Xenosaga(TM): Episode I 
         Der Wille zur Macht
         Guide to winning millions on slot machines fast 
         Author: FlyBri2201  
         email: bjbradach@yahoo.com

Version 1.2

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Update History 1.2 Added some extra tips submitted by others.  These include
                   how to win over 5,000,000 coins in one shot, as well as 
                   how to quick buy items in the exchange shop of the casino.
                   Also added is a mention of the ability to stop reels in 
                   whatever order you desire and a way to save money by
                   betting less on the normal reels.
               1.1 Added 9,999,999 coin glitch/gift Under Important Information
                   Added Credits and made minor changes to FAQ section
               1.0 Original

1. Introduction
2. Important Information
3. Three step process to winning big
  3.a. Step One: Getting used to the Normal Reel
  3.b. Step Two: Special Reels and matching the Super 7's
  3.c. Step Three: Mastering the Nine Reel and Raking in the Coins
4. Investment vs. Results
5. FAQ
6. Credits

1. Introduction

I have used the Walkthroughs on GameFAQs from time to time, and I decided it 
was the least I could do to contribute something.  I have seen the walkthroughs
for the poker game, and they do strategize well how to win over time for sure.
However, after winning about 150,000 on poker I started to get bored and 
decided to give the slots a try. Two hours later I have...hold on let me 
check.... 9,699,999 more coins than I know how to deal with. That amount of 
coins is the result of only 7 or so payouts. All you need is minimal luck, some
sense of rhythm, a quick trigger finger, and far less patience than you need to
win 300,000 coins in the poker game.

2. Important information


Ok, if you take some time using this method to build your coins up to 9,999,999
for every coin above 9,999,999 you earn, the casino apparently rewards you by
placing 8 GP in your account.  So that means if you have 9,999,999 coins and
win say 100 GP in double or nothing, you wont see it added to your coins
total above 9,999,999, but you will be awarded 800 GP.  Yes, that means you 
don't have to go through the trouble of trading in your coins for items and
then selling those items for GP.  The first time I checked my GP after playing
slots up to 9,999,999 coins, I had 11,942,823 GP.  Thank you casino.  Forget 
what you have heard anywhere else, this is the fastest way to make money in
Xenosaga(TM).  I do not know what will happen if you go over 999,999,999GP and
I don't plan on finding out for myself.  Do so at your own risk.

Also. throughout the guide are some additions.  To see what those additions 
are, it is probably best to sheck in the credits section.  Then if you are 
interested, you can look through the guide to find them.  It shouldn't be too 
difficult, this guide is fairly short.


In this slot machine game, there are three reels rotating vertically to begin
with, similar to classic style slots. There are five places where you can bet
money on the reels. The more places you bet on means the more chances you have
to match three icons in a row. Each betting location matches up to a line
through which you want to line up icons. These lines are from left to right,
the three horizontal and two diagonal lines for a total of 5 chances to win if
you bet them all, which you should. 

You can then bet up to three coins per line. Each coin you bet multiplies the
payout you'll receive if that line is a winner. So the maximum bet per spin is
fifteen coins, three coins per line times five lines played. Fifteen coins may
not seem like a lot right now, but if you are playing level 4 slots, this will
add up to 450 coins bet per spin! There is a legend at the bottom telling you
the payouts if you match up any three like icons. As you can see three 7's are
the highest payout. However, even more important are the three icons that if
matched bring a new reel.

These new reels are special payout reels that are timed, that is you only have 
as many spins as you can fit into about 20-25 seconds. You do have to pay for 
spins in the special reels, so keep that in mind. These special reels are where
the money is made in slots though. After the timer runs out on a special reel,
you will be returned to the normal game, unless you are in the middle of a
spin, which you will be allowed to finish first, with one exception being the
nine reel which I will explain later.

Unlike in the casinos, you determine whether or not you become a millionaire on
slots in Xenosaga. That is, this is a game of skill not chance for the most 
part. You are the one who stops the reels in this game with a tap of the circle
button. This is the key to winning.

3. Three step process to winning big

I'd say there is about a three step process to win big on slots...

  3.a. Step One: Getting used to the Normal Reel

First, take five minutes to play the level one game. Only bet one coin on one
of the payout lines. This is merely a practice for you to get used to the
timing of when you hit the circle button and when the reels stop. If you bet
one coin on each of the five pay lines, you have a good chance of
accidentially matching three new reel icons. The important thing is to get the
timimg of hitting the circle button though. 

Now, once you are comfortable with this, you should let all three reels spin
and just take a minute to observe them. The icons repeat in the pattern they
appear as if they were painted on a circle that continuously spins. That is,
if you look only for the sevens, you will see they appear in a group of 2 on
the first reel every 2 or so seconds.  Do something whenever you see the 7's
appear like nod your head or tap your fingers. This will help you get a sense
of timing for the sevens and when they will appear. 

Once you think you have the timing down go ahead and try to stop the first reel
so both 7's are within sight. If you did this great, if not, try again.  If 
you're on level one slots you're not gonna go broke anytime soon. 

