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Where is the Urssa Lava caves?

Title says most of it, but i need a Detailed response please.

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I don't want to do the maze of tribulations, i just want to get Albel. And I forgot, when in the beginning does Albel join temporarily? (Give some details please)

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gh87 answered:

The Urssa Lava Caves is located in the Mountains of Barr; you must destroy the block paths to gain access to the complex temple which leads you to the laves caves.

The Mountains of Barr is located at farmost NW of Bequerel Mountain Path.

As for Albel, in Disc 1 Albel will join you temporarily at Castle Airyglyph; Castle Airyglyph will be accessible in the late middle of the story progression. To get him as the 7th member in Disc 2, you must sleep at the Peterny Inn, and then you'll face a conversation with Albel; DON'T piss him off! Otherwise in Disc 2, talk to Woltar in his mansion in Kirlsa; then go to the Urssa Lava Caves.
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