Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
For PS2

Battle Quotes Guide


Created by: Velari (Velari T. Lockheart)

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you will experience the pleasure which is aptly titled "optimal viewing".

This is not complete. I don't mean in the "I may have missed a quote" way,
which is always possible. I mean in the "there's a couple that I don't have
yet" way. It happens. A later update will fix this.
Also, there's always the chance that one or more quotes were misinterpreted.
A handful are simply hard to make out.
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Introduction and General Info

~If Reen could fly, Reen would be a little bird.~
~And then Reen would..~ here and there.~
~Wouldn't that be fun? Hee he.~

See that? That's a quote. One from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, no less.
And that's what this here file is about. However, it's not just about your
quote next door - it's about battle quotes.

Just about any game where characters mutter intelligible phrases during battle
has a Battle Quotes Guide on GameFAQs. It's unbelievable, really.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time had one as well. I have to say, it had a few
silly things in it here and there, and also, it wasn't complete. Then again,
most Battle Quotes Guides aren't complete, it's easy to miss a few quotes. Oh

At any rate, at some point, the thing disappeared. It was either removed by
GameFAQs, or at the request of its contributor. We never found out why
exactly, we just knew that it was gone.

Honestly, I'm not really a big fan of Battle Quotes FAQs. I don't understand
why people would be interested in them, and I don't understand why GameFAQs
accepts them. It boggles the mind.

Still, every once in a while a topic would pop up on the message boards asking
if there's a Battle Quotes Guide for the game, or saying that that they
recalled that there was a Battle Quotes Guide for the game but they couldn't
find it anymore. Apparently people were interested and there was a demand.

Time went by and no new Battle Quotes FAQ or guide was made, and still people
asked for it. I was puzzled by this - it is NOT hard to make a Battle Quotes
Guide. If you work systematically, it can be done pretty quickly and without
missing anything. In the end, I stepped up and said I would make a new Battle
Quotes Guide, then. The results are before you now.

And it wasn't hard :P The only obstacles were a handful tricky quotes - each
and every single one of which I knew in advance would be hard to make out -
and tri-Ace's decision to handle the quotes in sets. Fie on them for costing
me a few hours more *shrug*

This file lists the phrases and utterances during battle of all playable
characters in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, as well as those of any major
Note that as such, the identities of all playable characters is revealed.
Also, the section on major enemies contains the identities of various bosses
and important entities. A few of their quotes also give away concepts pivotal
to the plot. If you haven't completed the game yet, I don't recommend viewing
the section on major enemies. Heck, even the playable characters section has
some spoilerish quotes.
Well, the point is, reader discretion is advised.

Certain quotes are used under certain circumstances. As such, all of the
playable characters have their quotes listed in a certain order.
This order is as follows, accompanied by an explanation:

1) Entering battle
- Used at the start of an encounter with opponents of an equal level
2) Entering easy battle
- Used at the start of an encounter with opponents far weaker than the party
3) Entering hard battle
- Used at the start of an encounter with strong opponents
4) Ambush
- Used at the start of an encounter in ambush situations, rear attacks, and
   being surrounded
5) Normal attacks
- Used when executing normal attacks
6) Battle Skills & Symbology
- Used in conjunction with Battle Skills and Symbology
7) Taunts
- Used when using the Taunt skill, obviously
8) Hurt
- Used when hit by an attack or spell
9) Hurt & Critical
- Used when hit by an attack or spell when at low HP
10) Receiving help
- Used when being healed by another character
11) Dying
- Used when character is incapacitated during battle
12) Angered
- Used when character becomes angered at another's defeat
13) Escaping
- Used when running from battle
14) Hard-fought victory
- Used after winning a rather close or back-and-forth battle
15) Victory
- Used after winning a battle under normal circumstances
16) Level-up
- Used when the character gains one or more levels

After covering all the playable characters, we move on to the major enemies,
then there's a VA list, followed by the legal info, after which there's a
credits section, lastly contact info along with some quotes that are still up
in the air, and then we will be done with this process.

Some things are NOT in this file, mind you.

- First of all, this file only contains spoken things that are actually
intelligible (no monster growls and whatnot), and that, well, are words,
basically. A quote should have meaning, and one should be able to use it in
As such, things such as grunts, moans, yelps, unintelligible gibberish,
onomatopoeia, and death rattles are not found within this file. Nor is Cliff's
weird bowel release groan, look elsewhere for that >_>
(Technically, there are onomatopoeia in this file, but they are ones I use to
 express parts of a larger quote, not onomatopoeia the characters use :P )

- Second, spoken names of moves. Whenever a character verbalises the name of
the ability they are executing, that quote will not be listed in this file.
Alternative quotes will be listed, though. If Fayt says "Air Raid" while
performing the Battle Skill Air Raid, you don't need my help to figure things
out. When he yells out "Don't mess with me!" when performing Air Raid, though,
that doesn't follow as matter-of-factly. In general, all playable characters
have two quotes for their abilities, one being the name, the other being a
phrase, with a few exceptions.

- Third, minor enemies. They're not in this file. I don't care that some guy I
fight a hundred of throughout the game yells "Want some!?" with his
non-impressive attacks and you shouldn't care about that, either.

Playable characters

~I have the spring water.~

All in-battle quotes for the playable characters. Characters are listed in
alphabetical order.
(actually not all yet since this version isn't 100% complete yet)

Adray Lasbard
VA: Beau M. Billingslea
"SHUT UP, Lasselle!"
"Leave the rest of the fighting to me. Just relax. Think of it as a pleasure
"It is a broad blade that makes for a manly weapon.
  Scythes look like a villain's weapon, and missile weapons are out of the
  There's really nothing wrong with spears and axes, but a broad-bladed sword
  is the weapon of choice for a foot soldier."
"Clair has kept a diary ever since she was a young lass.
  I know where she hides it, of course.
  I shall take a peek at it later. It does have a lock on it, but I shall just
  force it open."
"I swam. Of course. Took about three days, it did. The tide was going my way,
  so it took less time than I thought it would."
"I suppose I should get going. I must go scold naughty children who throw
  tantrums when they do not get their way."
Note: Know what the best thing is about listing the characters in alphabetical
order? Adray the Awesome gets listed first, then. Real men like Adray are so
awesome they need never unsheath their sword.
And they're not afraid to... do the... thing... Adray does when he gets hit.

1) Entering battle
- Hmph. No need to hold back this time.
- Let us test your mettle...
- *laughter* This shall be fun!

2) Entering easy battle
- Leave now if you value your life!
- Out of our way! You're wasting our time!
- You do not belong here! Begone, begone!

3) Entering hard battle
- A battle would not BE a battle without SOME tension.
- A real man craves adversity.
- This is wonderful! Your power fires my soul!

