By: Aliosis

1. Introduction
2. Revision History
3. General Tips and Hints
4. Ghosts
  a. Bound Man
  b. Editor's
  c. Man W/ Long Arms
  d. Floating Woman
  e. Crawling Girl
  f. Broken Neck Woman
  g. Assistant's
  h. Female Head
  i. Novelist's
  j. Blinded
  k. Girl in Well
  l. Boy Hiding
  m. Longhair Woman
  n. Woman Hanging
  o. Folklorist's
  p. Wandering Man
  q. People Killed
  r. Floating Face
  s. Wandering Monk
  t. Family Master
  u. Headless Priest I
  v. Headless Priest II
  w. Headless Priest III
  x. Headless Priest IV
  y. Shrine Maiden
  z. Kirie
5. Random Ghosts
6. Conclusion

|1. Introduction|
This FAQ deals with all the enemies in Fatal Frame.
It doesn't deal with the storyline, puzzles, or 
capturing hidden or vanishing ghosts. It's all about 
the nitty-gritty of fighting the ghosts in Himuro 

I also have to warn you, I may be giving away 
important parts of the story in each ghost entry. Try 
not to read ahead of where you are. I've done my best 
to list the ghosts in the general order that you 
could find yourself facing them.

This is my first FAQ, and thus I might make a few 
mistakes along the way. If you have questions, 
comments, or corrections, then feel free to E-mail me 
at AliosisDruin@aol.com or contact me on AOL Instant 
Messenger as AliosisDruin.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to make some fancy ASCII 
art for my FAQ, E-mail me or something. I'm afraid I'm 
not creative enough to make one myself.

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|2. Revision History|
April 21 2004: First incarnation of the FAQ.

|3. General Tips and Hints|
1. Keep your health up when you can. Many ghosts, 
especially later on, can drain up to 3/4 of your health 
bar in one attack. If you think you're in danger, don't 
be afraid to use Herbal Medicine or even Sacred Water. 
Remember also, however, that your health is fully 
restored at the end of each Night.

2. Your capture circle (The large circle in the center of 
your viewfinder) glows blue when you're able to hit a 
ghost with your shot. The longer your capture circle rests 
on a ghost, the more power accumulates. You'll see this 
represented as several Japanese symbols at the bottom of 
your screen. When all of the symbols are lit up, you're 
capable of doing quite a bit of damage. 

3. Further, if the capture circle turns an amber color, 
it means several things. First, it often means that the 
ghost is about to execute an attack. Second, it's an 
opportunity for a Zero Shot. A Zero Shot is when you shoot 
a ghost when it's especially vulnerable to attack. This in 
itself is capable of doing quite a bit of damage. Paired 
with a fully charged up shot, it's even capable of killing 
weaker ghosts in one attack!

4. If you hear a strange, "Whoo-ooo" sound, it means the 
ghost has teleported. Either look for him as fast as you 
can with the camera, or make tracks! Several ghosts are 
capable of powerful attacks after teleporting.

5. Ghosts can go through walls, but you can't. If you can 
help it, don't stand next to a wall; not only is 
your camera 
incapable of attacking a ghost through a wall, but it gives 
your enemy a window of opportunity when attacking you.

6. Even when your capture circle isn't blue, that doesn't 
mean you're facing the wrong direction. Rely on the glowing 
light of your filament at the top of the viewfinder screen 
(It's on the bottom right of the screen when not in 
viewfinder mode). The stronger the glow, the closer and 
more accurate direction you're facing. Also, a ghost's life 
gauge appears in the upper left corner of your viewfinder 
screen when you're facing the generally correct direction.

7. If you're fighting a random ghost and you want to run 
away, it's risky business. Ghosts often chase you through 
two or more rooms before giving up, and won't hesitate to 
attack you while you're opening doors! Most random ghosts 
are fairly simple to defeat, and give you valuable Spirit 
Points for doing so.

