Ghost Capturing Guide by Daedolon

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===                  Rei Zero / Project Zero / Fatal Frame                 ===
===                       Ghost Capturing Guide v1.09                      ===
===                                                                        ===
===                               by Daedolon                              ===

=== Table of contents ============================================== TOC00 ===

 00. Table of contents ................................................[TOC00]
 01. Introduction .....................................................[INT01]
 02. Version history ..................................................[VER02]
 03. Quick notes before playing .......................................[NOT03]
 04. The ghost list ...................................................[LST04]
  04-1. Legend ......................................................[LEG04-1]
  04-2. Intro: Himuro ...............................................[HIM04-2]
  04-3. 1st Night: The Strangling Ritual ............................[RIT04-3]
  04-4. 2nd Night: Demon Tag ........................................[DEM04-4]
  04-5. 3rd Night: The Calamity .....................................[CAL04-5]
  04-6. Final Night: Kirie ..........................................[KIR04-6]
  04-7. Random appearances ..........................................[RAN04-7]
 05. The capturing guide ..............................................[GUI05]
  05-2. Intro: Himuro ...............................................[HIM05-2]
  05-3. 1st Night: The Strangling Ritual ............................[RIT05-3]
  05-4. 2nd Night: Demon Tag ........................................[DEM05-4]
  05-5. 3rd Night: The Calamity .....................................[CAL05-5]
  05-6. Final Night: Kirie ..........................................[KIR05-6]
 06. Frequently asked questions .......................................[FAQ06]
 07. Some final words .................................................[FIN07]
 08. End of file ......................................................[EOF08]

=== Introduction =================================================== INT01 ===

 While playing Project Zero, I always got frustrated at points where I would
 miss a ghost, ie. by running past it or having Miku facing the wrong
 direction and miss the situation of automatic targeting (not moving and
 pressing 'O' when a ghost appears).

 The very purpose of this guide is to help you to capture all the required
 ghosts in order to get the Zero Ability. Move along the list when you capture
 ghosts to see what's around the next corner.

 I do know there already are guides for all the ghosts in the game, including
 fighting strategies. This guide is solely about capturing all the ghosts,
 not on the strategies on winning the battles.

 This guide is based on the European PAL version of the game (Project Zero)
 for the PlayStation 2. This guide might apply to the Xbox version as well
 for the most part, but it has some exclusive ghosts. While you will find
 most of the ghosts in the Xbox version by following this guide, you will not
 get a 100% completion.

=== Version history ================================================ VER02 ===

 1.09 (26.01.2012)
    A rather small update. Fixed some minor issues.

 1.08 (21.03.2006)
    A bit late for this update, but I fixed the layout to match GameFAQs
    requirements and fixed few typing errors here and there.

 1.07 (31.08.2005)
    A huge update correcting the order of ghosts in the list. Some of the
    ghosts were listed in an order which would've made it impossible to
    capture each one of them.

 1.06 (21.07.2005)
    Small updates.

 1.05 (17.06.2005)
    A quick update that completed all the missing guides and fixed small

 1.04 (17.06.2005)
    The first published version of the guide.

=== Quick notes before playing ===================================== NOT03 ===

 - I assume you have some basic knowledge about the game and the places where
   the most basic ghosts appear. Of course, you also know each room and the
   objectives on how to beat the game by heart.

 - Did you know that when the ghost drops the blue spirit after you have
   managed to get rid of it, means that you actually get it on your ghost
   list? Good, now you know. Obtaining the spirit is not necessary to fill
   the list (unconfirmed for all of the ghosts).

 - Check this guide to see if during a certain ghost you have the ability to
   use the built-in auto-aiming. This immensely helps you capture the ghost,
   both faster and more easily.

 - NOTE: Load a save-game in which you have finished the game already (Clear
   Data), then choose "Story Mode" and "Start Game" to start the game.
   Some of the ghosts are impossible to capture on your first run (all of
   the ones during the intro, for example). You can, however use this on your
   first run, but you cannot get the full list with just one playthrough.

=== The ghost list ================================================= LST04 ===

--- Legend -------------------------------------------------------- LEG04-1 ---

    The number of the ghost is given by the order of appearance of the ghosts.
    I know you can encounter the ghosts in a different order, but the order is
    the most efficient route when capturing ALL the ghosts.

    If there are three dashes where the number should be, it means that the
    ghost is already captured and can be walked away from. They are included
    only because the ghosts will appear even if you have them captured.

  - Moving
    The ghost is either moving horizontally or vertically. Moving speed does
    not have to be listed since mostly they move very slowly or at standard
    walking speed. The faster ghosts are mentioned on the guide itself.
    These types of ghosts will vanish after a short time.

  - Stationary
    The ghost is stationary and does not move. It will vanish after a short

  - Hidden
     Hidden ghosts make up noises and the Filament turns blue when you're near
     them. They don't disappear until you manage to take a photograph of them.

