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Legaia 2: Duel Saga 

Jinga Tablet GUIDE version 1.0

Created on January 1st, 2003

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B. Guide
C. Picture Appendix
D. Closing


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This text is to be used as a guide to solving the stone tablet puzzle in Jinga. 

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Once you enter Jinga:

There are three sets of puzzles in this area. They are expressed on three sets 

of stone tablets detailing pictures of the totems, or stones you need to 

"touch" (examine). The red dot indicates the stone you need to examine. The 

descriptions of each also correspond to a certain order, i.e. sunrise, high 

noon and afternoon. The first, "walking towards the sunrise," the second, 

"walked towards the sun" and the third, "morning sun at their back" all 

correspond to different areas, or groups, of stones in Jinga. (see picture 

appendix, part C, for these tablets)

Puzzle Number One:- Start off in the section with four stones which makes a 

square. Touch the bottom right, bottom left, and top right. Get a Golden Barome.

Puzzle Number Two:- Head north and go up the stairs to the right, right past 

the save point. Head south and touch the stone directly in front of the 

staircase. Now head north and follow the edge of the left side of the building, 

to four stones in a row. Touch the second one. Come back to the front and take 

the stairs down on the left side. Head north to the large staircase with two 

rows of four stones on each side. Touch the top-right stone. Head all the way 

south, back to the four stones you were at in the beginning. Touch the top-left 

one. Head back north, make a left at the first intersection, go up the stairs 

and touch the stone directly in front of you. Viola, a Restore Leaf.

Puzzle Number Three:- Go back down the stairs, head right, and go back to the 

big staircase surrounded by eight stones. Touch them in this order: third from 

the bottom right side, first on the bottom left side, and first on the bottom, 

right side. And there you have it, a Restore Blossom.

C. Picture Appendix

Note: The red dots that you need to "touch" are indicated here by an 

asteric (*). Stairs in the pictures are indicated by (-) and (II).

Puzzle Number One:

"...began walking towards the sunrise. The fresh morning sun was warm."

o   o             o    o            o    *

o   *             *    o            o    o

Puzzle Number Two:

"...walked towards the sun. The bright sun sat high in the sky yet its rays 

were gentle."

        o           o           o-*           *    o              o    *
     II             o           o-o
        o           *           o-o                                   II
o    *              o           o-o           o    o                   o

Puzzle Number Three: 

"...morning sun at their back. The sunlight shone brightly, bringing life 

into the world." This puzzle is actually read backwards, from right to left. 

These would be the steps:
o-o               o-o               o-o    
o-*               o-o               o-o
o-o               o-o               o-o
o-o               *-o               o-*


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