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Bad Games Till The End of TimeDonnie Santos3/10
Not only the best RPG on PS2, but also one of the greatest games of all time.FF7Otaku10/10
Star Ocean: Til the End of My Patiencelasthero3/10
This game is all over the place.admtanaka7/10
This game is badAllidoisreview5/10
Well, it may be slighty flawed, but Star Ocean still shines bright!AnimaKeyblade8/10
A truly epic RPGAtlusSaGa9/10
Average and simply cliche.BIOJECT6/10
Deserves instant oblivion.Braben6/10
Star Ocean 3 Does Not Deserve The Hate It GetsCalamity8/10
Decent, with sizable flaws.cessirah7/10
A fun game ruined by a terrible storyComputerbug86/10
A sorry sequel to a good series.dabodufus3/10
A mixed bag, but good overalldelateur7/10
Not the brightest star in the galaxy, but still pretty damn good.ehson8/10
SO3 is Good!? Don't Make me Laugh......EJRICH4/10
Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed!FightinMongoose8/10
Certainly not perfect, but a great game nonethelessFinal Eclipse8/10
A breath of fresh air from the monotony of mainstream RPGs.FinalFantasy20049/10
Enter the hardest game to review, till the end of time.Gbness7/10
Beautiful game with minor flaws.Groggar9/10
I think my expectations were set a bit too high.Jarek7/10
Never Played an RPG Before? Start Here!jshark20008/10
Clearest example that graphics aren't everything.Kaiden10/10
Eh...Kashell Triumph5/10
Till the End of Time? Unfortunately, that appears to be the caseKCF01073/10
Emphasizing the "G" in RPG.King99999/10
So many reviews, and so much hate. Is it warranted? Well...LaniReaper7/10
A below average RPG with few redeeming qualities.Legend_Saber4/10
Star Ocean 3, ten years laternastynate31188/10
An often interesting but very flawed RPGnintendosega7/10
One of the best RPGs of all time.NWalterstorf9/10
Has Received A Lot Of Negative Criticism With Little JustificationOutOfRange8/10
My First Foray Into the Star Ocean is More Than Worth ItPowder Monkey9/10
The first Star Ocean game I manged to play to the end. Was worth it.RemTheRetroPlayer9/10
A great game overall, but - could it please get to the damn point?ShyningFade7/10
Star Ocean: Everything a RPG Should Be.Typhon410/10
More of a normal ocean with starry reflections.Unbridled97/10
The third installment in an excellent serieswizardmentor9/10
Not the best plot in the world but a fun game with lots to dowolverinefan8/10
A boring game concealed by beautiful graphics and gameplay.wwfgurl5/10
You'll sure be having a fun time with this... till the end of time!X Ven0m X9/10
An Un-Biased Review from a Long-Time VeteranXRhinehartX7/10
Star Ocean: Till The End Of My SanityZaothus3/10

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