8. If you're in immediate danger of attack by a ghost and 
you want to fully charge up or fire a Zero Shot, don't 
always think it'll work. Several ghosts won't give you 
enough time or warning before an attack to let yourself 
charge up fully or fire a Zero Shot. 

9. Ghosts are usually stunned for a few brief seconds after 
being hit with any sort of shot. If a ghost is getting too 
close for comfort, shoot them and take the window of time 
you have to re-position yourself farther away. 

10. All ghosts have recognizable patterns. Learn them!

11. A ghost's "weak point" is its head. You need to have 
the head in any shot you make to do damage.

12. At any save point, you can refill your Type-14 film to 
thirty. Use this fact to your advantage.

11. If all else fails, run! It's harder for a ghost to hit 
a moving target than a stationary one. Move around a room 
until you can gain an advantage and launch a counter-

From crawling to floating, faint to opaque, these baddies 
are your threat to survival in Fatal Frame. Here's the 
general format for each entry:

-. [Name]



Recommended Film:




On with the show!

a. Bound Man

Description: A rather pathetic looking person wrapped in 
chains. Looks rotted and generally unhappy to see you.

Tactics: Being the first ghost you battle, he's also the 
easiest. Although he occasionally floats a bit to either 
side, he can't teleport and only seems capable of 
charging you. Take aim with your camera; you should be able 
to charge up to full power with little incident. When he 
rushes toward you, you have all the time in the world to 
score a Zero Shot on him. If you wait for the Zero Shot, 
you can take him out in one fell swoop. If not, two shots 
should do the trick.

Recommended Film: Even Type-14, the weakest film, can 
overkill this sucker.

Rewards: None

Lair(s): Intro, 2F Fireplace Room.

Miscellaneous: Bound Man is a Random Ghost on Nights 1, 2, 
and 3. He's also two entries on your Ghost List. The first 
entry is for his form in the Intro. The second is when he's 
a Random Ghost.

b. Editor's

Description: Editor Ogata has seen better days. He looks 
roughed up and his eyes are completely whited out. He also 
likes to ramble on about ropes and kimonos.

Tactics: He's barely a step up from Bound Man. He enjoys 
rushing you in a similiar fashion. Again, simply take aim 
and charge up. The first time you fight him, one Zero Shot 
or two charged up shots will do the job. When he has more 
endurance, it shouldn't take much more than two Zero Shots 
or three to four charged up shots. 

Be careful during the second battle, because he's behind 
you while you're opening a door. It's recommended that you 
run through the door before turning around to fight him.

Recommended Film: Type-14 works fine.

Rewards: You can pick up a White Tape after beating him the 
first time if you want. In addition, killing him a third 
and final time earns you a Spirit Stone.

Lair(s): Night 1: Kimono Room, Library, Kimono Room. He 
appears twice in the Kimono Room.

Miscellaneous: Sometimes he sounds a little like Brock, 
from Pokemon. But maybe it's just my imagination.

c. Man W/ Long Arms

Description: The name says it all. He's a ragged man 
with... long arms. Sort of like a praying mantis.

Tactics: Keep your distance from this guy; he's dangerous 
when he gets close. He also likes to fade in and out of 
sight, making some shots a bit of a gamble. Charge up your 
shots and fire as you back away from him. Don't risk Zero 
Shots, just fire at him when you charge up to full. Two or 
three charged up shots should put him away. The second time 
you fight him, he has quite a bit more stamina while you 
have quite a bit less space. I hope you've been working on 
your aim.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is still fine.

Rewards: None

Lair(s): Night 1: 1F Walkway. Night 2: 1F Stairway

Miscellaneous: I think he's responsible for several of the 
children being killed. I believe he's in photos of them 
being dragged into wells and clocks and such.

d. Floating Woman

Description: Well... she floats. She doesn't appear to have 
or need legs, and her arms are usually sort of crooked. She 
has a leery face, and appears to lack clothes. Trust me, 
she's not very pleasant.

