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FAQ version 1.0 completed 3/12/2004
Copyright 2004 by William Lumbreyer


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     A. "Saving an old friend"
     B. "Through the great hall"
     C. "Convergence"
     D. [Untitled - town]
     E. "Muq'Abar"
     F. "Disturbing Sekhotep"
     G. "Inside the Pyramid"
     H. "Inner Sanctum"
     I. "Necropolis"
     J. "Oasis"
     K. "Inner Sanctum"
     L. "Inside the Pyramid"
     M. "Hidden Sacrifice"
     N. "Inside the Pyramid"
     O. "Inner Sanctum"
     P. "Necropolis"
     Q. "The Tomb of Sekhotep"
     R. "Muq'Abar"
     S. "The Ancient Ruins"
     T. "Older Than Man"
     U. "Sinking into the Madness"
     V. "Terrible Histories"
     W. "Muq'Abar"
     X. "The Sultan's Palace"
     Y. "Uprising"
     Z. "The Royal Hall"
    AA. "Personal Space"
    AB. "The Sultan's Chambers"
    AC. "Royal Study and Foyer"
    AD. "The Sultan's Chambers"
    AE. "Royal Study and Foyer"
    AF. "Traitor"
    AG. "Muq'Abar"
    AH. "Repaying Old Debts"
    AI. "Old Town"
    AJ. "Relics"
    AK. "Infrastructure"
    AL. "Subterranean City"
    AM. "The Hermit's Dwelling"
    AN. "Infestation"
    AO. "Power Struggle"
    AP. "Old Town"
    AQ. "City in the Sky"
    AR. "Relics"
    AS. "City in the Sky"
    AT. "Relics"
    AU. "Daria's Aero-Ship"
    AV. "Crew Quarters"
    AW. "Helm Causeway"
    AX. "Reunion"

Shifters is an action game and not a very good one at that.
In comparison, as I write this section I've just finished playing
Castlevania : Lament of Innocence. While I find some fault with it
for its design and legacy, I consider that a decent action game. 
Shifters, on the other hand, has a clunky interface and is not really
fun to play. While I AM playing on Easy, I find that the enemies are
individually not challenging and are dangerous only in groups or if
you let the bigger ones start in on a combo (chain) attack. Even so,
I chose to remain on Easy mode rather than sacrifice regeneration.

The hero's appearance from the intro is laughable, looking like some
3rd rate medieval Batman wannabe. The camera controls are typical of
3D games, meaning that sometimes you'll be fighting it and often you'll
be unable to see what your character would as you go around bends.

This FAQ/Walkthrough assumes that you have read the manual and know
the controls. When I read the manual, the first question on my mind
was : "Since this is a game based on shape-shifting, how do I do that?"
Either I missed it completely or it just isn't in the manual.
Shape shifting is handled through the spell interface.

From playing through, I discovered that the shape shifting forms obtained,
after the first, are not preset and you must choose. The problem here is
that the levels were designed with a certain progression in mind and so
choosing the wrong one may make the game much more cumbersome, if not
impossible, to complete. 

The game defaults to Easy mode and the manual explains that on Easy you
will regenerate health slowly. (Reminiscent of the old PC game 
Shadowcaster, but not as slow.) They don't provide details on Medium or
Hard, but unless you really want the challenge, I'd recommend Easy and
this is how I opted to play through the game.

This FAQ presents a complete start-to-finish walkthrough. It is not
the fastest path nor is it a complete exploration of all areas. After
discovering how shapeshifting works, I opted to make minimal use of
that aspect of the game and to only use the different forms if 
required to do so. Isn't that great? Playing a game emphasizing 
shapeshifting by avoiding shapeshifting?

IMPORTANT : This game lets you save at any point. I strongly
recommend saving at the start of each area. On the off chance that
a big enemy gets you or you encounter a damage-bug in the game, you
don't want to go back too far.