  - Seal
     Seal ghost are the type of Hidden ghosts that you HAVE to photograph in
     order to move on in the game, you can't miss them.

  - Boss
     Boss fights are the kind of enemy-encounters where the enemy is
     introduced you with a pre-rendered cutscene. You might have encountered
     the boss before in some smaller encounters like the ghost walking or
     turning before you. When you're in a boss battle, the room doors are
     locked (with a few exceptions).

  - Enemy
     In most cases, enemies are the same ghosts you fought in boss battles,
     only this time you don't see a pre-rendered video. During enemy fights,
     you can evade the enemies by running through several doors to lose them.

  - Random
     There also are random encounters in Project Zero, only the ones that need
     to be captured are listed in this guide. These happen when you spend too
     long roaming around and not completing the missions. To get the required
     random encounters, you will have to roam about headlessly until the
     specific ghost appears.

     This is the room where the ghost can be found, it might not be the exact
     room where you take the picture (ie. when you take a picture from the
     doorway); I have written the room the ghost itself appears in, not
     necessary where you must be to capture it.

     This clarifies whether you can press the finder button (without holding
     any movement buttons) and the screen will automatically target at the

     Auto-aiming is only listed for fightable enemies and normal ghost
     encounters (listed as Enemy, Boss, Stationary or Moving).

     Tells you if you can run away from the enemy (enter a different room or
     area) or if you are forced to fight it.

     Evade is only listed for fightable enemies (listed as Enemy or Boss).

     How many points you get from a hidden ghost. You also get points from
     basic enemy battles, but the amount differs depending on the power of
     your camera and other variables, so finding the minimum score would be
     hard and pointless.

     Points are only listed for hidden ghosts (listed as Hidden).

--- Intro: Himuro ------------------------------------------------ HIM04-2 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
001 Child Behind         Hidden        Entrance        -         -      500
002 RopeHallwayMan       Moving        Hallway         No        -      -
003 ManLookingDown       Stationary    Fireplace       Yes       -      -
004 Angry Man            Hidden        Fireplace       -         -      500
005 Bound Man            Enemy         Fireplace       -         No     -
--- Assistant's          Moving        Fireplace       -         -      -

--- 1st Night: The Strangling Ritual ----------------------------- RIT04-3 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
006 ManAtPartition       Stationary    Entrance        Yes       -      -
007 Man On A Beam        Stationary    Rope Hallway    No        -      -
008 Bro's Shadow         Moving        Fireplace       No        -      -
009 Hallway Man          Moving        Fireplace       No        -      -
010 Man at Screen        Moving        Fireplace       Yes       -      -
011 Wandering Man        Moving        Library         Yes       -      -
012 DeadMan's Body       Stationary    Library         No        -      -
013 Man at Window        Moving        Kimono Room     No        -      -
014 Editor's             Boss          Kimono Room     -         No     -
015 Woman inKimono       Hidden        Kimono Room     -         -      1500
--- Editor's             Enemy         Lamp Hallway    -         Yes    -
016 Man in Closet        Stationary    Lamp Hallway    No        -      -
017 Man Standing         Stationary    Library         Yes       -      -
018 Man Behind           Stationary    Kimono Room     Yes       -      -
--- Editor's             Enemy         Kimono Room     -         No     -
019 Woman at Mirror      Stationary    Walkway         Yes       -      -
020 Man w/ Long Arms     Boss          Walkway         -         No     -
021 WanderingWoman       Moving        Burial Room     Yes       -      -
022 Girl Pointing        Stationary    Storehouse      ?         -      -
023 Seductress           Seal          Storehouse      -         -      500
024 Woman on Porch       Moving        Cherry-Atrium   ?         -      -
025 Woman In Pain        Hidden        Cherry-Atrium   -         -      750
026 Woman inAtrium       Moving        Cherry-Atrium   ?         -      -
027 Woman Pulled In      Seal          Abyss           -         -      500
028 Woman Turning        Stationary    Doll Room       ?         -      -
029 Child Onlooker       Seal          Doll Room       -         -      500
030 Crawling Girl        Boss          Doll Room       -         No     -
031 WomanWhoJumps        Moving        Cherry-Atrium   No        -      -
032 Broken Neck          Boss          Cherry-Atrium   -         -      -
033 Man Turning          Stationary    Stairway        ?         -      -
034 Woman atCorner       Moving        Stairway        Yes       -      -
035 Assistant's          Boss          Fish-TankRoom   -         No     -
036 Monk into Dark       Hidden        Fish-TankRoom   -         -      1000
037 Woman Hanging        Stationary    Cherry-Atrium   Yes       -      -
038 Blinded Woman        Stationary    Rubble Room     No        -      -
039 Female Head          Moving        Stairway        No        -      -
040 Female Head          Enemy         Stairway        -         Yes?   -
041 Man in Backyard      Moving        Backyard        No        -      -
042 Girl Pleading        Stationary    Backyard        No        -      -
043 Girl Turning         Hidden        Backyard        -         -      750
--- Assistant's          Boss          Backyard        -         No?    -
044 Standing Man         Stationary    Forest Path     No        -      -
045 Warped Man           Hidden        Forest Path     -         -      1250
046 Crucified Man        Stationary    Narukami-Shrine No        -      -
047 Novelist's           Boss          Narumaki-Shrine -         No     -