Now for reel two. This reel only has one 7. It can be tricky to do, but
the goal is to stop this one right in the middle. the reason for this is that
if you stopped the first reel with both 7's showing, a 7 in the middle will
give you two chances to match with a 7 in the third reel. You will have a
potential horizontal and diagonal combination. 

Now for the third reel. This reel has three 7's on it, one by itself, and two
that are grouped together maybe two spots down the reel from the first 7 kind
of like this but scrolling downwards * 7 * * 7 7 * *. You will see what I mean
for all of this if you try the slots for yourself. Anyways, you can use the
first 7 as a cue to let you know the next two are coming up soon. When you see
the first seven appear, you will want to wait a split second, then stop the
reel. If you did this right, you will have stopped the last reel with two
seven's showing. 

If you stopped all three reels perfectly, you can have two lines with three
7's matching. If, not just a little practice will have you matching 7's on
almost every spin. Do not leave this step until you are comfortable matching
7's on the normal reel, for this skill will become crucial later on. 

Remember also that you can actually stop the reels in any order while they are
spinning.  This knowledge can come in useful as I will explain later.

  3.b. Step Two: Special Reels and matching the Super 7's

Second, get used to the special reels. I have minimal success matching up any
other symbols besides the 7's but you may have better luck than I do. However,
if you bet five lines at a time, you will not have to wait very long to get a
special reel, maybe 10 spins, if you just mash on the circle button. This is
the most luck you will need in this strategy unless you use the 7's as cues for
the position of the new reel icons. For example, I noticed that the gold/white
icon ususally follows the 7's in the reel, so if I wait until I see the 7's to
stop each reel, there is usually a good chance of matching three new reel
icons, thus brining on the new reel. 

The new reels are special because they have new icons added to them. There are
several kinds of new reels, and matching up any three same new reel icons in
the normal game can bring about any of the new reels, except for the nine reel
which I will talk about soon. One new reel has jokers, which are wild like in
poker and can help in matching up new reel icons if you do not like the
special reel you are on. There are icons that have 'out' written on them.
These icons are dead spots on the reel that will not match up with anything
including other out icons. 

The most important new reel to you will be one that has the 'Super' 7 icons.
The icon will say super 7 and it will be gold in color. There are two setups
of special reels that have this icon on it. One is much like the normal reel,
except the 7's have been replaced with super 7's. Remember step one when I
said you wanted to be good at matching up 7's. Well this is your chance to
shine. You have about 20-25 seconds to match up three super 7's. If you do
this you are money. Well, you at least have the chance to win lots of money,
er coins. It will bring you to the Nine reel special reel, we will cover the
nine reel very soon.  Also note that you can get three bunnies on this reel,
which will double your winnings if you happen to hit a Super 7's.  That is, a 
normal match of Super 7's would normally mean you begin with 2700 or 5400 in
the Nine-reel.  However with a bunnie double multiplier, that will now be 
5400 or 10800.  This means you have the potential to win over 5,000,000 coins
in on etrip to the nine-reel.  Mot bad at all.  If you hit the double bunnies
the timer will also reset, giving you another 25 or so seconds to match up
one or two lines of Super 7's, so bear that in mind.

The other type of special reel that has super 7's is a three reel like the
normal one except that all the normal icons have been removed. Instead you
have only super 7's and 'out' icons. Once again you have to match up three
super sevens. By this point you should know how to time the reels so you can 
stop then with super 7's showing. One tip I can give is that the second
reel has a pattern something like this moving downward of course 07070007700. 
You want to use the first grouping of 707 to tip you off so by the time you
hit the circle, the reels will have stopped on the 077 or 770. Once again, if
you have done this right, you will go to the nine reel special reels.  Sadly
this reel of Super 7's does not have the bunnies, so the max you can bring
into the nine-reel from this special reel is 5400 coins if you match two
lines of Super 7's.

If you have trouble matching the Super 7's, it is possibly because you have
difficulty with one of the three reels.  Since you have only 25 seconds to 
match Super 7's, you may need to maximize your time.  The best way to do this
for some may be to stop the one reel that gives you the most difficulty first.
If you do this and stop it with a 7 showing, you can then proceed to stop the
two reels you have more of a command over.  If you stop that first reel, 
however, and it isn't showing a Super 7, you can quickly tank the next two 
reels and try again.  Beginning with the most difficult reel may give those of
you who have trouble timing the reels at least a few more shots at getting to
the nine-reel each time you get a special reel.

  3.c. Step Three: Mastering the Nine Reel and Raking in the Coins

Finally, its time for the Nine Reel special reel. This is your big opportunity.
In this special set of reels, there are nine horizontally scrolling reels with
x's and o's on them. The patterns on these reels repeat just like every other
reel we've seen up to this point. The only difference is that these scroll
horizontally. There is a time delay between when you hit the circle button and
when the reel stops so take this into consideration when you hit the circle
button. The delay is maybe a half second, but it enough to cost you if you
don't know about it. 

