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                        Star Ocean : Till The End Of Time
                            Spoiler-Free  Walkthrough
                                  Version : 1.02


Author : Richard Hughes, The Unbeliever
Began  : March 9, 2005
Email  : harbingerhound(at)gmail(dot)com
Note   : All hail Discordia



1. About This Guide
2. Walkthrough
  2.1 DISC ONE
  2.2 DISC TWO
3. Copyright Information


1. About This Guide

"You see? Size defeats us." - The man in black, Stephen King's Dark Tower.

This guide is a brief and hopefully to-the-point walkthrough of the superb RPG,
Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. I will not list monsters' stats nor give boss
strategies. Only items of interest will be given for each area, Private Actions
will for the most part will be excluded. The point of this guide is tell you,
the player, where to go without "holding your hand". Should you feel the need
to know all the items an area has to offer, or need help defeating a strong foe
then there are other, more detailed (and probably better!) guides available.

Map completion refers to the sometimes lengthy process of revealing the entire
map of an area. For the first disc, only some maps can be completely revealed
without a special item you acquire later. Completing the maps is rewarding, for
doing so you'll receive a bunny statue (1/144, 1/60 or 1/1). The 1/144 and 1/60
scale bunnies boost your speed in battle slightly, but do not stack. The 1/1
bunny reduces your speed by half. The statues sell for a large amount of Fol,
so it's recommended that you keep one 1/144 bunny and sell all the others.

v1.03 - An email from Will (reaper.of.spares, gmail) informs me that the
        Bequerel mine section has an error - one dragon head light is west, not

v1.02 - A few more important items that I'd missed by speeding through the game
        and information about the Disintegration Hammers that I saw someone on
        the board needed help finding.

v1.01 - Fixed two errors, submitted to Neoseeker.com. Playing through again to
        just check everything's in order (and to get a few more trophies).

v1.0  - Finished guide, submitted to GameFAQs.com.


2. Walkthrough


Hyda IV
* Go to either of the teleporters and you'll arrive at the main hotel screen.
* Enter the room in the north-east. After the event, enter the central room and
  examine one of the battle simulator consoles located around the room.
* Important: Activate the Battle Trophy data.

Evacuation Facility
* Speak with Peppita's group, then head to your bed and sleep.

Transport Ship
* Try to climb the stairs.
* Talk to everyone, head to the observation deck.
* Climb the stairs, talk to the attendants. Downstairs, talk to Peppita's group
  and go back upstairs. Head to the pods.

Pesotto Forest and Whipple
Map Completion: Yes
* North, then north again.
* Talk to the village elder in the NE house, then go back to Niklas's house.
* Go back to the forest, then south, south. After the scene, back to Whipple.
* The next morning, head back to the forest.
* Take the western exit this time.

Coffir Ruins and Norton's HQ
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Medecentra Pyroxene.
* Go north, then around the back of the large building on the north-most screen
  and battle the trio.
* In the HQ, go south then west. Enter the password (256). Head out and south
  and battle the boss. Head back to the password room and get the parts. Exit
  the HQ and return to Whipple.
* After the scene, talk to the elder to obtain a good item. Leave and go to the
  cliff near your pod.

Airyglyph and the Aqueducts
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Worm-Eaten Tome.
* Talk to Mirage twice and Cliff once, then exit the ship.
* Fight the boss.
* The Aqueduct's design is straight-forward, just continue through.
* To safely cross ice, hold the 'walk' button (circle).
* Fight the boss and cross the ice.
* Exit Airyglyph.

Traum Mountains
Map Completion: Yes.
* The path is very simple, just follow it east.

Kirlsa and the Kirlsa Caverns.
Map Completion: No.
* Talk to the man in the south-west corner of town, then go to the cemetary in
  the north-west.
* Take the northen exit.
* Go east until a room that loops around on tracks. Go through the north-west
  door and fight the boss. Examine the lever afterwards. Just go around the
  caverns until you're back in the looping room and examine the machine.
* Select 'steady'. Turns can only be made when you're below 25 km/hour. Choose
  left, right, left, then slow down to 5 km/hour to avoid the rocks, then left,
  speed up to get past the worst of the rocks and get through the barriers, and
  make a final left turn.

Bequerel Mountain Path
Map Completion: Yes.
* South-west: Kirlsa caverns.
  South-east: The next town (your destination).
  North: Bequerel mine.
  North-west: Moutains of Barr.

