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You must think for yourself, without blindly accepting everything you hear. If
you don't, how will you ever tell what is true and what is a lie? - Somewhat
Realistic Girl, Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time


version 1.1
Last Modified: 23/8/2005
Author: Christopher Wong (aka emeraldweapon)

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Notes before starting                         [B]
How to learn Loot Item                        [C]
How Loot Item Works...........................[D]
 Character list                             [D.1]
 Looting in the air                         [D.2]
 Non-Target Glitch..........................[D.3]
Advanced Loot Item Techniques                 [E]
 Hitting Airborne                           [E.1]
 Maria's Gravity Bullet.....................[E.2]
 Nel's Whirlwind                            [E.3]
Levelling Loot Item                           [F]
 Nel                                        [F.2]
Enemies and Items worth Looting               [G]
 Enraged Crosell - Valorous Gauntlets......[G.01]
 Shadow Dragon - Heavenly Spirit           [G.02]
 Vengeful Shelby - Death Bringers          [G.03]
 Frenzied Biwig - Fangs of the Wicked......[G.04]
 Green Mojara - Hybrid Helm                [G.05]
 Arch Demon - Dragoon Laser                [G.06]
 Angry Azazer - Valorous Gauntlets.........[G.07]
 Furious Berial - Angelic Cape             [G.08]
 Super Blair – Levantine                   [G.09]
 Lenneth - Valkyrie Garb...................[G.10]
 Freya                                     [G.11]
Other Enemies and Items                       [H]
Version History                               [J]
Thanks and Credits                            [K]
Legal Disclaimer..............................[L]


Stealing items it a time honoured tradition in many RPG's, and Star Ocean 3:
Till the End of Time is no exception. Once again, we have our select band of
heroes mercilessly thieving their way across the land and the pockets of their
foes, usually before brutally smacking them.

Or not. Unlike most RPG's with stealing in them, looting in SO3 isn't such a
big deal. Actually, it's useful for only 2 or so fights in the entire game,
and most players will be fine ignoring it altogether. And anyway, in SO3, Loot
requires that you steal while you are brutally smacking them, not before.

Still, for those who cannot contain their rampant kleptomania and want
everything they can get their mitts on, Looting exists. And this guide exists
to aid those who want just that. It covers how looting works, how to improve
it, tricks with looting, and every enemy that could possibly be worth looting,
with methods on how to do it in those cases.

NOTES BEFORE STARTING.......................................................[B]

This guide was made based on the PAL (European countries, Australia, New
Zealand, and others) version of the game. Although there are known minor
gameplay differences between PAL and NTSC (North America, Japan and some
others), none are believed to affect how Loot Item works, so this guide should
be applicable to all versions.

HOW TO LEARN LOOT ITEM......................................................[C]

For a character to learn Loot Item, you first need the item "Dated Tome". You
can make it using Item Creation. Once you get one, use it on the character(s)
you want to steal with, any character can learn it. Some are more effective
than others though.

Too bad for you that every skill book, including the Dated Tome, has a base
cost of 1500 Fol. You're going to need a bit of luck to get it. Of course, the
other books are useful for their skills anyway. You only need one book, as
there's no practical reason for more than one character dedicated to looting,
but if you are a perfectionist and want everyone to have it, you can get more
by buying them after you patient them (which I assume you will do before you
use it!). Then, just keep making more the same way you made the first.

You can hope that another inventor makes them for you, and just buy them right
away, but this is not reliable, it may take a very long time (the other
inventors are pretty unreliable, but it's free!). Unless you hired them, in
which case it's your money. It's better you make the Dated Tome yourself.

HOW LOOT ITEM WORKS.........................................................[D]

Right, so you've read your little book, and now you have a looting education.
But theory is no good without practice, so what to do? Equipping the skill is
a good start, but items aren't going to appear from nowhere because of that

Loot Item is a passive Battle Skill. It adds an effect to your normal attacks,
rather than give you a different looking-skill activated by holding the button.
Because it's passive, it costs no HP or MP to use, and it's always active. Loot
Item requires 2 CP to set.

It's easy to know in advance what items you can get by looting by simply
scanning your enemy. The items they drop are always the same as what they have
to loot. Which is the main reason why loot is generally a rather pointless
ability, since you can always just fight enemies until they drop the item
instead, a much easier task. There are a few bosses that have stuff worth
stealing and appear only once, these are the only ones worth the effort
stealing from.

First thing to know is that the probability of actually stealing anything at
all when you try is VERY LOW. It's estimated to be about 3% at level 1. Which
is VERY LOW. It's going to take quite a few tries before you have success.
Second things is that the probability will increase as you increase your
mastery of the skill. Unfortunately, your mastery of the skill only increases
when you successfully loot, so it's a bit of a catch-22 situation. You'll have
trouble looting unless you increases your mastery, but you can't increase your
mastery unless you loot. The only thing you can do is beat the odds by trying
a large number of times until luck goes your way and you loot.

Once you get for Loot Item skill level up a bit, it won't be so bad. You still
fail quite a bit more than you hit, but it becomes acceptable. The ability to
loot seems to vary with the enemy, with stronger enemies harder to loot.

The amount of points needed to level up Loot Item is shown in the following

Current  Total Mastery   Points for
 Level      so far       next level
  1           0               9
  2           9              20
  3          29              30
  4          59              40
  5          99              50
  6         149              60
  7         209              70
  8         279              80
  9         359             100
 10         459               -

As you can see, Loot Item doesn't require much to master compared to the
majority of skills, but due to the problems in actually gaining mastery, it
probably won't ever go past level 1 unless you specifically work on it.

There is no limit to the number of times you can loot an enemy, but there is a
limit to the number of items you can get of them. Each enemy can only drop at
most 2 extra items. When you add the item they could possibly drop, that's 3
items total from one enemy. Any other chests above the first two the enemy
drop vanish into the void or something cliche like that.

Keep in mind that to actually keep the items, you have to win the battle, so
don't be a coward and try to run (unless you don't care about the item and just
want the mastery points, in which case go right ahead). Not a very important
point, since you wouldn't want to be looting if you weren't strong enough to
win, and the battles that have good items are all boss ones, so you can't
escape anyway.

Once you enter battle, you have to knock the enemy down with your loot attack
so that they hit the ground (see section D.3 for more on this, as well as
exciting test results!). If the enemy is hit by your loot attack, but doesn't
fall over, then you cannot steal. For this reason it's is important that you
place Loot Item into a slot which you can knock the enemy down with.

Here is a list of the basic attacks of each character that can knock down, and
thus loot by themselves. That is, they don't need to be set up in any way by
another attack.

Character List:                                                           [D.1]

 Short X (Anti-Air)
 Short O (Anti-Air)
 Long O

Fayt is a fairly decent character to loot with. High defence allows him to try
looting often without worry about the damage other characters would be taking.
Long O launches reasonably well, and there aren't many other skills that you
want to put in that spot except for the blade enhancements.

On the downside, you have to keep running back and forth to loot, which makes
it riskier than characters who can stand in place and launch, not to mention
and more annoying/longer. And if you have FAM on, you'll have to turn it off.

 Very Short X

Not a good choice. Her attack requires her to get REALLY
close to the enemy, probably not her preferred distance. Better to
leave her to the things she is good at, like chaining symbology.

 Long X (Anti-Air)

Well, that can't be good, you need the enemy to be in the air first. Note
that, as with all anti-air attacks, Maria only uses the attack if the enemy is
in the air higher than they normally should be. If the enemy flies or hovers
above the ground normally, then she won't use this attack unless they go higher
than standard height. 

Maria can use a trick to get around this problem, described later in E.2 using
Gravity Bullet. However, she's still not a very good character for this sort of
thing. I would advise you pick someone else.

 Very Short O
 Short X (Anti-Air)
 Long X
 Long O

I have previously said Nel to be the best person to use Loot Item with, but now
I say Cliff. Very Short O is a good quick attack for knocking the enemy about
without wasting time, and also for hitting those knocked into the air with
Homing AAA. There's the problem that you can no longer use Short O for skills,
but you can live with it.

If there's anyone person I would choose, it's Cliff.
Or Mirage. But probably Cliff.

 Very Short X
 Surrounded Short X

Surrounded Short X is a very fast way to level it if used properly, but
requires 3 or more enemies, and may be dangerous if they are strong. Very Short
X is only effective on enemies that are reasonably tall. Runts (Roger-sized and
even normal human sized sometimes) will avoid the last hit, which is what
knocks down, making it ineffective against them. She can't use this attack if
surrounded by 3 or more enemies, as the other attack will override it.

I have previously suggested that Nel be selected for looting because of her
Whirlwind trick, but I no longer do, as the results really aren't any better
than just having Cliff punch over and over.

 Short O (Anti-Air)
 Long O

He's okay. With Albel, stand back, use Long O, and plough through your enemies.
If you aim at the one at the rear, you can hit launch more than one enemy at a
time, which helps a bit with levelling, but due to a glitch (see D.3), you
can't get any items except from the one at the back that you targeted. The
zigzagging motion slows him down a bit, which I don't like personally when I
am repeatedly looting.


Uh Oh... looks like Roger got the short stick again...

 Short O
 Counter X

Counter is nice, as you are invincible during the animation. Not particularly
fast so be careful if you use her, but I'm sure you're aware of that already.

I'd pick her and her Counter X for Green Mojara if anyone though.

 Mid-Short O

Like Sophia, he should probably be not doing this, and stick to other things
like assisting and battle skills from a reasonable distance.

 Very Short O
 Short X (anti-Air)
 Long X
 Long O

Same as Cliff, what a surprise. They do have differences, just not in Loot Item
set-ups. Heck, whenever I say "Cliff" in this FAQ, you might as well
subconsciously substitute "Mirage" for all the difference it makes to looting.
Unless you’re looting Freya (why?!) without FAM, in which case you should
definitely pick Mirage over Cliff.

But you can't set as nice a skillset around her Short O in my opinion. And by
that, I sort of mean duel long-range Max Shockwave.

Last thing to note is that if the enemy is afflicted with a status condition
that prevents them from flinching (petrify, paralyse, freeze), then you cannot
loot them.