4) Ambush
- How audacious!
- Only a coward refuses to mount a frontal assault.
- What a dirty trick!

5) Normal attacks
- Feel my wrath!
- Take this!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Fire Bolt
- Oh, dancing flames!
Ice Needles
- Almighty spears of ice!
Lightning Blast
- Roaring thunder!
Earth Glaive
- Mother Earth!
Chaos Tide
- Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!
Titan Fist
- I shall smash you to pieces!
Sea Gate
- Water dragon! Answer my summon!
Southern Cross
- Gather here, stars that shine in the heavens!
Emotion Torrent
- You shall face the wrath of the soul!
- Call to the wrath of the gods!

7) Taunts
- A poor excuse for an opponent. Watch and learn.
- How pitiful. A watermelon could put up a better fight.
- I could fight you with one hand tied behind my back.
- What is wrong with a learned man taking up arms? Your inexperience is
   revealed for all to see.

8) Hurt
- How dare you?!
- Still standing!
- Stop!
- That won't work...
- This will not do. This will not do at all.

9) Hurt & Critical
- A most exciting battle this has become!
- Help me! Hurry!
- I am asking for help!
- This looks like trouble...
- You must take over for me here!

10) Receiving help
- Forgive me.
- I feel my second wind coming.
- Sorry to trouble you.
- Thank you for your help.
- There... much better now!

11) Dying
- I can move... no longer...
- I have failed...
- It is up to the rest of you now...
- Most... admirable...

12) Angered
- Are you still alive? Answer me!
- I shall crush you to bits!
- That was the last straw!
- What are you doing?! Can you no longer stand?!
- What is the meaning of this?!
- You fiend... you are in for it now!
At Fayt's demise
- Master Fayt!

13) Escaping
- *pleased laugher* Fall back!
- We must flee! Follow me!

14) Hard-fought victory
- Hmm. Over already?
- I failed in the final stage.
- I would have your name.
- I shall not forget your face.
- Such tension... it is what battles are made of.
- To have thought I would have such a hard time. You are a threat worth

15) Victory
- Frustrated? Get stronger!
- Like a walk in the park.
- You greenhorn... it is all a matter of experience.

16) Level-up
- Every battle is a lesson waiting to be learned
- I shall become a master at this rate.
- I'll be doing this till I'm in my grave.
- I've become invincible.
- Only now, at my age, do I finally understand the depth of war.

Albel Nox
VA: Crispin McDougal Freeman
"Ha! That sounds like something read straight from a textbook. Spare me your
  sentimental drivel!"
"What a happy little world you live in. Dream on, fool. Dream on."
"The strong crush the weak. That's the way of the world.
If you don't like it, then you must become stronger than your foe.
It's as simple as that.
Praying to gods only proves your own weakness."
"The people of this city are nothing but useless garbage!"
"There are only a handful of people in this kingdom that seem useful. The
  rest are nothing but maggots. They are weak and useless."
"They may be useless, good-for-nothing worms, but I guess I’d better at least
  recover their corpses..."
"Don’t expect to die painlessly. I’ll smash your face until you’re begging me
  to kill you and get it over with."
"Look to my faults? Mind your business. If you’re done prattling, perhaps I
  shall be spared carving the tongue from your mouth!"
Note: Oh no, not another stereotypical bishounen -_-
Generic, generic. Pretty-boy, weird hairstyle, katana, crappy attitude,
deep-seated emotional issues, yaddayaddayadda. I'm glad I got to list Adray
first. Voiced by Crispin "Voice of God" Freeman, to get all the fanboys and
fangirls excited even more. Sigh.
And I originally included the Crimson Scourge stuff up there, but I decided to
remove it. Ha!

1) Entering battle
- A worthy opponent.
- I'm in the mood for some good, clean violence.
- Looks like a good fight...

2) Entering easy battle
- Normally I don't waste my time on weaklings...
- Only death awaits those who stand in my way.
- Stay away, fool.

3) Entering hard battle
- Hmph. Take your best shot.
- Looks like more than the usual scum, this time.
- Normally I wouldn't bother, but you've irked me.

4) Ambush
- Ambush? That's what you think!
- An ambush, eh...?
- Now I'm mad!

5) Normal attacks
- Bah!
- Take that!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Air Slash
- I'm gonna blow you away.
Shockwave Swirl
- Out of my way!
Palm of Destruction
- *roar*
Aura Wall
- I'm invincible!
Double Slash
- Take that, and that!
Vampiric Flash
- Your life is mine!
Hand of Doom
- Hack 'n slash!
Dragon Roar
- Burn!
Vampiric Flash
- Your life is mine!
Air Slash of Fury
- Beg for mercy!
Double Slash of Fury
- Yours won't be an easy death.

7) Taunts
- Keep your distance - your stupidity is contagious!
- Hmph. Maggots.
- This is no place for the weak.
- You, fight me? *cocky Crispin laugh*

8) Hurt
- Worm!

9) Hurt & Critical
- A little help, here...!
- Give me some of that medicine!
- ... Hate to say it, but... 'help!'
- I hate losing...

10) Receiving help
- You're actually useful now and then.
- Hmph.
- Thanks for the help...

11) Dying
- I... I can't lose...!
- I don't believe it... I WON'T believe it...!

12) Angered
- Come on, stand up!
- Oh, come on.
- Now you've done it!
- They got a lotta guts, doing that!
- You'll pay a thousand times for that, fool!

13) Escaping
- I'll be back... I promise.
- This is against my nature...

14) Hard-fought victory
- I'll give them credit for getting that far.
- These worms are a big hassle.
- Should have lain low while they still had the chance.
- I need to buff up a bit.

15) Victory
- Hmph, just another worm...
- It doesn't matter how many maggots you've got, I'll crush them all.
- It's not the great who are strong, it's the strong who are great!
- Only the strong survive... that's the law of the jungle.
16) Level-up
- Aahhh, nothing like it! *laughter*
- I'm the greatest!
- Power seethes within me!
- This feels GREAT!
- *evil Crispin laugh*

Cliff Fittir
VA: David Richard Paul Wittenberg
"What is that supposed to mean? A little more honesty would be nice, like
  'Heey, that Cliff sure is something,' or 'You're a genius, Cliff!"
"The whips on this planet hurt, too."
"So what's this queen like, anyway? I was kinda hoping she'd be hot, myself."
"She also said I'm 'always looking at pretty women,' which I guess was her
  way of praising my keen sense of aesthetics, don't you think?"
"That's enough of that. You say that again and I -swear- I'll smack you one."
"This is no time to be impressed, ladies."
"Turkeys like this need to be smacked around a bit before they'll listen."
"Relax, I'll keep you safe. Even a battleship wouldn't have it easy against
"Hey, wait a minute. Isn't the enemy's home base supposed to be a little
  more... intense, usually?"
"Sure. But you'll have to call me Lord King Super Cliff, in that case."
"I didn’t get famous on purpose. It was more of a process of elimination
"And get this... They say she’s really hot!"
Note: Gotta love the big guy xD

1) Entering battle
- Here I go!
- Let's take'em on!
- Wait - I'll go easy on ya.