--- 2nd Night: Demon Tag ----------------------------------------- DEM04-3 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
048 Child on Porch       Moving        Cherry-Atrium   No        -      -
049 Blinded              Boss          Cherry-Atrium   -         Yes    -
050 Hanged Woman         Stationary    Cherry-Atrium   Yes       -      -
051 Burned Man           Hidden        Abyss           -         -      1250
052 Observatory Man      Stationary    Observatory     No        -      -
053 Girl under Porch     Moving        Cherry-Atrium   No        -      -
054 KidRunningAway       Moving        Stairway        Yes       -      -
--- Man w/LongArms       Enemy         Stairway        -         ?      -
055 VengeanceInWall      Seal          Stairway        -         -      750
056 KidRunningAway       Moving        Fish-TankRoom   No/Yes    -      -
057 Girl in Well         Boss          Backyard        -         No     -
058 Tormented ones       Hidden        Narukami-Shrine -         -      2500
--- Broken Neck          Enemy         Forest Path     -         Yes?   -
--- Blinded              Enemy         Stairway        -         Yes    -
059 Bro's Shadow         Moving        Corridor        Yes       -      -
060 Man Before Door      Stationary    Demon Mouth     Yes       -      -
--- Blinded              Enemy         Demon Mouth     -         No     -
061 Girl Pointing        Stationary    Burial Room     No        -      -
--- Blinded              Enemy         Burial Room     -         ?      -
--- Crawling Girl        Enemy         Doll Room       -         No?    -
062 Kid Hiding           Moving        Kimono Room     No        -      -
063 Boy Hiding           Boss          Fireplace       -         No?    -
064 Vengeance            Hidden        Rope Hallway    -         -      750
--- LongHair Woman       Boss          Grand Hall      -         ?      -
065 Evil Woman           Hidden        Grand Hall      -         -      1750
066 Man in Study         Moving        Tatami Room     No        -      -
--- Blinded              Enemy         Walkway         -         No?    -
067 ManBeforeStudy       Moving        Tatami Room     No        -      -
068 Observatory Man      Moving        Tatami Room     No        -      -
069 Monk OutOfDark       Hidden        Stairway        -         -      1250
070 Woman Hanging        Boss          Cherry-Atrium   -         No?    -
071 Talking Ghosts       Hidden        Hidden Pass     -         -      2000
072 Hall Wanderer        Stationary    Hidden Pass     Yes?      -      -
--- Blinded              Boss          Mask Room       No?       -      -
073 Folklorist's         Boss          Buddha Room     No        -      -
074 Man in Hall          Moving        Hidden Pass     No        -      -
--- Folklorist's         Enemy         Demon Mouth     ?         -      -
--- Blinded              Boss          Demon Mouth     No        -      -

--- 3rd Night: The Calamity -------------------------------------- CAL04-5 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
075 Munakata             Hidden        Banned Path     -         -      3000
076 People Killed        Enemy         Banned Path     -         Yes    -
077 People Killed        Enemy         Banned Path     -         Yes    -
078 People Killed        Enemy         Banned Path     -         Yes    -
079 Floating Face        Enemy         Corridor        -         ?      -
080 Crushed Woman        Hidden        Rubble Room     -         -      1000
081 Man in Atrium        Moving        Burial Room     Yes?      -      -
082 TurningMaskMan       Stationary    Cherry-Atrium   Yes?      -      -
083 Family Master        Boss          Buddha Room     -         No     -
084 HeadlessPriest       Boss          Cherry-Atrium   -         No     -
085 Yae                  Hidden        Cherry-Atrium   -         -      3000
086 Hirasaka             Hidden        Abyss           -         -      3000
087 HeadlessPriest       Boss          Abyss           -         No     -
088 HeadlessPriest       Boss          Sq.Garden       -         No     -
089 LongHair Woman       Boss          Fish-TankRoom   -         No     -
090 HeadlessPriest       Boss          Backyard        -         No     -
091 Takamine             Hidden        Narukami-Shrine -         -      3000
092 Ogata                Hidden        Library         -         -      3000
093 Blind Demon          Hidden        Blinding Room   -         -      3000
--- Family Master        Enemy         Grand Hall      -         No     -
094 Family Master        Hidden        Grand Hall      -         -      3000
??? Shrine Maiden        Enemy         Walkway         -         Yes    -

