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                      Star Ocean: Till The End of Time
              for the Sony Playstation 2 (English version)
                          Walkthrough ver 1.3
                    Copyright 2004-2007 by techsavy
              Michael Francisco <kiko dot peace dot mk at gmail>
              Date first written   : November 15, 2004
              Date first submitted : December 12, 2004 (GMT+800)
              Last updated         : April 9, 2007 (GMT+800)

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Release 1.3 (4.9.2007)
- Updated Credits and some typos
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  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | - Table of Contents: -                                         |
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    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

   A. Information
      1. Game controls                        [INFO-CTRL]
      2. Battle Tips                          [INFO-BATL]

   B. Walkthrough

      1. The Escape From Hyda                 [ESCA-HYD]
      2. Trouble in Vanguard III              [QUES-V3]
         A. Pesotto Forest. . . . . . . . . . [HYD-PESO]
         B. Whipple Village                   [HYD-WHIP]
         C. Ruins of Coffir . . . . . . . . . [HYD-COFF]
         D. Norton's Hideout                  [HYD-NORT]

      3. Trapped in Elicoor                   [QUES-ELIC]
         A. Airiyglyph Aquaducts. . . . . . . [AIR-AQUA]
         B. City of Airiyglyph                [TWN-AIRI]
         C. Traum Mountains . . . . . . . . . [AIR-TRAU]
         D. Mining Town of Kirsla             [TWN-KIRS]
         E. Kirsla Caverns  . . . . . . . . . [DUN-KIRS-C]
         F. Bequerel Mountain Path            [PAT-BEQU]
         G. Village of Aris . . . . . . . . . [TWN-ARIS]
         H. Aire Hills                        [PAT-AIRE]
         I. Granah Hills  . . . . . . . . . . [PAT-GRAN]
         J. Kirsla Training Facility          [DUN-KIRS-T]
         K. Palmira Plains. . . . . . . . . . [PAT-PALM]
         L. Trading Town of Peterny           [TWN-PETE]      
         M. Sanmite Steppe. . . . . . . . . . [PAT-SANM]
         N. Duggus Forest                     [PAT-DUGG]
         O. Irisa Fields  . . . . . . . . . . [PAT-IRIS]
         P. Sacred City of Aquios             [TWN-AQUI]
         Q. Caslte Aquaria. . . . . . . . . . [CAS-AQUA]
         R. Bequerel Mines                    [DUN-BEQU]
         S. Abandoned Refinery. . . . . . . . [REF-BEQU]
         T. Surprise Attack                   [WAR-ELIC]
         U. Sealed Cavern . . . . . . . . . . [DUN-SEAL]
         V. Shrine of Kaddan.                 [DUN-KADD]
         W. Lost City of Surferio . . . . . . [TWN-SURF]
         X. Passage from Parch to Plenty      [PAT-PARC]
         Y. Mosel Dunes . . . . . . . . . . . [PAT-MOSL]
         Z. Ancient Ruins of Mosel            [DUN-MOSL]
        AA. Back to Airyglyph . . . . . . . . [CAS-AIRY]
        AB. Mountains of Barr / Barr Caves    [DUN-BARR]
        AC. Ruins of Barr . . . . . . . . . . [PAT-BARR]
        AD. Urssa Lava Caves                  [DUN-URSS]

      4. Destiny Unfolding

         A. Flagship Diplo. . . . . . . . . . [FLG-DIPL-1]
         B. Kirsla Training Facility          [D2-KIRS]
         C. Battleship Aquaelie . . . . . . . [D2-AQUAELIE-1]
         D. Moonbase                          [DUN-MOON]
         E. Battleship Aquaelie . . . . . . . [D2-AQUAELIE-2]
         F. Planet Styx                       [PLN-STYX1]
         G. Gemity (Arkives). . . . . . . . . [TWN-ARKI]
         H. Gemity (Town Proper)              [TWN-GEMI]
         I. Sphere Company  . . . . . . . . . [DUN-SPHERE]
         J. Planet Styx (again)               [PLN-STYX2]
         K. Flagship Diplo. . . . . . . . . . [FLG-DIPL-2]
         L. Sealed Cavern 2                   [DUN-SEAL-2]
         M. Shrine of Kaddan 2  . . . . . . . [DUN-KADD-2]
                      [ To be Updated ]         


   SQ01. Arzy and Elena Frahm                  [SQA-ELEN]
   SQ02. Aquatic Garden, Surferio              [DUN-SURF]
  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | 1. Game controls                                   [INFO-CTRL] |
  \                                                                |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

D-pad = directional pad
L1, R1         = L1 and R1 buttons
L2, R2         = L2 and R2 buttons
X              = X button
O              = O button
Tri            = Triangle button
Squ            = Square button
Sel            = Select button
Str            = Start button

Game screen (story mode)
D-pad         - move around (walk)
  X           - action button (open chests, talk, climb ladders)
  O           - hold together with the D-pad to walk
              - used to play the Dragon Flute in the Barr ruins
Squ           - activate disintegration hammer, bomb, ring
Tri           - Toggle camp screen
L1/R1         - camera rotate

Game screen (battle)
D-pad (+ squ) - move your chosen character around 
              - switch through characters (when paused)
              - scroll through action to perform (in action menu)
  X           - decides an item/command to use (when paused)
                short - weak attack 1
                long  - strong attack 1
  O           - short - weak attack 2
                long  - strong attack 2
Tri           - bring up action menu (also pauses game)
Squ           - change targeted enemy
L1/R1         - switch controlled character
              - scroll further up/down in item/spell/menu
                (when selecting from a menu)
   L2         - hold this together with down on the D-pad to sidestep
   R2         - switch from auto->manual control/vice-versa on selected
                character (paused)

Game screen (Camp)
D-pad         - scroll through menus
  X           - select/accept
  O           - cancel/return to game screen 
Tri           - Toggle character colors in "Status" menu
Squ           - Enable/disable symbiology in the "Symbiology" menu
L1/R1         - go 1 page up/down
L2/R2         - switch to/from character

  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | 2. Battle Tips                                     [INFO-BATL] |
  \                                                                |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *
  1. Experiment in "chainable" special skills
     - A big part of Star Ocean's fun element stems from the freedom
       to mix your sequence of killing blows to your liking. It's highly
       recommended to go for the special attacks that allow you to perform
       super cancels more than once.
  2. Master "chaining" consistency
     - The key to multiple killing blows resulting in 300% super cancel
       bonuses is by mastering the timing of pressing the O and X buttons.
       Once you have selected your favorite special attacks, you can now
       concentrate on working on your timing of the attacks.

  3. Attack from behind whenever you can.
       This trick worked on Star Ocean: The Second Story for the Playstation.
       This trick also works on this version but not as effective. As long as
       your target has enough Fury (even with the rear turned to you), you
       still might trigger the enemy's anti-attack aura. But the damage to
       your opponents fury is much bigger than a frontal attack.

  4. Sidestepping
       The most effective attacks are made when the enemy's fury is low. 
       This usually happens when you are able to sidestep when an opponent
       executes a special attack or strong attack. Usually there is a big
       drop in the opponent's fury, and this gives your counterattack a
       bigger chance of landing a hit with bigger damage.

  5. Stun
       Perhaps one of the key techniques in defeating enemies which pack
       huge amounts of mass-damaging symbiology spells is to stun them
       in the middle of casting. Raise the level of this skill by setting
       it with at least one of your "special skill" slots.

  6. Kill the support first
       Ravitches (and all other support-function enemies) should be  attacked
       first. Healing by opponents is very annoying so make sure to take them
       out most especially the monsters who use offensive symbiology.

  7. Stock up
       The ff. are the recommended cost-effective healing items that you 
       should carry:
       Decorated Cake 20
       Steamed Bun 20 
       Chopped Steak 7
       Magical Berries 5
       Verdurous Potion 2
       Resurrection Elixir 20
       Fresh Sage 20
       Healing Device Mk 1
       Physical Enhancer 20
       Mental Enhancer 20
       Blueberries 20
       Blackberries 20     

  Notations used:
  To make your reading a little easier (for those who just want to
  skim through, and for those only after tips), the following nota-
  tions have been made.
  >      - main objective
  -      - narrative 
  *      - playing tips, hints, stgy, etc.
  ~      - item/shop/boss information
  !      - extras
  +      - additional info.
  >> <<  - Cutscene

  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | B. Walkthrough:                                                |
  \                                                                |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

   1. The Escape from Hyda (ESCA)

   > Take Sophia for a walk on the beach
   > Meet Pepitta Rosetti in the Rosetti dressing room
   > Play the combat sim game with Sophia

   - You start the game as Fayt. Returning to your hotel with Sophia  waiting
     on you. After scolding you for playing games too long, you end up asking
     Sophia to take a walk with you on the  beach.

     Explore around the hotel first before going out to the  beach. From your
     starting point, go east then south until you  reach a room   directly in
     front of you. Enter the room.

     >> cUtscene.Pepitta.Rosetti <<

     You'll run into a group of performers. One of them will insist  that you
     want an autograph. After talking some more, she'll introduce  herself as
     Pepitta Rosetti.

     * -------------------------------------------------------------
     | You'll have a conversation with  Pepitta that will  present |
     | you with choices. Her reply will be depend on your answer.  |
     | Right now  though, there is no effect in the game. The best |
     | answer would be:                                            |
     | -- No, you'll do great --                                   |
     \                                                             |
       ----------------------------------------------------------- *

     She'll give you a ticket to her show.  Talk to  Pepitta  and  her  group
     members a little before heading out and  continue to the beach. From the
     room go east then back to the point  where  you started.

     Take Sophia around the hotel and out on the beach.  The beach is through
     the area south from the lobby. You'll  find  other  people at the beach.
     Talk to the Flirt. You'll be given some choices for her questions.

     * -------------------------------------------------------------
     | At this point in the game your answer won't make a diffe-   |
     | rence. (*) The typical reply would be:                      |
     |                                                             |
     | -- Yes, she's my girlfriend --                              |
     \                                                             |
       ----------------------------------------------------------- *

     After taking her to the beach, Fayt  will think of inviting  Sophia   to
     play a combat sim game in one of the lounges with  game  machines.  Head
     to  the lounge area north of the starting  point and look  for the  room
     with a couple of room game simulations on it(you'll  identify it  by the
     doors with panels on their sides). Once  you've  approached  the  combat
     sim game, you'll talk to Sophia.

     >> cUtscene.Sophia <<

     * -------------------------------------------------------------
     | You'll be presented with choices again. Typically, select   |
     | the ff. reply:                                              |
     |                                                             |
     | -- Persuade --                                              |
     |   then                                                      |
     | -- I'll protect you --                                      |
     \                                                             |
       ----------------------------------------------------------- *

     After convincing Sophia, you'll play the combat sim game. 
   * This would be the combat "tutorial" session of the game. Do your best to
     familiarize yourself with the controls. I would stress importance in the
     ff. skills:

     1. Timing of button pressing for successive attacks
     2. Fury charging and conservation
     3. Target switching and use of attack depending on type of monster 
        and distance from your target.

   >> cUtscene.Attack.HydaIV <<

   - After the combat sim, you will be interrupted by the computer which will
     tell you that  Hyda IV is being  attacked by unidentified invaders.  You
     will be instructed to proceed to the emergency shelter via transporter.

   > Head for any teleport portal
   * The portals in any of the areas in the hotel will take you to the trans-
     porter room, so don't bother picking the  portal  you want to go into.

   - Proceed outside the hall with the game simulators and enter the teleport
     portal.  You  will be sent to  the transporter  room.  You  will have  a
     cutscene before are sent to the remote shelter.

   >> cUtscene.Left.Behind <<

     Once you exit the transporter, you will find  yourself in the shelter.

   > Explore the shelter, then take a nap.

   - Go out of your room and explore the rooms. Go in the room where  Pepitta
     Rosetti is staying for a cutscene.

   >> cUtscene.Despair <<

   * Sophia will want to sleep so just leave her asleep in  the  bed  in your
     assigned room (406) when you return to your room. After this, you can go
     to sleep as well OR keep exploring and talk to the people.  They'll  all
     say something different ( purely informational ).

   - Once you're finished talking to all the people at the  shelter, you  now
     have to go to sleep to continue in the game.  You'll be  awakened in the
     middle of your sleep by the voice announcing that the transport ship has
     now arrived and is ready to evacuate the people from the shelter.

   > Head back to the Transporter Room 
   > Board the Transport Federation Ship

    >> cUtscene.Transport.Ship <<

   > Head for the engine room
   > Head for the bridge

   - Once you're onboard the Transport Federation Ship.  Take  a walk  around
     the ship and head for the engine room. Talk to the people you  encounter
     on the way. The engine room is to your left facing north.

   >> cUtscene.Disgruntled.Passenger <<

   - After seeing the scene with the disgruntled passenger  head back to  the
     bridge. Talk to each of the people manning the consoles then talk to the

    >> cUtscene.Caught.By.Vendeen <<

    > Head for the Escape Pod

    - After  the cutscene, the captain will order the crew to  assist the es-
      capees from Hyda to board the escape pods.  Run back to the area by the
      engine room. You'll see all of the  passengers  waiting in line by  the
      emergency exit.

    >> cUtscene.Escape.InTo.Space <<

    - You'll  safely make it to your escape pod and so will  Sophia. However,
      when the pod launches and dives into  gravitic  warp, you'll  be out of
      touch with her. You'll end up looking  for a planet to land on and make
      repairs. The computer will take you Vanguard III. You'll descend in the
      Pesotto Forest.

2. Trouble in Vanguard III [QUES-V3]

   2-A Pesotto Forest [HYD-PESO]

   > Explore the forest; then head northeast

   ~ Enemies: Young Slime

   - You'll have a cutscene then start exploring  the forest.  It goes north,
     then branches out east and northwards. The north area of the forrest  is
     currently  blocked by some people, so go on eastward. At this time , you
     would have already covered most of the forest. At some point  exploring,
     you'll collapse due to fatigue.  When you come to, you'll  find yourself
     in a village.

   * The  forest  your first  official "dungeon" so  you  can  practice  your
     combo attacks here. However if you're going for  high combo  count  from
     your battle trophies this wouldn't be the place to level.

   2-B Whipple Village [HYD-WHIP]

   > Talk to the village people; Meet Niklas and Meena
   > Head back to the escape pod
   > Return to town; Find Niklas missing
   > Head to Coffir Ruins

   ~ Items:  Blueberries x 1 (Private Home)
             Blackberries x 1 (save point)
   ~ --- General Store "Manybloom" ---

   Blueberries               45
   Blackberries              35
   Ring Mail                180
   Clone Generator          350
   Fresh Sage               310
   Pomello Juice          34617 <-- at this time

   >> cUtscene.MeetNiklas.Meena <<

   - When you wake up, you'll find yourself in bed in a small house. A little
     girl will introduce herself as Meena. Her brother Niklaus will introduce
     himself to you  afterwards. After more talk,  you'll head out  into  the
     village  and explore. Meena is asking you to fix her  music box, so  you
     decide to get parts from your ship to be able to fix it.

