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How do I get past (Bequerel Mine)?

How can I use the light stone to light the 2 torches by casting shadows?

weinerscream1 provided additional details:

I have equipped the light stone, it said to stand between the 2 touches & cast 2 shadows in a straight line connecting them, just getting between them so i could see both torches was difficult, does it take a long time to lite?

Accepted Answer

telos2010 answered:

You have to find the two torches in the room first,then with the lightstone equiped - stand next to the torch- hit the (X) action button to turn each torch on-then stand in between the two torches & you`ll have to cast 2 shadows.IE see the FAQs/walkthrough by Alex-Bequerel Mine for more information.hope it helps you or maybe you got through already.
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