For the most part, I am not making note of enemies. Those that I do
note are either significant or just convenient landmarks. I am
assuming that you are killing every enemy you encounter and can
close with to fight using melee. Consequently, I am noting at some
points when a level is gained. Your experience may vary from what is
noted, so if you gain at a different point, don't worry about it.
I am not distributing points when they are earned and will note when
I did so in the walkthrough.

Likewise, I made note of items at many points, but not all. While it
appears to me that they are all fixed in the design, it is possible
that some are randomly selected. Your experience may vary from mine,
but don't worry much about it.

Quest notation : I'm only checking the quest log when it appears that
something significant has happened. At those points, I'm noting a new
quest with [+] and a completed quest with [-]. Toward the end of the
game, I just stopped paying attention to quests. 

As noted earlier, there is a sequence for obtaining shapeshifting forms
that is better, if not required, for completing the game. 
   1. Bestial (Automatic, no choice involved)
   2. Genie
   3. Kreegan
   4. Hybrid

     NOTE : Even if not explicitly stated, whenever I indicate using
        another form, it is implied that after using the special 
        ability required, you return to normal. Read through that 
        section to see if you need to use the ability more than once
        before reverting.

     A. "Saving an old friend"
        [+] Stop the Grand Inquisitor
        [+] Learn about your father
        [+] Rescue King Abelard

        Go right to the house for a potion and a Scroll of Thought
        (Mind +1). Return to the path and go straight through the
        door. Go either way around the wall to the main corridor.
        Up ahead, jump to the pool on the left for an elixir of life.
        Go right to the hall. Take the right path on the far end to
        a room with a chest containing a healing potion. You will also
        find a Scroll of Accomplishment (Ability pts +1) and if you
        jump through the tapestry you will find an item that gives you
        1 form point. Return to the hall and take the left path.
        Break the barrel for a potion of restoration. Continue and you
        will see the bridge through the arches on the right collapse.
        Proceed forward and gain a level from killing the enemies.
        Get a potion of invisibility and continue around the bend.
        Head down the stairs and take a walk around the collapsed
        bridge to kill enemies. Back at the stairs, continue down.
        Break the barrel for a potion of speed. Continue through the
        door and select yes to load the next level.

     B. "Through the great hall"
        Go straight back quickly through the area that causes damage.
        [I think there's a bug here, so stay away from that area!]
        On the left side at the base of the stairs is a new weapon -
        the Claw of Talinthraxus. There is nothing up the stairs so
        ignore them and go through the door at the base of the stairs.
        This statue room has three exits - left, right and forward.
        Go right to the library for a scroll of Thought (Mind +1) and
        into the back room to kill a birdman. Return to the statue
        room and take the left door. You will get a message that says
        "Please help me". This is coming from a knight to your left.
        Approach and talk to him. Proceed to the room opposite where
        you entered the courtyard. On the left is a bin with wood and
        ahead are two furnaces. Take wood from the bin and use it on
        the furnaces. I mostly alternated furnaces, although it
        probably doesn't matter. When you run out of wood, the knight
        should appear in the room, but won't talk with you. Get the
        healing potion in the room before heading back to where the
        knight was originally. Now that building is burned out and
        just inside on the left is the "Mistress of Doom" sword.
        Back in the courtyard, from the entrance you can turn right
        and scale the white platforms to get a potion of might.
        Return to the statue room and go forward to the T in the
        red carpet. Go right for a chest with potions. Return and
        go left for a scroll of accomplishment (+1 ability pt).
        Go forward to the balcony and jump to the ledge for a potion
        of endurance. Drop down and climb the stairs back to the
        balcony and then continue up the stairs to the second floor.
        Head right for a monster to kill. Head left to the green
        shard for your first form - "Bestial". Go through the door here
        to another statue room. With the statue's facing as a guide,
        you have two directions - left and back-right. Take back-right
        for a scroll of brilliance (Mind +2) and two barrels. Return
        and go left. Kill the birdman and cross the bridge. 
        Select yes for the next level.

