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I }v{ inority ReportI
Updated offline:          Legend: For every for example .25 is
.25%,1.00 is 10% etc, of FAQ completed

May 1, 2003 (created) V. .25
May 2, 2003 got up to level 17 .75
May 7, 2003 Got off my butt and did some more v 1.00
May 10, 2003 Busy Weekend but got pages done v. 1.01
May 12, 2003 School/Track meet but got levels done V.1.05
May 16, 2003 Just hanging out sick and bored v. 1.06
May 18, 2003 Sunday...Bored so wrote a little V. 107 (almost there!)
May 22, 2003 Thursday, Broodwar for SC is shot so..Writing away V. 1.95
May 23, 2003 Friday, Nothing special going to work soon V. 1.96
(later May 23, 2003) Got bored and finished More work will be done V. Final.A
May 24, 2003 touching up the boarders looking nice. V. Final.B
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                                       l _ /ArkDreamer22 Faq

Created By Darkdreamer22  May 2, 2003 (I will Finish this I Promise)
 This FAQ is copyrighted by DarkDreamer22, you can not use any part of it
without DarkDreamer22' s express permission, this FAQ is not to be linked to,
copied in whole or in part, or even profited from in any form.  At the
current time it is only ok for it to be posted at GameBunker,and GameFAQs.
  As John Anderton(your Character), you are the commisioner of Pre-Crime
dedicated to keeping the peace in Washington D.C., its your job to protect
those that cannot protect themselves. (Okay so its just a little introduction ^^")
(.a) weapons
(1) Training Level Faq
(2)Special menu
(2a.) Level Warp
(2b.) Alternate Heros
(2c.) Pain Arenas
(3.) Option Menu
(4) Actual Game Faq
(5) Combat Moves

1. Training Level Faq                 l
The training level for minority Report is actually very useful for people, unless
of course your impatient and just want to go play, for the most part the
training level's are fairly self explaintory.

Basic Training: Okay, With basic training the First thing you must do is you
learn how to look around, with the C stick, then practice punching a man up
and kicking him and learning how to fire a gun.

Jetpack Training: This is fairly self explaintory itself as well, it takes little to no
effort to learn this whatsoever. Useless More or less.
.a   Weapons                l
Weapons Of choice.

Shotgun- Effective weapon, has splash damage
Gernade Launcher - Effective Splash damage, rare but dangerous
Puke Gernade - slows enemys down..gross but useful
Riot Machinegun - Weak but effective if fully loaded
W.A.S.P - multi shot weapon quite powerful knocks the socks off of people
Riot Impact gun - A shockwave like shooter Effective in consecutive shots

(2)Special menu                       l
Within the Special Menu there are multipul things that you can do For the

(2a.) LEVEL Warp: This lets you access any levels that you have beaten already
Movies: Well, Self explaintory there, just a bunch of movies

Concept Art: Drawings from the producer activision

(2b.) Alternate Heros: (You can earn you alternate heros by putting in codes or
achieving special objectives, and no you cannot get a different story line!)

(2c.) Pain arenas: This is the biggest and baddest of brawls you can unlock this by
defeating "Bosses" like mosley and unlock arenas which allow you to rock
enemys worlds and learn the best ways to dodge attacks.

Cheats: Well, enter cheats and have some fun!

(3.) Option Menu                      l
Change Difficulty: Trust me dont let the options fool you
Easy = Hard
Normal = Insane
Hard = living nightmare

Game Settings: Just lets you have an option menu of what you see on you
Audio settings: Nothing special self explaintory itself as well, lets you adjust
your music/volume

Levels & actual Game Faq
Level One: Suspect: Andre Serenal   (1)
O.K. First your in an office chasing the suspect Andre, once you exit the office
you will find yourself in a hallway with two men, "kill them" then go into the kitchen
first if you go to your left there will be metal doors, open them by pressing X
BTW killing the men are a good thing too. Then after collecting money,
weapons, and such go up the stairs youll find money on a cabinet just jump on
top of it, i promise nothing bad will happen! Really!, then once getting the money
get back ontop of the banaster and kill another two men and youll notice conviently
that there is no way into the refrigerators door because someone kindly locked
it for you., and theres a dead end, NOT. at the "dead end" jump up and youll grab
a ledge, then swing across the billboard
sign and go fight Andre Serena!