Should You Juggle?:                                                       [D.2]

So, perhaps you've wondered "why does the enemy have to hit the ground? Why
can't I just keep hitting them in the air over and over with loot attacks?" Or
maybe you haven't. But I have been told by people that the enemy doesn't have
to hit the ground. Instead, you can hit them into the air with a loot attack,
hit again while they are in the air, and the chest will pop out of them in the

I have to disagree with these people. But merely disagreeing isn't enough, when
there's evidence! If you don't care for evidence, then I'll save you this
section and just give you the conclusion. If you want to loot efficiently
time-wise, you want the enemy to hit the ground as many times as possible.

And as for the tests themselves, I used Fayt, with Loot Item attached to both
Long O and Short O. Using the Long O, Short Anti-Air O juggle, a test was
performed to see whether any chests appeared when the enemy hit the ground, and
when the Anti-Air O hit the enemy (thus, from the juggle in the air).

A really short experiment of waiting for the first 7 chests to appear, 0 came
from the air hit. If we assume that:
1. The effectiveness of Fayt's Long O at looting is the same as Fayt's Short O
2. The probability of looting in the middle of a juggle (if possible) is the
 same as the probability of looting when an enemy hits the ground.

I feel that these are reasonable assumptions to make, but they are still

After a string of 7 chests (7 seems like a really small number for a test like
this, and I suppose it is, but it will do), it was found at all of them came
from the enemy hitting the "ground", and none from the juggle hit of Short O
(anti-air). Based on assumption 1, we can calculate the probability of this
happening through random chance as ~0.78%.

Thus, it is reasonable to suggest that you can't get a chest from an enemy in
the middle of a juggle, but instead they must hit the ground. Even if the
assumptions I made are false, it suggests that the probability of a ground loot
is much higher than a juggle one, so you should concentrate your efforts there

Now, you may be wondering why I had "ground" in quotation marks. This is
because "ground" doesn't necessarily mean the actual rock ground, it can mean
things that are equally hard that the enemy can try and recover from. My first
clear example was witnessing the chest pop out after the enemy landed on
Maria's head. I witnessed the same regarding other party members and enemies as

This still involves the enemy hitting the ground, and trying to get up, which
is why the chest can appear, rather than a juggle hit, where the enemy is
knocked directly back into the falling animation.

So there you go. My opinion on what other people have claimed to seeing
regarding chests appearing in the air is that the enemy probably hit another
character or something before they hit the ground, which is fine. But trying to
get chests faster by juggling them won't work, you have to let them drop onto

Non-Target Glitch:                                                        [D.3]

There is an unfortunate glitch which affects Loot Item. If you attempt to Loot
an enemy, and hit another enemy (whom you are not currently targeting) over
while you do so, the enemy can drop a chest, but you cannot get an item out of
it. You still earn mastery points out of it though.

Practically, it doesn't mean much at all. All the important targets for looting
are bosses that appear alone, making it impossible for the glitch to occur
against them.

ADVANCED LOOT ITEM TECHNIQUES...............................................[E]

Hitting airborne:                                                         [E.1]

Instead of going to the trouble of finding a move that knocks the enemy over,
you could just launch them with whatever move you like, then hit them on the
way down with your Loot Item linked attack. Slightly more complicated, as it
requires a bit of manual 2-player coordination on your part, but nothing
overly difficult to use. Many characters have special versions of their normal
attacks they can only do on airborne opponents, these all tend to be suited to
knocking enemies down. Some of these seem designed to follow their own launch
attacks, such as Cliff/Mirage's Short O to Short X (Anti-Air).

Homing AAA is a nice way to get enemies in the air, and you should have a good
chance to attack the enemy on the way down.

Maria's Gravity Bullet:                                                   [E.2]

Using Maria's Gravity Bullet, it is possible to loot items. Since Gravity
Bullet has a very high chance of knocking down due to the high number of hits,
it's a good way of ensuring that you won't be wasting time hitting an enemy
that doesn't fall over. But remember "very high" isn't the same as "always"!

General Set-Up:
Short X: Loot Item
Long X: Loot Item
Short O: Gravity Bullet

Gravity Bullet is set to strong so that you can avoid having it AAA'd. Move
Maria into short range and fire Gravity Bullet. Now, while Gravity Bullet is
still on the screen, attack with X. I placed Loot Item in both the long and
short range slots so that you do not have to worry about range when pressing X.
Any hits of Gravity Bullet that occur after Maria attacks with X will take the
ability to Loot Item. It's not that you are hitting an airborne opponent, but
rather, Gravity Bullet itself will be the skill looting.

I recommend generally that you use Gravity Bullet at the edge of short/long
range, so that after the skill is fired, you are in long range, since Maria's
long X is faster than her short X, giving you more looting attempts with
Gravity Bullet. Gravity Bullet doesn't last that long, so speed is important.

Another point is that Gravity Bullet uses a lot of Fury (esp. if you have
Berserk off). Your Fury cannot refill until Gravity Bullet has disappeared,
so before you use it, make sure you have enough Fury left over for the X attack
as well.

Note that the X attack doesn't actually have to hit the enemy for this to work.
Just attacking is enough to transfer the Loot Item property to Gravity Bullet.
Obviously, once the Gravity Bullet has disappeared, you will have to start the
process over, and new Gravity Bullets you fire will not have the Loot Item
ability unless you go through the process again.

In general, this trick is nice, but I wouldn't actually bother looting this
way. It's too impractical and Gravity Bullet does too much damage when you are
trying to keep the enemy alive to loot them. It also leaves Maria with a poor
skillset after you finish looting and want to kill the enemy.

Bonus: Loot Item isn't the only ability you can transfer to Gravity Bullet.
You can add Increased HP/MP damage, Drain, Stun and other passive abilities
that are made for altering your normal attacks.

Nel's Whirlwind:                                                          [E.3]

I once said this was the most useful way of looting bosses, but I no longer
believe that. It works perfectly fine, but it does have downsides.

It is usually quite safe for Nel to loot this way. But you'll have to level
Whirlwind and Loot Item a bit, and Whirlwind has the nasty side effect of,
well, killing stuff (who'd 'ave thunk?). Also, you actually need to recruit
Nel, whom you may or may not want. But if you do have Nel, Whirlwind is a
better method than Gravity Bullet.

Mechanically, it works the same way as looting with Maria's Gravity Bullet, but
Whirlwind is a much better skill to do it with. It lasts longer and Nel can run
around with it, giving you much better control.

The general set-up will look something like this:
Short X: Loot Item
Long X: Loot Item
Long O: Whirlwind

Activate Whirlwind, then attack with X before the Whirlwind disappears.
Whirlwind will now start looting, just like Gravity Bullet can. As it gains
mastery points from usage, the period of time that Whirlwind last increases.

It only works while Nel is actually in the attack animation, so the best timing
would involve the Whirlwind finishing, but still juggling, before the attack
animation has finished it's recovery. Pretty tight timing really. Actually, you
could keep do Whirlwind for longer, provided you weren't hitting the enemy at
the time. Alternatively, mash X, and hope you don't end up too vulnerable

{You may want to look at levelling Whirlwind up a bit, as the extra time it
lasts with increase in level is very handy, especially against bosses if you
intend to loot them with this method.}

Usually, assuming the enemy is dangerous, and you don't have support of allies
to keep the enemy occupied, you want to bait the enemy into attack, so that
you can AAA them or move out range and start up the Whirlwind safely (which is
why I suggest you place it on Long O).

I have and you can use this to loot bosses, and previously I had this as my
preferred method. But abusing the NMG (no-movement glitch, see the glossary)
has made me decide that Cliff is probably a better character when you can.

Note that Whirlwind is a wind-elemental attack. Obviously.

Bonus: Like Gravity Bullet, you can add lots of effects to Whirlwind such as
Drain, not just Loot Item.

LEVELING LOOT ITEM..........................................................[F]

To level Loot-Item is a very time consuming practice. It should be noted that
you may be better served by simply not levelling loot item, but instead just
using that time in the boss fights going for the items that you want. Be
prepared to spend quite a few hours on it if you choose to do it.

I wouldn't, but for the purpose of this guide, I did.

General:                                                                  [F.1]

You'll want to pick your enemies to level it up on. First, they should probably
be smallish, since smaller enemies are in general easier to knock down. Also,
you should have good armour, so that you can't be hurt (or take little damage
preferably aided with No Guard in such a case), but a bad or no weapon, so that
you do little (but more than 0) damage to them.

Pick enemies that come in groups, so that it's more efficient.

Just because you can't get more than 2 copies of an item by looting doesn't
mean you should stop after looting an enemy twice. You still get those precious
mastery points for each successful attempt, whether you get to keep the item or

You computer can level it up for you slowly as you go through the game, if, for
instance, to stick it on something it's likely to use. For example, place loot
on Fayt's long O, and eventually the AI will be lucky enough to both use long O
and successfully loot with it. But it's fairly pointless to do this, as it's
too slow, and you have to go without the CP and a proper skill in that place.
So don't bother. If you want to level Loot Item, it's better to do it yourself.

Nel:                                                                      [F.2]

This describes my own method of levelling up Loot Item for Nel. It's much
faster than most characters, because of Nel's ability to attempt many loots
quite quickly.

Head to a Traum Mountains. Assuming you are far enough into the game, near the
entrance to Airyglyph, you will find porcupine looking enemies (called
Porcupine, surprise!). You are looking for groups of four of them. Put everyone
onto manual mode, and take off Nel's weapon, so she's as weak as possible (but
not her armour, you want her to be taking 0 damage). If you are just really
close to 0 damage, you can use No Guard and First Aid, and it's just as good,
you aren't going to die.

Stick Loot Item onto Nel short X slot. Enter the battle. Get the enemies to
crowd around Nel, and use your short X attack. If 3 or more enemies surround
Nel, she will attack with a small bomb that does HP and MP damage (described
above in the section D). It's pretty much guaranteed to knock all enemies down,
and thus has a chance of looting them all. Once the enemies pick themselves up,
just do it again. Because the attack is very fast, if you keep attacking as
soon as they get up, you can be attempting loots at a rate of about 4 per 2
seconds or so (not including time to enter and leave battle).