     They also tell you about this "Norton" character which all the people in
     the village seem to be afraid of.

   * Talk to the people in town to learn more about the town. Notice that the
     doors in the map have different colors. Color white is for an Inn, while
     the green door is for a shop.  The violet icon in your map  points  to a
     save point (private home, etc.)

     Next thing to do is to return to your  escape pod.  When you   do get to
     your pod though, you'll notice that the parts  have been purposely taken
     out, not destroyed. So now you're alerted that someone else who advanced
     technology other than you is on  this planet. Head back to town for now.

     Return to Meena and Niklas' house to find Niklaus  missing.  Meena  says
     that he went to talk to Norton in his hideout.  That's your next  desti-

   2-C. Ruins of Coffir [HYD-COFF]

   > Items: Blackberries(3), Cooking Ingredients (2)
            Blueberries (3), Ripe Berries, 200 Fol
            Aquaberries(4), Fresh Sage

   > Enemies: Theiving Scumbag, Nobleman, Shrieker, Young Shrieker
     Drop: Cooking Ingredients, Crafting Materials, Jewel of Alertness

   - The Ruins is a huge map but the enemies are spread too thinly. The ruins
     stretch far  north then  east  until you reach a fort-looking structure.
     When you've reached this - you've reached Norton's hideout.

   * There are some areas of the map which you cannot reach  at this point in
     the game. Don't bother trying. You will  need  an  item  to get  through
     these areas. So as not to spoil things, I'll discuss this  at a  farther
     section in the guide. Just keep on exploring for now.

     When you reach the hide-out's entrance you'll see 3 of Norton's standing
     by the entrance. You'll battle them (Bully, Tepeki, Maki).They shouldn't
     be so difficult. You can defeat them even without healing.

   * Take  note of  the number to the right of the  entrance to  his hideout.
     You'll need to remember this, you'll know in a  moment why.

   2-D. Norton's Hideout [HYD-NORT]

   ~ Items: Jewel of Refuge, Fresh Sage
   ~ Enemies: Skeleton Warrior, Thieving Scumbag
     Drops: Exploding Elixirs

   > Find Norton's lab; decipher the combination to the door

   - After  dealling with the three thugs at the entrance, you're now in Nor-
     ton's Hideout. The hideout is not so big.   It  just goes straight south
     with a fork on the next room. One leading to Norton's  lab and the other
     leading to the prison cells. The path heading east is locked so Norton's
     lab to the west is the only way to go.

   * This is a good time to level up on Skeleton Warriors  since you can heal
     for free in the healing icon beside the save point  in Norton's lab.

     >> cUtscene.WhereIs.Norton <<

     When  you reach Norton's lab, he's not there, but you'll  find a control
     panel on the south west side of the room. Examine it to find a note from
     Norton asking for the "combination".  It's a series of 3  numbers  which
     are scatttered throughout the ruins. So now you go back out of the ruins
     (By this time it is assumed  that you have explored at least half of the
     map).  You now  have  to find the numbers for the combination. The first
     number is painted right of the hideout's entrance. The other two are:

     One of  them is close to a passageway (exit) to another   section in the
     ruins, while the other number is near an item chest.  If you want to cut
     to the chase and just enter the number, the answer to the combination is
     at the last part of this guide.

     Once  you've entered the correct combination, the door  to the east area
     in the hideout will be unlocked. A cutscene will follow.

     >> cUtscene.Fayt.ToTheRescue <<
     You'll find Niklas  locked up in one of the prison cells. Fayt frees him
     and just as you're about to leave the hideout Norton will show up.  Then
     a new character shows up out of nowhere (Cliff) and the two of you fight

   ~ Boss: Norton
     Difficulty: Light

     Norton is rather easy to beat, just don't let him get a lock on your po-
     sition for his gun will damage you substantially.  Cliff will take  most
     hits for you so just keep attacking from  different angles  while  Cliff
     distracts Norton.

     After defeating Norton, Cliff will tell Fayt of his mission and that you
     have to go with him to see his leader. You finally agree to go but  asks
     that you send Niklas home first.

   > Return to Whipple village
   > Obtain Music Box Parts when you return to the save room
   > Get Medecentra Pyroxene from Village chief

   - After returning Niklas safely at Meena's house and fixing her music box,
     you're job on Vanguard III is done. Head out in the clearing  where your
     ship originally was to get onboard Cliff's ship.  You'll  blast off into

     Once you get into Gravitic Warp, your Warp  will be  disrupted,  forcing
     you to go into normal space. You will be  attacked  by Vendeen ships and
     try going into Gravitic Warp again. The warp works and you escape at the
     last minute. However the warp  malfunctions again so now you're back  to
     normal space. Mirage, the pilot informs Cliff that the ship has to  land
     for repairs. Cliff finally finds another "underdeveloped" planet to land
     on. Another cutscene ensues. You and Cliff are captured, and while  in a
     cell, a myterious  runecaster frees you and seeks your  help.  She leads
     you to the underground sewers to escape.

3. Trapped in Elicoor [QUES-ELIC]

   3-A. Airiyglyph Aquaducts [AIR-AQUA]

   > Items: Blueberries(2), Ring Mail, Warrior's Bracelet, Fresh Sage
   > Enemies: Skeleton Soldier, Slime, Toad Beast, Bogle Soldier
              Water Reaper
     Drops: Regeneration Symbol, Cooking Ingredients
            Compounding Elixirs

   * This  is one of the dungeons worth  levelling.  Again,  there  are  some
     areas that you won't be able to reach. Just explore as much as you  can.
     Walk over the snow-covered inclines by holding the circle  button  while
     moving.  Do this also on the section with 'Thin Ice'. Looking at the map
     from the top view will look like a dead end but there are some walls  on
     the  map with openings small enough for you to walk through to you  have
     to look  for them. When you reach the thin-ice section,  you're near the
     save point then another boss fight.

   ~ Boss: Giant Crab

     This enemy is rather easy because it moves slowly, the  attacks are very
     noticeable so you can sidestep or move away immediately. Circle it while
     running away (to setup for long range) so you can juggle combo it.

   - When  you defeat the crab, the path following it  leads  to the  surface
     of Airiyglyph. There'll be another  cutscene  then  you get to explore a
     new city again.

   3-B. City of Airiyglyph [TWN-AIRI]

   > Items: Ripe Berries(3), Cooking Ingredients, Perfect Berries(2)      
            [ 1 in private home]
            2000 Fol in bar
            Blueberries [ 1 in private home]
            Cooking Ingredients in Inn
            Compounding Elixirs [Southeast corner]
            Aquaberries [private home south of Inn]

   ~ --- Grocer "Dragon Treasure" ---
   Blueberries               45
   Aquaberries               15
   Blackberries              35
   Gooseberry Juice        3100
   Steamed Bun              200

   ~ --- Armorer "Left-Handed Lizard" ---
   Masterwork Plate       24000
   Superior Chain Mail    26800

   ~ --- High-Quality Armorer "Tiamat" ---
   Holy Sword             19600
   Osprey Dagger          15100
   Broad Axe              15800
   Nodachi                24000
   Damask Gauntlet        44000

   ~ --- Outfitter Dragon's Dungeon "Tiamat" ---
   Compounding Elixirs      120
   Cooking Ingredients      120
   Silver Ring             1750
   Clone Generator          350
   Basil                     20
   Sage                      20
   Lavender                  20
   Fresh Sage               310

   - There's  a lot of ground to cover in this town but there are few people.
     Just  visit the shops to stock up and rest. The exit is in north east of

   3-C. Traum Mountains [AIR-TRAU]

   ~ Items : Jewel of Alertness, 400 Fol, Ripe Berries Blue Berries, 
             Black Berries

   ~ Enemies: Bogle Soldier, Bogle Leader, Killer Wasp
     Dragon Brigade Solider
   ~ Drops: Wind Charm, Cooking Ingredients, Smithery Materials

   - When  you get  onboard the wagon  setup by the  Crimson Blade, the Black
     Brigade of Airiyglyph will catch up on your location. The girls  (Tynave
     / Farlene) will tell you  to  jump off  while they  divert  the  enemy's
     attention. Nell goes with you.  Now you have to get to Kirsla by foot.

   * The  start point of the map is just near the entrance to  Airiyglpyh, so
     don't go westward unless you want to level up or complete  the  map. The
     next save point is quite far so  run from a  battle  when you're low  on
     healing  items.  Don't bother finishing the battle when  fighting  Black
     Brigade Soldiers. You will need the healing items when you're on the run
     all the  way to Kirsla.

   * Bring plenty of Fresh Sages (at least 10) if you plan to  level on Black
     Brigade Soldiers.  Don't spend more than 2 per battle. Always  keep  Nel
     or Fayt alive (because of their Heal ability). If in  the middle  battle
     you run out of Sages and Fayt and one other character is still standing,
     keep each other's  HP at 50%. Heal immediately when it drops so that you
     can escape when you get mobbed.

   3-D. Mining Town of Kirsla (TWN-KIRS)

   > Rest up, then get to the Kirsla Caverns

   ~ Items: 1400 Fol, Blackberries, Compounding Elixirs
            Perfect Berries (beside Kirsla cavern entrance)

   ~ --- Outfitter Iron Rage ---
   Silver Ring             1750
   Clone Generator          350
   Fresh Sage               310
   Basil                     20
   Sage                      20
   Lavender                  20

   ~ --- Grocer Iron Curtain ---
   Blueberries               45
   Aquaberries               15
   Blackberries              35
   Gooseberry Juice        3100
   Steamed Bun              200

   ~ Armorer "Master Slayer"
   Longsword                 50
   Falchion                  45
   Gauntlet                  55
   Ring Mail                180
   Scale Armor              200

   - When you get to Kirsla the first time you'll be in the  Inn with  Cliff.
     Fayt will take a walk so go out into town  and do  some exploring.  Talk
     to everyone to learn more about the surrounding areas. Once you're  done
     exploring, head north of the Inn near a secluded area.  You'll  have   a
     cutscene listening in to Nell with a spy in Airiyglyph.

   >> cUtscene.Nell's.Intelligence <<

     Now head back to the Inn and get rested. When you wake up, it's time  to
     head to the caverns on the north section of town.

   3-E. Kirsla Caverns [DUN-KIRS-C]

   > Ride the Hauler Beast to head for the exit

   ~ Items: Blackberries, Scale Armor
            Blackberries, Charm of Insight, Falchion            
   ~ Enemies: Tarantula, Huge Spider, Skeleton Knight
              Hornet, Dire Tarantula, Water Reaper
              Cave Spider
     Drops: Compounding Elixirs, Alchemy Materials
            Jewel of Refuge, Wind Charm, Jewel of Avarice

   - This dungeon extends both left and right. The rightmost section  however
     is locked so you'll have to proceed left for now. The enemies are fairly
     easy even though they move a bit faster than most soldiers. Levelling on
     Skeleton Knights are good.  When you reach a save point, the  next  room
     will be another boss fight.

   ~ Boss: Earth Smasher
     Drops: Decreipt Tome

   * This  boss is just as slow as the previous bosses.  Don't  juggle  much.
     Just keep on executing dash (long "X") attacks  followed up with a kick.

   - After defeating the Earth Smasher, you can now advance to the east  side
     of the mine. The next step now is using the hauler  beasts to  transport
     you to the north end of the caverns.

   * Riding the Hauler Beasts

     You  have five Hauler Beasts to choose from. Typically,  select  STEADY.
     The ff. instructions will only work for STEADY.

     ! Don't go over 30 speed. Ignore this only if  you are JUMPING.
     ! Whenever there is  a landslide warning, slow down. Not all
       times will a checkpoint be available to reset your hauler's
       Stress level.
     ! Switch to Large Map view (R2) so that you can more or less
       plan your next direction in advance.

     To get out of the cavern, the STEADY Hauler should be given
     these directions: L, R, L (by this time you should be halfway)
                       then L again (to be verified)

   - At the end of the cavern, you'll be on foot again and  talk to a  person
     in charge of the haulers. Congratulations, you're out of the cavern now.

   3-F. Bequerel Mountain Path [PAT-BEQU]
   > Head Southwest to the village of Aris

   ~ Items: Blackberrries, Ripe Berries, Crafting Materials
            Compounding Elixirs, Aquaberries, Writing Materials
            Alchemy Materials

   ~ Enemies: Dire Wolves, Lvl24 Thieving Scumbag
              Super Nobleman, Stag Beetle

     Drops: Compounding Elixirs, Fire Crystal
            Copper Idol, Cooking Ingredients

   - The Bequerel Mountain Path leads to 3 places-Bequerel Mountain, Bequerel
     Mine and Aris Village. Aris village is southwest of your location.

   * The enemies in this area are relative easy  still.  Just steer clear  of
     Dire Wolves when they're about to attack. You'll  be fine with the other

   * If this is the first time you've been to Bequerel Mountain Path don't be
     tempted to go to Bequerel Mountain to level up, as you're still not high
     enough to level up on the monsters there.

   3-G. Village of Aris [TWN-ARIS]

   > Head for the Crimson Blade headquarters
   > Meet Clair Lasbard at the conference room
   > Get some rest

   ~ Items: Perfect Berries (Private Home)
            Aquaberries (east edge)

   ~ --- General StoreJack Potato ---
   Silver Ring             1750
   Blueberries               45
   Aquaberries               15
   Blackberries              35
   Gooseberry Juice        3100
   Broadsword               120
   Long Dagger              110
   Steel Gauntlet           120
   Steel Chain Mail         700
   Clone Generator          350
   Fresh Sage               310

   ~ --- Bakery Moonlight Gauntlet ---
   Apple Pie                400
   Steamed Bun              200
   Cooking Ingredients      120
   Pomello Juice          xxxxx

   - Aris  is only  a small town so you'll know where to go  without so  much
     exploring. In the middle of town is the  church and  north of  it is the
     house that Nel's group have used as temporary head quarters.  After  you
     meet Clair in the conference room, she decides to hold the  negotiations
     the following day. Cliff will tell you to go about town while  he  stays
     at the house.  When  you're done exploring, talk to Cliff again and tell
     him you  want  to rest.

   * You won't be able to leave town while you're alone, so  just  go  around
     town talking to people and stock up on healing items.

   >> Cutscene.Nel's.Duty << 

   - In the middle of the night, Nel will drop by  Fayt and Cliff's room then
     leave. When you wake up in the morning, head for the conference room and
     talk to Clair to start the meeting.  You'll learn then that Nel took off
     for Airyglyph early on a new mission . Fayt and  Cliff will insist  that
     they go and help Nel before proceeding to  Aquios. Clair will  give  you
     instructions on how to get there.  Your next destination  is  the Kirsla
     Training Facility.