Items of Interest? Multi-Flask.
* Go the the mansion in the middle of the town. Enter the room to the right of
  the statue. Examine the bed to sleep. Go back to the large room.
* Take the south-west exit out of town.

Kirlsa/Aire Hills
Map Completion? Yes.
* A simple map, go south-west and then north.

Kirlsa and the Granah Hills
Map Completion: Yes
* Take the southern exit in Kirlsa.
* Another simple map, just go east.

The Training Facility 
Map Completion: Yes, but it's difficult.
Items of Interest? Neglected Textbook, Cuprite Key.
* Floor 1 - Loop around until you're on the eastern walkway. Take the west door
  then north, then south-west.
* Floor 2 - Head to the north-east corner.
* Floor 3 - Go to the western walkway, then go east into another walkway and
  north into the kitchen. Talk to the girl to receive the key to the elevator.
* Go back down to the first floor. Once back out on the eastern walkway, go
  north, north-east and fight the enemy. Examine the door and select the fourth
* Floor 4 - Follow the path west and then south, fight the boss.
* Head back to Arias.

Arias and the Palmira Plains
Map Completion: Yes.
Items of Interest: Cherubic Bust.
* Go to the mansion and into the room to the right of the statue.
* Go north to the next town.

Items of Interest: Compact Communicator.
* Head for the western part of town to join the Craftsman's Guild.
* Go to the centre of town and go to the temple in the south-west.
* Go to the inn in the western part of town and talk to the woman at the desk.
* Go to the eastern part of town and head down the southern lane.
* Return to the inn and talk to Nel. In the morning, take the western exit.

Sanmite Steppes
Map Completion: Yes.
* Go down the hill, across the river and up to the forest.

Duggus Forest
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Limited Edition Doll, Orb of Alertness.
* First map screen:
  West, north-west, west then south for an event. East, east, north and examine
  the spring. Go back to the event's location. West, south-west, west.
* Second map screen:
  North, north, avoid the boulders and west, some more boulders and south,
  south, west, more boulders and west.
* Once you see the hut to the west, you can decide to go there and thus recruit
  another party member and then fight a boss, or you can just ignore it and 
  continue on.
* North, boulders and east, north, east, north-west, west, let the boulders go
  past to fill holes and west, south, south-west.
* Third map screen:
  Go to the left-most north exit, fight the boss, then go back south and then
  west twice. After the scene you'll be back in Peterny. Take the northen exit
  to continue on the road to Aquios.

Optional: Surferio
Items of Interest: Ancient Books 1-7, Blueprints.
* If you recruited Roger, go to Surferio by taking Sanmite Steppes' northern 
  exit. Roger will give you the books you need for a sidequest.
* In Peterny's inn, you'll find two travelers, Ruddle and Rumina. You can help
  them get to Kirlsa and thusly get the chance to buy an item needed to recruit
  an inventor later. Tell them to go south, then go to Arias's inn and tell
  them to go south-west. Now go to Airyglyph's inn and tell them they've gone
  past Kirlsa. They'll be in Kirlsa's tavern.

Irisa Fields
Map Completion: Yes, twice.
* Optional: To the north-west is another Irisa Fields screen (with its own map
  completion bunny statue) that has an optional dungeon. The dungeon is fairly
  challenging and is not recommended attempting just yet. At the end is a boss
  that guards a special item (Paracelsus's Table) that you can take to the
  Craftsman's Guild in Peterny to unlock the vs. battle mode after you meet
  the leader of Quark.
* The exit north leads to the next town.

Aquios and Castle Aquaria
* Go north through the town to reach the castle.
* Go up the stairs on the western side of the castle. Take the eastern path and
  the southern door to reach the throne room.
* Talk to Cliff, who's in the temple - an entrance is right in front of the
  entrance to the castle. After your conversation, return to the guest room
  (the south-eastern room).
* The next morning, go to the research room, which is the room to the east, 
  upstairs on the western walkway. After the scene, go to the town's entrance.
* Go all the way back to Arias and go to the north-west exit.

