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How do I get to the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio?

I have no sense of direction and I am lost. Can anyone help me? I need to go there to get Puffy and the remedy.

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LoneBanditXX answered:

To get to the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio (have no idea why its called "Gardens of SURFERIO" but anyways) you need to goto Irisa Fields (north of Peterny) and go to the path that leads to the northwestern side of the field. Once you're near the top you'll see a pathway leading off to the west (across a bridge I believe) then you enter Irisa Fields (Part Two if you would like to call it that) then keep going west and there will be a save point and a stairway leading downwards and tada you have arrived at the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio. As for recruiting Puffy, she is located in the Maze of Tribulations B5F. *minor spoiler* (your party will have a cutscene with her if it is your first time encountering her at the maze) Anyways, the item that is required to recruit Puffy, the Experimental Remedy, is on the second floor of the Maze of Tribulations which is accessable after beating the render "boss" on the first floor.

Hope this helps ^_^
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blackfeather_58 answered:

Puffy is found in the Maze of Tribulations (which is accessed via Kirlsa).

The Aquatic Gardens of Surferio can be accessed through the Palmira Plains before Aquios.
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LeonDeath answered:

The remedy you need for Puffy is on floor two of the Maze of Tribulations, not in the Aquatic Gardens. All you will get in there is a bunch of regular treasure, a 1/1 Scale Bunny (SELL RIGHT AWAY!!!) and the Paracelsus's Table.
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chris_kaos answered:

To Clarify: The Aquatic Gardens are Actually found in Irisa Fields before Aquios. Palmira Plains does not connect to Aquios.
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Piledriver17 answered:

For one you get Puffy's Remedy in the Maze of Tribulations on the second floor and to get to The Aquatic Gardens of Surferio Leave Petrnaty from the north and go northwest first thing in the Palmira Plains to get to the Irisa Fields then go to the stairs and there is The Aquatic Gardens of Surferio
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runaway_angels answered:

To get to the gardens, all you need to do is exit Aquios and stay on a northwestern path that leads to a debris in a bridge. Enter the bridge and you will come across a save point and a staircase leading to the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio. The location of where Puffy is, is on the second floor.The item to recruit her is the Experimental Remedy which is found on the same floor as Puffy. If you do what this says then.....your'e good to go ^^.
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