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                         Suikoden III
                        Version 0.125
              Last Updated in December 24, 2002
                   By Joseph Andro Artanto

Unpublished Work Copyright (c) Joseph Andro Artanto 2002.

Hello! we meet again! For a VERY long time i've ignored the all-time
favourite GameFaqs routine... Now i've decided to go back and take 
look one more time to the faq-writing carreer that i've been into 
in the past four years...

And guess what? I'm back. And now with a new faq I'm working on.
Suikoden III. Please support me, that'll help me very much.

Have fun reading my faq!

                                     Thank you,

                                     Joseph Andro Artanto

Information :
Author     : Joseph Andro Artanto
E-mail     : arsin@indosat.net.id
Website    : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dragon/3939
Pages      : -
Version    : 0.125
Last Update: December 24, 2002


Unpublished Work Copyright Joseph Andro Artanto 2002.

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myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Joseph Andro Artanto
(arsin@indosat.net.id). All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged 
and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.


Version 0.001 (10/11/2002)
*The Basic Sketch.

Version 0.03 (8/12/2002)
*Finished the Logo
*Finished 'Introduction','Disclaimer', and 'Revision History' section
*Finished 'The Trinity' section
*Updated 'Game System' section
*Finished Geddoe walkthrough Chapter 1.

Version 0.09 (15/12/2002)
*Re-writes the Faq
*Changes the order of the story, so it would be: Geddoe (chapter 1), 
Thomas(1), Hugo (1), Chris(1), Chris(2), Hugo(2), Geddoe(2), Hugo(3), 
Geddoe(3), Chris(3), Thomas(2) and then chapter 4 and 5.
*Finished Thomas walkthrough Chapter 1.
*Finished Hugo walkthrough Chapter 1.
*Started Chris walkthrough Chapter 1

Version 0.125 (24/12/2002)
*Initial Release on the web (www.gamefaqs.com)
*Finished Chris walkthrough Chapter 1.
*Finished Geddoe walkthrough Chapter 2.
*Started Chris walkthrough Chapter 2.


I.     Introduction/Disclaimer/Revision History
II.    Table of Contents
III.   Game System
IV.    The Trinity
V.     Walkthrough
        [G-1] Chapter 1, Mercenaries of Harmonia
        [T-1] Chapter 1, N.E.F
        [H-1] Chapter 1, The Fellowships of The Letter
	  [C-1] Chapter 1, Honor of Knights
        [G-2] Chapter 2, The Short and Burning Road
        [C-2] Chapter 2, War of Honor
VI.    Disclaimer
VII.   Author's Info
VIII.  Stuff Needed
IX.    Credits


Technical Data:

	When you start a new game, you will be given choices whether
you want to load Suikoden II data or not. Take note that this data
is the save data 'after' you have beaten the final boss. To do this,
place in your PS2; a PS2 memory card, and a PSX memory card (with
Suikoden II saves inside it). Then copy the data to your PS2 memory
card, using your PS2.

Game Data:

	Konami introduces a brand new story system; The Trinity Sight.
This system lets you see 'one' story from 'multiple' point of view.
Actually, you DON'T have to follow my walkthrough, as there's nothing
wrong with any order of characters you want to play first. It's just
my way, you can choose your own way, but that means you have to go
back and forth if you read this faq ^^

*Experience is measured in 1000 points per level

Normal Battle:

The battle consist the maximum of 6 allies and 6 enemies.
First, there are some selections in the upper corner:
  Fight : Fight the enemies manually.
  Run   : Run from the battle, may fail.
  Bribe : Bribe the enemies.
  Auto  : Let the computer control the attack (normal attack).
If Fight was chosen, the menu below will appear:
  Attack: Attack enemy with weapon.
  Defend: 1/2 physical damage in the current round.
  Rune  : Uses rune.
  Item  : Uses items.
  Unite : Two certain characters (same column) combo attacks.
  Chanting: Continue casting spells.

*When characters attack, they stay where they finished attacking.
*Two members of the same columns can only acts exactly the same as
 the other one, except when casting runes. The one continues casting
 spells, while the other one automatically attacks.
*There are only 3 columns and 2 rows in this battle system. With
 maximum number of characters inside battle is six. Support characters
 wasn't counted inside battle.
*Two members Unite can only be done if the two members are on the
 same column (ex: Ace-Joker's Mercenary B combo).
*Magic is more difficult to use due to each spell having "casting
 time" added. Powerful spells will take forever to cast unless a
 character has high affinity or what-so-called "skill" with the

Duel Battle:

Seems to be same as the other one in Suikoden I. The commands are
perfectly same. Here are the commands:
  Attack     : Normal Attack. Win against "Defend"
  Defend     : Defend from attack. 1/2x damage if enemy attacks.
               Will counterattack if enemy use Deathblow.
  Deathblow  : x2 damage. Win against "Attack". Lose against
               "Defend" (counterattacked).