Bequerel Mine
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Lightstone, Worm-Eaten Tome.
* North, north, examine the torch to start a battle and recieve an item you
  should equip for Fayt. North, west, west, north, chase the dragon to recieve 
  a key, examine the door to the east to open it, north (without any light, 
  including your lightstone).
* North-west, north (no light again), examine the three dragon heads, stand on
  the circle, examine the west and south dragon heads and go north thrice.
* North, fight the boss then go up to the mine cart for an event, west, south,
* Enter the building to the south. You can talk to the Runologist next to the
  mine cart to rest, and the soldier next to her will take you to the mine's
  entrance. Outside the mine, you'll face some soldiers and then a boss. Just
  continue down the path to Arias and you'll face another boss.
* Return to Aquios.

Aquios and Castle Aquaria
* After the scene, go to the research room in the castle, then go to the inn.
* Optional: After the inn event, you can go to the throne room in the castle to
  have another character join your party temporarily.
* Go to Arias.

Arias and the Aire/Kirlsa Hills
Map Completion: Yes, but no item.
* After the scene, go to the room to the right of the statue in the mansion. Go
  upstairs and talk to Cliff to choose to sleep. Exit the village to the Aire
  Hills to continue.
* Head to the Kirlsa side of the screen to battle a boss.
* After the scene, head back to the Aire side for another scene.

Aquios and the Sealed Cavern
Map Completion: Yes.
* Go to Dion's room, which is the first room to the right on the western path.
  Now go to the inn, and then back to Dion's room. A long scene will follow and
  you'll have a new (not to mention powerful and useful) companion.
* Head to the throne room, and then to the temple to access the Sealed Cavern.
  Talk to the woman standing near the stairs to recieve some Disintegration
  Hammers, which are needed to proceed in the Shrine.
* In the cavern, go straight north and examine the statue in the north-east. Go
  back south to the first room, north-east,north, west across the cubes, north,
  north-west, under the cubes and north, north, destroy the wall south and
  examine the statue to find a switch, go back north, west, under the cubes and
  west to fight a boss. Go north to reach the Shrine of Kaddan.

The Shrine of Kaddan
Map Completion: Yes.
Items of Interest: Shabby Textbook, Orb of Foe Finding, Book of Prophecies 1.
* North, battle and north, scene and east, battle and south, east, after the
  shaking break the lower western wall. Take the item from the large green
  chest and go to the workbench to create an amulet from the three stones. Go
  back east, north-west, north, east, north and fight the boss, north.
* East, north, west, north and check the big chest for another earthquake,
  south, east, break the eastern wall and go through, east, north, north.
* North, north, north, north, either individual fights or go through the hole,
* South-east, east, up to the north-east room and touch the gem, back west, now
  go north, avoid the cubes and north, more cubes and north, north, north and
  battle. Return to the castle's throne room.
* Flashback: talk to Maria's mother several times to proceed.
* Head for the Mosel Ruins by going to Peterny, through the western exit to the
  Sanmite Steppes, where you'll fight a miniboss. Continue on your way to the
  north, and go through Surferio.

Passage From Parch To Plenty and the Mosel Dunes
Map Completion: Yes.
Items of Interest: Map of Mosel Dunes, Alchemist's Stone.
* The passage is a straight line through to the dunes, the man at the end will
  sell you a map for 10,000 Fol.
* The goal in the dunes is roughly to the north-east, you'll see it on the map.
  Replenish your water levels in every oasis along the way - walk into it and
  press X - and you'll make it easily.

Mosel Ruins
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Aqua Veil.
* Once inside the ruins, stand on the circle to view a scene. Go north, east,
  north, east and pick symbologist at the statues, west, west, west, west and 
  pick the warrior, east, south a little and east. Pick the thief and take the
  Aqua Veil from the chest. Go south for a scene. Afterwards, go north, west,
  south-west, south-east, south.
* Go all the way back to Airyglyph now.

* Go west to the castle and after the scene follow Woltar down the stairs.
* Now is the time to pick the character you want to join you later.
  Nel: Default.
  Roger: Go to the house across from the store in Surferio.
  Albel: Stay the night in Peterny's inn, and tell Albel you don't hate him.
* Your goal now is the Barr mountains. Outside Airyglyph is a dragon knight who
  will fly you between Airyglyph and the Bequerel path. Go north-west to reach
  the Barr mountains.

