Cooking Guide by gh87

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Cooking Guide
Created: September 18, 2010
By: George Ho (
Version: 2.15

Table of Contents

<VERSI> Version History

<INTRO> Introduction
<DISCL> Disclaimer
<NOTES> Notes to Editions
<ACTIV> Activating Item Creation
<OVERV> Overview of Cooking
<PLAYA> Playable Characters
<NONPL> Non-playable Characters
<CHANG> Changing Orders
<OBTAI> Obtaining recruitable items

<01> Worthwhile items
<02> 1,000~1,020 fol items
<03> 3,300~3,400 fol items
<04> 400-fol items
<05> Items used more than once per unit
<06> 6,943-fol items
<07> worthless items
<08> Deadly items		(formerly w.o.r.s.t. items)
<09> Battle Items		(formerly B.E.S.T. ITEMS)
<10> Items not part of Item Creation

<STRAT> Strategies

??. ----- No "Conclusion" yet; hopefully coming soon! -----
??. ----- No "Frequently Asked Questions" yet, sorry! -----
??. ----- No "Index" yet; hopefully coming soon! -----

<LEGAL> Legal
<CREDI> Credits

 <VERSI> Version History

3.00, November 19, 2012, changed opinions, ratings, introduction, and
	disclaimers. Also, spoiler encouraged, as the game is old, almost out of
	stock, and not available in any other systems yet. 

2.15, July 4, 2011, changed ratings, added more comments, created
	"1,000~1,050-fol items" section

2.11, May 13, 2011, corrected major errors on items, added notes on MIRAGE, gave
	credit to Japanese guides, added notes on items

2.1, April 20, 2011, added tweaks in Disclaimer, added "Strategies" section,
	changed format of Table of Contents, moved Version History to top,
	changed format of section headings
	Renamed "B.E.S.T. items" to "Battle items", renamed "w.o.r.s.t. items"
	to "Deadly items", copy-edited some sections and added line spaces
	between entries, formatted and added ratings in sections of "Deadly
	items" and "Battle items", replaced entries of (badly-voiced) Noblemen
	with abstract version of Noblemen in "Items not part of Item Creation"

2.0, April 19, 2011, rewrote Introduction and Overview of Cooking, expanded
	Legal, changed Table of Contents format, expanded Playable Characters,
	removed Reviewing Cooking, added incompleted sections

1.51, October 20, 2010, changed info about Umai-Bo 13

1.5, October 18, 2010, changed ratings and opinions of this guide

1.4, October 8, 2010, changed ratings and opinions of many items, and added and
	removed ratings

1.3, October 5, 2010, changed the "Non-playable Characters" section, fixed minor
	typos, changed the "w.o.r.s.t. items" and "B.E.S.T. ITEMS" sections

1.21, September 26, 2010, adjusted "Non-playable Characters" section

1.2, September 22, 2010, fixed typos and paragraphs, added "Items not part of
	Item Creation" and "Version History" sections

1.1, September 21, 2010, changed my opinions and layout, added "Items used more
	than once per unit" section

1.01, September 20, 2010, fixed errors, altered charts and comments

1.00, September 18, 2010, started this guide

 <INTRO> Introduction

This guide shows you how important Cooking is.  Some FAQs and Guides tell you
that Cooking is very useless.

Unfortunately, they do either overlook or not realize the consequences of not
carrying Food items in your inventory: if exhausting almost ALL of your Useable
Items, your playable characters may be very vulnerable to tough enemies, 
especially from Maze of Tribulations and Sphere 211, and their attacks and 
deadly status effects, such as Petrification, which a character may be petrified
forever... unless you use an item that heals "Petrification".

(Frozen status may be gone when a battle ends. I must correct myself from
earlier editions.)

Speaking of guides, I have researched BradyGames and other guides, including the
ones by EChang and Alex, and I must compare my guide to theirs. Be notified that
BradyGames guide have tons of errors and inaccuracies; if you use it, you have
been warned and must put it into consideration. Viett's guide tells you more
about these errors, including those not related to Cooking.

This guide also shows, based on other guides, BradyGames, and other people's
advices, which Food items are Worthwhile, worthless, and useable in battles.

The "Worthwhile items" section may be long, but the items are worth the try. The
items are useable in only the Fields; they help you save Useable items for
battles only, so you don't have to use Useable items in the fields, unless the
Useable item works in only the Fields, such as Tomes of WRITING.

The "worthless items" are the Food restorables without percentages; they heal
20~50 HP. I don't know what strategy to tell you, but they are not worth
creating again. Same goes for items that DEPLETE your character's HP or MP,
unless you want to kill off a character for solo battles or battle bonus gauge,
especially .

Now comes the "Battle Items": they heal the whole party 30% HP. They are worth
creating much more than "Worthwhile items" themselves; also, they are useable in

I separated long lists of items of the same price; see Table of Contents, and
you may figure out the reasons yourself.

I put up the incomplete section of "Frequently Asked Questions" without having
questions displayed.  If you have any questions, send me an electronic mail to

As for Item Creation, I will explain it in details in the next section after the
Disclaimer section, which helps you understand the guarantees of this guide.

 <DISCL> Disclaimer

** WARNING ** This guide has spoilers. However, at the time of this revision,
this game is eight years old. Don't expect me to avoid any spoilers of anything
so old and so very old. Same goes for new ones.

This guide is written intentionally for personal, private use without profits.
This guide and its author are not affiliated with Sony, tri-Ace, Square Enix
(then Squaresoft and enix), BradyGames, and any other companies, organizations,
and persons.

As evident, I witnessed different prices for items from Item Creation from
YouTube clips of the original Japanese version.

If you are playing the original Japanese version, some prices may have been
different.  However, I recently bought the guide of the original Japanese
version, and I found NO different prices and ratings for Food items.
With major exceptions, everything else is the same.

Also, I included my general reviews and ratings of below items.  They may not
guarantee your benefits if intended.  Even the battle items (formerly B.E.S.T.
items) may not guarantee your strategy if you are not satisfied.  However,
I will leave my guide as is with minor tweaks, unless my opinions of any item,
such as "Marbled Sirloin 1000," may change mainly based on errors.

Also, I set spoilers of this game apart from Disclaimers, so you may see them in
other sections.

Also, this guide is for those who want to use Cooking.  I must keep non-Cooking
references minimal as possible, unless related to Cooking, such as activating
Item Creation.  If you want to challenge yourself by avoiding Item Creation
during the whole game, I will not guarantee OR force you to guarantee: this game
will not be beatable without the Item Creation system.

In fact, the Item Creation system of this game is complicated as is, especially
without using this guide.  The effort is a lot of amount to explain in other
sections below.  Again, if you want to avoid Item Creation, I can't stop you;
however, "Items not part of Item Creation" is a very worthwhile section if you
are afraid of long-distance trails of dungeons, especially in Disc 2.

I have previously attempted to beat the game without using Food items.
Unfortunately, I found this strategy inconvenient: playable characters got
annihilated over and over; Useable items, like Blueberries and Blackberries,
were almost exhausted, even with Compounding Item Creation; distance between a
town and a dungeon complicated matters for tougher dungeons.

Don't demend me to include the glitches!!  I hate glitches... not enough to
include them.  Even Private Actions don't have glitches, I hope not. Moreover,
Morever, don't demand me to explain any further experiences of not equipping
an accessory, such as REGENERATION SYMBOL and RING OF MENTAL POWER, and
of not teaching a character a healing or supporting spell.

This guide also does not include time factors of any character.  Don't ask me
how the guides know them; still, please refrain from demanding time factors,
even when they are related to Item Creation.

Now at the time of newer platforms, this game may be remade into Microsoft XBOX
### or Nintendo's newer platform someday.  Now is not a good time...

This game is exclusive for PlayStation 2; if you have the older editions of
PlayStation 3 excluding skinnier editions with massive gigabytes of hard drive,
then this game may work for your PS3.  However, I have seen reports of problems
with the compatibility of playing the PS2 game in the PS3.  I won't guarantee:
this game may or may not work; instead, PS2 works better for its games as
I would recommend, but the choices are in your hands.