If you kill enough so that there are only two left, you won't be able to use
this attack anymore. It's better to run away now, then re-enter the battle.
This ensures that you will fight 4 enemies again, rather than take your chances
with a new group of enemies that might have less.

This is the fastest method I know of currently to level the skill up. At level
6, I've managed 4 loots at once, and at level 7, I was able to loot 6 times in
the space of 20 seconds. Of course, that would be considered a lucky time, and
the Loot Item attempts usually succeed a lot less than that, but it point
remains that it's quite fast. In general, by level 6 or so I would leave
battles having looted at least once more often than not.

It will still take several (estimate 7-12 hours) hours to max Loot Item this
way however, just less than the others. Ugh.

Be aware that if you level (your base EXP, not your Loot Item proficiency)
too high before trying this you may have problems. This is because at higher
levels (more specifically, high EVD) you'll start parrying the attacks instead
of just taking 0 damage, so the enemy can often stun-lock you with a constant
series of attacks. This slows down your loot rate by quite a bit. If you can't
block, but take 0 damage, then there's no problem.

I personally did my levelling on 4D mode, but on the lower difficulties, you
can look for Porcupines and other enemies elsewhere if you want stronger
versions of them. The Mountains of Barr, Maze of Tribulations and Sphere 211
have them, but you can also use similar enemies for much the same effect. Just
be sure they have something to loot before you start. It's important that you
find the enemies strong enough, else they die too quickly, and you find
yourself entering and exiting battle a lot, slowing your practice down. I
found the Traum Mountains a good spot in 4D mode levelling it as I was
moving through Sphere 211's post-game levels, which is typically where Loot
Item becomes important.

Bonus: if you aren't taking 0 damage, you'll find you can also level-up
support skills like First-Aid and Lucky Star really fast.

Another possibility is too just use the Whirlwind method described above for
both levelling and looting proper. This is a slower method, but has the
advantage that you'll also be levelling Whirlwind with Loot Item as you go.
You'll want Whirlwind to be at a pretty decent level (at least 5) if you're
going to take it into boss battles with you, so a bit of this method couldn't
hurt you. Just note that the Porcupine enemies are weak to wind, so tend to die
rather fast from it. Other enemies, both here in the Traum mountains if you
don't want to bother leaving, and also elsewhere in general are good targets
for it, it doesn't make that much difference, provided that you follow the
general looting practice guidelines.

ENEMIES AND ITEMS WORTH LOOTING.............................................[G]

There are only a few enemies in the entire game it's worth looting. Even then,
you might decide it's not worth it. Generally, any item you can get any other
way besides looting is better obtained that other way. For a few cases, namely
each characters ultimate weapon (except Sophia) and the Valkyrie Garb,
looting becomes the only way to get more than one of these. You can probably
get by just fine with one copy of these, but there are advantages to having
copies of some of them, especially the weapons that can be turned into big
money makers. And more than one copy of the Valkyrie Garb may helpful if you
have more than one of the girls that can use it in the party regularly (even
if there isn't much in the way of enemies to use it against by that time).

With the Ultimate Weapons, the factor you want to look out for is "Enemy ATK
+30% (2)". This can be found on Roger's Hybrid Helm, Fayt's Levantine, and
twice on Maria's Dragoon Laser. When refined, it can disappear, good for a
useful weapon, or it can be refined 3 times, eventually getting you a good
money factor "Enemy ATK +100% & Fol x10". But due to the attack boosts it gives
the enemy, not very useful for an ultimate weapon. So more than one copy of
these weapons is often desired so the character can have both a good ultimate
weapon and also a money maker.

Because the factor "Enemy ATK +100% & Fol x10" can be stacked twice for a total
fol bonus of x20, I would probably go for the Dragoon Laser, since it already 
has 2 copies of the factor. But if you have an extra Hybrid Helm already, then
not really worth the extra effort, as x10 Fol is fast enough for money

Before you go out with your loot set-up and steal the goodies, you should
probably fight normally first and figure out how you are going to win the
battle afterwards. Those nice items aren't going to help you if you die, and
you since stealing takes time, it'll be a big waste (and off-putting) if fail
in the fight proper. In general, the easiest way is just to have someone stay
at the back lines while you other character do the looting, and then the
fighting, in this way there's very little chance you actually getting a
gameover provided your supplies last. I would recommend Sophia for that role
as she can still provide support from across the field instead of doing
nothing as most other characters would.

**Enraged Crosell**                                                      [G.01]
Floor 115 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Valorous Gauntlets

Properties of Valorous Gauntlets:
ATK: 2600    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   48    EVD:    0
Factors: Gives an uneasy feeling (1)
         Max HP -30% (1)
         -50% EXP acquisition (2)
         5% probability of breaking (1)
         1/2 Defence (2)
         ATK +1,000 (1)
Equip: Cliff, Mirage (weapon)

You're already going to get another of these anyway later on from Angry Azazer,
but if you want more than those two, then you want to steal from Enraged
Crosell now, and not wait till the later fight. Enraged Crosell is much easier
to fight and loot from than Angry Azazer.

Despite being 50 times your size, Enraged Crosell isn't very hard to knock
over, and you shouldn't have any trouble getting loot attempts in, regardless
of the method you are using to do it.

In fact the biggest "danger" here (and for the first few bosses of Sphere) is
that you will kill them with your loot attempts before you actually succeed in
looting them, particularly if your Loot Item mastery level is low. There isn't
really much you can do other than equipping a weak weapon (which will probably
mean losing uberness if you have it), but even then at times, I've killed him
before getting the loot to work.

If you going to be using NMG to your advantage, and using Cliff, get as close
as possible and just keep uppercutting him (Very Short O). If you are close
enough, his swipe attack will miss, and on higher difficulties, keeping your
Fury away from full will prevent him from trying to trample you. As a result,
you can have Cliff fight him solo quite safely.

After he's launched, run up and do it again for a guaranteed launch, although
this may be difficult to do properly without FAM. Properly timed, Enraged
Crosell will hit the ground, but you will still launch him. You can do this
about 4 or 5 times (unless you run him into a wall first) until he's hit too
far away to continue.

**Shadow Dragon**                                                        [G.02]
Floor 126 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to Loot: Heavenly Spirit

Properties of Heavenly Spirit:
ATK: 2000    DEF:    0    INT:  500
HIT:   50    EVD:    0
Factors: Gives a cursed feeling (1)
         Gives an uneasy feeling (1)
         Gives a cursed feeling (1)
         -1MP at certain intervals during battle (1)
         Gives a cursed feeling (1)
         ATK +1,000 (1)
Equip: Adray (weapon)

The Heavenly Spirit is Adray's ultimate weapon. Since Adray can be made
effective with either physical or magical attacks, you may want a weapon each
for both. It's certainly his best weapon for a physical attacking Adray, but
technically the Demon Slayer is better for INT-boosting, since it has 30 base
INT without any forced factors (yeah, a whole 30... why can’t the designers
make any good INT weapons without having to use IC?). But if you don't mind the
small drop in INT for a much larger boost in ATK, the Heavenly Spirit can serve
as a decent magical-based weapon.

Not much to say really, looting him is the same as normal. Bait his attack,
hit with the loot attempt in the recovery frames (or the stun frames of the
AAA, which you'll probably use more), run back and try again. He can cast
symbology (Laser Beams), so you'll need to keep an eye out for you other
allies as well, but that shouldn't be any trouble.

Using the NMG against him is somewhat similar to Enraged Crosell. He's more
dangerous than Enraged Crosell close, so run in and out to see when he's
vulnerable, then uppercut (Cliff again). It's probably better to not try this
solo, just use characters with MP convert and MP regen, so they won't die (or
whatever method you like in keeping your characters who aren't fighting alive).
You should have time to AAA his yell. You can uppercut repeatedly like Enraged
Crosell, but harder as he's not as big, so you can only run up 3 times at most.

**Vengeful Shelby**                                                      [G.03]
Floor 137 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to Loot: Death Bringers

Properties of Death Bringers:
ATK: 2200    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   60    EVD:    0
Factors: Gives a cursed feeling (1)
         Gives an uneasy feeling (1)
         Fury use changes...but how!? (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         ATK +1,000 (1)
Equip: Nel (weapon)

Nel's ultimate weapon, there isn't anything special about it. But since Nel's
other good weapons tend to have drawbacks, it couldn't hurt to have another of
these if you want her to have different factors on them for different

Again, the same for looting as previous bosses. Vengeful Shelby isn't very
dangerous, but he's somehow very resistant to being launched or knocked over.
Sometimes, even a full set of Whirlwind hits to the face won't be enough. Must
be all that armour I guess. Just keep at it, and you'll be successful.

**Frenzied Biwig**                                                       [G.04]
Floor 147 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to Loot: Fangs of the Wicked

Properties of Fangs of the Wicked:
ATK: 2200    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   56    EVD:    0
Factors: 20% probability of breaking (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         20% probability of breaking (1)
         ATK +1,000 (1)
Equip: Albel (weapon)

Albel's ultimate weapon, it'll break the first time you use it unless you fix
it first.

Like Vengeful Shelby, Frenzied Biwig isn't that dangerous either, but a lot
more annoying to try an get loot attempts in on since his gun has range. Which
means baiting his attacks with a single character doesn't always get you the
opening you want, depending on how you are looting. You'll need more patience
than previous bosses.

If we are again using Cliff (and maybe NMG), then to loot it's pretty much just
run around to dodge his attack, then Very Short O. Let him attack again, (on
higher difficulties, it'll probably be a weak attack) then uppercut.

After you do enough damage to him, he starts using Illusion rifle which isn't
an attack in itself, and basically translates as "here's 5 free shots at
uppercutting me!" I love it when he doesn't this repeatedly...
Have a healer in a corner somewhere, in case you get hit a few times, but other
than that, it's all smooth sailing. Looting. Whatever.

**Green Mojara**                                                         [G.05]
Floor 159 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Hybrid Helm

Properties of Hybrid Helm:
ATK: 2500    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   50    EVD:    0
Factors: Max HP -30% (1)
         -1 MP at certain intervals during battle
         Enemy ATK +30% (2)
         30% probability of breaking (2)
         1/2 Attack (2)
         ATK +1000 (1)
Equip: Roger (weapon)

Roger's ultimate, and your first shot at a weapon that could rake in the cash
for you (with a bit of work).