Mountains of Barr and the Barr Cave
Map Completion: No.
Items of Interest: Dragon's Windpipe.
* North, east, north, west, north behind the waterfall.
* North, north, north, east, north.
* North, north, north-west, north, north, north-east, north through the water.
  After the boss, you'll get the Dragon's Windpipe.
  This works as such: When you're in front of a stone dragon face, press the
  circle button to open it.
  Blue: Short, hard.
  Yellow: Short, soft.
  Red: Long, hard.
  Green: Long, soft.
* Go back down to the screen with the workshop, and when you go near the
  benches you'll forge a flute. Now go back to Barr Cave's second room, east
  and north.

The Barr Ruins and the Urssa Lava Caves
Items of Interest: Spirit Stone, Rabbit Ears Key, Book of Prophecies 2, Gutsy
                   Bunny, Ring of Disintegration.
* Go north until you reach the large stone dragon face. After a scene, head
  back south and east to the laboratory and check the glass cases on the wall
  to find the Dragon's Cranium.
* Now head through the ruins standing on the dragon symbols on the floor, once
  all four are lit return to the central room and behind the large dragon face
  is the central symbol. Back in the central room, stand on the other four and
  then go to the middle symbol. A door further north will open, go to it and
  you'll face another boss.
* In the lava caves, go to the bunny statue in the south-east and examine the
  back of it to find a key. Now go to the north-west, and enter the door. Now
  go to the middle of this screen to find a small dwelling. Inside, talk to the
  rabbit and he'll agree to make you a Ring of Disintegration. Choose 10,000
  Fol as payment and you'll receive a nice little item as a bonus.
* Now go back to Airyglyph and into the aqueducts. Destroy the ice directly
  north and go through to find the glowstone. Now return to the rabbit and you
  will be given the ring - with the ring, all maps can be completed.
* From the first room of the lava caves, go to the north-east and destroy the
  rocks in front of the large door. Go through and you'll have to battle the
  dragon twice.
* Back in Aquios, talk to all of your party members and return to the balcony
  behind the throne. Talk to the symbologist to continue. After the great scene
  go north for an event and it'll be the end of the disc.


Flagship Diplo
* Talk to everyone on board and soon you'll hear an announcement. Go to the
  upper deck and into the transporter to the south.

Training Facility and the Aquaelie
* After a scene, there'll be a battle and then another scene. Your goal is now
  the arena on the fourth floor. Go to the north-east corner of the first floor
  and enter the elevator. Once on the fourth floor, follow the path out. After
  a scene, you'll fight a boss.
* On the Aquaelie, go to the north-west room in the south-west walkway for a
  scene. Now go to Fayt's room, the north-east room  in the south-east walkway.
  Rest and there'll be a scene, then go to the bridge. After another scene, go
  to the southern transporter.

Items of Interest: Trading Card 1 and EX1, Sunrise Dictionary, NC Program Disk.
* West, west for a scene, back out and north-west and you'll fight a boss. Go
  east, south-east, east and down for a scene. Return to the shop screen, and
  decide whether or not to take Peppita with you. If you do, you won't be able
  to pick another Elicoorian (Nel, Albel, Roger). Go east back to the ship.
* Head to the bridge for another scene, then go back to Fayt's room to rest. Go
  to the bridge for a scene, then to the southern transporter.

* Head out of the ship, and go all the way north. On the next screen, go north
  again until you reach the Gate.

Arkives and Gemity
Items of Interest: Book of Prophecies 5, Smithy Hammer.
* After a scene, there will be another battle. Go to the cube in the centre of
  town, then take the western cube. Go north into the building and into the
* In Gemity, go north, then take one of the teleporters in the middle of the
  screen. Talk to the woman to enter the Eternal Sphere. After the scene, talk
  to all of your party members and there'll be another scene.
* If you didn't allow Peppita to join you, if you go to Elicoor you can 
  recruit someone else.
  Nel: In her room at Castle Aquios, tell her you can't speak now.
  Roger: In Surferio, pick the first option.
  Albel: Talk to Woltar in Kirlsa, then head to Crossell's lair. If you beat
  him, he'll join.
* Once you're finished with the Eternal Sphere for now, head back to Gemity.
  At Gemity's entrance, talk to the teleporter operator. There'll be a scene
  and you'll be able to go to the Sphere Company.

