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Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland Dishes/Recipes Guide
By Christopher Marsh
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Copyright 2003 - 2008 Christopher Marsh

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. Cooking?
3. How To Cook
4. Recipe List
 1. Frying Pan
 2. Oven
 3. Pot
5. Ingredient List
6. Price List
7. Q&A


1. - Copyright Info

This document was created for free use. Anyone who wishes to host this
document on his/her webspace may do so provided that the following
stipulations are followed:

1. This document must remain in itís original form, with no edits besides
   those made by the original author.
2. No profit may be made from this document in anyway.
3. An e-mail informing the author about potential hosting. While not a
   requirement, it would be much appreciated if for no other reason but for
   information purposes.

The newest version of this FAQ will always be on GameFAQs first.


2. - Cooking?

Cooking is one of the many things you can do once youíve built a kitchen. The
point of cooking is to take your normal, boring items and make new exciting
dishes. These creations can then be used to generate large amounts of money,
recover energy or use as gifts. Plus, itís one of the most enjoyable features
this game has to offer. :)


3. - How To Cook

Cooking is simple enough to do. 

1. First, you need to build a kitchen for 10000G. You can find the option to
   build one on the notepad in the Carpenter's Shop.
2. Next, go into your newly built kitchen and select which utensil you want
   to use: Frying Pan, Pot or Oven.
3. Lastly, select which ingredients you want to use (minimum of 1, maximum
   of 3).


D-pad:    Scroll up and down on the ingredients list.
R1:       Scroll down one on the ingredients list.
L1:       Scroll up one on the ingredients list.
O Button: Cancel a selection.
X Button: Confirm a selection.

Simple as that. You can also store food items in the refrigerator so they
wonít take up space in your rucksack.

NOTE: - Only FOOD items can be kept in the refrigerator.
      - Only one utensil can be used at a time. One recipe = 1-3 ingredients
        + 1 utensil.


4. - Recipe List

4.1 - Frying Pan 
 ____________________ _______________ _______________ _______________
|    Recipe          | Ingrediant #1 | Ingrediant #2 | Ingrediant #3 |
 -------------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
 Cheese Omelet       =  Egg (any)    +  Egg (any)    +  Cheese
 Special Cheese
 Omelet              =  Egg (any)    +  S.Cheese

 Fried Fish 	     =  Fish

 Fruit Omelet        =  Egg (any)    +  Egg (any)    +  Very Berry

 Mixed Omelet        =  Egg (any)    +  Mushroom

                     =  Egg (any)    +  Corn
                     =  Egg (any)    +  Tomato
                     =  Egg (any)    +  Breadfruit

                     =  Egg (any)    +  Herb

 Pancake 	     =  Egg (any)    +  Breadfruit   +  Milk (any)

 Plain Omelet        =  Milk (any)   +  Egg (any)

 Sandwich            =  Soft Bread   +  Cheese

                     =  Soft Bread   +  Tomato 

                     =  Soft Bread   +  Hardboiled Egg                   

 Sauteed Fish        =  Milk (any)   +  Large Fish   +  Herb
 with Cream

 Special Fish 	     =  Large Fish   +  Herb         +  Milk (any)             

 Sunny Side Up 	     =  Egg

                     =  Golden Egg 

 Vegetable Omelet    =  Egg (any)    +  Egg (any)    +  Tomato

-Thanks to for the missing Mixed Omelet recipes.-
-Thanks to for the missing egg recipes.-


4.2 - Oven
 ____________________ _______________ _______________ _______________
|    Recipe          | Ingrediant #1 | Ingrediant #2 | Ingrediant #3 |
 -------------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
 Blueberry Cake      =  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)   +  Blueberry

 Cake 	             =  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)   +  Breadfruit

 Cheesecake 	     =  Milk (any)   +  Cheese       +  Breadfruit

 Flan 	             =  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)

 Fruit Flan 	     =  Very Berry   +  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)

                     =  Cranberry    +  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)

                     =  Blueberry    +  Egg (any)    +  Milk (any)

 Honey Cake 	     =  Egg (any)    +  Breadfruit   +  Honey

 Leaf-Grilled Fish   =  Fish         +  Herb

 Simple Cake 	     =  Egg (any)    +  Milk S       +  Breadfruit
 Special             =  S.Cheese     +  Milk (any)   +  Breadfruit

-Thanks to for the missing egg recipes.-


4.3. - Pot
 ____________________ _______________ _______________ _______________
|    Recipe          | Ingrediant #1 | Ingrediant #2 | Ingrediant #3 |
 -------------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
 Blueberry Jam 	     =  Blueberry    +  Blueberry    +  Blueberry
 Bouillabaisse       =  Fish         +  Tomato

 Cheese 	     =  Milk S       +  Milk S       +  Milk S

                     =  Milk M       +  Milk M

                     =  Milk L

 Cranberry Jam 	     =  Cranberry    +  Cranberry    +  Cranberry

 Cream of Corn
     Soup            =  Milk (any)   +  Corn

 Creamy Soup 	     =  Milk (any)   +  Potato 
 Cream of Tomato
     Soup            =  Milk (any)   +  Tomato