Also, there is no official downloadable version at this time.

There are some secret (sub-)sections not listed in the Table of Contents; for
reasons I don't want to say, I don't want to list a section.  If usually a
section contains spoilers, then I may not list that section in the 
table of contents.  Don't attempt to demand me to list a secret section!

 <NOTES> Notes to Editions

This is version 3.00.  I can rewrite the Introduction if I may.  However, aside
from changing comments and ratings and fixing errors, I left the rest of this
guide as it was in previous versions.

I deleted the "Review" section because I have not played this game for a long
while.  Also, I can assume: there is no discussion on Food items in message
boards, according to my Internet analysis.  Posts discuss mainly finding ways to
beat the game and something not related to "Cooking".

As mentioned in Disclaimers, this guide may not represent your views or anyone
else's.  Also, this game is available only on PlayStation 2; currently,
no remakes or downloadable versions are in consideration.

In the first few versions, Marbled Sirloin 1000 was, sarcastically, rated higher
outrageously than five star.  As I progressed through the game, I found out the
secret of items that have the factor of "xx% chance of breaking": each of these
items can be used more than once until each is gone, usually several times.
Therefore, I demoted the Marbled Sirloin 1000, a good worthwhile item, into
no more than five stars.

Also, I have added more sections separate from "Worthwhile items" because of
high amount of items with the same retail price, such as 3,300-fol items.

Not one question was asked within versions; I still left FAQs section under

I have added the "Strategies" section for those who may have been frustrated
with the gameplay of Item Creation, especially when creating 20 quantities.
I hope this helps... unless I am wrong.

 <ACTIV> Activating Item Creation

To start Item Creation, you must go to Peterny, to the West side, and to the
building across the Inn. Find the girl Welch, talk to her, and choose to become
the inventor.

After the Introduction to Item Creation, you will see different categories: one
of them is Cooking. Adding Cooking in one workshop costs 800 fol--that's right,
800 fol. Some workshops have Cooking installed already, so you do not have to
add it.

Also, you will be given an "Invention Info" with a picture of Welch beside it,
which it will be in the camp menu. The most important commands are "Change
Orders" and "Check Info".

In "Change Orders", you can switch an inventor's status between "Original
Creation" and "Standby".  "Original Creation" makes a character actively work
and use your money for upcoming inventions; "Standby" halts a character from
working and using your money.  If you are producing items in Workshops, and your
signed inventors are "Original Creation," you may use more money for their
success or failures AND your production line.

In "Check Info", you can look through the workshop map, patented/licensed items,
inventor information, and ranking list.  I do not need to tell you these details
as the descriptions appear in the game and other guides.

I don't have enough energy to tell you other commands; please do not demand me
to insert details about them.

 <OVERV> Overview of Cooking

To Boost Success

Making one item costs 9.5%~10.5% of the shop price without using adjustments,
based on 1% rarity and 99% availability.  In other words, the production cost of
an item is +/- 5% combined with 10% shop price.

One character's level is equivalent to the success rate of creating an item at
the specific price.  Adding one or two more characters boosts success rate.

To boost a success rate of 20%, you must purchase the KEEN KITCHEN KNIFE in
GEMITY available in Disc 2.

Even with the higher success rate, the quality goes down during production line,
and failed experiments may happen.  Press "X" after producing one to three
quantities of an item as soon as possible without declining quality rate to 0%,
which stops your production and voids created quantities of an item!

Saving and reloading are very important, depending on your needs of failures and
successes.  Reload if money is very important to you and you made mistakes.

Inventors and Their Inventions (and Supporters)

All cooks make their own items, and putting three cooks together in one line may
raise success but, depending on a similar cost and an inventor whom you use, may
result a different item from what you intend to create.  For example, the 40-fol
items are created by different inventors; some similar inventors create many
different items for 38~42 fol (no adjustments).

Using Food items

As you must either know or have already known, Food items are useable in only
the fields; they cannot be used in battles. However, I think almost no one knows
this: some are useable anytime, anywhere, especially in battles! These are the
B.E.S.T. ITEMS you can make.

Also, there are items to be used more than once per unit; almost no one knows
this either, I think. Even so, a unit will be gone after used several times.

As I explained in the Disclaimer, exhausting all the Useable items until they
are gone makes your characters vulnerable to deadly attacks. Not attaching your
accessories, and not teaching your non-Symbological characters, such as Maria
and Fayt, the recovery spells, such as Healing and Antidote, make things more
complicated, even if you are a skilled player. Even if equipped, you still need
to heal MPs with Food items.

Even if Food items are useable in only the fields, they still help you save the
better items from other fields, such as Compounding and Engineering, for battles
only, so you will avoid exhausting your inventory. Besides, recruiting IZAK, an
Engineer, requires obtainable items from the R-duo sidequest and recruiting all
other Engineers to boost a success rate of HEALING DEVICES.  Without IZAK...
good luck!

 <PLAYA> Playable Characters

NOTE: I do not reveal the characters' time margins. Please do not demand me to
include them. The game does not reveal the playable characters' time and cost
adjustments either; also, don't ask me how the BradyGames guide knows about
their adjustments; I haven't the slightest clue about it.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this game, aside from ADRAY and MIRAGE, both 
additional playable characters of DIRECTOR'S CUT, also called the International
version, you may not recruit ALL characters.  Also, I must leave out the levels
of characters' skills of IC fields, such as SMITHERY and COMPOUNDING, and must
extremely minimalize the battle gameplay of characters as possible.

Many "Private Actions" are not included in this guide. Nevertheless, to recruit
either person of ELICOOR II, there are ways to make that person appear as a
personal hero of the hostage situation in Disc 2. Speaking of hostage, the
location is the KIRLSA TRAINING FACILITY. Those living in ELICOOR are NEL,
ALBEL, and ROGER. As for PEPPITA, recruiting her would mean leaving out two
other Elicoorians for the whole game. The rest are permanently playable,
especially MIRAGE and ADRAY, who is added for DIRECTOR'S CUT.

Level: 16
Cost: 0%

REVIEW: He is not a great cook by the looks; he makes the same items that NEL
	and MAYU make, but not all items. If you don't want NEL or MAYU, a
	non-playable character, then use FAYT if you can.

Level: 9
Cost: 0%

REVIEW: This guy makes the same BEST meats that DAMDA MOODA and ROGER make;
	ADRAY appears in only Director's Cut, which is also released in the
	overseas English-dub version, makes the same BEST meats they make.
	If you understand Japanese and are playing the original, non-Director's
	Cut version, then CLIFF is your best chance. However, his talents shows
	that you need THE KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA to create 20 units of any BEST
	item that you want to obtain.

Level: 19
Cost: -10%

REVIEW: Even if she is more talented and cheaper than FAYT, putting FAYT and
	MARIA into the same line results one of two possible items, especially
	if you are making one item for 15 fol. The same goes for MAYU and NEL if
	you are using MARIA. She makes MAMMOTH MEAT, the BEST item ever made.

Level: 43
Cost: -5%

REVIEW: Her talents are close to RIGEL's but not as much. She is a very great
	supporter and very useful, especially if you want to use CLIFF who makes
	BEST ITEMS. Be careful if you are using RIGEL and SOPHIA in one same
	line to create a 40-fol item.

ADRAY (not included in the non-"Director's Cut" version)
Level: 20
Cost: +30%

REVIEW: Is he the "best swordsman and engineer" of all? The matter is that he is
	one helluva cook like MAYU, but he is more expensive. Also, he makes
	some BEST ITEMS ever, made also by CLIFF, ROGER, and/or DAMDA MOODA, and
	is more talented than these males.

MIRAGE (not included in the non-"Director's Cut" version)
Level: 26
Cost: -5%

REVIEW: She invents some worthwhile items that others, such as RIGEL and MAYU,
	make. However, her talents don't surpass SOPHIA's to support subpar
	cooks for the BEST items. I don't know what to advise you about her;
	good luck!

