FAQ/Walkthrough by CHelson

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Legaia 2: Duel Saga

Walkthrough (American version)
By Casian (Cory Helson)

Version 1.3
Table of Contents

1) Characters And Attacks
2) Walkthrough (mostly spoiler free)
3) Weapons/Armor/Accessories
4) Items
5) Origins
6) Skills
7) Shop Lists
8) Monsters/drop/steal list
9) Nicknames
10) Extras
11) Thanks
Version Info:
1.0  (10-13-2002)
Walkthrough done, most other sections incomplete.

1.1  (10-18-2002)
Added solutions to finding 8 more chests.
Drokonia(1), Ellsworth(2), The Forest Maze(1), The Cave of Trials (2)
Kabel Ruins(2)
Added a list of accessory skills.
Fixed a couple typos.
Added "Extras" Centurion Challenge
Added formulas for several Accessories as the supplies to make them appeared.
Revised the Sewers guide.
Detailed the Kabel Ruins (1st visit)
Revised the Forest Maze guide.
Fixed Lang's "when he gets art blocks" levels. (the first time was from memory)
Added several items you can steal from the early bosses.
Finished the shop lists (not all the common healing items though)

1.2 (10-22-2002)
Fixed a few typos.
Clarified a couple miscellaneous things.
Removed E-mail Address - too much junk mail.

1.3 (11-25-2002)
Fixed Ayne's Art list: Solid blow was wrong.
(I took Ayne's arts list from from an arts faq, because I hardly used him)
Mystic Arts... can't you people read other FAQs? Fine...

Probably my last update. Nothing important left to add.
I am not adding any more efficient combo ideas...
those were examples for people to try, not a FAQ feature section.
And I'm not adding any more nicknames, there are in-depth faqs for that.

My save games were deleted by a bug in a demo disk, and I haven't played
the game in years. I WILL NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS.


Note: I'm a perfectionist when I play RPGs, and I like to obliterate games
without using Gamesharks or other cheats. I don't even own a gameshark, and
I do not intend to add a Gameshark code section.

I'm just mentioning this so I don't get emails containing codes and stuff.

Also note: I do not intend to put every scrap of information in from people who
want to contribute to this FAQ, I just thought the game needed a SPOILER-FREE
version of a walk-through. I may or may not get around to updating the extra
lists and stuff that other FAQs are certain to go into great detail about.


                              CHARACTERS & ATTACKS
To use Variable Arts:
Targeting the same enemy, both having at least 80 AP
Have one character use their Variable 1, and another use their Variable 2.
(The Variable Arts information is in the instruction manual, people.)

To use Mystic Arts, you have to have 50% hp (or less), 100 AP, and 100MP.

Main character.
Hyper Art Locations:
Raging Fang: Scroll in Cave of Trials
Sky Fang: Learned in Story sequence.
Sleeping Dragon: Learned in Story Sequence.

Uses Swords
Lvl 2 for 3 Arts Blocks.
Lvl 9 for 4 Blocks.
Lvl 15 for 5 Blocks.
Lvl 21 for 6 Blocks.
Lvl 27 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 33 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 39 for 9 Blocks.
Lvl 46 for 10 Blocks.
Lvl 53 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 60 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 69 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 78 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Blue Moon Buster    +16    > V >
Hawk Stroke         +16    < V V
Blade Dance         +16    V < <
Mountain Crusher    +16    ^ > ^ stun - uncommon
Shadow Split        +20    < > ^ <
Chaos Strike        +20    ^ V > ^
Demon Thrust        +20    V V V ^
Thunder Flash       +20    V ^ ^ ^
Battle Flash        +24    ^ V V < >
Rabid Attack        +24    V ^ V < >
Wind Blade          +24    < > V ^ <

Super Arts
Name             AP cost   Combo
Sandstorm           -16    > < >
Thunder Moon        -24    ^ ^ > > Paralyze - uncommon
Red Whirlwind       -24    V ^ ^ <
True Moon Slash     -24    ^ V V ^
Moonflower          -32    > < V < >

Name             AP cost   Combo
Raging Fang         -30    ^ V ^     Upgrades to Roaring Fang
Roaring Fang        -40    ^ > < ^   Upgrades to Sky Fang
Sky Fang            -50    ^ V > < ^
Divine Bolt         -40    ^ V V >   Upgrades to Thunder Sky
Thunder Sky         -50    V < V > ^
Sleeping Dragon     -60    < ^ > < V ^

1) Solid Strike     -80    < > < V ^ V
2) Airborne Fury    -80    V < ^ > V <

Flaming Sword      -100    ^ > V < ^ > V

7 Blocks: +24, +16
Battle Flash, Blue Moon Buster
^ V V < > V >
8 Blocks:  -40,+16,+16 = -8
Roaring Fang, Mountain Crusher, Mountain Crusher
^ > < ^ > ^ > ^
8 Blocks: -30,+16,+16 = +2
Raging Fang, Mountain Crusher, Mountain Crusher
^ V ^ > ^ > ^ V(anything tacked on)
9 Blocks:  -40,+20,+16 = -4
Roaring Fang, Chaos Strike, Mountain Crusher
^ > < ^ V > ^ > ^
10 Blocks: -40,+24,+16 = 0 (FREE ATTACK)
Roaring Fang, Battle Flash, Blue Moon Buster
^ > < ^ V V < > V >
11 Blocks: -40,+20,+24 = +4
Roaring Fang, Chaos Strike, Battle Flash
^ > < ^ V > ^ V V < >
14 Blocks: (with Tireless Ribbon)
Sleeping Dragon, Sleeping Dragon, Mountain Crusher
< ^ > < V ^ < ^ > < V ^ > ^

Hyper Art Locations:
Big Bang: During a Battle
Absolute Zero: Chest in The Forest Maze
Dancing Flames: Chest in Drokonia
Dust to Dust: Chest in Kabel Ruins (Revisited)
Raging Sky: Spoils of Thunder Mine's boss
Nether Gate: Spoils of Demiurge's first boss

Lvl 26 for 6 Arts Blocks.
Lvl 34 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 43 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 53 for 9 Blocks.
(stopped using her, she probably gets more blocks)

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Blind Fury          +16    < ^ > (Light)
Ice Floe            +16    ^ > >
Inferno             +16    < V <
Wind Blade          +16    > < ^
Dark Disaster       +16    V V ^ (inflict venom)
Bedrock Buster      +16    V > V
Thunderhead         +16    > ^ <
Magma Mayhem        +20    < < < V
Aqua Spear          +20    > V ^ >
Nova Heat           +20    < ^ ^ <
Ice Pyre            +20    > > V V

Super Arts
Name             AP cost   Combo
Toxic Cloud          -16    > ^ V
Ballistic Light      -24    V V < < (blinds)
Blizzard Blast       -24    ^ ^ > ^
Spirit Storm         -24    ^ > ^ > (can't use MP moves)
Skysplitter          -24    < < > <
Gravity Crush        -24    V ^ V V
Meteor Storm        - 32    V < < < >

Name             AP cost   Combo
Big Bang             -40   V ^ > <
Dancing Flames       -40   < < < < <
Dust to Dust         -40   V V V V
Absolute Zero        -40   > > > >
Raging Sky           -50   ^ ^ ^ ^ (can spellbind)
Nether Gate          -60   V ^ < > V V

Name             AP cost   Combo
1) Pyro Fury         -80    > < < ^ V >
2) Shockwave         -80    < > V ^ < >

Forbidden Rite      -100    V ^ > V ^ < V

7 Blocks: -16, +20 = +4
Toxic Cloud, (any 4 block move - customize to enemy weakness) > ^ V

Martial Artist
Hyper Art Locations:
Fists of Rage: Chest in sewers
Earthshaker: Mini-event in Tanza spa, upstairs. (when not on a Guild Mission)
Hyper Blast: 6000 Coins in Phorchoon.

Lvl 25 for 6 Blocks. (started here, for me)
Lvl 26 for 7 Blocks.
Lvl 32 for 8 Blocks.
Lvl 38 for 9 Blocks.
Lvl 44 for 10 blocks.
Lvl 50 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 56 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 63 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 70 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Lightning Kick      +16    < ^ V
Moon Splitter       +16    V < >
Critical Thrust     +16    ^ > >
Goblin Dance        +20    > > < >
Jaw Buster          +20    > > ^ ^
Double Fists        +20    V V V ^
Double Kick         +20    V ^ ^ ^
Fever Wind          +24    V < < V >

Super Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
Deadly Hands        -16    ^ V > ^
Iron Fists          -16    ^ > < <
Aerial Attack       -16    < > V ^
Cannon Blast        -24    ^ ^ < V >

Hyper Arts
Names           AP cost    Combo
Fists of Rage       -30    < < <       Upgrades to Fists of Glory
Fists of Glory      -40    < < > <
Earthshaker         -40    > < ^ ^     Upgrades to Skyshaker
Skyshaker           -50    ^ < > ^ V
Hyper Blast         -50    ^ < > V V   Upgrades to Ultimate Fury
Ultimate Fury       -60    ^ < > < V V

1) Demon Crusher    -80    ^ < V > ^ <
2) Fatal Impact     -80    > > < < V ^

Fists of Stone     -100    V > < ^ > < V  

7 Blocks: -30, +16, +16 = +2
Fists of Rage, Lightning Kick, Moon Splitter
< < < ^ V < > (whatever at the end if you have 8)
9 Blocks: -40, +16, +20 = -4
Fists of Glory, Lightning Kick, Double Kick or Double Fists:
< < > < ^ V ^ ^ ^ or < < > < ^ V V V ^
10 Blocks: -40,+16,+24 = EVEN : FREE ATTACK
Fists of Glory, Lightning Kick, Fever Wind
< < > < ^ V < < V >
11 Blocks: -40,+16,+16,+20 = +12
Fists of Glory, Lightning Kick, Moon Splitter, Goblin Dance
< < > < ^ V < > > < >
12 Blocks: (with Tireless Ribbon)
Fists of Glory, Fists of Rage, Fists of Rage, Fists of Rage.
< > < > < < < < < < < < <
14 Blocks: (with Tireless Ribbon)
Ultimate Fury, Ultimate Fury, Moon Splitter
^ < > < V V ^ < > < V V < >

Fencer, uses Sabers.
Hyper Arts Locations:
Book of Fear: Chest in Kabel Ruins.
Book of Eden: Chest in Thunder Mines.
Book of Rose: 6000 coins in Phorchoon.

Started at Lvl 37 with 10 Arts blocks (in my game)
Lvl 43 for 11 Blocks.
Lvl 49 for 12 Blocks.
Lvl 55 for 13 Blocks.
Lvl 61 for 14 Blocks.

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Slay Cutlass        +16    > < ^
Spike Anchor        +16    ^ V >
Riot Fang           +20    ^ < < ^
Bloody Fang         +20    < ^ V <
Rising Stars        +20    > V > >
Range Wave          +20    V > V <
Rumble Spike        +20    < ^ ^ ^
Blood Spark         +24    V > < > ^
Rave Storm          +24    V ^ > < >

Super Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
Fear Galgaron       -16    < < V
Crescent Heel       -24    ^ ^ > >
Spiral Blade        -24    < < > ^
Peach Surprise      -24    V ^ V <
Surf Divide         -24    > < V V

Hyper Arts
Names           AP cost    Combo
Fearful Arc         -30    < > >        Upgrades to Merciful Arc
Merciful Arc        -40    > ^ < V
Lord of Eden        -40    < > < >      Upgrades to Sky Lord
Sky Lord            -50    < > V < >
Windmill Rose       -50    V ^ ^ ^ ^    Upgrades to Detonating Rose
Detonating Rose     -60    V V V ^ ^ ^

1) Splash Rave         -80    V V < > ^ ^
2) Phantom Burst       -80    < V ^ > V >

Apokolips             -100    ^ V < > ^ V ^

10 Blocks: -24,+24,+16 = +16 (no Hypers)
Surf Divide, Rave Storm, Slay Cutlas
> < V V ^ > < > < ^
10 Blocks: -24,+20,+20 = +16 (no Hypers)
Peach Surprise, Rumble Spike, Riot Flag
V ^ V < ^ ^ ^ < < ^
11 Blocks: -24,+24,+20 = +20 (no Hypers)
Surf Divide, Rave Storm, Rising Stars
11 Blocks: -30,+20,+20,+16 = +26
Fearful Arc, Rising Stars, Rising Stars, Slay Cutlass
< > > V > > V > > < ^
11 Blocks: -40,+24,+20 = +4
Merciful Arc, Rave Storm, Rising Stars
> ^ < V ^ > < > V > >
11 Blocks: -40,+16,+20,+16 = +12
Lord of Eden, Slay Cutlass, Riot Fang, Spike Anchor
< > < > < ^ < < ^ V >
12 Blocks: -40,+20,+20,+16 = +16
Lord of Eden, Rising Stars, Rising Stars, Slay Cutlass
< > < > V > > V > > < ^
14 Blocks: (with Tireless Ribbon)
Detonating Rose, Detonating Rose, Spike Anchor
V V V ^ ^ ^ V V V ^ ^ ^ V >

Giant. Uses Axes.
Hyper Arts Locations:
Heaven's Teachings: Chest in Drokonia.
Earth's Teachings: Chest in Demiurge Tower.
Lvl 46: 8 Blocks
(missed 9 blocks)
Lvl 62 for 10 Blocks.
(stopped using him, he probably gets more blocks)

Normal Arts
Name           AP added    Combo
Disaster Master     +16    ^ < >
Earthrazor          +16    > ^ V
Whirlwind Attack    +16    < V ^
Shockforce          +16    V > <
Tidal Wave          +20    ^ > V <
Full Impact         +20    > < ^ V

Super Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
Solid Blow          -16    V > >
Gale Force          -16    < < ^

Hyper Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
Firestorm           -30    < V V   Upgrades to Raging Warrior
Raging Warrior      -40    > ^ < ^
Power Blade         -30    V > V   Upgrades to Axe Crush
Axe Crush           -50    ^ < V < >

Variable Arts
Name            AP cost    Combo
1) Armageddon Star  -80    ^ V < < > >
2) Soaring Axe      -80    < < > > V ^


I'm attempting to write this without spoilers, so you can enjoy the story and 
still plan ahead based on what you'll be finding and fighting.