2) Entering easy battle
- I could take'em on myself!
- You're way uptight. Chill out, okay?
- You're wasting my time.

3) Entering hard battle
- Let's get it on!
- This is the REAL thing.
- Wooh... now we're gonna have some fun!

4) Ambush
- Gimme a break...
- Okay - bad situation!
- So THAT'S how it's gonna be, huh?

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Sphere of Might
- This is gonna hurt!
Hammer of Might
- I'm gonna pulverise you!
Electric Fists
- Take that, and that, and THAT!
Fiery Tackle
- I'll mow ya down!
Aerial Assault
- Get a load of this!
Fists of Fury
- I could go on forever!
Acrobat Locus
- Acrobat Locus! Lights out!
- You're going down! Lights out!
- Think you can handle this!?
Infinity Kick
- You're history!
Max Shockwave
- I'll flatten you!

7) Taunts
- Bring it on!
- Hey you, ya scared or something?
- You lookin' at me!?
- You're no match for me!

9) Hurt & Critical
- Can't... move!
- It's all over if we lose now.
- Need a little help, here.
- This don't look good...
- This is no laughing matter!
- Where's my strength when I need it?

10) Receiving help
- I'll return the favour someday.
- Much obliged.

11) Dying
I said I'm not putting it in here. Look elsewhere >_>
- I'm... done for...
- No... not like... this...
- Sorry... it's no use...

12) Angered
- Did they get you?!
- Freeze, maggot!
- I'll crush you!
- That ain't funny!
- We're not fooling around, here!

13) Escaping
- Hate to say it, but we should bail.
- Hey, let's split.

14) Hard-fought victory
- ...Finally. 'Bout time.
- That's what I call a good fight.
- What a pain THAT was.

15) Victory
- Didn't I tell ya? Just leave it to me.
- I'd have preferred a more worthy opponent.
- Moron. Know your enemy before you strike the first blow.
- No sweat.
- Okay, that's over with.
- Too late for regrets.

16) Level-up
- I'm a one-man wrecking crew!
- I'm bad! - I'm BAD!
- Oh yeah!
- No one will be able to stand up to me at this rate!

Fayt Leingod
VA: Steve Staley
"Talk about your overeating. You're gonna get pudgy..."
"Um, uh... drinky?"
"Luckily, I've gotten used to this kind of weapon in the battle simulators.
  Not that I deel very lucky right now. I sure hope I don't end up having to
  use this thing."
"You make it sound like it was my fault Hyda got attacked, geez."
"It's true, it is kinda scary how obsessed you are. I guess you're one of
  those guys who has to prove himself by fighting."
"These guys are also with us."
"Just believe..."
"Now that I think about it, I did do a lot of crazy things."
"What happens, happens."
"Be careful you don’t get hurt. ‘Cause this lady here can’t control herself
Note: Aah, Fayt, a normal kid. It's funny when people complain that the main
character isn't cool or interesting enough, like some horribly overwrought
main characters from other games. What's the matter, guys, does average
everday normal guy Fayt, leading a normal life, who you find so stupid and
boring, remind you of yourselves too much?

1) Entering battle
- Bring it on!
- Hoho, a REAL fight!
- Looks like an even match!

2) Entering easy battle
- Be warned, I won't hold anything back.
- Ha! No problem!
- I could USE a little sparring practice.

3) Entering hard battle
- Be careful!
- Let's give it our best shot!
- This doesn't look too good!

4) Ambush
- Not good!
- Ugh, I let my guard down!
- What?! An attack from behind?

5) Normal attacks
- Here!
- How d'you like that!?
- Want some!?
- Take this!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Blade of Fury
- Too slow!
Blazing Sword
- Scorching flames... grant me your power!
Side Kick
- Is that all you've got!?
Ice Blade
- Come to me, Ice Blade!
Shotgun Blast
- Fire!
Air Raid
- Don't mess with me!
Lightning Blade
- Blinding bolts of lightning... grant my sword the power... to strike down
Dimension Door
- Now you see me, now you don't!
Ethereal Blast
- Let's see if you can take THIS!
Divine Blade
- Come to me, Divine Blade, and rain your justice down upon the wicked!

7) Taunts
- If you're gonna run, better start now!
- I'll take you on.
- What're you waiting for?
- You really think you can win?

9) Hurt & Critical
- Don't... have much left in me...
- Help!
- I can still... fight...
- I'm hurt, bad!
- Need some backup!
- Someone, help!

10) Receiving help
- I owe you one.
- Thanks a lot!

11) Dying
- Is this... how it ends?
- No... noooo!
- Nooooo!

12) Angered
- NOW you're gonna get it!
- Oh no!
- You won't get away with this!
- You'll pay for that!

13) Escaping
- Let's get outta here!
- Retreat!

14) Hard-fought victory
- I still have some work to do.
- ...I won.
- That was close.
- We won, somehow.

15) Victory
- All right!
- ...That was easy.
- That was fun!
- We're on a roll!

16) Level-up
- All right, looking good!
- I feel stronger, already!
- I think I'm getting the hang of this!
- That's it! I got it now!
- There's more where that came from! Lot's more!

Maria Traydor
VA: Dorothy Ann Elias-Fahn
"I'll never forgive them!"
"That's my story. I'm not asking you to believe me, but I wanted you to know."
"Even if we have no place to call home, we can always make a new one wherever
  we may be. Let's join hands and carve out a new future for ourselves.
"That does not mean we'll stand by and let you do as you please. We should
  live and die according to our own free will!"
Note: Maria often comes across to players as a snobbish, stuck-up,
overconfident piece of work. And, well, she is, really xD
(Plus, she doesn't have too many characteristic quotes that are interesting
enough for me to list here >_> )

1) Entering battle
- A worthy opponent.
- Let's get this over with, quickly.
- Okay guys, let's do it.
- Okay guys, let's give it our all.

2) Entering easy battle
- Sorry, but I don't have time to fool around.
- This will be the last time you mess with me.
- *annoyed sigh* What a pain ...

3) Entering hard battle
- Don't let your guard down! 
- I'll never surrender.
- This time it's for real.