   3-H. Aire Hills / Kirsla Hills [PAT-AIRE]

   > Head back to Kirsla

   ~ Items: Blueberries(2), Compounding Elixirs
            Jewel of Refuge, Blackberries
   ~ Enemies: Bogle Soldier, Super Nobleman, Storm Brigade   
     Drops: Jewel of Avarice, Cooking Ingredients
            Copper Idol, Compounding Elixirs
            Lvl 24 Thieving Scumbag (Kirsla Hills)
   - Aire Hills is southwest of Aris.It connects all the way to Kirsla.  Just
     work your way southward. Leveling up isn't that fun since there  only  a
     handful of Storm Brigade and Bogle Soldiers roaming.

   3-I. Granah Hills [PAT-GRAN]

   > Head for the Kirsla Training Facility

   ~ Items: Blackberries, Steel Chain Mail, Blueberries

   ~ Enemies: Black Brigade Elite Soldier, Young Shrieker
       Drops: Charm of Insight, Jewel of Refuge

   - Just  like Aire Hills Granah Hills  is  your way from Kirsla to
     the  Kirsla Training facility. Just go all the way south.  When
     you reach a large castle-like structure when the path  narrows,
     you've made it at the Training Facility.

   * Don't bother levelling much in this area as well.  Just  breeze
     through it. Save the levelling for the Kirsla Facility.

   3-J. Kirsla Training Facility [DUN-KIRS-T]

   > Get the Cuprite Key from the Stern Matron's Daughter
   > Open the locked door on the first floor with the Cuprite Key

   ~ Items: Cooking Ingredients, Blueberries, Anti-Poison Amulet
            Blackberries, Long Dagger, 
         2F Neglected Textbook, Blackberries, Aquaberries
            Blueberries, Worm-Eaten Tome, Compounding Elixirs
            Cooking Ingredients (2)
         3F Compounding Elixirs, Cooking Ingredients
            Symbol of Courage, 8000 Fol, Blueberries, Blackberries
            Steel Gauntlet

   ~ Enemies: Horned Wolf, Black Brigade Elite, Common Soldier
              Toad Fighter, Lizard Man, Skeleton Leader, Bogle Leader
              Hyper Nobleman, Animated Armor, Black Brigade Soldier
       Drops: Cooking Ingredients, Smithery Materials
              Jewel of Alertness, Symbol of Courage
              Jewel of Refuge, Alchemy Materials

   - The  Kirlsa Training  Facility is a 4  level  dungeon.  The enemies give
     fairly good XP and the items are best worth selling.  Each floor is con-
     nected by a staircase and an elevator. The elevator  is  located at  the
     northeast part of the dungeon.  Initially this elevator is locked so you
     will have to fight your way up to  the 3rd floor. There  are some  walls
     that can be passed by  changing the camera angle - you'll see that there
     are  openings  between the wall  small  enough for you to pass  through.
     Look for the Stern Matron and her daughter. Talk to the daughter, she'll
     give you a cuprite key (3F). Use this to open a locked door on the first

   * If you want to get the 3rd floor faster, the stairs to the  2nd floor at
     in the middle of the 1st floor. From the 2nd floor, go northeast for the
     stairs to the 3rd floor.

     If you  scouted the 1st floor thoroughly,  notice  that the   north east
     section has a locked door. The Cuprite Key from the daughter won't  open
     this door. You just have to go to this area once you have the key.  When
     you do reach the area, you'll meet Nel and fight Black Brigade Soldiers.
     After the fight, you'll use the key the matron's daughter gave you.  You
     now have access to the elevator. Head for the 4th floor. You  also might
     want to  drop by the 3rd floor to pick up more items you  could  not get
     before. Once on the 4th floor head for south going outside the facility.
     You're in for a boss battle.

   ~ Boss: Shelby
     Difficulty: Medium
   * If   you mastered   the  flying kick skill and know how to chain, you'll
     have  an easy time with this boss.  One way of killing him solo  quickly
     is to  have Cliff and Nel attack the  band of  soldiers  that  accompany
     Shelby, then target  Shelby all by yourself. Always attack at 100%  fury
     then it you land a hit with the dash attack (x) using Fayt, then   chain
     into flying kicks.  It is possible to  reach a 300% super  cancel  bonus
     without knocking Shelby out.

   - After defeating Shelby, you'll have another cutscene. Then you will meet
     Albel Nox. He's Shelby's boss who lets you go in  the meantime.  Now get
     out of the facility and head back to Aris and then into Palmira Plains.

   3-K. Palmira Plains [PAT-PALM]

   > Head to Peterny

   ~ Items: Blueberries, Jewel of Refuge, Angel Statue
   ~ Enemies: Scorpion, Horned Turtle, Lizard Thug, Plains Spider
   ~ Drops: Compounding Elixirs, Smithery Materials

   - The only item of value in this area is  the Angel  Statue,  which raises
     the success rate in inventing (Crafting).  Levelling up on the  monsters
     here are advisable  only if you're low  on the  Smithery  Materials  and
     Compounding Elixirs. Peterny is up north.

   3-L. Trading Town of Peterny [TWN-PETE]

   > Register at the Craftsman Guild
   > Meet Ameena Leffeld
   > Spend the night in town
   > Head west to the Duggus Forest

   ~ Items: 3400 Fol
            Ripe Berries (in Private Home)
            Blackberries (2), Blueberries
            Maiden or Irisa (from Ameena)
            Blackberries (Sturdy Woman's house)
            Aquaberries (Near Ameena's home)
            Compact Communicator (from Welch Vineyard)

   ~ --- Grocer Gigantodrive ---
     Apple Pie                     400
     Steamed Bun                   200
     Cooking Ingredients           120

   ~ --- Grocer Saint Lucia ---
     Blueberries                    45
     Aquaberries                    15
     Blackberries                   35
     Fresh Sage                    310

   ~ --- Grocer The Flower ---
     Fresh Sage                    310
     Blueberries                    45
     Aquaberries                    15
     Blackberries                   35
   ~ --- Shop - Love Street ---
     Loquat Juice                 3050
     Gooseberry Juice             3100
     Pomello Juice               xxxxx

   ~ --- Armorer Summit Street ---
     Bastard Sword                 750
     Fine Gauntlet                 700
     Silver Dagger                 660
     Heavy Armor                   950
     Anointed Chain Mail          3500

   ~ --- Outfitter Twilight Hour ---
     Compounding Elixirs           120
     Cooking Ingredients           120
     Silver Ring                  1750
     Clone Generator               350
     Fresh Sage                    310

   ~ --- Merchant Rapid Rabbit ---
     Clone Generator               350
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Fresh Sage                    310
     Blaze Gun                    8800

   - When you reach Peterny, the group will split up. This is now a good time
     to register at the Craftsman guild so you can  start with item creation.
     The craftsman guild is on the  west side of  Peterny.  Just look for the
     first green door on  the  map. The door across it (south) is the Crafts-
     man guild. Talk  to the girl at the counter (Welch Vineyard). She'll ask
     you if  you're interested in being an inventor. Answer YES and she'll go
     call the guildmaster who will give you a communicator and 10,000 Fol  as
     starting funds for item creation.

   * In the Japanese version the initial funds given is only 1,000 Fol. Looks
     like they  were generous when they  made the English version.

   * Now  that you  have signed up for item creation, all workshops you enter
     in any town will ask you if you want to create an item when you approach
     the desk/furnace. A separate section  on item creation will be  included
     in this guide.

   * Take  note of the guy "Gossam" who is walking in the north side of town.
     You'll  need to  find him when he makes his  services  available  as  an

   - When you're done exploring sit at the town square just  near  the temple
     (southwest). You'll have a cutscene. Once you rest, a girl will approach
     you and try to sell you flowers.She introduces herself as Ameena Leffeld
     who was originally from  Airyglyph.  Her parents died in the war and now
     lives alone in Peterny selling flowers. You tell  Ameena that she  looks
     like Sophia, which was why you mistook her for someone else.

     Cliff and Nel interrupt your conversation with her. Ameena  bids goodbye
     and you head for the Inn at the west side of  Peterny. (the  inn is just
     one door to the right of the workshop).  When you do get to the inn, Nel
     would do the talking to the  keeper. You are asked to come back  after a
     while as your room is being prepared. Go out and explore a little more.

     Head to  the east side of town.  When you reach the fork  in  the  path,
     head south into the groups of houses. You'll have a cutscene. You'll  be
     at Ameena's house. After this cutscene, head back to the inn.  The rooms
     should  be ready by now. Talk to Nel to retire for the evening.

     When you set out to leave in the morning, the  old lady  taking  care of
     Ameena will ask you to save Ameena in the Duggus forest.Head west toward
     the Sanmite Steppe.  Through this is Duggus Forest.

   3-M. Sanmite Steppe [PAT-SANM]

   > Make your way to Duggus Forest

   ~ Enemies: Graphias, Moonshadow Clan Member, Water Strider
              Horned Turtle, Lady Beast, Axe Beak, Lizard Warrior
       Drops: Winking Sage Cider, Fire Crystal, Eldritch Fire Stone
              Compounding Elixirs, Alchemy Materials

   ~ Items: Blackberries, Blueberries, Smithery Materials
            Cooking Ingredients, Perfect Berries

   - Sanmite  Steppe leads to two places (from Peterny). The first is  Duggus
     Forest (southwest) and Surferio (northwest).

   * For now head for Duggus Forest. If you have a lot of time on your hands,
     I would recommend Sanmite Steppe for levelling up. More particularly  on
     Axe Beak, Lady Beast monsters. Cliff should have Sphere/Hammer of  Might
     equipped so he  can knock  out multiple enemies at once.  If  you  don't
     equip your  characters properly, they'll get mobbed and eventually  die.
     You'll  waste money on Fresh Sages to revive them and  then  dying again
     after a short time.

   3-N. Duggus Forest [PAT-DUGG]

   > Looks for Ameena
   > Look for the Fairy
   > Get clear water from the springs in the forest
   > Give the water to the fairy

   ~ Enemies: Grapebind, Ravitch, Puppet Golem, Blue Slime
              Moonshadow Clan Member, Chameleon, Bogle Soldier, Kobold
              Carnivorous Plant

     Drops: Jewel of Refuge, Machinery Materials
            Crafting Materials. Cooking Ingredients
            Jewel of Avarice, Fire Crystal
            Smithery Materials, Jewel of Avarice
            Winking Sage Cider, Compounding Elixirs

   ~ Items: Compounding Elixirs (4), Blackberries (3)
            Aquaberries (2), Perfect Berries, Blueberries(2)
            Limited Edition Doll, Water Shielding
            Wind Pixie, Orb of Alertness, Smithery Materials
            12,000 Fol, Alchemy Materials
            Crafting Materials, Heavy Armor

   - The first time you explore Duggus Forest, you'll notice that there a lot
     of areas  which appear "pass"-able but are being blocked by  trees. Just
     keep on exploring the areas that you can explore. In the northern middle
     part of the forest, you'll find a tired fairy who needs some help. Offer
     to help her by finding water for her to drink. Don't just get water from
     any spring.Read the description of the springs before getting water.Once
     you have correct water the fairy will offer you guidance in  the forest.
     The fairy can sense which trees which are actually monsters (Grapebind).
     You can now proceed in the sections in the forest you couldn't pass.

   - Some sections in the forest are full of rocks tumbling down -  you won't
     die if you do get hit but you will return to your last point of entry on
     the map, so be careful. Some maps with tumbling rocks are actually pass-
     able by walking on the sides. Try which ones work.

   - Keep exploring the now-passable sections until you are left with a large
     section in the southwest section of the forest. You'll see a shack where
     you'll have a short cutscene.

   >> cUtscene.MeetRoger <<

     After the cutscene with Roger, You'll be fighting a couple of Moonshadow
     Clan Thieves. Then you'll free Roger. You'll be asked if  you'll let him
     join your party or not.

   * At this point in the game, it wouldn't matter if Roger tagged  along, so
     just let him join your party.If you plan to use him permanently, get his
     levelling started as early as now.

   - When you head out of the shack, you'll run into the  Moon Shadow  Clan's
     leader - so you're in for a boss fight.

   ~ Boss: Moon Shadow Clan Chief
     Difficulty: Easy

   * There's nothing really difficult about this boss.It's possible to obtain
     both "less than 1 min" and "no damage" battle trophies in one try. Again
     two words: Low MP.

   - After defeating the Moon Shadow clan chief, you can now  continue to the
     west section of the forest. When you reach a save point, it means you're
     close to the fog-dense area. When it starts getting  foggy and  the  map
     changes, it means you're near the next boss. If you try going  any other
     way aside from  the first  left, you'll see that you just end up at  the
     same map from where where you exited. Head north then westward.   You've
     found the cause of the fog in the forest.

   ~ Boss: Mudman
     Difficulty: Easy   
     Drop: Sysnthesis Materials

   * Mudman has a fair amount of HP but again his boss' low MP is an easy way
     to defeat him. Just keep an eye on his attacks so you can sidestep.

   - Once you've defeated the boss, the fog in the forest will clear. Explore
     the  now-explorable sections (go south then head north).  You'll reach a
     path heading far west. You'll find Ameena there unconscious. You'll have
     a cutscene with her.  Roger  will leave your party for now. You'll be in
     Peterny in Ameena's house with the old lady watching her. Now you're all
     set for Aquios. [..PAT-IRIS]

   ! After  the  Ameena scene in Peterny, you now have the option to  head to
     the  Lost City of Surferio (north west exit of Sanmite Steppe).  This is
     the earliest time that you can trigger Roger's sidequest.  If you decide
     this, he'll join your party again.  Also,  when in Surferio, look at the
     mech near the Inn's entrance for a short cutscene with Nel.

   * If  you're feeling pretty tough and daring and want to make the  rest of
     game relatively easier, time  to level up at the Passage  from  Parch to
     Plenty [PAS-PARC]  or better yet, at the Mosel Dunes.  You'll raise some
     100 k Fol or some depending on how long you level.

   * If  you're  just after levelling up without planning to go for the side-
     quests, the  fastest way  to  stock up and level is in the  Passage from
     Parch to Plenty, rest at the inn and restock. Since  re-entering  a room
     respawns the monster, there's no point in looking for a  stronger  enemy
     in the Mosel Dunes if you can find tough opponents in the Passage.

   - [..PAT-IRIS] exit Peterny from the North and you're just a map away from
     the Sacred City of Aquios.