Area Name/description
Items found
Monsters found

Wilderness Town: Nohl
Items found:
Heal Powder (Drawer: 1st house)
Poison Cure (Drawer: 1st house)
Point Card (Drawer: 1st house)
Heal Powder (chest: First House upstairs)
Heal Powder (Outside behind right side of gate)
Poison Cure (chest: Item Shop)
Pedometer (enter shop dialog and quit)
Egg (Hen on top of a house)
Heal Leaf (in flowers by garden on the middle tier)
Before you leave town: Heal Powder and Poison Cure from Nancy

3 options:

> Stay in bed (I don't know the effect of any of these choices)
Leap out of bed in a panic
Wake up normally

View city from balcony in house. (you can see the hidden chest by the gate)

Hunter's Wood

Items found:
1st area
Flag of Retreat (chest: first northeast branch)
2nd area
Heal Powder (chest: top path, southwest grove)
Heal Powder (chest: bottom path, top of curve)
3rd Area
Heal Powder (chest: left of path)
Leaf of Stamina (chest: right of path)

Monsters found:
Klaw Ant
Bloody Wolf
BOSS - Gather Crab

(after returning later - Lyps (rarely) and all Klaw Ants are gone.

You should try to reach level 5. By this point, only buying equipment, not
healing items, you should have the Broad Sword, Leather Chest, Studded Knuckles
Normal Shoes, Vigor Charm, and Leather Helm. (and enough WT to equip them all)
You could keep going for more, but this is good. (you should pick up a poison
charm too)

Easy path to follow through this area.
Wipe out the 3 Klaw Ant groups in the north, then the 5 in the south.
Go back and buy everything NOW. You loose the help of Galvan in the next area.

While it is tempting to use the "Leaf of Stamina" now, I strongly suggest you
wait until the end of the game, when you can combine it into a Fruit of
Stamina. You'll get a few more points out of it. But, at this point in the
game, you might benefit more from the increase now; it's up to you, of course.

3rd Area - Galvan leaves party.
Save Point.

BOSS - Gather Crab
637  (approx) - Cut off arms.
217  (approx) - Cut off arms.
Uses Venom on you.
201 (had to heal, got poisoned this round, didn't matter)
145 - dead

About 7 Mountain Crushers will do it, if you've got everything listed above.

Heal Powder, Flag of Retreat, Heal Leaf x2, Maspergu Tube

Auto-return to town.

After event, return to forest, 3rd Area.

Get Hammer Blade
Get Wind Talisman

Gale Canyon

Items found:
Pickpocket Charm
Scroll of Identity (chest: under arch, upper level)
Poison Cure (chest: far left, first path)
Heal Powder (chest: after ramp)
Alma Iron Ore (chest: near updraft)
Guard Oil (chest: top of cliffs, after ramp)

Monsters found:
Rock Golem
Vulture (poison)

Go straight, up the hill to get the chest under the arch, then far left path
to next chest, then up and to the right, then up the ramp. Curve down, and
around to a chest with Heal Powder, then back up. Run all the way up, then
up the cliff. Back down, and around to the left, and you'll see a Lyps. It
runs away (or did in my case) jump the chasm and run far right, past the
massive updraft, and up to a save point.

LEVEL UP (level 9) until you have 4 ARTS BLOCKS.

BOSS: Elfin
CHALLENGE - lose all AP
DEATH HUG (huge damage 200)
DYNAMITE HIP (moderate damage 130)
MAIDEN PASSION (doubles power)

STEAL: Leaf of Vigor
Heal Leaf
Friendship Ring (return here later, and leave the ring on Elfin's grave)


They expect you to lose and still continue the story.
(I HATE boss battles like this, might as well be a cinema sequence)
You CAN hurt them. Red Whirlwind did great on the little one.


Doplin Castle

Items found:
Jab Charm (chest: in gossiping guards room)
2x Leaf of Stamina (in drawer, left side)
4 Heal Leafs (in drawer, right side)
Darakin Rag-Autumn (chest: room south of those above)
Heal Powder (chest: Garden, upper right corner)
Bronze Barome (chest: enter hedge surrounding it from below)
IceNeedle Scroll (chest: southwest corner of garden)
Doplin Lunch (chest: room directly west, across the hall from garden entrance)
Heal Leaf (in bell tower)

Monsters found:
Doplin Soldier


New Character Joins your team.

Exit cell, save on the right, then head downstairs to the first chest you see.
It has all your stuff in it.

Back upstairs, prepare for fights. Grab treasure chests along the way.
Avoid the guards in the hedge maze and grab a few items.
Enter the far west room in the central building to get the Doplin Lunch.
Pull Lever.
Run toward exit...

BOSS - Mighty Balkan
Don't know the difference if you accept the challenge or not, but I didn't.
He's got about 2000hp.
Steal - Attack Oil
Doplin's Cloak

Get the heal leaf in the Bell Tower.
Jump across the homes until you see all the cats... go into the window.
(You'll get that chest behind the shacks later)

Darakin Citadel (Town)

Items found:
Heal Leaf, Venom Cure (given to you)
Darm Sheet Metal (behind shacks near wall)
Doplin Doll (junk pile)
On The Road Again (from adventurer)
Heal Leaf (in weapon shop)
Heal Powder (in item shop)
Leaf of Mysticism (above fancy cloths shop, chest)
VIP card (man in mansion, fancy area)
Heal Powder (upstairs in VIP man's mansion)
Fire Spirit Pot (from junk shop owner if you buy enough stuff)
Wet Gloves (junk pile)

Incredible Grab Bags - occasionally, talking to the junk shop owner, you can
buy these for 20,000gp each.
These contained the most Stat Bonus items out of the bags you can buy.

1) Silver Barome, Double Dream, Magic Potion, Angel's Blessing,
Courageous Heart.
2) Angel's Blessing, Attack Bottle, Magic Potion, Leaf of Swiftness,
Leaf of Mentality
3) StrongMenWeakWalls, Bewitch Cure, Double Dream, Heal Bottle,
Venom Draught
4) Bewitch Cure, Angel's Blessing, Magic Powder, Leaf of Appeal,
Leaf of Mysticism

Super-Incredible Grab Bags - 200,000gp each
These include some of the best restorative items in the game, a few blessings,
but only bought 1. They may contain more Leafs and Fruits of stat increases.
Might want to Save at the Inn, and only keep purchases that include fruits.

Emblem of Nobility (junk pile)
Heaven's Path (chest: upstairs inn, behind broken door)
Cooking Today (talk to cook)
Courageous Heart (chest: Upstairs Noble's Inn)

Blood-sucker Mask (junk pile)

AFTER Mt.Gable2
Wet Gloves (junk pile)

Buy the Doplin Coin for 40,000 from the accessory shop, and you can sell it
later, in Tanza for 60,000.

You can get access to the upstairs room of the inn after Mt. Gabel appears on
the map.

At this point, I suggest working on Accessories, since you have 2 characters.
You can make a Power Jewel with "High Power" right now, which will make it much
easier to fight stone beasts and stuff in Mt. Gabel.

You might want to wait until the Mt. Gabel shop opens up first though (very
very soon) Less combinations neccessary.

Cool Jewel + Chance Jewel = Power Jewel
High Power, Item Thief, Blind and Paralysis Guard

Mt. Gabel

Items found:
Heal Leaf (chest: first screen)

Monsters found:
Stone Beast
Flower Power
Baki Warrior
(Lyps, but it runs, unless you get First Strike)

Un-equip any accessories from Maya (when you wake up), and then save.

MiniBOSS: Galduke

Character Leaves Your Team (temporarily)

Go up the mountain (or at least enter, then return and take a nap)

"Shop" opens up.

Mt. Gabel Summit

Items found:
Bronze Barome (chest: by lake, after bridge)
Scroll of Identity (chest: by vines)

Monsters found:
Spike Lizard
Flower Power
Stone Beast


Simple path, head up to the save point.
It's a good idea to get your 5th ARTS BLOCK before going too far here.
(Level 15)
Battleflash or Moonflower should take out Stone beasts in 1 round.

Use the Save Point before entering the summit cave.

BOSS: Mountain Morg
Steal Armor Charm (before you use Flaming fist)
Heal Leaf and/or Magic Powder
Green Glow Moss

Gained Lang's Origin.
Two Characters Join Team.

Leave cave, head down the mountain, Two Characters Leave Team.
Learn how to use Origin.

Cave of Trials

Items found:
Magic Powder (chest: left path, after chasm jump, through wall)
Heaven's Gate (chest: climb vines)
Hell's Path (chest: climb grown vines)
Revival Elixir (chest: left of 2nd trial room.)
Avarice Jewel (chest: behind vines)
Heaven's Path (chest:  behind boulder)
Attack Bottle (chest: use Kazan's origin later)
Jedo Metal (chest: use Kazan's origin later)
Beef x4
Vegetables x4
Red Peppers x4
Curry Set x4

Monsters found:
Dinogol (berserk)
Galduke (blind)
Spike Lizard
Use Galea to break stone.
Character re-joins party.

Go left, break stone, (through wall on left, chest) Back through wall, north.

Trial room (doors close behind you)
Break stones, step on trigger (doors open)

Follow upper path.
Go down SW. Climb vines (chest: Heaven's Gate)
Follow upper path.
Use Rivas to grow the vines. (chest: Hell's path)
Go back down, follow lower path.

Trial Room
Sneak up behind the running Galduke for a "First strike". Doors open.

Go south.
Chest to the left has a Revival Elixir.
Hop across platforms, down center one, to (chest: Leaf of Appeal)
North path: use Lang's origin to burn vines to reveal (chest: Attack Oil)
South to exit screen.

Trial Room
Light the torch, press the switch, doors open.

Drop down here, punch wall. (chest: Avarice Jewel)
Go right, destroy boulder. (chest: Heaven's path)
Go southwesterly...

Trial Room
Light the lower left torch.
Doors open.

ACQUIRE Secrets of Fang
Leave south, then exit the cave. (back at the entrance already)

Character Rejoins Party

Head back to cabin, (you can return to the cave of trials with Kazan now,
and go back to the chest with the Hell's Fury in it... use Deva on the patch
of dirt to go up to 2 chests: Attack Bottle and Jedo Metal.

Then back down the mountain.

EVENT - Learn about camping.

Beef x4
Vegetables x4
Red Peppers x4
Curry Set x4

Break Rock near base of mountain, in cave:
chest: Leaf of Defiance
chest: Bronze Barome
burried chest... later (armor for last character)

Return to Darakin Town

Items found:
Emblem of Nobility (junk pile)
Blood-sucker Mask (junk pile)
Heaven's Path (chest: upstairs inn, behind broken door)
Cooking Today (the cook) Remeber to read it after getting each new character.
Courageous Heart (chest: Upstairs Noble's Inn)

You have the opportunity now to make a Wisdom Bangle for Maya, so she can
actually be useful in battle. Her "special ability" is healing the whole team
each time she defends, with this defensive skill. To make this:
1 Eagle Ring
2 Poison Rings
2 Black Rings

Eagle Ring + Guard Ring = Wisdom Bangle (with Special Ability)
Handmaiden's Ring + Poison Ring = Guard Ring
Black Ring + Rot Ring = Handmaiden's Ring
Black Ring + Poison Ring = Rot Ring

If you think Int Boost 1 and Anti-fear are worth it, MAX out the Eagle and
Guard Rings before combining them. 100 rounds of battle.

Also get a Barricade ring for Maya, as she'll get Turtle, which makes her very
safe, constantly healing you without taking much damage.

Armor Charm + Jab Charm = Feeble Jewel
Feeble Jewel has Skill EXP, which makes it faster to levelup other accessories.
However, it cuts defense.

In Nohl, Lang can learn to cook "Rice Ball" , if he helps Nancy cook.
Darakin Sewers

Items found:
Foul Doublet (chest: far left, over bridge)
StoneCrush Scroll (chest: south of the doublet)
Maiden's Heart (chest: 2nd room, on right)
Red Gate Key (on crates.destroy them to reach it, room south of Maiden's heart)
Leaf of Sagacity (chest: break wall east of red key)
Leaf of Mentality (chest: break wall east of red key)
Old Map (near entrance, after using red key and pulling lever)
Leaf of Stamina (chest, west of old map)
Camping Kit (chest, south of Leaf)
Healing Leaf (break crates in room near camping kit)
Way of Rage (chest: north of room) (Kazan's Hyper Art)
Venom Cure (chest: south of crates)
Rot Ring (chest: south of Venom Cure)
Stun Cure (chest: NE of intersection)
Blue Gate Key (in crate in room south of Stun Cure)
Unassailable Pill (chest: behind wall in Blue Gate Key Room.)
Courageous Heart (chest: far northeast after opening "center" sluice)
Camping Kit (chest: after a bunch of glowing moss)
Bronze Barome (break crates in room, west of camping kit)
Black Ring (chest: after blue switch is thrown)
Quick Oil (chest: south from black ring)
Scroll of Identity (chest: NE from stairs)
Leaf of Defiance (chest: left of previous chest)
Handmaiden's Ring (chest: south of Scroll)
WeakManStrongWalls (chest: west area)
IceNeedle Scroll (chest: west area)
Boost Bottle (chest: east of big crate room)
Revival Elixir (break crates southeast of big crate room)
Paralysis Drought (chest: south of crate jumping after yellow switch)
Revival Bottle (in room after yellow switch)

Monsters found:
Jelly Melt (can split to make more, half normal damage)
Evil Fly (poison)
Bone Warrior (hate force)

Get the Emblem of Nobility (junk pile), and then enter the hotel in the rich
section of town. Enter the first room on the first floor to find the entrance
to the sewers.

From the first sewer entrance, head south, then east across the bridge to the
second screen. Go through the empty sewer floor south, and get the chest, and
enter the room for the red gate key - break the east wall for 2 chests.

Go back to the other area, open the locked door and then go south and break
through the crates with Galea and enter the room with the key. Pull the lever.

Go back around to the start, go down through the now-dry sewer, and cross to
get the chest with an Old Map in it.

Go far left into next screen. (chest: Leaf of Stamina)

Head straight south, blocked by crates. Smash through and Find Venom Cure in
a chest. Find Rot Ring, just south of that.

Backtrack to the stamina leaf bridge, and go left, then down, cross the bridge
to get the camping kit, and enter the room and break the crates for a healing
leaf. Go out, and back around north of this section, and find Way of Rage
(for Kazan)

Backtrack to the leaf of stamina bridge. Head south and cross the dry sewerbed.
Find Stun Cure in a chest to the NE.
Go South, enter room. Smash crate. Get Blue Gate Key.
Smash WALL, get Unassailable Pill

Head back to the east, past the hotel entrance, go down to the dry sewer floor
and then up to the higher level and far south across a bridge. Cross and head
down to crates to smash for a Revival Elixir. Go back up to the bridge, and go
left and down to a Camping Kit. Keep going, enter the room, and break crates
for a Bronze Barome. Cross back down and head west to the next area.

