FAQ/Walkthrough by Dolphin Prince

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/30/04 | Printable Version


GAME:   Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future
SYSTEM: Playstation 2
AUTHOR: Ethan 'Dolphin Prince' Bowyer


Version History:

9/30/04: - Version 2.0
Whew, after a long time of quite, I finally got around to this update.
The first part of "Man's Nightmare" walkthrough added!
Enemies and vitalits coming soon.

9/12/03 - Version 0.50
Used the numbering system from Gamefaqs to give this guide a more accurate
version number
Added a content search string and details of how to use it
Finally got round to running the guide through a spell checker

9/18/03 - Version 1.5
Didn't add anything. Just made it where it's easier to read.

6/12/03 - Version 1.0
Is the first half of the game.



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Table of Contents:

          A00: Story
          A01: Controls
          A02: Songs and gifts
          A03: Glyphs
          A04: Enemies
          A05: Tips
          A06: Aquamarine Bay
          A07: Perils Of The Coral Reef
          A08: Trial Without Error
          A09: Four Ways Of Mystery
          A10: Up And Down
          A11: Roaring Forces
          A12: Atlantis Lost

          B00: Descent of the Foe (Movie)
          B01: Vortex of Time (Movie)
          B03: Shrine Of Controversy
          B04: Master Of Forgotten Skills
          B05: Process That Never Ends
          B06: Blades In Motion
          B07: Perpetual Fluidity
          B08: Obscure Ways To Terminus
          B09: Sleeping Forces Of Doom

          C00: Twisted Realties (Movie)
          C01: Anguish Of Dearth
          C02: Entrapment (Coming soon)
          C03: Caverns Of Hope
          C04: Lair Of Evil
          C05: Powers Of Levitation
          C06: Hanging Waters 1 (Coming soon)
          C07: Ice And Fire (Coming soon)
          C08: Hanging Waters 2 (Coming soon)
          C09: Abyss Of Inferno (Coming soon)
          C10: Hanging Waters 3 (Coming soon)
          C11: Mutaclone (Coming soon)

          D00: Invasion (Movie) (Coming soon)
          D01: Chance Of Reckoning (Coming soon)
          D02: Hatchery (Coming soon)
          D03: Seeds Of Poison (Coming soon)
          D04: Transfiguration (Coming soon)
          D05: Heart Of The Foe (Coming soon)
          D06: Epilogue (Movie) (Coming soon)
          D07: Credits


A00:          Story

At the dawn of the 30th century, after five hundred years of unity and
fellowship, dolphin and man set out from the Earth to explore the great unknowns
of space.

But where man and dolphin founded a civilization of peace, other based theirs
On strength, conquest, and domination. And, even as man and dolphin went out
the Earth, a sinister Foe cast envious eyes upon it. For the Earth was a prize
beyond measure, a pristine world to be cherished or exploited.

But the Earth was not defenseless. The mighty Guardian - the greatest creation
of dolphin kind - shielded it with its power.

Undeterred, the Foe persisted; probing for a moment of weakness they were
certain must come.

It was in this time that a dolphin names Ecco arrived at the Isle of the
Guardian, seeking to learn from the scholars of peace, but destined to be the
only hope and champion of the Earth.


A01:          Controls

X: swims
O: charge
Triangle: change your view
Square: sonar

Left Analog Stick: Move
L3: Next objective

Right Analog Stick
Up: Super Roll (used to evade head on attacks)
Down: Quick stop (while moving) / swim backwards (when stationary)
Left: 180 quick turn left
Right: 180 quick turn right
R3: Manual correct

L1: Left roll
R1: Right roll
L2: Left view
R2: Right view
L2 & R2: Reverse view

Start: Pause menu
Select: Compass


A02:          Songs and gifts

The Songs

Small schools of fish will surround you and follow. This can be very useful to
you as a particular type of fish may provide you with illumination while another
may provide you with protection when you swim with them. Just know that all fish
move slowly, so don't move too fast if you want the fish to follow you.

Sharks will be stunned with the sound of your sonar. This allows you to attack
them head-on in your attack while they are stunned. This song is VERY useful.

Turtles will follow you if you sing them this song. Even turtles that are hiding
in their shells will pole their heads out and move when sung this song.

Using the Song of the Ray allows Ecco to prod the great Manta Ray in the
direction Ecco wants him to move. Ecco can do this by aiming with his sonar.
Hidden stingrays will move when sung this song, while those in plain sight will

When Ecco sings this song to a special plant, the plant will open up and it will
spread pollen. And then dangers hidden from site will then appear. Also if you
sing the song to another plant it will raise a sound, which will attract guards.

The Gifts

This temporarily gives Ecco more air so he can stay underwater for a longer
period of time. However, inhaling more air during this time will NOT replenish
his air meter.

With the power of sonar, Ecco can use his sonar to attack enemies and can even
use it to shatter some rocks and other objects to reveal hidden secrets or

This temporarily gives Ecco more health and strengthens his resistance to harm.
However, eating more fish during this time will not replenish his health.

With the power of vigour, Ecco's strength is augmented, and Ecco's swimming and
charging abilities are increased. Ecco can push rocks, reach higher heights, and
conquer swift currents. And Ecco's strengthened charge is almost unstoppable.

With this power Ecco is temporarily invisible. Ecco can avoid being seen and he
can attack enemies without them noticing.

Every gift and song has a use somewhere, so don't overlook a glyph if you see it
as it may be required to progress to the next level.


A03:          Glyphs

This is the least common glyph. To learn the "powers" you must touch this glyph.
Once you do that, the power is yours to use.  these glyphs are star shaped.

This glyph grants you a power that's on the glyph. Once the power runs out you
can touch it again to re-activate the power.  These glyphs are diamond shaped.

the most common glyph that you'll see in the game. They will tell you of
warnings of dangers ahead, tips on how to get or beat something. While they tell
you things sometimes they are hard to understand, so read through them a few
times if needed.  These glyphs are diamond shaped and have a coloured scroll
inside them.

