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How do I beat Albedo?

How do I kill Albedo?- When he isn't in an A.G.W.S. I don't wanna use Erde Kaiser because i don't use Shion unless I'm desperate, and i don't wanna get rid of any of my current party. ( MOMO level 40, Jr. level 40, KOS-MOS level 39.) He keeps confusing MOMO and Jr., and I don't think I have any accesories that prevent it.. Unless i go in an A.G.W.S.

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Umm.. Ya i know chaos is useful but as i said i don't wanna get rid of my party members, if i did i wouldn't know who to get rid of, every party member has a JOB that i give them for example, MOMO is a healer. ( again i don't like shion..) oh and the white ring goes to KOSMOS, considering she is almost as slow as Ziggy. I think MOMO is fast enough, her speed is 9. And i can't use chaos, i have never used him so he has no ether stuff, and no fast tech attacks..

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I don't use chaos. the characters that are up there are the only ones i can use due to leveling and tech attacks.

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redeyes6778 answered:

Firstly you need light and wings, an ether that chaos learns to dispel his speed buff, you should have an acc called blade soul (found in the level where you had to fight tiamat boss) that you can extract confusion guard.

Chaos is really useful for this fight as albedo reduces all elements except spirit by 75%, try and extract agl+1 from white ring and equip the ring and set the skill to momo, that should make her fast enough to heal the damage that albedo does
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