Strategy Battle:

Much simpler than the other one in Suikoden II. Instead it use a much 
more simpler system; The Grid Set system, like shown below:
     ___             ___
   _/_A2\        ___/...\      A1: Hero's Group
  /A1 \_/    ___/   \___/      A2: Heroine's Group
  \___/-----/A3 \     \        A3: Ally's Group
            \___/     _\_      E1: Enemy's Leader Group
           /    \   _/_E3\     E2: Enemy's Group 1
       ___/      \_/_E2\_/     E3: Enemy's Group 2
      /E4 \      /E1 \_/       E4: Enemy's Group 3
      \___/      \___/         ... : Empty Grid

*Every battle have a different grid system set by the game.
*When an enemy's group attacks, you were asked to choose which group
 is to face the attack.
*The party members inside the groups are already set before the battle
 (just like Suikoden II, you can change your member BEFORE the battle),
 but you can't change members when you're already inside the map battle.
*The battle between groups is just same as the normal battle, but
 you couldn't control the units (you can't use items, runes, unites)
 Instead, you only decide which to do: Fight or Retreat.
*Every grid could be occupied by several groups at once (max 4 groups).

IV. The Trinity 

	When you start a new game, you will face three flaming flames. 
This only lets you decide which character to play first. You will have 
to play all scenario of characters, but in any order you wants.
	When you first choose a character, you'll see the introduction
of the character. And then back to The Trinity room, letting you to
see the character's backgrounds first.
	The main characters is independent, and they have their own item 
and money stash. I've listed the treasures to be found on the first 
character who can get them. So if you found an item inside a dungeon,
it's up to you if you want to take it, or leave it there, so the other
character can take it later.
      Stars of Destiny already recruited by one character, can't be 
recruited by the other two characters. Don't worry, all will become 
one, in the end :)
	In this FAQ, the story goes as follow: Geddoe (chapter 1), 
Thomas(1), Hugo (1), Chris(1), Geddoe(2), Chris(2), Hugo(2), Geddoe(3), 
Hugo(3), Chris(3), Thomas(2) and then the final character you choose
in the end. You can always changes which one you play first, but doing 
that, you also have to go back and forth when reading this FAQ. 
It's up to you :)
	Now when you have decided which character you play first,
choose it... and lets begin a new chapter of our story.

1- gthc
2- gch
3- ghct

V. Walkthrough

                 Chapter 1, Mercenaries of Harmonia
                            [Geddoe - 1]

 (Geddoe recruited)                                          1/108

   After the introduction, you'll find yourself in the capital of
Zexen; Vinay del Zexay and you'll be introduced to your fellow
mercenaries, and about the next mission. But, before you go, lets
explore the city! :)

 (Ace recruited)                                             2/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Queen recruited)                                           3/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Jacques recruited)                                         4/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Joker recruited)                                           5/108
     Automatically joins.

--Vinay del Zexay--
Treasures: Script #2, Herb Seeds, Recipe #12.
   You can get Script #2 from a little girl in the 2nd floor of the 
inn (south eastern area of the city), Herb Seeds from an old woman 
listening to Toppo, Nei, and Shabon (on bazaar area), Recipe #12 from 
a man with green suits on the northernmost area of the city (note that
this walkthrough use the map as the direction, so make sure your map
is always on). You can also do some shopping in the southern part of 
the city. When you have finished exploring, go north to the city gate
and to Zexen Forest east of Vinay del Zexay in the world map.

--Zexen Forest--
Treasures: Recipe #2, Herbs
Battle Treasures: Medicine D (Fairies).
   Rush to the east, and to the end of the forest while fighting easy 
monsters. You'll meet Fred and Rico, whose just passing by. You can 
pick up herbs from the sparkling plants around the forest. There's 
also a corpse, and when you check it, you'll find (Recipe #2). Just be 
sure to check your map to make things easier. Once you outside to the
world map, head to Yaza Plain or you can go to Brass Castle for some
shopping or some skill training if you want.

--Brass Castle--
   Just explore this castle and get used to it a little bit ^^
There's some shops and education centers outside the main corridor.
Inside the main corridor, you'll find a training center.
JAA's Note:

   Training centers are for improving physical (direct) attack and 
defense skills. Education centers improves magical and technique 
skills instead of attack and defense skills. Distribute skill points 
obtained from battle to develop each skill as needed. Test to find 
who is suited to which skills. Low aptitude prevents mastery. Members 
with highly developed skills will prove invaluable during combat.
   Don't use the Training/Education Centre's quotes as your guidance,
they could mislead you. For example, Ace's Swing skill is quoted
"perfect match, etc." by the trainer, but his Swing's max skill is 
only B+ when maxed out. See my 'Skills' section below for information
of all characters' max skills (when they're ready ^^).
   Skills can be forgotten. But note that certain skills already 
learned can't be forgotten, these are called natural skills.

When you have finished shopping and wasting your precious money, head
to Yaza Plain.

--Yaza Plain--
Battle Treasures: Ol' Tree Beads (Spider)
   Go straight to the north. You can win an 'Ol' Tree Beads' from the
spiders here (You can use this in The Bath later). Now head to the
Great Hollow.