They will show you either, what to do next, how to do something to beat the
level. While they show you things, sometimes they are hard to understand their
meaning. So watch them a few times if needed.  these glyphs are diamond shaped
and are purple in colour.


A04:          Enemies

This is the most common shark you'll most likely meet.  It takes three hits to
kill this enemy. Be warned this shark is a threat to you and if your not careful
it can easily kill you.
First Appearance: Aquamarine Bay
First Threat: Perils of the Coral Reef

This enemy is stronger and tougher than the common shark.  It also requires five
hits to kill them.  these can give out more damage then the common shark.
First Appearance: Trial Without Error

This shark is VERY deadly. Luckily you'll only see one of these in the game. If
you get too close to its mouth, it will grab you and it will not let go.
First (only) Appearance: Perils of the Coral Reef

This shark is white.  Quicker then the common and hammerhead sharks, these can
dish out just as much damage as the hammerhead shark, although it appears that
they are not too clever as it is possible to hit them head on sometimes without
losing any energy.
First Appearance: Blades in Motion

This enemy is hard to see. It lies down to the ground, but when you get close to
them, they will come up and shock you dealing a small amount of damage.
First Appearance: Trial Without Error

There is different kinds of jellyfish in this game:

This jellyfish is not the kind that you'll see everywhere (I had to give it a
name.) But it's not poisonous, but it can deal out a small amount of damage when
touched and it can be killed with a charge.
First Appearance: Perils of the Coral Reef

This jellyfish can be a pain in the butt. If you touch this jellyfish you'll get
poisoned. Ecco will do things slowly, and his health will slowly decrease. There
is a fish that will cure Ecco when you're poisoned. You can kill it with one
First Appearance: Perils of the Coral Reef

This name says it all. This Jellyfish is white looking. But this enemy is a
minor threat to you. If you tough it, it causes a small amount of damage. But be
careful this jellyfish can travel in LARGE groups.
First Appearance: Shrine Of Controversy

This enemy is a minor threat to you. I can deal a small amount of damage. This
animal is only found in the Dragon Larvae Boss.
First Appearance: Blades in Motion

This enemy is not a big threat but it's ANNOYING! It can claim walls and swim.
Can it can travel in medium to large groups. It will swim at you and once it
gets to you it will go and grab onto you and it will hit you, dealing small
damage. To kill it you can charge it once or you can use the power of sonar to
blast them to bits.
First Appearance: Perpetual Fluidity

This enemy is hard to see at first, but when it's too late it will attack you,
dealing a small amount of damage. This enemy is not very deadly, to get past it
easily, just charge past it.
First Appearance: Four Ways of Mystery

This Eel guards the path to the blue crystals in the level Four Ways of Mystery.
If you go near it, it will grab you, pull you up, and you'll die. To get past
it, use the Manta Ray (see the level guide for further info).
First Appearance: Four Ways of Mystery

This eel guards the path to the metasphere.  It will chase you and eat you if it
gets you, and it can shoot lightning from its eyes. To get ahead of it you need
to be invisible.
First Appearance: Roaring Forces

There is only one octopus in this game. It does not deal any damage on you but
it will keep you from getting to the next level. Not a big threat but it's still
an enemy.
First Appearance: Trial without Error

This Boss can be a major pain in the butt. I had hard times and yet I had easy
times with this boss. Like the Great White shark, it will grab you and not let
go until an amount of time is over.  You can survive this attack ONLY if you
have enough health.
First Appearance: Blades in Motion


A05:          TIPS

1: turn up the brightness on your TV (if you can) this can really help you
playing this game.
2: Get to know your area.
3: keep track of your air and health.
4: Some fish may be poison to you or some fish only gives you a small health
recovery, while some fish gives you a lot of health. Also the fish that is
'poison' to you can only heal a jellyfish sting.  Try to keep track of that.
5: Use the L3 button a lot. It will really help you in large areas. (See
controls for details.)
6: Once you get a song or gift, you will keep it even if you quit the level.



A06:          Aquamarine Bay

After the prologue you find yourself in Aquamarine Bay (maybe your home area)
and a dolphin will teach you some things.  You better hear him out or you may
have trouble getting some things.  Practice what you just learned until you
think you have got the hang of it.  When you're ready to talk, sonar the mother
whale, now go to the door that leads to Atlantis.  Cut screen.  You will have to
rescue the baby whale.  The baby whale is under rocks North of the mother whale
(or to make it easier it's north of the starting point).

Go to the area where the baby whale is and go in between the rocks and talk to
the baby whale.  She will go tell you to get help.  Now go back to the starting
area and there will be 3 dolphins if you go up to the area 2 of them will be at
your side and go to the area where the baby whale is.  If you get near a green
looking rock there will be a cut screen were you and your friends will move the
rock, freeing the whale. After that talk to the mother whale when your ready and
follow her.  Ecco will then go under a waterfall ending the level.

1: look under an arch with seaweed under it.
2: Above the surface of the water, under a palm tree.
3: Above the waterfall.
4: Win the find-the-fish game, do a tailwalk and it should appear then above the
surface of the water.
5: Above that big rock, jump to get it. The big rock is near the strong current
(to the west near the sharks).


A07:          Perils Of The Coral Reef

Now your first real level.

(NB: You don't have to go where the vision shard tells you to go. If you go
forward you will run into sharks along the way and you can find yourself where
the dolphins wants you to race. And if you go farther you will find a dolphin
that will tell you of a very big shark and the tunnels).

First talk to the dolphin you see at the starting point. He wants to find his
little brother (he hints you that he may be playing with turtles).  Now jump
over the rocks (sonar the vision shard) and swim fast until you see a little
dolphin. Talk to him a he will say something like he is scared that the sharks
will get his turtle. (Now to kill a shark. You have to charge into the shark for
it to take damage. It takes 3 hits to kill most sharks.) Kill all three sharks
and talk to him again and you will get the "song of the turtle".  Now go back to
where you started and talk to his brother (the first dolphin you should have
talked to) and go back to where the little dolphin is. If he followed you (he
should if you did it right) talk to him and you will get a VERY useful song "the
song of the shark".

