Question from bandit_2k10

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i solve the bird puzzle in Kabel ruins?

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From: GenesisSaga 4 years ago

Alright, here's the deal:

There are 12 moss-filled pedastals, so think of them as numbers on a clock face.
12 and 4 o'clock are already lit.
- Have Rivas light 8 o'clock,
- Have Galea extinguish 4 o'clock,
- Rivas lights 7 o'clock,
- Rivas lights 3 o'clock,
- Galea extinguishes 8 o'clock,
- Rivas lights 1 o'clock,
- Rivas lights 5 o'clock,
- Galea extinguishes 12 o'clock.

The doorway should open after this.

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