--Great Hollow--
Treasures: Old Book Vol.3, Grape Seeds, Sunbeam Crystal
   Prepare for a cold welcoming from the lizards. When you enters the 
Great Hollow, follow Shiba to see the Chief. After the meeting, talk 
to the guards in front of Chief's room to get a Sunbeam Crystal. Talk 
to a lizard upstair on the northwest (Old Book Vol. 3) and in the armor 
shop (Grape Seeds). A man offers you an Iron Hammer in the trading 
shop, but refuse it, you'd better use any other character, as you need 
the hammer to recruit someone. You also can learn some skills from the 
training center here.
   When you done, enter the door southeast downstair. Follow the 
lizards and fight them. After two rounds, the battle ends. Shiba will 
join you temporarily (actually, you can get Shiba at Chapter 4).
Continue down the cavern, until you find a group of knights lead by 
Chris. Prepare for a battle... and annihilated ^^. Back to the Great 
Hollow, the Lizard Clan's chief has been killed! The Lizards were in 
great anger now, and decided to war with the Zexen. Next, go to Plain 

--Plain Amur--
   Go straight forward as nothing interesting in here. There is a 
save point if you want to save. Note that the DarkHares here gives
quite a lot of experience. And you may sometimes get a '? Painting'
from them. When you ready, head to the Karaya Village.

--Karaya Village--
Treasures: Antitoxin, Medicine D.
   Another cold, err, no... this time it's HOT welcoming ^^ Get 
the antitoxin from a girl outside. Medicine D from a duck inside the 
second hut. But oh well, I think they are just low price items, so 
leave them just for Hugo, as he doesn't starts with a lot of money. 
When you ready, go to the northenmost hut.
   After some conversation, You'll take control of Ace and Joker. 
Go to the village gate and you'll meet a woman who is telling the 
villager to flee. Aila chases the woman and you should follow her to 
Plain Amur. After some events with several strangers, head back to 
Karaya Village.
   The village is burned down! You'll take control of Geddoe and Queen. 
Now run from the village (don't fight Borus, he's got a damn hard ass). 
Outside the village, the party will then rejoins, with a new member ^^

 (Aila recruited)                                            6/108
     Automatically joins.

   Queen recommends you to go to Caleria, but before that, lets go to 
the Lake Castle and Mt. Hei-Tou.
SIDE QUEST: Mt. Hei-Tou and Lake Castle
   Well, not really a side-quest, as you have to get there if you want
to recruit characters with Geddoe fast enough.

--Mt. Hei-Tou--
Treasures: Recipe #14, Recipe#5, Yellow Kennel
Optional Boss Treasures: Mega Medicine B, Star Pierce, Blinking 
Crystal, Sunbeam Crystal, Wall Crystal, Melon Seeds, Old Book Vol. 12, 
a bunch of equipments and around 80000 potch.
   Go east all the way while ignoring the first fork, go on until you 
find a second fork with a save point near it. Go north to the next 
screen and check the corpse to find a Yellow Kennel. From the save 
point, don't go east, as it is a dead end. Now go to the first fork and 
go north to the next screen. Head left to find a corpse and check it for 
Recipe #14. Go back, and continue north, this time choose any path, as 
it leads to the same screen. When you have reached it, check around for 
another corpse (Recipe #5). Now get ready for your first boss (it's 
optional though,but you should fight it to get some important treasures).
   BOSS: BlueMantrix
   HP: est. 2500,   <-- not sure about this...
   80000 potch, a lot of treasures
   Being your first boss, this one is rather challenging. So don't
   underestimate it. This crab have 2 attacks; first is a strong one-
   person attack (around 120 damage), second is a poisonous low damage 
   gas to characters around it. Use Aila's Clay Guardian rune in the
   first turn, and heal when needed using Aila's shield rune. You 
   should use the Mercenary Combo, Geddoe's lightning runes and Joker's 
   fire runes (but, becareful when casting fire spells, as it does 
   damage to anybody surrounding the target).
When you have defeated it, get the chest behind it to get a loat of
treasures. And now, let's go to the Lake Castle!

--Lake Castle--
   Yet another cold welcoming! ^^ anyway, explore around and get used
to the castle a little bit. There's an inn, training centre, lottery,
and fortunetelling outside the castle. Inside the castle, there's a
vault and the library. Drop your Old Books in the library, and throw
all excess stuffs on the vault. Once you done, go back to the main 
storyline. Note that Thomas scenario opens up on the Trinity Site now,
and you can recruit people as well. Before you go to the Mountain Path,
upgrade your weapons to at least lv 8 first in Brass Castle!