Continue swimming until you see a dolphin chasing a fish. Get the fish and you
will learn "the song of the fish." Talk to dolphins in the areas) and you may
learn about a big shark.  Now this is a hard part.  To get to this shark you can
go one of two ways. 1) Go though this very dark tunnel (very long) use the light
fish to help you. You will find this tunnel in the area with the where the
dolphins will tell you things about these waters.  Or 2 go though the tunnel
with pariahs (short but dangerous) you can use the poison fish to get past the
pariahs. They will not attack you. I didn't use the fish to get past the pariahs
but I made it.  Ok did the music get more intense? Yes, you are in the area with
the Great White Shark.

Find a safe area to be, sonar the shard and it will tell you something.  Ok,
here we go. First sonar the big shark. If you do it right it will go after you.
There will be a hole, go though the bottom hole and the shark may get trapped.
Very quickly go near the shark's mouth and you will learn the power of vigour.
(Note: this is easier said than done).  Now, go back the way you came. Go right
to this area where there are dolphins, go to this side off area and you will see
a power of vigour. Touch the power of vigour. And at the north east (going by
sonar map) part of this area there will be a path. Follow the path (there are
sharks along the way.) and you'll see a small light at the end of the tunnel.
You though it and you will beat the level.

Boss Battle: The Great White Shark.

This battle is tricky until you get the hang of it. First, you want to have the
power of vigour learned first before you take on the shark, you'll need it to
beat the shark. You have to watch the shark very carefully. Once the shark moves
away from the stones in the middle of the area, move quickly and grab the power
of vigour and swim to the shallow area. Now, time is not on your side once the
power of vigour is activated. Quickly get the sharks attention. Now get the
shark to get stuck in the bottom hole in the stone. Now, 180 around and look at
the shark, if it gets stuck in the hole, hit it about one or two times, then
quickly swim to the shallow area. If the shark goes around the stonewall,
quickly swim to the shallow area. Now repeat until the shark is dead. It takes
about 5-6 hits to kill it. Now the Vitalit will appear. Use the power of vigour
again and use it to grab the Vitalit.

1: Go be hide where you start and go downwards.
2: Win the race between the two dolphins. After that it should appear.
3: At the end of the really dark tunnel, leading to the Great White shark.
4: Kill the great White Shark, and it should appear.
5: Between two caves in the Great White shark area.


A08:          Trial Without Error

This is not too hard of a level. Ok first go straight (you can read the graph
too) and you will come to an open area. Kill ALL of the sharks in that area to
make it easier on you. After that go to a cave to the right of the area. Now go
though the cave and to the other side. The music will get a little more intense
because of the sharks in the area. Kill ALL of the sharks and talk to the
dolphin at the far end of the area. Lead him to the area you first came and use
the power of vigour (its under a arch not hard to see.) and hit the rock that's
colour is different than the other rocks. Charge and the rock should fall and go
where the rock should have fallen. The music gets a little more intense again.
Now talk to the dolphin that you have rescued from the sharks earlier and he
will distract the octopus. It will grab the dolphin. Hurry and get past the
octopus, ending the level.

Other things to do in this level. In the beginning area if you talk to the
dolphin, she will ask you to get her three children. The first one is in the
same area you are in, under a rock, the dolphin will try to run away, get the
dolphin and he'll go to his mother. The seconded dolphin is in the area with the
hammerhead sharks, after you find the dolphin you will have to go back to his
mother. And the finial dolphin is in the cave where you go to the area with the
scared dolphin; he is in the back of the cave near the ground. Go talk to the
mother dolphin and a Vitalit will appear.

1: After you find all three dolphins, the mother will tell you something and it
should appear.
2: Near the Octopus in its cave.
3: When you go get that scared dolphin you need to get, go right when you exit
the cave and it should be in a crack.
4: In the area with the Hammerhead sharks.
5: At the far end of the level, close to the power of Vigour.


A09:          Four Ways Of Mystery

This level can be hard, but not the hardest level in the game. Ok first you
start off in an area with 4 ways you can go. But first find the power of air
learner; it's near the centre of the area. After that go to the left and get the
power of air its self.  Now follow that path, you will find yourself going in a
circle but continue you will find your self in an area with a manta ray and a
dolphin. Talk to the dolphin and he will give a task to do for him. Go back to
the starting area and get the fish he wants (it's yellow and blue looking use
the L3 button to track it down) and go though the path again and give it to the
dolphin. He will teach you the "song of the manta." Now go to the right path (in
the main area it should be red looking) and follow the path.

You will find a path that leads to the right; continue going forward and follow
the path.  You will find your self in an area with two sharks and another manta
ray.  Kill the sharks and point your nose to the exit and make sure you have to
Manta Ray facing the exit of the area and sonar the ray and the ray will go
through the path. If you did it right the manta should go the main area. Check
point. Now there is one last path that you need to go in. Go to the manta ray
and use the song to make the manta ray go to that path. You should here some
sound that not to friendly, that's the eel. Quickly go up the path, but be
careful the Manta Ray will not stay there long and if your too late going up
into the path the eel will grab you and kill you.

Now, go though the tunnel and you should go in circles for a while until you see
an air supply. Now the current is too strong but there is a rock that will go
down use the rock to get past the current. And you'll find a white/blue crystal
and then head left, until you see two ways to go, right or left. Go to the left.
(The right path leads to a dead end.) Continue until down the left path and
you'll go into one more circle. Continue that path you should be in an area with
a clam; there will be a hole leading up. Go up that path and the level will end.

