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Salt Lake 2002 FAQ By Sitorimon
PlayStation 2
1-4 Players
71kb Minimum

FAQ version 1.0 created on 5/7/2003


1) What is Salt Lake 2002?
2) Downhill
3) Slalom
3) Aerials
4) Ski Jumping
5) Bobsleigh
6) Snowboarding
7) Credits



Salt Lake 2002 is the official game that covers the 2002 Winter Olympics 
held at Salt Lake City. The game takes 6 events and recreates them for the 
PlayStation 2 with all the realism from the commentators to the opening and 
closing ceremonies. While the game is severely limited due to its lack of 
events, what's there is still fun once you get used to it all.
Each event requires a certain skill so if your struggling on one event in 
particular, then just sift down until you get to it. If your just looking 
for the best way to win gold, the read on!



What to do: Ski between the red flags as fast as you can!
What not to do: go around the gates or run into them, or the trees!
X       - Start the run / Crouch down during the run
<-      - Steer skis to the left
->      - Steer skis to the right
Square  - When combined with left or right make a sharp but slow turn
Triangle- Change view

Run through:
-After the opening sequence, press X to start your run. Try to get it as the 
skier moves forward as he sways.

-As soon as you get going hold down X to crouch down and gain speed. The 
first few corners are taken flat out.

-At around the 18 seconds and 1m-5seconds marks, there are two VERY nasty 
jumps. If you know what angle to approach them at, then you can almost take 
them at full speed. Otherwise, I suggest you slow down by either releasing 
X, or make a sharp turn before the jump to slow dramatically. As you can't 
steer in the air, you'll miss the gate and your run will be over.



What to do: Ski between the flags of 2 very tight runs
What not to do: Hit trees or speed up on the tight sections
X       - Starts the runs / Polling (speed up)
<-      - Steer left
->      - Steer Right
Square  - Jump turn
Triangle- Change view

Run Through:
-The concept here is to take the tightest line possible. Do not be afraid to 
clout the gates, as it doesn't make you crash, and go for every extra inch 
you can.

-Just as important as hitting the gates, is the fact you will not be 
disqualified for missing a gate! You will be repositioned right in front of 
the one you've missed, losing you time but not the whole run!

-Making tight turns can be the only way to get around some gates, so don't 
be afraid to slow down a little - It helps you later on.

-At the start of the run, press X when the skier is leaning out of the gate 
and don't use it again until you've cleared the last gate. Only when you've 
cleared the last gate, tap X quickly to ski to the line as fast as possible.



What to do: Perform 2 jumps containing various tricks
What not to do: Not time your jump properly or perform wrong moves
X                   - Stop speed meter / Perform Trick
Square              - Perform Trick
Directional Buttons - Perform Trick / Move speed meter before jump

Run Through:
-This event is all about timing and accuracy.

-You have 3 types of tricks to go for: Singles, Doubles and Triples, which 
singles being the easiest (the difficulty rating is the number get to the 
trick name).

-Once you've chosen your trick, you are given a bar with a white line moving 
horizontally across it. You have 15 seconds to get it as close to the centre 
as you can. If you miss a little, you can press left or right to centralize 
it before the skier reaches the launch pads.

-Once you reach the pads, press X just when you're about to leave the pad 
for a good take of

-Across the bottom will flash Arrows (directional buttons) and most of them 
will have either an X or a square inside them. When the Arrow is highlighted 
you must press that directional button and the correct symbol TOGETHER. The 
better your timing the better the jump.

-TIP: It is easier to score more points but choosing a harder trick and not 
doing too well, than choosing an easy trick and perfecting it



What to do: Perform 2 jumps judged on length and landing
What not to do: Cross skis in the air / forget to land!
X    - Start the jump / Jump / Land
Up   - Push skis inwards
Down - Push skis outwards

Run Through:

-When you start on the left will be a wind meter. Press X when the wind 
speed is strong, as it will carry you further

-When the jumper reaches the end of the platform press X just before the red 
line to get the maximum take off

-Press up or down to keep your skis in the perfect position. Little arrows 
above them will tell you how you're doing. If they are green, you're in the 
perfect position, if they're in the red you will not net very many points!

-Press X to land when you feel your going to hit the snow



What to do: Run down the course as fast as possible
What not to do: Ride the corners too high, as you'll overturn

O       - Build speed at the start of the run
Square  - Build speed at the start of the run
X       - Get into Bobsleigh
Triangle- Change View

Run Through:

-Yes, every Olympic game must have at least one piece of button mashing, and 
here it is! At the start of the run press O and square alternately as fast 
as you can to gain speed before pressing X to get the men into the 

-From here on in, it's all about steering left and right. You must try your 
best to keep as low in the corners as possible. Try to get the skates that 
are on the inside of the corner right in the groove between the corner and 
the bottom of the tube of ice (i.e. the bottom left or right) as this is the 
quickest route.



What to do: Beat your opponent down the course
What not to do: Miss a flag or lose to your opponent
X       - Start run / Crouch (Speed up)
<-      - Steer left
->      - Steer right
Square  - Jump turn
Triangle- Change view

Run Through:

-The trickiest thing to get used to here is that you only have one flag on 
your course (red or blue). On this event you go round the left of one flag, 
then around the right of the next and so on.

-The only thing you must do is beat the other snowboarder. If your opponent 
misses a gate and is disqualified, don't go too fast and ruin your own run.

-There is little point pressing X to speed up at the beginning as some of 
the slowest corners are here. Instead speed up a the course opens up in the 
last few corners.



Thank you to ATD for making a nice game!
Gamefaqs.com for hosting and giving us a great website!
You for reading!

If you would like any further questions answering etc. don't hesitate to 
contact me (subject "Salt Lake 2002") at supersi77@hotmail.com