South around... to a CAMP SITE.
Enter Blue Key Door and flip the switch.

Go back around, down the stairs, up the stairs, and pick up quick oil in the
chest. Head over the two bridges to unlock the door. Go back north and left
to a chest (black ring). Cross the bridge. Go down to the dry floor and right
following the curve to the right to a chest with a Courageous Heart.
Go northwest and up the stairs  to a chest with Scroll of Identity. Go south
to chest with Handmaiden's ring. 

Open the gate, go down the stairs and circle around to the chest with Leaf of
Defiance. Go north, up stairs, into room. Use Rivas on the torch.
Grab yellow key.       
Go back down, up stairs, head west on upper level. Enter left area.            
Cross over to grab 2 chests. WeakManStrongWalls and IceNeedle Scroll.          

Go back east... go down to the dry floor and follow the floor south and east
and down, and left back to the left area...
then to stairs leading up to a room - Pull the Lever.

Run far south, across the bridge and west, then south and to the yellow door.
Hop over the water on crates. Go north, get Revival Bottle in room.

Ladder opens a new entrance to sewers, from the junkyard in town.
You might want to stay at the Inn and save.
If you didn't have enough money for equipment earlier, now you should have
plenty. The Fire Edge sword is a good buy, and

Go back down, Break Wall - enter new area.

Kabel Ruins

Items found:
StoneCrush Scroll
SlicingWind Scroll
Camping Kit
Attack Booster
IceNeedle Scroll
Adventurer's Log 1 (fish clue)
Sage's Handbook
BoltStrike Scroll
Flag of Retreat

After Boss:
Camping Kit (left drawer)
Ancient Writing (right drawer)
Adventurer's Log 2 (chest: light order TopRight,BL,TL,BR)
Adventurer's Log 3 (chest: straight north from tortoise room (combination clue)
Plague Cure
Gold Key

Monsters found:
Skulraptor (Death Game)
Skull Warrior (Hate Force)
Zurvlai (Blind)
Stone Golem

Fairly straight forward... head left to begin, and go through.

First Room: use Maya to light the unlit torch.

Go left and north. Break the wall. At the intersection, go left, and down the
stairs... follow path to a room with IceNeedle Scroll. Backtrack.

Enter the door at the top of the stairs.
Light the left torch to open the left wall. (StoneCrush scroll)
Light the right torch and extinguish the left torch to open the right wall.
Extinguish both torches to leave.

Go far right. Go down the stairs. Go right at the intersection, then into
the south. And right, and into the room. Extinguish the torch to get 2 chests.
Camping Kit, Attack Booster.

Go back north to the door at the top of the stairs.

Get the chest (Adventurer's log 1)
Light the pedestals with the letters F, I, S, H, and the door opens.

Go right, then far north into the room.
Light the torch. Step on the switch that the shadow falls on. Get chest.
(Sage's Handbook)

Go left. At the center, punch the wall and descend on the platform.
2 chests: Flag of Retreat and BoltStrike Scroll. Ascend.

Go left. You could take a detour south to smash the statues, but you don't
need to. Go up into the next room.

Light the first pedestal, and extinguish the last one. Door opens.

Save here.



Just stay alive, defend/heal for 3 or 4 turns, then there's an event.

Now the real fight starts.

18,000 damage ~approx
STEAL Leaf of Mysticism
Restore Leaf
Spirit's Blessing
Magic Powder
Grass Guts

Go north, get the camping kit and Ancient Writing.
Exit and go past the next room, and north the next hall.
Smash the statues before passing them.

Light Top Right, Bottom Left, Top Left, Bottom Right. Grab the chest.

Go back to the middle room.

TORTOISE plaque room. Light Yellow, Indigo, Red, Green.

Go straight into the next room for Adventurer's Log 3.

Scorpion Room:
Light 7 o'clock
Light 3 o'clock
Light 5 o'clock
Light 2 o'clock

Chest: Plague Cure and GOLD KEY
Break the wall in the north now, so it's easy to remember later.

Go back south, go left, and north to break the statues and continue north.

Light the Left and Bottom torches to make the shadows show "3 o'clock"

Use Gold Key on the gates.

Climb Ladder into next area.

Prison Area

Items found:
Leaf of Defiance (chest: hidden behind stairs leading up from prison)
Darakin Rag-Winter (Barrel, left of desk)

Inside Palace:
Boundless Love (diary, 1st room inside palace)
Learn to cook princess cake.
Donzu Poison (chest in 1st room inside palace)
Uppercrust Dessert (in bookshelf, 1st room - learn to cook sweets)
Prehistoric Study (bookshelf in 2nd room)
Hitde Poison (chest in 2nd room)

Monsters found:
Doplin Officer
Doplin Trooper
Doplin Reserve
Green Medicine on table (right side)-instant inn, 1 time only.
Blue: HP decreased, MP restored.
Yellow: HP decreased dramatically.

Get the Leaf of Defiance from the chest behind the stairs.

Go Upstairs.
Save Point (You've been here before)

Head over to the main palace.
Collect stuff from chests.

SAVE at bottom of stairs in palace.
Enter top gates (were closed earlier)
Cross bridge to... (can't reach the save point there)

STEAL: Leaf of Mentality
25000hp (approx)
Heal Leaf
Heal Potion x3
Spirit's Blessing
Revival Bottle
Blue Crest
Red Emblem

Save Point before cathedral... USE IT.

After the cut-scene, input Maya's attack exactly as stated. Don't try any
other combos you know she has... Now it can be hurt.
STEAL: Leaf of Sagacity
Bronze Barome
Silver Barome
Mind Oil x2
Calamity Horn

Grab the chest behind the monolith.
Leave the Castle and head back to Nohl.

Return to Nohl
Kazan gets nickname: Bottomless

Take Nap

Head for Hunter's Wood.

Return to Hunter's Wood

Monsters found:
Saberwulf (fear)
Mad Hound (fear)

After Event:
Corrosive Tusk (fear)
Kaos Weegle (poison)
Mad Thorn (steals MP) (thief) (poison)

Be ready for some really powerful monsters. It's like going into Gale Canyon
again and meeting the golems.

This is your last chance to fight "easy" monsters ;)

Head back to the 3rd area. There's a tent here, so SAVE.
Go up to where the first boss was.

You might want to save first, if you're having trouble with these enemies.


New monsters...
They like status effects now... for the rest of the game.

Return to Nohl and rest.
Return to Mt. Gabel

Monsters found:
Volt Spine (venom) (thief)
Mad Thorn (steals MP) (thief) (poison)
Baki Master (call for help) (thief)

Summit Path: (in addition to previous)
Lyps King

(return much later with last team member, go back to the cave near the bottom
of the mountain, and get the "headset")

Just run up to the cabin for a short talk sequence.
Remember "High Power", defending for a turn and then killing an enemy in one
attack is well worth it.

This is a good spot to build up.
FREE INN (bed) and save spot, near fighting area.
Reach Lvl 33 for Lang to get 8 Arts blocks.
Reach Lvl 38 for Kazan to get 9 Arts blocks.
Reach Lvl 34 for Maya to get 7 Arts blocks.

Fight until you find the Lyps King, and get a Lyps' Tear.
Using a Blowfish Weed makes them appear more often. I never used it though.

Leave the mountain.

Go to Darakin.
Trade Lyps' Tear for Mizel Red Sand.

If you buy enough from the junk shop (separate purchases, one at a time)
he starts offering grab bags.

At this point, he offers the INCREDIBLE GRAB BAGS for 20,000gp each.
You can start collecting "Leaf of 'stat'" items now.

The Forest Maze

Items found:
Attack Oil (chest: first screen, right branch)
Revival Elixir (chest: left branch)
Bonus Bangle (chest: past tree on left path)
Spell of Water (chest: up fallen tree on right path) (Maya's Hyper Art)
Silver Barome (chest: right path)
Angel's Blessing (chest: right path, 2nd area)
Wisdom Oil (chest: far north area)
Armor Bangle (chest: far south before heading to exit)
Attack Booster (chest: hidden behind/above fruit tree)

Monsters found:
Bean Gun
Loghart Crab
Kocus Karcus
Dino Taurus (berserk)
Hanged Snail

It's not wise to go here until the story says to. (you can open it up earlier
by talking to Miura in Darakin, near the entrance)
Some say it's a good place to build experience using Origin magic. I never did.

Kazan teaches Variable Art

This is the quick way out.
(there's a path to a tent/save point I didn't reach - part of mission later)

Head north. Take side paths at 1st intersection for chests.

Take the right path for a chest, go back, and north and east, run up the odd
fallen green tree to the right and pick up Maya's Spell of Water.

Go back to the intersection, Go west, then far north to continue.

Head Far West...
Head Southwest, to a chest (armor bangle). Then go northeast, over the fallen
tree and then east... Break the tree.
Head Far East... over log bridge... get the chest hidden behind the fruit tree.
Head North... to exit.

Town of Yuno

Items found:
Refreshing Seed (drawer, left of pots)
Regular Fertilizer (drawer, left of pots)
Heal Bottle (drawer, Ruth and Yarba's house)
Magic Bottle (chest: in food storage)
Donjak (chest: in food storage)
Resurrect Bottle (drawer, Suda's house)
Animal Meat (drawer, Suda's house)
Physical Remedy (drawer, Suda's house)
Lyps Seed (drawer, item shop)
Enjoy Gardening (item shop owner)
Tatsnam Juice (drawer in Simba's house)
Silver Barome (drawer in Simba's house)
Monster Meat (drawer in Simba's house)
Heal Leaf (item shop owner, after you buy something, I think)
EVENT stuff.

You can make a Power Necklace or 3 :)
Babble + Passion = Dream
Dream + Passion = Power
Return to Nohl

Kenjiro leaves Darakin, so you'd better have what you wanted from him before
this event - mainly: Stone Bangle(5120) Assault Bangle(5200) White Bangle(5300)
Adept Bangle(5000) and Bonus Bangle (5800)

Return to Darakin
Enter Restaurant
50,000 - Premium Teaches: Heavenly Beef
30,000 - Deluxe Teaches: Lobster in Wine
 5,000 - Budget Teaches: Balsamic Veggies
--- You may have to stay at the inn enough times to change the day of the
week to enter. I didn't experiment with this, though.

Maya Learns: Pasta Carbonara in the Inn.

Go to Kravia.
Go to Darakin.
As long as you're in Darakin, and you probably have lots of money now, go
ahead and stay at the expensive hotel and eat at the restaurant to learn new
things to cook. The only one that really helps is Atomic Heat from the most
expensive hotel room.
Return to Darakin

Nickname: Miss Fickle (for new member) Talk to Joe.
Darakin Weapon/Armor Shop inventory upgrades now.

Return to Gale Canyon

Items found:
chest: Venom Star
chest: Restore Potion
chest: Magic Bottle
chest: Golden Barome

Monsters Found:
Baki Master
Bronze Golem
Use Sharon's Lightning bolt to shoot the chest off the high cliff that you
can't reach. You have to be standing on that path just east of the crevice
jump location.

Return to the cliffs area with the boulder blocking the path... break it.
Left... chest: Venom Star
back, then straight... chest: Restore Potion (knock it off the cliff with Deva)

Go back down, if you're on the guild mission and fight the Gold giant.

Near Entrance, go right... use Deva on the disturbed ground, head west to
a chest: Magic Bottle

Return to Sewers/Ruins
Items Found:
In Sewers:
Burning Heart
Invincibility Pill
Heal Bottle
Angel's Miracle

In Ruins:
Prison Key (down stairs, first intersection)
Paralysis Cure
Dream Necklace
Spell of Earth (Maya's Hyper Art)
Restore Potion
Explorer's Notes 1\ Press Far Right, Far Left, Middle Right to open the wall.
Quick Escape Charm/
Power Necklace (down ladder, in room far west)
Fruit of Defiance
Explorer's Notes 2
Camping Kit
Raw Alexandrite
Fruit of Stamina
Explorer's Notes 3
Book of Fear (Sharon's Hyper Art)
ShadowLurk Scroll
Revival Bottle
Bewitch Cure

(After last team member)
Paralysis Cure
Fruit of Swiftness
Fame Oil
Earth Axe

Monsters Found:
Shadow Skull (no MP moves) (steal AP) (confusion) (spellbind)
Evil Jelly
Raver Fly (Paralyze) (poison)
Kelv Sol Ma
Vuran (poison)(anti-blind)
Alza Dorgue (sleep)
You can go use the lightning strike from your new character to open 2 doors.
Grab a few chests that you couldn't get before, or wait until you can come
back and move huge boxes too.

Renovations have sealed off most of the old ruins. Follow the new route, opened
by new character.

Go down the stairs, to the right, and into the room for the Prison Key.
Go up the stairs, all the way left and into the room. Light both torches to
continue. Enter the first room. Press 4th, 1st, 3rd

Go far left and down the ladder, go west, into room for chest. (Power necklace)
Go back, break the wall, go north, light the 2 torches, then grab the
Fruit of Defiance.

Go back south, extinguish the flames.
Head right, to the doors at the top of the stairs.

In the snake room, light the letters NOT found in 'snake'
Run along the bottom, then take the north hall to a room with 3 switches.
Open each room, and press the switch inside, then close them behind you.
After you get both the inside switches, a 4th switch appears to open the north
wall. Get the Spell of Earth here. (DUST TO DUST for Maya)
Press the bottom switch to exit.

Run back south, and take the platform down.

Use Sharon's lightning to raise the path... ride the north platform up.
Enter the room for a blind cure. Go west and in.

Extinguish the near flame, and light the far flame. (opposite the first visit)


We're back to the boss room. (no boss this time) Run through.

First room (with bookshelves) Maya will learn Bedrock Buster and Ice Floe if
you examine the shelves on the right, if she doesn't already know them.

Far Left room... Bottom Right and Top Left. (Notes 2 and Camping Kit)

Spectrum Pedestal room:
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

Go all the way left, trigger the switch and go north.

Light each candle: fight Inferno (Optional)
Heal Bottle
Magic Bottle
Heal Powder

Crates must be broken so all 3 dark crates hit the floor.
They'll explode and reveal a chest with Explorerer's Notes 3.

