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Suikoden III: Guide to Budehuc Castle
Written by: Jeremy Gordon (squalldaman@hotmail.com)
Last Updated: 1/6/02
Version: 0.75

Table of Contents
1. What is Budehuc Castle?
2. Improving Budehuc Castle
   a. People of Budehuc
   b. Where to recruit them
   c. Maps
3. Thomas
   a. Chapter One
   b. Chapter Two
5. Credits/Disclaimer

1. What is Budehuc Castle?
Budehuc Castle is a rundown place, newly owned by Thomas, a young man from 
the North.  He has been put in charge of Budehuc Castle, which has been run 
down for years.  As it starts out, only Thomas, Cecile, Sebastian,Martha, 
Piccolo, Juan,Muto, and Eike are living on the property, with a few NPCs.  
You can unlock Budehuc Castle in Geddoe's Chapter One, Chris' Chapter Two, and 
Hugo's Chapter Three, by going to the Lake Castle area by way of the Yaza 
Plains.  As each main character goesto Lake Castle, they will be able to 
recruit non automatic characters, and they will go to Budehuc automatically.  
The Chapter 4 part contains a lot of spoilers.  View at your own risk.

2. Improving Budehuc Castle
2a. People of Budehuc Castle

Thomas: Master of the Castle
You are able to control him.  When playing as someone else, he's found in 
his room, on the second floor of the main house.

Cecile: Captain of the Guards (-_-)
She's at the front gate, when you walk in.  A little too jumpstarty.

Sebastian: Innkeeper
He's in charge of the inn in the first area.

Martha: Lottery Ticket Saleswoman
She's in the main area, when you walk in.  She's at the lottery stand.

Piccolo: Fortune Teller
He's in the tent, next to you as you go through the main gates.  Getting 
your fortune told reveals what to do next.

Muto: Warehouse Keeper
He's on the first basement floor, in the main house.  He keeps your useless
items, until you need them.

Juan: Lazy Trainer
He's in the second area, found by running to the left when you enter.  He's 
the trainer for Budehuc.  He's very, very lazy.

Eike: Creepy Librarian
Ugh, this guy is creepy.  On the second floor of the main house.  He takes 
your old books and puts them in the library.

Peggi: Lizard Blacksmith
He's next to Juan, in the second area.  He'll sharpen your sword, and is 
more able than the blacksmiths in Vinay del Zexay, Brass Castle, Great Hollow,
the Karayan Village, etc.

Mike: Sneaky Card Dealer
On the first floor of the main house, in the room all the way to the right.  
You can play him in Kabu, but you probably won't win much.

Mel: Crazy Puppeteer
She's crazy, like a DEMON.  She's in the Inn, and doesn't do much.

Kathy: Roaming Cowgirl
She's in the farm, which is accesible by going straight up from where you 
find Juan.  You can race with her horses to get rare items.

Augustine: Refined Swordsman
He's pretty much useless, except for fighting.  He wanders in the trophy 
room, on the second floor.

Belle: Aspiring Inventor
She's on the ship.

Gadget Z: Shoddy Robot
He's on the ship, with Belle.

Kenji: Exercise Maniac
He's in the farm area, next to Kathy.  Doesn't do anything, and isn't that
great for fighting.

Twaikin: Digging Dwarf
He's in the cave with the light coming through it, next to Muto on the first
basement level.  He just digs...not sure what he's doing right now.

Gordon: Snooty Salesman
He opens up the Item shop in the main area, when you walk in.  He's really,
really arrogant.

Jeane: Mistress of the Runes
She starts the Rune shop, next to Gordon.  She seems loose.  =P

Dominic: Old Artist
He starts the Armor shop, next to Peggi in the second area.

Ernie: Fledgling Tutor
She's in the library on the second floor.  She'll upgrade your magic skills.

Scott: Generous Tradesman
He starts the Trade shop.  He's in the elusive third area, which is found by
going down from where Juan is.  It's also accessible from the second 
basement level, from the steel door.

