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For the Sony Playstation 2
Version FINAL (Aug. 2, 2002)
Guide by Myke - mykeownz (at) yahoo (dot) com
                             Table of Contents

1..............................................................Version History
4................................................................Upgrades Info
                                                           (in alphabetical)
6...........................................................Car Specifications


                              Version History

Aug. 2, 2002   Unlocked all of the drivers and tracks. This guide is
Version FINAL  marked final.

July 25, 2002
Version 0.2:   Got pretty much everything in this document, except for how
               to unlock Tim Schaffer, Jeff Shepard, and the late Kevin
               Gobrecht, and tracks like Icy Eldora, Rattler Valley and
               Canyon Run. I'll get to it on the next update.

July 8, 2002
Version 0.1:   Birth of the document.


These controls are from the World of Outlaws: SprintCars Instruction Booklet

-left/right directional buttons                  -steering
-up/down directional buttons                     -wing adjustments
-left analog stick                               -steering
-right analog stick                              -accelerate/brake
-X button                                        -accelerate
-[] button                                       -brake
-/\ button                                       -change view
-L1 button                                       -glance back
-R1 button                                       -tear-offs
-L2 button                                       -glance left
-R2 button                                       -glance right
-START button                                    -pause menu

If you asked what Tear-Offs means, it is a plastic strip that goes on your
helmet. All Sprint Car drivers have this, or else they will have mud on their
face and they would likely have a hard time seeing.

My cousin drive for a Mini-Sprint class and I've been to couple races with him
and he also have the tear-off on his helmet.

How does this work?
All Sprint Car tracks are covered with dirt and mud, you will most likely
get dirt on your game screen. When you are behind a car, a whole mess of dirt
will fill your screen and you have a set limited number of tear-offs on the
right hand side of the screen. ONLY tear-off when you CAN'T see anything ahead
of you. Try to avoid being behind a car and make a clean pass. Press R1 to


Of course there is going to be flag waving in the game and here is the list
of flags and their color and desciptions. These are from the World of Outlaws:
SprintCars instruction booklet.

-Green Flag
    The green flag indicates that racing conditions are normal, and you may
    overtake other cars. It is shown at the start of the race and at a restart,
    to indicate the race is on.

-White Flag
    At the start of your last lap, the white flag is shwon to indicate that
    you only have one lap remaining before the end of the race. The white flag
    is also shown when one of your opponents wins the race, indicating that you
    may only complete your current lap, even if it wouldn't have been your
    final one. This happens when you are one or more laps down from the leader.

-Yellow Flag
    When a car has been damaged to the point where it cannot continue the race
    and is positioned so as to be hazardous to the cars still in the race, a
    yellow flag is called. The yellow flag will also be shwon if a car stalls
    and needs to be restarted.
    The screen will fade to black, and the race will restart again at the
    start finish line with the wreckage cleared away. For the restart, cars
    remain in the positions they were in when the yellow flag was called. For
    instance, if there was a lapped car between you and the car in the
    position in front of you when the yellow flag was called, it will still be
    there when you restart. You'll still have to overtake him, just like the
    car in front of you did.

-Black Flag (Illegal Lap)
    If you stray off the racing surface for too long, trying to cut a corner,
    you can expect to be shown the black flag. A lap only counts as complete
    if you've followed the track all the way around. If you continue on under
    the black flag, your current lap will not count towards the total numbers
    of laps completed. If you do get shwon the black flag, the best thing to
    do is to head back to where you left the track as quickly as possible, and
    rejoin the race at or before that point.

    You will also be shown a black flag for an illegal lap if you head in the
    wrong direction around the track. If you turn around and follow the track
    correctly, the black flag will be removed when you return to the point at
    which you started traveling in the wrong direction.

-Black Flag (Car Wrecked)
    You will be shown the black flag and your car will be disqualified when
    you are unable to continue due to having sustained too much damage from
    colliding with other cars or objects around the track.

-Checkered Flag
    The checkered flag is shwon at the end of the final lap of the race, to
    signify that the race is over.


-Arcade Mode
Here is a good place for you get to pick a difficulty setting and a driver
of your choice. Get to familiarize yourself with all of the tracks while
competing with other drivers, try to find a good line to get yourself to the
front of the traffic.

Also try to familiarize yourself with the Wing Adjustment (up/down directional
buttons) and get the hang of it.