   3-O. Irisa Fields [PAT-IRIS]

   > Head for Aquios

   ~ Enemies: Man Trap, Ravitch, Romperbat, Lvl16 Ravitch, War Chameleon
   ~ Drops: Alchemy Materials, Scholar's Bracelet, Crafting Materials
   ~ Items: Jewel of Alertness, Magical Berries, Perfect Berries, 
            Synthesis Materials, Blackberries

   - There isn't much to do but cross Irisa and head for Aquios up north.
   ! From here you now have to option to trigger the Surferio Aquatic 
     Garden sidequest [DUN-SURF]. Continue to Aquios to proceed with the

   3-P. Sacred City of Aquios [TWN-AQUI]

   > Hire Eliza the Inventor (10,000)
   > Head for Castle Aquaria

   ~ Items: Aquaberries (Private Home)
            Smithery Materials (Doctor's House)
            Cooking Ingredients (near west wall)
            Aquaberries (Private Home near west wall)
            Synthesis Materials (northwest corner)
            Synthesis Materials (east private home)
            1,800 Fol (east private home with Nosy Woman)
            Compounding Elixirs (behind gate, ne corner)
            Ripe Berries (west side entrance by the tree)

   ~ --- Grocer Aire's Blessing ---
     Apple Pie                     400
     Steamed Bun                   200
     Cooking Ingredients           120
     Blueberries                    45
     Aquaberries                    15
     Blackberries                   35

   ~ --- Armorer Erinia's Hammer ---
     Bastard Sword                 750
     Fine Gauntlet                 700
     Silver Dagger                 660
     Heavy Armor                   950
     Anointed Chain Mail          3500
     Battle Axe                    600

   ~ --- Outfitter Dirna's Breath ---
     Compounding Exlixirs          120
     Cooking Ingredients           120
     Silver Ring                  1750
     Clone Generator               350
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Fresh Sage                    310

   - Be sure to explore and talk to the townsfolk and note "Eliza" and "Damda
     Mooda" and "Mishell" in Aquios. You'll need to talk to them later if you
     want to  sign them up as your inventors.  Head for castle  Aquaria  once
     you're done checking the north part of the city.

   3-Q. Castle Aquaria [CAS-AQUA]

   > Head to the throne room

   ~ Items: Aquaberries (Guest room, East 1F)
            Blackberries (Guest room with save pt)
            Fire Shielding (Clair Lasbard's room)
            Compounding Elixirs (Storehouse)
            Jewel of Refuge (Storehouse)
            Blackberries (Runological Weapons storehse)
            Jewel of Alertness (Runological Weapons storehouse)
            Magical Berries (Queen's Bedroom)
            4,700 Fol (Runological Lab, 2F)

   ! Castle Aquaria is a 2-level structure with the ff. places connecting the
     1. The staircases on  both northeastand northwest corners.
     2. The ladder in the Runological weapons storage at the southwest corner
        of the 1st floor.
     3. The staircases in the Temple of Apris.

   - When you enter the castle for the first time you'll have a cutscene with
     Nel. Follow her to the throne room on the 2nd floor. You'll have a  long
     cutscene with the queen. After the cutscene, you'll have a  new mission.
     Now you're off to the Bequerel Mines to get copper.

   ! If  you  don't follow Nel to the 2nd floor and take the other  pair   of
     stairs,  you'll have an extra cutscene with Nel.  To  continue  with the
     game, you'll just have to head to the throne room anyway.

   3-R. Bequerel Mines [DUN-BEQU]

   > Find the lightstone
   > Head for the Adandoned Refinery on the summit

   ~ Enemies: Legion Dragon, Brass Dragon, Wind Chameleon, Blood Bat
              Romper Bat
     Drops: Jewel of Refuge, Mist Charm, Lightstone, Sage, Alchemy Materials
            Eldritch Fire Stone, Key to Barred Door, Jewel of Avarice
            Smithery Materials

   ~ Items: Blackberries, 15,000 Fol, Cooking Ingredients, Aquaberries
            Amulet of Freedom

   * If you leveled-up properly, you should have no problem when  ambushed by
     Brass Dargons. If you didn't bring lots of Sages, head back to Arias and
     stuff your inventory with as many as you can. Controlling your character
     properly will help a lot minimizing Sage use, but the AI control for the
     other party members will still get your party paralyzed if they  get  in
     the line of a Brass Dragon's breath attack. Once you find the  Amulet of
     Freedom  in this mine, you'll have less problems with the dragons.  It's
     better to equip it to an AI-controlled party member instead of on  your-

   * If a battle ends with one member paralyzed, don't use a Sage to cure the
     status just yet. At the start of the next battle, there is a chance that
     the character will recover from the paralysis just in time  to  partici-
     pate in battle. You will have saved a Sage for the next time you'll need

   - The Bequerel Mines is composed of sereval narrow pathways  connected  by
     medium sized rooms. Some of them are locked by keys, while some of  them
     require tricks to unlock them. Just  comb the  walls of  the map   while
     exploring with the lightstone equipped.  The first few doors you'll open
     will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene, you'll have the lightstone
     in your inventory.

   * The first locked door you'll find can be opened by lighting the  torches
     in the middle of the room, then stand in the middle of the room,  align-
     ing your shadow to that of the lit torches.  You'll  hear a sound  of  a
     door unlocking.

   * The next locked door you'll find can be unlocked when the  lightstone is
     unequipped.  After reaching the next room, just  equip  your  lightstone

   * Next, you'll find yourself in a room with 3 dragon heads and a plate  in
     the middle. To solve this puzzle, step on the pedestal in  the   middle.
     The room will light up. (at this point, make sure you're facing north)

     a. To  get through the door on the left, close the  bottom dragon  head,
        then the dragon head on the top.
     b. To get through the door on the top,  close  the  bottom dragon  head,
        then the dragon head on the left.

     The concept is that the door beside the dragon head with the open  mouth
     will stay open when you approach it.

   - Before  you reach the end of the mine, you'll have a boss fight.  You'll
     know this when you reach a huge room in the mines.

   ~ Boss: Cockatrice
     Drop: Smithery Materials

   * This boss is annoying instead of difficult because it deals  big  damage 
     and can petrify your party even if it moves really slow. Make  sure  you
     keep your party's HP in check. Nel is recommended in your party at  this
     time because of her symbiology skills.  And pack a few sages to be sure.
     If you  want an easy win with this boss, equip MP-draining  attacks.  If
     you want a  thrilling win , instead of the usual Blazing Sword ( because
     it hurts MP more than any attack Fayt has ), equip Sidekick or  Blade of
     Fury instead.

   - After  defeating the boss, examine the room to obtain Copper Ore.  After
     the cutscene, it's west through the door and follow the path south  then
     west again. You'll find yourself at the other exit of the mine.

   3-S. Abandoned Refinery, Bequerel Mine [REF-BEQU]

   > Look for Grats the inventor
   > Talk to the people in the workshop, then head back to for Aris

   ~ Items: Ripe Berries, 23,600 Fol
            Blackberries, Compounding Elixirs
            Magical Berries (West passage)
            Worm-Eaten Tome (Just above workshop)

   ~ Enemies: Killer Treant, Harpy, Ferral Dragon

   - When you exit the Bequerel Mines, you'll have another boss fight.

   ~ Boss: Airyglyph Soldiers; Demetrio, 2 Legion Dragons
   - The  threat doesn't come from Demetrio, rather the  two Legion  dragons.
     If  you  have leveled up (some 10 lvls above the usual), you should have
     no problem  defeating them. Juggle the dragons with Fayt's  strong sword
     attack.  Since the Legion Dragons have lower HP it's  better to  concen-
     trate on  one at a time. If you manage to juggle both  Legion Dragons in
     succession,  then attack Demetrio (by also juggling his Dragon).  Repeat
     until his backup Legion Dragons are defeated.

   - After this battle, Fayt will advise you to heal up and save first before
     continuing to Arias. When you approach Arias, you'll finally get to have
     a match with Albel the Wicked.

   ~ Boss: Albel Nox
     Drops: War God Symbol

   * Finally, a real boss battle. It is a must to dispatch  Albel's  soldiers
     that  come  in  tow before concentrating all your attacks on him.  Don't
     just hit him with a normal attack because he moves  around rather  fast.
     You'll need to land super-cancel combos in  succession.  He'll die  in 8
     or so 100% fury super-cancel chains. Before attempting to  unleash super
     cancel on him, make sure you break his guard first.  If  you get hit  by
     his Anti-attack  Aura, you take heavy damage and will  need to  distance
     yourself from him before healing.  Once his guard is broken, start  your
     super cancel  chains with the (X) sword thrust attack, then  follow-thru
     with your special attack chain of choice.

   - After defeating Albel, head back to Aquios via Arias and Peterny.

   3-T. Surprise Attack [WAR-ELIC]

   > Head back to Aquios; Go to Castle Aquaria, talk to Dion
   > Go to Inn with Dion
   > Head back to Castle Aquaria
   > Head for Arias

   ~ Enemies: Black Brigade Soldier
              Airyglyph Soldier
              Lum Knight
              Legion Dragon
              Dragon Brigade Solidier

   - When you reach Aquios from Peterny, you'll have a cutscene.  You'll find
     yourself in Aquios' Inn with Ameena.  After the scene with Ameena,  head
     for the castle and look for Dion. He's on the 2nd floor  southwest room.
     You  can  get  there faster by using the ladder on the  1st floor on the
     left side.  When you  approach Dion, you'll  have another cutscene.  Get
     back to the Inn after talking to Dion for another cutscene with  Ameena.

   + From this point in the game, you now have a choice  to  recruit  Clair's
     father Adray Lasbard. (by heading back to Castle Aquaria after the  last
     cutscene with Ameena and Dion in the Inn). Head to the throne  room then
     exit. You'll have an event with Adray Lasbard.
   * Having Adray in your party is not that exciting because he moves slowly.
     His attacks and symbiology are fairly strong.  However if you don't plan
     to use Adray in the long run, don't bother levelling or even  recruiting

   - After the cutscene at the Inn, head back to Arias.  Go  to the temporary
     headquarters (in the middle of town) and talk to Clair.  Then rest up at
     your room. When you get up it's out of Arias through the southwest exit.

     When you  exit  Arias, you'll have another cutscene.  The war has begun.
     After being given your orders, now head all the way west through enemies
     and  Aquarian troops. Your target is apparent when you  see an  airborne
     dragon waiting on the west end of the battlefield.

   ~ Boss: Duke Vox
     Drops: None
   * This  battle is  just like fighting a Legion dragon with more HP and MP.
     Vox himself is juggle-able but as usual, make sure he doesn't have  enuf
     fury when you start the chain.  Pay attention to your party's HP and MP,
     and keep Nel alive for healing if you plan to take on Vox by yourself.

   - Once you have defeated Vox, the battle will be halted by the attack of a
     new enemy. Yes, you've guessed it, it's the Vendeen. ( head back to your
     starting point afterwards). After this long cutscene you'll be in Castle
     Aquaria again. After that cutscene, now you have to check on Dion. Go to
     his room in the castle. You'll have another event, then go get Ameena at
     the Inn then back to castle. You'll have another cutscene.  Then back to
     the  throne room to meet the queen. You'll have  a cutscene after  which
     you'll have access to a new party member, Maria, Quark's leader.  You'll
     now have  a new mission since the war has halted and you have info  that
     the  Vendeen are trying to take Aquios' treasure (the sacred orb).  Your
     party volunteers to help. Head for the chapel (1st floor), you'll be gi-
     ven Disintegration Hammers by the priest. Then the passageway to the sea
     led cavern will be opened so it's adventure time once again. 

   3-U. Sealed Cavern [DUN-SEAL]

   > Head for the Shrine of Kaddan through the Sealed Cavern

   ~ Items: Cooking Ingredients, Blueberries
            Earth Shielding (West corner)
            Lunar Talisman (North side)
            Blackberries (near staircase)
            Anointed Chain Mail (near staircase)

   ~ Enemies: Bronze Brute, Flying Armor, Mage
     Drops:  Regeneration Symbol

   - The sealed cavern is only a passageway headed for Kaddan so don't expect
     a lot of action here. Perhaps the only thing to dispatch quickly  is the
     Bronze Brute. If you get careless, he'll whop you for  aroud  2000 dmg a

     One of the rooms you'll be in will have 2 treasure chests with a statue.
     (it's on the northwest corner if you haven't noticed it yet).If you took
     a careful look around before you reached that room, you'll see blocks on
     top (view) which don't seem to be moving.  When you examine the  statue,
     you'll be asked if you want to hit the switch.  Press it, then head  out
     to your starting room. Go east this time (there's only one way to go  so
     can't miss it). Notice that the blocks are now moving.  Get to the other
     end of the path (going left). When you exit the room with the blocks mo-
     ving  up and down, you'll be in another room with moving  blocks.  Cross
     them  and examine the east wall.  Using the Disintegration Hammer (Squ),
     you'll be able to walk through the wall and obtain Blackberries and Anoi
     nted Chain Mail (for Nel). From this room, go back one room, then  go to
     the (north)west exit. You'll find a save point here. Keep on going left,
     through the long series of blocks. The other end of the room will have a
     door heading  north.  You'll be in front of another Bronze Brute.  After
     dealing with this monster, get to the west part of the room. Notice that
     there are moveable blocks which aren't moving right now. That means  you
     will have to find another switch to activate them. So now, you can  only
     head north. In the next room, look for another cracked wall. After using
     the Disintegration Hammer, you'll find another statue. Examine this sta-
     tue for a switch. After hitting the switch, return to the room with  the
     blocks which were not moving. It would be advisable to save first  since
     the save point is just a room away. Past the two moving blocks is a room
     with a boss waiting.
   ~ Boss: Flying Knight
   * This boss has a devastating Sword Quake attack, which all  melee charac-
     ters should steer clear from. Don't try interrupting this attack  with a
     chain of super cancels because you will still take damage from the sword
     quake attack even if you land successive hits.  Again,  the words Low HP
     will spell an easy win if you want to win quickly. Leave it to  Maria or
     Nel. This boss would make good super-cancel practice due to its huge HP.
     After defeating this boss, you're a room away from the Shrine of Kaddan.

   3-V. Shrine of Kaddan [DUN-KADD]

   > Locate and protect the Sacred Orb

   ~ Items:
        In 1st secret room: Synthesis Materials (2)
        In 2nd secret room: Shabby Textbook, Blackberries 
                            Compounding Elixirs
                            Heavy Armor, Cooking Ingredients
        In 3rd secret room: Saint's Stone, Compounding Elixirs
        In 4th secret room: Hammer Charm, Book of Prophecies 1
        Saint's Amulet (from workshop)
        Orb of Foe Finding (near trick room)

        Blueberries, Aquaberries, Cooking Ingredients, Blackberries
        Blackberries (2), Alchemy Materials, Cooking Ingredients
        Smithery Materials, Alchemy Materials, Compounding Elixirs (2)
        Blueberries, Celestial Pixie

   ~ Enemies : Crystal Statue, Vendeeni Soldier, Flying Knight
               Flying Armor, Mage, Lvl 15 Mage
       Drops : Saint's Stone, Machinery Materials
               Alchemy Materials, Scholar's Bracelet
               Smithery Materials, Regenration Symbol

   - Upon  entering the Shrine of Kaddan, you'll be greeted  with a  cutscene
     and a battle with a Crystal Statue. This will one of your milestone ene-
     mies for this map.  There  are at least 4 secret rooms in this  dungeon.
     You can tell them by the cracks on the wall.  Hint: You can actually use
     the  mini-map  to  identify cracks on the walls since walls with  cracks
     will  show if you walk closer to them even without pressing  the  square
     button to display the "breakable" walls. You'll notice that a small por-
     tion past  the  wall will be exposed for walls with cracks.  That's your
     cue to use the disintegration hammers.