--Mountain Path--
Treasures: Herbs, Recipe #7
Optional Boss Treasures: Medicines, ? Figurine, ? Statue, Winged Boots, 
Feather Earrings, Antitoxins, a bunch of equipments and around 35000
   Save at the save point first, you'll never know what will happen.
Go straight, and at the fork go north (there's only a herb on the east
way). In the next screen, going north will lead you to another herb,
so head straight. There's a save point now, and that warns you...
   OPTIONAL BOSS: Twin Snake , Left Head, and Right Head
   HP: est. 3000      2000           2000    
   around 35000 potch and a bunch of treasures
   Concentrate your attacks on the heads first, as they can heal the
   Twin Snake for a lot of damage. Use your runes and unites as your
   main weapon, and always watch your hp before the round begins.
   Heal when needed and protect yourself using Aila's Earth rune.
Now check the chest behind for another pack of treasures. Next, don't
go south first, head east instead. In the next screen, go straight
until a fork, then turn south to find a corpse (Recipe #7). North
from here leads to a deadend (it leads to Le Buque, but you couldn't
go there right now), so go back to the boss site, and now go all the 
way south and straight to the world map.

Treasures: Tomato Seeds.
   Explore at your leisure and do some shopping, as you should 
already get a lot of money now. Talk to a kid in the blacksmith to 
get a Tomato Seeds. 

 (Mike recruited)                                            7/108
     Win 20000p in a card game. Caleria. Trading shop.

   When you're ready, go to the northern part of this town. Ace 
will leave, so head to the inn and watch some events. With that, 
the first chapter of Geddoe's story ends as well.

                         Chapter 1, N.E.F

 (Thomas recruited)                                          8/108

   Welcome to your new castle, Master! Go inside the castle and
introduce yourself to everyone. The next morning, it's time to explore 
your new castle. Go talk to everyone here; Eike in the library (second
floor), Sebastian (in front of the castle's main door), Martha (town's 
lottery), Piccolo (town's tent), Juan (west wing training centre), and 
Muto (warehouse, B1 inside the castle). After you have talked to everyone, 
go back to the castle's main stair where you'll meet Sebastian. He needs 
you to deliver a letter to the Zexen Knights, don't worry, you have 
Cecile with you. Go through Yaza Plain straightforward, as there is
nothing here.

 (Cecile recruited)                                          9/108
     Automatically joins.

--Brass Castle--
   Watch some events about Brass Castle and Leo the knight, then go
to the main corridor. Head to the second floor, and enter the knight's
room here to meet Salome to deliver the letter. When you have finished,
go back to your castle.
   Once you arrived at Budehuc Castle, Cecile leaves you, and you 
should go to your room and rest up. The next morning, find Sebastian 
outside the front door. A woman asks your help to find her child. 
Cecile and Piccolo will aid you for the search.

 (Piccolo recruited)                                        10/108
     Automatically joins.

   First check around inside the castle. Check the library (2nd floor),
The elevator shaft (the broken door near library/main stairwell), and
the shipwreck (B1 near the warehouse). Now head to the blacksmith and
talk to Juan. He decides to help you to find the missing child. Well,
your next destination is Mt. Hei-Tou.

 (Juan recruited)                                           11/108
     Automatically joins.

--Mt. Hei-Tou--
Treasures: none.
   If you follow my Geddoe's chapter one guidance, there should be 
nothing here. The Creepers here may sometimes drop a Kuzzler Beads
(for the Baths). Now go straight to the east until you find a boy 
who is attacked by a wild boar. Just make sure your party have at
least reached level 8. Use Piccolo's Scaring Bolt to finish the
battle ^^ Now all is done, and we should return to our lovely castle.

--Budehuc Castle--
   Back at your castle, get some rest and save the game. The next
morning, talk to everybody, and then go back to the main stairwell.
Sebastian will come and talk to you about the castle's financial
problem. Then why don't we lease the land? So, lets search for
some documents in your room upstair. Now you've got some free time
to explore the world... =) and from now on, Sebastian is in the inn 
(just beside Martha's lottery). You can rest, save your game, or 
re-organizes your party as well in there. And my advice; save some
money... as you need a lot of potch to recruit someone later.
JAA's Note:

   This is a good time to rack up some potches... it's by trading!
At this time, the only good routes are Vinay del Zexay - Great Hollow 
- Duck Village, but once you get Scott (see below), your castle can 
be your trading post also. One of the best route is buy crystal balls 
from Vinay del Zexay or Great Hollow (or Budehuc Castle, once you get 
Scott), and sell them at Duck Village... for around 10000 potch profit.
   If you have ?Figurine or any un-appraised items, appraise them at 
Vinay del Zexay or Duck Village. And sell them if you want some extra 
potches (well... if you did get some failure urn, tell yourself you're 
not lucky this time :)
   You could also buy the lottery tickets to gain money... but it is
too unpredictable ^^
   By the way, do this potches-searching NOW. As you'll need those
potches as a prerequisite to recruit someone. Be sure to trade as you
recruits people below. That way, you don't have to be like me; going 
back and forth around the world ^^

 (Sebastian recruited)                                      12/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Martha recruited)                                         13/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Eike recruited)                                           14/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Muto recruited)                                           15/108
     Automatically joins.

