Question from vibita

Asked: 5 years ago

How can i get GOLDEN MILK and GOLDEN EGG?

Just how......

Additional details - 5 years ago

I already did that BUT they never give me any GOLDEN MILK and GOLDEN EGG!

Accepted Answer

From: hsparks393 5 years ago

Get a chicen and an cow and talk to them and with the cows brush them and milk them everyday. Don't leave them out in the rain and I found that after awhile of being outside when its nice they will give the golden egg and golden milk.

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Submitted Answers


You need need to take cows to the outside and don't worry about cow take outside everyday but worry about rain ( you know what I got Golden milk in 0 year and 6 Fall) ( new play ^_^) sorry I don't know about chicen.

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