Shizu: Elevator Girl
She runs the elevator, and is in the elevator when you use it.

Edge: Wandering Swordsman
He wanders in front of the main house.  He's a bit bored, so it would seem.

Koroku: Cute Lil' Doggy
He's in his doghouse, outside the main house.  Seems a little downtrotten.  

Nei, Toppo, Shabon: Travelling Musicians
They are in the side part of the main house.  They will play any tune that
you've heard before in the game.

Watari: Silent Ninja
On the second basement level, wandering.  He just goes "..." whenever you 
talk to him.

Ayame: Silent Ninja Number Two
On the first basement level, wandering.  She just goes "..." whenever you 
talk to her.

Mamie: Trainee Chef
In the third area, next to Scott's Trade shop.  She has a restaurant where 
you can give her the recipes you've found.  You'll also get profits as your 
menu and prices grow.

Mio: Young Nurse
She's on the first floor in the left hallway, in the uppermost room to the

Guillaume: Pedophile Appraiser
In the main area, right next to the Item Shop.  He starts the Appraisal 

Billy: "Treasure Hunter" Cowboy
He's in the library, at the card table.  Did you get the FFVI reference?

Kidd: Expert Sleuth
He's on the second basement floor, in the jail cell with the smashed bars.  
He can scout new members or check the background of current members.

Sanae Y: Kiddy Fighter
She's on the second basement level, taking up space.

Hortez VII: Ryoga Incarnate
He's in the Rune Shop, next to Jeane.  He makes Rune Scrolls for you.

Melville, Elliot, Alanis: Saint Loa Knights
They're in Muto's storeroom, behind him.

Goro: Wandering Bathman
He's on the top level of the ship, behind the white towel.  He runs the bath

Arthur: Eager Journalist
He's on the second floor of the main house.  He posts a newsletter, which is 
in front of you coming up from the stairs.

Wan-Fu: Greedy Glutton
He's passed out in the storeroom on the second basement level.

Barts: Bishounen Farmer
In the second area, right where you enter from the left.  You give him seeds 
and he'll grow the crops.

Nadir: Creepy Thespian
Next to Nei, Toppo, and Shabon in the sidehouse on the mainhouse.  Talk to 
him to watch plays and give him your scripts.

Emily: Fighting Dominatrix
She's in the Inn, in the dining room to the right.

Jefferson: Crazy Drill Sergeant
He's in the room all the way to the right, on the first level in the main 
house. You can utilize the Medal sets to boost stats when you talk to him.

Viki (big): Airheaded Teleportress
She's next to the elevator in the main house.  You can teleport to any spot 
on the world map by talking to her.

Viki (small): Wise Teleportress
She's in the library in the main house.

Tuta: Veteran Doctor
He's in the same room as Mio, in the main house.

Rhett: Foul Fowl
In the third area towards the bottom.

Wilder: Foul Fowl 2
In the third area towards the bottom

2b. Where to recruit them

G-unlocked/found in Geddoe's Chapter
C-unlocked/found in Chris' Chapter
H-unlocked/found in Hugo's Chapter
T-unlocked/found in Thomas' Chapter
Chp4-unlocked/found in Chapter 4

The number (1,2,3) will indicate which chapter they you can find said 

I'm only going to list the chapters when you can first recruit the 
characters,since you can recruit them in every other chapter afterwards.
You MUST go to Lake Castle as the main character you are playing as before 
you can recruit any of these.