     C. "Convergence"
        Begin in the statue room with paths to the left and right.
        Go right and gain a level. You are just through the door
        with a dark path to your left and a carpet path on the right.
        Go right and all the way to the end, entering the room on the
        left for a scroll of revelation (spirit +3). Return and go
        left. From a door on the right comes a birdman. Kill it for
        Armor of the Hawk. Continue on to the end of the hall.
        The room on the left has a scroll of endurance (body +2). 
        The door at the end of the hall leads down to the lower level
        and a snowy path. Follow this to stairs up. In the small room
        on the right use the lever. Step back out and use the ladder.
        Follow the planks around the wall to a chest. Return to the
        planks and drop down the hole. You are now just north of the
        statue room. Follow the passage through the door and select
        yes for the next level and a cinematic.

     D. [Untitled - town]
        [-] Rescue King Abelard
        [+] Deliver King Abelard's message
        [+] Equip & Depart for Muq'Abar.
        Follow the road and bear left where it splits to reach the gate.
        Select yes for the next level and a cinematic. (Yes, we're
        skipping the entire town!)

     E. "Muq'Abar"
        [-] Equip & Depart for Muq'Abar.
        You are asked to take a camel to deal with the tomb. Go right
        around the corner and use the camel.

     F. "Disturbing Sekhotep"
        Go straight to the wall and around to the right. Kill two
        enemies and gain a level. Go up the ramps to the top and get the
        elixir of life. Go to the opposite end of the top level and you
        will see a wagon. Jump off and go straight there. Talk to the
        woman on the left.
        [+] Curse of the Gypsy
        [-] Curse of the Gypsy
        Turn around and head to the wall, killing three enemies that
        rise from the sands. Turn left and head to the pyramid. Go
        clockwise around and pick up some gold. Now go counterclockwise
        to the far end, where you are stopped by an invisible wall 
        meaning the end of the map. Turn around and go staight to the
        excavation. Go around the right side, kill two enemies and 
        get assorted stuff at the camp. Jump into the excavation and 
        open the coffin. Kill the four enemies that appear. Proceed to
        the doorway. Go through the chamber with two enemies toward the
        blue flame to gain the next form. Choose Genie. Take the door
        on the right and say yes to enter the next area.

     G. "Inside the Pyramid"
        Go forward up the stairs and gain a level. Continue straight
        along the path. Open the coffin and get potions. Pass through
        the green mist, picking up a scroll of accomplishment (+1 ability)
        midway. Open the coffin and get the lich armor and elixir of life.
        Return through the green mist and take the left of the two paths
        on the right side of the room. At the door, select yes for the
        next area.

     H. "Inner Sanctum"
        Take the path up the stone snake. Follow the path to a larger
        room and gain a level. Go to the glowing portal at the far end
        and say yes.

     I. "Necropolis"
        Turn left and follow the path around. Kill the enemies and take
        the portal.

     J. "Oasis"
        Follow the only path past the locked chest and past the stairs
        on the right. Go to the end and open the chest. Return to the
        stairs and go out to the open area and across the bridge. 
        Turn left up the ramp and then right up the ramp. Break the
        vases and the farther one contains a scroll of enlightenment
        (spirit +2). Note the pedestal to the fertility goddess.
        Descend the ramp and turn right. Follow this path into a
        larger area with a giant statue that is attacking with magic.
        You cannot fight it, but kill the other enemies here and get
        the ruby from the pool. At the far corner from where you enter
        is a doorway. Turn left here down the ramp into the open area.
        At the far end you will find a white lily. Return to the
        pedestal and use it for a cut scene. Receive a key. Return to
        the locked chest in the passageway. Open it for a cypher stone.
        [+] Discover the Guardians' names
        Return to the bridge, but turn immediately left and go out on
        the ledge. Jump up at the far end and take the narrow ledge
        out over the structure. Drop down and get the Blade of Severing.
        Drop down, kill everything and head to the far end where there
        is a grate blocking a portal. Change into a genie and use
        gaseous form. Pass through and select yes.

