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Excellent gaming . . . in partsEclesis6/10
One of the Best RPGs I've Played in a Long Timeadmtanaka9/10
The Xenosaga is off to an Excellent StartAndroid 2478/10
World To Be Born: A Linear LegendAshley Winchester9/10 or movie?Bremen9/10
Beauty and Brilliance, requiring a great deal of Patience and PersistenceCaius Leonhart8/10
Do not ever compare this mediocre title to the masterpiece that is Xenogears.Calamity6/10
Exerting its power over our wills...CChan10/10
The plot will swallow you whole, if the Gnosis don't eat you firstChaos Control6/10
Xenosaga - The Will to Keep on PlayingClever Anonymous8/10
The saga's beginning hits a wall, but keeps goingCthulhu8/10
Could have been way betterDantesamanoske8/10
A truly memorable experienceDiscoStoo10/10
Thought Xenogears was boring? Then stay far way from this title. Seriously. I'm not kidding. For real.DjSkittles6/10
The best RPG of the current console generation.Dr. Deezee9/10
(Import) Epic... cinimatic... fun... and Xenocard^.^Dragnfly9/10
Great story let down by lackuster gameplayFantasyMayDie7/10
Aye Aye Captain!Galactus217/10
I never thought Xenosaga would turn out to be mediocre...Haunter12O5/10
Potential galore!Hyperblade8/10
A great RPG that's way too short and easy!Jacen Solo8/10
Semi-interactive movieJTseung7/10
One Kick @#$ GameL33T S0u7h9/10
A Worthy Prequellbabinz9/10
A gorgeous game with terrific storytelling, yet bogged down by tediously repetitive frog7/10
It's the Light Beer of Religion- Watered down and without substanceMegalomania2/10
Xenosaga, a very well-started seriesmystic4life9/10
The strongest rival of Final Fantasy !Mysticcat10/10
I really wanted to give this game a better scorenintendosega6/10
Althought it may be "unrelated to Xenogears" according to Namco, it's almost as good.ocissordei9/10
Eat your heart out, Xenogears!Psycho Penguin9/10
Very nice, but pales in comparison to XenogearsRageBot8/10
KOS-MOS needs to be cleaned. Hooray!Relle8/10
The first chapter of the Xenosaga series is amazingShivan Reincarnated9/10
The best RPG to date on the PS2, but not for everyoneshneepshnop9/10
Ich bin ein fliedermausShyningFade9/10
Grab the pop corn and enjoy the show.Sir Chris8/10
A Fresh New Course, To The Already Bland RPG MarketSpudwiser9/10
An ambitious, impressive, and highly enjoyable RPG saga in space that immediately pulls you in and never lets you go!Sun-Tze9/10
One of the greatest RPGs to ever hit the PS2Super Slash9/10
The pinnacle of perfectionVerghez10/10
Definitely original, but definitely lacking...VFaulkon7/10
Xenosaga has enormous potential to become something great, but it's hurt by its plot's reliance on sequels.Viridian_Moon7/10
Rewriting all the rules.Wyrdwad10/10
The review I never thought I'd have to write.Xythar6/10
Xenosaga Ep 1 - An epic space opera, that goes above and beyondZelda Qua10/10
The most generous six a game has ever receivedZotmaster6/10

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