Head all the way west now.
Very bad clues... they don't exactly tell you to extinguish anything...
Anyway, (got the solution from miniFAQs)
From the first glow:
Light 8 o'clock
Extinguish 4 o'clock
Light 7 o'clock
Light 3 o'clock
Extinguish 8 o'clock
Light 1 o'clock
Light 5 o'clock
Extinguish Noon

Go south.
"it was 9 o'clock" clue...
Light 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock. Then Extinguish 3 o'clock.
Fruit of Stamina.

Leave and continue west. Go to thunder switch, get the 4 chests in the room
further on. One is Sharon's Hyper Art: FEARFUL ARC

Go back to the middle door, go north, climb ladder into palace.

Return to Doplin Castle
Items Found:
Soiled Letter
Silver Barome
Restore Blossom
Fruit of Stamina (behind Monolith in temple, if you didn't grab it earlier)

Monsters Found:
Bronze Warrior
Gold Warrior
Crimson Warrior

Get Kafil's soiled letter on the table in the room east of the ladder.

Use prison key and get the 2 chests.
Cross the garden.
Go grab the fruit of stamina from the temple.

Use the Save point in the palace drawbridge room.

You can go leave the castle from the front gate now, and it stays open.
Go restock and stuff... or forge ahead...

Musky, for Men x1
Get Kravian Pass

In Darakin, give the soiled letter to the family in the first shack.
Then go to Kravia...

Town of Kravia

Items Found:
Angel's Miracle (drawer in Item shop)
Revival Bottle (drawer in Item shop)
Camping Kit (chest in Item shop)
Heal Bottle (chest in fish stand)
Magic Bottle (chest on top of inn)
Look at the sign before leaving town to reveal the Thunder Mine.
Stiel doesn't always show up in the Hunter's Guild, but if he does,
answer Confidently, and he'll tell you about the Paradise Island, Phorchoon.

In the prison, pay 100,000 gold to get Kafil released, and return to Darakin
to get a "Last Dragon" sword from him.

Town of Tanza

Items Found:
Camping Kit (chest, west side of town)
Courageous Heart (shelf, in back of weapon/item shop)
Restore Blossom (chest, in springs house)
Silver Barome (chest, outside the gates)

You can Sidejump against Balzac and earn "Sidejump Hero" nickname, and a
Rainbow Capsule. 2nd time: Dream Burger

Tanza Quiz, in far right house. Get Nicknames and prize packages.
Camping Kit x5
Flag of Retreat x1
Hell's Path x1
Quiz 2: (after Ellsworth)
Quick Escape Charm
Curse Remedy
Fruit of Stamina

Leave and re-enter town. If Sharon is outside the hot springs house, go inside
and upstairs to:
Learn Kazan's "Earthshaker" in event, upper room of springs house.

If she's never outside, you're probably on a guild mission... finish it first.

Darek's Haunt

Items Found:
Restore Leaf (chest on the right)
Revival Bottle (chest on aft of ship)
Maiden's Heart (drawer in Sharon's room)

Learn Cooking:
Fried Turkey (400gp)
Jambalaya (600)
BBQ Veggies (1000)
You can play the dart throwing minigame here. Not the best use of your time.
(Talk to the pirate in the building, standing to the right of the entrance.)

On to Thunder Mine.

Maya can learn Curry Spaghetti some time later.
Thunder Mine

Items Found:
Hunter's Orb (chest: south path)
Lightning Tear (chest: climb vines)
Camping Kit (chest: far north path)

North Area, past electric node.
Magic Bottle (chest: over blocks)
Book of Eden (chest: break rocks) Sharon's Hyper Art

South Area, past electric node.
Guardian Orb (chest: south path)
Lightning Tear (chest: past jelly)

East Area, past electric node.
Petrify Cure (jelly fight - zap with lightning before going for the chest)
Far East area...
Silver Barome (chest, grow vines, climb)
Lightning Tear (chest, use Deva to rise pedestal - across from barome)
Lightning Tear (chest, break the stones)

(AFTER last member joins)
Old Mattock
Ascetic's Orb
Magic Bottle
Vampire Symbol
Resurrect Bottle
Angel's Blessing
Vaccine Syringe
Magic Transformer

Monsters Found:
Fiend Bulb
Hanged Shape
Lyps King (rare)

Collecting all the Thunder Tears:
After finishing the south area, insert the tear into the south pedestal and
go back to the first pedestal and remove the tear, then go down past the south
pedestal and to the east, insert it, and go to the East area. Get the 2 tears.
Return along the northern path, and insert a tear, then back to the first
pedestal to open the center paths.

BOSS in center.
Storm Idol
One Variable Art took it out.
STEAL: ThunderStone Shard
Goddess's Blessing
Spell of Thunder (Maya's Hyper Art)


EVENT, new map spot.

Side trip. Before continuing with the story, I stopped here.

My recommendation here, is to go into the "Free Fight" and fight up as far as
you can in the matches, then "pass", and collect enough coins to purchase the
Arts Books for Kazan and Sharon, and if you like cooking, the cook book.

Get 1 Gremlin Badge(140) and 2 Holy Badges (280 coins)
Combine Gremlin and Holy for an Extract Badge.
This will give you NO ENCOUNTERS.
And the Holy Badge will give you Item Grabber.

If you want the Tireless Ribbon, get the Master and Kamikaze ribbons from the
Casino shop, and then prepare for a few hours of defending to build up the
250 exp for each accessory to combine them (need healing, and winged, and
sagely, and muscle ribbons, lots of 250xp needed. 7 Master, 4 Kamikaze)

Once you can easily wipe out the Free Fight, you can get tons of coins here,
and possibly get Tireless Ribbons as a prize for winning all 8 battles.

Obviously you won't get stuff for the same price all the time, so a list isn't
very useful. Perhaps a list of what you can get would be, however. But, since
we're trying to get through the game fast, come back here at your leisure or
find a more in-depth FAQ.
In the only auction I attended, I picked up:
Inscribed Sword (furniture) for 21,200gp
and Leaf of Mysticism for 6,000gp (probably could have gone lower)

Angel's Miracle -
Obtain picture in guild quest for under 50,000 (4,700 funds left in mine)
This is possible... I bid the same increment as the one previous to my turn.
Example: 21,500, 21,800... my turn... I bid 22,100
This generally kept the price low.

Championship Tournament
(can't participate until the story makes you fight here)
Must win all 8 matches to receive Coins.

Gambling Arena
Random bonuses or detriments to battle condtions. 8 Fights.
Must win all 8 matches to receive Coins.

Battle Maniax
Special conditions to win each match. 8 Fights.
Can "pass" (where run would be) to quit and receive coins won thus far.

Free Fight: 1140 coins (random prizes)
Can "pass" to quit and receive coins won thus far.
Try to go as far as possible. When you first start here, you can probably
get up to round 6 fine, but 7 and 8 are usually a Mystic Giant a powerful mage.

If you have enough blocks to use the "free" or positive AP combos listed
for Lang, above, these fights will be over in 1 round (except the giant).

Mystic Giant is a pain, able to do around 1,500 damage per round, and
when I got there, I could barely take him out in 3 rounds... if he went
first in the final round, I was doomed. Once you get into a healing routine,
he's won.
The Mage is easy if you go first, but he's a killer if he goes first.

You might want to equip:
Something to prevent Blindness (Abyss Servant)
and something to prevent Confusion (the mage)

You get 3 prizes each time you win all 8 Fights.
Izumo Bronze, Jubon Rock, Statue of Arkuslam (artwork)
Blessing Pill, Restore Potion, Spirit's Blessing
Immortality Potion, Oble Gold Dust, Golden Dragon (artwork)
Resurrect Bottle, Angel's Blessing, Goddess's Blessing
Ultimate Blessing, Ultimate Miracle, Angel's Blessing
Unassailable Pill, Transparent Pill, Goddess's Blessing

(6840 coins - bought 1 skill scroll - Kazan's Hyper Art)

Sage Symbol, *****TIRELESS RIBBON*****, Sagely Ribbon
Evil Jungo Stone, Meteorite, Statue of Arkuslam (artwork)
Redeeming Symbol, Leech Symbol, Iron Wall Badge
Sixteenth Night, God Fist Doublet, Ruler's Gauntlets

(6540 coins - bought the remaining skill scroll - Sharon's Hyper Art)

Izumo Bronze, Jubon Rock, Rosanne's Clock (artwork)
Ultimate Miracle, Restore Potion, Spirit's Blessing
Cib Silver Crystal, Galma Gold Dust, Flower in Buraje (artwork)
Zorda Hide, Silver Stone, Count Rembreau (artwork)
Warrior's Hand, Cursed Shadow, Night Striker
Extract Badge, Leech Symbol, *****TIRELESS RIBBON*****

And thus, I stopped fighting here, got the cook book, and moved on.

BUBBA was the final opponent once... Anti-Bewitch is ESSENTIAL to beat him.
Lyps Master was another strange final opponent... ABSORB NORMAL
(Normal attacks healed it... use Galea's Blazing Smash for a quick win.)
Gorva may also appear in round 7 or 8.

AFTER you are forced to play here, and you get "Sleeping Dragon" and a
Tireless Ribbon, the Free Fight is EASY. 2 Sleeping Dragons per round = WIN

Dream Match
Have to win 3 of the above Match types to unlock.
Must win all matches to receive coins.


Kazan learns to cook seafood pizza.
Maya learns Fruity Pie.

Jinga, Island of Giants

Items found:
Silver Barome (chest: bottom of entry stairs)
Heal Bottle (chest: room on west side of town)
Heal Bottle (chest: room on east side of town)
Restore Blossom (chest: NW area)

Get new team member.

(now you can get to a lot of places that were "block"ed before. Like in the
sewers and Thunder Mines)

In Darakin, Kazan can learn "Fried Vegetables" from Leon in an event.
Sharon can also learn "Shrimp Au Gratin"

Items found:
Fame Bottle
Mind Bottle
Gold Symbol
Camping Kit
Spell of Fire (Dancing Flames - Maya's hyper art)
Creepy Mushroom
Heaven's Teachings (Firestorm - Ayne's hyper art)
Silver Barome
Last Hit Symbol
Attack Transformer
Silver Barome
Sage Symbol
Warlock Symbol
Life Syringe
Fame Bottle
Physical Remedy
Vampire Symbol
Life Syringe
Petrify Draught

Monsters Found:
Lava Drake (berserk)
Bloodfeather (no dark damage, stop MP attacks, spellbind) DEATHGAME
Garv Su Trah
Pyro Heretic (paralyze)
Lyps King (NOT rare)
Blaze Wheel (Fate's Choice - roulette wheel/status effects) (steal MP)
Now that we have the final member of our team, and the key item to proceed,
go back to Drokonia.
MiniEVENT, examine big rock, MiniEVENT
Go North, past the first intersection, then take the left path.
Use Ayne and Kazan's moves to get the stone onto the switch, then enter the
transporter to 2 chests.

Go back to the 2nd intersection, and head right. Then go Far south for a chest.
Go back up, and continue NE. There's another rock here, use Deva to open the
passage, go through and get the Camping Kit and Spell of Fire.
Use Deva to go up the top path. Hop down and pick up the 2 chests you couldn't
reach on the left side of the area.
Run back around to the pillar and use Deva. This time follow the path north.

Push bottom rock rock up, then push the top rock down. Run up, jump across to
the teleporter to a room with 2 chests.
Hop down, leave the room and re-enter.
Push the center rock right, the bottom rock up, and jump across north.

Camp Site
It's a good idea to save.

Head north to the Teleporter.

Go left to a chest (along the top), then backtrack up right to the room by the
non-functional teleporter. Push the top crystal left, then up. Push the 2nd
crystal left, then up. Push the last crystal left. The transporter should work

Head into the first door you see.
Push the right crystal left, then up. Break the rock with Galea. Push the
crystal up. Teleport. Get the 2 chests.

Exit the room, head far west, under the teleporter, over the fallen tiles.
(they fell when you passed by to get the chest.) Teleport.

Head right, jump over the crevice, pass the hole in the north wall. Keep
going to the doors on the right.

This one took a while.
Shove the Bottom grey block to the left. (Bottom Left)
Shove the top crystal Right, and down, then left.
Shove the top grey block down one space.
Shove the bottom grey block to the far right.
Shove the bottom crystal right, then up.
Shove the top grey block to the top left spot.
Shove the middle crystal right, then up, then left.
Teleporter Activated. (go get 2 chests)

Go back to the hole in the wall.

Camp Site

Head north.

BOSS (2)
Use Variable Arts whenever possible.
Equip protection from Spellbind and Venom.
Take out the tall one first... unless you have Anti-Spellbind items, or
you are in for a LONG and painful fight with normal attacks.

Black Bouquet x1
Photo of Marienne x1

Teleport (or go back and save/etc)
Grab the 2 chests south of the teleporter.

Follow the right path at the intersection, hop along to a chest.
(Both paths meet at the same north path, the right path has the chest)

Continue North, enter next area. Take the left path to a chest, then continue
north. Hop to the right, once you see the exit to the next area... follow that
path to a chest (Life Syringe)
Back to the main path to the next area.


Next Area...

Part 1
Kill it quick. (1 Variable art, about 100k hp)

Part 2
Kill off the arm first, then go after the main boss.
I suggest assigning one person to heal, and equip him/her with 2x item effect.
Bronze Baromes should fully restore your entire team easily with that.
Pull off Variable Arts as often as possible. (A couple Tireless Ribbons ;)
Unfortunetly, I didn't have a couple of those ribbons, so it was a hard boss.

If you see him do "Mad Howling," have everyone defend. He's about to use a
party hitting attack that does massive damage.

It was insanely hard to get any Variable Arts off on this guy, because he has
the tendency to use Volcano Storm every so often, killing off a character...
wiping out their AP.


Heal Powder
Heal Potion
Restore Potion
Magic Bottle
Bronze Barome
Spirit's Blessing
Resurrect Bottle
FlameBurst Scroll
Fruit of the Gods x1
Everlasting Lava

New Magic Circle - return to the entrance.

Return to Darek's Haunt and talk to Kenjiro.
Buy a couple poison cures, separate purchases, exit the shop dialog each time.
I only had to buy 2 25 gold items to open this. Never bought anything else
from Kenjiro.
With each purchase, you have the chance that he'll reveal the location of

"The Secret Market"

Sharon can learn "Sick Shroom Soup" from Kenjiro if you have a Creepy Mushroom.

Return to Jinga

New Map Spot (can't reach it yet)

Go to Darakin, talk to Joe.