4) Ambush
- It's an ambush!
- What a sneaky move!
- You've gotta be kidding!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Aiming Device
- I won't miss!
Scatter Beam
- Dust to dust!
Magnetic Field
- Try dodging THIS!
Pulse Blast
- There's no escape!
Crescent Locus
- *cry*
Laser Blast
- I'm gonna mow you down.
Triple Kick
- *three cries*
Gravity Bullet
- No-one can escape gravity!
Energy Burst
- Better look out, now!
Radiation Bots
- Come to me... Servants of the light!

7) Taunts
- Bring it on!
- Boring!
- Feel free to disappoint me.
- Is that all you've got?

8) Hurt
- Come on!
- No!
- Stop that!
- Uh-oh!

9) Hurt & Critical
- I need medicine... somebody...!
- This isn't funny!

10) Receiving help
- I owe you one.
- I'm okay now.
- Thanks for the help!

11) Dying
- ... Still... so much I wanted to do...
- Never thought it would... come to this...
- Nooooo!

12) Angered
- You...! You're not gonna get away with this!
- You okay?!
- You're in for it now!
- You've gone too far!

13) Escaping
- We're outta here!
- You gotta know when to run.

14) Hard-fought victory
- I'll do better, next time.
- That was harder than I expected.
- That was tougher than it needed to be.
- *sigh*

15) Victory
- I may not be a fighter by nature, but I never turn down a challenge.
- Let's find WORTHY opponents next time.
- THAT was a fight?
- What a waste of time. Let's go.

16) Level-up
- I like what I see
- I'm destined for greatness.
- My concentration has improved.
- This power won't go to waste!

Mirage Koas
VA: Kari K. Wahlgren
"I'd say we have a problem."
"And... keep wagging those tongues and you’ll bite them off. I wouldn’t want
  either of you to die of blood loss."
"Want me to come rescue you?"
"I know I don't look like much, but I can fend for myself. I'm the one who
  taught Maria how to fight, you know."
"If you're still worried about me, talk to Cliff. I don't think he'll try and
  stop me."
"Is that cider? I could go for a little of that. But too much sugar gives me
  a stomach ache, so I'll have to watch myself."
Note: Mirage is awesome.
For some strange reason, though, many of the alternate quotes for her Battle
Skills are much lower in volume than others. As such, you often barely notice
them since everything else, including your allies, the sounds of battle, and
the music are much louder. She's also the only one with quotes suffering from
this lack of volume.
Considering Mirage is my favourite character, this does not make me a happy

1) Entering battle
- Let's give it our best!
- No ill feelings, but...
- You give us no choice.

2) Entering easy battle
- I can't help feeling like a bully.
- Let's get this over quickly.
- This is the last mistake you'll make.

3) Entering hard battle
- Can't we just leave quietly?
- I have a bad feeling about this.
- We're in for a tough fight.

4) Ambush
- An ambush!
- Oh dear...
- So, it's anything goes, is it!?

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Sphere of Might
- Take this!
Hammer of Might
- How 'bout this!?
Electric Fists
- Here I come!
Aerial Assault
- Try and dodge this!
Infinity Kick
- For my father!
Crescent Locus
- *cry*
Triple Kick
- *three cries*
Acrobat Locus
- Acrobat Locus! *cry*
- Get ready! *cry*
Avenger Charge
- I don't have the quote for the awesomest attack in the game *sad*
Blazing Cannon
- I'll take you down!

7) Taunts
- Hah. Come and get it!
- Ohhh, how cute!
- You're not worthy.
- You're out of your league!

8) Hurt (uhhn!)
- Stop that...!
- What nerve!

9) Hurt & Critical
- Please...!
- Somebody... help me.

10) Receiving help
- Thank you very much.
- You saved my life.

11) Dying
- How sad...

12) Angered
- How can you expect forgiveness, now!?
- When I get mad, I get REALLY mad.

13) Escaping
- Let's get out of here.
- We should leave now, guys.

14) Hard-fought victory
- That was a bit tiring...

15) Victory
- Did I make myself useful?
- Good work, all!
- My condolences to the losers.
- They got what they deserved.

16) Level-up
- Devotion brings results!
- I can hold my own, now.
- I owe it all to you guys.
- What do you think of me, now?

Nel Zelpher
VA: Wendee Lee
"You have two options:
  Accept my conditions and live, or refuse, and die here."
"I should thank you for calling me 'hot,' though 'chick' I can live without."
"A simple flurry of punches is a weak tactic which should be used only when
  you can be sure they will all connect.
  If your opponent avoids your first punch it’s foolish to continue wasting
  You can’t just fight with random attacks, you must pay close attention to
  your opponent’s moves!" 
Note: The purpose of the kunoichi is to flip out and kill men.
Not to spend time saying things that would get listed here, that time is
better spent flipping out and killing men.

1) Entering battle
- Here we go, guys. Get a move on!
- Let's take'em!
- Looks like a good fight...

2) Entering easy battle
- You don't really want to mess with us, do you?
- You want a taste of my blade, do you? ... This'll be fun...
- Whatever. We might as well take'em on.

3) Entering hard battle
- Looks like we've got a tough fight ahead of us...
- We'll need everything we've got this time!
- Wow... you're raring to go.

4) Ambush
- I don't like this one bit!
- Sheesh!
- That's a dirty trick!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
- *fierce cry*
Shadow Wave
- You're running on empty!
Poison Cloud
- To the netherworld with you!
Ice Daggers
- Slashing blades!
- Winds of fury!
Flying Guillotine
- *fierce cry*
Mirror Slice
- Mirror Slice! Here goes nothing!
- Say... goodbye! Here goes nothing!
Divine Wrath
- Here goes...
Splitting Sky
- Behold the power... of my runes!

7) Taunts
- Beg for mercy and I might just let you go.
- I could finish you off in a snap.
- I could take you on with one hand tied behind my back.
- I won't even break a sweat.

8) Hurt
- ...Not bad!
- That hurt!

9) Hurt & Critical
- Please, help.
- Somebody, lend a hand!

10) Receiving help
- I must thank you.
- Sorry about that.

11) Dying
- Noooooo!!

12) Angered
- You can't possibly expect forgiveness now!
- You'll pay for what you've done!
- You've gone too far!

13) Escaping
- Can't be helped.
- Let's get out of here, for now.

15) Victory
- And I thought we were in for a challenge...
- Death awaits the overconfident. Remember that!
- Mission accomplished.
- What goes around, comes around.

16) Level-up
- And that's how you do it.
- I can feel my senses sharpening!
- I did it, Clair!
- This, too, is the will of Apris.