1: Above the water where you go learn the Song of the Ray.
2: Above the water with the manta ray in the red crystal path (without the
3: In the dead end to the left of the white crystal.
4: In the blue crystal path, take a right at a crystal then follow the path to a
cross path then head right follow that path and you should find it.
5: Once you learn the power of sonar, go to the main pool and use it on the big

Areas revisited: Perils Of The Coral Reef

Wow some last level that was. You should be in the 2nd level. Find the power of
sonar learner. Now to make your gaming easier quit! (Why quit? I couldn't find a
way to get out of the area.) BUT ONLY AFTER YOU GOT THE POWER OF SONAR! Don't
worry you will still have it

Areas revisited: Trial Without Error

Ok go back to the level with the octopus in it. Now go a different path in the
level. If you go straight (from the starting point) you should see two
hammerhead sharks. Go past them. Go left and continue that path. You will see
some sharks, kill them. You will end up going right and soon you will evenly you
will see the power of vigour. Get it and go right to the area with a strong
current. Get the power of sonar. Use it on the big rock (it has "teeth" around
it) after that go in that area into the light ending the level.


A10:          Up And Down

Now we are almost done for the 1st "part" of the game. What you want to do is
find the power of endurance learner. It should be near the centre of the area,
but try not to touch the red rock. After that find a power of sonar and use it
on the big red rock in the centre. Go up and you should get caught in current.
GET THE POWER OF ENDURANCE ON THE WAY, or you may not make it. After you get
past it, you will be on top of a waterfall. Go down the waterfall. Now there
will be a turtle and a stingray. Use the song of the turtle to get the turtle to
go your way BUT, make sure you get the turtle to move over the sting ray and it
should move from where it is, quickly get the power of stealth learner, your
final power. Get the power (it's under an arch) and go though the barrier ending
the level.

1: In a Side area in the main cave (where you start off.)
2-4: On your way up the geyser, you should see 3 Vitalits.
5: After you get though the geyser the final Vitalit should be near the


A11:          Roaring Forces

Ok you start out in an area with a lot of sharks. Hurry and get the power of
stealth to the left of the area, on a column. And go down-left to this cave. Now
a big eel will chase you. Charge and try to avoid his lightning strikes (it
doesn't take much damage on your health). It does not matter what path you take,
they lead to the same place. After the chase, you will come up to a puzzle.
(Hint: you will see a dolphin pointing to a button press it there are two of
them.) Now go up to the opening, you will come up to a place with the power of
metamorphous. Touch it and you will see a fish swimming around. Tough the fish
and you will become the fish. =). Ok now go though the gate on the opposite side
of the area, ending the level.

1: Jump over the boards in the starting chamber.
2: In the rocks near the waterfall.
3: After you got the puzzle figured out, go up and look behind you and it should
be there.
4: Before the area where you get the power of metamorphous it should be between
the walls. Looks downwards for it.
5: Near the exit.


A12:          Atlantis Lost

Now for my favourite level in this first part of the game. You start out
changing back to your dolphin form. What you want to do first is talk to the
guardian. It will tell you to find 5 crystals that are in the level. The
crystals are:

1: An area with lots of jellyfish behind a rock.
2: Go north of the sonar map. Jump over a rock near the shallow area.
3: There is a hole near the rings, use the power of Vigour to get it. It's in a
side area when you go down the hole.
4: Not far where crystal #2 is. Use the power of sonar and use it to blast the
rocks, and it will open a path to the next crystal.
5: after you go all the crystal and jumped over the rings above the buildings
and then go through the rings and after you go through all 4 rings you'll jump
out of the water grabbing the last crystal.

When you find a crystal give it to the guardian and a ring will appear. After
the guardian finish talking to you jump the ring and go in a building that is
close to where you jump though the ring and sonar the thing inside of it. Now
what you want to do is go to the big building (near the guardian) open it with
your sonar and then you will see a glob. Sonar it and you will see a creature.
Now that you got 4 crystals and after you jumped though the rings above the
buildings, go though them and you will go sky high getting the last crystal.
Give it to the guardian, ending the level.

1: In the big building near the Guardian, it's near the roof of this building.
(The underside of it)
2: leap into the air near the starting point.
3: On the far end of pool near the power of sonar are some rocks, shoot it with
the power of sonar.
4: Facing the main temple from the accelerator rings, the building just ahead
and to the right.
5: In the reefs on the left side of the pool.



B00:          Descent of the Foe

Ecco restored the guardian, but he was too late. For the Foe started their
descent. Determined to conquer Earth. By creating a temporal vortex, they opened
a portal through time. And to prevail in the present, they would alter Earth's
past. But as the Foe travel through time, Ecco was caught in the wake of the
vortex. Since the dawn of memory, dolphin and human admire each other. But
dolphins had long counsel the true extent of their sentience. Then 500 years,
the Foe reviled themselves. A new civilization was born, with dolphins and
humans united. It was this moment that the Foe sought to prevent. By entrancing
the dolphins with irresistible powers. The Foe began to drain them of their most
noble traits. Just then, Ecco arrived. He saw that the Foe almost completed
their sinister task, stealing their Compaction, wisdom, humidity, intelligent,
and ambition. Robbing dolphins of their future! With moments to act, Ecco went
to the ancient power of Metamorphosis! And by taking the form of the Foe, he set
out to defend his own kind.


B01:          Vortex of Time

The destruction of the Foe ship scattered the globes through out time. Desperate
to save the globes, Ecco charged into the time vortex after them. But with the
past altered, history changed. Robbed of their traits, dolphins became weak and
gullible. They were enslaved and exploited. As earth fell victim to mankind,
whose weapons was his only legacy. Only a few dolphins survived. In this
altered, dying world. Where man is but a distant memory.


B02:          Shrine Of Controversy

This is my favourite level in man's nightmare. At the beginning you want to head
down and talk to a dolphin called the "circle." You can talk to him for
information, but after you do head down some more until you see a wheel with a
gas coming out of it. Turn the wheel until the gas stops coming out of it, you
need to turn it clock wise. After you do that go back and talk to the circle
dolphin and lead him to the temple (the thing you saw at the very beginning of
the level.) Now use the L3 button to lead you to the next dolphin that is called
"crimson." Talk to him and go in the shine that's near him and get the power of
air.  Now use the L3 button to lead you to a gear like thing. Go inside it, (be
careful of the piranhas) and go to this area where this red stuff is.