Level Two: Nikki Jameson    2     l
First off go up the stairs, there will be one robot, kill it then shatter the window in
the same room and jump through it. Next youll enter a room with three robots,
dont panick just kick them run and agian and agian, theres a health in the
room at the same time as well, take it because youll take damage
next room there will be two robots once you kill them three more will pop up
kill them as well with the shotgun one drops, then go to the other side of the
robot infested room and shut off the valve, then go back once agian and go
to the control room, then watch out someone will throw a gernade, dont touch
the fire or you will die quickly . Go back around after getting past the fire and you'll
 see  yet 2 more robots. After destroying them move go up the stairs. Go
through the next door and you'll see another robot. Destroy it then hit the
switch to the next room. There are 3 robots in this room. Destroy them and hit
the switch to the next room. There will be 2 last robots. After beating them
go through the next door then viola you beat that level.
Everybody Runs    3               l
You must escape from PreCrime so that you might have a chance
to prove your innocence, yea good luck youll need it.
You start by the doors named temple, dont worry about this yet you cannot open
them. Okay first go down the path thats on your right Keep going straight down the path
then youll evetually find yourself fighting three guards, take them out then procceed back to
where you started from when you pass the temple there will be an "Armory" go in there
there are medkits and guns, might wanna save the gun for the next level *wink wink*
then exit the armory and go to the doors on your right, there should be one guy
kill him and get the keycard, then continue to the acess denyed room, there will be now 6
men kill them and there ya go procceed through the door.

Bear Cave      4                  l

Boss Battle:  Yes your first one, now dont go in so macho and all that junk, Mosley
 the boss) knows his stuff hes in the FBI and knows his kungfu. 85% of the time you
attack him youll most likely miss dont get frustrated though just keep using the
B-B-X combo its very effective and he never blocks it
as for mosley he is very cheap once he gets 3/4 hp 3 precrime officers come
then 2/4 and 1/4 each time theyll attack you but this may be a prime time to
target mosley while he cowers behind them.

JetPack Escape        5           l
This is one of the most annoying levels if you ask me, but when you enter
there will be 5 men exactly Easy enough just kill them by using your jet
pack and fly around like a bansshe hitting them, this gives them major damage
and is an easy way to live. Next, if you go up and go to the right side of the
level there will be a door, there is a switch on it, all you gotta do is hit X
and it will open each door is a section for a battle if your good and stay low
you can advoid all together the tunnel is like this

                   / P */
                  /____/<-- Door
                 / P */                          *Legend: ^^Switch^^
                / P  /                            P = Precrime officers
               /____/ <--Door
              / P */  Etc. Keeps going on and each switch is on the right side.

Okay continuing on once you make it past the doors there will be another room,
yes another brawl that means 10 or so men will pop up after a little, kill them
then go to the left side of the track which will lead you to...YES
FREEDOM! but wait theres more.. Once outside there will be five men on the
ground and two on a walkway kill them and proceed theres a tunnel down on the
ground which leads you to the building you must kill around another 10 men,
then go to the farthest corner of the level and theres the subway
have fun in the next level!

Welcome to the Mall Mr. Andersonl (6)
Okay first the level starts with a robot right in front of you. If you have a gun it
makes life a lot easier. You should do a 3 kick combo back off before he flings you like
a rag doll then kick him agian and keep up the process, pain in the neck but better than death
Keep doing this until it is destroyed. After you destroy him continue on up
the stairs. You will see 2 mall cops Kill them and smash the glass wall that says Mall
City on it. There will be one more mall cop in this small room. kill him and hit the switch
This will open the security door move through the security door and go
down the hall into the next room.
Next find the stairs. Once up the stairs go in the room on the left and
grab the large health which you will probably need taking all that damage
after all. Leave the room and go left up the stairs. There is another robot.
Destroy it then turn right and a quick left.
 At this point you should hear yourslef make a comment that
all you have to do is slip out the door. You will then be attacked by 4 mall
cops. Find the door where the mall cops came from and go through it. Go down
the hall and you've completed the level. getting much harder now isnt it ^^".

