
Demon Hop                      f,N,d,d/f,u/f   -
Leaping Sidekick               f,N,d,d/f,u/f+3 m/30
Demon's Paw                    f,f+2           m/24
Right Axe Kick                 f,f+4           m/19
Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo       1,3,2,1,4       hhmml/6,10,10,10,10
 =Mental Alertness             ~d+1+2          -
Left Axe Kick                  f,f+3           m/25
 =Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo     1,3,2,1,4       hhmml/6,10,10,10,10
  =Mental Alertness            ~d+1+2          -
 =Feint Kick Combo             1,3~3>3         hmm/7,22,13
  =Mental Alertness            d+1+2           -
Mental Alertness Taunt         1+3+4           -


Moves from Omen

Name                             Command         Damage

Soul Rage Right Roundhouse Punch f,N,d,D/F,2     h/30
Soul Rage L.L.R.K                f,N,d,D/F,4     l/22
 =Spinning Flare Kick            3+4             m/21
Soul Rage 8 Hit Combo            1,2,3,1,3,2,1,4 hhmhhmml/7,12,25,6,10,10,10,10
 =Mental Alertness               ~d+1+2          -
Soul Rage 6 Hit Combo            1,2,3,f+1,3~3,3 hhmhmm/7,12,25,7,22,13
 =Mental Alertness               ~d+1+2          -



Name                      Command         Position Damage Escape Property

Over the Shoulder Reverse 2+4             Front    30     2
Shoulder Flip             2+4             Left     43     1
Over the Limit            2+4             Right    40     2
Pivoting Hip Throw        2+4             Behind   50     None
Tidal Wave                u/f+1+2         Front    30     1+2
JF Tidal Wave             u/f+1+2,u/b+3+4 Front    32     1+2    *
Complicated Wire          QCB+1+3         Front    35     1
Parry                     b+2+4           -        0      -      *
Position Change 1         1+3             Any      0      1
Position Change 2         f+1+3           Any      0      1
Position Change 3         d+1+3           Any      0      1
Position Change 4         u+1+3           Any      0      1

(Note: Although Jin does not have an alternate method for tackling like Paul,
Craig, Kazuya, or King, he can still use the Arm Lock with 1+2 while tackling.)


Jin does not have any 10 hit combos

Move Properties
Mental Alertness- This move powers up Jin, signified by his glowing red hands.
While his hands are glowing, all attacks against an enemy cause guard damage. If an
attack connects with the enemy, it counts as CH but Mental Alertness will stop.
Also, Jin will not be able to guard and all hits against Jin will count as CH.
Effects wear off after his hands stop glowing or until Jin connects with an attack.
To activate, the move MUST connect with the enemy before you press d+1+2. The only
exception is the Kazama Style 5 Hit Combo, where you can activate Mental Alertness
whether the last hit connects or not.
Front Thrust Kick- On CH, causes a crumple stun and exposes enemy's side.
Uppercut- Juggle on CH.
Right Low Roundhouse- Floors an opponent on CH.
Double Chamber Punch- If the first hit connects, the rest will follow.
Attack Reversal- Time with enemy attack. Damage varies depending on which limb is
Power Stance- Blocks attack and pushes the enemy back. While Jin's hands are
glowing, the same properties for Mental Alertness are in effect.
Omen- To activate Omen, do b+1+2*, then while Jin is doing power stance, keep 1+2
held down and enter d,u,b,f or d,b,u,f. If done correctly, Jin will go into Mental
Alertness, which has the same properties as a regular Mental Alertness. The moves
for Omen can be executed any time after Omen or after Mental Alertness stops, but
the time frame is not infinite. Also, some moves will cancel Omen and you will not
be able to execute Omen moves until you use Omen again.
Double Lift Kick- If the first hit connects, the rest will follow.
Avenger- Cancel with b,b.
Switch Blade- If the first hit connects, the rest will follow.
Spinning Flare Kick- Can hit grounded opponents.
Laser Cannon- On CH, first hit causes crumple stun.
JF Laser Scraper- More details in the strategy section below.
Left Spinning Back Kick- Can also be used with f,N,d,d/f,3.
JF Tidal Wave- To execute properly, enter u/f+1+2, then IMMEDIATELY hit u/b+3+4.
Parry- Works on high and mid attacks only. More details in the strategy section


7. Strategy

Let's take a look at Jin's strengths and weaknesses:

-Jin is a powerful, yet quick fighter. His balance of power and speed is what makes
him so deadly.
-One Jin's deadliest weapons is his JF Laser Scraper. Mastering this move takes
time, but its versatility is well worth the effort.
-Like before, Jin has wickedly powerful juggles. His uppercuts are his main
starters that cause decent damage in their own right, but the follow-ups can be

-Jin lacks good low attacks, making just as predictable as before.
-The JF Laser Scraper may tempt you to use that move only with a few others, but to
be successful with Jin, you must learn to not rely on just a handful of moves.
-A good number of Jin's moves have a little slower execution. A good poking
character can quickly interrupt Jin's attacks and put the fight in his favor.
-Jin has some awesome juggles, but most of them are difficult to pull off. Unless
you're up against an expert player, don't expect many powerful juggles.

Mixing up the attack
Jin doesn't have a lot of low attacks. However, the ones he does have cause
sufficient damage. His simple Right Sweep is a good example. Use this move hit your
opponent randomly but also try to hit your opponent if they are on the ground. You
can also use attacks such as the Knee Popper to Left Sidekick and Thrust to Trick
Low Kick to switch your hit levels. A good mid, low game is always a great way to
chip away at your enemy's health.