Tactics: She's faster than the other ghosts you've seen 
thus far. Don't let her out of your sight if you can at all 
help it. She likes to circle around before moving in for 
an attack. You can either shoot when you charge up your 
shots, or wait for a Zero Shot. Her stamina is poor 
however, so one or two Zero Shots and three or four charged 
up shots are usually enough to put her away. In the final 
battle with her, make sure to keep your distance and try to 
shoot both her and her partner at the same time. Big points 
if you can do it!

Recommended Film: Type-14 is still viable, but I've used 
Type-37 during the Final Night 

Rewards: None

Lair(s): Night 1: Grand Hall (optional). Final Night: Hell 

Miscellaneous: In Final Night, she attacks along with 
Wandering Man. It's a dangerous fight; don't underestimate 

e. Crawling Girl

Description: She's a young girl in a red kimono. She has a 
little kid's accent. You know, "Let's pway." 

Tactics: She's only dangerous if she gets too close. She 
fades in and out more often than other ghosts so far as 
well; you'll be able to shoot her maybe 50% of the time 
she's moving toward you. She also teleports, which makes 
her a little more dangerous than the average ghost. Zero 
Shots are possible, but not always recommended. Her stamina 
is never very good, so a few charged up shots will do the 
job, as will two Zero Shots.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is fine.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Nights 1 and 2: Doll Room.

Miscellaneous: Nothing.

f. Broken Neck Woman

Description: Kind of unpleasant. She's a floating woman in 
a kimono whose neck has broken so badly her head hangs 
behind her back.

Tactics: While she's one of the more common ghosts, she's 
also one of the easiest when you get to know her patterns. 
When her body is facing you there's no way to harm her, but 
she has to turn around if she even wants to attack you. She 
sometimes floats a bit to either side, which makes 
targeting her only slightly more difficult. She'll usually 
give you ample time to charge up before flying toward you 
with arms outstretched, but don't always count on it. 
Fortunately, her rush leaves a wide window of opportunity 
for a Zero Shot. One or two will do her in, as will three 
or four charged up shots.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is usually enough.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 1: Cherry Atrium. After her first appearance 
she's a Random Ghost on Nights 1, 2, and 3.

Miscellaneous: It's easy to be intimidated by her 
appearance, but don't let it get to you. You'll feel better 
after beating her.

g. Assistant's

Description: Meet Assistant Tomoe, folks! She's kind of 
soggy from her death, and she looks as if she's in as bad a 
shape as Ogata was.

Tactics: She's considerably more tricky than Editor's. She 
floats around a bit, and isn't above teleporting before 
attacking you. Sometimes she hunches over; this is a signal 
that she's about to throw herself at you with surprising 
speed. Keep this one in your sight, and don't worry if 
you want to blast her with charged shots. Zero Shots are 
frequently possible, but either way should be fine. Two 
Zero Shots will defeat her on average, as will three to 
five charged up shots. The second time you fight her should 
actually be a bit easier, since you have more room to 

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: She drops at least one Red Tape, I think.

Lair(s): Night 1: Fish Tank Room, Backyard.

Miscellaneous: None.

h. Female Head

Description: A woman's rather gruesome floating head.

Tactics: Easy as pie! All it can do is float there and rush 
you like a giant baseball. Give it a home run with an easy 
Zero Shot. All it takes is one to put it in its place. 
Otherwise, two charged shots will do.

Recommended Film: Type-14 easily takes care of it.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 1: Stairway (optional). Final Night: Attic.

Miscellaneous: I hope you don't have any heart conditions 
when you see her on Final Night...

i. Novelist's

Description: Looks like Takamine on acid. His hair's all 
wild and such.

Tactics: Probably the first truly difficult ghost you've 
had to deal with so far. Not only is he a fast flyer, but 
he's an aggressive attacker and teleports often. If that's 
not bad enough, he has a paralyzing attack that he does by 
grabbing his head and shouting. Take charged up shots when 
you can get them, and be ready to move if he teleports. 
Scoring a Zero Shot before his paralyzing attack will stop 
him from using it. But it will take several charged up 
shots and even three or so Zero Shots to take him down. 
It's also possible to run outside before engaging in combat 
with him; the doors are already open and it gives you a lot 
more room.