Mall City Courtyard               7           l
You start off in front of a robot just use the three kick combo trick once agian and then 2
mall cops hear the fight and come. Defeat the robot and the 2 mall cops. okay then procceed
 down the walkway under a waterfall. Stop when you get just past the waterfall. Look up
and you should see a ledge from the waterfall in which you can climb on. Once
you've climbed up the first one there will be about 3 more. Jump to the
highest one. There will be a little section that you can walk on to the left.
Keep walking to the left until you are directly above a small bridge. Then
jump down on it you can also cling onto it but it may be a little easier to do it that way then jump
Once your on the bridge break the vent cover open. Enter the vent and continue through it
after getting through . Jump down and kill the 3 mall cops that try to maul you.
 Once you kill the mall cops keep walking until you come across 2 robots
(I prefer to advoid them though)
Destroy them and proceed through the elevator door to complete the level.

Mall Rats          8              l
	First no you wont be killing giant rats but push over punks more or less that
are destroying the mall, there isnt much I can tell you but search for money,
weapons and make sure to kill them all there isnt a time limit,
more or less its just a survival tactic. Anything goes! Ready!? FIGHT!

DreamWaver Theater  9             l
(Physco rainbow room in translation)
	once you start youll notice a robot, theres no way to advoid it, just hope you have a gun
fire off a few rounds and kill it before its mall cop pals come to bash you. then kill its three "friends"
proceed through the door in the very back and kill yet another two robots,
 after that your done and go up the bar once you do that then bang you beat the level.

Home Agian, Home Agian 10        l
 Hey...whats this precrime come home with me?! aw man...
    The level starts off with 2 pre crime officers and a bunch of blue robo physco
spyders in your bed room that you are in (deck em out for coming in!)
After killing them leave the room and you will be attacked by 3 more pre crime officers.
 Kill them then turn left down the hallway. youll get a keycard as well, go through an
apartment and get some stuff. now continuing through go on the elevator once killed
go down into the lobby, kill all those guys then then there ya go ya beat yet another level!.

Lobby Fight             11        l
This is yet yes another brawl, you fight and work your way to the other side of the room
then climb the stairs there are way too many precrime units to count for me >.<" Anyway
continuing on finish them fast preferably i lead all units on the stairs and fling them off.
go to the other side of the catwalk and open the door there will be a switch in the room
flip the switch and continue back to the front, there will be more precrime if you have enough
life jump down a level and just run if your sick and tired of being mobbed. and yet agian
a victory for the good guys.

skybridge          12             l
 With sky bridge youll first fight 10 men, then three and three with an army of spyders
Yipes! Honestly it isnt bad the best tactic for this is to use the combo B-B-X
kill all of them then continue to the next room, youll notice glass, destroy the glass and jump
down, guess what you got visitors 4 of them, kill them and exit youll notice and elevator go up it
and to its left there theres a health, get it. next there will be about 6 precrime men, kill them
and proceed through the door, thats another win for you! (throwing through glass is a good idea)

Rooftop Battle        13          l
 This is yet another brawl except that its yes! mosley! first you kill two precrime officers on top
of the roof and make sure not to use your W.A.S.P then a scene will appear of you and
mosley, fire off two rounds with the W.A.S.P as fast as possible! then mosley will jump on the
flying precrime thingy. then with whatever you have fire rounds at the ship **when not moving**
thats only time it will take damage, with its moving time...Duck and run friend...Duck and run..

Lair Of the Spyderbots 14         l
Sypderbot, spyderbot super hero syderbot fires his electricty and his web, and...ah forget it..

As far as this level is concered Your escaping little robospyders. they are all over
but no worrys! There really isnt much I can tell you but keep going straight, and those
bars? just kick them in eventually youll know your near the end when you fight two precrime men and kill them
then break the bars in that room and *sigh...another win. (make is sound easy huh?)