If you can get your opponent in the air, you'll some great opportunities to damage
your opponent. If you stay evasive and wait for the opponent to slip up, you can
knock him in the air for some damage. Jin has many ways to do this. The Double Lift
Kick and Crouching Uppercut get the job done nicely. After they are in the air, use
Jin's heavy hitting attacks to dish out serious damage. Using a combo like 1,2,4
also has the added bonus of knocking the enemy clear across the screen, setting you
up for a running stomp or unblockable tackle. The Front Thrust Kick is a good move
to end a juggle because of its power and range. Also, some moves make the enemy hit
the ground fast, such as 1,2,3. If this happens you can usually follow up with one
last Right Sweep to tack on some extra damage. Just remember to throw everything
you have at an airborne enemy, because juggling is like free hits. After a big
juggle, you can use the Mental Alertness Taunt to generally piss of your opponent
and size them up. Psychology is a key to victory, too.

The Electric Wind Hook Fist or EWHF
This move is a better version than Jin's Right Roundhouse Punch. It still hits
high, but it has lightning quick speed and faster recovery time. To do it properly,
you must hit the d/f and the 2 at the exact same time. The time window between the
d/f and 2 is 3 frames, so practice this move to get it down. It is great to end
juggles with because of the speed and range. However, if you abuse this move, your
enemy will learn to duck it, despite its speed.

Omen and Mental Alertness
These moves are like a double edged sword. With Mental Alertness, all of your
attacks cause guard damage and count as CH. However, Jin can't block and all
attacks against him are CH also. If you plan to use Mental Alertness, attack
quickly, because you can't block. Overall, though, it isn't really useful unless
you're desperate. Omen is also somewhat impractical because of how long it takes to
execute. The Power Stance can push the enemy back, but while Jin is doing Mental
Alertness, you're likely to get hit. The only time you can safely do this, is when
the enemy is far away from you. A hit from the Blade Kick, will put some distance
between you two, but Omen isn't terribly useful. The moves just cause a little
extra damage, but it is pretty to cool to see Jin's hands glow while he attacks.

JF Laser Scraper
Here it is, the most widely used, and abused, move in Jin's arsenal. Basically,
this is an UNBLOCKABLE JUGGLE STARTER!! The move takes some practice to use
properly, though. To use it, you must hold down d+2, but not so long so that you
use the slow Laser Annihilator. It's more of a Just Frame release. Release the 2
just when the blue glow appears on Jin's hand and you'll see it glow for just a
split second and then comes the 22 damage unblockable uppercut. It's so useful
because even if the first two hits are blocked, they still stun your opponent,
which will limit them on how they react because if the second hit is blocked, it
leaves the enemy with only a 2 frame advantage. A common way to avoid JFLS is to
quickly side step to the right after the second hit of the string is blocked. Also,
poking characters can quickly break up the attack because the first hit has slower
execution time. It is difficult to avoid this move but abusing it only means that your
opponent will learn to deal with it. I advise looking at Jake_HK's FAQ on the JFLS
for more info on defending against it. You can find this guide at

Jin's Parry
Another extremely useful move in Jin's arsenal is his high and mid parry. Unlike
regular parries, Jin can gain bigger frame advantages with his. A regular parry
stops the attack all together. When Jin parries, he simply does a quick side step
and the enemy's string will continue. This allows Jin to parry moves and retaliate
quickly. Jin can gain especially large frame advantages if he parries a move with
slow recovery. The thing to remember is that with regular parries, you get the same
frame advantage no matter what you parry. Jin's parry has a lot more flexibility to
it. After parrying an attack, good follow ups include the Switch Blade, his 2,1,
Double Thrusts, EWHF, and even a JFLS is you can get a big enough frame advantage.
But keep in mind that Jin can't parry low attacks like this and that sometimes, he
can parry a quick move and end up getting a smaller frame advantage than a regular
parry. Of course, the parry won't make you invulnerable, so don't forget to block,


8. Combos

The following are some nice juggles for Jin. The first five are the
sample combos available in Practice mode. The rest are my own and some
others that I've seen. If you have any good combos, especially wall
combos, please e-mail me and tell me about them.

f,N,d,d/f,4 f+4
d+3+4 1,2,3 d+4
WR+2 f,f 2,1 d/f+4
WR+2 f,f 2,1 f,f 1 f,f 2,4
b+1+2 b,f+2,1,d+2 f,N,d,d/f,2 1 EWHF
b+1+2*,d,u,b,f b,f+2,1,d+2 b+3 1 f,N,d,d/f,2
f,f+3,1 f,f 1 f,f 1,3~3 d+4
WR+2 1 f,f 1 f,f 1,3~3 d+4
WR+2 1 f,f 1 f,f 1,2,4
JFLS b,f+2,1,2
WR+2 1,2 1,2 f,f+2


9. Outro

Although Jin is much different from what he used to be, he is still a very popular
character and I'm sure he'll be back for Tekken 5. Jin's speed and power make him a
deadly adversary so be wary when facing this devil.


10. Credits

If you contributed anything to this FAQ, such as a combo or if you correct me
on an error, I will be sure to include your name here:
gamefaqs.com: for being a really good site.

Until we meet again...