Peppita Rosetti
VA: Sherry Lynn
"Barging into people's rooms isn't called 'taking a WALK!' That's for
  burglars, or lost kids, or stalkers, or groupies..."
"We're the Rossetti Troupe, and we bring you a fleeting vision of the future!
  I'm your fairy guide, Peppita Rosseti."
"No matter how big someone is, if they act like a chile, I'll talk to them
  like they're one. 
  Besides, I'm grown up already. I don't get lost like you."
"You'll want to hang onto my autographs as your greatest treasure, your
  whole life, after you see us perform!"
"You're such a child, Fayt.
"Go ahead and keep trying, but the answer will still be, no. That's N-O, no!
  Be a good boy and play over there.
"How many people... how many dreams were swallowed in those flickering
"Say your prayers! You ruined our gig!"
"I know what I'm getting into, I don't care if I die trying!"
"The good-looking one there is Fayt.
Then there's... Um, the big one is Cliff, the cute one is Sophia, and the
  pretty one is Maria."
"Dang straight. I won’t let there be any mistakes on my debut performance!
  This will be my first step on the road to glory... Nothing can get in the
  way of the galaxy’s biggest future star!"
Note: Not only is Peppita THE best character in the game and is she a ton of
fun to play as, I've also been told she's rather cuddly. And there's the ICBM.
Lalalalala! The Watchers!

1) Entering battle
- Let's clob'em down! (don't know, don't care)
- Okay guys, let's give it our all!
- Ready?

2) Entering easy battle
- I can do it - I know I can!
- It's showtime!
- We're fighting you?! Boring!

3) Entering hard battle
- I'd rather not be here, but looks like I have no choice.
- THIS isn't gonna be pretty...
- Uh oh ... this could be rough.

4) Ambush
- Behind us!
- Cheaters!
- Cheaters always finish last!

5) Normal attacks
- How d'you like that!?

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Magic Hook
- Get over here!
Frozen Daggers
- One! Two! Three! Four!
Power Dance
- Maiden of war, fly with light and flame... Impart your courage upon my
   comrades! Power Dance!
Healing Dance
- Irridescent spirits, forest dwellers... Rain down your dew of life! Healing
Magical Dance
- Sacred beast, slumber to tranquil melodies... Encroach your peace upon my
   comrades! Magical Dance!
Panic Dance
- Great dragon, soar the heavens... Fly with stormclouds, send waves of panic
   down upon our enemies! Panic Dance!
Instanto Blast
- Meltdown!
- *laughter*
Faerie Friend
- Dance of the faeries!
Dream Hammer
- My dreams into your nightmare!

7) Taunts
- What a dummy! 
- You really think you can beat me?
- *laughs*
- *teasing* You can't hit me!

8) Hurt
- No!
- Owie!
- What d'you think you're doing?!

9) Hurt & Critical
- I can't move...!
- Someone help!

10) Receiving help
- I'm really grateful!
- Thanks for helping out.
- Whew, thanks...
- You're a lifesaver!

11) Dying
- I'm too young to die...
- Nohoooooo...!

12) Angered
- Don't mess with us!

13) Escaping
- Let's not mess with these guys!
- Run today, fight tomorrow!

14) Hard-fought victory

15) Victory
- Can't wait to see ya again!
- Gee, that was fun!
- Please, exits, this way.
- You need some more practice, don't ya?

16) Level-up
- Effort beats talent every time!
- Wish mom could see me now!
- You got some good moves! I should introduce you to the circus master!

Roger S. Huxley
VA: Mona M. Ianotti
"What? What's the big deal?
  My tail's the softest around, I'll have you know!"
"Huh...? You're gonna refuse an offer from someone as irresistable as me!?"
"Purdy women are the only one who can catch this man, let me tell you!"
"Grr, you gutless wonder! You call yourself a man?"
"Jackpot! This place has wall-to-wall pretty ladies. It's too good to be
"Fear not, man among men Roger is on your side. I'll work as hard as a sailor
  on a leaky boat!"
"Hey, don't sweat it. Guys who sweat the details aren't too popular with the
  ladies, you know."
"I'm less wrong than you, ya moron!"
"Yep. Don't sweat it. Pa always said you'll grow thickheaded if you think too
"Hmm, I smell a young maiden. Now where's she hiding?"
Note: Okay, so I don't really like Roger's personality much at all. He's still
rather funny throughout the game, though, and much like Peppita he's a ball to
play as.

1) Entering battle
- Follow me!
- Looks like fun, don't it?
- Victory shall be ours!

2) Entering easy battle
- Ha! What a bunch of pushovers!
- I can take'em all on myself.
- Yeah! Fair scum!

3) Entering hard battle
- I don't like the looks of this...
- Real men LIKE a challenge.
- Wait a sec, this is a bit over our heads, isn't it?

4) Ambush
- Bah! Wadda diwty twick!
- Ooooohhhhhhh no!
- Waddya think you're doin'?!

5) Normal attacks
- How 'bout this!?
- Quick!

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Fiery Axe
- Fiery Axe! ... Look out!
- I'm gonna cut ya down!
Whirling Heat
- Smokin'!
Flying Torpedo
- Here goes nothing!
Land Mines
- Watch your step!
Piercing Claw
- Don't block!
Fiery Fury
- Fiery Fury! ... Two, three... gotcha!
- One... two, three... gotcha!
Bug Triad
- This way, my pets!
Shield & Cannon
- Impenetrable shield and blazing cannon!
Raging Helmet
- Hot hot hot!
Star Fall
- This one's cool - just watch!

7) Taunts
- Get ready for a lickin'!
- Hey, moron!
- What a blockhead!
- *yawns* What a yawner...

8) Hurt
- Hey, that hurts!
- Jeez!

9) Hurt & Critical
- I said "heelp!"
- I'm dyin' over here!
- Somebody, help!

10) Receiving help
- Much obliged!
- Thanks for the help!
- Thank you!
- You're not bad! Not bad at all!
- Whew, thanks for the help!

11) Dying
- I don't wanna die...!
- Nooooo...!

12) Angered
- Do that to one of MY boys, will ya?!
- Now you've done it!
- Speak to me!
- You won't get away with that!
- You're in for a licking', now!

13) Escaping
- Let's scram!
- There's time to be a man, and then there's now!

14) Hard-fought victory
- I gotta beef up a bit...
- I hate these guys...
- Not a bad fight.
- Not bad, I'd say.
- Now that was a tough one...

15) Victory
- And that's a wrap!
- I may be small, but I'm no smallfry!
- I'm hungry - let's eat!
- That was a cinch, thanks to me.

16) Level-up
- Check out these muscles!
- I am soooo macho!
- I'm a natural!
- Leaders must always be improving!
- One at a time, ladies.