If you don't have Roger, then there's no need to bother getting another copy
of his ultimate weapon, just modify the one he drops. Having x10 Fol instead of
x20 isn't going to slow you down enough to cause problems or annoyance in money
making terms. If you do have Roger, you could go for it, but you might as well
just hang on for another 11 floors and reach Arch Demon.

Green Mojara is significantly stronger (and thus harder to loot from) than the
previous bosses. His giant-spinning whirlwind and Ice Beam attacks have a lot
of range and are also quite dangerous to the non-uber, even if you aren't
trying to loot. An uber-character would work of course, but it's unlikely that
you've got the money or stats to make an uber-character yet.

An alternative method for you is to send in Peppita if you have her, and knock
him over with her Counter X. Properly timed, it should keep you safe from his

**Arch Demon**                                                           [G.06]
Floor 170 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Dragoon Laser

Properties of Dragoon Laser:
ATK: 1800    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   48    AGL:    0
Factors: Enemy DEF x5 (1)
         Enemy DEF x5 (1)
         Enemy ATK +30% (2)
         Enemy ATK +30% (2)
         -50% EXP acquisition (2)
         ATK +1000 (1)
Equip: Maria (weapon)

The Dragoon Laser is Maria's ultimate weapon, and comes with 2 copies of the
factor "Enemy ATK +30% (2)", making it a good choice for synthing elsewhere
to make money. But the Dragoon Laser is really only worth getting if you have
Roger recruited. If you don't, just give up the Hybrid helm for the factor,
x10 Fol is fast enough.

So, how too loot? First, learn Arch Demon's attack pattern. Fortunately, Arch
Demon has a pathetic AI, which you should ruthlessly exploit. He always attacks
the nearest opponent, unless using his teleport attack (Flashing Sword),
or he cannot aim at the nearest target due to NMG. The most important thing is
being able to differentiate between his attacks quickly.

If you have an Uber-character, you can just keep trying until you get it, you
can't lose unless you smack yourself against his AAA.

Nel can Whirlwind him easily. Make Nel the one standing closest, and your other
2 far away on manual doing nothing. When he attacks, stand still and stun him
if it's weak, move away and wait if it's strong (purple aura means strong
remember). His strong attack has quite a large radius, so be careful of it.

While he recovers from either the stun or his attack, activate Whirlwind, then
use X to attack with Loot Item and move yourself in range for the Whirlwind.
Stand next to him with the Whirlwind till he falls down. Then run away, ready
to start the process again. I recommend you equip the Bunny Shoes or refined
Haste Ring to improve your movement speed. This will get you more Whirlwind
hits if you need them, since he won't always fall down right away. It's also
makes it easier to dodge his attacks, which have deceptively large range.

If he starts teleporting around the place, stand still, it's a weak attack so
you can AAA it. However, there is a good chance that he'll AAA himself on a
different character, so you'll have to change and move them away so that he
keeps his focus on Nel.

Eventually, he'll start using Sword of Darkness after enough damage. This
attack is annoying, because it goes for quite a while, and is very dangerous
if you are caught in it. To avoid it, you run around Arch Demon in a circular
pattern, but slower characters may need a speed boost to do it. Also, be aware
that since the attack goes so far out, that you don't accidentally make him aim
it such that it goes past you and towards one of your other party members. It's
annoying to have to move them too.

Be careful not to attack Arch Demon with melee attacks while he's using Sword
of Darkness. Although he looks vulnerable in the back, he's not, and attempts
to get close result in you getting smacked for it. Just wait as you would with
his other attacks until he's finished.

Alternatively, if we are using Cliff (and perhaps the NMG), the best time to
strike would be during Arch Demon's unnamed strong attack, which you can bait
by standing with full fury. Arch Demon will typically respond to you doing
nothing with either his basic strong attack, or with Crimson sword (on the
higher difficulty levels). During the start up of the basic attack, you have
enough time to uppercut him, and then run out of range without getting hit.
You'll probably want to equip Bunny Shoes or some equivalent speed boost to
give yourself more leeway on the timing.

Should Crimson Sword come out instead, run around behind him and await another

**Angry Azazer**                                                         [G.07]
Floor 181 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only), appears with Raging Belzeber
Item to loot: Valorous Gauntlets

Properties of Valorous Gauntlets:
ATK: 2600    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   48    EVD:    0
Factors: Gives an uneasy feeling (1)
         Max HP -30% (1)
         -50% EXP acquisition (2)
         5% probability of breaking (1)
         1/2 Defence (2)
         ATK +1,000 (1)
Equip: Cliff, Mirage (weapon)

Obviously, these are exactly the same as the pair(s) that you got from Enraged
Crosell. So you don't really need them, and if you did, I suggest you get the
from Enraged Crosell, not here.

Angry Azazer's HP and MP is pathetic, there's no practical chance you'll get
the loot before he croaks (though it is technically possible). But his attacks
are quite dangerous regardless. The biggest problem however, is that he's not
alone, he's got Raging Belzeber to back him up. Raging Belzeber is no slouch
in the attack department either, but has the advantage to having a much larger
bucket-load of HP and MP, so even the possibility of attempting to kill him
before looting Angry Azazer is impractical. You'll probably kill Angry Azazer
by accident first if you try. And there's the problem that if you have your
allies on manual while you try to loot, you won't be able to keep all your
characters safe at the same time if you have two enemies going after separate
allies. But put their AI back on, and they'll probably flatten Angry Azazer
before you get your chance to try looting him. It's pretty much a lose/lose
situation here.

Only a uber-character should even be trying to loot here, since pretty
much the only way you get loot chances by being able to ignore their attacks
and your allies well-being. But like I said, it's a much better idea to fight
Enraged Crosell for them. Here, this just isn't worth the effort.

**Furious Berial**                                                       [G.08]
Floor 192 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Angelic Cape

Properties of Angelic Cape:
ATK: 3200    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:   58    EVD:    0
Factors: Emits balls of light when attacking
         Shoot powerful balls of light when defending
         Raises normal attack decision by 2
Equip: Peppita (weapon)

Peppita's ultimate is the only one that doesn't have ATK +1,000 (1), (though
it's compensated by the sky-high ATK stat) and one of only two (the other being
Sophia's) that doesn't have any negative factors to start with.

Looting this guy is mostly about taking advantage of his AI. You should be
taking advantage of the AI on higher difficulties levels by controlling the
level of Fury that you have. Using Cliff, use a Very Short O attack. Berial
will dash back and prepare a few rockets for you. Don't run straight at him,
but instead make a semi-circle motion to his side, and uppercut him. If
properly time, one of two things will happen. Either he'll get knocked into the
air for the loot attempt, or he'll take the hit without flinching.

If the second case occurs, and you timed the loot attempt correctly. Furious
Berial will get hit, but still dash back so he can fire more rockets. So you
effectively end up in the same situation of making another semi-circle dash to
him to try again. In this way, you get loot attempts quite easily.

**Super Blair**                                                          [G.09]
Floor 200 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Levantine

Properties of Levantine:
ATK: 2200    DEF:    0    INT:    0
HIT:    0    AGL:    0
Factors: 30% probability of breaking (2)
         Enemy DEF x5 (1)
         Enemy ATK +30% (2)
         -90% EXP acquisition (1)
         30% Movement Rate reduction (1)
         Battle skill use will...? (1)
         -1 MP at certain intervals during battle (1)
         ATK +1000 (1)
Equip: Fayt (weapon)

If you're only doing this for the money, then don't bother. That's far easier
done with the Dragoon Laser or the Hybrid Helm, not to mention you get them
earlier. By now, you might as well just go all the way with what you have.

Of course, Uber-Fayt still has no risk in trying to get the sword. Otherwise
it's going to be a pain, which you really shouldn't be putting yourself
through. Super Blair is significantly stronger than the previous bosses, and
has a fair bit of range on her attacks, so baiting openings for Loot Item will
be a bit riskier than before if you are uber. Again, you will want the movement
boost if you try.

If you prefer to do this via Cliff's Short O (which is what I do), then again
it is a matter of being able to react quickly to Blair's actions, and taking
advantage of the NMG if you can. You'll probably want a full team set on
manual, Cliff being near Blair, and the other two far away. The other members
will be absorbing spells from Super Blair, so MP regenerating, Convert-damaging
characters is the easiest way around, or absorbing the elemental spells. Super
Blair knows Southern Cross, which is non-elemental, but that's short range, so
your other characters wouldn't have to worry anyway.

For the benefit of Cliff, you'll probably want a movement boost, and I actually
found the Reflection spell somewhat useful for once. It depends somewhat on the
range of values Cliff takes damage in compared to his max HP/MP as too whether
you find the same.

Southern Cross is going to be annoying, but remember that it comes in a
cross-pattern, so it's easier to dodge by running away between the points of
the cross. The points of the cross are arranged such that one point is in the
direction that Super Blair (or whoever is casting it) facing, and the others at
90 and 180 degrees to that.

Her physicals you should be able to dodge by running, Eddy of Light you'll want
to dodge by sidestepping twice through the attacks. What you want her to do is
to aim symbology at your other members if you can, because then you get some
time to uppercut her. But you don't want her to actually move over to your
other characters, because it's hard to keep two/three manual characters from
being damaged except through overwhelming Super Blair with attacks, which is
not what we are doing when looting.

If we have the NMG working, it is useful to abuse it in combination with Super
Blair's ability to cast spells in the same way that I will suggest with
Lenneth. In this way, you should get good chances to launch her. See Lenneth's
section, next, for more details on it.

**Lenneth**                                                              [G.10]
Floor 210 of Sphere 211
Boss (one-time only)
Item to loot: Valkyrie Garb

Properties of Valkyrie Garb:
ATK:    0    DEF:  600    INT:    0
HIT:    0    AGL:    0
Factors: +5 Battle Bonus Gauge Increase
         +30% EXP acquisition
         +30% Max HP increase
         +30% Max MP increase
Equip: Maria, Nel, Peppita, Mirage (armour)

The main event in the looting calendar.