--- Final Night: Kirie ------------------------------------------- KIR04-6 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
--- Female Head          Enemy         Attic           Yes?      -      -
095 LongHair Woman       Hidden        Attic           -         -      3000
096 Truth Binder         Hidden        Buddha Room     -         -      108
097 Girl in White        Moving        Dungeon         No        -      -
098 Kirie's Love         Hidden        Abyss           -         -      5000
099 Burdened Man         Hidden        Abyss           -         -      1213
--- LongHair Woman       Enemy         Hell Bridge     -         No     -
100 Wandering Man        Enemy         Hell Bridge     -         No     -
102 Man at Bottom        Hidden        Hell Bridge     -         -      3000
103 Shrine Maiden        Boss          Rope Altar      Yes       No     -
104 Six Vengeance        Hidden        Rope Altar      -         -      4000
--- Shrine Maiden        Enemy         Baptism Path    -         No     -
105 Kirie                Boss          Hell Gate       -         No     -

--- Random appearances ------------------------------------------- RAN04-7 ---

#   Name                 Type          Location        Auto-Aim  Evade  Points
106 Bound Man            Random        Fireplace       -         Yes    -
107 Floating Woman       Random        Grand Hall      -         Yes    -
108 Wandering Monk       Random        Fireplace       -         Yes    -

=== The capturing guide ============================================ GUI05 ===

--- Intro: Himuro ------------------------------------------------ HIM05-1 ---

 001 Child Behind

     Right away from the start, turn to your left side and move near the cage,
     move around a bit in the finder view and you can see the child behind the

 002 RopeHallwayMan

     He (Junsei Takamine, the novelist) will walk right in front of you while
     you're closing to the mirror.

 003 ManLookingDown

     While walking near to the stairway, you can see the ghost appearing above
     you on the second level of the room.

 004 Angry Man

     In the small room-like walkway in the room, the ghost can be found on top
     of the book shelf.

 005 Bound Man

     You will automatically encounter this enemy while picking up the notes
     from the ground on the second level of Fireplace.

 --- Assistant's

     Before going back downstairs after capturing the Bound Man, visit the
     flock just above the door to the Rope Hallway and you will see the
     Assistant's ghost entering the Rope Hallway. Notice that this ghost is
     irrelevant and can NOT be captured at all.

--- 1st Night: The Strangling Ritual ----------------------------- RIT05-2 ---

 006 ManAtPartition

     When you open the door to the Hallway, a male ghost (Koji Ogata, the
     editor) will appear behind the partition to the left of you, turn around
     and take a picture.

     NOTE: This is the only ghost that you can't take a photo of during the
     first time you're playing the game (with Miku), since Miku wont have the
     camera at this point yet.

 007 Man On A Beam

     As you pick up your mother's camera from where your brother had dropped
     it, a ghost will appear on the beam behind you, turn around and take a

 008 Bro's Shadow

     When moving near to the stairs, your brother's shadow will appear walking
     up the stairs. Take a picture.

 009 Hallway Man

     After you have tried the locked door, don't yet return to the downstairs,
     but instead, walk to the small pathway on the south-west side of the
     second floor, to the broken staircase. After moving close to the item on
     the ground, a ghost will appear down the stairs, enable your finder view,
     look a bit lower and snap a photo.

 010 Man at Screen

     Walk down the stairs (walking means no running ;) near the wall, on the
     fourth step, stop and open the finder view, you will automatically aim at
     the ghost.

 011 Wandering Man

     When you come through the partition, the editor can be seen right to you.

 012 DeadMan's Body

     After the FIRST cutscene when opening the closet, you have a short time
     to capture a picture of the editor's dead body. Enable the finder view
     and look a bit lower and to the right to capture the picture. The
     capturing range is quite small so you might miss it few times.

 013 Man at Window

     This ghost will appear when you walk inside of the Kimono Room. The best
     way to capture the ghost, is to run south, near the gap between the two
     kimonos, and take the picture of the editor near the window.

 014 Editor's

     After walking to the notes near the window, the battle will begin.

 015 Woman inKimono

     When leaving the room, be sure to check the two kimonos in the south-east
     corner of the room. The area and range to capture the ghost is a bit
     small so you might have to work on it a while.

 --- Editor's

     The editor appears again as you open the door to the Lamp Hallway, this
     time you don't actually have to take the picture, and you can run away to
     the Fireplace if you want.

 016 Man in Closet

     After coming back to the Lamp Hallway from the Fireplace and going beyond
     the corner, a ghost will appear in the closet in the other end of the

 017 Man Standing

     Editor getting scary ;) Right when you open the door to the Library, the
     editor will appear just before you. He wont stand there very long.

 018 Man Behind

     When you place the Mirror to the stand, the editor will appear right
     behind you. Just press the finder button to automatically aim at the

 --- Editor's

     After taking the picture, a battle with editor begins. It is necessary to
     kill him to get away from the room.