You can unlock some of the drivers during this mode, but you have to win the
race in order to unlock them. Look up in the Drivers section of the page to
know what track to beat to get who.

-Career Mode
In here, you will only have $12,000 in your balance. You can't go racing
without a car!

   Laptop:         -Purchase, sell or upgrade cars in the race shop.
   Tackboard:      -Repair any damage that your car has taken.
   WOO Flag:       -Enter the next selected event in your currently selected

   Trophy case:    -View the trophies you've won during your career.
   Globe:          -View or enter a practice session on any of the tracks you
                   can travel to.
   Notebook:       -Select the events you wish to enter, or view the points
   Computer:       -View current sponsor, or select available sponsorship

-Race Mode--------------------------------------------------------------------

There are several different race modes you can enter before going to the final
race. Here are the descriptions of each modes and they are from the World of
Outlaws: SprintCars instruction booklet.

    The first stage of the race format is a free practice. Here you can feel
    your way around the track and see how well your car setup is suited to
    the current racing conditions.

    In the qualifying session, each car gets a warm-up lap to get up to race
    speed and two timed laps to set a fast time. Your qualifying position
    determines the heat into which you'll be placed and your position on the
    heat race grid. There's a cash prize for the fastest qualifying time of
    the evening.

-Heats (1 and 2)
    There are two heat races of twelve cars each. Finish in the top six in
    your heat and you've qualified for the evening's A Main. If you finish
    seventh or below, you then have to battle it out in the B Main for an
    opportunity to get back into the A Main.

-Trophy Dashes
    The top six cars from each heat qualify automatically for the A Main, but
    first go to the trophy dash. The trophy dash is a short, twelve-car race,
    in which you attempt to improve your starting position for the A Main. The
    trophy dash offers no prize money, but is an excellent opportunity to aid
    you with a chance to win the feature race.

-The B Main
    The B Main is a twelve-car race for those who didn't qualify for the A
    Main race. Cars are placed on the grid based on their qualifying times,
    rather than their finishing positions in the heats. There is prize money
    to be won in the B Main for those who finish fifth or below, but that's
    the end of their night. The top four finishers get no prize money, but
    line up on the A Main grid, where they get another shot at racing for the
    real money.

-The A Main
    The big event of the night is set up with the twelve cars from the trophy
    dash and the four best finishers from the B Main. The first six starting
    positions are the top six positions in the trophy dash. The remaining six
    cars from the dash and the top four from the B Main fill out the rest of
    the A Main grid, based on qualifying times. This is what it all boils
    down to, so you'd better race hard from flag-stand to flag-stand - there's
    no second chance.

                              Upgrade Info

Since you only have $12,000 in your balance, here are the list of cars in the
shop and all of the skin below the list, the skin doesn't cost any money.

-Beulah       -$9,000
-Creek        -$10,000
-Shadow       -$18,000
-H&H          -$20,000
-Hawk         -$36,000
-Maxim        -$66,000

-Skin:        -Arrow, Diablo, Crimson, Magma, Moose, Bullet, Ripples, Smoothie
               Cutter, Acid, Rosso, Swirls, Warlock, Tequila, Insignia, Lemon,
               Quicksand, Eucalyptus, Lagoon, Wave, Mighty, Glory, Flash,
               Arctic, State, Contrast, Hero, Storm, Goth, and Cerise.

Here are all of the parts that you can upgrade to and the price for them:

-Performance for *Beulah*-----------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$500
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$1,500

    -Weight Reduction           -1350 lbs                     -$1,000
                                -1300 lbs                     -$3,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$4,500

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$1,200
                                -load cell dyno               -$3,600

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$100
                                -titanium rotor               -$300

-Performance for *Creek*------------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$500
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$1,500

    -Weight Reduction           -1350 lbs                     -$1,000
                                -1300 lbs                     -$3,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$4,500

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$1,200
                                -load cell dyno               -$3,600

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$100
                                -titanium rotor               -$300

-Performance for *Shadow*-----------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$1,000
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$3.000

    -Weight Reduction           -1300 lbs                     -$2,000
                                -1250 lbs                     -$6,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$9,000

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$2,400
                                -load cell dyno               -$7,200

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$200
                                -titanium rotor               -$600

-Performance for *H & H*------------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$1,000
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$3,000

