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|    Version 1.0      |
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1- How To Use Arts (Or, Why Can't I Do [Art XXX]?!)
2- Arts Lists:
    2a- Lang's Arts
    2b- Maya's Arts
    2c- Kazan's Arts
    2d- Sharon's Arts
    2e- Ayne's Arts
3- Version History
4- Contact and Legal Info

How To Use Arts
Normal combos build up AP. SUPERs and HYPERs require a certain amount of AP. SUPER, HYPER,
and normal arts may all be linked (if the last one or two moves of one are the first one or
two moves of the next). Maya cannot link any of her Arts (each is an individual
incantation.) VARIABLEs require two characters, who both must have at least 80 AP. One
character will perform their (A) move, the other character will perform their (B) move- for
example, Maya will perform "Pyro Fury" and Kazan will perform "Fatal Impact" to create a
combined attack. Any character's "A" half will link with any other character's "B" half.
MYSTIC arts can only be performed when the character has 100 AP, at least 100 MP, and is
below half health as well.

Notes on chaining Arts- Normal Arts can be chained to the end of HYPER Arts, but HYPER Arts
can not be chained to the end of Normals or other HYPERs. SUPER Arts can be chained to the
end of Normal and HYPER Arts.

I added character Special Abilities as an afterthought, since each character has a unique
one. These can only be activated when the character has the Special Ability skill (most
easily found on the Wisdom Bangle) equipped as a Defensive Skill, and Guards for a round.

*QUESTION!* Why can't I use (Art XXX)? I keep on putting in the combo and nothing happens!
Normal and SUPER Arts can be learned as soon as you have enough Arts Blocks on your Arts
Bar, though you need to have enough AP to use a SUPER Art before you can learn it. HYPER
Arts must be learned from scrolls or through story events. You then must use them a lot if
you want to unlock the Arts they level up to. VARIABLE Arts cannot be used until unlocked
through a story event (you'll get a Tutorial on them when you can use them.) MYSTIC Arts
can be used whenever the conditions are met in battle (though Lang must have unlocked his
Origin before he can use his.)

RDR     Blue Moon Buster	
LDD     Hawk Stroke
DLL     Blade Dance
URU     Mountain Crusher
LRUL    Shadow Split
UDRU    Chaos Strike
DDDU    Demon Thrust
DUUU    Thunderflash
DUDLR   Rabid Attack
LRDUL   Wind Blade
UDDLR   Battle Flash
RLR     Sandstorm       SUPER
UURR    Thunder Moon    SUPER   Can Paralyse Opponent
UDDU    True Moon Slash SUPER
DUUL    Red Whirlwind   SUPER   Can Stun Opponent
RLDLR   Moonflower      SUPER   Can Sleep Opponent
UDU     Raging Fang     HYPER   -> levels to Roaring Fang
URLU    Roaring Fang    HYPER   --> levels to Sky Fang
UDRLU   Sky Fang        HYPER
UDDR    Divine Bolt     HYPER   -> levels to Thunder Sky
DLDRU   Thunder Sky     HYPER
LURLDU  Sleeping Dragon HYPER
LRLDUD  Solid Strike    VARIABLE (A)
DLURDL  Airborne Fury   VARIABLE (B)
URDLURD Flaming Sword   MYSTIC
Special Ability: Reduces Enemy Accuracy (Only usable with appropriate defensive skill)