Visit the new map spot.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  MONEY TRICK  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Go to the Secret Shop, Buy 99 Earth Dragon Wings for 12,000gp each from the
Expensive Materials list from the far right merchant.

Go to Jinga. In the Top Left house, TRADE the Wings for Sun Faulds.

Go back to the Secret Market and sell the Sun Faulds for 32,500gp each.

Repeat until you're satisfied.

Now, a trick not on any message boards:
Levelup without fighting.
Ok, not exactly leveling up, but has the same effect.
Go back to Darakin Citidel.
Go to the Junk Shop. Talk to the owner and cancel out repeatedly until he
randomly offers you the "Incredible Grab Bag" for 20,000gp.
These occasionally contain Leaf of "stat" items.

Now, don't use those leaves yet. You can combine them EASILY into FRUITS.

Combine Tools:
Leaf of "stat" -> Fruit of "stat"
Wenit Holy Water, Demarn Amber, and Gelatin Oil

Fruit of "stat" -> Fruit of the Gods:
Regrude Crystal, Yumyl God Water, and Miraculous Vaunusk

Buy at the Secret Market:
Demarn Amber - 900 (also in Yuno)
Gelatin Oil - 1,600
Regrude Crystal - 8,000
Miraculous Vaunusk - 40,800

Buy at Tanza or Darakin:
Wenit Holy Water - 500

You can't get Yumyl God Water at this point, but you don't really need it.

Create a bunch of Fruits of "stats"
(Fruit of the Gods only raises stats, not HP or MP, so make HP and MP fruit.)

Now's a great time to build up some Accessories from the secret market, and
supercharge your characters before heading to Phorchoon for the required
battle. Having one Tireless Ribbon is very nice, as is a Power Necklace.

At least buy an Extract Badge (No Encounters), and Holy Badge (Item Grabber).
If you didn't make them earlier.

Time for the obligatory Championship Tournament.
You'll face:
Dark Jackal (wolf)
Dangerous Zone (flower - poisons)
Wasteland Outlaw (baki warrior type)
Gormekila (armored dinosaur type)
Helhound (2-headed wolf - around 40k hp or less)
Beefcake (giant - around 40k hp)
Dark Executioner (flying skeleton - around 40k hp)
Gorva (Gather crab type - poisons - around 50k hp - easy)

OPTIONAL: The Black Swordsman - knighty guy. About 100k hp does 500 per round.
Fargoh Cloth
Holy King's Gem
Ominous Helmet


Time to go...


Items found:
Redeeming Symbol
Life Syringe
Camping Kit
Attack Booster
Master's Garter
God Fist Doublet
Fruit of Mysticism
Fruit of Stamina
Resurrect Bottle
Rainbow Capsule (behind Aerolith pedestal)

Monsters Found:
Hanged Hydra
Chaos Raven
Shadow Balloon
Iron Golem
Arus Auge
Grab the chest to the far left, then go up the stairs.

Doesn't matter which path you take, they both curve around to the same
destination far up and around the tower at a teleporter.

(Now's a GREAT time to gather Yumyl God Water to make your Fruit of the Gods)

Go right, then punch down the pillar to go up to get 3 chests above.
Go back and then west and hop over left to the chest.

Hop back, then head north and around to the floating platform. Use a thunder
bolt to activate the switch, then "move it". Head north to the teleporter.

Another curving staircase up the tower. There's a
Camp Site
on the first level up.
On the LEFT curve, there's a chest with armor in it.

Two teleporters here. The RED one leads back to the start. Continue in the
white teleporter.

North we go... punch the pillar, teleport again, head to the floating
platform again. Activate the switch and "move it" again.

Hit the bottom switch and then go back to the platform and use lightning
to activate the switch.
Don't "Move it" Yet.

Run south from there, to another pillar, punch it over, run up to the
first teleporter, back to the thunder switch. Trigger it, to close the
wind doors. Now run all the way back to the floating platform and ride it
over to the area with 2 chests. Fruit of Mysticism and Stamina.

Now go through the red teleporter. (resets the puzzle room)

Trigger the first thunder switch, "Move it"...
You'll be in the center of the room with a white and red teleporter. Take
the white teleporter to the north stairs.

Another circling staircase. A chest on the middle of the first level.

Right before the teleporter.

After he uses Ultimate Fang, use your new Hyper Art, and it'll get rid of
his madness (this slows him down, otherwise you're dead)
Hope he now uses Destruction Blade (it hurts the entire team for around
700, but this is much better than his 2000+hyper art damages)

Ultimate Blessing
Resurrect Bottle
75,000 gp

Grab the Rainbow Capsule and get out of the tower.
(Big red teleporter)

New Map Spot

Visit Darek's Haunt, and help the pirates, get the star bandana, then go to
Sharon's room and talk to the parrot to open up
"Gordinar Island"
Make a lot of armor in Camping, and talk to Monjiro in Nohl. He'll reveal
"The Ultimate Armor Shop"
Make a lot of weapons in Camping, and talk to Kenjiro in Darek's haunt.
"The Supreme Weapon Shop"
Gordinar Island

Items found:
Statue of Arkuslam
Restore Blossom
Invincibility Pill
Ultimate Miracle
Count Rembreau
Restore Blossom
Heaven's Secret (in west cave wall on east path)
Merchant's Soul
Sage's Handbook

Before moving on, you might want to finish off most of the Guild Missions.
(You have to reach the final save point before the final mission is available)

Complete All Guild Missions:
Nickname: Iron Hunter - for killing a bunch of monsters.
Guildmaster - completing all the missions.
Heaven's Secret

Demiurge Tower

Items found:
Ndiga King Stone
*****Heaven's Secret*****
Ultimate Miracle
Divine BlueIce Gem
Cle Meteorite Iron
Earth's Teachings (Ayne's Hyper Art)
Heaven's Gate
Divine Scarlet Gem
Fruit of Vigor
*****Heaven's Secret*****
Divine Gem of Dawn
Sand Dragon's Eye
Ndiga King Stone
Belkran Stone

Monsters Found:
Arzel Goth (anti-petrify) huge HP (compared to most minor enemies)
Nether Beast (stuns)
Azul Velra
Lazur Ma Rah
Demon Carrier

Enter tower
This is a deceptively easy fight.

ONLY use ORIGIN attacks, Mystic Arts if possible.

Magic Powder
Magic Transformer
Spell of Dark (Maya's Hyper Art)
Stained Portrait

Random Encounters can now be met here.
I suggest collecting materials here, using No-Encounter + Item Grabber.

Go North to the descending platform.
Head South... and outside.
Follow the outside path down to a chest, then enter again.
Head north... climb up.
Go west to a chest containing a Heaven's Secret.
Go back east to an elevator to descend.


Head east, and follow the right branch to a chest. Go back and north and
follow the curving path along until the branch. Go right to a cave.

Pretty easy... One Variable art 136k damage took it out.
It didn't get to attack.
30,000 gold
Heal Leaf
Lord Crystal

After battle: Get Divine BlueIce Gem

Go further south, pass the branch, go outside, get the chest.
Go back up to the branch, and descend.

Follow the path to the cross-roads.
East leads to a descending platform - CAMPSITE
Two chests east of the campsite: Earth's Teachings and a Heaven's Gate.
Go back up... North to a cave.

Pretty easy... One Variable art 136k damage took it out.
It didn't get to attack.
30,000 gold
Heal Leaf
Lord Crystal
Spirit's Blessing

After battle: Get Divine Scarlet Gem

Go South, outside, and then inside...
At the crossroads, go west to 2 chests - one has a Heaven's Secret.

The North path branches off 2 to lowering platforms.
The first descending platform leads to a dead end.
Heading into the cave is another:

Same as the others.
30,000 gold
Lord Crystal

After battle: Get Divine Gem of Dawn

The second platform (near the cave) leads to a long branching path.
South leads outside, then inside. 2 Chests. Smash rock, use Ayne for 3rd chest.
North to a descending platform. - CAMP SITE

I suggest resting (if you've actually been hurt - I hope not ;)
If you've got an Extract Badge, this place is easy. To simplify matters, equip
the badge on someone who's not in your fighting team. Then just switch your
fully equipped fighter out for the no-encounter person, and vice-versa for


My final team stats:
Lang: LVL 79
HP: 4342
MP: 504 (didn't use any)

STR: 604   HIGH: 438
AGL: 356    LOW: 378
CHA: 273
INT: 258    Art Blocks:
MEN: 288         14

Weapon: Judgement Day - Str: +220, Int+50, Add Petrify
Armor: Ultimate Plate - High: +84, Low +72, Men +84, Cha +28
Arms: Guardian's Arm - High +56, AGL +8, Cha +10
Feet: Shoes of Virtue - Low +75, Agl +50, Cha +9, Str Bonus
Tireless Ribbon - Max AP, Double EXP, HP Recover, Reverse-HP
Sagely Ribbon - Double EXP, Absolute Hit, MEN Boost 2
Commander's Helmet - HIGH +48

Kazan: LVL: 81
HP: 3172
MP: 396 (didn't use any)

STR: 472   HIGH: 331
AGL: 355    LOW: 341
CHA: 187
INT: 246    Art Blocks:
MEN: 251         14

Armor: Sun Fighter - High +104, Men +40, Cha +20, AP Cost Down 1
Feet: Dark Stalkers - Low +124, Men +15, Agl +87, Cha -12, Dark Guard,
Armor Bangle - UDF Boost 2, LDF Boost 2, Reverse-HP Defense, DEF Bonus
               MP Bonus
Avarice Jewel - Item Increase, Sleep Guard, Antivenom
Tireless Ribbon - Max AP, Reverse-HP, HP Recover
Iron Wall Badge - Shield (didn't use), AP Cost Down 2, AP Boost 2, AP Attack

Sharon: LVL 66
HP: 3149
MP: 309 (didn't use any)

STR: 454   HIGH: 279
AGL: 498    LOW: 243
CHA: 256
INT: 200    Art Blocks:
MEN: 195         14

Weapon: Dark Matter - Str +182, Int +49, Cha -20, Add Plague
Armor: Black Chest - High +70, Low +62, Men +29, Cha -20, Dark Guard
Gloves: Wild Sakura - High +29, Cha +15, Bewitch Guard
Feet: Burning Chips - Low +28, Agl +112, Cha +14, AP Boost 1
Tireless Ribbon - Max AP, Reverse-HP, HP Recover
Power Necklace - AP Attack, No Surprises, Art Attack Up, Anti-Paralysis
Master's Ribbon - Guard Break 2, AGL Boost 2, All Recovery Up, EXP Increase


Make sure you have your fighting team set up before touching the door.
Head on to the big doors.


All of my characters were using the Max AP offensive ability.
We never defended.
Sharon was my healer (using Silver Baromes and Vaccine Syringes)
Lang and Kazan did Variable Arts every round.

Part 1:
Again, 1 Variable art, and Sharon's 2 final hypers... boss down.
10,000 gold


Part 2:
360,000  (3 variable arts)

Part 3:
Halves normal damage, sometimes he petrifies.
(4 Variable arts)

Part 4:
1 Variable Art


30,000 gold
Ball of Beginning

Watch Ending stuff... (even after credits)


I might finish this section some time... but it's not a big deal. The most
important thing is to know where you can get materials, and how expensive they
are to buy in shops... until the final buyable weapon/armor for each character.

Ultimate weapons are:
Lang - Weapon: Judgement Day - Str: +220, Int+50, Add Petrify


SWORDS               STR   AGL   CHA   INT   MEN              Effects
Broad Sword           +8    +4    +2    +0    +0
Judgement Day       +220    +0    +0   +50    +0              Add Petrify

Padded Jacket         +6   +5    +0    +0    +0    +0    +4
Leather Chest        +11   +7    +0    +0    +0    +0    +6

Leather Gloves        +4   +0    +0    +0    +0    +0    +0
Studded Knuckles      +6   +0    +0    +0    +6    +0    +0

Short Boots           +0  +10    +0    +4    +5    +0    +0


This needs an entirely separate in-depth FAQ.

Multi-Stat Bonus Accessories I created, may not always work like this.
Lucky Jewel + Fugitive Necklace = Def and MP Bonus, U/L Boost 2, Reverse-HP Def
Adept Bangle + Valor Ring = Int/Men Bonus, MP/Int Boost 1, MP Cost UP 1

Good for the Free Fight, if you're expecting Bubba:
Dream Necklace + Bonus Bangle = U/L Boost 2, Def Bonus, Anti-bewitch

Tireless Ribbon (My favorite)
              / \
        Sagely + Winged (max out these 2 before combining)
          / \
    Muscle + Winged
      / \
Winged + Healing

Faust Ribbon (some people might like it)   Tireless Ribbon + Healing Ribbon

Flash Ribbon
The most complicated accessory to make, and it's not worth it, In my opinion.
Here we go...
Flash Ribbon = Rich Earring + Gambler Earring
Gambler Earring = Rich Earring + Rogue Earring
Rich Earring = Counter Earring + Rogue Earring
Counter Earring = Rogue Earring + Hermit Earring
Rogue Earring = Sureshot Earring + Hermit Earring
Hermit Earring = Getaway Earring + Arts Earring
Getaway Earring = Sureshot Earring + Arts Earring
Sureshot Earring = Tireless Ribbon + Sagely Ribbon
Arts Earring = Sagely Ribbon + Muscle Ribbon
Tireless Ribbon = Sagely Ribbon + Winged Ribbon
Sagely Ribbon = Muscle Ribbon + Winged Ribbon
Muscle Ribbon = Winged Ribbon + Healing Ribbon

                                              / \
    (Max out these 2 before combining) Gambler + Rich
                                         / \
                                     Rich + Rogue
                                     / \
                              Counter + Rogue
                                / \      / \
                           Rogue + Hermit + Sureshot
                                    / \
                             Getaway + Arts
                               / \
                       Sureshot + Arts
                         / \      / \
                 Tireless + Sagely + Muscle
                    / \
              Sagely + Winged
                / \
          Muscle + Winged
            / \
     Healing + Winged

This section really isn't very needed.