    -Weight Reduction           -1300 lbs                     -$2,000
                                -1250 lbs                     -$6,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$9,000

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$2,400
                                -load cell dyno               -$7,200

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$200
                                -titanium rotor               -$600

-Performance for *Hawk*-------------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$1,500
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$5,000

    -Weight Reduction           -1250 lbs                     -$3,000
                                -1200 lbs                     -$10,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$15,000

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$4,500
                                -load cell dyno               -$12,000

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$400
                                -titanium rotor               -$1,000

-Performance for *Maxim*------------------------------------------------------
    -Fuel injectors             -2 1/4'' fuel injectors       -$3,000
                                -2 1/2'' fuel injectors       -$9,000

    -Weight Reduction           -1200 lbs                      -$6,000
                                -1150 lbs                     -$18,000

    -New Engine                 -800hp engine                 -$27,000

    -Shock Dyno                 -pneumatic dyno               -$7,500
                                -load cell dyno               -$21,600

    -Brake Rotors               -carbon-fober rotor           -$700
                                -titanium rotor               -$1,800

-Car Tuning-------------------------------------------------------------------

When you go practice, your car may be unstable or you don't feel too
comfortable with how your car act and feel. After the practice run or whatever
race mode you've just completed, you can tune your car. Here is the list
of tunes and their descriptions, they are from the World of Outlaws: SprintCars
instruction booklet.

    You'll notice that the right rear wheel of a sprint car is larger than
    the left rear wheel, to give it a tendency to turn to the left. Stagger
    is the difference in circumference between the two rear tires of the
    sprint car.

    The amount of stagger used varies, depending on track size and conditions.
    On the shorter track, stagger can be as much as 19-21'', down to about
    11'' on the longest tracks. If you are loose, try to decrease the stagger,
    but in so doing you are going to lose grip.

-RR Spacing
    RR spacing is the amount that the right rear wheel is spaced out from the
    chassis of the sprint car.

    The most commonly used amount of spacing is 9_'' (from the frame rail to
    the inside side-wall of the tire), but can be varied in _'' amounts in
    either direction. RR spacing is generally based on track conditions - a
    tackier track  early in the race event requires a larger amount of spacing
    than a drier one.

-Ride Height
    Ride height is adjusted for the front and rear axles individually. The
    front end is usually a bit higher than the rear.

    On a slick track, you should set your ride height a bit higher to get the
    car to transfer weight to the right rear. Tacky or rough tracks require a
    lower ride height to keep the car from bouncing or upsetting its balance.

-Shock Type
    You can choose the type of shocks that are used on each wheel of your
    sprint car. Sprint cars used compressed gas shocks, without bypass valves.
    Each individual shock has its own adjustable compression and rebound

    The basic types of shock used are:
    0: easy-up (hard compression, soft balanced)
    1: standard (compression and rebound are even)
    2: tie-down (soft compressiom, hard rebound)

    The left rear wheel is almost invariably set up with tie-down shocks, so
    that the car squats down into the corner but springs back up far more
    gradually. Both front wheels are sometimes set up with tie-down shocks,
    depending on the rest of the car setup. The right rear wheel normally has
    a standard shock setup.

-Torsion Bar
    Torsion bars provide tension for each wheel of the sprint car. The number
    displayed refers to the size of the torsion bar used: the smaller the
    number, the small the torsion bar.

    Smaller torsion bars react quickly, but don't provide much resistance,
    whereas large torsion bars are stiffer and offer more resistance, but are
    slower to react. You'll have to experiment to find the combination of
    torsion bars that best suits your driving style.

-Wing Position
    The starting position of the wing may be set anywhere. It is generally set
    about a third of the way back from the front of its range of travel.

    The most likely scenario is that the wing will need to be moved back
    during the race (to provide more down force, as the track dries out, and
    as fuel is consumed), but most drivers still like to leave some room to
    move the wing forward if it is needed (in the case that the car is setup
    a little too "tight").

-Wing Pitch
    Wing pitch is measured when the car is stationary and is the angle that
    the lower left hand edge of the wing makes with a horizontal plane. The
    steeper the wing pitch, the more down force is provided to the rear wheels
    of the sprint car.