Go in the red stuff to get the mark of the crimson. Go back and talk to the
crimson dolphin and lead him to the temple. You have two out of the three
dolphins you need to get to the temple. Use the L3 button to go to a place where
you see a "mover" talk to him and he will not help you. Attack him but you don't
need too. Now use the L3 button to lead you to a dolphin named Pilot.  Talk to
him and he will take you to his mom. Pilot's mom will attack you. Attack her
until she gives up. Follow her outside and talk to her and lead her to the
temple. The three dolphins will sing the song of unity, opening the big temple.
Now go inside a get the Labour Harness. (A cool looking Harness.) You will have
this harness on for the rest of the Man's Nightmare part.  Now go to the bottom
(use the L3 button) sing to the little light and the big iron "door" will open
reveling a machine. Sing to this machine and go inside it.  Pilot will follow
you, the door on the machine will close, and you will go to another area, ending
the level.

1: Under an arch, near the wheel of pain.
2: Once in the crimson shrine, there is a well, down in it and I should be
3: Same thing, but in the Movers shrine.
4: When Pilot is leading you to his mom, head to the left.
5: In the corner of the Circles shrine, Near the door.


B03:          Master Of Forgotten Skills

This is not a difficult level to beat. First go up and find a thing with three
buttons sonar the middle and bottom button until the machine starts to move down
ward. Look at it and it will drop another machine that you can control. What you
want to do is move the machine by sonar it. Move the machine around and when you
sonar the machine and it goes to into a Crate it will grab on to it, but sadly
it will NOT grab on the side only the top and bottom of the crates. There will
be a crate that has lots of rock/crystals; you need to get it though the big
door. Now move the purple box forward. Then take the orange box and move it back
as far as you can. Grab and move the yellow box as far back as you can. Grab and
move the blue back left. Then move the machine and grab onto the red box (the
one with lots of rocks/crystals I it) and move it forward. The large door will
open. Fallow it through and the level will soon end.

1: Look on the conveyer machine.
2: Inside a tunnel on the perimeter
3: Go to the opposite side of the tunnel on the perimeter.
4: Behind a column near the bottom of the pool. Look near the back of that area.
5: It is also on the conveyer machine.


B04:          Process That Never Ends

Now swim forward. (Once you get to the room with jellyfish, look down, there is
an air supply here.) Continue until you see a fork. Head right into the tunnel
area. There is a mover here; he will not help you yet. Go under the "teeth"
until you see another dolphin. Talk to the circle and he will turn the power on.
Go back to the area with the mover (Pilot will be here) and talk to both of
them. Lead them back to the area with the crate full of rock/crystals and with
the movers help you can move the crate. You will then see the crate being
emptied.  Follow the crystals (use the buttons in the air chamber to get you
past the "one teeth" and the crystals will help you to the "two teeth." Now
after your past the "teeth" you will find yourself in a big area. Swim up to get
the power of Endurance. After that you will here a crashing sound. Carefully go
into the room and look around. You should see a beam going into a crystal. Now
with the harness move the crystals so they connect (the beam should go though
the crystals.) After you do that, the floor will open up. Go down into the newly
open area. Swim all the way down this tube, ending the level.

1: Floating near the ceiling near the beginning of the conveyor tube.
2: In the fourth area of five switch areas left of the conveyor tube.
3: In the fifth switch chamber.
4: in the circle room at the end of the tunnel, hanging nears the ceiling on
this room.
5: In the same room where the last one is, it should be tucked below the glass
and rocks.


B05:          Blades In Motion

This level can be a pain in the butt. First go down that tube and go into the
next room. In it are these really weird looking types of sharks. Kill all four
sharks. Find the power of sonar in the shark room and into another room with
spinning things. Look for a crack in the glass and shoot the glass with your
sonar (make sure that the power of sonar is active!) go in the next room and get
the power of air. (Near the top of the room.) After that go down and you'll
enter a room with blades that are moving.  You will also see a opening below the
blades. Go though each opening until you reach the bottom. Get the power of
sonar. Go though the next opening. A current will carry you. (It's not too
strong) Quickly open the first crack and go into the room.

Refill you air and health supply (if needed) and go to the far side of the room
to get the power of sonar. Go back the way you came and open the next crack you
see. Go down in it and go though the opening. You will then get one of the
dolphin's gifts.  Boss battle. Go to the bottom of the room and be ready. There
are some green creatures in the area. But be warned, they can and will attack
you, but they will seem to attack you when your health is low. Soon the boss
will come back.  Hide near the bottom. Wait until it catches one of the green
creatures and quickly hit the belly of the boss. You have to hit the belly total
of three times.  After you kill the boss, it will open a new area.

Go down the hole and take a right. Go down 3 balls (go past them but don't go
past the 3rd one) and take a left then take a right at ball the thing. Go down
on the 2nd ball.  Follow it until you reach another ball, go down the path.
(When I say go down literally go down).  Follow the path and you'll get to
another ball. There will fish down one path.  Go opposite of that path. Take a
right at the ball. Then go up at the next ball.  Follow that path and you'll end
the level soon.

1: head through the floor at the starting point, then look up and the Vitalit
should be on the ceiling.
2: In the wheel camber before the room with the spinning blades, follow the
spinning room around to find it.
3: Once your through the blades and break through the glass into the room
surrounding the heated tunnels, you will find the Vitalit in this room.
4: Once in the tunnels after the boss battle, you will find one at a dead end.
Go up at the end of the upper tunnels to find it.
5: On you're way down from the upper tunnels in a vertical tube.


B06:          Perpetual Fluidity

Start by going forward until you reach the power of sonar. Then blast away the
red looking rocks in front of you. Continue down the tunnel and the current will
grab you. On the way through, watch out for the fans. Stop at the end of the
tunnel where you will see mines with red lights coming from them. (Go to the
right and down where you can get more air.) Upon entering this room, the exit is
on the direct opposite side. Once your there continue down the tunnel. You will
enter a room with a large shark. (Don't bother killing It. You'll only die
trying. Use the bars to be safe.) In the left part of the room, you'll see a red
switch. Sonar the switch to make it turn green. Near the top-right you will see
a tunnel, quickly get into that tunnel. Continue down the tunnel while watching
out for the fans and mines.