     K. "Inner Sanctum"
        Return to Alleron form and kill the enemies. Climb the ladder
        and cross the room. Climb the next ladder and turn around.
        Make the jumps across to get the goddess statue and then return.
        Follow the path and go straight ahead for the snake idol.
        Back up to a path on the right and go up another stone snake
        for a room with the falcon statue. Go to the right side for
        chests and gain a level. Go to the left side for chest and then
        take the door. Yes to enter the next area.

     L. "Inside the Pyramid"
        Break vases heading right and get a scroll of brilliance
        (mind +2). Go through the arch and around to get the knight's
        arm, but use the Blade of Severing (it's better). Drop down and
        take the passage on the left and go up the ramps. After the
        cut scene, use each pedestal and gain experience at each.
        After all three, the portal out opens. Return to the ramp room
        and move on to the next area.
     M. "Hidden Sacrifice"
        Go counter clockwise around for a form point. Kill all of the
        enemies over several waves. Get the scarab. Go clockwise to
        the portal. Yes to enter the next area.
        [+] Find and Destroy Sekhotep's Shaman. (Added sometime earlier)
        [-] Find and Destroy Sekhotep's Shaman. 

     N. "Inside the Pyramid"
        You are back at the ramp room. Head down and straight out to
        the stairs room. Turn right, up the stairs, and follow the path
        as before to the door.

     O. "Inner Sanctum"
        Go to the door in front of the snake head and find the bars
        on your left. Change to a genie and use gaseous form to pass
        through. Pull the lever here and then follow this path to a 
        ladder up. Pass through the portal here.

     P. "Necropolis"
        You are back at the necropolis. This time, go to the right and
        follow the path around to stairs down. Turn right at the bottom
        and go to the right through an area with another guardian
        statue like the one in the Oasis. Go up the slope, gain a level
        and turn left to the ledge with several chests. Note the one
        that is locked with a falcon symbol. Go counter clockwise around
        this level for a scroll of accomplishment (+1 ability). Go back
        down the slope and turn left. Head up the sloping passage and
        around to the fire to get the falcon key. Return to the chest
        and open it for the cryptic tablet and the hammer of the 
        justicar. Keep using the blade of severing. Return to the statue
        and use it. Turn around and enter the portal.
        [-] Discover the Guardians' names

     Q. "The Tomb of Sekhotep"
        Jump down to the ground below. Kill all of the enemies and
        get the stuff around the edges before opening the coffin. 
        When you open the coffin, Sekhotep appears and will wait for
        you in the center of the area with other enemies he summons.
        Kill him and then say yes when asked to auto-return to town.
        [+] Find and Destroy Sekhotep. (Added sometime earlier)
        [-] Find and Destroy Sekhotep. 

     R. "Muq'Abar"
        You are directed to visit the Kreegan temple. Descend the ramp
        and stay to the left. You will eventually reach Paramjeet's.
        [+] Paramjeet's Lost Puppy
        Accept the quest to find the puppy, then head out and stay to
        the left. Enter the building with the foul smell and make your
        way to the top for a scroll of constitution (+3 body). Continue
        staying to the left. This may be random, but you should find the
        puppy in an ally along the way before reaching the marketplace.
        When you try to get the puppy, you find that you can't. Return
        to Paramjeet and you will be told to buy food. Go to the 
        marketplace and buy food from the merchant under the canopy. 
        Talk to the woman here and she will give you another quest.
        [+] The Thieves' Guild
        Go find the puppy again and get it. Return to Paramjeet for
        another quest. Once again, stay to the left. When you reach the
        area with a woman near a camel between alleys, talk to the man
        on the right to end this quest. 
        [-] Paramjeet's Lost Puppy
        [+] Monish's Fragrance
        [-] Monish's Fragrance
        Return to Paramjeet and he gives yet another quest, but don't
        bother with it. 
        [+] Muhtabi's Plans
        Return to the marketplace and take the camel on the right to
        reach the temple. (If you get confused, the men nearby say
        where each camel goes.)       