    While racing, you can move the position of the wing forward or back, which
    also changes the wing pitch within a range of about 6 degrees. For example,
    if you are using the typical setup of positioning the wing a third of
    the way back, at 18 degrees, the wing can be moved between 14 and 22

-Quick Change
    The "quick change" is housed on the differential and contains two gears
    that determine the drive ratio of the vehicle. The drive ratio depends on
    the ratio between the numbers of teeth the gears have. This can be changed
    very quickly and may be adjusted between the different stages of a race
    event. Drive ratio is adjusted between 4.97 and 6.04. The shorter the
    track being raced on, the higher the valve of the ratio should be set.

-Weight Jacking
    Weight may be balanced between both the front and back, as well as the
    left and right of the car. Weight is jacked into the car by pre-loading
    the torsion bars on each corner of the car.

    On a slick track you generally want to move more weight to the left side
    and front of the car, so it rolls over towards the right rear when
    cornering. Conversely, on a tacky track you want to keep the weight over
    the right rear so that the car stays tilted as it rolls through the

Here are most of the sponsors that I've been offered:

#### Sponsor ####           #### $ per event ####
-Zora Racing                  -$400
-Miller Motorsports           -$600
-Ron's Repairs                -$700
-Wertz Designs                -$750
-C and R Racing               -$950
-Up and Over                  -$1,000
-Racing Optics                -$1,200
-Shadow Graphics              -$1,250
-Flatout                      -$1,450
-Bars Products                -$1,500
-Fast Track Racing            -$1,800
-Gold Eagle Co.               -$1,850
-Taylor Wings                 -$2,100
-Bullseye Visuals             -$2,150
-Dave Blaney Driving Exprnce  -$2,500
-Caseys General Store         -$2,500
-Weld Wheels                  -$2,650
-JDK Motorsports              -$2,700
-Infogrames                   -$2,850
-RatBag                       -$2,900
-ButlerBuilt Motorsports      -$3,350
-Quaker State                 -$3,600
-Pennzoil                     -$4,000
-Car Freshener Corp           -$4,350
-K and N                      -$4,500


Dale Blaney
-Win the Bristol track to unlock him.
-brother of Dave Blaney, driver of #77 Jaspers Engines & Transmissions.
-Drives the #10 u.s. prints/MBNA (this is Dave Blaney's car)
-1998 Rookie of the Year
-Lives in Hartford, Ohio

Craig Dollansky
-Win the Bloomington track to unlock him.
-Drives the #7 Polydome
-Lives in Elk River, Minnesota

Brad Furr
-Win the Huset's track to unlock him.
-Drives the #2 Sanmina Corporation
-Lives in Pleasanton, California

Kevin Gobrecht

Randy Hannagan
-Win the Silver Dollar track to unlock him.
-Drives the #1 K&C Drywall
-Lives in San Jose, California
-Nicknamed "The Hurricane"

Jac Haudenschild
-Nicknamed "Wild Child"
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #83 Beefpackers
-Lives in Wooster, Ohio

Johnny Herrera
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #6 Caseys General Store
-Lives in Tempe, Arizona
-1986 Rookie of the Year
-Voted "Most Improved Driver" in 1991

Andy Hillenburg
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #2 Luxaire
-Lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Greg Hodnett
-Win the Lernerville track to unlock him.
-Drives the #12 Wirtgen
-Lives in Memphis, Tennessee
-Won the "Most Improved Driver" award in 1997
-1993 Rookie of the Year

Mark Kinser
-One of the selectable drivers
-drives the #5 Mopar
-Lives in Oolitic, Indiana
-Won the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series championship twice

Steve Kinser
-One of the selectable drivers
-drives the #11 Quaker State
-Lives in Bloomington, Indiana
-Won the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series championship 16 times (wow)

Danny Lasoski
-One of the selectable drivers
-Nicknamed "The Dude"
-Drives the #20
-Lives in Dover, Missouri
-Won the "Most Improved Driver" award in 1998

Paul McMahan
-Win the I-55 track to unlock him.
-Drives the #U2
-Lives in Bristol, Indiana

Jason Meyers
-Win the Las Vegas track to unlock him.
-Drives the #20 DOCC Motorsports
-Lives in Fresno, California

Brian Paulus
-Win the Williams Grove track to unlock him.
-Drives the #28 Verdelli Farms
-Resides in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Daryn Pittman
-Win the Knoxville track to unlock him.
-Drives the #3
-Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Joey Saldana
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #17 Weld
-Lives in Brownsburg, Indiana
-1996 Rookie of the Year