Sterifux Pumps      15            l
Sterifux Pumps This is quite an interesting level, actually this is where movie/game seperate.
First proceed forward, and continue until you see a whirlpool, no dont jump in. next jump
to the left side, and there is a railing, jump on it and go across, dont let the water touch you
watch out the precrime officers though! next once on the other side continue down, youll
notice once you reach the bottom the punks are back, for payback! fight them then continue
through the door they came through then youll notice 4 pumps with 4 switches, yup hit the
switches then the emergency door will open, go through the door and continue on to beat the

Searching For Iris     16         l
in the cut scene youll notice a robot, then the level begins what you do is reak some havoc
in the room you start, in the booth there is a medkit just to tell you. and soon a robot will
enter, go through that door and there will be 3 more, hope you brought your boomstick(gun)
after killing the robots you get to a second flush garden and youll notice a ledge or a rock
on the right of the door jump up on the rock and there will be a window open on the left side
of john (your character) jump up on the window and procced through it this brings you
to the next level.

Greenhouse            17          l
Tuck your head between your legs and kiss it goodbye because its really stepping up a notch
in difficulty.

First you start at well, the greenhouse get to the bottom of the stairs,
jumping to the bottom is defently not recommended first youll fight about
5-6 precrime officers, then you go to the bottom where there is health, and
living nightmares..go to the next room, there will be 5 precrime
officers, one with explosive spiders, i recommend killing the yellow jackets
first from now on. next after killing them procceed to the next room the
jungle room i call it, youll kill about 10 precrime officers or so after defeating
them go to where they spawned from, VICTORY!

Botanical Garden Bush    18       l
When you first start off youll be fighting two precrime officers, joy. first kill both of them
then a few more will pop up about 5-10 more precrime to kick your butt, nonetheless
beat them. Next after defeating them proceed into the next room containing yet another
5 Pre-crime officers. if you dont have cheat on I recommend going on the stairs in the
room and throwing the officers off, its the easiest and most effient way of getting rid
of them. Okay once you beat the officers in the jungle room a door will open at the bottom
revealing two precrime officers, kill them and go into that entrance from whence they came
The fossil Room            19     l
Okay in this room when you start off first defeat all the precrime officers, (I recommend
the yellow jackets first) After defeating about 5-8 of them go to the door on your
right after entering that room you will fight a few more men, one will drop a keycard
grab the keycard by touching it then a door should open, once it opens a second door will
exsist. Use the keycard by walking up, then viola your in the Botanical Gardens once agian
this time instead of going down, if at all possible run straight through the hall where
about three men popped up. then go left, youll come across a dead end with a walkway
at this walkway all you must do it just down then you'll complete the mission congrats!.

Japanese Gardens            20    l    (halfway there!)
First of this wont be a walk in the park get ready cuse here we go!

Okay with level 19 remember you jumped off the balcony? Okay! well now you start
down at the bottom of the balcony and when you start there will be three precrime
officers to start with, kill them and another 3 with enter, kill them and proceed where
the new three came from. When you enter the next room youll fight about 6 precrime
officers, one with a shotgun, i recommend killing the shotgun one first then picking the
rest off, after killing them continue foward to the next room.
The next room will have about 10 spyderbots, of course kill them and procced to the
next room, I hope you saved your guns because there will be 10 precrime officers and
two gernade launching robots, after killing them go through the door with the sign Serifux
sewer. once defeating them as said before go to the door and you completed the

To the Sprawl!           21       l
Yes..Back into the serifux system which lucky you, must go through once agian.

when you first start off just go straight and make sure not to touch falling "septic"
water or youll fall and take major damage (its not fun..) Continue foward until a
precrime officer falls in front of you, throw him down into the water, its fast easy
and cleanest way to do it. Then take a right and there will be two officers, take them
out, should be fairly easy. Continue foward until you enter a "grand hall" as I call it
continue through the room with the pillars and go RIGHT. Take out the two officers there
and continue forward. Next there will be three drains that break up a certain points
once you get past it go left and continue foward then you beat the level!