     S. "The Ancient Ruins"
        Go straight and take the passage on the right to bars. Change
        to a genie and use gaseous form to pass through. Follow the
        passage to the Kreegan you were sent to find. Talk to him.
        [+] The scroll of Gavilan (from guard, not necessary w/ genie)
        [+] The Head of Golgantra
        Get the key from the table and backtrack through the bars and
        across the way. Use the key in the lock to open the door.
        Yes to enter the next area.

        Go forward to get your next form and select Kreegan. Gain a level.
        Continue along the only path, moving quickly over the bridge
        before it collapses. Continue to the open area. Turn right
        before the next bridge and go up the slope to find the
        holder of the lightning rod. Go back down and cross the bridge.
        Continue until there is a camp on the right and cobweb on the left.
        Go left into the passage to find the holder of the dark gem.
        Take the camp path now and go up slopes, using the lever to open
        the secret door. Climb the ladder and get stuff. Drop down and
        use the lever on the left. Return to the bridge and drop down to
        the river. Head to the cave at one end and enter it to find the
        lightning rod. Return to the corresponding holder and use it.
        Enter the new passage.

        Follow the only path, which is to the left. Get the dark gem and
        other stuff. Return to the previous map.

        Go to the dark gem holder and use it. Pass through the chamber
        to the passage and select yes for the next area.

     T. "Older Than Man"
        Follow the path forward up the stairs and note the missing stones.
        Go out and stay left and on the ledges to a ladder up. Get the
        scroll of vigor and take the other ladder down. Get the violet
        stone (1 of 4). Take the stairs and jump down to the start of
        this area. Return to the stairs and turn around. Walk on the grass
        on the right to the water on the right and the platform to the
        left of the water. Get the yellow stone (2 of 4). Turn around and
        go to the far end for the red stone (3 of 4). Take the ladder,
        open the coffin for stuff and follow the grass again just like
        going to the yellow stone, but staying left of the wall. Drop to
        the area with the small pool. Get the blue stone (4 of 4). 
        Return to the top of the stairs and use the stones. New stairs
        appear. Go around to either side of the wall you are facing
        to reach the stairs. Go up and take the door. 
        [+] Gems of the High Priests.
        [-] Gems of the High Priests.

        Follow the path to the area on the right. Gain a level. Go up
        the winding stairs and through the tunnel. Get the scroll of
        proficiency (+2 ability). Take the first room on the right
        and on to the dead end for the amulet of the wanderer from a
        skeleton. Return and take the other room for more stuff.
        Go back to the open area and head to the far end and up the slope.
        Climb the ladder and say yes for the next area.

     U. "Sinking into the Madness"
        Cross the winding bridge and go up the small stairs. Take the
        right path and climb the ladder on the left side of a bookcase
        like object for the hand torch. The next room has the metal
        flask. Cross the green mist to another room and use the basin
        to have the full metal flask. Use the stone to read it.
        In the next alcove, use the torch to have the lit hand torch.
        Use the lever and go down the path. Kill everything and gain
        a level. Walk to the altar and use it. Now take the path on the
        opposite end and stay to the right until you return to this room.
        Turn around and stay to the left to enter another special chamber.
        Note the place to use the kreegan bones. Go to the opposite side
        to the room with bars on the right. Change to genie and gaseous
        form to pass through. Take the right slope to the torture 
        chamber. Change to a kreegan and view the past to get human
        flesh from the skeleton. Take the right side path and use the
        lever at the end. Enter all four cells for kreegan bones,
        a crystal shard and other stuff. Return to the altar and use it.
        Get the stuff behind the altar. Return to the other special
        chamber and use the kreegan bones. Get the kreegan battle armor
        and equip it. Return to the bars and take the path opposite them.
        Follow this path around to a bridge. Cross it and select yes to
        enter the next area.
        [+] Priestly Rituals
        [-] Priestly Rituals

     V. "Terrible Histories"
        Go straight and fall from the broken bridge. Turn left and head
        to the pillar ruins for a ruby. Head back and kill Golgantra.
        OK to return to Arb'Fa'Zul's Chamber.
        OK to return to town.
        [-] The Head of Golgantra