< Optional characters >

NOTE: To get the 2nd Elicoorian, DO NOT RECRUIT PEPPITA. Visit ELICOOR in Disc 2
	when you can. ADRAY should not be called the 2nd Elicoorian; why they
	added him is beyond me!

PEPPITA (also called "SOUFFLE" in the Japanese version)
Level: 6
Cost: +10%

REVIEW: She resembles DAMDA MOODA and is an optional character. I don't know
	what is the best time to use her, and she is not non-playable, like

	For MAMMOTH MEAT, RIGEL, ALBEL, and MARIA are more talented than
	PEPPITA; using either of them is more convenient, however, than using
	using CLIFF, DAMDA MOODA, or ROGER if you don't want to make other 
	B.E.S.T. Food listed under its own section.

FOR DISC 2: Choose to recruit her in Moonbase. However, doing so would mean that
	you'll never recruit the 2nd Elicoorian.

Level: 30
Cost: 0%

REVIEW: She is the second best playably chef of all playable chefs. She is
	optional as the game progresses in Disc 2, and, if you have NEL in your
	party, use her rather than either MAYU or FAYT because she is the most
	talented of these three who make their same Food items.

FOR DISC 2 KIRLSA HOSTAGE: When you recruit ALBEL as playable character in Disc
	one, if you rest in the Peterny Inn, the event will trigger between FAYT
	and ALBEL. Say that you 'hate him', so he will not save you a** in

	Also, after recruiting ALBEL and ROGER (for treasure hunting), if you go
	to the house of ROGER's rival in Surferio, the event will trigger among
	boys who want to be men. When that happens, ROGER will take both
	people's place in Kirlsa. In other words, that little guy will save you
	in Kirlsa Ruins.

	Whatever you do, I recommend that you not rest in Peterny and that you
	do not go to houses, unless the map indicates a green or blue arrow.

	If you want to know the location of Roger's rival, it is south of shops,
	located at east side of SURFERIO. Otherwise, try not to recruit ROGER at
	all, especially in the DUGGUS FOREST.

FOR DISC 2 POST-MOONBASE: Recruit NEL in Aquaria by choosing 'There's no time'.

Level: 2
Cost: 0%

REVIEW: The worst cook of all cooks, in my humble opinion. However, he makes the
	same BEST meats that CLIFF, ADRAY, and/or DAMDA MOODA makes. I would not
	recommend using him at all.

FOR DISC 2 KIRLSA HOSTAGE: Recruit ROGER twice in Disc One: once in Duggus
	Forest and the next in Surferio for treasure hunting. After you recruit
	ALBEL, go to Surferio, and then go to the house of Roger's rival, so the
	event among adventure-seeking boys triggers. That way, he'll save you in
	the Kirlsa Ruins. Be warned that ALBEL events in Peterny may override
	ROGER's chances to join you forever.

FOR DISC 2 POST-MOONBASE: Go to Surferio and then recruit him by accepting his
	offer to join you.

Level: 16
Cost: +5%

REVIEW: He makes one BEST ITEM -- MAMMOTH MEAT, invented also by others like
	RIGEL. I have no other advices to tell you the best time to use him;
	he can help support THE KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA for 20-fol items. He is,
	however, optional.

FOR DISC 2 KIRLSA HOSTAGE: Once he joins you in Disc One, rest in Peterny, so he
	may try to attack FAYT during his sleep! Then say that you 'don't hate
	him'. That way, he may save you and then join you.

FOR DISC 2 POST-MOONBASE: This guy is harder to beat in solo battles. I'm not
	kidding. However, he will not appear in Elicoor. To make him appear, go
	to Kirlsa Town (not Ruins!), and then go to Woltar's mansion, where
	Airyglyph soldiers guard. Speak to Woltar, so Woltar may tell you that
	he is self-training in the Urssa Lava Caves. Beat ALBEL if you can, and
	then tell him to 'join them'.

 <NONPL> Non-playable characters

If you miss recruiting any of these inventors below in Disc 1,
they would not be recruitable until you visit Elicoor II during
the Eternal Sphere quest in Disc 2.

Moreover, please do not demand me to insert their personalities, unless you want
me to realize how their personalities relate to their AI inventions in different

Level: 6
Time: 0%
Cost: +10%

STARTS: After signing up for Item Creation in West side of Peterny
LOCATION: Aquios, Outdoor alley on West side
AVAILABLE: After completing the DUGGUS FOREST quest
TO RECRUIT: Must have WINKING SAGE CIDER in your inventory
	(see "Obtaining recruitable items")

REVIEW: This guy's level is very subpar at best; nevertheless, he makes the
	BEST ITEMS that not the best inventors create. However, even his BEST
	items are also created by most likely CLIFF and ROGER, who are both
	subpar as Damda, yet Cliff is the best out of these three. Also, he is
	talented as PEPPITA, and his skill almost resembles hers.

WORTHWHILE?: DON'T BOTHER! Even if he is the only inventor of JOYFUL BANDIT
	CIDER, there are better items than that one. Also, he is as pricey as
	PEPPITA, but PEPPITA is playable in battles.

(Previous editions: He is the only inventor of JOYFUL BANDIT CIDER, although you
	do not have to use him or create this item.

[UPDATE]: BEST ITEMS (then) = Battle Items (now).  Originally, I thought him as
	not talented as CLIFF.  However, I figured: using him in a line with
	more talented chefs, KILLER CHEF and RIGEL/NEL, would diversify and
	overlap items that may cost the same as their own inventions.
	"400-fol items" are examples.  In other words, he is a hit or miss.

Level: 20
Time: 0%
Cost: -30%

STARTS: After signing up for Item Creation in West side of Peterny.
LOCATION: Kirlsa Training Facility, 3rd Floor, A room with
	  save and recovery points and the dungeon workshop
AVAILABLE: After resting in the Peterny Inn for the first time;
	in Disc 2, she will not appear in her location, if not recruited,
	until the Eternal Sphere quest;
TO RECRUIT: Must have ADORABLE KITTY DOLL in your inventory
	(see "Obtaining recruitable items")

REVIEW: Most of her items are invented by FAYT and NEL, I'm afraid. However, she
	makes one BEST ITEM that may also be created by THE KILLER CHEF and
	more talented. One thing to say: if you do not recruit her in Disc 1,
	then she will not appear in Disc 2 until the Eternal Sphere quest.

	Positivies are that she (a) discounts the costs of upgrading factors of
	items and (b) invents worthwhile items also made by FAYT and NEL.

WORTHWHILE?: I would recommend recruiting her as soon as you successfully invent
	ADORABLE KITTY DOLL in the IC Crafting field in Disc 1.

[UPDATE]: BEST ITEMS (then) = Battle Items (now)

Level: 47
Time: +40%
Cost: 0%

Starts: After battling with ALBEL in Bequerel Mountains
Location: Kirlsa, the grocery store at East of the Inn.
Available: See "Starts"
How to recruit: Must have GOLDEN CURRY in your inventory
	(see "Obtaining recruitable items")

REVIEW: RIGEL is more talented than MAYU, NEL, and FAYT, but she does not invent
	the same worthwhile items that they do; she makes different ones at the
	same price. Plus, she is the slowest cook.

	If you are using RIGEL and creating items for a very cheaper price, then
	you may cause an overlap, unless you are lucky. At least she makes great
	creation support for your inventors.

WORTHWHILE?: Still, she makes a few BEST ITEMS ever made; recruit her when you
	invent the GOLDEN CURRY as soon as possible.

[UPDATE]: BEST ITEMS (then) = Battle Items (now)

Level: 75
Time: -30%
Cost: 0%

Starts: When arriving at Airyglyph after the Mosel quest
Location: Outdoors within Surferio
Available: Only in Disc 2
How to recruit: Must have KEEN KITCHEN KNIFE in your inventory
	(see "Obtaining recruitable items")
How to obtain this item: See "Obtaining recruitable items"

REVIEW: THE KILLER CHEF is simply the fastest, greatest cook of all cooks. Too
	bad he has to support the other inventors who create the BEST ITEMS ever
	made; he still makes one -- GROWLING FIST CIDER.