The Valkyrie Garb is the best armour for the four of your characters.
Lenneth will always drop one, but if you want more so you can have two or three
of those characters in the same battle with the optimum equipment, you're going
to have the loot the others off her. It's not possible to get 4, but you can't
have 4 people in battle anyway, so just swap it around when you need to.

But Lenneth isn't going to just let you take them, so what to do? Easiest
method is probably just to Uber-Fayt, stick loot on Long O, and just keep
trying it. Heal yourself if you get hurt by her spells obviously, but otherwise
a pretty risk free method. If you are trying the higher difficulties and
Uber-Fayt isn't an option, then you'll need to try some other method. Lenneth's
attack power is 3500 on Galaxy, so you need that much defence to be Uber
against her.

Nel's Whirlwind works decently, and I was easily able to loot her twice on 4D
difficulty. I'd say I was more stressed after looting her, hoping I wouldn't
die and waste all that time. The battle will take a fair bit of time if you
decide to loot.

The skill set-up is the same as described above in the advanced Looting
Techniques section.

The basic strategy is similar to that used against Arch Demon. Move next to her
with Nel. Lenneth will attack whoever is closest, unless she casts a spell (in
which case it can be anyone), or cannot target them due to the
No-Movement-Glitch. You want her to target Nel, so don't use that glitch. You
other characters, assuming they are alive (and they probably should be for
safety's sake), are ideally placed out of harms way in the corners somewhere.
I recommend Sophia (as I normally do) for one of them, so that you have a
character that can revive without using your items, and can also attack well
after you finish looting. The other can be anyone you like, though Adray
probably isn't a good idea if you already have Sophia. Just pick whoever you
think will be best for killing Lenneth afterwards.

With everyone in manual AI mode, control Nel and move close to Lenneth so that
Nel is targeted. Keep your Fury full and pay attention to what Lenneth does.
If it's a weak attack, stand still and use your AAA to stun her. Now, activate
Whirlwind, then attack with X. Nel will run towards Lenneth and attack. Just
keep Nel next to her, so that Whirlwind hits Lenneth, until she's knocked over.
If you’re juggling her with Whirlwind, it would be a good time to attack again
to ensure that the last hit Lenneth takes is one that has Loot Item attached to
it. Then run back, and restart the process.

If Lenneth is using a strong attack instead (remember to look for the purple
aura signifying a strong attack), then run out of range of her attack. While
she is whiffing the air, activate Whirlwind. Then, when it's safe, use your X
attack to charge in with the loot attack. Again, have Whirlwind knock her over,
then move a little away to repeat the process when it ends.

Using Cliff instead, you should use a method fairly similar to the one against
Super Blair, if you tried against her. Have Cliff nearby Lenneth on one side of
the map, and your allies (who are set-up to absorb symbology damage without
your help) on manual.

Dodge her physicals until you get a chance to try looting, which will normally
be when she casts symbology. Lenneth only knows Stone Rain and Lightning
Strike. If you have it, the NMG will help you here. By running, you can force
Lenneth to target one of the other allies. If she uses symbology, she won't
move, so here is the best time to get your loot attempts in. If she starts to
move towards them, stop running. Lenneth will suddenly realise that you (Cliff)
exist, and change her target to you. If she casts symbology, you can probably
get a hit in before it comes out, but it's better to dodge the spell, then run
over to her and attack after the spell has come out while Lenneth is standing
there in the "I am casting spell" stance. This means you want a bit of space if
she casts at you, since Stone Rain has a large Area of Effect. Lightning Strike
is dodged by sidestepping at the correct moment. You'll be hit once, but free
to run around, and symbology in this game is underpowered (boo!) so don't worry
about it.

When hitting, it's probably a good idea to ensure that you uppercut her away
from your allies, lest you and Lenneth eventually move over so close that you
have to move them.

If you knock off too much HP off her (half of what she has) before you finish
looting, she'll start using Nibelung Valesti, in which case I really suggest
you just start over, because most likely she'll be blowing up half the field,
and trying to loot with this going on will probably result in your whole team
killed, except for the uber characters.

Eventually, you'll loot the Valkyrie Garbs, and since Lenneth is the last enemy
worth looting, you'll never have to do it again. Rejoice! Now just don't
stuff-up and die before you win and save the game!

**Freya**                                                                [G.11]
Urssa Lava Cave Boss, final room (infinitely repeatable)
Item to loot: Sacred Ether

Properties of Sacred Ether:
ATK: 2700    DEF:    0    INT: 1000
HIT:   60    AGL:    0
Factors: ATK +1000 (1)
Equip: Sophia (weapon)

The Sacred Ether is both the best and worst weapon in the game. Best because
you can get an unlimited supply of them, and comes with no bad factors, so you
can synth it’s ATK +1000 (1) factor onto other weapons to your heart’s content.
It also has the highest base attack power (when you account for Peppita’s
having 3 forced slots used compared to the Sacred Ether’s one), while still
having a very high INT score.

And it’s the worst weapon because you can already beat the “hardest” boss when
you get it (though I would argue certain combinations of Urssa Cave Temple’s
final boss to be more difficult), the massive ATK is on a character who is
probably never going to really use it that much (although Sophia’s Short O is
freaking powerful), Sophia has a better weapon to use when focusing on INT
(Adept Staff) that you’ve probably already had for quite a while and synthing
ATK +1000 (1) is now inferior to ATK/DEF +30%. In general, despite its stats,
the Sacred Ether is quite useless.

With regards to actually looting it, if you don’t have FAM, then looting with
Cliff is EXTREMELY annoying. He tends to run to just the wrong distance (too
close), and his arms whiffs Freya completely most of the time for no good
reason. If you do have FAM, then you can control your distance to make it work
(stand slightly further back). Oddly, Mirage using her short O has no problems
at all hitting Freya, with or without FAM. Even more oddly, this problem
doesn’t occur when fighting the equally petite Lenneth. Those game designers
sure are wacky, huh?

The strategy is pretty much the same as Lenneth, only Freya’s normal attacks
have better range, hit harder, recover faster and are just plain more dangerous
to work around. And as we all know, Freya has her Ether Strike from the
beginning, so I hope you have a lot of bombs!

I’m sure none of you will ever actually bother to do this (since you can just
repeat the fight to get more, as if the first useless Sacred Ether wasn’t
enough), but I’d wager you could actually get two copies of the weapon faster
by just fighting her twice compared to looting her.

OTHER ENEMIES AND ITEMS.....................................................[H]

This is a rather long list of all the enemies that have items to loot. Not all
enemies have items, in which case there is an empty space instead of an item
listed. You can also find out this information by scanning the enemy, an
ability that all characters learn (though some characters earlier than others).

Most items are more easily obtained by methods other than looting, usually just
fighting until they drop the item is easier. Also, some of the enemies here
you will not be able to loot, because you cannot learn Loot Item before the
last time you meet them. So no extra Decrepit Tomes for you.

For most of these, using normal Loot methods will be fine most of the time.
Of course, if you decide to loot Luther for a tri-Emblem or something, then
that might get you killed (but why are you looting a tri-Emblem when you can
buy it?). You should be able to recognise any of the enemies other than those
listed above that might be dangerous, but none of them carry anything that you
couldn't get another way if you had to, unlike the bosses listed in the
previous section.

Anyway, it should be pretty easy to read, it's just enemy name, the items, and
where you can find them. Since enemies can have two different items, then in
this case the items are listed one under the other. So if you see a line with
an item but no enemy, it means the item belongs to the enemy listed above it,
not the one below.

Lastly, remember that many enemies in this game share their names with others,
(that also look the same). But they do carry different items, and have
different stats, so don't get them confused. Just scan before you start trying
to get items off an enemy that might not actually have anything, and it'll be