Recommended Film: If you're feeling good, Type-14. If you 
get a bit worried or have some trouble, break out Type-37.

Rewards: The killing shot will give you a photograph with a 
clue, but that's it.

Lair(s): Night 1: Narukami Shrine.

Miscellaneous: This guy is tough as nails, but luckily you 
only fight him once.

j. Blinded

Description: You'll recognize her immediately. Her eyes are 
gouged out and bleeding, and she constantly cries things 
like, "My eyes!" and "Everyone's gone..."

Tactics: Don't move at all if you can help it! She relies 
on her hearing to pinpoint your location, and walking or 
shooting her with anything but a Zero Shot tells her where 
you are. Sometimes she also teleports behind you and just 
sits there for a while before grabbing you. Fortunately, 
she's sporadically open to Zero Shots just by wandering 
around. Hit her with one, and it'll mess her up and prevent 
her from finding you. Mess up once, and it could spell 
disaster. She'll rush you, and it will SERIOUSLY hurt. You 
fight her A LOT in Night 2, so learn her strategy and learn 
it well.

Recommended Film: Type-14 will work, but don't be afraid to 
use Type-37 when it counts.

Rewards: She gives you Matches at one point after defeating 
her, but nothing else.

Lair(s): Night 2: Cherry Atrium, 2F Stairway, Demon Mouth, 
Walkway, Mask Room, Demon Mouth! (Gasps for breath) Oh, you 
fight her twice in Demon Mouth.

Miscellaneous: This is probably the most frequent ghost I 
fought on Night 2, if not the entire game.

k. Girl in Well

Description: Naturally, you first see her on top of a well. 
She looks pretty badly rotted, and her voice is shrill and 
a bit annoying.

Tactics: This is a slightly tough bug to squish. She enjoys 
teleporting around before attacking you. She's also pretty 
quick. Charge up your shots and take her out. A Zero Shot 
is a bit hard, but not impossible. Two Zero Shots or a few 
charged shots will do the trick.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is fine.

Rewards: You'll get to pick up the Blue Carving after 
beating her.

Lair(s): Night 2: Backyard.

Miscellaneous: None.

l. Boy Hiding

Description: He's a bit creepy looking; kind of like a 
zombie kid.

Tactics: This kid can be trouble. He's fast, he teleports a 
lot, and he's VERY hard to predict. He can run at you, jump 
at you, or simply psyche you out by teleporting around a 
bit. Don't wait for Zero Shots or even fully charged shots, 
just shoot him when you can. It only takes a handful of 
shots to take him out.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is still recommended; mostly 
because if you miss a lot you won't really be wasting film.

Rewards: He drops a mirror piece after you take care of 

Lair(s): Night 2: 1F Fireplace Room.

Miscellaneous: None.

m. Longhair Woman

Description: She looks a lot like Floating Woman, but she 
has dark clothes and long black hair. Kind of gothy 

Tactics: She has a few tricks. She's fairly quick, 
teleports, and circles around you. If that weren't bad 
enough, her teleport will often put her directly above you. 
Keep on your toes with this ghost, and take your shots when 
you can. A handful of shots will defeat her.

Recommended Film: Type-14 still works.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 2: Grand Hall (optional). Night 3: Fish Tank 

Miscellaneous: None.

n. Woman Hanging

Description: Poor Yae's seen better days. She basically 
looks like she's been... hanging around a bit too much.

Tactics: She's definitely tricky. Not only is she agile, 
she teleports. Oftentimes she'll dive on you from above. 
Keep her in your viewfinder when you can, and take your 
shots when you have them instead of waiting for Zero Shots; 
those are often up to luck. She's also pretty tough; it may 
take six or more shots to take her down.

Recommended Film: She's beatable with Type-14, but it might 
not be a bad idea to kick it up a notch to Type-37.

Rewards: There's an album laying on the ground below her 

Lair(s): Night 2: Cherry Atrium.