 019 Woman at Mirror

     When walking along the corridor upstairs of the Walkway, a female ghost
     (Tomoe Hirasaka, the assistant) will appear in the front of the mirror.

 020 Man w/ Long Arms

     When Miku goes downstairs of the Walkway, a cutscene will interrupt the
     game and the Ghost will appear after it.

 021 WanderingWoman

     After coming from behind the Partition, the assistant can be seen walking
     towards the door leading to Cherry-Atrium.

 022 Girl Pointing

     While entering the Storehouse, a child ghost (Kirie as child) will point
     to the pile of junk under the stairs.

 023 Seductress

     This hidden ghost is peeking from behind the shelf under the stairs.

 024 Woman on Porch

     When entering the Cherry-Atrium, after the corner, to your left you can
     see the assistant moving away from you.

 025 Woman In Pain

     At the west corner of the Moon Shrine, a ghost can be found at your feet.

 026 Woman inAtrium

     The assistant ghost will walk towards the Abyss when you move near to the
     doorway to the Abyss.

 027 Woman Pulled In

     At the left side of the waterwheel, the assistant's body appears in front
     of you.

 028 Woman Turning

     When entering the doll room for the first time, run in and ready your
     camera, as the assistant will disappear after turning around to you.
     She's easy to catch even from the doorway, so don't worry about it too

 029 Child Onlooker

     At the north-west corner of the larger doll-table, a child can be found
     peeking behind the table.

 030 Crawling Girl

     After taking the picture of the boy, a girl ghost will appear from a
     closet south of the room. You can't leave the room without defeating her.

 031 WomanWhoJumps

     When moving towards the stairs of the Cherry-Atrium, strafe right while
     having the camera ON and pointing in between the two Shinto gates. She
     will fall down very quickly so you have to hold on tight of the finder
     AND shutter button. The finder-mode automatically goes off when she
     falls, so be ready to enable it again, fast. I'd suggest you to look a
     tad lower than normal eye-height, also, shooting several times rapidly
     can also help capturing her.

 032 Broken Neck

     You have to battle the woman who just fell from the Observatory.

 033 Man Turning

     When entering the Stairway, the novelist appears in front of the mirror
     (straight forward from where you're standing at), ready your camera upon
     opening the door and take the picture.

 034 Woman atCorner

     When moving north from the spot where you saw the novelist, the assistant
     will appear at the other end of the corridor, moving behind the corner.
     Just another basic moving ghost.

 035 Assistant's

     You will emerge in a battle with the assistant upon entering the
     Fish-TankRoom. You cannot leave the room before defeating her.

 036 Monk into Dark

     At the middle of the Fish-TankRoom, where you can see some blood
     appearing to the water, equip your camera, face north and look up to see
     the hidden ghost.

 037 Woman Hanging

     Check upon the lonely tree at the Cherry-Atrium, you can find a ghost of
     Yae Munakata.

 038 Blinded Woman

     Before going to the center of the Cherry-Atrium, visit the Rubble Room
     through the Burial Room, and walk towards the the door at the opposide
     end of the room, The Blinded Woman appears in front of your for only a
     few seconds, so be cautious and ready with the camera.

 039 Female Head

     Right when you enter the Stairway, ready up the camera and aim at the
     stairs, the head will start "rolling" upwards the stairs from the bottom
     and disappear pretty quickly.

 040 Female Head

     After the Female Head disappears from the stairs, she will attack you as
     a normal enemy.

 041 Man in Backyard

     When coming from behind of the wooden fence, you can see the novelist
     walking past the well, going to towards the Forest Path. He will be there
     only for a brief moment.

 042 Girl Pleading

     This is a ghost which many seem to miss. After taking a picture of the
     novelist, equip your camera and face up to the black window in the
     building south. While moving backwards to the well, Kirie will appear at
     the window for a short time, take a picture of her.

 043 Girl Turning

     The ghost can be found behind the well.

 --- Assistant's

     Upon entering the small path in the Backyard, close to the gravestones,
     the assistant will start a battle with you.

 044 Standing Man

     Walk on the left side of the stone stairs towards the Shrine, the
     novelist will appear behind the right pole of the Shinto gate when you're
     around halfway to the top.

 045 Warped Man

     Near the halfway, the ghost can be found on the eastern side (on the
     right side if you're coming from the bottom) of the stairs, when looking
     to the woods.

 046 Crucified Man

     Instantly when the pre-rendered video is over, turn around 180 degrees,
     enable the finder view (or the other way around) and look up to the

 047 Novelist's

     After capturing the novelist crucified to the ceiling, he will attack
     you. Winning the battle adds the Novelist's to your ghost list.

--- 2nd Night: Demon Tag ----------------------------------------- DEM05-3 ---

 048 Child on Porch

     This is the second hardest ghost to capture in the game. Right after you
     have opened the door, rapidly press the finder button to enable the
     finder view, then start pressing the shutter button rapidly to ensure
     that you will capture the ghost.