--Iskay Village--
Treasures: Pale Gate crystal
   A girl inside the item shop will give you the Pale Gate crystal.
Buy the Rose Brooch from Gordon's supply shop rarity. If it isn't there,
you should always check the shop here for the Rose Brooch, as you need
this item to recruit someone. Watari the Ninja is here, but you have
to have 100000p to recruit him, which you may not have right now :)
so just skip him for now. Skip Gordon also for now, as you need someone
to recruit him.

 (Mio recruited)                                            16/108
     Iskay Village. 2nd floor at the inn.
 (Mel recruited)                                            17/108
     Iskay Village. In front of the northern house.

   Put Mio and Mel as soon as possible into the party. Mel is very
strong because her level is very high. And Mio can help you a lot with 
her Healing skill.

 (Koroku recruited)                                         18/108
     Mt. Hei-Tou. Go left at the first fork, then left again
     at the next fork. Choose to adopt it.
 (Peggi recruited)                                          19/108
     Great Hollow. Get the Iron Hammer from a man inside 
     the trading shop first.
 (Twaikin recruited)                                        20/108
     Great Hollow. Underground Cave. Select 'nothing'.

--Brass Castle--
   See below for recruits. You may meet Scott, Belle, and Gadget Z
on your way, but skip them for now. As you need some items from Duck 
Village and Plain Amur. Just... continue on reading ;)

 (Jeane recruited)                                          21/108
     Brass Castle. Rune shop. Talk and invite her.
 (Ernie recruited)                                          22/108
     Brass Castle. Education Centre. Invite her. Answer her 
     questions five times in a row.
 (Arthur recruited)                                         23/108
     Brass Castle. Main corridor. Dining room. Help him and
     check around the kitchen to find a secret passage. Follow
     the path until you back outside.

   When trying to recruit Arthur, be sure to build up some level 
inside Brass Castle's secret passageway. The enemies there is not very 
hard, and gives a lot of experiences. But be sure you have brought Mio 
and Mel with you, because without them, it can be very tough passing 
through the passageway.
   Go through Brass Castle's east wing, and to Plain Amur. On Plain 
Amur, wander around and fight some monsters until you found the Screw. 
Make sure you save your game, and continue on to Duck Village. 
But before that...

 (Kathy recruited)                                          24/108
     Plain of Amur-North. Count all of the horses for her. 
     Make sure you're right, then tell her the number.

--Duck Village--
Treasures: Toy Duckling, Old Book Vol.5
   Sell those Crystal Balls I've told you to buy before (you've been
listening to me, have you?). Talk to a little duck near the entrance 
for a Toy Duckling. Don't forget to buy a Deer Antler here to recruit 
Scott (or you can buy it from Vinay del Zexay, which is cheaper). Next, 
go inside the inn, and out from the backdoor. Talk to a man there to 
get Old Book Vol.5, and tell Hortez VII (behind the inn also) about the 
way to Budehuc Castle (tell him the way! if you don't, you will not get 
him later in the game).

 (Kidd recruited)                                           25/108
    Duck Village. Northeast house behind the inn. Solve the
    'murder' case. First check around inside the house. Then
    talk to a duck beside the giant waterwheel outside. Finally,
    Get a letter piece from a duck inside the trading shop.
    Speak to Kidd and he'll solve the 'murder' (haha).

   Now you have done everything, so go back to Brass Castle and then 
recruit Belle and Gadget Z now, as you should have the Screw now.
Don't forget to recruit Scott too.

 (Scott recruited)                                          26/108
     Brass Castle. Outside the castle. West Drawbridge.
     Bring him a Deer Antler (you can buy this at Vinay del
     Zexay or Duck Village's trading shop).
 (Belle recruited)                                          27/108
     Brass Castle. East Wing. Near the armor shop. Give her 
     a Screw (find these at Plain Amur's monsters).
 (Gadget Z recruited)                                       28/108
     Joins with Belle.
 (Kenji recruited)                                          29/108
     Yaza Plains. Must have recruited Kathy first. Select 
     the second choice two times.
 (Goro recruited)                                           30/108
     Zexen Forest. Northern path. Help him. Bring a character
     with appraisal skill in your party.

   After you have recruited them, let's do some optional boss fight
in North Cavern. Which is just pass the Zexen Forest.

--North Cavern--
Optional Boss Treasures: Medicines, Thunder Runner x2, Sunbeam Crystal,
a bunch of equipments, Castle Kennel, ?Figurine.
   Go straight and watch your step. Note that the Banshees here gives 
you quite a good amount of experiences. When you've reached a save
point, save your game, and be ready...
   BOSS: Magician
   HP: 700, around 12000 potch, and a bunch of treasures
   Hit her hard several times, and she will die. Next?
Now head to Vinay del Zexay.

--Vinay del Zexay--
   Do some recruitments here, and don't waste any money here. :)

 (Augustine recruited)                                      31/108
     Vinay del Zexay. In front of armor shop. Give him a
     Rose Brooch (buy at Iskay Village Gordon's item shop).
 (Dominic recruited)                                        32/108
     Vinay del Zexay. Armor Shop. Buy a Mole Armor from him
     for 40000 potch (If you read, you should've gotten 40000
     potch by now).
 (Nei recruited)                                            33/108
     Vinay del Zexay. Marketplace. Talk to her, then go to
     the fountain area. Save Shabon. Duel with Guillaume.
     (see below).
 (Toppo recruited)                                          34/108
     Joins with Nei.
 (Shabon recruited)                                         35/108
     Joins with Nei.

