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How do I get past Urssa Lava Caves?

All the FAQs say when I reach the workshop in the center to talk to the bunny (Vanilla) to trigger an event so I can continue the game but he/she is never there.
It's obvious I'm missing something, what is it.

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That is what I did and he's not there.

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@ pimpinelephant
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
I followed the FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x mostly step by step (I didn't get every single listed item).

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@ rikku32 As I said before I already did that.

On a side note, none of the inverters seem to be in any of the shops even the official guide say they are supposed to be in.

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@rikku32 No I haven't signed them up they weren't there to begin with.

I'm beginning to think I have a glitch in my copy.
Does anyone have a save for just after you return the Glowstone to Vanilla?
Preferably in codebreaker format.

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@ pimpinelephant, they have been missing since the beginning of the game.
@rikku32 I'll only use one of the saves on here as a last result, I'd prefer to have as little of the game "played for me" as possible.

By any chance does anyone know if one of those saves is anywhere around where I am in the game (after my problematic area that is).

The only thing I can think of is that I am using some cheats and they are causing it, but there are others on codemasters project (where I got the codes) using the same codes as me and they don't report having the same problem.

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pimpinelephant answered:

Hmm. Interesting.
I think we have narrowed the issue to be missing inventors, which is quite crucial considering how one of them is required to proceed with the story line.
So are all inventors missing, or did you just now encounter the issue?
If it's the latter, than I assume you are referring to Misty Lear and Vanilla. Also, if you just now encountered this issue than it might just very well be a glitch within that particular game save file (unlikely but possible due to the Star Ocean series' bug filled reputation).
Regardless, I would strongly advise you to simply buy a different copy of this game rather than continuing from a different save file on account of not knowing if this bug, or any other bug for that matter, will show up in the future.
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is currently being sold by Game Stop for $12.99 US, or if you don't mind playing a used version of the game, about $2.99 US on Ebay.
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orius answered:

First you need to follow the right path from the entrance, and look behind the bunny statue for the Bunny Ear Key. Then go to the left path, to the door and go inside to the maze where Vanilla lives. Go left from the entrance and then follow the side path to the right. That should lead to another door, and inside is Vanilla's house. He should be in the house.
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pimpinelephant answered:

Since you've stated that you have reached a workshop, the problem might simply be that your are in the wrong area. Make sure you are in the Urssa Lava Caves and not the Mountains of Barr as there are workshops in both areas.

I would like more information on this issue to see exactly what the problem might be.
Have you completed the Barr Ruins (by using the Dragon Bone Flute as well as the Dragon's Cranium)?
Have you defeated Robin Wind?
If you have completed both, than the problem isn't the aforementioned.
Have you obtained the Bunny Ears Key?
If you have obtained the Bunny Ears Key as well as entered the correct workshop, than the problem might just lie in your progress within the game. You might be attempting to complete this area before you are able.
Is Albel currently a member of your party?
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rikku32 answered:

If you defeated Robin Wind , after that you go into Urssa Lava Caves.You can go either right,left or straight,go to the right first,then down until you get to the Bunny statue,go behind it to get the key.After getting the key go back to the main room of the Urssa Lava Cave.Then go to the left side and up to find the door at the end, use the key to open the door.and you're there.Just check your map.
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rikku32 answered:

The inventors you say are not in the shops,did you sign them up?If you did and they are not there anymore then,your game might be corrupted,bad save file.If you are using cheat codes that can happen.But as I said before,
you enter Urssa Lava Caves----Main room----go to the right path----go down till you find bunny statue---behind it use ( X ) button to search for the key-----after gettig the key, go back to the Main room in the Urssa Lava Caves---
next go to the left path----go up until you find the door---after going through the door,there's another maze you have to follow it until you find another door----enter that door and you find Vanilla.Sorry I couldn't help you any better,I'm currently at Sphere 211 dungeon on floor 175.I hope you solve your problem.
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rikku32 answered:

On the top of this page look for-----SAVES----click on that and find what your looking for.There are a lot of different saves for North America and a couple for Europe.Sorry but that's my best advice.
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pimpinelephant answered:

Since they have been missing from the beginning, this is definitely a glitch within your current copy of the game.
Again, I would strongly recommend playing a different copy of this game (rather than continuing from a different save file with your current copy) as the bug will most likely resurface itself in future playthroughs as well as your current playthrough.
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-chris-redfield answered:

By any chance are there any more inventors I need to deal with in the progress of the game besides this one?
If no then can someone please upload a save after you get whatever required item from Vanilla?
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