Miscellaneous: She's a one hit wonder. You only fight her 
once. Quite a story-important person, she is.

o. Folklorist's

Description: Ryozo Munakata, in the ectoplasm. For being a 
malevolent spirit of the damned, he doesn't look that much 
different. They could've done his voice acting better, 
though. "Dooooon't be scaaaaaaaaared..."

Tactics: He's a tough cookie. He flies, teleports, and 
generally likes to give you a lethal hug. 
If he teleports, run. Don't look for him, don't wait, just 
run. He'll almost always be rushing you from behind if he 
teleports. I've also heard that he has a long distance 
attack, but I haven't seen him use it. If someone can back 
this up, let me know. Anyway, just do your best to damage 
him, and don't be at all timid about running away to gain 
some distance.

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-37, whichever you want. 
I've used both.

Rewards: He's guarding the Mask of Reflection, and the clue 
he drops in the second fight is rather amusing.

Lair(s): Night 2: Buddha Room, Demon Mouth.

Miscellaneous: I nicknamed him Captain Obvious after the 
second fight. You'll see why.

p. Wandering Man

Description: He looks like a masculine version of Floating 
Woman. Nasty ribcage exposure.

Tactics: He's about as fast and tricky as Floating Woman. 
Give him the same treatment as you did her. When they're 
together, take advantage of it and hit them at the same 

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-37.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Final Night: Hell Pass. I've also heard that he 
appears in Square Garden on Night 2, but I haven't seen 

Miscellaneous: None.

q. People Killed

Description: I thought they were children when I first saw 
them, but they also look a bit like Bound Man from a 

Tactics: The only tricky thing about fighting them is that 
there's three of them at once. Sometimes two of them will 
distract you while the third sneaks up on you from behind, 
but it's rare. Their only attack is to rush at you; they do 
this most often in response to getting attacked. They're 
very weak; a Zero Shot with stronger film would probably 
take them out instantly. As it is, one Zero Shot and one 
charged shot does the trick. I've managed to kill all three 
at once before; it was amusing.

Recommended Film: Type-14 is fine.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 3: Banned Path. They can appear anywhere 
else as Random Ghosts on this night, though.

Miscellaneous: Each of the three ghosts counts as a 
separate entry in your Ghost List.

r. Floating Face

Description: Usually he just looks like a big cloud with a 
bad attitude. Occasionally you can see a face in the chaos.

Tactics: He's cut and dry easy. His only trick is vanishing 
sporadically as he moves toward you. Charge up and wait for 
a Zero Shot, then run through him while he's stunned and 
set up shop several feet behind him. Two Zero Shots is all 
it takes.

Recommended Film: Type-14.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 3: Corridor. I haven't seen him anywhere 
else in the entire game. 

Miscellaneous: None.

s. Wandering Monk

Description: A robed man with a straw hat.

Tactics: This guy is VERY tricky. He absolutely loves to 
dodge out of your viewfinder and hide in walls. Don't count 
on being able to get a Zero Shot on him, or even a fully 
charged shot for that matter. It takes several shots to 
defeat him. If you see him, your best bet is usually to run 
away. I haven't stayed to fight him anywhere outside 
Mission Mode.

Recommended Film: I'd use Type-37 if I wanted to fight him.

Rewards: Probably a reduced health bar.

Lair(s): He's a Random Ghost on Night 3. I encountered him 
once on the 1F Walkway.

Miscellaneous: Probably the hardest Random Ghost in the 

t. Family Master

Description: A robed man wearing a ceremonial demon mask. 
He also holds a katana, and has three faces floating around 
behind him.

Tactics: In case the description didn't give it away, this 
guy is trouble. He fades in and out and side to side as he 
moves toward you. Don't wait for Zero Shots, just shoot 
him. Oftentimes he'll give you little to no time for a Zero 
Shot as he slashes you with his katana. He can also start 
laughing and send his faces to attack you, but I've only 
seen him do it once, and shooting him seems to disrupt the 
attack. The second time you fight him he has a new trick: 
he'll crouch down and slide toward you like he's on roller 
skates, and slash you when he gets close. He can do this at 
any distance, but fortunately it leaves a wide window for a 
Zero Shot. It'll probably take at least two or three Zero 
Shots to defeat him; he's strong.