 049 Blinded

     When walking towards the stairway of the porch, the Blinded ghost will
     appear behind you. You CAN run away from this battle. But you most likely
     will want to have her on your ghost list, so be sure to capture her.

 050 Hanged Woman

     Again, you can meet the ghost of Yae, hanging from the tree.

 051 Burned Man

     In Abyss, at the south-west corner (north-east of the Moon Shrine) the
     ghost of a burned man can be found near the fence.

 052 Observatory Man

     When coming back from the Abyss, walking towards the mansion, the
     folklorist appears on top of the Observatory, and won't stay there for a
     long time either. Since auto-aiming doesn't work for him, be sure to look
     upwards when equipping the camera.

 053 Girl under Porch

     This ghost will be extremely difficult to capture if you don't know about
     her, luckily you're reading this guide. When moving towards the porch
     stairs, have the finder view view enabled, and aim under the porch by the
     right side of the stairs. Your finder view will go off when the ghost
     appears, so be ready to enable it again, take a picture and move on.

 054 KidRunningAway

     And here we have it, the very hardest-to-capture ghost in the game. When
     you enter the stairway and move towards the mirror, the Filament turns
     red. Right at this instance, ready your finder view and you will
     automatically aim at the ghost, take a picture. I would suggest running
     to the mirror near the wall so your field of view would be widest
     possible. Notice that if you have finder view on when you move near the
     mirror, it will go off when the ghost appears.

 --- Man w/LongArms

     When walking to the corridor leading to the door of the Fish-TankRoom,
     the long-armed ghost will appear. You don't necessarily have to capture
     him since you already did it once.

 055 VengeanceInWall

     Under the stairs of the Stairway, right from the door leading to
     Cherry-Atrium the second most scary looking ghost can be found :)

 056 KidRunningAway

     This kid must be in a real hurry, this time it's much more easier. Right
     away when you open the door and move in, you can see him running fast
     over the wooden planks, can't miss him.

 057 Girl in Well

     Upon "using" the well in the Backyard, a creepy looking ghost wants to
     fight you.

 058 Tormented ones

     Another ghost which a lot of people will miss during playing the game.
     Before returning to the Stairway from the Backyard, pay a visit to the
     Narukami-Shrine and take a closer look at the mirror.

 --- Broken Neck

     After getting the picture of the Tormented ones and leaving the
     Narukami-Shrine, the Broken Neck ghosts appears in the halfway of the

 --- Blinded

     She want's to fight you again when you return to the Stairway. Since you
     already have a picture of her, run away to the Cherry-Atrium (she might
     not leave you alone until you get to the Rubble Room).

 059 Bro's Shadow

     Mafuyu's shadow can be seen moving towards the Demon Mouth. I'd suggest
     you to run near the left wall of the Corridor to have err... a better
     view of your brother. He probably doesn't like you since he will
     disappear pretty quickly.

 060 Man Before Door

     Trying the large doors will cause the folklorist to appear at the "door
     lock" on the right side of the doors.

 --- Blinded

     The blinded woman will again, tease you when you move near the stairs.
     She will appear right behind you if you're facing the stairs. You don't
     necessarily have to capture her, but it's easier to get away from the
     Demon Mouth if you do.

 061 Girl Pointing

     Upon entering the Burial Room, the young Kirie can be found pointing at
     the candles on the table.

 --- Blinded

     When you succesfully lit all the red candles, the Blinded Woman will
     again, attack you, from the behind, as usual.

 --- Crawling Girl

     When entering the Doll Room, the crawling ghost will appear again. You
     already have a picture of her so you can decide either to capture her
     again or not.

 062 Kid Hiding

     Another harder one. When you enter the Kimono Room, enable your finder
     view and aim at the gap between the kimonos on the left. Start strafing
     right and the ghost will start running from the right to the left. Your
     finder view will be shut off, so be quick to enable it again, and press
     the shutter button when you can see the boy coming from the right (you
     can see his feet below the kimono).

 063 Boy Hiding

     When Miku walks near the clock, the boy ghost will attack her. This is a
     boss battle, so you can't escape before you capture him.

 064 Vengeance

     Yes, the most horrifying ghost in the game (at least if you're asking
     me). This apparation is between the third and fourth cross-bar on the
     ceiling. You can actually see it's body up there, I think.

 --- LongHair Woman

     When you enter the Hall from behind the wooden partition, all the doors
     open and this evil looking ghost wants to fight with you.

 065 Evil Woman

     Between the first and second partition (when coming from the east), the
     ghost can be found south while standing up the small platform and facing
     west. She is almost up at the ceiling.

     NOTE: If you take a picture of the Evil Woman (065), the Floating Woman
     (107) will NOT appear in the Grand Hall the second time you visit it.

 066 Man in Study

     After taking a picture of the safe in the small room, the novelist can be
     seen for a short time, walking east from the doorway. You have to be very
     swift, since there is no auto-aiming and he walks pretty fast.