Items of Interest: Trading Card 2, AI Program, Dremela's Tool Set, Uninstaller,
                   Dilapidated Textbook.
* After you arrive, you'll face a boss. After that, go north, north, west.
* Head east, north-west, west.
* North-west, north, south-west.
* East, up and west, south, east.
* North, west and there'll be an event. South, south and another event. Now go
  east, east and you'll face a boss. Go back to the control room, north, north,
  north, west, north-east, east, north-west and turn on the elevators. Head
  back to the elevators at the start of the floor and go up to floor 211.
* North, north-west, east, north for a scene, after which you'll be back on the
  planet Styx.

Styx and the Flagship Diplo
* After three consecutive boss battles, go back south twice to reach your ship.
* On the Diplo, talk to everyone and then go back to talk to Mirage on the
  bridge. After the scene, head for the teleporter to the south.
* You'll find yourself outside Aquios. Go to the castle's throne room, and then
  into the temple on the ground floor.

Sealed Cavern and the Shrine of Kaddan
Items of Interest: Enchanted Pen.
* Follow the same path as before through the Sealed Cavern, at the end of which
  there'll be a boss.
* The Shrine of Kaddan has a couple of bosses too, but it's also the same as
* Once you reach the final chamber, examine the Orb for an event. Return to the
  throne room to find out where to go next.

Mosel Ruins
Items of Interest: Trading Card 4 and EX6, Blemished Textbook, Decrepit Tome,
                   Star Guard.
* In case you've forgotten, exit north from the Sanmite Steppes to reach the
  village of Surferio, then exit west to reach the Passage, once you exit the
  passage you'll face another boss. Head through the dunes to the north-east to
  reach the Ruins.
* North, north-west, east and south. You'll face another boss.
* Optional: The eastern stair takes you further down into the ruins, giving you
  access to some nice items and some bosses.
* Take the western stair for an event and you'll find yourself in the Firewall.

* East, north-east, north, west, south-west, north.
* Avoid the balls in this area. North-east, north-west, north-east, south-east,
  east, north, east and activate the switch, west, west, west through the arch,
  north-west, north, east and activate the switch, north-west, south,
  south-west, go to the save point and east. After the boss, step into the dark
  blue pillar to continue.

Spiral Tower
Items of Interest: Worn-out Textbook, Bunny Shoes, Trading Card 3.
* After the scene, follow the path north several screens until you reach a fork
  at which go north-east, north, north.
* North, north and fight a boss. Go through the green arch to the north and you
  will find Blair. Now follow each of the archway paths until you find a pillar
  matching the colour. Examine the pillars and fight a monster at each. Go back
  to Blair, then south to the elevator upwards.
* North, north, east to the door, west, north, use your Disintegration Ring on
  the crystals, once each. South, east, east, go to the door, west, west, again
  with the crystals, three each. East, east, north, north, north, west, west,
  upper west, west to the door, north, crystals 14 for blue, 2 red, then south
  and west.
* Floors four and five are simple.
* North, east, north. You need to activate the three crystals here. Starting
  from this screen for each one:
1: North-west, west, south, break the western window, stand on the circle.
2: North-east, north, break the north-west window, stand on the circle.
3: South-east, south-east, break the south window, stand on the circle.
  Now you can go up to the seventh floor.
* Floors seven, eight and nine are simple, just follow the path.
* The final floor. Just keep heading directly north up the stairs, and you'll
  reach a save point. Save, then go up to battle the final boss.

* You can choose to create a 'clear' file, with which you can attempt the bonus
  dungeons. Talking to the Bunny will allow you to quickly exit the Spiral
* Bonus dungeon one: The Maze of Tribulation, found south-west of Kirlsa.
  Bonus dungeon two: Sphere Corp, levels 101-211 are unlocked after the Maze,
  you'll need to go through them one by one fighting bosses roughly every ten
  levels, but once you've cleared a level you can go to it at any time.
  Bonus dungeon three: Urssa cave temple, found through the north-east cave in
  Crossell's lair.
  Bonus boss: After completing Sphere Corp, you'll recieve an item. Take this
  item to Crossell's lair and you'll be able to use it to summon a very strong
  enemy from another Tri-Ace game.


3. Copyright Information

This document is Copyright 2005 Richard Hughes. It is not to be distributed in
any form without the permission of the author. The author of this document is
not affiliated with the creators of this game in any way. 
Putting this document on any web site without advance written permission is 
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