Thomas: He's there from the beginning.  (G1,C2,H3)

Cecile, Martha, Piccolo, Muto, Juan, Eike: They are there from the 
beginning. (G1,C2,H3,T1)

Peggi: Go to Great Hollow.  Talk to the man in the trade shop at the front 
to get the Hammer from him.  Go to the blacksmith, and talk to Peggi.  Select 
"Can you sharpen my weapon?" and "This should be handy." You'll give the Hammer
to Peggi, and he will  start the Blacksmith shop at Budehuc.  (G1)

Mike: Go to Caleria.  In the Trade Shop, there will be a man with red hair 
and glasses sitting at a table.  Play him in the game "Kabu", and win 20,000 
potch from him.  He will join you.  (G1) 

Mel: Go to Iksay Village.  She'll be next to the Inn.  Talk to her to start 
up a hilarious cutscene.  Pick the first choice to recruit her.  (C2,T1)

Kathy: Go to Plain Amur North.  She'll be with a bunch of horses.  Count 
them, and relay the answer (Less than 15, exactly 15, more than 15) back to 
her.  If you get it right, suggest Budehuc to her, and she'll go there.  (T1)

Augustine: Go to Iksay, and buy a Rose Brooch from the Item Shop, under 
Rarity. If it isn't there, just soft reset and check again.  Go to Vinay del 
Zexay, and go to the area with all the shops.  He's the swordsman with the hat, at 
thebottom.  Talk to him.  You'll give him the Rose Brooch.  Pick the second 
option, and you'll recruit him.  (C2,T1)

Belle: Go to Plain Amur, and fight around a little bit.  After fighting a 
Purple Creeper, you should win a Screw.  If not, try again.  She's in the
easterncourtyard at Brass Castle.  Talk to her, and agree to help her.  Give
her the Screw by talking to her again.  She'll automatically join with you. 

Gadget X: See Belle

Kenji: In the second area of Yaza Plains, when going to Lake Castle.  He'll 
be exercising.  Agree to exercise with him, then ask for water.  He'll go to
Budehuc on his own.

Twaikin: He's in Great Hollow.  Go to the Southeast area, when you walk in.
Keep on to the left, and you'll enter an area where you hear digging.  Talk 
to him, and answer with "Nothing." when the guard comes.  He'll join.  (G3,T1)

Gordon: He's the salesman at the Item Shop in Iksay Village.  Talk to him 
with either an all male party or just Augustine.  Pick the first choice to 
recruit him, when you talk to him.  (C2,T1)

Jeane: She's in charge of the Rune Shop in Brass Castle.  Pick the first 
choice when you talk to her to recruit her.  (G1,T1)

Dominic: He's in the Armor shop in Vinay del Zexay.  Pick the first choice, 
and buy the Mole Armor when he asks.  He'll join.  (G1,T1)

Ernie: She's in the Education Center in the western courtyard at Brass 
Castle.  She's a little girl, in a scholar's uniform.  Pick the second option 
when you talk to her.  Answer her questions, and she'll join you.  (T1,G1)

Scott: He's the man with the parrot on his shoulder, right before you enter
Brass Castle.  Pick the first choice, and then the first choice again, upon 
talking to him.  Get a Deer Antler (racing with Kathy, trade shop in Vinay 
del Zexay), and talk to him.  Sell him the Deer Antler, and he'll join you.  
Plus, you get 2500 potch for free!  (T1,G1)

Shizu: She'll join you automatically, when she fixes the elevator.  Recruit 
some of these people as Thomas, and she'll come to Budehuc.  (T1)

Edge: He's in front of the Rune shop in Le Buque.  Defeat him in a duel to
recruit him.  (G2)

Koroku: He's in Mt. Hei-Tou, in the area with the corpse.  He's in the 
forest, to the left.  Talk to him, and pick the first choice to recruit him.  