   DUEL: Guillaume
   The duel system uses the same system as Suikoden 2. And you 
   should be familiar with it.
     Attack     : Normal Attack. Win against "Defend"
     Defend     : Defend from attack. 1/2x damage if enemy attacks.
                  Will counterattack if enemy use Deathblow.
     Deathblow  : x2 damage. Win against "Attack". Lose against
                  "Defend" (counterattacked).
   Read his quotes, that's the key.

 (Gordon recruited)                                         36/108
     Iskay Village. Item shop. Bring a party with only you
     and Augustine.

   Now you have done everything... head back to Budehuc Castle and
continue the story.

--Budehuc Castle--
Treasures: Recipe #8
   Before you approach the path to the castle, go to the horse ranch
first and talk to Kathy, and play a racing-horse minigame! Break the
time record (easy difficulty) two times and you'll get Recipe #8.
   Now onto the story... As you approach the path to the castle, 
Cecile leaves you and you should rest now. The next morning, you'll 
learn that Eike is missing! Try to get out of the castle, and Shizu
the elevator girl will come and repair the elevator.

 (Shizu recruited)                                          37/108
     Automatically joins.

   Rest for one night, and go to the elevator (1st floor). You'll 
end up in the 3rd bottom floor. Go through the path, and the path 
will split. Juan and Piccolo will split, and now take the right path. 
Follow the path, and go to the left (you may miss it). You'll bump 
onto Juan and Piccolo. Now go north and find Eike. The chapter will
end with this...

             Chapter 1, The Fellowship of The Letter

 (Hugo recruited)                                           38/108
     Automatically joins.

   After dinner, go to the western-most house and watch the event.
You've got to deliver a letter of truce to Vinay del Zexay, the capital
of the Zexen.

 (Sgt. Joe recruited)                                       39/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Fubar recruited)                                          40/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Lulu recruited)                                           41/108
     Automatically joins.

--Karaya Village--
Treasures: Antitoxin, Medicine D.
   Get the antitoxin from a girl outside. Medicine D from a duck 
inside the second hut from west. Now head out of town, and Jimba
will asks you to deliver the Pentacle to the Lightfellow family.
Now head pass Plain Amur, then to Brass Castle.
JAA's Note:

   Mounted attacks occur when a beast paired with its rider on the
same column. You can pair Hugo and Fubar on the same column to do
mounted attacks. Mounted attacks work with the beast and the rider's
number of attacks combined. Healing items used will always be split
into two; one to the beast, and the other one on its rider.
   One more thing, I bet you've been wondering what's those tiny blue 
squares just next to character's portrait (inside the profile's menu, 
or just after the battle). Those are runes! The uppermost one is the 
1st level rune, below that one is the 2nd level rune, and so on.

   Inside Brass Castle, you'll bump onto Chris' party, but there's 
nothing else here. You can do some shopping. Or you can learn some 
skills from the education centre or the training centre here. Go on
through pass the Zexen forest, and into Vinay del Zexay.

--Vinay del Zexay--
Treasures: 0/5000/10000 potch (haha)
   Deliver the Pentacle to the Lightfellows here (westernmost area)
The butler there offers you a reward for delivering the Pentacle, 
you could accept it (0 potch if you don't accept it/5000 potch if
you accept it/10000 potch if you asks for more). I believe you should 
asks for more, as I think this have no affection to the story, and
this means free money ^^
   Now head to the council hall, and you'll have to kill some time
before the council meets you. There's nothing more interesting now
beside doing a sidequest!
SIDEQUEST: The Three Knights of Zexen! The Saint Loa Knights!

   Go to the marketplace (southeast area), and watch some events with
Melville and Guillaume. Next go to the Rune shop, then go outside and
speak to Alanis, then watch an event with Alanis and Elliot. Remember
the password ('Three Knights'). Follow them, head up some stairs, knock
the window, and say the password. Now you'll join the Knights! Let us
go! To the Northern Mountains! Go Three Knights of Zexen! ..........
Go to the city gate, and go to the North Cavern.

--North Cavern--
   Make sure you put Melville and Alanis in the back row, and build 
up their levels first. Go through the fairly straightforward dungeon,
fight some bandits, then save at the save point. You'll fight some
bandits again (this time they're four). Your party will be separated
by a trap set by Guillaume, then Melville will have a duel with 
   DUEL: Guillaume
   Like earth and sky... too unfair for Melville, so just lose.
Alanis and Elliot will raise the gate, and Guillaume escape... Now
we have found the ship! (but, isn't that Budehuc's wrecked ship? ^^)
Time to go back to Vinay del Zexay.
   Back to Vinay del Zexay... say some goodbyes to the knights...
yeah! Three Knights of Zexen!!! wooohoooo! yeah! ................