Name                    Item                    Location
4D Security Soldier     Jewel of Refuge         Sphere 211
                        Machinery Materials
4D Security Soldier                             Gemity Arena
Adray                   Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, B3
Acid Gel                                        Urssa Cave Temple
Acid Gel                                        Urssa Cave Temple 
Adept Necromancer                               Gemity Arena
Airyglyph Soldier                               Airyglyph Castle, B1 
Airyglyph Soldier       Warrior's Bracelet      Airyglyph Castle, B1
                        Crafting Materials
Airyglyph Soldier                               Bequerel Mountain Path
Airyglyph Soldier       Warrior's Bracelet      Bequerel Mountain Path
                        Cooking Ingredients     
Akulab                  Eldrich Fire Stone      Sphere 211, 122F-131F
Albel                                           Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Albel                   Tri-Emblum              Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Albel                   Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Albel 1                 War God's Symbol        Bequerel Mountain Path
Albel 2                 Demon's Symbol          Urssa Lava Cave
Albel 3                 Philosopher's Symbol    Urssa Lava Cave
Albel 4                 Boots of Prowess        Urssa Lava Cave
Alei                                            Maze of Tribulations, B5
Altar Guardian          Celestial Pixie         Urssa Cave Temple
Altar Guardian                                  Urssa Cave Temple
Amoeba Giant            Writing Materials       Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
Ancient Bat                                     Urssa Cave Temple
Ancient Bat                                     Urssa Cave Temple
Angry Azazer            Valorous Gauntlets      Sphere 211, 181F
Animated Armor          Alchemy Materials       Kirlsa Training Facility
Aqua Wisp               Eldrich Fire Stone      Gemity Arena
Aquamarine Devil        Symbol of Courage       Sphere 211, 172F-181F
Aquaregia               Jewel of Refuge         Mosel Dunes
                        Crafting Materials
Aquaregia               Water Charm             Ruins of Barr 
                        Machinery Materials
Aquaregia               Jewel of Alertness      Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
                        Crafting Materials
Aquaregia               Water Charm             Urssa Cave Temple, B1
Aquaregia               Water Charm             Urssa Cave Temple, B2-3
                        Water Pixie
Aquaregia               Scholar's Bracelet      Sphere 211, 112F-121F
Aquaregia               Jewel of Refuge         Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B2
Arch Demon              Dragoon Laser           Sphere 211, 170F
Attack Bot              Machinery Materials     Firewall
Aurora Monster          Synthesis Materials     Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
Axe Beak                Cooking Ingredients     Sanmite Steppes
Azazer                  Charm of Tranquillity   Sphere 211, 1F
Basilisk                Compounding Elixirs     Sanmite Steppes
Basilisk King                                   Maze of Tribulations, B3
Battle Cock             Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 202F-206F
Battlecopter            Machinery Materials     Fire Wall
Belzeber                                        Sphere 211, 5F
Belial                  Scholar's Bracelet      Sphere 211, 5F
Berserker               Alchemy Materials       Ancient Ruins of Mosel
Berserker King                                  Gemity Arena
Berserker Lord          Jewel of Alertness      Sphere 211, 122F - 131F
Bestial                                         Aquatic Garden, Surferio
Biochimera              Compounding Elixirs     Spiral Tower, 10F
Biwig                   Ring of Vigour          Kirlsa Training Facility
Black Brigade Soldier   Jewel of Refuge         Granah Hills
                        Smithy Materials
Black Brigade Soldier   Smithy Materials        Bequerel Mountain Path
Black Monster                                   Sphere 211, 182F-191F
Black Pearl Statue      Jewel of Avarice        Maze of Tribulations, B5
Blade Master            Fire Crystal            Traum Mountains
                        Smithy Materials
Blaze Hunter            Jewel of Alertness      Sphere 211, 132F-141F
Blood Bat               Eldrich Fire Stone      Bequerel Mine
                        Smithy Materials
Blood Monster           Regeneration Symbol     Palmira Plains 
                        Alchemy Materials
Bloody Knight                                   Gemity Arena
Blue Dragon Zombie      Pulse Gun               Mountains of Barr
Blue Golem                                      Gemity Arena
Blue Slime              Regeneration Symbol     Duggus Forest
                        Alchemy Materials
Bogle Leader            Compounding Elixirs     Airyglyph Aqueducts
Bogle Leader            Smithy Materials        Traum Mountains
Bogle Leader            Cooking Ingredients     Kirlsa Training Facility
Bogle Leader            Alchemy Materials       Duggus Forest
Bogle Leader                                    Gemity Arena
Bogle Leader            Eldrich Fire Stone      Maze of Tribulations, B4
Bogle Leader                                    Gemity Arena
Bogle Leader                                    Gemity Arena
Bogle Soldier           Wind Charm              Traum Mountains
                        Cooking Ingredients
Bogle Soldier           Jewel of Refuge         Airyglyph Aqueducts
                        Cooking Ingredients
Bogle Soldier           Jewel of Avarice        Aire/Kirlsa Hills
                        Compounding Elixirs
Bogle Soldier           Crafting Materials      Duggus Forest
Bogle Soldier                                   Gemity Arena
Bogle Soldier                                   Gemity Arena
Bogle Soldier           Fire Crystal            Maze of Tribulations, B4
Bogle Soldier                                   Gemity Arena
Bomb Zombie             Fire Charm              Maze of Tribulations, B3
Botanic Savage          Blueberries             Urssa Cave Temple
Botanic Savage          Blueberries             Urssa Cave Temple
Brass Dragon            Fire Crystal            Bequerel Mine 
                        Alchemy Materials
Brass Dragon            Mist Charm              Bequerel Mine
Brass Dragon            Eldrich Fire Stone      Bequerel Mine
                        Smithy Materials
Brass Dragon            Jewel of Avarice        Mountains of Barr 
Breeze Hunter           Wind Charm              Urssa Cave Temple
Breeze Hunter           Wind Charm              Urssa Cave Temple
                        Wind Pixie
Bronze Brute            Regeneration Symbol     Sealed Cavern
Brother Sootie          Jewel of Alertness      Sphere 211, 192F-210F 
Brutish Beast                                   Gemity Arena
Bullfrog Beast          Jewel of Refuge         Sphere 211, 182F-191F
Buster                                          Ruins of Coffir
Carnivorous Plant                               Duggus Forest
Cave Spider             Charm of Insight        Kirlsa Caverns
                        Alchemy Materials
Cerberus                                        Gemity Arena
Chameleon               Jewel of Avarice        Duggus Forest
                        Compounding Elixirs
Chameleon King          Cooking Ingredients     Mosel Dunes
Chimera                 War God's Symbol        Mosel Dunes
                        Cooking Ingredients
Chimera Devil                                   Sphere 211, 162F-171F
Chimera Hawk                                    Spiral Tower, 2F
Cleaver Knight                                  Gemity Arena
Cliff                   Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple
Cockatrice              Synthesis Materials     Bequerel Mine
Convictor               Machinery Materials     Styx
Convictor               Jewel of Refuge         Styx
Convictor               Jewel of Alertness      Palmira Plains
                        Smithy Materials
Convictor               Jewel of Refuge         Sanmite Steppes
                        Crafting Materials
Convictor                                       Sphere 211, 162F-171F
Core Wisp               Fresh Sage              Urssa Cave Temple
Core Wisp               Fresh Sage              Urssa Cave Temple
Crosell                                         Urssa Lava Cave
Crosell                 Ring of Vigour          Urssa Lava Cave
Crystal Cerberus                                Shrine of Kaddan
Crystal Dragon                                  Gemity Arena
Crystal Statue                                  Shrine of Kaddan
Crystal Statue          Compounding Elixirs     Shrine of Kaddan
Current Rider           Jewel of Avarice        Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
                        Cooking Ingredients
Current Rider           Jewel of Refuge         Maze of Tribulations, B1
Dark Hunter             Smithy Materials        Passage from Parch to Plenty
Death Mantis                                    Sphere 211, 172F-181F
Death Master            Regeneration Symbol     Mosel Dunes
                        Writing Materials
Death Monster                                   Spiral Tower, 2F
Death Noble             Gold Idol               Maze of Tribulations, B2
                        Cooking Ingredients
Demetrio                Synthesis Materials     Bequerel Mountain Path
Demon Beast             Jewel of Refuge         Gemity Arena
Demon Imp               Crafting Materials      Ancient Ruins of Mosel, 1F 
Demon Lord                                      Gemity Arena
Demon Prince                                    Sphere 211, 202F-210F
Demonic Hound           Compounding Elixirs     Ancient Ruins of Mosel, 1F
Destroyer               Machinery Materials     Moonbase
Devil Child                                     Gemity Arena
Dire Tarantula          Fire Crystal            Kirlsa Caverns
                        Smithy Materials
Dire Wolf               Alchemy Materials       Bequerel Mountain Path
Dirna Hamilton          Spirit of Lilith        Gemity Arena
Disaster Eye            Eldrich Fire Stone      Maze of Tribulations, B2
Dorado                  Jewel of Alertness      Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
                        Cooking Ingredients
Dragon Brigade          Cooking Ingredients     Aire/Kirlsa Hills
Dragon Brigade Soldier  Crafting Materials      Traum Mountains 
Dragon Brigade Soldier  Compounding Elixirs     Aire/Kirlsa Hills 
Dragon Corpse           Jewel of Avarice        Gemity Arena 
Dragon Tooth                                    Gemity Arena
Dragon Viper                                    Maze of Tribulations, B7
Dragon Zombie           Compounding Elixirs     Mosel Dunes
Dragonfly                                       Grantier Resort Hotel
Dragoon                                         Gemity Arena
Dragoon Knight                                  Gemity Arena
Dark Armor                                      Shrine of Kaddan
Dark Eye                                        Shrine of Kaddan
Dark Rider                                      Shrine of Kaddan
Earth Dragon                                    Maze of Tribulations, B4
Earth Smasher           Decrepit Tome           Kirlsa Caverns
Elder Eye               Jewel of Avarice        Firewall
                        Writing Materials
Elder Shrieker          Charm of Insight        Granah Hills
                        Cooking Ingredients
Elder Viper             Eldrich Fire Stone      Maze of Tribulations, B4
Enforcer                Crafting Materials      Styx
Enforcer                Jewel of Refuge         Styx
                        Crafting Materials
Enforcer                Crafting Materials      Shrine of Kaddan
Enraged Crosell         Valorous Gauntlets      Sphere 211, 115F
Ethereal Queen          Spirit of Lilith        Sphere 211, 211F
Farbnil                                         Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Farbnil                                         Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Fayt                                            Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Fayt                                            Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Feral Dragon            Crafting Materials      Beqeural Mine
Feral Dragon            Writing Materials       Mountains of Barr 
Fighter                                         Gemity Arena
Fire Zombie             Wind Charm              Urssa Lava Cave
                        Crafting Materials
Flame Wisp              Regeneration Symbol     Sphere 211, 132F-141F
Flaming Zombie          Fire Charm              Sealed Cavern
                        Smithy Materials
Flying Armor            Smithy Materials        Sealed Cavern
Flying Dark Armor                               Gemity Arena
Flying Gold Armor       Crafting Materials      Shrine of Kaddan
Flying Knight           Smithy Materials        Shrine of Kaddan
Flying Red Armor                                Sphere 211, 123F-131F
Forager                                         Gemity Arena
Frenzied Biwig          Fangs of the Wicked     Sphere 211, 147F
Freya                   Sacred Ether            Urssa Lava Cave
Furious Berial          Angelic Cape            Sphere 211, 192F
Gabriel Celesta         Spirit of Lilith        Maze of Tribulations, B8