Sophia Esteed
VA: Michelle Suzanne Ruff
"Fayt... Mind your own business!"
"Fine! Gladly! Here's my problem: Fayt, you are the most, the MOST..."
"Keep playing games all the time like that and you'll turn into a brainless
"Hmph. Guess I'm just a fatty."
"That's a mean thing to say!"
"You just have to believe in what you feel in your heart. Let's choose to
  believe, Fayt... okay?"
"So then everyone in the universe should thank destiny for having a cutie
  like me be born next door to you, Fayt."
"Why is the floor transparent? When the angle of the light is just right, it's
  almost like a mirror! It's so embarrassing!"
"Welcome back, Fayt."
Note: Sophia... well, let's just say many of her lines are not fit for the
battlefield. That's not nice? I'm scared? Shame on you? It's a fight, love.
Get used to it >_>

1) Entering battle
- I won't give up!
- I'll give it my best shot!
- I'll show YOU what I've got!

2) Entering easy battle
- Nothing to worry about here.
- Let's do this!
- Even I can handle this!

3) Entering hard battle
- I'm scared!
- Ohh, I hate you!
- There's no turning back now, is there?

4) Ambush
- Attacking from behind? No fair!
- Only cowards sneak around like that!
- That's not nice.

5) Normal attacks
- How d'ya like that!?

6) Battle Skills & Symbology
Fire Bolt
- Burn!
Ice Needles
- Cold, steely blades!
- Keep it up!
Lightning Blast, Thunder Flare
- Thunderbolt!
Fearie Light
- Power to you all!
- Don't die!
Power Up, Angel Feather
- I'm coming!
- I'll cut you down!
Antidote, Cure Condition
- Healing, coming up!
Protection, Reflection
- Don't give up!
Dark Sphere
- Consume all, endless void!
Earth Glaive
- Cut through!
Deep Freeze
- May ice be your prison!
Stone Rain, Laser Beams
- This one's for hurting me!
- Here, we play by MY rules!
- Here's everything at once!
- Need some help, please!
Lightning Strike
- Dance, beams of roaring thunder!
Meteor Swarm
- Open the gateway to the sacred land, and let fly the arrow of judgment to
   strike down evil! Meteor Swarm!

7) Taunts
- Boring.
- I'll take you on.
- You don't scare me.
- You want a piece of me?

8) Hurt
- Help!
- How dare you!
- Hey!
- Shame on you!
- Stop that!

9) Hurt & Critical
- Anyone!
- Hey, that hurt!
- I don't like this one bit!
- I don't wanna die...!
- Some help here, please!

10) Receiving help
- I owe you one.
- I'm fine, now.
- Thanks...
- Thank you very much...

11) Dying
- I'm sorry... everyone...

12) Angered
- It can't be!
- I'll never forgive you for that!
- What gives you the right!?
- You crossed the line!
- You should be ashamed of yourself!
At Fayt's demise
- Fayt?!

13) Escaping
- Let's get outta here!
- See ya!

14) Hard-fought victory
- Hey, did you see that?
- I did it, didn't I?
- We did it!

15) Victory
- That was easier than I thought!
- Too bad it's not always like this.

16) Level-up
- I deserve a medal!
- I do great!
- Lookin' good, if I do say so myself.
- Looks like I'm improving!
- So THAT'S how you do it.

Major Enemies

~This old tree's really a monster!~

Here you'll find the quotes used by major enemies here. Enemies are listed in
order of appearance. VA included unless the VA is unknown to me or completely
and utterly unconfirmed.

VA: Robert Mark Klein
"Oh, those guys? They're dead, the poor fools
  They were trying to send out a distress signal and a bolt of lightning smote
  'em where they stood. Bam! Heh heh.
Note: Silly little Rezerbian :P

Normal attacks
- Take that!
When hit
- I felt that one!
Shooting Spree
- Stay Back!
- Why move when I can fight from afar!?
Upon defeat
- And... I was just starting to savour my... freedom...
- I built this!... It's mine... my kingdom...!

Shelby the Heavy-Handed
VA: Robert DeWayne Papenbrook
"You should curse your luck for falling into our hands."
"I ordered you to apprehend her, not admire her!"
Note: ... The Heavy-"Handed?" Yeah right, the floor shakes whenever he
runs >_>

Normal attacks
- Take THAT!
Giant Swing
- I'll make mincemeat out of you!
Ice Breath
- How d'you like THIS!?
Upon defeat
- I... I could have been great... Yheuuugh...!

VA: Richard Cansino
"Lay them to waste!"
"The weak will always fall to the strong. But enough with this pointless
  posturing. Surrender!"
Note: Yes, like we really need more forced fights against dragon riders >_>
And yes, the only thing he has actual speech for is when he goes down.

Upon defeat
- We lost... this battle... but... we shall win the war!

Albel Nox, Albel the Wicked
VA: Crispin McDougal Freeman
"Heh... If they're the enemy, we kill them. If they aren't, we dispose of
  them. Simple!"
Note: Okay, Albel actually doesn't have any quotes when you fight him that he
doesn't have while he's in your party. I just wanted an excuse to put the
"Raaaaaawwwwrrr!!!" one somewhere in this thing :P

Duke Vox
VA: Michael D. McConnohie
"They stand no chance against our legions, Sire."
"You've got a lot of guts, but we'll bury you just the same..."
Note: Vox actually has some pretty good quotes. It's sad that a reasonably
important character like him gets good quotes but end up being just another
dragon rider. Still, at least he has a couple of unique attacks.

Dragon Brigade Slash
- Behold my true power!
- I will crush your soul...
Searing Breath
- Tempest, rise!
 (Tempest is his dragon's name, is case you were wondering)
Steel Rend
- I give you... annihilation!
- I will give you a taste of death's terror...
Upon defeat
- I held... nothing back... yet... I still lost... *groans*

VA: Steven Jay Blum
"This war is not over."
"I say you shall not pass! There's no need for peace!"
Note: Another generic dragon rider. My joy at this is palpable -_-

Normal attacks
- How 'bout this!?
Upon defeat
- I... I lost... bwaaarghh!

Robin Wind
VA: Mona M. Ianotti
"It's been quite some time since anybody's come this way!"
"It's gonna be fun having somebody to beat up again!"
Note: Ah, the first enemy who may very well outright level your party if
you're a buttonmasher. Gotta love tri-Ace for adding enemies like this ;)

Normal attacks
- How do you like that!?
- Right there!

VA: Daran Norris Nordland
"Who dares disturb my sleep?"
"Ages pass, yet you humans never learn."
"Imbeciles! You would have me bear on my own back something made by human
  hands?! Do not insult me, humans."
"I am great and ancient, and you are nothing."

Doom Raid
- I shall send you all to your graves!
Supreme Fire Breath
- Stand still!
Upon defeat
- How? How could I have been defeated...