Nei, Toppo, Shabon: As Chris, go to Vinay del Zexay.  When you enter, you'll 
see Guilliame chasing a little girl.  Go talk to Nei and Toppo, who are in the 
area with the inn, at the top of the screen.  Go in front of the Council house, 
and you'll see Guilliame again.  You'll duel him.  Beat him, and select the 
first choice when you talk to the trio.  They'll join you.  (C2)

Watari: Go in between the first two houses to the right in Iksay Village, 
and press X.  You'll talk to Watari.  You can recruit him for 100,000 potch (!) 
and it's worth it.  (C2)

Ayame: Talk to Watari, once you've recruited him.  A cutscene will happen.  Go
to North Cavern, and go all the way to the end.  YOU MUST HAVE WATARI WITH YOU.  
You'll duel with Ayame, as Watari.  Beat her, and she'll join

Mamie: Go to Duck Village.  Mamie is the cook on the second floor of the 
Item Shop.  Give her the Crab Rice Bowl and you'll recruit her.  (H3,G3,C3)

Mio: Go to the second level of the Inn in Iksay Village.  Pick the first 
choice when you talk to her.  She'll join you.  (C2,T1,)

Guillaume: When going back to Duck Village via the Ancient Highway, you'll 
be stopped at the area with the intersection.  A cutscene will occur, and you 
can nduel Guillaume.  If you win, choose the option "I need an appraiser." to
recruit him.  (H3)

BEFOREHAND.  Make sure to do this.  Once you do so, re-enter the room, and 
beat Billy at a game of Goppu.  (See the FAQ for details)  He'll join upon 
beating him.  (T1,G1,C2,G3)

Kidd: Go to Duck Village, and go to the back of the Inn.  Kidd will be in 
the middle of a mystery.  Agree to help him.  Search the window, body, and 
dresser.  Talk to the janitor outside.  Talk to the duck near the water wheel.  Talk 
to the customer in the trade shop.  Go back to where Kidd is.  After he reveals
the culprit, pick the first choice when he talks to you.  He'll be 
recruited. (C3,G3,H3)

Sanae Y: She's in the back of the Inn in Duck Village.  Talk to her, and 
select the second choice.  She'll automatically join.  (H3,G3,C3)

Hortez VII: Go to the back of the inn in Duck Village.  There's a guy with a
red hat who asks you for instructions to Budehuc.  Tell him.  Go to Chisha
Village and he'll be in front of the inn.  Tell him the instructions again.
Go to Caleria, and he'll be in front of the trainer on the second screen.
Tell him the instructions.  Go back to where you first met him, in Duck
Village.  Lie to him about the instructions, and he'll join you.  (H3,C3,T2)

Melville, Elliot: You must've recruited Billy already, and you must've done
the sidequest in Hugo's chapter 2 with Melville.  Go to Vinay del Zexay, and
where their hideout is.  Talk to Elliot and Melville, and they'll join you.

Alanis: Go to Great Hollow.  You must've recruited Melville and Elliot
already.  Put them in your party, and talk to Alanis, who is at the 
fountain.  Select the first option, and she'll be recruited.  (H3)

Goro: You must have someone in your party with the Appraisal skill, like
Guillaume or Arthur.  Go to the forest outside of Vinay del Zexay.  Take the
top road when you get to the intersection.  You'll see a guy in the middle.
Talk to him, and agree to help him.  Then, select the first option when you
get to.  He'll be recruited.  (H3)

Arthur: Go to Brass Castle.  In the castle itself, go to the lunchroom for
the knights.  There'll be a kid with glasses in the corner.  Talk to him,
and pick the second option.  When you get to the end of the secret passage,
elect to tell him the truth.  He'll join you.  (H3)

Wan Fu: In Chisha Village, go the basement in the Item Shop.  You'll see a
muscular guy on the ground, unconcious.  Talk to him, and pay the 3000 potch
that he owes the restaurant.  He'll join you.  (H3,C3)

Barts: Purchase a GrapeC from Vinay del Zexay.  Go to Iksay Village.  In the
area with the windmill, there will be a man to the right, looking at the 
plains.  This is Barts.  Talk to him and suggest Budehuc.  Talk to him again
to give him the grapes.  He'll join you.  (C3)

Nadir: Go to Caleria, and to the second floor of the inn.  You must have 3 
men, 2 women, and one child in your party.  When you do, suggest Budehuc to 
him, and he'll join you.  (C3) (Suggested party: Chris, Rhett, Wilder, Nash, 
Ayame, Shabon.)