WORTHWHILE?: If only the KNIFE is available sooner... You must recruit him with
	the 55,000-fol KNIFE, but the KNIFE also boosts your Cooking success.
	Buy two, and keep one with you when you give the other!

[UPDATE]: BEST ITEMS (then) = Battle Items (now)

 <CHANG> Changing Orders

To change orders, go to the camp menu, select "Invention Info", and then select
"Change Orders".

Cooking has a bunch of items at 40 fol and 694 fol; changing orders is very
important, especially for your convenience.

If you recruit non-playable characters and leave them into "Original Creation"
statuses, they would use your money for their inventions, especially if you are
working in the workshops. If you put them into "Standby", they would be inactive
and stop using your money.

If you are wandering in dungeons, you would receive money, depending on your
working points, including those who signed with you.

"Original Creation" makes your inventors active and helps you save time from
workshops, so you do not have to invent all items; moreover, it earns you
millions of Fol, even if you lose money for inventions while you are levelling
up your characters in dungeons.

Before you leave towns for dungeons, always switch your inventors from "Standby"
to "Original Creation". Before you invent an item yourself, always switch from
"Original Creation" to "Standby", so you do not lose more money, and save your
game into your memory card as soon as possible before you fail a lot.

 <OBTAI> Obtaining recruitable items

To recruit: DAMDA MOODA
Purpose: Heals 30% HP/MP
Obtaining without creating:
	* Fight the bandits in Sanmite Steppes
	  until you enter Sphere 211 for the first time
	* No other methods I know so far... 
	  Let me know what else beside creating.

Shop price, 1% rarity: 3,300 fol
Workshop price, no change: 313/314~346/347 fol
Rating: 80

To recruit: MAYU
Field: Crafting
Purpose: Reducing enemy's fury by 5% at the start of a battle
Obtaining without creating: Don't know so far...

Inventors of Crafting: STANICE, FAYT, CLIFF, NEL, ROGER, ADRAY
Shop price, 1% rarity: 2,410 fol
Workshop price, no change: 229~253 fol
Rating: 2

To recruit: RIGEL
Purpose: Heals 50 HP (no percents; just 50 Health Points!)
Obtaining without creating: Don't know so far...

Shop price, 1% rarity: 630 fol
Workshop price, no change: 60~66 fol
Rating: 65

Purpose: Boosts 20% Cooking success rate
To obtain: Buy one for 55,000 fol in a Gemity shop

 <01> Worthwhile items

NOTE: The shop prices are based on 1% rarity and 99% availability shown in the
	"Invention Info" menu with Welch on the background. The workshop prices
	are based on 10% of the shop price.

ANOTHER NOTE: I separated 400-fol and 6,943-fol items into sections due to long
	list of items that are priced the same.

ANOTHER NOTE: Because the "chance of breaking" factor makes its items reuseable
	until a few or several times, I separated these items into a section.

ANOTHER NOTE: I separate 1,0x0-, 3,300-, and 3,400-fol items into sections for
	easier reading.

Without having better items from other fields, such as Crafting, in your
inventory or equipped into your characters, these items may be very useful,
especially for early Disc 1.

How much you use these items below depends on how many other better items you
have in your inventory. If you overuse the BEST ITEMS until they are gone, and
you do not have FOOD items with you, then you are in serious trouble.
([UPDATE]: BEST ITEMS = Battle Items)

These items are graded out of five astericks for recommendations, especially
by overlapping, usefulness, and convenience. Regardless, ALWAYS SAVE before you
fail AND/OR RELOAD if you fail!!

****  = Great convenience
***   = Not bad
**    = Frustratingly inconvenient	
*     = Even if worthwhile, I would not make this item again!!

	Recovers 30% M.P. (single), 150 fol in shops, 14~16 fol to invent
	Name	  | Rating |		Inventors	    | My rating, each:
------------------------------------------------------------|  *****
Vanilla Ice Cream |   20   |	   RIGEL, MARIA, ALBEL	    |
Tuna Salad	  |   25   | MAYU, FAYT, MARIA, NEL, MIRAGE |
Sachertorte	  |   50   |	      RIGEL, MIRAGE	    |

Comments: These items are very cheap and convenient to make. Using RIGEL, MARIA,
	and MAYU/NEL results one of three possibilities, especially in Disc 1.

Umeboshi (not in non-"Director's Cut" version)
Purpose: Heals petrification, freezing, poison, and paralysis, single person
	(can be refined into "whole party")
Store price: 180 fol
Workshop price: 17~19 fol
Evaluation Rating: 20
My rating: ****

Comments: Even with "Cure Condition" spell, learned by ADRAY and SOPHIA, this
	item is worth inventing. This item is worth inventing also when both
	symbologists are suffering from either of these symptoms listed on
	"Purpose". Also good for others who do not wear Amulets of Freedom and
	Anti-Stone Amulets, especially in post-game.

	Frozen status quickly disappears after the battle is over in
	Director's Cut.  Therefore, the heal "Freezing" factor is useless in
	the fields.  I'm not sure about the original version; however in both
	versions, Frozen status quickly disappears during battles AS LONG AS
	your characters ARE NOT killed while frozen!!

Recovers 30% HP (all items), 200 fol in stores, 19~21 fol in Workshops,
can be refined into better percentage
 Umai-Bo | Rating |	     Inventors		| My rating, #1-6,
------------------------------------------------| 9-12, 14: *****
  1~3,12 |   30	  |	       RIGEL		|
   4~6	 |   30	  |	  FAYT, MAYU, NEL	| #7-8: ** (Earlier, -*)
   7~8	 |   30	  |  DAMDA MOODA, CLIFF, ROGER	|
 9~11,14 |   60	  |   THE KILLER CHEF, SOPHIA	|

Comments: These are very good items to create, especially if you use RIGEL, NEL,
	and THE KILLER CHEF in a same line. I should tell you: These items may
	be overlapped by "worthless items" with the same price as above.
	Be careful! However, #7 & #8 are not worth creating, unless you risk
	using CLIFF in one line.

	Out of curiosity, #13 is listed in the "Items used more than once per
	unit" section.

	In the previous editions, I assumed mistakenly: UMAI-BO 12 is created by
	THE KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA.  Actually, #12 is made by RIGEL instead.

Curry Rice
My rating: *** (Earlier, -1/2)
Purpose: Recovers 30% H.P., single, can be refined into better percentage
Store Price: 200 fol
Workshop price: 19~21 fol
Rating: 30
Inventors: All cooks except Rigel, The Killer Chef, Sophia, and Albel
Comments: This may be overlapped by Umai-Bos and "worthless items",
	unless you are lucky.

Decorated Cake
My rating: ***1/2 (Earlier, -1/2)
Purpose: Heals 30% H.P., single
Store Price: 220 fol
Workshop Price: 21~23 fol
Rating: 50
Inventors: MAYU, FAYT, NEL
Comments: Finding 23 fol would take a lot of buttons to press; good luck!
	Also, this item may be overlapped by other items, including
	"worthless items", if attempted to spend 21~22 fol for this item.

	recovers 30% HP, single, can be refined into better percentage:
	Name		| Rating |  Stores   | 	  Workshops 	 |  My rating
   Gelatinous Potion    |   60   |  250 fol  | 	  24~26 fol	 |
   Petite Sirloin	|   5	 |  300 fol  |  28/29~31/32 fol  |     ****
  Itty-Bitty Steak 	|   60	 |  300 fol  |  28/29~31/32 fol  |

Comments: These items may be overlapped by "worthless items" that may price
	the same as above. Be careful! Earlier, I rated them lower

Kid's Meal
My rating: ***** (w/ CLIFF: -*1/2)
Purpose: Heals 30% H.P., single
Inventor: RIGEL
Rating: 60
Shop price: 300 fol
Workshop price: 28/29~31/32 fol
Commments: This is much better than what the subpar cooks invent; using SOPHIA
	makes 27 fol available and easier than 28~30 fol.