Landing on a O is good and landing on an X is very bad.  Each O doubles your
winnings from the super sevens in the previous reel which is either going to 
be 2700 or 5400. So say you won 2700 in the super sevens the first O you hit 
will make it 5400, the second will be 10800, and so on until you have done 
this nine times and have a cool 1382400 coins. Yes 1382400 coins. If you start
with 5400 coins, that is going to be 2764800 coins. Not bad for a short bit of
work. Now, the arrangement of x's and o's can vary from reel to reel, with
some having all O's and some being XOOOXOXOXOOOX, so use your own discretion
of when you want to stop, because you can stop anytime before you hit an X.
An X completely wipes any winnings you have from this double or nothing reel.
Also, you only have 20-25 seconds to go through 9 reels, so you need to keep
that in mind. But do not panic, 20-25 seconds is quite enough.  Take your time
and don't get greedy.  Even if you only make it through 7 or 8 of the reels,
that is still a better payday that you will ever see in poker.

4. Investment vs. Results

Lets recap the investment here. You actually only need to bet 30 coins per 
line on level 4 during the normal reels.  Once you get the special reel with 
the Super 7's you can then up your bid to 90 coins per line. On level four to 
play 5 lines with thirty coins bet per line is 450 coins per spin. If it takes
ten spins to get a special reel that is 1500 coins, and say you have to repeat
the process in order to get a reel with super sevens, that could be 10000 or
so max. So, the risk is moderate, but to be on the safe side win 20000 either
betting lower stakes slots or my recommendaton is to play high stakes poker to
win the initial 10000-40000 you will use in high stakes slots. But when you 
want to multiply that 10-40K into a cool 1-5 million in no time flat, then it's 
the time to move over to slots. Plus it feels good to know that your skills 
from years of hitting the circle button played a large part in your winnings, 
not just merely stacked odds in your favor like in the poker game. So, whenever
you feel confident, step up to level 4 slots and let it ride!

5. FAQ

Q- If I don't want to earn 9,999,999 coins, but I already have 1,000,000 coins, 
do you have any quick ways of trading these coins in?

A- Yes actually.  If you are mashing the circle button to buy prizes, that can
take its toll on your poor index finger.  All you have to do is hold down the
R1 button to buy the items and it buys them in turbo mode.  This will save you
some time, but my suggestion is to just go for ten million couns, and let the
money transfer over automatically.

Q- Why would I want 3 million coins, when it only costs about 300000 to trade in
for the AG-05 with all of the accessories? I can win 300,000 coins in only 4
hrs of mind numbing poker and doubling up to 16x my 100 coin winnings for a
measly pair. Thats right, I can win a whopping 1600 on an original wager of
100 coins. Why bother with that slot machine game that only pays out 2700
coins with me betting 450 coins a spin? 

A- Well, ma peche, I am not lying when I say I won 2700000+ coins in only an
hour's time at the most. Actually, it might have taken me about 45-50 minutes
to win the first payout of 1300000 coins and once I knew how it worked, it
took me about 5-10 minutes to repeat it. So looking beyond that normal reel
that admittedly pays out only 2700-5400 for a risk of 450 coins, a relatively
small investment can pay out whopping dividends in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. I
want someone to show me how they are going to win 3 million coins playing
poker for an hour. The nine reel takes your winnings of 2700 or 5400 based on
a bet of 450 coins and it multiplies it by 512. 512x2700or5400 was
significantly more than 16x100 the last time I checked. Now for the first 
part.  I like having 3000000 coins because they mean nothing to me now. The 
important thing is to trade these coins in for real (well, video game) money.
Well, we know trading the recovery sets is the most efficient way to make a
buck off coins. Well, with 3000000 coins you can forget efficiency. Buy 99
starter packs that trade in for 200g. Buy the card packs that trade in for
50 g apiece and also buy the recovery sets. The point is that the trading game
is the most insanity inducing boring process of the whole game and by having
enough coins to not care about being efficient and to care only about
laundering these coins into real gold, you can save yourself so much time by
reducing the number of casino/store trips you make. On each trip you'll be
selling about 48000g worth of stuff instead of 11000. Or just go with the
starter card sets and sell those for about 20000 a trip. Not efficient but its
fast and fast is good.  Or, just check the 9,999,999 coin carryover note up 
under important info in order to see why having this many coins is good.

If you have any other questions, please contact me at bjbradach@yahoo.com.  I
will respond, and if there are the same frequent questions/submissions, I will
update this guide.  I hope this guide helps you.


6. Credits

Thanks to DooMZDay for pointing out 9,999,999coin glitch. I had that many
coins, but I failed to check to see if they carried over into actual GP.  They
do and then some.

Thanks to feynman37 and Randy for the tip on the bunnies doubling Super 7's.

Thanks to deusjester for the tip on stopping the tougher to hit reels first
in order to save time on the Super 7 reels.

Thanks to cgoat for the tip on only betting 30 coins per line on the normal
reel, and then upping it to 90 per line on the Super 7 reels in order to save
some coins when first starting out.

Thanks to Death Kitty for the motivating words and spreading the good news
to the board.

Thanks to kingronthegreat for the tip on buying items fast in the casino...
R1! R1! R1!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has bought this game and suported Namco and Monilith!

Thanks to my gf, who makes college so much more worthwhile.

Last, but not least, thanks to Namco and Monolith for pouring their hearts 
into this game, it shows.