Heal Powder - 100 - Heals 200hp
Poison Cure - 25 - Cures Poison
Large Rice Ball - 150 - Heals 300hp
Flag of Retreat - 1000 - Makes it easy to escape
Scroll of Identity - 200 - Use to record monster info.
Heal Leaf - Heals 500hp

Superhero Tinio - get herb for Simba.(Simba's son in Yuno - mission)
Jinjaro Plant - defeat venom beast Gauraze.(Simba's daughter in Yuno - mission)

LEVEL                       Cost
 1: Flaming Fist              32 - Attack - All
16: Flame Crest               48 - Attack Power Up - Single
25: Hellfire Wings            64 - Attack - All
34: Final Flash               96 - Attack - All
44: Blazing Smash            150 - Attack - Single

LEVEL                       Cost
 1: Life Blessing             16 - Heal - All
12: Life Heal                 22 - Heal - Single
22: Solar Guidance            34 - Resurrect - Single
33: Gospel                    46 - Blessed condition - All
44: Glorious Mercy            68 - Restore - (never got it, so I don't know)

LEVEL                       Cost
 1: Earth Energy              48 - Attack - All
27: Earth Protector           64 - Defense Up - Single
34: Earth Charge              80 - Attack - All
44: Earth Rage               120 - Attack - All

Level                       Cost
29: Lightning Arrow           80 - Attack - All
35: Thunder Serpent          100 - Attack - All
44: Thunderbolt Bow          120 - Attack - All

Abilities:                  Cost
 1: Gaia Spirit               40 Enhance - Self
40: Firebeast Spirit          46 Enhance - Self
50: Wind God Spirit           54 Enhance - Self
52: Thunder Spirit            62 Enhance - Self
54: Holy Tree Spirit          78 Enhance - Self
57: Victory Spirit            85 Enhance - Self


HP Cut 1 (5% cut in HP)
HP Cut 2 (10% cut in HP)
HP Cut 3 (20% cut in HP)
MP Cut 1 (5% cut in MP)
MP Cut 2 (10% cut in MP)
MP Cut 3 (20% cut in MP)
"STAT" Cut, = 5% cut in stat.
AP Cut 1 (Decreases 10% of AP gained from arts)
AP Cut 2 (Decreases 20% of AP gained from arts)
AP Cut 3 (Decreases 30% of AP gained from arts)
AP Cost Up 1 (Increases AP Cost 10%)
AP Cost Up 2 (Increases AP Cost 20%)
AP Cost Up 3 (Increases AP Cost 30%)
Guard Down 1 (10% less chance of blocking attacks)
Guard Down 2 (20% less chance of blocking attacks)
Hit Rate Down 1 (Hit 10% less often)
Hit Rate Down 2 (Hit 20% less often)
UDF Cut 1 (5% decrease in upper defense)
UDF Cut 2 (10% decrease in upper defense)
LDF Cut 1 (5% decrease in lower defense)
LDF Cut 2 (10% decrease in lower defense)

2x Item Effect
Absolute Hit (Allows all attacks to hit target)
All Recovery Up (increases recovery rate of whole team)
AP Boost 1 (10% boost to AP gained from Arts)
AP Boost 2 (20% Boost to AP gained from Arts)
AP Boost 3 (30% Boost to AP gained from Arts)
AP Cost Down 1 (10% reduced AP cost)
Ap Cost Down 2 (20% reduced AP cost)
AP Cost Down 3 (30% reduced AP cost)
Bloodsucker (Drain HP when damage is given)
Charge Heal (MP fully restored when killed in battle)
First Strike (probability of making first attack increases)
Guard Up 1 (Successfully block attacks 10% more often)
Guard Up 2 (Successfully block attacks 20% more often)
Hit Rate Up 1 (Hit 10% more often)
Hit Rate Up 2 (Hit 20% more often)
HP Boost 1 (Max HP increases 5%)
HP Boost 2 (Max HP increases 10%)
HP Boost 3 (Max HP increases 20%)
MP Boost 1 (Max MP increases 5%)
MP Boost 2 (Max MP increases 10%)
MP Boost 3 (Max MP increases 20%)
Normal MP Absorb (Converts 5% of normal damage into MP)
Recovery Up (increases recovery rate of self)
Special MP Absorb (Converts 5% of special damage into MP)
"STAT" Boost 1 (5% boost to stat)
"STAT" Boost 2 (10% boost to stat)
MP Cost Down 1 (20% reduced MP use) (not a typo)
MP Cost Down 2 (20% reduced MP use) (not a typo)
MP Cost Down 3 (30% reduced MP use)
UDF Boost 1 (5% upper defense boost)
UDF Boost 2 (10% upper defense boost)
LDF Boost 1 (5% lower defense boost)
LDF Boost 2 (10% lower defense boost)

STR Bonus
DEF Bonus
HP Bonus
MP Bonus
AGL Bonus
CHA Bonus
INT Bonus
MEN Bonus

OFFENSIVE ABILITIES (can only use 1 at a time)
All or Nothing (Either all attacks hit, or all miss)
Art Attack Up (Damage increases 50% when using Arts)
2x Attack  Rate (Copies input attack sequence once)
Final Blow (10x attack during next turn, Arts blocks decreases to 1)
Gentile Precision (Increased accuracy, decreased attack power)
Guard Break 1 (Can do 25% damage, even if enemy is blocking)
Guard Break 2 (Can do 50% damage, even if enemy is blocking)
Guard Cancel (Can do 100% damage, even if enemy is blocking)
Lucky Hit (10% chance to double damage)
Max AP (AP always Max)
Out of Control (AP and MP do not increase, but no control of character)
Pickpocket (Chance of stealing COINS when attacking - not gold)
Pole Position (Always first action)
Reckless Attack (Hit rate reduced, but damage increased 20%)
Random Blow (Adds a single command at random)
Tail End (Always last action)
Item Thief (Chance to steal items when attacking)
Gold Thief (Chance to steal gold when attacking)
HP Thief (Chance to steal Hit Points when attacking)
AP Thief (Chance to steal AP when attacking)
EXP Thief (Chance to steal EXP when attacking)

No Double Attack
No Guard Break 1
No Guard Break 2 (stops Guard Break 1 and 2)
Stop Guard Break (stops ALL guard breaks)

DEFENSIVE ABILITIES (can only use 1 at a time)
Anticipate (Chance to guard increases)
AP Charge (Allows 30 AP to be stored)
AP Guard (Prevents damage by consuming AP) (use it with Max AP for free use)
Backup (Increase AP of other team members)
Barrier (BLOCKS Special, 1/2 Normal damage)
Counterattack (Chance of blocking and counterattacking)
Cure (Cures status by consuming AP)
Decoy (Enemies all target you)
Full Power (Reduce an arts block next turn, but have 3x attack power)
Gauge Charge (Add an Arts Block next turn)
High Power (2x Attack power next turn)
Meditation (Recover MP by consuming AP) (Use with Max AP for free use)
Payback (Add damage received to next turn's attack)
Rest (Recover HP by consuming AP) (Use with Max AP for free use)
Shield (BLOCKS Normal, 1/2 Special damage)
Special Ability (Each character uses their special ability)
   Lang: Lowers enemy's accuracy.
   Maya: Heals Team
   Kazan: Lowers enemy's normal strength.
   Sharon: Charms enemy
   Ayne: Enemy Movement Blocked
Super Armor (Prevents any damage of 5% or less Max HP)

STATUS DEFENSE   (Guard = Increased resistance.  Anti = BLOCKED)
Berserk Guard     / Anti-Berserk
Bewitch Guard     / Anti-Bewitch
Blind Guard       / Anti-Blind
Confusion Guard   / Anti-Confusion
Critical Guard    / Anti-Critical
Death Guard       / Anti-Death
Fear Guard        / Anti-Fear
Petrify Guard     / Anti-Petrify
Paralysis Guard   / Anti-Paralysis
Plague Guard      / Anti-Plague
Poison Guard      / Antidote
Seal Guard        / Anti-Seal
Sleep Guard       / Anti-Sleep
Spellbind Guard   / Anti-Spellbind
Stun Guard        / Anti-Stun
Venom Guard       / Antivenom

Fire Guard
Water Guard
Wind Guard
Earth Guard
Light Guard
Dark Guard
Add Sleep
Add Petrify
Add Stun
Add Blind
Add Venom
Add Fire
Add Water
Add Wind
Add Earth
Add Light
Add Dark
Add Vs. Beast
Add Vs. Chitin
Add Vs. Demons
Add Vs. Flying
Add Vs. Giants
Add Vs. Humans
Add Vs. Plants
Add Vs. Spirits
Add Vs. Soft

AP Attack (Normal attack goes up in proportion to remaining AP)
AP Defense (Defense up in proportion to remaining AP)
HP Attack (Normal attack goes up in proportion to remaining HP)
Escape Insurance (Damage is cut in half when you fail to run)
Turtle (sacrifice attack power for defense)
Kamikaze (sacrifice all defense for attack power)
Reverse-HP Defense (Defense up in inverse proportion to remaining HP)
HP Siphon (drains HP to increase attack power)
MP Siphon (drains MP to increase attack power)
Gold Siphon (drains 100 gold per hit to increase attack power)
HP Drain (acts like poison)
MP Drain (like MP poison)
HP Recover (recover HP every round)
MP Recover (recover MP every round)
HP Defense (Defense goes down in proportion to remaining HP)
Prevent Escape (stops enemies from running)
Favor Special (1.5x damage from special attacks on BOTH sides)
Favor Normal (1.5x damage from normal attacks on BOTH sides)

Add Gold (50% increase in gold after battle)
Art EXP (Increases skill experience at end of fight)
Chicken (Ensures escape from normal battles)
Double EXP
Double Gold
Encounter Down
Encounter Up
Escape Rate Up (Increases chance to run)
EXP Increase (increase experience earned from fight)
Gold Grabber (get 10 gold per step, ~approx)
Hit Gold (after fight, get bonus gold based on number of hits)
Hit Exp (after fight, get exp bonus based on number of hits)
Hit HP Restore (after fight, recover HP based on number of hits)
Hit MP Restore (after fight, recover MP based on number of hits)
HP Mover (recover HP as you move on map)
Item Grabber (grab materials and healing items when walking on battle map)
Item Increase
MP Mover (recover MP as you move on map)
No Encounter
No Surprises (Enemies cannot "Ambush")
Origin EXP (Increases the experience Origins receive at the end of a fight)
Post-battle HP
Post-battle MP
Reverse-HP (Normal Attack goes up in inverse relation to remaining HP)
Search Art (Increases auto search rate of finding combos in fight)
Supress Strike (Probability of enemy first strike reduced)

                                  SHOP LISTS
These lists assume you have the VIP Card.

NOHL                         | DARAKIN - After Mt. Gabel
EQUIPMENT              PRICE | EQUIPMENT              PRICE
Broad Sword              400 | Iron Sword              9500
Padded Jacket            360 | Amber Smash            12000
Leather Chest            920 | Spit Guard              5800
Leather Gloves           320 | Leather Brace           4200
Studded Knuckles         880 | Iron Geta Shoes         4000
Short Boots              740 | Leather-Shoulders       3900
Poison Charm             400 | Silly Shoes             3700
Vigor Charm              800 | Black Belt Doublet      5800
Leather Helm             300 | Kung Fu Shoes           4000
                             | Fire Edge              13200
ITEMS                  PRICE | Lizard Chest Guard      6600
Heal Powder              100 | Elegant Sleeves        12000
Poison Cure               25 | Gold Leggings          10500
Large Rice Ball          150 | Lizard Cloak            4500
Flag of Retreat         1000 | Hot Boots               4300
Scroll of Identity       200 | Gold Dragon             9600
-----------------------------| Red Ball Shoes          5000

JUNK SHOP              PRICE   ITEMS                  PRICE
Rusted Sword              80   Heal Leaf                300
Tattered Vest            400   Magic Powder             800
Wet Gloves               400   Bronze Barome           2000
Skunky Shoes              20   Poison Cure               25
Dirty Clothes            400   Venom Cure                50
Worn-Out Shoes           900   Paralysis Cure           100
Foul Doublet            1000   Blind Cure               120
Old Sandals              800   Berserk Cure             200
Gorda Wood                80   Spellbind Cure           400
Zuvel Fur                100   Plague Cure              100
Morus Spring Water        50   StoneCrush Scroll       1500
Noth Rock                120   IceNeedle Scroll        1500
Izumo Bronze             150   FlameBurst Scroll       1500
Alma Iron Ore            200   SlicingWind Scroll      1500
Black Star Sand          120   Revival Elixir          2000
                               Flag of Retreat         1000
FOODS - (eat to learn)         Scroll of Identity       200
Beef Stew                300   Camping Kit             1000
Caesar Salad             200   Magic Potion            6000
Cabbage Roll             150   Attack Oil              1000
Tomato Risotto           120   Guard Oil               1000
                               StrongMenWeakWalls      3500
                               WeakMenStrongWalls      3500

Beef                      80   Poison Ring             3500
Pork                      60   Venom Ring              3800
Poultry                   40   Eagle Ring              4000
Vegetables                30   Faceplate               2000
Egg                       30   Leather Gauntlets       1000
Lobster                  150   Cloth Headband          1000
Cheese                    80   Gorup Hemp Cloth         150
Cream                    100   Zonark Weed              220
Bread                     70   Sodan Poison Cloth       250
Rice                      60   Darm Sheet Metal         200
Fruit                     60   Black Ring              3000
Cooking Oil               90   Barricade Ring          4000
Red Pepper               500   
Spices                  1000   
Herbs                    400   
Miso                     500   
Dessert Set              600   
Cookie Set               100   
Curry Set                200   
Chocolate                500   
Cocoa Powder             200   
Red Wine                 500   
Large Rice Ball          150   
Doplin Lunch             500   

MT. GABEL - Kenjiro

Lizard Killer           3800   Heal Leaf                300
Gorgeous Jacket         3800   Bronze Barome           2000
Padded Gloves           2200   Poison Cure               25
Hard Leather Boots      2400   More common stuff...
Silk Robe               3300   Cool Jewel              2000
Wooden Shoes            2500   Tiger Jewel             2100
Hero's Bandana           800   Chance Jewel            2300
Cloth Hat                600   Attack Oil              1000
Gold Sword             10000   Guard Oil               1000
Hard Leather Vest       2600
Faceplate               2000
Leather Gauntlets       1000

Kenjiro - Darakin
Venom Blade            15000   Blowfish Weed            500
Ice Sword              16800   Heal Potion             1000
Chain Jacket           10000   Magic Potion            6000
Emerald Gloves          7500   Revival Elixir          2000
Shadow Boots            8500   Toxin Remedy             700
Forest Cloak            5700   StoneCrush Scroll       1500
Rubber Soles            5500   IceNeedle Scroll        1500
Serpent Doublet        12000   FlameBurst Scroll       1500
Dark Shadow Shoes       7000   SlicingWind Scroll      1500
Brass Rebrace           4000   Flag of Retreat         1000
Leather Hood            4000   Scroll of Identity       200
Leather Taping          2200   Stone Bangle            5120
Spider's Bite          18400   Assault Bangle          5200
Plate Jacket           15000   White Bangle            5300
Beast Mantle            7600   Adept Bangle            5000
Spiked Shoes            6100   Bonus Bangle            5800
Leather Doublet        14000   Attack Oil              1000
Fighting Shoes          9000   Guard Oil               1000
                               Wisdom Oil              1000
                               Mind Oil                1000