Emily: Your party's total strength must be over 600.  Emily is in the bar, 
in the basement of the item shop in Chisha Village.  Talk to her, and agree to 
compete in an arm wrestling match.  When you win, she'll join you.  (H3)

Jefferson: At the start of chapter 4, just go to the main gate of Budehuc.
You'll view a cutscene involving Jefferson, Cecile, and Juan.  He'll join, 
once it's over.  (Chp4)

Viki (big): Go to the Mountain path.  Walk up as normal, and Viki will come
crashing down, from the sky.  Pick the second option, and she'll join you.

Viki (small): Put Viki and Mio in your party.  Teleport to the Mountain 
path.  Walk up as normal, and a cutscene will occur.  Pick the first option, 
and Small Viki will be recruited.  (Chp4)

Rhett and Wilder: Go to Duck Village with Sgt. Joe in your party.  Rhett and
Wilder are in their normal spot.  Talk to them, and Sgt. Joe will send them
packing, away to Budehuc.  (Chp4)

Futch, Bright, Sharon: Teleport to Caleria, and head back to the Mountain 
path.  In the last area, towards the top, you'll see Futch, staring out into 
space.  Talk to him, and pick the first option.  You'll go back to Caleria 
automatically.  After this, you'll see Sharon in a cutscene.  Follow Sharon
basically, until 
runs back to Futch.  Futch, Bright, and Sharon will 
join.  (Chp4)

I need confirmation on the characters that cane be recruited by Hugo and 
Chris.  I recruited most of the characters as Geddoe and Thomas, and I know 
which ones they can and cannot recruit.  If someone could help me with this, 
I'd very much appreciate it.  (squalldaman@hotmail.com)

2c. Maps

The second area map looks nothing like it does in the game, but you 
should get the gist of it.  Hopefully...

             1st area:

                   <= main house exit
_________        ______
| _____  _____   ______ |                   Guide:
||G1|G2||*J,H*| |*S,M2*||                   S = Sebastian
||__|__||_____| |______||                   M = Martha
|               | *M*  ||                   P = Piccolo
   <= 2nd area  |______||                   C = Cecile
|               | *P*  ||                   G1 = Guillaume
|               |______||                   G2 = Gordon
|_______       *C*______|                   J = Jeane
    => enterance                            H = Hortez VII
                                            M2 = Mel
             2nd area:

    => 1st area
_________        ________          <= exit to farm area
|                        _____ |
|                       /    / |            Guide:
|                      / *D*/  |            D = Dominic
|                     /____/   |            P2 = Peggi
|                     _____    |            J2 = Juan
                     /    /    |            B = Barts
   <=3rd area       /*P2*/     |
                   /____/      |
|                  _____       |
| ____            /    /       |
||B   |          /*J2*/        |
||____|         /____/         |

               3rd area:

                      <= 2nd level of main house basement
____________    _________________
|                                 |

| ________            _________   |                Guide:
||        |          |         |  |                M3 = Mamie
||        |          |         |  |                S2 = Scott
|| *M3*   |          |  *S2*   |     <= 2nd area
||        |          |         |
||        |          |_________|  |
||________|                       |

The main house, main house courtyard, and farm area should be easy to
understand.  However, if someone wants to give me an ASCII map of said 
areas, you can e-mail me.

3. Thomas
3a. Chapter 1

4. Chapter 4
Before, I start this, this is a compilation of where everyone goes after 
Chapter 4 begins.  If you have not played it, it will be bad for you; there 
are a lot of spoilers in what will be listed.

5. Credits/Disclaimer
Konami - for making this excellent game
CJayC - for making an excellent website

This guide is intended for use at GameFAQs ONLY.  If you want to use it, you
must email me at squalldaman@hotmail.com, and ask me for permission.  After
that, you MUST give me credit.  Fail to follow any of these guidelines, and 
I will take action.  This guide is copyrighted to Jeremy Gordon, 2002.