UPDATE: However, if you use CLIFF as a supporter, then the results may be one
	of his inventions above rather than this item.

		500 FOL in shops, 47/48~52/53 FOL in workshops
       Name	| Rating |	Inventors    |		   Purpose
      Gratin	|   30	 | MAYU, FAYT, MARIA | 
		|	 |	NEL, MIRAGE  | Cures incap, restores 30% HP/MP
    Mont Blanc  |   50	 |	RIGEL	     | Cures incap, restores 30% HP/MP
   Sirloin 140  |   80	 |  RIGEL, MARIA     |	       Restores 50% H.P.

My rating, each: *****, w/ THE KILLER CHEF; no rating w/o him (...unless I am
	incorrect about CHEF's gender)!

Comments: Originally rated with SOPHIA; rating with SOPHIA is an insult to
	strategics like me.

	Name	      | Rating |   Shop   |   Workshop    | Purpose, single
 Marbled Beef Sirloin |   70   | 1100 fol | 104/5~115/6 f | Restores 70% HP
 Peach Dessert Soup   |   60   | 1300 fol | 123/4~136/7 f | Cures incap,
		      |        |	  |		  | restores 60% HP/MP

Comments: Still worth using; try less than 128 fol for Peach Dessert Soup
	because the Tough Steak may overlap it otherwise.

My ratings: N/A, although great items...

By DAMDA MOODA and others listed below:
      Name     | Rati | Other inventors | Purpose, single |  Shop  |  Workshop
    Jumbo Pot  |      | CLIFF, ROGER,   |		  |	   | 266~288,
    Stickers   |  40  |	ADRAY	 	| Heals 70% HP/MP | 2800 f | 291, 294 f
   Blue Moon   |      | CLIFF, ROGER,   |		  |	   | 290, 293,
     Cider     |  40  | ADRAY, PEPPITA  |		  |	   | 296~311,
----------------------------------------| Recovers 30% MP | 3050 f | 314, 317,
     Joyful    |      |			|		  |	   | 320 fol
  Bandit Cider |  80  |      None	|		  |	   |

My ratings for:

* Joyful Bandit: *
* Jumbo Pot Stickers: ****
* Blue Moon Cider: *** w/o CLIFF; +** w/ CLIFF

Comments: Ones made by CLIFF or ADRAY are the best ones. The DAMDA MOODA-only
	item is not worth your time and convenience; avoid that.

Previous versions, now voided:
[CLIFF is your man here for anything you want to invent. ADRAY's level is
	superior, but he is very costly.  If you want to use my strategies
	according to the "Strategies" section, then try DAMDA MOODA for ONLY
	3,050-fol Ciders.]

[...The Jumbo Pot Stickers and Blue Moon Cider are the only more
	convenient of all DAMDA MOODA's inventions. Otherwise, good luck making
	3 to 5 of them with DAMDA MOODA.]

3,900 fol in shops, heals 50% HP/MP, single:
	Name	   | Rating |	  Inventors	| My rating | Workshop prices
 Howling Fox Cider |   75   | DAMDA MOODA, MAYU	|   ****    | 370/371, 374, 378,
------------------------------------------------------------| 382, 386, 390,
 Sapodilla Juice   |   90   |  THE KILLER CHEF	|   ****    | 394, 398, 402,
		   |	    |			|	    | 406, 409/410 fol

Previous versions, now voided:
[Comments: Only the Sapodilla Juice I would recommend. No questions asked!]

Comments: Actually, both items are very good items.  However, attempting to use
	DAMDA MOODA or CLIFF may result either a "Battle item" or a lower rate
	of success for one of above items.  Originally, each was rated higher;
	LORD'S OZONI may overlap these items; otherwise, reverse can happen.

Hungry Harpy Cider
Rating: 90
Shop price: 4,200 fol
Workshop prices: 399~441 fol
	(410 fol may or may not result this item; I possibly have done that
	in my unit, but I'm not always confident with this possible.
	I need your confirmation, please, if you have E-mail.)
Purpose: Cures incap and heals 60% HP/MP
Inventors: All non-playable chefs except Rigel; can't create this in dungeons.
My rating: *****
Comments: Like Peach Dessert Soup, this is worth creating. Save your
	Resurrection Elixirs and Resurrection Mists for battles, and use these
	Food items very often.

By THE KILLER CHEF and RIGEL, 5700 fol in shops,
541/542~599 fol in workshops, each *****
       Name	   | Rating | Purpose, single |		   Comments
 Pomegranate Juice |   95   | heals 70% HP/MP | Even when they overlap each
----------------------------------------------| other, their purposes and
   Lansium Juice   |   99   | heals 90% M.P.  | obtaining both top talents make
----------------------------------------------| these items the most
 Mangosteen Juice  |  100   | heals 90% M.P.  | worthwhile.

Tip: Produce two or three units per item production, and you will be fine.

Marbled Sirloin 1000
My rating: ***** (originally rated higher... way higher!)
Purpose: Heals 100% HP/MP, single
Shop price: 8700 fol
Workshop price: 826/827~913/914 fol
Rating: 60

Comments: Without Healing, this is worth using; save Verdurous Potions for
	battles, and use this sirloin for fields. I used to think this is
	the most worthwhile until I invented and used other items that break
	after several uses ("Items used more than once per unit").

Shop price: 25,120 fol
Workshop price: 2386~2638 fol
Purpose: Heals 100% HP/MP, gives a life threatening feeling
Rating: 40
My rating: [I haven't used it (originally rated low...)]
Comment: This item has a bad factor that interferes a good one. I am not sure
	how reliable it is; I am not even sure if this item is worth refining.

 <02> 1,000~1,020 fol items

Without cost adjustments, each 100-fol item costs 95~105 fol
to invent in workshops.  However, there are some exceptions.

I never intended to separate these items from "Worthwhile items."
However, that section becomes very long if this section merges.

Purpose: Restores 50% HP/MP
	Name	   | Rating | DAMDA MOODA | RIGEL | CLIFF | ROGER |  My rating
 Boiled King Crab  |   40   |		  |   X   |	  |	  |    *****
	Otoro	   |   60   |	   X	  |	  |   X   |   X   |   ***1/2

Comments: I would prefer the BOILED KING CRAB. Don't ask!

Purpose: Restores 70% MP (all); cures petrification (BBQ Pork Ramen only)
	Name	    | Rating |		Inventors	 |  Store |  Workshop
    Bleu Cheese	    |   60   | RIGEL, MARIA, ALBEL	 |   --	  |	--
 Haute Chinese Soup |   60   | THE KILLER CHEF, SOPHIA	 |   --   |	--
   BBQ Pork Ramen   |   40   | MAYU, FAYT, MAR, NEL, MIR | 1020 f | 97~107 fol

Previous versions, now voided:
[My rating: *****, only for RIGEL, SOPHIA, and CHEF, even with overlaps.]

My ratings: *****, strategically use RIGEL, CHEF, and MAYU/NEL for all above
	items except Otoro.

 <03> 3,300~3,400 fol items

Silver Scepter Cider
Rating: 70
Purpose: Recovers 50% H.P.

My rating: ***
Comments: I am not confident about my rating.  I wanted to rate this one star
	less; I left "My rating" as is for strategies.

3,300 fol in stores, 313/4~347 fol in workshops, By RIGEL only
    Name	| Rating | Purpose, single | 		My rating
 Rambutan Juice |   70	 | Restores 50% MP |
-------------------------------------------|		  *****
 Tamarind Juice |   70	 | Restores 50% HP | 

Comments: Don't use DAMDA MOODA if you want a mindless overriding strategy.