 --- Blinded

     The blinded woman will attack you when you enter the second floor of the

 067 ManBeforeStudy

     After opening the safe and getting out of the smaller room inside of the
     Tatami Room, quickly ready your camera and face east to the middle of the
     room to capture the novelist. You have to be quick since there is no

 068 Observatory Man

     And again, just when you get to the middle of the room, the novelist is
     right to your left side, walking east (he is on the north-west corner of
     the room) to the Observatory. Again, no auto-aiming, so be quick.

 069 Monk OutOfDark

     On the second floor of the Stairway, near the few steps leading to the
     Dungeon, a monk can be seen in the window north. Many people will miss
     this ghost.

 070 Woman Hanging

     When walking to the tree, Yae will attack you.

 071 Talking Ghosts

     In the Hidden Passage to the Mask Room, this ghost can be found right
     after the first corner, look up and face west.

 072 Hall Wanderer

     When walking towards the east-end of the corridor, the folklorist can be
     seen entering the Mask Room.

 --- Blinded

     After removing the Happy Mask from the pillar, the blinded woman will
     attack you after the cutscene. Suprisingly, not for the last time.

 073 Folklorist's

     When you pick up the Mask of Reflection from the table, the folklorist
     attacks you.

 074 Man in Hall

     After getting out from the Blinding Room, equip the camera fast, since
     the folklorist appears to your left. He is walking to east in the

 --- Folklorist's

     During entering the Demon Mouth, the folklorist's ghost appears in the
     south-east corner of the third floor of the Demon Mouth.

 --- Blinded

     When you examine the "lock" on the right side of the huge doors, the
     blinded woman attacks you. For the very last time :)

--- 3rd Night: The Calamity -------------------------------------- CAL05-4 ---

 075 Munakata

     While returning to the Banned Path, before the first Shinto gate, there
     is a hidden ghost down on the left side of the Shinto gate, hidden in
     the rocks.

 076 People Killed

     You will encounter THREE of these guys in the Banned Path. EACH of them
     have to be captured to finish the list.

 077 People Killed

     Same as above.

 078 People Killed

     Same as above the above.

 079 Floating Face

     Upon entering the Corridor, around half-way through to the Rubble Room,
     there will be an enemy encounter, this will be the only time you will
     see this enemy, although it will be a common random encounter in Night
     three. But don't worry, you will have to capture him to move on, so you
     will get him to the list anyway.

 080 Crushed Woman

     Among the pile of junk, there is a female ghost, whose body has probably
     been crushed underneath the junk.

 081 Man in Atrium

     When you enter the Burial Room and walk to the middle, the Family
     Master's ghost is walking towards the door leading to Cherry-Atrium.

 082 TurningMaskMan

     The Family Master's ghost that appears in front of you when you walk
     closer to the door leading to the Stairway in the Cherry-Atrium.

 083 Family Master

     You will have to battle the Family Master in the Buddha Room.

 084 HeadlessPriest

     The first Headless Priest encounter is in the Cherry-Atrium.

 085 Yae

     Before leaving to the Abyss, the ghost of Yae can be seen hanging from
     the tree located north-east of the Cherry-Atrium.

 086 Hirasaka

     In the Abyss, left side of the waterwheel.

 087 HeadlessPriest

     Upon walking near the monument at the northernmost point of the Abyss, a
     Headless Priest appears to battle you.

 088 HeadlessPriest

     In the Square Garden, walking near the monument makes a Headless Priest
     to appear.

 089 LongHair Woman

     The long-haired ghost attacks you when you enter the Fish-TankRoom.

 090 HeadlessPriest

     The last Headless Priest can be found from the Backyard.

 091 Takamine

     Many people forget to capture this ghost. Before returning to the Moon
     Shrine, pay a visit to the Narukami-Shrine and look at the ceiling where
     Mr. Takamine was crucified.

 092 Ogata

     In the closet, where you found Ogata's body, there is a faint apparation
     of his ghost in the back of the closet.

 093 Blind Demon

     Hopefully you exited the Hidden Passage through the door that continues
     to the Lamp Hallway, since you can use it to quickly enter the Blinding
     Room. There is a ghost of the Blinded Woman in the lantern in the middle
     of the room.

 --- Family Master

     Following whatever route to the Grand Hall, when Miku walks to the big
     pool of blood in the middle, the Family Master appears at the eastern end
     of the hall.

 094 Family Master

     Upon beating the Family Master, take a look on the shelf above the pool
     of blood.

 ??? Shrine Maiden

     I'm not sure what it was, but I actually saw a Shrine Maiden in the tiny
     alcove where the Girl Hiding could be found, and she attacked me.
     It probably was just a random encounter, but it was a pretty weird
     occasion. Drop me an email if you also have seen her here.