Sterifux Backwash            22   l
*sniff Sniff...whats that smell...aww man!*

Thats what you get for turning those pumps off unfortuantly this gas isnt just fog,
this stuff kills you you gotta move really fast in this level, if its your first
time i recommend skiping the money search just go on, well here we go.
Go straight and continue down until you reach a large hall once you get there,
there will be two robots, go kill them or go straight foward on the right
side of the hall, where youll meet precrime and more robots, note you dont
need to attack them, you can advoid them, but you may take more
damage running than fighting. most will be robots, if you continue racing up
the middle, foward though advoiding them youll beat the level, its more like a
shoot em up and run level more than anything.

Pepper Hotel             23       l
When you first start off youll have robospyders attacking you, first kill them (obvious by now
I hope) Exit the room then go right and go to the first door on your left fighting two
precrime officers, then go down the stairs in that first door proceeding down to the
hotels lobby. Now in the lobby there will be close to 4-5 officers, kill them then proceed through
the doors of the lobby. Victory number 23!

Sprawl Riot               24      l
(One of my personal favorites)
in this your objective is to kill precrime officers and punks, first kill off about 15 officers then go
to the end of the street when you do there will be a blockadge, when it opens up then there
will be a scene where fire falls blocking your exit, next there will be an air conditioner
jump up it three times then climb across, then there will be a little ledge go down it and then
go right. and jump down there will be about 6 precrime officers take them out and two punks after
defeating them walk past the vehicle, and viola you win!

Brawl in the Sprawl       25      l
Okay with this level it isnt really..one of my favorites..

When you first start off there are punks, i recommend not attacking them unless you want more havoc
and have them target you, attack the precrime officers if they attack you thats the best
strategy, well first go straight and at the intersection (three way) go left. Continue foward
until you reach the end of the street then go 90 degree right turn, if you want you can fight
but it wont get you any progress btw, now after going 90 continue foward then lucky you
guess what! yes! you have to fight agent nara.

Agent Nara:
The best tactic to defeat him is the good old hit and run routine, and watch your health too
he uses a W.A.S.P if you move too far from him so keep pretty close to him. The best attacks
to use on his would be the following: A,A,A//B,B,B//A,B,X (face smash), and also the uppercut
Once you defeat agent Nara, continue the way you entered the arena, once you do victory is
in your grasp once agian.

Sprawl Subway             26      l
This one is mighty fun as well Ready cuse here we go! Gundam...wait..nm

With this level all you gotta do is get downstairs to the subway, if you know the
meaning of DOWN then life will be pretty good, first continue foward and fight
off about 10 precrime officers, throwing them off the walk path is a good tactic,
after defeating them go to the very bottom then turn left once you do youll notice
a door, enter it, once upon entering this door its actually stairs, continuing down
it will result your...2x6...Carry the 4..divide by PIE...uh victory 26!

Return to precrime        27      l
Deathwish? Yes ...Fun? No.

okay with this..well you return to precrime, your first objective is to get the Cogs free
but first kill any precrime officers that get in your way there will be about 10-15 precrime
yup tons of quality time with your pals.. after defeating the men at the bottom of the
set up room youll get a keycard, now continue down and go below the stairs to the precogs
stimulants and gear, once you do that then go to the temple and get you sum precog! once you do
that there will be a cut scene where you free the precog and victory number 27!

Foooodddd Fight!!         28      l
Yea..this ones gonna be messy..

Okay first what you must do is defeat the 3 mall cops, not a big problem there for you guys I
Hope anyway. After defeating the three mall cops of course..pre-crime has yet agian come to
greet you, but at the same time protect the man (janitor) from precrime and the mall cops, he dies. You
die simple as that. If you have a shotgun I recommend saving it for next level and just use your
good old fashioned fists. as you defeat more precrime officers more will appear, your main goal
will be just to survive this brawl if you dont let the civilian die youll be fine.
could it be? *sniff sniff* yes the sweet smell of victory* health is behind the janitor
if you need it BTW.

Maul City..               29      l under the board walk..out of the sun...er herm sorry.
Yes back to the Mall with you!