Recommended Film: Type-37 at least.

Rewards: He guards the Teal Carving the first fight, and 
drops the Master's Seal the second fight.

Lair(s): Night 3: Buddha Room, Grand Hall.

Miscellaneous: None.

u. Headless Priest I

Description: He looks like a ceremonial monk with a couple 
of swords sticking out of his torso.

Tactics: The Headless Priests are all tough, and they each 
have their own special attack patterns. This one enjoys 
throwing wisps out to attack you. He does this with a 
fairly obvious chanting gesture, and it's briefly open to a 
Zero Shot. If you hit him with a Zero Shot, his attack is 
ruined. If not, you have a wisp chasing you for several 
seconds. It's generally not very accurate, and getting hit 
by one won't do an incredible amount of damage, but it can 
be pesky while you're trying to shoot the priest.

Recommended Film: Type-37.

Rewards: A photo of a symbol on a guy's face. It's more 
useful than it sounds.

Lair(s): Night 3: Cherry Atrium.

Miscellaneous: Just so you know, all the Headless Priests 
will sometimes have their head missing; they're immune to 
any and all attacks when this happens, but they themselves 
can't attack either. When their head re-appears, get ready 
to start fighting again.

v. Headless Priest II 

Description: Kind of like the last guy, but without the 

Tactics: This guy's head seems to vanish for longer periods 
of time than the others. When it's gone, he sluggishly 
walks toward you. When it reappears, he starts floating 
swiftly from side to side as he closes the distance toward 
you. Don't let him get too close; fire charged up shots at 
him when you can. He also summons wisps, but not very 
often. When he did, I was surprised that it came at me from 
behind. Zero Shots still ruin the wisp attack.

Recommended Film: Type-37.

Rewards: Another photo of a symbol on a guy's face. 
Seriously, it has a purpose.

Lair(s): Night 3: Abyss.

Miscellaneous: None.

w. Headless Priest III

Description: Ceremonial monk... blah blah blah...

Tactics: This guy's a bit trickier than his friends. His 
most notable attack is one in which he floats up a little 
and then dives into the ground. There's no Zero Shot for 
this attack, so shoot him and then start moving, because he 
reaches up from behind and grabs at your ankles. Take your 
shots when you can. 

Recommended Film: Type-37.

Rewards: Yet ANOTHER photo of a symbol on a guy's face. 
What a surprise.

Lair(s): Night 3: Square Garden.

Miscellaneous: There's a save point right there; use it 
before the fight! If you're feeling very conservative, you 
could fight him and just reload the game if he hurts you.

x. Headless Priest IV

Description: I didn't let him get close enough to get a 
good look at him.

Tactics: Possibly the hardest of the four. His wisp attack 
occurs with barely the flick of a wrist; the Zero Shot 
chance is very small. Sometimes he'll simply use it three 
or four times before doing anything else. He's combined the 
power of Priest I's wisps with the agility of Priest II's 
movement. His new feature, however, is his diving attack. 
He'll fly into the air and start to dive bomb you with a 
shout. He can do this at any distance, so don't take your 
eyes off of him. There's a chance for a Zero Shot during 
this attack, so either hit him with that to stop it or run 
to the side as fast as you can.

Recommended Film: Type-37.

Rewards: Photo. Blah.

Lair(s): Night 3: Backyard.

Miscellaneous: Again, there's a save point you can use 
before you fight. I recommend it.

y. Shrine Maiden

Description: She reminds me a bit of Blinded without the 
bleeding eyes.

Tactics: You can't see her at the start of the first 
battle. I recommend waiting in viewfinder mode until she 
takes the offensive. Although she technically never moves 
forward, she teleports behind you every few seconds and 
grabs at your ankles. When you hear her teleport run 
forward several feet and pivot around to charge up a bit. 
She'll teleport before you fill up the gauge, so fire when 
it's about halfway full. Her endurance is terrible, so two 
shots of that will usually be enough to do her in.