Donny Schatz
-Win the Terre Haute track to unlock him.
-Drives the #15 Parker Stores
-Lives in Minot, North Dakota
-1997 Rookie of the Year

Tim Shaffer
-Win the Canyon Run track to unlock him.
-Drives the #11 Vivarin
-Lives in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
-1999 Rookie of the Year

Jeff Shepard
-Win the Rattler Valley track to unlock him.
-Drives the #5 Wirtgen
-Lives in Upperco, Maryland

Stevie Smith
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #19 Ingersoll-Rand
-Lives in New Oxford, Pennsylvania
-1990 Rookie of the Year

Sammy Swindell
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #1 Channellock
-Lives in Cordova, Tennessee
-Won the Pennzoil World of Outlaws Series 3 times

Brooke Tatnell
-Win the Eldora track to unlock him.
-Drives the #8 Caseys
-Lives in Sans Souci, New South Wale, Australia

Tyler Walker
-One of the selectable drivers
-Drives the #10 RatBag

Danny Wood
-Win the Lowe's track to unlock him.
-Drives the #21 Pepsi
-Lives in Norman, Oklahoma


-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Bloomington, Indiana                       semi-banked, 1/4 mile

-Your opinion?
   Long straightaways and the corners are as long too. To get a decent time, 
   slide to the inside line into turn 1 and 3 and release the gas a bit, once
   you hit turn 2 and 4, punch the gas and go on the high line on the
   straightaways to get more room to go into the corners.
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Bristol, Tennessee                         high-banked, 1/2 mile
-Your opinion?
   I've been to Bristol for the Sprint Car race one time, back in June of
   2000 I believe. At first, I did not get a good lap on my first practice
   on this track. If you try to go to the low side in the corners, you might
   not likely get a good lap, unless you managed to somehow. On the
   straightaways, cut inside to the corner quickly and let the car slide up the
   the track, but don't hit the wall though, and once you are on turn 2 or 4,
   press the gas.
Canyon Run
-Win the championship under Easy difficulty in Arcade mode to unlock this

-This state-of-the-art, 1-mile track is a double-loop with a crossover, and
 features both dirt and asphalt sections. It's a true test of your skills,
 and offers a spectacle for the fans, with its extensive stadium seating
 and picturesque surroundings.

-Your opinion?
   Great track to run on, all turns are left, but watch out when you cross
   the asphalt/dirt barrier, your car may jerk to the right, in this case
   stay on the center or left line of the asphalt part of the track.

-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Rossburg, Ohio                             high-banked, 1/2 mile
-Your opinion?
   I did not qualify real well on this track, the corners are long and the
   straightaways are short, cut inside turn 1 or 3 and let the car slide up
   to the middle line and press the gas at the beginning of turn 2 and 4 to
   get a decent lap.
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Brandon, South Dakota                      high-banked, 3/8 mile

-Your opinion?
   The bankings in the corner is high, giving you a good, decent lap when
   entering turn 1 and 3, while letting the car sldie up a bit into turn 2
   and 4, use the gas after exiting turn 2 and 4.
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Pevely, Missouri                           high-banked, 1/3 mile

-Your opinion?
   I did pretty good on this track, personally, this is one of the tracks that
   I'm good at. To get a decent lap, cut in on turn 1 and 3 in the middle line,
   and try not to get to the inside line. At the halfway point in the corner,
   let the car slide up a little and punch the gas on turn 2 and 4.
Icy Eldora
-Win the championship under Outlaw difficulty in Arcade mode to unlock this

-Take a drive around legendary Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio in the winter.
 The track isn't prepared for sprint cars at this time of year, but you might
 want to check out what's set up on the inside of the track when they're not
 expecting you.

-Your opinion?
   It is not as slippery as I would have expected, you can go fast if you
   want, but you'll have to simulataneously press the gas a couple time on
   the corners, when on the straightaways, use the snow on the right line to
   get speed. (in the middle of the track is two sets of ramp like those
   one in the BMX or Dave Mirra style, and there is also a hockey rink.)