 Cream of Potato     =  Milk (any)   +  Potato

 Hard Boiled Egg     =  Egg (any)

 Hot Milk 	     =  Milk S

 Mixed Berry Jam     =  Any 2 Berries (all different)

                     =  Any 3 Berries (all different) 

 Moon Berry Jam      =  Moon Berry   +  Moon Berry   +  Moon Berry

 Mushroom Soup 	     =  Milk (any)   +  Mushroom

 Special Cheese      =  Golden Milk

 Very Berry Jam      =  Very Berry   +  Very Berry   +  Very Berry

 Yogurt 	     =  Milk S       +  Milk S

                     =  Milk M

-Thanks to for the Special Cheese recipe.-
-Thanks to for the Moon Berry Jam recipe, the missing
 Boiled Egg/egg recipes.-
-Thanks to for the missing Cheese and Yogurt recipes.-
-Thanks to for the Cream of Potato Soup recipe.-


5. - Ingredient List
 ___________________ _____________________________________________
|    Ingrediant     |                How to obtain                |
 ------------------- --------------------------------------------- 
    Blueberry       - Find outside during the Spring and Summer.

    Breadfruit      - Grow it.

    Cheese          - Buy from Ronald's Supermarket.

                    - Make in Pot with Milk L.

    Corn            - Grow it.

    Cranberry       - Find outside during the Summer and Fall.

    Egg             - Buy from Ronald's Supermarket.

                    - Raise Chickens.

    Fish            - Fish for it.

    Golden Egg      - Raise a very happy, very healthy chicken.

    Golden Milk     - Raise a very happy, very healthy cow.    

    Hardboiled Egg  - Make in Pot with an Egg.

    Herb            - Find outside all year long.

    Honey           - Buy at Ronald's Supermarket.

    Large Fish      - Fish for it.

    Large Milk      - Raise a happy, healthy cow.

    Medium Milk     - Raise a happy, healthy cow.

    Moon Berry      - Find outside during the Fall (behind the

    Mushroom        - Find ouside during the Winter.

    Potato          - Grow it.

    Small Milk      - Raise a happy, healthy cow.

                    - Buy at Ronald's Supermarket.

                    - Working at Brownie Ranch.

    Soft Bread      - Buy at Ronald's Supermarket.

    Special Cheese  - Make with Pot and Golden Milk.

    Tomato          - Grow it.

    Very Berry      - Find outside during the Spring and

-Thanks to for pointing out that you can't buy from
 Clove's Villa.-
-Thanks to for adding the missing Small Milk


6. - Price List
 ___________________ _______________________ ________________
|      Recipe       |    Where to Sell      |  Selling Price |      
 ------------------- ----------------------- ----------------
 Blueberry Jam      -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  150G

 Cheese             -  Ronald's Supermarket -  500G

                    -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  500G

                    -  Moon Garden Bar      -  500G

 Cranberry Jam      -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  100G

 Mixed Berry Jam    -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  80G

 Very Berry Jam     -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  80G

 Yogurt             -  Ronald's Supermarket -  350G

                    -  Sunny Garden Cafť    -  350G

Any recipe that isnít listed above canít be sold and are used as gifts/energy


7. - Q&A

Q: Does cooking affect any of the endings?
A: No, but building a kitchen will raise your happiness score. You should
   build the kitchen, but you donít have to use it if you donít really want
   to. Although, I donít know why youíre looking at this FAQ if you didnít. :)

Note: Yes, there is an ending that involves a cake contest, but you donít
      actually do the cooking, so my statement stands. Now stop e-mailing me
      about it.

Q: What is the point to cooking?
A: Some of the items can be sold in shops for cash, others will recover A LOT
   of energy when eaten. They can also be used as gifts for your neighbors.
   Mostly, cooking is used as one of the easiest ways to make money.

Q: Are you sure these are all the recipes?
A: All that I could find. Undoubtedly, there are a few combinations that I
   didnít think to try, so there might be more. If you find one that isnít
   listed here, please e-mail it to me, I will add it and credit you for the

Q: Can I cook with ANY item?
A: No, only food items. Don't go trying to cook Rare Minerals. :P

Q: Why canít I put any of my other items in the refrigerator?
A: Why would you want to put rocks, flowers and weeds in a refrigerator? 0_o

Q: When you sell a cow, there is a base price. If itís a good cow, you might
   get more money. Does the same principle go for recipes?
A: Far as I can tell, no. Itís rather random for it to happen with cows, so
   itís possible that the same could be said of recipes. But I'm going with

Q: When you say Ďcheese can be sold hereí, do you mean just the item called
   Cheese, or any Cheese item?
A: Just the item called Cheese.

Q: How do I make tea/cookies? The game said I could!
A: As far as I know, you can't. This has been researched since the game
   came out by various Harvest Moon fan sites. The in-game line about making
   tea is just random banter, as far as anyone can tell.

   Please note that I'm not saying that there isn't an item called Tea/Cookies
   in the game. There is, and you can buy them. You just can't make them.


End of Document.