You will then enter a room with another shark. Kill it. You will see another
tunnel up and to the left from where you entered the room. Go through that
tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, in the room you will see a message glyph that
very important. Sonar it and this is what it says, "Never the same one twice in
sequence. Red. Green. Red with green. Blue with yellow. One with no colours.
Blue with yellow. And no colours again." (NOTE: if you look close to the switch
they may have a colour beside them so this makes the switch that colour.)  You
will see another red switch slightly to the right of the message glyph.  Sonar
it. Then look up and to the left is a tunnel and you need to go through it. The
current should be "fighting" you but make your way to the end. There will be two
sharks in the next area.

Kill the sharks. You will see another switch but do not sonar it yet! This is
switch "red with green." But first we need switch "green" to continue. Turn
around and you'll see a tunnel below the one you came in. go through the bottom
tunnel. You will see switch "green" so sonar it and go back to the area you came
from and sonar switch "Red and green." Now follow the water up and you'll see a
greenish looking door.  Go through it. You will then enter another room soon. Go
left and down and sonar switch "Blue and yellow." This will cause a door to
open. Go through the door and this path is short. Now the next room will have
three sharks in it. If you look around the room (try to stay near the exit) you
will see a switch with no colours. Sonar it and exit the area.

Now go back and sonar switch "Blue and yellow." And then go back through the
greenish door. Now if you look up there will be a next path to take. Go through
it. Remember the area just after the big shark that I told you not to kill? Go
back to that area and go upward to a yellowish looking door. Go through it. Then
go forward and go through a door that is just under the surface of the water.
Once you're in the newest area, go down and you'll see a switch with no colours,
sonar it and go back up. Get the power of sonar and blast away the red looking
rocks and go through the tunnel and the level will end after you get past the

1: Near the floor by the pipes in the first shark room.
2: In the green switch room near the floor.
3: In the piranha room, near the floor by some pipes.
4: Once the water is raised, go to the room past the piranha room to find a
Vitalit at the top of the tank.
5: Head all the way through the piranha room, through the room with the power of
air. Across the hub room with different exits and to a dead end pool where you
will find it hanging near the top of the water.


B07:          Obscure Ways To Terminus

Whew, now you're almost done with Man's Nightmare. Watch the beginning (where it
shows you some of the level.) Now, swim to the forward and after your reached
the "top" and take a left into the current. Let the current take you until you
reach an opening. Now jump over the walls until you can't jump over any other
walls. Now there are two currents you can take. Take the one farthest from the
#5 star wall. You will then go to a big area with one path leading off to the
side. To go to the next level you must take the path off to the side (it has no
current going into it.) once you're in it you will suddenly stop, ending the

1-5: Jump over the walls with the stars. They are in the middle.


B08:          Sleeping Forces Of Doom

This level may seem impossible if it's your first try. What you want to do is to
get to know your surroundings. There are three "snakes" in this level. What you
want to do is when they are pulling the crystals in, you have to sonar them.
Hurting themselves and the Shield. (They will let go of the crystal and the
crystal will go around some then it will crash into the shield.)  Keep on doing
this and eventually they will "die."  After all the "snakes" are dead. Use the
Labour Harness to grab a crystal and "shoot" it at the Shield. (NOTE: to grab a
crystal double tap the sonar button and on the 2nd tap, hold it and you will
have a tracer beam that will grab crystals that are near by.) Keep on doing this
until the Shield is gone. Now go to the middle and go down and touch the
Dolphin's gift, ending the level.

1: After the Shield is destroyed, go to the middle and go up.


=Dolphin's Nightmare=

C00:          Twisted Realties

By reclaiming the stolen globes, Ecco re-opened the time vortex. The dolphins
from the past were ignorant of what had been stolen from them. Unaware that
their descendants would deigned the golden age. But when intelligence and
ambition was returned to them, dolphins changed and history was altered! But
Ecco's world was not restored. Dolphins became aggressive and forced humans from
the seas, never to return. Dolphins built a new reality, creating a nightmare of
their own.


C01:          Anguish Of Dearth

You want to head in the direction your facing at the start of the level. Swim
into the outcast village and find a greenish looking dolphin swimming above
some round plants.

Talk to him and get your task. Turn left and swim forward till you see a cave
to your right. Go into the cave and swim to the end of it. You should find
yourself near a wall of rocks. Jump over the rocks. Look to the right and you
should see the power of sonar. Touch it and destroy the rocks. Turn back around
and go forward alittle and look to the left. You'll see some red fish. Sonar
them to make the fish follow you.

Go back through the cave to the area with the outcast dolphin swimming above
the round plants. This time go into a plant and you will find another outcast
dolphin. The dolphin should talk to you and then go back and talk with the
outcast swimming above the plants.

Now he will tell you to follow him. Follow him and you'll reach another cave.
Now he will sonar plants on the bottom of the cave, they will release a gas
that will revile some colorful, yet sharp looking tentacles. You don't want to
touch them. Follow him closely and you'll soon get into a section where you'll
get a chance to breath fresh air. Talk to the outcast dolphin again and you'll
learn the song of the plant.

Now you have to do the second leg of the cave alone. Look for the plant and
sonar it, and wait for the gas to revile the tentacles and move forward slowly.
Look for another plant along the way, sonar it. Keep doing it till you reach
the end of the level.


C02:          Entrapment (Coming soon)

You will start off near the ocean floor. Don't move yet, look around your
screen and you'll see something in the distance. That's a clan dolphin, so
you'll want to keep an eye on him and the other clan dolphins in this area.
Look forward and you'll see the power of endurance. Watch out for the large
amounts of jellyfish and grab the power. Quickly turn to the right and swim
fast down towards the ocean floor. You'll soon see air bubbles and the power of
stealth. Grab the power and look around till you see a huge door. Once it is
open, go through the door and into the next area. You'll quickly see a few clan
dolphins and a building. You must get into this building.