The second fight is another story entirely. She starts the 
battle several feet behind you and continually flies after 
you. Get enough distance to turn around and charge up a bit 
for a Zero Shot. This will stun her long enough for you to 
run through or away from her and gain some distance. Repeat 
this hit and run tactic as much as necessary. It only took 
me two Zero Shots to defeat her this time. Whatever you do, 
don't let her touch you. She's a lot stronger than she 

Recommended Film: Type-14 or Type-37. It doesn't matter 
that much.

Rewards: None.

Lair(s): Night 3: Rope Altar, Baptismal Path. 

Miscellaneous: None.

z. Kirie

Description: Do I really need to describe her? You'll know 
it's her when the screen turns black and white.

Tactics: If you ever see her before the end of Final Night, 
you can't win. During Nights 1 and 2, you have to let her 
touch you to end the chapter. During the beginning of Final 
Night, you have to run like crazy toward the Cherry Atrium 
while she chases after you. You seriously can't win these 

As for the final confrontation at Hell Gate, it's 
surprisingly easy. Being the evil ghost she is, you can't 
do any damage unless you hit her with a Zero Shot. Like 
Blinded, she'll sporadically be open to a Zero Shot. The 
only impediment to this is an occasional tremor which 
messes with your viewfinder a bit. Naturally, you don't 
want her to touch you; I've heard it drains your life gauge 
dry in one pull without a Stone Mirror. Four to six Zero 
Shots will take care of her.

You're not done yet, though! After the cutscene that 
ensues, she'll be a few feet in front of you. You have to 
turn around and run toward the left side of the cave as 
fast as you can. Pick up the sparkling object as you do so. 
When that's done, run around the rock to your right until 
you get on its north side. Examine what you did that 
triggered the fight in the first place and you're done!

Recommended Film: Type-37 or higher.

Rewards: I'll let you find out for yourself.

Lair(s): Night 1: Narukami Shrine. Night 2: Banned Path. 
Night 3: Hell Gate.

Miscellaneous: She was awfully cute when she wasn't a 
psychotic ghost of evil.

|Random Ghosts|
Over the course of the game, you will sometimes encounter 
ghosts purely by chance. The odds vary from night to night 
and location to location. Here's a list of what I've 
encountered at random on what night. There could very well 
be more out there; contact me if you've encountered others.

Night 1: Bound Man, Broken Neck Woman.
Night 2: Bound Man, Broken Neck Woman.
Night 3: Broken Neck Woman, People Killed, Wandering Monk.

There are no Random Ghosts on Final Night.


That's the end of my walkthrough, folks. Hope it helped you 
survive Himuro Mansion! You can download/view/copy this for 
personal use, but don't do any nasty stuff like take credit 
for its creation or post it somewhere without asking for my 
permission first. Now that I think about it, I'm going to 
copyright it! There, it's copyrighted. See the symbol? You 
don't? It's there, seriously. Don't... you know... steal it 
and take credit for it or whatnot...

I'm also trusting that no one out there's going to ask me 
stuff like, "How do I solve this puzzle?!" or, "Where can I 
get a copy of this?!" That's not my department. Besides, I 
forget the solutions to most of the puzzles each time I 
beat the game, so I can't help you with them. Check another 
FAQ for those.

I'm hoping no one out there's going to send me spam or 
other evil mails either. I get enough of those already.

I'd also like to send out some thanks.

1. Chozo Abigaba, for his general walkthrough which helped 
me deal with all the weird stuff like puzzles and where to 
go next. 
2. The folks on the Fatal Frame message boards. They helped 
me a considerable amount.
3. The rented copy of Fatal Frame I first started playing 
with, for freezing at the WORST times.
4. My wife...............Kidding. I'm single. Gahhhhhhhhhh. 

Anyway, until next time.