Town of Yuno

WEAPONS/ARMOR          PRICE   Materials               PRICE
Crusader Heart         20000   Raw Ruby                  500
Steel Saber            22600   Jubon Rock                150
Bone Jacket            25000   Broot Shell               200
Kaiser Knuckles        13800   Oble Gold Dust            220
Plate Leggings         14800   Telma Crystal             350
Sorcerer's Robe        24000   Condark Mercury           300
Jeweled Pumps          18800   Venom Star                450
Fiery Red Doublet      31000   Raw Tourmaline            800
Chainmail Sandals      18000   White Stardust            450
Passion Necklace    *** 7000   Unkar Stone               200
Tough Necklace          7200   Bodiga Silk Cloth         600
Babble Necklace     *** 7300   Raw Emerald              1000
Kilt                    6000   Maubourg Iron             600
Feathered Hat           6000   Zestia Leaf               500
Leather Greaves        12000   Silver Stone              350
Skeleton Saber         24400   Cherry-red Cloth          600
Amber Cloak            28800   Meezus Liquid             600
Jet Black Outfit       36000   Jonal Sap                 250
                               Iron Polish Powder        400
                               Hellbeast Bone            300
                               Meriah Crystal            800
                               Holy Stone               2000
                               Moble Silver Cloth        850
                               Demarn Amber          *** 900
                               Vigantes Fur             1200
                               Heaven Stone             1400

Darakin After Sharon Joins:

Fang Rapier            26000
Studded Plate          30000
Steel Fists            16400
Feather Boots          20200
Amber Cloak            28800
Scorching Boots        24000
Jet Black Outfit       36800
Wedge Spikes           21200
Blue Dragon Katana     32000
Hard Breastplate       28200
Thick Gloves           16000
Marine Pumps           12400
Steel Headband         10000
Cotton Leg Wraps        8000
Half-gauntlets         20000
Bandit's Bandana       28400
Holy Basher            29400
Blue Water Robe        34200
Safari Outfit          42000
Sharp Saber            42400

Dream Burger Shop       PRICE
Dream Burger              600
Dream Burger meal        1000 Dream Burger, Dream Shake, Dream Fries
Double Cream             1200
Super Meal               1600 Double Dream, Dream Fries, Dream Nuggets
King Dream               3000
King-sized Meal          4500 King Dream, Dream Fries, Dream Nuggets
                              Dream Sandwich

Belisia's Eatery
Hamburger Steak           300 LANG
Yakitori Skewers          250 LANG

WEAPONS/ARMOR          PRICE   Materials               PRICE
Damascus Blade         37000   Edo Steel                1600
Silver Plate           45000   Liaza Magic Cloth        1200
Silver Guards          30000   Dark Stone               6000
Silver Greaves         34500   Gold Scarab Powder       2000
White Garb             48000   Calemb Grass             3200
Arrest Boots           39200   Desant Silver            2000
Blue Dragon            48000
Shock Ripper           48200   ACCESSORIES             PRICE
Enamel Bustier         34600   Fugitive Necklace        8300
Spike Gloves           15600   Savior Necklace          8400
Flared Sandals         22000   Doomed Necklace          7500
Knee Guards            25000   Plague Orb               8200
Elbow Pads             18000   Savior Orb               8800
Ruffian's Headband     30000   Saintly Orb              9000
Cowboy Hat             20000

WEAPONS/ARMOR          PRICE   Materials               PRICE
Damascus Blade         37000   Suvick Cord              1600
War Chest Plate        50000   Tonki Iron Sand          6400
Holy Gloves            36500   Chabel Iron Ore         10000
Dazzling Leggings      40000   Purple Ice Crystal       5000
Vampire's Robe         56000   
Elemental Shoes        45000   Black Market guy (Rindo)
Sun Fighter            54600   Materials               PRICE
White Silver Shoes     32000   Morus Spring Water         50
Demon Gleamer          54000   Black Star Sand           120
Tiger Bikini           40000   Jubon Rock                150
Lace Gloves            28000   Rock Demon's Tears        300
Fishnet Tights         31800   Condark Mercury           300
Pauldrons              40000   Venom Star                450
Long Underwear         24000   White Stardust            450
Battle Sash            36000   Wenit Holy Water      *** 500
Silk Armband           40000
Quantumbael            42000
Flare Jacket           64000
Kenjiro in Darek's Haunt (after Jinga)                      
Soulbreaker            49000   Survival Orb             9200
Titan's Armor          58000   Holy Orb                 9300
Aura Gauntlets         40000   Hunter's Orb             9400
War Leggings           45800   Guardian Orb            10000
Empress Robe           63800   Origin Orb              10000
Starlight Boots        49600
Knuckle Sleeper        67000
Kaia Soles             42400
Impervious Blade       62200
Cyclone Bustier        45400
Fang Guard             30000
Lizard Sandals         32600
Steel Helmet No.10     52000
Magical Panties        32000
Red Loincloth          54000
Golden Tights          52000

Phorchoon (for COINS)
Wool Bedspread            80   Holy Badge                140
Diamond Temple            50   Gremlin Badge             140
Priscilla Poster          60   Gladiator Ribbon          150
Pink Carpet              200   Magician's Ribbon         150
Tekecha Plant             50   Red Loincloth             320
Obsidian Table           315   Leather Panties           480
Big Bear                  56   Iron Fists                602
Hitde Poison              50   Steel Helmet No. 10       300
Dekna Poison              50   Sixteenth Night          1200
Golden Barome             80   Magical Panties           240
WAY OF THUNDER          6000   Last Element              800
BOOK OF ROSE            6000   Guardian's Arm            820
Ultimate Blessing        220   Glaring Leggings          660
Angel's Miracle           80   Saint's Garb              680
Bewitch Draught           15   Boots of Wisdom           230
Petrify Draught           25   Leon King Doublet         600
Kamikaze Ribbon          160   Gaia Soles                300
Master's Ribbon          165   Night Striker            1400
The Royal Gormet        6000   Dynamite Bikini           560
                               Aura Arms                 525
                               Wing Heels                600
                               Giant Flash Axe           640
                               Silver Fauld              630
                               Guardian Armbands         600

Gremlin + Holy = Extract Badge (NO ENCOUNTERS)

NOHL (Revisited)
WEAPONS/ARMOR          PRICE   ITEMS                   PRICE
Violator               78000   Heal Bottle              3500
Demon Armor           130000   Magic Bottle            15000
Warrior's Hand         94000   Silver Barome            5000
Evil Boots            112000   Angel's Blessing        10000
Shining Robe          124000   Revival Bottle           8000
Five-Star Shoes       102000   Wisdom Bottle            3000
God Fist Doublet      118000   Mind Bottle              3000
Grappler Soles         81000   Quick Bottle             3000
Malice                166000   Fame Bottle              3000
Knight Breastgaurd     94000   Heaven's Path            1000
Aura Arms              75000   Hell's Path              2000
Deep Blue              82000   Scroll of Identity        200
Earth Axe              64000   Camping Kit              1000
Valor Fauld            86000   Protection Badge        13600
Iron Armbands          72000   Hit Badge               15200
Ogre Mask              84000   Iron Wall Badge         16000
Maid's Apron          100000
Battel Sash No.100     78000
Master's Garter        92000
Headset                74000

WEAPONS/ARMOR          PRICE   ITEMS                   PRICE
Force Veil             66000   Restore Leaf             1000
Last Element          110000   Restore Blossom          3000
Ruler's Gauntlets      82400   Magic Bottle            15000
Glaring Leggings       94000   Silver Barome            5000
Dark Princess         108000   Angel's Blessing        10000
Shadow Leapers         90000   Revival Bottle           8000
Cursed Shadow         104200   Attack Bottle            3000
Thunder Shoes          70000   Guard Bottle             3000
Silver Bell            95200   StronMenWeakWalls        3500
Dynamite Bikini        80000   WeakMenStrongWalls       3500
Gala Sleeves           62400   Guardian Symbol         11400
Wing Heels             70600   Gold Symbol             12000
Shot Hammer            59500   Last Hit Symbol         12600
Violet Fauld           72000   Vampire Symobl          10800
Red Lotus Armbands     64000   Seeker's Symbol         11600
Gorget                 65000   Magic Transformer        8000
Shamaness Headband     56000   Attack Transformer       8000
Battle Sash No.100     78000
Leather Panties        67000
Leather Girdle         52000

Learn from Monjiro, if you have these ingredients.
Rotten Steak - Suspicious Meat
Muddy Soup - Slime Gelure
Eyeball Stew - Huge Eyeball


WEAPON                 PRICE
Hero Blade              2000
Heavy Cleaver           4800
Spider's Bite          18400
Holy Basher            29400
Scarface               45400
Deva's Sword           54300
Mad Triumph            56200
Impervious Blade       62200
Red Scorpion           74600
Endgame Katana         88400
Wind Slicer           130000
Bloodthirsty Axe       71000

ACCESSORIES            PRICE   ARMOR                   PRICE
Lucky Jewel             3000   Spit Guard               5800
Charge Jewel            3100   War Chestplate          50000
Winner's Jewel          3150   Life-Armor              94000
Rot Ring                3500   Cyclone Gauntlets       12500
Handmaiden's Ring       3480   Aura Gauntlets          40000
Valor Ring              3500   Black Gauntlets         73200
Armor Bangle            6000   Whirlwind Shoes         12500
Wisdom Bangle           6120   Dazzling Leggings       40000
Banshee Bangle          6500   Shoes of Virtue         82000
Dream Necklace          8000   Beast Mantle             7600
Fugitive Necklace       8300   Dark Princess          108000
Doomed Necklace         7500   Spiked Shoes             6100
Hunter's Orb            9400   Shadow Leapers          90000
Guardian Orb           10000   Safari Outfit           42000
Live-giving Orb         9600   Lightning Outfit        96000
Seeker's Symbol        11600   Forest Boots            24000
Prosperous Symbol      12000   Steel Shoes             62000
Warlock Symbol         12000   Laminated Plate         50200
Redeeming Symbol       11000   Silver Bikini           71500
Hit Badge              15200   Plate Gloves            36200
Holy Badge             16200   Stone God Gloves        59000
Gremlin Badge          16600   Pirate Boots            38000
Extract Badge          16800   Steel Platforms         62800
Gladiator Ribbon       17000   Silver Fauld            93000
Healing Ribbon         18000   Guardian Armbands       87000
Winged Ribbon          18200

MATERIALS              PRICE   EXPENSIVE               PRICE
Gorda Wood                80   Moble Silver Cloth        850
Zuvel Fur                100   Demarn Amber              900
Noth Rock                120   Nervel Carcass           1400
Izumo Bronze             150   Lonkon Powder             800
Alma Iron Ore            200   Cib Silver Crystal       2000
Gorum Hemp Cloth         150   Gelatin Oil              1600
Zonark Weed              220   Edo Steel                1600
Sodan Poison Cloth       250   Liaza Magic Cloth        1200
Raw Ruby                 500   Dark Stone               6000
Jubon Rock               150   Gold Scarab Powder       2000
Broot Shell              200   Suvick Cord              1600
Oble Gold Dust           220   Tonki Iron Sand          6400
Telma Crystal            350   Chabel Iron Ore         10000
Condark Mercury          300   Barl Iron Ore            5200
Venom Star               450   Sevti Sheet Metal        3600
Raw Tourmaline           800   Guwo Solution            6400
White Stardust           450   Vigasoma                 8000
Unkar Stone              200   Gan Meteorite Iron      10000
Bodiga Silk Cloth        600   Yahku Holy Cloth         6400
Raw Emerald             1000   Regrude Crystal          8000
Maubourg Iron            600   Force Crystal           10000
Zestia Leaf              500   Earth Dragon Wing       12000
Silver Stone             350   Fargoh Cloth            15000
Cherry-red Cloth         600   Holy King's Gem         12000
Meezus Liquid            600   Immortality Potion      13000
Jonel Sap                250   Black Opal              12800
Iron Polish Powder       400   Miraculous Vaunusk      40800
Hellbeast Bone           300   Evul Jungo Stone        44000

ITEMS                  PRICE
Heal Powder              100
Heal Leaf                300
Heal Potion             1000
Heal Bottle             3500
Restore Potion         12000
Magic Powder             800
Magic Potion            6000
Magic Bottle           15000
Bronze Barome           2000
Silver Barome           5000
Spirit's Blessing       3000
Angel's Blessing       10000
Goddess's Blessing     16000
Panacea                 5000
Magic Booster          10000
Attack Booster         10000
Burning Heart           3000
Courageous Heart        3000
Maiden's Heart          4000
Sage's Handbook         4000
Merchant's Soul         4000
Quick Escape Charm      5000
Scroll of Identity       200
Hitde Poison            6000
Dekna Poison            6000
Donzu Poison            6000
Hakshi Poison           6000


WEAPONS                PRICE (Who's best bought weapon)
Thousand Saga         112000
Doombringer           135000
Tempest               154200 *Lang
Night Striker         200000
Soulbinder            220000
Black Viper           240000 *Sharon
Steel Hammer           82000
Giant Flash Axe        94000
Giant Lion Axe        110000 *Ayne

Knockout Badge         14200
Rest Badge             14000
Dead End Badge         13600


ARMOR                  PRICE (Who's best bought armor)
Ultimate Plate        150000 *Lang
Guardian's Arm        114000 *Lang
Ruler Leggings        126000 *Lang
Heavenly Robe         156000 *Maya
Treasure Shoes        120000 *Maya
Fighting Spirit       140000 *Kazan
Raging Fire           100600 *Kazan
Wonder Bikini         118000 *Sharon
Bizzare Gloves         84000 *Sharon
Burning Chips          92400 *Sharon
Underworld Fauld      112000 *Ayne
Roaring Flash         112000 *Ayne

Commander's Helmet    120000
Maid's Apron          100000
Battle Sash No.100     78000
Master's Garter        92000
Gold Mail              98000

The most important, or useful purchases late in the game:

TRADE (in west house)
Calemb Grass -> Gan Meteorite Iron (Buy for 3200 sell for 5000)
Earth Dragon's Wing -> Sun Fauld (Buy for 12,000, sell for 32,500

TRADE (in east house)
Cle Meteorite Iron -> Goddess's Miracle
Immortality Potion -> Angel's Blessing
Raw Diamond -> Restore Potion (full HP)
Mad Venom -> Magic Bottle (200mp)
Ndiga King Stone -> Panacea

Buy at the Secret Market:
Demarn Amber - 900 (also in Yuno)
Gelatin Oil - 1,600
Regrude Crystal - 8,000
Earth Dragon Wing - 12,000 (trade for Sun Faulds in Jinja, sell for 32,500)
Immortality Potion - 13,000
Miraculous Vaunusk - 40,800

Buy at Tanza or Darakin:
Wenit Holy Water - 500

Buy at Kravia:
Calemb Grass - 3200
(trade for Gan Meteorite Iron, cheaper than buying from Secret Market)

Combine Tools:
Stat boosters...
Leafs -> Fruit
Wenit Holy Water, Demarn Amber, and Gelatin Oil
Fruits -> Fruit of the Gods:
Regrude Crystal, Yumyl God Water, and Miraculous Vaunusk

Panacea -> Ultimate Blessing
Calemb Grass, Beldnuk, Yumyl God Water

Darek's Haunt:
Angel's Miracle - 10,000

Monsters in these areas all have a chance of dropping any area materials.
The "Item Grabber" skill will grab items from these lists, plus random
healing items.