With  this level its pretty simple, dont let any officers break down the doors for if you
do anderton cant get the files from the precog which he stole. This is another Brawl
like food fight except with this you cant let precrime by the dreamweaver doors
for too long for if you do youll lose, so protect the doors you start at good luck!

Dreamweaver Download         30        l 10 more levels to go! =
                                    Have some nightmares *yours truley Darkdreamer22*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :D
In this level all you have to do is hold off precrime about 20-30 officers will attack you
if you saved your weapons from maul city this would be a good time to use them. In this
part all you must do is hold them off until your friend downloads the memories from the
precog, once he does there will be a cinema with a machine called "head spa" so
youll know once your finished

Subway Train Fight        31      l Everybody was Kung fu fighting...they were fast..Nm..
Okay with this level you first start fighting one precrime officer and a couple
robo spyders, of course kill them. Once you defeat the first compartment the
door will open to the next compartment, which will contain yet another 2 precrime
officers, Defeat them as well. Then the next there are yet another two officers
except one has a machine gun, throw him out the train window. then the next
will contain another three precrime officers, do what you want to defeat them of
course, but theres always the window..After defeating the three there are another
three, defeat them, one will have robospyders, defeat him first I strongly
recommend. Then there is yet another room, thats empty proceed through to get
your 31st win.

Mosley Round 2         32         l fast as lighting..in fact it was a little bit..

Yes, in this level what you must do is defeat mosley...I recommend the classic
A,A,A B,B,B A,A,B and A,B,A and swollow kicks work well too. This is the
same exact thing as the first time you fight him, and yes precrime does come to
help mosley out, once you defeat him you well...Go on to the next level, not too
complicated *note dont even try using guns you wont touch him >.>"

Subway Riot               33      l Frightening...YAH..because they were kung fu fightin..

LeveL 33 eh? Starting to get hard from this point on. In this level What you must do
is go through the subway defeating about 30-40 precrime officers and making it to the
very top of the stairs, the level should seem fairly familiar to you, afterall
you beat it not so long ago. Well Go up the stairs and youll be fighting. Throw them down
the stairs its the best and fastest tactic, oddly enough closed quaters is the best thing
that can happen to you trust me. Once you make it to the top go right and proceed up the
next flight of stairs and continue going up after reaching the top youll win. Estimated
time of level: 3:00-5:00 miniutes

Back In the Sprawl        34      l
This is the not so fun level, the one that I hated the most actually. In this level
what you must do is defeat EVERYONE in the whole level. Theres not much advice to
give except try to take few hits and be cheap as possible, you cannot CANNOT defeat
these guys head on in groups. This is the only level I actually had to use a unlimited
ammo code >.>"...Sorry Like I said your on your own with this, except one thing
the bus? blocks you off? walk near it a piece of metal will fall. that'll get you across

Deja Vu All Over Agian    35      l

Like the title Says Deja Vu, in this level you start in your room and you defeat
punks and precrime, you cant take the elevators yes you must take the stairs yet agian
proceeding down you may come across a precrime officer or two but then when you reach
the lobby youll be greeted by about 15 punks. Once you defeat the punks proceed through
the door for your 35th victory.

Okawa                     36      l

This level Like the previous is very difficult in this level you cant kill all
the precrime, just RUN, once in the resturant turn left and go by the damaged
"Road Block Car" once reaching an intersection (youll be chased up the ying yang)
run left and go to the end of the block, once there there is a garage touch the
door and it will open get everything in there, *note youll be followed by precrime
as well just jump over them the best you can then procceed back to the resturant
and walk near Okawa, then a cinema will come on giving you victory number 36!