Use the L3 button to lock onto your objective. You'll see a button device; you
will want to charge it. Turn to the left and you'll a way into the prison. In
this room, you'll soon find yourself facing a clan dolphin. Kill him and you'll
find 4 pathways. Only one is open for the time being. You'll find air bubbles
and an orange button. Sonar it and look to the left. A pathway will open and
you'll want to go through it. You'll find another orange button, sonar it and
look to the left; you'll find yourself in a cross path. One leading to the
left, the other to the right. Go to the left and you'll enter another room,
with a clan dolphin. Kill him and you'll see two orange buttons. Sonar both of
them and go in the newly opened path. Notice anything familiar? It's the first
room you've been in. Look to the pathway closest toward you on the left. Go in
that pathway and you'll also find a clan dolphin patrolling the tunnel. After
you kill him and making your way in the next room, you'll find yet another
orange button. Sonar it and look toward the left.

Make your way down the long path and you'll suddenly see an outcast dolphin
being tortured. Now, should a dolphin be put through that? No, so charge into
the room and aim for the clan dolphin. He will shoot powerful sonar, if needed,
you can go back to the other room and restock up on life or air. Now, after
you've killed the clan dolphin, you'll want to charge the base of the tentacles
on the wall.

Now you and your friend will break open the door and back out into the first
area, away from the prison. Once you gain control of Ecco, you will find your
friend to the right on a large plant. Sonar him and make way towards the exit.
You'll want to sing the plants to distract the guards, but by the time you make
it near the exit, the clan will know of what you did. You'll have to leave your
friend behind, and make your way to the exit.

Areas revisited: Anguish Of Dearth

Your first task is to make it back to the village. But you'll have to go
through the tunnel of death. Use the same procedure you used when making your
way through the tunnels the first time.

After you make it through the tunnel, you'll soon find out the white sharks are
attacking the village. Use your target lock to find and to keep an eye on the
sharks. After you killed all three sharks, you'll want to make your way to the
area where you started out when you first came to this level. You'll soon see
more weird plants, like the plants where the sick outcast dolphin. Look in each
plant till you see another outcast. He'll charge a large rock, opening a path
below the rock. You'll want to go in that path, and you'll go on to the next

C03:          Caverns Of Hope

The first part is simple. Swim forward and soon you will see rocks flying your
way. This is an outcast dolphin hitting them. Why? Because he thinks you're the
enemy. Fight the current and get near the outcast and tell him the password, by
sonaring him and he will let you pass. If you swim past him, he will then try a
physical attack. There are two outcast in the first path. After you get pass
both of them, there is an air pocket in front of you. Go left and turn another
left. Three outcasts guard this path; the current will also be stronger. Once
you get down the tunnel and the three guards, there will be an air pocket that
you must jump over. Now continue down the path. There is one more outcast
guarding the path.

Soon you will find yourself in the outcast HQ. Go towards the middle of the HQ
and look to your left. You should see a small chamber with lots of the weird
round plants. You want swim towards the round plants and look behind them. You
will go into a cinematic of you touching a white globe and it will disappear.
Now, the music will change. What you want to do now is to turn left and you'll
see an outcast dolphin near a glass wall.

Talk to him and he will destroy the glass wall, leading into another section.
The outcast dolphin will then go forward. You'll have to follow the dolphin and
protect him from clan dolphins that will come out and try to attack him,
sending him back to the outcast HQ. You will only have to hit the clan dolphin
once to send him back. If a clan dolphin does manage to hit your friend, sonar
him so he will continue that path. On the first "leg" you'll have to fight off
four clan dolphins. Once you've completed the first leg, your friend will go
into a small hole to the second "leg." Once you complete a "let" your friend
can't go to a previous "leg." On the second leg, you'll have to fight off three
more clan dolphins. This next path is straight; a lone dolphin will try to
attack you. The next path, another lone clan dolphin will try to attack you.
You'll find another hole you have to go through.

Soon, you'll come upon another glass wall. Protecting your friend has paided
off. He will blast away the wall and you'll have to go through ANOTHER hole.
This time, you'll have to face a boss.


Your boss for this level is a giant a Crocodile. You should have seen "spikes"
coming up from the ground before you say the boss. You want to hide in these
spikes when the boss chases you. There are fish and water bubbles in the spikes
too. Get a feel of your area. Now to kill the crocodile, what you want to do is
swim near him and get his attention. He will start to chase you. Swim quickly
back to the safety of the spikes. He will turn and swim away. Now, quickly swim
and charge under his belly. Quickly go back to the safety of the spikes and
repeat the process. You don't really kill this boss, but you know it's finished
when the crocodile will crash into a rock wall and disappear within it.

Go into the new hole and soon you'll find yourself in an underground bay, with
what looks like, a waterfall. Look under the water for another pathway and go
in it, untill the screen goes black, indicating you completed the level.


C04:          Lair Of Evil

Start going forward when you start, but if you look the lower right, you will
see a tunnel. Go in that tunnel. Follow the tunnel it will go downward then it
will go upward. You will see a message glyph. Sonar it and read it. After you
do that, you should have noticed some balls going in a hole. Go up in that
hole. There will be two clan dolphins guarding that room. In this room, there
will be three doors, and one tunnel. The doors will be locked. This tunnel is
behind you when you enter the room.

Go in the tunnel and there will be two sets of lasers circling around. Dodge
them and after you reach an opening, you will find the clan general in the
room. Don't bother killing it because it will only kill you. If you look to
your lower right, you will see an open tunnel, but don't go in it, and you will
also find a closed door with a green symbol on it. Now that the clan general is
near, the door will open. You might have lost some big life, but if you took
the time to go in the open tunnel, you will find a power of endurance in a hole
to the left once you came in, so you shouldn't have to worry about life. Go in
the door quickly and you will quickly find a small funnel with a whirlwind in
it. Go throw it and you will move very quickly through this tunnel.