VA: Daran Norris Nordland
"Surrender immediately and submit to our orders."
"Prepare to transport down. ...And no heroics."
"I will say it once more. Resistance is futile."
"If I cannot use you, I shall eliminate you!"
Note: I'll kill you a- *smack* I'll kill you- *smack* I'll ki- *smack* I will
say it once more. Resistance is futile. And now, I'LL KILL YOU A- *smack*
Fun times.

Illusion Rifle
- Do not resist!
- I'll kill you all!

"I proclaim the will of the Enforcers. You are a plague... to be destroyed."
"The proclaimers shall purge the defilement.
Prepare to die, irregularities."
Note to Proclaimer: I hate the four-syllable quote you use most often with
your normal major attack.

Normal attacks
- Fool.
- Prostrate thyself.
Speed Hack
- Stop, infidels.
Divine Wave
- I shall carve thy crimes into thy flesh.

VA: Richard Cansino
"I'll have to look into this later. I just might find a rat or two in
  unxpected places..."
"We find you extremely fascinating."
"You will be all that remains. There will be nothing left of your galaxy."
Note: When I first heard him I thought it was Liam O'Brien :(

- Stop struggling and just die!
Crystal Prison
- I'll finish you with this - consider it an honour.
- Worthless data-forms!
Upon defeat
- You're... nothing... more than... data...! *death cry*

VA: Anthony Pulcini
"You've got some nerve! And you're younger than me, too!"
"The beauty of this ephemeral existence...
It is sin..."
Note: Gotta love this guy xD If you don't, he's probably too awesome for you.
Just like Adray.

Normal attacks
- Take that!
Steal Life
- I don't like that look in your eyes!
- You dare oppose me!?
Steal Spirit
- As slow as a snail! *wicked laugh*
- I'm gonna make you cry like a baby!
Upon defeat
- No! No! I'm... Noooo!

VA: Beau M. Billingslea
"Since we go back such a long way, we'll try to make your death as painless
  as possible."
"Well, I'm different. 'gods' or no 'gods', it matters not to me.
  All I care about is settling some unfinished business with you.
  I wonder just how much you will satisfy me."
Note: Whipping out a rocket launcher out of thin air - now that's useful.

Fire Dance
- Lame, really lame!
- Now you'll see what I'm made of!
- All missiles, sweeping fire!
- Think you can withstand me!?
Upon defeat
- Such power! I'm... defeated?!

Note: Okay, so this thing speaks mostly, well, non-speak. Oh well.

Normal attacks
- Die.
- Scor...
- Termina...
When hit
- Stop it! (lole)
Dark Sphere
- Dark S...
- ...uction
- Di...
Upon defeat
- Damnation... Annihilation.

Note: Darn helium.

Normal attacks
- Bury.
- Die!
- Strike!
- How regrettable.
- Thou shall not be forgiven.
Lightning Beam
- Despair... despair!
- Divine retribution.

Blair Lansfeld
VA: Carolyn Hennesy
"Give it your best shot. Only you can save your own reality."

... Oh right, this is the major -enemies- section.

Pseudo Blair
VA: Carolyn Hennesy
"Naughty children! Those who do not listen must be punished..."
"Do not resist. Simply... die!"

Normal attacks
- Take that!
When hit
- No!
Eddy of Light
- Cry, moan!
Death Howl
- Here I come!
- You look... agonised.
Upon defeat
- No! Not deletion... nooooo....!

Luther Lansfeld
VA: Charles Rubendall
"If the root cause is not eliminated, it will contaminate that which is still
  Corrective measures are necessary."
"Thoughts and feelings? What rubbish."
"It all ends now. No more of your silly tricks."
Note: Anticlimactic, isn't it?

Expansion Force
- Behold, TRUE power!
Flaming Divide
- Wallow in despair!
Perfect Symmetry
- Data should behave as such!
Insanity Prelude
- I'll show you my most powerful program...
   Hear that sound? It's the gates of the netherworld, opening to take you
- Wallow in despair!
Upon defeat, 1
- This can't be happening... something is definitely wrong here...!
Upon defeat, 2
- I... I don't believe it! ... Data... they're nothing more than data!
   Why... am I being deleted... destroyed... whyyy!? *death cry*

"Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die...! Begone, everyone and everything!
Righteousness shall prevail!"

Gabriel Celesta
"This brings back memories."
"And I see you are all warlike beings, fond of death and destruction.
  Heed my word, mortals. Will you follow the light and proceed? Or will you
  die and pass away?
  Answer me with strength!"

Lightning Feather
- This is what you call power!
True Judgment
- Face my judgment!
- Heavenly melody, rain down from on high... strike my foes as righteous
   lightning! Dragons!
Upon defeat
- Well done, brave heroes. We may yet meet again, someday, somehow. Farewell.

"A bitter, never-ending journey awaits you through the doors that have been

Arch Demon
"So the guest have finally arrived."
"Well now! A feisty one, I see.
  Unfortunately, that outburst has earned you 10,000 deaths."
Note: I actually only added Arch Demon right before finishing up. I can't
really consider him a major enemy when you fight normal versions of his enemy
type much earlier.

Crimson Sword
- Repent, for death is upon you!
Sword of Darkness
- This ritual demands a sacrifice, and I can think of none more enticing than
Flashing Sword
- Mere mortals...
Upon defeat
- Noooooo...

Lenneth Valkyrie
"The sin desecrating the soul is grave.
  It shall be destroyed under the divine!"
"It shall be engraved upon your soul! Divine Assault! Nibelung Valesti!"

Nibelung Valesti
- I shall cleave into your flesh! Behold my godlike powers! Nibelung Valesti!
- Can you not see that any more than this is meaningless?
- I warned you there'd be naught but suffering...
- Is that it!?
- Return to whence you belong!
- There is no road to redemption for you...
- This is your destiny!
Upon defeat
- Noooooo!

Ethereal Queen
"Are you the beings who have come seeking to do battle?
  It will be an empty contest...
  However, it is my appointed task to fight you."
"Harken the angel's summon...
  The true path shall guide you, find peace in annihilation!"

Normal attacks
- Die!
When hit
-How dare you?
Binding Field
- Let's get this over with.
True Judgment
- Here's your TRUE judgment.
Celestial Star
- Thou may find peace in your just imprisonment...
   Oblivion is yours forever... Celestial Star!
Upon defeat
- What will you do once you are the strongest, hmm?
   Perhaps it is not my place to ask... or perhaps, I already know...

"Well done.
  This is an orb within which has been sealed the ultimate misfortune.
  This world shall be like dust in the wind should you handle it recklessly.
  You have been warned."

"I shall destroy the entire world, and upon its ruins, I shall build a new
  world: Valhalla."
"Your corpses shall feed the ravens!"