   - The secret rooms (in the items section) are numbered in the  order  that
     you see them with cracks (without using the disintegration hammer).  The
     key to  continuing your exploration in this dungeon is looking  for  the
     room  that  triggers  an earthquake. After this earthquake is triggered,
     some sections with cracked walls will be passable by using  your  disin-
     tegration hammer. The ones you want to trigger is the one where you  en-
     ter  from the west and when you head south, an earthquake triggers.  The
     second earthquake triggers when you enter a room from the south  side of
     the room. You'll see big debris on the middle of the room and broken sec
     tion of the wall (north side). The way further is east of this room with
     the (2nd) earthquake. 
   - Further exploring will lead you to a room with a lot of lionheads in it.
     The end of this room will have a locked door. So now you have to go back
     and look for a "switch" again. (you enter this room from the north, when
     you see the floor and map change, you're there).

   - When you reach a room with a red gem, examine it. Touch it  to  activate
     the previously non-moving lion-head blocks in the other room you entered
     with the locked door. You can now open the door that was previously lock
     ed but be careful not to come in contact with the moving lionheads.  You
     will be taken back to your point of entry if you do.  After two chambers
     of these lion-heads, you'll come upon a save point.  Save up and through
     the door, you'll have another cutscene with Vedeeni soldiers.

   * A fight  will  ensue (I didn't bother naming this as a boss fight)  with
     Vendeeni soliders. Since all of them are carrying disrupter rifles, run-
     ning  away  to  heal is pointless. Just concentrate on one soldier at  a
     time. Juggling one or two then contrating on one target is  recommended.
     That way you minimize the damage you take and the enemy won't have  time
     to counterattack. It is assumed that you will be using successinve super
     cancels for this battle.

   - After  defeating the Vendeeni soldiers, a short cutscene will trigger on
     checking the middle of the room (where the orb is).  Now  head  back all
     the way to the entrance of the Shrine. You'll have a short cutscene with
     Nel.  Now from the Sealed Cavern head back to the entrance and  back  to
     Temple on the 1st floor of Castle Aquaria, then to the throne room. Con-
     gratulations, you're almost done with half of the game.

     When you  get back to the throne room  from the  Sealed Cavern,  Nel and
     Cliff will head for  Airyglyph  while you  will be left with Maria.  You
     will now learn about Maria's past and how she became Quark's leader. One
     of  the  flashbacks  will  take  you  to a transport ship similar to the 

   * Part  of the  cutscene involves gaining control of Maria (as a kid).  To
     continue with the story after talking to everyone in the ship,  talk  to
     Maria's mother successively to continue with the story. 
   - The rest of cutscene  will play.  After this cutscene, you'll be back on
     the  garden on the east part of Aquaria.  Now  head back to  the  throne
     room for another cutscene. Nel and Cliff  have returned  from  Airyglyph
     and you'll  discuss your next plan of action. You now must travel to the
     Ancient Ruins of Mosel to meet with the king of Airyglyph. To get to Mo-
     sel, go to Peterny and then west to the Sanmite Steppe.  Instead of hea-
     ding southwest to the Duggus Forest, head northwest instead to Surferio.

   - When you cross the bridge at the Sanmite Steppe, you'll have a cutscene.
     It  seems that not everyone in Airyglyph is  willing to  cooperate  with
     Aquaria to fight the Vendeeni. A rogue Airyglyph officer will attack.

   ~ Boss: Schweimer

   * Sadly, I cannot say this boss needs any strategy. If you did Vox and De-
     metrio good, that's enough said. At your current level, you'll clock him
     in less than 60 seconds (flying kick super cancel chain).

   - After defeating Schweimer, make haste to Surferio. 

   3-W. Lost City of Surferio [TWN-SURF]
   > Get Roger to join your party
   > Learn about the Ancient Texts
   > Look up Stanice (inventor)

   ~ Items: Machinery Materials (Private Home)
            Blueberries (Private Home)

   ~ --- General Store Fairy Tear ---
     Clone Generator               350
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Fresh Sage                    310

   ! If you didn't pass by Surferio before to recruit roger and  trigger  the
     Ancient text sidequest, now's  another  time to do so. You can also skip
     this part altogether.

   ! If you also go to Surferio earlier, Stanice the inventor will be waiting
     at Surferio Inn. M ake sure you got the Limited Edition Doll in the Dug-
     gus  Forest or  else you'll have to go all the way  back there  just for
     that. There would be no problems skipping recruiting Stanice altogether.

   - Rest at the Inn, stock up on healing and status reco items.  Save,  then
     it's off to the Passage from Parch to Plenty.

   3-X. Passage from Parch to Plenty [PAT-PARC]

   > Head for the Mosel Dunes

   ~ Enemies: Aquaregia, Level 31 Ravitch, Dark Hunter
              Red Cockatrice   
   ~ Drops: Scholar's Bracelet, Jewel of Refuge
            Crafting Materials

   * The Ancient Ruins of Mosel are west of Surferio via the Mosel Dunes.  If
     you didn't level up in the passage from parch to  plenty after  rescuing
     Ameena in Duggus forest  by heading to Surferio from the Sanmite Steppe,
     now's the time to start levelling. Make sure you're loaded with  Basils,
     Lavenders and Sages.

   * When fighting enemies with Ravitches in a group, make sure you kill them
     first  because their  healing will waste your super cancel chain damage.
     If there are two of them, juggle one before starting a chain with the o-

   * When fighting Aquaregia, and your party member (other than you) gets fro
     zen immediately rush to help by interrupting the enemy's attack (by jug-
     ling, etc).  This will give your party member enough time  to  "recover"
     from the frozen status without having to use a Lavender.
   * When  fighting Red Cockatrices, distance yourself when it  does a  Stone
     Breath special attack.  This is where attacking from the rear comes  in.
     You  can  still interrupt this special attack as long as you attack from
     the rear. But don't bother interrupting it if you don't have enough fury
     to follow-up with a super cancel chain.

   3-Y. Mosel Dunes [PAT-MOSL]

   > Make your way through the dune to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel

   ~ Items: Blackberries, Aquaberries, Perfect Berries, 22,400 Fol, 
            Smithery Materials, Synthesis Materials, Alchemist Stone
            Machinery Materials, Cooking Ingredients, Blueberries
   ~ Enemies: Dragon Zombie, Level 30 Mage, Chameleon King
   ~ Drops: Scholar's Bracelet

   - Crossing the Dunes of Mosel require you to have an ample water supply in
     your body. As long as you are not standing on a body of water,  your H2O
     supply depletes little by little. So while you're  scouting,  make  sure
     you're water supply is 100%. When exploring, it's advisable to walk  in-
     stead of run since running consumes water faster than walking.  The  en-
     trance to the Ancient Ruins of Mosel is in the middle of the map.
   * The only way to get to the entrance is acutally by walking then stopping
     at the  water puddle just west of the entrance.  There  will be  enemies
     roaming about along the path and in the puddle.  It  is not advisable to
     run from them since you will be changing your direction,  using  up more
     water in the process. If  you  run out of water, you will  collapse  and
     start from  the entrance of the Mosel Dunes.

     When you see a save point - congratulations, you've made it to the Mosel

   3-Z. Ancient Ruins of Mosel [DUN-MOSL]

   > Meet the King of Airyglyph at the conference hall in the middle.

   ~ Items: Blackberries, Blueberries, 40,000 Fol (west room), Aquaberries
            Aqua Veil (near save point), Compounding Elixirs
   ~ Enemies: Berserker, Red Slime, Demonic Imp, Demonic Hound
       Drops: Alchemly Materials, Scholar's Bracelet

   - When you enter the ruins, you'll have a cutscene. You'll see a  cutscene
     of a chess-like game. The idea is as follows:

     Warrior beats Thief, Thief beats Runologist, Runologist beats Warrior

   - As you explore further, you'll reach some sections where a door can only
     be unlocked by pressing the button to make correct  piece appear  in the
     pedestal in a room.  The correct button you need to press will depend on
     the statue on the left/right. Use the above tip to unlock the doors.

   - Ideally, from  the start point, keep going north until you reach a  cir-
     cular wall. Then go aroud it in a counter-clockwise manner. The entrance
     to the  conferrence hall  is on the northwest section of the ruins,  and
     can't  be passed through if you circumvented the hall clockwise  because
     there's a wall on the west with no door between the entrance to the cen-
     ter of the map.

   * Don't miss getting the Aqua Veil near the save point.

   - When  you  finally make it to the center of the map, you'll have another
     cutscene with the king of Airyglyph. He agrees to the coorperation idea,
     but requests that Albel be included in your party. Now you're heading to
     Airyglyph to pick up Albel. (you were wondering where Albel was when you
     didn't encounter him in the war? well here he is).

   * If  you got the Aqua Veil before leaving the Mosel Ruines,  notice  that
     the water meter doesn't display anymore. That's the Aqua Veil's doing.

   3-AA. Back to Airyglyph [CAS-AIRY]

   * To refresh your memory, the path back to Airyglyph is via:

     Surferio -> Peterny -> Palmira Plains -> Arias -> Aire Hills -> Kirsla
     Kirsla -> Traum Mountains -> Airyglyph

   - On your way back to Airyglyph, you can drop by Count Woltar's mansion in
     Kirlsa and get the ff. items:

   ~ Items: Cooking Ingredients (courtyard),  Aquaberries (right of entrance) 
            Synthesis Materials (east room), Blackberries (east room)
            Fire Pixie (2F east room)
            Blackberries (2F middle room, near the window)

   - If you're in a hurry, you can skip count Woltar's mansion altogether and
     head for Airyglyph.

   * Just remember this place for now (Count Woltar's Mansion), you'll want 
     to go back here again later.

   - When you pass by the Traum Mountains, notice the enemies will change:
   ~ Enemies: Venomous Pine, Blade Master, Pit Tarantula, Kobold Knight
       Drops: Smithery Materials, Fire Crystal

   - After Traum Mountains, finally you're at Airyglyph. Rest up at the  Inn,
     then head for the castle afterwards.

   Airyglyph Castle:

   > Head for the dungeon and have Albel join your party.
   > Talk to king Airyglpyh

   ~ Items: Jewel of Avarice (north room), Compounding Elixirs (kitchen)
            Synthesis Materials (food storehouse)
            Smithery Materials (watchtower)
            Magical Berries (King's private quarters 2F)

            Blackberries (in armorer), Blueberries (in armorer)
            Cooking Ingredients (in Inn behind counter)

   * When you check out the weapons in the armorers, you'll notice that there
     are new more powerful weapons in store. Upgrade Fayt and Cliff's weapons
     but  I  would only recommend Nel's weapon if you have a lot of  money to
     spare. (later on your see why).

   * If  you've been  inventing new weapons with the machinery talent,  you'd
     have come up with a more far more powerful weapon for Maria.

   - When  you get to castle Airyglyph, count Woltar will be  waiting.  He'll
     escort you to the dungeon where you'll have a cutscene with Albel. Albel
     will now join your party and you'll be headed for the  Urssa Lava caves.
     You now seek the aid of a dragon to carry Aquaria's Thunder Arrow.

   * If  you  talk to the  King of Airyglyph here, he'll ask a favor of  you.
     He has a  letter to give  Elena Frahm (in Castle Aquaria)  and he  wants
     you to  deliver it.  At this point, you can do  this task  first  before
     heading to the Urssa Lava Caves.  Although doing this is not compulsory,
     you will trigger an additional event later on in the game if you do.

   * This is why I advised not to upgrade Nel's weapon. Instead of having the
     Dragon  Knight take you to Bequerel, you might want to head for  Kirlsa.
     Go to  Count Woltar's  mansion.  When  you get to the  2nd floor, you'll
     have an event with Nel. She'll get a more powerful weapon. Then, proceed
     to the Bequerel Mountain Path.

   - Now, you're  headed for the Urssa Lava Caves  through the Barr Ruins. To
     get to the  Barr Ruins you'll  have to  explore the  Mountains of  Barr.
     The Mountains of Barr are northwest from the Bequerel Mine.

   * When you exit Airyglpyh, there will be a Dragon-borne knight waiting. If
     you want to get to the Bequerel Mines faster, talk to the knight so that
     he'll transport you to the mines.

   3-AB. Mountains of Barr / Barr Caves [DUN-BARR]

   > From Bequerel Mountain Path, head to the Mountains of Barr
   > Obtain the Dragon Flute to open the door to the Barr Ruins
   > From the Moutains of Barr, enter the Barr Caves, search for the
     entrance to the Barr Ruins

   - When the  Dragon Knight  drops you off - you'll find your party near the
     entrance to the Bequerel Mines. Notice that the enemies  here have  also
     become stronger.

   * From this point on, notice the difficulty of the monsters starts picking
     up so make sure you're always loaded with recovery items most especially
     Fresh Sages

   -- Bequerel Mountain Path II
   ~ Enemies: Kobold Knight, Pit Tarantula, Venomous Pine, Porcupine
       Drops: Jewel of Alertness, Smithery Materials, Charm of Insight

   -- Mountains of Barr
   > Make your way into the Barr Caves

   ~ Items: Smithery Materials, Aquaberries, 
            Blackberries (waterfall), Smithery Materials (waterfall)            
   ~ Enemies: Brass Dragon, Ferral Dragon, Mini-Dragon, Ferral Dragon
              Young Porcupine
       Drops: Jewel of Avarice, Writing Materials, Wind Charm, 
              Machinery Materials

   - The Mountains of Barr isn't really confusing. There are usually only two
     paths to choose. One usually leads to items, while the other  leads  you
     closer to the entrance to the Barr caves. The entrance to the Barr caves
     is in a waterfall.

   * This is another good area to level. Most especially on the Mini-dragons.
     Don't underestimate them because of their size. They 

   - You'll eventually come upon a workshop and  Misty Lear,  who is actually
     an inventor. You'll get to recruit her later, so just continue  with the
     game for now. This means that you're halfway past the mountains.