     W. "Muq'Abar"
        After the cut scene, talk to the nearest man and enter the door
        on your left.

     X. "The Sultan's Palace"
        Stay to the left and you will reach the door to the next area.

     Y. "Uprising"
        Go straight to the archway and stay to the left. Gain a level
        in the room with the bridge. Get a scroll of Proficiency 
        (+2 ability) from the table at the far end. Head back out and
        kill more enemies. Return and take the doors to the next area.
        Stay to the left and jump on the plant at the end for a large
        key. Get the nearby amethyst. Use the iron door, kill the
        enemies inside and get a scroll of proficiency. Head out, stay
        left and pass through the tapestry. Get the scroll of wisdom
        and then head down the stairs to the door.

        Go right for a scroll of vigor (+1 body) and then take the 
        ladder up that is near the door. Get the large key and other
        stuff. Walk on the ledge to use the lever and open the door.
        Just outside, use the lever on the left. Cross the room and
        then stay left to reach a hall with a red carpet leading
        to doors. Get the scythe of impurity and equip it. Take the doors
        to the next area.

     Z. "The Royal Hall"
        Follow the path to the large hall and kill all enemies. Get the
        inquisitor's ring. Take the doors at the end.

    AA. "Personal Space"
        Go straight to the doors across the hall.

    AB. "The Sultan's Chambers"
        Go straight to the end and turn left. Take the doors.

    AC. "Royal Study and Foyer"
        Cross the room for a form point. Exit to the next room. A genie
        here pulls the alarm. Jump through the tapestry to a secret area.
        Get the scroll of brilliance (mind +2) and head up the ramp.
        Pull the lever and get the message "you found a secret". 
        Enter, kill all and get everything. Take the stairs down and
        kill the enemy. Get everything and take the doors out.

    AD. "The Sultan's Chambers"
        Go straight to the end. Change to a genie and use gaseous form
        to pass through the bars. Get everything and return to the hall.
        Stay to the right and gain a level at the bedroom. Get the gold
        key at the far end (not needed). Take the hall past the bedroom
        to the doors.

    AE. "Royal Study and Foyer"
        Get assorted stuff and exit the room. Turn right to the doors.

    AF. "Traitor"
        Save. Approach the boss genie and back off. Fight the lesser
        enemies that appear. Stay to the right to trigger a cut scene.
        You need to kill enemies that appear while smashing things.
        It appears to be a matter of patience, but you will eventually
        smash the "right" one and win the fight. Autocast to return to

    AG. "Muq'Abar"
        Equip the blade of severing, recover your health and save.

    AH. "Repaying Old Debts"
        You are now in a difficult boss battle. Approach the boss and
        block. After he attacks four times, counterattack and keep
        swinging until he flies away. Recover your health. Kill the
        enemy he summons. Repeat this pattern until he dies. You will
        automatically see a cinematic and move to the next area.
        [-] Stop the Grand Inquisitor
        [-] [All other quests are cleared out]

    AI. "Old Town"
        [+] This time it's personal
        [+] Get into the upper city
        Stay to the right until a ramp is straight ahead. Take the ramp up
        and stay to the left to reach to the top level. At the end of
        the platform, enter the building on the right. Take the ramps
        up to the roof. Walk on the platform to the end and get a 
        message about restoring power to the city. Drop off the edge
        to the ground. Go clockwise around the building on your right.
        Turn to the left and approach the fire. Enter the red building
        with the two guard out front. Descend the stairs and take the door
        to the next area.
        [+] Restore power to Bylandria

    AJ. "Relics"
        Stay to the left until you reach the green passage. Say yes to
        enter the next area.

    AK. "Infrastructure"
        After a cut scene, stay to the left and kill the guards. Cross
        over to the tunnel and gain a level. Pass through and get your
        next form - Hybrid. Follow the water, staying to the right.
        After passing under a bridge, enter the tunnel to reach a room
        with large orange striped pipes. Go up the pipe on the left side
        of this room through the green mist. Kill the enemy at the other
        end and get the form point. Go up the stairs to the door.