3,300 fol in stores, 314/4~347 fol in workshops,
By THE KILLER CHEF and others below
	Name		| Rating | Purpose, single    | Inventors besides him?
 Fiery Cyclops Cider	|   75	 | Recovers 30% MP    | CLI, ROG, ADR, PEP, DAM
 Hogplum Juice		|   80	 | Recovers 50% MP    |	not available
 Leaping Titan Cider	|   80	 | Recovers 30% HP/MP |	not available
 Winking Sage Cider	|   80	 | Recovers 30% HP/MP | RIGEL, NEL, CLIFF, ROGER

My ratings: N/A, each (was rated ***** each)

Comments: 3,300-fol items look very inconvenient to invent, but the combination
	of RIGEL and SOPHIA helps my ratings become valid. This comment was
	voided earlier, but I realize that DAMDA MOODA is not worth my time. By
	the way, you can substitute NEL or MAYU for SOPHIA, MAYU she does not
	invent any of them above.

Previous versions:
[Strategically, you may use DAMDA MOODA, RIGEL, and THE KILLER CHEF to make two
	to three units per item that costs the same.  Therefore, this strategy
	could void the ratings of any 330-FOL item (whether 3,300 or 3,400 in
	shops). Be it low- or high-rated; still unrated if strategic.]

3,400 fol in shops, 323~357 fol in workshops,
Cures incap & restores 30% HP/MP, By MAYU and DAMDA MOODA:
	Name		| Rating |		My rating
 Broken Prophet Cider	|   50	 |		*, with MAYU: +***
 Brass Demon Cider	|   80	 | Strategically, use CHEF, RIGEL, and MAYU

 <04> 400-fol items

The list is too long to belong to "Worthwhile items", so it has its own section.
Making 20 consecutive quantities of any of these items is a total pain, yet they
are very worthwhile.

I would recommend producing 2 to 4 units per line, so you do not have to restart
the game over and over again.

In workshops, each item costs 38~42 fol (without adjustments).

By RIGEL and others listed below:
	Name       | Rating | MAR | ALB | MIR |		Purpose
 Deluxe Fruit Bowl |   10   |  X  |  X	|     | Recovers 30% HP/MP
  Corn on the Cob  |   25   |	  |   	|     |	Recovers 50% M.P.
    Pasta Salad	   |   40   |  X  |  X	|     |	Recovers 30% HP/MP
  Chocolate Banana |   60   |  X  |  X	|     |	Recovers 50% M.P.
    Kirschtorte	   |   60   |	  |	|  X  | Recovers 50% H.P.
   Fruit Parfait   |   70   |  X  |  X  |     | Cures incap, recovers 60% HP/MP

My ratings, each: ****, w/ KILLER CHEF

By DAMDA MOODA, CLIFF, ROGER, and others listed below:
	Name	 	| Rating | PEPPITA | ADRAY |		Purpose
  Grilled Tuna Head	|   60	 |    X    |   X   |	Recovers 50% H.P.
 Soft-Shelled Turtle	|   70	 |    X    |   X   |	Recovers 50% M.P.
    Watermelon Bar	|   70	 |	   |	   |	Recovers 30% HP/MP

My ratings: *** due to subpar cooks; +1/2 with ADRAY
	(originally, these were rated lower)

By MAYU, NEL, FAYT, and others listed below:
	  Name		| Rating | MARIA | ADRAY | MIRAGE |	Purpose
	Natto		|   20	 |	 |   X	 |	  | Recovers 30% HP/MP
     Chopped Steak	|   30	 |   X	 |	 |   X	  | Recovers 50% H.P.
	Cold Soba	|   30	 |   X	 |   X	 |   X	  | Recovers 50% M.P.
   Fresh Spring Rolls	|   30	 |	 |	 |	  | Recovers 50% M.P.
	 Kimchi		|   50	 |   X	 |	 |   X	  | Recovers 50% H.P.
      Almond Jelly	|   60	 |	 |   X	 |	  | Recovers 50% H.P.
     Fried Turnips	|   60	 |   X	 |	 |   X	  | Recovers 50% H.P.
	Pear Tart	|   70	 |	 |	 |	  | Recovers 50% M.P.

My ratings: *****
   (originally, these were rater lower when you use anyone except NEL or MIRAGE)

Roast Duck
Rating: 30
Purpose: 50% HP recovers
My rating: *****

Comment: Along with other items, this item is worth trying.

Previous editions, now voided:
[Comment: This is the best item of all 400-fol items. If you have KEEN KITCHEN
	KNIFE, try using the only inventors of this item. In other words, only
	two inventors in one line. So far so good?]

Conclusion: This section is filled with too many items at one price. Do either
	2-3 or 3-5 units per production line with KILLER CHEF and two others,
	as I strongly recommend. Using items by CLIFF, ROGER, or DAMDA MOODA are
	not strong points for me, unless you want ADRAY at a high price.

Previous editions, now voided:
[Conclusion: The only convenient item is Roast Duck; making it is unavailable
	until Disc 2. If you want to diversify your collections, use THE KILLER
	CHEF, RIGEL, and NEL/MAYU/CLIFF; try to make 2-3 units per production
	line. Otherwise, go for only KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA to make Roast Duck;
	this items is easier with KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA in one line.

UPDATE: Originally, I recommended making 3-5 units per production.  However,
	I realized that this is more time-consuming than 2-3 units.]

 <05> Items used more than once per unit

These items are discovered to have an ability to be used more than once per
unit, which would qualify them as B.E.S.T. items. However, like most items, they
are useable in only the fields. In fact, they could help you save other items
and recovery spells for later. With their ability, each unit would be used
either once or at least several times until it is gone.

What makes this ability so great is the chance of breaking. If you attempt to
remove this factor, the ability will be gone as well, and the unit will be gone
after its first use. If you want to reduce the chances without removing the
factor, you need Cooking Ingredients, and good luck.

Also, with the "chance of breaking" factor, these items go beyond the purposes,
something that not any player can imagine in other games like Star Ocean 3. If
an item is described to heal 30% MP and cure incapacitation, then it heals also
your characters' HPs by 30%~70%.

All items have a lot in common: "30% probability of breaking". Refining any item
either removes this factor or reduces chances to 20%. If it is 20%, then leave
an item alone; otherwise, restart the game and then forget refining them.

UPDATE: Umai-Bo 13 has "50% probability of breaking" and is refined into either
adding another factor of breaking probability or reducing a probability.

Shop price: 4,293 fol
Workshop prices: 408~451 fol
Purposes: Restores 30% MP;
	Cures paralysis, petrification;
	Cures incap & restores 60% HP/MP

4,343 fol in shops, 413~456 fol in workshops, rating 99,
Cures incap & restores 60% HP/MP, cures petrification, recovers 30% HP
 	Name	  |	 Inventors	|    Other purposes	|   My rating
 Legendary Otoro  | CLIFF, ROGER, DAMDA	|     Cures poison	|      ***
 Ozoni of Madness | KILLER CHEF, SOPHIA	|    Cures paralysis	|     ****1/2

Comments: Who else creates Legendary Otoro? I would rather use Antidote than
	invent that. Neverthelss, Hungry Harpy Cider may override them at same
	prices; be careful.

Previous editions, now voided:
[Comments: Using CHEF, RIGEL, and CLIFF produces 50% chance of success.  Still,
	this strategy could work if you want to produce just one or 2~3 units.]

12,343 fol in shops, 1172/1173~1296 fol in workshops, Rating 99
Restores 90% HP/MP, cures petrification, cures incap & restores 60% HP/MP,
My rating, each: **** (earlier versions: +*)
      Name	  | 	Inventors	| Other purposes  |	  Comments
 Giant King Crab  | RIGEL, PEPPITA	| Cures paralysis | Using SOPHIA, THE
----------------------------------------------------------| KILLER CHEF, and
  Magical Salad	  | KILLER CHEF, SOPHIA	| Cures paralysis | RIGEL validates my
----------------------------------------------------------| ratings.
 Well-Aged Cheese | KILLER CHEF, SOPHIA	| Cures poison	  |

Comments: These items lost one point for expensive creation price. But they are
	still worth inventing.