Garian Zombie           Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 152F-161F
Gas Dragon Zombie       Eldrich Fire Stone      Mosel Dunes
                        Cooking Ingredients
Geonite Statue                                  Sphere 211, 162F-171F
Ghostly Hag             Writing Materials       Urssa Lava Caves
Ghostly Hag                                     Gemity Arena
Ghostly Hag                                     Gemity Arena
Giant Bat               Cooking Ingredients     Kirlsa Caverns 
Giant Crab                                      Airyglyph Aqueducts
Giant Fly               Crafting Materials      Maze of Tribulations, B7
Giant Mantis            Compounding Elixirs     Mosel Dunes
Giant Moth              Cooking Ingredients     Irisa Fields
Giant Viper             Smithy Materials        Passage from Parch to Plenty
Glaive Beak             Charm of Insight        Sphere 211, 112F-121F
Gold Armor              Mist Charm              Shrine of Kaddan
                        Alchemy Materials
Gold Knight             Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 132F-141F
Gold Monster            Mist Charm              Maze of Tribulations, B3
                        Alchemy Materials
Golem SUS303                                    Gemity Arena
Grand Shrieker          Earth Charm             Urssa Cave Temple
Grand Shrieker          Earth Charm             Urssa Cave Temple
Grapebind               Jewel of Refuge         Duggus Forest
Graphias                Fire Crystal            Sanmite Steppes
                        Smithy Ingredients
Greater Demon           Symbol of Courage       Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B2
                        Compounding Elixirs
Green Mojara            Hybrid Helm             Sphere 211, 159F
Guardian Haunt          Charm of Insight        Maze of Tribulations, B8
Halberdier                                      Gemity Arena
Harpy                   Sage                    Bequerel Mine
Heat Haze                                       Gemity Arena
Hedditch Dragon                                 Sphere 211, 142F-151F
Highlander              Compounding Elixirs     Barr Caves
Hodge Podge                                     Urssa Cave Temple
Hodge Podge                                     Urssa Cave Temple
Horned Tortoise                                 Sphere 211, 101F-111F
Horned Turtle           Alchemy Materials       Palmira Plains
Horned Wolf             Cooking Ingredients     Kirlsa Training Facility
Hornet                  Wind Charm              Kirlsa Caverns
                        Crafting Materials
Huge Chimera                                    Gemity Arena
Huge Spider             Crafting Materials      Kirlsa Caverns 
Hyper Nobleman          Silver Idol             Kirlsa Training Facility
                        Cooking Ingredients
Immortal Lord                                   Gemity Arena
Incapacitator           Machinery Materials     Moonbase
Incapacitator 4         Jewel of Alertness      Sphere 211, 1F-100F
                        Machinery Materials
Incapacitator 5         Machinery Materials     Sphere 211, 142F-151F
Incapacitator VRSS                              Emergency Shelter
Inquisitor                                      Airyglyph Castle, B1
Intellectual            Silver Idol             Aquatic Garden, Surferio
Jemat                   Mist Charm              Sphere 211, 182F-191F
Kid Sootie                                      Sphere 211, 191F-210F
Killer Moth             Jewel of Alertness      Irisa Fields
                        Alchemy Materials
Killer Tarantula                                Sphere 211, 172F-181F
Killer Treant           Jewel of Refuge         Bequerel Mountain Path
                        Compounding Elixirs
Killer Wasp             Jewel of Avarice        Traum Mountains
                        Cooking Ingredients
Kish Bat                Charm of Insight        Maze of Tribulations, B3
Kobold                  Fire Crystal            Duggus Forest 
                        Cooking Ingredients
Kobold Knight           Charm of Insight        Traum Mountains
                        Smithy Materials
Kobold Lord                                     Sphere 211, 152F-161F
L100 Ravitch            Scholar's Bracelet      Shrine of Kaddan
                        Writing Materials
L15 Mage                Scholar's Bracelet      Shrine of Kaddan
                        Alchemy Materials
L16 Ravitch             Scholar's Bracelet      Irisa Fields
                        Alchemy Materials
L2 Battlecopter         Machinery Materials     Sphere 211, 132F-141F
L2 Stinger              Fire Crystal            Moonbase
                        Machinery Materials
L3 Stinger              Charm of Insight        Sphere 211, 122F-131F
                        Machinery Materials
L30 Mage                Scholar's Bracelet      Passage from Parch to Plenty
                        Crafting Materials
L31 Ravitch             Scholar's Bracelet      Passage from Parch to Plenty
                        Alchemy Materials
L55 Mage                                        Gemity Arena
L58 Ravitch             Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 152F-161F
L80 Fighter                                     Gemity Arena
L99 Thieving Scumbag    Scumbag Slayer          Sphere 211, 152F-161F
Lady Beast              Compounding Elixirs     Sanmite Steppes
Land Prawn              Jewel of Avarice        Maze of Tribulations, B2
Legion Dragon           Crafting Materials      Bequerel Mountain Path
Legion Dragon           Jewel of Refuge         Bequerel Mountain Path
Lenneth                 Valkyrie Garb           Sphere 211, 211F
Lesser Eye              Synthesis Materials     Sealed Cavern
Lesser Demon            Alchemy Materials       Ancient Ruins of Mosel, 1F
Lesser Devil            Jewel of Avarice        Maze of Tribulations, B5
Lility                                          Gemity Arena
Lizard Man              Symbol of Courage       Kirlsa Training Facility
                        Compounding Elixirs
Lizard Thug             Jewel of Avarice        Palmira Plains
Lizard Warrior          Fire Crystal            Sanmite Steppes
                        Compounding Elixirs
Lonely Bat                                      Grantier Resort Hotel
Lum Knight                                      Aire/Kirlsa Hills
Lum Knight                                      Gemity Arena
Lum Knight                                      Gemity Arena
Luther                                          Spiral Tower
Luther                                          Spiral Tower
Luther                  Tri-Emblem              Urssa Cave Temple, F3
LV2 Robo Gunner         Laser Weapon            Styx
                        Ablative Shield
LV3 Robo Gunner         Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 1F-110F
LV4 Robo Gunner         Machinery Materials     Firewall
LV5 Robo Gunner         Jewel of Refuge         Sphere 211, 152F-161F
                        Machinery Materials
Mage                    Fire Crystal            Sealed Cavern
                        Alchemy Materials
Magma Man               Alchemy Materials       Urssa Lava Cave
Magnetic Beast          Wind Charm              Maze of Tribulations, B7
Makafy                  Beat-Up Textbook        Ruins of Coffir
Man Trap                Jewel of Alertness      Irisa Fields
                        Alchemy Materials
Maria                   Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Masque                  Symbol of Courage       Firewall
                        Alchemy Materials
Masque King             Fire Crystal            Sphere 211, 132F-141F
Masque Looter                                   Gemity Arena
Master Demon                                    Gemity Arena
Master Ridiculer                                Gemity Arena
Mecha Scumbag           Charm of Insight        Gemity Arena 
Mechafly XP             Machinery Materials     Kirlsa Training Facility
Medusa Beast            Eldrich Fire Stone      Gemity Arena
Mighty Vox              1/1 Scale Bunny         Maze of Tribulations, B6
Minidragon              Compounding Elixirs     Mountains of Barr 
Minifly                 Machinery Materials     Moonbase
Minifly SX              Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 101F-11F
                        Machinery Materials
Mirage                  Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Miriam                                          Gemity Arena
Moa                                             Grantier Resort Hotel
Monstrous Beast                                 Gemity Arena
Moonshadow Clan Chief                           Duggus Forest
Moonshadow Clan Member                          Duggus Forest
Moonshadow Clan Member  Winking Sage Cider      Sanmite Steppes
                        Machinery Materials
Mother Sootie                                   Sphere 211, 192F-210F
Mudman                  Synthesis Materials     Duggus Forest
Myconid                 Cooking Ingredients     Sanmite Steppes
Mythril Brute           Regeneration Symbol     Grantier Resort Hotel
Necromancer             Scholar's Bracelet      Passage from Parch to Plenty
                        Alchemy Materials
Nel                                             Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Nel                     Tri-Emblum              Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Nel                     Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Nighteye Snake                                  Maze of Tribulations, B6F
Noble Tear                                      Sphere 211, 182F-191F
Nobleman                Copper Idol             Pesotto Forest
                        Cooking Ingredients
Norton                  Decrepit Tome           Norton's Hideout
Norton Redux            Spirit of Lilith        Sphere 211, 101F
Nova Blaze              Jewel of Avarice        Urssa Lava Cave
                        Smithy Materials
Nova Blaze              Fire Charm              Urssa Cave Temple
Nova Blaze              Charm of Insight        Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B2
                        Crafting Materials
Nova Blaze              Fire Charm              Urssa Cave Temple
                        Fire Pixie
Nova Blaze              Fire Charm              Gemity Arena
Nova Blaze              Fire Charm              Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B2
Nova Blaze              Jewel of Refuge         Sphere 211, 122F-131F
Obsidian Brute          Mist Charm              Sphere 211, 101F-111F
Ochre Jelly             Jewel of Alertness      Traum Mountains
                        Smithy Materials
Peppita                                         Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Peppita                 Tri-Emblum              Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Peppita                 Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Petro Slime             Jewel of Refuge         Maze of Tribulations, B3
Phantom Striker         Regeneration Symbol     Maze of Tribulations, B2
                        Alchemy Materials
Pino                    Mist Charm              Sphere 211, 112F-121F
Pit Tarantula           Jewel of Alertness      Traum Mountains
                        Writing Materials
Plains Spider           Wind Charm              Palmira Plains
                        Compounding Elixirs
Poisonous Beetle                                Grantier Resort Hotel
Poisonous Lobster       Regeneration Symbol     Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
                        Cooking Ingredients
Poisonous Wasp          Jewel of Refuge         Granah Hills
                        Compounding Elixirs
Polyhedron              Compounding Elixirs     Shrine of Kaddan
Polyhedron              Compounding Elixirs     Shrine of Kaddan
Polyhedron              Compounding Elixirs     Shrine of Kaddan
Polyhedron                                      Shrine of Kaddan
Polyhedron                                      Maze of Tribulations, B5
Porcupine               Jewel of Alertness      Traum Mountains
                        Cooking Ingredients
Porcupine               Wind Charm              Mountains of Barr
                        Cooking Ingredients
Porcupine               Jewel of Refuge         Maze of Tribulations, B5
Porcupine               Jewel of Avarice        Sphere 211, 112F-121F
Proclaimer              Jewel of Alertness      Irisa Fields
Proclaimer              Machinery Materials     Mosel Dunes
Proclaimer                                      Sphere 211, 162F-171F
Proclaimer              Alchemy Materials       Styx
Proclaimer                                      Styx
Pseudo Blair                                    Spiral Tower 2F
Puppet Golem            Jewel of Avarice        Duggus Forest
                        Smithy Materials
Raging Belzeber                                 Sphere 211, 181F
Rainbow Core                                    Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
Ram Guardian            Symbol of Courage       Spiral Tower, 3F-9F
                        Smithy Materials
Ravitch                 Scholar's Bracelet      Duggus Forest
                        Crafting Materials
Red Beast               Wind Charm              Ruins of Barr
                        Cooking Ingredients
Red Cockatrice          Writing Materials       Passage from Parch to Plenty
Red Dragon                                      Sphere 211, 201F-210F
Red Slime               Charm of Insight        Ancient Ruins of Mosel, 1F
                        Alchemy Materials
Render                                          Maze of Tribulations, B6