In Through The Out Door   37      l Really...Calming title huh
This level is a pain in the neck, even for me. When you first start off kill
the two workers, actually harder than precrime..go figure. Once taking the elev-
ator there will be another worker kill him as well, and go to your left from
the elevator. Then youll notice acid baths..uh dont touch them unless you want
to die. jump past the three as fast and effecient as possible. Once getting
by the acid there will be about 5-6 workers defeat them then there is a
cage near the acid pool jump up that then jump on top of the platform above it.
Next youll notice cylinders passing by if you didnt shut the acid pools off
Jump on the cylinder and hang on until on the other side eventually john
will say "what do we have here" Jump off at that platform and continue
through that door!!!! Next youll see a second acid path room, turn on the
Switch in that room once jumping across youll fight a worker or two
then climb up with the elevator (hop on it) and go to the very top. Next
Youll be on a caged catwalk, go across it and kill the robot and three
workers, where the robot came out from go in that room there is a switch
hit that switch then the caged door will open allowing precrime officers
inside there are only 3 defeat them then go through the caged door making
you ever closer to your goal!

Sol Factory Floor           38    l

This level actually is long but one of the better levels suprisingly
enough. First defeat the precrime officers in the same room, obvious
by now there will be two exactly. go up the stairs and there will be
an observation deck with a cubical. Enter the cubical and press the
botton that opens the door allowing officers in but allowing you out.
Go through the door that opened when you pressed the button and continue
down the conveyer belt with the lasers, and dont touch the lasers because
those "lasers" will hurt you and leave you with "laser" burns (x.X)
Once you reach the end of the conveyer belt theres a moving platform
jump up on it and when you reach the top there will be about 7 precrime
officers there to greet you, kill them of course. then jump down on the
conveyer belt on your LEFT. go all the way through it with the lasers
then theres a catwalk, follow it all the way to the other side, once
you do a door will open, defeat anyone in your way, people pop up
here and there, once you get to the end youll met one precrime
officer with bomb-om robospyders and a robot, defeat them and
proceed to the door on your right, then theres another victory for you

Robot Testing Grounds       39    l Remember Toy Story? Yea...except these are

This is the WORST possible level ever imagined because its so difficult.
When you first start off youll have to defeat one prcrime officer. Go
foward and youll meet one precrime officer and a robot, defeat them,
go up and defeat 5 precrime officers * hint human flesh and acid arent you
friend. Then when you go down youll meet about another 5 officers
at the bottom of the other side, defeat them as well. Once you get to the
end youll hear a mans voice on the loud speaker, they're have a little
chat and youll wind up having to have a all out brawl with a bunch of robots
once you defeat about 10 of them youll win and go on to the next level.
*I suggest you use their firepower agianst them*

Return of Suspect Nikki Jameson  40    l (long names are bad things...)

This..is the most annoying level, there is no true perfect way in defeating
nikki jameson, Well, I havent developed a strategy I just Kept a Rocket
launcher and a W.A.S.P Handy which is really useful in tight spots like this
*whenever nikki falls to the ground shoot her point blank in the face with
a shotgun also. there are four levels in this
Level 1: bring life down
Level 2: Robots soften you up
Level 3: Robots soften you up
Level 4: Death of Nikki Jameson

if you can at the very top at level four try to side swipe her into the pit if
you can its an instant kill, for you and her thats the best you can do V.S. Nikki.

Combat Moves:

A,A,A = Quick Punch
A,A,A+= Strong Punch
B,B,B = Quick Kick
B,B,B+ = Strong Kick
a,b,b = uppercut
b,a,a = gut punch
a,a,b = long kick
b,b,a = low kick
a,b,a = Quick Elbow
b,a,b = Jump kick
a,a,x = swing around
b,b,x = low torso
a,b,x = hip toss
b,a,x = Knee to Gut
a,b,b+ = Hard Uppercut
b,a,a+ = Double Fist
a,a,b+ = power kick
b,b,a+ = Side swipe kick
a,b,a+ = Elbow lunge
b,a,b+ = Hammer uppercut
a,a,x+ = Reverse throw
b,b,x+ = Spin throw
a,b,x+ = Headbutt (strong)
b,a,x+ = Facesmash (Very strong)

Special Thanks to:
Darkdreamer22 <--- me
GameFaqs for letting me on their site
Nintendo: For being my favorite system since SNES
****xbox and ps2 users I'm not sure if you have the same items or levels this is only for
gamecube but if it helps i'm glad have fun****