   Rest for a night inside the inn, then go to the council hall.
Deliver the letter although the council is very not respective. Then 
go back to the inn. At night, the knights will surround you for no
clear reason, so let's go great escape! Fight some knights (they're
quite tough, so becareful, and you should use Hugo's Wind of Sleep
and take care of them one by one), and then go to the city gate. You 
could fight Leo and Percival, but just avoid that, and run away with 
the help of Fubar. Go to Brass Castle pass the Zexen Forest.

--Brass Castle--
    Save at the entrance to Brass Castle, then go inside. Inside the 
main corridor, you'll accidentally be ambushed by Leo and Percival.
You'll run to the hidden passageway inside the kitchen. Now go through 
the straight path until you're outside. After you have reached the 
fresh air, head to Plain Amur.

--Plain Amur--
   Go straight forward. Note that the DarkHares here gives quite a lot 
of experience. And you may sometimes get a '? Painting' from them. On
the second screen, you'll see a smoke from a distance. Bad sign. Hurry!

--Karaya Village--
   The village is burning! Furied by anger, Lulu rushes to attack Chris,
and killed in one strike... The knights will then leave, Hugo will bury
Lulu and the chapter ends.

                    Chapter 1, Honor of Knights

 (Chris recruited)                                          42/108
     Automatically joins.

   After the parade, you'll be sent by the council to negotiate a 
truce between the Zexens and Grasslanders. Now rest inside your house
(westernmost area). The next morning, you'll meet your companions at
the city gate.

 (Salome recruited)                                         43/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Roland recruited)                                         44/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Borus recruited)                                          45/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Louis recruited)                                          46/108
     Automatically joins.

   Now head to Zexen Forest, grab the herbs if you want, then head
to Brass Castle.

	In rare occassions, you may encounter 'Area Boss'. This enemy
gives out boss-level potches, and experiences. And with boss music
theme also. There's an Area Boss inside Zexen Forest for Chris'
scenario (chapter 1). 
   AREA BOSS: GrandHolly and 3 Demon Seeds
   HP: 1500, est. 5000 potch
   HP: 400 each
   GrandHolly is not much a threat, but the Demon Seeds does. They
   could do around 80 damage each. For a total of 80x3=240 damage.
   If you fight GrandHolly on your way to Brass Castle (with a party
   of Chris, Salome, Roland, Borus, and Louis, this battle is fairly
   easy. Attacks when your hp is quite high, and heal when needed
   using medicines or Salome's water rune. 

--Brass Castle--
   Save at the save point first. Once you had through the gate, 
you'll see a familiar event where Chris bumps onto Hugo's party. After 
that, you'll be in your room (main corridor 2nd floor). Now it's time 
to explore the castle, you could do some training downstair, or put 
some excess stuffs on the vault just beside the training center. 
   When you ready, go to the eastern wing and watch an event with 
lizard clan's messenger, Dupa. He offers the Zexens to sign a truce.
So go back to your room and rest. The next day, watch the peace
treaty between the Zexens and Grasslanders... but soon after that,
you'll be ambushed and be ready for your first map battle~!

---Strategy Battle (1)-----------------------------------------------
   Winning condition: Stay alive for x turns
   Losing condition: Chris' unit is defeated
   Turn 2-Karayan reinforcements appear.
          Condition for victory changed: Escape to the east.

At the first turn, defend and hold the enemies. When the escape route 
appears, rush there. The Karayans covering the escape route is fairly 
easy to defeat.

   Salome suggests to burn Karaya Village, so they would lure Karayan
soldiers to go back to their village, thus making the Zexens trapped
on the battlefield easier to escape. Inside the burning Karaya Village,
Chris will strike Lulu down, and then retreats to the back of the 
Village. Fight two groups of Karayans, and then you'll finally retreats
back to Brass Castle.
   Back to your room inside Brass Castle. Head next door and watch the
event. The Council summons you to Vinay del Zexay. So go to the western
wing and meet Borus there. Now go to Vinay del Zexay. 

--Zexen Forest--
   DarkHares! And several new tough enemies! Considering you're only
with Borus right now, so you should be careful. On the way, you'll meet 
Fred and his servant Rico, but that's all. Note that if you meet 
GrandHolly (see my note above) inside Zexen Forest...
   AREA BOSS: GrandHolly and 3 Demon Seeds
   HP: 1500, est. 5000 potch
   HP: 400 each
   Now they're a big threat... as you're only with Borus right now.
   GrandHolly is not much a threat, but the Demon Seeds does. They
   could do around 80 damage each. For a total of 80x3=240 damage.
   First, take care of the Demon Seeds first. Share Medicine A between
   you two if you get hurt. After a while, there's a big chance that
   you two will be in berserk status, and if that happen, bingo!
When you have reached Vinay del Zexay, go to the Council Hall. They
have formally promoted Chris to captain, and to celebrate that, they
ordered you to attack the Lizard Clan. What a jerk they are.
   Now go back to your residence and rest. And that's the end of our

                Chapter 2, The Long and Burning Road

   You'll be inside the inn, get Aila and Ace first inside the bar,
then go outside. Head upstairs (between the rune shop and item shop)
to see an event where Geddoe buys some 'fruits'. Then head back to
inn to regroup with Joker and Queen. Watch an event with Harmonian
Forces, led by a bishop (surprisingly enough, she is Sasarai! what
is she doing up there?) and a familiar white man. Now head to
Le Buque through the Mountain Path.