Render Tyrant                                   Gemity Arena
Ridiculer                                       Gemity Arena
Robin Wind              Synthesis Materials     Ruins of Barr
Robin Wind                                      Gemity Arena
Robin Wind                                      Gemity Arena
Robin Wind                                      Gemity Arena
Rock Fish                                       Sphere 211, 172F-181F
Roger                                           Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Roger                   Tri-Emblum              Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Roger                   Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Romero                                          Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Romero                                          Urssa Cave Temple, F2
Romper Bat              Jewel of Avarice        Bequerel Mine
                        Alchemy Materials
Romper Bat              Jewel of Refuge         Irisa Fields
                        Smithy Materials
Ruktogias                                       Spiral Tower, 2F
Scarlet Armor                                   Gemity Arena
Scarlet Knight                                  Gemity Arena
Schweimer                                       Sanmite Steppes
Scorpion                Fire Crystal            Palmira Plains
                        Smithy Materials
Sculpture Guard                                 Aquatic Garden, Surferio
Sculpture Lord                                  Aquatic Gardens, Surferio
Security Service                                Arkives
Security Soldier        Machinery Materials     Sphere 211, 1F-3F
Shadow Dragon           Heavenly Spirit         Sphere 211, 126F
Shadow Savant           Charm of Insight        Maze of Tribulations, B8
Shadow Savant           Clone Generator         Urssa Cave Temple
Shadow Savant           Scholar's Bracelet      Spiral Tower, 3F-9F
                        Alchemy Materials
Shadow Savant           Synthesis Materials     Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Shadow Savant                                   Sphere 211, 162F-171F
Sharow                                          Gemity Arena
Shelby                                          Kirlsa Training Facility
Shining Wisp            Alchemy Materials       Shrine of Kaddan
Shrieker                Cooking Ingredients     Ruins of Coffir
Sister Sootie                                   Sphere 211, 192F-210F
Skeleton Knight         Jewel of Alertness      Kirlsa Caverns
                        Alchemy Materials
Skeleton Leader         Jewel of Refuge         Kirlsa Training Facility
                        Crafting Materials
Skeleton Soldier        Regeneration Symbol     Kirlsa Training Facility
Skeleton Warrior        Jewel of Refuge         Norton's Hideout
                        Compounding Elixirs
Skittering Beast        Mist Charm              Sphere 211, 142F-151F
Slime                   Cooking Ingredients     Airyglyph Aqueducts
Soldier                 Compounding Elixirs     Kirlsa Training Facility
Solon Solute                                    Gemity Arena
Sootie                                          Maze of Tribulations, B7
Sophia                  Rabbit's Foot           Urssa Cave Temple, F3
Springer                                        Maze of Tribulations, B5
Soul Master             Jewel of Alertness      Sphere 211, 142F-151F
                        Scholar's Bracelet
Spawn                   Jewel of Avarice        Ruins of Barr
                        Cooking Ingredients
Spawn                                           Sphere 211, 182F-191F
Stag Beetle             Fire Crystal            Bequerel Mountain Path
                        Cooking Ingredients
Stalker                 Jewel of Alertness      Firewall
                        Machinery Materials
Stalker                                         Shrine of Kaddan
Stalker II              Jewel of Refuge         Sphere 211, 112F-121F
                        Machinery Materials
Stinger                 Jewel of Alertness      Kirlsa Training Facility
                        Machinery Materials
Stirge                                          Sphere 211, 101F-111F
Stone Golem             Synthesis Materials     Ancient Ruins of Mosel, 1
Storm Brigade           Alchemy Materials       Aire/Kirlsa Hills
Succubus                Jewel of Alertness      Maze of Tribulations, B2
Super Blair             Levantine               Sphere 211, 200F
Super Nobleman          Bronze Idol             Bequerel Mountain Path
                        Cooking Ingredients
Supreme Eye                                     Sphere 211, 202F-206F
Swordsman                                       Gemity Arena
Tarantula               Jewel of Refuge         Kirlsa Caverns
                        Compounding Elixirs
Tepeki                  Jewel of Avarice        Ruins of Coffir
Thieving Scumbag        Crafting Materials      Ruins of Coffir
Toad Beast              Compounding Elixirs     Airyglyph Aqueducts
Toad Fighter            Jewel of Alertness      Kirlsa Training Facility
                        Cooking Ingredients
Toadpole                Cooking Ingredients     Ruins of Barr
Toadpole                                        Gemity Arena
Tongue Beast            Regeneration Symbol     Maze of Tribulations, B7
Tornado                                         Gemity Arena
Trichimera                                      Maze of Tribulations, B8
Unholy Terror           Scholar's Bracelet      Gemity Arena
                        Cooking Ingredients
Unholy Terror                                   Gemity Arena
Unholy Terror                                   Gemity Arena
Unholy Terror                                   Shrine of Kaddan
Vendeeni Soldier        Machinery Materials     Shrine of Kaddan
Vendeeni Soldier        Machinery Materials     Shrine of Kaddan
Vendeeni Soldier        Machinery Materials     Kirlsa Training Facility
Vendeeni Soldier        Jewel of Avarice        Shrine of Kaddan
Vengeful Shelby         Death Bringers          Sphere 211, 137F
Venomous Pine           Writing Materials       Traum Mountains
Vile Chimera            Jewel of Alertness      Maze of Tribulations, B8
Vile Lizard                                     Gemity Arena
Voracious Eater         Regeneration Symbol     Sphere 211, 101F-11F
Vox                                             Aire/Kirlsa Hills
War Chameleon           Jewel of Avarice        Irisa Fields
                        Crafting Materials
War Vulture                                     Gemity Arena
Water Reaper            Jewel of Avarice        Kirlsa Caverns
                        Cooking Ingredients
Water Reaper            Cooking Ingredients     Airyglyph Aqueducts
Water Strider           Eldrich Fire Stone      Sanmite Steppes
                        Cooking Ingredients
Will O' The Wisp                                Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B1
Winged Mantis           Symbol of Courage       Gemity Arena
Yellow Reaper           Wind Charm              Gemity Arena
Yellow Wisp             Smithy Materials        Ancient Ruins of Mosel, B2
Young Mojara                                    Sphere 211, 207F-210F
Young Porcupine         Writing Materials       Mountains of Barr
Young Shrieker          Jewel of Alertness      Ruins of Coffir
Young Shrieker          Charm of Insight        Granah Hills
                        Cooking Ingredients
Young Slime             Blueberries             Pesotto Forest
Yuan-ti                 Writing Materials       Irisa Fields
Yuan-ti                 Jewel of Avarice        Styx
                        Smithy Materials
Yuan-ti                                         Gemity Arena
Yuan-ti                 Charm of Insight        Sphere 211, 142F-151F
Zebra Wasp                                      Gemity Arena
Zorto                                           Urssa Cave Temple, F1
Zorto                                           Urssa Cave Temple, F2


AAA - Anti-Attack Aura. Barrier that protects and has other effects if an enemy
attack with a weak attack while you have 100% Fury. For the purpose of looting,
a stunning aura (i.e. Normal) is preferred if you want to use a launching
attack, but Homing is probably more useful, since enemies hit are guaranteed
to be in the air.

FAM - Full Action Mode, earned by starting a New Game after collecting 95%
(285) battle trophies. Allows you to activate skills without running to a
pre-defined distance. With regards to looting, there's no reason to not use it
unless you method is Fayt's long O.

Loot Item - passive Battle Skill, the point of this guide.

NMG - No-Movement Glitch. The next entry, if you follow the English alphabet.

No-Movement Glitch - Glitch in battle, handy for various looting strategies,
amongst others. Occurs due to programming error, where AI (either side) cannot
target opponent already moving or using (chained) battle skills. If AI makes a
target, then starting movement/skill will not activate the glitch. It only
works on the higher difficulty levels. Abusing this "glitch" (personally, I
think it was intentional...) makes looting certain enemies much easier. Some
people don't like to abuse glitches, but we're dealing with Loot Item, so I
don't think anyone will think the less of you for taking advantage here.

SO3 - abbreviation for Star Ocean 3, which is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
And yes, it's actually the 4th game, but Blue Sphere was only a side game
anyway. Or at least I'm going to say that.

Uber-Fayt - Fayt with 5000+ defence. If a character has defence higher than the
enemies attack, then they can't be hurt by physical attacks. Anyone, not just
Fayt, can be Uber, but only Fayt, Mirage and Cliff can possibly be Uber against
everything, and that's only for Galaxy difficulty (or Universe if Protection is
cast on them). Symbology-damage can't be stopped by stats alone, so isn't
included in the definition of Uberness.

VERSION HISTORY.............................................................[J]

0.99 - (23/08/2004) The first, basic version of the FAQ.

1.1  - (05/05/2007) this, the second iteration of the FAQ. Improvements since
                    the previous version include Maria and Adray's weapons
                    having their factors listed more fully, section on the
                    Non-Target Glitch, and specific information on using the
                    abusing the NMG with Cliff to make Looting certain bosses
                    a lot less painful. Added Freya to the list. And I know I
                    skipped 1.00, which seems a bit weird. It only took 3
                    years too!

THANKS AND CREDITS..........................................................[K]

tri-Ace for making this game.

Square-Enix, for publishing this game.

GameFAQs, for a great site and for hosting this FAQ. I hope.

All the posters at the GameFAQ's Star Ocean: Till the End of Time message

A I e x, for letting use the information from his guide regarding monster

Lhssh99 for the factors to Adray's and Maria's weapons. I hope I put them in
 the correct order.

MetalGearSolidBoy and "Glenn" bringing my attention to a glitch regarding 
 looting non-targeted enemies.

masterstraat for picking up a typo.

The powers that be, whoever they are. Looting is annoying, but at least it's
 better than bunny races.

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This is my first FAQ, hope you like it!