Hunter's Wood:
Gorda Wood
Morus Spring Water
Zuvel Fur

Gale Canyon:
Alma Iron Ore
Noth Rock
Izumo Bronze
Black Star Sand

Doplin Castle:
Darm Sheet Metal
Sodon Poison Cloth
Gorum Hemp Cloth

Mt. Gabel:
Raw Ruby
Broot Shell
Rock Demon's Tears
Jubon Rock

Cave of Trials:
Oble Gold Dust
Jedo Metal

Zoar Hide
Venom Star
Telma Crystal

Kabel Ruins:
Unkar Stone
Bodiga Silk Cloth
Raw Tourmaline
White Stardust
Wenit Holy Water

Doplin Castle (revisited):
Raw Emerald

Mt. Gabel (revisited):
Raw Ruby
Silver Stone
Jubon Rock
Rock Demon's Tears
Cherry-Red Cloth
Zestia Leaf
Requal White Cloth

The Forest Maze:
Maubourg Iron
Jonel Sap
Hellbeast Bone
Iron Fang Stone

The Sewers/Ruins (Revisited):
Venom Star
White Stardust
Chabu Liquid
Raw Alexandrite
Raw Tourmaline
Telma Crystal
Zoar Hide
Unkar Stone
Gelatin Oil
Lonkon Powder
Nervel Carcass
Bodiga Silk Cloth
Cib Silver Crystal

Doplin Castle (Revisited again):
Zonark Weed
Darm Sheet Metal
Suzna Ice Stone
Gorum Hemp Cloth
Sodon Poison Cloth
Raw Emerald

Thunder Mines:
Barl Iron Ore
Chibe Gold Bullion
EarthThunder Stone
Guwo Solution
Sevti Sheet Metal

Eternal Flame
Eben Silver Ore
Raw Diamond
Force Crystal
Mad Venom
Earth Dragon Wing

Yumyl God Water
Wind Spirit Stone
Gabnas Leather
Suzna Ice Stone

Demiurge Tower:
Cle Meteorite Iron
Red-hot Stone
Ndiga King Stone
Lord Crystal
Belkran Stone
Sand Dragon's Eye
Kiness Life Water
BlackDemon's Heart

I only recorded what I was SURE I got from each monster. Some only appeared in 
groups with other monsters, making it impossible to determin exactly what they 
each gave as rewards.                                                          
NAME               GP      DROPS                                          STEAL
Klaw Ant           36      Heal Powder                                         
Bloody Wolf        50      Heal Powder                      Slicing Wind Scroll
Flytrap            30                                        Morus Spring Water
Rock Golem        280      Heal Powder                            Alma Iron Ore
                           *Leaf of Stamina*                                   
                           Rock-hard Muscles                                   
Vulture           255                                           Black Star Sand
                           Feather of Death                                    
Baki               85      Heal Powder                                Heal Leaf
                           Heal Leaf                                           
                           Bad Smelling Flank                                  
                          *Leaf of Swiftness*                                  
Doplin Soldier             Heal Leaf                         Sodon Poison Cloth
                           Revival Elixir                                      
Stone Beast       725      Venom Cure                                          
                           Bronze Barome                                       
Flower Power      454      Venom Cure                                          
                           Heal Leaf                                           
Baki Warrior      588      Venom Cure                        Rock Demon's Tears
Spike Lizard      380      Paralysis Cure                           Poison Cure
                           Heal Powder                                         
                           Venom Cure                                          
                           Heal Leaf                                           
Dino gol          705      Electric Fin                                        
                           Bronze Barome                                       
Galduke           550      Blind Cure                                 Quick Oil
                           Bronze Barome                                       
                           Flameburst Scroll                                   
Jelly Melt                                                           Venom Star
Evil Fly                                                      Paralysis Drought
Netherkind        842      Berserk Cure                           Bronze Barome
Bone Warrior      790      Very Hard Bone                                      
Skulraptor        999      Seal Cure                                Unkar Stone
Zurvlai           777                                                 Guard Oil
Skull Warrior                                                    Revival Elixir
Stone Golem      1234      Heal Powder                       Stone Crush Scroll
                           Bronze Barome                                       
                           Heal Potion                                         
Doplin Officer                                                       Attack Oil
Doplin Trooper                                                  Suzna Ice Stone
Doplin Reserve                                                                 
Saberwulf        1266                                                 Zuvel Fur
Mad Hound                                                             Quick Oil
NOTE: Once these monsters begin appearing, you cannot find "Rock Golems" or    
"Baki" anymore. (I note this because they have stat increasing items.)         
NAME               GP      DROPS                                          STEAL
Corrosive Tusk                                                                 
Kaos Weegle                                                       Silver Barome
Mad Thorn        1713      Venom Draught                             Venom Cure
                           Venomous Pollen                                     
Volt Spine       1212      Heal Potion                         Blinding Draught
                           Physical Remedy                                     
                           King Cracker                                        
Baki Master      1301      Raw Ruby                                Guard Bottle
                           Heaven's Path                                       
                           Premium Beef                                        
                           Monster's Pride                                     
Elegrem          3672      Bonarl Sac                               Broot Shell
Lyps King(3334xp)10,000gp  Lyps' Tear                                          
                           Bewitched Cure                                      
                           ShadowLurk Scroll                                   
Darkfly         1680       Paralysis Cure                                      
Loghart Crab    2932                                                           
Kocus Karcas    2200       Neblesk Organ                      BoltStrike Scroll
Dino Taurus     4282                                            Berserk Draught
Hanged Snail                                                                   
Bean Canon                                                           Stink Bulb
Necroskel       1344       Weight Sac                            Paralysis Cure
                           Plague Cure                                         
Shadow Skull    3094                                                Unkar Stone
Evil Jelly                                                          Gelatin Oil
Vuran           1794                                                           
Raver Fly       1680                                                           
Kelv Sol Ma     3210                                                           
Alza Dorgue     3128       Thorny Shell                                        
Inferno        10000       Heal Powder                                         
                           Magic Bottle                                        
                           Heal Bottle                                         
                           Poison Cure                                         
Bronze Warrior  2011       Heal Bottle                          Suzna Ice Stone
Gold Warrior    2011       Heal Bottle                                         
                           Revival Bottle                                      
Crimson Warrior 2011       Blue Crest                           Suzna Ice Stone
Helgigas        6352       Silver Barome                                       
Fiend Bulb      3538       Magic Bottle                     *Leaf of Mentality*
                           Gaseous Spores                                      
                           Silver Barome                                       
Cloud Eater     1554       Plague Cure                           Plague Draught
Hanged Shape    3004       Venom Draught                                       
                           Venom Cure                                          
HelVermin       1407                                                           
Bronze Golem    1688       Heal Powder                                         
                           Magic Potion                                        
Abysgigas       3848                                                           
Bloodfeather    2714       Spellbind Cure                                      
Lava Drake      2589       Berserk Cure                                        
                           Mental Remedy                                       
Garv Su Trah    4250                                                           
Pyro Heretic    1950                                                           
Verktora        4248                                                           
Blaze Wheel     1875       Petrify Cure                                        
Iron Golem      6168       Magic Bottle                                        
                           Bronze Barome                                       
Arus Auge       3187       Bewitch Cure                                        
Wikid           2877       Bronze Barome                                       
Chaos Raven     3455       Venom Draught                                       
                           Hawk Eye                                            
Hanged Hydra    3600                                                           
Shadow Balloon  4306       Gaseous Spores                                      
Arzel Goth
Nether Beast
Azul Velra
Demon Carrier

                               GUILD MISSIONS

Defeat Stiel in the Guild Mission to thunder mines.
He's in the far east area, where you punch a stone, lift up on the pedestal,
push the block, and grow the vines.
He's got double attack, so watch out, but other than that, just pound away
with variable arts.
Ultimate Blessing x3
Ultimate Miracle x1
Fruit of the Gods x1
136683 gold
250,000 reward, not 200,000

Drokonia boss: Ruglionaut
There's a miniboss in the room before the altar chamber, in addition to the
big boss.
If you went to "defeat the leader," and return to Tanza later, Balzac will
give you 30 Dream Burgers as thanks.

Optional Bosses on Guild Missions
NAME               GP      DROPS                                          STEAL
Gorgoneon       20024      Heal Leaf x2 & Gaia sword reward)(+gold)           
WarMonger        9078 x6   Goddess Miracle & Lion Heart reward) (+gold)       
Gold Beetle    30000       Gorda Wood x3 (not really a "boss" boss)
Latulgus       85,368      Restore Leaf x2  (& Raging Axe reward)
Ruglionaut     87,936      (nothing) & Exorcist Katana (also, 300,000 reward)

Swordholder - Dein outside house (apologize) (Nohl)
Sidejumper - Defeat Maxell in Nohl at sidejumping
Alley Cat - Pay the girl in Kravia... 1000gp to hear her secret.
Gourmet Kid - Eat all the dishes at Belisia's eatery in Kravia.
Exotica - Eat all the dishes in Tanza.
Sidejump Hero - in Tanza, defeat Balzac.
Adventurer? - Answer 10 questions right in Tanza quiz.
Spy? - from 2nd quiz.
Peeper - Try to enter the girl's hot spring twice (Maya runs the first time)
Bloody Monarch - Defeat the Free Match in Phorchoon.
Sidejump King - Defeat Dein in Nohl.
Outdoorsman - From Jinga man in back of the chief's building.
Blazing Hero - From Jinga man...
Wanderer - From item shop owner in Nohl, after using Pedometer a lot. (69921)
           Plus you get a Heaven's Secret.
Star Destroyer - use Sleeping Dragon in the Free Fight, and win.
Blacksmith - combine a lot of armor in CAMP.
Swordsmith - combine a lot of weapons in CAMP.
Alchemist - combine a lot of tools in CAMP.

Bottomless - Return to Nohl, drinking match.
Haggler - Return to Darakin, weapon shop. He'll get a Venom Blade for 5000gp.

Occult Lover - agree to go with Maya to the Kravia tavern, then camp and talk
               after it.

Miss Fickle - Joe at Sabrina's Inn (in Darakin)
The Shining - Get all of Arrode's abilities.

Mr. Giant - From kids in Nohl.
Destroyer - Acquire all of Ayne's arts.

Sidejump (Nohl, Tanza, Nohl)
Hold the controller steady, put your hand between the analog sticks, and move
your hand back and forth, quickly (moving both sticks together). Works great.
I hear it earns you a Heaven's Secret.

Dagger Throwing (In Darek's Haunt, building)
Waste of time, in my opinion, they say it's worth a Heaven's Secret.

Planting (Yuno)
Never did any planting.

Rice Patty (Tanza)
Didn't do much of this either, didn't need any fertilizer.

Arena (Phorchoon)
Info in the Phorchoon section.

Auction (Phorchoon)
I guess if you want to furnish your room you can waste money here.
You can get stat increasing items here too, but I prefer Incredible Grab Bags)

Casino (Phorchoon)
Didn't see much use in that. A bit of a diversion, waste of money.

Centurion Challenge (In Jinga)
To begin, walk up to the monolith behind the chief, and accept the challenge.

These are random, I'm told... but here's what I got on my first time through.
5 defeated: chest - Golden Barome
15 defeated: chest - Ultimate Blessing
30 defeated: chest - Ultimate Blessing
50 defeated: chest - Restore Potion
75 defeated: chest - Ultimate Blessing
100 defeated: chest - 5 Fruit of the Gods
Nickname: Wonder-Fighter
Heaven's Secret (from chief)

From Spell of Water in the Forest Maze:
Go back down, then further to a tree with fruit in it.
Knock the beetle out of the tree with Deva...
(not important until you go on the guild mission)

Optional Fight: Gold Beetle
Gorda Wood x3


Nicolas Dufer
(Found the solution to the 2nd clock trial in the ruins, in his mini-faq)

From the message boards. First time I saw the quick gold trick.

Arts lists for characters I didn't like to use (Ayne and Maya)

Dragen and Kiah
From the message boards, combo sequence for Flash Ribbon.

Fighter Ownz
Info about losing to the double-team in Gale Canyon. I fought and defeated
Marianne before losing, without knowing if you needed to see that cinema
before being defeated, to avoid a game over screen.

Rey (email)
Pointed out an error in Ayne's art list for Solid Blow.
Since I didn't personally make a list for Ayne, I never checked.

Accessory Combination In-depth FAQ ... saved me time remembering what I used
to make stuff with in the first place.

Aragon, Sumiko, Judith, Enker, Aspect, Natdog, and Storm.
Random stuff unrelated to FAQ writing.

Jeff Friedman
For temporarily banning me from Race War Kingdoms so I had time to play this
wonderful game. Otherwise, I'd be clicking away for hours on end, wearing out
my mouse... I wonder if I'll have time to play through Xenosaga and Rygar too,
before he unbans me and makes a public apology.


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for personal use, but do not reproduce in part or in whole without my
permission; this includes reposting on your website.

Oh yeah, allowed websites: (only because I use these sites myself)
GameFAQs and RPGamer have permission to place this FAQ on their websites.

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