Rating: 99
Purpose: Restores 30% HP
Inventors: FAYT, NEL, MAYU
Store: 50,103 fol
Workshop: 4760~5261 fol
My rating: *1/2 (earlier: +**)
Comments: This item is the most powerful of all Umai-Bos. However, the price is
	too high to invent, and 50% chance of breaking doesn't help either.
	Also, the IC rating is too high, and refining them is very costly. This
	item... coincidentally, #13 is a bad luck number, especially when the
	13th day of the month is also Friday. This item is a bad luck!

Previous versions, now voided:
[Comments: I think this is the best of all Umai-Bos; too bad other Umai-Bos by
	RIGEL, SOPHIA, and THE KILLER CHEF are higher rated by me because
	refining this item into a long-lasting item is a pain.]

	(I originally thought that the factor would disappear if refined.
	Nevertheless, refining this item is very costly yet makes this
	near-endless if refined into "1% chance of breaking" successfully.)


There are more in the next section.  After all that time, I thought Marbled
Sirloin 1000 is the most worthwhile item until I used these items and found out
their ability.  Still, using subpar cooks for Legendary Otoro results a lower
success rate.

 <06> 6,943-fol items

The list is too long to belong to "Items used more than once per unit" and
"Worthwhile items", so it has its own section.

Rating of each item is 99. In workshops, making one costs 659/660~729 fol. Like
400-fol items, they below make Cooking very complicated, yet they are worth
spending more than 400-fol ones.

NOTE: MAYU, FAYT, and NEL do not make these items, and they are also not listed
	as inventors of these items in the BradyGames chart. You can use either
	of them as support, but that is all.

All items serve the same purposes: they
	1) cure petrification,
	2) cure incapacitation & restore up to 60% HP/MP, and
	3) have 30% chance of breaking.

However, they have their own additional factors listed below.

	Name		| 		Other purposes		| My rating,
----------------------------------------------------------------|  each: *****
   Amazing Tenderloin	| Recovers 90% H.P.; cures paralysis	|
----------------------------------------------------------------| Comments:
    Demonic Durian	| Recovers 90% M.P.; cures poison	|  Using RIGEL
----------------------------------------------------------------|  makes my
  Devilish Sea Squirt	| Recovers 90% M.P.; cures poison	|  rating very
----------------------------------------------------------------|  valid. Even
  Dragon Pot Stickers	| Recovers 90% H.P.; cures poison	|  with bunch of
----------------------------------------------------------------|  items on the
    Luscious Gratin	| Recovers 90% H.P.; cures poison	|  list
     Slimy Gelatin	| Recovers 90% M.P.; cures paralysis	|
    Super-Spicy Stew	| Recovers 70% HP/MP; cures paralysis	|
    Tearful Risotto	| Recovers 90% M.P.; cures paralysis	|

By CLIFF, ROGER, DAMDA MOODA, and other below:
	Name		| ADRAY |		Other purposes
      Golden Natto	|	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures poison
     Handmade Soba	|   X	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures paralysis
    Luscious Oysters	|	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures paralysis
  Supreme Dorayaki Pie	|   X	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures poison
     Ultimate Ramen	|	|	Restores 90% M.P., cures paralysis

My rating, each: **, +*1/2 with ADRAY (originally rated lower)
Comments: Maybe not worth inventing; leave them to DAMDA if you have him and put
	him under "Original Creation" status. Also, THE KILLER CHEF and RIGEL
	invent their own items, and using a subpar cook would lower chances of
	success for other items. Be careful if you are not strategic!

By RIGEL, PEPPITA, and others below:
	Name		| ADRAY |		Other purposes
  Beautiful Ice Cream	|	|	Restores 90% M.P., cures paralysis
   Lilien's Ultimate	|   X	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures paralysis
      Perfect Duck	|	|	Restores 90% H.P., cures poison

My rating: *****, like inventions by KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA
Comments: RIGEL invents her own items, especially if you use her along with THE
	KILLER CHEF and SOPHIA. However, with all three together, you feel the
	ecstacy of anticipation.

Conclusion: I would recommend using THE KILLER CHEF, RIGEL, and SOPHIA for any
	item other than inventions by CLIFF, ROGER, DAMDA MOODA, and ADRAY.

UPDATE: However, if you want to use my strategies according to "Strategies"
	section, be my guest, and use CLIFF, KILLER CHEF, and RIGEL.

 <07> worthless items

Obviously, the worthless items are the ones that cure 50 HP or less; I will not
include GOLDEN CURRY because it is a recruitable item, even though it is
technically worthless, especially afterwards.

Also, these worthless items may either be overlapped by or overlap other
worthwhile and BEST items of all FOOD items. Moreover, I will not grade them
because it is pointless to grade them.

However, they may be useful if your characters are Level 1 for the final boss of
this game. Otherwise, they are worth selling.

To make information short, everyone invents these items. These items recover 20
Health Points without percentages. The Guild rates each item a 1. Also, every
cook makes these items below.

Realize: I don't capitalize the names of items below for reasons.

discordant dessert
shop price: 60 fol
workshop price: 5~7 fol

tasteless stew
shop price: 210 fol
workshop price: 20~22 fol

super-sweet curry
shop price: 310 fol
workshop price: 29(?)~33 fol

 <08> Deadly items

Be careful of making these items below if you want to make the worthwhile ones;
these overlap by the same cost.

If you invent them and don't want to use them, then sell them.

Even refining these items to remove factors makes these items useless and a
waste of money and materials. I don't want to go over the summaries of these

Previous versions; useable?  Maybe not?:

"Nevertheless, even if they are the w.o.r.s.t. (wonderfully, overbearably,
ridiculous, superbly timid) items ever made, you can use them to deplete
characters, such as ADRAY, for Battle Bonuses and solo battle trophies.

To be honest, the MP-killers are more powerful than the HP-killers. This is
based on my experiments with characters who have less than 100% HP/MP

The above entry is useable for depleting characters' HPs and MPs; however,
I will not call them the "worst" or "w.o.r.s.t." as I previously did because
of additional playable (yet unnecessary) characters like MIRAGE or ADRAY.
I can use the below items to kill off ADRAY, even though he can still invent
items in Workshops.

As for the 2nd paragraph, I am not sure anymore whether the MP-killers are more
powerful than the HP-killers.  I used "cheap cider

Realize: like "worthless items," these names of items are not capitalized.

depletes Health Points (HPs), rating 1
     Name    |  Shop   | Workshop* |		Inventors
 cheap cider | 320 fol | 30~34 fol | All except Roger, Peppita, and NPCs
 awful cider | 420 fol | 40~44 fol |		ADRAY
* based on no adjustments

depletes Mental Points (MPs), rating 1
     Name      |   Shop   |   Workshop	 |	All inventors?
  spicy cake   | 860 fol  | 81/82~90 fol | Yes, except The Killer Chef
 cheap sashimi | 955 fol  |  91~100 fol  |		Yes
  tough steak  | 1350 fol | 128~142 fol  |		Yes

 <09> Battle Items

Formerly called B.E.S.T. ITEMS, they are now called Battle items.  For some
reason, I no longer consider them the B.E.S.T. because of conflicts with
inventing quantities of items that may be overlapped by other items.

Still, they are great alternatives to items from ENGINEERING and COMPOUNDING.

Previous versions; some words... useable?  Maybe not?:

"All of these items below are also useable IN BATTLES! These are very important
if you want to diversify your inventories by saving your HEALING DEVICES and
TERRIFIC (B.E.S.T.) ITEMS you must know below.

Too bad they cannot be refined at all; still, worth inventing and then using as
substitutes for BERRIES from "Useable Items"."