   * From this point, you will be going to and from the Mountains of Barr and
     the  Barr Caves, so I'm going to list the  items  according  to  general

   -- Barr Caves
   > Look for the Blue Dragon Zombie; obtain the Dragon's Windpipe
   > Go back to the workshop you found halfway in trekking the mountains.
   > Have Dragon's Windpipe modified to Dragon Bone Flute
   ~ Items: 46,000 Fol (beside waterfalls), Wind shielding, Blueberries
            18,100 Fol, Writing Materials, Ripe Berries, Steeled Earth
   ~ Enemies: Aquaregia, Highlander

   - Your actual objective in the Barr Caves is to locate the locked entrance
     to the Barr Ruins. So be patient, just a little more and your there.
   - Use the workshop you just encountered as a vantage point. From the work-
     shop head north. When the path goes  east and west, the west path is the
     one you'll want. After taking this path, head north then east. You  will
     find a save point beside a waterfall entrance.  You'll have another boss

   ~ Boss: Blue Dragon Zombie
     Drops: Pulse Gun, Dragon's Windpipe

   - After defeating this boss you'll get the Dragon's Windpipe. Head back to
     the workshop where you met Misty Lear. When you approach the workshop, a
     menu will  appear prompting to use the workshop to upgrade the  Dragon's
     Windpipe. You will then obtain the Dragon Bone Flute.  Now, continue ex-
     ploring  the rest  of the area past the Dragon Zombie further  into  the

   - When  you are  in the Barr Caves,  pressing the  circle button will play
     a tune. Pressing the circle button lightly or strongly and holding it at
     different time intervals will play different tunes.

     There are  4 combinations  of circle button pressing that can be played:
     (For this guide, we will not name the tunes by the sound,  instead  they
     will just described by the button pressure and length of pressing)

     1. One is pressing lightly and shortly (lift your thumb quickly)
     2. One is pressing lightly and hold your thumb stationary for 3-4 secs.
     3. One is pressing strongly and shortly (life your thumb quickly)
     4. One is pressing strongly and hold your thumb stationary for 3-4 secs.

   * Usually you will have problems with getting combination 1 & 2.  Remember
     that  even the PS2's buttons are pressure sensitive.  Pressing a  button
     faintly registers differently from a strong firm press.  The closest way
     to  observe  this difference is during combat when you execute a  strong
     and a weak attack. Don't give up, you'll eventually get the hang of it.

   - Once you have the Dragon Bone Flute, you  can now  open the  entrance to
     the Barr Ruins.  The entrance to the Barr Ruins is a wall with a dragon-
     head carved on it. You'll find this in the west area of the  Barr Caves.

   3-AC. Ruins of Barr [PAT-BARR]

   > Obtain Dragon's Cranium from lab
   > Light all the floor panels in the central room

   ~ Items: Syntehsis Materials (in lab)
            Spirit Stone, Wind Charm
            Blackberries, Masterwork Plate (west lab)

   ~ Enemies: Brass Dragon, Ferral Dragon, Highlander
              Red Beast, Toadpole, Spawn              
       Drops: Machinery Materials, Jewel of Avarice

   - When  you first  enter the Ruins, you'll see a door immediately to  your
     right. Like the entrance, this is als

   - The Ruins of Barr is connected by a central  room. It's 2 chambers north
     from the entrance. You can't miss it because it's the only room with the
     floor panels arranged in a cross-like manner. To continue you must light
     the floor panels (except the middle panel) by activating  their  corres-
     "switch" panels which are located in various rooms in the ruins. 
     Below is an illustration of the panels in the ruins:

        W1 W2  [CP]  E1 E2


     where CP = center panel   

     There are around 2-3 "switch" panels on the north, west and east side of
     the center chamber. The doors around the chamber are sealed by the  same
     dragon-head  etched  walls which was blocking the entrance.  In order to
     open  those doors, you'll have to play the correct tune with the  Dragon
     Bone Flute directly in front of the door you want to open.

   * If you play the wrong tune, a Brass Dragon will appear and you'll be  in
     combat. Every battle with a Brass Dragon made by playing the wrong  tune
     is unescape-able, so make sure you're loaded.

   - You'll  know you're progressing when you return to the  central  chamber
     and you'll see a panel that wasn't previously lighted, has been lit.  Go
     through all the sealed doors until you activate all the floor panels.

     Once  all the floor panels have been activated, stand in the  middle  of
     room with the cross-arranged floor panel. You'll hold the Dragon Cranium
     up and you'll hear a passageway open up in the north.  Now head north to
     the room which was previously locked and you'll have another boss fight.

   ~ Boss: Robin Wind
     Drops: Synthesis Materials

   - Robin  Wind has a strong whirlwind ground attack that deals 1500+ damage
     depending on your level. Wait for an opening if  you plan to  jugle him.
     There should be a pause somewhere in that special attack.  If  you  have
     made a  Wind Cloak via Crafting, then you should have an easier time.  I
     would recommend going for jugle-super cancel attacks still since  you'll
     end the battle quite quickly if you manage to land around 8-10 jugles.

     After defeating Robin Wind, the entrance to the Urssa Lava Caves will o-
     pen. Don't forget to go back to the save point first before continuiing.

   3-AD. Urssa Lava Caves [DUN-URSS]

   > Look for the bunny statue
   > Obtain the Rabbit Ears Key
   > Meet Vanilla; get Disintegration Bombs
   > Return to Airyglyph Aquaducts; get Glowstone
   > Give Glowstone to Vanilla; get Ring of Disintegration

   ~ Items: Cooking Ingredients, Blackberries, Crafting Materials
            Damask Gauntlet
            Book of Prophecies 2 (2nd chamber)
            Gutsy Bunny (from Vanilla)

   ~ Enemies: Ghostly Hag, Nova Blaze, Magma Man, Fire Zombie
       Drops: Mist Charm, Alchemy Materials

   - The Urssa Lava Caves isn't really a  big dungeon.  It  consists  of  two
     sections. The first section is before obtaining the Rabbit Ears Key. The
     second section is when the navigation switches to first-person view. The
     controls will also differ when this view changes.

     When you enter the caves for the first time, you'll be in a big area.  A
     Magma Man will be in the middle of the path, waiting to chase  when  you
     come into its view. From the starting area, you can go straight up, west
     or east. The west section leads to items and a locked door,  while   the
     north path will lead to a sealed path. So first, head east.  Keep  going
     until you find a bunny statue. Search the back of the statue and  you'll
     find the Rabbit Ear Key. Backtrack to the starting point (you might want
     to save), then head west. You'll come upon a locked door,  where  you'll
     use the Rabbit Ear Key.  When you enter, the view will  change (somewhat
     like the Mosel Dunes, and the controls are a bit different). If ever you
     don't know where you are, you can always glance at the minimap as to the
     location of the enemies and the doors. Your objective now is to look for
     the  door to the Vanilla's quarters. He/she is an inventor who will give
     you an item to be able to open the path to Crosell's lair. He'll ask you
     how much you are willing to pay him for it.

   + You'll  choose from 10000 to 30000 Fol. If you pay  him 10,000 Fol only,
     he'll only agree to make the disintegration ring for you. If you pay him
     30,000 Fol, he'll agree to make the disintegration ring plus give you  a
     gutsy bunny. This item will raise the level of all monsters (yes, inclu-
     ding the already-tough ones).  Vanilla will tell you that  a "Glowstone"
     is  needed,  and where you can find it. It's at the Airyglyph Aquaducts.

   * The description in the Gutsy is just as it is. Heed it. If you try using
     the gutsy bunny on the already-strong monsters they'll have a horrendous
     amount of HP and they will be smart enough to cancel/evade even  special
     / strong attacks. The even worse drawback is that the XP rewarded  isn't
     that  much  of a  difference, so it's more of a disadvantage really when
     used on higher-level monsters.

   - So now, you have to return to Airyglyph. To refresh your memory:
     Urssa Lava Caves -> Barr Ruins -> Mountains of Barr

     When you reach the foot of Barr Mountains, have the  Dragon Knight  sta-
     tioned at the entrance of the Bequerel Mine transport you to Airyglyph.

   - If you check the shops in Airyglyph, notice the new items:
   ~ --- Armorer: Tiamat II ---   
     Holy Sword                  19600
     Osprey Dagger               15100
     Broad Axe                   15800
     Nodachi                     24000
     Damask Gaunlet              44000

   ~ --- Outfitter: Left-handed Lizard II ---   
     Masterwork Plate            24000
     Superior Chain Mail         26800
     Devious Aurora               8280

     In Airyglyph, if you still remember the place you came  out of  when you
     escaped with Nell, that's where you're now headed.  The glowstone is lo-
     cated north of the current map. If you'll look carefully, it's  behind a
     big  block of  ice.  Use your disintegration bombs for the ice,  get the
     Glowstone and  return to  Vanilla's lab in the  Urssa Lava Caves.  He'll
     finally make the Ring of Disintegration.  You can now break the  seal to
     Crosell's Lair (the north path from the starting point in the Urssa Lava

   * At  this point, you can decide to go for Crosell and continue  with  the
     game, or now comb the areas/dungeons in which you haven't explored  100%
     to get the items previously unreachable [ to be continued ].

   * When you backtrack to the starting point (again), don't forget to save.

   - If you  want to continue with the story already, head back to  the start
     point of the caves and follow the north path. You'll be heading east and
     come upon a pathway blocked by huge rocks.  Use the  Ring of Disintegra-
     tion on them.  Don't forget to position yourself at the safest  possible
     distance before using the Disintegration Ring.  Enter the chamber and be
     ready for a cutscene and a boss fight.

   ~ Boss : Crossel
     Drops: Ring of Vigor

   * Beware of Crossel's flame spread attack.  Distance yourself when he does
     this  move and  don't try attacking or interrupting with a  jugle.  Long
     range  attcks (symbio) and strong attacks with running are  recommended.
     When Crossel lands, make sure you move to his side or back then continue
     attacking.  He's packing a lot of HP so defeating Crossel might  take  a

   - After defeating Crossel, he'll now fly you back to Aquaria.  Now  you'll
     have a few moments to strategize (cut-scene) before you try the  Thunder
     Arrow on the Vendeen ships. You'll find yourself in the garden just out-
     side the throne room.

   > head back to castle aquaria
   > Look for King Airyglyph 

   - Right now, just stock up on healing items. While you're at it, you might
     want  to talk to the other party members.  You'll find Nel at her  room,
     Maria will be at the chapel,  Cliff is  walking about at the 1st  floor,
     Mirage is at your room (with the save point),  Roger will be at the gro-
     cer, Adray will be in Clair's room (left of Nel's room).

   - There's one more thing you to do before you can continue with the story.
     If  you  gave King Airyglyph's letter to Elena Frahm when you  picked up
     Albel in Airyglyph, you'll have to find King Airyglyph in  Elena Frahm's
     room having a conversation with her. After triggering this cutscene, now
     go back to garden behind throne room to proceed with the story. You have
     another long cutscene. After the cutscene you'll be in the Diple.  Then,
     you  will  be prompted to save your game.  Congratulations, you've  just
     finished Disc 1.     

  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | - Disc 2 Start -                                               |
  \                                                                |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

   A. Flagship Diplo [FLG-DIPL-1]

   > Talk to everyone on the ship. When you reach the south part of the  room
     near the transporter / exit, Maria will page you. That means its time to
     head back down to Elicoor.

   B. Kirsla Training Facility [D2-KIRS]
   > Head up to the top level
   ~ Enemies: Vendeeni Soldier, MechaFly XP, Stinger
   ~ Drops: Jewel of Alertness

   - Upon  beaming down from the Diplo, you've have a  cutscene  and a battle
     with Vendeeni soldiers.  After  the battle, you will be at the 3rd floor
     kitchen with a cutscene. From this place in the 3rd floor, the only  op-
     tion  is to go down to the first floor via the stairs and make your  way
     to the  elevator going up.  Once you walk past the save point,  you will
     be met  by one of your old partymates on Elicoor (Nel, Roger, or Albel -
     depending on which you picked before you left for Elicoor).  Then you'll
     have a boss fight.

   ~  Boss: Biwig
   - This  boss is rather rather easy. So easy in fact  that he  comes with a
     pair of soldiers for escort. Defeat the soldiers first, then gang on him
     and the battle should be over quickly.

   - After defeating Biwig, you'll have another cutscene, then you'll be  on-
     board the Aquaelie.
   * At this point, whoever joined your party before fighting Biwig will join
     your party permanently. Also, Sophia will now be part of your party. She
     starts at level 1, so if you plan on making her your final 3, it's about
     time to start leveling her most especially that the monsters  will  give
     more XP and of course will be more difficult.
     It is  recommended that you stuff yourself with Fresh Sages  because  at
     Sophia's levelling, she will die often if you do not intercept the enemy
     attacks aimed  at her.  Don't worry, when the makes it  to level 20  and
     higher, she'll be a big help to your party to make up for the trouble in
     levelling her.

   C. Battleship Aquaelie [D2-AQUAELIE-1]

   > Look for Maria
   > Rest up
   > Head for Long-distance Transporter Room

   - You'll  have  a briefing with the Commander of the ship  and a  cutscene
     at the bridge. After the cutscene, look for Maria. You'll  find  her  in
     the southwest section of the crew quarters. You'll know you're there  by
     save point. Save your progress, then take a nap. When  you wake  up from
     your nap, you'll have another cutscene and you'll be off to the Moonbase
     Fayt's father has been talking about.

   D. Moonbase [DUN-MOON]

   > Meet Pepita Rosetti on the way to Research Zone
   > Head for the underground storage
   > Head for the Symbological Genetic Research Facility
   > Head back to Aquaelie bridge

   ~ --- Outfitter: Rokumondo Antique Shop ---   
     Ceramic Sword               32000
     Cermic Gauntlet             35000
     Broad Axe                   15800
     Clown Shoes                 32200
     Magician's Rod              21000
     Flaming Gun                 37000
     Ceramic Dagger              32000
     Titatium Claw               35000
     Ablative Armor              33200
     Carbonite Armor             30000

   ~ --- Shopping Center (both sides) ---   
     Physical Enhancer             800
     Mental Enhancer              1000
     Analeptic                    3000
     Basic                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Clone Geenrator               350
     Fresh Sage                    310

   ~ Items: Aquaberries (Recreational Zone)
            Carbonite Armor (Middle)
            32,000 Fol (Storehouse near save point)
            Runic Cloth (Storehouse)
            Ablative Shield (Storehouse)
            Spike Shose (Storehouse)
            Battle Armor (Storehouse)
            19,000 (Research Zone, Southwest side)
            Laser Weapon (Research Facility 1)
            Synthesis Materials (Research Facility 1)
            Perfect Berries (Research Facility 2)
            24,000 Fol (Research Facility 2)
            Blackberries (Habitation Zone, North)
            Trading Card EX1 (Habitation Zone, North)
            Cooking Ingredients (Habitation Zone southeast)
            Trading Card 1 (Habitation Zone Northwest)
            Perfect Berries (Habitation Zone North East)
            Ablative Armor (Habitation Zone North)
            Magical Berries (Research Zone North)
            Jewel of Alertness (Research Zone, North)
            Ripe Berries (Research Zone, North)
            Magical Berries (Research Zone Lower Level, middle)
            Ripe Berries (Research Zone Lower Level, middle)
            Life Saver (Inside Building)

   ~ Enemies: Lvl 2 Stinger, Mini-Fly, Incapacitator, Destroyer
       Drops: Machinery Materials, Eldritch Fire Stone

   - You'll be exploring the Moonbase directly from the Aqualelie transporter
     so  head west from your starting point. Your destination is the Research
     Zone. Pepita Rosetti will meet you before continuing. Save up and  stock
     up on recovery items on the north west area. From that save point,  head
     southeast into the "lobby", then continue west (or southwest).