After the "warpers" end, you will see a passage way to the left. Stay on the
main path unless you want to see the room you will go into. Now you're in the
area where clan dolphins get their mark. To work this machine, you want to get
to know the symbols they use. The straight line that goes vertical with a
circle is how the red ink is dropped. Next to the left of that, is the same
symbol but it has the clam opened up. To the left of that looks like the clam
is opened. This is the first step.

Open the clam, and then drop the ball of red ink, finally go in the clam, and
sonar the last button. The clam will close on you and you now have the first
mark of the clan! If you noticed, you will see symbols behind the clam. If you
sonar the button, the circle will try to move, but it can't. You have to find
why it's not turning and get the finial mark.

Exit the marking room and go all the way back to where the clan general is. The
general still knows you're a spy and quickly make your way back through the
laser tunnel and back to the patrolling guards. Look around for another green
symbol in the room. The door will open up; follow the tunnel until you get to a
large room. Now swim forward and find a clan officer near the back of the room.
Talk to him. He will tell you to follow him, so do it! Now you will be in
another laser tunnel, watch out for the lasers and continue to follow him. He
will drop you off in another room. You will see yet another green symbol. Sonar
your friend close to the door and it will open and follow the path.

Once you get into a big room you will see the source of the problem. Stop the
fans by sonaring a large switch on the wall. Grab the power of sonar and find a
big weed on the gear at the top of the room. Sonar and destroy the weed. Turn
the gears back on and now you have to go all the way back to the marking area.

Once you're back at the marking area, sonar the clan icon switch once and
repeat the marking process. Now you have the highest clan mark. Now it's time
to find the exit to this lair of evil. Make your way back to the area with the
two patrolling guards. Find the green symbol and enter that tunnel. Once you're
in the big room, look up to find a tunnel. It will have strange white circles
in the front of the tunnel, sonar it and go in the tunnel. Follow the main path
till the level ends.


C05:          Powers Of Levitation

This level has a lot of puzzles that take awhile to complete. It isn't too
hard, so lets get started!

You start at the end of a tunnel. Make your way forward and you'll soon see
what looks like dinosaur ribs. Turn left and you will soon see a large building
and a way into this building. Don't go in this one, but swim along the side of
the building till you find a glyph and a clan dolphin swimming near by. Since
you have that marking on your side, he isn't hostile. If you talk to him, he
will tell you he's the engineer of the facility. You will even find a power of
air nearby the surface in the general area.

Now you want to enter the building. When you enter it, you can either go up, or
go down. You want to go down. Continue till you see a path below you, head down
into the path. The paths are very narrow in the area. You'll see paths that
lead to the right and left, you won't be able to open them right away. Continue
going straight and you'll find a door you can open. Go through it and you'll
see an air supply and a clan general. THIS AREA IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! This area
will be our little "CHECK POINT" in case you get lost.

Talk to the general, she will tell you that she is conducting an inspection of
the facility. Likely story huh? Follow the clan dolphin, not too close, but
don't get too far either or you'll lose her. Now, he the dolphin will head out
of the facility and head into another area of the level, and going down a pipe,
hurry and go in it before the path closes. You will soon see an outcast dolphin
and listen to their story.

Now you got your task. You'll need to find the engineer and the security chief.
Doesn't sound too tough right? Make your way back to the entrance with the
glyph and the clan engineer. Talk to the engineer and you'll find out all the
power has been cut off. So you will need reactivate the power. He will head to
the control room and to reactivate the power, you'll need to turn on the power

Head into the building and go to our little CHECK POINT room. Okay, now go
forward till you see a path that leads right and left. (NOTE: Orange lights are
in the center path) Turn left and head down that path. You'll see another
pathway with orange lights. Keep going till the next pathway. Turn right and go
into the far door. You'll see a power coupling. Sonar it or touch it to turn it
on. Go out the door and turn right. Go down the pathway and you'll see more
areas with orange lights in the center, turn right and activate each power
coupling you see. There are 4 in the small circle.

You should have noticed going through some double doors. Go through them and it
should easily lead you to our CHECK POINT. Turn left and pass by one left/right
pathway and go into the next one. You'll see a clan dolphin that things you're
a spy. Kill him and activate that power coupling. Turn another left and you'll
see two whales. Talk to them and learn their story. Now that you got their
trust, you'll only need to activate a few more couplings.

Head back to our CHECK POINT area. Head straight forward and head up. You'll
see a 'window' to the generator. It will be open. Swim forward and check out
the area. You will see three tubes below the big crystals. Look to the ground
of the tubes and you'll see a pathway. Go through it and follow it till you see
a power coupling. Turn it on and swim all the way back and do it two more times.

Go back through the open window and head up. You will find a circle path at the
very top, go around till you see the engineer and the clan general. You will
see an open slot; you can swim slowly and put your nose like the other two. Sit
back and enjoy the cinematic. You have completed the level.


C06:          Hanging Waters 1 (Coming soon)


C07:          Ice And Fire (Coming soon)


C08:          Hanging Waters 2 (Coming soon)


C09:          Abyss Of Inferno (Coming soon)


C10:          Hanging Waters 3 (Coming soon)


C11:          Mutaclone (Coming soon)


=Domain Of The Foe=

D00:          Invasion (Movie) (Coming soon)


D01:          Chance Of Reckoning (Coming soon)


D02:          Hatchery (Coming soon)


D03:          Seeds Of Poison (Coming soon)


D04:          Transfiguration (Coming soon)


D05:          Heart Of The Foe (Coming soon)


D06:          Epilogue (Movie) (Coming soon)


D07:          Credits

The story was from the Instruction Manual
The songs and gifts were from the Instruction Manual.
The movies were from the game it self, but some parts are not typed word for

I would like to thank Appaloosa for making a great game.

~CjayC for posting my FAQ~

~I would like to have special thanks to BMTaylor for his advice on my
walkthrough, without him, this FAQ would never have made it.

~And thanks to my brother who also helped me.

Last but not least myself for making this FAQ. Without me you might wander
around wondrously.