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How do I pick a fight with the Gold Beetle?

It's the bug in the gold apple tree in the forest maze. Only a few faqs even mention it, but give vague info. I know it drops if you use kazan's origin to shake the ground, but if your close it hits you and does nothing. If your where ayne needs to hit the tree, it doesn't even drop. Split Infinity's monster faq says "In Forest Maze stand about two steps below
the tree with Golden Apple and use Deva few times", I couldn't get it to work.

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Matthew_Graves answered:

OK, I JUST did it. I was standing at the opening of the clearing and the tree was just on-screen, and used kazan. Then a brown thing fell on the RIGHT side of the tree, oposite the spider or whatever that pulls itself back up. Went over and examined (maybe unnecessary), and the fight was on. Also note, that the apple reappears each time you enter the forest, and can be sold as a monster item to hugo.
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