     You'll will have your first battle with the new batch of enemies  you'll
     fighting from now on - The Proclaimer

   ~ Boss: Proclaimer

   - Yes,  at your current level, the damage dealt  by this  enemy is  rather
     heavy. Start getting used to this enemy's attacks and counter-attack on-
     ly when you see an opening. Watch out especially for  its  outward-light
     spiral attack. Even at higher levels the damage dealt is dangerous.

   - After defeating the Proclaimer, you'll have a cutscene with Pepita.  You
     can have in your party if you want, so decide at this point.

   * If you have time, I suggest you level Sophia in Moonbase if you plan  to
     use include her in your final 3. Just make sure you fight monsters other
     than the Destroyer.

   * At this point, you can still have Pepita join you permanently later. Her
     attacks are helpful however she won't do for a healer.

   - After  returning to  the  Save point (prior to fighting the proclaimer),
     you  can  now  proceed to  the research area. From the Proclaimer battle
     area,  imagine a "Z" direction. You are in  the middle of  the "Z",   so
     proceed southwest, then east. When you see a path heading down, you have
     reached  the Reasearch Facility.  You'll have a  cutscene that  explains
     most of your powers. From the Facility,  continue  southwest and  gather
     the items you can. If you follow the past you haven't travelled  (east),
     you'll end up in the original place again ("lobby").
   * Here you'll have another cutscene with Pepita - you now have a choice of
     having her in your party permanently.

   - After the cutscene, head back to the Aquaelie.

   E. Battleship Aquaelie [D2-AQUAELIE-2]

   > Back in the Aquaelie, look for Sophia in the private room
     (left corridor, left door 3rd from the top)
   > Rest up, then head back to the bridge
   > Cutscene - Shuttle Calnus

   - The events in the Aquaelie at this section are quick.  You can  directly
     proceed with the story, by resting in your bed. When you wake up, you'll
     be summoned to the bridge again. Then it's off to the Transporter  room,
     you'll be boarding the shuttle calnus, then off to Planet Styx

   * You can trigger an additional cutscene with Sophia prior to resting. You
     can find her in the 3rd door from the top on the left side.

   F. Planet Styx [PLN-STYX1]
   > Find the Time Gate
   ~ Enemies: Proclaimer, Mini-fly, Enforcer, lvl 2 Robo Gunner
     Drops  : Machinery Materials

   - All you have to do in this area is explore the map and look for the por-
     tal-like   structure. You can find this somewhere north to northwest  in
     the whole map. When you do, you'll have a cutscene, then you'll be trans
     ported to Gemity.

   G. Gemity (Arkives, Residential District) [TWN-ARKI]
   > Fight Security Service Member
   > Get Authentication Disk from Flad
   > Try out the simulator
   > Get to the City

   ~ Items: Cooking Ingredients (Southwest Private Home)
            Ripe Berries (Northwest Private Home)
            Jewel of Alertness (Southeast Private Home)
            Physical Enhancer (Southeast Private Home)
            35,000 Fol (West Private Home)

   ~ --- Shop: The Amazing Don Quixote ---   
     Physical Enhancer             800
     Mental Enhancer              1000
     Analeptic                    3000
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Clone Geenrator               350
     Fresh Sage                    310

   ~ --- Armorer: Cosup ---   
     Ceramic Sword               32000
     Ceramic Gauntlet            35000
     Broad Axe                   15800
     Clown Shoes                 32200
     Magician's Rod              21000
     Flaming Gun                 37000
     Ceramic Dagger              32000
     Titanium Claw               35000
     Ablative Armor              33200
     Carbonite Armor             30000

   - You'll have a long cutscene and will be fighting some  security  service
     personnel afterwards. Head out into the residential district and to  the
     simulator west area. Enter the station and you'll be in Gemity.

   H. Gemity (Town Proper) [TWN-GEMI]

   ~ Items: Synthesis Materials (Gemity Theme Park)
            Ripe Berries (Gemity Theme Park)
            Boko of Prophecies 5
            Rapid Invocation

   ~ --- Shop: Muscle Garden ---   
     Physical Enhancer             800
     Mental Enhancer              1000
     Analeptic                    3000
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Life Saver                   4800
     Mind Saver                   4800
     Rapid Invocation            22400
     Keen Kitchen Knife          55000
     Clone Generator               350
     Fresh Sage                    310
   ~ --- Weapon Shop: Remul Studio ---   
     Laser Weapon                42500
     Ablative Shield             46000
     Ceramic Sword               32000
     Ceramic Gauntlet            35000
     Poleaxe                     43000
     Clown Shoes                 32200
     Magician's Rod              21000
     Flaming Gun                 37000
     Ceramic Dagger              32000
     Titanium Claw               35000
     Ablative Armor              33200
     Carbonite Armor             30000

   ~ --- Shop: The Prince's Test Site ---   
     Physical Enhancer             800
     Mental Enhancer              1000
     Analeptic                    3000
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Pomelo Juice               xxxxxx
     Fresh Sage                    310

   - Your objective here is to access the terminal in Gemity.  In this  area,
     you'll  have the  option of  playing mini-games (i.e. Runic Chess, etc).
     To proceed further in the story, you'll need to access either one of the
     portals in the center of the area. Don't worry, you can still go back to
     play the games if you want to advance in the story already.  Talk to the
     attendant to start the cutscene. Once the scene is over, talk to  every-
     one then talk to Maria. Another scene will trigger and  you'll be  given
     a choice on places to go, select Elicoor II (for now).

   * You'll be given a choice of the ff. destinations:
     Vanguard 3
     Elicoor II
     Planet Styx

   - Whichever place you pick, you can return to the terminal anytime by just
     going through the dimensional portal (your starting point).

   /*---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
   | Choice: Elicoor II [PLN-ELIC-3]                                        |
   * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *

   - If you pick Elicoor II, you'll end up somewhere in the Aire Hills, some-
     where betweem Kirsla and Aire.

   * At this point, you now have the chance of recruiting  another member  if
     you didn't pick Pepitta.

     Nel - If you want Nel, head for Aquios. You'll find her in her room.
           Talk to her. To get her to join your party, answer:           
           "We can't take it easy"
           then she'll join your party.
     Roger - Head to Surferio and talk to him to get him to join.
     Albel - To get Albel, you'll need to talk to Walter. You'll find him  in
           Kirsla. Then he sends you off to Urza Lava caves (yes, all the way
           to Aquios, the to Crosel's Lair. You'll fight Albel with Fayt one-
           on-one if you want to recruit him.

   /*---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
   | Choice: Vanguard 3 [PLN-VANG-3]                                        |
   * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *

   Enemies: Lvl 24 theiving scumbag

   - Remember that since the start of Disc 2 you have the Disintegration Ring
     so  you can now go back to the areas you couldn't access before.  You'll
     be surprised at what you will find. Also, now would  be  a  good time to
     use the Gutsy Bunny item, which raises the levels of your opponents. The
     monsters here are the usual ones you found when you were starting.

   Pesotto Forest: Ruins [D2-PESOTTO-RUI]
                   Cooking Ingredients (east side)
                   35,000 Fol (continuing thru the path from
                   the east side)
                   Bunny Shoes (furthermore thru the east side)

   In the group of buildings outside the ruins, you'll find the ff:
      Perfect Berries - (Green chest close to door)
      Trading Card EX16 - Beside couch (northwest corner)
      Earth Pixie - Beside couch (north)
      65,000 Fol (southeast)

   /*---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
   | Choice: Moonbase [GEM-MOON]                                            |
   * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *

   - If you decide to go to the Moonbase, you can level here or buy items  at
     the shops. Some items aren't sold in any other place.

   /*---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
   | END OF CHOICE SECTION]                                                 |
   * ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *

   - After returning from the travel in the terminal, talk to  the  attendant
     again.  You'll have another cutscene and the next time you activate  the
     terminal, "Sphere Corporation" will now be available to travel to.

   - Returning to the game, when you enter the Sphere corporation, you'll
     have a battle with Seurity Force Members (Drop: Machinery Materials)
   ~ Boss: Azazer (Drop: Charm of Tranquility)
   - This boss would be known for high-damage MP, so keep an eye on your par-
     ty's MP. Other than that, just pummel him with your favorite  super can-
     cel combos. Welcome to the Sphere Company

   Sphere Company [DUN-SPHERE]

   > Get the uninstaller from Blair

   ~ Enemies: Security Force Member, Incapacitator 4, Lvl3 Robo Gunner
              4D Security Soldier
     Drops: Machinery Materials, Jewel of Avarice, Jewel of Alertness
            Jewel of Refuge

   ~ Items: Perfect Berries [lvl 2]
            Cooking Ingredients [lvl 2 southwest from stairs]
            Synthesis Materials, Ripe Berries, Analeptic [ lvl 3 ]
            [ Level 5 ]
            Laser Weapon 
            Mental Enhancer 
            Trading Card 2 
            Ceramic Gauntlet 
            Ripe Berries 
            Synthesis Materials 
            [ lvl 6 ]
            Synthesis Materials

            [ Top Floor 211 ]
            Dilapidated Textbook [ Northwest area ] 
            Celestial Pixie [ West area ]

   - When you have crossed some 50% of the map, you'll be coming from
     a staircase with a save point. You'll run into a  dead end, then  you'll
     have a cutscene. You'll meet Blair (Flad's friend) 

   - After the cutscene with Blair, keep going further, you'll  have  a boss 
     battle with Beriel and Belzeber.

   ~ Boss: Beriel and Belzeber
   - Although Belzeber is annoying, be wary of  Beriel's  missile  barrage as
     you  will  spend lots  of healing items if you're not packing a  lot  of
     stun bombs. Defeating Beriel first is recommended since he doesn't  move
     as fast a Belzeber. Also, activate MP damage on your  abilities so  that
     you'll defeat Beriel much faster.

   - After  defeating these two, the main hall now has a save point.  Collect
     the items on this floor, then examine the panel which turns on the  ele-
     vator.  Notice the elevators (previously off) are not usable.  Head  for
     the  top  floor.  When you do reach the top floor, save your game,  then
     continue for another cutscene. After the scene you will now be  back  at
     Planet Styx.

   Planet Styx [PLN-STYX2]
   ~ Enemies: Convictor, Robo Gunner lvl 3, Incapacitator 4
              Phantom Striker, Yuan-Ti

   ~ Boss: Proclaimer, Enforcer, Convictor
   - By now, you are most probably used to Proclaimer attack patterns. You'll
     be figthing an Enforcer afterwards. Don't worry, you'l be fighting  them
     one at a time. However, make sure you're loaded with  healing  items, or
     else you'll have a difficult defeating the Convictor with your HP  spent
     on the Proclaimer and Enforcer.

   - You'll be able to save at this point. Head south (same way you  came  in
     the first time you were navigating this map) and you'll have a cutscene.
     You'll be back in the Diplo.

   Flagship Diplo [FLG-DIPL-2]
   - At the diplo, Talk to Marietta and Steeg, then head back to the bridge 
     and talk to Mirage. Mirage joins your party.
   - Now, your over-all objective is to head for the  Shrine of Kaddan to get
     the Sacred Orb. You'll be dropped off at the Irisa Fields.  From  there,
     go to Aquios

   Irisa Fields II:
   > Head for Aquios

   ~ Enemies: Killer Moth, Yuan-Ti , Proclaimer

   - There's nothing required to do in this area.  But it is  recommended  to
     level a bit in this area.

   - From this point onwards, whenever you enter a town, there will be a  new
     character called the Retail Rabbit Ring Maker.  He'll  offer to recharge
     your Disintegration Ring for a fee. This will motivate you more to  keep
     on using your Disintegration Ring when the situation calls for it.
   - It is strongly recommended that you keep on inventing items that  use up
     materials (i.e. Compounding Materials, etc.) so that  whenever  you  get
     Item Creation raw materials as bonus items for using your Disintegration
     Ring, you'll always have spaces in your inventory for them.

   ~ L. Sealed Cavern 2 [DUN-SEAL-2]
   > Head for the Shrine of Kaddan
     Enemies: Convictor, Yuan-Ti, Flaming Zombie, Blood Monster
   - The Sealed Cavern is just the same old area you've been in, but the ene-
     mies are more powerful. While they give good experience and money, don't
     get careless. When you reach the area where you were previously attacked
     by the Flying Knight, you'll have a battle with a new enemy.   

   ~ Boss: Lesser Eye
     Difficulty: Moderate
     Drop: Sysnthesis Materials

   * Keep a  supply of Sages and Petrify-Immune gear (if you have) in  check.
     Using stun items is a good idea when it starts an attack that petrifies.
     We  recommend the Duck-duck stun bomb (if it has already been invented).
     Use this  most especially if it starts going airborne (and  you  haven't
     set anti-air attacks to your characters. Fayt and Nel have  airborne-hit
     attacks by default, so there's no problem at all. If ever you do run out
     of  stun items, just time your air-attacks when the eye has finished.

   - After defeating this enemy, it's time to get the Sacred Orb. 

   Shrine of Kaddan
   > Get the Sacred Orb

   Enemies: Polyhedron, Enforcer, Unhol Terror, Dark Armor, 
            Lvl100 Ravitch, Shining Wisp
   Drops: Mist Charm, Scholar's Bracelet, Writing Materials
          Alchemy Materials

   Items: Ripe Berries, Enchanted Pen
          Magical Berries, 22000 Fol, Compounding Elixirs
          Synthesis Materials
   - This is the same as the previous run of this dungeon, except that  there
     are no more earthquakes to watch for (to open new areas, etc). Take note
     that since you have your Disintegration Ring now, you can blast sections
     you would not be able to go through previously. When you get to the area
     where the Crystal Cerberus attacked you, you will be met by new monster.