--Mountain Path--
Treasures: Banshak Sake Set (from the lizards), ? Figurine
Optional Boss Treasures: Stone of Magic, Goss Crystal, High-class
equipments (Blood Armor, Premier Leather), ? Statue, Beautiful Kennel
   Rare treasures here from the lizards and the clawers are the
Banshak Sake Set and a ? Figurine. Go straight to the intersection, 
where you'll encounter another optional boss, the Rock Golem. This 
one is very hard actually, so make sure you have upgraded your 
weapon, armor, skill and level (I dont know about you, but I fight
it when my party is around level 32). It worth it if you want to 
fight it, as the chest behind it contains VERY nice equipments.
   OPTIONAL BOSS: Rock Golem
   HP: 5000, around 70000 potch
   This boss is very hard! Beside his awesome defense, his attacks
   is very powerful. First, he could hit 1 character for around 150 
   damage with his fist attack, Second is an attack that damages 
   everyone near him for around 100 damage. Last, and most terrifying 
   attack is an explosion which damage the party for around 200 damage!
   Your best bet is to attack when it is possible, Use Aila's Shield
   runes to heal your party, and her Earth magic to protect your party.
   Hope you're lucky! I beat it with only Geddoe and Ace left alive...
After that terrifying battle, get those awesome equipments from the
chest. If you got Blood Armor, equip it in someone using a sunbeam
crystal, so its negative effects is nullified. Now let's continue our
journey. Take the east path (refers to the map) and then north at
the intersection. Continue on to the world map, then to Le Buque.

--Le Buque--
Treasures: Script #4, Arabian Kennel, Herb Seeds.
   This time it's another HOT welcoming! ^^ Beat them, they're piece
of cake. Just beat Franz and the trainers first, then the mantors. 
You don't have to win by the way. You'll meet another bishop here, 
and you'll be able to enter the village now. Inside the village,
talk to a man on the northern area to get the Arabian Kennel. Talk
to a kid inside the inn for a Script #4. Talk to a boy beside the
item shop for a Herb Seeds. Go in front of trading shop to see an
event with Sarah and the Bishop. Now talk to Franz and Iku on the 
northern area of village, and hear all about the war and the altar
of the flame champion. When she is finished, head out and to the 
south of the village to see an event where the mantor legionnaire 
blast off. Now you could go inside the western house, which is where 
the Tutor and Rune shop is. Now head to the world map, and to 
Mt. Senai, where the altar of the flame champion is.

 (Edge recruited)                                           47/108
     Le Buque. West Side. Pay 1000 potch to
     duel with him, beat him and he'll join.

--Mt. Senai--
   Go straightforward to the north until you see an event where Sarah 
and the Bishop come out from the east and going north. Go north, as 
there's nothing in the east path. You'll encounter Duke and his party. 
You'll be given three choices, I suggests you fight them, they're not 
that hard. Next you'll meet the Bishop and Sarah, seems like they've 
got nothing from the altar. You'll fight them now, but you don't have 
to win this time. After being annihilated, let's go back to the mountain 
path. On the mountain path, right at the optional-boss intersection, 
you'll watch a flashback story about the Flame Champion. Surprisingly,
he is still alive! with that, it's the end of our chapter once again.

                    Chapter 2, War of Honor

   You'll start the chapter in Vinay del Zexay. Do anything you 
want to do here; shopping, upgrading, etc. When you're ready, go to 
the city gate and meet up with Borus and Louis. First, let's visit 
the Lake Castle first; through Zexen Forest and Yaza Plain.
   You have to go Lake Castle first if you want to recruit people 
using Chris. Watch the event here, and then you can leave, and back 
to the Brass Castle.

--Brass Castle--
   Talk to Salome on the Knight's parlor on the 2nd floor (just next
to your room). After that, go back to your room and enjoy the dinner.
Watch the event, and the next morning, talk to Salome again, and
re-organize your party. Put in Leo and Percival, and the other right 
away, as we're going to fight another optional boss.

 (Leo recruited)                                            48/108
     Automatically joins.
 (Percival recruited)                                       49/108
     Automatically joins.

--North Cavern--
Optional Boss Treasures: Mega Medicines, Equipments, ..............
   Go straightforward to the end of this cave, and face the boss.
   HP: 3500, around 70000 potch
   Keep hitting him and heal when needed, and you should have no
   problem at all. Even without Salome in your party.
When you have finished the boss, take the chest, and go back to
Brass Castle. Talk to Salome and begin our second Map Battle.

to be continued...


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