Normal attacks
- Withstand THIS!
Stone Rain, Lightning Strike
- To dust with you!
Ether Strike
- I shall purify you! Behold my godlike powers! Ether Strike!
- Are you so foolish as to not realise your own impotence?
- Die. It's much easier that way.
- I am Freya! Remember me in the afterlife!
- Is that your best?
- *playful laughter* Sorry!
Upon defeat
- No! It cannot be!

"If you have that power, then building the new world of Valhalla is not just
  a dream."

VA list

~And Reen makes funny noises...hee hee!~

For anyone who may care, a list, in no particular order, of VA's who have
contributed to Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. I've tried my best to dig
these up but I can't guarantee it's all 100% accurate - I am not one of those
people who may care :P
Any character not included means that the VA is either unknown to me, or very
much unconfirmed.

Adray Lasbard
Beau M. Billingslea

Albel Nox
Crispin McDougal Freeman

Cliff Fittir
David Richard Paul Wittenberg

Fayt Leingod
Steve Staley

Maria Traydor
Dorothy Ann Elias-Fahn

Mirage Koas
Kari K. Wahlgren

Nel Zelpher
Wendee Lee

Peppita Rosetti
Sherry Lynn

Roger S. Huxley
Mona M. Ianotti

Sophia Esteed
Michelle Suzanne Ruff

Steven Jay Blum

Daran Norris Nordland
I hate him, I want to be married to Melissa Williamson >_>

Demetrio, Azazer
Richard Cansino

Beau M. Billingslea

Robert DeWayne Papenbrook

Duke Vox
Michael D. McConnohie

Robert Mark Klein

Dion Landers
Liam Christopher O'Brien

Clair Lasbard
Lia Sargent

Welch Vineyard
Julia Lynn Kliewer

Ryoko Leingod
Barbara Goodson

Piccolotto Rosetti
Douglas David Stone

Ameena Leffeld
Michelle Suzanne Ruff

Michael Lindsay
Norton's underling

Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel

Commodore Wittcomb
Jamieson Kent Price

Airyglyph XIII, Time Gate
Richard Michael Epcar

Dr. Robert Leingod
Paul Schmidl Peter

Marietta, Tynave
Bridget Hoffman

Flad Garrand
Brianne Chierighino Siddall

Meena, Duggus Forest Bubbleheart
Sandra Marie Fox

Richard Traydor
John Jay Bosch

Rebecca Lynn Olkowski

Blair Lansfeldk, Julee Garrand
Carolyn Hennesy

Admiral Hermes
William Frederick Knight

Gary Michaels

Matthew K. Miller

Anthony Pulcini

Joe Romersa

Sue Rose

Luther Lansfeld
Charles Rubendall

Elena Frahm
Anne Sherman

Dulcinea Rosetti, Jessie Traydor
Jessica Suzanne Straus

Sean Thornton

Aquaria XXVII
Paula Tiso

Mona M. Ianotti

Commander Volga
Michael Forest 

Legal Info

~She may look pretty but she's a Klausian.~
~Any funny ideas and yer liable to meet a swift, yet painful, death.~

This file, copyright (c) 2009 Velari T. Lockheart, the author, may not be
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Don't make money off of it. Don't do anything illegal. Things like that will
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Kindly inform me if you find it anywhere outside of GameFAQs, it will be

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Credits, shout-outs, thank-youzzz, and all that jazz

~Whoa there. Don't go thanking me yet. You see, I've come to abduct you.~

Myself, for making this file, figuring out how to make the glitch work
(oh wait), for being the utterly lovable person I am, for in general shaking
up the patriarchal foundations of our completely assbackwards world, and for
being present in and contributing to the SO3 community for over well over
four years now.

Melissa, for being a vital part of my existence in ways most people don't

Renske, Angel, Melissa loves you more than anything. Her life is yours.

Isabella, we want you <3

We would like to thank Harriëtte, as she's been like a mother to Melissa, and
we'd do anything for her. Laura and Rudolf get <3 too.

Special thanks to anyone who supports Melissa in her dealings with her

Melissa would like to thank Tristan Taormino for reasons that will remain

Everyone who makes our time with SO3 in any way pleasant. This includes, but
isn't limited to, the following, in no particular order:
Lady, Marty, emeraldweapon, Arcadia, Bringy-chan, Sophia, Wolf, Seif, Epyon,
RedManySevens, MGSB, CrOnOKiD, buffy, durias, AUNAO, crate, trowa, drkhades,
CrossTrigger, MattBlack04, 'Ria, Cap K, MogGuy, Tails (sighting! <3 ), legend,
ChronoTwist, ramza, Mace, Shun, wizardmentor, Claude, ICSTARS, Kiro, Bijutsu,
amar, Blue Crimson, os3330, james, rock1644, Rock Hunter, printf, ferry,
Enigma, Act, Transformr, Neo_Zer, KADFC, Seki, and of course masterstraat
and CuddlyPhoenix ;)

If you feel you should have been in there, but you weren't ... don't blame me,
blame the large amount of decent people on the SO3 boards. There's just too
darn many of you >_>

Marty gets an extra mention since I discussed this file a few times
with him :P

Special thanks to SeijiroMakabe, who came up with a better suggestion for the
annoying four-syllable Proclaimer quote than all the other suggestions I've
heard in all this time. That quote sure had me stumped :P

A double shout-out to the SO3 SSCC community, which consisted of almost
exclusively decent people.

An unrelated shout-out to the FFT board ;)

Special thanks to CJayC and GameFAQs.

Special thanks to Tri-Ace for developing the game, and Square-Enix
(well, just Enix, really) for publishing it. You need to make better PAL
conversions, though.

Contact Info

~You know what?~
~It's Reen's naptime now.~
~And you were so nice to come play with Reen, too...~

Contact info?, or the Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
board on GameFAQs are good places to try at this time.

Do NOT contact me with any of the following - these may result in you ending
up blocked:
- Supplying quotes that you are in any way not sure of, or that do not make
- Any quotes in the game that are not in the following section, "Quotes That
  Aren't All Too Certain..." I don't need help on any of the other ones.
- Anything not related to my FAQs/guides posted on GameFAQs. Unless you've
  seen them somewhere that is not on GameFAQs.

Quotes That Aren't All Too Certain...

~Reen's good at tongue twisters, you know. Heh he he...~

The following quotes are either still up in the air entirely, or are ones I'm
very much not certain of and where I just tried my best to guess.

Mirage - Avenger Charge alternate quote

Proclaimer - four-syllable quote used with normal attacks
 DONE - thanks to SeijiroMakabe. I had never heard such a good suggestion for
        this quote until he popped up with his take on it.

Enforcer - There's another death quote, as well as a Disaster quote,
            I believe.


~Reen wants to fly, too, just like a bird through the clouds.~
~It must feel really great to fly.~

Remember, Pep > you. As does Reen.