   ~ Boss: Dark Armor
     Difficulty: Medium
   * Despite these having low HP, they soak up damage pretty well. Again, the
     Side Kick attack and Flying Guillotine will end them quickly.  Beware of
     their Hammerquake attack - it's area damage and could kill you instantly
     if you're caught within the blast radius more than once.
   - After defeating this one, keep on exploring further.  You'll  eventually
     come across a room with a Crystal Statue. You'll be fighting it.
   ~ Boss: Crystal Statue
     Difficulty: Medium

   * It seems that this monster has replicated the Crystal Cerberus. And just
     like the original one, this version is just as annoying. It keeps on mo-
     ving so Symbiology spells would keep it still for a while enough to land
     a barrage of Side Kicks and Guillotines. Stun  items also  work but  you
     really won't need it, just save it for tougher monsters.
   - If  you'll remember the chamber where the Sacred Orb is is north so keep
     going  that same way you took. You'll be fighting one last boss  monster
     before you reach the Orb.

   ~ Boss: Dark Eye
     Difficulty: Medium

   * This boss is like the Lesser Eye you fought before entering the  Shrine.
     You  most probably have some stun items in your inventory so use'em  all
     up since you're headed back to the city after this fight.

   The Return to Mosel Ruins
   > Head back to Aquios and stock up.
   > Head to Mosel Ruins

   - You'll have a cutscene when you return to Aquios. Then you'll be off  to
     the Mosel Ruins.


   * At  this point, before you head to the Mosel Ruins,  you have  to decide
     where you're going to level-up. This is because in the  next area  after
     the Mosel Ruins, there will be no more item shops, meaning you will have
     to go all the way back to Surferio (at least) if you're  out of  healing
     items. Take note that food can't be used in combat so they're pretty use
     less to carry around. The best way of making sure that  you have  enough
     MP for symbiolgy healing is by equipping one Regeneration Symbol on  all
     of your characters. You will seldom run out of MP this way. We recommend
     levelling up to have one character at lvl 70 so you'll be strong  enough
     not to use healing items and rely on your party's Healing symbiology for
     most battles.
   * Don't use  Blackberries to restore MP except when in crucial battles. In
     some cases that your team get careless and die due to low MP, don't  bo-
     ther healing their low MP with Blackberries. Unless you  can  defeat the
     enemy yourself, just let them die and resurrect them when the battle  is
     over. Moreover, don't waste your Magical Berries and Perfect Berries  on
     non-boss monsters. Save them all for the final boss.  You'll  definitely
     need it.

   * Also, whenever you can, use Sophia's Restoration spell to resurrect  in-
     capacitated characters AFTER combat.  Level her up  until you  have this
     this spell in her ability at least if you don't plan to use her for your
     final party of 3. Whatever happens, don't waste your Fresh Sages, Resur-
     rection  Elixirs (and other resurrection items) until you  have  crossed
     the  Firewall. (We recommend not using more than 7 Fresh Sages.  If  you
     bought  Resurrection Elixirs and other items, then you can  use half  of
     them).  There is  nothing more frustrating than to be in the  final boss
     fight only to die everytime realizing that you have a low supply of resu
     rrection items.

   * For in-combat healing for non-boss monsters, aside from the Healing sym-
     biology, use Blueberries until you reach the Spiral Tower.     

   * For equipment, your final 3 must AT LEAST have (for each member):
     - A Laser Weapon
     - Regeneration Symbol     
     - Wargod's Symbol
     - Symbol or Courage (interchange between another Wargod's Symbol when
       your bonus battle gauge is full).

   - The  following  below is just a run-down of the areas and enemies you'll
     be encountering before you reach Mosel.

   -- Shop in Peterny - Love Street
   Loquat Juice      3050
   Gooseberry Juice  3100
   Pomello Juice   316769

   ~ --- Shop: Rapid Rabit | Faerie Tear ---   
     Clone Generator               350
     Basil                          20
     Sage                           20
     Lavender                       20
     Fresh Sage                    310

   Sanmite Steppe 2   
   Enemies: Myconid, Convictor

   Passage from Parch to Plenty 2
   Enemies: Giant Viper, Necromancer

   Palmira Plains 2
   Enemies: Yuan-Ti, Blood Monster, Giant Moth, Convictor, Enforcer

   Mosel Dunes:
   > Head for the Ancient Ruins of Mosel
   Enemies: Chimera, Death Master, Giant Mantis, Proclaimer
   - Before you enter the actual Mosel Dunes, you'll have a battle
   ~ Boss: Chimera
     Difficulty: Hard
   * Perhaps one of the worthiest battles in this game. A hell lot of HP plus
     high damage, area-of-effect attacks that  could  incapacitate,   if  not
     paralyze your  party. This is where you'll really  appreciate  the  stun
     items. Time it when it is about to spawn its flame breathing attack.  If
     it manages to do flame attack, it's bound to hurt your party real bad so
     have healing immediately. Don't wait for symbiology healing.   

   - After this battle, there will be no more "running-out-of-water" so  just
     roam around and kill monsters or head to the Ruins directly north.

   Ancient Ruins of Mosel
   > Head for the Conference Room
   Enemies: Convictor, Proclaimer, Lesser Demon
   - Your destination in the Ruins is the place where you met King Airyglyph.
     From the  entrance, just head northwest then there will be a save point.
     Be sure to save first before heading to the conference room. You'll have
     a boss battle.

   Boss: Stone Golem
   Difficulty: Hard
   Drop: Synthesis Materials

   * Another one of the annoying bosses.  This is because no matter  how many
     attacks you manage to connect in a combo, his sitting  attack (area dmg)
     will knock out anyone in its radius. Either use stun bombs then move  in
     and spawn combos until he recovers, or keep your distance  and let Nel's
     Flying Guillotine do the job or area/long range symbiology spell.  

   ! After defeating the Stone Golem, notice that there are two paths to  the
     south. One that leads east and west. The east section leads  to a  bonus
     dungeon (to be discussed), while the west door is where you're headed if
      you want to head to the last area of the game.
   - If you  continue to the west section, you'll have a cutscene again  then
     you'll be in the Firewall (of the Owner's world).

   > Fight your way to the exit and head to the the Spiral Tower

   Enemies: Masque, Attack Bot, Elder Eye

   - When you reach the firewall, you'll have a cutscene with Blair. The fire
     wall is the last line of defense before reaching the owner's lair. There
     aren't any difficult monsters in this area (Mosel Dunes was tougher).
     This  area is characterized by one-way doors and  portals that  when you
     touch, make these one-way doors "passable".  Some permanent, while  some
     for one-time entry. After the door becomes one-way again, you'll have to
     go back another route just to pass through that one-way door.  There are
     also a bunch of Polyhedra roaming. Except that when they come in contact
     with you, you'll be teleported at the entrance where you  most  recently
     came.  It is  recommended that you use the maximized view of the map  to
     be able to navigate easier instead of running a long  way  and  suddenly
     you  run into a  polyhedra by accident. Although you don't get  damaged,
     this is quite time-consuming. When you've reached a save point, the next
     room you enter will have a boss waiting for you.

   Boss: Battlecopter
   Difficulty: Medium
   * This fight is like the Dark Eye, except that you have to dodge missiles.
     Use the  usual Side Kick, Guillotine combo. If it goes airborne,  Fayt's
     long circle  button  attack will  hit it  (50-50 chance). The  quick-tap
     circle attack will also damage it  but there's no combo so to deal  with
     it quickly, use symbiology spell to lock it down and then combo away.
   - After  defeating  this boss, you'll see another save point next  to  the
     teleporter. You've finally made it to the last dungeon.
   Spiral Tower
   > Make your way to the top
   Enemies: Blood monster, Masque
   Level 1
   Items: Trading Card 3, Blackberries
   - Just  collect the items in this area then keep going.  If you can't  see
     them,  try  rotating the camera. If you've been using the Disintegration
     Ring a lot, by this time, they'll most definitely be depleted, so  don't
     bother  about busting a lot of crystals since the item bonuses won't  be
     coming  out, plus since you're near the end of the game, there's  really
     no need to spend more time creating items.
   Lvl. 2
   Items: None
   - When  you reach the 2nd level you'll see a save point.  Save first, then
     continue for a cutscene. Then you'll have a boss-fight.

   Boss: Pseudo-Blair
   Difficulty: Medium
   * Yes, compared to your previous boss battles, this one is definitely  ea-
     sier.  All you'll  need is to keep away when she starts her  area-damage
     attacks. Unless you really have to, don't waste stun items on her.
   - After this, enter the next chamber and you'll find the real Blair who is
     trapped in a crystal-energy prison. She'll offer to help you  but  since
     she's trapped she can't be of help so you'll have to free her. After the
     cutscene, notice that there are three paths. Each end of the paths  have
     a device in the middle that when you touch, you'll be fighting a monster
     depending on which direction you took.

   Boss: Ruktogias (green)   
   Boss: Death Monster (red)   
   Boss: Chimera Hawk (blue)
   Difficulty: Medium

   * Each  of these fights aren't difficult either.  You  could tell by their
     low HP. Again, don't waste stun items on them.
   - Once you have defeated these three, go back to the place where Blair  is
     and  she'll be free from her prison. Next thing to do is to head to  the
     elevator. She'll activate it to get you to the next level.

   Lvl. 3
   Items: Efreet Crystal (2), Worn-out Textbook, 62700 Fol, Blackberries
          Fenrir Crystal (2), Bunny Shoes [from Crystal game chest]
   Enemies: Shadow Savant, Ram Guardian

   - A feature of this area is that it is full of color-puzzle-locked  doors.
     The trick is to get the color of the gem in the middle within the  given
     number  of tries indicated by the number in the crystal.  To make things
     a  little challenging, if you fail to match the color by the  number  of
     tries, you'll be attacked by an enemy.  If  you manage to get the  color
     right without reaching the maximum number of tries to change, you  won't
     get anything, but if you get the comibination correctly while usiing all
     the attempts, you'll get a treasure chest.
     The last door with the color-puzzle-locked door is your way  to the  4th
   Lvl. 4 & 5
   - There's nothing on these levels but a path to the next stair case.
     Just head up.

   Level 6
   Items: Synthesis Materials, Magical Berries, Compounding Elixirs
          Fire Absorption, 
          [in one room]
          Synthesis Materials, Ripe Berries, Compounding Elixirs

   - This  section has  doors that can be broken by the  Disintegration Ring.
     You'll  spot them easier by checking the walls for  sections with  light
     showing from the floor. When you see that, it's time to use your  Disin-
     tegration Ring.  There are 3 doors like these - with switches at the end
     after entering. Notice that at the start of Lvl 6 you'll see an elevator
     that  doesn't work - it should work now after touching those 3 switches.
     Now it's up to the 7th floor.

   Lvl. 7 - 9

   - Again there's nothing on these levels but a path to the next stair case.
     Just head up.

   Level 10
   Enemies: Biochimera

   - Finally, the last floor. The path of this floor extends north and branc-
     hes out,  but the  path in the middle is the one that you'll want.  Keep
     going on  an  unseemingly long path up north until you see a save point.
     When you see a save point, finally, your final battle is here.
   ~ Boss: Lucifer
     Difficulty: Medium / Difficult

   * Lucifer comes in two forms. The first form is rather weak.The second one
     is much much stronger. Don't hesitate using your best healing items  and
     offense items if any. We recommend the Duck-duck stun bomb to  interrupt
     his casting. When the battle area turns into a sea of blood,  keep  away
     from him. He disappears when this attack is happening.
     As a  general tip - NOW is the time to use your best items both  offense
     and support since this is your last battle.
     For party-selection advice, we recommend:
     1) Maria and Nel
     2) Sophia and (Nel, Cliff, Mirage)
     3) Maria and Cliff
   - After defeating Lucifer, congratulations you've just finished the  game.
     After the ending credits roll, you'll view scenes with the characters in
     it and sort of continuing each character's personal story. You will also
     receive a SaveGame prompt which you should save since this savegame data
     gives you access to a higher-level in the game (4D, etc.) 

  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | - Game Extras -                                                |
  \   [ Constantly being updated ]                                 |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

   SQ02. Aquatic Garden, Surferio [DUN-SURF]

   ~ Enemies: Bestial, Axe Beak, Puppet Golem
   ~ Drops: Smithery Materials

   ~ Items: Alchmy Materias, Eldrich Fire Stone

   - Surferio Aquatic Garden is west of the Irisa Fields.  When  you  see the
     save point by the entrance to an undergronud path, you've found it.

     This dungeon's difficulty will depend on what level you are when you en-
     ter. At around level 30, the XP is pretty decent, so if you have time to
     spare, level here before heading to Aquios for the first time.

    - Kirsla Mines 2
    - Items: Trading Card EX4 (Green chest using disintegration ring) 
             Magical Berries, Perfect Berries, Ripe Berries(2)

  * ----------------------------------------------------------------
  | - Inventor Information -                                       |
  \                                                                |
    -------------------------------------------------------------- *

| Name        | Location                      | Requirement to Join     |
| Damda Mooda | West Aquios                   | Winking Sage Cider      |
| Gossam      | Northern Peterny              | Fake Youth Medicine     |
| Mayu        | Kirsla Training Facility      | Adorable Kitty Doll     |
|             |                               | (crafting)              |
| Eliza       | East Aquios. near garden      | 10,000 Fol              |
| Grats       | Bequerel Mines (summit)       | 25,000 Fol              |
| Stanice     | Surferio (inn)                | Limited Edition Doll    |
| Rigel       | Iron Curtain Grocer, Kirsla   |                         |
| Misty Lear  | Barr Mountains                | Spirit Stone            |
| Mackwell    | Library of Theology, Castle   | Book of Prophecies I    |
| Lias        | Dragon's Breath tavern        | 28,000 Fol              |
|             | in Airyglyph                  |                         |
| Cornelius   | Outfitter Tiamat in Airyglyph |                         |
| Mishell     | Central Aquios                | 85,000 Fol              |
| Gusto       | Peterny, south section        | 60,000 Fol              |
| Vanilla     | Urssa Lava Caves              | 30,000 Fol              |
| Aqua & Evia | Temple in Peterny             | 20,000 Fol              | 
| Killer Chef | Surferio                      | Keen Kitchen Knife      | 
| Louise      | Surferio                      | 90,000 Fol              | 
| Gusto       | Peterny (South)               | 60,000 Fol              | 
| Milenya     | Arias                         |  3,200 Fol              | 
| Chilico     | Surferio                      | 82,200 Fol              | 

   - to CJayc and GAMEFAQs for hosting this. More power to you.
   - to Edward Chang and Alex Eagleson whose guide helped me in proof-reading
     and verifying some fine points in my walkthrough.
   - to whoever's reading this - Thanks for d/l / reading this guide.
     Hope you enjoy reading it as I did making it.

     My other works:     
     Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (also on GAMEFAQs)
     StarOcean: The Second Story: (also on GAMEFAQs)
   - To Square Enix/Tri-Ace for this great game

   - Answers to spoiler(s): Combination Lock
     2 - By the passage, 5 - near an item chest
     6 - By the door