By DAMDA MOODA, CLIFF, ROGER, ADRAY, and others below,
restores 30% HP (the whole party), 2,100 fol in shops,
	199/200~221 fol in workshops:
       Name	  | Rating |	Additional inventors?	  |	My rating
 PREHISTORIC MEAT |   20   |		  No		  |	****1/2

REVIEW: These are the early alternatives to higher-rated Compounding and
	Engineering items with the same purpose, but both may overlap each
	other for the same price, especially if you use any subpar inventor
	of these meats. Still, it's fun to make these meats, even with the


Purpose: Heals 60% HP, whole party
Rating: 80

Shop price, 1% rarity: 4,100 fol
Workshop price, no change: 389/390~430/431 fol
	(Even a 410 fol may create "Hungry Harpy Cider", unless I'm wrong)

REVIEW: Alas, this item is a pain to make, especially if you are playing the
	original, non-"Director's Cut" version in Japanese.

	If you want to use CLIFF, then you need RIGEL and THE KILLER CHEF.
	Otherwise, ADRAY is your best bet, unless you are playing the original,
	non-"Director's Cut" version.

Restores 30% HP (whole party), 5,000 fol in shops, 475~525 fol in workshops
     	  Name		| Rating |		 Inventor(s)
    JACKFRUIT JUICE	|   80   |		    RIGEL

REVIEW: These drinks are very impossible to make in dungeon workshops. Still,
	these are the BEST drinks to make, even when they are more expensive
	and graded higher than other alternatives with the same purpose.

	Using THE KILLER CHEF and RIGEL in one same line is very overlapping,
	yet these items are worth creating with SOPHIA.

 <10> Items not part of Item Creation

For those who wanted to follow the Solo Character Challenges Guide, this section
helps you fulfill your better experience, especially if you do not want to do
"Original Creation" at all.

You will be informed the items that are not evaluated by the Guild throughout
the game. You can buy many as you want if you have enough money, especially in
Disc 1. I will not grade them as you please; I will comment at the minimal.

Please do not demand which exact shops have these items; try all the shops
yourself with the help of the map. The shops are indicated with the green arrow
on the activating map; enlarge it with the R2 button.

Alternatively, recruit all NPCs, register them, put them in "Original Creation"
or "Standby" status, and spend time in dungeons, so you earn more money.

UPDATE: I no longer will obtain paragraphs of Noblemen; they sound annoying and
	do not anymore relate to Cooking.  You can battle them to get Idols;
	attack them several times until they (annoyingly) beg to "Spare Me".
	However, Idols are worth selling, so you can buy more expensive
	Food items as story progresses.

Steamed Bun
Fol: 200 fol, single; 4,000 fol, 20 units
Purpose: Recovers 30% HP, single
Location: Shops of all non-dungeon areas except Moonbase and Arkives
Comments: This helps you save Blueberries, especially in Disc 1, and Physical
	Enhancers for battles only. This can be refined into a better item,
	which requires Cooking Ingredients. Using MAYU reduces the costs,
	depending on other inventors you are able to use.

Apple Pie
Fol: 400 fol, single; 8,000 fol, 20 units
Purpose: Recovers 50% HP, single
Location: Shops of Arias, Trading Town of Peterny,
	Sacred City of Aquios, and Gemity
Comments: Same for Steamed Buns.

Gooseberry Juice
Fol: 3,100 fol, single; 62,000 fol, 20 units
Purpose: Recovers 30% HP, single
Location: Shops of all Elicoor II towns/cities except Sacred City of Aquios
Comments: This is the most expensive Food item not part of Item Creation. Good
	luck making money of them.

Loquat Juice
Fol: 3,050 fol, single, 61,000 fol, 20 units
Purpose: Recovers 30% MP, single
Location: West side of Trading Town of Peterny
Comments: Until you are involved with Item Creation, this is the only item that
	recovers M.P. This cannot be refactored, and there are cheaper, better
	alternatives from Cooking. Also, it is a pain to walk into Peterny for
	buying this item, yet it helps you save Blackberries and Mental
	Enhancers for battles later.

Pomello Juice (or Pomelo Juice, according to spelling, not the game)
Fol: ...Please don't ask!
Purpose: Recovers 100% HP, single
Location: Shops of Whipple, Arias, and Trading Town of Peterny
Comments: The price goes up as time goes by. This item is avoidable at
	all costs; try Marbled Sirloin 1000 if you want to use Cooking.

Fol: Not available in shops!!
Purpose: Recovers 90% HP, single
Location: The main lounge of Hyda Resort Hotel
Comments: This item has only one unit, and it is used only once. To obtain it,
	examine one replicator of the HYDA HOTEL, and then you will witness the
	cutscene of FAYT and SOPHIA discussing this item.

King Durian AND Sea Squirt
Fol: Not available in shops!!
Purpose, each: Cures all HP or incapacitation, single(?)
Location: Requires Grab Bag accessory
	purchased in 3rd floor Maze of Tribulations;
Comment: If you have the Grab Bag accessory and equip it to Fayt, stay at any
	inn or resting place with the "Morning Wake" theme to get thest items.

 <STRAT> Strategies

The popular strategy would be resetting the game (or loading the saved data) if
mistakes happen, especially for those (who created 20 quantities of a similar
item) have created beyond the maximum quantities.

If you want to create different items invented by same inventors and supporters
and made and sold at similar prices, and you do not want to reset the game all
the time, try to create two or three quantities per production time.  Then
repeat this over and over until 20 units, a maximum amount, of one item at the
same price are in your inventory.  Finally, stop, and then go for different fol.

For example, if you want to use KILLER CHEF, NEL, and RIGEL to produce items
for 38~42 fol, I would recommend producing two or three items, stopping, and
then going for other items with the same people.  If the production results the
similar item you have already done, then check to see if you reach 20 units, a
maximum amount, of that similar item in your inventory.

For Battle items:
CLIFF creates both MAMMOTH MEAT and PREHISTORIC MEAT.  If you want to use CLIFF,
and you want to use RIGEL (also creator of MAMMOTH MEAT) and THE KILLER CHEF as
supporters for these items, just produce two or three quantities.

Any other strategies I am missing, e-mail me at


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 <LEGAL> Legal

This guide is copyrighted (c) by George Ho (Gh87) in 2010-11.
All rights reserved.

If you want to use my guide for your own purposes, please ask permission first;
preferably, send me E-mail to Reproductions of this guide by 
someone other than me are prohibited; this will be taken action if this may

Below is the entry from previous versions:

"In case of my own future demise, I will make plans to avoid "public domain"
status in order to protect my guide from being plagiarized and credited as if I
am not the author of this guide. Right now, I don't have enough legal fees,
time, and energy to do so, leaving the public domain possible.

Nevertheless, I must be notified the rules and guidelines from anywhere, such as
GameFAQs, or anything if I overlook something important."

While the above entry is still valid, currently, with digital technology,
download versions, more game platforms and all other upcoming events, this guide
may be likely to be in the "public domain".  Nevertheless, like me, video game
players still use PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 still uses the buttons
similar to previous PlayStation platforms.  Therefore, I still will not allow
this to be in public domain until I declare it officially.

 <CREDI> Credits

Thanks to BradyGames for its own Strategy Guide, even with errors in the book.

Thanks to nameless players of STAR OCEAN: TILL THE END OF TIME for their own
experiences that may influence others' experiences, including mine.

Thanks to the fans of STAR OCEAN games for providing information of those games
in their own websites.

Thanks to Internet communities for helping everyone strategically in websites
and message boards. I will not mention forum usernames because there are too
many. I'm sorry if you aren't mentioned, but I am anticipating specialties.

Thanks to EChang and Alex for their own guides, hosted by GameFAQs, to others.

Thanks to MJEmirzian for, with all due respect, expressing opinions about Item
Creation and Cooking in this user's guide.

Thanks to Viett (Adam Tran) for pointing out BradyGames errors in his own guide,
hosted by GameFAQs.

Thanks to Lewis Murphy, aka Demonfayt, for his guide, which includes refinery

Thanks to one of my cousins for letting me borrow his unit of BradyGames guide.

Special thanks to enter-brain (eb!) for the Japanese-language guides of this
game, both original (ISBN 4-7577-1491-2) and
Director's Cut (ISBN 4-7577-1860-8).

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