    AL. "Subterranean City"
        Follow the path, exploring the buildings you pass. Gain a level
        in the tavern. When the path splits, take the closer path on the
        right side and head up the ramp to the church. Pull the lever
        in the church and drop down the hole in the floor near the entrance.
        Stay left along the pipe and use the valve to clear the mist.
        Drop down and kill the enemy to get the rare flower and a form
        point. Follow the path out. Return to the church and pass by to
        use the door to the next area.

    AM. "The Hermit's Dwelling"
        Follow the path, get the form point and enter the house to
        get miscellaneous stuff. Kill the enemies near the water wheel
        and follow the path around to the door.

    AN. "Infestation"
        Follow the path and gain a level. Pass through the green mist and
        use the valve to clear it. Stay to the right to get the tree
        sapling. Proceed in the opposite direction. You'll kill a red
        enemy along the way to a form point. Take the right path and use
        the valve. Backtrack and take the forward path where the mist
        has been cleared. Go through the doors.

    AO. "Power Struggle"
        Kill the enemies here and change to hybrid form. Go to the far
        side of the room from the entrance. Jump onto the central red
        pipe. Turn around and jump onto the bent pipes. Go counter
        clockwise around to the side. Jump to the central platform.
        Go clockwise around to the gear and use it. Say yes to
        auto-return to town.

    AP. "Old Town"
        Turn around and stay to the left to reach the ramp up. Return
        to where you had received the message about restoring power.
        Enter the tunnel to the next area.

    AQ. "City in the Sky"
        [-] Get into the upper city
        [-] Restore power to Bylandria
        [This is the last point at which I note quests]
        Stay left to reach the doors to the next area.

    AR. "Relics"
        Stay left to reach the inventor's home. Enter and stay left to
        find the inventor. Talk to the inventor for a quest. Backtrack
        to return to the previous area.

    AS. "City in the Sky"
        Stay left to reach the smith on the third floor of the building.
        Talk to the smith for a cut scene. When I did this I ended up in
        the store interface and had to exit out to see the conversation.
        Return to the inventor's area.

    AT. "Relics"
        Return to the inventor, talk and step away for a cutscene.
        OK to enter the next area.

    AU. "Daria's Aero-Ship"
        Follow the obvious path. Bypass the ladder and reach the room.
        Stay to the right to go around to a door on the opposite side.
        Use the panel on the left of the door to enter the next area.

    AV. "Crew Quarters"
        Follow the only path and gain a level. At the room, kill all
        enemies and take the stairs on the left that were just before
        the room. At the upper room, kill the enemy and bear left along
        the path, stopping in at the two rooms on the right for scrolls.
        This path returns to the upper room and there is one path you
        haven't taken so stay to the left and take it. Continue left to
        the room with the door and use the panel on the right side to
        enter the next area.

    AW. "Helm Causeway"
        Follow the only path and gain a level. At the yellow door, the
        path continues through a duct on the left side over some pipes.
        This duct opens to a larger room. Take the path on the right to
        the stairs up. Continue across the bridge and stop at the door
        to the next and final area. Ensure that your health is full and
        you are well equipped. I recommend the blade of severing and that
        you choose the accessories that add the most to offense. 
        Throughout the game, I never used any ability points or form points.
        You might find it useful to use them here. When you are ready,
        save the game and enter the next area.

    AX. "Reunion"
        I recommend another save game on a different slot immediately
        upon entering. I got killed several times and you probably will
        too. This is the final battle and your opponent is a shapeshifter.
        This wouldn't be so bad, except that your enemy here will often
        fly away to a rooftop and restore all health. I defeated this
        enemy by charging and striking repeatedly with the blade of
        severing. When the enemy flies away, take shots with your
        crossbow attack. If you see the enemy healing, do the same via
        potions. Ignore the bombing machine - you can't fight it.
        Repeat as many times as needed. I eventually won by blade alone,
        killing the final boss before it tried to fly away. 

        Watch the ending cinematic and the credits.