URR     Ice Flow                (Water)
LDL     Inferno                 (Fire)
RUL     Thunderhead             (Lightning)
DDU     Dark Disaster           (Dark)
LUR     Blind Fury              (Light) Can Blind Opponent
RLU     Windblade               (Wind)
DRD     Bedrock Buster          (Earth)
LLLD    Magma Mayhem            (Fire)
RDUR    Aqua Spear              (Water)
LUUL    Nova Heat               (Fire)
RRDD    Ice Pyre                (Water)
RUD     Toxic Cloud     SUPER   (Wind)  Can Poison Opponent
DDLL    Ballistic Light SUPER   (Light) Can Blind Opponent
UURU    Blizzard Blast  SUPER   (Water)
URUR    Spirit Storm    SUPER   (Dark)
LLRL    Skysplitter     SUPER   (Lightning)
DUDD    Gravity Crush   SUPER   (Earth)
DLLLR   Meteor Storm    SUPER   (Fire)
DURL    Big Bang        HYPER   (Light)
UUUU    Raging Sky      HYPER   (Lightning)
RRRR    Absolute Zero   HYPER   (Water)
DDDD    Dust to Dust    HYPER   (Earth)
LLLLL   Dancing Flames  HYPER   (Fire)
DULRDD  Nether Gate     HYPER   (Dark)
RLLUDR  Pyro Fury       VARIABLE (A)    (Fire)
LRDULR  Shockwave       VARIABLE (B)    (Light)
DURDULD Forbidden Rite  MYSTIC  (Light)
Special Ability: Recovers Party HP (with appropriate defensive skill)

DLR     Moon Splitter
URR     Critical Thrust
LUD     Lightning Kick
RRUU    Jawbuster
DUUU    Double Kick
DDDU    Double Fists
RRLR    Goblin Dance
DLLDR   Fever Wind
UDRU    Deadly Hands    SUPER
URLL    Iron Fists      SUPER
LRDU    Aerial Attack   SUPER
UULDR   Cannon Blast    SUPER
LLL     Fists of Rage   HYPER   -> levels to Fists of Glory
LLRL    Fists of Glory  HYPER
RLUU    Earthshaker     HYPER   -> levels to Skyshaker
ULRUD   Skyshaker       HYPER
ULRLDD  Ultimate Fury   HYPER
ULDRUL  Demon Crusher   VARIABLE (A)
RRLLDU  Fatal Impact    VARIABLE (B)
DRLURLD Fists of Stone  MYSTIC
Special Ability: Reduces enemy STR (with appropriate defensive skill)

RLU     Slay Cutlass
UDR     Spike Anchor
ULLU    Riot Flag
LUDL    Bloody Fang
LUUU    Rumble Spike
RDRR    Rising Stars
DRDL    Range Wave
DURLR   Rave Storm
DRLRU   Blood Spark
LLD     Fear Galgarin   SUPER
UURR    Crescent Heel   SUPER
LLRU    Spiral Blade    SUPER
DUDL    Peach Suprise   SUPER
RLDD    Surf Divide     SUPER
LRR     Fearful Arc     HYPER   -> levels to Merciful Arc
RULD    Merciful Arc    HYPER
LRLR    Lord of Eden    HYPER   -> Levels to Skylord
LRDLR   Skylord         HYPER
DUUUU   Windmill Rose   HYPER   -> levels to Detonating Rose
DDDUUU  Detonating Rose HYPER
DDLRUU  Splash Rave     VARIABLE (A)
LDURDR  Phantom Burst   VARIABLE (B)
UDLRUDU Apokolips       MYSTIC
Special Ability: Bewitches an enemy (Only usable with appropriate defensive skill)

ULR     Disaster Master
RUD     Earthrazor
LDU     Whirlwind Attack
DRL     Shockforce
URDL    Tidal Wave
RLUD    Full Impact
DRR     Solid Blow      SUPER
LLU     Galeforce       SUPER
LDD     Firestorm       HYPER   -> levels to Raging Warrior
RULU    Raging Warrior  HYPER
DRD     Power Blade     HYPER   -> levels to Axe Crush
ULDLR   Axe Crush       HYPER
UDLLRR  Armageddon Star VARIABLE (A)
LLRRDU  Soaring Axe     VARIABLE (B)
Special Ability: Immobilizes an enemy (With appropriate Skill, only if Ayne goes first)

Version History
1.0 First version. Special thanks to and Nicolas Dufer ( for
the Arts list from the Japanese version, from which I got most of the characters' Art
combinations; matching them to the US names was my work.

Contact and Legal
If I've made a blatant error, or you've got some info I forgot to include, you can email me
at Letters with blatant disregard for grammar (including anything
written in 'l33t sp34k', or treating 'ne1', 'r', and 'u' as complete words) will be
immediately trashed, as I have neither the time nor desire to mentally translate it.

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