-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Knoxville, Iowa                            semi-banked, 1/2 mile

-Your opinion?
   This is a long track, and the corners are wide too. Once you are off the
   straightaways and entering turn 1 and 3, cut in to the inside line and
   you do not need to straighten your car out, just let the car slide across
   the track and punch the gas at turn 2 and 4.
Las Vegas
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Las Vegas, Nevada                          semi-banked, 1/2 mile

-Your opinion?
   This is by far the hardest track for me to achieve on. To get a decent lap,
   stay high on the straightaways and cut in and STAY in the inside, don't use
   too much gas while going into turn 1 and 3, but use a lot of them coming off
   turn 2 and 4.
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Sarver, Pennsylvania                       semi-banked, 1/4 mile

-Your opinion?
   Lernerville has smooth corners, I've had a difficult time getting a decent
   lap for this track, but while in in race, I tried mirroring the other
   driver's line and it helped. These drivers goes in the inside all corners
   and never drift up. Try not to use a lot of gas entering turn 1 and 3.
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Concord, North Carolina                    semi-banked, 4/10 mile

-Your opinion?
   Lowe's corners are long and you have to simultaneously press and release
   the gas a couple time and try not to mess your turning on the corner, a
   nice, clean slide will bring you to the front.
Rattler Valley
-Win the championship under Medium difficulty in Arcade mode to unlock this

-This 1 1/6 mile oval with two crossover loops is the longest, tightest and
 least forgiving track on which you'll race. Out in the middle of nowhere,
 with tunnels winding through the rock-face, this is definetly a track for
 the drivers rather than the spectators.

-Your opinion?
   Wow! this track is really fun to race on, some of the turns are very
   sharp and you may lose your grip, try practicing a couple laps first
   until you get a good time.

Silver Dollar
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Chico, California                          high-banked, 1/4 mile

-Your opinion?
   Very small track, tight corners. Try not to use too much gas while going
   in the corner and on the corner, straighten your car out to get to speed
   while exiting out of turn 2 and 4.
Terre Haute
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Terre Haute, Indiana                       semi-banked, 1/2 mile
-Your opinion?
   This is a tough track to get a good lap on, the track is very flat and has
   no banking at all. I went in Arcade Mode and practiced on this track for a 
   while, figuring out a good line to get on. Get your car up to speed on the
   straightaways, release the gas and cut to the inside and about in the middle
   of turn 1 and turn 2, press the gas and go all the way close to the outside
   wall, try to avoid hitting the wall or it'll slow you down big time and do 
   the same for turn 3 and 4. If you go too fast or cut to the inside at the 
   wrong time, your back end of the car would probably hit the wall, unless
   you save the car.
Williams Grove
-Where?                                -What kind of track is it?
   Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania                semi-banked, 1/2 mile     

-Your opinion?
   This is not one of my tracks to race on, I do not have a good line to
   exit out of the turn, and I keep hitting the straightaway outside wall.
   But, I managed to save my car on couple laps. Don't use too much gas going
   inside the corner, and as you exit out of the corner, don't speed up too

                           Car Specifications
     Here are the car specifications from the World of Outlaws homepage at

Engine:                       maximum of 410 cubic inches
Fuel system:                  fuel injection 
Horsepower:                   750-815 
Compression ratio:            13-17:1 
RPM:                          8000-8200 
Speed:                        up to 150 m.p.h. 
Powertrain:                   in/out direct drive with quick-change rear end 
Lubrication:                  dry sump oil system 
Fuel:                         methanol 
Wheelbase:                    86-88 inches 
Width:                        77 inches 
Weight:                       1,150-1,250 pounds 
Chassis:                      light chrome-moly frame 
Suspension:                   mostly torsion bar, some coil-over 
Ground clearance:             six inches on the right; four inches on the left 
Tires:                        Goodyear and Hoosier 
Right rear tire:              103-106 inches in circumference 
Wheels:                       chrome 
Steering system:              power steering 
Brakes:                       disc brakes 

These cheats are confirmed at GameFAQs.com, thanks to those guys who
submitted them and those who confirmed it.

Get $5,000,000!
    Simply enter ''CHIMCHIM'' as a name on the career mode screen.

Unlock All Drivers
    All you have to do is enter ''MITYMASTA'' as a name at the career mode
    screen, and you'll unlock them.

To have the Best Configuration for all tracks
    Just enter ''MEGEDERECK'' as a name on the career mode screen.

Unlock all Tracks
    Simply enter ''JOEYJOEJOE'' as a name at the career mode screen, and you
    will get all tracks.


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