--- Final Night: Kirie ------------------------------------------- KIR05-6 ---

 --- Female Head

     After looking down the hole in the floor, a Female Head apparition
     appears at the end of the corridor.

 095 LongHair Woman

     Before the corner where the Female Head appeared, there is sort of a
     straw mat above the cross-bars above you. Face north and look up to find
     the hidden ghost.

 096 Truth Binder

     When you're on the top of the altar at the northern-most point of the
     Buddha Room's cross-bars, look down to the altar and take a picture.

 097 Girl in White

     After Miku gets out of the cage, get ready. As the ghost of young Kirie
     appears at the door to west, right of Miku. She won't be there but for
     only a moment, so be sure to get her before she vanishes.

 098 Kirie's Love

     Paying a visit to the Abyss before going down to the Moon Shrine rewards
     you with two ghosts. The first one can be found west from second
     "island". Look to the sea on the western side of the "island" and you can
     see the ghost.

 099 Burdened Man

     Get to the second "island" and look northeast to find the second ghost.

 --- LongHair Woman

     On the Hell Bridge (seems like Hell has frozen over). After a cut-scene,
     the two ghosts, LongHair Woman and Wandering Man will attack you. You
     most likely already have the LongHair Woman on your list.

 100 Wandering Man

     This is the only place the Wandering Man appears unless you get it as a
     random encounter (which is not very likely if you're playing by the book
     and using as little of time as possible).

 102 Man at Bottom

     Halfway through the bridge, on the north-east side of the bridge (on to
     your left), look down to the bottom of the cave to find the ghost.

 103 Shrine Maiden

     Upon entering the Rope Altar, after the cutscene a Shrine Maiden on the
     rope shrine attacks you. Luckily you can use auto-aiming to capture her.

 104 Six Vengeance

     After finishing the Shrine Maiden, move to the third (no matter if you go
     from the left or the right side, it will be the third in any case) alcove
     near the shrine (or south-east of the room, although it's kinda hard to
     figure directions in the room), look up to the center of the ceiling and
     take a picture. As a ground-mark, there should be a rope on your left
     when you're taking the picture.

 --- Shrine Maiden

     Another shrine maiden will attack you when you walk through the Baptism

 105 Kirie

     And there we have it the final boss, Kirie. This is actually the EASIEST
     fight in the game, lol. Just finish her off to get her to the ghost list.

--- Random appearances ------------------------------------------- RAN05-2 ---

 106 Bound Man

     Apart from the Bound Man Mafuyu encountered, Miku has to fight and
     capture one to fulfill the ghost list. They randomly appear throughout
     the mansion when you use too much time while running around. You could
     actually go and get all the additional items (like Spirit Stones and
     Elixirs) and with luck, you might see one of these. They usually roam
     around at Night 1 or Night 2, around the Rope Hallway, Fireplace and
     Kimono Room.

 107 Floating Woman

     I actually have no idea where these ghosts can be seen the most often,
     since the first time I played the game, I didn't capture the Evil Woman
     from the Grand Hall. I'm sorry about that.

     NOTE: If you take a picture of the Evil Woman (065), the Floating Woman
     (107) will NOT appear in the Grand Hall the second time you visit it.

 108 Wandering Monk

     During Night 3, unless you're really speedrunning through the mansion,
     you will most likely run into one. I think you can find one most easiest
     in the Hidden Passage, Abyss and Stairway.

=== Frequently asked questions ===================================== FAQ06 ===

 Q: Person 'X' already did a guide containing all the ghosts!
 A: Where other guides list ghosts and their abilities, this guide
    concentrates to guide you where and how to find each ghost to achieve 100%
    full Ghost List (in order to get the Zero seal).

 Q: Do I need to finish the game first before trying to capture all the
 A: Yes. There's a ghost in the beginning of the first night in a point
    where Miku doesn't already have the camera.

 Q: Why do I have to start a new game, I already have some of the ghosts and a
    game in progress.
 A: Not necessarily. Just make sure this is the second time you're playing
    (with the existing save-game) I'm not a psychic so I can't tell
    which of the ghosts you already have captured. To get the Zero Ability you
    only need to capture all the ghosts and buy the ability. As long as you
    play through the game following this list at least once (plus doing the
    intro with the camera), you should get all the ghosts.

 Q: I saw a ghost of some sort which you didn't mention about, why's that?
 A: Most likely it was a random-encounter (which have been explained above),
    or just a random triggered event (like the ghost playing Koto in the Koto
    room :)

    But if you're absolutely sure it was an actual ghost, please, tell me
    about it.

=== Final words ==================================================== FIN07 ===

 There might be few errors, especially myself having mixed up the folklorist
 and the novelist in the past. These will be fixed as I find about them.

 Oh yeah, stealing other people's work is not fun! >:| so hopefully you will
 not COPY, MODIFY or DISTRIBUTE this guide.

 Have fun hunting ghosts!

 - Daedolon

=== End of file ==================================================== EOF08 ===